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2023.06.06 05:40 joemi Movies/TV/Books where the government has secretly kept existence of aliens secret and the main character finds out?

Some friends and I were chatting about recent rumors of the US gov't keeping recovered "non-human origin" spacecraft secret, and it got me wanting to consume some tv/movies/books where this happens and the main character is read-in or discovers it on their own. The two that immediately popped into my head were Flight Of The Navigator and Stargate (movie and series). I'm sure I've seen others, but I can't remember right now. Do you have more suggestions? The less of a throwaway that the secret is, the better! (It's kind of a big deal in part of FotN, and at times it's a big deal in the Stargate media.)
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2023.06.06 05:40 AutoModerator [Download Course] Rob Jones & Gerry Cramer – Profit Singularity Ultra Edition + Update (

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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
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2023.06.06 05:39 h878787h NAB Account frozen after sale of car

Reaching out to the community for some advice. I recently sold one of my cars and the buyer sent a partial amount of $20k via payid to a relatively new NAB account I set up.
The minute the transfer was sent, I received an SMS from NAB stating "Security issue - Access to your internet banking blocked"
I called the NAB fraud team and they said I needed to visit a branch. I went to a branch, handed over my ID and they attempted to talk to the fraud team over chat. The NAB teller couldn't really do much and told me to call the fraud team back.
After calling them back they took some more details about the transfer, reason etc and told me I should hear back in 1 to 2 weeks.
During this time I have lost access to my accounts and the whole experience has been stressful. I now have a purchaser that wants the car ASAP and I don't really have a choice other than to hand over the keys and hope the bank sorts it out in 1 to 2 weeks time.
Has anyone experienced this before? How long did you wait and was there anything you did to speed up the process? It sounds like this transaction has triggered an AUSTRAC investigation and my worry is I will not see this money for over a month.
Any suggestions or comments are welcome.
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2023.06.06 05:39 a_string_of_words D2LFG mods are ridiculous

I got banned from the discord server a couple days ago. I missed a message from a moderator cough.player1cough saying to stop talking in leg chat to a bunch of us. So when I was muted for 6 HOURS, which is basically a temp ban as you can't see chats, I protested and asked to be unmuted. They claimed it had been there for a minute when I was waiting for the 30 second chat cooldown to end, as such it couldn't have been. I pointed that out and got told "I didn't ask you". I called them rude and got told to have a nice day. Which is never a good thing to say as it comes across as rude and sarcastic. In response I called them an a-hole and am now banned. I have to wait 2 weeks for an appeal. How is this fair? If asked, I would apologise and we could all be on our way. But the moderators are gatekeeping me from a large part of the community, 500k people I could lfg with. And apparently the mods all agree with the main mod so I can't do anything. Probably won't ever get in anyway given the abuse I sent at one of the mods earlier out of anger at this ridiculous situation. And wow, this is a long post lol.
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2023.06.06 05:39 hoosyourdaddyo No bridge picture today, but a civil war fort will do. Without cheating, what time did I take this picture?

No bridge picture today, but a civil war fort will do. Without cheating, what time did I take this picture? submitted by hoosyourdaddyo to ebikes [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 05:39 AntiQCdn Looks like Saron is a member of TUPOC now

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2023.06.06 05:38 Dj_acclaim Using perceptiveness to figure out personality types?

So I'm sure, some of us here can read others like nobodies business, or is that just me?
Anyway I'm trying to use this trait to see if I can figure out types by just looking at a person.
Anyone here gotten to a point where they can do this?
Essentially I'm trying to figure new people I meet out so I can better serve their wants and needs within the current moment to build better friendships and potential relationships.
Not that knowing MBTI is necessary but I have a feeling it might help break certain things down a lot more simply.
Also this may sound stupid to some and I'm totally fine coming off that way. Just looking to become my best self and help others be their best to do any help would be appreciated and I thank you for taking the time to read this.
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2023.06.06 05:38 sweetquail77 Girls, Have you ever been obsessed over by a girl ?

