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This subreddit is for the Pokémon rom hack Unbound. Post anything related to this rom hack in here! Ask questions, help others, show off your team, etc!

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A subreddit to discuss anything about Pokemon Sword & Shield!

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A subreddit where you can find, create, and discuss hacks of Pokémon games.

2023.05.30 13:06 overlord939 Shiny code cheats

Are there any shiny code input cheats for unbound, I've beaten the game several times but my shiny luck has been terrible so I really hope there's a cheat.
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2023.05.30 10:13 CreativityOnFleek Pokemon Attacklist?

Hey guys so i want to start play pokemon unbound and i set the difficulty to expert. Thats why i wanna check which starter and nature with potential movesets would be the best so i want to check which attacks they learn on which level. Is it same like in the original if nothing is stated in the readme file ? If so, which gen do i need to look at for the moves ?
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2023.05.30 09:16 Pleasant_Ad3780 PKRS

Rom game obvi. Beat the elite 4 and made a team of favorites. I didn't know what PKRS meant lol. I wish I would have known how to EV train this properly.
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2023.05.30 04:05 knowellDome Gba cheats?

Can anyone help me load cheats into the device. I have no clue how to do it. I want to play pokemon with cheats. Please help me out. Do I need garlic os? Or can it be done in the stock os? TIA
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2023.05.30 01:18 ZeraoraLightning601 Weekly Lore Update (21/5 - 28/5)

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2023.05.29 18:41 TastyBananaPeppers Poll: Which Terms of Service violation did you use to get your Shiny Shadow Mewtwo? [Length = 2 days]

Option 1: No Root Method such as Downgrade Google Play Services, Pgsharp, or iPogo.
Option 2: Rooted Method such as LSposed, Smali Patcher, Systemized, Taichi, Pokemod, iPogo Launcher, Maddev's Enhancer, or Polygon.
Option 3: Forbidden Method such as Pgsharp with Pokemod.
Option 4: Paid for a service for someone to go onto your account to do the raid and catch it for you.
Option 5: I did not get a Shiny Shadow Mewtwo.
If my polls triggers you emotionally, mentally, and/or physically, you probably shouldn't cheat this game. PoGoAndroidSpoofing is a game cheating subreddit that discusses game cheats for Pokemon Go. If you are against cheating and breaking the game's Terms of Service, you do not belong here.
Also, don't abuse Reddit's reporting system because they are implementing a ban system like Discord where they ban your account, IP address, and device ID. Just like those anti-cheat behavior system warnings I include in my posts, I am informing you ahead of time if you wondering why you can't use Reddit anymore after abusing the report button.
View Poll
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2023.05.29 18:19 Ok_Excitement5874 My Yuzu settings that gave my high-end rig 50-60 FPS 8K HDR Pokemon Violet gameplay. Hopefully this helps some of you (i9 + 4090 combo)

My Yuzu settings that gave my high-end rig 50-60 FPS 8K HDR Pokemon Violet gameplay. Hopefully this helps some of you (i9 + 4090 combo) submitted by Ok_Excitement5874 to NewYuzuPiracy [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:04 SteveW_MC Creating the ultimate 3DS Pokémon Machine (v1.0)


This guide is to explain how to get every Pokémon game from Gen 1-7 onto your CFW 3DS. The information is a compilation of references I’ve collected during my own efforts of 3DS modding. I’m creating something I wish I had when I started down this process, and I hope you find it useful.
This is all focused on the Pokémon games, but it covers such a wide variety of topics related to 3DS CFW modding, that I think even those who don’t care about Pokémon would find it useful.
Please let me know if any of the information is incorrect or should be elaborated on.
Note: This assumes you have already completed the CFW 3DS guide on your 3DS. This will not work without completing that process.

Part 1: Useful Tools & Sources

I will be making reference to the same handful of sources over and over again throughout this guide.

Part 2: How to get every Pokémon game on your Home Screen

Gen 1 & 2 (RBY/GSC) - GB & GBC
Gen 3 (RSE/FRLE) - GBA
Gen 4 & 5 (DPPt/HGSS/BWB2W2) - NDS
  1. Download roms or rip your cartridges via GodMode9, put them in the correct rom folders.
  2. Use NDSForwarder OR just open the Universal Updater app and you can find it in there (there's two different ones, I'd use the one by MechanicalDragon)
  3. Put DS games in /ROMS/NDS.
Note: Do not rename them after you’ve installed forwarders as that will break them. Also: LIMIT 40 DS GAMES INSTALLED AT A TIME - You can however use the data management menu to move the shortcuts you aren't using to the SD card to make room (where they disappear from the home screen and become unusable till they are moved back)
  1. Open the app via homebrew launcher to select which to install to your homescreen, and you may uninstall them one by one through the main 3DS data management menu, the DSiWare section.
Gen 6 & 7 (XY/ORAS/SMUSUM) - 3DS
  1. Download games from the HShop
  2. or Rip the game from the cartridge via GodMode9
  3. Be sure to download the updates to each game as well.

