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2023.03.31 05:55 SuperChallengeCoins U.S. Army Infantry Challenge Coins

U.S. Army Infantry Challenge Coins
Army Infantry Challenge Coins

U.S. Army Infantry Challenge Coins
The U.S. Army Infantry branch is the principal ground combat force and the backbone of the Army and is sometimes referred to as the “Queen of the Battle” in allusion to the power and adaptability of the queen on a chessboard.
The infantry has a long history of protecting the United States in both war and peace, with roots reaching back to 1775.
Infantry troops are a distinct group. These specialist troops form lifelong relationships and connections because of Fort Benning’s rigorous training.
Custom Army infantry challenge coins are the ideal method to symbolize these ties.
At Signature Coins, we take pleasure in our ability to create Army challenge coins that accurately depict the intrinsic togetherness developed through these shared experiences.
We have spent more than 15 years studying about and commemorating the service and sacrifice of Army infantry personnel.
The best location to get that unique set of personalized challenge coins for your infantry unit is from Signature Coins, which uses high-quality materials and has an industry-leading 14–16 day manufacturing period.

What Are Army Infantry Challenge Coins?
Challenge coins, items with a long history in the military, represent a soldier’s membership within a unit.
Army infantry coins are given to soldiers by senior Army infantry officers in appreciation for exemplary service or to commemorate the completion of a significant career milestone.
For instance, after completing their specialized training at Fort Benning, infantry personnel are likely to receive a challenge coin to signify their official entry into the infantry branch’s ranks.
A soldier will accomplish several goals while serving in the army.
A soldier will also have several chances to go above and beyond the call of duty, which means they may earn a lot of money while serving in the infantry.
A soldier’s performance in the challenge section of the ritual may be greatly influenced by the number of challenge coins he or she has acquired.
A soldier must be able to do so whenever they are asked to show their infantry coin. If they are unable, they must purchase refreshments for the challenger. The challenger must purchase beverages if he challenger fails to present his or her currency.

Making Your Own Individual Infantry Challenge Coin

U.S. Army Infantry Challenge Coins
The design process has been simplified to the greatest extent feasible at Signature Coins. To guarantee that you obtain the ideal coin that your infantrymen will cherish forever, our talented and committed team of graphic designers will work together with you.
Options for customizing coins include:
Shape and Size — Size and Form While the circular coin design is common, various shapes more suited to your unit are also available. Our coins come in sizes ranging from 1″ to 3″. We have designed coins in a variety of shapes, including badges, dog tags, mascots, and many more.
Color — You have access to the whole Pantone color palette for your coins. You have the option of leaving the coin’s traditional metallic coloring or customizing one, or both, of its sides with up to seven other colors.
3D Options — Options in 3D Make a statement by using coin components that are visually distinct from the rest of the coin. Lettering, logos, and other design components may make your personalized coin stand out.
Coin Edge — The Coin Edge There are six distinct possibilities for the edge of your coin, ranging from a traditional smooth edge to a complex crosscut.
Plating — Would you wish your personalized coin to be plated in ancient gold, silver, or copper? If you’re having trouble deciding between two options, you may always mix them for a really distinctive appearance.
Offset Printing — With offset printing, an image or picture is reproduced precisely on the surface of your coin.
Silkscreen: By applying the colors of your design to the coin via silk screening, you may ensure that its surface remains flawless.
Epoxy Dome — While some customers like the coin’s natural metal feel, this choice is best if you want one or both sides of the coin to have a glassy, smooth surface.
You may design unique army infantry challenge coins only for the men in your unit, whether they are Light Infantry, Stryker Infantry, or Mechanized Infantry.

Take Advantage Of Free Infantry Challenge Coin Artwork Right Now.

U.S. Army Infantry Challenge Coins
Beginning your purchase with SuperChallengeCoins simply takes a few seconds, and it will put you on the right track to making a unique and personalized gift that the members of your unit will treasure always. SuperChallengeCoins provides the finest value on the market for what you receive.
You are entitled to these exclusive complimentary services when you purchase army infantry coins from SuperChallengeCoins:
Free Artwork & Design: Our artists collaborate with you to design your personalized coin and produce the artwork.
Free unlimited revisions: After obtaining the original artwork, give us as many changes as you need to make to the coin design until you’re happy with it.
We don’t charge for your unique coin mold or setup, in contrast to other coin production firms. After manufacture, some customers decide to preserve their mold.
No matter where you are stationed in the globe, we will send your personalized challenge coins to you via UPS Priority Air Shipping.
100% Quality Guarantee: Backed by an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, we provide a quality and customer service guarantee.
Since World War I, challenge coins have been a part of military history. Keep your Army infantry unit from being captured without their own money. Put SuperChallengeCoins‘ experience supporting the armed branches of our country for over 15 years to work for you. Send your coin suggestions by email, phone, or by completing the form below to get the process started right away.
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2023.03.31 05:53 Ramza_Claus Traveling up from Baltimore and need some help planning the trip.

I'll be in Baltimore for about 4 days next month and I wanted to spend one of the days in NYC. I heard there's an Amtrak route I can use but TBH I have no idea how that works.
If I'm in Baltimore, can I park my rental car at the Amtrak station for the day and catch a train ride up to NYC? Can I get off in Manhattan and then spend some money take some pics buy a sandwich and then hop on that same train back down to Baltimore? I have no idea how this shit works. Where I live, we don't have trains or buses or anything.
If y'all have some tips on what I should do while I'm in NYC, I'd love some advice. I'll only be there for a few hours, and I wanna eat a big ass pastrami sandwich.
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2023.03.31 05:53 khii Stuck between sizes... the smaller size felt perfect until I wore them for a couple of days, don't know what to do now

These boots are so difficult to get the size right, I seem to be one of many struggling with the fit...
Important info: womens US 6, feet measure just under 22.5cm in length (measured multiple times both by me and by ski boot fitters), very skinny heels and skinny/bony ankles. Also, these are only 3 season boots for me - where I live, winters are snowy and icy, and I have other, more suitable boots for that. Because these are a spring/summefall boot, I will only wear thin socks with these. Filling up space with thick socks isn't an option for me, my feet are already plenty warm with thin boot socks while I'm walking in 0C/32F outside.
After trying some on in a store, I got the 1351 high top boots in a size 3. I'm a pretty standard size 6 US womens. I found the 3 to be more comfortable than the 3.5 (I really have a narrow foot) and I very much like the feeling of the narrow and tight ankle shaft and heel area. I did the kick test and everything, my toes didn't touch the ends at all, I was happy.
After a couple of days of wearing them around while doing some errands - walking to the supermarket etc, so a few hours of walking all-up - I had no problems with blisters or anything like that, but with the leather breaking in a bit and softening up I guess, I started noticing that my toes were touching the front of the boots while I was walking. I walk at a quick pace and it was causing my foot to slide forward a little and brush my toe up against the front of the boot. I think it didn't happen on the first day because the leather was still stiff and it prevented my foot from sliding forward. It wasn't painful at all but it started to annoy me a bit. After another couple of days I noticed that I was curling my toes slightly while walking to avoid them touching the ends, and I started to think I had the wrong size. Annoying, since I already wore them outside and all that.
I went to a store to try on the 4 again and this time try shoving in the extra insoles. The 7 feel so loose with only the standard insoles that when I walk in the store, my toes were hitting the ends of the boots - just from them being loose! I also brought along my pair of aftermarket insoles that I wear in my running shoes, to try out in the AU4 Blundstones. They helped a little and stopped my toes hitting the ends (they're very structured so they stop my foot sliding forward in the boot), and in a way they do feel comfortable but the boots still feel way looser than my size 3 in the heel and ankle which I don't like. However, having more room for my toes is really nice.
I tried putting my running insoles in my size 3 Blundstones and went for a half hour walk outside, and it enabled my toes to relax since it meant my feet weren't sliding forward, but because they're much thicker insoles, it was uncomfortable over the insteps and really uncomfortable for my heels, as it raised my heels up too much so they hit the back of the boot in a weird place.
I'm not sure if I should try to find a pair of super thin structured insoles for my size 3 Blundstones, or sell the 3s and get the 4s and buy some pair of super thick insoles and just accept that the ankle and everything else is looser.
Sorry for the essay! TL;DR: small narrow feet, love the width of the AU3 and the snugness of the high top ankle shaft and heels, but my toes are a bit close to the end. Agh.
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2023.03.31 05:53 BigMongolia Pond build designing in SketchUp?

I am very new to SketchUp, but I am an expert on Japanese Koi and biological filtration. I do a lot of retrofitting poorly built ponds into better ones. Long story short, I am starting to make a name for myself and people are asking me about pond designs.
Sketchup is the next step for me to provide designs. I want to master it and have started with SketchUp essentials YouTube. Can I get suggestions of where I can go to also learn more specifics about pond building (which is probably mainly pool building tutorials that I will change up for ponds). Especially ways I can use PVC and fittings. And where to buy assets.
Thank you!
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2023.03.31 05:50 SwollenBBC1818 A few tips and tricks I've learned along the way about Growing and Tripping.

