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2023.03.20 21:09 Mrs-butterfly Apologies for blurry image, was wondering if anyone had advice for how to make a kitchen kinda area (lowest room) 😅 thanks!

Apologies for blurry image, was wondering if anyone had advice for how to make a kitchen kinda area (lowest room) 😅 thanks! submitted by Mrs-butterfly to Terraria [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 21:09 sprungy TPS Officer Charged
TPS Officer Charged
Broadcast time: 04:00 PM Date: Monday, Mar 20, 2023 Unit: Professional Standards Phone: 4168082800 Case #: n/a
A Toronto Police officer has been arrested and criminally charged by the Toronto Police Service.
It is alleged that:
On Monday, March 20, 2023, at approximately 3:45 a.m., an off-duty Toronto Police officer was operating his personal motor vehicle in the Shuter Street and Parliament Street area. The accused struck a parked vehicle on Shuter Street before continuing to drive southbound on Parliament Street. Police located the motor vehicle but the driver did not stop for police. The driver eventually pulled his vehicle over at King Street and Sumach Street. The accused was placed under arrest, at which time he refused to provide a breath sample. Constable Michael Juma, 49, has been charged with:
Dangerous Operation of a Conveyance Fail to Stop for Police Refuse Breath Demand Impaired Operation of a Conveyance Fail to Remain at Scene of Accident He is scheduled to appear at the Ontario Court of Justice – Toronto, Room 202 on Tuesday, May 2, 2023, at 2 p.m.
Constable Juma, who is assigned to the Toronto Police Operations Centre - Duty Desk, has 14 years of service and is suspended with pay as per the Police Services Act.
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2023.03.20 21:08 Wise_Working_5419 Do you prefer being warmed when you’re too cold or being cooled when you’re too hot?

If when you died, you got put into a room for eternity with people who died the same way, how would you want to die?
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2023.03.20 21:08 KonaCoffee100 Financially Nervous & Asset Protection Plans

Are any other FIRE becoming more nervous about the financial situation in the US? What plans are you making to weather the storm of currency devaluations to protect your assets from increasing inflation, taxation, and a stagnant economy. The more I learn, the more it seems likely that the US Dollar could have a devastating “Reset” brought on from the expansion in deficit spending and the loss of faith in the US Dollar. The turmoil we are causing from inflation / interest rate hikes / bank failures is affecting the rest of the world forcing some countries to unite under BRIC’s to create an alternate reserve currency. Brazil, Russia, India, China, Saudi, South Africa, Turkey, etc (~50% of the the worlds population) are making moves boosting their physical gold reserves and alignment to potentially covert to an asset backed digital Yuan; currency backed by Gold/Oil. This would destabilize the dollar as the reserve currency and eliminate the need for foreigner’s to buy our Treasury Bonds and if OPEC converts off US$ to the Digital Yuan or Bitcoin for oil trading we could see even greater inflation and require even higher interest rates to try and control it. Like protecting your assets from frivolous litigation using an offshore Cook Island trusts, is it realistic to hoard up on Monster boxes (silver eagles) in the vault to protect 10% of your wealth? Hard to imagine buying food with silver coins as a currency and having enough guns to protect it from those who follow you home. Or would it be better to hold cash flowing residential real estate that will increase with inflation so long as tenants can afford to pay rents. Or hold more of your wealth in the top 5 crypto currencies, but they can be volatile if we are able to keep kicking the can down the road and defer a currency collapse. Any good strategic moves to protect wealth we have spent years to create?
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2023.03.20 21:08 philhy Analysis of the 3/21 Property Drop

Hi, thought it'd be fun to analyze the upcoming 3/21 property drop, so that we can catch any blind spots, and in way inform the higher powers how investors are looking at the properties. Weird to be posting this on the official subreddit, hope this doesn't get me banned. Below are simply my opinions and are not investment advice. Investors should perform their own due diligence.
Brookwood- Conclusion: BUY
Woodwind - Conclusion: Pass
Aspen - Conclusion: Pass
Thomas- Conclusion 50/50
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2023.03.20 21:07 Infinite_Baby9551 M30, lonely, new city, career change, new student