Part 3: How to migrate saves into 3DS

Gen 1 & 2 (RBY/GSC): Godmode 9
Gen 3 (RSE/FRLE)
Gen 4 & 5 (DPPt/HGSS/BWB2W2)
  1. Rip saves from cartridge via GodMode 9
  2. wherever you store your rom files, there should be a folder labeled saves.
  3. Move saves files into the roms folder.
Gen 6 & 7 (XY/ORAS/SMUSUM)
  1. Rip from cartridge via GodMode9 & inject into virtual version

Part 4: How to cheat in each game

1. Checkpoint
Note: Cannot access GBA or NDS games, only 3DS and original VC games. See “2. PKSM” and “3. NDSForwarder” below for instructions on how to cheat in those games. Checkpoint causes the game to crash often, especially in gen 6&7. Always save before activating a cheat.
1. Load the game and save first. Doesn’t work without a save file. 2. get ahold of your Title ID by going to FBI → Titles → take a picture of your relevant Title ID for the game you need. 3. in PKSM, go to settings (hit X) and go to Misc → Title ID’s 4. input your title ID for your specific game from step 1 5. Once you’ve inputted the number and hit ok, you can just keep hitting back and you’ll see the game on the VC list and access it like the other games. 
1. in PKSM, go to settings (hit x) → misc. → Extra Saves → find your save for your specific game within your SD card. For gen4-5 it’s probably in /ROMs/nds/saves 2. go back to the main PKSM screen, then hit Y, then choose your save to open. 
3. NDSForwarder (DS games only): hold Y while loading the game then press X
4. PKHeX Desktop App

Part 5: How to migrate Pokémon up and down generations:

  1. PKSM
  2. The legit way: Poke Transporter & Pokémon Bank. Download them via the HStore. Poke Transporter can transport Pokémon from Gen 1 & 2 VC’s as well as from Gen 5 into Pokémon Bank. They will only be able to migrate from Bank to Gen 7 games, or 1 way into Pokémon Home. You can migrate Pokémon this way, and then send them back down from Gen 7 into older games via PKSM.
  3. PKHeX Desktop App. No idea how to use it. I’ve never used PKHex before. But I think you can do it that way too.
  4. PKMN Chest can also work, though it works better on a DS/DSLite/DSi. It cannot access 3DS games, so no gen 6 or 7. Nor can it access Virtual Console games, like how it was instructed you install gen 1-3 above. It can access non-virtual console roms if you’ve installed them on the 3DS a different way. So at most you could access gens 1-5.
Edit: formatting and clarification
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2023.05.29 08:20 Old-Try-3489 Rucoy Online Science Fiction (Quest - feature ideas)

Rucoy Online Science Fiction
The lvl 1 Rats are actually secretly released drug-addicted, heroin and cocaine addicts, as well as failed expiriments (like most Leaderboard players) many of them have enlarged prostates, others are constantly lactating and spilling milk that spoils the place. The reason all the lvl 1 rats look the same and all creatures for that matter, in Rucoy, besides the yellow names for the elites, is that they were put in a skin-suit, that morphs the body so they can't tell another apart, so it creates a 'in-group-mindset'. As many freelance Rucoyians realize this, when they later discover elites, at least subconsciously, they will often be too oppressed by 'Elitist' mobs to ask the basic question, of 'Why aren't their elite rats/crows/goblins/worms/scorpians/snakes' (as of 5/28/2023) - and the answer is simple and may seem like a linguistical play, but it's because they literally aren't elitist; meaning they aren't rich or well-connected. They are the experimented-on, degenerates of the World of Rucoy Online. The snakes are subject to being used for their venom in labs to develop antibiotics for their poisonous bites as well as scorpian stings, but it's mainly a placebo, because these creatures are rather benign in their toxic elements, basically they're as toxic as a mild hangover from one ounce shot of mild beer as a 90 pound adult. The lvl 1 rats, who are trying to break the chains of their pre-determined environments, evolve into lvl 3 rats if they're successful, hiding in a cave from GM Rucoy and his apostles.

Why are Brazilians one of the most prominent player base in Rucoy Online?

They have vast forestry and problems with their economy as well as a certain bottomless desperation to prove themselves worthy enough to be acknowledged by Ricardo in the ways of boss drops so they can hang up trophies, plaques, NFTs and milestones of their titles, achievements and progress, relative to other players as well as seem worthy enough to get dinner from their Community. Rucoy acts as the 'bread and circus' of their day, while they scavenge for crumbs of bread in their environment, they're rich and OP in game and can access more prospoerous parts of the World through simply hopping servers, which is less expensive and risky than boarding a flight, in their mind - they may end up living into their 50s and 60s-- eventually retirement homes, paid for by their training and farming North American and European accounts-- wealth that Rucoy gives them access to! Brazilians have a lot more hanging in the balance than the typical, European or Western, Continent and so they may also exude a creed of toxicity to affirm their dominance, that is one of scamming, desperate flattery and self-perceived toughness to mask the symptoms of doom and vulnerability. 

Why are there Rucoy Online, knock-off games?

Nobody is as great, as Game Master Ricardo. Of course, he had game ideas and templates from other games to go off from his Childhood, like any other game Creator has, but he didn't say, use a fossilized dinosoar bone from Zelda and chisel around it to make his own game, he had way more creativity, although used paid-for game assets as well, but the Rucoy Online knock off game that came out not so long ago, is basically slightly off-centered Rucoy Online and they even copied Ricardo's last name, as if they were related and have the audacity to have the option to buy diamonds at like 3x the price of Rucoy Online (at least at the time I played it) well GM Ricardo is taking the high road, it doesn't look like he has taken legal action against them and he's depending on brand-loyalty and sunk-cost fallacy, for players to stick with his game; although he has increased amount of updates but that may be also due to offloading tasks to AI that formally may have cost him 5-6 figures to do regularly, although it doesn't seem like his updates are that regular at this point - however, after people realize that GM Ricardo has ties to Freemasons and the Jewish-backed Media, he even has been rumored to be attending World Economic Forum meetings and to have applied a year before the creation of Rucoy, in January 1st, 2015! People will change their tune about Rucoy Online and they will adopt it as the premier, defualt game for all online, capable devices, Include Android, Apple, Laptop, Destop and Smart-Watches and Rucoy shares will be sold at a starting price of 100kk each, which will translate into 1000$ USD by 2027-2030-- will basically be more profitable investment promoted by Economists than Tesla, General Electric, Patroleum, Apple, Gold, Diamonds, Bitcoin, or any other Fortune 500 Company and GM Ricardo will be escorted around in a Buggatti by the Tate brothers, Secret Service will also consider him as capable as a President/Prime MinisteTop War General and provide 24/7/365 protection. 

