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2023.03.20 19:16 MisterT-Rex Laptop is connecting to Wifi networks despite "Connect Automatically" being un-checked.

Hello there,
I has noticed a problem that is too wordy to easily research via Google, and I hope someone here may have a solution. I currently use a laptop as my main computer which runs Windows 10. I do my best to always un-check the Wifi settings on all public wifi networks, while keeping that box ticked for my home network. Here is the issue I have been running into:
When I put my laptop into rest mode while it is connected to my home network wifi, if I bring my laptop out of rest mode in a different location my laptop will attempt to connect to any known network it can find, regardless of if I have auto-connect turned off for the new wifi network. It is as if my computer is remembering that the last network it was connected to while awake was auto-connect and is assuming that any network it sees once it wakes up is also auto-connect. Even attempting to manually disconnect from the new wifi network will just cause my laptop to instantly attempt another re-connection.
Currently, the only solution I have found is restarting my computer. This is, admittedly, not a very difficult solution to do. That being said, I still find it very annoying to have to deal with it every time I open my laptop at my university or at a coffee shop.

I have Windows 10 Home (21H2) installed.
OS Build #: 19044.2728
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2023.03.20 19:15 Ithiria technically not a GC holder, what is expected from me?

Hi, I arrived in the US late last year and my green card application is still pending which means technically, I am not a GC holder / legal permanent resident. My husband and I want to file taxes jointly as this will give us a huge tax return however I am not sure about my foreign accounts (from my home country).
I know the penalty for failing to declare foreign accounts is 100k and we want to avoid that. Given my current status (legally entered/staying on an expired visa but with a pending GC application) ..
I've honestly been trying for the past month just emailing every CPA agency that fits my needs (knows foreign/international tax) but the replies I get are either "not accepting new clients", "not catering to individuals, only business", or we can't afford their rate. That's 20+ firms I've contacted
We've also already filed a tax extension so my SO and I do have time to figure this out.
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2023.03.20 19:15 fertthrowaway Daycare sending home for residual congestion

My daughter's (4.5 yo) in-home preschool has been pretty reliable the past year although they still request no "consistent runny nose or cough". We've skirted this so far despite the constant insane onslaught of near weekly new viruses this year that have given her basically a permanent runny nose, but the last virus she brought home, which definitely came from there as do all of them, was an absolute doozy (gave me bronchitis again and I needed antibiotics to get over it) and she is healthy and acting fine but has blobs of yellow snot coming down and a cough that sounds super mucusy but is not consistent, now over 2 weeks after she started to get sick from it. Preschool owner wrote me (it's always me dealing with this never my husband, although he's the one who has to get her because he WFH nearby and I dared to finally go to work 45 mins away for the first time in nearly 2 weeks, I'm supposed to be hybrid) pissed about it and asking to get her. We'll take her to urgent care and see if they'll prescribe antibiotics but short of this, I don't know how or when I can make the snot stop to send her back. And next week is Spring Break and they're closed. Is this unreasonable at this point? She's claiming my kid has some silent ear infection but she's not complaining about her ears at all and she has never had an ear infection! She just plays happily at home all day keeping her home for a runny nose. Anyway part question, part vent, because I don't know how I'm ever supposed to work again.
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2023.03.20 19:14 hades_fire I good surgeon, the best

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2023.03.20 19:14 Dapper_Sympathy5509 Dating in my home country is boring!

33(M) Before I moved abroad I much enjoyed dating in the US. Now I'm back home for a few months helping out a sick parent, the dating scene seems like a nightmare. My dating life abroad has been so much better in everyway. I'm just wondering why? I've only been gone 3yrs surely things haven't changed that much or maybe they have? Casual dating as an expat is so much more common, people seem more spontaneous and open to try new things. I love a travel romance! Can anyone else relate? How can I make dating in the US more exciting?
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2023.03.20 19:13 catracho_man Ex has a picture of my SS card

My ex broke up with me in Thursday and its been a messy break up. Like the title says, she has or had a picture of my social security card (I don't know if she's deleted it or not). I know you may all call me stupid for asking her to take a picture of it, but let me explain. I started a new job last month and on the first day they asked us new hires our social security card. On the first day we didn't do what we needed the cards for tho and they made it sound like what they wanted us to do could be done from home. So the next day, I didn't take my card with me and they asked us to upload it for tax purposes to the system. But I didn't have it with me, so I needed just a picture of it. My ex and I were living together and she works from home, so I didn't feel I had another choice and asked her to send me a picture of it. I know it was stupid, but my employers wanted the process to be done right there and then, and they asked me if someone could send me a photo of the card. We're broken up and today we both have to go to sign for my name to be taken off the lease. Is there anything I can do do make he prove she doesn't have the picture anymore and prove it's fully deleted from her cloud and/or phone?
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2023.03.20 19:13 tachy11 Phrase Express will not save new phrases

