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2023.03.31 04:20 jnichbao1 [HELP] Stream Deck+ died, Deck Software not opening

Hi all, my stream deck+ has decided to die on me randomly today. Here’s what happened (system is MSI GF75 Thin Laptop with Window 10):
(1) When I plugged in my deck+ as usual to my usb port, the deck only showed the “elgato” logo but never got to my default profile.
(2) I have googled and tried plugging in different usb ports as well as changing my battery setting from “battery saver” to “best performance” - no luck.
The “elgato” logo eventually disappeared, showing pitch black in all the buttons and the screen bar.
(3) I tried opening the deck software but no respond. I then decided to uninstall and install the latest deck software (both normal & clean uninstall, meaning I also tried deleting files from AppData local/roaming).
The software will always open up once upon installation, but whenever I perform any modification (I.e. changing profile, adding profile etc.), the software will freeze up and I have to force quit it. If I try opening it again, it will have no respond at all, and the only way to open the software is to perform another uninstall/install.
(During this process, the deck remains in “elgato” logo and eventually went pitch black.)

Anyone experiencing the same issue and have any solution? 🥲 It has been a frustrating morning for me, so I hope someone could show me some rope & help on troubleshoot.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.31 04:19 Brando0808 Good deal?

Good deal?
Have a seller near me selling an 08 Jeep patriot 170km for $4500. Was wondering if it’s an alright deal or not
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2023.03.31 04:19 jmommm Got the call for a 126610 - first Rolex!

Back in June of 2022 I put myself on a list with my local AD (small town in the midwest) and just got the email yesterday offering me a 126610 (Starbucks, New Kermit, whatever you prefer). They let me know that I could
I was pretty surprised as I have no purchase history, I put myself on a list for every sub/GMT/and dj with a fluted bezel available, and this is the first watch they've offered me. Couple of questions for the vets out there - is inventory increasing?
I like the watch but idk if I love it compared to maybe a pepsi, dj with a fluted bezel, or a black sub no date but it almost feels like I can't pass it up as I could sell it later or maybe I end up loving it.
Everything I'm reading is telling me it's still extremely hard to get a green bezel sub, but I honestly didn't do a whole lot to get it. Walked in June, no purchase history, and followed up maybe 2x since June all via email. Did I just get lucky or what?
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2023.03.31 04:19 j-rex360 A Look at Rush Duels 3 years later

Rush Duels is nearing it's 3rd anniversary so I feel like now would be a good time to look back at Rush Duels as a format say some things I like about the format
Overall, Rush is a pretty solid format with plenty to offer and it's a shame we aren't getting a physical port of the format anytime soon, if at all.
But what are your opinions on Rush? Anything you like or dislike about it? Anything you wanna see it do?
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2023.03.31 04:19 Jolly_VA_4U [for hire][remote]Remote based Freelancer/VA for Bespoke Websites. 100% Delivery, accepting Project based or Long-term position

Web expertise at a price that doesn’t break the bank. I design & develop bespoke websites. Years tested, your satisfaction guaranteed. Publishing websites from small-medium to enterprise scale since 2009 (I’m a full-time & remote based freelancer since). It will be a great opportunity for me to be chosen by you for your first or next web project!
NO DO/WONT DO Logos/Branding, Heavy pixel/graphic based tasks, Illegal activities
Wise, Cryptocurrency payments only, $20/hr. 1-day on-boarding process. appreciate your time reading. email/Dis-cord/TG available. portfolio jollyva .netlify .app - Let the collaboration begin!
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2023.03.31 04:19 Sarjenkat Overture Of The Renewal Symphony Chapter 28: Critical Mass