When is playing Rucoy too much of a sacrafice?

Theoretically, never. Rucoy Online is a good substitute for a life plan, outside of games, because it is so rewarding and stimulating, while others, have met their significant other on this game, many criticize hardcore players for over-playing, but in reality, it can be a passive game, but also, you have to keep conscious of your device, outside of your pocket usually and well-charged, so it will have to constantly be on your mind and this may leave you open to being exped by elites, or killed by vengeful, jealous players who want bragging rights of having bagged a top player - although you can always train in opposite time-zones, so if it's 12PM in EST time-zone and you're online, you can afk train in, say, Asia. However, players can server hop indefinitely, without penalty, if they clear their data, after they reach server hop limit, penalty-timer; which is also used to sometimes KS Demon teams, by opps, trolls, and the bedazzled ones, or competing Guilds and sharers. Though, it's not that fun, to keep hopping and clearing data and generally, they dont do it for more than 10-20 minutes, in my experience, as i've dealt with this with stream-snipers on my Lvl 1 in vampires, when my other account was skulled, following my Lvl 1-- though most people who try to follow demon teams will be tricked or out-played because the entire team will work together to exp/kill them, so it's also counter-productive and meritably unexecutable for any long-term strategy, beyond poor impulse-control. If you live in an area where it's very poor it also may be more profitable to train/farm accounts than get a local job in your area-- also, Rucoy can act as a substitute for 'bad' behaviors like joining violent gangs, engaging in actual terrorism, doing hardcore drugs, becoming an Alcoholic, etc. or binge-eating and giving a 'reason' to not be homeless, as then it's harder to find a place to charge your device for Rucoy! You can also gain creative-advantage by engaging in Role-play, not just in writing a book like this, but in server, guild, with friends ingame or just divulging in isolated, story ideas, which tends to lead to other 'outside the box' thinking, so yes, you can gain advantages by playing what seems like a mind-numbing game, because in boredom, comes creativity and inspiration towards other endeavors, which may dovetail the former point about why there's no Minos music, as it is a pretty popular area for training for a lot of time-invested players. 

Rucoy Online to be a main contributor of 21st Education!

Pretty soon there will be Doctorates offered in Rucoyology, including honorary Doctorates to players who solo'd 90+% of their account progress and achieve 620 + defense. The Doctorates will be offered by Ivy League Universities like Harvard, MIT, Yale, Oxford University, Etc. and will entitle the individual to get 50% off of Whoppers at Burger King as well as unlimited access to battery replacements and wireless internet so that you can even play Rucoy while you camp in a Mountainous forest in the Everglades. Rucoyians will be offered an internship program, where they learn the ways of a general Rucoyian and earn a basis of Monster slayer titles and Expert titles to complete the equivalent of a 'General Education' that will make them versatile players among the newest contributing members to the land of Rucoy. Also, there will be a weekly raffle, to win plane tickets to your nearest fast-food restaurant, with wifi, to make Rucoy Online the most popular game in that particular area played via Restaurant Wifi. There will also be renovations and leasing agents to existing malls and shopping centers to install various Rucoy 'Gift Shops' where you can buy physical, Rucoy Diamonds, Merch and engage in tournaments with other Rucoy players, to submerge your interests in an ever-intertwining pool of talent and diplomacy so you can work together to create the most awesome farming and arena experience-- there will also be localized, physical tournaments, similar to how Pokemon and other trading card games evolved in game stores and outlets that wanted to host fun events for youngsters and prospective champions in the realm of story and game time - Rucoy will become a household name and Sport practiced Globally as well as formally recognized as an Olympic Sport, mainly, probably dominated by starving Brazilians, looking for Global recognition, to leave the chains of their poverty and be sponsored athletes, also in the UFC stars like Connor Mcgregor and Anderson Silva will have body Tattoos of top Rucoy players to advertise their particular legacy and Guild and there will be ranked, arena PVP titles for each ingame server, for guilds as well as individuals to defend, based on their level and guild composition, seperation by categories and tiers, agreed upon staking and even sometimes diamonds and cosmetic unlockables for players who achieve the tops of their particular class, for example (top 10000 hours player, top lvl 75-125, top NA1 Registered Guild, top Global Guild, etc. - most wins per day, maybe a cap for total matches allowed to be played, as well as minimal amount of players for rewards - to bypass cheating with multiple devices).

Why is Chat very toxic in Rucoy Online at times?

