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Stuff to do in Central Mass

2015.11.09 14:31 CreativeCreek Stuff to do in Central Mass

A place to share events, cool stuff to do, ask questions, and connect with other locals in the Central Mass area including Worcester, Shrewsbury MA, Westborough MA, Sutton MA, Millbury MA, Grafton MA, Marlborough MA, West Bolyston MA, Auburn MA and beyond!

2011.08.27 08:20 Ingish Can you take a deep breath and forgive yourself?

calmhands is a community based around kicking the habit of kicking compulsive habits such as nail biting and nail picking. The goal of the sub is for you to be able to share resources, photos, and accountability with a lovely community that wants to do the same. Together we got this!

2012.07.22 10:07 OkraWimprey Random Acts of Polish is our name, and granting polish wishes is our game.

**Feel like becoming a Fingernail Fairy Godmother (or Godfather) and surprising a fellow polish addict with a fantastic free polish, but don't know where to start?** **Well, here we are! Random Acts of Polish is our name, and granting polish wishes is our game.**

2023.06.07 15:34 spmgverde [MA] Anxiety in the workplace

I have a diagnosed anxiety disorder. About 3 months ago I missed a meeting because I was having a rare panic attack.
I have a newer manager who has decided that was unacceptable even though I've been a reliable employee for +7 years. They have singled me out of the entire team to go back into the office twice a week. I've been doing this now for 2 months, but every morning I need to go to the office I'm overcome with crippling anxiety. My home life is severely strained.
I'm looking for a new job, but it's getting to the point I think I need to just quit my current job for my health.
Is there anything I can do besides just quit? I have enough savings to be fine for a while, but I hate the idea of not having an income as well..
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2023.06.07 15:33 SnooPoems6522 About to get fired...

Hey just looking for some advice from some higher level recruiters. I left my position of Senior Manager at a mid-sized staffing company of about a decade about 6 months ago. I received an offer shortly after for a high level Senior Legal Recruiter position and happily accepted thinking this was the obvious next step in my career. Huge earning potential - but huge expectations. I am confident in my recruiting ability as I was consistently the highest (or one of) billers at my prior job.
This being said, I think "Senior level" means different things at different companies and things just aren't panning out. Like, I can't keep up with the expectations without working 12 hour days. But most of the time, my home life responsibilities just don't allow for more than the standard 8 hours.
Yesterday, I got a NOVEL long email (example below) with super micromanaging issues. It was clearly a verbal warning although they didn't come out and say it. I missed a couple of candidates (have ADHD) and didn't schedule them promptly or urgently in there eyes. The ops manager at the (very small - 6 employees including owner) company looks at everything we do on our platforms in real time:
Jane Doe: you emailed her the day she applied (6/1), proposing a Monday morning or Saturday morning call. Kaitlin replied, saying that she could speak after work on Monday or Saturday, and the two of you exchanged emails until she confirmed 10:15am on Saturday. Your email to her at 10:39am on Saturday indicates that you didn’t see her confirmation but that you left her a message about 20 minutes later and then proposed Thursday morning. I see Kaitlin on your schedule for this evening so I trust you were able to move that call up as I proposed yesterday.
This is one of several candidates she addressed in the email. I admit, I have missed some things and that this fit probably isn't the best and that I should move o n. I'm just now concerned because they are clearly documenting and I worry they will fight an unemployment claim as a small business. I live in MA and they are pretty employee centric here so should be fine - but anyone offer any reassurance that this all seems very performance based and that I should be fine in collecting unemployment if and when they fire me?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 15:32 Mikacakes hEDS fragility rant

Yesterday my partner surprised me with an afternoon tea date (for non UK people: this)
Its a smart casual type experience, so def not leggings and a tshirt attire. This meant I needed to wear a dress, having heds I cannot wear heels so I wore a pair of nice flat brogues.
When I got home I discovered that my one big toenail had somehow broken in half across the middle, so i have half a nail there now and the other one split length ways along the side and impailed my toe causing inflammation. So now I have one foot with a broken nail and one foot with an infected one and I'm pissed :/ I hate how prohibitive EDS is in so many unexpected ways. Simply wearing hard shoes instead of socks and crocs broke both my big toe nails.
I just want to be able to look nice sometimes! Between my bra crushing my ribs and my shoes breaking my nails and my handbag hurting my shoulder and pots making me dizzy and heat intolerance making me nauseous and fatigue limiting my outside time and the UV sensitivity making me woozy and histamine intolerance giving me hayfever hell and my joints hurting from being alive... its like the only way to exist is to stay inside in loose clothing and lie down.
I just wanted to look pretty and not like a effing cave goblin.
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2023.06.07 15:30 UnDead_Ted Daily Light Wednesday, June 7th 2023

