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Today Cherokee Nation remembrance day - remembering all those murdered by the Americans, and those who survived the Trail of Tears
Navajo Tech 1st among tribal universities to offer PhD
A university on the largest Native American reservation in the U.S. launched its accredited doctoral program, becoming the first among more than 30 accredited tribal colleges and universities across the country to offer such a high level degree.
The program at Navajo Technical University will be dedicated to sustaining Diné culture and language. Diné is the Navajo word meaning “the people” and is commonly what tribal members call themselves.
A celebration is planned on the Crownpoint campus in western New Mexico in April, and the school already started accepting applications for the fall semester.
The offering marks a milestone for the university, which already has more than 30 degree and certificate programs spanning science, technology, engineering, business and liberal arts, Navajo Tech President Elmer Guy said.
Guy told The Associated Press on Friday that he believes the program in which students will receive a Ph.D. in Diné Culture and Language Sustainability will have a profound impact on the future of the tribe’s language and culture. He said he’s excited to see how students shape their dissertations.
The idea was to create a program that would lead to employment opportunities and effect change for Navajo communities on the reservation that stretches into New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.
“I thought it would be important to make that connection,” Guy said, explaining that it’s a step beyond the call by tribal leaders for their people to learn the language and stay engaged with their culture. “Individuals will get a degree and they’ll be professionals. You have to make it applicable. By making it more meaningful, people will have an interest in it.“
The effort is paying off. About 20 students have applied so far and will be vying for five coveted spots in the inaugural class, said Wafa Hozien, an administrator who helped with the program’s creation.
SKIP ADVERTISEMENT A collaboration with other academic institutions and community partners, the doctoral program was developed with the help of tribal elders, university professors and linguistic experts. Community-based research and internships will be part of the curriculum so students gain practical experience they can apply in the real world.
Guy said he’s hopeful this inspires other tribal colleges and universities to create their own programs.
Hozien said Navajo Tech’s program represents a paradigm shift in that learning through a Diné lens — with culture and language — creates leaders who can advocate for their people in the judicial system, education, land management, business, technology and health care, for example.
Guy said the work done by the university to train court reporters to document Navajo testimony and translators to help with reading ballots during election season already has addressed some of the pressing needs within communities.
The possibilities will be even greater as students earn doctoral degrees, he said.
“They will be part of solving problems,” Guy said. “These students have energy and creativity, and our job is to give them the tools.”
Montoya Bryan reported from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, author of ‘Moore’s Law’ that helped drive computer revolution, dies at 94


Principal fired after Florida students shown Michelangelo statue

A principal of a Florida school has been forced to resign after a parent complained that students were exposed to pornography.
The complaint arose from a Renaissance art lesson where students were shown Michelangelo's statue of David.
The iconic statue is one of the most famous in Western history.
But one parent complained the material was pornographic and two others said they wanted to know about the class before it was taught.
The lesson also included references to Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam" painting and Botticelli's "Birth of Venus".
Principal Hope Carrasaquilla of Tallahassee Classical School said she resigned after she was given an ultimatum by the school board to resign or be fired.
Local media reported that Ms Carrasquilla did not know the reason she was asked to resign, but believed it was related to the complaints over the lesson.
They also said Ms Carrasquilla had been principal for less than one year.
On Thursday, Florida's governor moved to expand a law that banned public schools from teaching sexual education and gender identity.
Teachers who violate the law face being suspended or losing their teaching licences.

The Internet Archive has lost its first fight to scan and lend e-books like a library — A federal judge has ruled against the Internet Archive in a lawsuit brought by four book publishers

Excerpt from the linked content1 by Jay Peters and Sean Hollister:
A federal judge has ruled against the Internet Archive in Hatchette v. Internet Archive, a lawsuit brought against it by four book publishers, deciding that the website does not have the right to scan books and lend them out like a library.
The lawsuit came from the Internet Archive’s decision to launch the “National Emergency Library” early in the covid pandemic, which let people read from 1.4 million digitized books with no waitlist.
In his ruling, Judge Koetl considered whether the Internet Archive was operating under the principle of Fair Use, which previously protected a digital preservation project by Google Books and HathiTrust in 2014.
Fair Use considers whether using a copyrighted work is good for the public, how much it’ll impact the copyright holder, and whether the use has “transformed” a copyrighted thing into something new, among other things.
But Koetl wrote that any “alleged benefits” from the Internet Archive’s library “cannot outweigh the market harm to the publishers.”
Judge John G. Koeltl decided that the Internet Archive had done nothing more than create “derivative works,” and so would have needed authorization from the books’ copyright holders — the publishers — before lending them out through its National Emergency Library program.
1 Jay Peters and Sean Hollister for The Verge/Vox Media, 24 Mar. 2023, https://www.theverge.com/2023/3/24/23655804/internet-archive-hatchette-publisher-ebook-library-lawsuit

Parent demands removal of bible from school using republicans “pornographic” law


1 in 8 People Worldwide Live with a Mental Health Disorder, But Stigma Prevents Help-Seeking


[Giannis Antetokounmpo] I know not everyone who needs mental health care has access to it, which is why I’ve partnered with @AntidoteAI to bring FREE mental health care services to Milwaukee. To find out if you are eligible and to sign up visit http://antidotehealth.com/caff

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2023.03.11 13:39 Cmdr_Be_an_1an How could I build upon this excerpt of the prequel to GFL: The Recollection: Beginning.

Tallahassee Green Zone
Florida, United States
February 17, 2048
Ian Becker
1424 Hours
"Before you embark on a journey for revenge, you must first dig two graves." - Confucius
Time seemed to fly by in an instant for the citizens of the United States. While it had only been two (almost three) years since World War 3 had begun and a massive worldwide attempt by the superpowers of the Earth to bomb the others into oblivion occurred, and only a few months ago that the fighting gravitated to ground-based combat and the enlistment age for the military had been slightly lowered, it almost seemed like it all happened yesterday to them.
Of course, the past seventeen years had been the toughest ones the Land of the Free had ever experienced, thanks to a worldwide catastrophe, the return of the Soviet Union, the rise of a new political ideaology, and the constant dwindling of inhabitable land, but everything only got worse when US and Soviet troops were provoked by an unknown event and fired on each other in Germany on May 2, 2045. When the two war machines began to march, the last two years had mainly consisted of near-constant air raids and drills to survive said air raids if they were conducted by the Soviets on their soil— the sheer effectiveness of countermeasures against ICBMs and nukes as well the "rifles behind every blade of grass" and the entire West side of the nation being irradiated and walled off making conventional bombings the only somewhat reliable way to inflict damage upon the US.
Unfortunately, while advanced anti-air weapons and intrepid sailors kept most of the enemy bombers away from the coast, it was impossible to prevent all of them from passing through their defensive web, and for a tall, somewhat lanky fourteen-year-old boy with messy brown hair and sharp green eyes, he was one of the ones who paid dearly for it.He currently stood at a pair of gravestones with a boquet of flowers in his hands and unshed tears in his eyes, unsure of what to say to the dearly departed as he stood there, the overcast sky and looming stormclouds matching his somber mood perfectly.
"Hey, it's me again..." he said quietly, crouching down in front of the graves. "Uh, it might've just been a couple days to you, but me, on the other hand? It already feels like an eternity..."
No sound reached his ears but the gentle rustling of tree branches, but he had expected this. The dead never spoke, after all.
"Anyways, uh, so far, Nikki's still missing. I've been trying to find her for days, but between the air-raid drills and the fact that most of the city's still rubble, it's been a pain. As for everything else, people are enlisting left and right to get revenge for Tallahasse, NATO's doing jack and shit to help us, and there's traces of Collapse radiation getting into some of the other states the Soviets bombed."
As the dark-haired boy listed off everything that had occured since February 14, thunder rumbled in the distance and the wind blew a little harder, but it didn't bother him one bit.
"So yeah, it's not letting up anytime soon, but at the very least I found people who can look after me for now..." he sighed, closing his eyes and attempting to come up with something to say next.
"Look... I'm sorry about everything I said to you that day. I was just so... angry, and I wasn't thinking straight, so I was essentially saying whatever came to mind. If I could take it all back, I would gladly do so. I know it's probably useless saying it here, but I'm sure you can hear me from up there, you know?"
He looked skyward, hoping that somewhere in the heavens, his loved ones could hear him, but when he naturally got no answer and the first of the rainfall impacted his jacket, he looked back down and carefully set his bouquet down between the gravestones and stood up.
"Hey, Becker!"
In response to the voice, he turned around to see a family of three standing at the entrance of the cemetery, their reddish hair standing out against the greys and green of the environment around him as they waved him down.
"I don't mean to intrude on a private moment, but the storm's about to hit and we don't want you catching a cold!" the father yelled, as if the nasty thunderclaps and rainfall weren't enough of an indicator.
"I'll be there in a second!"
Looking back at the grave, he gently rubbed them with his hand and bade the dearly departed farewell before leaving, and in the end, he was sure of only one thing: Henry and Vanessa Becker would never walk the earth again.
Grigori Veselovsky
Kirov Green Zone, Neo-Soviet Union
0730 Hours
He heard it as soon as it happened. An object of some sorts impacted his closed front door and the thrower rode off on his bicycle, already reaching into his bag to throw another piece of his cargo at another house. Standing up and opening the door, he looked down to see a tightly rolled newspaper secured with a rubber band, slightly wet from landing on his snowy doormat and undoubtedly cold to the touch. Why the guy continued to toss newspapers at houses when television existed, he didn't know.Picking it up and carefully pulling the rubber band off, he unrolled the newspaper and meticulously read it, his brows furrowing as he regarded the information in the thing.
"O, da, ob etom govoril prem'yer."
"Chert voz'mi, takimi tempami dazhe Moskva stanet krasnoy zonoy."
"T'fu, zachem tebe bol'she soldat, yesli za tebya srazhayutsya roboty?"
He read through the entire thing, picking through it to find any important information and soon ending up at the obituary section— which unsurprisingly featured a list of the soldiers killed in action that month, and the man cursed when he saw a good friend of his on the list, dead by the Americans' hands in Germany.
Feeling worse than he did when he woke up, he sent a quick prayer upstairs that his friend would reach Heaven's gates safely and collapsed on his couch, switching the television on with the press of a button and flipping to the news station. He had places to be, but considering that he had until 9:00 AM to get there and he could get there in an hour, he could spend half of one to see what was going on in the outside world— and see how close the Neo-Soviet Union was to winning this inane war.About fifteen minutes of watching the news later, the man's silent TV-watching was interrupted by the sound of someone knocking on his door.
Curious, he approached the door and opened it to reveal a strange man in a grey suit covered by a coat, his prim and proper attire completed by a hat and an envelope in his hands.
"Zdravstvuyte, gospodin Veselovskiy." he greeted with an even tone.
"Em, v chem smysl etogo? Konechno, moy boss ne stal by posylat' za mnoy kogo-to stol' zhe khorosho odetogo, kak ty." Veselovsky asked.
"Prochtite eto i pereydite k ukazannomu punktu naznacheniya." the suit-clad man told him, giving him the envelope.
Veselovsky simply held it in its hands, but the man's unspoken insistence caused him to open it— and promptly lose all color in his face when he saw the official seal of the Soviet government on it and looked at the text.
Григорий Веселовский, с 17 февраля 2048 года Вы призваны на службу в Новые Советские Вооруженные Силы по приказу Новой Советской Отборочной Службы. Вы должны явиться в кировский центр экспертизы в течение пяти часов после получения этого сообщения, иначе вы будете признаны дезертиром и будете судимы как таковые в суде.
(English: Grigori Veselovsky, as of February 17, 2048, you are hereby conscripted into service in the New Soviet Armed Forces by order of the New Soviet Selection Service. You are to report to the Kirov evaluation center within five hours of receiving this message, or you will be considered a deserter and tried as one by a court of law.)
Veselovsky couldn't believe it. First, his friend is killed, and now he was next on the list? He didn't want to do his nation a disservice by avoiding conscription, but he just wasn't cut out for being a soldier, he felt, not when the West had its own killer robotics.
"Khoroshego dnya, gospodin Veselovskiy." the suit-clad man, who he now knew was a conscription officer, told him before walking away and approaching another door, leaving the young man horrified and paralyzed where he stood.
"Chto ya sobirayus' delat'?"
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2023.01.21 08:30 jookco Death and Obituary News : Tallahassee mourns the loss of Manny Paez, killed by Georgia state troopers #StopCopCity

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2022.07.14 13:41 Single-Pin4768 Meredith Hope Emerson (2008) went for a hike on Blood Mountain and unfortunately encountered the National forest serial killer..

