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2023.03.24 06:24 daveycrocko given a channel that @ElijahSchaffer built to 130k Stein is on 20 ep. in and only getting 6k views? Moon Landing? Blaze IIA is not the same as staging protests

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2023.03.24 06:23 Sure_Strawberry_3440 I have a young child with Autism

My husband and I just bought our first home last year, it is a row style home so we have neighbors on both sides of us.
We have a 4 year old child with autism. They are non verbal but that doesn't mean quiet. Often times her sleep schedule is off and I get woke up throughout most nights to the noise of her playing or banging her head on the wall, etc.
This evening she had a complete meltdown upon taking her to bed. She screamed at the top of her lungs for about 10 minutes before the neighbors started pounding on their wall. Of course this gets me feeling angry and frustrated.
The pounding on the walls from them just made my daughter scream even louder. At this point I'm shouting to the neighbors asking them what they expect me to do. They just continue pounding. I worry that someday it might escalate into them calling the police or CPS.
What would happen if they do? Would they take just the child with autism away? We have other kids, but they are old enough/ have the capacity to understand and control themselves.
With my youngest daughter, that is simply not always possible despite our best efforts. Of course the night time wakings are a stim thing. I usually just let her do her thing until she goes back to sleep. But I'm certain the neighbors can't stand it.
The meltdown.. I have no idea what brought it on tonight. The only thing out of the ordinary is one of her siblings went to stay the night with their cousin. Other than that, same old routine. After coming up into her room and tucked into bed, BOOM, instant meltdown. She's finally asleep.
There are so many people that take being neurotypical for granted and even more that simply do not understand or even acknowledge Autism.
I wouldn't change my daughter for the world but I would change the world for my daughter.
Has anyone ever had a similar situation happen? Where neighbors were not thrilled about living nextdoor to a child with special needs? What happened? Is there something that can be done? I could really use some advice, reassurance and perhaps some validation.
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2023.03.24 06:19 Stumblebee Some reflections and questions about my first ever live poker experience

So I grew up watching the WSOP on ESPN and always wanted to play real life poker. I'm an adult now and suddenly realized that it's a thing I can actually do now. So I found a $60 buy-in tournament at my local casino and jumped right in after a couple days of watching some Daniel Negreanu tournament streams and researching ways to not be total ass (pre-flop ranges, keeping position in mind, etc)
Against all odds and despite my best efforts, I ended up making the final table (out of 30) and chopped a 4-way pot for 445!
Some notes, reflections, and questions;
1) playing with the poker chips is fun but not as fun as my inner child wanted it to be.
1a) how the shit do you do the little chip shuffle?? that feels like magic.
2) how the shit do you guys remember live hands to study? Soon as the cards leave my hand, they also leave my brain. The way some folks will perfectly recount hands, bets, raises, and the board astounds me.
3) literally the only hand I remember well: I folded AJo UTG but the board went XXAAA. Would have had Quad Aces, rip
4) I started to be unable to make clean antes after a while and didn't realize the dealer can make change with other antes, so I asked to exchange 1 1k chip for 10 100s. Got a weird look from the guy next to me and said nevermind lol. Realized pretty quickly that small denominations don't matter worth much later in the game.
5) Things were pretty damn nerve-wracking at the beginning, loosened up when I got used to the flow of the game, got sweaty when we were on the bubble, and then the mood got way more fun when we hit the cash. Is it like that every game?
6) I kept losing track of the button, posted big blinds as small blind multiple times, folded as the BB when I had the option
7) busting someone out of an event feels very weird. I knocked three people out, two on fairly bad beats. Don't think I could feel good doing that in a cash game where the money is their actual money without feeling pretty bad.
8) I feel like I'm aware of a pretty obvious tell when I bet. Very confident and quick bets when I have it, hims and haws when I don't. I think I was able to use that to my advantage to bluff a few hands.
9) speaking of, bluffing feels amazing when you pull it off.
