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2023.03.29 01:52 PepperAntique Wait, is this just GATE? (337/?)

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Writer's note: Hey. Veliry's getting in on the big change train too. Hell yeah.
"Alright. This is Eastport." Tanier said as the ship pulled up to the tower at the end of the wall around the small port city, far to the south of Jadesport.
The three guards, wearing rather slobby Petravian guard uniforms, were clearly unsure of what to do at the sight of a flying ship. They were even more unsure of what to do at the sight of Amina in her armored General's uniform. She'd only put it on because she knew that the unexpected arrival would upset the local garrison. Especially with the ship flying Vatrian heraldry.
One of the guards remembered what they were supposed to do, and stood ramrod straight while saluting. The other two looked at him and then matched suite.
"Relax." Amina said as she returned the salute. "Have you already sent a runner?"
"Ye-Yes General." The one that saluted first replied.
As if on cue an overweight, scruffily bearded, guard captain came rushing up the stairs on the wall and approached them. He was still fastening his leather chest armor in place, and had his tabbard in hand to place over it.
Amina watched the man approach with a raised eyebrow. James stood a few steps behind her, still on the gangplank and winced. He'd seen disgraced NCO's that had responded to unexpected visits from command in similar fashion back on Earth.
"General!" He said with a hasty salute that Amina returned quickly.
"You're the commander of the port garrison?" She asked.
"Aye ma'am." He replied as he finished struggling with the last strap on his chest.
"Well." She said, choosing to ignore the sloppiness, though James knew she was going to fume over it later. "You can relax Captain......." She tilted her head and waved her hand, gesturing for him to tell her his name.
"Garibald ma'am." He said after a moment of confusion.
"Captain Garibald." She said with fake satisfaction. "Relax Captain Garibald. I only donned my uniform so you would know who I am. I'm currently on my post wedding trip. I'm sure news has reached here by now. I'm off duty."
The four guards visibly relaxed and James cringed a bit. That was one of the oldest officer tricks in the book.
Amina continued. "Let the people of the town know that nothing worth worrying about is occurring." She said. "My sister and her husband the ambassador are simply dropping us off. They'll be returning to the Vatrian Empire as soon as they have a chance to resupply."
"That's good to know ma'am." Garibald said. "We were worried that maybe we were under attack. Don't know how we would've fought a damn flying ship."
Amina's smile faker than a three dollar bill back on Earth.
"Well." She said icily. "You should have a wing of griffins." Garibald was about to reply, but she cut him off. "Go calm down the townsfolk Captain." She said with a note of finality that even the incompetent captain could pick up on.
"Aye ma'am." He replied with another salute before quickly running back down the stairs. He tried to put the last piece of his uniform on and almost fell down the stairs as a result.
She turned back to the other three soldiers, all of whom were clearly uncomfortable.
"Heads up men." She said as she let out a deep sigh. "Keep your uniforms straight and you might just be in for a promotion soon enough. Now, if you don't mind, is there a better place for us to tie this thing off?" She jerked her thumb over her shoulder at the flying ship.
The one who had saluted first pointed at a large landing pad across the docks that was clearly made for dragons and other flying creatures.
"The Drakrid landing pad has some tie downs and they have some resting stands for some of their larger beasts." He said somewhat uncertainly.
"Oh yeah." James said. "Some of them dragons and Wyrms struggle to land on the ground if they're big enough or too old. I should be able to get them to roll a set out." He nodded at Amina as she looked back at him. "Give me a few minutes."
To the surprise and awe of the three remaining soldiers, James simply stepped off the gangplank and into the air.
A loud whooshing noise emanated from him only a split second later as his jets kicked in and carried him over to the dock in question.
Amina calmly pointed at the soldier that had been first to salute, and answer the questions.
"Thank you......" She said, once again signalling for a name.
"Mien, Ma'am." He replied.
"Mien." She said. "You're in the lead."
Then she turned back and walked up the plank.
"Oh god." Five said as she slowly walked down the stairs, holding Brin's hand for support. "It is so weird to feel scared of a person."
"Oh. Well. That's life now dear." Brin said with a pat of the former muck marcher's hand. "Downside of being part prey animal. Careful of the steps. We might be good at falling, but it's still unpleasant."
"Sorry about the scare." Vickers said. "Didn't think of how the new instincts would react to seeing me."
"All good chief." She said. "I'm still not over the whole 'having all four limbs again' thing." She flexed her two, somewhat short, arms for emphasis. "Oh, and the not being dead part. All the other stuff is just details."