Hello all. I’m not really sure how to start this. I know negative energy doesn’t get a lot of attention and can even be off-putting but I’m pretty down at the moment and just thought I could use a friend.
I have friends but I’m in the predicament where I am the upbeat, positive and happy friend. I’m the friend that everyone relies on when they need support or to talk. So I feel when I’m in need I can’t really lean on my friends because they’ve rarely seen me in that light.
I feel very lonely in life. Even while having friends, family and a dog I feel very lonely. I don’t know where to turn. I’m in therapy and I go weekly. Sometimes even that doesn’t seem to help. I was recently diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I think the loneliness is either the cause or one of the causes for the depression.
I don’t feel I’m good enough. I feel lost and hopeless. I feel tired. Like emotionally and mentally tired. Even as I write this I can’t get the words out. I’m not sure what to say and I’m super afraid that I’m going to get flagged or that my post will be taken down by the mods because it’s too negative and “triggering”. That’s happened to me before in another thread and it’s not intentional. I would never want anyone to be sad or feel the way I do. But when you only have therapy once a week and feel you have nowhere to turn sometimes you NEED to get the thoughts and emotions out. I know this sounds shameless or pathetic but this is absolutely a cry for help. Someone please talk to me. I feel like I’m in a dark room and I cannot find the light switch and somehow it gets darker every day. I’m sorry please don’t report me.
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2023.03.20 21:07 GivinGiver Kinda confusing because it just IS-

So I'm someone who has gone through a long journey of figuring out my orientation and such, and I've identified as aroace a couple times in the past. However, I thought I was simply just asexual because I ended up having "crushes" on real people... or I thought.
The first "crush" was actually just me seeing a boy in a store who didn't look half bad for about two seconds before never seeing him again, and it was mainly because of the fact he looked at me and smiled and I guess my brain said "he looked at you, you looked at him... cRuSh!!"
Nah. Not at all. That was literally just me forcing it because I thought that was how they worked. Nope.
Second time was way more recent when I started attending a music school that I practice with my choir in. When I first joined, there was a boy I saw that I thought was pretty cool, and he was also in my choir group. He had charm in a sense, an energy about him that would make him attractive, but I think that was it. I did start thinking about him more and I did blush when he got close to me for like three seconds, but I think it was because I was more so admiring him and thought he was cooler than the other boys rather than actually being with him. See, it was mainly because that since I thought I was having a crush, that I did that thing where I subconsciously started forcing myself to think of him because, well, that's what people do during crushes. However, thinking about him stopped within the next two weeks.
The third and most recent time was when an acquaintance of mine turned out to have a crush on me, but he never said it. Instead, my friend, who also was his friend, told me and I thought it was silly at first. And then, I started to "like" him over time, but it was because of the fact that, unlike most of the people who liked me in the past, he was actually old enough and in my age range and he wasn't that bad-looking either.
So I thought "hey, what the heck, he likes me, I like that he likes me, I like the attention and compliments, I must like him!"
I just liked the attention. I did get butterflies when he sent me a text because I was used to it having a compliment attached, and I also liked it whenever he entered the room at my music school, and I thought about him a lot. I tried to think of scenarios if we were together but it wasn't really that interesting to me. Sure, I thought of a lot of moments of us hanging out, that was nice, but being a couple? Wasn't that easy to imagine. And I'm an imaginative person. When I found out he stopped liking me, I got sad and cried, but I think it was because I wasn't gonna have the attention and special treatment anymore.
I'm pretty sure these were the reasons for all the false alarms I had in the past, but do you think they were real crushes or nah? I can see myself having a relationship in the future, but I don't feel like kissing and romantic stuff (whatever that means) is required. It's an option, sure, but not the go-to.
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2023.03.20 21:07 ProfessionalBus9551 [WTS] Parts Cleanout! Yugo AK mags, Bipods, Glock & AR Parts