Hi, I've been taking shrooms since 2014, and here is a quick list of my best advice.

  1. When researching about growing shrooms, use Tor Browser. Tor Browser will ensure your ISP/The Government can't easily determine which website your visiting. This means, you can browse Shroomery, This subreddit, or Mycotopia grow guide forum sub-sections, in privacy and the government cant see you browing those sites.
  2. When buying spores, pay via Cash in Mail, or preferably Bitcoin from a privately controlled wallet, such as Mycelium wallet for Android, and buy the spores while using public wifi or a VPN server located in the same country as you. For example, I get like $100 BTC onto my Mycelium wallet, and then I buy like 7 spore syringes while on Starbucks Wifi. If I lived in Los Angeles, I'd use a Los Angeles VPN server if public wifi wasn't avaible. I don't reccomend buy spores with a debit card, Cash App, Zelle, Etc. Just Cash in mail or Bitcoin/Other Crypto.
  3. When shipping spores/receiving shipped spores, I reccomend receiving spores to a PO box, or Private Mailbox. This will keep your growing/home address out of the spore companies permanant shipping records.
  4. PF-Tek Enhancement: Always Bake your Vermiculite before using it to make substrate. Vermiculite won't grow contamination mold on its own, but the vermiculite can be damp/moist, and carry contam mold spores on it (such as from rain or contam spores entering the bag of verm, while the bag of verm is sitting in the gardening section of home depot). I've had derm be damp before too, which isn't good (damp verm could be harboring bacteria, mold spores) etc, so I bake my verm about 1 inch deep in a baking dish, on 400-450F, for 1 hour, stirring every 15 minutes. The final result will be more sterile (less bacteria and active as in able-to-grow contam mold spores) in the verm. This baked verm is cleaner, and will result is a lower possibility of contamination during your grow. It's nice and dry, light, and crispy/airy after being baked. Let it cool for at least 30 min to 1 hour to reach room temprature before using in substrate.
  5. Be sure to store your shrooms in a truely air-tight container. I've gotten very sick twice, from eating once-dry shrooms that got wet and began to slightly rot, which I dismissed as (shroom nasty taste). I was texting my family my final goodbyes, I legit got some sickness because the shrooms were slightly, invisibly rotting. I noticed they didn't snap when bent, but instead bent without snapping, indicating moisture.
  6. For a more intense, but shorter experience tripping, try a lemon-tek. A lemon-tek won't burn you like a hot tea could, and the lemon-tek adds vital Vitamin-C to enhance homeostasis during the trip. I grind my dry shrooms, and place the shroom-powder in a tea-bag, then add the shroom-powder-tea-bag to the lemon juice, and let it soak for 15 minutes, remove the tea bag, and drink. The goal is to extract the psilocin without consuming chitin which is irritating. I've had properly-strong trips using the lemon-tek. The sober to instantly tripping conversion is more powerful and less of a slow and easy come-up, but if you have problems with "no visuals, or a weak trip", try a lemon-tek. Basically, a lemon-tek just concentrates the psilocin into one easy to digest form, instead of eating dried shrooms, where your body has to slowly digest and convert the psilocybin into psilocin. Thus, the Lemon-Tek is a more potent, but shorter-acting trip. Personally, I enjoy the lemon-tek the most, because it guarantees you'll experience a full, complete trip due to the intensity. In my experience, you'll be tripping so fast, you won't really have time to worry, thats just my experience though and because I enjoy the trip.
  7. If you feel like having a bad trip, or are just getting anxiety wondering if your about to/are having a bad trip, I personally calm down by listening to soothing nature documentaries, like sounds of a river or waterfall, or listening to folk music written hundereds of years ago. For example, I'd like a random folk song I've never heard until today, like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYc4LTG5Loc or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6Xye0ogJ5I or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv8PBMs-IAc for example. I really like ancient folk music.
  8. If you feel psysically sick, and you ate whole mushrooms its probably just the Chitin in the mushroom cell-body being hard to digest. Don't feel bad about throwing up.
  9. If you feel like you really regret taking the shrooms, count your blessings, and hang on for dear life until it passes. I've been there at the "Just grip this pillow and wait for it to pass" after I ate almost 25 dried grams of Cubensis. It was both the most amazing and ... scary experience ever. At first, all was well, even during the peak of the trip, but then like my body just gave out and was exhaused by the trip, maybe my blood sugar collapsed because I had been fasting for hours before that... I probably just had low blood sugar and it hit really hard all at once. But the peak of the trip was purely awesome, I felt no pain, no soreness, no tiredness, just energy and common brother-hood with humanity, so I don't regret taking the shrooms, I think just my blood sugar was super low from fasting for 14 hours LOL.
  10. I reccomend eating shrooms after like a 4-6 hour fast, then eat the shrooms, and once your tripping if you need food, an apple, some water and mixed nuts are easy to bring with you and dont require refridgeration (Fruit, water, protien). I really like fruit while tripping, and avoid heavy things like rice or meat. While actively tripping, fruit and water is like perfection, potent raspberries, a mango and some cold water is amazing. Fruit won't weigh your body down or negatively impact the trip in my experience, but once I was tripping and ate some Chipotle and it really like stopped the trip almost because it was so much, thick, dense food all at once. Fruit is a better choice while tripping lol.
  11. Good music to listen to is nature music, Ambiental music, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Dreamstate Logic, Solar Fields, Altus, classical piano, folk music, etc. I avoid rap entirely both while sober and especially while tripping.
  12. Maybe bring sunglasses while tripping in public, so you can hide your saucer-eyes from the un-initated until you reach privacy of your apartment or house.
  13. If you are stopped by police while tripping, tell them you had an eye-test the same day and the eye-doctor used dilation drops to examine the internal contents of your eye. It might work to dissuade the police-man.
  14. If you really want the trip to end, run safely or do some aerobic excercise which gets your heart beating and you sweating. But don't run deep into the woods and get lost and dehydrated, with your phone lost for example lol. Running will both potentiate the trip, making it stronger, but will also generally cause your metabolism to run faster, thus resulting in the trip ending sooner than it otherwise would.
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2023.03.31 05:50 duellingislands 6:37 EET; The Sun is Rising Over Kyiv on the 401st Day of the Full-Scale Invasion. Today's subject is a traditional Ukrainian instrument whose sound evokes a bird's call - the enigmatic and wild friction drum called the Buhai! + Discussion + Charities!

6:37 EET; The Sun is Rising Over Kyiv on the 401st Day of the Full-Scale Invasion. Today's subject is a traditional Ukrainian instrument whose sound evokes a bird's call - the enigmatic and wild friction drum called the Buhai! + Discussion + Charities!

🇺🇦 Слава Україні! 🇺🇦

Another entry in our series about musical instruments of Ukraine! Other entries are here:
Bandura Trembita Tsymbaly Soviet-Era Synthesizers Sopilka
Most photos in this post come from an article from Ukraїner, an incredible source for Ukrainian culture content produced by a team of volunteers. We will link it in the comments.

The Buhai

Andrii Lopushynskyi stands with his Buhai, as the wind whips the strings. Photo by Alina Kondratenko for Ukraїner.
Yesterday we wrote about traditional barrel-making in Ukraine, so today it made sense to switch gears and talk about an instrument that is highly related to that craft!
The instrument in question is called the Buhai - and it's a really interesting one. It was originally made from a used container, often a Berbenytsya - a wooden tub or barrel used for storing food and milk, which was shaped conveniently for strapping to horses as they rode around the winding roads of the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine and Romania. There are a few different sizes of the instrument, which correspond to common container sizes from history.
Most often it is heard in ensembles, among the street musicians of Transcarpathia for Kolyada (Christmas celebrations).
Traditional designs for Buhai - you'll notice the designs are almost identical to the ones we wrote about yesterday!
But as you'll see in the music videos I'll link in the comments, the instrument has been used lately as accompaniment to really modern sounds like the electro-folk of the very popular band ONUKA.
The origin of the instrument's name is interesting in and of itself, and depending on what source you read, there are two competing reasons the instrument has this name. The first is that it is the word for an uncastrated bull used for breeding. Some believe the sound that the instrument makes was thought to resemble the sound of a roaring bull that was ready for some action and this is where the instrument got its name.
The other, more plausible, theory is that the sound is named after the Eurasian Bittern, which is also called buhai in Ukrainian. This bird lives in the reeds along the shores of the Dnipro, and its distinctive call is nearly identical to the instrument!
I will put links in the comments where you can hear the sound of the instrument, and its namesake bird, so you can hear for yourself!

How a Buhai Works

Andrii works on a new Buhai. Photo by Alina Kondratenko for Ukraїner.
The Buhai is a friction drum, and operates on similar principles to stringed instruments. The tall, skinny barrel is the resonating cavity that gives it its deep sound, and the top opening is covered with leather. The leather is secured to the top of the barrel, and a large handful of horse hair is pulled through and attached at the very center of the top "head" of the newly-formed drum.
The horse hair is rubbed with rosin, just like a violin bow, and then the musician traditionally coated their fingers in Kvas. That's right, Kvas! But water is more appropriate these days.
In order to play a note with the Buhai, it depends on how fast and tightly you pull, and where your fingers stop as you pull the horsehairs.