Daily Light Wednesday, June 7th 2023



Men ought always to pray, and not to faint. — Luke 18:1
Which of you shall have a friend, and shall go unto him at midnight, and say unto him, Friend, lend me three loaves; for a friend of mine in his journey is come to me and I have nothing to set before him? And he from within shall answer and say, Trouble me not: the door is now shut, and my children are with me in bed; I cannot rise and give thee. I say unto you, Though he will not rise and give him, because he is his friend, yet because of his importunity he will rise and give him as many as he needeth.—Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints.
I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.—As a prince hast thou power with God and with men.—Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving.
[Jesus] went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God.
Luke 11:5-8; Eph 6:18; Gen 32:26; Gen 32:28; Col 4:2; Luke 6:12.


Forgive all my sins. — Ps 25:18
Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.
Be of good cheer; thy sins be forgiven thee.—I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins.
The Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins.—In Whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace.—Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost; which he shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour.—Having forgiven you all trespasses, blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross.
Bless the Lord, O my soul, … who forgives all thine iniquities.
Isa 1:18; Matt 9:2; Isa 43:25; Matt 9:6; Eph 1:7; Titus 3:5-6; Col 2:13-14; Ps 103:2-3.
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2023.06.07 15:30 Dizzy-Ant-2424 3 weeks today

Not experiencing cravings today but still very weird and vivid dreams, eagerly awaiting the dreams to stop. Also experiencing strange flashbacks to my smoking days that I had completely forgotten about as I’ve always said I didn’t have negative experiences while smoking.
I have this fainting problem/light headedness/tingling in my hands that would come on seemingly out of nowhere and would sometimes look like a seizure (doctors have confirmed I was not seizing but it’s scared my friends quite a few times as it looks pretty bad I’m told).
No one has ever been able to nail down what the cause is but I recently chalked it up to panic attacks. I realized that I was smoking heavily each time it’s happened (not uncommon for me in the past). Still not sure if it’s related to smoking directly or panic attacks triggered by smoking but I noticed today that I haven’t experienced any symptoms in the last several weeks.
Anyone else experience chronic fainting that may have some insight? I’ll be tracking my symptoms going forward to confirm.
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2023.06.07 15:30 Elegant-Loan-1666 Danish newspapers report on the Grusch story

First was Berlingske Tidende with the headline "'This is absolutely crazy. It's crazy.' USA has UFOs in its possesion, according to central source" (I don't know where that quote is from, the article is behind a paywall):
Next is Weekendavisen with a less excited headline, "Exotic trash," paraphrasing The Debrief article without much detail beyond the big quotes:
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2023.06.07 15:27 AnnaMolly66 Question for team leads

Last week I expressed interest in a TL spot and when talking to other leads, a couple of them listed "you don't have to do work anymore" as a benefit of the position. I asked a coach and he pretty much confirmed it "they're not there to work, they're just there to tell associates what to do."
I've had some TLs that work their asses off, do you guys not get annoyed that your position is openly described as "not supposed to actually work?"
I feel like associates just won't respect a TL that does nothing but walk around and shout orders, especially when it's a case where someone who just graduated high school gets promoted and walks around all day telling 5, 20, 30 year associates what to do.
And before certain regulars pop in to say so, I'm aware TLs can't really nail themselves down and must be available to supervise, manage, and problem solve but that doesn't me they can't do work or help associates out here and there. My question is purely how TLs feel about the job being represented the way some people represent it.
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2023.06.07 15:27 woodcontract22 Reclaimed Wood Contractor