10) Dealers and poker game directors are absolute fucking magicians with how quickly and confidently they have to resolve issues like burned cards, boxed cards, large chip counts, etc. Tonight gave me major, major appreciation for these people. Tip your dealers y'all.
11) this is the second time Tiktok has sent me down a rabbit hole and got me to step out of my comfort zone for something that looks fun to do. First golf, now poker.
12) y'all were pretty handy in getting me started too. The Poker Terms Glossary link has been broken for a few years now according to the way back machine (mods pls fix), but I do appreciate the conversation here since I legitimately think it helped me out in a few ways, specifically, tips on what to do/not to do when playing live for the first time.
13) I am still turbo dogshit at this game, but look forward to improving. That'll be a little hard to do though, because....
14) my states against online poker is wack as hell. I want to play micro-stakes and don't want to figure out VPNs and other stuff like that.
All-in-all, I had a great experience and will absolutely be back to play again!
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2023.03.24 06:17 Nicola60 I never thought I'd grow on this name, but let's do Nicola with they/them pronouns if you'd be so kind!

The title might sound weird without context, so I'll explain. Nicola is basically an attempt to feminize/gender-neutralize the name I was born with.
Somewhere around 23 years ago, I was born "Nicholas Sean [Surname]", and around 7 years ago, I started questioning my gender identity. I considered a load of names, but none of them sat right with me, and until tonight, I wondered why.
I realized I was a transfeminine enby along the way of all my questioning, and I considered what is most likely the final idea for my name: shoot for a feminine/gender-neutral version of my birth name.
With this in mind, I'm hooked on being "Nicola Shannon [Surname]" one day as what I've settled on for when I go to the courthouse for legal change. It grew on me super quick, and due to the trauma associated with being called my deadname, I didn't think I'd appreciate such a name, but it turns out that I don't have a problem with my deadname's style; I just have a problem with its masculinity.
If I felt more like a binary trans woman, "Nicole Shawna [Surname]" would seem like a good candidate too. However, due to my flavor of gender, I feel like keeping it a little more neutral.
That being said, I'd like people to have a go at using they/them pronouns with Nicola. I actually go by any and all pronouns, but I selected they/them on this post specifically for the purpose of simplicity.
You can use Nicky if you wish, as well, but Nicola is ultimately what's up. As far as my interests, I love music, in terms of listening to it and creating it, video games, reading, anime, and a bunch of other fun stuff.
Music is my heart and soul, and I play the bass guitar. I generally enjoy progressive rock/metal, jazz fusion, funk, soul, and classical music.
Let's have a go at it with Nicola and they/them pronouns. Thank you!
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2023.03.24 06:15 MoreHalf9588 My dad is dying and I have no idea how to cope

On January 19, my (26f) dad (62) came over to help me hang my tv. He called me after with a heavy slur and telling me he was having a really hard time talking. I called my mom who took him to the ER, feeling pretty confident he just had a mini stroke. All signs pointed to a mini stroke. I so badly. so. badly. wish it was a mini stroke.
They did an MRI, then a contrast MRI, then a CT. They sent him home after a day saying that his symptoms say a stroke but his scans say otherwise. They scheduled some more tests and set him up with a neuro-oncologist for over a month out.
It became a waiting game. His speech would go in and out, some days he was fine, other days he sounded like he was drunk. My dad was convinced it was nothing and he was fine but we all knew it was going to be something.
After his appointment with the neuro oncologist, she said this was a case unlike she’s ever seen and she brought it to the state board for review. A brain biopsy was scheduled to find out more.
March 15th, we finally had answers. Stage 4 glioblastoma. A fast moving, aggressive brain tumor that creates legions and spreads rapidly. Typically treatment entails removing as much of these lesions as possible and doing radiation/chemo to slow the growth, but it will never fully go. Most people make it 12-18 months most with the treatment, and that’s if the tumor responds, which it often doesn’t. The physicians assistant giving these results sounded more positive than what was probably truthful. “We treat this all the time,” she said, “he’s in good hands and his symptoms will be mild with this type of radiation and chemo.