Timestamp: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEOTYPeTOy5qfTKCQIGEvIMm2BxvNiTGXY2kudOF0zjiKhMJbsEEGxBmz1qkA30IFHv7cnFHU3UFBXHZHqh93_gM6kJ-x4Q=w2013-h1421
I need more storage space, please put these things to use. Post first, DMs only, no chat please. PayPal or Venmo G&S only since I'm new (please include extra for fees).)
Yugo surplus AK mags, salty: 6 for $120 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEOSzivqOSrd1B-FS3gXexBesd75K6RDZg7fvt0ChHpb9P1OA8b4KH8lfyE7Qjwpz0gUAQ9bpB7vJ8gQcqTRC-lVLEZ9X=w2013-h1421
Magpul Bipod, used only once at the range for a single mag: $85 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEORbz2gYIRS89PDl157_IVRP7ok_mt_QKB4QJuV_EO3pQj4O0FaAinqH4cvV2rqdfsUzWp9ItrB5-UUXLS3unpYQGA3b5g=w2013-h1421
Harris 1A2-BRM sling stud mount bipod (notched legs), minor salt: $50 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEOTSVZcYOcBRMUxJ27HFomFMjyqQ71dA5jgWCLZ1aw9xwgB5lU1awWbm2El1xIO_XAsTfwSiOb3U_oB1ohYMCB6kj2zcAA=w2013-h1421
Bradley cheek rest adjustable riser (missing one riser mount screw): $45 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEORjFeAXbxzeniPSXi1NjENumrBmAdETp-f6C9_L1v9PqWlHhfTnZvOTHxaO0V1-UcF1tONRdCUgz1FPm_P2mXwbIqOp=w2013-h1421
Wellsmade cherry blossom sling. Couldn't find a config I liked with this. Barely used, but somehow has wear? $35 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEOQPnZap1_9XVgIhvRaD_8_9kLyb9IwLA_pMWzhqgc5vo9Jfwrl9cq6jI57pmUwq37S5brJgKGvdLq8bzmnwa6DynstN=w2013-h1421
Strike Industries extended mag release, light salt: $10 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEOSCQ2eDvygUZwSLawsxLanJFnik3vXVQbHhGOAsgfeatJqq4zALY9WAsUh3OSzT3u4LSLSf8kUM-O84HADR0QifdRzi=w2013-h1421
Geissele Ultra Duty mag release, unused: $10 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEOTSpa1W7Vzv2aFhmS8cJG_RKDHpV1L5wNYP65ZIfbgGYu-EbF3eVs4KqaW2-viReugwIpbrB6zEUZmJjmVnrJzGkFaUFQ=w2013-h1421
Geissele Ultra Precision 5 axis trigger guard, DDC/FDE, new in packaging: $30 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEOQ8FWt7OoGJG0VCROQg3ogKPwqhF-4enpq7nrHrK3DJI89yy20BQojExvwOoTabS3lXop0F8en_kYuMjxOaLqlPK7eC=w2013-h1421
Geissele Ultra Duty end plate, only installed, never fired before taking it off: $5 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEOT05L0XXVhIXk9lNST2dRoajtEWjGjC8OjQoYJ5relrCJlM71iniVlix8DepAYEX5HLYf0HA6_rRlG5dUFzolktxh7Yww=w2013-h1421
BCM/VLTOR charging handle, heavy salt: $35 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEOTmEk83_M95G5PqCo683B_oUToxWmK-rKIUuQcFef22Zrdjdbw4FGCcZup6a5sx1lHuBHgnEkWWjhvjXGIBYtKL0BVz3Q=w2013-h1421
Magpul AFG2 picatinny angled foregrip black, unused: $20 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEOSp0ss8Gh01g87s_kq0bdKcKqtOygL-duTSJ2YtAP9YpsaXFMw3mv1MsqqwEVQhkW-B7zUx1_QvpRLHFu6bAUKC69DZlA=w2013-h1421
Unknown maker rubber OD green picatinny rail covers: $10 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEOSDFjc0QiYqdngr8yq7DOlbyX9GmZ4dw5v-BHKUjZcKr0muFcBpLAFB71KafwlKKJHSjH9YKdeIMVHovFmp9HTZw022ew=w2013-h1421