I have used Phrase Express for several years. I have it on my Desktop computer for perhaps 5 years, and my laptop for similar (both with Windows 10). Recently, I got a new laptop with Windows 11 to replace my prior laptop and I installed a version on there in place of my old laptop.
Originally, I had used separate phrase files on Desktop and Laptop but over the last several years, was using a single phrase file that was located on a network drive and it worked seamlessly. I mainly use it as a text expander, similar to how the included text expander works on iOS devices, nothing complicated.
I was willing to license it, but originally their support had mentioned that if i was just using it for home use, that I could use it free of charge. Overall, I did think it had a good, professional feeling to it and was fairly well done.
After upgrading to my new laptop, I put it on there, and updated my desktop version to the latest version of the app as well. I received a pop-up that recommended that I did not use a single network file, so initially I tried the sync feature but frequently had problems with both computers not saving the phrases properly, so I started trying it with two separate phrase files.
I have had issues, especially on my desktop (windows 10), and the computer that had no problems with phrase express for years), when I enter the first 20-30 phrases it is fine. After a couple days, however, I noticed that any NEW phrases I try to save, when I exit the phrase express app and load it again or reboot, any new phrases will NO LONGER be saves under their given name, but just as generic “phrase”, and the phrase content and trigger that I set are missing. If I create 8 new phrases, the next day (or the next time I exit and start the program), I will have 8 new phrases all called “Phrase”, and all containing nothing. Renaming folders also does not save (although both phrases and renamed folders are there until I restart the program, and they function normally).
I tried contacting the developer and was made to feel like a freeloader, even when I offered to license the software to get some support. I was told that that would not be good enough, but I would need to pay them an additional $200 USD if I wanted support, even if it was just to report this bug. (all their emails were fairly condescending in my opinion). I was made to feel fairly stupid for trying to troubleshoot on my own. (wasting my time).
I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, (with different settings). I have tried with and without outlook or slq network (?) install support, and my files are stored in the standard place.
I only have 15-30 phrases, but on my desktop have been unable to add any new ones. My laptop with windows 11 seems to work fine. (and all prior versions on my desktop seemed to work fine for years).
I have tried uninstalling with Revo uninstaller so that there are no traces of phrase express left.
I have tried saving the file temporarilly with my antivirus software turned off as well as my internet security software temporarily off, but to no avail….nothing seems to help.
Overall, the software and settings are very similar on my Desktop and Laptop (with exception for Windows 10 on Desktop and Windows 11 on Laptop.
Any ideas as to what might be going on on my desktop and how to fix it?
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2023.03.20 19:13 carter_00 Official: Providence College Begins Search for a Men’s Basketball Coach
PROVIDENCE, R.I., March 20, 2023: – Providence College President Rev. Kenneth R. Sicard, O.P. and Athletics Director Steve Napolillo announced today that the College will begin a national search for a men's basketball coach. The new coach will replace Ed Cooley, who resigned earlier today. Cooley coached the Friars for 12 seasons and posted a 242-153 mark.
"I deeply appreciate Coach Cooley's immense contributions to the men's basketball program and to the PC community over the past 12 years," Father Sicard said. "Friar fans everywhere will be forever grateful for this period of sustained excellence in our program, and I personally will continue to have the highest regard for Ed. I wish him, Nurys, and their family all the best in their future.
"To our fans, let me state this without equivocation: We remain committed to competing at the highest level of men's basketball," Father Sicard continued. "Our facilities, our fan support, and our record of success demonstrate the impact of that commitment, and I have full confidence that we will identify and hire a new coach who will build on this strong foundation and lead Friar basketball to continued excellence on a national level."
"I would like to thank Ed Cooley for the efforts which he put forth over the last 12 years guiding our men's basketball program," Napolillo said. "He helped the program achieve a high level of success during that time. I, along with Fr. Sicard, wish him, his wife, Nurys, and his family all the best in the future. The Providence College family is excited to move forward with the hiring of the next great coach of the Friar men's basketball program. Providence College is a strong academic institution with tremendous athletic facilities, one of the best home atmospheres in college basketball, and a member of the BIG EAST Conference. I am so appreciative that Friartown has the greatest fans in the country."
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2023.03.20 19:12 YukiteruAmano92 There Will Be Scritches Pt.88

