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High Quality Verified Foot Models

2017.10.18 20:31 Nympho_Ninja High Quality Verified Foot Models

High Quality Verified Foot Models

2011.02.18 19:52 goodapollo901 A Place for Cliff Jumping Connoisseurs


2011.09.12 07:26 sickboy_94 CelebrityFeet

"The foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art." - Leonardo da Vinci

2023.06.07 09:56 byamarketing What to Expect from a Bali Yoga Teacher Training Program

A Bali yoga teacher training program can be a transformative experience that allows you to deepen your yoga practice, gain a comprehensive understanding of yoga philosophy and teaching techniques, and potentially start a career as a certified yoga instructor. Here are some things you can generally expect from a Bali yoga teacher training program:
Immersive Learning Environment: Bali is renowned for its serene and spiritually charged atmosphere, making it a popular destination for yoga teacher training programs. You can expect to be surrounded by lush nature, beautiful landscapes, and a vibrant yoga community that creates an immersive learning environment.
Experienced and Knowledgeable Instructors: Bali attracts experienced and highly trained yoga instructors from around the world. You'll likely have the opportunity to learn from skilled teachers who have extensive knowledge in various yoga styles, such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, or Yin yoga.
Comprehensive Curriculum: A yoga teacher training program typically covers a wide range of subjects, including yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology, asanas (poses) and sequencing, pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, teaching methodology, and the business of yoga. You can expect to delve deeply into these areas, gaining a well-rounded understanding of yoga.
Practical Teaching Experience: To become a confident yoga teacher, you'll need to practice teaching. Most training programs provide opportunities for you to lead class sequences, receive feedback from your peers and instructors, and refine your teaching skills. This practical experience helps you develop your voice, cueing techniques, and class management abilities.
Yoga Alliance Certification: Many teacher training programs in Bali are designed to meet the standards set by Yoga Alliance, an internationally recognized organization for yoga teacher certification. Upon completion of the program, you may be eligible to register as a certified yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance, which can enhance your professional credentials.
Cultural Immersion and Retreat Experience: Bali offers a rich cultural experience, and some teacher training programs incorporate elements of Balinese culture, rituals, and traditions. You may have the opportunity to participate in ceremonies, visit temples, and explore the island, adding a unique dimension to your training.
Community and Networking: A yoga teacher training program often brings together like-minded individuals from different parts of the world who share a passion for yoga. You'll have the chance to build lifelong friendships, collaborate with your peers, and expand your professional network within the yoga community.
Self-Transformation and Personal Growth: Beyond learning how to teach yoga, a teacher training program can be a transformative journey of self-discovery. Through introspection, self-reflection, and the exploration of yogic principles, you can expect personal growth, increased self-awareness, and the potential for positive shifts in your mindset and lifestyle.
It's important to note that the specific details, structure, and duration of a yoga teacher training program in Bali may vary depending on the school or organization offering it. Therefore, it's advisable to research and choose a program that aligns with your goals, interests, and preferred yoga style.
Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Course:
100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali
300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali
500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali
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2023.06.07 09:55 Positive_Basket_2764 Lets get real about deep crystal

I have a cf sub and was looking to replace the crystal So there are many comparison posts between cf and deep crystal but they are close ups pics and mostly daytonas
I want to know whether deep crystal will look any different or better say from 1/2 or 1 feet away
Because nobody is getting real close to the watch and seeing it If deep looks better from a feet away i am going for it
Also if you guys have any comparison posts between deep and cf please post in the comments
Thank you
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2023.06.07 09:55 Eastern-Ad-5946 Canada West W.M. Moorby 2816

TLDR - Really good quality Good Year Welted boot would highly recommend, especially if you are Canadian its an under $300 boot (full price from Gravity Pope).

Boot - Canada West W.M. Moorby 2816.
Leather - Pecan Tumbled Leather (I think it's a Chromium Tanned Leather).
Lined - Leather lined (Only the vamp is lined and not the whole boot).
Insole - Leather insole
Midsole - Cork Filling and a shank.
Welt - 360 degree Good Year Welt (Leather).
Sole - Vibram 132.