Hogue overmold grip for Sig P229, light wear (no grip screws): $15 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEOT9rZlHMRzV25_DMEeOtXcb6snpzCD31x4MlpTkvOZNWBGpyAj6svPPy38Q8Js1746ej2HWyrqSpvtGxCUaZwGfflwC9g=w2013-h1421
USGI M1 Garand clips: 3 for $5 with another purchase, or add shipping for just clips
Glock OEM 17.3 Connector, heavy salt: $2 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEORQwj-ET0JUsrgAD4zzbLKSETw91p_r_hii8batEBpQFgf8yeo5yoa7G-IiZ892jpjVV6on37d1-pArkAQmxPgY7atKYg=w2013-h1421
Glock OEM 17.3 trigger bar & shoe, heavy salt: $5 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEORQwj-ET0JUsrgAD4zzbLKSETw91p_r_hii8batEBpQFgf8yeo5yoa7G-IiZ892jpjVV6on37d1-pArkAQmxPgY7atKYg=w2013-h1421
Glock OEM 17.3 Mag release, heavy salt: $1 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEORQwj-ET0JUsrgAD4zzbLKSETw91p_r_hii8batEBpQFgf8yeo5yoa7G-IiZ892jpjVV6on37d1-pArkAQmxPgY7atKYg=w2013-h1421
Glock OEM 17.3 recoil rod, heavy salt: $2 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEORQwj-ET0JUsrgAD4zzbLKSETw91p_r_hii8batEBpQFgf8yeo5yoa7G-IiZ892jpjVV6on37d1-pArkAQmxPgY7atKYg=w2013-h1421
Zaffiri Precision "extended" mag release double-stack, very light salt: $2 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEORQwj-ET0JUsrgAD4zzbLKSETw91p_r_hii8batEBpQFgf8yeo5yoa7G-IiZ892jpjVV6on37d1-pArkAQmxPgY7atKYg=w2013-h1421
Zaffiri Precision glock full-size double-stack recoil rod, very light salt: $4
2x glock full-size double-stack recoil rods, very light salt: $3 each https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEORQwj-ET0JUsrgAD4zzbLKSETw91p_r_hii8batEBpQFgf8yeo5yoa7G-IiZ892jpjVV6on37d1-pArkAQmxPgY7atKYg=w2013-h1421
2x Tyrant CNC glock full-size double-stack "extended" mag release. 1x grey, 1x "FDE": $20 each https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEORQwj-ET0JUsrgAD4zzbLKSETw91p_r_hii8batEBpQFgf8yeo5yoa7G-IiZ892jpjVV6on37d1-pArkAQmxPgY7atKYg=w2013-h1421 glock 19 OD Green "goon" slide w/ RMR plate & basic fiber optic sights, 3 mags through it, light salt: $100 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEOQbFvst4hIVMns60PhDIfqbndehkjwY3BB2-EaT7ELR1lllDKWHZ5fGZiynF0tIcZQ7U5Ez2b2o4ZTbKN5fhRVtQ8AdIA=w2013-h1421
Glock OEM 17.3 slide, no sights, heavy salt: $125 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEORUbAFA1ErxS3QvPt3U2LN56V4CkF3xKxaQA4qLZBPYOLViTg1ozdZLrwYE50VX_NAITpbqK8ePGV9DXGrqfLnnIPdDyQ=w2013-h1421
Grip Force Adapters glock sub-compact double-stack grip adapter, FDE. Includes (plastic) pins, one dyed black: $10 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com0/drive-vieweAAOQEOQVB6NmeJ_oDbgzOJzHB1XtSVadaciUHUoZi9TgJdbDXWie9A1jepXRO8AzAGjb8eV68-gqrOvwLa_wXmQJmBC_u4mhGw=w2013-h1421
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2023.03.20 21:07 Svens_Guardian Porn had ruined my life, I've tried to quit 6+ times but each time I lose more hope.

