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Future-proof your life. If you use only AA batteries and you want 3 spares, you only need 3 spares. With 5 different batteries, you need 15 spares plus chargers. With AA you can carry it all in your pocket. AA-compatible devices can include AAA, AAAA, C, D, F, 14500, 18650, 21700, 26650, 32600, 32650, etc. Right to repair was first lost from tolerating proprietary batteries, pay per charge, and self-destruct explosions. To regain right to repair, you need the right to put in standard batteries.

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2023.06.07 06:31 The_New_Guy90 Electric mower recommendations

Time has come to get a new mower and want to get an electric one. I have a Ryobi 18v whipper snipper that’s great.
Any recommendations for mowers? Not a necessity to stick to same brand. I do have a a couple hundred square metres of yard and will need decent battery life.
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.07 05:20 Aerisaki 18v vs 40v chainsaw

Im considering the ryobi 12 inch 18v chainsaw and was wondering if for whatever reasons may come in the future, is it possible to use a 14 or even a 16 inch bar on it or will the 40v absolutely be required for those sizes?
I am most invested in the 18v batteries and do not wish to add a new battery type if i can avoid it
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2023.06.07 04:23 NeerieD20 NTD + new to Ryobi

NTD + new to Ryobi
Finally made the choice to go with this combo. Multitool was free with the drill/driver kit. I also got 2 4Ah HP batteries.
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2023.06.06 21:56 mylogicistoomuchforu Battery replacement now requires receipt

So, I have a 40V that only lights 3 lights and when it gets put in the charger, it flashes red once and then goes straight to steady green.
Usually, no problem - just call the 800# and get a replacement shipped.
Nope, not today.
I do apologize, **, but I will need the receipt for this battery before I can replace it under warranty. Did you pay for this battery at Home Depot with a card?
me: I bought it a year ago, I have no idea what I paid for it with.
I do apologize **, but our methods for replacing batteries has changed. We now require receipts for replacement products. If you paid by card Home Depot will have the receipt in their records. They can reprint the receipt for you if you take the card you paid with and a photo ID.
So, they suggest I go to HD and ask them to swipe all my cards and they'll find the receipt. What if I paid with cash? I honestly don't remember what I used to pay for the battery with.
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2023.06.06 21:43 jmh__23 Best No hose hookup pressure washer

I know this has been asked in the past but the main threads I’ve seen are pretty old. I’ll try to make this short. I live in an apartment where there’s no water hookup anywhere close to my garage but I have outlets I can plug into.
I’m looking for a good pressure washer that doesn’t require a hose hookup (maybe comes with a bucket or can just be connected to a bucket or big gallon water bottle) I know Sun Joe sells one but it’s battery which is fine but if I can save some money with it being plug in I’d rather do that. I’ve also seen the Worx Hydroshot but again it’s battery.
Last thing, has anyone used the GreenWorksTools Water Bucket Pressure washer? (https://www.greenworkstools.com/products/40v-bucket-pressure-washer-w-4-0ah-battery-charger)
Thanks in advance, sorry for the long post. I tried.
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2023.06.06 21:34 Wvdawgpound09 First fest using either , any tips for a newbie haha

First fest using either , any tips for a newbie haha
Using mostly to recharge ryobi batteries and to run a box fan.
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2023.06.06 21:19 oknidius Any leaf vac/mulcher rumours?

My old corded leaf vac gave up. Looking to replace with battery powered.
I know EGO is great at releasing the same mower, blower, string trimmer and snow blower every 8 months with incremental improvements.
But has anyone heard any grapevine rumours about developing or releasing a leaf vac/mulcher?
If not, I guess I'll go Ryobi or Worx.
Thanks for any rumours you may have heard!
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2023.06.06 20:35 JS1VT51A5V2103342 How bad is fast charging compared to slow charging the 40V batteries?