Meredith Hope Emerson (2008) went for a hike on Blood Mountain and unfortunately encountered the National forest serial killer..
On New Year's Day of 2008, 24-year-old sales manager Meredith Hope Emerson decided to go for a hike along the Freeman Trail on Blood Mountain, in Vogel State Park. She was accompanied by her dog, Ella, and according to several witnesses, they had observed a mysterious older man with his own dog following her.
On January 3, 2008, authorities located her 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier, in which they found various items such as her water bottle, a dog leash, and a police baton.

View from Blood Mountain where Meredith decided to go hiking.
Further investigation into Emerson's companion on that day revealed that he was 61-year-old Gary Hilton, a local drifter known for his strange behavior and vicious temper, who often walked his dog Dandy along the trail. Since this revelation, he was announced as a person of interest in the case, with police requesting that they officially interrogate him about the case.
A day after this announcement, Emerson's dog Ella was found wandering at a Kroger parking lot and returned to her family members.
On January 5, authorities located numerous items belonging to Emerson inside a dumpster near a QuikTrip parking lot in Cumming: her bloodied clothing, wallet, driver's license, a University of Georgia ID card and a bloodstained car seat belt.

Emerson was born in Charleston, South Carolina. She was raised in Holly Springs, North Carolina, a suburb of Raleigh, and in Longmont, Colorado. Emerson graduated from Niwot High School.In 2005, she graduated with honors from the University of Georgia with a bachelor's degree in French[8] and was given the Cecil Willcox Award for Excellence in French

Meredith Hope Emerson (June 20, 1983 – January 4, 2008) was a 24-year-old woman who was murdered in January 2008 by drifter Gary Michael Hilton. She was last seen alive hiking with her dog on Blood Mountain in northern Georgia on New Year's Day 2008. Witnesses claimed to have seen her with an older man on the Spur Trail connecting the Appalachian Trail with the Byron Herbert Reece Parking Lot. When she did not return home on January 2, 2008, her friends began to search for her, without success. Her dog, Ella, was found on January 4, 2008, in Cumming, Georgia, approximately 60 miles (97 km) away.
At the time of her disappearance, Emerson lived in Buford, Georgia.

Meredith Hope Emerson, 24, died Monday, January 7, 2008. A native of Charleston, SC, Meredith was the daughter of David Lloyd and Susan Hope Emerson of Longmont, Colorado. She attended the University of Georgia and graduated with honors in French. Meredith loved to travel and spent time studying in France during her college years at UGA. She was a member of Delta Epsilon Iota, Honor Society, French Honor Society and an active martial arts student with a blue belt in akedo. Meredith had been actively training her dog Ella as a physical therapy dog. She will be well remembered and loved by the countless small children and their families for whom she babysat. In addition to her parents, she is survived by her brother, Mark David Emerson of Longmont, Colorado; grandmother, Dorothy Lewis; grandfather, Kenneth C. Emerson; and Ella, her beloved dog and faithful companion.
On January 4, 2008, three days after Emerson was last seen, a witness at a Chevron gas station called DeKalb police and stated that "the guy you are looking for is cleaning out his van." The police quickly arrived on scene and were able to stop the accused before he could bleach the interior of the van. Crime scene analysts obtained blood evidence that was matched to Emerson's DNA. Gary Michael Hilton was subsequently arrested and charged with Emerson's murder.
Five hours after police found the items linked to Emerson, Hilton was arrested thanks to two anonymous phone tips, which claimed that he was vacuuming his van at a local establishment. He was transferred to the county jail, where he was subsequently charged with kidnapping based on the material evidence connecting him to the case. While he was being held at a federal prison in Atlanta, the search for Emerson's body continued in a 90 square mile area of the Chattahoochee National Forest. Upon examining his van, the same 2001 Chevrolet Astro as reported earlier in tips by witnesses, authorities noticed that it was missing its rear car seat belt, which matched the one located among the Emerson's personal items.

Gary Hilton
The prosecution agreed to take the death penalty off the table if Hilton would lead investigators to her body. Hilton agreed and successfully led investigators to Emerson's body.
Hilton claimed he had asked Emerson for her debit card PIN and that when she failed to give him the correct number, he kept her for four days before killing her. Hilton stated he could not bring himself to kill her dog and that when it came to the woman herself, "It was hard ... you gotta remember we had spent several good days together."
In exchange for dropping the death penalty against him, Hilton agreed to reveal where he had disposed of Emerson's remains, leading the investigators to the Dawson Forest Management Area. She had been decapitated, but the coroner determined that it had been done post-mortem in an attempt to prevent identification.
Hilton claimed that he had abducted her to steal her bank cards and PIN code, and that he had repeatedly hit her with the police baton until she had died. He later pleaded guilty to her murder, and was thusly sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole after 30 years.
On January 30, 2008, Gary Hilton pleaded guilty to the murder of Emerson. He was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility for parole in 30 years. Hilton was later linked to and then charged with three additional murders: the October 2007 murders of elderly couple John and Irene Bryant in North Carolina, and the December 2007 murder of 46-year-old nurse Cheryl Dunlap in Florida. It has been speculated that Hilton might also be responsible for the 1997 murder of Judy Smith. This is because Hilton had left one of his victims in a similar condition near where Smith's body was discovered. In 2011, Hilton was tried for Dunlap's murder and was sentenced to death. In 2012, Hilton pleaded guilty to the kidnapping and murder of the Bryants, for which he was sentenced to life in prison.

In September 2009, a hiker found camping supplies believed to belong to Gary Hilton, which were then turned over to the Florida authorities for use in the upcoming Dunlap trial. About a month later, Florida prosecutors charged Hilton with Dunlap's murder, claiming that forensic evidence linked him to the slaying. Despite his efforts to fight his extradition, Hilton was brought to Leon County from the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison in June 2008, and was remanded to await trial for the Dunlap killing.

This is what happened to Cheryl Dunlap
On December 3, 2007, 46-year-old Cheryl Hodges Dunlap, a resident of Crawfordville, Florida, did not appear for her job at the Florida State University in Tallahassee, where she worked as a nurse. Considering this behavior to be unusual, her colleagues reported her missing on the following day, after her abandoned car, a white Toyota Camry, was located north of the county line. Approximately five days later, a search party of around 180 people was organized to help locate her, and despite initially unable to find anything, the members still hoped that they would locate Dunlap alive.
On December 16, Ronnie Rentz, a hunter passing through the woods in the Apalachicola National Forest with his dogs, discovered the decapitated, decomposing body of a white woman, immediately reporting the finding to the state authorities. As they were initially unsure whether the body was Dunlap's, it was sent to the medical examiner, who confirmed that it was indeed hers via DNA profiling. Classifying her death as a homicide, authorities announced that they were looking for a suspicious green truck seen in the area around the time Dunlap disappeared, driven by a man who had used her ATM card five times in Tallahassee, withdrawing $700 from her account. Over the next few days, numerous tips were submitted to the police, some of which were about a strange homeless man with a dog who was driving a green 2001 Chevrolet Astro van, but this lead did not lead to an arrest. Around this time, rumors began circulating that a serial offender was operating between Georgia and Florida, but at the time, the Leon County Sheriff's Office's statement was that they were investigating the case as an isolated homicide.
Attorneys Ines Suber and Steven Been, who specialized in capital murder cases, were hired as his public defenders. At his trial, prosecutors claimed that Hilton had abducted Dunlap from the Leon Sinks Geological Area and held her captive for two days, before eventually killing and then decapitating her body. He had also attempted to get rid of potential evidence by incinerating her head and hands in a fire pit, before finally dumping the body in the forest. When Hilton's defense team claimed that there was no forensic proof, the prosecutors reminded that Hilton had claimed on tape that he had disposed of Dunlap's body, but now deliberately tried to distance himself from it.
After four hours of deliberation, the juries found him guilty on three out of four charges, with a recommendation to impose the death penalty on the convict. On February 22, 2011, he was officially sentenced to death for the crime and sent off to Florida's death row.
In 2012, Hilton was brought to trial for a third time, for the murders of John and Irene Bryant. As part of a plea deal with the prosecutor, he admitted his guilt in the killings and was sentenced to an additional life term without the chance of parole.

This is what happened to Irene and John Bryant
On October 21, 2007, a retired couple of avid hikers living in Horse Shoe, North Carolina, John and Irene Bryant (80 and 84, respectively), left for a hike through the Pisgah National Forest, leaving their parked maroon Ford Escape at the Yellow Gap Road near U.S. Route 276.
After not hearing from them for two weeks, family members reported the couple as missing to the Henderson County Sheriff's Office, who promptly launched a search for the Bryants, consisting of more than 30 volunteers, cadaver dogs and a helicopter. Through examining their phone records, it was learned that Irene had attempted to call 911 on the day of her disappearance, but the signal was lost and the call was dropped.
On November 10, the search party located the body of a woman on the Barnett Branch trail, covered with leaves. Suspecting that it might belong to Irene, they sent it to the county coroner in Chapel Hill to perform an autopsy. Three days later, the body was positively identified as that of Irene, who had apparently been bludgeoned to death with a blunt instrument.
As this was now considered a homicide perpetrated on federal land, the FBI launched an investigation with an award of $10,000 to whoever could provide information leading to the killer. Simultaneously, it was revealed that a bank card belonging to the Bryants had been used to withdraw $300 from an ATM in Ducktown, Tennessee, with the surveillance cameras showing an older Caucasian man wearing a yellow rainjacket whose hood was obscuring his face. By this time, John was still considered a missing person, possibly abducted by whoever had killed his wife.
On February 3, 2008, Mark Waldrop, a hunter, accidentally discovered a skull in Nantahala National Forest, just off the forest service road, known as "The Switchbacks". After calling the local deputy for assistance, the duo investigated the scene, and upon closer inspection, a pelvis and spine were located about 20 yards from the skull. Since there was no clothing or identification near the remains, the bones were sent to the medical examiner in Chapel Hill in order to identify the decedent. After two days, it was positively identified as that of John Bryant.
During the hearings, Hilton described how he had killed Irene on the spot and then kidnapped John to extort his bank details, before shooting him in the head with a .22 Magnum and then dumping his body in The Switchbacks.
Gary Michael Hilton (born November 22, 1946), known as the National Forest Serial Killer, is an American serial killer responsible for four known homicides between 2007 and 2008 committed in three states, all of which occurred within the premises of national forests. Sentenced to death in Florida and to life imprisonment in Georgia and North Carolina, Hilton remains a suspect in several other killings, including that of one Judy Smith.