People can't compete with buying top accounts or lack interest in training a lot, or find compatable motivation for training and talking junk, making up false-accusations, over-blowing mistakes or past failures, to the point where they define someone over something they did maybe once or twice several years ago and don't generally believe in redemption as well as hype up fear and paranoia over associating with those people, for others to be deemed as toxic, if they're friends with these people or allow them in their guild, or join their guild - etc. People actually get a high out of the reactions and subverting nature of turning something potentially beautiful into an unforeseen wasteland, it is misplaced energy and if they had another outlet and maybe more incentive to do something else, that is contributory, they would do it-- it's best to guide people towards a healing and developmentally superior path and influence people to make better decisions, rather than demonize or persecute or Morally condemn people, although that has it's place as well; however, some people get a feeling of euphoria for being talked about, even if it's negative and negative attention is better than no attention, so it's better to act as an on-ramp towards plausible behavior, I have asked people to contribute to this work as well as offer suggestions and I will add them in the credits and acknowledgements, as a way of doing my part, for helping people to engage in their creative interests, as well as try to ask people personable questions to whatever they're doing that allows them to feel connected, engaged and interested in opening up-- this is partially due to being lvl 1 and not being able to access server chat, however, role-playing as the 'bad' man is also funny but because Rucoy appeals to young and naive children/teens, they may take it the wrong way, so I think it's healthier to admit, this is Science-Fiction and introduce, facts, analysis, creativity, half-truths, improvement ideas, as well as just plain silly, dystopian ideas. End Rucoy entrenched Toxicity today! 

Everyone who uses Server chat for more than a week is eventually accused of Pedophelia, especially if they are self-admitted adults:

"You play a kid's game!" "You're too old to play this game!" Also, people who are minors will invite you to say things that incriminate or compromise your integrity, in order to blackmail, screenshot or have leverage over you - this is a pretty common phenomena, of course Jeffrey Epstein did this to Elites, professionally, it happens to 'nobodies' in online Communities as well, also, different countries have different laws for what age is legal for 'enticing' talk to take place. It is not universally bad to all people and of course with the advent of gender reassignment surgery, being a mainstream practice in many places, that is-- they can literally, medically, be subsidized to have their 3 year-olds genitals cut-off even despite non-parental consent, in many areas, is cause for alarm in of itself, and is probably an even bigger or slippery slope problem, for child abuse, that is slowly boiling the water to have deleterious affects on minors and to degenerate and systematically subvert the parent's influence over their children, that moves many steps further than Public education, calling traditional parents 'racist' or 'xenophobic' etc. and that 'guns' are anti-children, somehow, etc. but generally, people are taking out their abandonend, neglected, abused, ignored, traumatized, detached, disassociative and nihilistic attitude towards the Server chats and PVP world by just dominating and destroying any possibility of successful progress, pretending as if their childhood are determinants for their overall life and that they need to abuse others before they become abused, it's quite sad actually.
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2023.05.29 07:00 AutoModerator Mega Pinsir Competition - Week 22 2023

Mega Pinsir Competition

AUTOMATION INFO: Check the archived AutoModerator-post for more game resources.

Competition basics

This is a Bug type competition. Super Effective types you can use against are Fire, Flying and Rock.
You have 15 (+5) moves to do the highest score you can. Take your time to do the best moves you can! For new players to competitions, it's worth it to do at least one full-item run for getting the Pinsirite! Doing an itemless run to study disruptions is also suggested.
  • Moves +5: Adds 5 moves to the stage
  • Mega Start: Grants Mega Evolution starting the stage
  • Disruption Delay: Delays disruptions for half the duration of the stage
  • Attack Power ↑: Attack power gets doubled


  • Players who already have the Pinsirite will receive 1 Level Up.
Pokémon Type BP RMLs Max AP Skill Swapper Skill(s) Mega Power Icons MSUs
Mega Pinsir Bug 70 10 125 Power of 4 Bug Combo Erases Pokémon and disruptions around two spots you tap 26 20
Class Percentiles Required Rewards
S Top 1% Pinsirite, 5 Mega Speedups and 15 Raise Max Levels
A 1%-2% Pinsirite, 4 Mega Speedups and 10 Raise Max Levels
B 2%-3% Pinsirite, 4 Mega Speedups and 6 Raise Max Levels
C 3%-5% Pinsirite, 3 Mega Speedups and 4 Raise Max Levels
D 5%-10% Pinsirite, 3 Mega Speedups and 2 Raise Max Levels
E 10%-20% Pinsirite, 2 Mega Speedups and 1 Raise Max Level
F 20%-30% Pinsirite, 1 Mega Speedup and 1 Raise Max Level
G 30%-40% Pinsirite, 1 Mega Speedup and 1 Mega Start
H 40%-50% Pinsirite, 1 Mega Start and 1 Moves +5
I 50%-60% 1 Attack Power ↑, 1 Moves +5, 3000 coins
J 60%-80% 1 Attack Power ↑ and 3000 coins
K 80%-100% 3000 coins

Starting board and disruptions

Full information inside the link here

Potential megaevolutions

Full information inside the link here
Pokemon Description
Tyranitar / Aggron 3 tap mega. Best effect for the competition, good for disruptions and combos. Tyranitar is SE
Rayquaza (Shiny) / Pinsir / Charizard X (Shiny) / Camerupt 2 tap mega. Good for disruptions and combos. Rayquaza (Shiny) is SE
Rayquaza Removes 10 icons that are non-dragon types. Great effect for combos because rocks are easily handled
Gyarados (Shiny) / Gengar / Mewtwo X (Shiny) Removes itself. High combo potential
Blaziken Replace 3 Fire types with itself. Acceptable SE mega for beginners, can handle rocks and deal good damage with some luck
Charizard Y Y pattern. Acceptable SE mega for beginners, not great for combos