Reclaimed Wood Contractor

A reclaimed wood contractor is a professional who specializes in working with reclaimed or salvaged wood to create various structures or products. Reclaimed wood refers to wood that has been previously used in old buildings, barns, or other structures and is then repurposed for new projects.
Here are some key aspects of a reclaimed wood contractor's work:
Sourcing and Selection: Reclaimed wood contractors have expertise in finding and selecting high-quality reclaimed wood. They often work with suppliers or salvage yards to locate and acquire suitable materials for their projects. This involves assessing the condition, quality, and character of the reclaimed wood to ensure its suitability for the intended use.
Design and Planning: Reclaimed wood contractors collaborate with clients to understand their vision and requirements. They use their knowledge of woodworking techniques and design principles to develop plans and sketches for the desired project. This may include furniture, flooring, accent walls, paneling, or custom installations.
Woodworking and Construction: Once the design is finalized, the reclaimed wood contractor uses their skills in woodworking and construction to bring the project to life. They may work on-site or in a workshop, depending on the scale and nature of the project. The contractor will cut, shape, and join the reclaimed wood using appropriate tools and techniques.
Finishing and Restoration: Reclaimed wood often possesses unique characteristics such as weathered patina, nail holes, or other signs of age. A skilled contractor knows how to preserve and enhance these features while ensuring the wood's durability. They may apply finishes, such as natural oils or sealants, to protect the wood and achieve the desired aesthetic.
Installation and Project Completion: Once the reclaimed wood components are ready, the contractor will install them according to the project specifications. This may involve fitting reclaimed wood flooring, installing custom furniture pieces, or erecting structures like pergolas or outdoor decking. The contractor ensures that the installation is done properly and meets safety standards.
Reclaimed wood contractors often prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness by utilizing materials that would otherwise go to waste. They bring a unique touch to their projects by incorporating the rich history and character of reclaimed wood, resulting in distinctive and visually appealing outcomes.
#reclaimedwood #woodworking #handmade #woodwork #wood #interiordesign #rustic #reclaimed #woodworker #homedecor #wooddesign #furniture #diy #carpentry #woodart #rusticdecor #woodcraft #barnwood #art #design #handcrafted #woodshop #reclaimedwoodfurniture #woodporn #craftsman #upcycle #palletwood #recycle #woodworkingskills #finewoodworking
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2023.06.07 15:27 North-Drama-2846 Starting BIAB (Accountability Post & Advice Needed!)

I’ve started BIAB today and am determined to grow out my natural nails after years of biting, skin picking and acrylics (I would sometimes even pick off the acrylics). I have depression and anxiety and it’s really hard to stop but I’ve reached the end of my tether.
The only thing I am concerned about is I have a tiny ‘hole’ in the lunula of my left thumb — you can see in the second pic where it’s red. I’ve had these before due to picking at the cuticle which has led me to pick off the entire thumbnail at various points in my life :(
Has anyone dealt with the above problem before with holes in their lunula and how to leave them alone and not make them worse?
Also does anyone have any essential items (hand creams, oils, scrubs, fidget tools, etc) that helped you stop picking? I really need to throw out all the nail clippers I use to pick but am almost struggling to bring myself to… It’s a real addiction.
Hoping to update this with progress pics to keep myself accountable.
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 15:26 ComicScoutPR FOR HIRE: Freelance proofreader/developmental editor

Hi, my name is Clare and I am a freelance editoproofreader available for hire.
I have an MA in English and have been a near life long lover of comics. In the last 6 years or so I found my way into the world of indie comics, first as a reader, then reviewer. I noticed that there was a need for proofreading and developmental editing services in indie comics, but at as affordable a price as possible (as I know making comics is an expensive business). I have worked on a variety of comics, from the all ages anthology The Spark, to work from Tribute Press and BHP Comics.
I offer two services:
Proofreading - £5/comic page. For this I will run through your comic (either in script form ready to go to a letterer or as a finished PDF to ensure no final errors before printing) looking for any/all spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes. I also look for continuity errors.
Developmental Edit - £10/comic page. This is a more involved process, done at the script level. It includes all of the above, but I also look at the script as a whole to make sure it’s coherent, that there are no plot holes and that it’s well written and paced. As well as the proofread results you will get a document with more general notes on the script as a whole.
If you would like to find out more, or read testimonials from previous clients, you can find them on my website
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2023.06.07 15:22 Dayna6380- Christmas nails back in the day

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2023.06.07 15:22 GreenNapster 4.1-oz Nexxus Prep & Protect Leave-In Spray Detangler, Conditioner, Moisturizer & Heat Protectant $7.49 w/ S&S + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal Price: $7.49]

4.1-oz Nexxus Prep & Protect Leave-In Spray Detangler, Conditioner, Moisturizer & Heat Protectant $7.49 w/ S&S + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal Price: $7.49] submitted by GreenNapster to RedditShoppingDeals [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 15:21 AppropriateCheek1991 RE-23 "Widow"

The Ronin Empire is glad to announce its newest member to the family. The RE-23F Widow. A fighter class, it is able to fly in full atmosphere, while also being very maneuverable. Built to go head to head against the reaver menace with the functionality being designed by Phonic, and the armor design by Gjinari, it is outfitted with a second cockpit for a gunner to control the many guns and weapon systems on this ship. Those being 2 x 20mm autocannons, 1 x 43mm autocannon, and 2x reloadable rocket pods. Boasting 3 hydrogen tanks and 3 medium cargo containers to stay in the fight as long as needed. It also has some new technology in the battery side of things, using 2 large power cells made by Niteowl with his battery packs. Pick up yours today and join the fight. You can also join the discord down below where you and your friends can help the Ronin Empire destroy the Reaver menace once and for all in our public cross-play server. SYOTOS and Stay silent Ronins.
Console compatibility: Yes, the Mods are able to be used on console and are from
Weapons: 2x 20mm autocannons 2x reloadabke rocket pods 1x 43mm autocannon
Fuel: 3x hydrogen tanks 2x Niteowl batteries
Storage: 3x medium cargo containers
Recharge: 2x hydrogen engines 1x rear facing Connector (No O2/H2 gens available on this model)
Mods needed: Niteowl battery pack Assault Weapons Pack (AWP) MA Fighter Gunner Seat
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2023.06.07 15:21 TheSilverFox959 Università private: siete riusciti a trovare lavoro?