First Previous
The USASF had launched their first and only squad of long range fighters. They'd never intended to make such, intending on having carriers. But the Constitution was still being built. The nuclear reactors weren't due till February at least.
But, the UN demanded they try something. So they stocked up a short range Vulture fighter, and added a long range booster. It would be six months of hell, stuck in such a small space, but experts assured with the new XVR simulation helmets, being cooped up wouldn't be an issue.
As Shrike squadron settled in, their alarms started blaring. Snapping to and looking, they saw several blips moving fast on their screens. "Heads up, I got twelve bogies, designate targets Alpha 1 through 12. This is a top secret mission, any witnesses are to be eliminated. Weapons free." He snapped, and started trying to get a target lock.
"Ummm, Midnight? This some kind of joke?" Vulture 3 said, puzzled and trying to make sense of what he was seeing. A formation of the strangest ships were seen. Two large vessels, looking like a nightmare spider in space, looked about to leap from behind the squadron of wicked looking fighters shooting in at insane speeds.
Over their radios, they heard static, then hard pulsing metal music start blaring. "Hammerheads, the water's have been chummed, it's feeding time!" and at that, long red beams licked out and started reaching for the UN fighters trying to sneak off.
"Vulture lead, that beam did no damage, but it slammed my ship sideways and almost knocked me out." They were all able to hear one another, the music was only making it hard to hear."
With that, he tried to get one of the darting ships in his crosshairs. The batlike fighter darted like a fish, swirling out of range. Meanwhile, he saw the large death spiders launch another wave of fighters. This time there was no mistaking these, the hulls had no other comparison, TIE Advanced fighters boiling out.
He realized there was no way in hell his squad of 20 fighters were going to hold up, watching these fighters launch, going at accelerations that should have killed the pilot.
"Vulture squad, return to base, we lost this one." he groused, and turned his tailpipes to the enemy and hit the thrust to full to escape. The enemy squads flew along, seeming to tease them, but stopped firing. Once the aerospace fighters started hitting atmosphere and couldn't return to space, the enemy fighters peeled off.
From New Freedom News:
the UN, in a bid to ensure all residents of Earth are employed, has passed with unanimous support from all member countries the Space employment accords. This new law requires anything humans mine out in space to be sent to Earth for processing and manufacture into goods.
In other news, the UN also has declared war on the ASPS terrorist state that has moved to Europa. They say by continuing to build out there, and bypassing this important employment law, they are willfully starving citizens of Earth.
Member nations seem willing to try to enforce this edict on the breakaway outlaws using more forceful methods. But for now, tensions seem high with these terrorists refusing every request to communicate.
As all this went on television, in the middle of desolate woods, several poles sprung up, and started flashing red warning lights. In the center, a flat square suddenly slid open, and like a gun barrel, suddenly flung death into the air.
The missile was actually a NASA design, meant for dealing with asteroids heading to Earth. As the engines spewed fire behind it, a clunk could be heard, and suddenly, another lance of fire belched forth. For over an hour, once a minute, one missile after another was launched and reached skywards.
As they reached orbit, they shed the boosters that got them there. Igniting their next stage, they used a new type of Ionprop drive. The pale blue glow twisting as they boosted into their trajectories. The sensors aboard heard the high pitched whine of the engines, but ignored it as they buzzed on, trying to hit their target as soon as possible.
On Europa, Echo base sat, looking quite busy. Small ships coming and going, but hard to detect from Earth. As the warheads screamed in, the limited AI aboard them saw panicked moves of the ships in flight around the base, then slammed in to detonate their 150 megaton warheads.
For an hour, miniature suns blossomed on the ice planet, making it seem like someone had opened a door to Io. The blast had flung the thing foil base to the winds, hiding the fact that all that was there was foil and holograms.
The UN all nodded and prided themselves on a well done strike as The Renewal Symphony was nearing completion, and some of the last teams were starting to pull out and come along.
Ben was hard at work ducting in the buckytube pipework. Leaning back and grabbing a snack, he studied his work. The pipe was designed to allow waste products from the molten salt reactors to be taken to hardlight replicators to generate power gems. With the 100 arrays, the ship had a great source of power that could last the vessel for centuries.
He looked above, at the dark tube being built in midair. Once put together, it was to be their artificial sun, and light their world. The air was new, but already weather patterns were forming as unearthly machines moved earth like it was a sandbox.
As he tried to see the other side, a flurry of colors swooped around, and found him. He turned on his translator, and smiled. he heard his name called by all the little ones. he smiled, and saw his friend in the hundred little ones coming up to hug him before flying off into the sky.
And he chuckled as he saw his snacks were gone, as well as one of his hand tools. "You sneaky little monkeys, I'll get you later!" he teased, making an exaggerated face and holding his breath to redden it while shaking his fist at them. Hearing their colors translate to giggles, he decided that he was going to tickle the lot of them later, and went to the nearest snack station.
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2023.03.31 04:18 WitchesAlmanac I spring cleaned for the first time in my life today 🌷

Things have been rough for a while, and the last month or two I felt like I was living in a dark little pit. But I'm finally coming out of it, and I spent the last few days hyping myself up to clean on my day off. And I acutally did it!
Or started, at least. I'm nowhere near finished, but I made a dent in my depression cave. I know it's not really anything to brag about, but I have terrible ADHD so this is a pretty big win in my book.
Tomorrow I'm going to try to go for a run. Wish me luck 🙏
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2023.03.31 04:18 tables_04 I despise American healthcare

I’ve spent 18 years battling with CP. I was fine, until last year. Last year (junior year) I worked out at least 3 times a week, I was in marching and pep band. I took swim lessons. I was very active. This year I get a job, and still hit up the gym. The unthinkable happens to me, so I stop going to the gym. Then I slip on a cheese curd at work. A few weeks later my hip hurts and I’m diagnosed with tendonitis. Almost three months and one cortisone shot later I’m beginning to feel better.
I really became acquainted with my friend Mr. Wheelchair during these last few months. But Mr. Wheelchair isn’t quite fit for my needs, so we set out on the quest to find the perfect wheelchair. We found the perfect chair for my needs and begin the lengthy custom wheelchair process. But today we found out that insurance only covers 60% of the cost of the custom chair.
Welcome to America where we have horrible health care, and today some kid made a joke about having a gun in class, my first thought was “I’m the easiest target” and I had to imagine someone telling my little cousins why (tables) wasn’t here. But hey at least we as a country have freedom!
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2023.03.31 04:18 Cable_Minimum What happens in a psychiatric evaluation for adolescents?