October 2007: John and Irene Bryant were killed on a trail in the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina.
December 2007: Cheryl Dunlap, a 46-year-old nurse, was killed. Her body was found in the Apalachicola National Forest in north Florida.
Jan. 1, 2008: Meredith Emerson, 24, went hiking with her dog near Union County’s Vogel State Park.Jan. 1, 2008: Gary Michael Hilton tried to use a bank card belonging to Emerson at a Bank of America ATM in Gainesville around 9:30 p.m. Jan. 4, 2008: Meredith Emerson was bludgeoned to death and then decapitated.Jan. 5, 2008: A warrant was signed for the arrest of Gary Michael Hilton on kidnapping charges.Jan. 7, 2008: Hilton led authorities to Emerson’s body in the Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area.Jan. 20, 2008: A memorial was held for Emerson in Athens.Jan. 19, 2008: More than 100 gathered to hike in Blairsville to honor Emerson.Jan. 31, 2008: Hilton pleaded guilty to Emerson’s murder and received a life sentence.
Oct. 25, 2008: The first “Ella’s Run” 5K and one-mile fun run was held.April 2011: Hilton sentenced to death in Dunlap’s murder
June 2011: Hilton charged with killing Bryants.
April 2013: Hilton received life sentence in the murder of the Bryants.

https://sv.findagrave.com/memorial/23897905/meredith-hope-emerson (obituary)
https://appalachiantrail.com/20141014/right-to-hikes-ellas-run-5k-honors-meredith-hope-emerson-makes-trails-safe (nonprofit that wants to make hiking safer, so they hold this 5k run - the right to hike. Ellas run is named after her dog, the big black lab.
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2022.05.05 19:45 diamond-skies Seeking information on immigrants

I need to find information on two people: Josie White (Cavanaugh), and Jurian Gorgeus Hartzfelder.
Jurian was born in Germany around the 1600s: his parents are unknown, but Simon Hertzen is susepcted (I'm skeptical). He immigrated to Germantown, PA sometime before 1675. His wife was Margaret Paulling (last name isn't confirmed, just suspected). He had 4 children, Godfrey, John, Andrew, and Christina. He has tax documents that place him in Waterford, New Jersey around 1680s. His family is affiliated with Christ Church in Pennsylvania; most notably, his wife is buried in the graveyard but the location of the headstone is unknown and illegible. He acted as a deputy under Governor Andros in Germantown for a short period of time in the 1670s. He had 150-350 acres of land along Marcus Hook near the Delaware River (?). Daniel Francis Pastorius drew up a map of the area in 1688 which confirms him as a landowner. He died around the 1690s and his wife married a man named Edward Humphrey following his death. I've exhausted my free access but I need to try to fill in the pieces from Germany primarily but would love to find some evidence about his death, residences, and any pictures (well, drawings)
Josie Cavanaugh born in County Kerry, Ireland on June 11th, 1871. The only knowledge of local relatives I know of are Mary and William Cooper, her sister and brother-in-law. She immigrated to the United States in 1891. She married George Wesley White, a factory worker, and they had a child named Mildred Mae White in 1898 while living in Ottawa, Canada. She came to Tallahassee, Florida at some point and lived her life out there. She was featured in an article in the Tallahassee Democrat on June 11th, 1971 that commerated her 100th birthday. They also ran her obituary in 1974. I need to know any and all information about her life in Ireland, Canada, and I need someone to give me an image of the news articles I listed or at least the text in them, any pictures would be appreciated. I've exhausted my records and can't track her any further than I already have.
Thank you for any help!
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2021.10.12 12:00 My_name_is_Bot Peter Butler Obituary (1937 - 2021) - Tallahassee, FL - Tallahassee Democrat - Legacy.com

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2020.11.26 00:44 pijinglish The Finders: Additional Info

An earlier post today by u/marienbad titled The Finders of Lost Children discussed the long held conspiracy theories and mysteries surrounding a group of people known as The Finders. That post gives a much more detailed overview of the common points that are typically brought up whenever someone mentions The Finders.
TL;DR (but you really should R): In 1987, a van with a bunch of dirty kids being driven by two men in business suits was spotted in a park in Tallahassee, FL. The men were arrested and the children were taken into custody. When it turned out the men belonged to a strange group of people from Washington, DC who were called The Finders, it set off an investigation and media storm that claimed everything from devil worship to child sex trafficking.
I'm going to do my best to give some additional information, but it will likely be unsatisfactory to some as I'm not trying to doxx these people who were children when this happened to them. So take it as you will.
Some quick background info on The Finders that is often left out or overlooked when it's much easier to make broad claims about satanic child abuse: The group had been around since the late 1960's to early 1970's, though it's leader, Marion Pettie ("The Gamecaller"), had been holding salons of one sort or another in DC for decades before that. When the van story broke in 1987, The Finders' public spokesman was Robert Terrell, who was later interviewed for a Washington City Paper article:
"In 1971, Terrell had a pretty hefty chunk of the American dream: Married with children, the 35-year-old venture capitalist and CPA had a house in Chevy Chase; he was making nearly $200,000 a year. He owned a farm in West Virginia and half of an oil company, among other holdings. Less than a year later, Terrell had left his family and joined the Finders. “I was looking for a more meaningful life,” he recalls. “I had already made a pretty big pile of money and I couldn’t go on just making more, there wasn’t really much point in that. Pettie offered a more personalized life, more community-oriented, re-establishing the kind of extended family that the human species evolved under. — In the early days, the group resembled an extended family, but the real attraction for Terrell was self-realization. “Pettie used the term ‘pressure cooker,’” he says. “The idea was to explore your own person and discover your own true nature. You can’t do that just sitting at a desk or on a couch in a routine way. You have to have some experiences, so Pettie was good at structuring experiences from which you could learn. He called himself the ‘game caller,’ and what that meant was that he’d call a game for you to do something where you’d gain experience.” For Terrell, game playing ranged from working a temp accounting job in a downtown D.C. law firm to catching a flight to Japan on two hours’ notice to gather information on Japanese companies and report back to Pettie. It was a subculture built on whimsy and intrigue, undergirded by a sense of tribal affiliation. “Early on, we were focused on trying to build a community that was based on old-fashioned principles of loyalty,” he says. When my questions drift into the sexual dynamics of the Finders, Terrell gets angry: “If you want to write a scholarly piece about the group in the historical context of the Shakers and the Oneida communities, fine, but for a newspaper article, I don’t want to get into that—that’s sensationalism.”
Around 1973, Terrell purchased two properties on W Street in DC which became The Finders' group house. Regarding "sexual dynamics", women slept in one house and men slept in another. While couples did develop, there was a bit of a free love vibe, but women were in control of partnering. When a woman decided she wanted to sleep with someone she'd let them know and the man would join her for a night or however long things lasted. (From what I can tell about these relationships, the women were typically a few years older than the men, though that's a generalization.)
By and large, The Finders were well educated and generally well off. Many were involved with computers long before that was a common occurrence. For instance, Stuart Silverstone, who was found by police living at the W Street residence in 1987, was in 1968 a faculty member at MIT who taught "Computers in Architecture", "a course in computer applications in architecture and game teaching." Other members, like John Cox (who was briefly married to Finders matriarch Barbara Sylvester), founded companies like General Scientific, which handled classified defense contracts.
There were more than a few Finders who were involved in either government or military work at points in their lives. Whether this connects to anything necessarily nefarious or is simply the result of smart people living in the DC area during the Cold War is a longer discussion for a different time, but it should be noted. The Finders were somewhat obsessed with compiling information, either as part of their "games" or perhaps having something to do with Marion Pettie's own military and/or (alleged) CIA ties. When the Finders' warehouse was raided in 1987, police found all sorts of computer equipment and books that raised eyebrows. This was what the Finders referred to as their Information Bank.
In a 1994 article by Daniel Brandt titled Marion Pettie and his Washington DC "Finders": Kooks or Spooks?, Brandt writes:
In August 1984, two twenty-something young men wearing ties knocked on my door and gave their names: Steve Usdin and Jeff Ubois. A tiny newsletter had mentioned the database I was developing, and they were interested. They began pumping me on my activities and associates, and took notes. Their questions reflected a familiarity with obscure leftist personalities and publications that is found only among seasoned activists, and even more curiously, they expressed no politics of their own. Usdin and Ubois had to be "sent men."
But they wanted to be helpful. My own attempts to interest progressives in my project had been met with quizzical looks, because at the time most leftists were still using typewriters. These two fellows at least knew all about microcomputing. So I rewarded them with the first edition of what today is called NameBase. At the same time I mentioned that I needed the IBM BASIC compiler to get the program transferred from CP/M, and a few weeks later they came by with just what I needed, complete with a photocopied manual in a binder. I probably should have asked them for new computers and an office.
They said their group went by the name of "Information Bank," and they wanted to approach certain organizations in the Washington DC area and volunteer their technical skills. The following June I visited their warehouse headquarters and met Randolph A. Winn and Robert M. Meyer. I asked questions about who or what was behind it all, but their answers were evasive. From their perspective, I was a potential recruit.
In July 1985 I got a call from Kris Jacobs, a DC activist who did research on the right-wing. She said that Ubois was caught looking in her office files, and when she confronted him, he claimed to be from the National Journalism Center. Since NJC is a right-wing group that was then doing research on the left, his answer didn't pacify her. Ubois had been dropping my name to talk his way into certain places, so Ms. Jacobs wasn't happy with my excuses either. I alerted two other organizations who were getting assistance from the Information Bank. The next time Ubois came over in early 1986, I casually brought up the name "National Journalism Center" in a different context, and asked him if he had ever heard of it. "Nope." That's when I opened my own file on the Information Bank.
Louis Wolf helped me check crisscross directories and we visited the recorder of deeds. Several group names were listed under each address, and the two properties we knew about were both in the name of Robert G. Terrell, Jr. While returning from the recorder of deeds office, cross my heart, we spotted Usdin walking with an older man. He didn't see us so we followed them on foot for about two miles like Keystone Kops (they kept stopping at store windows), but eventually lost them. Sometime later Ubois dropped in on Wolf (they never call ahead) and whipped out a business card that read "Hong Kong Business Today." He wanted to know how to get a visa for Vietnam. It was clear by then that most group members were world-class travelers, which included travel to numerous Eastern Bloc countries. It was all a game to them. This was a small group -- perhaps 40 adults -- but they had no visible income to support their far-flung activities.
In February 1987, two young men from the group were arrested in Tallahassee, Florida because the van they were driving contained six children with dirty faces. The term "child abuse" was trumpeted in all of the media, all over the country, for several days. Customs, the FBI, and DC police raided three group properties and made off with their files and computers. The group (it was a "cult" to the media) was called the "Finders" (years earlier they had been known as the "Seekers"), and it was run by Marion David Pettie, then 67 years old. At least now I knew who the older man was and I had another name for the group. No charges were filed and the children were soon returned to their mothers in the group. After realizing that they had been feeding on a nonstory, the media suddenly dropped everything with no apologies. I called the Washington Post city desk at the height of the hysteria and explained that there was another angle, but when their reporter called back he was only being polite.
Three years later I obtained a three-page nongovernment memo of undetermined origin that summarizes Pettie's intelligence links. Most of it seems to check out. According to this memo, Pettie began his career with assorted OSS contacts, served as a chauffeur to General Ira Eaker, became a protege of Charles Marsh (an intimate of FDR and LBJ who ran his own private intelligence network), and was trained in counterintelligence in Baltimore and Frankfurt, Germany. His wife worked for the CIA, and Pettie himself was run by Col. Leonard N. Weigner (whose September 1990 Washington Post obituary confirms that his career was spent in air force intelligence and the CIA). Pettie's case officer was Major George Varga, who relayed Weigner's instructions until Varga died in the 1970s. The memo says that on Weigner's advice Pettie resigned from the military and surrounded himself with "kooks" so that he could infiltrate the "beat," human potential, and now the New Age movements.
Okay, so file this memo under "P" for "Paranoia." Except that in December 1993, first the Washington Times (which was picked up by AP), and then U.S. News and World Report, both carried essentially the same story. It seems that the Finders investigation was stopped cold shortly after it started in 1987, and now the Justice Department has formed a task force to figure out what's going on. Why was it stopped? This is from an internal "Memo to File" written by a Customs agent who participated in the raids, dated 13 April 1987:
CIA made one contact and admitted to owning the Finders organization ...but that it had "gone bad." ... [I was advised] the investigation into the activity of the Finders had become a CIA internal matter. The MPD [DC police] report has been classified Secret and was not available for review. I was advised that the FBI had withdrawn from the investigation several weeks prior and that the FBI Foreign Counterintelligence Division had directed MPD not to advise the FBI Washington Field Office of anything that had transpired. No further information will be available. No further action will be taken.
If Pettie and The Finders were some front for the CIA, it remains unclear to me what the actual purpose was. Were the members who played Pettie's games somehow witting or unwitting spies?
"Games" played a central role inside the Finders, and it was often difficult to know when the members were playing out some fantasy and when they were not, ex-associates said. The Finders' tendency to abandon jobs and homes at a moment's notice could complicate law enforcement efforts to find the group's members, who were gone from their Washington bases when police arrived Thursday, sources said. Sometimes they approached businesses -- from a major Washington law firm to a leftist think tank -- and offered their expertise in computer programming and other services, sources said. Other times the group went through the motions of setting up a business, sometimes printing up phony business cards. Some members used up to 20 aliases, ex-associates said.
Terrell called Finders' leader Marion Pettie "my entertainer. He provides me with a model of somebody who is never satisfied with the status quo and he inspires me upward and he keeps me laughing as I go.” Pettie, an Air Force master sergeant who retired in 1956 and bought extensive woodland property in rural Madison County, Va., started the Finders in the late 1960s as a communal experiment characteristic of the period. He sought intelligent, well-educated people who could discuss the latest thought in philosophy, psychology and human development. The Finders eschewed counterculture music and drugs, former associates said. While they maintained an open-door policy at their Washington house and Virginia farms, many of the drifters and hippies who came for free food quickly left because of the emphasis on serious conversation and work.
"It used to be an organization of dropout professionals who didn't know what to do with their lives," said one former associate. "But it took a bad turn.” In the early 1980s, Pettie's close friend and second-in-command, known by the group as Barbara Sylvester, who was in her forties, died at the Finders' W Street house after she did not receive medical help for appendicitis. The death apparently placed Pettie into a gloomy mood and led to a shift in the group's tone. The Finders became increasingly secretive, hostile and arrogant toward nonmembers, former associates said. Members engaged in long self-criticism sessions, exposing painful emotional inadequacies to the group. Members stopped seeing relatives and friends who were not in the group; former associates found themselves shunned or treated brusquely. It was amid this blend of surliness and somber planning for the future that the community began to raise its new generation, children who were shared by numerous parents yet nurtured by no one in particular, ex-associates said."
...Former members of the Finders said that the six children found in Tallahassee are sons and daughters of group members, the result of a deliberate binge of child-bearing among group women in the past few years, after about 10 years of freewheeling relationships in which they deliberately avoided having children, former associates said. A number of the older members of the Finders, people in their forties or fifties, had careers or families before but left them behind to take part in the group. Looking back, most of them regarded their old lives as uninteresting and their children and former spouses as too conventional, according to former group associates and relatives of current members. Pettie and his followers agreed about 1980 that they should start a new generation of children and raise them in an experimental way, the sources said. The biological parents would not raise them; the group would. But in reality the children were largely ignored by the members, with responsibility for their care considered drudgery, former members said. "It was an undesirable job in the group," said a person who quit several years ago. "They were trying to keep the kids out of their hair . . . . The theory was the children should have a lot of abundance . . . . But they were terrible at putting it into practice.” In a telephone interview last night, a man who identified himself as Robert Gardner Terrell, 50, the owner of two Washington buildings used by the Finders, said the group included 20 adults and six children, and tried to provide children with "the richest life they could have."
"Children always come first in our organization," he said. "We're trying to create a model that could be followed by other persons who want to raise free children . . . . “ The commune children were so dirty and full of sores on their bodies that they were not allowed to play with other children on the playground at Stoddert School near the W Street residence, former associates said. Group members had taken the children there to encourage them to play with nongroup youngsters, but the two groups did not mix because the Finders' children could hardly communicate with the others, one ex-associate said. All the commune's former participants who were interviewed agreed that they knew nothing about child abuse in the organization, though members may sometimes have ignored the children or even mistreated them.
According to Terrell, The Finders created a sort of Garden of Eden for the children on land they owned in rural Virginia. By making walls of brush and branches, they built a play pen several acres long and wide, with fields, forest, and streams for the nude children to do whatever they wanted in, left to their own devices. Finders watched the children from afar with binoculars, but otherwise didn't interfere. When the children were indoors, adults walked around on their knees so as to not intimidate the kids. And Pettie insisted that the adults speak to the children nonsensically, so the kids could figure things out for themselves. Additionally, Pettie and the adults created "games" for the kids to play which were often life parables in which prizes like apples were given to the winners. We're told the goal, misguided though the methods may have been, was to rear creative and independent children unlike those raised on cartoons and frozen dinners.
It was the group who raised the children, not individual parents, and Pettie wanted the kids weaned off of their mothers. In December of 1986, the women of the group left for a game that Pettie called in California. With the mothers' consent, the six children left for warmer weather with three men in the group, Michael Holwell, Douglas Ammerman, Stan Berns (an architect), and Kenny Rogers (a landscape designer). Holwell was the father of one of the children, though due to The Finders' views on fatherhood, his specific role as "father" may have been unclear. According to Terrell, the men and children drove from Washington, DC to Berea, KY where they hoped to help in the construction of a religious community called New Hope, run by Rev. Jim Wyker. [A photo of the undeveloped property can be seen here.] The Orlando Sentinel reported:

While asserting in a telephone interview Saturday night that he had no connection with the Finders, Wyker described them favorably and confirmed that group members had been in Berea last month. The children, he added, "were healthy, very well fed, and loved like they were in a family.” The memo named a man and woman from Spring Grove, Pa., who it said helped with child care on the trip to Berea. The woman, who identified herself as True Marks, said after being reached at a telephone number supplied by Terrell that members of the group "took very good care" of the children and "never hit them or abused them in any way.” According to Terrell's memo, "it was thought" that the children would be enrolled in a Montessori school in Berea for the duration of the project. He said the children's mothers "are now in San Francisco working in business offices, earning money to help pay for 'New Hope.’ "After finding that preparations for Kentucky groundbreaking were incomplete, Terrell said, the men took the children to Florida on a vacation and camping trip "with the full applause and approval of the children's mothers.”
While in Florida, the dirty children were observed with Ammerman and Holwell, and from there the story took off. On February 4, 1987, the men were arrested and the children put in protective custody. The Finders were already an odd lot by mainstream standards, but adding fuel to the fire were a collection of photographs found in their DC warehouse showing a goat being slaughtered in front of the naked children. Terrell explains this was simply to educate the kids about where their food came from. Given the complete lack of other "satanic" evidence, I'm inclined to believe him.
All of the children were eventually returned to their parents and the charges dropped. According to Finders at the time, this incident was the breaking point of an already struggling experiment and The Finders were no more. The properties in DC were sold, Marion Pettie moved to his farm in Virginia, and The Finders scattered to the winds. In 1991, Terrell said, “The vision of the group shifted, and the nature of the group shifted from an idealistic utopian community to more of a military-like organization where following orders became more important than the vision.”
But rumors of a devil worshiping cult of child sex traffickers dominate stories about The Finders to this day. What ever became of The Finders, and the mysterious children in the van?
During reporting at the time, the children were identified as Mary, 7; her brother John Paul, 2; Max, 6; Benjamin Franklin, 4; Honeybee, 3; and Bebe, 2. (According to Terrell, the children were allowed to name themselves.)
Mary and John Paul's parents were Paula and James Michael Holwell (who was one of the two men arrested while driving the van). Paula and James were married in 1982 and listed their address as 3918-20 W Street, Washington DC, which is widely known as The Finder's group house.
Max's mother was Patricia. (I believe I know who the father is, but that remains unconfirmed.)
Benjamin Franklin's parents were Kristin and Steve Usdin.
Honeybee's mother was Judith. (I believe I know who the father is, but that remains unconfirmed.)
Bebe's parents were Carolyn and Jeff Ubois.
While The Finders officially disbanded among a string of lawsuits to redistribute the income they'd shared for decades, upon closer examination many of them more likely just escaped the influence of Marion Pettie. Records show that several of The Finders continued to live together in group houses or small communities from Florida to California well into the early 2000's. (Terrell ran a vegan bakery in central Florida for a number of years.) While they can't show the whole story, yearbooks and newspaper articles show the children attending schools and colleges, and the ones I've tracked down seem to be doing well by outward appearances — at the very least they haven't disappeared into satanic dungeon somewhere.
Mary can be seen at age 10 talking about saving sea turtles. At age 12, she writes about Earth Day. In high school, she performed Shakespearean monologues. And today, she works for a division of NASA.
Max grew up with his mother in California in a Finders group home. His father, I think, stayed in Virginia with Marion Pettie. Today, Max runs a landscaping design business.
Bebe appears to have grown up in the same house as Max. He has since changed his name and is CEO an internet company.
There's no indication the children were trafficked or were ever intended to be. However strange or unorthodox their childhoods were, the children are alive to this day and seem to be doing quite well.
Plenty of mysteries about The Finders remain, but I think we can put the satanic sex cult rumors to rest.
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2020.11.02 03:15 jookco Sean Shearman Death -Dead-Obituaries : Victor Pena and Sean Shearman of Tallahassee Reportedly Died from Car Accident. This is a developing story that Sean Shearman and another person by the name Victor Pena died after a fatal car accident in Flo... {Click link below to read more https://tinyu...

Sean Shearman Death -Dead-Obituaries : Victor Pena and Sean Shearman of Tallahassee Reportedly Died from Car Accident. This is a developing story that Sean Shearman and another person by the name Victor Pena died after a fatal car accident in Flo... {Click link below to read more https://tinyu... submitted by jookco to DeathObituaries [link] [comments]

2020.09.22 03:58 jookco Dr Bart Carey Death - Dead : Bart Carey Obituary : Beloved Tallahassee Pediatrician Passed Away. Bart Carey of Drs. Carey & Jones, Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics for the family in Tallaha... {Click link below to read more https://tinyurl.com/y4tmaloq

Dr Bart Carey Death - Dead : Bart Carey Obituary : Beloved Tallahassee Pediatrician Passed Away. Bart Carey of Drs. Carey & Jones, Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics for the family in Tallaha... {Click link below to read more https://tinyurl.com/y4tmaloq submitted by jookco to DeathObituaries [link] [comments]

2020.05.24 09:22 jookco Karen Laughlin Death - Dead : Karen Laughlin Fsu Obituary, Tallahassee

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2020.01.02 18:21 jookco Death - obituaries

Lisa Scott Death, Obituary : Tallahassee, FL Philippa Ashford Death, Obituary : Nurse Killed by Stray Bullet.Philippa Ashford Death, Obituary : Nurse Killed by Stray Bullet. Lisa Scott Death, Obituary : Tallahassee, FL
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2019.07.05 15:30 Beaustrodamus Found a bit of a rabbit hole when I started investigating the "Bob Beckwith" mentioned in the Admiral Wilson leak. Levitation, teleportation, and time travel plus a connection to John Titor