Driscoll stood up at the sight of his teammate coming down the stairs. He did it a bit too suddenly, having only woken up a few hours before her and still not being adjusted yet, and he almost teetered over. He was going to have to relearn balance now that he didn't have a couple dozen strategically placed stabilizers doing it for him anymore. De'Lius caught him with a single massive hand and gave him a moment to steady himself.
"Boss?" She said as she saw him in the plain white robes that they were both wearing, each set tailored to MOSTLY match their forms.
"Yeah." He replied with a smile. She cringed back at the sight of it and he realized that the squirrel part of her brain was reacting to his new appearance. "Sorry." He said as he quickly covered his mouth with his hands. "Bout time you made it."
She shook her head, and lightly smacked her temple with one of her hands.
"No need to apologize." She said as she took in the room full of predator were-folk in front of her with large, concerned, squirrel eyes. "Gonna have to get used to that."
When she finally reached the bottom of the steps, her legs wobbling a bit from the strain, the two of them embraced in a quick hug. She barely reached his chest, only having gained an inch or two compared to her prior armored form, whereas he was closer to seven feet tall now. Then, thanks to old reflexes, he tapped his knuckles on her forehead. She reached to do the same, but came up short. It was a greeting unique to their, now former, kind.
"I am glad to see that you both survived the conversion." Commander De'Lius said with a slight nod. "And more importantly, that you did so with your sanity intact."
"Admittedly." Five replied. "The last part was a close call. That... sucked."
The commander nodded again. Then he turned to Vickers. "Well. With that all confirmed my obligation here is at an end Mister Vickers. The rest is up to you, Mrs. Brin, and Priest Denaria. I will take my leave." He made to walk out the door, then paused. "And if you see my daughter. Tell her to pay a visit every now and then."
"Will do." Vickers said. Then the two men nodded at each other, and the massive wolf stepped out into the night beyond. Vickers turned back. "Alright guys. It's...." he looked at his tablet for a moment. "roughly eleven pm. Let's let our guests head home for the night while we bunk down. First night is in the same room you changed in."
"Why?" Driscoll asked.
"Silver lining is still in place." Vickers replied. "Your body is still finishing up with the final touches on your transformation. Plus some of your new instincts might cause you to have adverse reactions to your um... Well let's just call it what it is: PTSD."
Denaria cocked an eyebrow at that. Brin didn't even seem to be paying much attention.
"What is that?" The unsettling were-fox asked curiously.
"A term from our world. A problem warriors tend to have if they've been in enough battles." Five replied promptly. "And I hadn't thought of how being part scaredy-squirrel might affect that."
"Ah." The priest said simply. "Well. It is late. I should check in with my temple before I retire. Lady Brin, do you require an escort home?" He asked with an offered arm.
"Oh no." She said with a smile. "I live the opposite way from the new temple of warmth. And only about half a mile. I'll be there in only a few moments."
"Then, like the commander, I shall take my leave as well." The tall fox said. He was out the door before any of them could even say anything.
"Anyone else profoundly creeped out by that man?" Brin asked a few moments later with mock cheeriness. "Or is that just me?"
"I think that's everyone." Five replied easily. "Though it could just be the squirrel in us."
"It's not." Vickers and Driscoll replied in accidental unison. They looked at each other curiously for a moment.
"Well alright then." Brin said with a smile. She hugged Five. "Welcome to the folk." She said happily. Then hugged Driscoll and Vickers as well. Then as she neared the door she pulled a small knife out of one of the pockets of her overalls. "I'm going to try not to fall prey to whatever HE might be up to out there." She said, still cheery as ever. "I'll see you lot in the morning."
Then she was out the door too.
"Are all of the.... were-folk... weird?" Driscoll asked as he slumped down onto an end table. "God having legs is tiring."
"I'm a were-jaguar AND... a SEAL." Vickers said. "Who punches people with ice fists. I don't think I'm a good measure of normal, per se."
"He's got a point." Five said. "Say, is there any food? Mrs. Brin gave me some. But I am starving."
"Same." Driscoll admitted.
"Welcome to ridiculous metabolisms." Vickers said as he moved toward the closet with the bottomless bags full of food for each of them.
And welcome to babysitting. He thought to himself. Again.
Focus. Veliry thought as she stared at the target dummy across her room. You've used this spell since you were ten. You can do this.
She felt the energy move through her body. No matter what she did. No matter what she pulled it from. Whether the warmth of the air, the motion of the wind outside, the movement of all the living bodies in the castle, or even the light of the sun outside her windows, it always did the same new thing.