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---Tcakqaal’s perspective---
I perch atop Victor’s shoulder while he sits on Deck 0, surrounded by the Humans from the planet we visited most recently.
Jae and Yasmin are sat talking with the woman I recognise as the mother of the boy that first encountered the preliminary landing party.
They must be making the most of the last opportunity they’ll have to talk to any of these people about their culture and language.
Elsewhere, Fluffy, Sam and Qīnglóng are playing with some of the children, all three clearly aware of the need to take care with the smaller and (relatively) more fragile deathworlders.
Björn, the gigantic Ursus sapiens, is sat on his haunches, smiling, as more children use him as a climbing frame (though, he does occasionally wince as one of the children hangs just a little too much weight off of one of his hanks of fur(!))
“Attention all: we will imminently be arriving in the Citadel System. All who wish to see the moment of arrival please take position at a front facing window.” comes Twila’s voice, comprehensible via my translator though speaking Nowo Mazurski, rather than Galactic Standard, for the benefit of our guests aboard.
Many of the Mazurzy look around, as if trying to work out where the front of the ship is, before taking their cue from those that know and moving toward the bow.
Victor follows, myself still being perched on his shoulder, and we take position in the crowd of Terrans standing at the portside bow window.
The only things visible out of the window are the Bridge and Bridge crew quarters, in the head of the ship, at the end of the neck that connects it to the ship’s main body, up and to our right, the Swift Claw, currently flush with the ship, plugged into its mounting at the top of the ship’s sternum, and many stars, moving by us.
The stars are packed so closely together, in the core, that the planet we are about to arrive at effectively has no night, only a brighter day, when its own sun is up, and, when its sun is down, a dimmer day, illuminated by the light of the stars outside its own system.
The hum of warp ceases and, all at once, the stars stop in place, a planet having appeared before us.
Covered with a brightly illuminated, planet spanning city, the world is around half covered with shallow oceans that shape its land into an intricate maze.
Though not a cradle world to any sapient species, it is ideal for habitation by the overwhelming majority of Galactic Union members.
That fact, together with its position, so close to the centre of the galaxy, led to it being chosen, 1.2 million years ago, as the seat of the Galactic Parliament and Capital of the Galactic Union.
We gaze upon the most populous planet in the galaxy behind only Earth… 55 billion sapients call Citadel home!
Twila makes another announcement “We have now arrived at Citadel. Would all disembarking passengers and crew check their holopad for their boarding group number and make their way to the shuttle bay at the time specified.”
There isn’t space on the Swift Claw for all the Mazurzy to comfortably travel at once, so they have been divided into three boarding groups.
I check my holopad.
Victor has placed me in the last group, along with himself, but, nevertheless, we both make our way to the shuttle bay to oversee the embarkation of the first, supervised by Brunhilda and joined by Emiko and Ms Hunter, and, half an hour later, the second, supervised by Tuun and Xon…
When it is finally time to board, Victor steps forward.
“Everyone remember to be careful of the change in gravity as you board…” he shouts to the group, his voice being both translated and amplified over the rooms speakers “…I know it looks like a 30° upwards slope but, the moment your feet are on it, it becomes your new down!”
The crowd of people file on, with Victor and I being the last aboard.
The prisoner is remaining in the Brig for the moment. He will be retrieved for transfer later.
From my perch atop the shoulder of the tallest person on the ship, I’m afforded a comprehensive view around the room full of Terrans who, until a little over a month ago, were sick, injured, aging, or caring for others that were, and had no idea that Terrans weren’t the only sapient creatures in the galaxy.
As the Swift Claw detaches from the Bright Plume and brings its nose down (relative to the orientation of the larger craft) I find Victor to have stood us beside the long, grey haired, clean shaven community leader, who had a wrinkled face and thick beard when he first came aboard.
“How’re you feelin’, Witold?” asks Victor, able to be a little more conversational due to the fact that the elder was one of the very few who we have issued a translator to.
“…Extremely nervous…” admits the man.
“What are you nervous of exactly?” I enquire, I hope kindly.
He puffs before answering “Meeting who I’m about to meet… representing my entire planet to a UTC, for whom we’ve been waiting to save us for 4 centuries, and a GU we just learned existed…”
I chitter and say “I can see how that might weigh on a person… Just remember, it’s not your job to impress them… it’s their job to impress you!”
Victor nods his agreement and the grey haired man says “Thank you… That does make me feel a little better…”
We descend over a part of the ecumenopolitan planet that experienced sunset a few hours ago.
The place we’re aiming for is a hangar, on a coast, nearby to the Citadel ODR as well as the Parliament building.
We set down and Victor, who was the last on, becomes the first off, as the doors open and he strides down the ramp.
The crew and passengers who went in the first two groups are milling about the large empty space.
Emiko is stood, facing the craft, with Ms Hunter to her side.
With them are two people I recognise despite having never met.
One, is a man only dressed in a pair of [shorts] whose powerful body is covered in a layer of thick black fur, bar a saddle shaped patch of silver fur, on his back.
Though currently standing on all fours, the handfeet on his shorter hindlimbs in a plantigrade arrangement, the hands at the ends of his long, thick forelimbs curled under in a knuckle walk, he still stands as the tallest member of the group of four Terrans!
He has a protuberant, prognathic snout and nostrils that, unlike a Human’s, point forward instead of downward.
His sclera and irises are both shades of dark brown, though clearly distinguishable from eachother.
His brow is more prominent than Thran’s and his cranium takes the shape of a blunted cone.
This Gorilla sapiens man is Gamba ‘Winston’ Zvaitika and serves as the bodyguard to the man beside him, the Galactic Union Parliamentary Representative for the United Terran Coalition.
Earthborn, though, I believe, with a father from Putiya Tīvu and a mother from Akhali Sakartvelo, the corpulent, medium brown skinned, dark haired Sapiens man with irises so dark that they almost can’t be distinguished from his pupils, stands around 180cm tall besides Emiko on the landing pad, smiling warmly and dressed in a black [suit] with blue pockets and [lapels], a blue [shirt], a green [tie] and green [shoes].
Locking his eyes with the grey haired man walking with us, the representative bares his teeth, extends his hand and enthusiastically says “Bzowy Witold! It is my sincere pleasure to finally meet you! Zurab ‘Peacemaker’ Mudaliar, at your service!”
The Bzowy extends his hand and the two men perform the Terran greeting designed to show that neither party bears a weapon.
“The honour is mine, Representative Mudaliar.” returns the grey haired man, tentatively.
Still smiling and grasping the Bzowy’s hand, Mudaliar continues “I received word earlier today that the first flotilla has departed Nowe Pomorze bound for your planet… a few weeks head start should be enough before we dispatch a ship to repatriate all your fellows here to arrive with or after the aid ships… In the meantime, we’ve cleared out some of the accommodations in the ODR for all of you. I hope it’s to your liking!”
“That’s excellent news, Sir… and thank you… I’m sure we will be quite comfortable.” returns the grey haired man, earnestly.
Releasing the handshake, Mudaliar turns to Victor and I and says “Captain Tcakqaal, 27th Daughter of Highspire Peak… It’s a pleasure and a delight to make your acquaintance. I’m sure that we will have much to talk about while you’re on planet. Mistress Miyazaki here has been regaling me with tales about you.” reaching up to proffer me his hand.
I reach down and grasp his index and middle fingers between my wingclaws, and answer “I am, likewise, delighted to meet you, Representative Mudaliar… I hope it was all good things you heard from Emiko(!)”
He laughs “All good things, I swear!… Other than that, the only entertainment while we waited was watching Mr Zvaitika here challenge Ms Hunter to an armwrestling match(!)”
“Who won?” enquires Victor, aiming his question at Thran.
I lost…” answers the Gorilla man before Thran has the chance, his voice deep, gravelly, surprisingly refined and the tips of long canine teeth visible between his lips “…to be expected when challenging the strongest woman alive. I don’t regret taking the opportunity to do so, though.”
Thran’s cheeks flush pink in the visible and glow hot in the IR spectrum but, other than that, she doesn’t react.
At this point Mudaliar greets Victor “CSS Victor ‘Cuddles’ Taylor… I must confess myself a little starstruck!”
Victor takes Mudaliar’s hand and answers “Thats a funny thing to hear from the face of the United Terran Coalition(!)… Definitely an ego boost, though!”
The man laughs “It’s quite true, I assure you! Both of my children are very taken with you… I think even my husband is a bit of a fan(!)”
Victor’s shoulder shakes from mirth.
“Alright then…” says Mudaliar, clapping his hands together “…shall I lead the way?”
Thank you to MadLadMaciejow both for inspiring this story arc and for his extensive consultation on the Polish language and culture. You can check out his Encyclopedia, on Reddit, and players of Universe Sandbox can also download the Chors System he made, on Steam!
Support me on Patreon for early access to upcoming releases!
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Dramatis Personae
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2023.03.20 19:12 GuaranteeNeither5582 Is there a way around the additional dwelling supplement?

