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An r4r for Telegram users.

2015.10.18 22:09 twiztdfred An r4r for Telegram users.

An r4r for those of us that use Telegram and would like to find someone to chat with. Trying to plan your weekend? Or just looking for a like minded individual to chat with. I'd like this to be a place where people can connect no matter who you are, where you are or what you like. Please read the rules before posting.

2023.03.20 23:49 SuccoDiUnicorno I want to go back from this "perfect life" but I can't and this is killing me

I (25F) left my country to go in another one for work, career and money. I have two degrees in aerospace engineering and I work at a space agency, but I regret every single minute I spent studying, every minute I could have spent with my family, pets or Friends. I regret everyday I could have spent to go to the beach, and instead I used to stay inside and study. I regret all the times I yelled at my little sister which wanted to play with me, because she was disturbing my studies. The thing I want the most is to go back to my little small house in the countryside, with clean air and all animals around me and my family and friends. I hate living in the city, the cars, the apartment's complex, not having a garden, I can't even have a pet in the apartment I am renting now. I want to go back but I can't, my soon-to-be husband loves here, we are making a lot of money (he's also an aero. eng.), and he want stability and I don't want to leave him (mind that we are not rich, like we can afford rent, bills and groceries and still have 1500€-2000€ at the end of the month to spend as we like or to save. This is not to brag, just to give a better look at the situation I'm living). My parents aren't rich, and they always pushed me to study and have a good job so I won't end up like them (they didn't go to school, can barely read and write) and now I am taking care of them and of my 3 little sisters (I send them half of my salary every month) and even if I know that they won't be mad at me if I decide to go back, I don't have the heart to tell them this and to stop providing for them. For example my sister started university but she's not liking It, so she wants to leave it and she can do it now because we are not struggling with money anymore so there is no rush for her to go find a job or start a career, and I am happy like this, I want my sisters to find what really makes them happy and I don't want to be the one to say "no I won't give money to the family anymore, so finish your studies fast so you can start to work" or something like this, I want to say "take your time, I am here for you while you find your way". My friends say that I am lucky and that I shouldn't come back because where I am from is impossible to find a job in my field, and I won't never have a good job like the one I have now in my small hometown, which is true, and it will be a shame to throw up a successful career in space field to go back at the farm. The fun fact is that I don't even want to be and engineer, I want to open a book store, it always has been my dream, but I need money to open it, which maybe I will have in 10 years if I start saving the rest of the salary I am not giving to my family or to pay rent and bills. And still I know that if I open it back in my city, it won't last long (not a good business), and I will end up with no money, no book store, nothing. Also, I can't go back to my old house and stay there Forever, because of course my parents live there, and I don't think they want me to live with them for the rest of my life, but they want for me to be Independent and have my house and my own family etc. I know that I may sound ungrateful, I have a good job in which I am very good at, money and a lot of free time as well, and I know that you're thinking that I should just shut the fuck up and a lot of people would want what I have, but this life that may sound perfect is killing me. I also have depression and general anxiety disorder and OCD, which are not helping. I am attending therapy, which sometimes works, other not, like this. I just want a simple life, I want sunny days to spend in the garden, I want to stay with my family and my pets, but I know I can't have it because money run the world and if I come back I won't have them. I tried to apply to "small jobs" in my hometown (like cashier) so to have enough money to survive but everytime they refused to hire me because "it will be a shame to hire someone with such a degree" (I think they are afraid I would leave to have a better paid job, or that there is something shady if I look at jobs like this with a degree like mine), and if I lie on my resumee, removing my qualifications, they don't hire me because it looks like I am 25yo without any job experience or degree. I feel stuck in this life and I don't know what to do, I don't want to disappoint everyone, but everyday I am feeling sadder and sadder and I feel like dying. When my bf is not home I spend the time crying or taking my meds to calm down or sleeping because I keep thinking about my home and my friends and family and I don't see a way out from all of this.
Sorry for the stupid long post and if there are mistakes, but english is not my first language.
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2023.03.20 23:38 mt_xing Japan Parks Trip Report + Lessons Learned [Fuji-Q Highland, Nagashima Spa Land, Universal Japan, etc]

Japan Parks Trip Report + Lessons Learned [Fuji-Q Highland, Nagashima Spa Land, Universal Japan, etc]
Just got back from two weeks in Japan where I got to ride some roller coasters, and given there's relatively less information on here about the major Japanese parks, I thought I'd give my thoughts and also lessons learned in case anyone else wants to go.
Some useful resources I found, in addition to reading the other posts on this subreddit about people's time in Japan, were trip reports on YouTube by various coaster YouTubers, such as El Toro Ryan, and the written reports of Richard Bannister (who I believe is active on this subreddit - hi and thanks for your work!). They gave me a bit of an idea on what to expect.
The parks I visited were, in order:
  • Tokyo Dome City (didn't ride anything)
  • Tokyo Joypolis
  • Tokyo DisneySea
  • Tobu Zoo
  • Fuji-Q Highland
  • Yomiuriland
  • Nagashima Spa Land
  • Universal Japan

General Lessons

Preferred seating is not a thing in Japan. You do not get to pick your own seat and I'm told it's considered rude to ask.
You often hear that Japanese parks have terrible operations and, with the exception of the two American ones (Disney and Universal), this is true, but those two get such insane crowds that lines are very long anyways. Get used to waiting.
On the bright side, every single park had free bins or lockers in the stations to store things. None allow loose articles (even in zippered pockets or glasses with straps) and many enforce this with metal detection, but with free lockers, I don't mind this. You put your stuff in the locker and then your key comes with a strap that you wear around your wrist. Simple enough. I wish free lockers were a thing at more American parks (cough Great Adventure).
Parks close their rides by the posted wait time before park close. So if a ride has a posted 120 minute wait and the park closes at 5, they will close the line at 3 and stop allowing people to queue. This means if you get off a ride say 45 minutes before park close, there's basically nothing left for you to do.
Japanese parks love ferris wheels. They're everywhere.
Buying tickets for anything online is like pulling teeth. Some parks straight up require you to buy tickets through Seven Eleven which is wild (and Seven Eleven requires a Japanese name to buy tickets). Disney's website crashed every time I put in my card and Universal's website said they don't take foreign Visas and Mastercards. Those two I bought through an authorized reseller (Klook) and the rest I bought in person at the park.
Masks are still everywhere in Japan, not by law but by social custom (and sometimes park mandate), even on the roller coasters and outside.
Finally, the smaller the park, the less likely the staff speak English (which I understand; I wouldn't expect the average Six Flags ride op to speak fluent Japanese either). Just be patient and kind; in my experience Japanese customer service people are some of the nicest in the world. In general it's not hard to figure out what they're saying through a combination of prior experience (eg: the person assigning rows asking you a question probably wants to know the number of people in your party) and just watching what people around you are doing. As someone who doesn't speak Japanese, it was never impossible for me to figure it out, and if all else fails, Google Translate always exists. I recommend downloading the Japanese language pack when you have wifi.

Tokyo Dome City

Unfortunately Thunder Dolphin was closed for maintenance still so I didn't actually get to ride anything here.
Big pancake looking thing
No reopening date

Tokyo Joypolis

Joypolis entrance
I paid per ride as I only rode the one coaster. There is a foreigner discount if you have your passport on you (which apparently Japanese law requires you keep on you as a tourist at all times anyways).

Geki-on Live Coaster

I rode a spinning inverting interactive dark ride rhythm game roller coaster. I did not know these were words that went together.
In all seriousness, when they made the world's first inverting spinning coaster, they were so busy stuffing it with gimmicks that they forgot to make the ride good. I was genuinely curious how having playing a rhythm game while riding a coaster would work because it sounded kind of fun, but unfortunately the rhythm game portion is separate from the coaster portion. You play a bad latency-filled rhythm game for a bit and then there's a tire launch into a single heartline roll and that's the ride. There's a trim and a few slow turns after that but you're basically just meandering back to the station. You're better off just downloading a good rhythm game to your phone and playing it while in line for Time Traveler.
The single heartline roll
Not the best use of an hour in line, but hey, at least it was interesting.

Tokyo DisneySea

I went on a random non-holiday Tuesday and showed up 30 minutes before park open. The lines were as promised. Also if you buy your ticket through an authorized reseller, your ticket is on your phone, but the official park app requires you to scan your ticket and the app is, of course, also on your phone. So there's literally no way to do that without the help of someone else. Without the app, you can't book reservations or buy fast passes (which cost money now; there's a lot of outdated info still out there on the English web). On the bright side, most employees had no problem with English here and guest services even had English park maps on request.
\"Medium / Light crowds\" per most crowd calendars
Also this park is shockingly affordable, not just for a Disney park but in general. I got a full meal with a drink for lunch for only $12. Sodas can be had for around $1.50. Admission was only like $60. It's wild.

Raging Spirits

There is a single rider line (or at least there was when I was there). It's very hard to find; ask an employee. I waited in the standby line the first time while the single rider queue was literally a station wait.
This is a not very exciting Intamin family-ish coaster with a single vertical loop. Not much else to say.

Tobu Zoo

This park is actually a bit under a mile away from the nearest train station, an oddity by Japanese park standards. You can wait for the bus if you want but I took the rather pleasant stroll through the town to get to the park.
Note that El Toro Ryan went to the wrong train station in his video if you watch it. I did also find this video helpful for this park and Yomiuriland.
The staff spoke exactly zero English when I came. Google Translate was invaluable for getting tickets purchased. I just bought the one ride because the rest of the park was honestly quite beat down and depressing.
Regina 2 was still closed; I missed it by a few days. The signage makes it look like it's getting GCI trains which is cool I guess. The old trains were on display in the park if you wanted photos.
Regina 2 ad in the train station
Presumably the old trains


A good roller coaster
This really is just a smaller I305, starting with the same drop, 270 degree right turn, and airtime hill under the lift. The resemblence is uncanny, but unlike I305, it doesn't make me wanna black out from the forces. I really enjoyed this ride. It has some awesome airtime and I'm shocked Intamin hasn't sold more of these.

Fuji-Q Highland

Finally getting to the big coaster parks. I stayed at the park hotel because it was pretty affordable and got me 30 minutes early entry. I could also buy tickets at the front desk.
There is a train station at the park but taking a bus from Tokyo was cheaper and faster, even with traffic, because the train makes too many stops (even if you pay up for the Limited Express).
Calling this park the Six Flags of Japan is a disservice to the fact that there are genuinely pleasant Six Flags parks. This park was sad. Cracked pavement, chipped paint, you name it (except trash; as with all of Japan there is no litter anywhere). The fact that there was construction everywhere didn't help the vibe, and neither did the nearly empty park on the weekday I went (not empty enough to stop everything from being a two hour wait from poor ops though).
There are machines by major rides to purchase fast passes, and I think they take credit card (a rarity). I never used them though as with Do-Dodonpa still down, I was really only there for 3 credits and with early entry, I walked onto the first train of the day on Eejanaika.
On all major coasters, they would have staff brief each train of riders on safety instructions and then make everyone chant a mnemonic that I assume involves the safety info we were given? As a non Japanese speaker I kinda had no idea what was going on but having everyone stand in a circle chanting some rhyme while tapping their knees for every train of oncoming riders was not helping the operational speed.


You already know that this coaster is great. It feels very much like X2 but the rotations are smoother (I didn't hurt my calves even once on the raven turn). I also lucked out that on my 3 rides, I got the front twice and the back once. This coaster alone makes the park worth visiting. Such a shame that with only 5 rows per train (instead of X2's 7) and ops that make Magic Mountain look like Disney, it takes so long to get on this coaster. Also the park had three safety belts on the coaster (instead of X2's one) and one of the belts literally attached the chest harness to the seat chasis?? It literally doesn't hold anything to anything; it's just there to take up time.


This is just TMNT Shellraiser and it's unfortunate both copies of this good ride are in subpar parks. I didn't even notice too bad of a rattle on this one. Just an all around enjoyable ride. Great views of Mt. Fuji onboard too.


It's true. All the Togos that aren't unrideable garbage are in Japan. This one even had some okay airtime early on. Unfortunately there was a rather unpleasant vibration (not quite a rattle; too high frequency for that) in the valleys that made my lungs uncomfortable; I coughed basically all the way through the second half of the ride. I don't know if this was just a me thing and I decided against a second ride to find out.
I don't remember where I got this cool view of the under construction coaster but I think it was this ride's exit.
Construction site

Voyage Dans Le Ciel

This ride opened late and having just eaten lunch I decided why not? Don't think I'd ridden a coaster by Hoei Sangyo before. It's just a family inverted coaster with very aggressive midcourse brakes.


Another park not directly connected to the train network, although from Keiō-yomiuri-land station there is a cable car you can pay for with great views of Bandit (the other train station has a boring bus). This is another park I paid per ride because I was just getting the credits before leaving.
Cable car ride
Was shockingly full even during the week; I think I caught a school trip or something because it looked like teachers were leading classes full of students around.
Vending machines selling ride tickets and fast passes were cash only (admission could be paid with credit card).


Another not terrible Togo, and this one didn't hurt my lungs. Great use of terrain and some competent airtime too. Just an overall fun time.

Spin Runway

This indoor spinning family coaster made me laugh because as far as I could tell they had put on a Hatsune Miku theme but couldn't be bothered to rip the old theme out first, so the first dark ride portion still had dog statues and stuff and then every few meters someone had just glued a poster of a Hatsune Miku character to the wall. Even Six Flags rips out (most of) the old theming before putting in new ones, lol. Indoor spiral lift was cool though; idk if I'd ever seen one before. They had a life-sized statue at the exit and that was probably the highest effort part of the whole thing.