TL;DR - My junior a legit female is just obsessed over me to the point i’m writing this post xd.
So there is this girl she’s like 2 years younger than me and she just likes me ( more like obsessive over me ) so much sometimes i think even more than my future husband/ boyfriend Xd.
So a year back i got this text & request from a girl after checking her pfp i thought she must be a junior because i may have seen her in school i accepted the req , didn’t follow back ( didn’t feel like it ).
After accepting her request she literally spam my inbox with “hii” “hii didi” “helloo didi” “hii” “aap kese ho?” i thought it must be a guy or she must have some urgent request from me lmao bc i know no girl who would text like that i followed her back and it was legit a girl ( she use to post and upload stories almost daily ) and i remember i shared school bus with her when we were really young maybe.
I’m in general nice to everyone i texted her thought she might stop at some point but she just didn’t stop adoring me man like it was kinda creepy and sweet at the same time bc it has never happened to me & i’m the most avg gal evaaa. So i kept asking her “do you want something from me?” “do you want me to recommend your name to some competition or something ? ” ( i was deputy cultural incharge at the time ) she said “no didi i want you” and i was like “ehen?” it was getting weirder and weirder with more i interact with her so i told my bestfriend of that time she wasn’t believing me how can a girl be that weird & nice to me lmao. She said to just ignore her which i was already doing but she use to litreally spam me with 10messages at one point , I literally use to reply very dry & rude but seemed like she didn’t gave 2 flying fucks about it T-T , she use to ( still do ) litreally tell me how her day went / how is she managing her studies etc without even questioning it , i told her you’re annoying as fuck please stop texting me & made her understand instead of wasting time texting me focus on real life things she agreed but didn’t stop honestly , i texted her sane sister about it she told me to ignore her & she is sorry about her behaviour, she told their parents about it she got scolded by her parents lmao which she conveyed to me & i blocked her.
She made another account & kept on apologising i litreally snitched on to her & i was like BROOOOOOOO? , She use to do the same thing with her new account now i didn’t even bother to reply her and i was going through some exam and shit so i deactivated my instagram.
Few days after i got a text & a call on Whatsapp from her and i was like WHOOO THEE FUCK GAVE HER MY NUMBER? Apparently she close near my ex bestfriend & she did man i was so furious literally cursed her because it’s just so creepyyyyyyyggyg next whats worse you can expect she came to my home ( my ex bestie gave her my address) as she apprantly wanted to “meet” me to “apologise” We met for like 20 mins ig i can’t be rude on face idk y also she’s just younger , stupid & cringey than me & after she came into my house before going out she came in for a hug kissed me on my cheeks 😭😭😭. I WAS SPEECHLESS
I told this to my bestfriend of that time & she literally died laughing & told me to we’ll meet tomorrow i’ll curse her from your account and i was like “fine” lmao idc. 💀
We both did bc i was kinda eeked also surprised/ shocked by that , yk wat she did she apologised to me for that , genuinely felt bad for her ngl , so now i don’t even open her texts i just give her dryest replies i possibly could & act like idc but lemme tell you she appreciates me alot that no one has ever did lmao, She acts the same way tho & idts she gives fucks about how i react lmao 😭. She still spams me with texts , i have stopped giving fucks about her. Also, did i mention she even edits of me T-T.
I’m writing this post bc yesterday she texted me she’s in amritsar and wanted us to facetime because she wanted to show me around.🗿
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2023.06.06 05:38 bobby-fc Not sure what is making my butt bleed when I poo

I went to an urgent care late last week for some abdominal pain and bleeding I’ve had when using the bathroom. Everything seemed fine, although my white blood cell count was elevated. A few days pass, and I get a call that the sample they had from me showed elevated enzymes in my pancreas and liver and that I should go to the emergency room right away.
So I went. I told the receptionist why I was in and who referred me to come. I get called back to triage pretty quickly, explain ti them what’s going on, and she orders lab tests and a CT scan. I am brought back to a room where they had to inspect my asshole (yep) and took a sample from there.. it wasn’t very great.
Anyway, the Dr tells me that with the blood work today just my pancreatic enzymes are elevated, and that the CT showed a portion of my lower intestine is inflamed. She says it could have many causes, but that I will need to go to a GI for further evaluation/treatment.
I’m calling them tomorrow, and I was told I’ll likely need a colonoscopy. I’m still in my 20s so that thought already scares me a bit, but im more worried about all of the other things that could be wrong with me. It could be some type of IBD, Crohns Disease, cancer, etc.. and just not knowing makes me so anxious. I know all I can do is wait and find out but that really sucks. Be sure you guys take the health of your asses seriously. Part of my nervousness may be from waiting too long to see anyone, but the next best time is now I suppose.
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2023.06.06 05:38 Charming_Sheepherder Strike has Started Charging Withdrawal Fees for Priority on Chain Withdrawals