By the time we finally got these answers, his speech was slurry more often than not and he was losing his ability to use his right hand. They scheduled radiation and chemo to begin April 4. Three more weeks of regressing before treatment starts. Three fucking weeks.
My parents decided to get a second opinion at a brain cancer specialty clinic, praying they might have more answers or other treatment options. The neurologist here finally gave some honesty. He told us to enjoy as much time as we can with him. Do all the things he enjoys and take in every moment. He said to get our affairs in order. He said to just be present and love. He said this all through tears, unable to promise a time frame.
Earlier my dad fell when taking out the recycling. He wasn’t able to move his right leg. He was at the house alone, stuck for some time before he could get back inside. He said he was trying to write a message in the rocks because he thought that would be it. Thankfully it wasn’t.
Tonight, he made the decision that he no longer wants to do treatment. He doesn’t want to deal with burns on his scalp and the nausea and exhaustion. He doesn’t want more time if his time is left with half of his body working. He wants to ride out the time he has.
With no treatment, they said most people make it 4-6 months from the first sight of symptoms. We are in month 2 and he has already declined so so much. 2 months ago he was hanging a tv. Playing golf. Hosting parties. Today he can hardly walk.
I am so angry and so sad and feel so hopeless right now. If these doctors knew so early that this was something serious, why the fuck has it taken this long? Why the fuck are we just learning the reality? Why would they schedule radiation 3 weeks out after watching the lesions go from 4cm to 26 in 4 weeks? Why is this happening to my dad? How am I supposed to cope with the fact that I have no idea how much time I have left with him, not to mention how much time it will actually BE him.
My dad will probably not see me get my masters degree in two months. Or pass my boards. Or meet the person I fall in love with. Or walk me down the isle. He won’t meet his future grandkids.
He won’t be there to answer my dumb questions about what tools to use to fix my breaking furniture. He won’t be there with his truck to help me move. He won’t be there to tell me what the sounds my car makes means. He won’t be there to give me hugs and tell me he’s proud of me and make me breakfast when I’m sick. I just bought that online storytelling guide that puts all of his memories into a book at the end of the year. Because he won’t be here by the end of the year, or even the summer.
I need to get this out because I’m not good at taking the love from the people that care about me, I have so many and I have no idea how to let them love me. I am devastated and lost as I try to prepare for a world without the man who gave me unconditional love, and my mom… how is she supposed to go another 20 years without her person?
I hate what the universe has given to my family. I have no ability to be excited for any of the upcoming milestones and trips because I feel hallow and powerless and lonely. So, all I can do is share all of this here, to a group of strangers so I don’t have to make my reality aware of how fucking angry and sad and hopeless I really am.
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2023.03.24 06:10 Apprehensive_Car5598 Aita

So let me preface this by saying, I work in service, but not in the restaurant industry. I was at a restaurant tonight. They weren’t super busy, but they were moderately busy. Two bartenders to serve the entire restaurant, so a bit understaffed. And to be honest, it was large bar (one that wraps around 360 around the center island. To the point of if the bartender was on the other side, serving another patron, they couldn’t see the other side of the bar. Waited quite a while to even be greeted, easily 10 to 15 minutes. But I understood that they were understaffed, and the bartenders were on the other side of the bar, and probably couldn’t see me.
Finally was able to flag somebody down, to get a menu. I commented on the fact that it was really difficult for them to see patrons from one end of the bar to the other. She agreed, and apologized for the wait, and said they had been super slammed but it was starting to slow down. Ok no biggie. Where I struggle, there were some basics of service that we’re just flat out missed. For example, if you know you have a 360 bar, with patrons on the other side, don’t spend all your time on the far end of the bar. The people on the other side of the bar are just as important. When I finally was able to get her attention to bring me a menu, she didn’t even bother to bring me a water, ask what I want to drink… Anything. Basically slapped the menu down in front of me and left. The menu was filthy, covered in barbecue sauce.