I'm 14 (nearly 15) M, and I'm going in for a psychiatric evaluation on Monday. My newest therapist referred me there because I scored really high on the GAD-7 and PHQ-9, and I've scored that way for a while. It's not surprising to me at all since I've obviously been living with those symptoms for a while now, but I am kinda nervous about what's going to happen. Not necessarily the medication part, I'd really like if meds could help me feel better, but I'm just nervous about the eval itself.
I've had a lot of suicidal and self harm ideation the past month or so in particular. When I was nine, there were six months where I was self harming somewhat regularly. Fortunately I had no clue on how to really hurt myself so I didn't do serious damage, just some scars that have since faded almost entirely. Anyway, I'm just worried that if I tell the psychiatrist that, they'll need to tell my mom. I've thought about how I would do it (sleeping pills) but it's more like a disconnected fantasy. I'm not at the point where I would actually do anything or feel like I need to. Although there have certainly been moments where I've seriously considered it. Would this constitute as posing a risk to myself? If I admitted to having suicidal ideation would they need to tell my mom?
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2023.03.31 04:18 Tall_Gas_7454 Olympiad and Research Asian Male in Engineering Results

Intended Major(s): Mechanical Engineering for all unis
SAT/ACT: 1580
Extracurriculars/Activities: (list here)
  1. 2x ISEF Qualifier, Special Award for a research project in Engineering that was pretty much entirely self conducted (spent hundreds of hours over 3 years).
  2. Machine Learning Research Internship for 1 yr at a local university (no publication)
  3. Software Engineering Intern for a Fortune 500 over a summer.
  4. Business (exec of my schools DECA, finished top 5 nationally, competed in investing competitions, launched an engineering startup with a few clients already)
  5. Club and Varsity soccer (spent a ridiculous amount of time, not recruited)
  6. Math Club Executive
  7. Physics Club Executive
  8. Attended CAN/USA Mathcamp.

  1. USA_O Top 20 for a smaller Olympiad
  2. ISEF Awards
  3. USAPhO Gold
  4. USACO Gold
  5. 3x AIME Qualifier
  6. Won a $10,000 grant from a local company to help fund my startup.
Essays seemed pretty good to me, well written according to teachers that looked at it. Don't think they gave off any red flags.
If I had to give a rating, 8/10 if 5 is the average applicant.

LORs are where my application might have been weaker (since several people from my school with weaker profiles but who were well liked by teachers got into places like Harvard, Columbia, MIT, etc) .
I assume both my teachers' letters were quite generic and so didn't give me much of a positive boost.

Only got interviews for Princeton, MIT, UPenn. All were pretty standard good, connected well with them, but nothing extraordinary. Lasted about 1 hr for each.

Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
Unfortunate results, since I really wanted end up at an Ivy league tier school (that could give me good financial aid). What stings a little harder is that many of my classmates, who objectively had "worse" profiles, got in to a lot of the places I got rejected from.
While my essays weren't insane,
Perhaps I'll apply again for grad school.
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2023.03.31 04:18 mrshansgruber 34 [F4M] - Toronto or beyond - Looking to connect with someone

About you: I don't care what you look like. What I'm looking for is someone who independent, kind, who considers them-self a feminist and has an irreverent and dark sense of humour. I'm not interested in a serial monogamist, I'm interested in men who have spent time on their own, spent time learning about themselves and learning how to take care of themselves and others. Someone who will admit when they are nervous, intimated, excited, wrong, looking forward to things etc.
About me: I work a lot and love my job. I spend my summers taking my canoe to the backcountry and solo camping. I like to read, finishing up the Dune series now, though my preferred genres are varied; From Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre to Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridan.
I'm a big baseball and hockey fan, I played AAA growing up. My favourite podcast is Last Podcast on the Left. I love crosswords. I'm a Grateful Dead fan, I love Dolly Parton, John Prine (and generally classic country), Cat Stevens, The Band, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
I come off as a "guys girl" but I appreciate feeling like a woman, being invited to things (because I'm a person who doesn't insert themselves in things, so I need clear instructions), compliments, and interest in the things that bring me joy - no matter how big or small. I'm honest, loyal and fiercely protective of the people I consider close. Warning: I'm a slow burn
About you: I don't care what you look like. What I'm looking for is someone who independent, kind, who considers themself a feminist and has an irreverent and dark sense of humour. I'm not interested in a serial monogamist, I'm interested in men who have spent time on their own, spent time learning about themselves and learning how to take care of themselves and others. Someone who will admit when they are nervous, intimated, excited, wrong, looking forward to things etc.
The reason I'm here is because I want to connect with someone on a deeper level. In person I'm an easily social compassionate person who aims to please and I think that that unintentionally masquerades as intimacy for the other person when I'm not actually feeling on that level but other people don't seem to notice.
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2023.03.31 04:18 warrior457 Five Nights at the Erdtree: An Analysis of Thematic Parallels of Fnaf and Elden Ring

In response to those who question what the golden rays are that can be seen seemingly propping up the Erdtree.
The golden rays of light are actually a reference to Golden Freddy from the series Five nights at Freddys.

