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2023.03.20 19:18 RiKSh4w Feedback on Prestige

So I spend however long getting all the achievements in the bonsai page, and that gives me... one point. From there I could theoretically get a couple more points but really I'm supposed to just reset and repeat. Then finally when I have 4 points I can go to the Twilight zone and unlock the Parabox materials.
Now, once I have the Parabox, all semblance of resetting goes out the window in favour of... afking? I mean sure I have to get some power set up but then I'll have as many points as I want, presuming I can keep my PC on.
It just doesn't feel like a prestige is supposed to. Like when you reset in cookie clicker or something, you can really feel the added bonus. And you can reach your previous point in a fraction of the time. But these unlocks don't look like they'd do that. There is the "fast forward" bag which would help but again you've just spent 3 points getting it. And more importantly it's just a 'skip'. It doesn't so much as increase your speed, as it just puts you closer to the finish line. A prestige reward should make you run faster, not shorten the race...
Look, the way the parabox works overall is weird. Like I understand that the power requirements go up over time because then you're incentivising small batches, and small batches are more work. But bring able to provide a select object to lower that timer is weird. Like, if you're capable of producing X power a minute, it doesn't matter if you are producing that power for 10 minutes or an hour. You can supply X power indefinitely. Who would start up a parabox know they can only supply the correct amount of power for half the needed time? Why bother?
Instead, have the supplied item be a bonus to your PP generation. Example: You start the parabox. In 10 minutes time, it'll give you 1 PP and up it's power requirements. Immediately it requests iron ingots. So you have 10 minutes to either start shovelling in ingots, or to setup a pipeline so your input feeds directly in. And maybe for every 500 ingots you get an extra PP. Then the next 10 minutes starts and it calls for bread. So you quickly make a bread making machine and start feeding it in. You hurry because you know your power supply can't sustain the third cycle so your energy storage will only last part way through. Then the third cycle comes and it asks for... idk oak saplings, whatever. So you provide all you can but then your batteries give out and the parabox says 'game over', and awards you with X PP. Maybe it'll still reset the server at this stage so you don't need to spend time reversing all the changes you've made to your supply lines.
Now the parabox rewards resourcefulness. It favours the player who has every item on tap and available. And it still gives you an incentive to farm more power, as the more power you have the longer you can run the machine. Now the parabox is actually working WITH the original prestige system because the best way to be ready for the parabox's demands is to create exotic things that it may ask for, netting you Parabox PP and achievement PP at the same time.
I think I'm going to disable prestige on my world. What I really want is to get like, 10 PP just to unlock some QoL mods. Then I'd probably be happy to farm to unlock cool stuff like the portal gun, efficiency stuff like the enhanced dirt, and OP stuff like ProjectE. But we'll see if it's easier to add PP manually or to just disable the system. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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2023.03.20 19:10 princepuraiya04 Examining Current Trends And Developments

Since the days before Pong and Space Invaders, video games have advanced significantly. Today's multi-billion dollar video game industry includes everything from smartphone gaming to virtual reality activities. With the help of technological advancements and a burgeoning gaming community, video games have developed into an immersive and captivating form of pastime that can be enjoyed for countless hours.
The emergence of sports has been one of the biggest changes in the video game business. Electronic sports, or sports, are formally sanctioned forms of video gaming competition. Millions of fans are watching as pro players fight for significant cash prizes in sports competitions, which have become major events. Competitors in sports have also come to be accepted as serious sports, and some colleges even provide scholarships for sports players.
The growth of new games available is another result of the prevalence of video games. Although gaming consoles like the Nintendo and Xbox are still widely used, many players now choose PC gaming because of its adaptability and customization possibilities. Players who prefer PC gaming have total power over the software and hardware they use to play those games, thanks to the ability to construct their systems.
New games and types are continuously being created, and the video game business has grown significantly. There is a platformer for everyone, from tense shooters to soothing puzzle games. This article will examine a few of the most common video game categories.
Variety in Games
Games with Action/Adventure
One of the most played types of video games is action/adventure. Combat, travel, and puzzle solving are frequently mixed in these games. The protagonist in the game that players control must conquer challenges and beat foes to advance. The Borderlands and Adventures of Zelda series are some well-known action/adventure game examples.
Shooting Games
New games and types are continuously being created, and the video game business has grown significantly. There is a platformer for everyone, from tense shooters to soothing puzzle games. This article will examine a few of the most common video game categories.
Games with Action/Adventure
One of the most played types of video games is action/adventure. Combat, travel, and puzzle solving are frequently mixed in these games. The protagonist in the game that players control must conquer challenges and beat foes to advance. The Borderlands and Adventures of Zelda series are some well-known action/adventure game examples.
Sporting Events
Players can compete between themselves or against machine teams in sports games, replicating real-life sports. These games frequently include hyperrealism and physics to bring the gameplay as near to real life as feasible. FIFA and NBA 2K are two popular sports video games.
Game Simulations
Games that imitate real-world activities, such as managing a business or flying a plane, are known as simulation games. These games frequently demand proper management of time and assets and can be fairly tough. Metropolis and Flight Simulator are two examples of well-liked simulation games.
Gaming Strategies
Players must utilize their intelligence to outwit their opponents in strategy games. Building a colony or an army and then employing strategies to overcome the opposition are common themes throughout these games. Real-time or turn-based strategy games demand careful preparation and execution. Some popular war games include Age of Dynasties and Civilization.
Games of Puzzles
Games that require players to solve complex problems or brainteasers are called puzzle games. Depending on the difficulty, these activities can be enjoyable or unpleasant. Sudoku and Candy Crush are two examples of well-known puzzle games.
Game Platformers
Platformer games need players to jump and run their way through stages to complete an objective. These games frequently have opponents that must be resisted or defeated, as well as challenging obstacles. Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros. are two well-known platformers.
In conclusion, video gaming has become a significant component of contemporary culture, offering players enjoyment, opportunities for social interaction, and even health advantages.
Try these cool websites for extra fun and entertainment, such as Shopify, eBay, and TrueGether. TrueGether is similar to sites like Shopify, but free and easier to browse.
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2023.03.20 19:09 TheBaney Think I've Done It Now