What's the average cycle count using fast charging vs slow charging the 40V batteries? Is it 100:1000? 500:1000? I want numbers, not guessing.
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2023.06.06 17:50 whiterussian523 Corded vs Cordless 7.25 Ryobi Miter Saw

Hey guys, I am in the market for a miter saw and a stand for it. I'm just a new homeowner looking to expand my tool inventory, I won't be using this for super heavy duty projects. I just saw this at my local HD:
While looking however, there is a local classified ad where someone is selling a 7.25 saw with a stand for $200 but it's corded.
I don't know too much about the difference, but I already am bought into the Ryobi ecosystem and have batteries. Is it worth spending an extra $30 for cordless capabilities?
I appreciate any input!
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2023.06.06 16:18 BroMandi [Home Depot] (2-Pack) RYOBI USB Lithium 2.0 Ah Rechargeable Batteries, $24.97 [Deal: $24.97, Actual: $39.94]

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2023.06.06 06:03 outofbounds626 Any hope that Ryobi might make an alligator saw like the Black & Decker LP1000?

Any hope that Ryobi might make an alligator saw like the Black & Decker LP1000?
Just curious because I kept wanting to wait for Ryobi to potentially announce something similar, but bit the bullet and got the B&D. I know the LP1000 is plug-in, but it was cheaper than any other brand's battery powered models. I needed something to help me cut my smoking wood into chunks and a sawzall is nearly impossible, and dangerous, when I'm cutting 14" logs into chunks by myself.
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2023.06.06 03:07 Delicious_Earth6681 Which Ryobi Days deal is the better one to go with?

Which Ryobi Days deal is the better one to go with?
I was thinking of doing the two 4ah batteries with a cordless multi tool or router. But, for the extra $100 I get a battery with more power and I could get the brushless 1/2 impact wrench. Are the brushless tools that much better? I have most of the essential tools that they offer just not brushless option. Some of the OG blue ones.
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2023.06.06 03:02 DogNamedCharlie Ryobi 30" vs. EGO 21"

After about 7 years, my Toro front wheel snapped off the deck and it is making it a PITA to mow. It is attached by axle, but there is no height control. My wife also says she wants more room the garage, she complains about gas smell, and I wouldn't mind something quieter.
Seeing how the E-mowers stow and other attributes that I like, I am looking at two different walk behinds that are vastly different.
1) EGO lm2156sp MSRP $850, onsale $700
2) Ryobi 30" Walk behind 80v RYPM8001 - MSRP $2,000, includes $3-400 Ryobi blower + trimmer.
I like the idea of mowing about the 50% more in each pass. Though I am concerned as I see Ryobi has no IPX rating, while many other companies like EGO & Greenworks do. Both of these have 5 year battery warranties, though Ryobi has a lot of different battery voltages, while it seems EGO is all about the 56V. I do have a Ryobi gas trimmer and a couple different attachments and it is about 2 years old and my old one lasted longer than any mower, I only tossed it as ethanol ate up the fuel pickup line. The 80V seems like a double edge sword, more powerful motor, but the current MSRP is more than the EGO. Though I hope 3rd party or refurb/recelled batteries will be around in the future and maybe the price will drop.
I only have a 1/3 of an acre, it is mostly flat, with the exception of a burm in the back. I have a few trees I go around. The ground is made bumpy by the winters. I don't know how much time a 30" will save me, but I think it seems cool, but a bit unproven.
Granted I view either option as cheaper than having someone else mow for me.
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2023.06.06 01:14 muncie_21 Lot of Hart (WM branded) tools on discount now....reasons?