The healers explanation of it made sense. But it still threw off her ability to control the flow of the energy within herself. She was effectively being forced to remap the flow of magic as it moved through her. And as her unborn child drew some of it into itself.
Luckily there HADN'T been any changes to that flow. Not even when she drew in more.
It just made focusing on her casts almost impossible. Made the use of the energy that managed to get past the child difficult. Difficult to route. Difficult to obtain enough to be useful. She only hoped it would go back to normal once she finally managed to give birth.
Come on little one. She thought pleadingly. Let me have enough to use.
She drew in more, pulling from several of the power sources she'd gathered in her lab. The large shard of elemental obsidian she'd poured energy into for weeks at a time, pouring a trickle into it each time she walked past it. So often that she'd practically done it without thinking before the shard had lit up red, marking it as being almost at capacity. The heart of a great sea serpent that had been slain by an enchanted harpoon and still beat within the jar it was stored in. She used it for any enchantment that needed a cooling effect, as she had never been good at ice magic. She pulled from one of the massive "Car Batteries" that she'd managed to salvage from a MIFFY that had been destroyed in the desert. That energy had always made her senses tingle whenever she drew it in, and it did now.
She felt all of that energy draw in, route down to her abdomen even if it was already in the pointing hand to begin with, then back to the hand.
A small, green spark emitted from the pointed finger.
Another spark, this one leaping in an arc to her cocked thumb.
"COME ON YOU BITCH!" She said to herself. "SHOOT A FUCKING BOLT!"
She focused everything on that finger, and felt the energy surge through her like a wave.
A wave that started in her midsection.
There was a noise so loud and so all encompassing that it was hard to tell what it was.
A torrent of lightning bolts, bluish-green like they had always been, but remarkably bright compared to their former inky darkness, sprayed from her pointing finger tip. They spread out in a massive cone so dense that it was almost a solid object.
And... they pushed her back.
Even the largest firearm she'd made, which James had quickly told her to tone down and refine with several upgrade suggestions, hadn't kicked like this spell did. She braced her arm with the other, non-casting, hand and felt herself being pushed across the lab until she slammed into one of her desks. Then the recoil continued pushing, forcing her to bend over backwards as she struggled to control where she was pointing.
"What the fu-" She tried to ask.
Then it stopped. It was as if someone had simply... shut it off. One second she had been struggling to even stay standing and aiming at the dummy from the force of the mass of death bolt energy she'd been shooting forward in a solid beam. Then her hand was simply pointing, with nothing coming out of it.
And the energy in her body was back to a normal, passive level.
She'd been trying to get it to that level. But something inside her had been feeding it in a seemingly nonstop upward charge. Then the upward charge had just... cut off.
She was standing, still bent backwards over the desk, wondering what had just happened, and trying to read the magical energy still lingering in the air from the spell.
Then she noticed how green the light in the room seemed.
She looked down from the ceiling to where the dummy was.
And she saw a veritable rain forest of plant life, illuminated by the small window nearby.
"What?" She asked nobody, since nobody was there.
The dummy, the wall behind the dummy, a little bit of the ceiling, and one hanging lantern that was nearby, were all coated in plant life. Lichens, vines, flowers, branches, and weeds of all kind and color were growing from them as if they had always been there. Even the glass of the window had some grass growing sideways out of it.
She looked down at her finger curiously, then tried to look up at her new antlers. Naturally they remained out of view, so she reached up and touched them.
And found that they were warm to the touch. In fact, they were almost hot.
"Oooooh." She said as she realized one of the problems with her magical abilities. "That's a bit of a problem."
Then she looked down at her belly and placed a hand on it.
"And don't think I didn't notice your part in that." She said. "We're gonna have to talk about that." She tilted her head a bit. "Whenever... you are capable of talking."
Then she began running out of her lab and towards Marcos's tower.
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2023.03.29 01:51 Ralfop Opal Rose Gold Ring This is a stunning ring that really sparkles and shines.The opaque stone in the center is gorgeous and the smaller accent stones along the side enhances the beauty of the main stone. DESCRIPTION Ring Weight: About 5g Ring Size(approx): 5/6/7/8/9/10 Main Stone Size(approx): Abo

