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2023.05.29 19:51 smarticuno How should I play with friend with extreme arachnophobia/entophobia?

I would like to start an ARK server with my closest friends, however they have arachnophobia and entophobia, and have said basically all of the creatures that drop chitin (spare a few) would be absolute dealbreakers for them. I have agreed they can sit out the Broodmother fight when it comes to that,. However how do I work around underpopulated caves and acquiring chitin if I delete spawns for most of these creatures?
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2023.05.24 13:26 DeltaJ0hn ARK Complete Series - The Island - Ep 20 - Alpha broodmother and Kairuku

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2023.05.21 15:33 Clueless_Cowboy95 Ark gave me one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had

Firstly to start off, me and my Fiancé completed the Island yesterday. We both have the expansions, and have had the game for years but have never even got close to ascending before this play through. We were so happy to have achieved what we saw as a mammoth of a task and are looking forward to moving on to the next map
Obviously we had struggles, I think every ark player does. Ups and downs. Good experiences and bad experiences but we got there.
We took on the broodmother with a Yuty, a Daedon, and 18 bred Megatherium. Maybe it’s overkill and maybe it’s not, I don’t know. All I know is what I’ve read about that particular boss battle and we wanted to be prepared. We were nervous having never done it before, but it actually went way easier than we expected it to. We’d originally only planned to do gamma, but decided to take it on at beta, and then alpha. All went well.
Onto the Megapithicus, our favourite boss. We made a weird choice here that some might disagree with but it worked for us. Our Megatherium army worked so well we decided to use them again for the second boss. They might not have been as useful as rexes, but our Yuty and Daedon made sure they could hold their own. Same story, went smoothly and didn’t even lose anybody. Proceeded to beta and then alpha.
Dragon next. Same story. All three tiers completed, but this time we lost one of our earliest bred Megatheriums, Eve. When we were done with the boss we built a grave for her by our favourite tree and placed the Monkey flag behind it.
For the overseer we donned Tek armour and figured our technique had worked out well so far so why change it? We made one amendment; we were down one tame so we replaced her with a Rex. The way we had handled bosses so far was that my partner would ride the Yuty and buff everyone, I would lead the army by riding one megatherium and have the Daedon following me healing everyone(attempted doing the healing manually myself with the Daedon but I had TROUBLE with that. Long story). For the overseer I left the army to it and rode the Rex with the Daedon following me.
Disaster struck inside the cave. We were carefully walking everyone through it as to not lose anyone, but near to the end we hadn’t noticed that one megatherium was still following us, Bandit. His pathing went weird. And he sprinted towards the lava, falling in. We looked around for a way to save him but he was deep in a pit with no way for him to walk out. I considered jumping down myself to walk him out but all that would have resulted in would have been me dying too. Then proceeded the saddest, slowest death I’ve ever seen. Seriously, it was right before the boss room and because he had so much health he just stood there and took it for too long. Two megatherium down. RIP Bandit. We never got to make him a grave like we did Eve.
We entered the boss fight with the overseer anxious but excited. We knew what to do, we had done our revision. Our army was going to primarily target the overseer, riding the Rex I was going to target the attack drones. Me and my partner were both going to use shotguns to deal with the flying drones while she buffed with the Yuty. To say everything went absolutely textbook would be an understatement. I don’t know if we planned too well or just had really good luck, or if that’s just how the boss fight is meant to go, I’m not sure. But we did it. We beat the overseer and we Ascended. The serotonin that cutscene gave us was incredible. We had beaten the island after literal years of playing the game on and off before this play through.
Thankyou Ark, after around 25 years worth of gaming in my life, you gave me one of my most memorable experiences I’ve had from a game
We start scorched earth tomorrow.
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2023.05.16 16:28 DeltaJ0hn ARK Complete Series - The Island - Ep 17 - Broodmother battle

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2023.05.04 22:38 hellothere-66 New ark bosses

So I doubt that wildcard would do this but I still think it would be a cool idea to think about. Half of the non cannon ark maps, centre, rag and valguero don’t have any unique bosses unlike crystal isles, lost island and fjordur. Basically what boss ideas do you think would fit with these maps.(I know that rag has the ice worm queen and lava golem but I more mean guardian bosses like broodmother, dragon, and megapithicus)
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2023.04.25 18:03 ClassicArkPVP The Last Ark 5x Harvest/ 10x Tame/ 5x XP

