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Western gifs of all shapes and sizes. Wild Wild West? Sure thing Westworld? You bet East of Eden? GET THE FUCK OUT.

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2023.03.20 21:04 throwra9990890 my(M20) gf(F21) doesn’t like my mom(F50)

I’m not sure where to start. My (M20) gf of three years(21F) and i have been living together for about 2 years now and just got our own apartment in the summer, about 13 hour drive away from our home town, for school.
We just didn’t have money to go anywhere for spring break so we decided to invite my mom over since it’s been a while since i’ve seen her. For the past few years since i’ve moved out for college i’ve only seen my parents about 2 times a year, and i call them almost every day because i’ve always been very close with them. On the other hand my gf doesn’t really talk to her parents, nothing big happened their relationship has always been very distant and not close.
But my gf has always liked my parents and she’s never minded coming over to the house or going to family events or outings. Well the last time i saw my parents before spring break was labor day, my parents drove out to see us for the long weekend and then went home. My gf didn’t have any problem with this.
During the week my mom was here, my gf would randomly go quiet for 30 mins or more , go to the room and nap, journal a lot, and have mood swings with me. After she left we had a conversation and she basically said that she thinks my mom is nice and all but she doesn’t like her. She said she just doesn’t like her personality and it stresses her out to be around her for more than a weekend.
She said she feels guilty even saying this and that she feels like it’s something she should keep to herself. This also stems from my mom telling her that she’s going to bring my grandma and come visit us in September while i was in the bathroom. i haven’t seen my grandma since i was 15 because she’s from a different country. But she basically said that to my gf thinking she would be excited i guess and it threw her off because it’s not something we talked about, but i think it’s more of a surprise for me.
But this combined with that made my gf upset bc she likes having the house to herself but she feels bad for feeling this ways bc she thinks she doesn’t really have a choice choice. she said “what am i going to say, deny your parents from coming to see you?” So she basically doesn’t want my parents to visit us too often and she also doesn’t want it to be for longer than 2 days.
i don’t know what to do or how to feel. she also is afraid d that i won’t get her perspective, but i am not closed minded. i get that not everyone’s personality is everyone’s cup of tea. i just don’t know how to handle it. i love my permeate to death and i would have them over every weekends if i could. i rarely see them already so i would take any chance i get to have them come visit us. it hurts that she doesn’t feel comfortable having them over but where is the compromise that suits both of our needs. how do i give my gf the comfort of her own home, while still accepting my parents request to come over and not see them only twice a year?
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2023.03.20 21:03 666Ashfire666 Should I Try and Get Back With My Ex Even Though Everyone Says They’re Toxic?