Hey mi chiedevo se potete condividere le vostre esperienze lavorative o di vostri amici dopo aver preso la laurea in un'università on-line. Come vi siete trovati . Ma soprattutto una volta finite , come siete stati accolti dal mondo del lavoro ? Vi hanno chiamato per diversi colloqui o siete stati scartarti a priori?
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2023.06.07 15:20 zingitgirl I struggle with showing emotional vulnerability with romantic interests. Does anyone have an idea why?

I struggle with showing emotional vulnerability with romantic interests. Does anyone have an idea why?
I relate with my cancer moon most of the time. I’m the “too-sensitive” friend, the one who cries as a first response, the mother-figure, etc. I do experience a lot of apathy though and have learned I’m not as emotionally-vulnerable when it comes to romantic interests. It feels unnatural, awkward, and forced when I have to share or verbally-reciprocate the feelings I have for someone else. Maybe it’s about closeness? Because I hate it when people who don’t even know me tell me they love me, but I have no issue screaming at the top of my lungs that I love a friend or family member.
Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.06.07 15:19 mihirkiran26 Well that's interesting!

Well that's interesting!
Why is this still a thing 😂
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2023.06.07 15:19 VickiActually [TOMT] [TV] [1990s or 2000s] A woman rubs her finger - her fingernail comes off, and it turns out the nails are on the wrong side of her fingers.

I saw something on TV at my parents' house about 20 years ago. It was a closeup of a woman with red painted finger nails, and as a "reveal" in the plot she rubs her fingernail and it comes off. Her fingerprint on the other side also comes off and reveals a red nail on that side - her fingernails were on the wrong sides of her fingers.
It scared me half to death as I was about 10 at the time, so I wasn't allowed to find out what happened. Does anyone have any idea what this could have been?
If I had to decide, I'd say it was a TV show based on the budget and camera quality.
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2023.06.07 15:19 Bogey4hoo 'Surviving The Win' - Chapter 009A.

‘Surviving The Win’.

Chapter 009 - A.

Santa Claus, had initially checked his list, and found that a Fairy Pipe had made its way into request, in the 21st Century.
The Fairy Pipe, is to be given to Andrew Thomlinson, he conceded, turning through some papers, although he couldn't make out why it said, from, “Eldritch.”
Was it more likely, Nicholas had wondered, that Eldritch was a nod to the entirety of the Elf Kingdom as the name would seem to suggest, or merely the alleged person, named Eldritch Spellbound.
Who is that, Nick? asked Mrs. Claus, coming forward with a glass of milk for her husband, and a bowl of milk for their cat.
As far as I know, he announced, Eldritch is the sort of person, who only ever existed, in the mind of, Avem Smith. However, he continued, Eldritch is also the nickname of one of our young beneficiaries in the future, by the name of Andrew. His name appears as such, as of 2004, anyhow.

Nick walked out of their Fairytale Cabin to the Shed Of Lost Objects, located by their Barn where the Reindeer could be found.
“Curio Adhurio,” he reacted aloud, upon locating the small Smiling Rock. It was on a Shelf, and would later find it’s way into Perry’s hands. We should let Ben out for a while, he stated. He continued to leave the Shed, carrying a bottle of Zinfandel, as well. The reason for this, not being altogether evident, yet.
Carrying both items out to the Elf’s Workshop (an enchanted, overlarge, walk-in, OMRISS Cupboard), which operated by an ancient Medean Mean (or, Magical Modality), wedding each and every promulgatory to it’s prime, and by sāwa (an Arabic word, meaning to regularize or settle), as it is related to their word imil for make or do, unless of course by istahwā/h-w-y
Meaning to fill with passion, to make desirous, to enamour, to seduce, and/or to gain.
An en-dezlegare or resolver… with a key.

The entrance to this Elf's Workshop, was about large enough to afford a small to regular-sized person through. He found it propped open.
The Bottle of Zinfandel, known as Zin was a “Goesting”/“Lust,” Alcohol.