![img](ai87vcr702wa1 " Welcome to \"The Last Ark\" - a thrilling Ark: Survival Evolved PVP server that offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience! Our server is designed to provide you with a challenging and immersive world to explore, complete with a variety of custom settings and features that will make your gameplay more enjoyable and rewarding. ")
To start, we have modified the game settings to provide faster progression for players. With 5x Harvest, 10x Taming, and 5x XP, you'll be able to gather resources, tame creatures, and level up your character more quickly. We’ve also installed quality of life mods to enhance your experience, with additional features and tools that make gameplay more convenient and streamlined.Our server boasts an active admin, who works tirelessly to ensure that the server is running smoothly and that players have a fair and enjoyable experience. The admin is always available to answer questions, help with issues, and provide guidance to players who are new to the game.
We also have a cluster system in place, which means that players can travel between different maps and explore new worlds, each with their own unique challenges and rewards. Whether you're looking for new creatures to tame, new resources to gather, or new adventures to embark upon, our cluster system provides endless possibilities.
Finally, we offer events and donations to make your gameplay experience even more exciting. Events include things like boss battles, treasure hunts, and other challenges that offer special rewards for players who participate. Donations are always appreciated and help us to maintain and improve the server for everyone to enjoy.
Join "The Last Ark" today and experience Ark: Survival Evolved like never before!SERVER OPENS 5/29/2023
Server Mods• Structures +• Solo-Farm• Awesome Spyglass
Rates• Taming-10x• Harvesting- 5x• Xp Gain- 5x• Baby Mature Speed Multiplier- 15x• EggHatchSpeedMultiplier- 35x• Mating Interval Multiplier- 0.25x- Supply Loot Crate Multiplier- 1.25x
Player and Tame point multiplier
Player Statso Stamina- 2o Weight- 3o Fortitude- 2
Tame Dinoo Health- 0.4o Stamina- 2o Weight- 3o Melee Damage Multiplier- 0.4
General Information• Map- Fjordur and The Island• Tribe limit- 4 Players• Wipes are community voted no set schedule.• The next Seasons map is also community voted.
Administrator Information• The server admin does NOT play in game.• If you need assistance in a game or need to report a problem, please open a #ticket.• The Discord Moderators cannot assist with game problems.
Disabled EngramsS+ TekForgeS+ TekChemS+ SaddlesS+ AutoCrafterS+ Starter BlockS+ Ceiling RepulserS+ Cryo FridgeS+ PropagatorS+ TurretsS+ BedS+ IncubatorS+ BlueprintMakerS+ HarvesterS+ MultilampS+ TaxidermyS+ Tek ForcefieldS+ VesselPlusS+ StriderinterfaceS+ Cloning ChamberS+ TeleporterS+ VaultS+ GeneratorS+ Tek Generator
Banned Base Locations:
All Obelisks and Artifact caves on all maps are prohibited to be built on/in
Fjordur: Magmasauele cave, All Terminals (Beyla, Broodmother, Hati and Sköll, Dragon, SteinBjörn, Megapithecus), (no turrets anywhere close), Volcano Desmodus Cave (203465 290807 16187 6.44 -19.74),
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2023.04.11 15:08 FinnMcmissle2343 is there a way to backup save ark on switch?

i was watching glock9 playing ark and he is fighting the broodmother and he dies but he had a backup save of just before he entered the battle so all his dinos are alive now. So is there a way you can do a backup save of ark on switch?
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2023.04.08 23:51 AdministrativeHair19 Brother uploaded his survivor and it's gone. Does he lose all his items too?

My brother and I were playing on our island world where we've beat the megapithicus and the broodmother, and he said that he wanted to get a dinopithecus for running around the map. I didn't think this was a bad idea so we went and uploaded our survivors as well as some equipment. When I uploaded my survivor onto lost island, my game crashed and so he got booted off as well. Went to go back on and my stuff was fine but his character disappeared. Real pain in the ass but thought we could just give him xp and get him back to where he was and give him his equipment. Loaded in a new survivor and went to get his stuff from the obilisk but it says there's no Ark data items. I was able to get mine out fine but his were gone. Does this really mean he just lost everything? He doesn't want to play anymore if he's lost all of his stuff including phenomenal armor and a level 5 chibi, plus all the tekgrams lost
Playing on non-dedicated sessions if that means anything
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2023.04.01 05:27 Shawn91111 I got ARKed

Have been playing PVE since it came out on PS4. I was on Fjordur this time, with over 200 days, had meticulously gathered a bunch of dinos including my boss army. I was on my first main boss, (broodmother) and just defeated the Gamma level when during the countdown timer the game crashed. It made me respawn, went back and no body, no green light, no dinos, everything gone. God I hate Ark
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2023.03.30 22:09 Either-Archer3693 The Craziest Thing Happened!