Forgive me if I make mistakes this is my first ever Leather boot so I am still learning.
Ok, I wore these boots regularly (4 to 5 days a week) from September 2022 to February 2023 and now because of summer occasionally. I got these from Gravity Pope for $275 and as soon as I got it, I thoroughly applied Atsko Sno-Seal on it as I was gonna wear them in Raincouver during the Monsoon and Winter. And boy these were good.
I wish I had taken more pictures of these when I got them but I didn't, anyways, here are some. This boot comes in two different colours Black and Brown. But the brown has two shades, one lighter brown and mine is the darker brown. It's just because of the variation in the leather itself that what I was told.
There was almost no break in period because these only come in EE width so plenty of room for pinky fingers and just were really comfortable (get correct size though as they ruin according to the Brannock device). I had no sore spots or anything, just felt nice and now they fit like a glove.
There was not a single drop of water in the boots even when it was soaked from the outside, although I would say I took care of them. I would just wipe the dirt, salt, water etc,. as soon as I got home or basically inside. Although my feet got cold, like really cold, make sure to wear thick socks with these.
But yeah I used them thoroughly as you can see from the pictures, this is the first time I was going to do anything to the boot or than the Sno-Seal when I got them. Here is the boot before doing anything, I started with wiping and brushing the dirt off then, I used some Fiebing saddle soap, here is after soaping. Then I used some of this from Reddhart workwear and it replenished quite a bit of colour back then some Venetian Shoe Cream and it is pretty much brand new. Here is the boot after everything.
I could not decide between the Cotton laces that came with or the leather ones let me which one you like.
Here is the full photo album.
Thank you all and drop some suggestions if you have any.
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2023.06.07 09:55 lilcrazy6903u Ill click

🎊Click here to get your Reward! Up to €100 credits are waiting for you~! https://temu.comwSF6IHgYcwKvt
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2023.06.07 09:54 Remarkable_Poet_5205 Will click back!

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2023.06.07 09:54 EdmundJenkins2023 The latest Tribesigns Discount Codes & Coupons

Here are the latest Tribesigns promo codes & coupons for you to get an extra 12% off all orders over $100, 8% off clearance items, and 6% off new arrivals. Both codes are manually verified before publishing, so you don't need to test them again. Just use your favorite one and enjoy big savings.
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2023.06.07 09:54 Few-Improvement2090 1% Spenders & Economy

Did the math today on BetaRayBill, the new TCP leader, and then started to look at how far away the top 1% of this game is from the rest of the playerbase. Beta has 81M power, and naturally all 241 characters unlocked; that averages to each toon (even hand minions) at approximately 336K power 😳. Now of course I would understand that those toons likely aren’t leveled at all and many more important toons are sitting at/above 400k. It’s just insane the difference between the number one slot and number 100 on the leaderboard. It’s a difference of approx 26M TCP. These ppl are spending SO much money to stay in that “meta”. What ‘bragging rights’ does it actually give? Not a s***post, just really put it in perspective for me. I doubt it truly matters if anyone goes on a “spending strike” as I anticipate these Mythological Sea Creatures earning 70-90% of the games revenue.
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2023.06.07 09:53 Gekkido Fans to fight virus! - Small, Low noise, High Static Pressure, High Air Flow

Fans to fight virus! - Small, Low noise, High Static Pressure, High Air Flow
First of all greetings to all redditers out there in FanShowdown...
OXYS® Clean Air (OXYS DECREASES THE TRANSMISSIBILITY OF VIRUSES AND BACTERIA - IOXYS) is a portuguese startup developed in partnership between Veneporte (Veneporte Clean Environment Solutions) and by research teams from the University of Coimbra (Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Sciences) and ADAI-UC, which was supported by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), through the Operational Program Competitiveness and Internationalization of Portugal 2020.
The reason for this post is, with a certain urgency, we are trying to replace our fans for a ball bearing model, or some other that supports multiple orientations without wearing. The requisites are that the fan noise levels are close to 30db(A), the dimensions up to 100 x 100 x 30mm with a Static Pressure of about 345 Pa and Air Flow 41,2 CFM... Please note if you will, that we prefer to compromise Air Flow to Static Pressure as the fans are placed close to a very dense filter.
So far we have been having some difficulties finding a solution to our problem, and considering that there must be some experts present in this forum, is there any supplier or any proof-of-concept that you can suggest to us? A manufacturer would be ideal.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 09:53 unseentides Minor mess up?

So I have a colonoscopy and gastroscopy on Friday. Tomorrow is my liquid diet. I make dinners for my family, so today I was cooking and accidentally forgot and taste tested two peas to see if they were cooked. Didn’t realise until it was too late to spit them out. Will these clear out with the bowel prep or have I messed up? Thanks in advance, I have otherwise been compliant 100% so this is really annoying and I feel incredibly stupid having to ask!
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2023.06.07 09:53 themadtwatr I decided to ignore his suicide threats

I’ve called countless times on 911 services during my relationship, to the point where they’re taking longer and longer to show.
Tonight he 100% threatened for my attention & sympathy. I’m going through a stressful time right now & since the attention isn’t on him, he’s trying everything in the book to grab attention.
I wanted to go to bed early & thats when he started to make the threats. Prior to, he was fine.
I didn’t pay it attention this time. He blocked me for it. I feel guilty for ignoring him, but I’m so over the fake attempts that just end in a rage episode next morning.
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2023.06.07 09:52 Griizly Where can I found a missing part for my mando minifig ?