Lipovitan Rocket Luna

Mostly indoor suspended family coaster, though there was a bit where you swoop outside before ducking back in, which looks very nice from the outside. The theming was much higher effort here. Fun ride.
People would clap every time this happened

Nagashima Spa Land

This park also isn't by a train station. There's a local bus you can take from Kuwana station or you can take a highway bus from Nagoya, though the latter got stuck in traffic for so long I missed park open by over 30 minutes. I took the local bus and train back that night.
Fast pass vending machines only take cash. I made the mistake of only bringing 4000 yen (a bit under $40) so at 1000 yen (a bit under $10) per fast pass, I only got to skip 4 lines and had to wait for subsequent rerides on Hakugei.
The park hotel does not appear to allow single occupancy in their rooms (Japanese hotels charge for number of people in a room unlike many US hotels), which was a problem as I was travelling alone at this point of the trip. I ended up staying somewhere else.
The Manta clone and Schwarzkopf looper were closed the day I visited.


Ferris wheel has good views
It's a big RMC. You already know it's elite. The airtime is top notch, the drop is incredible even in rows 3 and 10 where I got stuck, the inversions are whippy - it's just a great ride. Does kind of just feel like a normal RMC but bigger though, which is similar to how I feel about SteVe. The trains make a rather concerning loud rattling noise in some valleys, louder than I've heard on any other RMC hybrid; idk if that means anything.

Ultra Twister

Marcel Vos in shambles
I finally got to ride the ride that's so legendary for being so bad in RCT. It was fine; with a bit of defensive riding it wasn't painful at all, since the whole coaster being in one plane meant there was limited room to make bad transitions. And it was a walk on.

Steel Dragon 2000

Didn't remember this was a giga until after I got off
Longest steel coaster in the world. A Morgan giga, running B&M trains with bizzare 2-across seating that isn't staggered (unlike B&M Hypers). It doesn't track as smoothly as a B&M through the earlier half, but that airtime finale was amazing. Not quite as violent as Magnum's but pretty close and much longer (there's what, like 6 or 7 hills? I lost count), and with the B&M clamshell it's a lot more pleasant. That said, imagine putting shinguards on a B&M clamshell. Why would anyone do that?


Standard Arrow corkscrew.

Shuttle Loop

Schwarzkopf shuttle loop. Nice that it's sticking around for now with Montezooma changing.

Jet Coaster

Kiddie ride I rode after lunch. Really thought the part at water level was going to be a splash down but nope.

Wild Mouse

Standard Mack rides compact wild mouse.


Imagine running only one side of a free-spin with a posted 1 hour wait. They really were only using one side of the station and leaving the other side empty. That said, this was by far the most flips I'd ever gotten on a free spin (4 with almost a 5th).

Universal Studios Japan

We arrived 40 minutes before park open and the rides were already running with people on them. People aren't kidding when they say this park opens long before the posted opening time.
Fast passes need to be purchased in advance as they will sell out. They come in bundles instead of being per ride. I got the one with Flying Dinosaur to avoid a posted 4 hour wait, though I will say of all the parks in Japan, Universal inflated their posted waits the most by far (often a factor of 2 or even 3).
I'm not really covering non-coaster rides but my friends loved MarioKart ride (which apparently also just opened in LA). That said I personally find the field of view on the visors to be too small to convincingly sell the effect; it feels like less than a third of your vision is actually covered, and since the ride relies on speed lines and moving scenery in the visors to sell the racing feel (since the cars are moving very slowly in real life), I find the effect doesn't really work that well.
You need timed entry passes to the Nintendo area (and sometimes the Harry Potter area too) if you don't buy a Fast Pass that includes it already. Get to the park early to get them before they're all gone.
Park employees spoke English no problem here, just like Disney. Ops were good too. The park just gets too many guests. Food was not as cheap as Disney though. Single rider lines are much longer than they were at Disney; I'm told Disney attracts more families who want to stick together, while Universal has more teens willing to split up for a shorter wait. Idk if that's true but whatever the reason, the single rider line was frequently only 10 to 20 minutes shorter than the standby line.

Hollywood Dream

An otherwise fun B&M Hyper ruined by the speakers right next to your ears blasting music at eardrum shattering volumes. Probably would've been a fun ride if I had brought earplugs with me. And it wasn't just me; the random person sitting next to me was plugging her ears too through the whole ride.
Never seen a B&M Hyper with a dual load station before though; that's how you know the ops here are decent (slowed by having people cross the train to put stuff in bins before metal detecting on the platform itself, but with a dual load station it's parallelized).

Flying Dinosaur

Beautiful lake views from the ride
Disclaimer: I don't love intensity that much. I find the pretzel loops on most B&M flyers to be my least favorite part. So Flying Dinosaur was whatever for me. It's a very intense B&M flyer for sure, but I enjoy these rides more for the view and the feeling of flight than the chest crushing Gs through the loops, so this one wasn't for me. I'm sure intensity buffs will love it though.

Doraemon XR Ride: Nobita's Sky Utopia

An indoor spinning Mack family coaster, except they had turned off the spinning and were only using the two forward facing seats per car to accomodate the VR experience. It seems like it's been a VR ride for a while; if so, I have to wonder why Universal doesn't just buy forward facing trains for this. Would improve operations immensely to actually have the full coaster's capacity. A posted 4 hour wait in both the standby and single rider line for a family coaster on a nonholiday Tuesday is insane. Luckily the single rider line only took 90 minutes, far less than what's posted.
Notice the empty rear-facing seats
This was actually my first time on a VR coaster (I had dropped out of the enthusiast community right before the VR craze went around) and the experience was pretty fun for what it is; feels like a screen ride except with some actual forces since you are still on a coaster. Your plane dives in VR and you actually feel a drop. It was fun. Wouldn't wait 4 hours for it.

Flight of the Hippogriff

Haven't ridden the one in Orlando but I suspect this one is a clone. Only got on it because every other line had closed near the end of the day.

And those were the coasters I rode. Let me know if you have any questions; I can try to answer, though I will confess I am no expert on the country or culture of Japan. For all the annoyances, there are some great coasters in Japan so if you're fortunate enough to be able to visit, I would. Oh and the rest of the country is cool too.
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2023.03.20 22:54 Anyfb The 5 Best Chrome Extensions for Facebook Ad Library

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2023.03.20 22:33 Anyfb The 5 Best Chrome Extensions for Facebook Ad Library

A list of valuable extensions from the Chrome Web Store to work with Facebook AdLibrary.
1 - Ad Library – Save Facebook TikTok – Foreplay:
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2023.03.20 22:19 giovannImbs Connect to Metamask Mobile from Android webView

I need to create an android app in Android Studio with a webView that allows it to connect to Metamask mobile and display wallet information. I saw that the Metamask mobile api only works with the app browser itself, so I thought of using wallet connect. However, when I try to connect the webView cannot read the uri and gives error. I am leaving a video attached and also the js script. Thanks in advance.
N.B: I removed some key for privacy.
pkg imports const Web3Modal = window.Web3Modal.default; const WalletConnectProvider = window.WalletConnectProvider.default; const Fortmatic = window.Fortmatic; const evmChains = window.evmChains; // Web3modal instance let web3Modal // Chosen wallet provider given by the dialog window let provider; // Address of the selected account let selectedAccount; /** * Setup the orchestra */ function init() { console.log("Initializing example"); console.log("WalletConnectProvider is", WalletConnectProvider); console.log("Fortmatic is", Fortmatic); console.log("window.web3 is", window.web3, "window.ethereum is", window.ethereum); // Check that the web page is run in a secure context, // as otherwise MetaMask won't be available // Tell Web3modal what providers we have available. // Built-in web browser provider (only one can exist as a time) // like MetaMask, Brave or Opera is added automatically by Web3modal const providerOptions = { walletconnect: { package: WalletConnectProvider, options: { // Mikko's test key - don't copy as your mileage may vary infuraId: } }, fortmatic: { package: Fortmatic, options: { key: } } }; web3Modal = new Web3Modal({ cacheProvider: false, // optional providerOptions, // required disableInjectedProvider: false, // optional. For MetaMask / Brave / Opera. }); console.log("Web3Modal instance is", web3Modal); } /** * Kick in the UI action after Web3modal dialog has chosen a provider */ async function fetchAccountData() { // Get a Web3 instance for the wallet const web3 = new Web3(provider); console.log("Web3 instance is", web3); // Get connected chain id from Ethereum node const chainId = await web3.eth.getChainId(); // Load chain information over an HTTP API const chainData = evmChains.getChain(chainId); document.querySelector("#network-name").textContent =; // Get list of accounts of the connected wallet const accounts = await web3.eth.getAccounts(); // MetaMask does not give you all accounts, only the selected account console.log("Got accounts", accounts); selectedAccount = accounts[0]; document.querySelector("#selected-account").textContent = selectedAccount; // Get a handl const template = document.querySelector("#template-balance"); const accountContainer = document.querySelector("#accounts"); // Purge UI elements any previously loaded accounts accountContainer.innerHTML = ''; const rowResolvers = (address) => { const balance = await web3.eth.getBalance(address); // ethBalance is a BigNumber instance // const ethBalance = web3.utils.fromWei(balance, "ether"); const humanFriendlyBalance = parseFloat(ethBalance).toFixed(4); // Fill in the templated row and put in the document const clone = template.content.cloneNode(true); clone.querySelector(".address").textContent = address; clone.querySelector(".balance").textContent = humanFriendlyBalance; accountContainer.appendChild(clone); }); // Because rendering account does its own RPC commucation // with Ethereum node, we do not want to display any results // until data for all accounts is loaded await Promise.all(rowResolvers); // Display fully loaded UI for wallet data document.querySelector("#prepare").style.display = "none"; document.querySelector("#connected").style.display = "block"; } /** * Fetch account data for UI when * - User switches accounts in wallet * - User switches networks in wallet * - User connects wallet initially */ async function refreshAccountData() { // If any current data is displayed when // the user is switching acounts in the wallet // immediate hide this data document.querySelector("#connected").style.display = "none"; document.querySelector("#prepare").style.display = "block"; // Disable button while UI is loading. // fetchAccountData() will take a while as it communicates // with Ethereum node via JSON-RPC and loads chain data // over an API call. document.querySelector("#btn-connect").setAttribute("disabled", "disabled") await fetchAccountData(provider); document.querySelector("#btn-connect").removeAttribute("disabled") } /** * Connect wallet button pressed. */ async function onConnect() { console.log("Opening a dialog", web3Modal); try { provider = await web3Modal.connect(); } catch(e) { console.log("Could not get a wallet connection", e); return; } // Subscribe to accounts change provider.on("accountsChanged", (accounts) => { fetchAccountData(); }); // Subscribe to chainId change provider.on("chainChanged", (chainId) => { fetchAccountData(); }); // Subscribe to networkId change provider.on("networkChanged", (networkId) => { fetchAccountData(); }); await refreshAccountData(); } /** * Disconnect wallet button pressed. */ async function onDisconnect() { console.log("Killing the wallet connection", provider); // TODO: Which providers have close method? if(provider.close) { await provider.close(); // If the cached provider is not cleared, // WalletConnect will default to the existing session // and does not allow to re-scan the QR code with a new wallet. // Depending on your use case you may want or want not his behavir. await web3Modal.clearCachedProvider(); provider = null; } selectedAccount = null; // Set the UI back to the initial state document.querySelector("#prepare").style.display = "block"; document.querySelector("#connected").style.display = "none"; } /** * Main entry point. */ window.addEventListener('load', async () => { init(); document.querySelector("#btn-connect").addEventListener("click", onConnect); document.querySelector("#btn-disconnect").addEventListener("click", onDisconnect); }); 

Video Of The Error
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2023.03.20 22:16 Wayback2k [OC] Multiversal Manuscript - Volume 1 - Organizations (FREE)

Presenting a chapter from what will eventually be the full 1st Volume of the Multiversal Manuscript, a catalog of all sorts of new characters, places, and things drawn from all piles of notes and random writing I've done for my D&D games and setting work. While generally written for a Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder style setting, its contents can be setting agnostic and made to fit any world.
This chapter contains entries for 19 Organizations as well as sample NPCs for each. It also includes the 20 page Appendix of minor entries that are referenced by both the Organizations in this text and what will eventually be the full product. Consider them a sneak preview.
They are intended to serve varied roles in many settings, from allies to enemies and anything in between. These organizations and their members are meant to be both inspiration and foundation for more, providing hooks and conflicts that can be tailored to your own worlds.