So we've recently had an offer accepted on a house in Scotland and ideally we'd like to keep our current property and rent it out. We're both on the mortgage of our current home and one of us should be able to get a mortgage for the new property by ourselves with a 5-10% deposit (it requires a lot of work). Would this be a way of avoiding the additional dwelling supplement? Our current fixed rate mortgage has about 7 months left so would I obviously need to change this first so that it's just the other person on it? Would a normal mortgage advisor be much use?
Apologies, but I'm clueless about this and don't know anyone that works in property or finance.
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2023.03.20 19:11 Status-Ad6923 Long-Time PS2 Vet's Perspective on Latest PTS Update (Summarized)

- New Class Abilities = Good (generally speaking). FACTION Class Abilities = BAD.
There's no good reason for this when the excitement and impact on the game would be far better if applied across all factions (generally speaking). If the ability ends being proper and balanced, it makes sense to have on all factions. If it isn't proper and balanced, then it makes sense for all factions to have the same benefit/cost.
Special ammo on select guns is one thing.
However, a faction-specific ability can lead to unbalanced gameplay between factions. Look no further than at MAX Suits. VS was OP initially, then nerfed into the ground and NEVER gets used now. TR has been mostly balanced at cost/benefit. NC is currently OP and as a result is frequently complained about.
- As for the individual abilities ...
Hermes looks OK on paper.
Demeter looks OP if a squad uses it properly, but TBD. Definitely OP if it applies to Max suits too.
Triage should apply to effects also.
Repair drone may make max+engy squads too powerful, as engy's won't have to have a repair tool out and instead can rain bullets down range while still repairing maxes.

- MAX Suits Non-Revivable = It's about damn time!
I have always referred to Max suits as the tank of the infantry space and this puts them in that place properly, where they can be repaired but not revived, just like a tank.
- NC Max weapon nerfs = good, though the shield still makes them OP.

- Don't know enough about this one, but if it makes the reactor viable, that's a win. It's the only MBT faction-specific ability which has never, ever been useful.

- It's about time! Not sure if it'll be enough, but it's a step in the right direction.

Can we PLEASE see an infiltrator nerf though? Equipping a sniper rifle disables cloaking, or there's a delay of 1-2 seconds before and after firing a sniper rifle where you cannot cloak (not all guns, just sniper rifles).
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2023.03.20 19:10 Godhri [WTS][TX] Custom GHK AUG A3M1 with 8 magazines, upgraded Tokyo Marui AUG A1 with extras, custom m240 Drum, [WTB] Marushin or printed 6mm Garand clips

Hello, looking to find two of my prized pieces new homes, havent taken the best care of these and they work perfectly with only cosmetic wear. pics and ts:
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2023.03.20 19:10 BlueLimes Trade in Leaf or keep?

I have a 2018 Nissan Leaf SL I purchased in April 2021. I really like it as it fits the bill for my short commute, has a lot of bells and whistles and just overall no complaints. I charge at home every other night and for longer trips I usually take my husband's ICE.
However, the other weekend I did find myself on a tricky spot because I forgot to plug in overnight and went to a friend's. I realized I wouldn't be able to get home without charging and didn't think much of it since EA had station nearby. Once I got there though, there was only 1 CHAD with a wait which kind of... concerned me if they are becoming the un-standard.
I found a 2022 Bolt 2LT nearby that's new so I think it would still qualify for the tax credit and would add about $150 to my monthly payment (and a few years to the payment schedule of course). I owe $14,200 on the Leaf and have a CarMax offer of $17,000 to sell it so I'm right side up on it. The Bolt is priced at $27,990.
Just looking for unbiased feedback I guess. I don't know if I'm jumping the gun or being rash. I haven't had to charge it outside of my home in almost 2 years so I'm worried I'm being impulsive about a "what if" situation.
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2023.03.20 19:09 skittlegirleats Out of a long-term relationship and am starting over with nothing. Does anyone live near me (Texas - can give exact location privately) and has scrubs and shoes? I just got a job offer and need help desperately.

Literally starting over from scratch. I'm living out of my car about half the week and working in a warehouse and was just told I got the job at a hospice in town.
I have to provide my own uniforms (they give money each quarter for new ones) upfront and am literally struggling to feed myself and put enough gas in my car.
I contacted clothing closets and they only had stuff for interviews and office type environments.
I really need a couple pairs of scrubs and shoes to get started. I only have boots. I left my abuser in a hurry and don't have much.
I tried asking friends back home to chip-in, but everyone is struggling, thats when a friend on here suggested I ask the sub.
Please pm me if you have any extras!
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2023.03.20 19:09 Smashy_ashy Struggling with some jealousy (work crush)

So I trust my partner fully. He’s always been completely honest with me even about bad things. He works in maintenance at a place that has sports bars, lets say kind of like Dave and busters. So he works around young very attractive servers all day every day. And not to brag but he’s someone that has always been hit on a lot. The type of guy that could have a different date every day of the week when he was single and on tinder.
He’s told me of instances where servers get too handsy or pushy with hitting on him. He even had to get HR involved in one and the girl got let go because of her behavior. He tells me everything and that’s why I trust him. I’ve never felt the need to go through his phone or been worried about him messing around.
So there’s one server that’s a few years older than us and they became friends about 8 months ago. He talks about her a lot. I’m bisexual and we’ve always been open about discussing attractive women, it has never bothered me. I know he’s not blind and I’m not either, and I’m very comfortable in me and our relationship.
Well he’s told me a few times that she’s very attractive and I would like her. And he told me a couple of weeks ago he hugged her because she’s going through a hard time and just broke up with her partner. Still no jealousy on my end, he’s a friendly person and really cares for people.
That changed this Friday. We were having a drink at home for St. Patty’s day and he had a little more than me. We started talking about when we used to date around and he brought up the girl at work. He admitted he has a work crush on he and if he knew her in his single days he would have been all over it. He immediately told me that it’s because she has a lot of the same qualities as I do and that she’s always so kind to him and takes care of him at work. That uhhhh stung.
The last year has been really hard on me. I haven’t felt like myself in a while, haven’t had the time or energy to take care of myself like I used to. I feel like I look dragged down right now and i’m not as happy or fun as I used to be. This stuff has never bothered me before and I know he would never act on it and he tells me everything for transparency because he loves and trusts me.
It’s Monday now and I know he is at work and she is there. And i’m sitting in my chair working from home in my pjs no makeup in like weeks, hair 4 different colors because I fucked up a dye job, hairy armpits and legs, and a soft body because I haven’t exercised in like 6 months. I’m self conscious and jealous for the first time and idk how to handle it. I’m going to talk to him tonight but I don’t want to approach it like a crazy person. These are new waters for me and just thinking about her giving him cough drops when he’s sick and water bottles when it’s hot and him just having heart eyes over it is hurting me. How do I handle this?!
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2023.03.20 19:09 muser_777 Letters from Donetsk. Part 6 "No burden exists that cannot be borne, given sufficient time. There is a choice to even see it as something to carry, a lowering of the knee and then the shoulder."