On the plus side though, they didn’t have exactly what I was wanting on the menu, a basic grilled chicken sandwich. But the menu said you could substitute a chicken breast for any burger, so I ordered the most basic burger I could find, and substituted a grilled chicken breast. When the bartender put in the order, she said well, instead of doing it the way you ordered, as the whatever burger it was, with the chicken breast substituted, I’m going to save you some money, and order this burger and substitute chicken breast. It’s like five dollars cheaper. Awesome!
I understand that the understaffing, and the size of the bar is in no way her fault, and if those were the only issues, 20% no problem. However, grabbing somebody a water right away, or at least, as soon as you are able to acknowledge them, a clean menu, not covered in leftover scraps from the last patron, making an attempt to pay attention to the other side of the bar, that’s just basic stuff. Then, when I was ready to leave, I spent probably another 10 minutes trying to flag down someone just to close out. I, ended up leaving her 11%. Too rough? Or appropriate?
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2023.03.24 06:08 woodythegoody My girlfriend finds my friend more attractive

For a long time I was struggling with depression and loneliness and I felt I was worthless and suicidal. I was crying out loud almost every night from the pain I had in my chest. It was all because I could see how all of my friends have had multiple relationships and slept with tons of women and I was the only 22 y/o virgin guy that has never been into any relationships and has never ever heard anyone telling him “I love you”, let alone other stuff. Few weeks ago I finally got a match on tinder and went on a date with her. She was not attractive at all and was mean a bit but I couldn’t let my only opportunity go so tried to attract her. Eventually, we went on a relationship. However, she barely wants to see me and tried to avoid any types of physical touch as she said she is traumatized from years ago which I accepted. Tonight the weather was fine after a long time so I told her to hang out and she finally accepted to come out after hours of arguing about how far she is and bringing random excuses. Anyways, we went to a restaurant and we had dinner(which I paid as always). After that I suggest to have an ice-cream which she accepted while I was so happy to have her we saw a friend of mine in that ice-cream shop. As soon as she saw him, she started saying how cute my friend is and acting like she has a crush on him right in front of me. She asked me about him multiple times and when we met she was staring at him with passion. Something I never could get from her. It shattered my heart into pieces thinking how ugly and worthless I am that even my girlfriend prefers other men. (she has never complemented me for once and keep telling me she may breakup with me for another guy as a joke) I tried to show to her that I don’t like her act but she ignored them and later because I was acting colder she got mad. I don’t know what to do. I’m tired of trying and trying again to get something everybody else has (love). By the way, I’m a normal looking man probably 6-7 out of 10 and 5’10 height. I work out everyday. I do BJJ and I have played tennis for 9 years. I come from an upper class family.I can speak 4 languages. I study in a good university and know how to play piano and drums and I paint as well. But apparently non of these could make me a man with values(I spent thousands of hours learning about how to be attractive for women and how to act to be like a man not a boy) I’m almost done please help. Thanks
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2023.03.24 06:06 Scare12f Lesbian finally wanted dick tonight

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2023.03.24 05:51 Sure_Strawberry_3440 Parent of child with high support autism

My husband and I just bought our first home last year, it is a row style home so we have neighbors on both sides of us.
We have a 4 year old child with autism. They are non verbal but that doesn't mean quiet. Often times her sleep schedule is off and I get woke up throughout most nights to the noise of her playing or banging her head on the wall, etc.
This evening she had a complete meltdown upon taking her to bed. She screamed at the top of her lungs for about 10 minutes before the neighbors started pounding on their wall. Of course this gets me feeling angry and frustrated.
The pounding on the walls from them just made my daughter scream even louder. At this point I'm shouting to the neighbors asking them what they expect me to do. They just continue pounding. I worry that someday it might escalate into them calling the police or CPS.