It is Free on DriveThruRPG -
Slowly working my way through editing everything and in refining the Organizations the size of the overall project has gone gone up about 25 pages. Looking at working on either my Monsters or Gods chapters next.
There is also my more general Preview version I posted here about 4 months ago if it is of interest; it gives an idea of the full scope of the project and what the final think is headed towards, content wise.
Any comments or suggestions to edits on either doc is welcome!
Below are 3 examples from the set -

Aggrieved, The

Covert - Grudge Bearing Dwarves
A clandestine organization of dwarves spread across the world. For a fee, they take on the grudges and hatreds of any dwarf or clan, storing them in massive iron tomes. They dispatch specialists to ensure that the targets of the grudges suffer or repay what is owed, be it in blood or gold. The group actively recruits dwarves who have nothing left to lose, such as exiles, criminals, lone survivors, or those who cannot fit into normal dwarven society. The Aggrieved provides them with purpose and an outlet for pent-up frustrations, especially against surface dwellers or their eternal foes in the depths of the world. While the group is something of an open secret in most dwarven communities, they are keen to keep their existence from outsiders. Chief among the grievances they are sought to satisfy is the reacquisition of ancient dwarven treasures that have been stolen and the punishment of those who currently possess them, even if they are many owners removed from the original thieves. Rumors persist of a Grudgebearer who has spent over a hundred years systematically tracking down every subsequent owner of a long-dead dwarven mountain lord’s treasure, leaving hundreds of dead in their wake. The Aggrieved also fulfills more indirect grievances, such as ensuring that a particular human noble family will forever see their fortunes ruined for cheating a clan elder in a trade deal in a prior generation, or that the elves will never expand past the mountains that once belonged to a now-fallen dwarven city for failing to come to their aid when needed. Additionally, a few of their members, more unstable and violent than the rest, are sent on Bitter Hunts to forever seek out and slay the sworn enemies of the dwarves until they wipe them all out or die in the process.
Kerganosk the Brazen: An Aggrieved hunter who has made it his mission to seek revenge against fire giants. He has become a legend among the giants, who fear him greatly. The dwarf is known for his scorched and pitted brass armor, which he refuses to take off until he has seen to the utter decimation of his enemies. Despite the fact that the greater dwarven kingdoms have publicly disavowed Kerganosk's crusade, they do nothing to stop him. In fact, many younger dwarves who are eager to earn a name for themselves or reject the withdrawn nature of their forebearers have joined his cause. These dwarves are cult-like in their devotion to Kerganosk and have expanded their hatred to include all giants, no matter where they may be. Although Kerganosk remains focused on his mission, he is more than willing to share his martial tactics and specialized weaponry with anyone who wishes to see the giants destroyed, even non-dwarves who show some talent. Together with his allies, he has been able to vex his enemies for years, often laying low for extended periods as they plan simultaneous strikes against multiple targets, or emerging suddenly for an overwhelming attack on a valuable target before quickly disappearing once again. Through bounty hunters and smaller allies. the giants have attempted to track down Kerganosk and his hidden lairs throughout the Underdelve. Thus far they have only found fleeting traces of his passing and no small number of cleverly hidden traps in the broken halls of dead dwarven fortresses that the Brazen and his followers rotate through.
Gallkag Brimrift: A grim dwarf who has claimed a stretch of mountains that were once settled as part of a collaborative effort between dwarves and humans to establish a long-lasting trade city. However, the short-lived humans and their tumultuous politicking soured the venture, leading to tensions that eventually flared into skirmishes, then war. In the end, the dwarves were forced to cut their losses and retreat back into the depths of the earth to their homeland. Gallkag, left for dead in the last days of the conflict, was "rescued" by the Aggrieved. After he recovered, he eagerly took it upon himself to make the humans of the region pay for their transgressions. He now ceaselessly stalks the mountain passes of his former home, waylaying any human travelers that have the misfortune of crossing paths with him and his pack of beasts. Operating out of the half-built trade city, Gallkag's territory is honeycombed with tunnels that only he knows about. Many have tried to ferret the vicious dwarf out, but his mastery of the landscape allows him to evade interlopers with ease, picking them off one by one or tricking them into the many hazards present.
Urist Dastordruk: An undercover liaison for agents of the Aggrieved in one of the largest aboveground cities of the realm. He owes an extensive debt of both coin and honor to the organization for avenging his extended family's death many years prior. Though few are sure what exactly he does as an occupation beyond being a perennial socialite, the dwarf has earned a reputation throughout the city and beyond for his uncanny knack for making friends across all strata of society and getting them connected. If he doesn't know someone or something, he certainly knows who does and can get in touch for a nominal fee, of course. However, Urist hates every second of it. Every handshake, every fake smile, and every cheering toast. He wants nothing more than to be back in the mountainhome of his kin and away from the petty, meaningless lives of all the small-minded people on the surface. To maintain his composure, Urist's handler in the Aggrieved has supplied him with a steady stream of alchemical concoctions that serve to both suppress his incredible hatred of those peoples tangentially responsible for the downfall of his family and enhance the charming facade of his public personality. Over time, the doses have had to become more and more potent to maintain their effect, and the dwarf has begun experiencing strange fugue states. When he emerges, Urist is often standing at the edge of a roof looking out over the city below or back in his home covered in blood that is not his. He is both terrified of what has been happening and hopeful that it might lead to an end of his torment, honor be damned. The Grudgebearer that owns his debt cares little for Urist's plight. While the dwarf has been exceedingly useful in feeding the organization information and the whereabouts of targets, the cost of maintaining his persona has begun to outweigh the benefits, especially if it possibly draws attention to the existence of the Aggrieved.


Dustbringers' Market

Guild - Ghostly Wandering Merchants
Hailing from an abandoned marketplace in a long-dead city where the Veil between the realm of the living and the dead is nearly non-existent, several lingering dead have managed to leave the city and establish wandering markets in derelict sections of distant cities. They have achieved this through the use of mortal ‘handlers’, ragged humanoids who have forged a sort of pact with the dead of the city to serve as anchors for the ghostly merchants. Visitors to one of these markets, whether in its original city or one of its wandering offshoots, can trade their knowledge of the living world or more ephemeral wares such as memories and emotions in exchange for the long-forgotten knowledge of the dead city's people or whatever other secrets they've garnered from beyond the Land of the Dead. The Dustbringers have somehow managed to craft or acquire ghostly goods that provide boons to the living when it comes to dealing with or fighting the undead. Some are even willing to cut long-term deals and pacts with the living to acquire resources for their strange deathly economy.
Morof and Echessar: This pair is the most widely known members of the Dustbringers, accompanied by their ever-cloaked and silent human servant. They have come to reside in a city of the living, but the authorities take exception to their very existence, forcing them to stay on the move within the city walls. They set up their ghostly shop in different abandoned buildings or dark alleyways each night and simply wait. They are content to let the rumor mills bring customers to them, as they always seem to have something that entices prospective buyers, even with the strange prices they demand. The most common items they sell, if anything of theirs could be considered common, are lead coins stamped with a closed eye. Swallowing one of these coins renders the imbiber undetectable to the undead until it passes. Their usual fee for most purchases is measured in minutes of life per day, in perpetuity, from what remains of a customer’s natural lifespan. The portly Morof eagerly assures prospective customers that they won’t miss such a paltry sum of time. However, each night when the toll comes due and the disturbingly gaunt Echessar appears to collect, many feel they have chosen poorly as the shade’s icy hand reaches into them and pulls away threads of their soul. Such is the power of the Dustbringers’ deals that they are able to reach their customers wherever they may be on any plane. Should a client attempt to hide out elsewhere, the ghostly merchants are not above hiring others to retrieve them, so that they may collect what they are due, plus interest.
The Urn: One of the most powerful members of the Dustbringers, it has a cadre of lesser member shades of the guild bound to it by contracts etched upon large scrolls of thin lead sealed within ivory cases. These pacts seemingly predate the deaths of the Dustbringers’ mortal forms in centuries past and raise questions as to just how the demise of their city came about. The Urn itself is a massive vessel of cloudy black marble, weighing hundreds of pounds, with patterns traced in gold that subtly shift and flow. It has a brass cover at its top, with several fluted pipes emerging from it, curving upwards. Although it rarely moves, when it emerges from its vault-lair, it is carried on a great palanquin by a dozen mortal handlers. Through the deals it has struck with entities from the Land of the Dead, The Urn has extensive power over souls that have passed into that realm, summoning them forth for interrogation, torment, or to bind them back onto the mortal realm. It is even able to shape these recalled shades into physical objects with particular potency and protection against both the living and the dead. While The Urn allows its servant Dustbringers to conduct their deals in their own way, what it desires above all is vast quantities of physical wealth, such as gold and other valuable metals, along with gems of all kinds. Why The Urn would seek such extensive and mundane riches instead of the more ephemeral things like emotions or life force, which its kin typically traffic in, is a mystery. Some speculate that it aims to perform a ritual on behalf of a Power that it has contracted with, utilizing the symbolic connection and meaning of wealth to enact some drastic change to the mortal plane. Others believe that it is working towards building a powerful construct body through which it can personally enact its will. However, The Urn freely allows such conjecture, confident in its power to control other souls with minimal effort. The Urn does not manifest its ghostly form directly to interact with its servants or prospective clients. Instead, it emerges from the brass pipes at its apex as a sickly mist before occupying the body of one of its ragged mortal attendants. Even then, it rarely does so, instead relying on the fanatical devotion of its Dustbringer seneschals to negotiate on its behalf. It stirs to action only when it needs to call forth and shape a soul from beyond.
Zaunfe: Once a respected member of the Dustbringers, renowned for her ability to craft and transmute strong metaphysical sympathetic energy into physical objects and vice versa. However, fleeting traces of mortality constantly slipping through her spectral fingers began to torment her with fragmented memories of the life she once lived. Now, Zaunfe desires nothing less than to become mortal again. Despite not being formally expelled from the guild, it has been declared that none are to interact with her or allow her back into the city of their origin. If it became known just how many of their secrets she has been sharing in her pursuit of a new life, and the crimes she has committed against other shades, it is likely that they would actively hunt Zaunfe down and return her to the Land of the Dead by force if necessary. Unlike others in the guild, Zaunfe forms symbiotic pacts with the suffering mortals she comes across, giving them a longer lease on life than they might have had without her help. Unfortunately, she constantly leeches away her pact bonded associate's emotions and personality, mingling with hers until they are difficult to distinguish from one another. More than just keeping her partner alive, she is able to extend her spectral transmutation power through them, turning emotional connections into physical boons and weapons. With such objects, she reverts back to the mercantile nature at her core, wheeling and dealing with them to gain the allies and resources she requires. Given her knowledge of how the Land of the Dead and the mortal realm interact, she feverishly pursues leads on how to contact the Powers of that plane to forge whatever deal is necessary to be reborn. This pursuit for knowledge and those who possess it has proven exceedingly dangerous, and over the years she has led a number of her mortal partners to their own deaths. When untethered, Zaunfe is forced to rekindle and perpetuate her own essence through the consumption of powerful emotions, either elicited from nearby mortals or through the destruction of physical mementos that bear a great deal of sentimental value. In desperation, she has even consumed lost ghosts that she has encountered. These shades, often confused and trapped in the Veil of the mortal realm, are easy prey for one of their kind that possess full awareness and sentience. All of this consumption of emotion and personality has not come without a cost. Zaunfe now resembles little of the unique entity that she once was and is now an amalgamation of all the different beings she has fed upon in one way or another. While these conflicting impulses can sometimes drive her into fits of mania, what has remained a constant tethering influence to her soul is the overwhelming drive to attain life once again.

Ruinous Dawn, The

Divine - Seekers of Deific Rebirth
A group of former heroes and remnants of a forgotten age of the multiverse. Their all-consuming desire for the rebirth of their divine patron has driven them to transcend mortality and resort to abhorrent methods to carry out their 'sacred' task, one that fervently believe will ultimately redeem the multiverse. Uzarial was one of the earliest celestial deities of the sun, life, and purification of evil, and their death in a catastrophic final conflict with an unknown Elder Entity is something the founders of the Ruinous Dawn have never truly accepted. Their goal is to resurrect Uzarial, seeing its return as the catalyst required to cleanse the wretched planes of what they consider to be pervading and all-consuming evil. Each member has vowed to use whatever means necessary in pursuit of the knowledge and power they need to breach the Vale of Dead Gods and usher forth Uzarial's return. Despite this, they believe that their actions constitute the ultimate good, a concept that exceeds the grasp of most mortal minds and is superior to the 'morality' of ordinary individuals. The current Gods of Light are viewed by the Dawn as either ineffective pretenders at best or complicit in the multiverse's defiled state through their inaction at worst. They aim to subsume all such false gods into the reborn Uzarial when the time comes, reclaiming their deific essence and putting it to proper use. The six elders of the Ruinous Dawn are scattered throughout the planes, each pursuing the 'Endeavor' in their own way. They meet every fifty years to pool their knowledge and make arrangements for the future. These summits often result in an ambitious act against perceived foes, as well as the setting in motion of complex plots towards their ultimate goal. Their schemes can range from the acquisition of required relics and artifacts to the realignment of several planes towards a configuration more suitable to their cosmic aims. Most founders of the Ruinous Dawn have long since ceased feeling remorse for their actions, no matter how questionable or amoral they may become. Those that do bear regret for all the lives they have spent seeking the God's return fully intend to suffer the judgement of their patron or scour themselves from existence as unworthy to reside in the paradise that will result. Several have attracted followers that share their cynical view of the planes and desire to resurrect Uzarial, or founded obscure faiths across the planes with the same intent. However, such allies are often seen as fleeting or expendable and are tested regularly, for the Ruinous Dawn is ever paranoid of infiltrators and those that would despoil their sacred Endeavor.
Alithrienne: Uzarial’s most devout mortal agent and an Exalted of demi-god like power, she took the celestial deity’s fall most severely and was a driving force towards the formation of the Dawn. Bearing a large portion of the fallen God’s power after their passing, she set about holding together what was left of their divine realm. Alithrienne fought to stave off planar usurpers and scavengers that sought to pick over its remains. If that was not enough, she was also forced to stave off other celestial entities and divine servitors that balked at a mortal claiming such a role. Despite considerable effort, even she and her allies were not able to prevent the gradual dissolution of Uzarial’s realm; infusions of celestial essence and sundered relics only delaying the inevitable. In a moment of despair and anguish, she plunged the God’s final relic, a great spear of pearlescent stone and golden light, through her own heart. She intended to give the last shreds of power in both herself and the weapon to the divine realm in a bid to halt its decay and ensconce it as a memorial within the Astral.
The inherent desperation of her act mixed with the unstable divine energies of the plane, the relics, and the Astral instead merged her soul with the last of Uzarial’s divine power. Alithrienne, the realm, and the great spear became one, an untethered demi-plane out of phase with the rest of the multiverse. Other members of the Dawn, still holding on to a semblance of their connection to the dead God, were able to locate it in this state and commune with the transcended Exalted. In her new form, she quite literally became the foundation of the Ruinous Dawn. While the further deterioration of Alithrienne’s realm has halted, it remains in a shattered state. It is composed of several dozen floating islands of broken marble-like rock covered in golden grass. Spires and temples of an opaque white glass are scattered across the islands, cracked, and crumbling but still held aloft even in pieces. The only structure that has remained whole is a grand temple of the same shimmering glass in the realm’s center, the seat of Alithrienne’s power and the meeting place for the rest of the Ruinous Dawn during their infrequent conclaves.
Nearly a true God herself, Alithrienne has been able to create minor servitors to watch over the realm, though they are little more than bird-like beings of light. The spear that was integral to her transcendence was once held in a reliquary of stained glass at the apex of the central cathedral. Still a greater relic in its own right, Alithrienne discovered that her consciousness and will reside in it as well. When wielded by a mortal, she would be able to freely traverse between the rest of the multiverse and her realm and assist the rest of the Dawn in its plot to resurrect Uzarial. Over the ages, Alithrienne, in her spear form, has been wielded by countless mortals; many willingly chose to bear her power and enact her will, but not all. When an accord could not be made with a bearer to serve, she would bring the full force of her semi-divine might down upon them. Such recusants are left as little more than puppets hollowed out by her terrible light; even if they were to be freed from Alithrienne spear, it would take a greater divine power to make them whole again. Through these wielders, legend and infamy has been carved across the multiverse by her actions, each a small part of the greater Endeavor. As the Ruinous Dawn’s plans grow ever closer to fruition, Alithrienne hopes deeply to serve as the cradle from which Uzarial may be reborn, even if she may be utterly consumed in the process.
talshir: A zealot in the service of Uzarial, he had spent his entire life operating in the shadows cast by the celestials’ divine light. Brought up from birth to eradicate enemies of the faith, Talshir remained steadfast in his crusade, even after the fall of his God. In fact, he saw the death of his deity as validation of his actions, as it demonstrated that anything was killable. However, Talshir's methods went beyond merely ending the lives of his adversaries, he went so far as to master the tools of his enemies, including forbidden mystical arts that would have marked him a heretic under normal circumstances. When he eventually joined the core founders of the Ruinous Dawn, Talshir discovered a newfound sense of purpose as part of the Endeavor. It was his destiny to be the left hand of the reborn God and usher in the demise of the hopelessly corrupt planes.
To achieve the longevity required for such a destiny, Talshir delved into the darkest secrets of soul magic and combined them with the knowledge of life provided to him by other members of the Dawn. Rather than consuming the souls of others, he chose to shatter his own soul into hundreds of fragments and scatter them throughout the multiverse. Although the results were unpredictable, the vast majority of his soul fragments were able to take root in mortal hosts. After Talshir's original body was placed in stasis in a hidden tomb, his will was able to manifest within those who bore his soul fragments, even across generations of their descendants. Spread across various planes, the Talshirs form a unified cult with a common purpose, and dozens of them are active on different mortal realms at any given time. While the personality of each Talshir may vary due to their diverse experiences, they are essentially simulacrum of the original, sharing his mind if not his physical body. The Prime Talshir is the singular host in which the full consciousness of the original Talshir is able to manifest, representing the Talshirs at the Ruinous Dawn's conclaves and issuing orders to the others. During the years between conclaves, the Prime Talshir takes it upon himself to visit each of the other Talshirs individually, in order to ensure their continued adherence to their mission. Any Talshir who has strayed too far from their task is dealt with in a manner that Talshir himself refers to as being 'returned to the source'. In such cases, a new incarnation is sent to take their place, even if it takes years for one to manifest.
Shephard of Eternity: Once a grand paladin of an inter-planar order, sworn to Uzarial, their name has been deliberately purged from history. They made a glorious sacrifice in order to obtain the power necessary to bolster the martial forces of the Ruinous Dawn. By rending open their own soul, they established a direct conduit to the Plane of Life, a realm of positive energy from which all nascent souls originate. Using this raw creative energy, they have created a legion of homunculi to serve the Endeavor. Over the centuries, in order to sustain the portal within their body, this individual, having come to be known as the Shephard, replaced most of their body with sanctified metals and sacred stones, effectively becoming a construct save for their heart and a few other organs.
Embracing their role as the forgemaster of the Dawn, the Shephard is driven to perfect their creations to better serve the cause of their allies. While they often lament the necessity of forcing pure and untainted souls into new forms, the Shephard sees it as a necessary act to preserve the planes in the long run, confident that Uzarial will purge them of any suffering they might experience once the rebirth of reality comes. Although most of their creations are humanoid in appearance, with stone-like opaline flesh and silver armaments, the Shephard aspires to create artificial angels to serve as the ultimate shock troops in the eventual siege of the Vale of Dead Gods. However, they have thus far met with limited success, as their pseudo-angels of condensed soul-stuff prove to be highly volatile and prone to mutation, resulting in horrific forms with too many limbs and eyes. Nevertheless, even in their malformed state, these creations have proven useful against the enemies of the Dawn and those who have stumbled across their secret existence. Despite the accolades of their comrades, the Shephard has grown increasingly despondent over their failure to create a true angel. They have begun to engage their private homunculi forces to delve into the primeval ruins of the First War between the Gods and Primordials in search of the secrets that led to the first angels' creation.