No burden exists that cannot be borne, given sufficient time. There is a choice to even see it as something to carry, a lowering of the knee and then the shoulder. Pretty much everything I have said about Sloviansk has ceased to be true. People are returning to the city in a clandestine swell, which if witnessed would be called droves. I catch roads so full of moving cars that the word traffic has been reinstated with a use. Shops have begun reopening with like aplomb: pharmacies, veterinarians, more grocery stores than yet needed, and most bizarre of all whole rows of petrol stations with bright gold displays of numbers, which after months of barren grey are no longer like countdowns to ecological collapse, but are bright and happy and colourful like Christmas trees. I almost want to hop on the spot and clap. Even the pigeons in my attic have cleared up the oil slick and are starting to seem well-dressed. I swear I am going to start peering through the glass of the cinema’s doors, or listen out for the boom of action films from its back.
Just to be clear, this city was until a month ago just two afternoon walks away from the front line, and even now it is only two more walks than that. And Russia’s troops are making new incursions on this front, by accounts at a horrific cost. The line is far from stable – a precarious wafting between the won and the lost. For most of every day now the concert hall drums beat in the distance, but with an erraticness to their rhythm that robs you of any such voluntary delusion.
The difference now I suppose is that defiance has supplanted self-preservation as the prevailing mood of the town. Sure, when a missile detonates nearby, the lady in the supermarket might issue a ‘Ooooh-woo’, but it is almost a sound of disapproval, like you’d make after someone hit their head on the frame coming in, not when an entire building collapsed around them in a certainly disapproved heap. And everyone gets back to their shopping, and even Bohemian-good coffee served from the back of a van outside. And it’s not just the celebrity of Sloviansk that’s playing now, people are bringing their whole families back to join in the fun. They even replaced the air raid siren with a nice new sounding deafeningness for us all to collectively ignore.
I rationalise the irrational with mental backflips that go something like this: Kyiv and all the other cities have been struck repeatedly this last fortnight, so everyone from Sloviansk who was in hiding elsewhere just thought ‘Sod it, nowhere is safe – we're going home.’ Never mind that in every town Russia has seized so far they set up torture chambers in basements to process meat, which they promptly took from select cuts of the male population to supply mass graves in a nearby field.
I lay awake yesterday worrying whether I had jeopardised my shot at the army. The guy I was connected to for training asked me about my fitness level straight off the bat, and though fit, sure, I had to tell him that, thanks to my hip, I can’t run for crap. He then told me he’s waiting on news about training for recruits with no prior combat experience, and he will direct me to the training ground when he hears. That seemed more specific than “I will let you know”, but I can’t help worry it means the same – that I should take my enthusiasm in the face of disability and do something else useful instead. Maybe I shouldn’t have said how much I am donating to their army – cash cows don’t need to run like soldiers do, and I would be more useful if they kept me as a non-soldierly friend. And then I remind myself that the whole reason I am serving is to serve, and what they decide is best for their army is best. Just if they knew how angry I was, and how unafraid to die, they’d put me right up in the face of the enemy – few things are more frightening than the angry dearth of self that is my.
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2023.03.20 19:09 catracho_man Broke up with my ex on Thursday, they have a picture of an important document

My ex broke up with me in Thursday and its been a messy break up. Like the title says, she has or had a picture of a really important document (I don't know if she's deleted it or not). I know you may all call me stupid for asking her to take a picture of it, but let me explain. I started a new job last month and on the first day they asked us new hires our social security card. On the first day we didn't do what we needed the cards for tho and they made it sound like what they wanted us to do could be done from home. So the next day, I didn't take my card with me and they asked us to upload it for tax purposes to the system. But I didn't have it with me, so I needed just a picture of it. My ex and I were living together and she works from home, so I didn't feel I had another choice and asked her to send me a picture of it. I know it was stupid, but my employers wanted the process to be done right there and then, and they asked me if someone could send me a photo of the card. We're broken up and today we both have to go to sign for my name to be taken off the lease. Is there anything I can do do make he prove she doesn't have the picture anymore and prove it's fully deleted from her cloud and/or phone?
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2023.03.20 19:09 Pleasefeedmyop my approach to Panic Disorder - 19 year old male in a fraternity at a large SEC school