Just a little back story for context.
  1. I hate hate hate group texts. There are so many other non-obtrusive ways to communicate with a group of people. A mass text that I can't shut off or leave (I've got an android, she's got an iPhone), which also provides my phone number to a bunch of people I don't know, I'm not about it. MIL uses mass texts constantly. I actually had her blocked on my phone for awhile because she had sent out some message in an old mass text about an upcoming family event, that I wasn't even going to, while I was trying to recover from surgery. So I'm at home trying to sleep and my phone keeps going off with messages from cousins I hate about what food they're bringing to an event I'm not going to. (I needed to keep my phone on to keep track of when my prescriptions would be ready, and to keep in communication with my husband while he was at work.) So - mass texts.
  2. Their dang basement. They just finished their basement. Cool. They painted, put a couple space heaters down there. Honestly, I'm sure to other people it looks great, I'm sure they accomplished a lot and should be proud. But I have had so many conversations about this damn basement that I Just Don't Care. I think they think it's going to be Party Central? Their house is small. Their living room comfortably seats 6. Their dining room table seats 8, but that comfortably. Like, two people can stand in the kitchen, if they're willing to do the side shuffle every time they want to move.
Point is, it's small, and fills up with people fast. So why do they insist on inviting everyone they've ever met to their house at the same time. Christmas was a shit show that we had to do twice because BIL1 couldn't make it up for the actual holiday. House was full of extended family the first time which was uncomfortably crowded the first time, and then Xmas redux, they also invited random friends of theirs. So it was even worse. And then of course, it was all about the basement, which has added 4 or 5 extra seats. So Christmas was "ooh look what we've done with the basement." Then we had brunch a couple weeks ago (that's also detailed in my post history) specifically to show off the basement.
Now: Saturday morning, day after I made a series of poor St. Patrick's day life choices (remember folks, one drink per hour at least, with a glass of water in between), I'm dealing with a late 30's hangover, wanting to die, when my phone starts going off.
I've been added to a mass text with TWENTY other people. And it looks like she added me after she sent out the original message, because all I'm getting are other people's responses. And from the context of those responses, I and the rest of the tri-county area have been invited to yet another party to celebrate The Damn Basement. But again, no original message, so I don't know what day or what time or any details whatsoever, just that one of DH's cousins can't come, one of his uncles will be out of state, and someone named Pat will bring a dip of some kind.
So, I decide to put on my big girl pants and actually use my words. I'm very much a big proponent of this, and yet with MIL it's difficult because even the slightest perception of criticism is the Worst thing that has ever happened to her in her entire life. But, I can't reasonably expect her to know I don't like mass texts if i don't tell her. (She's not supposed to be texting me anyways, DH told her years ago if she needs something to contact him, but still.)
So I send her an individual text, letting her know that I'm assuming this is from her, but that I didn't get the original text, so I'm not sure, but please don't add me to any mass texts in the future. I tried very very hard to be as nice and polite as possible, I said it was because I have an android and they don't play well with iPhones. Well.
It's been two days and I've gotten zero response, lol. DH was worried he was going to be getting a phone call or something because of it, but so far he's gotten nothing either. She really likes the silent treatment, but it's always a toss up if you get that or if you get the guilt trip "tell me why you hate me so much" treatment, and I don't think she gets that the silent treatment is no punishment at all.
So I guess we'll see if we ever get any actual information about the third dang basement party where everyone will be packed like sardines. 👍 (Doesn't matter when it is, I'm gonna have plans)
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2023.03.20 19:08 whatsablurryface21 Apparently my coworkers don't like me because I'm too messy

So I work on a pizza counter where we.. make pizzas (there's another side where we cook and sell chicken and stuff) and the majority of the team have worked there for literally decades so I already feel inadequate and unwelcomed and constantly terrified that I'll mess up and they'll hate me because they don't seem to remember what it's like to be new.
Yesterday, my favourite coworker told me that some of the others say stuff behind my back. Normally I'd think this was some evil ploy to cause drama but it seemed like an accident and she's just kinda like that so I don't think she had any bad intentions. She said it in the middle of telling me how good I am at the job, and that only came out after I told her that one of the others said I'm bad. I basically made her elaborate and she said they say that I'm too messy and I just get in their way.
That sucks because I try my best and I think I'm quite good considering I'm pretty much up to speed with everyone else who's been there for ages. I just sometimes forget what I'm doing so I'll stand there like wtf was I doing, but I wouldn't say I "get in the way", sounds like they just don't appreciate the extra help (I'm off for 10 days now so let's see how they feel now I'm not there almost every day doing all the lifting and being the one shoved on the undesirable tasks lol)
I am quite messy on the pizzas, I get overwhelmed by orders and go as fast as possible, so there do be cheese everywhere after a rush. But I always clean it up if someone else is coming in or if they come in early and ask me to clean it I'll do it asap because I respect that they need a clear space to work in. I don't mind because my mind is way more messy, a lil bit of cheese or some paper from the labels is nothing, but I respect their needs so I'll do it. And if I'm on my own, I'll fucking destroy the place but I'll always make it spotless before I leave. I just struggle to keep cleaning as I go, constantly changing tasks between making and cleaning is too hard and it affects my speed and focus.
They don't realise that 1. I can't help it because I get overwhelmed and am just trying to meet customer demand to the best of my ability, in a place that's already understaffed, and 2. I'm choosing the best option for how my brain works.
I just feel like.. the job's shit and really intense, the management's shit, the company's attitude towards staff is shit (obviously) the team is toxic, and I'm barely able to keep coming in every day and not quit. But I do and I actually work, it's hard for me because I'm also fighting through crazy social anxiety, but I do it. I don't just stand in the back on my phone or whatever. And I work hard, harder than any of the aforementioned people deserve, and they still don't appreciate me. I was hired because too many people left and they're still like 4 people under so they should be trying to make me stay, but instead they're not great to my face but even worse behind my back.
I'm torn between the RSD feeling of being inadequate, unappreciated and unwelcomed, but also anger that they don't appreciate me when there's definitely worse people who could've joined.
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2023.03.20 19:04 Botlawson How to prioritize supply stations on a rail network? (for side-products)

How do you prioritize consumption of side-products in a rail base? In vanilla this would apply to advanced-oil or Kovarex done via rail cars. For the Space Exploration mod this would be core mining, or for Kastorio 2 the filtering of dirty water. As an example, one of my factories produces extra stone when it makes iron/copper plates. What's the simplest way to configure rail orders/stations/circuits so the stone by-product is always used before the newly mined stone? (All I can think of are Rube gold-burg ideas, so it's time to see what this amazing community can come up with.)
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2023.03.20 19:02 AllThingsWorn How To Embrace Your Body Odor - Selling Your Scents

How To Embrace Your Body Odor - Selling Your Scents


Selling your Scents

Have you ordered very expensive perfume online without knowing how it smells? Did you eagerly anticipate its arrival and suddenly regret that purchase upon smelling it? Most of you would say to yourself, I would never do that, I would need to smell that perfume first! Imagine you are a buyer on ATW, and realize how they may purchase items like panties or shoes.
As a seller, you are not going to be everyone's type just because you take pretty photos in your items. You must understand your products and market to individual buyers just like any other items in a store. You are selling a scent to someone who is unable to smell you prior to purchasing.
Look at your last panty listing, read the details you provided in the description and the keywords used for search, did you tell the buyers how you smell? The listings lately that I have seen, from the newest sellers especially, do not and it leads to a seller becoming frustrated when items do not sell. Let's dive into what you need to know as a seller.