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2023.03.20 22:09 REALCellWaters Some Posts (03 20 2023) - 2

Post 01:
I was told an award-winning filmmaker was interested in making a biopic about me in 2008, then I went insane. From an artistic point of view, I'm on the best multiverse timeline. From a could've been like Lady Gaga, partying in my 20s, enjoying life point of view, definitely not.

Post 02:
I shouldn't "hot and sexy" "teach them a lesson", which is what they want.

Instead, I should remove them from my life and attempt to put them in jail for metaphorically raping me. Because what they did is not "hot and sexy." I want them in jail or the psych ward, not having fun.

Post 03:
When I was in the psychiatric hospital, in 2011 I was a virgin, and in 2023, I had been involuntarily celibate for a long time. I desperately wanted to hug and cuddle with a woman while I was in there, which made the suffering more excruciating. Solitude's the reason I went there

Post 04:
I don't know if the people realized they were doing nefarious, sadistic things to a mental patient. They had to. They were turning me into a laughing stock and villainizing me, now the card is about to flip. They're going to look like monsters who were sadistically torturing me.

Post 05:
Ed disappeared many years ago, I haven't seen him in a long, long time. Although I do believe he was associating with the monsters, he was actually my friend and was letting them expose what self-righteous, sadistic, out-of-touch millionaires and billionaires they are.

Post 06:
Most people would be afraid to go to jail or the poor person's psych ward, that's exactly where I was, and nobody cared... That's exactly where you all deserve to be too. Frankly, these out-of-touch millionaires and billionaires aren't strong enough to handle it.

Post 07:
Kelly was my friend... Why would she want to intentionally run over a deer? I'm a human being, not an animal to be used then discarded. Why would she want to intentionally hurt me? That would make her a SADISTIC, evil, bad person. You can't make a mean-spirited person change.

Post 08:
Do Kelly and Lady Gaga really view the poor and vulnerable like they're simply animals to be used and then discarded? Have people fed their egos that much and they've become that out-of-touch with the real world? Are they psychopaths who don't care about hurting the innocent?

Post 09:
If you intentionally gave me that HIV scare and it wasn't an accident, and you know it wasn't, you're just afraid to admit it. When I say I don't want to be friends, I want you in jail or the psych ward for metaphoric rape, I'm dead serious. It'll never happen. You deserve that.

Post 10:
Kelly and Lady Gaga are psychopaths. The song Bad Romance is about me. They intended to give me an HIV scare back in God knows when that song was written, I guess 2008ish. They deserve to be locked in federal prison. I'll never be able to prove it, sadly.

Post 11:
At this point, I have no doubt whatsoever my parents were conspiring with many people to sexually abuse me. They were all a bunch of sexual sadists touring me. I was like Elizabeth Smart. When someone confirms what I know is the truth, it'll probably end with me like Doug Hopkins

Post 12:
I don't understand how anybody thought gaslighting me into having an HIV scare and taking PrEP was "hot" or "funny." It felt like I was metaphorically raped. I was practically a virgin beforehand, now I feel unclean and tainted, and nobody empathizes. They're all psychopaths.

Post 13:
Nobody respects me enough to tell me what the truth is. They lie right to my face. They know I know they're lying. They continue to lie right to my face. It's all big one web of lies and gaslighting. If anybody out there can confirm what I know is true - please tell me.

Post 14:
Did these monsters want to put me through the metaphoric Holocaust? Or in there sick and twisted minds did they think I would be happy when I inevitably became a rockstar? Was it just be one big humiliation ritual and their plan was to make me a human sacrifice?

Post 15:
Is Lady Gaga satanic? This is like beyond sensationalistic corporate ministry from the WWE or Hollywood Hulk Hogan's heel turn. She's literally going to look like a real-life Nazi. What the hell?
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2023.03.20 22:05 Zoroark-hisui Crushing defeat

Crushing defeat
Yesterday, the hisuian zoroark allegations have suffered a great loss by the hands of none other than niche twitter micro-celebrity "Spidops is NU!" (@LeleBestScarfer).

(By Nauts on twitter)
It all started when he made fun of my dreams of OU viability, and culminated in a challenge to a best of 3 in gen 9 OU, where the catch was that we both had to bring our signature Pokémon to every match (also Walking Wake was banned, even if the suspect test said otherwise).
And just like that, the battle was announced on twitter, under the name of "Battle of mid".
So I started preparing and I made 3 teams to bring, assuming that he'd always lead with spidops.

Spidops killer 1 - Bold predictions
The plan was simple: lead zoroark disguised as tusk to get a free turn to set up against spidops and then punch as many holes as possible for kingambit and volcarona to sweep late game. He 100% expected cinderace as it invalidates web teams, so that's exactly what I WASN'T gonna bring until the very end as anything is at it's deadliest when least expected.
The reasonings behind the team choices were:
Zoroark: Nasty plot + focus sash to anti lead. My speed tier is very nice, but a bunch of important things still outspeed me, and the one that worried me the most outside of dark types was dragapult, who can OHKO even through sash thanks to dragon darts, so I went for tera blast fairy for the fourth move slot.
Kingambit: every hisuian zoroark team needs a kingambit in my eyes, but while you would normally expect defiant on these teams, especially against web teams, but it's purpose here was just to make them think that the lead wasn't zoroark as the most obvious option is to disguise as kingambit, but most importantly to sweep late game when zoroark punched holes in the opposing team, and the supreme overlord boost gives it that much more power to rely less on swords dance and break through walls more easily, especially against unaware mons.
GreatTusk: not only is it meant to give a free turn to zoroark to set up as spidops' best option against it is usually circle throw or just set webs, and both allow a free nasty plot, but it's also this team's rock setter, spinner and general physical sponge.
Clodsire: serves as general special wall and as a safety net against special setup sweepers and special fire types that would otherwise destroy this team, like volcarona or skeledirge.
Hatterene: more insurance against dragon types is always nice. This set was made to be a bulky support, as it's special attack is already high enough to scare off most dragon types with dazzling gleam. paralysis support is always useful and can cripple opposing offensive threats, and healing wish can bring back to full health and ready to fight weakened teammates, either letting the team withstand one more assault or try one last hail Mary late game.
Volcarona: this team needed a special attacker that could end games fast and volcarona complemented the team nicely, giving it that much more fire power (pun intended). Tera ground lets it beat common walls like clodsire and skeledirge.

Spidops killer 2 - All in on the mind games

(pretend the tusk was jolly max speed/max attack)
For game 2 I wanted to really throw off my opponent, who I knew didn't exactly think highly of my preparation skills, so I wanted him to think that I had made no adjustments between the two games, bringing the same exact species and going with the exact same lead. While last team's gameplan was strictly offensive, the structure was more on the defensive side; I thought that he would have expected a slower pace, so Instead I changed the team to an all-out offensive one, aiming to break through his team even before he could react and adapt.
The reasonings behind the team choices were:
Zoroark: this time, instead of punching holes in my opponent's team, my job was to cripple opposing lead and to u-turn out to enable my more offensive teammates. This was especially ironic as, when I talked about this set previously, no one believed in it, but i was gonna prove them wrong.
Kingambit: this time, I wanted to actually take advantage of opposing webs, forgoing swords dance since defiant would have given me +2 attack anyways in favour of zen headbutt to deal much more easily with the most common roadblock for kingambit: Great Tusk.
Great Tusk: I've always loved scarf tusk, but I know few people use it so it can catch many off guard. It outspeeds and OHKOs a lot of common threats like meowscarada, hydragon, garganacl, gholdengo and kingambit.
Clodsire: pretty much the same as before but with stealth rock instead of toxic spikes since tusk no longer carries it.
Hatterene: an unespected specs hatterene can do a lot of damage, especially if you manage to trick those specs onto a wall to permanently cripple it.
Volcarona: nothing changed lmao

Spidops killer 3 - How the turntables
For the third game, I knew he'd be expecting the same Pokémon yet again, so I went ahead with the cinderace auto win strategy where you gket their own webs on their side of the field with court change.
The reasonings behind the team choices were:
Zoroark: the specs set is by far the most splashable and can do heavy damage with good mid game play, especially with the speed control of webs.
Cinderace: hazard control with court change and pivot with u-turn, makes very good use of timbs.
Gholdengo: anti hazard removal and answer to garganacl.
Kingambit: more of a standard set with defiant over supreme overlord mostly to not give up if it's not zoroark.
Greninja: general enabler as another fast pivot and switcheroo to cripple walls or setup sweepers.
Baxcalibur: an insane wallbreaker with choice band which, in conjunction with sticky web thanks to ciderace, is basically a free dragon dance that isn't ignored by unaware.

And with all that said and done, I was ready for the set.

Game 1 - Rough start

(Replay here:
The first battle was just a straight up slaughter. None of my predictions landed, weather we're talking in team building or playing.
Turn one he doesn't even lead with spidops, but with Tyranitar, so my whole plan was already in shambles, so I instantly tera fairy my zoroark in fear of the ttar and try anyways to set up a nasty plot while he sets up rocks, but the sand boosted garganacl switches in and takes only 17% from shadow ball, and at that point something inside me already knew it was over.
The turns go by as I can't find an opening until he sets up a dragon dance with baxcalibur, forcing me to sacrifice kingambit to force it out with hatterene or nuzzle him. I do force it out and manage to paralyze his iron moth, but it's not enough progress as he reads my switch to clodsire, setting up sand again with tyranitar. I switch in zoroark and deal quite a bit with shadow ball since he too had terastalized turn 1, but I later fail to break through his garganacl, even with the healing wish for zoroark from hatterene after an absolutely useless nuzzle to try and catch a switch.
I forfeit, ending a dreadful game 1 for me.
Looking back at this, there's a bunch of things that I could have done better like not wasting my tera turn 1 since I was disguised as great tusk, although the nuzzle wasn't as bad as it looks like to me since either way I'd have made no progress but catching a switch might have put me in a more favourable situation, but ultimately what ended up costing the game was a complete miss on my original gameplan.