I hope by writing this, somewhere, someone out there will benefit and see this as something they can relate to. Through my 4 year struggle with panic disorder, I always looked to reddit, ted talks, or youtube. I never however, looked at therapy or medicine to help me out for reasons I am about to explain.
I am going to begin with how it all started in high school, I was the "popular athlete" and even made jokes about people suffering with anxiety. My girlfriend at the time could never take a test inside a classroom and instead had to go to an empty space where she would even struggle there. She said she had texting anxiety and I just kept making fun of her because I would say "everyone gets anxious for a test its not special". Short and simple for my high school experience, I was a bit of an ass. My senior year during a basketball game I broke down, I had no clue what was happening. I went straight to the ER believing I was having a heart attack, they tested me for everything and let me go saying everything was fine. I couldn't believe it, they must've missed something?
For the next couple months I went doctor to doctor believing there was something physical, just to be shut down every time. I missed the rest of my season, and my upcoming track season. It was a process of hell and back, everyday waking up hoping that something would just change, little did I realize me hoping for a day to magically appear and me to go back to "normal" was putting me into a tormenting cycle.
I then had to get ready for college, after suffering and suffering, eventually after nearly a year and a half I was able to come to the conclusion that I was having panic attacks, all by myself online through hours and hours of research everyday. I didn't want to believe it however because once again, I didn't believe in these things.
So now, as I am in college I began to freak out at the fact even more that it was all "mental" and not physical at all. I felt trapped in an endless cycle which then caused me to have agoraphobia, and at the time it made me feel better to hide away from others when I felt panicky, because I wasn't going to make a fool of myself.
I grew up in a family with a military father, and a mother who had the same beliefs of mental illness being something you can just tell your brain to shut out. It made me not seek any medical help or any medicine in fear that I would make them feel ashamed of me.
Long story short, after failing everything, after drinking away all my nights to hide the pain, I broke down when I came back home. I cried and cried and cried, and went to an online doctor that prescribed me lexapro. I'd like to point out that before this break down I tried everything natural, but was not religiously following these things.
If I didn't drink for a week, worked out, meditated, ate good, saw the sun for hours a day, then I would feel great going to bed at night and believe it was all gone, however every morning when I woke up I dreaded having to face these fears. Every single one of them was a challenge, I was scared of not having an escape from drinking, scared of how I would get to the gym and not panic, and trying not to panic while working out as my heartrate skyrocketed. Meditation was hard because I couldn't sit still, seeing the sun was difficult because I felt like my world was constantly spinning whenever I was outside in the open.
Eventually I took my lexapro, prescribed at 10mg and was expected to raise to 20mg. I decided to attempt it at 5mg.
After 2 months on 5mg lexapro, I can safely say that it can only account for probably 20% of my success, but it was a beautiful stepping stone into just being a tad bit less anxious.
I know this because in order for me to hope for it to work, I stopped drinking for a month, which led me to being more active and content with myself, which led to me being more successful in school, and people proud of me again.
After the second month mark I began drinking again, knowing that this was a horrible idea I still could not be ready to give up my social life as a fraternity member. It is basically instilled in us in this society that not drinking is bad, and especially in a group of guys that all love to crack open a beer and talk about their lives I knew I had to somehow fit it back into my lifestyle.
I went on a week long bender for spring break, did not take my lexapro at all, and let me say I did completely hate my life for a few days after as the brutal hangover was tearing me apart, alot of my progress that I made in the gym felt gone, I felt disgusting and ashamed, but interestingly enough I didn't have a single panic attack, even when my whole life felt it was falling apart.
I'm going to cut this short because I can ramble and ramble, but basically my life is one that is comparable to any other person now, somehow remarkably all the fear I have had has managed to subside, I even chuckle a little bit whenever I think "oh my gosh what if i panic". It sort has become something that I just laugh at because of how many years of my life it took away from me, kind of like if you were to get a text message from your ex that broke your heart saying she wanted to get back with you.
Did I mention my lexapro has given me zero side effects? zero. drinking was not affected, no problems with sex, no feeling down, just an overall feeling of hope that has snowballed into a new life.
I wish everyone that deals with this a great recovery, because trust me, through time you will find a solution as long as you keep moving forward. Whether it be naturally, or through medication, you will find some route that works for you.
Just remember never give yourself the title of someone that has "panic disorder", if it limits you multiple times through recovery, so be it, its a whole learning experience. I know that I am not completely free of "panic attacks" and will have probably many many more, but just knowing it will only strengthen me through time has given me a smile that I can hold with me through the harsh times.
Also, journal. journal. journal. Especially with the agoraphobia aspect of it all, whenever I accomplish something massive such as taking a test in a classroom, where I am stuck in one spot for hours at a time, it immediately goes into a journal and continues my snowball forward. It started with simple things such as being able to drive in an open spot, and has snowballed so far ahead as to where I can sit for hours in a public space without even thinking about it.
You will still have times of worrying about being stuck in the situations that you feared before, it will take hundreds of times until I believe that fear goes away, but just think of it as how you train your body physically. You won't be the massive guy in the gym after just a few months, instead it takes years of dedication and motivation.
Don't give up, the bright side is right there.
One last thing: Find a song that relates to your situation, use it as fuel. Mine was "better days" by Dermot Kennedy. After years of listening to this beautiful song, I sometimes love to just put it on at night and it immediately brings back all the beautiful accomplishments I have achieved.
Love you all, Love eachother, this is a special community that have a blessing in disguise, all it takes is hope and eachother.
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2023.03.20 19:08 Lucky-Loop Need some help with my Monstera...

Need some help with my Monstera...
I got this Monstera 6 months ago from a friend and the plant has been growing fine I think. So far she managed to grow 3 new leaves, 2 at the bottom and the top one. I was wondering what kind of support I should use, the old support does not seem very stable and the whole plant starts to tilt...
About the pot, I think the monstera would highly appreciate a new home for her roots, what kind of pot should I be looking at? Do I need a long pot like the one she is in, or would a bigger wider pot be better?
Also wondering about soil, what kind should I use for repotting?
Appreciate all help!
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2023.03.20 19:07 Fast_Activity_5747 my questionnaire