Not Lost Yet

Photo by Alina Kondratenko for Ukraїner.
Andrii Lopushynskyi is a researcher and historical re-enactor at Khortytsia Island (we wrote all about this amazing place in these posts: Zaporizhzhia I Zaporizhzhia III ). Andrii taught himself how to construct the Buhai using materials he found in history books! He has been perfecting his craftsmanship ever since. Andrii is quite illustrious as a keeper of Ukrainian culture - he is also known for reviving the super fascinating art of painting icons on dried fish, which we may write about in the future if I can find enough sources.
For a lot more information about the Buhai and detailed information on how it is constructed - and about Andrii - see the comments, where I will link the Ukraїner article and accompanying video.
The 401st day of a nine year invasion that has been going on for centuries.
One day closer to victory.



Verified Charities

Keep 'em flying!
  • u/Jesterboyd is a mod for ukraine and local to Kyiv. He is currently selling rad t-shirts raising money to buy some very interesting drones. Link to donation
  • United24: This site was launched by President Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. Funds will be allocated to cover the most pressing needs facing Ukraine.
  • Come Back Alive: This NGO crowdfunds non-lethal military equipment, such as thermal vision scopes & supplies it to the front lines. It also provides training for Ukrainian soldiers, as well as researching troops’ needs and social reintegration of veterans.
  • Trident Defense Initiative: This initiative run by former NATO and UA servicemen has trained and equipped thousands of Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Ukraine Front Line US-based and registered 501(c)(3), this NGO fulfills front line soldiers' direct defense and humanitarian aid requests through their man on the ground, Ukraine's own u/jesterboyd.
  • Ukraine Aid Ops: Volunteers around the world who are helping to find and deliver equipment directly to those who need it most in Ukraine.
  • Hospitallers: This is a medical battalion that unites volunteer paramedics and doctors to save the lives of soldiers on the frontline. They crowdfund their vehicle repairs, fuel, and medical equipment.
You can find many more charities with diverse areas of focus in our vetted charities list HERE.
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2023.03.31 05:50 grifftaur Wanting to commission a character for print

I've reached out to some folks on Fiverr, and this may not be the best place to look for a commission, but wanted to explore this avenue to see. I've been a big fan of issue 7 of Venom where has the infinity gauntlet on the cover. The cover artist is Clayton Crain. I wanted to see what it might cost to have a bust or full figure done based on the cover of the Venom 7.
I don't maybe another avenue is finding a venom stl I can buy and use a thanos gauntlet in a stl I have now combine?
Image of Venom 7 Cover
Size: 1/6 scale
Printer: FDM (I'd look into finding someone with a resin/sla printer in the future.)
Detail: Medium.
Timing: Ideally 1 month.

If there is a better option to explore for getting like this done elsewhere i'd definitely appreciate the recommendation.
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2023.03.31 05:49 gale1243 April Fool's Day Idea: The Entitled Rich Bitch Pizza from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends(Yes that's not the name but it's so silly I'm calling it that anyway)

From the Season 2 episode Cookie Dough
A Deep Dish Pizza, the deepest money can buy, topped with Rubies and Sapphires and an Emerald Encrusted Crust delivered in a box made of finest cardboard made from the Baobab Tree found only in the jungles of Zanzibar Island
If you want to do an actually edible version you could do a take on a Margherita with Red and Blue Tomatoes for the Rubies and Sapphires, and Sage Derby cheese for the Emerald Encrustment
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2023.03.31 05:48 Baazerka Need Feedback on 4000 series build

This will be my first time building a PC, with basic knowledge. I am planning to play at 1440p on a 144hz monitor. So far this is what I have come up with. I am not sure on the memory, storage, and even the motherboard since those options were from researching through multiple sub reddits. Feedback would be appreciated on some suggestions.
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2023.03.31 05:48 ReverendRy New to this! My 1,192 calorie day

New to this! My 1,192 calorie day
1200 is hard as hell but here we are. This sub has been indispensable to getting me on track! Trying for healthier options to snipe my snack brain. Smoked salmon is a powerful flavor bomb. Just a tiny bit with some dill sprinkled on top hits that salty snack craving hard. I still have no magic fix for that after dinner sweet tooth, but every day I don't surrender to a big bowl of sugary cereal is a good day.
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2023.03.31 05:48 LeeCloud27 ACT 2-7-4: Dwell Blind Upon the Siren's Song