I’m in shock. So me and my friend were grinding for weeks for the broodmother to make a tek replicator. My friend decided to join because he wanted to defeat an ark boss. Once we had enough element to make the replicator me and my friend who just joined for the boss headed over the green ob to make the tek replicator. On the way back to base, my friend had to land in the redwoods for stamina. He decided to take the tek replicator. I fly around the corner to see him get stunned by a purlovia. And then I notice, a pego run away from him. All was silent when I asked him what was stolen. It took him 10 seconds to say what it was. It was the tek replicator. I frantically began to look for the pego for 30+ minutes. When all hope was lost, we look it the taming tracker to see a one pego that stole tintoberries from him in the red woods. After tracking him, we decided to find it just in case. The pego was over 1000 meters past where it had robbed us. When my friend got there and killed the pego he said there was a bag. I started to hope because I realized that the pego would have ate the berries. It was somehow the tek replicator. Looking back on it I realize how lucky and unlucky we got. He had over 13 other things the pego could have chose from.
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2023.03.25 04:45 shivx11 ARK: Survival Evolved Alpha Broodmother

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2023.03.20 20:45 Original_Price9290 Caving

I’m attempting to complete the ark for the first time. I’m almost ready to do the broodmother but first need to get the artifact of the massive. Are any of the caves different eg do they require specific gear ?
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2023.03.20 19:07 Soft_Seaworthiness83 All the creatures confirmed in Ark 2 so far

Hello it's been almost a year since i made a post called : every creature in ARK 2 so here i am with an updated version after going thru trailers, concept art and posts.And split it into 4 parts. so here i am.
The trailers
So i will keep it simple the first trailer was shown in 2020 at the game awards and it showed us 5 new dinos : The first one we saw was the little lizard called the CAMELEON FLOWER. the next one is some kind of bird could be an archaeopteryx but probably not. Just then a T-REX comes out of the foliage. As the trailer continues they go in a cave which has some paintings on the rocks but i don't think all of the dinos will be in the game. They walk out and a dinosaur resembling a pterodactyl flies away we also spot a brontosaur in the background. There are only two more dinos in the second trailer being the DODO and RAPTOR.
Concept art
Recently the devs posted 4 photos of concept art being the STEGOSAUR ,ANKYLOSAURUS ,BRONTOSAUR and CARNOTAURUS and he was hunting a raptor or a archaeopteryx or maybe something else. Another photo was posted of a giant spider resembling a broodmother.
Other sources
For the end there wore some tweets about a triceratops and the dilo. And now a theory the monster in the first trailer was wearing a helmet made of a skull from a sabertooth now he might already be dead from the crash of the Genesis ship and they just took the skeleton.
The end
For the end i would like to share which dinos i would like to se in Ark 2 and those are :
the king of ARK the Giga and a Sarco . Let me know which ones you would like to see.
Thanks for reading -Dr.Bloker
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2023.03.20 17:25 Diavolospancreas Dungeon creatures.

In 2019, ark mobile received the 2.0 update, massive update with a very interesting new feature, dungeons. It was then understood that they would be releasing new creatures to ark mobile through the dungeons as eerie creatures. It’s been almost 4 years since that update and, disappointingly, we’ve only got 5 new creatures that way. That seems.. a little annoying but it shouldn’t be a big deal…… if the creatures they released made up for it……
The five creatures we received where the following: Daedon Jerboa Megatherium Pegomastax Troodon
And for those who want to argue noctis, it’s just a reskinned unicorn that barely counts.
Daedon is decent. It’s healing ability is cool and it’s fun to mess around with, but that’s about it.
Megatherium is also not too bad…. On any other platform that isn’t mobile. There’s no broodmother that we can fight with it, and by the time your able to complete a dungeon and revive one, you’ll already have a therizino anyway.
The last 3 are just absolutely ridiculous. Troodons are one of the most hated creatures in ark. Taming them is HORRIBLY annoying, and they aren’t even that good once tamed. Pegos are really ugly, pretty useless, and annoying when wild, they’re pointless. And the jerboa is a whole problem by itself. It has NO use whatsoever, no storms for it to warn you about, it does nothing. It’s ONLY redeeming quality is it’s kinda cute.
The presence of the jerboa implies that the things they could’ve added weren’t restricted to just the island. 5 creatures. They could’ve picked WAY better creatures that where actually worth doing dungeons for, like thylacoleo, megalania, WYVERNS, Ovis, yuttyrannus, mantis, basilisk, rock drake, ravager, reaper, the list goes on and on and on.
At this point I wouldn’t even be surprised if they give us giant bee, jug bug, ichthyornis, and hyaenadon or something like that.
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2023.02.27 22:55 dewdropcat Could the Skorpi from the ark additions mod hypothetically go up against the broodmother and come out alive?