Every section is about a function
Part 1: Logic
Section 1: How do you work? Why do people go to work? Are there any parameters that determine whether you can do work or not? What are they? How do you determine the quality of work? How do you determine the quality of a purchase? Do you pay any attention to it? There is a professional next to you. How do you know they are a professional? How do you evaluate their skill? If you struggle to do something, how do you fix that? Do you know if your performance is better or worse than others? How do you measure the success of a job? What standard do you use? Do you pay attention to it? When should you deviate from this standard?
I usually study in a stable pace and it's not an extensive routine, since it's not necessary for me to spend five hours looking at a book to learn what I need. A work is greatly done if it reaches the purpose it was started for in the first place. With a purchase, it's the same thing. The success of a job is defined by the same metric: something is successful if it can do what it was supposed to. Someone works well if they are capable to do what their job demands or ever more than the necessary. If I struggle to do something, I'll research how to make it correctly and observe how the people who know do that. The quality of my performance depends, if I don't care I won't put much effort, if I care, I try hard to do something great and I'm going to feel very bad if it does not work.
Section 2: What is a whole? Can you identify its parts? Are the parts equivalent to the whole? What does "logical" mean? What is your understanding? Do you think that it correlates with the common view? How do you know you are being logical? What is hierarchy? Give examples of hierarchies. Do you need to follow it? Why or why not? Explain how hierarchy is used in a system you are familiar with. What is classification? How does classification work? Why is it needed and where is it applied? Give examples. Are your ideas consistent? How do you know they are consistent? How do you spot inconsistency in others' ideas?
A whole is the 100%, something formed by a lot of smaller parts that are formed by even smaller parts and it's an eternal cycle of composition. The parts are identifiable, and they are a whole for itself, that together with other intire structures form an even bigger one, that can form something even more complex with other structures, and so go on. Logic is deciding by impartial means what is correct and what is incorrect, and if I'm doing this, I'm being logical. Since it's something affected by perception, it can show up in many ways. Some kinds of logic can correlate with common sense, but I don't think my views do so, mostly. Hierarchy is a podium that characterises the strength of a determined trait in it's elements, like the one existing in biology to classify the animal kingdom by it's complexity, that goes from porifera to chordates, and social hierarchies present in the intire world, usually measuring wealth of those who live in a certain society. Hierarchies in areas of study is useful since it organizes similar concepts to facilitate our lives, but the social ones I simply have no respect for and I can't even understand it. It doesn't make sense that people are treated better or worse because of characteristics they can't control. Classifications are groupings made due to one or more common characteristics that their elements have. It's needed everywhere for the same reason hierarchies are needed in areas of study. Another biology example: animals are characterized by being vertebrates or invertebrates due to the presence or absence of skull and spine. I think my ideas are consistent. They aren't unchangeable, but I make an effort to make them make sense. I reflect about them a lot to spot contradictions and fix it. I spot inconsistencies in other's train of thought almost immediately. I often don't feel like I'm paying attention to what someone is saying till they contradict themselves. I wake up in less than one second and point it. They usually get mad at this but is not my problem they didn't reflect before speaking. Sometimes I do this to help or only to show the person discussing with me don't have a coherent discourse. It's cool.
Part 2: Sensing
Section 3: Can you press people? What methods do you use? How does it happen? How do you get what you want? What do you do if you have to work to get what you want? How do you deal with opposition? What methods do you use to defend your interests? When do you think it's ok to occupy someone's space? Do you recognize it? Do others think you are a strong-willed person? Do you think you have a strong will?
I can but it's kinda difficult because of my shy behavior. I do so by persuasion so the person notice what not doing something would be bad for them (only for them, I know people are egoistic and this is the only way to affect them). I don't usually push other people around, unless their actitude is putting me in disadvantage, then, I'll make an effort to make the person do something. I am cautious and analytical with opposition, but not openly hostile. I try to live in peace unless the other person wants to invade my space. This isn't tolerable and I"ll just do what I always do: reasoning and asking so many questions that the person will contradict itself, I will point it and they're gonna hate me for the rest of their lives (or just reflect, whatever). It's worth it. Well, if the person is not doing harm to anybody, no. My approach to life is much about reciprocity, if you don't mess with me I won't mess with you and vice-versa. I'm never hostile to people first. If I act this way, it wasn't me who started (100% of time, really). I'm really sensitive to invasions of my space, so I always try to be careful and not make them uncomfortable. I don't think I'm known for being strong willed, but I don't think it's thar easy for me to give up. When I want something, I become extremely argumentative and persistent on getting it. It doesn't matter if it's material or a life goal, if I really want it I will try to find a way to reach without harming myself.
Section 4: How do you satisfy your physical senses? What examples can you give? What physical experiences are you drawn to? How do you find harmony with your environment? How do you build a harmonious environment? What happens if this harmony is disturbed? What does comfort mean to you? How do you create it? How do you express yourself in your hobbies? How do you engage yourself with those things? Tell us how you'd design any room, house or an office. Do you do it yourself, or trust someone else to do it? Why?
Being alone in my bedroom while reading something I like, talking to my friends online or listening to loud chaotic music while running around the room like crazy. If I can't control the experience, I'll always take something more peaceful since I'm easily overwhelmed. It's difficult to build the perfect conditions to make me feel at ease and at home, usually I need help with it. I put things I like around me but it doesn't seem enough. When I don't like the environment, I just leave. It's not that complex. I engage on drawing or reading whenever I want. I don't think I express myself emotionally on those, tbh. I'll try to design my room alone, but help is welcome. Just don't be pushy and listen to me. In the end, what I want is want will prevail, after all.
Part 3: Ethics
Section 5: Is it acceptable to express emotions in public? Give examples of inappropriate expression of emotions. How do you express your emotions? Can you tell how your expressions affect others in a positive or negative way? Are you able to change your demeanor in order to interact with your environment in a more or less suitable way? How do you determine what is suitable? In what situations do you feel others' feelings? Can you give examples of when you wanted to improve the mood of others? How do others' emotions affect you? How does your internal emotional state correlate or contrast with what you express?
It depends what kind of emotion it is and the context where you are. Like, if would be really weird if someone started laughing in the middle of a funeral or throwed a tantrum at someone's wedding party. I don't express myself that much, it feels unnatural. It's difficult to notice if my mood affects others if they don't show it explicitly, like demonstrating concern or smiling when I'm around. I think I am adaptable to my environment but social interaction overwhelms me, so I just stay silent looking at what others do and mimicking them. It's difficult to feel what others feel if they don't show it explicitly as well, like suddenly starting to cry in front of me. I try to comfort them by suggesting solutions and awkwardly petting their back. I'm not great with emotional support. Other people's mood affect me as well. If I'm in a place where everyone are happy, I will at least try to smile and not break the atmosphere. I often don't think the way I express myself match with my feelings, tbh.
Section 6: How can you tell how much emotional space there is between yourself and others? How can you affect this space? How do you determine how much you like or dislike someone else? How does this affect your relationships? How do you move from a distant relationship to a close one? What are the distinguishing characteristics of a close relationship? How do you know that you are a moral person? Where do you draw your morality from? Do you believe others should share your beliefs on what's moral? Why? Someone you care about is acting distant to you. How do you know when this attitude is a reflection of your relationship?
To be honest, not really. My conscience of it is weak, I often tend to act like an intimate and to people that I'm not and vice versa. I notice if I act with uneasiness towards someone. If I am, I probably don't like them and it's better to maintain a bigger distance. If I don't, I probably like em. But even if I don't like someone, I won't be hostile, I'll just be kinda cold and distant. I'm easily overwhelmed by social interaction so... relationship problems aren't lacking. Even if I like someone, I tend to maintain a distance from them, and sometimes it makes them think I don't like them, which isn't the case, and I have to explain myself. Really bad fr. To get close to people, I try to interact with them more often and with time we will become closer. Ig a close relationship has more sharing of personal information than a more superficial one. A moral person is someone who take their values very seriously and don't sacrifice them easily. I am strict with my principles, so... guess I can considerate myself one. I care if people only respect and share basic values such as honesty and respect. The more complex ones I don't really care if it's different unless it puts me in risk. I don't worry that much if this happens for a small amount of time, I'll only think the person wants space. But if they ignore me for weeks I'll get worried if something happened.
Part 4: Intuition
Section 7: How can you tell someone has the potential to be a successful person? What qualities make a successful person and why? Where would you start when looking for a new hobby? How do you find new opportunities and how do you choose which would be best? How do you interpret the following statement: "Ideas don't need to be feasible in order to be worthwhile." Do you agree or disagree, and why? Describe your thought process when relating the following ideas: swimming, chicken, sciences. Do you think that others would draw the same or different connections? How would you summarize the qualities that are essential to who you are? What kind of potential in you has yet to be actualized and why?
I think so. When someone have an affinity with a subject and is really passionate and determined to reach something, I already see a potential. Looking at what my friends do to chill and researching. Mostly researching. I like looking for new opportunities even if I won't put them into practice. It's really refreshing. I choose what possibility to follow based on what I like, what I can handle and the benefits it will give me. I agree, having ideas is fun for itself. Of course is great to put an idea to life, but it isn't always necessary. Sometimes people just wanna have fun with brainstorming. I'll create a phrase because idk how to relate those 3 things: someone went swimming in the pool to rescue the chicken that will be used for the science experiment. Idk If people would create the same phrase but I can't imagine other. Prudent, quiet, observant, curious, intelligent, gentle. They're great now, but I still wanna improve all this traits. Once my psychiatrist said that I'm really good at arithmetics and have potential to become an incredible architect based on the way I mix calculus with aesthetic patterns.
Section 8: How do people change? Can you describe how various events change people? Can others see those changes? How do you feel and experience time? Can time be wasted? How? Is there anything that cannot be described with words? What is it? If so, how can we understand what it is if language does not work? How do you anticipate events unfolding? How can you observe such unfoldments in your environment? In what situations is timing important? How do you know the time is right to act? How do you feel about waiting for the right moment?
People change gradually and for a ridiculous huge amount of reasons. They aren't really perceptive at first, but if you analyze how the person thought and acted in the past and how they act know, it's possible to see differences. If they are for the better or worse... Well it depends. Time is a non-living force of nature that passes mercilessly with those under it, doesn't matter if you're ready or not, this isn't relevant. I wish I could still be a child, but time doesn't wait, right? It's fast when I don't want it to be and slow if I want it to be faster. I don't think time can be wasted, to be honest. Some things can be more worth it than others, but you can learn something with everything you do. And also: rest isn't a waste of time. Not being conventionally productive doesn't mean you don't care about your time. I only means you choose part of it to take care of yourself and respect your limitations. Some things are difficult to explain in words, but I don't think is impossible. If it's difficult for you to express something, try reflecting on this concept while writing buzzwords about it in a paper. You will be able to find a coherent way to explain. This always works for me. Everything is formed of patterns and they often repeat, so is just paying attention to it and see what happened in the last cicle(s). I do think timing matters. I wouldn't give bad news immediately for someone that's celebrating an achievement, for example. I tend to wait for a better moment that the people aren't feeling anything strongly and can react prudently, since it will have the best chance of something working.
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2023.03.20 19:07 ZENOMMMMMMMMMMMMNIUS No way in hell this wasn't intentional.