It was decided that the group would head over to the Cat Cafe next. They quickly departed the house to make their way towards their next location. Sateen decided to accompany the group, mostly due to his developed interest (aka. A Teenage Crush) for Sumireko. Along the way, Satsuko continued to point out each and every single ride, game, snack booth there was, pleading to go on them or try something. Most of the group said no or denied the kid of his requests, Mary however, after ignoring the kid’s cute beady eyes, finally caved and got him cotton candy.
“Mmmm~ This is delicious!” Satsuko said, digging into the pink fluffy cloud of sweetness. “Are you sure you don’t want any Auntie?” He asked Mary.
“I’m good. Thank you though.” Mary said, holding Satsuko by the hand and guiding him along. The others looked at them from behind. Meiling didn’t think too much about it since she wasn’t familiar with either Mary or Satsujin. Sateen was too focused on being next to Sumireko, but Sumireko had other thoughts on the matter.
“She’s having the time of her life, isn’t it?”
“To think, just the other day they were acting more like best friends who got on each other’s nerves… But now it’s this.” Sumireko thought. “Then again I think it’s better than how they were before. It’s nice even.” “I’m sure the real one wouldn’t act like that. But you’re right. Let her have a moment of peace…for now.”
It didn’t take much longer before they arrived at their next location. They knew they arrived when they saw the giant lucky cat statue that could be seen a mile away, sticking out like a sore thumb. It was holding a token down with its left paw, while the other paw was raised up in the air. Below the statue was a regular-shaped building, painted in bright shades of red and blue, decorated with circular windows, and a nicely decorated door. Hanging above the door was a wooden sign, showing a picture of two cats, red and blue respectively, facing away from each other while their tails formed a heart shaped sign.
Looking at the giant maneki neko statue, Sumireko hummed in interest. “Huh,” she commented, “a calico cat. It’s not that common to see a calico maneki neko. Mike would like this place.”
Blinking in confusion, Meiling asked, “Who?” Admittedly, even before the moral gods invaded, she rarely left the SDM grounds, but she was sure she would have heard of a maneki neko being in Gensokyo.
Mary answered, “Oh yeah, Mike! I remember her! She’s that calico maneki neko who freeloads at Kourindou like every other week. Satsu ran into her a few times.”
“Mike… Now that I think about it, I might have heard about her before.” Meiling hummed, scouring her mind. “...I heard a few people in the past bicker about whether or not she was a guy or a girl.”
“Wait, isn’t she a girl though?” Sumireko asked.
“Well, I’m definitely certain… But like with Wriggle it’s a debate that will probably never be settled.”
The door to the cafe suddenly opened up, the sound of a bell singing tipped off the others, taking a look at the person coming out. “Welcome!” cried the figure in a cheerful voice. They rushed up to the group, invading their personal space and stopping mere inches from Sumireko’s face. “I’m Satsunyan, and welcome to my cat cafe!”
Satsunyan was a petite girl, seemingly only about a head taller than Suika. She had black hair in a shoulder-length bob cut, with cat ears sticking out like two cowlicks that refused to stay down. Her catlike eyes glittered in excitement, and small fangs could be seen peeking out from her lips. She wore a skimpy maid uniform that barely hid her modest bust and a scandalously short skirt that showed off her thighs and barely hid her rear. From under her skirt, a tail peeked out and flicked about playfully.
“Cute~” Everyone else thought, except for Sateen, as he stared at her and the cafe with a massive blush before quickly looking away.
“Glad to see you guys like my fashion sense. It wasn’t too hard to slip in a bit of my influence here.” A different voice rang out. Unlike the other voice, which was staticky, this one was layered, as though two people were speaking at once, one voice being deep and the other being higher.
“It’s a bit too stereotypical, but works.”
“You’re the last person I want to hear that from. Didn’t you try to make Satsujin talk like a stereotypical gang member?”
“Wait, who was that? And what did they mean?” Sumireko wondered, glancing up at the sky discreetly.
“Oh crap, you weren’t supposed to hear any of that. Forget about me for now!”
“They’re not stupid by the way, just present yourself.”
“Later, they should take care of this first.”
Satsunyan grabbed Sumireko’s hand, pulling her right into the cafe while saying, “C’mon, let me show you the place!”
“Wha- Hey!” Sumireko said, being pulled into the cafe while the others followed.
The inside of the cafe was quite colorful, looking to be modestly big enough to fit several customers but also feeling small at the same time. There were tables and chairs lined up in rows, chairs right by a wide counter, delightful decorations ranging from lamps to plants, but what definitely stood out the most were all the cat-like adornments. The chairs had cat ears, the cuts had cat-like tails, and of course, actual cats all minding their business over at one corner of the store.
“Kitties!” Satsuko cheered. “Can I pet them!?” He asked in a childish manner.
“Of course, go ahead!” Satsunyan answered. Satsuko went right over and started to pet the cats while Mary watched from afar.
“Hey,” whispered Mary, nudging the esper. “You think there are any more girl personas in here?”
Sumireko responded, “I did see another girl version of Satsujin the last time I was here, but I haven’t seen her at all this time. Why’d you ask?”
“Oh, nothing. Just wondering.”
Satsunyan turned around, a cat-like smile formed on her face almost in a smug fashion. “So… Are you all here for my challenge?”
“Eh? How did you-”
“Because Sateen is with you all! That means you must’ve beaten him in his edge-off!”
Sateen quickly turned to embarrassment, jumping a little upon hearing someone call his challenge an ‘edge-off’.
“I-It wasn’t an edge-off. We were merely showing ourselves our history of suffering, the torment we bore, the devastating power we each wield knowing the burden we must carry in order to not let it control our everyday decisions!” He said in a cool manner. “I had easily demolished them in the challenge, but due to feeling pity for them I decided to let them win.”
“Of course,” teased Satsunyan as she patted Sateen on the head. Heading over to Satsuko, she bent down to speak to him. “Satsuko, sweetie, I need you to listen to me.” As the young boy looked up, the maid continued, “I need you to behave, okay? The pretty big sisters have to do a test, and you can’t talk to them until the test is over or else they’ll get distracted. Can you promise you’ll be a good boy?”
Nodding, Satsuko replied, “I promise I won’t do something to distract Auntie Mary or her friends.”
Looking back at Sateen, Satsunyan continued, “You too, Sateen. Do you promise to behave?” “...Okay.” Sateen said, trying to look away. “Splendid!” Satsunyan clapped her hands, turning her attention over to the others. “You three follow me! I’ll help you get into your uniforms!”
“Uniforms? We just got here though!” Meiling asked.
“The sooner the better as they always say!”
Satsunyan pushed the three into the staff room. The Staff room was small, lined up with lockers for the girls to use and also a break area to relax at. The three were confused as to what’s going on while Satsunyan went over and rolled out a bunch of maid outfits.
“Okay girls! The challenge is quite simple: You’re all going to help me run my little cafe for the day by helping serve the customers, make the food, and give out your best smiles! If you do well, then you complete the challenge!” Satsunyan said. “But first, uniforms. I have a bunch of maid outfits, feel free to wear whatever you please!” “Ooh, dibs!” shouted Mary as she grabbed a uniform, rushing into the dressing room. “Well,” sighed Meiling, “I guess I’ll take this one. At least it won’t be too embarrassing.” She grabbed a qipao and followed after Mary. “Um…” hesitated Sumireko. Looking through the assorted clothing, she felt her face heating up as she kept finding maid uniforms that contributed to specific preferences, with some of the uniforms being the type she knew for a fact belonged in an entirely different kind of shop. “What’s wrong? Can’t decide?” Satsunyan asked. “Here, how about this one right here?” She said, pulling one outfit out in particular. “Is… is there any chance I can put on the cat ears headband and tail clip?” squeaked Sumireko, trying not to faint.
“...” With her cat-like eyes, Satsunyan glared deep into Sumireko, an intimidating glare that sent shivers through her as though she was in a tundra. She didn’t even say anything but one look at her eyes made her realize what may happen if she didn’t comply.
“Gotta be obedient, Sumireko…Unless…”
Noticing something in the corner of her eye, Sumireko grabbed it and exclaimed, “Oh, I’ll wear this one!” She internally cried in relief, having found a normal maid outfit.
“Not bad, not bad. Now, let’s see if you can do your tasks and be charming enough for the customers!”
“This isn’t too bad,” commented Meiling as she left the dressing room, wearing the qipao she selected earlier. “Though it’s a bit of a shame that the colors clash pretty badly with each other.”
“Oh, that’s alright. I’m sure you will do fine!” Satsunyan said. “Now, how about the other girl?”
Mary stepped out of her dressing room. What she wore shocked the others, including Satsunyan. It was a Victorian Era Style Maid outfit. But it was designed with the chest especially in mind, considering the amount of cleavage that was shown. Even though anything genuinely inappropriate was entirely covered, it was still revealing enough that Mary would have been arrested for indecent exposure.
“I almost want to keep this!” Mary said, puffing out her chest. Everyone couldn’t help but stare, their gazes following a certain set as they tried to break free from their restraints.
“Delightfully spicy, I must add.”
“Wow…She’s bigger than me. I’m kinda envious.” Meiling thought.
“How can a sentient blade have so much…mass?” Sumireko thought.
“Oh, and it really compliments my legs!” cheered the blade, lifting up the dress to reveal her stockings, which were held up by garterbelts. “Burn it into your memories,” she boasted. “I’ll have you know that the modern day equivalent of seeing a girl’s ankles back then would be a girl showing off her-”
“Goodness gracious!”
“That’s it, I’m abusing my power to make things move on a bit!”