Knowing Your Type - Panties

You fit into a smaller pool of sellers in the used panty market of All Things Worn, and you probably never realized it. You need to spend time figuring out where you fit in this market, and which buyers to focus your marketing efforts.
After a long day in panties, study them. What scent did you leave on them after a long work day? It may seem silly, but it is not! You need to get your nose in there! Are you Earthy or a Mineral scent? Lemon tartness? Or just Fishy? This may seem like a simple answer, but it is not.
You are also on a cycle that changes every day as you approach ovulation and your period. You should keep track of your scents daily as you go through a monthly cycle, and again for the following month to see if it is consistent. Install a free app like Flo to track what day of your cycle you are on, as this also can help you market to buyers who prefer a woman to wear during her fertile dates. Did you know there were those specific buyers on here? Some like panties worn at different times of the cycle, and learning where you are can help you close that sale.
You may also feel like you are a mix of scents, and that is common as well. You should sniff throughout your day and see if after a short time, does the scent change? If you start off each morning earthy and then by the afternoon you notice an additional scent of nutty, this is common but should be noted. There is a specific buyer group that love the nutty scent, but not when it moves to mineral or metallic. If you found a buyer with this attraction, you would honestly want to stop wearing it at a certain point instead of wearing a full 24 hours. At this point, I can understand the confusion that you would not simply just want to sell panties with as long of wear as possible, and it is true!
You are creating a product for a specific buyer and not all sales are based on the heaviest applied scent possible. After a couple of days, the scent on a panty can turn foul and become unappealing to some buyers, while others crave that exact odor.
It is like drinking wine, a sommelier has specific desires to their palate, and as such, a panty buyer would stop a sale at less than 24 hours to achieve that specific scent. Continue to sniff and understand your scents over days to make sure you are advertising correctly, as your buyers will leave a review on your scents for others to read. This is your best marketing there is, word of mouth, and if you sell honestly, your reviews will bring you lots of future business.
I will also be sure to mention something most sellers do not ask their buyers and it is critical you do so, and that is their desired "Back Scents" or simply, ass smells. You will be wearing a thong for 3 days, and your buyer wants you to get them extra messy. Do you know what they mean by that? Do you ask for clarification?
After the sale is made, it is okay to then go over the details to make sure you both understand each other and that the buyer gets exactly what they are looking for with your panty. If they want light back scents, you can wear half a panty liner to protect that area from your panty wear until the final day. If they want heavy all around scents, offering a no-wipe day for extra fee may be what the buyer is looking for, but did not realize it at the initial time of sale. Not communicating this critical area can quickly ruin a buyer's experience, and turn them off from buying from you or anyone again in the future.
Before we move on from used panties, it is also good to note the markings left behind after certain periods of time, and note at what time of the month you are currently. This will help you sell to those who wish for heavy markings and this is usually achieved during the days prior to ovulation, statistically, however, everybody is different and you may leave the heaviest marks after your period.

Know Your Buyers - Feet

A lot of sellers join ATW and only market their physical products to foot buyers. It can be a very rewarding business and you can sell many items if you understand who will be shopping for your items. You have feet, and buyers want socks so you will do well, right? Wrong. This will lead to frustration as you may get lucky and sell a couple of pairs, but long term you will not find the success that can happen if you take the time to understand your market.
Foot buyers are each looking for a specific outcome with your item, being a scent, dirt markings or shape after wear. Most are a combination of these characteristics. You should ask desired outcome questions when a buyer reaches out to you for an item in your listings to ensure they will be happy with their purchase and hopefully a repeat buyer from you.
You may get a random question while here on ATW: "Are you a Frito?" And I honestly wish I could answer yes! The corn chip scent is very desired among the foot buyer community. As a seller, you should understand that if you are not a corn chip scent foot seller that you should never pretend to be in order to get a sale.
That is what causes buyers to leave ATW in frustration with scammers, and that is what you are if you falsify a scent. I suggest getting to know fellow sellers in your country and finding matches for the other scents that you can recommend when you are approached by a buyer looking for a scent you do not have. Other sellers then also will do the same with you and your scents.
The four main scents for feet are: corn chip, vinegary, yeasty, or cheese. This is caused by the types of bacteria that live on your feet, and it does not mean you fit into only one of these categories. You can also have variations of the scents, parmesan cheese for instance.
You can also have a simply sweaty scent, which would be salty. I am a vinegar chip scent. I can not say it is a frito, but there is a Salt and Vinegar Chip scent to it. I recommend sniffing in all different materials of sock and shoe, as your sweat may react differently to each material. In nylons, scents are tangy at times.
Cotton socks may have a more mild scent after a day, then become a warmer but very strong scent after three days. It is also good to know that the pad of your foot, right behind your toes, seems to smell the strongest. When wearing some items, you can rotate to cover more area with your scent, if you would like it over more of the item instead of focusing on the strongest scent.

It's In the Details

Please also take note of how your scents change over time once they are removed. I think this is a huge miss if you are not aware and your buyers will suffer if you do not pay attention. How long do your nylons hold scent after they are removed? It is very hard to keep scent on some items, do you know how far your item will be traveling? If it is going to be travelling internationally, the shipping time will be longer due to customs and Covid protocols.
The last package I sent to Australia from the US was 6 weeks! Buyers should also understand you are setting an unrealistic expectation of a scent to last on an item for a long time if you are not paying for extra days to lock in a scent that will be travelling a long distance.
Sellers, what do you do when you need to shower? Airing out of an item for even a short period of time can ruin your time invested in your wear. I recommend keeping some baggies in the bathroom for when you do need to shower during a wear, as you risk diminishing the odor quickly. Do you store your items in a baggie as soon as they are removed? Or do you vacuum seal?
Please use caution with how you store while awaiting for shipping as well, as vacuum sealers are designed to literally remove all air (scent) from the item in the bag. I have learned this the hard way, and please test your methods of sealing before getting too many orders with one method. Ask for feedback on the scent, and ask them to be honest! You may have different experiences with your vacuum sealer and I strongly encourage every seller to test their methods, whichever they use.

Final Thoughts

Being honest to a buyer about how long you need to wear an item for the desired scent is also very important and should not just be used to gain additional funds. If your buyer is looking for a heavy fish aroma on a bodysuit, but you are not at that scent until your third day of wear, you should inform your seller that a short wear would not give that effect. Buyers should understand that not all scents are a 24-hour deal, and with some socks, you may not even smell anything if they were a short wear. Invest in the items you desire, and be honest with the outcome if you were expecting a lot with a little budget.
Also, it is very important to not only list your scents in your bio but on each and every item and in the keywords, separated by a space and a comma, under your listings. Your buyers are not always on the dash but are using the search bar to find that exact scent. It may feel redundant to you, but if your buyer is looking for boyshorts and you have your scents on your thongs only, they will not find you. It is a critical step to making the selling experience profitable for you.
Overall, you should love your scents and take pride in them. As someone who was extremely self-conscious about all my scents for decades, this place has made me realize there are people out there who will pay to sniff them, and I am happy to provide them with those items. I now proudly list my scents, and discuss them with buyers, and you should too!
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2023.03.20 18:59 OneWorldMouse Monitor stands are useless!

I will probably never use a monitor stand. Even when I repurpose the monitors years later I tend to mount them. Garage and extra bedroom TV, mounted. Do you guys just throw the stands out? I've got about 5 stands taking up storage space about to be garbage. Seems like such a waste.
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2023.03.20 18:59 AcrobaticLegsss The moving out saga: MIL is now an interior designer!