Potential supports

Pokemon Type BP (RMLs/MaxAP) Skill [SS] Extra info
Ninetales Fire 70 (5/110) Block Smash, [Burn+] SE mandatory offensive Fire status
Typhlosion Fire 70 (20/140) Hyper Punch, [Rock Shot] SE with highest AP, removes 2 rocks
Delphox Fire 70 (15/130) Pyre SE Fire combo dealer
Ho-Oh Fire 80 (5/115) Power of 5+ [Pyre, Nosedive] SE weaker Fire combo dealer
Torchic Fire 50 (10/115) Pyre, [Flash Mob] SE weaker Fire combo dealer
Charizard Fire 60 (20/135) Burn [Unity Power] SE UP
Ho-Oh (Shiny) Fire 80 (5/115) Cross Attack+ SE CA+
Heatran Fire 80 (5/115) Last-Ditch Effort SE LDE
Infernape Fire 70 (10/125) Hitting Streak [Final Effort] SE FE
Lycanrock Rock 60 (20/135) Rock Combo SE Rock combo dealer
Rockruff Rock 40 (15/115) Rockify, [Unity Power] SE UP
Regirock Rock 80 (5/115) Last-Ditch Effort SE LDE
Rufflet Flying 50 (15/120) Flap, [Final Effort] SE FE
Silvally Normal 80 (20/145) Typeless Combo Typeless combo dealer
Zygarde-50% Dragon 80 (10/130) Barrier Bash+, [Typeless Combo] Typeless combo dealer
Hoopa Unbound Dark 90 (5/120) Risk-Taker, [Typeless Combo] Typeless combo dealer
Deoxys (Attack Form) Psychic 80 (5/115) Psychic Combo, [Typeless Combo] Typeless combo dealer
Tapu Lele Psychic 70 (6/113) Stabilize++, [Typeless Combo] Typeless combo dealer
Tapu Fini Water 70 (6/113) Barrier Bash++, [Typeless Combo] Typeless combo dealer
Tapu Koko Electric 70 (6/113) Eject++, [Typeless Combo] Typeless combo dealer

Previous top scores

Cycle 1 results
Cycle 2 results
Cycle 3 results
Cycle 4 results

Final notes

The preferred choice is of course a 3tapper, with Tyranitar being SE. If you lack one of them, fallback to 2 tapper, otherwise use a SE one.
Ninetales Burn+ and Pyre are too deadly to even consider other options. You can have good scores both with a Typhlosion and a second Pyre, because both skills will trigger during beneficial disruptions. Neutral TC can be used if your Fire team is weak. Unity power and LDE are always an option for beginners.
Using Burn+, could be better to skip Disruption Delay to maximize the damage in the first moves and save some coins.
Rerun until you get a desirable score! Good luck everyone!
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2023.05.28 23:57 Nuklia1309 I was looking for pokemon rom hacks and found this - "it sounds like the blanket-fort den that Boris Johnson probably make in his garden where he goes to cry"

I was looking for pokemon rom hacks and found this - submitted by Nuklia1309 to BrandNewSentence [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 21:59 Jerma_Hates_Floppa I am terrified of horror video games

As a kid I was even afraid of playing strategy games because I didn’t want to lose. I gave enemies weak units or cheated.
Nowadays I don’t do that anymore but I never “grew up” to horror games. I just always found them very authentic. Even minecraft is so nerve wrecking sometimes, but true horror games are a big no-no. It is somewhat Adhd somewhat anxiety, but I always felt like if I was a caveman in a jungle I would be so hyper aware of everything.
I listen to sounds really well, like hearing a soy uncloak in Team Fortress 2, in horror games I just get overstimulated or over anxious. Especially because I feel really weak alone. Even in real life if I have 1 friend with me my courage more than doubles, and if I have more friends then I become like a group leader but less confident and more like a primal survive or die way. Same with video games alone vs with friends.
I just see almost no point in playing horror video games. In the recent years I started appreciating horror movies more, but video games are too much. I already hate myself for making mistakes. I already find faults in ultra adhd games like minecraft or pokemon. I cannot accept horror games where I cannot live my adhd cavemen urges and collect stuff or be creative.
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2023.05.28 21:22 mistersisterfister37 What if I use a masterball during a softban

Just for info, I am not softbanned as I don’t cheat. But what would happen? would the pokemon stay or would it still flee?
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2023.05.28 17:04 Massive-Pool-5272 Where to catch them, and how to get the update patch

I’m new to pokemon unbound and I play it on my 3ds. Now I don’t really know where I can Find certain types of Pokémon, is there a schedule or list where to catch them? And how can I get the update patch in my file? So I don’t have to start over again
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2023.05.28 16:51 TastyBananaPeppers Poll: Should I ban PGSHARP because of these statements? [Length = 3 days]

Poll: Should I ban PGSHARP because of these statements?
"A lot of people get strikes from pgsharp too. You are going to want to get a rooted andriod phone. A vast majority of players get a strike within 1-3 months. Never log into pgsharp because just logging into it will flag your account for a strike."
"The best thing you can do is stop using PG Sharp. That's a key part of why you are getting strikes."
"Modified clients are pretty much guaranteed strikes because niantic can see them connecting to their server. Tethering to a gps spoofer from a computer is not a good option too. The best option is rooted andriod using the official app from the Google play or Samsung store."
"Don't use ANY third party clients anymore like PGsharp or iPoGo's non-root app.
Simply logging into those will net you a strike with zero exceptions. Your only method now is to root your device and use Pokemod, Polygon or iPoGo's root version of the app. These are separate apps that run alongside the official play store version of PoGo and inject data.
Obviously no cheating is safe, but these are the safest methods. You must use the official play store version of the app to have any hope of not getting a strike."
"You obviously got flagged for using a hacked version of pogo... Once you you are flagged it could take a few weeks before the warning gets sent out so even if you had stopped playing. It only becomes active once you log in..."
If my polls triggers you emotionally, mentally, and/or physically, you probably shouldn't cheat this game. PoGoAndroidSpoofing is a game cheating subreddit that discusses game cheats for Pokemon Go. If you are against cheating and breaking the game's Terms of Service, you do not belong here.
Also, don't abuse Reddit's reporting system because they are implementing a ban system like Discord where they ban your account, IP address, and device ID. Just like those anti-cheat behavior system warnings I include in my posts, I am informing you ahead of time if you wondering why you can't use Reddit anymore after abusing the report button.
View Poll
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2023.05.28 16:44 DurangoGango The Molech deal, cheating them all, and the Dark King