Where can I found a missing part for my mando minifig ?
Hi, I found this mando mini fig in a yard sale but it is missing it's small antenna, any idea where I could find it ? even if that implies to buy the whole minifig :) I searched on aliexpress but could not find that exact minifigure, I really like the belt addition and mine also came with a jetpack :D
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2023.06.07 09:52 Emergency-Trifle-268 Everything is a lie

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2023.06.07 09:52 ramNoob Pixel 6 pro battery

Pixel 6 pro battery
How long does your pixel 6 pro takes to charge? And how long does it last? I just bought mine yesterday and this is my 1st day starting with a full 100% charge.
I had a poco x3 GT before this, that charged unbelievably fast which pixel doesn't (only thing i wish my pixel had), i am still to conclude about battery life tho since this is my first day with it.
Also, should disabling now playing help with battery?
Please share your experiences and tips.
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2023.06.07 09:52 Chantlife1 Chant Kratom Extract – Black 100 MIT

Anyone seeking an effective solution to boost their energy and attention should try this strong extract. Chant Kratom Extract – Black 100 MIT. Each bottle contains a concentrated blend of 100 milligrams of mitragynine per serving. Try it today and experience its powerful effects for yourself!
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2023.06.07 09:52 juicyjuice-1 WCH15 titration question

What did yall get for that question? I got 0.46% but others are getting 0.67% and I wanna know what I did wrong 😭
I found the moles of the titre then divided by 5 because of the ratio 5Fe²+ : MnO⁴‐. Then I found the original moles of MnO⁴‐ using the conc. and volume they gave. So I found the excess of the MnO⁴‐ and then multiplied by 5 and divided by 2 because of the ratio of 2MnO⁴‐ : 5C2O4²‐. Finally I got it's Mr which was 88, multiplied it by the moles I found, and got 0.052 g then I divided that by 11.4 and multiplied by 100 to get a percentage of 0.46. What did I do wrong? I wanna know how many marks I'll probably lose 😭
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2023.06.07 09:51 mi555trZ [Store] 300+ KNIVES AND GLOVES e.g. Slingshot, Omega, Snow Leopard, Tiger Strike, Smoke Out, Butterfly Night FT & Stained BS & Forest Ddpat FT, Karambit Autotronic MW & Black Laminate FT &, M9 Tiger Tooth & Black Laminate MW, Daggers Sapphire FN ST, Talon Black Pearl & Slaughter FN & many more