Game 2 - Sparks of hope

(Replay here:
Game 2 was just as much of a wash, arguably even more, as game 1, but this time for him, since this time the plan worked as I swept him before he could really adapt.
Off to a much better start as he mementos with his lead spidops while I knock off, keeping the disguise up, then I u-turn on his baxcalibur as it sets up a dragon dance, so I go to my scarf great tusk just to see it tera into ghost and be immune to my close combat, and that's where I probably should have lost tusk, but he chokes, going for another dragon dance instead of icicle crash to ko my tusk.
That gives me the opportunity to switch into kingambit, and his icicle crash even misses, but that doesn't end up even mattering as the next turn he goes for an earthquake into my tera flying kingambit, allowing me to neutralize the single biggest threat to my fucking team.
From there on, his team just can't handle scarf tusk, and the game is truly sealed when I manage to trick hatterene's specs onto garganacle, so he forfeits not long after.
And just like that, game 3 it was.

Game 3 - The final showdown

(Replay here:
Game 3 was by far the closest one, it truly went back and forth, even if the original plan didn't work since he was running heavy duty boots on all of his offensive threats apart from hydragon, which isn't affected by webs thanks to levitate anyways, and that's probably a big factor contributing to my final downfall.
Turn 1 is the worst yet for me, as I lead with greninja and try to pivot out of spidops with u-turn, but he catches me with a super effective first impression that OHKOd me and really caught me off guard, but I still wasn't gonna go down that easily, so I switched in kingambit for a free swords dance and went for a sweep, which worked, he even wasted his tera on garganacl by still getting OHKOd by iron head, until disaster stroke: when hydragon came out, I knew I had to make a choice, since a draco meteor wouldn't have KOd me, but every hydragon runs a move to hit steels for super effective, and sucker punch couldn't have OHKOd him, so I chose to tera into flying and...
He read me like a book.
The draco meteor landed, KOing my kingambit and saving him the game, making me waste my tera in the process, but the game is not over yet. I switch in cinderace, unaware of the omnipresence of timbs on his team, and as I court change to set webs on his side, he switches to baxcalibur, ready for a dragon dance sweep. I'm forced to u-turn into zoroark as he dragon dances, forcing me to let zoroark faint to glaive rush, but I manage to force bax out with cinderace's sucker punch, which barely doesn't pick up the KO but also lets me survive the incoming earthquake. He switches in hydragon as i fail the sucker punch, so I u-turn to gholdengo, but he has the slower u-turn, sending in iron moth and forcing my gholdengo out, and here's where he truly seals the deal, predicting my switch to baxcalibur with sludge wave which, thanks to the higher base power than fiery dance, lets him 2HKO me, and at this point is basically over. I manage to take down basically the rest of his team, but at this point I can't even win the 2v1 against iron moth, ending the set 2-1 for spidops.
Here, my biggest mistake, apart from that dreadful turn 1, which also probably would have changed the outcome of this game had I expected it, was by far that terastalization on kingambit at the wrong moment, which not only stopped my sweep, but prevented me from using tera fairy on zoroark against baxcalibur. Literally every other play would have been better there, especially since, even switching out, I'd have had a free swords dance anyways thanks to defiant, but alas, I can't even be mad, I just got straight up outplayed.

Final thoughts - A bittersweet end to a great set

Honestly, even though I've made some pretty glaring mistakes, causing me to lose the set, it was a relatively close battle, and for sure a fun one that I'd be happy to do again, although I can't say I'm not even a bit salty, but I gotta respect the amazing plays and the control my opponent had, I guess he really does work best under pressure, good game and very well played.
Ultimately though, what I want to say the most is that "Unfortunate" doesn't begin to describe my series, this game rewards blind luck and nothing else, I am beyond convinced at this point. After getting completely tooled by scheduling with my opponent changing times on me last minute and refusing to provide confirmation prior to the day of the match as to play times, losing this way somehow felt even worse than I had thought possible. My preparation was superior, my play was superior, and I lost, so I don't see a reason to continue engaging in an activity where what is within my control is overwhelmingly outweighed by what is not.
I am done with competitive Pokemon, and you won't get a fond farewell. This community is infected to its roots with a degenerative disease that grows stronger over time but stops short of killing its host. Tournaments used to have a competitive spirit at their heart, this has been transplanted and replaced with an artificial organ that feeds on vitriol and mockery from insecure little boys that heckle by the sidelines and tear each other to shreds over scraps of attention. The environment we fostered has trapped us all like this in a vicious cycle, and escaping it requires acceptance of the harshest reality we all scramble to explain away, that none of the countless straining efforts we put ourselves through here will ever amount to one single shining glimmer of significance. I would make this the end, but World Cup is still ongoing, and I would never leave so many great friends out to dry, so I'll suffer through a few more games for them.
One last thing before I leave you all to react with disdain, ridicule, and self-righteous fervor, before you do everything in your power to minimize my words and thoughts, box them up and shove them to some cobwebbed corner of your memory, and hope they disappear forever as a stain on your finite time ground to dust. From this moment on, nothing you say matters to me. The foulest insults you hurl with intent to wound will calmly settle at the earth before my feet, and the venom you spit will bring all the pain of a warm summer breeze. You are less than anything you can conceive, while I carry on, brimming with joy distilled from detachment.
(P.S. spidops if you ever see this one day I want a rematch best of 5)
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2023.03.20 21:55 Low_Cranberry_4024 How do vampires work in your system?


This is a continuation of what I was exploring in my recent post on Skeletons Where I outlined the process in detail of how to create a specific undead creature.

I have decided that from now on in preparation for a Web novel I will be publishing called Excepts from the Necronomicon that I will be posting how to make a specific undead every week on Mondays, the next undead I will be showcasing how to create a necrotic sludge after this post on vampires.

Ranks of vampires (Their wasn't a good place to put this)

Arch Duke

How to create a vampire as a necromancer.

There are three main types of vampires you can create as a necromancer these are Typical Vampires, Fey Vampires, and Shadow Vampires.

Preparation (All Vampire types)

Selection - When creating a vampire one needs to be conscious of who they chose to make a vampire more than any other undead. While you can turn anyone into a vampire an ideal subject would be:

1) Pure - that being they have never had sex, nor killed anyone. Ideally, this would be someone who was pampered in their childhood and who has never committed any major or even minor crime that they would feel guilty about.

2) Young - Between the ages of 18 - 25 someone in the prime of their lives.

3) They must have a high natural affinity for death magic and if they don't you may need to artificially enhance their affinity.

4) Their Personality must be introverted and caring.

5) They must be alive before the ritual takes place. While you can turn someone who is freshly dead or someone who was even a corpse for decades into a vampire the results will be lackluster, to say the least.

6) the creature must be a humanoid ideally a pure human or elf.

Draining - This is the process of removing as much of the blood from the victim as possible so that the spell can work properly. One must make sure that their victim those not die during this process and while there are many ways to accomplish the simplest is to use either the Tier 2 necromancy spell False Life or the other tier 2 necromancy spell Stabilize.

Please bear in mind that both of those spells are temporary meaning that the next steps must be performed as quickly as possible.

If you would like to create a Fay vampire this process could easily take weeks as one needs to procure at least 15 liters of blood from the victim to be used during the ritual of raising them into a vampire.

Filling - During this process you will now fill the victim in question with 1 liter of Purified vampire Blood (Blood purification and embalming as it relates to necromantic pursuits will be covered later on when we get to the chapter on blood elementals) And three liters of normal human blood.
The higher rank of vampire blood you use for this part of your preparation the better the resulting vampire servant will be but the rank of the vampire created will not change.

Casting (All Vampire types)

The casting section when creating vampires is the most simple. Once all the preparation is complete simply use the Tier 3 spell Awaken Undead or the tier 2 spell Raise Vampire. (the specifics of this spell were mentioned in the skeleton section)

Preparation (Fay Vampire)

If you would like to form a Fey vampire a lot of extra requirements are needed in addition to what was mentioned above.

Setting up a cauldron - To create a fey vampire one must set up a special cauldron that will serve a similar to phylactery used by a lich. The best materials one can use to make this cauldron in ascending order of how good they are are; Iron, Silver, Holy steel, Fey metal, Ruby crystal, and Enchanted living stone.

Getting a Sacrifice - One must get an object from the victim that they held dear to their hearts before the process of becoming a vampire started.

When conducting the filling ritual one must use fey vampire blood rather than normal vampire blood. (Fey vampires only naturally exist in the fey Realm)

Casting (Fey Vampire)

Before one uses the Awaken Undead Or Raise Vampire on their victim the following steps must be conducted ideally with the help of a graveyard or tier 3 Alter.

1) The ritual of sacrifice must be undergone using the object you gained during the preparation phase as the sacrifice within the cauldron will be binding you, fey vampire, too.

2) The 200 hundred Rune Teir 3 Enchantment Binding of the fey must be placed around your Coldren using all the necessary materials except you will be mixing the normal regents with ten liters of blood from your victim instead of the water you would normally use.

3) A soul-binding ritual must be conducted between your victim and the cauldron. the cauldron will also be filled with five liters of your victim's blood at this stage.

4) An interdimensional binding ritual must be conducted between your cauldron and the fey realm. Keep in mind that this is a tier 5 ritual unfit for a novice or even intermediate ritualist so as a necromancer you may need to call in the assistance of someone else to perform this ritual for you.

5) After all this has finally been completed you can cast awaken undead unto your victim and assuming you had done everything up to this point correctly you should have your very own fey vampire bounded to do your bidding.

Preparation (Shadow Vampire)

Shade - Create a shade using the shadow of your victim while they are still alive turning them into an unshadowed. (The process of creating shades will be delved into at a later time)

Torture - Either acquire or obtain an item that your victim has severe negative emotions towards the stronger the negative emotions the stronger the connection the item will have with the shadow realm.
Again similar to a fey vampire when conducting the filling stage for a shadow vampire you must use shadow vampire blood rather than normal vampire blood. (Shadow vampires only naturally exist in the shadow realm)

Casting (Shadow vampire)

Two Soul binding rituals must be conducted. One with the object the victim has intense negative emotions towards and two with the shade you created out of their own shadow.

A ritual of interdimensional binding must be conducted between the object the victim has intense negative emotions towards and the shadow realm.

After all, this has finally been completed you can cast awaken undead unto your victim, and assuming you had done everything up to this point correctly you should have your very own shadow vampire bound to do your bidding.

Evolving (Typical Vampire)

Once you have created your vampire and have cast the necessary buffing spells you would like onto them the next step is to upgrade your vampire using specific rituals. while all the rituals are outlined further in this book I will be using three as examples to show what these rituals will look like.

Ritual to become a Lord from a servant

1) Create a Teir 1 Blood Alter, then place two stone pillars with golden tips around them.

2) You will need to place ten drops of Vampire lord blood on the top of the altar while burning Mint, dried dark fruit, and ginger. Make sure this ritual is conducted at midnight during a full moon.

3) Finally you need the vampire who originally turned you to bite you on the neck again or you need a necromancer to cast the Tier 3 spell Promote Undead on you

Ritual to become a Baron from a knight

Pre-Requirements: The recognition of a Vampire duke or higher, at least ten vampire servants under your command that you yourself raised, A tier 1 household (If you are a servant of a necromancer then their graveyard will count as your household), to have eaten at least fifty whole humans.

1) The vampire in question must go to an Incense Altar (or normal alter but it will require a 4x power rating on a normal alter to complete the ritual) with a power rating of at least 50 and undergo the blood enhancement ritual with the help of their household.

2) Afterwards Go to a tier 3 blood alter (How to upgrade a blood alter will be gone through the section on blood magic as it is a core pillar of necromancy along with minion creation) with at least 25 Blank Glyphstones and 6 iron pillars with ruby tips surrounding them, then cut your hand with a sacrificial knife of your choosing over the alter.

3) Mix in along with your own blood. at least 30 drops of purified vampire baron blood, 10 Drops of enhanced human blood (each drop must come from a different person), 5 grams of arcane ash, and 10 grams of powdered soul essence.

4) After ten minutes of letting your mixture fuse together within the alter use it on Tier 2 Blank Slate to place the tier 3 enchantment Self Perfection on the tablet.

5) Once you are done with that and you are sure your enchantment works, Use an apprentice blood orb with at least 10 liters of blood stored within it to cast the enchantment you just placed on the Tier 2 Blank Slate, onto yourself.

6) Finally you have the vampire that turned you into a vampire bite your neck or have a necromancer use the Tier 5 Necromancer spell Advanced Undead Promotion on you.

Evolving(Fey vampire)

The Process of Evolving into a fay vampire is extremely simple. All one must do is eat a vampire whole who is of the rank ahead of them then have a necromancer cast the spell Promote Undead on them at the appropriate rank.
Say you are a fey vampire servant all you need to do to become a lord is to eat a vampire lord's entire body of any type (that can be fay, shadow, or typical) then have a necromancer cast promote undead on you at any time afterward. (There is no deadline for this)

Evolving (Shadow Vampire)

To Evolve a shadow vampire from a servant to a lord they must consume 1000 Shades (the process of creating shades will be listed in a future chapter) then have a necromancer Cast the spell Promote Undead on them which is at the appropriate rank.
To go from Lord to Knight that 2000 and to go from Knight to Baron is three thousand.

This may sound simple at first but if you want to fully advance a Shadow vampire to its maximum potential it means that you will need to create 45000 Shades from 45000 Corpses. That is no easy feat no matter the necromancer. Also, consider that the quality of the shades, fed to the vampire determines how much strength it has meant you can not simply give your undead low-quality food.

General Abilities of Vampires

Costs and benefits of each type of Vampire

Typical Vampires

They are the easiest to initially create but the hardest to evolve due to the complex rituals and understanding of blood magic required. As a matter, of fact having a powerful vampire as a servant is as much of a status symbol for blood mages as a powerful death knight or Undead familiar is for a normal necromancer.

Typical vampires have the highest physical might of the vampires by far. they also have a natural affinity towards learning necromancy and especially blood magic.