Sateen and Satsuko were sitting over at one of the tables, both of them minding their own business. Satsuko was petting one of the friendlier cats while Sateen was writing something down on a piece of paper; A poem of sorts.
“A beautiful girl… Her hair short but so pretty… And some nice glasses.” Sateen said to himself while writing. He took the paper, looking at it before crumpling it up and placing it next to the other balls of paper on the table. “No no no. That’s not good either. I need to come up with a better poem to express myself and my thoughts!”
“Maybe you should try a different kind of poem.” Satsuko said. “Like a limerick, a sonnet, or even an elegy.”
“An elegy? How do you know what an elegy is?”
“...I don’t know actually. What do you think, Ms. Fluffles?” He asked the cat on his lap.
“Ms. Fluffles? Why name her that when Dimitri of the Seventh Pit of Hell is a much better name?”
Their conversation got interrupted followed by the sound of the staff door slamming open.
“Hey you pervs, business is open and we are ready to take your orders!” whooped Mary as she kicked the door open, leg raised high.
The mannequin-like customers who were inside the cafe cheered upon witnessing the newcomer maids. Satsuko and Sateen watched them come out one by one. First it was Mary wearing her risque cat maid outfit, then Meiling with her Chinese-Dress inspired cat maid outfit, and finally Sumireko, wearing a fairly normal outfit, but Sateen particularly was delighted seeing her in a cat maid outfit regardless. “To think her beauty is so magnificent she can make even the simplest clothing seem elegant,” he whispered. “Oh, I should write that down.” He said, taking another paper and started writing yet another poem.
Satsunyan came out, telling each of the girls what to do. “Okay, listen up. I’ll be in charge of making all the delicious foods and beverages. You three are in charge of servicing the customers. You don’t need to do anything specific, but do your best in making their days a little more special!”
Raising a hand, Mary asked, “Is this a contest? Because I already know how to win.” She flashed a knowing smile at Sumireko and Meiling, both of them blushing as they realized what she meant.
“Hm, a contest wouldn’t hurt. I always love to see some fiery competition. And I have a certain item for the fortunate winner if that happens…you might want it.”
Sumireko and Meiling looked at each other. “You and I, let’s do our best in showing that Tsukumogami.” Meiling said.
Sumireko nodded in agreement. “Let’s do this!” She said with her newfound confidence.
“Well glad to see you three are eager about this! Let the challenge begin!” Satsunyan said.
The day went and began for the little cat cafe. Customers began to come in little by little, usually by themselves or in groups. Satsunyan took care of all the foods while the others handled taking the orders and providing the service.
Sumireko, though a little hesitant at first, walked up to one table to take their order. The two mannequin customers looked at her with their blank faces.
“Um… W-Welcome to Satsunyan’s Cat Cafe.” Sumireko said, shaking a little. “Would you like to try our Nyan Nyan Peach Drink?” She said, blushing hard.
The mannequin statues stared at her, and she became nervous, worried she did something wrong. She worried that she didn’t say it right, or they weren’t interested in someone like her. But that quickly changed when both of them started squealing with delight.
“Kawaii!!! A Neko Girl with Glasses!” One of them said in a strange voice.
“Kya!!! Her shy attitude is sugoi!” The other said.
Sumireko stared in confusion and slight embarrassment, but for the most part she was doing something right.
Over at another part of the store. Meiling was already bringing out one of the orders for one table. “Okay, I got two Cat’s Paw Cinnamon Rolls, three Whisker Cream Sundaes, a purrrrlicious choco cake, and a fresh hot blend of Black Cat Tea.”
The customers were impressed, seeing Meiling balancing everything she was carrying above her head with perfect balance. She easily took all the dishes and placed them on the table at quick speeds, then using the kettle containing the tea she poured it elegantly into the cups of the customers from a certain height.
“Uuuoooohhh! Strong arms and showing off her toned thighs!” cried a mannequin.
Meiling smiled to herself, a glimmer of praise filled her from all the attention she got. “Hehe, it’s not everyday I get to show off my skills like this.” She thought to herself. “Sometimes I wished I kept my position as a maid back before Sakuya moved in with us.”
Sumireko and Meiling kept it up with their jobs, using their own skills and knowledge to make the customers’ day. But even with their combined effort, the attention they drew was drawn away by the third maid in the store. A loud cheering of several customers over by one area, as though a crowd had been drawn by whoever was over there.
“Wait, are those all the other customers?” Sumireko said. “What are they all looking at?”
“I think I know who.” Meiling said.
Mary was the center of attention for the moment, surrounded by several customers. She wasn’t writing down orders, nor was she bringing in dishes. But she was showing off her body in a very ecchi manner.
Glancing over at Mary, Sumireko choked on her spit. Despite having teamed up with Meiling for their little impromptu contest, the Tsukumogami was playing much dirtier than either of them had expected. “What the…” she gasped, “I thought she’d let the customers get an occasional peek, not do… that! Is she trying to compete with hardcore anime fanservice?”
Over at their table, Sateen and Satsuko continued to mind their own business, with Sateen STILL rewriting his poem yet again and Satsuko playing with a different cat. “No, that won’t do.” muttered the chuunibyou. “What else can I-” He looked up and saw Mary, and his face erupted into a massive blush before he covered his eyes. “Oh my,” said Satsunyan as she walked over to the boys with a plate of cookies. “I see you noticed what Mary is doing. Be a good boy and stay calm, okay?” She set the cookies down and leaned in closer to Sateen. “If you’re having trouble, you can talk to Big Bro Satsunyan and I’ll help, okay?” she whispered into his ear, blowing into it playfully. “Thanks,” squeaked Sateen, quickly pulling away. And then he registered what was said. “Wait, big bro?”
“Yep!” answered the catgirl(?). “Big Bro Satsunyan!”
“You… you’re a boy?” Sateen asked, a feeling of dread creeping up his spine.
“Yeppers!” Satsunyan chirped, nodding enthusiastically. “Got a ‘cat toy’ like any other guy. But unlike a cat’s, mine doesn’t have barbs!” He made a cutesy catlike pose, winked, and stuck his tongue out playfully, fully aware that he may have ruined cats for many people.
Nearby, Sumireko nearly tripped. Looking over, she bewilderedly raised a finger and pointed. “B-b-but… B-bo-boo-boobs!” she exclaimed.
Reaching into his unbuttoned maid uniform, Satsunyan pulled out a bra and removed a few bra pads from them. “Oh, I use these!” Holding it out to the group, he asked, “Wanna take a look?” Meiling instinctively rushed over and covered Satsuko’s eyes, while Mary grabbed the offered items and started inspecting them while occasionally glancing back down at her own cleavage, ignoring how the customers wolf-whistled at the scene.
Sateen took a deep breath, forcing a smile onto his face. He got up and went outside, standing in front of the fountain next to the café. He reached into his cloak, pulling out an MP3 player. Turning it on and scrolling through the playlist, he selected a certain song and pressed the play button.
A few seconds later, the MP3 played the selected song. “Yureta yuganda sekai ni dan dan boku wa-”
Falling to his knees, Sateen looked up to the sky and let out a heart-rending cry. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Tears trickled down his face from his eyes, which were hidden by his hair.
Watching in concern, Meiling asked, “Should we go see if he’s okay?”
“He’ll be fine… probably.”
“No. He just got reality checked, he can deal with it.”
Clapping his hands, Satsunyan replied, “Nope, worry about him later. It’s rush hour!” He went back into the kitchen, making more meals in preparation. Calling out from the kitchen, he added, “If you need an extra speed boost, use the roller skates!”
Surprised, Sumireko exclaimed, “Roller skates? Food places where the workers used roller skates went out of style like sixty years ago!!” Nonetheless, she quickly put on the skates, awkwardly navigating the cafe to continue taking and delivering orders.
“An Apple-Cinnamon pie for table eight! A Strawberry Milkshake for table twelve! A Layer Cake for table six!” Satsunyan called out as the order forms arrived in the kitchen. The maids quickly took the pending orders and delivered them, while the recently made ones were sent to the kitchen. Sumireko panted in exertion as she tried to avoid crashing, Meiling elegantly twirled on her skates while pouring tea and serving meals, and Mary… continued to try to outdo hardcore anime fanservice.
As time passed, the girls became more accustomed to the work, and their work efficiency increased significantly. Sumireko smiled as she finished serving another table.
“Try using your psychic powers a little to speed things up. It should help.”
“But wouldn’t that be cheating?” muttered Sumireko.
“And Mary flaunting her body isn’t?”
“But she isn’t using her powers to do it,” reasoned the esper.
“Not like she has useful skills for this right task anyways. Don’t worry, nothing too bad should happen if you use them at your own discretion. Besides, isn’t Meiling using her useful skills to show off?”
“But she isn’t using her powers either,” insisted Sumireko.
“If them using something you don’t have isn’t cheating, then you using something they don’t have isn’t cheating either.” “Agree, and like I said, you don’t need to do anything spectacular with them, just use them subtly.” “Oh, very well.” Sumireko said. With her powers, she was able to start bringing orders directly from the counter right when Satsunyan finished making them. The dishes floated across the store, inducing awe in the customers who didn’t know better.
“Look at that! The Cute Neko Glasses Maid is making the dishes fly right to us! She’s not just a normal neko girl, she’s a magical neko girl!!!”
“Very well done. Now keep yourself focused, the rhythm is about to slow down from here.”
A round of cheers erupted, nearly breaking Sumireko’s concentration. “What was that?” she wondered.
She looked back over, and lo and behold it was Mary. The only difference was she was no longer a cat maid… Just a cat. A Sphynx Cat one might describe her as due to the apparent lack of-
“Good thing I censored Mary just in time,” the second voice sighed. “How did she break free from the script and become this unhinged? She was only supposed to act flirty with the customers, not try to bring fanservice to new levels!”
“Because she can. Now…how are the other mind pieces doing in the backburner?”
Sumireko tuned out the voices, focusing on passing the challenge. She briefly nodded to Meiling, who was starting to feel the exhaustion of working nonstop for several hours.
“Keep going, gatekeeper, the rush hour is almost over! I don’t think you would want to give out the prize after the challenge!” “...Then I’ll just have to push myself harder.” Meiling said. Taking a deep breath in, and closing her eyes, she steeled her nerves, a moment passed while she focused on her energy before she opened them right back up with a new flourishing sense of motivation.
“And as for you Mary, stop fooling around and focus on your work, damn it! Aren’t you a shiv crafted by one of Japan’s most famous blacksmiths?!?”
“But I am,” purred Mary as she pulled her dress back up. “I’m drawing in customers.”
“That’s not how it works, butter knife! Now focus on the things that really matter, this isn’t a strip club!!!” Rolling her eyes in annoyance, Mary grumbled, but returned to her duties.
After some more time, the customers cleared out. Clapping his hands, Satsunyan announced, “Alright, work’s over!” The three girls sighed in relief, collapsing into nearby seats. Looking through the list, the cat boy said, “Okay, listen up. I know you had a mini-contest to see who did the best, so I kept track of who contributed the most to the cafe.” The girls perked up, listening with rapt attention.
“In first place is Mary. She made the most money, bu-” Satsunyan was cut off as Mary cheered with joy. “However,” he continued, “most of the money she made will have to be confiscated to clean and repair the uniform she has been provided. Getting those stains out won’t be easy, you know.” The Tsukumogami's celebration ended, and she fell to the floor in depression.
“So, the one who takes up the first spot is…Sumireko! Your shy attitude really made you popular, and doing that telekinesis trick to move orders gave a boost to that popularity.”
“The new second place is…Meiling! That was a really clean and smooth job, but showing off your strength, balance, and lovely legs wasn’t exactly the most popular among the customers. In fact, it was pretty niche. But still, good job!” “And because you’ve successfully completed my endurance challenge…Here’s your reward!!!” Satsunyan reached into the cleavage area of his maid uniform and pulled out a key.
The key glowed a little, jumping out of Satsunyan’s hand and flying right over to Satsuko instead, adding to the other key which the group already had. The two keys twirled around with each other before a ring formed, linking the two keys together side by side. And then it was followed by more victory music.
“Congratulations! You acquired your second key! You’re now halfway done with your quest!”
“Now, as I’ve promised…here it is a small reward for you, Sumireko.” *snap*
A little item appeared in front of Sumireko. A silver heart-shaped locket floated in front of her face, gently resting down in her hands. She held the locket, opening it up to see a picture that she didn’t expect to see: Her and her sister when they were both young. “It is always good to remember the people that keep you determined to push forward. She would have been so happy you found a new person to share your memories with. After all, people can go away, but the memories and emotions don't. Keep them close to your heart when you feel hopeless. She will bring you back up on your feet.” Sumireko smiled faintly before putting on the locket. Taking a deep breath, she got up and groaned, “Well, I’m pooped. Doing all that work with both my mind and body really takes up a lot of energy.”
“I wouldn’t say I’m exhausted, but I could use some rest too,” said Meiling. “As a master of qi, I have far more stamina than most, but that was pretty hard work even for me.”
“Wusses,” taunted Mary. “I’m a tsukumogami, so I’m totally fine, since I have tons of energy stored up over the centuries.” Stretching, she added, “But that doesn’t mean I only rest when I need to.”
“Hm…Well, since you three had brought so much attention to my store, I’ll let you all stay for the night, free of charge!” Satsunyan said.
“Stay for the night? What are you saying?” Sumireko asked.
Satsunyan clapped his hands again. From the ceiling, a stair ladder dropped down. Everyone was confused. He guided everyone up into the floor above, being presented with a completely different sight compared to the cafe.
The walls were made of a fancy wooden pattern, the floor was a nice shade of green, and there was a feeling of standing inside of luxury that made it all the more appealing.
“Welcome to Lucky Cat Hotel!” Satsunyan said. “A little place where you can all rest up and get your energy back! We offer rooms you can sleep in, services ranging from food to massages, and don’t forget our luxurious jacuzzi!” He said.
“Woah… This is amazing!!!” Meiling said.
Whistling, Mary exclaimed, “Damn! If we get Satsu back and Satsuland is still here, we should see if we can still come to this place.”
“Don’t count on it. The most probable scenario is that all of this mindscape will become one in specific. But that doesn’t mean the others won’t have their little corner on it.”
“But wait…We can’t rest now. What about Satsujin, or the others?” Sumireko asked.
“Ah, don’t worry. One hour in here is only a few minutes out there, you’ll be okay.”
“We COULD make it slower, but it won’t do any good for your mental age and physical age to be too different.”
With that in mind, the group decided that rest was now an option. Satsunyan showed everyone to their respective rooms. Sumireko and Meiling took one room, Mary and Satsuko took another, and Sateen was forced to share a room with Satsunyan.
And eventually, their small rest turned into a night’s worth of sleep.