Heads up
There is a free option stating wait up to 12 hours
Standard option was $1.58 at the time of writing this.
I didnt catch the priority but I feel like it said $5 something.
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2023.06.06 05:38 AutoModerator Biaheza's Dropshipping Course (latest)

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2023.06.06 05:38 xxrandom24 Financing MBA

Hi guys. I am an international student from Canada planning to join the Fall 2023 full-time MBA program. I was wondering if anyone has explored external financing options through US/Canadian banks and can advise me on it. Thank you!
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2023.06.06 05:37 susurrousvoid Birthday party vs Grandparent time

Summary: My 2 year old was invited to a birthday part at the same time that my parents (2 year old's grandparents) will be visiting. I'm looking for perspective on how to prioritize.
Way too long version:
My parents will be coming into town for about 9-10 days to help while my wife is on a long trip abroad (two weekends and the week in between). I'm excited that they're visiting, and this has been planned for a long time. It's been quite a while (about 7 months) since they have seen us, as we live about 8-9 hours apart. I call via phone and video frequently so they get to hear and see their grandson, but it's not the same as in person. We will be visiting them the following month, so we'll be seeing them much more than usual over the next two months.
Today my child got an invitation to attend the birthday party of another kid from his daycare class (2 years old). They've been in daycare together for a long time now and I'm confident they get along well. My kid (a bit less than 2) is just starting to mention his friends' names at home, and this is one of the friends he mentions, so I'm confident my kid would enjoy going. I'm a relatively introverted person, but I have been feeling a bit isolated and have been craving an opportunity to interact with other people at a similar life stage to me (i.e. I would like to make some friends of my own). This feels like a great opportunity to do that because I've never really had a chance to spend time with the other daycare parents. Bonus that the party is at an indoor playground that I'd been interested in checking out with my kid anyways.
The birthday party overlaps with the tail end of the grandparents' visit. It may sound odd, but I would prefer to go without them. I feel like showing up with grandparents in tow is equivalent to bringing along uninvited guests to the party, and risks changing the dynamic in ways that would make it harder for me to make friends with the other parents. I am confident the grandparents will not put up a fuss if I ask to go without them, even if they privately find it a strange request. But I also feel some discomfort about wanting to go to an event without them after they have driven such a long way to visit. I don't want to slight them or signal a lack of appreciation for their help. In the past the grandparents' interest in interacting with the grandchild has waned after 3-4 days anyways, and the party will presumably only be for a couple hours, so maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill.
I will of course have an adult conversation with them about it and sort it out that way. But they are typically very passive about this sort of thing and will basically roll with whatever I suggest, even if they privately feel slighted. You fine people of reddit often offer useful perspectives that I failed to consider, thereby helping me make better decisions. So I'm posting this in hopes of getting some help thinking through this. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.06 05:37 druonysus Upcoming Event: June 17th, 2023: Afternoon Rummy at Panera in Long Beach

The Long Beach Rummy Club has yet another fun-filled afternoon of rummy planned. Make sure to save the date, set a reminder, and join us on Saturday, June 27th, at 2pm. We'll be gathering at Panera Bread on Bellflower Blvd. Trust us, you won't want to miss this fantastic and free community event.
No need to bring anything! We've got you covered with over 24 decks of standard playing cards and copies of popular commercial rummy variants like Rummikub, Five Crowns, and Phase 10. All skill levels are welcome, so bring along that friend who's never played before! Our organizers will be there to show them the ropes, and we even have a convenient binder filled with how-to-play instructions for many rummy variants.
Just come prepared to meet new people, have a lot of fun, and immerse yourself in an afternoon of thrilling rummy games. It's a wonderful opportunity to connect with the community and and create unforgettable memories together.
Please RSVP if you can, so we can plan accordingly. It's not mandatory, but it’s definitely appreciated!
While we enjoy socializing over rummy, please show some love to Panera, our amazing venue host! If you can, grab a tasty bite or a refreshing drink to support them.
Can't make it this time? No worries! We regularly host rummy and tabletop game meetups.
Can't make it? No worries! We've got more rummy and tabletop game meetups coming in the future. Join our Meetup group, and/or Facebook group to stay informed about the latest events and connect between in-person meetups.
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2023.06.06 05:37 Rugger_2468 Does anyone else get frustrated…