Taking csgo skins mainly (knives, gloves, aks, m4s, awps and so on). Anything as long as offer is good
I don't update this list everyday, so I have many items which aren't listed here. Check if something interests you! Also, some of the items are on trade hold, for release date you can add me or check by yourself.
TRADE LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=35769104&token=J30wyEpy
Add me to talk here: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197996034832
Keys from these buy outs aren't TF2 keys. I don't take Hydra keys either.
Buy outs are in keys for the sake of having a buy out, I trade for skins mainly.
Gloves Slingshot FT 0.36 float - B/O 200 keys
Gloves Amphibious WW 0.42 float - B/O 170 keys
Gloves Omega FT 0.33 float - B/O 160 keys
Gloves Snow Leopard FT 0.36 float - B/O 150 keys
Gloves Snow Leopard FT 0.37 float - B/O 150 keys
Gloves Tiger Strike FT 0.32 float - B/O 140 keys
Gloves Smoke Out MW 0.14 float - B/O 120 keys
Gloves King Snake FT 0.36 float - B/o 120 keys
Gloves Tiger Strike WW 0.44 float - B/O 100 keys
Gloves Field Agent FT 0.36 float - B/O 85 keys
Gloves Bronze Morph MW 0.14 float - B/O 75 keys
Gloves Cool Mint FT 0.36 float - B/O 75 keys
Gloves Arid BS 0.64 float - B/O 72 keys
Gloves Emerald Web BS 0.56 float - B/O 71 keys
Gloves Diamondback MW 0.13 float - B/O 68 keys
Gloves POW WW 0.38 float - B/O 66 keys
Wraps Caution FT 0.31 float - B/O 59 keys
Gloves Overtake MW 0.14 float - B/O 59 keys
Gloves King Snake BS 0.59 float - B/O 58 keys
Wraps Caution WW 0.38 float - B/O 50 keys
Wraps Overprint WW 0.43 float - B/O 50 keys
Gloves Big Game BS 0.69 float - B/O 47 keys
Gloves Polygon FT 0.18 float - B/O 50 keys
Gloves Blood Pressure FT 0.32 float - B/O 43 keys
Gloves Blood Pressure FT 0.35 float - B/O 43 keys
Gloves Blood Pressure FT 0.36 float - B/O 43 keys
Gloves Finish Line FT 0.22 float - B/O 50 keys
Gloves Finish Line FT 0.32 float - B/O 42 keys
Gloves Nocts BS 0.62 float - B/O 42 keys
Gloves Boom FT 0.37 float - B/O 38 keys
Gloves Lunar Weave FT 0.36 float - B/O 36 keys
Gloves Finish Line WW 0.41 float - B/O 36 keys
Gloves Diamondback FT 0.37 float - B/O 35 keys
Gloves Field Agent BS 0.77 float - B/O 34 keys
Wraps Overprint BS 0.75 float - B/O 34 keys
Gloves Marble Fade BS 0.57 float - B/O 33 keys
Gloves Case Hardened MW 0.12 float - B/O 33 keys
Gloves Mogul BS 0.60 float - B/O 33 keys
Gloves Cool Mint BS 0.63 float - B/O 31 keys
Gloves Bronze Morph BS 0.61 float - B/O 30 keys
Gloves Jade FT 0.23 float - B/O 35 keys
Gloves Forest Ddpat FT 0.35 float - B/O 26 keys
Wraps Duct Tape MW 0.12 float - B/O 25 keys
Gloves Charred FT 0.21 float - B/O 30 keys
Gloves Overtake FT 0.16 float - B/O 30 keys
Gloves Jaguar Queen FT 0.37 float - B/O 22 keys
Gloves Rezan FT 0.16 float - B/O 30 keys
Gloves Rezan FT 0.28 float - B/O 21 keys
Gloves Yellow-banded FT 0.30 float - B/O 21 keys
Gloves Diamondback BS 0.58 float - B/O 20 keys
Wraps Arboreal FT 0.31 float - B/O 20 keys
Gloves Snakebite FT 0.16 float - B/O 25 keys
Gloves Blood Pressure BS 0.74 float - B/O 19 keys
Gloves Forest Ddpat BS 0.46 float - B/o 19 keys
Gloves Convoy WW 0.44 float - B/o 19 keys
Gloves Case Hardened FT 0.15 float - B/O 23 keys
Gloves 3rd Company FT 0.36 float - B/O 17 keys
Goves Buckshot FT 0.15 float - B/O 20 keys
Gloves Unhinged FT 0.24 float - B/O 17 keys
Gloves Overtake BS 0.45 float - B/O 17 keys
Gloves 3rd Company FT 0.38 float - B/O 16 keys
Wraps Constrictor FT 0.31 float - B/O 16 keys
Gloves Buckshot WW 0.40 float - B/O 16 keys
Wraps Desert Shamagh FT 0.35 float - B/o 16 keys
Wraps Constrictor WW 0.38 float - B/O 16 keys
Gloves Transport BS 0.60 float - B/O 15 keys
Gloves Rezan BS 0.74 float - B/O 15 keys
Gloves Yellow-banded BS 0.63 float - B/o 15 keys
Gloves Guerrilla BS 0.53 float - B/o 15 keys
Gloves Buckshot BS 0.53 float - B/O 15 keys
Wraps Desert Shamagh WW 0.41 float - B/O 15 keys
Gloves Case Hardened BS 0.53 float - B/O 15 keys
Gloves Emerald FT 0.36 float - B/O 15 keys
Wraps Constrictor BS 0.74 float - B/O 15 keys
Gloves Needle Point FT 0.36 float - B/O 14 keys
Gloves Rattler FT 0.35 float - B/O 13 keys
Gloves Mangrove FT 0.25 float - B/O 12 keys
Gloves Racing Green FT 0.30 float - B/O 11 keys
Knives and high tier items:
Talon Black Pearl MW 0.07 float - B/O 600 keys
Karambit Autotronic MW 0.13 float - B/O 350 keys
Nomad Fade MW ST 99% 0.07 float - B/O 400 keys
M9 Tiger Tooth FN 0.003 float - B/O 300 keys
M9 Tiger Tooth FN 0.01 float - B/O 270 keys
Daggers Sapphire FN ST 0.004 float - B/O 230 keys