Typical vampires gain the ability to transform into true vampires when they become vampire knights, turning them into hideous monsters with 5 times the physical strength for a short period of time.

When they become Vampire Dukes they gain a special ability that only they and their household members can use eg. Gravity manipulation.

Typical vampires have the ability to form blood weapons by killing fellow vampires that only they can use.

Shadow vampires

They are the only type of vampire that can actually die if they stay in the sun for too long too many days in a row.

They have the ability to manipulate their own shadow which gets stronger as they increase in rank. They can solidify shadows, use shadows to enhance their strength, store things in shadows, teleport through shadows, make minions out of shadows and so much more.

They have an enhanced weakness against Holy magic but they are masters and stealth and scouting becoming far stronger at night.

If the item that connects them to the shadow realm is destroyed they will instantly disappear.

Fey Vampires

These vampires have a natural affinity towards nature and are masters of illusion, witchcraft, and charm.

They are the weakest physically and the hardest to initially create but are the easiest to evolve into their strongest form that being an origin Fey vampire. Due to this most accomplished necromancers will have at least one fey vampire under their service.

Fey vampires can survive on blood alone and can use it to rapidly heal themselves, they also grow stronger after drinking the blood of a strong individual.

Fey vampires can consume blood from their cauldron regardless of distance and any blood that is within their cauldron will never spoil.

The cauldron of a fey vampire acts similarly to a phylactery of a lich if the vampire is to the parish as long as there is enough blood stored in the cauldron they can rebuild their bodies within it after a ten-day waiting period.

Fey vampires have incredible control over their own blood being able to change the density, of red and white blood cells within it, and even the temperature.

They can also shoot blood out of their bodies controlling it with their minds, High ranked fey vampires can even cause their blood to become corrosive, poisonous, or explode on impact with something.

How are vampires naturally formed?

Vampires are formed naturally when a living person is surrounded by thousands of dead creatures for a long period of time. the specifics of vampire society how they breed and how they live their lives are beyond the scope of this book which is meant to as a training manual for necromancers.
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2023.03.20 21:53 Actual-Ad4595 How do you tell if your spouse is cheating on Facebook?// How do you know if your husband is cheating on Facebook? // Do people use Facebook to cheat? // What is considered Facebook cheating?

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How To Spy On The Facebook Messages Of Your Suspicious Spouse?
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If you feel that they are spending too much time on Facebook, then you should probably start monitoring all their Facebook activities. So the Facebook messenger will help you to reveal the truth behind this, as they will give you a clear idea about all their activities on Facebook.
Spy applications are usually not visible on the targeted person’s device, and it usually runs on background. The person will never come to know that you are monitoring or spying on them. As they are hidden, you will be able to discreetly collect all necessary data from them, without letting them know that you are detecting or spying on them. If you ever suspect that your loved or dear one is no more truthful to you, or is hanged up in another relation, then you can try your hands on such spy apps, cause they help you to monitor all activities in an effective, easy and organized way. So never be worried thinking about how to spy Facebook messenger, as this is quite possible in many ways, out of which a perfect alternative is to try using [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.20 21:09 drdalebrant To add to the Netflix Canada household BS, it appears they've removed Chrome casting from web and app.

When they restricted accounts based on household location I lost the ability to watch on my smart TV via the Netflix app at my office. Wasn't a huge deal at the time because I would just chromecast from my computer browser or using the mobile app. Then all of a sudden chromecast button was missing from the web browser and now with the most recent Android mobile app update it is gone entirely. This is clearly a tactic to force people to stop sharing accounts, but it is making it so I can't even using my own account in more places than one. I'm not going to change my primary location back and forth everyday when I go to work. Netflix, get your head out of your ass and stop alienating your long time customers.
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2023.03.20 20:59 koakanesan [Method] Productivity for the analytical mind, part 3: How to be introspective

(Please read the disclaimers and part 2 before you continue reading this post )
Welcome back to the second part of introspection, we previously explored why being contemplative is an integral part of improving as an individual, and now we'll explore how we should go about it.
As mentioned in the previous post, I define introspection as the ability to perceive, label, and process your internal experience. We'll be looking at each part of the process in depth.
Let's start with perception: how do you go about it?
Fortunately, for most of us, it can be easily done by removing distractions from our minds and simply shifting attention inwards. You can do that by creating a space in which you allow the brain to sit in a "vacuum," so to speak, where it can't get distracted.
You can try this now by sitting down in a comfortable environment with nothing but a pen and a piece of paper, you can also listen to some white noise, or just relax in your cozy bed.
You have the flexibility to do it however you want as long as you fulfill the following: No easily accessible distractions and an uninterrupted time for you to sit within that physical space (start with 10-20 minutes if you haven't done this before).
Once you do that, your mind and body will populate your experience with all kinds of thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. It can be quite amazing (and scary) to see how fast this happens.
Now we get to the interesting part, instead of reaching out for your usual distraction, you just need to do nothing, yes, nothing. Just stay with that experience.
An important disclaimer before we continue: Your experiences will vary wildly from each other, including the severity.
If you feel like you truly can't sit with whatever comes up and are filled with immense fear, anger, or sadness (if you rate it as 7/10 or above in terms of discomfort ) then I would highly recommend walking that path with a therapist.
Consult someone who will hold your hand and provide you with the care you need until you can tolerate that experience on your own.
On the other hand, if you feel like the experience isn't that bad, then you may keep experimenting.
You won't be able to "see" at first since your mind is going to process what is happening. Some of the reactions might be quite negative and a little bit overwhelming to you.
It is also normal if you feel that your experience is somewhat foggy or hard to discern what's happening there. This is going to be like learning how to walk. At first, things are going to be messy, but the success is in staying in the mess until your body is familiar with the environment and can tolerate it.
Do this for 10-20 minutes a day, three times a week as a start, and increase the dose as you see fit. The important step here is to just do nothing and to let your mind be as messy as it wants to be, sit there, and pay attention to it.
Then, once you feel like the experience is manageable, try to understand what is happening to you. You do so by directing your attention to the sensations you feel and trying to make sense of them.
Let me illustrate: Try to put your finger on the palm of your hand and move it slowly. Can you perceive that? If yes, then how did you do that?
Well, the answer is that you just do. You always perceive, all the time.
Where that perception goes is the difference, that is attention!
If you were playing a game or deeply involved in any activity and something brushed against your legs or back. Chances are you won't notice it. The reason being is that all of your attention is directed toward something else, so your mind doesn't have similar bandwidth for other inputs.
So what you're doing is shifting attention from one point to another, and that is what you need to practice, shifting your attention from point A to point B.
This is why it is important to create a space with no distractions where you direct your attention to the immediate feedback you receive from your body.
That is, dear stranger, how you perceive your internal experience!
(I realize that this does seem quite obvious to some of you)
Okay, so if I want to "see" then I need to get rid of distractions and shift my attention to my body, right?
Yes, that is exactly it. If you find yourself speed-running this, then you can move into the nuances of your feelings and thoughts.
Okay, then what about the other two?
Yes, let's do the second one, labeling. How do you go about that?
The obvious answer is to just label your experience, which doesn't seem challenging, right?
While I agree that it does seem easy, labeling your experience can be quite challenging once you clear the beginner level. Let us go through these levels together.
Beginner level:
Can you differentiate between physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions:
Can you label each one: "okay this is a thought", "Oh I see, this is an emotion" or "Oh this is an emotion with physical sensations" etc.
If you can do that, then congratulations, you can move on to the next level!
Intermediate level:
Can you name the emotion you're feeling: Is it anger, fear, happiness, shame, pride, or disgust: "I just finished this task, it took me so much time and effort, but I was able to do it, you know! I feel good about myself"
Can you put your thoughts into words: "I think I disagree with what you said, I think that having A and B alone is nonsense".
Can you describe the physical sensation in detail: " I feel a tightness around my chest and a weird feeling in my throat"
I would recommend using the famous feelings wheel as a helpful guide. Many of my clients have found this to be quite useful. The way you use it is fairly straightforward: go through the basic emotions(angry, fearful, bad, surprised, happy, sad, disgusted) and see which one will "click" with you or feels the closest to what you're experiencing.
Then move to the next stage (e.g: looking at the angry section, are you feeling humiliated, bitter, or mad?).
Then move on to the next stage (e.g: Feeling jealous).
Great! Now, you have a more nuanced view of your experience.
If you cleared this level, then congratulations. You can now move to the advanced level.
Advanced level:
Can you expand on the nuances of the internal experience:
Emotion: "I feel a sense of pride that I was able to finish this task. I am relieved that I was able to achieve this. At the same time, I feel sad that this journey has come to an end. This was quite the journey!"
Physical sensation: "I feel this tightness in my chest and there is this weird sensation at the back of my throat, it almost feels like my throat is dry. I also notice a strain on my eyes, I think I'm about to cry"
Thought: " I think that the issue you didn't mention here is that X, Y, and Z are fundamental parts of the process and while I agree that A and B are important as well, I don't see how we can dissociate the two processes from each other as it will result in issue C, D, and E"
Do you see, dear stranger, how we managed to go from simple labels to descriptions and expansions and how that allows us to have a greater understanding of what's going on?
The important thing to mention here is that you're not going to be at the same level across all the dimensions of your experience. Chances are you're going to be fairly good at one of the three (relatively speaking). You may find it fairly easy to describe physical pain in great detail, or you can write an entire paragraph on why you think this post is a waste of your time, or you can talk for a whole hour about how sad you are over the loss of someone you care about.
It's even a little more nuanced than that. For example, you may be very fluent at speaking "sad", but you may find it challenging to speak "angry", "loved", or "scared".
The unpredictable nature of human life will predispose you to be good at some things and not at others, which is normal. Therefore, if you find it easy to speak one dialect, that doesn't mean there is no area of improvement there. This also means that if you can't speak another dialect, then that also doesn't mean that things are hopeless. Being able to put your experience into words and expand on its nuances is a lifelong skill. You will get better at it the more you try to do it. Use the feelings wheel, talk to friends, or work with someone. The important thing to me is that you keep trying to express what you feel.
This finally brings us to the third point: processing!
Luckily, for processing, you only have to do half the work. Your mind will do the rest (given the right space to do so).
So what is emotional processing?
It is how your brain manages to understand your experience of the world and integrates that model as part of you. This usually will allow you to manage highly emotional states and go back to your baseline.
Let's look at a classic example: Break-ups.
Let's say that you have been with a person for some time and now you have both come to the decision to end things.
Well, at first, this change is going to feel drastic, but as time goes on and as you grieve properly, you will notice that your brain has naturally "adapted" to this change. That adaption is your brain processing the experience you went through. You might even have discovered that you have gained some insight into how to navigate romantic relationships in the future.
So what you're saying is processing is like moving on? Yes, to a certain extent, it is the ability to walk through the experiences you have, make sense of them and adapt to them by either shifting to a different model or by grieving some part of the old model.
I'm lumping the self, relationships, belongings, and ideas into one group called "model").
The good news is that if you allow your brain the space and time to feel, and make sense of things, then most of the processing will be done for you.
Unfortunately, our technology-driven lifestyle robs us of this ability. Being a little more intentional about this can be quite helpful.
The good news here is that paying attention and labeling your experience is technically part of processing your emotions, so you're halfway there!
Here is a breakdown for the rest:
First, create the space as we discussed. This is the seeing that we talked about, take some time out of your day to just have some alone time.
Second, pay attention to your external experience, and be present. The aim here is to try to understand and not change.
Third, Inquire:
Let's take X for example. On Tuesday morning, while going to work. A coworker of X said: "Hi, X!" and X felt this sudden urge to be aggressive towards coworker A.
Let's see how we can be introspective and process our experience by modeling X's behavior:
X: "Okay, so what was that all about, I was walking to work, as usual, coworker A said hi and I wanted to punch him in the face"
Okay, this is great, X took the first step, and the door is open, X took some time to think about this and shifted his attention inward. What's next? That's right, time to label.
X: "Well, thinking back on it, I felt angry all of a sudden. Wait, was I angry at him?"
Again, try to inquire and ask questions, the aim here is to empty that emotional energy that is stored within you. We're going to keep expanding on how X feels until he has nothing to say about that specific situation anymore.
X:" I don't think I'm angry at him necessarily. It's just that he is so annoying"
X: "Wait, why do I find him annoying?"
X: "Umm, It just feels so fake, like the way he greets us doesn't feel genuine and that makes me angry"
Okay, X is doing great here. He managed to stay curious, dig deeper and expand on how he felt. The next question would be, what about his greeting that makes him feel not genuine?
X: "Thinking back on it, he is always smiling and happy, but I know for a fact that this is not possible. Like how can he be happy all the time?"
Interestingly, it seems that X is more bothered by coworker's A attitude and how his smiling is bothersome to him because it is impossible to be that happy.
X: "I don't know, I just feel like, are you so happy that you want to rub it in my face every morning?"
We started with anger, and now it seems that the experience is shifting to another emotion.
X: "Wait a second, I'm envious of the guy, haha, oh my god! I'm envious of the guy, but why?"
Again, X is curious, asking questions, and making sense of things.
X: "I think I hate that I don't have what he has. It's like even though we're on the same boat I don't get to feel what he's feeling"
X: "Wait, I'm dissatisfied with my life, and I'm envious of him?! I also feel bad about not being able to achieve the same things at work. Wait, I can't really tell what this feeling is, let me get that feelings wheel that the guy talked about"
Great job at noticing when labeling gets difficult
X:" Oh, here it is, now let's see, there it is, shame! I'm feeling shame! wow, that is quite the surprise, I am ashamed of myself?!"
X:" Wait a second, so you're telling me that the reason I'm annoyed with him is that he's doing better at me in life even though we have the same job, and I feel ashamed about that. I'm also envious because I don't have what he has and every time he greets me with a smile it feels like he is rubbing it in my face!
What! I have never looked at it this way, wow, just wow! I mean this is alarming, I gotta apologize to the guy"
And that is an exaggerated and accelerated example of processing. What you see here is that X was living in ambiguity. By digging into that ambiguity and by labeling his experience and making sense of it, he was able to shift his perspective and "move on" from the previous model to a new one.
There might be some additional steps that he needs to go through before moving on completely and overcoming the feelings of shame and inadequacy, at the same time, he was able to start his journey by simply keeping a curious mind, asking questions, trying to understand, and making sense of things.
Once your mind clicks, when you have these "oh I see" moments in your reasoning, then that means your brain has acquired a new piece of data to integrate.
The other important thing to mention here is that sleep is also vital for processing.
If you feel like you haven't made much progress doing introspection for that day. I would highly recommend waiting until the next couple of days to check in with yourself. Some of the steps for "moving on" require some processes that are only available through sleep. So wait a day or two, then see how you feel about the issue.
The other important variable is time. Processing takes time and is not a linear process. You will find yourself going back to some points over and over and over until they click. Once they do, however, you will notice that those same issues won't feel as bothersome to you as they used to.
That is it; that is how you go about introspection, now go out there and open the door to the mysteries of your own mind! :)
Alright, dear stranger, this brings us to the end of today's post. I hope that I was able to shed some light on the importance of introspection as an integral part of change.
I'll see you all in next week's post: The why.
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2023.03.20 20:35 PeacefulUnity No gallbladder removal surgery after praying…