Back at it again, my friends! Check out my last posts for background, or jump right in. The story gets juicyer.
*I’m don’t want this posted anywhere else.
We’re midway through the home renovation process and it’s been going great so far. We’re really excited about where the project is heading. I have a lot of great architects in my family and they’ve all chimed in with really, really cool ideas. To add some context for what’s to come, the house isn’t for everyone. We know it’s not for everyone. Some aspects of our home will 100% come accross as odd for many people. But it’s a great fit for us and we’re very happy, which I think is all that matters.
MIL hasn’t been involved at all eversince she pulled the infamous temper tantrum back when we were in the house hunting stage. She has been crying for weeks and did try and make me the messenger for her empty threats. I still talk to her a minimum amount, because I’m chronically polite, but BF has not said a word to her since then …until today.
He decided that he no longer wanted to hold a grudge and invited her to see the work in progress. He made it clear to her before they left that he wasn’t interested in intrusive advice, that he just wanted her to see what he’s been up to. He was probably just fed up with ignoring her and decided that he wants their relationship to return to being civil.
My anxiety spiked the second I found out. I know how this lady operates. She’ll get a “great idea” about what needs to be done and she will never let it go. She will press, she will manipulate through crying fits and, if all else fails, she will make sure that everyone is miserable if things don’t work out in her favor.
Upon their return, I learn that there was no fighting, no crying and no cussing. Interesting, I think to myself. Boyfriend got busy, so we couldn’t talk. She calls me over for a small chat. She begins by saying that most of it is “okay”, but that a lot of our choices aren’t practical. I ask her what she means, so she begins by sayint that we don’t have enough storage for pans. I ask her how many does she think we need, to which she says that we need roughly 10. TEN. She thinks we should give up our beautiful bar table in favour of a …pan cupboard that we can also use as a bar table. I cook a lot, but I’ve never needed ten freaking pans. She complains that there’s no extra space for a toaster, that I should’ve been more mindful of that since her son loves toast. No space for a coffee machine, I tell her we intend on putting that in the living room. She wants to lower the ceiling, but assures me that I can take care of this task “later on”. She mentions that we should put our fridge behind a fake wall with a door. She tells me that I, as a woman, should know these things. She goes on and on about how no one, other than herself, has thought about the small details, that we’re inexperienced, that we’ll regret not doing things her way. I sit in silence as she rambles. She cannot wrap her head around us having a totally different lifestyle and not needing the same things that she does.
I excuse myself to go get ready for the gym. As I’m getting dressed, I hear her talk to her interior designers, since she’s also refurbishing her house, about how my family are “a bunch of weirdos with no practical sense” and asking them if they can swing by our house to take a look and give her an opinion. She doesn’t want an opinion, she wants someone who agrees with her. The guys were on speaker and I heard them try and get out of the conversation, telling her how that’s not their project to direct. Fun fact, she worked with another interior designer a year ago and he quit because she ended up cussing him out for not doing things her way.
Never in my life have I gone through a workout as fast as I did today, I was in a state of rage. I was really close to calling my family and asking them not to be involved anymore because I’m just utterly scared that she’ll pop up, or divert the plans in some way. I didn’t.
I do not want her involved at all. Boyfriend probably still hopes that she’ll be reasonable, but he didn’t hear what I heard. I just know she won’t. To her, it’s about control. I overheard her mentioning to SIL that she’s going to visit each week. Last week, I got a bunch of dirty stares at a family event because she told everyone I’m the one who influences her son into making choices that she doesn’t agree with. Everyone was so pityful of her for going through such a massive tragedy, God knows how she spun things. Ironically, I rarely impose my opinions onto BF, her problem is that I don’t reinforce her own ideas by manipulating him myself - she told me so herself. Apparently, good wives do that.
I don’t know what the hell I’m supposed to do, honestly. I don’t want to be a factor in distancing BF from his family, but I don’t want to get even more caught up in this sick family dynamic that they appear to have.
MIL is completely crazy.
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2023.03.20 18:54 weth1l Need something waterproof and unbreakable with a decent camera

I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S7 that is slowly killing itself, but up until recent times, I was decently happy with it. It was thrown against walls/floors and submerged in water 10+ times over the years with the only effect being the mic going out and forcing me to use the speaker for phone calls (this was a more recent thing and was just from a little water being splashed into the mic itself). I'm looking for something as waterproof and hardy as this while also having a decent camera (hopefully better than the S7's).
Also, I've really liked my Samsungs, but are there any brands that don't slowly fill your phone's storage up over time? I've noticed that more than half of my phone's storage isn't even being used by me. I keep my apps and files to a minimum, but it just keeps filling the storage back up until it says it's "dangerously low" on space, to where even deleting all of my photos only leaves me with around 1GB.
Preferably under $700?
Must also be compatible with Mint Mobile (don't know if this is something that's usually a problem, but just in case).
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2023.03.20 18:52 AutoModerator [I HAVE] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator Program (Complete Latest Updated Course) + More

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If you purchase the bundle I'll provide

as a free extra
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2023.03.20 18:50 zebralegs123 Rice cooker recommendations (UK)

Hi everyone! I’m looking for a rice cooker to ease my bento box prep for when I return to work. I’m in the UK but am happy to order one from overseas if it is the best available! Ideally I’d like something small as it’s just for me and I don’t have lots of storage space at home. Any recommendations you have are greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.20 18:50 Myinterestsyourvotes Water chip broken random event, debuff permanent?

Colony on the verge of complete collapse because of the broken water chip event. The dome with the extra water consumption is my primary agriculture dome and event happened during a time where all my resources are tied up in trying to complete my space elevator.
Is the dome going to consume 400% water forever now? It's a single dome that's consuming almost 20 units of water per day and I can't afford to deconstruct it due to having zero food reserves. All my rockets are on their way to earth and I have no funding to purchase drop pods or buy extra resources.
Caught me pants down at the worst timing. In just a few Sols my elevator would be complete and I was looking forward to the colony booming.
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2023.03.20 18:46 TimelyMushroom5369 [WTS][USA] STUSSY SPIRIDON FOSSIL US6 EU 38.5, AJ1 ORIGIN STORY US7 EU40, GOLD COAST DUNKS US6 EU38.5

tagged photos and timestamp - group pic of all items
more detailed photos of items
ITEMS *shoes do not come with shoeboxes!
  1. stussy spiridon fossil men's US6/eu38.5: $105 shipped.
    1. tts fits me and i wear a 6. cool shoes but i only tried them on and never really ended up wearing
  2. aj1 origin story men's US7/eu40: $125 shipped.
    1. never worn since it's a size too big for me, thought i could pull it off with a bunch of extra insoles but nah. comes with an extra set of laces, black with red tips
  3. gold coast dunks men's US6/eu38.5: $95 shipped.
    1. should be tts fits me well and i wear a 6. clearing out closet space
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2023.03.20 18:43 Ziziziz Upgrading disks for more space in my NAS

Quick question please
I have an RS 819 that has 4x Seagate Ironwolf 4TB HDD (ST4000VN008-2DR166)
I need more disk space so instead of buying a new NAS I bought 4x Seagate Ironwolf 12TB HDD (ST12000VN0008-2YS101)
I followed the help page on the Synology website of replacing a disk to add more storage (deactive, swap out the old for the new and then repair the storage pool, all good and no issues.
My NAS storage pool is now saying that the status is reparing (checking parity consistent %) It is at 19% after about 2 hours. Am I right in saying I cannot swap out another disk until this check is complete? And is this speed expected?