Karambit Black Laminate FT 0.29 float - B/O 210 keys
M9 Black Laminate MW 0.11 float - B/O 200 keys
Talon Slaughter FN 0.03 float - B/O 200 keys
DEAGLE Blaze FN 0.01 float - B/O 170 keys
Flip Lore FN 0.05 float - B/O 170 keys
Butterfly Night FT 0.19 float - B/O 190 keys
Bayonet Tiger Tooth FN 0.02 float - B/O 160 keys
Flip Gamma Doppler FN P4 0.02 float - B/O 160 keys
Butterfly Stained BS 0.90 float - B/O 150 keys
M9 Freehand MW 0.11 float - B/O 150 keys
Flip Marble Fade FN 0.004 float - B/O 140 keys
Butterfly Forest Ddpat FT 0.16 float - B/o 140 keys
Flip Gamma Doppler FN P1 0.01 float - B/O 140 keys
Butterfly Safari Mesh FT 0.19 float - B/O 140 keys
Flip Doppler FN P2 0.03 float - B/O 140 keys
Karambit Ultraviolet BS 0.51 float - B/o 140 keys
Bayonet Lore FT 0.25 float - B/O 140 keys
Ursus Doppler FN P4 0.06 float - B/O 140 keys
Nomad Vanilla - B/O 130 keys
M9 Damascus Steel FT 0.20 float - B/O 130 keys
AK Head Shot FN ST 0.05 float - B/o 130 keys
M9 Blue Steel BS 0.99 float - B/O 150 keys
Stiletto Tiger Tooth FN 0.006 float - B/O 130 keys
Huntsman Fade FN 0.03 float - B/O 130 keys
Flip Tiger Tooth FN 0.03 float - B/O 120 keys
Skeleton Stained FT 0.23 float - B/O 120 keys
Ursus Crimson Web MW 0.12 float - B/O 120 keys
Ursus Doppler FN P1 0.03 float - B/o 120 keys
Flip Vanilla - B/O 120 keys
Stiletto Vanilla - B/O 120 keys
Huntsman Gamma Doppler FN ST 0.02 float - B/O 120 keys
M9 Stained Ft 0.28 float - B/O 110 keys
Karambit Forest Ddpat FT 0.36 float - B/O 110 keys
Flip Doppler FN 0.01 float - B/O 110 keys
M9 Rust Coat BS 0.66 float - B/O 110 keys
M9 Night BS 0.49 float - B/O 110 keys
Ursus Tiger Tooth FN 0.008 float - B/O 110 keys
Bayonet Lore BS 0.62 float - B/O 100 keys
Flip Autotronic MW 0.14 float - B/O 100 keys
Skeleton Night FT ST 0.27 float - B/O 100 keys
M9 Urban Masked FT 0.28 float - B/O 100 keys
Bayonet Black Laminate MW 0.12 float - B/O 100 keys
Paracord Slaughter FN ST 0.03 float - B/O 90 keys
Flip Slaughter FT 0.23 float - B/O 90 keys
Huntsman Marble Fade FN 0.009 float - B/O 90 keys
Skeleton Stained BS 0.65 float - B/O 90 keys
Ursus Vanilla - B/O 85 keys
Gut Autotronic FN 0.05 float - B/O 84 keys
Bayonet Crimson Web FT 0.34 float - B/O 84 keys
Paracord Slaughter MW 0.10 float - B/O 83 keys
Bowie Marble Fade FN 0.01 float - B/O 82 keys
Bowie Marble Fade MW 0.07 float - B/O 82 keys
Bayonet Damascus Steel FT 0.22 float - B/O 82 keys
Bowie Doppler Fn P3 0.03 float - B/O 81 keys
Flip Autotronic FT 0.23 float - B/O 80 keys
Huntsman Tiger Tooth FN 0.02 float - B/O 75 keys
Talon Boreal MW 0.08 float - B/O 73 keys
Survival Vanilla - B/O 72 keys
Flip Ultraviolet MW 0.14 float - B/O 72 keys
Daggers Gamma Doppler FN P4 0.02 float - B/O 71 keys
Stiletto Damascus Steel FT 0.31 float - B/O 71 keys
Flip Bright Water FN 0.04 float - B/O 71 keys
Skeleton Safari Mesh FT 0.15 float - B/O 68 keys
Talon Safari Mesh MW 0.13 float - B/O 68 keys
Ursus Ultraviolet MW 0.13 float - B/O 67 keys
Bowie Tiger Tooth FN 0.02 float - B/O 67 keys
Paracord Crimson Web FT 0.15 float - B/O 80 keys
Classic Case Hardened MW 0.09 float - B/O 65 keys
Nomad Blue Steel BS 0.87 float - B/O 64 keys
Falchion Lore MW 0.09 float - B/O 61 keys
Gut Lore MW 0.12 float - B/O 60 keys
Paracord Forest Ddpat FN 0.06 float - B/O 57 keys
Bowie Case Hardened FT 0.18 float - B/O 57 keys
Gut Tiger Tooth MW 0.07 float - B/O 56 keys
Falchion Vanilla ST - B/O 55 keys
Ursus Damascus Steel FN 0.05 float - B/O 54 keys
Daggers Marble Fade FN 0.05 float - B/O 53 keys
Navaja Marble Fade FN ST 0.01 float - B/O 51 keys
Flip Night FT 0.23 float - B/O 51 keys
Gut Marble Fade FN 0.01 float - B/O 50 keys
Huntsman Black Laminate BS 0.80 float - B/O 50 keys
Falchion Lore Ft 0.24 float - B/O 50 keys
Gut Doppler FN P2 0.008 float - B/O 50 keys
Huntsman Freehand FN 0.06 float - B/O 49 keys
Huntsman Night MW 0.14 float - B/O 49 keys
Daggers Tiger Tooth FN 0.01 float - B/O 49 keys
Classic Blue Steel MW 0.12 float - B/O 48 keys
Ursus Ultraviolet FT 0.28 float - B/O 48 keys
Huntsman Crimson Web FT 0.31 float - B/O 48 keys
Huntsman Case Hardened WW 0.42 float - B/O 48 keys
Gut Doppler FN P4 0.02 float - B/O 48 keys
Ursus Damascus Steel MW 0.10 float - B/O 47 keys
Bowie Vanilla - B/O 47 keys
Daggers Lore MW 0.14 float - B/O 46 keys
Gut Tiger Tooth FN 0.03 float - B/O 46 keys
Daggers Vanilla - B/O 46 keys
Nomad Night FT 0.25 float - B/O 46 keys
Flip Rust Coat BS 0.63 float - B/O 46 keys
Navaja Doppler FN P2 0.02 float - B/O 46 keys
Navaja Marble Fade FN 0.03 float - B/O 46 keys