Ok, so for some background information, I’m a teenager, so is my ex, I know it’s stupid to assume I’ll never get over someone I dated a while ago, but I’ve never felt this serious about anyone. I met my ex in school during the ZOOM era, when the pandemic hit, before they had mentioned they had a crush on me, I had been on and off with people ages ranging from 1 to 5 years older than me. I had just broken up with a boy I was with when my ex told me they had a crush on me, I shoved it off since I’m very self aware and I knew it would be stupid to engage in another relationship after I just finished breaking up with someone else, and in my head, I told myself that if we dated or if I even responded, it would most likely ruin the friendship. I was never one to easily make friends, I don’t normally get along with people my age, I get along more with older people, and sometimes younger people, anyways, I decided not to say anything, but after a few days, I began to realize that I had feelings for them. I decided to see if they would pass since that’s usually what happens, instead, after a few weeks, the feeling seemed to become stronger, so we ended up dating, I remember messaging them and having no idea how to properly communicate it to them, they seemed to find it cute. Anyways, we were on and off for 3 years, mostly because I would break up with them and they would just keep acting like we were together and eventually we would just kind of drift back together. This was mostly due to the fact that I was very messed up at the time and craved any kind of affection from others, not to mention I was cutting myself at the time and I was suicidal and depressed. My family never did anything about it and if anything, hastily encouraged it, my ex was very sympathetic and would talk to me and actually took me to the nurse the first time they saw the cuts on my arms. That was the first time I had actually been approached in a way where it didn’t feel like I was in trouble and more like it was just someone who wanted to help. In the end, I ended up ghosting them, badly, I was confused at the time but now I can positively say that we were both toxic in the relationship. I would make up stupid scenarios or meaningless experiences just to seem like I wasn’t just some nobody, out of fear they would leave me, it ended up doing more harm than good (obviously). I would constantly question the relationship and if they actually loved me or not, it was actually the last time we broke up on the 3rd year that I was actually the one to ask if we could get back together. They ended up moving away and once they did, I immediately kept spouting a lot of stupid things trying to justify why I was breaking up with them before ghosting them entirely. I did realize later on this was the total wrong way to go, but I really wish I had figured that out sooner, the things is, I was actually pressured to get away from them, every person I speak to keeps saying that there are better people for me out there and I shouldn’t just settle or that they were taking advantage of me. I don’t agree with them though, in reality I think I’m the jerk that really messed up when I had something good, some of the things I will say, would be a few of the times that my ex made me feel just a bit odd about the relationship, they would make physical contact with me even when I said no. I think they were probably just not getting the message due to bad communication on my part, I would also get them a lot of gifts, no matter what, and the most I’ve ever gotten from them was a default gift for Valentine’s Day. The best thing about it was the personalized card deck, and by that, I mean a random puppy themed card deck from the dollar store, it felt good at the time but now I look back and wonder if they just picked it randomly or genuine got it out of good judgement. They also liked to write, and I would do the same for fun, only, whenever I would talk about my works, they would ask to see it and immediately comment on what I could fix, I just said people wrote in their own ways and they continued to criticize my work, it wasn’t things like how it was worded, or grammar errors. It was more on the storyline or certain things that happened in the stories, that offended me because I’ve never been criticized on my stories, and as a child that would get criticized for just being me and liking the things I did, I have to say, it hurt to hear that from someone who I felt I could actually trust. Not to mention, that whenever we would talk, it was always them, they would often say things more than once, but I didn’t mind it, until I began realizing how little they were listening to me, often forgetting things I’ve mentioned. I would just dismiss it since not everyone has a good memory but, even while I talk to them, they don’t make eye contact with me, they just stayer phone while saying they’re listening to me every now and then. The main thing that gets people telling me that they’re toxic is the fact that they would hit me randomly, I guess it was their version of fun. They began drifting away the last year we were together, I noticed and I thought to myself that it would be a good plan just to treat them nicely until they left, I did so, then lost it and broke up with them and ghosted them after they mentioned keeping a long distance relationship. It did feel a bit bad since they are polyamorous and they’ve had multiple long distance relationships that they prioritize. After realizing my mistake, I recontacted my ex and simply asked if I could clear up some things since I repetitively apologized, not that really does anything. so they let me exp,Ian myself and every now and then I send them a message hoping they’re well and wishing them well off. However, I did simply think I’d get over it right away just like every other relationship, only to quickly realize, this wasn’t just any relationship and I really messed up. It’s been like 4 months and I still can’t seem to get over it, I think a few more months might do it, but if it doesn’t, I’m not quite sure what to do then. I’ve just been sitting around and feeling terrible, I do want to try and go back with them but, I know that i’m a terrible person and shouldn’t, so I’m just stuck on what to do. I’love appreciate any advice I can get since there’s no one in my life I can really sit down and say this to without them saying,”Why do you even still talk to them, they were terrible to you” or,”Fine just crawl back to them, it won’t be any different.” So I’d really appreciate something true.
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2023.03.20 21:03 Honggerberg How long do you think military service will remain mandatory in Switzerland ?

Do you think that it will still be mandatory in a decade or two ?
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2023.03.20 21:01 Acotarmods r/acotar feedback survey results & policies

We wanted to highlight a couple things we noticed from the subreddit survey.
First, we want to thank anyone who took the time to fill out this survey.
Second, it seems as though there was some confusion that this survey was mandatory. It was not, and we can’t really track that or enforce it on a google docs survey, as it’s all anonymous.
Third, we are considering offering the survey out bi-annually to users to get a feel of how they think the sub is being maintained.
Now we will share some thoughts/opinions we found from the survey.