By the dang cliffhangers!!! I watched tonight’s episode and as they say, “that’s him…” my heart started pounding as I sat on the edge of my seat and I started thinking, “get that vile piece of wet lettuce!” When all of a sudden?!!!! …. Switch to credits 😫
I know deep down they got him, but I just want to see the take down. The reassurance that this man can’t harm any young woman anymore. I wish I could say that I will be patiently waiting for the next episode to air, but that would be a fallacy. Sure I’ll be waiting, just not patiently. 🤣😂
In all seriousness, thank you Roo and your team for what you do. I can’t imagine how hard you work or how difficult your line of work is. The sacrifice you and your team make are likely more than I could ever fathom.
As an adult, it is difficult to listen to the episodes and what these pusillanimous pigs say to whom they believe are children. It can’t be easy having a conversation with them in real time.
But for every difficult conversation you all have, it’s one less child that is caught in their poisonous rancid trap.
So again, thank you for all you do.
submitted by Rugger_2468 to undercoverunderage [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 05:37 Major-Jeweler8530 In-law drama resulted in marriage issues.

I kept noticing that my husband’s brother’s wife does not like me. We chose to look away every time we noticed to avoid drama. Recently, I didn't have my patience about it and feeling so hurt. Now, my husband and his brother are in bad terms. Although I am fine with this personally, I don’t want to see my husband sad. Plus, my husband thinks really negative about us and our marriage. I feel stuck because I don't really want to back off and try to make things any better with his brother and the wife. I am looking for advice about how to make things better with my husband. Thanks
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2023.06.06 05:37 ander2kv Witnessed the most insane, inappropriate behavior on the golf course on Saturday and need to share!

Saturday my wife and I went to one of my favorite local courses. Found a solo tee time later in the afternoon so I could play, she could ride along and we could have a great time.
Front nine was smooth, played through two groups and finished in about an hour and fifteen minutes (47 not great I know). Back nine quickly got backed up but I couldn’t complain as we were well ahead of pace, bound to happen. Right around hole 15, we came up on two young guys who at first appeared to just be having a good time. After they hit their tee shot they offered me a beer (which I took but shouldn’t have) and then they went up the fairway and it was clear these kids were not there to golf.
They were driving the cart, swerving back and forth, kneeling by the cart chugging beers. By the time they were on the green they were laying on the green, running around and basically doing everything but chipping and putting. After they moved on I hit my shot up to the green and on their way out they crashed the cart on the path in the woods. I finished just as they got it unstuck.
This is where things get really bad. On the next tee box they let us play through and their comments gets out of hand. They start making comments about how rich their dads are (faking phone calls demanding $200 for the club they broke) and telling me I better not hit a bad shot. I do my best to ignore them, hit and drive up the fairway to my ball. Of course, as I’m hitting my ball in the fairway they both drive into us. I finished the hole so i could get out of dodge.
Waiting for the group in-front of me to finish the par 3 17th, these kids roll up and start to get way too aggressive. “Is that your girl, wish my girl would come golfing with me, too bad I broke up with her cause she’s a dumb bitch.” "Are you married lets see the ring", “If you hit a hole in one I’ll give you a blowjob, oh look at the practice swing he really wants a blowjob". Aside from a few shut the fuck ups and head shakes from me, my wife and I both managed to ignore them as to not give them any satisfaction. Once I was finally able to hit to the green and get to my ball to chip, you guessed it, they hit into me again.
During that hole my wife tries to call the pro shop but she accidentally called the wrong course (Elks Run vs Elk Run, an honest mistake). Tee box at 18 we ran into the group in front of us (guy and his wife doing the same thing as us) and asked if I could finish with them after getting heckled on the previous tee box. While we were waiting and chatting, tweedle dee and tweedle dumb come rolling up spewing more bullshit we all outright ignored. They somehow managed to kick the windshield off of their cart and were laughing trying to get it back on. Me and my new playing partner hit as soon as we could and finished the hole efficiently.
Immediately on finishing my wife and I go into the clubhouse to explain the behavior we were just witnessing. In true poetic fashion, as we’re talking to the pro shop manager these kids can be seen doing donuts with beer cans flying out of their cart coming up the 18th fairway. Knew they would take it from there when as we’re walking out the clubhouse guy goes “they don’t even look like they’re 21”.
We got the fuck out of there so didn’t get to see the little shits get some sort of justice but man it was the most insane thing I have ever seen on a golf course. I did call today to see what happened and the employee I talked to knew exactly what I was talking about and ensured me they were both ban from the course for life. Still in a bit of shock that people can actually act like that.
TLDR: Got heckled by two underage kids acting absolutely insane and drunk out on the golf course, told the pro shop and they got banned for life.
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2023.06.06 05:37 AutoModerator [Download Course] Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System (

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2023.06.06 05:37 sagezebra13 Contractor created not level floor - Any solutions?