Satsujin gasped as he woke up. Scrambling to his feet, he looked around urgently, realizing that he could see. “So I’m still in my mind, huh?” he muttered. Getting up, he looked around the room, looking for clues to where he was. Walking up to the window, he glanced outside, only to see what looked like some sort of large village. He checked if the window was the type that could be opened, but frowned when he realized it wasn’t. “Guess I’ll check the door then.”
Walking over, he came to a half when he saw not one, but two doors in front of him. One was in near-perfect condition, while the other was battered, as though someone had tried and failed to break through it. Going up to the doors, he tried to open them, only for the doorknobs to not move. Banging on them, he shouted, “Hello? Is anyone there?” There was no response. Satsujin was about to try again when he heard it.
Raspy breathing could be heard from the doors. Between them, the bricks dissipated, revealing a set of eyes. One eye was gold, while the other was silver. A deep voice growled, “Origin… stay here… me… keep you… safe…” The bricks returned, hiding the eyes once more.
Satsujin shook his head. “I can’t stay here,” he muttered to himself. “I have to go back.”
“Pick one. Time is running up.”
“Huh? Who’s that? Show yourself!”
“Leave the questions for later. Right now you have to find a way out of this place and reunite with your friends.”
An audible clicking was heard, and the doorknobs twitched slightly. Satsujin realized that the doors were unlocked. While he somehow knew that the mysterious figure wanting him to stay was telling the truth, he also knew that he couldn’t stay no matter what. He needed to leave and get back to the others. \Pick. One.\**
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How far out would you stretch your budget and have something that still looked modern? I would say in the kitchen, some people still have their builder kitchens, and with the builder kitchen, even just changing out the handles, putting in a proper countertop because, the builder kitchen, usually they just give you a laminate countertop and if they don’t have a backsplash yet, put in backsplash tile, that can change the look.

Changing Out Countertops and Backsplash

Painting the walls as well to coincide with what you’re doing is something that’s a lot easier to do. There’s no plumbing involved, there’s only the countertop. Well, plumbing in the sense that we’re re-hooking up your sink only and then there’s just the countertop and backsplash so it’s a quicker renovation too because, you’re without a kitchen for less time, but you have to basically still your cabinets because they’re going to be there probably, another at least 10 years because once you invest in the stone countertop, which a lot of people are doing quartz countertops, you got to make sure your cabinets are good enough to last the length of the time that you’re going to have that quartz countertop.

Cost of Countertops

I’ve done many countertops, and some people spend as little as about 3000 installed, and some spend as much as I’ve done even as high as 8 to 10,000 for countertops, it all depends on the color they choose. There’s so many colors now with so many different price points that you can get a new stone countertop and a new sink and a new faucet for fairly reasonably priced.

Maximizing Home Resale Value with Kitchen or Bath Renovations

When renovating a kitchen or bath, one common question is how much of an increase in home resale value can be expected. The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the price of the home and the amount spent on the renovation.
It could be a couple thousand dollars or more with a full renovation, depending on the scope and cost of the project. Ultimately, the goal should be to maximize the return on investment while also creating a space that is functional and visually appealing.

Choosing Classic Style with Gold and Creamy White Accents

Decorating a space can be challenging, especially when trying to combine different styles and color schemes. One example is marrying classic style with trendy gold accents and creamy white hues.
While it may seem difficult to combine these elements, there are ways to make them work together harmoniously. For instance, gold accents can complement darker colors and create a sense of elegance and sophistication.
However, it’s essential to see all the samples together and consider existing flooring, which can affect the overall look and feel of the space. Getting the opinion of a professional designer can also be helpful in making the final decision.


Renovating a kitchen or bath and choosing a design style can be exciting, but also overwhelming. By considering factors like home resale value, personal preferences, and existing elements, you can create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
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2023.03.31 05:45 batsaudio I hate eating meat now and question so many elements of it what do you guys think

This isnt as a result of sucking up bill gates propaganda , i am just sickened by the fact i have to consume other beings to exist. I know "i dont have to" but ive tried vegetarianism a few times and got sick every time, when i dont usually get sick atall. I know you can say, you didnt do it right you need all the nutes brah. Man i dont want to live my life like an alchemist as an alternative to eating meat. I also dislike a lot of the "vegan scen" type people and the shops which sell vegan food soooo expensively.
Anytime i eat meat i buy freerange and well fed organic produce, i utterly detest the factory farms and poor animals kept in bad conditions. Its one of the worst parts of being a human for me. Sure i can switch it off and just eat some bbq chicken breast and it tastes good, ive ate meat most of my life, but deep down it does bother me. The lab meat idea everyone jumps to dismiss and i understand, fuck gates i dont trust any of those guys, but if a genuine meat alternative or even cloned meat came about with no cancer or downsides ,i would definitely take it. I get deep on it and flip between , who the fuck created this mess of a world where we have to do this stuff, to , maybe i dislike this eating meat as a motivation to find an alternative and develop new options via technology.
Bothers the shit out me , also things like eating lamb , not just meat but young meat "because its more tender" or lambskin clothes, its fucked up. Humans really disappoint me with all the meat eating and wars and shitshow world , the same people telling us to eat meat are pumping it full of hormones and chems which we in turn eat, and in the UK its £14 for 2 organic chicken breasts ,totally unaffordable on the bigger scale ... what is you guys take on this ?
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2023.03.31 05:44 throwawaymom-65 I've been letting the grief of losing my daughter drown my son