General feedback results

Thoughts/opinions from the open ended questions

We had a lot of responses (198 comments in total!), and for that we thank you! We will be addressing the “top” topics that had the most comments.


Downvoting is not something that can be handled by mods. This is the nature of reddit. We can’t tell people not to downvote, because there is no way for us to control this. If anyone is hoping to gain further clarification on what the intended purpose of downvoting/upvoting is by reddit admins, they can find that information here.
To clarify, mods cannot monitor who is downvoting/upvoting.


A big one was the theories and shipping related posts. Because it will be some time until we get the next book, it’s natural for people to speculate over who or what that book will be about. This is a large fandom, with many different opinions and interpretations. A few comments stuck out to us that claimed that multiple ships/couples books are next, and while it’s easy to just throw that out there and claim it as fact considering the amount of buildup characters may have had, it’s not fact yet. Until we have that 100% confirmed as the next ACOTAR book from SJM or Bloomsbury, nothing is certain. Do some of us think it’s likely that a specific character’s book is next? Of course! But we only think this, we don’t know for sure. It’s all a theory, no matter how strong it is!
When it comes to ships, a lot of users are becoming frustrated with the constant repetition of arguments surrounding two of the biggest ships in the fandom as it currently stands. One particular comment stuck out to us that while ship talk is fun, it turns harmful very quickly when real life issues surrounding the ability of someone being able to carry a child, or people who have been sa’d not being able have romantic relationships. These two discussions are harmful, no matter which way you try to spin it. Both takes are ignorant, full stop, and not the way SJM writes her stories. She writes of empowerment, resilience, and characters who are more than just their circumstances and trauma. Conversations surrounding the inability to have children and not being able to have a romantic relationship after being SA’d are STRONGLY discouraged. You will be met with criticism for these beliefs from across the subreddit, and while we don’t condone bullying, people have a right to disagree with you if you believe either of the two.
Some users have felt alienated for their shipping preferences on the sub. To provide further context, shippers feel like they can’t safely share their shipping opinions and that they are attacked by other users for these opinions. This opinion has been shared across the board with all ships, not just specific ones. Between people saying that they can’t share their thoughts, without being downvoted, to an influx of users disagreeing, or worse, shaming their (non-harmful) opinions. Unfortunately, this is reddit. We can’t control the thoughts and opinions of others, as this is a public forum. What we can do however is remove posts/comments that attack users. If someone disagrees with a user's shipping preference, that’s one thing. If someone starts to call users or a group of shippers crazy, idiots, lacking comprehension, that’s another. Reporting because someone is being cruel, and targeting you as a person is a valid concern, but we are not safe from disagreements.


Lots of responses included growing frustration regarding the amount of rants that are seen on a daily basis. We are currently considering including a day relegated to rants to keep the repetitive/controversial conversations to a minimum. This doesn’t mean that you can’t post anything else on those days (gush posts, theory posts), but that rants can ONLY be posted on those days. This will hopefully clear up the amount of ranting regarding characters, and may even decrease the need for cooldown topics.


While we try and make sure things aren’t spoiled, things do fall through the cracks. We are going to try and crack down on this more. There were many comments that asked to crack down on spoilers in the titles, and this is something we hope to be more vigilant in.
We are working vigilantly to crack down on this more than we have, while it is easy to flair posts as spoilers for Throne of Glass or Crescent City, we unfortunately cannot flair comments in that sense. After some feedback a couple of months ago we have taken the precaution of deleting comments, especially, and not restoring them until the spoilers are appropriately marked. If you see something that is a spoiler, flag it! The mods are only human and things can slip past us, we're doing our best.
This is also something that we all need to collectively do as a community.For any ToG/CC comments, they should be marked as follows.
KoA spoilers >! text here !< 
Any post that is not an ACOTAR spoiler post should also be marked in comments.
MaF spoilers >! text here !< 
Specific events of any of the books are spoilers, endgame couples are spoilers. Character names are generally okay as long as there is no information regarding that character that is a spoiler.
If you are unsure, feel free to message the mod account or you can check out the post here


Please proceed with caution! Do not click if you have not completed all three series!
Because the Maasverse is such a largely talked about topic right now, we are looking for ways to decrease the amount of spoilers. With CC2 having been the catalyst for the Maasverse, we know that a lot of users specifically want to talk about that in general. We’re hoping to also include a day, similar to the potential “Rant” day, where we have a day dedicated to the Maasverse. This will hopefully decrease the amount of spoilers as well, as the posts won’t be everyday! Some responses voted that we should redirect Maasverse topics to their respective subreddits, while others found it fine. We feel by allowing Maasverse topics on a specific day, this might be a happy medium.