I am currently redoing my bathroom with this is our third major project in our house and first bathroom renovation. Our second project turned out well, so we rehired our reputable contractor who is familiar with bathroom renovations. He has even done the same bathroom in a house that is the same model as ours.
However, we have run into major hiccups with him. The main issue is that he produced a not level floor. The week he did the subfloor (is that what it’s called?) with cement board we happened to be on vacation. We got back the weekend before tile work started. When the tile guy arrived, he commented on the floor as he said it was not nailed in right. It was moving up and down as you stepped on it, which was a issue the contractor told us he was fixing. I/We didn’t even notice it was not level at the time, just that issue. Our tile guy is extremely popular and trustworthy, if we delayed to fix the floors we would have had to delay the bathroom by 2 months at least and he only works with this contractor in this area. He said they would try to fix it and he did an excellent job laying the difficult tile we chose.
After it was completed, I noticed the bathroom was completely uneven. One side of the floor is a good 1-1.5 inch higher than the other side. I could feel (and see) that the floor is not level both side to side and walking in (if that makes sense). The old bathroom was most definitely even, of all its problems that was not one. Most of the slope is centered at the walkway so I just ignored it. However, they finished installing my vanity today and vanity legs are floating about ½ inch above the floor. You notice it as soon as you walk in because the doorway faces vanity. I hate to think how the floor is going to fare over time and hope it won’t reduce the bathroom’s value.
I need help because I honestly don’t know what to do at this point. I am desperate to finish this project as we went significantly over budget because of the contractor and I'm going crazy without my bedroom/bathroom. However, when I walk in I just want to tear the floor up and re do it. Could we get insurance money or any other money to redo? Is there any way for us to save it? The tile was expensive (for me) and I really don't want to replace it with cheaper. We don’t have a contract. There has just been issue after issue, today they broke our air conditioning unit which is just great. We already decided to use a different, cheaper contractor for future projects so issue is just for current.
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2023.06.06 05:37 whitewinefanatic For people that want to date, make friends, etc., is a PhD in the US (versus UK) worth it?

Master's student here (social sciences), looking at pursuing a PhD. I've worked in geopolitical consulting and academic research roles for four years, and I love what I do - my field is so interesting and definitely helps to fulfill my passions. Doing a PhD would not only boost my current career path (ie academic research), but it would also allow me to explore a topic I care deeply about and become a better researcher. All of this to say - I'm confident in wanting to do a PhD.
HOWEVER - I love hiking, reading fiction, writing fiction and things not related to my PhD, yoga and pilates, etc. I'm 23, and I'd like to date and get married in the coming years, make friends and find new communities, this list goes on...
Basically, I want a life and to have time and energy to pursue different things on top of a PhD. I'm from North America and like the idea of doing my PhD in the US. I also like the funding in the US - it's far more generous than the UK (though still VERY modest), and it seems like US PhD programs offer far more support to their students (sometimes called "hand holding," i know...). The UK, on the other hand, is far shorter in duration and is said to offer far better work-life balance. But, UK PhDs also seem to be far less valuable in North America for these very reasons.
Any thoughts? There are experts in my field of interests at great institutions in both countries, so this isn't much of a concern.
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2023.06.06 05:36 Noblesse_29 AQW Game Opinion Rant

The game is made for us players to suffer lmao HASDHASDHASD. It's my 2nd time farming elysium and lmao the amount of work and drop rate is fxckin insane for uni 34, but i understand ae is pretty trash when it comes to their players, cant really blame botters tho, and fck yall dont be angelic and pretend u didnt bot or used auto clickers in ur life, its the same thing. Lets be fr we're growin up and some of us have responsibilities to do other than wasting time farming on hc items on the game, i cant understand why ae did not create their own bot lmao considering the amount of botters in the game, pretty ironic that their game based is just people who are using. Very time consuming, u cant really enjoy the game not unless u have an ample of time, like dude cmon its 2023 and there are mmorpg games that has autoplay/auto attack system. The one thing i also hate is the dropping of items especially when u disconnected in the game, it won't go in ur invent or bank and u have to ask for ae team supp just to recover the item i guess dk havent tried lmao very ridiculous also its the same with quest you'll lose ur progress when u got dc. Look I love the game but yall cant deny the fact that it has some bad sides lets be fr, ae should def do something about their game and stop focusing more on money, and prioritize their players first.
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