Looking for any advice, thank you!
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2023.03.20 18:35 stephensatt Just got back from New Mexico, real world conditions "booning" it with the new 300ah lithium in freezing temps

The new 300 ah Lithium Smart battery by Java Enegy did what it advertises, however, 300ah is NOT enough for long term freezing temps as I have found out.
Basically what you will take away from this is that unless you are going with 800ah battery storage or greater and over 1000watts of solar on the roof , you really cannot long term run indefinitely on the solar when you go to either extreme of the weather spectrum, freezing or 90F+ weather, you will be on your generator within 2-3 days with 300ah and what we found was that the "tank heaters" are the culprit here in freezing weather. The tank heaters drawing 15 amp continuous will deplete the 300ah battery within 24 hours if there is no sun coming in.
My system is as follows.
300ah Java Enegy Smart LIFEPO4 single battery, 300ah.
300 watts solar on the roof, 3 panels, 100 watts each , Renogy and Renogy 30amp MPPT controller, ROVER model.
3500 watt inverter, Pure Sine wave, EDECOA brand < ---don't buy this brand, not true ground
GoPower TS-30 , 30 amp auto transfer switch, entire RV switched to inverter when I turn on the ON button on the wall control panel.
------Here is what happens as follows-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
We left from Houston, and did some light "boondocking" on the way Santa Fe, roadside stops.
the 300 ah battery with 200 amp BMS has 99% charge. Runs great for short stops, runs the microwave, and AC for a couple of hours, no issues at all.
I even tripped the 200amp BMS, or the Edecoa Inverter, not sure which by accidently leaving the electric hot water heater on and then ran the microwave at the same time which caused the whole system to shut off. I reset the ON/OFF switch on the Inverter and it all came back on.
Any single appliance, whether its the AC, or microwave, or hot water heater on eletric will run the battery / BMS at 150 amps. So DO NOT buy a 100amp BMS battery. You need the 200amp BMS. So this is a good thing. Works like intended and shuts off if I go over current.
So the weather was about 50ish on the way up, even hitting as high at 80F last Saturday in Oklahoma. Light use, no problems at all, and we had shore power in RV parks overnight, so everyday , the next day the battery would be back up to 99%
If you run the microwave and then the AC for about 1 hour, you will exhaust the 300 ah battery to about 80%.
Now, a big snow storm hit Santa Fe while we were there starting last Thursday and the temps went down into the 20s so I turned on my 3 tank heaters, which use a total of about 15 amps continuous.
We ran like that overnight on Thursday (hooked to shore power at RV park) + plus the Propane Dometic wall heater and you could here the voltage converter fan running all night because thats a continuous draw of about 20 amps, 3 tank heaters (15amps) , plus 12v fan on Propane heater(5amps), misc lights and 12v TV.
We unhook and I then make my drive back to Houston with the tank heaters on, 96% if what the battery showed Friday morning at 10am when we pulled out.
By that night, Friday night, after hitting the Big Texan Steak house, 3 tank heaters running the whole way , 300 watts of solar with an good overcast was putting out about 6 - 10 amps input into the battery from the solar charger, that Friday night and we spend the night in the Walmart parking lot , it was 49% by midnight and 34% in the morning about 6am. I figure the 3 tank heaters use 3.5% of the battery per 1 hour.
Even at 34%, all the lighting came on great, very bright, we took 2 long showers to run out all the extra water, TV's , water pump, propane heater and water heater running.
The 300ah battery performs very strong, no doubt my 2 lead acid marine batteries (200ah) that were replaced with the LifePO4 , would be dead by morning.
On the drive home, the rest of Saturday, dawn to dusk, the 300 watt solar put about 30% of the power back into the batteries, and when we arrived in Houston about 6pm, the battery was 66% , so with full overcast, expect 300 watts solar to fully charge a 300ah battery to 100% in 3 days time or about 30% or so per day. That will soon be 400 watts when I put in my last panel on the roof, maxing my 30amp MPPT controller.
The take away from this.
If you have a moderate system like this, you can run for days and days if the weather does NOT need a major appliance running continuous overnight or all day, or the tank heaters running continuous day and night. Once you enter into the extreme ends where you will need a big item like the AC or tank heat for the overnight part of this, you would need about 1200 watts, vs 300 watts solar to put back 100% of the battery charge before night falls again. I also estimate, at a minimum your probably need about 2.5x that AH also so I came up with the 800ah battery based on that.
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2023.03.20 18:30 LocationOk1668 What makes Raksmart the best email for business?

Raksmart is a leading provider of email services for businesses of all sizes, and there are several reasons why it's considered the best in the industry. Here are some of the key factors that make Raksmart the best email for business:
  1. Customization: Raksmart's email service allows you to create email addresses using your own domain name, which provides a professional image and brand identity.
  2. Security: Raksmart's email service provides a secure email hosting environment, ensuring the highest level of protection for your data.
  3. Reliability: Raksmart's email service offers 99.9% uptime, ensuring that your emails are always accessible when you need them.
  4. Collaboration: Raksmart's email service includes collaboration features such as shared calendars, contacts, and tasks, allowing for seamless communication and teamwork among team members.
  5. Scalability: As your business grows, Raksmart's email service can easily accommodate your increasing demands by adding new email accounts and storage space.
  6. Customer Support: Raksmart provides 24/7 customer support to ensure that any issues or concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.
Overall, Raksmart's email service is the best choice for businesses due to its customization, security, reliability, collaboration features, scalability, and exceptional customer support. Whether you're a small business owner or a large corporation, Raksmart's email service can help you establish a professional image and enhance your brand identity while providing a secure and reliable communication platform.
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2023.03.20 18:30 Comrade_Karl15 Why is no bricks being sent to the open storage. The train isnt picking up anything

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2023.03.20 18:28 MissionTip5228 Windows 11 system and reserved

Hello, I have a 2TB WD SN850X SSD that inexplicably has a huge amount of space allocated towards System & Reserved - 176 GB ( https://imgur.com/S3hSiYC ).
Anyone have any ideas to remove this? This is not my main SSD - it's only used for extra data storage. In comparison, my C drive (same SSD) only has 61 GB dedicated towards the same category.
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2023.03.20 18:27 Illogical1612 Custom Content - Old Man Hawkeye Hero Pack

Custom Content - Old Man Hawkeye Hero Pack

Justice is blind, and so is Clint Barton - The last Avenger struggles to survive in the wastelands formerly known as the United States of America, trying to find justice in a world that doesn't have much left of it. Trained by Matt Murdock after cataracts claimed his sight, Old Man Hawkeye uses heightened senses to see threats coming ahead of time, and avoid them entirely. Be careful though, as, if you're not careful, his relentless search for vengeance will burn his low HP fast.
Keeping in theme with my previous Old Man Star-Lord Hero Pack (Which, if you've seen it before, has been rebalanced slightly), the elder Hawkeye uses HP as a resource in order to fuel his hero ability. Additionally, his quiver provides extra hand size while your health is low, and a unique resource card generates extra resources (4!) as well. Unlike his space-faring coworker, however, Clint is all about risk mitigation and planning ahead. Many of his abilities are changed based on the number of boost icons on the top card of the discard pile, and his bow allows you to discard the top card of the encounter deck as well, dealing damage to an enemy equal to the number of boost icons. Plan ahead with Eye for an Eye, discard a difficult encounter card such as Shadows of the Past, and then keep up the pressure with Speedshot!
Keep in mind, however, that it's the threats you don't see coming that are the most dangerous. A wanted fugitive, Hawkeye is hunted by Marshall Bullseye, a former supervillain whose legendary aim rivals Hawkeye's own. If you're unable to avoid Hawkeye's minion, Bullseye presents a MASSIVE danger, featuring unavoidable attacks, villainous, and a side scheme that gives ALL MINIONS villainous and extra attack. His treacheries will keep you on your toes by shuffling the encounter deck, and on occasion, using Hawkeye's enhanced senses will make it easier for Bullseye to track you - Before you know it, he'll have you Dead to Rights.
You can check out the pack on Google Drive here. As always, any feedback is appreciated.
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2023.03.20 18:21 VenlilSupremacist NoP: A Change of Pace: Chapter 4