They have a buff when bugs are killed like the megatherium. I'm just wondering if it'd be worth it making a breeding line for them in my singleplayer playthrough.
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2023.02.22 22:01 Qnakjnei Help with Broodmother scaling

Hello all!
I have been hosting ark for my friends with Ark Server Manager(ASM) with a couple of mods (these should not affect the difficulty of the dinos). However when we try broodmother on easy diff the spider she spawns are lvl 1000+. I do have Difficultly Override Enable but the difficulty Offset is default only Max dino level is raised. Thanks in advacned!!
Mod list
More Narcotics & More Tranq-Arrows Combined v3.0
Better Map
Dino Tracker
Sleep able bed
Upgrade Station v1.8i
Structures Plus (S+)
Immersive Flight Reborn
Awesome Teleporters!
Swim Clear Scuba Mask
Awesome SpyGlass!
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2023.02.21 04:12 CupcakeElena Best Dino’s for the broodmother in ark?? This is my first battle

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2023.02.14 02:08 Acorios Ark lore: Animated Series vs Game

Recently I've been rewatching NeddyTheNoodle's Ark Survival Stories and the Ark Animated Series trailer. We already know, that the show won't exactly follow the games story but I still wanted to share some thought and things I noticed.
In the trailer, we see Mei fight the Broodmother on foot, but in the game lore the Brood was defeated by the Iron Brotherhood, the Megapithecus by Mei, her Demon King and some other creatures and the Dragon was defeated by the New Legion.
A lot of characters and creatures that were often mentioned in the game lore are not part of the trailer. I know the trailer isn't very long, but Mei's black Raptor was her closest friend, always at her side till the very end, and Rockwell's assistant has never been mentioned, overall and not just in the trailer. Also, in both trailers, Helena seems to have a deep connection to her Parasaur, but in the game a Parasaur was never mentioned, but an Argy she was gifted by Rockwell.
Speaking of Rockwell, for being one of the most important characters in the franchise, we haven't even fully seen how he looks like in the show.
And Vin Diesel was casted as Santiago, who appears on Abberation, the 3rd story Ark for the first time. There are also a lot of Scorched characters we already know the cast of.
In the trailer we also see Helena holding a tek rifle, but in the game she doesn't even really know of the existence and use of element till she reaches Abberation. Diana, Santiago and the other people from their time are the first Ark inhabitants in the lore to use tek gear.
Just some things I noticed, I know the trailer only gives us a short glimpse at the show, but there were already some noticeable differences and important characters and creatures which might be in the show but it's weird their not seen in the trailer.
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2023.02.11 20:27 YTcharklez101 Pc killing dinos is freezing game

I have just noticed this morning after loading in and needing to kill some dinos for alpha broodmother. That after almost every kill my game freezes for about 1 second then im fine again. I find this weird because i have never noticed this before. I have an i5-10400f and a 3060 and there is a picture for my ark settings. I average about 60-70 fps. Thanks for the help in advance!
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2023.02.07 19:23 Soggy_Shoe2159 One more fear worked out

One more fear worked out
Edited as I am not sure why the screenshot didn't attach when I asked it to.
I'm not a typical gamer, being a 50 yr old woman :) But I like goofing around in survival games. I've been playing Ark solo on and off for a year and I am unreasonably scared to do certain things that will progress me. I did manage to complete the center and south caves with my Baryonyx, and I conquered my fear of Rexes months ago. Now they are one of the first things I tame. Hard not to feel OP riding a rex. My latest fear has been Yuty's and I just managed to trap and tame one last night. Then I went around a killed a few wild ones to test it out. Next I guess will be underwater, and the last time I tried that it didn't go well. Right now I am searching for higher level Megatheriums to breed and maybe, maybe try gamma broodmother. It is odd I think that my favourite games are scary ones, like Subnautica and Ark. Good escape from life I guess. Hard to think about work stuff when you are being killed by Purlovia.
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2023.02.07 12:33 One_Replacement_4818 primal fear over spawning

Hello ark addicts.
so there is an overflow in broodmothers in my server (the centers swamp) so is there anyway to stop all broodmothers from spawning
(I don't want to remove the boss mod)
Edit: I forgot to say it was primal fear
EDIT 2: i fixed it thanks guys

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2023.02.05 18:10 ConsistentDamage6250 Guy infiltrated our non dedi server

I play ark regularly with a few friends on a non dedicated server hosted by my friend. Just 20 minutes ago now a guy somehow joined it (its password protected) without us knowing. We have a large compound base and are working towards the broodmother boss. This guy somehow joined without us knowing while we were away from base (about to loot a cave). We were about to enter the cave when we saw a death message for our level 51 spino. We all rushed back to base and saw more death messages for 2 other of our dinos. Apparently a level 520 argentavis had killed them all which should've been impossible as difficulty level was set to 0.6. We got back to our base to see a naked guy on the argy murdering our dinos. I told my friend to shut the server straight away and he did. The damage was done though, he'd emptied all our storage boxes and smithy, fab, industrial furnace etc. Have no fucking clue how he joined us as it was password protected. and it was clear he'd been there a little while as he had cooked meat on him. His character name was Gremlyn or some shit.
Anyone know how tf this could've happened?

tldr; random guy joined our non dedicated, password protected server and murdered our dinos and despawned our items
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