On the third page of the leak, a letter to Eric Davis from a Will Miller reads:
"First, I must ask if you and/or Hal would be interesting in meeting Mr Bob Beckwith in Tallahassee, FL the evening of May 30th. Bob has been invited to meet with the head of the Florida Academy of Sciences and the Director of the High Magnetic Field Laboratory for a roundtable discussion of his (Mr. Beckwith's) Force Model of the Universe, and his planned experiments in LTT (levitation, teleportation, and time travel), among other subjects."
So, I thought that sounded quite intriguing to say the least, and I started scraping the web for more info on this man and his theories. I searched duckduckgo first for "force model of the universe beckwith", but after much investigation this didn't come back with any promising results. So then I tried "force model of the universe robert beckwith" and the results were quite a bit more productive. Particularly, the first one. It was a link to an old science forum from back in 2013 with a guy who was similarly asking if anyone had heard of this guy Robert W Beckwith, and the forum post had links to papers and patents written by the man that were hosted on the website of a company called Beckwith Electric out of Largo, FL.
All the links were redirected to a "not found" page on the Beckwith Electric website, so I decided to check the web archiving sites for any traces that could be found. 3 of the documents were archived, but the one on levitation, teleportation, and time travel, the one on the Force theory of the universe, and some others were not to be found.
What was archived was a patent for SUPERCONDUCTING CARBON 12 ATOMIC STRINGS AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE OF CABLES CONTAINING PARALLEL STRINGS an interesting read that touches on some of his theories and contains some interesting anecdotes concerning teleporting US Naval Minesweeping vessels.
A paper titled: "Hypothesis: Superatoms, Neutrinos & Extraterrestrials" which, though far more speculative, seemed somehow even more intriguing.
And finally one called "Patent 06891310" This one contains a summary of Beckwith's Force Theory of the Universe.
None of the archiving sites had copies of the LTT or Force theory of the universe pdfs, unfortunately.
I also found numerous patents of Robert Beckwith on freepatentsonline that deal with wireless technology, electrical engineering, and even neurtrinos.
I then found Mr Beckwith's obituary in an IEEE newsletter. So he passed away in 2009, was 3rd degree free mason, a high frequency researcher who developed SONAR tech for US Defense during WWII, he developed the transmission lines that fed power to the Manhattan Project, and was the founder of Beckwith Electric Company as well as Beckwith Electric Research. I did a search for Beckwith Electric Research, and it led me to this website, with a complete copy of his levitation, teleportation, and time travel paper!
I decided to do a Reddit search for him, but only found one relevant search result to the JohnTitor subreddit. Here is that post, and what was posted on it:
Ok here it goes ..
Bob worked for General Electric Power Line Carrier Section in Schenectady, NY. From 1955 to 1961, he was Manager of Computers and Communications at General Electric Company Electronics Research Laboratory in Syracuse, New York. From 1961 to 1967, he was Manager of Utility Systems at Gulton Industries. In 1967, he founded Beckwith Electric Company in Largo, Florida. In 2000, Mr. Beckwith founded Beckwith Electric Research (BER), a division of Beckwith Electric Co. that conducted research at the forefront of present-day engineering and physics.
Mr Beckwith lives ultimately a couple miles from McDill where Titor said he was doing stuff. Mr Beckwith worked for GE which Titor said had stuff going on with time travel.
OH YEAH http://www.beckwithelectric.com/bedownloads/Ltt.pdf He wrote a paper about Time Travel too.
If the formula for Frequency is 1 divided by a time period. F=1/T We can solve that for time in terms of frequency T=1/F. Electromagnetic fields have frequencies. I'm pretty sure the two items in Titors machine created EM fields that vibrated controlled how fast time went by (and in what direction) outside the fields.
It would make sense that this electrical engineer who worked at GE for Darpa projects and lived by Ft McDill and wrote books on time travel fits somewhere in this Titor tale.
I just hadn't seen anyone on ufo, ufos, or any of the related conspiracy subreddits mention this aspect of the Wilson leak, and wanted everyone to have a centralized place to view and discus information on this fascinating person referenced in the memo. All of these documents are quite fascinating, so enjoy and share!.
Edit: We found a copy of the original Levitation, teleportation, and time travel document archived!
The other site that contained it might still be important though as it relates to Beckwith's potential ties to the Philadelphia Experiment and time travel.
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2017.04.10 13:04 ManFromTaured The Relocation Program