First - Previous - (Soon to be released)
Memory transcription subject: Kilet, Venlil Aeronautics Mechanic
Date [standardized human time]: August 24, 2136
My eyes glancing over to the corner of my pad, reading the time. Damn.. It’s already the next paw? I moved my hands up to my eyes, trying to wipe away the grogginess that had seeped into me. Giving my face a few baps my gaze settled for combing the net once more. It had been hours since I sent my reply to Miles, but he hasn’t responded yet..
Maybe he backed out?.. Could humans do that? Does their side let them back out?
I let the thought mull itself over in my head for a while. A small sense of relief bubbled up inside of me. My mind considering the fact he may have just terminated contact, but I did my best to end such subconscious feelings.
He wouldn’t do that, his first message sounded like he was excited. It’s probably just his rest claw, that’s all.
As I returned my focus to a video I had accidentally clicked on, I felt the familiar feeling of my pad vibrating. A drop-down bar alerting me to a notification from the exchange app filled the top half of the pad’s screen. Immediately, my claws worked to press the notification, the pad silencing the video and displaying my chat with Miles. My eyes scanned his new message with a zeal that managed to surprise me.
“Kilet! I’m so glad you accepted my contact, you work as an aeronautics mechanic? That sounds kinda similar to what I do actually! I’m an engineer stationed on a UN ship orbiting Earth. You asked about the military, right? Well, it’s got its ups and downs. Lots of kids half your age sitting in officer spots thinking they know better, while us NCOs clean up their messes! Then you got the privates that manage to fuck up something as simple as right time, right place, right uniform!”
Most of what he said made sense, officers, they were the leaders, a lot like us, We have General Kam, I assume he’d be an officer in the human military. Though, the fact he said they were so young seems a bit counter productive, why trust the inexperienced to lead? Then he typed up something about an NCO? What in the Stars does that mean? My dexterous claws began to type a reply.
“No problem, this is all kinda much for me too! I bet we do pretty similar things, though engineers do more of the planning on our side, they don’t like to get their paws dirty. I had a couple questions, if you wouldn’t mind. So.. What is an NCO? The Venscript your words came back as just has it as three characters. Also why would your military trust the inexperienced to lead?” Hitting send I only had to wait a moment before a reply came.
“Ah, shit, my bad, the military has so many acronyms for things. Even our own kind doesn’t know them all. Basically, an NCO is a Non-Commissioned Officer, They are technically enlisted, while an officer is commissioned. Officers give orders, decide on a plan, and take charge. An NCO, depending on rank is the one to put that plan into action, works the kinks out, gets the lower enlisted to do their job. Also, we don’t trust the inexperienced. On the platoon level, you have your platoon leader, who’s either a fresh-faced second lieutenant, or a slightly more experienced first lieutenant. He’s paired with either a senior staff sergeant, or sergeant first class. The NCO at that level has been in the military for a decent chunk of their life, so the new officer relies on the advice of their NCO counterpart to lead the platoon. Usually you got three platoons in a company, which is all overseen by a Captain, his NCO counterpart is a First Sergeant. Above a company, you have a Lieutenant Colonel and Sergeant Major who oversee a battalion, by now both NCO and Officer have more than enough experience to be considered damn good soldiers. Above them you have your Colonel and Command Sergeant Major, they are usually in charge of a Brigade. Then it’s usually a Brigadier General and Command Sergeant Major for Division and above them is a Core, which is led by no less than a Major General (two stars) and no higher than a General (four stars) and a highly experienced Command Sergeant Major. I know that’s probably a lot, but that’s just the US military structure, there are I don’t even know how many other militaries on Earth. Sorry for the overload haha.”
My eyes scanned through his message as the rank structure of the predator military wormed its way into my head. Should he really be telling me this? I'm a random Venlil he’s never met! What if I wanted to use it against them? Does he really not see the harm in telling an alien species how their ENTIRE military works!? Still, his lengthy explanation made sense, it was basically like any other corporation, just with extra steps.
“Well.. That certainly is a lot, but it sounds pretty detailed. You said you were an NCO, right? Speh, I hope the Venscript doesn’t butcher your acronyms, what rank are you?” A tinge of curiosity washed over me as my mind drifted to thoughts of talking to some major player in the predator army, though I quickly reigned those thoughts in. He said he worked on a ship, not that he commanded one.
“I'm a Sergeant, we call it E-5. The ‘E’ part means ‘Enlisted’ and the ‘5’ part stands for the rank of Sergeant. I don’t make too many big calls haha, but I got a team of three soldiers under me. Pretty much I just get told by our lieutenant what parts of the ship are due for maintenance and then tell my three guys what to fix and when it’s got to be done. Nothing too glamorous, but tell me a little about you, I can’t sit here and talk about myself all day!”
Another unfamiliar word, ‘day’ Looking it up on the net I managed to find that it’s the Terran expression for when their part of the planet is hit by sunlight. So Earth isn’t tidal locked like Venlil Prime? I should have figured that, not many planets are. My head thought about things I could describe about myself, not a lot was coming to mind…
“Uh.. Well, I like music, but any sentient does really, so I guess that doesn’t help. Venlil music is pretty calming, or there’s a lot of emotion in it, some songs are sad, some are happy, it just depends on what the artist wants to convey. Besides that, I enjoy the occasional drink or two, but my job is pretty demanding, so I don’t get out very often.” That’s seriously the best you can do Kilet? You’re talking to someone who just recently learned about other life, and this is all you got?
“Music is definitely needed on the ship, we’re stuck up here in a metal box for what feels like eternity, just chilling out definitely soothes the mind for a bit. Human music is pretty similar actually, but I've read we have quite a few more genres than most other species! Maybe I can show you a bit sometime. Though, I can relate to the workload, we work some pretty insane ‘claws’ as you guys would say, but when we get some shore leave, or a weekend on the ship there’s plenty to do. Video games, movies, a few restaurants, or just our own stupidity to keep us company.”
My mind drew a bit of a blank, of course I knew what movies, and restaurants were, but what did he mean by ‘their own stupidity?’ Did he also mean that Terrans regularly engage in simulations to pass the time? This must be how they got so good at hunting!
“So.. I know what a few of those things are, but what are ‘Video Games?’ I don’t think I've heard the expression before, but I imagine we venlil have something similar.” Miles’ reply came shortly after my own message. At least I wasn’t boring him away from me.
“Well, it’s basically like.. A virtual game that you play to pass the time. Most Terran games are pretty violent, but that’s more our drive for competition! We always want to improve our own skills, I personally enjoy a nice cathartic session of Farming Simulator 2135. Life gets pretty hectic over here, so spending some downtime tilling the virtual fields lets me forget the stressors of the day.”
He’s saying he likes virtual farming? I can’t say that I liked the idea of farming myself, but it’s better than being addicted to one of the more ‘violent games’ they have available to them..
Memory transcription subject: Sergeant Rowan Miles, Engineer Aboard the USS Patriot
Date [standardized human time]: August 24, 2136