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2023.03.29 01:49 Brave-Ad-3452 When’s a memorable time you grossly underestimated the enemy/overestimated your ability?

I’m on probably my sixth playthrough, and I’ve platinumed the game. Here are a few of mine: - The dropping path to the three fingers alone killed me more than well, probably any path ever. Thought i was good at jumping
I cant help but laugh at myself when these happen, and it’s humbling occasions like these that are one of many reasons i love this game.
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2023.03.29 01:49 jolly_farts 2013 Impreza with cylinder 3 misfire code and consumes oil - head gasket or coil pack culprit of misfire?

An acquaintance offered to sell me her 2013 Impreza w/ 128k miles for $3k. It consumes oil every few weeks and needs top off (been that way for years). Recently it got a code for cylinder 3 misfire and has been parked since. In my past experience with other cars a misfire is usually due to a coil pack failing. I’m wondering though what the likelihood is that a leaking head gasket might be causing the misfire on this 2.0 H4. From what I understand, the oil consumption is likely due to failing oil control rings on the pistons. Overall the car is pretty clean, but not sure if this is even worth touching. Originally I kind of wanted to just change the coil and flip the car because this acquaintance is an evil human. Opinions? Thoughts? Thanks!
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2023.03.29 01:48 trailer8k Lord of the rings flight attendant

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2023.03.29 01:47 MiSchmi01 iOS 16 alarm only rings when my watch is not connected

I recently reset my iPhone 12 mini, but unfortunately since then the alarm no longer works as it did before. When my Apple Watch is connected, the alarm doesn't ring on the iPhone, but only on the Watch. But because I always use it in silent mode, it only vibrates, which is sometimes not enough to wake me up. Before the reset, the iPhone also rang, which I would like to have again, but I can't find the setting. Does anyone know where I can turn this on? I’m an running the latest version of iOS 16.4
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2023.03.29 01:47 SorryToPopYourBubble 24 [M4F] Colorado/Anywhere Figure I'll Mix It Up A Little

Posted a couple of times in here without much luck but here I am giving it another try. I've been damaged in the past but feel ready to move on with life and find someone that can help by bringing love back to my life.
I'm white, have blond hair, and I wear glasses. Could probably stand to lose a little weight but I think we all know that can be difficult to do.
In past relationships, I've been called sweet and funny. So I should at least be able to put a smile on your face after a long day.
Interests wise I like video games, sports, music, history, and much more.
So if I sound like the sort of guy you might as least want to talk to hit me up! I mostly use Reddit Chat but hopefully we will click and be able to move off to other platforms. Looking forward to hearing from anyone that is interested. Who knows. Maybe someday we'll be telling our friends and family how we met on Reddit of all places.
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2023.03.29 01:46 SpicyWater92 LPT: Engrave your wedding date into the band of your wedding ring.

If you haven't gotten married yet or you have, get your wedding rings engraved with your wedding date. It'll give it a personal touch and serve as a reminder for those times you can't remember the exact date off the top of your head.
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2023.03.29 01:45 sesh4lyf Hospital lost my appointment request and now my first appointment isn't scheduled until 19 weeks.