Yesterday my son came home and told me “ I wanted to help you out so I asked my teacher about bringing cupcakes to school and she said I could on Friday.” I asked him “cupcakes for what?” As soon as I said that, I remembered. I’ve been so disconnected that I forgot his fucking birthday. I told him I can’t buy cupcakes but I’ll make him a birthday cake. But since it’s not store bought we can't take it to school. He looks at me and says “my birthday is the same day every year, you keep forgetting about my stuff. I might as well be gone too”. The last part stung because my daughter passed away 3 years ago and nothing has been the same.
Before I could say anything he said “I know, I know, you will “make it up to me”. I just want to have my special day on my birthday not later because it doesn’t count”. I couldn't get mad at his attitude because he is right. We haven’t celebrated holidays on the actual day, either we couldn't afford to celebrate or it was too difficult without his sister. His feelings and anger are valid. So I asked him what he wanted for his birthday.
He has been watching this trend on tiktok where a parent tells their kid they will buy them whatever they can fit into a cart. He told me that is what he wants for his birthday and for me to record it so he could show his friends. He told me he made up rules so he isn’t greedy.He said it will be a basket, not a cart. No technology or electronics. Nothing that requires batteries or needs plugged in. (His words not mine).
When I asked him what he thinks he would put in the basket he said a new shirt, tech deck stuff, pokemon cards, and a new catchers mitt “if it’ll fit”. Not roblox, not a cell phone, not a video game. Hearing that made me feel incredibly guilty and sad because despite the hell we have been through he still wants “kid stuff”. So I decided I would sell the only thing of value which is the ring that has my daughter's ashes.
I’m in this struggle of choosing between earthside & heaven. I know it should be a no-brainer. The living breathing kid takes priority. Losing one child should have me going above and beyond for my son because tomorrow isn’t promised. That isn't just a cliche phrase people say, I have proof it happens even when you think it wouldn’t. Except when I dropped my ring off to get cleaned, I couldn't leave the parking lot. Real fear like I was leaving her. No, I'm not having a psychotic break, I know she is gone. A worker even came out to tell me that they wouldn't be done for a few hours because they had customers in front of me but I said I'll just wait.
Once I got it back I went to the pawn shop. They offer loans and this is the only way I can quickly get cash. I can’t do plasma, I just had to replace my water heater, and I forgot my son's birthday was coming up so I didn’t plan ahead. Yes, I’m a broke POS drowning in grief. Still. After 3 years I’m still in shambles.
I asked the owner of the pawn shop what would happen to the ring if I couldn’t pay. He said he would put it in the case for sale but not mention anything about the ashes. This took me off guard and suddenly made this exchange sound so wrong. I get it, not many people want to wear something with human ashes but to not disclose it makes me feel like my girl somehow doesn’t matter and will be forgotten. Completely irrational, I know. So I told him I would think about it. I don't think I'd be able to leave the ring at the pawn shop.
I think the same feelings I had at the jewelers would happen again and I don't want to feel like that again.
TL:DR; Life is a complete mess since losing my daughter but it isn’t a good enough reason to keep putting my son on pause. If we celebrate his birthday later I know the world isn’t going to end but I worry it will feel like it is to him.
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2023.03.31 05:43 manishmehta71 UNG won't test 4.10, probably.

UNG won't test 4.10, probably.
UNG trade based on it’s own historical data
UNG trade taken on 03/30/2023 based on what it will not do based on it’s own historical data.
UNG is screened as oversold.
Wrote 4 PUT for UNG for 04-21-2023 expiry.
Quantity: 100
Premium: $400
Portfolio margin: $3,790
Lost once every 5 year strike is 4.10.
Most, if not all, stock market analysts attempt to predict what a stock or the stock market will do in the future. They use fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and experience to predict the direction and potential levels to be reached before a potential turning point. We, on the other hand, analyze what a stock, bond, ETF, or index is unlikely to do in the future based upon its own historical data. Unlike RSI, Bollinger Bands, or other technical indicators that provide similar information, our measure uses the entire stock/ETF/index trading history to determine what the stock/ETF/index is unlikely to do.
So what is it ??
We have developed a machine learning system that measures a symbols' percentage price change versus time for multiple time periods and compares the symbols recent price behavior to its own past to determine if the current behavior is anomalous. Think of this as a measure of momentum run amok for the symbol. Our experience has shown that there are two levels of anomalous stock/ETF/index behavior that are of interest: (1) When the stock/ETF/index current performance is outside of 99% of all prior instances (this is called a Level 1 overbought or oversold condition) and, (2) When the stock/ETF/index current performance is outside the bounds of all of its prior history (this is called a Level 2 overbought or oversold condition).
We currently screen 640 stock/ETF/index symbols every day - with more being added each week. These symbols are all traded US stock market exchanges during normal US trading hours. Figure 1, below, shows a subset of symbols screened for March 30, 2023
Figure 1. March 30, 2023 Stock Screener Subset
In the first column of Figure 1, we have sets of 3 rows that have Level 1, Level 2, and Data Since labels. The Data Since rows describe the start date for each symbol associated with the date. For instance, SPX has 1/2/1962 which means that the machine learning system contains SPX data since January 2, 1962 for the computations of SPX (S&P 500). Likewise, the symbol INDY has data since November 23, 2009 for its computations, etc. Next are the rows for Level 1 and Level 2. Let's look at Level 1 first. In the rows for Level 1, a number greater than or equal to 1 indicates that on a price change % versus time basis, the symbol is overbought because it moved farther to the upside and faster than 99% of all other equivalent time periods in its history. These cells are highlighted light blue in the screener data. In the rows for Level 1, a number less or equal to zero indicates that on a price change % versus time basis, the symbol is oversold because it moved farther to the downside and faster than 99% of all other equivalent time periods in its history. These cells are highlighted light red in the screener data file. Level 2 is similar to Level 1 except that instead of 99% of the history, it is 100% of the history implying the stock/ETF/index has never moved that far that fast for any equivalent period of time in the data set. Yellow highlighted cells simply highlight symbols that are near overbought or oversold on a Level 1 or Level 2 basis.
In Figure 1, we can see that UNG is screened as Level 1 oversold and ACN as Level 1 overbought and AGG as almost oversold. However, in this article, we are focusing on UNG (United States Natural Gas Fund, LP) as it is oversold.
Figure 2, below, shows a chart of the UNG price action over the last six months.
So how can we use this information ??
The machine learning system that determines the overbought/oversold condition also provides threshold levels that correspond to what the symbol is unlikely to do in the FUTURE based upon where it is trading now. Table 1, below, shows various levels and limits with different probabilities of occurrence for UNG for a subset of future dates.
Table 1. UNG Upper and Lower Closing Limits through April 21st, 2023
In Table 1, above, we show five (5) columns corresponding to "No loss since data start", "Once Every 10 Years", "Once Every 5 Years", and "1% Raw Data". Under each column header are sub-headers titled "Lower Limit" and "Upper Limit". Under each of these sub-headers are prices that reflect what UNG is unlikely to close below or above for varying probabilities defined the column header. For instance, in the row corresponding to the 03/31/2023 date, we see a lower limit of 5.91 and upper limit of 8.86 under the No loss since data start column header. This implies that UNG closing below 5.91 or above 8.86 on Friday, March 31, 2023 would be historical (something that's never happened before) on a percentage price change versus time basis since 2007. Likewise, for the 04/21/2023 date, we see a lower limit of 4.10 and upper limit of 11.25 under the Once Every 5 Years header. This implies that closing below 4.10 or above 11.25 on Friday, April 21st, 2023 would be expected to happen once every 5 years. Given that there are approximately 252 trading days every year, once every 5 years corresponds to a likelihood of 1 in 1260 or 0.079%. Finally, in the 1% Raw Data column, the prices reflect a 1% probability of closing below the indicated future lower limit prices or above the indicated future upper limit prices on the corresponding date based upon the entire history of UNG - including what it's done recently.
So who could benefit from this data ??
• Options Traders. The primary beneficiaries of this type of information are options traders. By providing closing price levels for a symbol for a given future date, an option trader can write option positions with a known probability of success for both Put and Call options.
• Long/short strategies. Knowing when a stock/ETF/index has moved too far, too fast is an important input in a buying/selling/shorting decision. This screening decision is done automatically by the machine learning computers on a daily basis. The only thing the computer doesn't do is push the buy or sell button for you.
• Elliott Wave Practitioners. Elliott Wave analysis can be a powerful tool for analyzing the likely path a stock/ETF/index may take higher or lower. However, there are times when multiple paths may present themselves with near equal probability using Elliott Wave analysis alone. However, many times, one or more possible paths would require the stock/ETF/index to move in a manner that would be unlikely to happen based upon the machine learning analysis.
• Fundamentalists. All traders have two decisions to make: When to buy and when to sell or vice versa. A fundamental trader chooses to screen companies based upon fundamental analysis and makes buying decisions based upon this decision. However, when does the fundamental trader choose to sell, buy more, etc. The stock screening method explained in this paper can be a useful tool in helping make those decisions with exact price levels.
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2023.03.31 05:43 fred42069 I think my (18M) gf (19F) went out last night and let another guy hit on her

This Wednesday night my (18M) girlfriend (19F) of 6 months went to the club. We are both in Uni and she went with her society to the student night at one of the nearby clubs. She goes to most of them and I never have any worries. She tends to snap me back and forth while she's there every 15-30mins showing me her friends she's with or telling me what it's like or stuff like that. I stayed in her room doing work while she was out. There came a point where she hadn't replied to me for 2 hours which was odd but I didn't mind since she was with her friends having a good time. But at around 1:30am I go to meet her to walk her back and on the way back she makes a pretty random comment about how some guys were buying her drinks and then quickly changed the subject after mentioning it. Then in the morning as we're laying in bed next to each other I see that she added someone very recently on Snapchat as he was near the top of her active chats with the grey speech box showing they hadn't spoken yet.
I don't want to confront her about it because I don't want to blow it out of proportion but I typed their name into Ig and she had added him on there as well and he had posted pictures of the night before from the club. So i assume he is one of the guys who was buying her drinks.
I'm just a little upset over this because why would she need to add them on anything? Guys who buy girls drinks in clubs don't do it just to "be nice", and she is more than intelligent enough to know that. I feel like the two hour break she took between snapping me back was intentional as she knew she probably shouldn't be letting another guy buy her drinks and add him on social media. And the fact that she stopped talking about it after quickly mentioning someone buying her drinks and not deciding to tell me she had added them on both Ig and Snapchat makes me feel like she has something to hide. I would really prefer if she just told me something like "He made me add him on them before he bought me drinks and then I got them and ignored him" but the fact she hasn't told me that makes me afraid of what the truth really is.
Sorry for the long post. I really love her but she's told me in the past she was the type of girl who would go to the club just to get with guys while she was there and I'm worried she might be getting bored of the relationship and reverting back to how she was before we met
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2023.03.31 05:43 pocariz Underwear sold in Incheon Airport? Shower room?