The series begins with the first game, where you play as a night guard at a childrens pizza place called Freddy Fazbears pizza, similar in theming to Chuck E Cheeses, with the glaring difference that the animatronic characters are walking around and attempting to stuff the player character into an animatronic suit, that is full of electronic devices that would spell the death of the player character if they were shoved inside it. The reason for this as explained by in game dialogue is that the animatronics are set to be in a "free roaming mode" at night, to keep their servos from locking up. But this explanation is revealed to be a falsehood through newspaper clippings that can be found throughout the game, revealing that Freddy Fazbears was the site of a gruesome set of child murders, where an unnamed individual had lured five children into the back room and killed them, and while the children were obviously missing and security footage confirmed that the individual had led them into the back room, their bodies were never found and this individual was thus not convicted. However due to the fact that there are five animatronics (Freddy the bear, Chica the Chicken, Foxy the pirate fox, Bonnie the Bunny, and Golden Freddy, the latter of which is a mysterious apparition can appear in this game, that is a golden version of Freddy that lies limply on the ground, and has no eyes), and also further clippings that suggest the animatronics developed a "Foul odor" it can be easily inferred that the childrens bodies were hidden in the animatronic suits, and they are now possessing them. It can also be inferred due to their animosity towards you and anyone else who wears the security guard uniform that the murderer was a security guard as well, or at least posed as one.

The game series then continues with Five nights at Freddys 2, a sequel that seemingly takes places after the events of the original game, where you are a security guard working at a revamped Freddy Fazbears location, featuring new animatronics, with the old animatronics being shoved in the back room and used for spare parts. However, through events that transpire over the course of the five nights you are there, it is revealed that this location actually directly predates the Freddy Fazbears that is in the first game, this is confirmed when the paycheck your character gets at the end of the week is dated at a much earlier date than the paycheck received in the first game, in addition, ingame dialogue infers that the murder of the five children occurs during the week you work at the new and improved location. It is also revealed through ingame dialogue that the newer animatronics will be scrapped, and the older ones will likely be retrofitted when the restaurant eventually re-opens, explaining why the older animatronics are extremely similar to the ones encountered in the first game. This game is also the first to feature simple minigames, that act as a sort of cutscene, revealing events that take place in the games world through strange and often metaphorical displays. The information to take away from these minigames is that a puppet (Which is another animatronic introduced in this game.) is the one that gave the murdered children the ability to possess the animatronic costumes that their bodies were hidden in. The minigames also tell us that the murderer is a tall man in a purple uniform, often referred to as the purple guy. It is also revealed that this purple guy had at least one more victim, that he killed outside of the Freddys location, this will be important later. This game is also the first to mention a place called Fredbears family diner, which it implies to be the location that the establishment is renovated from. The name of this location is very important and will become relevant later on. Another important thing to note is that ingame dialogue references the fact that the murders involved a yellow suit in the back.

The third game takes place after the first, and is inside an attraction called Fazbears fright, a carnival house of horror that is based off of the old Freddy Fazbears Pizza locations and the rumors of murder and hauntings that have apparently become local legend. the location is decorated with relics from the old restaurants. The first night is uneventful as no animatronics from the old locations have been found but then the people running the haunt locate a rotten animatronic and place it in the location, it immediately begins trying to track you down and kill you, just like all the others in the series so far. This particular animatronic is a rotten version of Bonnie, the rabbit character, known in the game as springtrap. Through minigame cutscenes, we learn that the abandoned Freddy Fazbears location (The one that we looked over in the first game) was home to a series of events that occured, where the purple man from the 2nd game dismantled the animatronics, inadvertently releasing the spirits inside of them. The spirits eventually confront the purple man in the back room, possibly the same back room where he originally killed them, he panics, but hides inside an animatronic suit that is stored inside the backroom. A quick description of these suits is that they are what is known as springlock suits, springlock suits differentiate from normal mascot costumes, because while they can hold a metal endoskeleton like the other costumes, they can also be deactivated and worn by human employees. One glaring issue with the springlock suits is that they operate using the aforementioned springlocks, and thus can possibly spring back into place, impaling the person wearing the suit with the metal implements that would normally be used to hold the endoskeleton in place. These failures are caused by damp conditions, which were definitely the conditions of that abandoned pizzeria. As the purple guy hid in the suit, the springlocks failed, impaling him and leaving him to bleed out in the back room. Through this we learn that the springtrap animatronic is actually possessed by the purple guy himself, and also contains his still rotting corpse. The game ends with the Fazbears fright location burning down, and the implication that Springtrap survives the fire. Something we should note is that the springlock suit is yellow, implying that the yellow suit that was used in the perpetration of the murders is likely the same suit that the purple guy died in.