A lot of users voiced their concerns over bullying.
Users believe that they aren’t able to share their thoughts and opinions on the series without facing severe backlash, vitriol, or troll accounts. We understand the concern over this not being a safe space, and want to make it safer for everyone.
For whatever reason, tensions really run high in fandoms, especially in ones where we don’t have an end to the story yet. There are also a lot of opinions over things like specific characters, their motivations, and their behaviours.
The critique/hatred/love for a fictional character is absolutely fine, and engaging in civil discourse is expected. However, we think the majority of us can agree that those who try to paint real people in a negative light, diminish the intelligence and integrity of real people, name calling of real people, and targeted harassment of real people online is not only inappropriate, but creates a space of hostility. We don’t want this, and the majority of users don’t want this either.
A disagreement is not grounds for outrage, but when hurtful things about real people start to get spewed, that crosses a line. This goes for individual users, and groups of fans of specific characters/ships. People who have common opinions don’t deserve to be grouped together with people who display cruelty or rudeness, and a single person doesn’t deserve cruelty over an opinion that doesn’t pertain to real people. Offering your opinion to them that goes against their own is fine - that’s bound to happen! But hurtful comments and targeted harassment will not be tolerated.
Going forward, users who behave in a cruel manner will first receive a warning for this kind of behaviour, then a two week ban, then a full sub ban if the behaviour continues. We can’t stress this enough again, disagreements are one thing, being intentionally hurtful is another.
At the end of the day we are all here because we love and appreciate this series, there is absolutely no room for any of the hate that has been harbored. We want this to be a safe and welcoming space for all users, anyone who puts other users in jeopardy of feeling unwelcome and unsafe in sharing their opinions will have taken action against them.

Thank you again to everyone who provided us with feedback, new policies will be implemented as of March 20th, 2023, new weekly features will be rolling out over the next few weeks! If you have any questions, comments or concerns about any of this, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
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2023.03.20 20:59 GoldenAxo Murder Drones Fanfic: 2 Yellow Morons.

V sat tied up in a room. “Your time has come, Mrs V.” A deep voice said. Beads of sweat dripped down V’s face. “And now…” the voice said. The face came closer. It’s just Serial Designation X. He had midnight blue hair, one part covering his right eye. He had nanite acid tubes on his head. “Your time to decide wether I should kill Uzi or Khan?” X asked with a confused face. V backed away. “Both? Who cares, they’re just workers..” X’s face went blank. “Ok.” He said, expressionlessly. He darted through the roof, only to return SECONDS later with two heads, and a huge grin on his face. “I got the gun too!!” He screamed, unaware of how hyper he was. “Ooook..?” V said, scared of what this absolute psychopath might do to her. “Can you let me out?” She begged. “Sssssssure thing!” He slashed the chain that she was attached to with his katana on his right hand. Did I mention he had a katana instead of a hand on one side?
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2023.03.20 20:59 micanbar Thin Laptop replacement for Desktop w/ =/+ RTX 3080 performance

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2023.03.20 20:58 Sea_Perspective6891 Is there a mod for improving the flying physics/mecanics in GTA 5?

While workimg on my first PC playthrough of GTA 5 Story Mode I forgot how terrible the flying physics are in it. Almost constant turbulance no matter what aircraft you fly or how good you get your flying skill & crappy handling on nearly all aircraft & that stall the engines by fully reducing throttle is total bulshit. Aircraft do not do this in real life. They stall if the nose is pointed up too high or you are at too high of an altitude not by lowering the throttle to 0%. Also would be nice to have some flaps we can use to aid in takeoff & landing like in real life. Its baffling that they have improved the driving physics so much yet drop the ball so terribly on the flying in GTA 5.
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2023.03.20 20:56 cheetahra How do I get back into training and education management role?