Hi all.
Just needed to vent about my current situation. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant. I submitted a request to the hospital at about 5 weeks. Appointments are scheduled based on date of last period so i wasn't expecting to hear back straight away.
When it got to about 10 weeks i rang and they said they were running behind and it would probably be closer to 14 weeks. I said ok i understand.
I rang again about 12 weeks and asked again. They said they would be getting appointments out soon. I waited another week and still heard nothing and rang again. And they lost my form. It's an online form that I received an automated response from so I know it was submitted.
They have now scheduled me for my first scan in 3 more weeks. I'll be close to 17 weeks and then my booking visit is scheduled for when I'll be 19 weeks.
Thankfully, i was able to ring my GP who has a midwife on staff who checked my blood pressure and urine etc. But the hospital is usually who dictates those appointments, so if i didn't ring them in a panic i would be almost half way through the pregnancy without any medical care.
I am just feeling frustrated and let down by the system at the moment. In my country maternity care is all free and covered under the public health system unless you choose to go private. But the majority of women will choose to stay public because it generally is a good system. I just seem to be the one that slipped through the cracks.
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2023.03.29 01:45 sooomanyanimals Washer for foster kittens? (And people.)

I thought I did my research, but thankfully have a week left to return the LG I bought.
What I need: -See through top -Agitator (MUST be top load to soak laundry to sanitize it properly) -Agitator that actually pulls laundry under the water (even with deep fill that's not happening currently) -LARGE. Like most cu.ft. possible. I have a LOT of laundry to do and also have huge puppy pads for foster puppies -I would LOVE the app that messages me when my laundry is done cuz ADHD, but I can live without because clean is more important... But that is my favorite feature on the LG we're returning -A gentle cycle option would be nice, but not necessary -Price isn't the biggest factor if the washer will last a long time
Speed Queen is out due to the no glass top. My LG won't pull laundry all the way under (we got one of the good ones too). Samsung I've heard nothing good about. European brands seem to be too small.
Please help! I'm so tired of washer research and now am feeding kittens around the clock, so just tired in general.
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2023.03.29 01:44 GERGAAA Could those falling rocks and sky islands be the tears of the kingdom?

Hi there. First post here. Maybe this is not new at all but I wanted to share it somewhere. This seems like a good place for that.
So I was watching again the new gameplay released a few hours ago. It looks nice and all, but Im actually more interested on the way link will get to the sky islands.
In the video we see a rock falling very close to one of the sky islands BUT not from it. Sure there could be other sky island above that one and that is how this rock was falling here.
We then see link using the rock and his new skill to go to the sky island. If he could have stayed longer in the rock he would have gone even higher, but that is not shown because of the cooltime of the skill. Right now we can only see some of the islands above, but what if all of those are just the start of a completely different kingdom so far from the earthground
I mean what if there is an actual whole new kingdom in the sky that is tearing off some parts of it, hence tears of the kingdom.
Maybe even hyrule is tearing itself off to an even lower place. We see zelda falling down through what seemed to be a cave but what if the hyrule underground is similar to the underground from elden ring which is almost a completely different world with stars as close as trees?
Long story short Tears of the kingdom: places from a kingdom above falling, just like a tear falls through a face. (Also because of "tearing off" meaning)
Probably not a new theory at all but after seeing lots of videos from the game they have never mention this possibility. Some Zelda youtubers (most of my aproach to the franchise is this way) think that the tears of the kingdom are collectibles or objects to found around the sky islands and hyrule
Thats it Sorry for my horrible english. Trying to improve
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2023.03.29 01:44 MoonMaster33 Looking for a econ sim

I remember back in the day, probably ~20 years ago, this game I used to play with my friends. It was a very simple looking web based game. I believe it was all vector lines or flat bit maps. If I remember correctly it had a black background while everything else was red. I could be wrong about the red, but I'm confident the background was black.I guess it would be classified as an MMORPG as you would take the role of a shop keep where you could buy and sell to others while also producing your own products. There were no NPCs so when the game launched users were required to work on basic resources like mining or wood cutting. From there one could make glass or planks to sell, if they choose. You could also just sell the raw materials to someone else. I remember setting up shop and working towards oil pumping. If anyone remembers this game or knows if one similar I would be interested in playing.
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2023.03.29 01:44 jmacsupernaut “Reality TV” trope opinions

So I’m “new” to wrestling. Watched a lot as a kid (attitude era), and recently got back into it after watching royal rumble with my wife. My sister is on board now too, so we always hang out and watch the PPVs.
Big fan of the talent and the matches, but the reality tv angle that dominates so much of it really isn’t for me. I am not here to rant or anything, but I’m curious what do y’all think?
(fwiw: I love Seth Rollins because he’s over the top. Same with Asuka because her character is wild. I just really can’t buy into the drawn out bloodline story, and obviously the Miz makes me mental when he has wrestlers in chairs in the ring.)
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Here is the Lord as Taylor Coupons & Promo Codes. You can save on your purchase by using the one of the promo and coupon codes or discount deals on this website.
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2023.03.29 01:43 Frequent-Ad9493 Beta - Takeaways