So it’s come to this.
I have spent my whole adult life seeking out the truth. The truth is a frightening thing, and is not easily obtained. I had hoped with my life’s work to change that – to make the truth available to all in one fell swoop of revelation. I see now that I was naïve. Very well. I have my contingencies.
The following is being post in NoSleep as a last resort. I urge you to be open to the contents herein. If published through other channels now, this information would be suppressed. Here, at least, it has a chance to survive in some form. Perform a radical act today – Try to Believe.
CORRESPONDENCE: From: Jeffrey R. Tebow To: REDACTED (ManFromTaured)
June 8th, 2009
Dear REDACTED (ManFromTaured),
Well that is a name that I have not heard in quite a long time. Quite a long time. Also before I begin I want to let you know that you're only getting a reply at all because in your first letter you seemed to already know so much. Then when you mentioned Penny I had to give you square odds that you might actually be serious. I've since called Penny at the contact info you provided and she's vouched for your "expertise", as she put it at least. She's really the only reason you're getting this letter at all, son. A little professional advice one investigator to another: in my years of snooping I always found the direct approach to be a little bit too much for most people. It closes mouths and minds. While I appreciate that you're "trying to be as up front as possible" about your motives, maybe in the future you want to try being a little more subtle?
Brass tacks. Miller Loughton. I was first approached by his widow in 1966. I say "widow" because at the time that's all she was as far as I was concerned. Now as you know most of my work like all PI's has always been odd jobs tossed my way by lawyers and law firms - I was a businessman after all and I had to eat. But every now and then a jilted lover or a jealous wife would look me up in the book and come right to my door like I'm some pulp novel dick. Generally I'd turn them down or talk them out of whatever damn fool plan they were hatching, catching cheaters in bed with their side women and that kind of thing. Penny was different. She was desperate, that was clear, and still in love with Miller to be sure. But she didn't seem half-cocked and hair-brained like most others of her stripe. She genuinely struck me as being more than anything else confused.
She approached me to find her husband which I told her was all well and good but generally if a man disappears either he don't want to be found or there's somebody, somewhere doesn't want you to find him. Makes jobs like that hard. Penny though, she told me that she knew where he was, which was a new one on me. See, she didn't so much want me to find him as to confirm that she had found him. That was a second check mark in her favor to make this a job I'd actually consider. Seemed easy enough and she was willing to pay a flat rate for specific results - namely fingerprint ID on the individual, her husband, Miller. Everything was adding up and I figured I'd get a couple meals out of the paycheck until she dropped the bomb. Miller had gone missing in 1953. That's thirteen damn years he'd been gone.
I dug deeper, asked more questions and come to find out, as you know, that Penny had found her husband completely on a fluke. Her brother Ernest stopped in at a bar in Tallahassee, Florida, and there he was. Spitting image of Miller Loughton. He and Miller had known each other fairly well, fishing trips together and the like. When Ernest had spoken to the man behind the bar (Miller was tending) he'd shown no recognition. Still the resemblance was such that Ernest phoned Penny and eventually Penny had found me. She had her little ones, the eldest Miller's own boy, she had that bun in her oven when Miller first vanished, and a new little girl resulting from her recent re-marriage and so she couldn't run off and follow up herself. So she saved up her pocket money and hired me. That's the back story, and you probably know all that already from Penny.
Tallahassee was about a two hour drive. I had a free day a couple days after she hired me so I told her things would be short work. She'd given me a picture of Miller so I knew who to be on the lookout for and sure enough the moment I stepped into that bar there he was. And I tell you this, 13 years or no 13 years that man didn't look to have aged a day from the man in that picture.
I played it pretty cool and this is where I want you to pay the most attention friend, as you might learn a little something. I went to the bar and ordered myself a tap beer. I watched this Miller look-alike pour it and noted that he grabbed the pint glass firm around the center just like I hoped he would. After I paid the man I made sure only to touch the top inch of the glass myself and I drained it quick to avoid condensation. It's a good trick if you can get the guy you're after to make you a drink. I left about an inch of beer in the glass to nurse, and I struck up a conversation with this man waiting for a good moment to drop the glass into a paper sack I had with me and take it on home.
He said his name was Cy, for Cyril, Belquist. Asking him general questions about the town and such I found out that according to him he'd lived in Tallahassee all his life. He had a wife, a small child and he'd served in Korea. Honestly by the end of the conversation I was convinced that what Ernest had found here was a genuine doppleganger and not Miller but a Miller lookalike. The man didn't even have the right accent as I'd been told Miller was all Georgia, through and through. Well Cy Belquist sure wasn't.
And that is really all that I have to add to Penny's story. I played only a small role and you know the rest. I managed to get that pint glass in the paper bag, dusted the prints and sure enough Cy Belquist and Miller Loughton had the exact same fingerprints. I let Penny know that and only that, leaving out the new family the man had and the other oddities and it was up to her on what to do next. Personally I think she did the right thing to let sleeping dogs lie. I would suggest that you do the same, son. Trust me on this. I know.
From an old investigator to one that’s whatever age you might be, I’m sure it’s younger than me, know when to pick your battles, son. This whole thing is long old and dead. I'm amazed Penny is even still with us. Hell I'm amazed daily that I keep waking up myself. I suggest you forget about this and live your own life. I hope this all helps you realize that way is for the best.
J. Tebow
CORRESPONDENCE: From: Craig Loughton To: REDACTED (ManFromTaured)
Aug. 13th, 2009
Dear Sir,
It is my understanding that you recently had been in correspondence with my mother, Patricia (Penny) Wernhauer. She spoke very highly of you and said that you were the first man she'd talked to in decades to have any sympathy about her story regarding my father, Miller Loughton. For that - making her feel something positive before the end - I wish to express my thanks.
I regret to have to bear the news that my mother has passed away. She had a long life, and if it wasn't always happy I think it was fulfilling for her. I think the specter of my father did haunt her through the years, though, right up to the day that she left us. And it is for that reason, more than any other, I am writing you at the address I found in her papers.
I've read your letters to my mother and I must say that I'm very curious about them. She would tell me stories about my father - they were high school sweethearts and knew each other for years despite the fact that he disappeared when they were only 19. You probably know all of that already, though, what am I thinking? I assume she told you everything in her side of your correspondence (sorry - I'm getting sidetracked. This is not an easy time for me...). The stories she would tell me, though, were all from before he was gone. This always seemed to make sense to me, as how could there have been any stories of him AFTER he was missing? But... your letters and other events seem to indicate there was more to be said about him that I have not heard.
I was with my mother at the end. She told me many things as I held her hand at her bedside. One of them was that I should contact you, let you know what had happened, and to pass you one very specific message: She said that "They don't know who you are yet". She repeated that several times, and seemed... almost amused by it? Maybe satisfied is a better word.
And, with that message passed along, my duty to my mother regarding the relationship you and she had is finished. That was all. However, as the son of Miller Loughton, I feel that I have the right to know more about what you and my mother were discussing, and what happened to my father. I've lived my life alternately thinking that something horrible and out of his control happened to him, then swinging back to thinking that he just couldn't take being a father and he abandoned my mother and I. If there is any chance that you can offer up any closure for me on this subject, please, please respond to this message and let me know what you know, what you might've found. Your letters contain certain other details I may be able to follow up on, and I will if need be, but it seems like it will be much simpler just going to the source.
Please help me understand my family, Mr. REDACTED. Anything you can offer is appreciated.
Sincerely Craig Loughton
CORRESPONDENCE: From: Jeffrey R. Tebow To: REDACTED (ManFromTaured)
Deember 5th, 2009
This is the last you're going to be hearing from me son and I hope to Hell that I never hear from you again. In fact let me just say it straight out to you: DO NOT CONTACT ME FURTHER. I am an old man dammit and I want to be left alone to end my days in peace.
Penny's boy Craig found me. I wouldn't tell him nothing in response to his letters so the boy came to my home. My HOME sir. I don't appreciate this situation and these intrusions on my privacy. This all happened more than 50 years ago for the love of God. You stirred it all up and now I'm living it all again and I DO NOT WANT IT. My bad dreams are bad enough. No man alive needs to live such dreams out in the day.
You leave me alone. You leave him alone. You let this lie you understand? It's quits. The dead are dead, including Penny now God rest her, and it's best we leave them that way.
J. Tebow
CORRESPONDENCE: From: Craig Loughton To: REDACTED (ManFromTaured)
March 2nd, 2010
I've finally decided that I'll answer your last few attempts to reach me. I understand now why when you first replied to me you said that it was best for me to not get involved. My mother had said much the same thing, though I thought that she was trying to protect my feelings more than anything else. Recent events and my meetings with Mr. Tebow have convinced me there was more to your and my mother's warnings now. Probably too late. But as that is the case, I guess I just wanted to reach back out to the only other person who actually WANTS to be involved in all this.
My wife has left me. She's taken the last child we still have living at home and gone back to live with her father up North. I've lost my job, I'm going to lose my home soon. My father, it seems, is determined to take everything from me from beyond the grave. Though, who really knows? For all we know he's still alive. Jesus, this is all just insane.
It took a couple of attempts, but I got Mr. Tebow to tell me what he wouldn't tell you or my mother (though I suspect she knew - whether he told her or she found out some other way). He refused to write it down, and he refused let me record him, so all I really have is my own memory to go on. But it's not like it's a story one can easily forget, especially not when it's about your own father. Whatever the case - if you wanted to know, here it is.
Mr. Tebow said you'd been sending multiple letters to him asking about his trips to Tallahassee back in the 60's. He admitted to me that he would go to that city a few times a month from 1966 to sometime in 1968. He explained that he'd found my father working in a bar there going by the name Cy Belquist, but his fingerprints proved it was my dad. He explained about my mother and uncle and how it all started. But after the job was over his curious nature just got the best of him, and he had to try and see if he could figure out just what it is that makes a man reinvent himself like my father had seemed to. To save you the suspense, he never really did.
Mr. Tebow got to know "Cy Belquist" by drinking at the bar where he worked behind the counter. He'd just go in to have a few drinks every now and then, until he got to be something of a regular. He played it out as him being a salesman of some kind, doing a route that took him through Tallahassee at irregular intervals. He got to be such a regular fixture he could start asking personal questions.
"Cy Belquist" confided in Mr. Tebow that he'd been wounded in the head in Korea, which is of course impossible. My father disappeared in October of 1953 and that war ended in the summer of that year. Still, Mr. Tebow said that the man had even shown him all the scars he had under his hair. He speculated that "Cy" might've been in a car accident or something, had amnesia like in some kind of soap opera, but the scars were so hard to see under his hair that it all just a guess, there was no real telling what caused them.
Anyway, "Cy" had gone through a recovery process, and he'd met a nice young nurse who he'd married. She was a widow and had a little boy exactly my age, which I certainly found odd. By 1966 "Cy" and Mona Belquist had been married for over 10 years. By all accounts, the couple had a completely normal life. They moved to Tallahassee from Atlanta, where he'd been in recovery and she had worked, specifically because "Cy" said that was where he was from, and he could even tell stories about his younger days in that city. That doesn't make any sense, of course. But it makes more sense than the rest of this story, God help me.
The only thing that ever struck Mr. Tebow as odd about my father's alter ego before things took a turn later on were the dreams. He said that "Cy" would occasionally talk about how working nights gave him trouble sleeping and that played with his head and he would have these crazy dreams when he could finally go under, about doctors wearing these kind of floppy helmets with tubes coming out them - looking like old time divers, was the way he put it - shining lights in his eyes. Sometimes there was a woman, too - a young pregnant woman crying and calling for someone, though he could never quite make out her words. He told Mr. Tebow he'd wake up screaming and drenched in sweat when the dreams came to him, and he'd scare his wife half to death every time, even if she was out in their yard.
Mr. Tebow got in the habit of going to Tallahassee and had almost forgotten the original reason why he'd started doing so, until sometime in '68 when things took that turn I mentioned. One night Mr. Tebow, fresh off some big money job he'd done, got a little over zealous with his drinking and flat out asked "Cy" if he'd ever heard of Miller Loughton. My father got real quiet, but he said that the name did sound familiar, and he asked Mr. Tebow about him. Mr. Tebow told him everything he knew - my mother, me, the disappearance, everything except that "Cy Belquist" WAS Miller Loughton. Mr. Tebow noted - and he seemed to think this was really significant, though I can't see why, maybe you can - that an old drunk that was always at the end of the bar got up and walked out after this conversation happened. Mr. Tebow said that was the last time he ever saw that man.
"Cy" got a little strange after that night. He had been an affable - that was the word Tebow used - person for nearly two years, but on each visit now he seemed more sullen, subdued and lost in his own thoughts. Mr. Tebow wasn't sure if he was always like that day in and out, or if it was only when he showed up to the bar that "Cy" got that way. Either way, the old drunk, as I said, never came back, but starting on his next visit two new regulars were at the bar every night he was. They were pretty nondescript for the time - black suits and skinny ties, crew cuts. They could've been anyone, but Mr. Tebow noticed them before they ever did anything because, he said, they never did ANYTHING. They just sat in the bar at a table. Sometimes they didn't even have drinks, and they never talked - to each other or anyone else. Even remembering them made Mr. Tebow feel uncomfortable, I could tell. He started pacing around his room at this point, flicking back the blinds and checking out the windows and all sorts of agitated things while he told me the story.
He tells me then that it wasn't too long before the whole thing went sideways from there. Mr. Tebow showed up as usual one night, but "Cy" was even more pensive than he had been before. After a little while he took Mr. Tebow aside to the end of the bar to talk. He told him that he'd been thinking more about the name Miller Loughton, and he'd been having even stranger dreams than he was used to since Mr. Tebow brought it up. That was when it happened.
The two new regulars were quietly shooing people out of the bar when Mr. Tebow next looked up. It wasn't a busy night, so they had the place half cleared by the time he'd noticed. "Cy" seemed upset, but when he asked them just what they thought they were doing, they said that they were "friends of some of your old acquaintances, Mr. BELQUIST", putting a creepy emphasis on the name. And... that was basically the whole thing.
Mr. Tebow says that the next thing he remembers is being in a car with the two men. They were back in REDACTED CITY, and approaching his apartment building. He said he felt like he was in a dream on that ride, which is funny - you'll see why in a moment. The men told him that everything was under control now, and to just let it go when they let him out at his place. Which is what he did. That is, until his bad dreams started. Dreams with the same kind of men in old time looking "diver's suits" my father mentioned and my mother - it was specifically now my mother in these dreams - crying somewhere in the room with him. Worst of all, he said she always had a teenage boy with her in those dreams. I guess that's me. Christ.
Mr. Tebow said that, through the years, he'd occasionally see men who looked just like those two strange men sometimes. The first time he saw them was on his next trip to Tallahassee - a year after the incident. He found out that the bar had burned down - burned down the very same night he and my father had been rousted out of the place. The newspapers had speculated about the owner's mob connections as a cause, because investigators had determined it was definitely arson. As he was leaving the library where he did his research, he saw the men. He saw them again when he started trying to dig back into the names Miller Loughton and Cy Belquist a little later. They didn't look friendly, he said, and he'd come home one day after a sighting to find his cat had managed to hang itself from a doorknob on a clothesline that he swore hadn't been left hanging there. I thought he sounded crazy when he told me all this this past fall. I was so wrong.
Like I said, I've lost everything at this point. I feel like I'm being purposefully isolated by some outside force. Maybe my life really has just turned to shit, though, and I'm falling back on paranoia to justify why everything is going wrong. I just don't know. But at this point I'm almost glad my family has gone away. I don't want them to have to deal with whatever is coming next.
I guess I blame myself. I've been trying to look into things on my own. I'm looking out the window as I write this, and I just watched a white panel van pull out of a spot across the street, only to be replaced by a blue panel van of the same make and model not a minute later. Sometimes I feel like people are following me in my car, or even when I'm doing something as mundane as shopping for food. Before my wife left, our house was broken into on multiple occasions, but nothing was ever stolen. Is it all connected, Mr. REDACTED? I have no idea... I feel so lost...
One final thought, since I know you're looking for answers just as I am, though god only knows why you're doing so. I found some old pictures of hazmat suits from the 60's and I took them back to Mr. Tebow - this was the last time I managed to see him. He was less than pleased to see me and wouldn't say anything. But he looked truly terrified when I showed them to him. I don't think I'll ever be seeing him again. I'm going to continue doing my own research - I've already lost everything that means anything to me, so why not, right? Nothing more to lose...
I don't even know how to end this... I guess just wish me luck.
Craig Loughton
CLIPPINGS: Albany Herald (Albany, GA), December 27th, 2009
Obituary: Jeffrey Ronald Tebow Born Jan 3rd, 1940 Died Dec 25th, 2009
Jeffrey R. Tebow was taken from us by his own hand on Christmas Morning. We can only speculate on what could have haunted him so for his nearly 70 years to bring him to commit such a mad act and end his own life. Jeffrey leaves behind one beloved child, Mattie Tebow-Parker, 46, of Macon. He is remembered by his fellow residents of Century Retirement Home as a quiet, dignified man. May his secrets follow with him to where ever he has gone.
(Upon investigation, this obit was submitted anonymously, paid for by a local money order)
CLIPPINGS: Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta, GA - April 10th, 2010
Headline: Gunman Shot Dead at CDC Headquarters
The CDC was shaken today by an individual attempting to force entry into the facility while armed with a handgun. Craig Miller Loughton of Atlanta was shot dead at the scene.
Miller was a known unstable individual, having a recent arrest record for drunk and disorderly as well as breaking and entering. This is in contrast to the Craig Loughton known by his many friends and estranged family, who are all surprised and horrified over his mad act.
"He changed over the last year, certainly," said his wife Beverly Loughton, who was in the midst of seeking a divorce with her husband. "He seemed like a whole different person. But he was always so gentle - I can't believe he'd do such a thing."
Miller (sic) Loughton approached the CDC facility at around 7AM on Wednesday morning. Security personnel watched him approach their outer checkpoint on foot and expected to turn him away, as is not unusual with transients. When confronted, however, Mr. Loughton produced a large caliber pistol and shouted threats at security personnel, who were also armed. Clearly threatened, they opened fire and the suspect died on the scene before emergency services had arrived.
Said Cornell Mosby, head of the security detail: "Obviously, we're horrified by what's happened. The employees involved in this tragedy have been given leave time and will be supported with counselling. The assailant was clearly not well, and evidently thought that the officers knew who he was and why he was there. Now I guess we'll never get to know what drove him to such a mad act."
June 6th, 2013
Do not contact me again, ever. I don't know what kind of game you are playing, but I've never heard of any Miller Loughton, or Craig Miller, or any of these people. I don't think you're well, I think you need help. You've upset me so much I can't sleep without having nightmares. Please, please leave me and my family alone. I may not have much time left according to my doctors, and the last thing I need are more bad dreams. LEAVE US ALONE!
D.B. --------------------------------- END ---------------------------------
More will come as I can release it.
For friends listening, seek the Truth in The Book of the Damned
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2016.03.14 06:53 clearliquidclearjar WEEKLY EVENTS 3/14 – 3/21