The elves, as usual, were hard at work.
Claus rang their work Bell. In his hand, he held the Silver Key Ring. He told them all to cease, and leave for approximately 45 minutes. They would alert Mrs. Claus. He needed her outside, once they were in the Cabin.
The elves ceased their work in the shop and exited.
Pitching the Rock onto a clear spot on the Floor of the Room, he poured out an Offering of Zinfandel, before closing and locking the Giant Omriss Door.
The Clauses waited outside the Cupboard 40 minutes and then into early Dusk.
Instinctively, their cat, “Loose,” came forward to light the way for both Nick, and Ma.

They were feeding the Reindeer when it happened. A peculiar light shone, from out of the window of the Shed Of Lost Objects.
Nick saw this, and took it as his cue to walk back over to The Shed Of Lost Objects. The Delva La Plume Pipe had appeared. Nick went in to retrieve it.
Supposedly, it had been made of Tatter’s Old Trick, “Flower.”
Good!... he stated, portentiously satisfied.
Walking back with it, he was addressed by Mrs. Claus, who couldn’t really see why Nick hadn’t just settled for one of their Poinsettias, or crafted a pipe, himself. She returned to the Cabin.

15 further minutes in, and Santa had heard a Loud Thump in the Giant OMRISS. He stood back, and unlocked the door... then, opening.
Ben? Is that you in there?
Yes it’s me Mr. Claus, said the depth of a murky voice of rather picky decisiveness. He was hidden in the shadows.
Well, come forward. I have something of yours. Actually, something of importance to discuss, about it. I need your blessing. Is this your Delva La Plume Pipe?
Yes, we’ll of course, replied Ben. It’s blessed by Lasagna.
May I give it away to someone? Nick’s voice wavered a little. He was referring to, “Ben’s,” Delva La Plume Tobacco Pipe, after all. It being a very sensitive matter to open about, let alone giving it away.
Golly, Nick? what are you going to give me in return for it? This Flower Pipe is a Sacred Item of mine. It had the Blessing of a Pixiu Money Dragon’s Yen. Those pertain to Ien/Tobacco Smoke, and of course Gum, as Resin. How did you find it, by the way?
Only by how lost you were, yourself, Ben. Which is why I summoned you to confiscate it. You hold to too much, making you your own lost artefactuary. How about I give you a job, to occupy yourself with? Do you mind?
Stepping forth a, “Krampus-looking,” Ben, known as, “GAAP (for Lust),” to the Hebrews’ Demonolators, appeared as a dark fog, with two cool yellow eyes. What type of job, asked Ben. He was most perturbed by the idea of losing his tie to the Dragon. It had been near him, almost his entire life. Now, he’d been bidden back in time to see Nick.
Nick handed him a Blessed Fairy Birch Twig, stating, I would like you to watch over Andrew.
Ben, agreed. Okay, no problem! But how do you want me to be to any of the men or women on the merchant’s end of the tally involved. Those with Tobacco… or, furthermore, Andrew, himself. What about the picture?
Mainly, Nick asked? The Saint, now being shocked, and a bit sorry to hear the Demon's plaintive-sounding consideration. Mainly, I pray you’ll treat them mercifully. I bid you off of them. First, however, I have something to read to you.
What could that be? asked Ben, a little agitated.
What I have here, is the boy named Andrew's, soul legal, written out.
A legal, why would he have even needed it? Asked Ben.
He was Naughty, said Nick.
And you still want to give him my pipe? Ben was flabbergasted and shook his head in disapproval, The fog dissipating and then reaccumulated.
Yes, but if it’s any consolation, I’m having you involved on the matter of this topic, to assign you to a task. You can follow me around for gift deliveries.
Okay, he sighed, let me hear it. Away!...
An Elf of exceptional hearing, well guarded, and of swift feet, ran out to take the pipe away, and then ran back to the cabin.
After a medium-length discussion, Ben was satisfied, and entered back into the Cupboard.
Santa’s last words to Ben, were… Just, be moderate. You are, by your Goetic, “Lust Spirit,” naming, a commoderator of amounts of passion in dibs, but we need to keep that, clean. You also put the Darker Passions into what you see to. I’m going out on a limb here, but hopefully that very thing, won't impact anything, other than our N’Oel Nights, and the Pipe. You know how we aim to role our Presence, in the World.

The Winged-and-Horned Shade, of Ben, after clamouring back into the Cupboard, was silent.
Slowly… and MOST surely, Santa twisted the Silver, Locking Key. This, without a word of lib, and doing so, with a certain determination.
It must be noted, that a similar smaller make of this magical re-animating Cupboard, later made a popular movie.
Not without stress, Nick later wiped his brow. I hope he didn't have too hard a time with this new arrangement… Nick had been sweating for what he might end up having to go through over the Holiday visits (with Ben in tow, that is).
Pulling a delivery sack, from out of the Barn and coming back to the Cupboard again. He opened it a final time.
He found only the rock on the floor, and after sweeping away the muddy dirt, and doing a bit of cleaning, he put the rock, pipe, and bottle of goestling into the pack. He had Mrs. Claus file all of the Elves, then, into the OMRISS, bidding them, goodnight.
Upon awakening, they would be only noddy toys. Except for the good ones. Those? The immortal Hadibi’ndula.