+Everything that has happened, will happen again. It is the way of things. Yet humanity’s death will eclipse the eldar’s annihilation tenfold, for we are evolving into a far more psychically powerful race. Uncontrolled psychic energy will tear reality apart. The warp’s entities will feed on the carcass of the galaxy. There must be control, and control must be maintained.+
The Master of Mankind
The Emperor's great and secret plant to save humanity originate in one terrible truth: that the human race is evolving into a fully psychic species and that, left to its own devices, it would certainly succumb to psychic corruption, triggering a Fall-of-the-Eldar event that will be even larger and more devastating for the galaxy. Not just humanity is at stake, but sentient life in the Milky Way and perhaps beyond.

Unthinkable Confessions

S1: There is a grand bargain here.
S2: I understand it.
S1: Do you? Already? Good. Very good. What is the bargain?
S2: [Silentium.] Infinite power cannot be overcome. We are finite, limited by law. So, deception.
S1: Do you find that unworthy?
S2: No.
S1: Because it comes from me.
S2: Yes.
S1: Speak freely. For once, speak freely. You are only just awakened – there may be few chances left for you.
S2: [Silentium.] You will cheat them. You will cheat all of them. And us.
S1: A risky strategy.
S2: There are no others.
S1: You understand it. And, tell me – do you understand the full implication?
S2: Ruin. Total ruin.
Valdor: Birth of the Imperium
But there is a problem. The nature of Chaos, of the Warp, is infinite and unbounded. It can not be defeated by matching power against power. The only possible strategy is deception: a gamble so staggering in its odds, it courts total ruin to even conceive of it.

The Bargain

‘At the dawn of the great diaspora, the Emperor travelled here in humble guise and found the gateway to a realm of immortal gods. He offered them things only a god-in-waiting could offer, and they trusted Him. They gave Him a measure of their power, and with that power He wrought the science to unlock the mysteries of creation.’
Vengeful Spirit
The Emperor went to Molech early in the Dark Age of Technology. He entered a portal straight into the Warp, and made pacts with the Ruinous Powers, gaining a measure of their knowledge and might that was the key to creating the Primarchs. We know it was a pact, and not outright theft, through ADB's WoG: (speaking of Fabius Bile trying to make Primarchs) "And even if he had all the lore (which he almost certainly doesn't) did Bile really make the same deal with the Ruinous Powers that the Emperor did, in order to make a real primarch?
Now, what could be the thing be that "only a god-in-waiting" could offer the Ruinous Powers? the standard answer is the Primarchs, for the Gods to have as their heralds; there's much theorising about which Primarchs were pre-agreed to go to which god. But I'm unconvinced: Chaos immediately turned them into Daemon Primarchs, suffering the same limitations as regular Greater Daemons; they're not something only a "god-in-waiting" could give them.
I prefer another theory:

The Dark King

‘Lord,’ says Actae, with some reluctance, ‘the Dark King is… it is the name first written in the time before man, and repeated ever since, unbidden, by the prophets of all species. It is a name symbolising the rising god to come.’
‘There are no gods!’ scoffs Raja.
‘You’re a fool,’ Actae tells him. ‘Before the fall of the aeldari, there was no fourth power of Chaos. The gods of Chaos breed and multiply,propagating like storms through the empyrean. They are born in turn, though they have all existed forever. Time has no meaning for them. The fall of the aeldari did not cause the birth of She Who Thirsts, merely her occurrence. So too with all other gods, be they foul entities of Chaos, or divine forces of sentient power.’
‘She Who Thirsts was born out of the death of an entire sentient culture,’ says John.
‘Such is the inevitable fate of all advanced, psychic species,’ says Actae. ‘And the Dark King is our fate. This war, my lord, is not one of loyalists against traitors. It is not about the conquest of Terra and mankind by Chaos. It is certainly not about a son at war with his father. This is the Triumph of Ruin. Horus and the Emperor have taken their conflict to such a pitch, that we are about to suffer the same fate as the cursed aeldari. The human race will die in birth-fire, consumed by blood-rage, pestilence, violent transmutation and blind desire. And from the grave-pyre of our civilisation, the broken galaxy will see Horus rising, absolute and complete, as a new, true and terrible god.’
The answer is staring us in the face. The Emperor knows humanity will evolve into a psychic species, then Fall. He knows the only hope to avoid this, the shining path, is to unite the species, wean it off reliance on the Warp by conquering and using the Webway, then slowly shepherd it into psychic ascendancy. He knows he lacks the power to do this, and there's only one place to get it: the Warp itself.
He goes to Molech, enters the Immaterium. He passes whatever tests the Gods set him, and strikes a bargain. They will give him a measure of their power and knowledge. He will use it in a war of galactic conquest, aided by Warp-infused monstrosities. Humanity will ascend and, in so doing, Fall and occasion the formation of the fifth God of Chaos. The Warp will invade reality and all will be subsumed into the Great Game.
He does not intend to do this. He makes the Primarchs, and sets about conquering the galaxy at incredible speed, but enacts an anti-Warp ideology, attempting to remove even the possibility of Chaos influence-through-belief. He forges a human link to the Webway, manifesting his intention openly. He cheats on his bargain.
The Gods respond. If the Emperor will not go on to create the Dark King, they will occasion its birth themselves. They concoct the Heresy, and pour their power into one of the Emperor's Great-Daemons-in-a-meatsuit. The conflagration plunges the galaxy into ruin and exposes much of humanity to the Warp. It is this plane of conflict that truly interests Chaos: the Wrap bleeding into realspace all over the place, psychic turmoil sufficient to fatally poison reality no matter who wins the war. Let the deluded and the hopeless fight on with all their fury and desperation: all they're doing is feeding into their own destruction.