The fourth game takes place before any of the others, and focuses around the nightmares of child who is deathly afraid of animatronics. This child is accompanied by a plush of Fredbear that speaks to him, and is also tormented by his older brother who wears a Foxy the pirate mask. we also learn through the minigame cutscenes that this game takes place during the era in which Fredbears Family diner was still open. The dreams in question involve the child alone in their room at night, plagued by horrifically nightmarish versions of the animatronics from the other games. Eventually the bullying of the older brother comes to a head on the childs birthday, which takes place oddly enough at Fredbears Family Diner, despite the childs noted fear of animatronics. The older brother and his friends force the child to approach the Fredbear animatronic, despite the childs clear fear, they then say "Hey, I think he wants to give Fredbear a kiss!" and cruelly lift him up to Fredbears face, but the prank goes wrong and the child falls into the animatronics mouth, which crushes his skull. As the child is dying in the hospital, we see his comatose state represented by him sitting in a void, being spoken to by his brother as a disembodied voice, who apologizes for what he did, and begs for forgiveness. The fredbear plush is also in this void with the child, and says that he will "Put you back together"

The fifth game has a different naming scheme, being called "Five nights at Freddys: Sister location", taking place in a sister location to the Freddy Fazbears Pizza brand, known as Circus Babys pizza world. Circus Babys pizza world is home to four animatronics, Funtime Freddy, Circus baby the clown, Bellora the Ballerina, and Funtime foxy. The main character is once again an adult, who is led through the complex by an automated voice that guides them to complete a series of maintenance tasks. Through ingame dialogue and events, we learn that these animatronics were made by the purple guy, who is finally named ingame as William Afton, and these animatronics are explicitly designed to capture and kill children who are alone and unsupervised. We also learn that the main character of this game is Michael Afton, the son of William Afton, and the brother of the child who died in the fourth game. Circus Baby is yet another member of the Afton family, being possessed by the spirit of Emily Afton, Michaels younger sister who died when she tried to play with Circus baby alone, despite her fathers warnings. Circus Baby manipulates Michael afton, tricking him into helping her and the other animatronics escape, they do this by combining all their parts into a single entity known as Ennard, which leads Michael into a room designed to scoop endoskeletons out of animatronic suits, and instead use it to scoop Michael, leaving him an empty husk, which Ennard crawls inside and uses as a skinsuit to sneak out of the facility. Eventually as Michaels body begins to rot, Ennard flees into the sewers, leaving Micheals empty husk on its own, which through supernatural means, gets up and continues walking around on its own. Through hidden dialogue, we learn that Michael Afton was sent to the sister location by William, with the express purpose of releasing Circus Baby and the others, so despite the fact that he too is now undead, he has succeed in his goal, and he now says that his next goal is to track down William.

The sixth game is called Five nights at Freddys: Pizzeria simulator, and at first it appears to be a humourous side game, where the player is given the task of running their own Fazbear franchise location. But as the player is tasked with salvaging animatronics, and finds themselves beset by the animatronics, they realize that this game is not only canon, but very important to the lore of the series. The animatronics salvaged are Scraptrap (An even more decayed version of springtrap), Molten Freddy (Ennard after Circus Baby leaves the collective to venture out on her own, and after Freddy becomes the face of the incoherent mass), Scrap Baby (A version of Circus Baby constructed from scrap metal.), and Lefty (A previously unknown bear animatronic with a soulless black eye). Eventually we learn that this whole operation was a plot by Henry Emily to get all the possessed animatronics in one place, before burying the entire restaurant and burning it down, in an attempt to free the spirits that are trapped inside the animatronic husks.

The seventh game is called Ultimate custom night, and is an expanded version of the custom night for previous games, where the player is able to control the levels of aggression for all the animatronics in the game, to create a more tailored experience to them. The difference is that ultimate custom night features every character in the series, plus a few extras. The twist is that these events are not part of a silly side game, but are instead William Afton living through his own personal hell, that is being Orchestrated by Golden Freddy, as they are both trapped in the buried pizzeria simulator location, and after all the other spirits have passed on. The game seemingly ends with Golden Freddy, after an unknown span of time, finally leaving Afton to his fate, and passing on themselves. This only happens after Golden Freddy is convinced to do so by an enigmatic figure known as Old Man Consequences, who says to "Leave the demon to his demons"

During the events of the series we learn that Golden Freddy is possessed by the kid brother of Michael Afton, but we also learn that Golden Freddy is possessed by a girl named Cassidy, who was one of Williams five victims. Is this an error on the part of the series developer? An oversight perhaps? No, this was a concious decision, and loops back to Elden ring.