It's been a bit since the beta, and I felt like it had been enough time that I had some takeaways to share from the experience.
First off, the game looks really nice. The graphics are clean and the game is visually a delight.
The sounds are good, too, but there is some clear work to be done here. Any time more than one player popped off on a large group of enemies, it was quickly clear the game couldn't handle processing all those sounds at once and resulted in some distorted static-y disaster that sounded like it could destroy my headset it it went on.
The story, such as we had access to, seemed okay though a bit formulaic and similar to Diablo 3. What's with this trend of young smart bookworm npc girl characters being 'secretly the key' in these games? I would've preferred to see them do something a bit more original. Likewise, while I find the character of Lilith as a villain to be interesting, the game is named Diablo and I would prefer to see Diablo, Lord of Terror, taking center stage as the antagonist. Hopefully this is something that will develop further along the story that we didn't get access to.
The map seemed alright. I'm not sure it's big enough for an open world game of this scope, but we'll see. It looked very well designed, but I would've much rather seen procedurally generated maps for areas over a fixed map. I mean, these games involve replaying a lot of areas and content, and having it procedurally generate a new layout and enemies kept going back to areas a bit new with some exploring to do. By the end of the beta and my 4th char, I was running on autopilot to various objectives and avoiding areas that would slow me down. Which isn't terrible, but I suspect this will harm replayability quite a bit.
Speaking of procedural generation, the dungeons were quite underwhelming. I did most of them, and they were all so similar that it started to get boring by the beta's end - which is a terrible sign. Every dungeon had similar layouts, many had the same mechanics for opening locked doors/barriers. Every dungeon was the same length: 2 floors and a boss room. Instead of sprawling dungeons with 1-5 levels of depth, these ones are all 2 levels deep with very linear maps and limited procedural variation.
Group events in the world were interesting, with some decidedly easier than others, but again without much variation. Just in one weekend I did enough of them that I repeatedly saw the same ones over a dozen times. I hope there's more variation in different regions, but...
The world boss fight was interesting, if a bit messy. The scale and scope of the fight was enjoyable, though, and hopefully other world bosses will be similarly interesting both visually and mechanically.
The classes are a interesting with decent variety to them and their unique play styles and builds, but the balancing seems a bit off with some builds clearly radically superior to others.
I didn't play as a rogue due to time constraints, so I can't speak to that class, but of the others, I found the druid to be disappointing. The abilities seemed a bit lackluster, and the class mechanics were a letdown. I had thought shapeshifting into werewolf or werebear sounded cool, and fighting as either creature would be exciting, but it isn't. The shapeshifting process is as underwhelming and lame as possible, with just a token animation and your character simply switches to werewolf of werebear skin for a few seconds and reverts back. What could've been a fun mechanic of changing into a werewolf or werebear and running around was reduced to little more than temporary visual flair for specific attacks. They could've at least made a cool transformation animation as your character grows hair, claws, fangs, and their body morphs... But instead you get a minor particle effect and temporary change to the character model. It's just a letdown that they didn't approach this more creatively.
I found the questing/mission system to be a bit lackluster. Very similar to WoW, but quests of 'go there, do the thing, come back' are only interesting so many times. I ran into so many of these, and it just wasn't very appealing, especially with the relatively useless rewards I got from most of them.
And then lastly: cellars. I don't get it. What's the point in making me load into a single room area just to find some generic enemies no more special than the random ones I find in the world? The loot wasn't any better, either. It literally felt like a pointless loading screen just to fight something I could've found and fought anywhere on the map. I suspect it's doing something extra under the hood, like mitigating server loads or shuffling players among world instances or something similar, because otherwise they serve no purpose other than to be a time waste.
And so overall, the game looks good and is fun to play, but I have some very serious concerns about long term replayability, and find some of the creative decisions disappointing. Time will tell if these things can be addressed and corrected before release, or if this is just another game franchise in its way to falling from grace.
And that's my $0.02.
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2023.03.29 01:43 Munesky I posted in another and no answers

I didn’t want to retype out so I screen snipped it. I’m also currently going through chemotherapy again. Yep all awhile being pregnant….I know my life is damn interesting. I just have never had an experience and everything felt so real
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2023.03.29 01:42 Sarge45k "Missing Colors" of the 45th PVI.