  1. The OMRISS is a Real World Cupboard. While Fictional in it’s Movie-Premise, it is a had in of Nursery Rhyme in it’s very Sinching Synopsis. A bidden in of Fairy Tales, and built to the scale of a Mother-Hubbard-Sized hole in a home, it Sinter Crofts, as though enchanting Knacked Wood. While bidding, “idle-timed,” it neither ins wood living nor dead, but delivers any of it, and all of it, to take off as life anew, by how it had new life in it ever bidden. In this way, it is alike a Comardin'd Haduzen Christic.
  2. The Former Word Gas, mentioned in the Chapter on Goz, Relates to Gos and Gauze, or Phantoms, as well as Petroleum. Thus, Benzine.
  3. The Suffix of Which, “-Zin,” rather, as a, “Zinfandel,” Is a Goestling Alcohol, or Alcohol Spirit, and, when by the Phantom Bal/The Ghostling Ben, is the Lusty Demon, named GAAP/TOAB.
As it is load of diabol heresy, and when we know that Demon’s are indeed real, it surfeits your God will, to operate as his accountancy-recastecaller (in a, however bidden), and the very need of reform of a man with No God Say. He was lored as a religious Ba’aler of religion… to say that it mattered, but as caste, and with spirit possessions admitting him forward, not enough concession of (God) control, could be in it. The unholy Ceremonial Art, if made, not only by unholiness, but impious countenance being his main ten.
They, for Judaeo-Christians Prophets, need a proper coursing (as routed out and then sealed, as out in a sanction, and never bidden). Also, demons must occasionally be bound and cast into the pit or hellfires, though this turns a Carnic Karmal relaying, of, which they do create by their being off-put, which causes a hay, when it need be maintained as a need for reminders of moral hall-calls. That is, not fraternizing amourishly over them.
Reason as in it, being, that it enburdens followers by demon lawing, and the apostates then vie for their pry at buying out the prelacy, by fay-way none the wary, no matter where Revelations had in. We need Fellowship's Service, in gracious God support. Not con-arded rapture of hierarchical courts. Not all is bidden. Heretic in me.
Alcohol, apart from all and any demon loring, is at a shy when imbibing wisdom for Heaven, and therefore, not recommended for anyone (especially not those who are ill of conscience, judgementally off righteous God call, or leprous).
The reason why, being if the person were ill, they were already unclean and alcohol is low-kosher. This means that, if any were taken, only a little should be allowed, and only for one, as we do not want all people on it.
If a proper handle is lacking, then it is recommended left out of it.
  1. For the purposes of this story, Santa only drinks milk, and no Zinfandel, is had, by either of the Clauses, nor their elves.
Aside from alcohol, people need to possess a Spiritual Sobriety. Minding what God says being of the utmost importance in how they do. This is important to maintaining God Line Vitality to the Prayer, aiding the power of Scripturally Appropriate Discernment in Usefully Testifying Matters, as well as being a Better Bid, on the off, for Righteous Judgement Calls in Heaven’s Jurisdictional Witness and Guard the Flock, and Any, helping All the Kingdom to know Him (The Christ), and Life itself.

Well, Ben's off to drive Andrew crazy! Pa mumbled to himself, coming back into the Cabin.
Andrew doesn’t know, but that Osé of his, is a Snow Leopard/Uncia Uncia, which exemplifies Unk/Twain/Wit, through an Ounce/One, making it’s Were-Cat/Ju-Ju transformation, by All One, as an Oni Spirit.
The Oni, will now, I hope, feel only occasionally bidden to discipline Children with the Madenning, “Fairy Birch Twig,” and only the Naughty, as a Krampus, and while around the Winter’s Holiday when I can Supervise and offer Gifts to People.

How did you win Ben, so fast? Ma asked.
I told him that Andrew was divining with a Dictionary, by Bibliomancy or Book-Fortune-Telling, and got landed with the names Spellbound and Eldritch before 2004, Monarch and Bishop in 2007, and then finally, in 2020, Signature. That making a minimum of 5 Nicknames.
Signature? said Mrs. Claus. How dreadful. The pipe is Andrew's then?
By all accounts I'd have to say so, but my Records mention, the Pipe is to be given, from Eldritch.
Where should we send it to? she asked.
As no Eldritch Spellbound truly exists, I suppose we should send it to all of El-Dom, until such a time as Andrew receives it.