The Sacrificial Play

The figure shrugged, as though they discussed something trivial. ‘Some things need to happen, Kai. Even the most terrible things you can imagine sometimes need to happen.’
His opponent moved his Divinitarch into a blocking position, and said, ‘Because sometimes the only victory possible is to keep your opponent from winning.’
The Outcast Dead
The Emperor's original plan is no longer viable. The Webway is lost (though he tried as best as he could to hold on to it). There is no longer a path to ultimate victory, as far as he can see. The next best thing is to stop Chaos from winning.
It's hellishly complicated. If he loses to Horus, it's game over pretty much immediately. But even if he wins the immense psychic conflict, that might still be enough that the psychic pressure of those fighting for the Emperor will nucleate the Dark King around him anyway, doing for humanity what Slaanesh did for the Aeldari, except even worse.
The only non-losing move is to cause a stalemate. Soulkill Horus, hurt the Chaos Gods if he can (he can't defeat them outright, "infinite power can not be overcome"). Then, knowing he'll get badly wounded in the battle no matter what, get himself strapped to the Golden Throne, unable to die, his soul tethered to realspace, where he can fight off Chaos' influence without joining it. Now he can't ascend, and there's no alternate candidate for Dark King. Whatever faith humanity places into him, capital F or not, will not nucleate a Fifth God of Chaos, at least as long as he can hold on.
It's not great. There is still no discernible path to ultimate victory. But it's the best move he's got.
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2023.05.28 16:26 BenRisk5189 Load Order help?

I'm very new to modding and I used LOOT you sort my load order but I've heard that LOOT make mistakes so I wanted to know if everything is okay
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
Vanilla Script MicroOptimizations.esl
Vanilla Scripts Enhanced.esl
Lanterns Of Skyrim II.esm
dD - Enhanced Blood Main LITE.esp
Immersive Sounds - Compendium.esp
Lore Weapon Expansion - Daedric Crescent.esp
Lore Weapon Expansion - Goldbrand.esp
Lore Weapon Expansion - Relics of the Crusader.esp
Quest Journal Limit Bug Fixer.esp
Beneath Bronze Waters Start Fix.esp
Quests Are In Skyrim - USSEP Patch.esp
Quest NPCs Run.esp
Animals Swim.esp
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition.esp
RDO - EFF v4.0.2 Patch.esp
nchardak waterfall fix.esp
water mod.esp
Cathedral - Water.esp
Cathedral Weathers.esp
Cathedral Weather Godrays.esp
Dynamic Impact - Slash Effects X.esp
Dynamic Impact - Slash Effects X-03EBTL_ISC.esp
TF-AEFishing Patch.esp
LoS II - Campfire addon.esp
Civil War Aftermath.esp
Immersive Weapons.esp
Unique Uniques SE.esp
Vestige - Unique Uniques SE RE.esp
C.O.I.N. - Saints and Seducers Patch.esp
C.O.I.N. - The Cause Patch.esp
SkyRem Economy.esp
Sleeping Expanded.esp
Use Those Blankets.esp
Use Those Blankets - Campfire Patch.esp
Lore Weapon Expansion.esp
LoS II - Lantern Workers.esp
Hunterborn - Soups and Stews.esp
HunterbornSoupsStews - SunHelm Patch.esp
Immersive Patrols II.esp
JK's SkyHaven Forge.esp
Khajiit Caravan Mules.esp
Hunterborn - Campfire Patch.esp
LoS II - SMIM patch.esp
LoS II - USSEP patch.esp
My Home Is Your Home.esp
MHIYH - BedPatchPackageFac.esp
Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp
Cloaks - USSEP Patch.esp
Survival Mode Patches - Campfire.esp
W&C - Cathedral Weathers Patch.esp
Skyrim Cheat Engine.esp
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim.esp
Apocalypse - Ordinator Compatibility Patch.esp
Skyrim Unbound.esp
Skyrim Unbound - Timing Is Everything Patch.esp
Modern Brawl Bug Fix.esp
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2023.05.28 01:37 TraditionalSubject30 Add cheats onto games

I have an RG353V and i was playing a lil bit of pokemon and reached the stage where it takes a bit too long to lvl up and was wondering if it was possible to add cheats to get items such as rare candy and stuff like that. And if its possible how the hell do you do it!?
Appreciate any kind of help :)
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2023.05.27 19:34 Aureliamaster AniPoke Memes

AniPoke Memes submitted by Aureliamaster to MandJTV [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 15:40 Novel-Duck8545 Pokémon Bloody Platinum Redux(Complet version)