Golden Freddy is possessed by both the youngest Afton and also Cassidy, these two spirits become one animatronic, and they possess a golden suit. This is clearly a direct parrellel to the golden order and one of its core tenants, of two things becoming one. This nod is furthered by these golden beams, which obviously reference Golden Freddy by their color alone, but also reference the series by the fact that there are 4 major beams along with the Erdtree, references the 4 main animatronics and Golden Freddy at the center. Golden Freddy is also known to be limp and lifeless most of the time, likely due to the fact that it is a springlock suit, and thus needs supports in order to be able to move or stand upright, the golden beams represent these supports. These Parrelels become even more obvious when we think of Radagon of the Golden order, and Marika, who are as one in the Erdtree, similar to how the youngest Afton and Cassidy are as one in Golden Freddy. This all clearly boils down to one, undeniable fact, that Golden Freddy and the Erdtree are direct comparisons to one another, implying that the series are directly linked in some way. This is further proven by the fact that both series feature a guide who is killed by someone who is seemingly harmless (Phone guy being killed by the animatronics parrelels D being killed by Fia.) Both games feature a puppet or doll that is attempting to complete some grand and unknown goal (The security puppet and Ranni the witch.) Both games feature a main character who is unable to die (Michael Afton, who is believed to be the security guard in most of the games, and the tarnished lord.) Both games feature a character that is consumed by something only to become stronger (William afton into springtrap, Rykard into the God devouring serpent.)

I think with all that established, the question only becomes what does this all mean? I personally believe that the lands between are a distant future of the personal hell of William Afton, where this world of eternal torment has gone on so long that it has become a real place with its own culture and history, even though its true goal is to be a conduit for the Greater Will (Golden Freddy) to torment the scarlet rot (William Afton) which is why the scarlet rot is sealed away, and represents something that is eternally rotting and suffering. Eventually Marika (Cassidy) begins to believe the Three Fingers (Old Man Consequences) that the world must be destroyed, and they must leave the demon to his demons, and attempts to destroy the elden ring to end the cycle, but Radagon (Aftons youngest) has still not forgiven his father, and attempts to restore it, their conflict leads to the Greater Will (Golden Freddy) losing its influence, and the people of the lands between believing that it has abandoned them because their queen betrayed it, not knowing that their Queen and King are themselves the true embodiment of the Greater Will.
The funny part is that this whole shitpost has about the same level of media literacy and lore relevance as anything the Tarnished archaeologist posts, dont @ me
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2023.03.31 04:18 Thattransgal Seriously considering unionizing, but I need some input

Okay, so! For starters, I'm 19, unmarried, Floridian, have mig experience (up to overhead, and some pipe), and I'm certified in 1G stick. I've been welding since I was 17, and metalwork/industrialization is absolutely my passion, so it's definitely the path I want to take. So far I've only done shop/production work, earning no more than $16.50 from a job offer shortly before I graduated my welding class, but I want tomove up, earn more, actually gain arespectful title. What I'm mostly wondering is; how much higher is the pay, what are the benefits I could expect by going union, how hard would it be to find a job in one, and how hard/easy would it be to join one? I'm seriously considering it, the only thing stopping me is just kinda not fully understanding the perks, and how they'd benefit me in my state. I'm cautious about propaganda on anything, so I'd love personal experiences
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2023.03.31 04:18 New_Literature_5703 Bike tires keep popping no matter what I do. Usually when I'm not riding it.

A few years ago I bought a used Hybrid -style bike to go riding with my kids. It was in decent shape but the tires were old but they worked until the front started to budge out. The original tires were 700x28 or 30. I can't remember but they were quite narrow. The rims are 622x18 (double wall rear) and 622x20 (single wall front). I wanted wider tires since I'm a bigger guy.
So I went to the local bike shop and the guy there suggested 700x42 (sawtooth brand). So I installed them and no joke they've popped about 5 times. Usually when the bike is in the garage just sitting around. Everything there's the a small slit near the valve on the underside of the tube where is contacts the rim. example from today
I have tried absolutely every possible fix I could find on the internet to fix this issue. New rim tape? Didn't work. I wiped and vaccumed out the tire and rim, didn't work. Carefully inspected the tires and rims for something sharp? Nope. Ensured the tub wasn't pinched inside the tire. Tried different brands of tubes. Tubes were absolutely the right size.
I'm at my wits end here. Is there something I'm missing?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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2023.03.31 04:17 MAXIMUM-WORF How do I get the most out of therapy?

I've dealt with mental health issues my whole life, anything ranging from anorexia to nearly attempting to end my own life. It's been a roller coaster ride but I've kept myself in check and remained alive and largely healthy into my 30s. I've managed to keep my head above water through deep introspection and forgiveness, but keeping my head above water is about all I've ever managed to do.
I've tried probably close to 10 therapists now over the last decade in different settings (phone calls, student assistance programs, actual in-person therapy, etc.) and I always struggle to get anything from it. I come to the therapy session with strong negative feelings but also a fundamental understanding of why I have them, or at least why I think I have them. I've done the deep dive already and I've tried the good diet, exercise, journals, and other coping mechanisms, but no one can seem to get me past that. I usually end up in a neutral state with the therapist where it's clear to me that they don't really know what to say about the life events that constantly haunt me. It's the same old comments of sympathy, the "hang in there", the "you're doing the right things and the season will pass". While I appreciate the sentiment, it's not helping anymore.
I need help, there's no question about it... I'm just not receiving anything from this process. Even doctors I've tried to talk to have nothing new to say to me, give me the same old "oh things will get better, keep your chin up", and send me on my way. One doctor told me to "man up".
I want to thrive, but I'm just here, treading water, in an endless ocean. I want to be better.
What am I missing? What do I do when therapy doesn't work?
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2023.03.31 04:17 Jolly_VA_4U [for hire]Remote based Freelancer/VA for Bespoke Websites. 100% Delivery, accepting Project based or Long-term position