I'm actually 18 exactly today so id say I'm more of an adult than teenager but if anything is gonna ruin my life its probably my porn addiction, i quit the porn and work out get a 6 pack and have fun playing sports, it gets to around the 20 day mark and i start dreaming about getting my first girlfriend so i carry a big smile on my face and go shirtless at the beach to flex my abs but no girls even look at me not even old divorced saggy mums, so i feel worthless and unlovable and ugly this continues for until the 30 day mark, then i relapse and watch porn and jerk off non stop every day for about 2 weeks and eat junk food and get chubby, then i start feeling suicidal and wondering why the fuck this happens to me and i push myself to workout and get the abs again and I make a promise for myself to never fall back into my depressed void, but around the 30 day mark i eventually fall back into this fucked up abyss. This has happened like 6 times of fit confident happy sporty, to depressed chubby hidden away in my dark room watching porn all day, thrn back to fit and athletic and so forth. I wish it would end but i feel like im stuck with this for life and each time i go through this cycle i feel like im closer to my grave. Is any one else suffering from this???
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2023.03.20 21:06 Zealousideal1717 question about permanent home address

Hi there,
So I had a question about the permanent home address when applying for F1 visa and the SEVIS fee. In my uni application I used my parent's address, it's basically not far from where I live in the same country, but I also rent my own place. I used my parents' because they own the place and will stay there.
I am planning on registering with my parents again in my home country before moving to grad school. Is it ok for me to indicate my parents' address as my permanent address in my visa application although it is currently a secondary address in my home country?
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2023.03.20 21:06 PullmanTenantsUnion "Know Your Rights: Evictions" meeting this Thursday with the Pullman Tenants Union!

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2023.03.20 21:06 sillybumbleb i thought people would get the joke but surprisingly only 2 people got the answer on the first try

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2023.03.20 21:06 PullmanTenantsUnion "Know Your Rights: Evictions" meeting this Thursday with the Pullman Tenants Union!

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2023.03.20 21:06 Ordinary-Ad3068 Need money to pay rent

Hello. I urgently need some money to just put a down payment for rent. I got fired from my job due to an injury and I am in need. Please help. Thank you.
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2023.03.20 21:05 Origami3arthquake The American Dream

After 15 years of struggling to make ends meet, I landed my dream job.
I'm not a ballerina or an astronaut or an international super spy. I'm just your run of the mill corporate drone who can now afford both rent and bread.
I've also never taken a real vacation because I could never afford to. In fact, in the past three years, I've never even taken a full day off. So, naturally, when a friend offered me the chance to join them on a two week adventure in another country, I was ecstatic. I'm finally in a position where I can afford a real vacation.
This past week, I was completely under the weather. It had been a slow week, so I decided to take a full day off Friday to recoup. I return to work on Monday to discover that, despite my approved vacation time and, despite my out of office message, I was in hot water for not answering an important email.
You see, there's no one to cover me when I'm away.
I have to be accessible at all times.
I have to be able to work at all times.
That's how I'm able to afford the nice never being able to take one.
We used to use the phrase "sell your soul" to describe things like fame and fortune.
How things have changed.
Welcome to the new American Dream.
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2023.03.20 21:05 TheEmmaDilemma-1 should i report my professor to my university?

I (19F) attend a state university in a fairly religious state. My online history professor happens to be a member of this majority religion, and he makes that very clear to us in multiple ways. he will sneak in questions and information about this particular religions history into the lectures and study guides, even though there is absolutely zero reference to them in the textbook. he’s an old man that talks like the teacher from ferris bueler, and for the life of me i can’t make it through five minutes of those lectures, so it’s really frustrating searching the dense textbook for information that isn’t there, and then being tested on it in exams that are worth 75% of the overall grade.
What’s more is half of the class is currently failing because of how much information is needed at once for the exams. there are four total, and we have had two so far. only ~30% of the class got above a C- on these exams. The professor sent out an email complaining about this, but when I emailed him offering to share the Quizlets, I make of his study guides with the rest of the class before the next exam to maybe help them study, he told me not to do it because they’re failing since they are “lazy,” essentially (i did it anyway bc fuck that guy i’m not letting half my class fail). 
Oh, he also sent a follow up email after his initial one saying couldn’t share my study sets saying that there was one student i could share them with because they live on the reservation??? which really didn’t make sense to me.
he refuses any extra credit even though more then half of his class his failing, and sent an email saying to just do the work in the first place. the only assignment s we have in this class are weekly discussion posts and the exams, so there’s not much room for error. he said that, in university settings, extra credit is almost not existent, which was a bit silly because all of my other classes offer multiple forms of extra credit.
He has also sent multiple mass emails complaining about people cheating, calling AI (chat gpt) “satanic,” complaining about how he has to spend so many hours “trying to thwart these low life, lazy cheaters.” and essentially using some pretty strong language to describe his opinions on those who are doing poorly in his class. 
I’m actually doing pretty well in his class, but every time i complain about him with my friends they tell me i should report him to the school administration, and i guess i just don’t know if that would be appropriate in this situation. any advice?
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2023.03.20 21:05 teeny_teena_bop The amount of times I reread this thinking there’s no way I’m reading this correctly….