How do I get back into a training role/education role?
I’ve been working as a product manager for the past 13 years. In that role, outside of broad product responsibilities, I was also responsible for globally training trainers and regional PMs for my product, creating training materials, creating learning objectives and assessments. Prior to product management, I managed a training team.
After many years in product, I would like to transition back into training/development and education management (not necessarily instructional design).
I’ve redone my resume to include my transferable skills and training related activities through my product jobs, but no luck. What advice would you offer in getting back into training? Are there any certifications or trainings that might 1. Provide a good foundation for training process and 2. Might garner my candidacy some consideration?
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2023.03.20 20:55 admirred2 Do you need MacOS 10.13 to download the installer of Google (same for future MacOS)? Nope! Do you need to run Parallels Desktop or a bootable SSD or Windows or pay services for that or switch to your other Mac with such MacOS? Nope! Be creative and you will discover how you can do that

Do you need MacOS 10.13 to download the installer of Google (same for future MacOS)? Nope! Do you need to run Parallels Desktop or a bootable SSD or Windows or pay services for that or switch to your other Mac with such MacOS? Nope! Be creative and you will discover how you can do that submitted by admirred2 to appledatahoarding [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:53 SwoopLe Henckels enameled cast iron chipped :c

So I just chipped my henckels dutch oven, it was totally my fault. Do you guys know how they are for replacements?
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2023.03.20 20:53 MsVxxen TRADE TALK TODAY: 03/20/2023

TRADE TALK TODAY: 03/20/2023
This is a run at the mouth trade diary, little bit of everything-as I get time to post while trading:
If you are new here (welcome welcome), all the primary 'how to' & explanatory material is located here:
12:19pm pst: Grinding down (was -56.7% on 03/14/2023). This real $ index began at $3000 on 04/07/2022 (pre Luna Crash), and is down to 42.7% (to $1282.) of its original value at present. (A HODLR's nightmare, er investment plan, that.)
Note to self, left in lipstick on my mirror:
I expect crypto to be a slow grind sideways to up, with some pump surprise as we flirt with the bull/bear line of demarcation, (see BTC TrendWatch).
Movements can be huge, as we have much manip all about.
Pay attention to the ATOM canary, it has been singing the songs that have gotten followed fairly well-it is rally fading here, (see 3 Coin Chart).
I am 20% long, and 80% short here, 50% dry powder. (I am not taking long here, only exiting at will as I build the short position thru DCA and outer rung trading.)
Primary targets:
BTC (long), ETH (short), FIL(short), MATIC (short), SOL (short), LTC (short)
The BTC long call from pattern A5 (see BTC Watch Chart below), completed after the SVB News Blip interruption. Takeaway: newz blips oft delay/derail pattern completion, but the underlying macro forces that put that pattern into place over time do not just wash away easily. Chasing the newz can and will and does chop scalpers & swing traders up, (never Hodlrs, as waiting is their core "strength" in these environs). Though I do berate the Hodling thesis, there are attributes (patience) which are solid as stone. Patience wins races, FOMO simply does not.
12:28pm pst: Look at the price of oil, you'd never know there is a war going on here . . .
Sliding Sideways as banks go BOOM.
12:31pm pst: TIPS Reversed and becoming more constructive
12:34pm pst: Jaw gaps now open (again)-and \"must\" close (again).
BTC price divergent to RSI for like "forever". Then all of a sudden SKYNET runs the pumps out of nowhere, creates and holds another overbought set up (to now)-beginning just after USDC epic 13% high speed depeg. Sorry gang, not buying this as the banks go ba-ba boom! ;/
12:41pm pst: ATOM Canary Screaming A General Decline here.
===================== The gap to ATOM is HUGE. This "will not" last.
I believe we will close the gap, mainly by way of BTC/ETH fall.
12:43pm pst
Pattern A5 completed in a high speed SKYNET catch up pump last week. Pattern A5 was correct, albeit head faked, and we are running from that DDT TA setup here.
12:45pm pst: Not Strong
Good Luck!
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2023.03.20 20:50 baby_ruth1234 What did you gain?