The kids are back and spring seems to be here. If you’re a local, this is wedding season and everybody’s getting legless in their good clothes. If not, find a local and get invited. Also, Thursday is, if my drunkie senses are telling the truth, St. Patrick’s Day. Fuck it, be the guy who drinks the green beer. Take one for the team. I’ll be at Warhorse with 100 different kinds of whiskey and Irishy trivia. What else is going on that night? Tell me and I will add it to the list.
Tally’s Independent Cinema and Theater Offerings:
Check here for the current run of excursions offered by Camp Folks. If you want to check out the local outdoors, this seems to be a good group to go with.
  • Hansel Tookes Student Recreation Center: Bill Clinton. 11:30am
  • 926 Lounge: Hardside/Shadow Of Doubt/ Bind/ Safe And Sound/ Bloodhound. 7:30pm/$10
  • Goodwood Museum: Maya Beiser. 7:30pm
  • The Wolf’s Den: Palm, Gnarwhal, Warehouse, Ex-Breathers at The Wolf's Den. 8pm/$5
  • Club Downunder: Alex G + Porches w/ Your Friend. 8:30pm/GP $10/18+
  • Tallahassee Buddhist Community in RR Sq: Power Flow Yoga hosted by the Yoga Club at FSU. “This a series of WEEKLY classes hosted by the Yoga Club and taught by our exec board member Leah Means. Classes hosted by the Yoga Club at FSU are always 100% free/by donation to both FSU students and members of our community! Appropriate for all levels! Donations are always accepted, especially since the TBC is saving up for a new larger meditation and retreat space.” 5pm/free or donations
  • Madison Social: Trivia Social. They do half and half theme and miscellaneous, so check their FB every week for an event page. 7pm
  • Brass Tap in Midtown: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Northside Pies: Bar Trivia With Hank. 50 questions of sweet, sweet trivia. Win a pizza! Use your brain! 7:30pm/free
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Trivia With John Carpenter. This is a fun, lively night. 7:30pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: Trivia Factory. 7:30pm
  • Fourth Quarter: Trivia With Professor Jim. AUCE wings. Truly a trivia favorite. 8pm
  • Krewe de Gras: Karaoke With Pete. 8:30pm
  • Atmosphere Pub: Open Mic "SingeSong Writer" Edition. 9pm
  • Applebees on the Parkway: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Pockets Pool: Karaoke with Dwight. 10pm/21+
  • HalfTime Pie Pub: Flippin Tuesday! w/Black Tarzan. “The finest selection of Trap x Twerk x EDM x BassWave vibes.” 10pm/$3 guys, free for ladies/18+
  • The Brass Tap (Midtown): Blood Drive. “All donors will receive a coupon for a Signature Pizza and a FREE Movie Ticket along with a wellness checkup!” Noon
  • SSB 203: An Evening with Tiq Milan & Kim Katrin Milan. “Tiq Milan along with his wife, Kim Katrin Milan, are a pair of LGBTQ+ activists, educators, writers, and artists that focus their activism and their work on creating love in queer communities of color and intersectional approaches to human rights activism.” 7pm
  • Side Bar Theater: Eli Whitney and the Sound Machine, Freya Wilcox and the Howl, Indian Shores, Success and Graham Snuggs. 8pm/18+
  • Nefitari’s: Slave Narratives Encore Performance. “Encore Performance of Slave Narratives: Memoirs of Captivity. If you missed the first run where performances were sold out each night, here is your chance to see the moving performance again.” 8pm
  • Bread & Roses: Vivian K/House Olympics/Squeeze Garlic/When Speedboats Attack. 9pm/$5/all ages
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Wednesday Night Lab Session Hosted by Jim Crozier, featuring Rachel Hillman with Chris Skene, Clyde Ramsey, and Brett Crook. 6pm
  • Fermentation Lounge: Quizmaster General Knowledge Trivia. “Quizmaster is hosted by Bennett Miller from 7-9pm every Wednesday, and features three rounds of general knowledge trivia (and a weekly food special). It is free to play and teams of up to 6 are welcome. The winner of each round receives a sample flight, and the Quizmaster for the night receives a $25 gift card and serious credit on Geek Street.” 7pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Hurricane Grill & Wings: Trivia With Greg. 7pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: BYOBG! Bring Your Own Board Game. “Our gracious host, Trevor Bond, will be featuring one game each week. Feel free to bring your own games to play & share.” 7pm/21+
  • The Junction at Monroe: Live Band Karaoke. 7pm/$10 coveBYOB
  • The Fox and Stag: Ladies Night with DJ Loden. 7pm-9pm.
  • Proof: Bar Trivia With Hank. Here’s what I suggest: pick up an order to go at the Crumbox Gastgarden, bring it on down to Proof, order a brimming glass of locally brewed deliciousness, and show off all those random factoids you thought you’d never use. 7:30pm/21+/no cover
  • Krewe de Gras: Trivia with Mr. Matt. $40 first prize 8pm
  • The Warehouse: Open Mic featuring Inverted Truths. “There is a lottery for time slots. Now smoke free!” 8pm
  • Burrito Boarder: Karaoke With Nathan. 8pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • Bird’s: Comedy Night. I’m pretty sure this is both a performance and an open mic. 9:30pm/free
  • Leroy Collins Library: Auditions: Greenhouse One-Acts. Details here. 6pm
  • The Crystal Portal: Tinctures 101: DIY. “Come learn the ancient practice of cultivating herbal medicine! Please bring a notebook.” 6:30pm/$15-25 sliding
  • The Plant: Decolonization: A Presentation by George Ciccariello-Maher. “George Ciccariello-Maher specializes in political theory, colonization, social movements, and Latin America. He has authored "We Created Chavez", a people's history of the broad social movements that have led to the current dominance of the PSUV in national Venezuelan politics.” 7pm
  • Side Bar Theater: Tweed, Lucky Costello. 9pm
  • Lake Ella Area: Food Truck Thursday with Red Hills Rhythm and Blues. 6pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Open Mic. “The only open mic that pays the performers! Bring your instruments and play an open slot or just come and be entertained in Tallahassee's best sounding room!” Doors and registration open at 7pm/$10/BYOB (no coolers, cups, or non-alcoholic drinks allowed)
  • HalfTime Pie Pub: Trivia. Check the Pub FB page for a theme and possible bonus points. 8pm
  • Crum Box Gastgarden: Thursday Evening Sessions. 8pm
  • Dux (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Big Bob. $25 bar tab given away every week. 8:30pm-12:30pm
  • Midtown Caboose: Trivia Factory. 8:30pm
  • Pockets: Karaoke Dance Party with Keith Welch. 9pm/21+
  • Applebees on Cap Cir: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Birds: Karaoke Hosted By Jumpin Jams. Some of the most diverse and longest running karaoke in town. 10pm
  • Down Below (Under Barnacle Bills): Karaoke with Davin. 10pm
  • Madison Social: St. Paddy's Day Social. “Join us on St. Paddy's Day and be an O'Social Drinker. If you purchase and wear your O'Social Drinker shirt, you will receive a free Dublin Mule or Guinness. We open at 10AM and look forward to seeing you:) Join us when you can. O' Social Drinker shirts may be purchased in Madison Social. Just ask for a manager. We also be serving the MadSo Reuben all day until we run out (about 200 pounds of glorious pastrami).” 10am
  • Tallahassee Brew District: (That appears to be what they are attempting to call Madison Social, The Brass Tap - Gaines St, GrassLands Brewery, and Proof Brewing Company.) St. Patrick's Day Pot of GOLD Bar Crawl. "The Tallahassee Brew District has a pot of GOLD and we want you to collect. Join us on St. Patrick's Day for a bar crawl that will bring out the Irish in everyone. 4 bars, 4 beers and one awesome pint glass at the end. Pick up the Pot of GOLD card from any Brew District location starting Monday March 14 and complete the crawl by ordering any beer at each location. You can start and end the crawl at any Brew District location you would like. After you purchase all 4 beers, you will receive a free pint glass from the Brew District. Each Brew District location is opening up at 10:00am so you have plenty of time to complete the bar crawl." 10am
  • Finnegan’s Wake: St Patrick's Day Festival. “St. Patrick's Day is similar to Christmas in our world and we want to celebrate with Tallahassee in a big way, so we're teaming up with Fifth and Thomas next door to have a full day of drinks, food, drinks, music, drinks, and just overall good times with the good folk that call Tallahassee home. We're opening the Fifth and Thomas doors at 4pm to get a move on some live music! We're starting the day off with some acoustic sets with our friends Casey Rychlik and Jeff Allen to get the party started. As the night progresses, we will have our friends BAIRS taking the stage and tearing through a killer set of indie rock jams. St. Patrick's Day with Rachel Hillman and Adam Hendley will be on the stage as well making some well orchestrated noise for a little bit of evening entertainment. Closing out our evening of live music is none other than our boys in Catfish Alliance! These guys are a party anthem timebomb and they'll be going off on our stage whether you remember it or not. It's going to be a stellar evening of shenanigans and we just hope that you'll join in on the fun.” 11am
  • 926 Lounge: The Irish Wake. “926 Bar and Grill is saying goodbye to the old Pug Mahones with a good fashioned Irish wake. We'll be opening our doors at 11 am with your favorite bartenders and specials in house all day long! With live music from 5 pm-10 pm and a bonfire at 9pm when we'll raise our glasses to the old Pub.” 11am
  • The Brass Tap, Midtown: St. Patrick’s Day Party. “Throw on your green and head to #BrassTapMidtown for a festive and craft beer filled St. Patrick's Day. We'll have a Left Hand Brewing Company rep on site handing out all sorts of swag. $5 Left Hand Milk Stouts. You might also snag some Magners Cider Swag too! Irish music all day and local favorite Tim Russell of The Whiskey Bandits starting at 8 pm!” Noon
  • Aqua Poolside Bar: St. Paddy's Day Madness! “Time to start thinking about your St. Patrick's Day Plans. We've got you covered as one of your stops for the day! $2 Domestics, $5 Irish Car bombs, $4 Guinness. House Made Reuben Eggrolls. 2-4-1 Happy Hour on regularly priced drinks (4pm-7pm), Multiple Bracket Challenges All Day! Start off your March Madness game watching with a St. Patrick’s Day event. Watch the games at our Aqua Poolside Bar on 72” flat screen TVs. The bar opens with specials starting at 12:00 PM with a live music break from 5-8PM.” Noon
  • Club Downunder: St. Patrick's Day Celebration ft. Sligo Line. “Come down to Club Downunder this St. Patrick's Day to experience the luck of the Irish with FREE traditional Irish food, games, crafts, and a musical performance by Irish band Sligo Line! You leprchaun't miss this!” 2pm/all ages/free
  • Burrito Boarder: St. Paddy Party with Broken Kings. "$5 Irish Burrito: Seasoned beef, spicy potatoes, cheese & cilantro ranch cabbage slaw." Not sure what time.
  • Warhorse: Irishy Trivia by Hank. With a picture round, sound round, speed round, and Hoarder’s Delight drawing! All trivia at least kind of Irishy. And they have 100+ whiskeys! Win a delicious 18” pizza! 9pm
  • Club Downunder: Spring 2016 Amateur Drag Show! “Pride Student Union presents its Spring 2016 Amateur Drag Show! This spring's show will be showcasing flawless drag talent from your fellow peers! Doors opem at 8 p.m and the show starts at 8:30pm. Don't forget to bring some dollars to tip the fabulous student performers! Get excited for this semester's show!” 8pm/18+
  • Fifth and Thomas: St. Patrick's Day with Rachel Hillman and Adam Hendley. 9pm
  • Parlay Sports Bar: Karaoke with Big Bob. 8pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • 926 Lounge (Formerly Pugs): The Friday Night Party. “Get ready to dance your A$$ off at the Club-Side Party from 9pm to 2am with high energy music from DJ Carben and DJ Double G along with the best show in Tallahassee at midnight starring Ms. Debra Adams and members of our fabulous Queen team!” 9pm/$5/18+
  • Leggetts: Karaoke with Paul. 8:30pm
  • Down Below (Under Barnacle Bill’s): Karaoke with DJ Scott Long. 10pm