Pokémon Bloody Platinum Redux

Pokémon Bloody Platinum is a really old Rom Hack who has today 14 years old.The last update happened on October 24, 2019.The original Creator of this gameis Buffy.
This game got a lot of Cools features for the time:-493 Pokemon (491 can be caught)-Pokemon can evolve without trading-Day and Night cycle-Different Pokemon can spawn from day to night-Time spawns are 4AM to 9:59AM/10AM to 7:59PM/8PM to 3:59AM-Male and Female Pokemon have different colors and sprites-Trainers have new Pokemon team-A Route Leader Trainer is in every Route-Wild Pokemon may have Held Items-Slightly harder difficulty
But with the time we can note that this game is REALLY EASY for experienced nuzlockers(This game is originally made for nuzlocke this were the "bloody" from the name of the game come from).
I've find sad the facts that this Rom hack didn't age as well as Pokémon Glazed or a lot of others Rom Hack.So,I decide to "remake" this game to give him a Second Chance.
I got several problems with the Pokémon movesets who get annoying bugs.But I've fixed all of them

Bloody Platinum Redux Feature List:
At a glance, here is a list of some features and additions you can expect from Redux:
- The ability to catch Pokémons from gen 1 to 4 even if some are not obtainable because of their abillity*(All Drizzles,Sand Streams,Hails and Droughts Pokémons are removed from the game!)*
- Documentation of all Pokémon changes, Item locations,Pokémon Locations, ALL THE TRAINERS but only when you get your third badge(all the harder trainers are going to be documented before the third badge)
-All the rocks,threes..and everything that need a HM are remove except for Eterna City(and also for HM08 Rock Climb)
-Story similar to the Original Platinum but with a 2nd Rival and a revamped story.Our Rival from Twinleaf Town get two Important characters as a Mom and Sisters,and a lot of new characters(Thorton->Zekro,Palmer->New Blond Cyrus,Volkner->Same but with Barry's sprite,Buck->Cedric(our Rival/Barry),Original Cyrus->Sanzo, Darach->Sweat,Aaron->Sora.).New characters devellopement for our two Rivals.
-The FIRST TIME Pokémon League is not the ending of the game,there is the Stark Mountain event to do after the League and after Stark Mountain You got the ***WORLD CHAMPION POKEMON LEAGUE with the World Champion and his WORLD CHAMPION ELITE 4.***Also Cynthia is not alone when you battle her...
-A lot of Pokémons got buffed(I've take the buffs from VINTAGE WHITE*,RENAGADE PLATINUM,a little bit of* Blaze Black*/Volt White 2 Redux,*Pokémon Sweltering Sun and myself.)
- Furthermore, Pokémon have had their 2nd abillity as the first one.
-All the Pokémon got revamped movesets,type,and abillity. For example,Pidgeot is now Electric/Flying,Slaking got Scrappy,and Smeargle has OMEGA BUFFED STATS IN SPEED,HP and it's two defenses stats(you can't get Smeargle in the game)
-The need for trade evolution has been removed.Also some of the moves needed evolutions were removed but some Pokémons got moves needed evolutionFor example Riolu now evolved when he has learned Aura Sphere at Lv33***.***
- Item distribution has been completely overhauled.You can get muscle band before the first gym.Broken items like Leftovers are obtainable very late in the game,and for the Choice items*,they're located in Vicotry Road,You'll have to fight a* REALLY BUSTED BOSS to get the Choice items*.*
-Some in-battle dialogues are modified.For example when a Pokémon missed an attack the text will be "....is blind as f\ck!",When A Pokémon evade an attack the text will be "...got* Ultra Instinct!".
-Pokémons encounters all have been revamped from the original Bloddy Platinum.
-At the Pokémon League you get the possibility to get a free Phione or Manaphy*,you can get it by fishing and surfing.*
- A lot of moves got buffed/debuffed

Regarding maybe futures Versions of Redux...:
If this game got a little bit popular,I would like to got the help fromothers to maybe adding the Fairy type,buffing or changing some moves...I really wants to improve this Rom Hack as much as I can.I will gladly accept any help.

Regarding difficulty:
Pokémon Bloody Platinum was really difficult at his time.With customs trainers,completly revamped important trainers.... However,This game can be SUPER SUPER EASY if you're experimented nuzlockers. Here are all informations to note about the diffulty of the game:
- All trainers in the game are customs with importants battles harder than the normals trainers battle.This is a Vintage White and Radical Red type of games (Boss battles in certains routes)
- There are some cheats you could use to make the game a little bit easier(berry cheat and rare candy cheat is obligatory for nuzlockers).So go to the Action Replays Sections for more info.
- Like I've explained before,all the Weather abillity or broken stats Pokémons are BANNED(example:Ninetales,Vaporeon,Tyranitar,Sableye.....) BUT the trainers you'll battle would sometimes have these banned Pokémons.

Regarding The Rom Hack.....:
I got several problems with the Pokémon movesets who has got a lot of annoying bugs.But I manage to fixed all of them.
Also I'm french so maybe you will notice some grammar errors in my sentences and that's because my English is not perfect yet,I'll try to improve my english so we will not have to worry about that.
Just know that I'm a 19 years old boy who has done this game with everything he knows and everything he has learned.So I know that this game is not perfect like I've already said.
I hope you, the one who read this, would understand me here. If you have any misgivings or complaints about this, I'll kindly ask you to be civil and polite about them.No insults,this will take us nowhere.
Thank you for reading this,and I'll hope you'll enjoy the game and share it everywhere!
Stay safe buddy!:)

You want to support me? Go see my release trailer to join the Discord server and get the ROM here
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2023.05.27 15:04 AsThePokeballTurns Mewtwo Raid Guides!

Mewtwo Raid Guides! submitted by AsThePokeballTurns to PoGoDFW [link] [comments]