Just feeling a little frustrated/sad/anxious/bad about how much weight I’m gaining. 30 weeks and have gained 30 lbs (starting weight 155 lbs). Can’t stop thinking about how it’s only recommended to gain 25-30 lbs in a pregnancy and I’ve already met that with 10 more weeks to go! It also feels like nothing I do changes how much I’m gaining either. Would love to see if anyone else is/was in the same boat. How do/did you feel about it?
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2023.03.20 20:48 EarthInteresting9781 Are alien implantation’s not the biggest smoking gun to prove the existence of extra terrestrial life?

I understand how saying you got abducted by aliens might make people not believe you and think you belong in the looney bin.
But when these abductees get abducted, are missing for weeks, return and get admitted in the hospital and these doctors find mysterious implants is another story. Especially when they surgically remove the implants and do lab analysis and discover the composition is from substances and compounds found commonly in space.
So are these stories, especially those with mysterious implants, just dismissed for any particular reason? To me, it’s on the biggest smoking guns, or level of evidence of extra terrestrial there is.
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2023.03.20 20:48 SilkCashmere How much bang do your buck do you get out of secondhand leather?

Is wool really better than leather for rain/snow? I feel a bit cheated, as I’ve been reading a lot lately about how horrible leather gets when exposed to water and that you need to regularly put wax on the leather to prevent it from falling apart. A long time ago- back when I had money 🥲- I bought two leather suede coats because I thought they’d be ideal for rain and snow.
I’ve only worn one of them out so far- the other one needs to be tailored down a lot as it’s fairly large on me- and it’s made of an unknown leather and what I’m assuming is a mink fur lining. It’s from a brand called Rajac. Thankfully, I don’t believe I’ve worn this coat in more than a drizzle without an umbrella; I’ve mainly worn it on chilly days without rain. Here’s a picture of it from OperaKittyCo on Etsy.
Here’s a picture of the other leather suede coat, also sold by OperaKittyCo on Etsy. It’s made from a chamois goat according to the tag, for reference.
Please help me find out if my purchases were worth it. 🤡
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2023.03.20 20:47 Aggressive-Toe9807 Don’t know where else to ask this but, any of you guys done a VIP thing at a gig? How do they work?

I’m not doing so good health wise (Covid absolutely fucked me up last year and I’m still ill from it) but was hoping to be better by the time the gig rolls around.
Unfortunately I haven’t improved so was hoping to just attend the VIP thing, get a selfie, get the merch and then skip the actual gig (way too much stimulation for me) but I just got the email from Ticketmaster saying the VIP is AFTER the gig but you have to go there when doors open.
Do you think I’d be able to ‘check in’ to the VIP thing and then leave the venue and come back at the end of the show?
Yes these are questions I should be asking Ticketmaster but I thought i’d ask here too.
(its the o2 academy btw)
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2023.03.20 20:46 buck_oh_gee missed LHI appointment

Hey everyone.. i made a huge mistake.. I signed up for claims last year but had to cancel the appointment due to beign out of the country. I did not know how quickly they were going to give me an appointment and thought that they would contact me first before scheduling, etc. I called to have them reschedule and was told to just call them back when i was ready. But my claim is not closed and all were denied.. I never actually got to a CnP exam or w/e.. I know this is my fault.. i completely forgot about it overtime because of personal issues.. is there anything I can do about this? can i start a new claim? should i get a lawyer or vso? or is this it for me? Thank you everyone for your time..
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2023.03.20 20:46 RealDesertRecluse How do you rate the new league?

View Poll
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2023.03.20 20:45 CumsOnYourFeet69 Digital books or physical books for learning how to read better?