What would happen if they do? Would they take just the child with autism away? We have other kids, but they are old enough/ have the capacity to understand and control themselves.
With my youngest daughter, that is simply not always possible despite our best efforts. Of course the night time wakings are a stim thing. I usually just let her do her thing until she goes back to sleep. But I'm certain the neighbors can't stand it.
The meltdown.. I have no idea what brought it on tonight. The only thing out of the ordinary is one of her siblings went to stay the night with their cousin. Other than that, same old routine. After coming up into her room and tucked into bed, BOOM, instant meltdown. She's finally asleep.
There are so many people that take being neurotypical for granted and even more that simply do not understand or even acknowledge Autism.
I wouldn't change my daughter for the world but I would change the world for my daughter.
Has anyone ever had a similar situation happen? Where neighbors were not thrilled about living nextdoor to a child with special needs? What happened? Is there something that can be done? I could really use some advice, reassurance and perhaps some validation.
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2023.03.24 05:29 Pineapple_warrior94 Under the concept of Double Jeopardy, if O.J. Simpson admitted that he did kill his wife back in '94, would anything really happen?

The concept of Double Jeopardy is that you can't be charged for the same crime twice, since he's already been on trial for those murders, would nothing change?
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2023.03.24 05:27 Darunkie [Len in the Outlands] - Port Jona Arc - Chapter 17

Kartho awoke at 9am the next morning. When he finally got dressed and went downstairs, he checked the job board and saw that three jobs had already been claimed by his younger companions.
“These kids waking up early,” he muttered snarkily. “Who are they trying to impress?”
After wolfing down a quick breakfast of eggs and some kind of mystery meat that appeared to have been from a reptilian animal of some sort, he walked back to the board and perused it for his first big solo job. A lot of them were typical “go here and slay this” sort of thing, but one near the bottom caught his interest. He leaned down and carefully read the job’s background:
Forest spirit sword stolen.
A tribe of forest spirits attempting to locate a ceremonial wooden sword used in their rites of passage have tracked it to a wealthy aristocrat right here in Port Jona. Archibald Falcon, CEO of the Falcon Merchant Guild, was recently featured in a photo in the Port Jona Times, showing the sword encased in glass in his mansion on the north side of the city.
Enclosed was the picture in question. Falcon was a tall, thin man with round glasses and slicked-back black hair. He had a smug look on his face as he stood in front of a series of shelves lined with treasure. On one of the shelves was the sword in question. It was smaller, like it was designed for one-handed use. Despite being wooden, it didn’t look like a child’s toy. It was intricately carved with many curves and curls. Set near the crossguard was a citrine gem.
“Time to rip off a rich fellow,” Kartho said, tearing the flyer off the board and signing his name on the blank sheet of paper behind it, signifying he had claimed a job.
After leaving the Meadowbirds’ headquarters, Kartho made a beeline for the district where Falcon’s mansion was. It was a residential district near several merchants’ districts, all of which sold high-end items. When he got there he was almost disgusted by how decadent the homes were. The houses were enormous. Each of them were made up of multiple wings and towers. The grounds for each home were wide and sprawling, each of them gated. Guest houses and servants’ quarters were also present. Many of the homes, though not all of them, had private guards stationed at the main gates. Falcon’s home was one that was guarded.
“Paranoid son of a gun,” Kartho said as he observed it from the opposite street corner. The guards briefly glanced at him, but he moved away before they could get suspicious. A block away, he paced, thinking of how he could get in. His grounds were somewhat lacking in thick vegetation, which meant less cover. He was also sure that all entrances and even most windows would be guarded.
“-think the event will be a smash hit.”
A voice spoke from around the corner. Kartho barely heard half the sentence before he turned his attention toward it. Two human men in fine clothing were walking together down the street.