Ursus Night MW 0.14 float - B/o 45 keys
Gut Doppler FN P1 0.03 float - B/O 43 keys
Navaja Slaughter FN 0.05 float - B/O 43 keys
Stiletto Safari Mesh FT 0.20 float - B/O 43 keys
Classic Night BS 0.73 float - B/O 43 keys
Nomad Boreal FT 0.37 float - B/O 43 keys
Huntsman Freehand MW 0.11 float - B/O 43 keys
Daggers Slaughter MW 0.11 float - B/O 42 keys
Huntsman Damascus Steel MW 0.13 float - B/o 42 keys
Falchion Crimson Web FT 0.18 float - B/O 45 keys
Gut Vanilla - B/O 41 keys
Flip Urban Masked FT 0.28 float - B/O 41 keys
Paracord Blue Steel FT 0.36 float - B/O 40 keys
Nomad Safari Mesh MW 0.12 float - B/o 40 keys
Navaja Tiger Tooth FN 0.01 float - B/O 40 keys
Ursus Blue Steel BS 0.95 float - B/O 39 keys
Falchion Bright Water FN 0.05 float - B/O 39 keys
Daggers Lore FT 0.32 float - B/O 39 keys
Bowie Bright Water FN 0.06 float - B/O 39 keys
Gut Lore BS 0.59 float - B/O 38 keys
Flip Forest Ddpat FT 0.36 float - B/o 38 keys
Flip Scorched FT 0.34 float - B/O 37 keys
Flip Safari Mesh FT 0.36 float - B/O 37 keys
Nomad Scorched FT 0.35 float - B/o 36 keys
Nomad Safari Mesh WW 0.44 float - B/O 36 keys
Daggers Lore WW 0.42 float - B/O 35 keys
Daggers Crimson Web FT 0.37 float - B/O 35 keys
Classic Scorched FT 0.16 float - B/O 35 keys
Classic Boreal MW 0.08 float - B/O 34 keys
Falchion Bright Water MW 0.14 float - B/O 34 keys
Ursus Urban Masked FT 0.33 float - B/o 34 keys
Navaja Blue Steel FN 0.01 float - B/O 34 keys
Daggers Freehand FN 0.06 float - B/O 34 keys
Classic Urban Masked FT 0.35 float - B/O 34 keys
Classic Forest Ddpat FT 0.18 float - B/O 33 keys
Ursus Scorched MW 0.13 float - B/O 33 keys
Classic Safari Mesh MW 0.12 float - B/O 33 keys
Ursus Safari Mesh MW 0.12 float - B/O 32 keys
Ursus Scorched FT ST 0.35 float - B/O 32 keys
Navaja Vanilla - B/O 32 keys
Gut Ultraviolet MW 0.13 float - B/O 32 keys
Huntsman Bright Water FT 0.35 float - B/O 32 keys
Bowie Bright Water FT 0.17 float - B/O 31 keys
Bowie Ultraviolet WW 0.38 float - B/o 30 keys
Ursus Boreal FT 0.15 float - B/O 30 keys
Ursus Safari Mesh FT 0.20 float - B/O 30 keys
Falchion Black Laminate WW 0.39 float - B/O 29 keys
Survival Night BS 0.66 float - B/O 28 keys
Paracord Urban Masked FT 0.22 float - B/O 28 keys
Navaja Case Hardened WW 0.44 float - B/O 28 keys
Huntsman Boreal FT 0.27 float - B/O 28 keys
Huntsman Scorched FT 0.20 float - B/O 28 keys
Gut Bright Water FT ST 0.21 float - B/O 27 keys
Daggers Ultraviolet FT 0.30 float - B/O 27 keys
Gut Damascus Steel FT 0.35 float - B/O 27 keys
Gut Rust Coat BS ST 0.52 float - B/O 27 keys
Gut Bright Water FT 0.26 float - B/O 27 keys
Bowie Rust Coat BS 0.48 float - B/O 27 keys
Paracord Forest Ddpat FT 0.26 float - B/O 27 keys
Gut Night FT ST 0.18 float - B/O 26 keys
Gut Blue Steel FT 0.32 float - B/O 26 keys
Paracord Forest Ddpat WW 0.38 float - B/O 26 keys
Gut Freehand FT 0.30 float - B/O 26 keys
Paracord Safari Mesh FT 0.17 float - B/O 26 keys
Navaja Damascus Steel Fn 0.05 float - B/O 26 keys
Falchion Rust Coat BS 0.52 float - B/O 26 keys
Bowie Scorched FT 0.19 float - B/O 25 keys
Gut Freehand WW 0.40 float - B/o 25 keys
Falchion Forest Ddpat FT 0.15 float - B/O 25 keys
Daggers Ultraviolet WW 0.38 float - B/O 25 keys
Gut Rust Coat BS 0.55 float - B/O 24 keys
Gut Safari Mesh WW 0.38 float - B/O 23 keys
Daggers Bright Water FT 0.21 float - B/O 23 keys
Daggers Ultraviolet BS 0.52 float - B/O 23 keys
Navaja Blue Steel MW 0.12 float - B/O 23 keys
Gut Urban Masked FT 0.19 float - B/O 23 keys
Gut Boreal FT 0.23 float - B/O 23 keys
Gut Safari Mesh FT 0.28 float - B/O 22 keys
Daggers Black Laminate FT 0.37 float - B/O 22 keys
Gut Scorched FT 0.15 float - B/O 22 keys
Navaja Ultraviolet FT 0.36 float - B/O 22 keys
Daggers Night FT 0.25 float - B/O 22 keys
Navaja Boreal BS 0.67 float - B/O 21 keys
Navaja Night MW 0.12 float - B/O 21 keys
Navaja Stained FT 0.30 float - B/O 21 keys
Navaja Blue Steel WW 0.40 float - B/O 21 keys
Navaja Night BS 0.57 float - B/O 20 keys
Daggers Rust Coat BS 0.66 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Boreal FT 0.15 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Boreal Ft 0.15 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Urban Masked FT 0.28 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Night FT 0.20 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Safari Mesh BS 0.65 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Forest Ddpat FT 0.29 float - B/O 20 keys
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2023.06.07 09:50 hop_to_it Struggling at job