Web expertise at a price that doesn’t break the bank. I design & develop bespoke websites. Years tested, your satisfaction guaranteed. Publishing websites from small-medium to enterprise scale since 2009 (I’m a full-time & remote based freelancer since). It will be a great opportunity for me to be chosen by you for your first or next web project!
NO DO/WONT DO Logos/Branding, Heavy pixel/graphic based tasks, Illegal activities
Wise, Cryptocurrency payments only, $20/hr. 1-day on-boarding process. appreciate your time reading. email/Dis-cord/TG available. portfolio jollyva .netlify .app - Let the collaboration begin!
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2023.03.31 04:17 Star_Shark My gf won’t let me near her sin cave

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2023.03.31 04:17 Mysterious_Secret_85 M20 F19 1.5yr

Should I F19 or should I not be depressed
So currently my fiance M20 resides in Chicago and drives over every week to come and live with me for 4 days and goes to school in Chicago for the other 3 days of the week. At his school a recruiter came and is offering a job in his career field with good pay and decent benefits, however that job is in Chicago and I'll go from seeing him 4+ days a week to 1-2 days every few weeks. He says that he'll save lots of money in gas and then make more money than what he currently makes at his job here in Champaign. I'm depressed and he says I shouldn't be [obviously I wouldn't try to stop him from pursing a good opportunity but that doesn't make me any less sad :( ]What do y'all think?
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2023.03.31 04:17 sumlime Need help with the Fleeca Heist.

Hello, so I am still pretty new to GTA Online and just bought my first apartment. I have done some of the contact missions but I haven't done any heists before. I decided to join someone else's heist and it put me in the Fleeca Job as the driver. I drove to Lesters factory and we took the armored car and then drove to the bank. From what I understand my job was to shoot out the cameras and keep the hostages from doing anything crazy but when we got to the bank it said something about waiting for the driller to open the vault before I could go inside but as soon as he did, it showed a teller pushing the alarm and it said the mission was failed.
So am I supposed to go in before he opens the vault door or exactly at the same time? I tried watching a video on youtube but it seemed different from what I was supposed to do
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2023.03.31 04:17 Bushbacon69 Sillis Shenanigans - Part 10