It has been found!! The "missing colours" of the 45th PVI! An incredible story that has direct lines to General Lee & his family.
Exceedingly rare outside of museum collections are regulation American battle standards, much less such historical flags with applied battle honors that was thought lost and has just recently been consigned by direct family descent of last caretaker. The 45th Pennsylvania was a magnificent fighting unit who lost 3 battle flags during the war. This was their last flag issued & it saw the battles of the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, Battle of the Crater, Weldon Railroad & Poplar Springs Church where the unit was decimated & much of the unit was captured. The 45th served the entire war from October 1861 to finally being mustered out July 1865 with casualties totaling about 500. General U.S. Grant planned simultaneous attacks on both of Lee’s flanks at Petersburg in Sept., 1864. Lee’s left was attacked by the Army of the James under Butler. Lee’s right was attacked by Gen. Gouverneur Warren of the 5th Corps with a goal of cutting the Boydton Plank Road supply line. Units of the 9th Corp were attached, including a brigade containing the 51st NY, the 58th MA, and the 45th PA, all posted on the extreme Union left. CS General Henry Heth formed a frontal infantry attack to counter the Union move. Cavalry General Wade Hampton supported the attack by taking on the Federal left flank. He sent Gen W.H.F. “Rooney” Lee’s brigade completely around the Union line, and Lee personally led the dismounted 9th and 10th VA cavalries which attacked the exposed rear and flank of the enemy. The result was decisive. The three Union regiment noted above, which include the 45th PA, were nearly annihilated by Lee’s Virginians. Hampton recorded it like this: As the enemy moved up to reinforce, he exposed his flank to me. I at once ordered Gen. Lee to attack, which he did with the 9th and 10th Va. Regiments in the handsomest style, leading his men in person. These regiments went in, in the line of battle, dismounted and reserved their fire until very near the enemy. Delivering it regularly, they charged, routing the enemy completely, capturing about nine hundred prisoners and ten standards. From the Union perspective, the fighting that Sept. 30 was a disaster (though fighting the next several days stabilized and advanced the Union line). Known as the Battle of Poplar Springs Church or Pebbles Farm, Division commander Gen. R. B. Potter claimed in a report a month later that the 51 NY and the 45th PA destroyed their colors before capture. This was just wishful thinking. A complete version of events is available in the History of the Forty-Fifth Regiment Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry: According to Sergeant J. D. Straight of company I, who was with the colors and ought to know, General Potter was evidently misinformed about the colors of the Forty-fifth being destroyed. Sergeant Straight says in substance that after our line of battle had been attacked in flank and rear and had been thrown into confusion, and he, as one of the color guard, and Sergeant Joe Reigle, the color bearer, who although partially disabled by a flesh wound, was still carrying the flag, became separated from their comrades and began making their way through the brush and timber, as they supposed, into our own lines, they were suddenly confronted at close quarters by a line of dismounted Rebel cavalry. There was no time or opportunity to destroy the flag or do anything else but surrender when summoned to do so or be shot down… the boys evidently did everything within reason to save the flag. In this connection Sergeant Straight says further that the flag captured that day was the colors of the Forty-fifth Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers, the one we received after our reenlistment and which Sergeant Reigle carried from the time we left Annapolis in April, 1864, until the battle of Cold Harbor where Reigle was wounded and Straight himself took the flag and carried it until Reigle, having recovered from the effects of his wound, resumed his duties as color bearer on the 19th of June; Reigle carrying the flag from that time until it was captured. It is not known which soldiers of the 9th and 10th VA actually captured the flag, but Gen. W. H. F. Rooney Lee kept it as a trophy. In the post war years Lee settled at Ravensworth Plantation in Fairfax County, Virginia. Putting him near the hub of DC politics, Lee became a Congressman representing that part of Northern Virginia. Within Lee’s district in Alexandria was (and still is) Episcopal High School and Seminary. Today it is one of the oldest high schools in the US, with many Washington elites sending their children to this full time boarding school. The school was well represented in the Confederacy, and the names of 61 alumni killed in Confederate service are engraved in marble in the school’s chapel. Alexandria, as everyone knows, was quickly occupied by Union troops in 1861 and Elmer Elsworth’s death was the first of the conflict. Episcopal High School and the Seminary were also occupied and ravaged by Union troops. In the 1880’s, the school petitioned Congress for reparations of some sort. Congressman Rooney Lee introduced such a bill to repay the school for damages. From Lee’s biography: the bill came up for consideration upon a favorable report; the Democrats generally favored it, but the General [Lee], fearing that the Republicans would oppose it, quietly and with dignity walked to the center of their side, and made his speech in behalf of his bill directly to them. They listened attentively and with profound respect. Finally there came an interruption from behind him: “…Was this school continued during the Rebellion?” “Yes, as far as possible. Most of the professors remained there,” said the General. “For whom did those professors pray? Did they pray for the Unionists or the Confederates?” The General’s reply was instant, “I do not know; I never heard them pray, but they were saintly men, and I assume they prayed for all sinners, and left the good Lord to say who were the sinners.” The whole House applauded…and his bill was passed. William Henry Fitzhugh “Rooney” Lee gave the flag to the principal of Episcopal high school, Launcelot M. Blackford, in 1889. The above bill passed in Congress in 1889. It is speculated that the flag was a gift or gesture of victory over the Republicans. The regulation flag staff top has inscription “W.H.F. Lee to L.M. Blackford 1889” “MAY YOU EVER INSPIRE OUR SOUTHERN BOYS TO GREATNESS”. What a wonderful sentiment from the son of Gen. Robert E. Lee who spent his life in education after the war as President of Washington College to L.M. Blackford a lifelong educator who served under Lee in the Army of Northern Virginia. L. M. Blackford who was principal for 40 years, gave the flag to Patrick Henry Callaway who in turn taught at the school for 72 years (taught from 1916 to 1988) and died in 1995 at age 100. The flag was said to be still on its staff in the Blackford years. Shredded and deteriorating, Mr. Callaway removed it from the staff and kept it in a box until his death. CONDITION: Flag is very good as professionally conserved & framed. A conservation report is available to interested parties. Flag staff is very good with mixed chocolate patina with verdigris. Inscription quite discernible.
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2023.03.29 01:41 ThisIsABurner4207 Do I [M/24] need to step away from dating?