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2023.03.20 21:05 PullmanTenantsUnion "Know Your Rights: Evictions" meeting this Thursday with the Pullman Tenants Union!

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2023.03.20 21:05 Avignon1996 2 tickets for sale for TWY in Toronto tn

I have two tickets for TWY and hot mulligan in Toronto tonight. Bought for $86, selling for $60. First row in the balcony. I will transfer from ticketmaster.
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2023.03.20 21:05 Imaginary_Bat5156 How to value a business.

Hi, I am looking on best advice on how to value a business.
I unfortunately need to sell my small business due to a medical issue with my child but I am not sure the best way to value it.
I know some people do profits x 3 years. Is this the best practice? My business grew 260% last year and 160% the year before that. It is debt free and does turn a profit. I will be selling the name, a little inventory, social media pages, websites, trademarks, my IP for exclusive designs, all the accounts and P.O.’s, etc. I don’t own a building (or rent one) and it can be done from anywhere.
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2023.03.20 21:05 EliRoth112 Every sleep position is uncomfortable, 18months running out of options

Hello sleep this is Eli,
I get about 2 hours of sleep a night, for 18months now. I've been looking under every rock for a solution but have only gotten worse. I feel 100% fine during the day, I can do almost every stretch and exercise with no trouble or pain. But after about 30minutes of laying down, the discomfort begins.
The problem is different depending on how I try to sleep. For instance, if I sleep on my side, my arm starts to go numb and the veins in my forehead pop out until I turn just my head toward the ceiling. If I try to sleep that way, my shoulder compresses and the back deltoid area starts to ache (this all happens on both sides).
If I try to sleep on my back, my traps get sore and it feels like the right side of my back is propped up more than the left. Also, saliva builds up in the back of my throat forcing me to swallow or eventually choke.
Stomach sleeping I avoided but eventually got desperate. This doesn't work either, as it's very hard to breathe, even with no pillow.
Current sleep habits: -always go to bed at 10pm, "wake up" 6:30am -I dont drink alcohol, caffeine, drugs, smoking (I am on adderall but quitting for a week made no difference) -I dont eat/drink or exercise after 7pm, I dont nap ever -I made my room completely free of noise and light
Things I've tried: -4 different chiropractors -3 different physical therapists -5 different pillows (2 inch think firm for back sleeping, 4 inch medium for side aka the distance from my head to the end of my shoulder) -pillow under knees or body pillow between knees and under arm -3 different mattresses soft/medium and firm -cortisone injection in shoulders -multiple prescription sleeping pills -asking chatgpt every question I could think of -xray and mri of shoulders, neck & spine (found nothing but mild 8% scoliosis in lumbar and cervical) -every youtube stretch and exercise I could find, some for months -recording myself to make my spine as straight as possible -corrected desk posture= aka feet flat on ground, 90degree elbows, eyes straight ahead, lumbar cushion (I used to sit at desk for 8 hours a day, for a decade)
My latest theory is some sort of muscle imbalance but every physical therapist looks at me like a deer in the headlights when I mention it and have found very little info on how to fix this myself. Also, my self diagnosis has been highly unreliable so far, so take that with a grain of salt. When the aches wake me up, I still can't tell if it's originating from the muscle or bone.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.20 21:04 rainonthelilies Is room temp brewing producing as potent an infusion as regular hot water infusion?

I usually make my infusion the regular way but with spring coming back I’m yearning for cold beverages again. I’m wondering if infusing in room temp water for 12hours or so will produce as potent as infusion as the regular way. The taste is similar so I would guess so but I can’t really find sources. The one I found said it was only 20% of the strength of actives.
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