Just some rambling, story time: So I was told I have gallstones and that I’d need my gallbladder removed months ago. At that time, I was having nausea and heartburn, so when the results came back, not only was there a gallstone there, but they diagnosed me with gastritis. I started taking omeprazole (for the heartburn/gastritis) and after about a month or so, I went back to the doctor and they said I can slowly retrieve from the medication since I’m doing well and I’m not having nausea or heartburn anymore.
So, I went home and “slowly”retrieved from them. I say slowly because I actually just stopped taking them abruptly. As the days went by, I noticed that without the meds, it’s like the symptoms weren’t there in the first place. The nausea went away, no heartburn, just perfectly fine. Then, I scheduled for the gallbladder surgeon to see what they would say regarding surgery that my GP was so sure I would need. Today, I went to that appointment. I was expecting a date and time and instructions on what to do before the day of the surgery, but not a word regarding a what I thought was an expected surgery came out of the surgeon’s mouth.
Instead, since I’m not experiencing any symptoms like severe pain that radiates to the back, nausea, vomiting, etc., there’s no need for surgery. He stated that most of the patients that need it are overweight and I’m literally the opposite of that. He noticed I’m underweight (still not good, but not extremely bad), so he asked if I’m eating. I said I’m a picky eater. He stated gallstones aren’t caused by just eating greasy food, but a lot has to do with genetics. Perhaps you’d have to be eating a soggy, oily and extremely greasy meal to trigger the symptoms I don’t have. Even when I eat something greasy but not extreme, I still have no symptoms. We exchanged some laughs and smiles and he gave me a manual regarding all about gallbladder surgery.
But nothing more, I went on my merry way and it took me by surprise that what I expected, was shattered (IN A SUPER GOOD WAY) Then in the car, something inside me brought up the prayers I prayed and that I had asked from my friends when the diagnosis was new. I cried out to God about my concern regarding this surgery at that time. I was on a prayer spree, asking for help from God and prayers from people back then. When I was in the car and that memory came up in my head, I started shedding a few tears (I had to contain them because I was about to go inside a store to shop 😅).
Although the gallstones are there (but the last scan was over 2 months ago), the surgeon doesn’t recommend surgery.
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2023.03.20 20:31 mmmmmmmmikey Is the browser acting extremely weird for anyone else

Recently I noticed unwanted ads showing up in Google search (not the normal "sponsored" ads, ads that would open up a new ad tab by simply clicking anywhere on the search results page).
I uninstalled a bunch of extensions I suspected could have potentially contained malware.
Shortly after that the browser stopping working almost entirely. Site's functionality was limited, and the web store wouldn't even open at all. Youtube completely broke as well. Tried clearing cache + cookies to no avail.
Important to note that no other browser was having similar issues (tried Edge, Chrome and Firefox).
I ended up exporting my bookmarks and uninstalling Brave. Just wondering if anyone else has been having issues recently or since the most recent update?
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2023.03.20 20:30 wnesceitmx 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦




The story, a true story, tells of a man and a woman having a cyber relationship, and about an hypothetical meeting of them, after long repressed each other's instincts for fear of ruining the friendship. Meeting which might become reality. It tells of days when the man takes the initiative and declares his love to her, and both explode in a whirlwind of erotic passion, pleasure for all the repressed desires for too long. The story is sometimes romantic, sometimes erotic, it's explicit and compelling while it never be vulgar .-
Please leave comment or suggestions at [email protected]
By Fonzie18
(18 is not my age but my size)
The dream became reality
I have come to fetch you at Milano's airport. As soon as you've seen me thou hast done a radiant smile and you are racing to meet me. We have embraced like good friends, then I accompanied you to your hotel.
Just arrived in the room, I donated you a bouquet of red roses.
A rose I had removed all thorns and we'd put on a ticket. You've taken the flowers with a big smile, then you've seen the rose without thorns with the ticket attached. You opened and you read it. It said "This is you. A rose without thorns. I Love You ".
You lay the roses on the table, slowly did you come to me looking into my eyes, in silence. I approached too. I looked at you. And we kissed.
I felt your voluptuous tongue caress mine, in a flurry of irresistible passion, like waves breaking on the rocks...
For too long time we have waited this moment, and now our passion finally ran free like a wild horse...
We moans by pleasure... The tongues penetrated deep throat, our hearts galloped stronger and stronger...
You hugged me until you almost smother me, I stroked your cheeks pink and your long hair, like a thousand scented silk threads. I felt your nipples are standing as swords touch mine.
With one hand I began to caress her breasts. then her nipples over the thin patterned shirt by your statutory forms. You groaned with pleasure.
I took courage and I inserted my hands under your shirt and I untied the bra, always continuing to kiss you.
You take off it without cleaving by me. I looked up your shirt and began to kiss your breasts and licking and sucking your nipples, completely rigid, like two small nails. You went mad from pleasure.
You leaned down your head backward with your eyes closed, I went with one hand down and I untied your jeans, so I inserted the hand in your panties...
You were hot, completely wet, soggy by pleasure and desire.
I inserted two fingers in your inviting pussy, and began to move rapidly, now you groan of pleasure, your hand down to caress my package, made massive by my excitement.
You delighted by the result and you untied my jeans too.
The erection had transformed my boxer shorts in Lycra in a t-shirt!
You inserted inside your hand and you began to masturbate me.
Both went mad from excitement.
My member was like a baton.
You detached from me, you kneeled down, then you began sucking it, moaning and groaning over before, enjoying as me.
You began to lick the tip gently. Your velvety soft tongue gave me shivers of pleasure that made me shudder, then you swallowed all the glans, and sweetness you began to whirl the tongue around it.
I seemed to faint! I had it big as never before and as hard as the marble, it was like as an egyptian obelisk, it was barely into your mouth.
Then you began to masturbate me while also you continued to suck and lick. With your other hand you caressed my balls, you making me crazy. Then you continuing to masturbate me, you came down to lick everything, including the balls, now I was in ecstasy! Then you take it into mouth again, this time you trying to swallow it all, I felt the glans pressing on your hot throat, an indescribable feeling... I exploded like a volcano rivers hot cum in her mouth, and thou with me, you enjoyed, swallowing and sucking every last drop everything, greedily.
I caressed and I kissed you for a long time, then with the penis still erect I took you in my arms and I put you on the bed. I took your wonderful and long legs and I started on their knees to lick and kiss them, reaching further and further.
Your sweet, hot and sweet-smelling lips of your pussy begged my kisses like a flower begs the water...
More I approached to that oasis of pleasure and more you moan, completely abandoned to my caresses!
I reached your thighs, you opened your legs even more, you opened like a flower that want the sun, and the sun came.
I kissed gently your voluptuous clitoris; you shuddered and you began to rub breasts and nipples.
I licked the warm, wet lips of your delicious vulva, I inserted into the tongue and I tasted your sugary nectar. It was as hot as your passion.
I began to lick and suck your clitoris gently all around. Your anus began to throb, you were coming, you repeated gasping, "Yes, go on, go on...-
I did it, and with a long groan you arched the back and you came in my mouth... How delicious your juice was, my love! I inserted the tongue inside until the bottom to not lose even one drop of your delicious honey.
So I got up, my member was blazing, it asking only you... You looked at it with some apprehension and you told me: -Be gentle...-
I put it with the glans on the lips of your throbbing and warm pussy, then I pushed gently, it opened and it received it in a hot and tight hug. It slowly surrendered to the size of my member, it was suitable for it like a glove.
I continued to move it gently up and down, until I felt your muscles surrender, then I pushed it to the bottom, you remained breathless, you moaned with open mouth and eyes wide open... I began then to move it up and down, up and down, and you began to cry of pleasure: -Yes... All... All...!!!-
I plunger like a train. I leaned on you and lick your nipples, I caressed your face, I kissed you French style, with my tongue touching your throat vibrating by pleasure.
I felt your vagina throb, and you came again. You've turned me upside down kissing me greedily, and standing sit above me did you start to go up and down. You straightened by bending your head back and you closed your eyes, I felt your pussy pulsing...
I stretched my hands and I caressed your breasts and nipples...
You came again flooding me, like a waterfall, of the hot mood of your pleasure. You repeated continually: "Oh love, ohh! -
I raised you and I put you prone on the bed. I bent over you and started to kiss your neck and to lick your ears, you was gasping.
I went with tongue down your back, you had goose bumps and thrill of pleasure. I reached to your buttocks, I licked and kissed all, so I opened them and admired that beautiful pink flower that is your anus. I began to lick it and to put my tongue inside, keeping your buttocks open. You screamed by pleasure, you arching your belly to improve access.
Your pussy was dripping. You inserted inside it two fingers and you began to masturbate while I continued to lick you.
I putted a finger gently inside it, it was boiling... You said: -Aaahhh... Yes...- I took it as an invitation and I continued by putting two fingers gently now.
I moved them inside you, and I whirled them, you groan still continuing to masturbate.
I pulled out them, your anus remained open, I slipped my tongue, licking inside and around...
You told me: - Take me! - I leaned against my glans on that inviting pink little hole. I began to slowly push, I felt your muscles slowly surrendering to my action. Then you pushed back yourself, making me enter shot inside you. You cried and you stopped for a moment.
I remained motionless with my member inside your tight and enveloping ass. So you said: -Okay, go ahead... Slowly ... Yes!-
I pushed him gently inside you, I felt you and I enjoyed as far as the brain, your hot ass which enveloped my entire penis drove me crazy...
I pushed it all in, you were out of breath, my balls slapped your dripping pussy,
I increased the rhythm, you screamed and you masturbated like crazy, you were coming, and I came with you, I pouring into you my most glowing orgasm.
You collapsed on the bed completely exhausted and you said: -Oh my love...-
I replied: -I love you!-
I turned you back on the bed, I lay on you, your nipples against mine... We kissed completely enraptured, I closed the eyes...
I reopened them, I was in my bed, completely alone, with my boxer completely soaked. I took a shower, and I went to work. I had still your perfume on me. And I was late.-
Please tell me your comments at [email protected]
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It’s been a long day at school for Daniel. The girl he likes did her best to avoid him at every turn. In the group projects, she was eager to get together with her friends, or anyone else besides Daniel. He couldn't find her in the breaks and at lunchtime, she almost sprinted out of the schoolhouse to get some food in the city nearby.
It was frustrating. Daniel wanted to give her space but there is a conversation she is avoiding and it's time for them to have it. After class, he decided to talk to her. He waited for her in front of the exit, hoping she wouldn't just turn around when she sees him.
She stopped in her motion as she spotted him guarding the entrance but she also knew that she couldn’t avoid him forever so she kept on walking, doing her best to fake a smile.
“Daniel,” she says, “I’m in a hurry, were you waiting for me?” She is nervous. It‘s obvious. He didn’t even have to read her mind to know that.
“Please, can we talk for a minute?”
She looked around. The fact that there are only a few students left didn’t give her much confidence. She didn’t respond but she also didn’t run away again.
"You're scared," Daniel said, stating the obvious.
“You’ve read my mind again?”
“No. I mean Yeah but I didn’t have to, to know this. You've been avoiding me at school, you don't respond to my texts, ever since I told you … eh," He stumbled as he realized that they were still standing in the middle of the school and it's probably a bad idea to mention his abilities here.
Luckily his girlfriend didn’t share these concerns, “You mean when you told me you can read my mind! Ever since then I’ve been avoiding you?”
Daniel tried to signal her to keep it down. Sooner or later people would have noticed them fighting and started to ears drop.
“Don’t shush me! And of course, I’m scared. You’re a freak. It’s not normal!”
Daniel failed to keep her quiet but that’s not what concerned him at the moment, “You’re angry with me?”
"You did it again! Get out of my head. And why would I be angry? Maybe because in every conversation we had you knew exactly what I thought and knew exactly what to say so I'd fall for you? Or maybe because after I told you to stop you still keep doing it? Just stop!"
Daniel was taken aback, “It’s not that simple. You think I can just switch it off? I didn’t choose this. It doesn’t change who I am. I’m still the same guy you went on dates on.”
“You’re wrong, it changes everything.” The girl looked around again. People were starting to watch the two of them. “I can’t do that, leave me alone,” she said and ran away.
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With her mind running only on half its capacity she finds herself in a room that she’s never seen before. Shit. She is not at home. Of course. They went to Daniel after the party. For a moment Chloe doesn’t know what to do. The room looks pretty neat. It’s a girly bedroom.
The sound of three soft knocks on the doorframe makes her jump a little. Pete is watching her with amusement. "Do you sleepwalk or are you awake?"
Chloe looks like a dear in the headlights. "Eh, good morning Peter," she says.
Chloe quickly realizes that she is only wearing her panties and one of Daniel’s shirts that works more like a dress on her. Still, what she would give to wear pants right now. It makes her pretty self-conscious. The situation has definitely the potential to get awkward real fast.
“Here drink this, it’s good for you.” Peter hands her the glass he is carrying.
Chloe takes it and asks, “What is it?”
Peter grins, “Water, it will help against the hangover.”
“Thanks, but I didn’t drink that much yesterday.”
“So, you’re just not a morning person then?” He asks. Chloe lifts her shoulders. Yeah, probably. She looks around, still trying to figure out what room she is in. There’s an awful lot of pink and a big closet. Only one bed, maybe a guest room?
“It’s my wife’s bedroom if that's what you’re wondering." Chloe seems confused so Pete adds, "We don't sleep in the same room. From experience, I can tell you that it's not that bad of an idea. I often have to work late and she has to rise early.”
“What time is it?” Chloe asks. It feels like it’s still pretty early.
"Eight-thirty. I had a meeting earlier so I had to be awake sooner than normal," he says, "I just wanted to eat breakfast, you wanna join me?"
Chloe drinks up her glass of water and nods. Peter laughs, she’s quite adorable in the morning. The way she is still so sleepy. On their way downstairs he asks, “Daniel is still sleeping?”
Chloe nods again. She is a bit slow but still notices that there is something up with this question. “Is that unusual?” she asks.
“Sharp as a knife even in the early morning hours,” Peter says jokingly, “well, it’s not every day that I’m up before Daniel. He doesn’t sleep that much you know.”
“Yeah, yesterday he only got six hours or so, I heard him leave the room.” She says and looks to Peter. There’s still something, she thinks.
“That’s better than usual. He told me that five is the norm but I guess it could be even less on some days. Never saw him get more, though. I guess you’re good for him.”
How can someone only sleep so little? That’s definitely not healthy, Chloe thinks. And does he really sleep better when she is around? She’d love to think that but the reality is that his body probably just takes back what he needs and it’s just a coincidence that it’s the nights she was sleeping next to him.
Scene 2
“You really wanna go shopping?” Daniel asks. They just entered a pretty big mall and it's even more impressive inside. It has four floors. Going through every shop could take a lifetime or two.
“Why?” Chloe asks a bit disappointed, “You wouldn’t like me trying on some new clothes, maybe to pose a bit for you?”
“I didn’t say that …”
“Too bad, I think we’ll have to settle for the best ice cream in town then.” She smiles. Daniel just walked right into her trap and there is no real way to recover. That mouth of hers, he loves it.
Daniel stops in front of an info-map. The stores are listed and the numbers go up to 150. Well, it won't be just clothing lines but you wanna go shopping here you should bring some time. Better stick to Chloe, if he'd lose her there's a good chance, he won't find her again.
As he thinks that, Chloe tucks at his shirt. “Come on,” she says and pulls him onto the escalator, “the ice cream store is on the third floor.”
There is so much food. The entire floor is filled with restaurants. Daniel sees that there’s a pretty long queue in front of the ice cream store that Chloe is walking to. That’s when he feels something.
“Why don’t you get us some ice and I find a place to sit,” he says.
That came sudden and a bit unnatural, so Chloe asks, “You don’t enjoy my company?”
"Let's just say, you should have taken that shower I offered you earlier."
“Hey! … That’s just mean,” she says but eventually has to laugh about his bluntness. “What do you want?”
"Surprise me", he says, smiles again, and walks away. After a few steps, he looks back to check on something. Chloe quickly sniffs one of her armpits. As she looks around to check if someone saw what she just did she finds Daniels laughing eyes that tell her it’s been his plan all along. Got you, he thinks.
Scene 3
As Chloe comes back with the two ice-creams, she finds Daniel sitting on a bench with a samll girl. Chloe raises an eyebrow.
“She is looking for her mom. Let’s help her real quick,” Daniel says.
“You’ve seen how big this mall is?” Chloe asks a bit sarcastically. There is no way they’ll find her mom ‘real quick’ as Daniel put it.
Daniel gives her a comforting smile, "Just humor me for a minute." He stands up and takes the hand of the girl.
“Are you his girlfriend?” she asks Chloe.
Amused about the question Chloe looks at Daniel, “I don’t know, am I?”
She’s really pulling that on him after only three days? If it’s a test there is only one safe answer. “Of course, you are,” he says. In case he is overstepping there, he could pretend he only wanted to tease her a little bit.
Daniel is leading the way straight to the next escalator, takes it, and from there he tries to find a way through the crowd. He wants to get somewhere specific. Chloe has no idea where he wants to go but stays silent.
At one point the kid rushes forward straight to a woman that’s looking pretty distressed. “Mommy!” The woman turns around and sees her kid running towards her. She goes to her knees and welcomes her with open arms. As she looks up her gaze meets Daniel's eyes.
“Let’s get out of here, I really don’t want to answer too many questions,” Daniel says, “What did you get me anyway?”
“Coconut.” Chloe hands it to him. A drop is running down the waffle right onto her fingers. Daniel takes the ice cream from her, grabs her hand, and licks it clean.
“How does it taste?” she asks with a smile.
“At least top ten material.”
They walk out of the mall, both enjoying their ice creams in silence. As they finished up Daniel says, "I got to go then. Don't wanna be late for my lunch with Dr. Carter."
"Yeah, I know."
A thought hits Chloe. Yesterday after her talk he said something about Dr. Carter helping him with something. She's a scientist that specialized in mind reading. Or the next best thing, traces of thoughts. If for some reason it's true that Daniel can read people’s minds then Karren would be the person she’d go to for answers. It’s plausible but, to say the least, it’s very unlikely.
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I have a new found appreciation for the various writers who submit stories. It has proven to be a difficult, time consuming activity that required significant effort just to get to this point. No matter how many times I proof-read my story, I find errors and typos. Please excuse the errors. I will make corrections. But at some point I thought I should submit the story and stop re-writing. Please vote. Some comments were made about having read this story before - but I submitted versions of this story to different sites many years ago. It has evolved. This is my latest.
Two Mothers
Chapter One: Walter
Patty brushed her long, wavy blonde hair out of her eyes and scowled at her son's bedroom door.
"Walter, I know what you're doing in there! I am absolutely sick of listening to you in your room every day! Walter, are you listening?"
Her teenage son didn't answer. The rhythmic thumping continued louder than ever, the sound of the headboard banging against the wall as Walter eagerly beat his fist up and down his stiff, throbbing cock.
"Walter!" Patty swore as she rapped angrily on the door. "Walter, pay attention ! Walter! Walter!"
Walter groaned, and then the headboard started thumping against the wall faster. He was on the verge of spraying a big load of cum all over his chest. Patty turned from the door, blushing fiercely as she retreated down the hall.
The masturbation sessions had started six months ago, following her divorce. Walter, Patty's handsome, athletic, teenage son had developed an obsession of jacking-off constantly. In spite of her embarrassment, she could not ignore the hefty bulge in Walter's jeans.
Patty wondered if she had anything to do with it. She was shocked how her son would irreverently stare at her breasts. Her body had always aroused male interest, but now Patty could see that her son was no exception. As she paced the floor, her large tits swayed and bounced as she moved. She wondered if she could be part of the problem. She was frustrated trying to figure out what to do.
At least Walter could try to restrain himself, Patty thought. Or at least be quiet about wanting to play with himself so much. It was three-thirty in the afternoon now, and Walter had been home for a half hour. He'd literally run upstairs as soon as he'd walked through the door with an obscene-looking bulge outlined through his jeans.
Minutes later, the thumping had started. She heard it at least four times a day now. She'd tried to talk to him about it, both delicately and directly, but he just wouldn't listen.
Well, he was just going to have to get over it, Patty thought suddenly. Impulsively she went to the hall closet, finding the key to Walter's bedroom door hanging on a nail. Determined and angry she went back to his room, knowing full well that she was about to catch her boy in the act. It wasn't normal for a boy to play with himself so much. Walter simply had to learn to control his sexual desires.
Patty let herself into his room abruptly throwing the door open. Even with that, it took Walter a moment to notice that she'd come in. As she'd expected, he was lying on his back with his pants around his ankles. The youth's tongue wagged obscenely out of the corner of his mouth as he worked his fist feverishly, whipping his hand up and down his throbbing cock.
Patty froze, fixated at the sight of her son's cock. She watched intently. It was the first time she'd seen her son naked in years. She'd imagined that his penis would still be boyish, even though he was now almost full-grown now. But Patty was wrong. Walter's prick was huge. The long, thick, cock shaft rose at least nine inches. The cock knob was as big as a plum, bloated deep red and glistening with oozing cock cream. Instantly she felt a deep craving. Her son's erection sent a stirring in her body.
"All right, Walter. Stop it right now!" Patty said.
Walter raised his head and finally saw that his mother was with him in the room. He sighed, released his big cock and folded his hands behind his head. He made no effort to cover himself. The massive cock-shaft stayed erect, bucking and pulsing over his stomach. Patty sat at the foot of the bed, trying not to stare at his cock. Self-consciousness besieged her. She realized she was braless and that her stiffening nipples were visible against her shirt.
"Since when did you start barging in on me when my door's locked? Can't I get some privacy " Walter grumbled. "This really pisses me off mom!"
"You know perfectly well I was knocking a moment ago. Knocking? I was pounding on the door, Walter. I didn't get any answer. So I used the key. Walter, you know this is something we need to talk about. All you ever do these days is masturbate. It's not normal. I mean it is normal, but not 10 times a day. You can't spend all your free time rubbing yourself."
"I can't help it," Walter smirked. "It gets so hard that it hurts. I have to masturbate. Sorry you don't like it, but it's got to be done?"
"You . . . you could at least cover yourself when I'm talking to you. This is uncomfortable."
"Well, you're the one who broke in, Mom. I'm not going to stop. I've been hard all day at school. My jeans are choking me. It's hard to even walk. I need this bad when I get home!"
Wayne stunned his mother again by sliding his hand down to tightly grip his giant prick. Patty couldn't help staring at this remarkable cock. Her son began masturbating again, slow and rhythmic, eyes shut, moaning as he moved his fist up and down the length of his cock.
"Walter! Walter, stop that!" Patty gasped, overwhelmed by an impulse to watch her son stroke his cock. "Take your hand off this instant!"
"I don't want to stop, Mom. It feels good. I have to do this Mom."
Suddenly Walter opened his eyes and stared overtly at his mother's tits.
"It feels good when you watch. You look good, Mom."
"Walter!" She responded. "What are you talking about?"
Patty was shocked, but she knew what her son was talking about. She knew she was contributing. She had to make her boy stop beating his cock that instant. She quickly reached out to slap his hand away. But Walter pulled his hand back at the same time. The next thing Patty knew, her hand was filled with the hot stiffness of Walter's cock.
"Ohhh, that feels good, Mom!"
Patty kept her hand wrapped around his cock and squeezed gently. She didn't know what had come over her. Patty began masturbating her son. Her pussy was now very wet. She could hardly think straight. She felt overwhelmed by an uncontrollable lust.
Walter just lay there baffled, smiling as he submitted to his mother's hand job. Patty stared openly at his huge prick now, grimacing as she whipped her right hand up and down the cock-shaft.
"Is this what you want me to do to you, Walter? Are you really so horny that you want your Mommy to jack-off your cock?"
"Does it feel good Walter? Do you want more? Do you want Mommy to suck it too? You'd like your own mother to put your cock in her mouth and swallow your hot cum! You'd like that, wouldn't you?"
Walter responded by pushing her hand away, swinging around to sit up on the edge of the bed. He looked at his mother, snapped his fingers, and pointed arrogantly at his aching cock.
"Yeah, that would feel so good. That would be cool mom. My cock is so hard! I need to cum. Suck it."
"You nasty, horny, little boy . . ."
Her words stopped as she filled her son's request. Dropping to her knees she confronted the huge cock. Patty realized that she could feel her heartbeat stronger in her pussy than she could feel it in her chest.
Patty wrapped her fingers tightly around his throbbing cock, sliding her fist to the root. She stared intently at the rosy, puffy cock knob for several seconds, seeing how the whole fat crown glistened with sticky pre-cum spunk. Patty lowered her head, pressing her lips to his piss hole. Shamefully she thrust out her tongue, eagerly licking the tasty cock juice from the tip of his prick.
"Uhhmmmm! That feels good, Mom!" Walter writhed on the edge of the bed, holding her head with both hands. "Put it in your mouth, Mom! Suck it! Unggh!"
Patty shut her eyes and let her lips slide onto his pulsing fuck organ, slurping in inch after inch of his giant, throbbing cock. She stopped when she'd inhaled a third of it, then let it slip out to the tip, then back down again.
The horny mom sucked his cock passionately, keeping her eyes closed as she nursed contentedly on the aching stiffness of his hard-on. A voice in the back of her mind said she was showing him how awful he'd feel if he let his own mother suck his cock.
"Yes that's it - this will teach him a lesson." Patty rationalized.
Patty sucked his tasty cock intensely, shocking herself with her eagerness. She forced her face closer to his hairy crotch base, gagging herself, dying to swallow all of his cock meat. The huge prick responded to her hard, wet sucking by growing even bigger. The cock knob puffed up obscenely, pulsating on the roof of her gullet.
"Uhhmmm," Patty gurgled. Her lewd, slurping sounds of cock-sucking had become very loud, filling up the bedroom. Feverishly she started bobbing her head up and down, fucking her mouth with her boy's big prick. Her fingers tightened on the root of his cock. Then she furiously started jacking his prick as she sucked the tip, swirling her tongue around the mushroomed crown, lapping up the salty spunk as it dribbled out of his enormous, aching prick.
"I'm gonna cum!" Walter groaned. "MMMMMM! I can feel it, Mom! It's really going to be a big one! You suck cock so great, mom. Yes, suck it, suck me!"
The shocking, disgusting compliment was music to her ears. Patty felt her face redden as she frenziedly sucked, rapidly puckering and bellowing her cheeks around the cum- laden stiffness of his cock. Her fist was a blur, gliding up and down his hard-on. She was desperate to nurse a heavy, spurting load out of his cock, to be forced to swallow as fast as she could to gulp down all of her son's cum.
"Swallow it, Mom! Cumming, cumming, Ahhhhh YES!"
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