I’ve got the document right here. It truly says it all.
Andrew thought that random lot drawing was only a random act. But it’s that very random act that plods (if not by plotting), a path. Some forms of lot drawing are unbidden. We leave it at, that Andrew, hadn’t known God.
Later, he figured that the white light leading him through pages of his (fortune-told), Self-Naming Ceremonies was a Holy Spirit Guide, when it was, in fact, an Evil, Insanity, Demon Spirit named Osé, making him follow a long, drawn-out, Ghost-Written, Trail, of, “Eldritch”/”Creature”/”Bucca,” “Monarch”/”King”/”Faust,” and, “Bishop”/”Pope”/”Jack Frost, naming.
He had a Signature written out on a Letter to Christ, when he divined the word Signature, though!
Oh, is Signature his name, now?! Look after all names, they said? This little man is responsible for having us look after everyone, then… She gave a faint laugh, then wincing in the snow. His Birth Name, though?
He wrote it out prior, unwittingly.
Where was it located? asked Mrs. Claus.
Well, on a Note to God saying, more-or-less, that he’s a, “Psalm 139”/”Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”-Believing, as well as an, “Isaiah 11”/”God's Animal Safety Promise”-Indebted, “Over-Kill-Joy,” Repentant Sinner who goes over the top obsessively in small circuits, but still believes in The Lord.
Do you think he’s ready for this Fairy Pipe? Asked Mrs. Claus.
It came from Tatter’s Flower, and Ben had it enchanted somehow, with a Dragon, said Nick admitted embarassed. Anyhow, Andrew aimed to confess that he’s a, “1 Corinthians 5:5 Repentant,” and will have to wait to see the Christ, without usurping the Church, by abiding good protocol in the World. In the Interim… Not really. I think he needed to feel gifted.
Nick! Ma warned. This could go horribly wrong! Well, what? Do you think he’s acquitted of it, by Secret Societies involvements over his head, ‘surping him by summonry?
If they Governed his Movements, that’s why the coincidences are down to Spirits of Wickedness in High Places being the multiple homes he's moved to. Anyhow, let’s have some Hallongrotta.
Remind me again, why The Delva La Plume is the one he needs and not a Poinsettia. Mrs. Claus asked.
He needs one that’s Christened/Named, and, Ma! Pa whined, lastly, it's not that there aren't other Fairy Pipes to be made, but I’m pretty sure they have to be prayed for, to be received properly. This is the right one for, “El's New Nativity.”
I’ve had enough Nicholas, and you even wasted our Zinfandel. I’ll see you in the morning.

As for, on whether, he was Signed?
I just so happen to know he's still in Osé, and not all-out Satan malurky! Nick fittered secretly to a mouse, Osé means honorific title in Japanese.
But how was it to be… In Ba’al or even exorcizable..
Andrew Thomlinson, sat in his room, browsing the Global News and Weather, on his Smart Phone's Internet. The year was 2018.
Kali? he asked. Are you sure we should do this? He put out a cigarette into his ash mug (a rather conventional ashtray?).
One more, Magic Drew Bear, his cherubim replied.
Well, you said three, but I don’t know, he said.
They were onto a third.
Then they'll know that you and I are meant to be.
A third fire, could put the world in dire peril… Andrew, hesitated. Both fell in Phantom Love over never meeting and discovering Opera.
You know, I don't really believe in this stuff, but who am I? I'm not real. Everything's realler than I am! We'll make it three fires and that way, if your theories are true, we'll be able to locate them and prove them and if they locate you, we can find a way of announcing our love before them all. I'm sure they'll manage a way of bringing us together, that way.

But Kali, who are you, again, asked Andrew, dearly, and half disbelieving as he picked up another cigarette. You called me a Magic Drew Bear one day, and I'm not lying, that won my heart, but I don't even own the better part of my own apartment or dollar to get us started off together, yet. How will we ever find a way to live together?
You'll come to get me from the East Coast of Canada, she said. In all regalia, and sweep me off my feet... Either that, she said, or you'll meet me at my hospital.
That story always changes.