I had just finished my reply to my new fuzzy friend when a loud crash echoed down the hallway. Setting my phone down on my bunk, I made my way down to investigate. The sight that greeted me was none other than my three joes lying on the floor with mop handles and tipped over mop buckets. “What in the name of fuck are you three idiots doing!?” In truth, I wasn’t pissed off, it was kinda funny actually, but I knew a camera was lurking somewhere down this hall, and didn’t feel like getting an ass-chewing tonight. Private Murrey was the first to stand up and address me.
“Sarnt.. We uh, Morrales and I-”
I cut the boy off, raising my voice as I stepped inches from his face. “I can’t FUCKING hear you, Private! Your mouth is moving, but all I hear is SHIT!!” Murray, Morrales and Peters snapped as straight as a board, placing their hands behind the small of their backs and feet shoulder width apart. “Hooooooooooly sheep shit, Privates! It’s like God himself came down and touched my ears, THANK YOU!! Now, continue!” This time, it was Peters that spoke.
“We were jousting with the mop buckets, Sarnt.” He answered with as straight a face as he could, hardly flinching while at parade rest.
I pinched the bridge of my nose and looked upwards towards the low ceiling. “Fucking idiots, Listen, Dumbasses, we don’t get a lot of time off, but for putting your retarded asses on the hot seat, guess what? I want this entire fucking hallway swept and mopped. Time. Fucking. Now, Privates!” The trio scrambled away and slowly jogged down the hallway carrying the mops and buckets, raising my voice. I shouted at them as they fled, “HURRY UP, WAITING ON YOU, ASSHOLES!” watching as their light jog increased to a brisk one. Turning away, I headed back for my bunk. Idiots, they haven’t memorized where the cameras are by now?
Sitting down on my bunk, I used my thumbprint to get past the lockscreen, checking to see if Kilet left any messages.
“I can imagine, what’s it like being cramped on a ship for cycles on end?”
“You there?”
I let out a tired sigh and began to type a response since Kilet was still shown as ‘online.’ “Sorry, sorry, you know how I mentioned we have our own stupidity to keep us company? Well, let's just say my boys got a little too stupid for their own good, now they get to clean the hallway.”
“Oh.. sounds kinda stressful, What were they doing to get such a ‘reward?’”
A lighthearted chuckle escaped from me as the notion of sweeping and mopping being a ‘reward’ in a sense it kind of was, I could have smoked the dogpiss out of them. “Well, they decided to use our mop buckets as vehicles, on camera, I'm sure the Commander wouldn’t like to see something like that go ‘unrewarded’ as you’d say.”
“Sounds like you guys have a lot of rules, though I think I can understand not wanting your soldiers to be wheeling around a military ship in mop buckets, I bet I could fit in one of those pretty easily!”
The thought of pushing Kilet around in a mop bucket through the corridors of the ship gave me quite the mental image, for some reason, I imagined him wearing a pirate’s hat standing triumphantly one foot propped against the lip of the bucket. Land-Ho, Human! Bring the ship port-side to the sandbar! We’ve treasure to bury! Shaking my head a few times to drive the image from my head I typed up a reply. “That just gave me the best idea, but hear me out, you’ll need a hat, and I'll need to convince the specialist at security to have the cameras experience a mysterious blackout.”
Memory transcription subject: Kilet, Venlil Aeronautics Mechanic
Date [standardized human time]: August 27, 2136
I spent the next three paws falling into a rhythm, waking up, checking my pad for messages, giving a quick reply, going to work, and spending the rest of the paw chatting with Miles. At first I didn’t quite know what to say, or how to talk, but eventually the words just came naturally from me. Every paw I came home looking forward to telling Miles all about work, how Vemlix screamed at another mechanic, or how Logistics ordered the wrong part for some thrusters. I tried to ask Miles about the U.S.S Patriot, but he insisted he couldn’t tell me much, mostly because most of the specs were ‘classified.’ I guess the UN actually protects most of their secrets well. Instead, I told him all about the transport shuttles, how I diagnose things, and how I fix them. It became obvious to me he’s a really good listener, even letting me ramble on and on about how stressful the claws used to be prior to the borders being shut down.
Arriving home after another late claw of work, I plopped down onto the couch and opened my pad as per my routine. Pulling up the exchange app, I let my claws work over the Venscript keys, typing up my usual messages to Miles.
“Hey, You, what are ya up to? No LTs giving you the runaround like yesterday, I hope?” Hitting send I began to wag my tail in the air, patiently watching the chatbox’s animation indicating he was typing a reply.
“Hah, I wish, Lt. White forgot to include fluid checks on the preventative maintenance due today, when I tried to correct him he got all pissy, and insisted it wasn’t until next week, I had to pull out the calendar and show his West Point ass just how wrong he was, but hey, I got some exciting news!”
Leaning closer to the pad, my thoughts began to fill with useless jargon as to what Miles could mean. Exciting news? Did he get a promotion? Did one of his ‘joes’ manage to fix something all on their own!? “Ooooh, what happened? Don’t keep secrets, go on, tell, tell!”
“Well the UN is taking us off the Earth defense rotation, some other unlucky sops get to take our spot! Instead we’re being docked in orbit just above Venlil Prime. That’s not even the best part! The crew is due for some shore leave. I’ll get to come planet side for a little bit and meet you in person! Ain’t that gonna be great?”
My initial reaction wasn’t quite what I hoped it’d be, a primal fear got stuck in my throat as shivers crawled up my tail and spine. I’ve never actually spoken to a human face to face. Messages were one thing, but even that took some time getting used to.
I tried to list off how many humans I've even seen in person, but that quickly became harder and harder to remember.
I've seen a few around in the Capital, but I've never actually approached any and only from far away. Am I ready to meet one? Am I ready to talk to one?
My thoughts raced out of my own control for several ‘seconds’ as the humans would say. Shaking my head, I quickly reigned them back in. Miles wouldn’t hurt me, he’s listened to whatever I’ve said, as boring or menial as it was, he’s asked me more about myself than most Venlil I know! He just looks different.. That’s all, Kilet.. Suppressing my initial fear at the thought, I tried to keep as much primal terror out of my next message.
“Wow! That’s amazing news, Miles! You’ll love Venlil Prime. The Capital is a gorgeous city, I’ll show you around the sights and maybe a little of the country, though a few of the Venlil might not be so kind out there. A lot of us are still scared of humans, but I'm sure that will all pass with a little time.”
Where will he sleep though? There’s no guarantee a Venlil would give a hotel or room to a human.. It could sour his whole perspective. Or worse.. Upset him. Still, the idea of hosting a predator I just met in my house wasn’t exactly the most appealing thought. Besides, I doubt the owner of my complex would appreciate getting complaints from the other tenants. Without giving Miles a chance to reply, I began typing another message.
“Do you have a place to stay over here? The military wouldn’t just dump you planet side and say ‘figure it out’ would they?”
“Usually, yes, that’s exactly what they’d do, but we’re not on Earth, plus the diplomatic incidents that could occur from us just wandering about the civilian side are endless in the eyes of the big-wigs. As far as I'm tracking, they are gonna put us up at a building near the government complex. The locals near there are the most exposed civilians to human presence.”
Relief flooded my brain as soon as the thought of hosting him was expelled. As nice as this was going, sleeping, fully exposed to a known predator, was just a little out of my comfort zone..