So I'm like 100 percent sure that I hate my job. I dread every shift. But I also dread the thought of quitting too. It took me four years to leave my last job for this one. I've been at my current job for a little over a year and I feel painfully mediocre at it. (I give this job credit though for helping me grow in certain areas. Especially in terms of interacting with customers and answering phones. That aside I'm still a quiet and private person when it comes to interacting with my coworkers.)
I'm still struggling with proritizing tasks in the order of importance. My perception might be skewed but nothing about this job comes naturally to me. I try to rely on my intuition and the results are a mixed bag. There's a huge disconnect and I'm struggling with being consistent.
When I think about my training or just this job in general. It's nothing like I thought it would be. I work in a fast past environment. Sometimes it would get so busy I would be stuck fending for myself. Or training would consist of getting bombarded with a ton of non-linear information. I tried to take notes but my notes sucked and what did stick was because of repetition.
It's probably an overexaggeration but most of the time I feel like I don't know shit (I'm always missing the mark). This job makes me feel like the densest person ever at times. I recently got some feedback on my performance. But it's nothing that I didn't already feel in my bones. I'm not a fast worker. I try to work with a sense of urgency but it's not coming across. When I try to speed up I make mistakes. Multitasking is also a struggle for me (the irony is not lost on me that all jobs require some level of multitasking) my productivity needs to be better.
I hate that there's a part of me that still stubbornly trying to make this job work. My motivation has plummeted. I'm constantly going back and forth with it. I struggle a lot with making decisions so much that most of the time I don't do anything and time just keeps passing me by. But even if I could muster up the strength to quit I'm not sure what else I could do. Another retail job? Taking classes at a community college but for what? I'm so lost. My family is encouraging they have the uttermost belief that I can do something else but I can't seem to believe that for myself. What if I'm doomed to be a mediocre worker?
I feel like I'm on a sinking ship. There's a lifejacket and a lifeboat with plenty of room and people are encouraging me to get on but I'm foolishly choosing to go down with the ship. I feel like my own worst enemy.
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2023.06.07 09:50 Rotvll Finally started to feel better until last night