About a year ago the girl I thought I’d marry broke up with me. There wasn’t some big fight or problem that lead to it, she just lost interest. I was no longer “good enough”. Since then, I’ve been wanting to work on myself, but I’m finding it hard. I’ve never really thought about myself too much.
Fast forward to now, I recently moved across the country for a new job. I feel like I’ve made “progress” on self improvement, but I’m not where I want to be. Since moving here, I’ve tried out dating again for the first time since the breakup. I’ve been on a few dates, but nothing leads to anything.
Maybe this is bad, but I think I’m a bit picky with who I pursue. I’ve recently realized how unhappy I am trying to date right now. I’ve been using hinge, and I’m honestly just not getting the results I’d hoped for. Every girl I match with always seems like one I’m “settling for”. It’s not all about looks, but I can’t help but compare the girls I match with with my ex, and I always feel like I’m downgrading.
Yes, I know looks are not everything. And that right there is why I feel like I’m not in the right mindset to be dating. All I do is compare girls to my ex, to think about how people who know me will think if they see me with a new girl, the thought of being seen like I lost the breakup and downgraded. It’s an awful mindset, and I’m sick of being this way.
Im fully aware of how I’m behaving, but I’m hesitant to stop trying right now. Im 24 years old, and I feel like life is moving 100mph. I had 3 college roommates just a short 2 years ago, and 2 of them are engaged, one of them is ring shopping… I know everyone’s life path is different, but I just don’t want to be different.. if that makes sense. I want to meet someone and build an amazing relationship with. I don’t do well on my own.
I don’t feel like I have time to hide away and build myself up. But like I said, I have a horrible view on dating right now. Just not sure what to do.
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