“Ah yes,” said the other man. “Old Archibald hasn’t hosted a party of this caliber in several months. I hear everyone who’s anyone is going to be there.”
“Will Falenias have the gall to show his face?” asked the first man. “His business took a tanking recently. If he had any decency he’d stay away from this.”
“He is certainly not coming,” the second man replied. “I spoke to him yesterday when he came begging to me to help bail him out. He said something about sequestering himself in his office for the next week to find a solution to his financial problems.”
“As well he should,” said the first man. “If he has any desire to remain in high society-“
But Kartho was no longer listening. He dashed down the street and away from the two men. He had an in to Falcon’s house. He was going to impersonate Falenias and crash the party.
It didn’t take long to find out who Falenias was. Kartho visited the nearby merchant districts asking about him. He was the leader of a guild that was falling on hard times due to corrupt business practices. His face was featured in the Port Jona Times a handful of times in the last month alone. Kartho returned to his room at headquarters and stood in front of his mirror along with a photo of his mark. He spent the next hour or so applying illusion magic to himself. He grew his hair so it fell to his shoulders and changed it from black to bright flaming red. His skin reddened slightly, and his irises changed to bright amber. He pulled on his ears until they elongated and pointed, looking perfectly elven. He even managed to increase his height a few inches. He estimated Falenias at six feet, two inches. He then finalized his facial features and transformed his clothing into finery befitting the event. Once he was sure he was done, he twirled around once.
“Mr. Falenias, I presume?” he asked his reflection. He wasn’t sure what Falenias sounded like, so he hoped others wouldn’t notice. He also hoped that the elf’s status as a disgraced businessman would mean nobody would want to be seen with him, so nobody would approach him for a conversation.
When the time for the party had approached, Kartho wandered into the wealthy district and approached the main gate of Falcon’s mansion. Already a large crowd of partygoers was walking past the guards. When it was Kartho’s turn, one of the guards approached and put his hand up.
“Name?” he asked.
“Falenias,” Kartho uttered, trying to sound as self-important as possible.
The guard muttered and looked at a sheaf of parchment he was holding.
“Says here you declined your invitation.”
Kartho scoffed. “So I’m not allowed to change my mind?” he asked condescendingly. “Do you know who I am? I make more in a day than you do in a year. Now let me through!!”
He shouted the last part. The guard, taken aback, jumped a bit and gestured for Kartho to enter the grounds. He smugly turned his nose up at the guard and walked in.
The grounds were well-lit, with large electric streetlights dotting the landscape. As he saw from outside the gate, Falcon’s lawn was flat and featureless. There were several benches, walkways, and reflecting pools, but other than the odd shrub here and there, there was nothing in the way of cover. Partygoers mingled about, munching on tiny hors-d’oeuvres and drinking expensive drinks through tall thin flutes that looked like you couldn’t even get a buzz from one.
“This party sucks,” Kartho muttered under his breath. That didn’t stop him from grabbing three drinks and a handful of snacks when the servers came by him.
“Loading up on free stuff now so you don’t starve later?” asked one of the guests. Kartho just snorted and glared at him before chugging his drinks.
After a while, Kartho meandered into the mansion itself. The entryway was as obscenely huge as he imagined it would be. A grand staircase was in front of him. Below it was a massive bronze statue of a falcon, easily the size of a full-grown Amazonian. The floor and pillars in the room looked to be made of solid jade and marble, respectively. Above him was the most intricate chandelier he had ever seen. More guests were crammed in here with even more servers laden with countless items.
In the brighter light, many guests turned toward him and sneered. Kartho thought to himself that people really hated Falenias right now. After a few minutes the sneers subsided. It seems nobody wanted to even associate with him, as he predicted. Anyone he approached turned away or even walked away. This was good, he thought. Nobody would think to follow him or distract him.
Finally, he had thought it was time to slip away. He walked to the nearest server and cleared his throat.