Ive been getting on with my life, even though little details remind me of him, random things, like someones jawline, boojum, vegetarian meals, what used be a scream has now become a just sad gentle hum in terms of pain
Last night, i got completely overcome in memories, sank to the floor and sat there just desperately wanting to cry, but its like i just couldnt. Having to sit there for hours not even being able to release that just sorrow and pain was horrendous.
Miss him, i miss what we used do, i miss cuddling him, i miss his funny well timed little quips like “if you had brains youd dangerous”, got called that the other day by a friend and it just sank like a lead ball
I am an incontent person, even when i get what i want i quickly get bored, or get cold feet, or just realise i never wanted it to begin with. He is the only one i have ever felt true contentment with, the only one who could hide my own insecurities from myself, he wad such an anchor and has honestly changed me. Im gonna miss that dumb smile.
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2023.06.07 09:49 DeliciousDish9089 stripclub,

Okay so tonight I did not make the wisest decision and I really feel bad about myself. My soon-to-be ex and I had a discussion on the phone today in text and he threw it in my face of my past of being a stripper and he quoted his ex-wife on something that she said, "you can't turn a stripper into a housewife. " And I don't know why that bothered me so bad knowing who it came from, but it really did in this evening he drove off and I didn't really want to leave our discussion ending in the way that it did we do have a child together and I want to try to keep the peace as much as possible., so i call him, no answer. So anyway I drove into town after he left thinking maybe I would see him, I'm not really sure what I was expecting to see but I just had this odd feeling that something was up because it was just so weird how he threw up all this stuff randomly as he did. Well off of a dumb whim of mine I decided that I was going to drive into Memphis which is about an hour drive from my home and since he said something about my past as a stripper I had the feeling he was going to go check it out since he says he's never been to one of those clubs before. So I wasn't sure which one he went to I went by the first one and I didn't see anything that he drove but then I went to the second one and there it was his big black truck I drove behind it and I saw that it had our County tags and I decided to park and I thought about it for a moment and after thinking about it I had decided I'm going to go in. Now going through a divorce is probably isn't the smartest but I knew I was not going to act ignorant it's just like I needed to see. You see he's been telling me this whole time during our Separation on how he loves only me he only cares only to see me he doesn't want anybody else and he's also made the statement numerous amount of times that he will never take off his wedding ring until we're divorced. Well the Curiosity got the best of me so I walked into this strip club and it wasn't very busy but as I go in there I look over and there he is and I pretty much get almost 8 ft to him before he really realizes it's me and all I could do was ask him really. Like I said I was not screaming or yelling or acting crazy but merely just looking him in his face and just wanting to know why he continues to lie to me about things even though we are separated and he can do as he wants it's just the fact that he's lying and trying to love bomb me all the time. Well I sat down next to him and I pointed out that I noticed that he wasn't wearing a ring and I just told him that I couldn't believe that he continued to lie to me. I got up and he asked me where I was going and I told him I was leaving, he really didn't act all too concerned that I had caught him there. But even though this might not been a smart move on my behalf going through a divorce might look bad on me. It actually helped me mentally, cuz I actually saw him for who he really is. I know now 100% without a doubt that he would never change no matter what. As we each left the club in our two separate vehicles he went one way and I went another and at some point he texted me and I ended up calling him it's much easier for me to talk than it is to text while driving, and as time was going on in this conversation he was starting to become clear that he pulled out of the parking lot to only Circle back to go back to make me think that he left. He kept saying things to me like where are you at now? Well are you sure I left? So I'm not really sure 100% if he ended up circling around and intending on going back, I had actually turned around at one point to see if he went back but after thinking about it for a while I decided it probably better just for me to go home and so I did. During the drive home he ended up calling me and we talked on the phone for a little bit he wanted to tell me to watch out for deer. During our conversation at some points he also had mentioned several times about me having a GPS on them, he thinks that I knew where he was like on got ways of telling where he's at. No matter how many times I tell him that I don't have anything like that on him he just doesn't believe me. It upsets me that he doesn't believe me, and I'm always trying to validate myself, I have got to quit doing that. How do you overcome the need to validate yourself? How do you overcome the need of worrying about what they're doing when you're not around knowing you don't want to be with themno more? I know I don't want to be with him anymore, but the idea of him and someone else I don't know if it hurts my feelings, or if I might be jealous, or what exactly it is.
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2023.06.07 09:49 Prestigious_Kale_09 5-Star Inclusions/PC pricing

Hi everyone! So I bought several 5-Star albums and have traded to complete my OT8 set but now I have some dupes that I’ve pulled and I wanted some feedback/help on how to properly price the PCs/inclusions for sale, since I don’t want to overprice anything (I saw a ver. A Bang Chan card up for $25 which seems excessive to me, since it’s a regular album pull). To be exact this is what I’m looking to price (with some notes):
  1. Ver. A and B PCs - $6 seems like the average price
  2. Double Sides PCs - don’t know what to price this at, my GC said they’re usually more than the single sided ones, so maybe $8 or $9?
  3. OOTD Mini Poster - idk what to price this
  4. Reg album folded poster - also idk
  5. Album w/ CD, no inclusions - maybe $10? That’s what I’ve seen the maxident ones go for. $15 with inclusions?
  6. Target Exclusive - idk either
  7. Barnes and Noble Exclusive - also idk but I saw the Bang Chan one going for $100 on eBay which is a big no for me
I’d appreciate any help and information! Let me know if anything needs clarification. Thank you in advance! :)
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