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2023.03.20 19:06 the_harassed Bugs/Inconsistencies/Requests

These are issues/inconsistencies/request with the Android TV client, specifically on the Shield, that I would like to report/request.
  1. I haven't been able to reproduce this bug on command, but there are times when you start playing back a video and the progress bar will not show up when a remote button is pressed. You have to stop the video and restart it for it to work again. It seems to happen when coming from another app and Android hasn't unloaded Plex from memory as best I'm able to reproduce it. This also seems to occur when fast forwarding to the end of the video. The new preview screen doesn't show up and you are unable to use any OSD controls until the video ends and the next one begins or you press stop on the remote.
  2. Frequently, when returning to the home screen after watching an item from the Continue Watching shelf, the selection cursor is not properly placed back on the next item from the Continue Watching shelf. One must press down on the remote for the selection cursor to become visible. Pressing left or right will result in the sound for moving to another item, suggesting it is currently focused on a non-visible control.
  1. If you go to a specific episode of a TV show, the behavior between pressing "Enter" and "Play" on the remote is different. Play will start playback, but the buttons for skipping to the next or previous episode are greyed out. This is also true using the Continue Watching shelf. Pressing Enter, however, enables those controls.
  1. An option to let playback continue indefinitely. I have mild tinnitus, and out of everything I've tried, TV is the best white noise for me when trying to go to sleep. I queue up some TV show I've seen a bajillion times and let it play as I go to sleep. However, when Plex eventually stops, I wake up and have to restart it. Make it more like Kodi where it will happily keep going 24/7/365 if you let it. This could be an option in PMS. Bonus points if it is configurable to a set number of playback items or amount of time, as long as it includes an option to effectively disable it.
  2. Auto-skip intros. Similar to Netflix, where if you are watching multiple episodes of a TV show in a row, after the first episode it automatically skips the intro for subsequent episodes.
  3. Serious bonus if you can add a "Stretch" aspect ratio mode to the AppleTV client, like is present on the Android TV client. As a reminder for aspect ratio purists: it is an optional feature.
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