This is pretty embarrassing but..
  1. I have some form of bad ADHD and I have trouble concentrating or focusing
  2. I have trouble retaining information on what I just read.
  3. I have trouble summarizing information I just read.
So my question is, do you have tips on "how to read books" for people with ADHD?
Any tips on how to summarize a text?
I also overthink and I may think a text is important when it's not lol.
And would you prefer digital books or physical ones? Why do you prefer one over the other ?
I'm trynna get my shit together :))
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2023.03.20 20:43 selfdepricat Advice on help PO

Hey, friends! Hoping for some advice on setting up PO help.
I’m scheduled for a MMO consisting of a tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo of flanks, and breast lift and augmentation on May 1.
My husband will be unable to take any time off work besides the actual surgery day. We have no friends or family in the area (we just moved to a new state mid-February). I’m a SAHM to two boys, ages 3 and 2.
With all that in mind, I’m trying to figure out PO care for not only myself, but my children.
My mom has generously offered to fly out to help, but she can only stay for a week. And with a day of travel each way, that’s basically 5 days.
I have a babysitter I’m currently interviewing, and she has said she is free all of May. But I don’t know her well, and it’s hard to put 100% faith in a 24-year-old that I’ve met a few times to show up when I need her (this is not a knock on her—she seems lovely. I’m just being honest).
So what would you do? How long do you think I need someone for before I can take care of myself and my kids. They both can go to daycare from 9am-noon on weekdays. My husband gets home ~5:00pm.
Just a lot of uncertainty right now that is making me stress. I want to have a concrete plan on place ASAP. I hope you can understand. And I hope you can help!
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2023.03.20 20:42 PurpleRavenexe help how do you figure out your orientation?

So I'm oriented aroace, but I can't entirely tell what I'm attracted to. I do like girls and nonbinary people, but I can't tell if I have queer platonic attraction to guys or if it's just gender envy or aesthetic attraction. Do you guys have any ideas for how to figure that out?
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2023.03.20 20:41 DanvilleDad SFO - EWR: Premium Plus vs Polaris

For a daytime flight, how much do you value Polaris vs Premium Plus?
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2023.03.20 20:40 DreamStageRP Join Today!!! Dreamstage RP- Newly Wiped QBCore GTA V RP server. For information on how to join, use our discord link below

We are a QBCore based semi-serious RP server with a realistic economy looking to expand our numbers. We have citizens from all timezones (US, EU, GMT, and AU). We have a very active, dedicated, and responsive staff team. We are streamer, e-girl, and LGBTQ+ friendly. We offer a range of custom import vehicles with new features each month! Also including the capability for custom tattoos
Everyone starts with a free apartment at the location of your choosing. You will have an ID, Drivers License, phone, and $20,000 in the bank to get you going.
We have current spaces available for street gangs, cartels, and motorcycle clubs that we are looking to fill. Gang requirements are a minimum of three members, maximum of 10. Features capabilities for custom hideouts, clothes, tattoos, etc. Gangs have access to unlock the ability to craft custom weapons. Fight amongst other gangs for the territory and ability to control a drug route.
We are looking to find owners for Bahama Mama Nightclub, Frey’s Bakery, KitKat Icecream Parlor, Blazeit Weedshop, and Henhouse bar. If you have any other business idea you would like to bring to the city we are open to making your passion come to life!
We have current player owned businesses that are looking for employees like restaurants, strip club, nightclub, mechanic shop, and tuning shop.
We have city jobs to make money as well such as construction worker, mail carrier, trash collector, or package handler. Don’t like working alone? These jobs feature being able to do them with groups of people!
We are actively hiring for whitelisted positions for Real estate, EMS, and PD with the capability of moving up in ranks (including high command). No experience necessary, we will provide training.
Our food businesses need fresh ingredients and rely on those who enjoy activities like farming, fishing, and hunting to gather and sell them. These activities can be done by anyone as an additional source of income.
With a wide range of custom criminal activities from robberies, car boosting, drug dealing and much more, we offer a range of illegal ways to make money.
Free time
Functioning skills system for driving, shooting, strength, stamina, and lung capacity. Heat to the gym or shooting range to work on these skills!
Camping store featuring items with a functioning camping script for those who like to step away from the city and enjoy nature.
To relax head over to Nikki Beach, casino, the drive-in movie theater, Maze bank arena, or family park to take a nice break.
Family Life
We have a functioning sex and pregnancy script with the capability to bring in custom peds for kids! Also featuring a new OB/pediatrician RP and functioning nursery items to decorate your house with!
Take your kids to one of the playgrounds, or join us at the drive in for a family movie night!
You must be over the age of 18, have a working headset, and be able to communicate in english. For more information on how to join head on over to our discord:
Any questions feel free to reach out!
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