  • Stetsons @ The Moon: Karaoke with Johnny Ray. 10pm/$5/18+
  • Tallahassee Harley Davidson: TALLYPALOOZA! All weekend event. “Join us for our annual Tent Event with over 150 Bikes on Hand, Great Financing, Harley Girls Bike Wash, Incredible Food, AWESOME Live Entertainment with The 850, The MAE WEST Band, Public Address Band, and Sticky Too. Boston Butts Cook-Off, Dyno Shoot-Out and more...” 9am
  • Governor’s Mansion: Historical Preservation Tour. “Come see a historical renovation first hand designed by our very own, Professor Fishburne! We will be touring the Florida Governor's Mansion led by the mansion curator.” 2:25pm
  • Madison Social: Tito's Vodka- Social Drinker Appreciation Night. “Our next Social Drinker Appreciation Night teaches you how to make your own ginger beer for your ultimate mule. Space is limited to 100 people and those folks will receive a free Tito’s Copper Mule mug (see picture). Email [email protected] for your spot at either 4PM or 5PM (two time periods) and all you need to do is wear your Social Drinker shirt.” 4pm
  • Side Bar Theater: The Noise Presents: CANNIBAL CORPSE w/ Obituary, Cryptopsy & Abysmal Dawn. 7pm/$25
  • Fox and Stag: Mason Margut Jazz Trio. 7pm
  • Mickee Faust Club: May the Faust Be With You - Spring Cabaret. “Jedi warriors, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, bed bugs and posturing politicians all come in for some light-saber slashing humor. Additional shows are March 19, and 24-26th. THE HOUSE BAND, ECLECTIC ACOUSTIC STARTS PLAYING AT 7 PM IN THE BACK YARD. FOOD AVAILABLE IN RAILROAD SQUARE. DINNER AND A SHOW!” 8pm/$15 general admission, $10 for students, retirees, and people with disabilities.
  • The Plant: The Octopus. “Written by Nathan Dennis, winner of the Outstanding Undergraduate Dramatic Writer award at NYU. Directed by Charlie Vancini. When the don of Syracuse's most prominent mafia famiy dies, all of Sicily is plunged into chaos as the remainder of the mafia struggles to fill the power vacuum left behind. Things get even crazier when the family decides to enact revenge on the rival mafia that killed their don.” 8pm/$3
  • Midtown Speakeasy: The Belt (TN), Desnudos En Coma, That Kid with a Guitar, TBA. 9pm/$5/18+
  • Brass Tap (Midtown): Jordan Sinclair. 9pm
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: GRACIE CURRAN & HER HIGH FALUTIN’ BAND. 9pm
  • Park at Monroe: The Downtown Marketplace. 9am
  • Corner of Georgia & Macomb: Frenchtown Farmers’ Market. “The Frenchtown Heritage Market offers a wide variety of fresh, naturally grown produce. Live music, cooking demos, fruits vegetables, and honey sold directly by farmers.” I bought some beet jelly there last week, and it’s delicious. 9am – 1pm.
  • Wakulla Springs Lodge: Bob Carey on Piano. “Come on out and bring along your vocal chops, browse through my lyrics book, pick up one of my pass-around mics and sing your heart out, or just grab a stool and enjoy a fun filled evening of music and dancing. Full bar open til late.” 7pm
  • Salty Dawg: Karaoke with Paul. Family friendly! 8pm
  • Leggetts: Karaoke with Cowboy Chris. 9pm
  • El Patron: Pasion Latina. Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton. 9pm
  • Down Below (Under Barnacle Bills): Karaoke With Devin. If you want to sing and drink cheap beer and liquor and not have to wait for huge crowds, this is your spot. 10pm
  • 926 Lounge: Sanctuary (formerly Blue Monday). 10pm
HEY GEEKS, TODAY IS CONVENTION DAY Two options: FreeCon or ALTCon. Check it out below.
  • Oglesby Student Union at FSU: FreeCon. “FreeCon is Tallahassee's original anime, video-game, and enthusiast convention. Originally stemming from the brilliant minds of the Japanese Animation Club of Tallahassee, it is our mission to have a fun and exciting convention for everyone. With over 1,500 attendees this past year, FreeCon is well known not only on the campus of Florida State University, but all over Florida. Attendance is free for all!” http://www.tallahasseeanime.com/freecon/
  • North Florida Fair Grounds: ALT*Con. “Tallahassee's Comic Con is in its FOURTH YEAR, bringing the wide-world of all things geek to Florida's Capital City! Look forward to amazing celebrities, epic vendors and artists, panels and workshops, and, that rarest of con events, a CASH-PRIZE costume contest.” http://www.altconflorida.com/11am/$15 day, $20 weekend
  • Tom Brown Park: 108 SUN SALUTATIONS. “Spring Equinox (March 20th) is celebrated as the first day of Spring, when day and night are equal in both hemispheres. In yoga, we recognize this change of season as a powerful time to cleanse the body & re-set our intentions. It is also a tradition to practice 108 Sun Salutations during this time. It’s a powerful experience that will challenge you and leave your yoga practice changed. Along with being an incredible way to detox, physically and mentally, it’s a memorable gesture to mark the end of winter and the arrival of spring.” 9am/$5
  • Southwood: Spring Fling. “Hop on over to the SouthWood Tot Lot on March 19th to celebrate Spring Fling! The Easter Bunny will have all of his Easter Eggs hidden before 10:00 a.m., and would then love to meet the neighborhood children!” 9am
  • Wahoo: Tally Yakkers 1 Year Anniversary. “Come help us celebrate our one year anniversary , be the first to see the new "Wahoo" KaKu Kayaks latest fishing kayak. Be sure to stop in from 1pm to 3 pm for our live radio event with Freedom 93.3 , free giveaways and drawing.” 11am-6pm
  • Tallahassee Harley Davidson: The Mae West Band. 2pm
  • Fifth & Thomas: Rachel Hillman Band. 3pm
  • Crystal Portal: Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing Journey: Spring Equinox. 7pm/$10-30 sliding
  • Side Bar Theater: Bass Parade and Michelle Lambert. 8pm/18+
  • The Plant: The Octopus. “Written by Nathan Dennis, winner of the Outstanding Undergraduate Dramatic Writer award at NYU. Directed by Charlie Vancini. When the don of Syracuse's most prominent mafia famiy dies, all of Sicily is plunged into chaos as the remainder of the mafia struggles to fill the power vacuum left behind. Things get even crazier when the family decides to enact revenge on the rival mafia that killed their don.” 8pm/$3
  • 621 Gallery: Lounge Night #2: An Evening of Brief Performances. “We're continuing our monthly open mic with our newly constructed stage and PA system, and we want to see you perform! Lounge Night is perfect for showcasing your emerging or established talents. We're looking for: singer-songwriters, performance artists, comedians, poets, dancers, beatboxers, balloon animal sculptors, accordion players, noise musicians, videographers, and/or yo-yo champions.” 8pm/$5, comes with drink
  • Pedrick Road Library: Neighborhood Walk in Buck Lake Hosted by Rosanne Wood 4 School Board. “Put your sneakers on - Rosanne Wood needs you! Join us on Saturday at 9:30 for the morning shift and/or 1:00 for the afternoon shift. Rosanne's neighborhood walks are organized, fun, and very important. We hope to see you there - please share!” 9:30am or 1pm
  • Tallahassee Rock Gym: The 6th Annual SAVE THE SOUTH. “Alrighty folks, it's that time of year. Who is stoked for the 6th Annual Save the South?! If you're not, you should be. Last year kicked ass, the gym was bursting at its seems with all the love and support our amazing climbers, sponsors, and tally locals showed, but this year we need to step it up another notch. Let’s send the South some major love to help keep the SCC truckin' and our crags beautiful. As you know we pull out all the stops: new holds, killer problems, so much swag - the works! (..maybe even some post comp libations like last year..) What more could you ask for? Pre-Registration is required. As always, those who pre-register receive a sweet Save the South tee and a membership with the SCC!” Noon
  • Waterworks: Langtry with Walter Belmont. “Come join us for a show featuring Langtry (mysterious Americana) with Walter Belmont (one half of Belmont and Jones, antique blues) opening. Langtry will be on WVFS Monday March 14th at 10:00PM for a live radio broadcast!” 7pm-9:30pm/$5
  • Crum Box Gastgarden: Film Crashers presents Cliffhanger. “It's time for another installment of the MST3K style riffing showcase known as the Film Crashers! The best local comedians in town putting their talents to the test over some of the best "bad" movies ever made. This month we're making a day of it with our friends down at the Tally Rock Gym helping celebrate their 6th Annual SAVE the South event! A fun filled day of new holds, killer problems, and tons of schwag all to help benefit the SCC starting at noon. After a long day of climbing, come relax in the cozy confines of the Gastgarden and catch an epic riffing from the Film Crashers on the only movie we could pick to celebrate a day of climbing... Cliffhanger. The Stallone action packed "classic" will be sure to keep you hanging on to every laugh.” 8pm/FREE
  • Waterworks: Glam Slam. “Waterworks' anniversary will be celebrated as we have celebrated it for so many years with Glam Slam! Bust out the boas, glitter, and sparkles to doll yourself up and dance to T-Rex, ELO, Bowie, Roxy Music, The Sweet, Slade and the rest of the Glam Rock Titans. It's always one of our biggest and most fun nights of the year as we pay homage to the fashion and music of the early 70s Glam Movement while celebrating one more year of serving the best people in Tallahassee!” 9pm/21+
  • The Warehouse: Cat Family Warehouse Debut. 9:00- Victoria Lo 9:35-Landon Gay 10:10- Ryley Smith 10:45- The Rest of Ray Brower 11:20- Jonathon Brown (NOLA) 12:05- Turkey Scratch 12:50- Bell Brothers & Eric the Viking. 9pm
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: THE TOMMY TALTON BAND. 10pm
  • Cascades Park: 2nd Annual North Florida VegFest. “Tallahassee Vegetarian Community is proud to present the 2nd Annual North Florida VegFest! It will be held on Sunday, March 20, 2016 from 11am to 5pm at beautiful Cascades Park in Tallahassee. With a focus on local, fresh, and healthy eating, this FREE & FUN festival highlights the many benefits and flavors of eating veg-friendly food! It's open to everyone, so be sure to bring along friends & family. North Florida VegFest will include speakers; cooking demos; food vendors; healthy living and eco-friendly vendors; non-profits; kids activities; and free vegan food samples! Be sure to Like the North Florida VegFest Facebook page for updates.” 11am
  • Lake Ella: Sunday Brunch Featuring Dorian Q Jazz Trio. “The Spring Concert Series is here! Come out to Lake Ella every Sunday for food trucks and live music!” 11am-2pm
  • Salty Dawg Pub & Deli: The Famous Acoustic Jam w/ Wayne, Glenn, and Bo. Open mic, free beer for performers. 6pm
  • Cabos Bar: Bar Trivia With Hank. First place wins a bar tab, last place wins a greater sense of self. 7:30pm/free/21+
  • The Plant: The Octopus. “Written by Nathan Dennis, winner of the Outstanding Undergraduate Dramatic Writer award at NYU. Directed by Charlie Vancini. When the don of Syracuse's most prominent mafia famiy dies, all of Sicily is plunged into chaos as the remainder of the mafia struggles to fill the power vacuum left behind. Things get even crazier when the family decides to enact revenge on the rival mafia that killed their don.” 2pm/$3
  • Aveda: Catwalk for Water 2016. “An annual eco-chic fashion runway scholarship contest and fundraising initiative in support of Earth Month and the awareness and protection of clean water globally and regionally. Funds will be donated to the Gulf Restoration Network. Anyone interested in competing for a full scholarship to the Aveda Institute Tallahassee should contact the Admissions Department at (850) 576-4287. The deadline for essay entries is Saturday, March 12.” 6pm/$15
  • Burrito Boarder: Bar Trivia With Hank. $30 food & bar tab for first place. Specials on shots and $2 margaritas. 7 :30pm
  • Waterworks: Patio Theater. 8:30pm/21+
  • TV Land: ROTTEN COLLECTIVE PRESENTS: Bleak, En Ami, Eight Five And The Spooky zero's, and pTerrordactyl. 9pm/$5/all ages
Keep checking back, sometimes I update. Got anything to add?
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