“Excuse me,” he asked. “Where’s the little elf’s room? I do feel I’ve had a bit much to drink.”
“Right this way, sir,” said the server, gesturing for Kartho to accompany him.
The server led him away from the crowd and down an empty hallway to a closed door.
“This is the powder room, sir,” the server said. “I’ll wait out here to escort you back to the party when you’re finished.”
Kartho thanked him and entered the room, shutting the door. He waited about thirty seconds before knocking.
“Excuse me,” he said, “but I think this toilet might be broken.”
He opened the door for the server, who walked in. Kartho closed the door behind them and stood behind the server as he walked to the toilet.
“Looks fine to m-“ the server began. He couldn’t finish, as Kartho hit him over the head, knocking him out.
“Sorry, buddy,” he said, “but I need your face.”
Kartho muttered an incantation and the features of Falenias melted away, returning him to normal. He examined the server for a few seconds and applied another spell, transforming him into the server, clothing and all. After locking the door behind him, Kartho stepped out into the hallway. It was empty as before.
Kartho strode confidently down the hallway, looking around for the room in the newspaper photo. He opened a few random doors but couldn’t find the room in question. He read that Falcon was a bachelor, having only servants and guards in the house with him, so there was no risk of stumbling across a family member. He did encounter a few other people, but none of them paid him any heed, assuming he was just part of the staff.
He was going down a corridor on the second floor of the main wing when he could hear someone yelling behind him.
“Berriss!!” called the voice.
Kartho turned to see another server walking quickly towards him.
“Where the heck were you?” he asked. “I need you back outside serving drinks. You don’t get paid to take a stroll through the house.”
“Sorry,” Kartho replied. “Mr. Falcon just said he needed me to go get his, um, spyglass, from his treasure room. But I got lost.”
The other server shook his head. “A year here and still getting lost? You know I only hired you as a favor to your parents, right? Keep doing this and I’ll have no choice but to let you go. Third floor, east wing. Get it and get your sorry self back to the party. You’ve got five minutes.”
The server bounded away. Kartho went the opposite direction, back to the east wing and up the stairs.
Once he got there, the room was easy enough to find. It was bigger than he thought, with every wall covered in shelves stocked full of every item Falcon had collected over the years, save for one which had a giant set of glass double doors opening to a balcony. The items ranged from simple things like wooden figurines to solid gold magical contraptions. Sure enough, the sword was right where it was in the photo. Kartho opened the glass case and hid it away in a pocket in his clothes.
“What are you doing here?” yelled a voice.
Kartho turned around. Falcon was standing in the threshold of the doorway, a venomous look on his face.
“This,” Kartho said, pulling out a small pellet and slamming it to the ground.
The room was instantly filled with pitch black smoke. Having memorized the layout of the room beforehand, Kartho made a beeline for the double doors and slammed through them. He quickly bounded up the roof, running across it until he was away from the treasure room.
The guards must have seen the glass shatter, because all of a sudden they were scattering across the grounds like ants at a picnic. Kartho removed his disguise and crouched on the edge of the roof, looking at them, his vantablack clothing keeping him safer.
“Crap,” he spat. “Can’t do an unnoticeability spell either. Not while they’re actively looking for someone.”
He scanned the grounds looking for an opening, but the guards were too well-dispersed and it was too well-lit for him to get away without being seen.
“Guess we’re doing things the sloppy way tonight,” he said, and plummeted off the roof onto the ground. He sprinted full-on for the edge of the grounds, heading straight for the fence. He could already hear voices yelling behind him. He ducked as he heard a whistle, a crossbow bolt missing his head by less than an inch. When he got to the fence he pulled himself up and over in one motion. Quickly he bounded into the street, turning random corners and hoping the guards wouldn’t chase him beyond the grounds. He managed to make it back to the merchants’ districts without incident. Thanking his lucky stars, he took the long way back to headquarters in case he was being tailed.
Kartho entered the main doors of Meadowbirds HQ and slammed the sword down in front of the guild member in charge of job progress that day.