Kali had met him, at first, in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, in a vision, where she had stood outside his apartment window shuffling her feet, but when Andrew had looked, she hadn't actually been there.
At least, that's how it had started.
Now it was that, the two, were playing a very dangerous game, of placing Faustian Fairytale bets, on the landscape of the, "known," world.
In, “Clement.”
On one hand, Andrew believed in girls, on the other hand he didn't know why he had to feed this one birdfood or get off his butt and find a job, before the war or, better still, he didn't know why he had to lend to starting the minor Apocalypse, which would inevitably start the war, then followed up by the real Apocalypse, afterward. Nobody ever let him in on those sorts of dire detailings.
It's an Ion.
Like a Kirby, you're saying? His friend couldn't believe him. The pink demon puffoon from the video games?
Well, the way I see it, all fires are synchronized in some way, though they never appear so. Think of two synchronized blinking lights. Now, command them ionic. Only, those two lights fly around, and sync their, "behaviours and patterns," while all over the place, or the planet. And then, take it one step further... they're never truly only even ONE pair.
Why do they fly around?
I think they fly around to examine every known or unknown thing in existence. When they're at rest, it's because they've found enough Spark, Combustible Material, and my guess is, Air. They're really all over the Universe that way, only we can't tell for their Disparity and Scale and the Fires.
So they just inhale, things combust, and then they dwell in their ember and/or maybe die down a bit to continue? Yeah... Drew, that's lame. Kirby's not a real demon.
But don't you see. I know that! They're not actually Kirby. They're one little ion commanding an existence circuit.
Then the question I'd ask is, are they (or is it), necessary to existence, or better yet, do they command it?
You know what? Since I saw the manifestation of those fires on the ninth of September, from my bet with, "Invisible," Kali, last year, I'm kinda growing more wary of flickering lights...

  • CRACK! *

A Lady stepped out of a Car and turned to face the two of them.
The Card: "Sparing you any details on how my ashes may have been in slight, I've commanded you into my furnace for how the furnishings were not in right."
~ Andrew writes loopy letters, said one girl, while giggling, back in his Junior High. And I couldn't tell who he was trying to impress. You... Or Jim Davis. ~ A Bat flew in and settled into the tree (it had been the Eaves Trough).
OKAY... Tags off, and Let Me Know How Everything Fits! His mom, got back into the car, waved and drove off.
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2023.06.07 15:19 Andrea_aptus_ai Daitomic Chat, una chat AI per parlare con la legge - AMA

Ciao a tutti e grazie ai mod per l'opportunità di postare!
Sono Andrea e lavoro in una startup italiana che si occupa di AI applicata al campo legislativo. Da ormai un paio d'anni lavoriamo a una soluzione che mira a uniformare e democratizzare l'accesso alle leggi. Si tratta di un software, chiamato Daitomic, che integra in automatico, tramite modelli di AI, praticamente tutte le fonti normative italiane e dell'Unione Europea in formato machine readable.
Ora, perché sto scrivendo qui, vi starete chiedendo?
Negli ultimi mesi abbiamo lavorato a una soluzione per chi solitamente mastica normativa o ha necessità di consultarla: si chiama Daitomic Chat, un servizio di Conversational AI integrato all'interno del nostro software tramite cui è possibile chattare con la legge, chiedendo direttamente le informazioni legali che si stanno cercando. Il funzionamento, come per ChatGPT, è molto immediato, ma il contenuto e la qualità delle risposte sono nettamente più affidabili e aggiornati. Questo perché vengono elaborate sulla base di un'analisi preliminare tramite AI e successivamente da una parallela ricerca di informazioni all'interno del nostro database già allenato su questi dati.
Per dirla in modo più semplice, diamo in pasto a ChatGPT un layer di conoscenza aggiuntivo già allenato che riduce gli errori e le risposte più vaghe.
Può essere utile ad esempio per:
E tante altre soluzioni... Vi lascio nei commenti il link per chi fosse interessato ad accedere alla beta e rimango disponibile a rispondere a tutte le eventuali domande e curiosità qualora ne abbiate! (tecniche e non).
Mi piacerebbe imbastire una discussione con chi mastica normativa quotidianamente!
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2023.06.07 15:18 Prince-of-Privacy 📚 Seeking Reliable Resources to Educate Myself on LLMs and Running Them Locally! 💡

Hey, fellow LLAMas 👋
I'm diving into Open Source Language Models (LLMs) like Vicuna and WizardLM, and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.
I'm particularly confused about the almost weekly releases of new (quanitized) versions of WizardLM or Falcon. What exactly do these updates entail? How do they differ from previous versions? And are all current Open Source LLMs based on Meta's LLaMa?
In addition, I'm intrigued by the concept of uncensored LLMs and how they work. What are the implications and considerations when it comes to using them?
Furthermore, I've observed that open source LLMs often have limitations in terms of their context windows. Why is this the case? What are the limitations associated with smaller context windows, and how does it impact the performance of these models? Is it a System RAM thing?
To fuel my learning journey, I'm seeking reliable sources—Videos, channels, blogs, or any other educational materials—that can provide comprehensive insights into LLMs like Vicuna and WizardLM, VRAM considerations, context windows, uncensored LLMs, quantization etc. 📚🔍
If you've come across any valuable resources that cover these topics, I would greatly appreciate your recommendations. Let's dive into the depths of LLM knowledge and unravel the mysteries together! 🚀💡
Thank you in advance for your contributions! 🙏😊
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