Lately there have been several killer deals on the Walmart branded "Hart" tools.
For example, drill & driver (brushed) + two 1.5amp batteries for $39/shipped. They also have an inflator (similar to Ryobi's) for $29 including a battery & charger.
Any predictions if WM is planning to dump Hart tools soon? Or is this just an effort to clearance the existing tools to make room for the next models?
FYI- Ryobi & Hart are owned by the same parent company..TTI
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2023.06.06 01:14 Duckworthtim3 My 18v / 12V Ryobi-powered DIY oven! Portable for camping hiking remote jobsites off grid cooking

My 18v / 12V Ryobi-powered DIY oven! Portable for camping hiking remote jobsites off grid cooking
Is it possible to bake bread using an 18V Power Tool Battery? Recently, I set out to answer this question. In the back yard I set up a table and connected my mini solar electric 12/18v PV2L oven to a Ryobi 18V power tool battery with alligator clips. After a few adjustments and a short wait, the oven was able to reach over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. https://youtu.be/RQKIfdO-KIY
Blog link: https://solarpoweredge.com/2023/05/23/18v-tool-battery-bakes-bread-mini-oven-prototype-part-2/
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2023.06.05 22:30 myRusty356 How do you tell Dates on Battery packs + tools for Warranty purposes ?

Hi , my cousin got a few Ryobi batteries and tools at a yard sale ,
The batteries are not charging much and the tools are slow which might be a battery problem or just not used much .
Is there any way to figure out the Date codes on the batteries and tools to see if they are still in Warranty ?
Thanks for your ideas
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2023.06.05 20:39 southpaw0727 Moderno Kids Upgrade Help

Hi all. With the summer approaching I got the kid's ride on out and was reminded how underpowered it is. My kids together are approaching the 100 lbs. recommended weight for the car. Flat ground in the backyard is fine, but trying to go up even a small grade is questionable endeavor. Neither one is really keen to drive the car; I use the remote for the car 99% of the time so any upgrades will have to maintain that functionality.
The car is 12V. It seems upgrading to 24V is the easiest, though you have to the battery, motors, controller, and maybe the gearbox as well. Can I do a basic 24V upgrade and maintain remote capability? If not, can I see an improvement if I use a higher voltage battery (I have some tools from the Kobalt 40V power kit) and a DC step-down converter like this? I'm more concerned with power and speed than I am with range, but I have to still be able to use the remote.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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2023.06.05 16:53 acarguy2021 Sprayer suggestions?

hey all. I’m looking for 1-2 gallon sprayer (manual pump or battery powered) for spraying insecticide and herbicides. I hate buying tools that work once or twice before breaking and It looks that’s the case with every sprayer available. All of the sub-$50 manual sprayers seem to work once or twice, leak from the box or even explode. Even a Dewalt branded one has issues. All of the sub $100 Ryobi battery sprayers (which would be nice since I do have a couple Ryobi batteries) seem to be terrible. I did come across a $90 Lesco brand battery operated one from Lowe’s that seems decent but I don’t like that the battery cannot be replaced and it looks like a rip-off of other sprayers which all have issues.
Hell even the Milwaukee sprayers have terrible reviews. Are the flow-zone sprayers worth it? Are there any sprayers out there that are reliable and don’t have to be replaced every year? Perhaps I should just treat these as seasonal items and just buy a new one each year. Any other suggestions?
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2023.06.05 07:08 kingofzdom Power tool battery adapters

I've got a Wuxing 36v electric scooter with a 12ah generic lithium battery currently. This is an extreme budget build as I only have about $250 into the whole thing.
It currently runs great, but it only has a range of about 8 miles on flat ground.
My local thrift stores always have huge amounts of power tool batteries; specifically 12v strix and 18v Ryobi batteries.
Has anyone made a battery pack out of multiple power tool packs in series? My goal is to get it to a range of 30 miles.
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2023.06.05 07:06 KikStark27 New fast chargers

New fast chargers
I just found this new line of chargers at HD and amazon
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2023.06.05 06:38 BrandEver117 It's finally available to purchase. Is anyone here planning to buy one?

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2023.06.05 02:58 chickenboi27 Is this table saw worth it?

Hello, in my area there is a gentleman selling a craftsman table saw. He doesn't say what the model number is, but it is a hybrid with a granite top. He has the granite left wing, and aluminum outfeed attachment. He is selling this for ,$500. Is it worth it? Right now I use a Ryobi battery table saw and I hate it so this would be a huge upgrade, but should I be paying this? Thank you
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