Memory Transcription Subject: Krexel, Arxur Deserter
Date[Standardized Human Time]: December 6th, 2136
A dull pain radiated from my left temple as I slowly woke up, I tried stretching and heard the clinking of metal as something dug into my wrists. I noticed a pair of legs in front of me and my heart nearly stopped as I shot awake, struggling against the bindings. I whipped my head around and saw we were alone, I froze as he spoke.
“Why did you save me?” His voice was rough, my memory began catching up as I realized who was staring down at me, my mouth felt dry.
Mike sat at the foot of the bed, his head had been wrapped in bandages, along with most of his face. He had cleaned himself, but still looked half dead due to the sheer amount of blood that stained the visible part of his face.
“Tell me, Croc.” I was snapped out of my thoughts
“We got a new t-transmission from our Chief Hunter…” I choked out, his silent gaze made my scales crawl as I forced myself to continue. “S-She said that she was going to make a c-cattle farm for h-humans..and eat them..” I fought the wave of nausea from remembering her words.
“So you ignored direct orders from your warlord, why?” He said, I couldn’t read him at all…
“S-she said that the un-”
“The U.N.” He cut me off as I failed to remember it was an acronym.
“The U.N had destroyed all her food…that means they had to have destroyed all the farms in this sector!”
His eye widened and a smile crept across his bloodied mouth and I flinched, pressing against the back of the chair. I quickly continued, fear undoubtedly obvious in my voice.
“A-and Kes w-WHERES KES!” I shouted louder than I intended as tears rolled down my face
“Please don't hurt him- H-he didn’t do anything but what he had too!”
“Hurt me! Just make it quick for him!” I thrashed in my bindings and could barely see before I was struck across the face, the impact stinging slightly.
“Christ alive, fucking quiet down!” Mike growled, and then held his hand
“I’ll go get him if you calm the fuck down..” He slowly stood up and walked towards the bedroom door, still rubbing his hand
Fuck that hurt…” I barely heard him say as the door clicked shut.
Memory Transcription Subject: Dehi, Venlil Space Corps
I woke up face down in the bathroom, I promptly peeled myself off the tiled floor. Pulling myself up with the counter edge as I looked in the mirror. I looked like an Arxur h-
“MIKE!” I yelped and scrambled out of the bathroom, I stumbled into the wall and rushed down the hall, fear gripping my heart.
“MIKE! MIKE WHERE ARE Y-!” I collided with a huge figure as it left the bedroom and it sent me sprawling on my back, I groaned in pain as a shadow loomed over me
My muscles tensed up as it leaned down over me, I squeezed my eyes shut and kicked my legs wildly at my attacker. It grabbed my leg and I let out an embarrassing bleat of terror.
“Dehi stop, It’s me Mike!” A rough, gravelly voice as began flailing as I prepared for the Arxur to sink its claws into my che-
I opened my eyes, and saw a human holding my leg..My human!
“M-Mike you’re alive!” I gasped
“Are you okay Dehi?” He let go of my leg and pulled up onto my paws “I didn’t mean to scare you buddy..”
The relief of my Human being alive quickly evaporated as I looked up at him and noticed his face was wrapped in bloodied bandages, as were his arms. Something moved behind him and I lunged for his Side-arm, I tried tearing it out of the holster as Mike grabbed my shoulders
“Dehi stop, It’s ok!” Mike frantically wheezed.
I struggled for a moment longer as I noticed the Arxur was shackled by his wrists and ankles, it looked down and its hungry eyes locked onto m-
Memory Transcription Error: Subject Fell Unconscious
Memory Transcription Subject: Michael Chres, U.N Peacekeeper
I rubbed my temple as I held my hand up and the Arxur fell silent. I took a few deep breaths before opening my eye and looking at the two teary eyed crocodiles tied to chairs in front of me.
“I thought you fuckers didn’t like talking..” I hissed, one of them opened their mouth to speak before closing it.
I had learned their names were Krexel and Kes, they had saved my life and were now telling me it was so that I could kill them. They never stopped crying, with Krexel insisting I torture him in exchange for giving Kes a quick death.
“Shut the fuck up and listen to me you scaly fuckwits.” I sighed before continuing “I am not going to torture, or kill either of you I cannot and will not do that.”
“B-but Jech r-” Krexel tried to start speaking before I interrupted.
“I’m not finished.”
“I need to know you won’t strangle me in my goddamn sleep, nor run off and get yourselves killed.” I looked between the two Arxur.
“Yes, S-sir.” They managed to choke out in unison.
“Don’t call me sir or Human, Just call me Mike, Ok?”
“Yes Mike!” I rolled my eyes as I stood up and turned out the light.
“Don’t try anything, just go to bed or something..” I grumbled as I left the room and walked across the hall into the other Bedroom. With every step pain pulsed through my entire body, I still felt the burning pain in my eye socket. I crawled into bed next to Dehi, I pulled him close to me and rested my head atop his despite his gross matted fur. I had given him the last bits of painkillers so that he could sleep normally. I breathed a painful, but contented sigh as I closed my eyes.
Holy shit a chapter that doesn’t need a content warning? I hope it isn’t too much of a let down and I also hope you enjoyed an unnervingly tame chapter. Let me know what you think in the comments :)
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2023.03.31 04:16 Even-Sky889 Transfer application to local office

Is it possible to move an application to a local office for processing after submitting to the BVA? I'm now free to move to Germany so was wondering about getting a language Visa and living near Frankfurt. If so, would I need to get my English documents translated and apostilled seeing as the BVA didn't require this?
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2023.03.31 04:16 themoonstolemycat Boyfriend (23M) feels unwanted, I (20F) don't know how to fix this

Basically, I struggle to get turned on due to some medication I'm on, and the state of my mental health right now. Mentally I want him and that intimacy but my body doesn't cooperate. He doesn't believe me, however, and feels like I don't find him attractive. I tell him (and truly believe) that he's the hottest man to exist, but he doesn't believe me anymore.
Last night, he wanted sex/intimacy and again, my body decided not to get with the program. Nothing was happening for me, so I offered to help him out. He asked me if I wanted to, and I said a hesitant sure, then he asked me again, and after I considered it I said no, I'm sorry but I'm tired. He immediately turned over and I was a bit confused, but so groggy that I just cuddled up to him and fell asleep.
I woke up and he's been very hostile to me. I've really hurt him, and I don't know how to fix it. He interpreted me saying "no" as I didn't want to do anything at all. And now he thinks that I never 'want' it, we only ever have sex/intimacy because I feel obligated to, and that I don't actually enjoy it. He believes that when I do get turned on, it has absolutely nothing to do with him, and more to do with how hot I think I look, or how good I think I'm doing. I think it's because I love watching him and making him feel good, but he doesn't trust me.
I really don't know how to show him how attracted to him I am, because obviously I can't show him physically, and he doesn't believe my words anymore. He doesn't think I even want to fix what's going on with my libido, because it's taken me awhile to see a doctor. In truth, I'm so stressed about everything going on (moving interstate, finally getting a rental, furnishing it, university assignments, flights home for family commitments, establishing myself at my new job, earning enough money) that I can't even think. I need to go back to get a referral but I simply don't have enough time right now to research a specialist.
I feel absolutely useless, dealing emotionally with what's going on and also how it impacts him. I don't feel like a woman anymore lol, just an inanimate object going through the motions.
Would love some advice about how to make him feel wanted.
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