Where can one buy underwear at Incheon Airport Terminal 1?
Has anyone ever used the showers at Incheon Airport? Do you have to bring your own towel and shampoo?
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2023.03.31 05:43 pocariz Underwear sold in Incheon Airport? Shower room?

Where can one buy underwear at Incheon Airport Terminal 1?
Has anyone ever used the showers at Incheon Airport? Do you have to bring your own towel and shampoo?
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2023.03.31 05:42 uohodofkxk 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





Processing gif jg14dlb6xzqa1...
I smiled and put on one of the tops, one that was all lacy and see-through, If anyone got close to me the would be able to see my tits and the nipple clamps which I could no longer feel because my nipple were numb.
I swallowed every nugget of her shit. I only gagged the first time I tried to swallow, but the rest of it was a delicacy. I licked her asshole clean... inside and out.
“Ooo, that the spot” she cooed, and I pulled out my finger, now slick with her juices, and sucked my finger clean. “You’re dirty” she said in a low voice.
‘Well, I ran off to the grounds....and then Luna turned up.....and, I’m sorry Harry I was just so angry.....I raped her....,’ Ron blubbered, his face going red and tears plopping from out of his eyes.
"Hmm?..Oh. Yes I do as a matter of fact." Anne smiled genially
“Stuck and that’s just my parent’s house, we don’t have enough and even if I ask for assistance I don’t know what we’re giving up for it,” I tell my new brains and bookkeeper,” Guy’s family has completely fucked me.”
Too soon, I was finished. A small sigh of contentment slipped out of me, and I realised that Jessica had turned to face me again. She looked so happy, so adoring, that it was honestly starting to scare me. There was a beat of silence before she jumped up and swept the plate and glass off the table, and brought them to the sink. She quickly rinsed them and put them in the dish washer before taking her seat beside me.
"I think we crossed the line long ago, what it is"
His steel rod began its entrance, slowly and tenderly, pushing through her tight vaginal walls as they were forcibly being pried apart. She had tightened up her muscles in general as she held her breath but the muscles that were the tightest were now being forced apart by his erection. As he made headway with his entrance, her muscles began to loosen their grip on her opening and soon he had bottom out right next to her cervix. Gently touching it, he stopped and she let out her breath as she muttered, “Is it all the way in?”
Lauren drunkenly pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing her bare breasts to the girls, on which was 2 small paw prints on the inside of each breast.
He was moaning. I could feel his cock inside my mouth, it tasted so good. I loved the feeling of having his cock fill my mouth. I licked the head of the cock and put it in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head a few times and got a strong reaction.
Hannah just stared into my eyes for several seconds as Rocky kept licking, her eyes half closed and her right hand moved from Rocky's forehead to the back of his head as she slowly spread her legs.
The next morning Sam came over right after breakfast. Mom opened the door and let her in. Mom looked at her boy shorts panties and her sexy little bra top.
Once he was in bed with Gloria between him and Candy, Evan's mind was as fidgety as his sister's body. He thought about all those times he had pretended to be the daddy, but there was a problem with that fantasy, now. Sure, he was in bed with Candy and her daughter, but Evan couldn't play daddy with Gloria's body pressed into the contour of his. She had wiggled herself halfway out of her shirt. It was bunched up below her chest. The girl's ass felt too much like Candy's, and that made him feel things that weren't okay toward his sister, let alone a daughter. It certainly didn't help that Candy's mini-me had used her mother's body wash and shampoo.
I knew this would freak her out and get her attention. She quickly replied back,
Melanie shrugged. “I'm sorry. I just realized that I really like you.”
"Lana, this is awesome!" I grinned at her.
I notice a remote by the TV. Basic controls like volume. I try changing the channel. It switches to another camera in the gym! Switch again, another. Then several others. I can view the girls from virtually any angle. I keep switching and it goes to the locker rooms connected to the gym. More angles in there too. Then the cafeteria, then a classroom, then a hallway. Every angle imaginable, every room, even outside.
After cleaning up and changing her blouse, we kissed again facing each other on her bed. We held each other and slowly caressed each others body. She sensed my manhood coming alive on her smooth thigh. 'Want me to suck again?' 'Of course!' She brought my hard cock to her face, 'It smells!' She took the glass of water by the bed and dipped my cock in to wash! The cold water made my cock even harder. After some rubbing and wiping, she checked and then started licking again! This time she licked up and down my shaft and then my balls while tightly squeezing my glans. My dream birthday gift came true! I could not believe her talent! I got on top of her and slowly inserted my super hard cock into his tight warm home. I really enjoyed the erotic sensation of slow movements and besides why should I rush through my birthday gift? I began kissing her as I fondled her firm tits and nipples. She moaned in response but suddenly reached down behind her thigh and caressed my balls. She whispered 'I think you like that' 'Oh my god! This is so good!' I moaned and breathed faster and faster as my thrusting picked up pace. I almost forgot to pull out and rushed on protection. I pumped hard and fast and burst into another record climax. I stayed inside her tight vagina as usual while kissing passionately. 'This is the best gift. Thank you!' She smiled, obviously proud of her accomplishment. But we weren't finished. She began her 2nd and 3rd orgasms tensing up while my cock softened and slid out very slowly. I kept the pressure on her mound with my semi erect cock slowly sliding against her soaked pussy lips. I massaged her enlarged and super hard nipples and sucked her tongue as she climaxed.
I tired to enjoy the rest of our day together, but it was hard to shake the dark bitterness that had spoiled my mood. I hated that I was still so sensitive about this, but... It was bad enough that my sister flat out ignored all the abuse while it was happening, but now she was actually trying to pressure me into being nicer to Jessica. Trying to make me date my abuser.
“You aren't a pervert. It shows that I can turn you on.”
Finally I lay with my head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat. His cock was still semi-hard inside of me. I could feel his cum oozing out of my pleasantly sore pussy. Shawn stroked my hair as I laid there. Fuck Tom I thought. Shawn was twice the man, even if he was fourteen and my brother.
Rach’s ass bouncing in front of me, gave me an idea, and as I whispered “1”, I smacked her left cheek, hard enough to hear it, but not enough to really hurt her. Her resultant “eek” sounded not, as I had expected, distressed, but excited. Deciding to test my limits here, I spanked her right cheek much harder as I said “2”. Her exclamation of “ughh”, reminded me of that strange way she grunted when I hit her g-spot.
“You know what, fine, I'll kiss your mother if you make any shot. I don't know why I'm so worried anyway, you couldn't make anything if the ball was sitting right in front of the hole!”
yankees2girl: "mmmmm uhhhhh bro, im gonna fucking pass out"
"Davy, I think I'm ready for a guy to get out of line with me. Ted Stratton would be perfect to be my first."
It might have seemed strange to some people that our parents were so comfortable with our drinking so much at 18, but as far as I knew it had been months since Rose had had a hangover this bad, and she'd known even at the time she was drinking too much.
Melissa came to me, I lifted the skirt, slipped down her string and slip and locked the chastity rod with a small padlock. I did the same with her boots and her collar and after that I examined her with a devilish smile.
“You were right, Grace,” Chloe said softly. “He has such a nice cock.” Anthony’s dick felt so powerful in her hands. It felt so hard, but the skin itself was soft and smooth to the touch. She could not wait to get this thing in her mouth.
"Here. Push it in." This was really happening.
(914 votes)
Casey looks down, then quickly back to Corey's eyes, "I'm not sure, but it's kinda wet and uncomfortable now."
Amy was very surprised at what she had just seen. She had seen her brother jacking off. She was a virgin and didn't know much about sex, but she knew enough. She knew that her brother was jacking off because he was turned on. The sight of it should have repulsed her, but it only intrigued her. As she watched, her nipples had hardened and she had grown extremely moist between her legs. It turned her on to see her brother doing it, and she wanted even more to happen. She wanted him to touch her, to taste her. She even wanted him to fuck her. In her head she devised a plan. She went into their mother's room to where she kept her toys, grabbed the biggest one, and went to her room. She left the door slightly open and stripped off all of her clothes.
He pet my thigh, slowly moving his hand up to my wet puss, sliding his hand up my slit, gathering my juices, and held the two wet fingers in front of my mouth. I shook my head, not wanting to taste my cunt juices. I had tried it a few times, and finally decided it was not my cup of tea, so to speak.
“But first lets go somewhere more private..”
Nicole raised an eyebrow. “I know, I know, it sounds weird.” I defended myself, hands flailing in front of my face.
"Wow, I must admit Piers works fast," she said musing to herself.
"Holy shit," she said.
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