“Well, that’s good, though it’s kinda disheartening to hear how they’d treat you if you were getting shore leave on your home world, what if some of you don’t have the means or ability to get a place to stay off the ship?”
“Most of us would just return to the ship every night and go out during the day. Typically, we have a recall time regardless, like ‘You can go no further than two hours away from the ship in case of emergency recall’ sort of thing.”
I was about to type up a reply when I saw the familiar three rotating dots next to Miles’ name, erasing my message I decided to wait to see what he wanted to add.
“Shit, sorry, Kilet, but I gotta go for a bit. Command meeting with all the engineers about this month's tasking and duty rosters. Commander got pissy cause some lazy sham artist decided he was too good for CQ”
The only thing I managed to understand from all that jargon was ‘Gotta go for a bit,’ ‘Command Meeting,’ and ‘Taskings.’ As for what a ‘month,’ ‘CQ,’ or ‘sham artist,’ I have absolutely no idea. Though, if he said he had to go, he probably didn’t have the time to explain.
“Alright, I’ll talk to you later, Miles, just message me whenever.”
Without much to do, and Miles seemingly busy, a curious thought popped into my head. Without noticing I found my claws pulling up Rivis’ profile, I clicked the ‘call’ button and turned up the pad’s volume. After two rings I heard a ‘click’ and the familiar voice of my dark furred friend.
“Hello? Call to tell me you backed out on your partner, eh?”
I slapped my tail against the couch cushion out of annoyance, my words laced with a similar amount of sarcasm. “No, Actually, I called to see how you and your partner are going. Miles and I are doing great, thank you very much.
Rivis let out a soft chuckle that almost sounded like a series of squeaks before speaking. “Zoey and I are alright, though the texting app doesn’t like half the stuff I bring up. It’s always ‘Inappropriate topic this’ or ‘inappropriate topic that.’ Worst part is I know it’s for my sake, but I wish there was some way to turn it off. How can I learn about these humans without seeing all sides of them?”
I didn’t exactly mind the restrictions myself, they were there for a reason, to ensure curious Venlil aren’t scared off at a moment's notice, but I didn’t really have the energy to get into a biological sparring match with Rivis right now. “I hear you, I kind of run out of things to talk about too.”
“Well, that’s just your own fault. You have an infinitely curious alien that thinks you’re the most adorable thing they’ve ever seen at the tip of your claws, and you can’t think of a single thing to talk to them about?”
It took me a ‘second’ to get through Rivis’ reply, a light bloom forming over my snout as I pondered just how ridiculous my previous statement actually was. “Fine.. I see your point, but what should I ask?”
“Their culture? Their history? Personal and general, Their herbivore diets? Their hobbies? Their music? Their science? Their religion? I can keep going.”
…You really are braindead, Kilet.
“Okay, okay, I get it. When Miles gets back I can ask about some of that stuff, but I was also curious, do you have any plans to meet Zoey?” This was the question I really wanted the answer to, Rivis put on a brave face for these humans, and I haven’t seen him show anything besides curiosity. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was all just a front, or short lived bravado.
“Of course, we’re just waiting for a window when either the exchange program offers, or she can visit here on Venlil Prime. Whichever comes first really. How about you?”
“Yeah, Miles is coming over for shore leave in a bit. I told him I’d give him a tour of the city, take him to a few local hotspots. Nothing too fancy, but I'm sure he’ll appreciate it.”
“Mmmmhm, I'm sure he will too, you really can’t be too overbearing on him. With the way the humans know they affect most Venlil, you’re almost granted immunity, they’ll assume responsibility for any offense. They’re dancing around our feelings right now, you’d have to be an idiot not to see that.”
I took a short pause as I really listened to Rivis’ words.. They sounded ‘wrong’ somehow, off.. “Rivis.. Don’t you think that’s a little manipulative?” He had always been a very grounded Venlil, but I just assumed he was more quizzical than most, but to be honest I never had a lot to compare him to.
“Maybe, but it doesn’t change the fact that’s how this first contact is treating it. Zoey told me so many humans applied to the exchange program, but hardly any made it in. Meanwhile our government was practically begging us to sign up. Listen, all I’m saying is don’t feel nervous about what to talk to Miles about, you can’t be wrong, Kilet. I have to finish up cleaning, but let me know how it all goes on your end.”
I heard the beep of the call end as I sat on my couch, a little stunned by just how easily Rivis described it was to manipulate these predators, maybe that isn’t what he meant. The possibility of a Venlil lashing out, acting scared all to get pity and trust from a human felt far more predatory than anything these humans have shown me so far..
“Bye, Rivis” my empty words rang out to no one on the other end of the call as I sat the pad down, a new dilemma surfacing in my mind. I hope no human meets a venlil like that.. No sentient deserves having their trust turned into a toy.
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Thanks so much for reading Chapter 4 of ‘A Change of Pace’ things are starting to kick off between Miles and Kilet, who knows what future shenanigans are held in store for the two? I like to think I'm getting better at this whole writing business. Yall can be the judge of that! So long as you guys enjoy the story I'll keep at it! As always, thanks to all the fanfics that inspire me! I’ll list them at the bottom as per usual. A giant thanks to SpacePaladin for their amazing universe, and I could never forget my lovely Proofreader(s) for this chapter, a big thanks to you guys as well!
"A silly little man"
Fanfics that Inspired me:
End of the Line
Foundations of Humanity
Nature of a Giant
Lost and Found
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2023.03.20 18:19 paulknakk $2500-$3000 Gaming Rig

>**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**

Gaming of all sorts. From Diablo to Elden Ring.

>**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**


>**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**


>**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**

Tower / OS

>**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**

Florida / No. Will be ordering from Amazon.

>**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**


>**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**


>**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**

nvme drives , 64gb RAM, AIO cooler. Intel based. Thermaltake // ASUS ROG preferred.

>**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**


>**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**

Yes and no.

>**Extra info or particulars:**
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2023.03.20 18:13 wildmoonrising Am I now living in a tory store?

*toy store
no idea why autocorrect corrected this back to tory, twice.

I have 200+ funkos, which is nothing in comparison to most people here. I've been using wall shelves to display and it works but I feel like I'm throwing them up for the sake of getting them out of their storage boxes.
I'm limited to one room and I'm starting to feel like I'm living in a toy store, as it slowly monopolizes my walls.
While I enjoy collecting and seeing an assortment of things I like, it's starting to consume any effort to personalize my space. I know the issue will be largely resolved by not being so limited to one room but I also wouldn't want them EVERYWHERE either.
Is this just part of collecting? Are we all just totally consumed by funkos?
I'm also an avid in box collector. Did OOB years ago and have much regret. I don't want to alter how I collect, I just wish it didn't have to take up so much space.
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