“Got the sword,” he said, doing a two-finger salute. “The spirits can rest easy.”
The guild member took the sword and handed Kartho his payment of fifty gold. He pocketed it and walked away. He joined his party, each of them enjoying a large mug of ale and a huge plate of food. They cheered and raised their mugs to him when they saw him.
“All successful jobs today then?” Kartho asked.
The rest of them nodded and smiled. Kartho recanted the events to them, and they stared, wide-eyed. They chuckled at a few of the parts.
“Sounds like a fun time,” Shade replied. “A bit less messy than my job.”
“Why?” asked Kartho. “What happened on your job?”
Previous Chapter:
First Chapter:
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2023.03.24 05:24 SmallRefrigerator63 Been on multiple SSRIs and SNRIs, nothings working. Got rejected from an endocrinologist yesterday. Doctor upped my Cymbalta from 60 to 90mg today.

I'm 22 years old and have been on medication combination of Mirtazapine 30mg and Cymbalta 60mg for the past 5 weeks with no success. I was on escitalopram (progressed to 40mg over time) from June 2020 until about 5 months ago. It worked for just over 2 years, I felt awesome. Stopped working however in September last year. My doctor agreed to help me taper off Lexapro with Mirtazapine and try something else. Since then I have tried multiple SSRIs and SNRIs. All with bad side effects. Then my doctor prescribed Cymbalta finally as he was worried about the lengthy withdrawal time. He said give it some time before it kicks in. I had read good things about it so I was hopeful. Past 5 weeks the medication has done absolutely nothing except increase the brain fog. After a 2 year break from Uni (due to online from Covid) I started back up 3 weeks ago. I've been experiencing noticeably worse brain fog (concentration and memory are shot), increased dark existential thoughts and worst of all the crippling anxiety. I find myself start to sweat and blush when talking to anyone in class. I don't drink or take anything other than the medication I am prescribed. My GP recommended I got some blood tests. Free testosterone came back at 136 and then 210 two weeks later. My doctor two weeks ago referred me to an endocrinologist, he said "in my experience I haven't seen someone unable to get on trt with levels like yours". So I was hopeful, until yesterday. My dad came in with me, I explained my situation to the endo and he said "you are too young. In a few years time from now you're going to come back and blame me for being infertile" laughing and looking my dad in the eyes. I broke down in tears in front of him. I explained if going on trt made me feel better but it meant I couldn't have kids I would make that decision any day of the week. I understand it means I would have to take it for the rest of my life. I am willing to make that sacrifice. He said "I think you need to go to a hospital" my dad was quiet just consoling me. He further said "I've got a really good psychiatrist you can see who will be able to work closer with you and sort your medication out. I think this is what you need. In my experience mood and testosterone go hand in hand with each other. If we can get your mood right I guarantee your testosterone will go up. But take a blood test next Monday. Then one 4 weeks later and then another 8 weeks after that and if your levels are still at a similar range you can come back and we will look at injections twice a day". I'm thinking, wtf is going on. I'm after a once per week injection of Enanthate or Cypionate to combat the depression and anxiety, get rid of this shitty brain fog and get my life back. I saw my family doctor desperately today after crying all night last night feeling hopeless. He said he can't give me T and that the endo messaged him expressing his concern, and if I go to more endos they'll likely say the same thing. He proceeded to print out another 30mg script of Cymbalta and said cut the mirtazapine in half tonight and add 30 mg to your 60mg dose of Cymbalta, hopefully you'll experience less brain fog. Come back next Monday in 3 days, we'll see how you're feeling and hopefully I will have heard back from the Psychiatrist. If things get worse, I'm in on Sunday.
I would never take my own life. But I feel like I'm only existing for my family. The thing that was keeping me going was the idea of getting on trt. Couldn't give a toss if I can't have kids. Better cognition and mood etc, it would be worth it. I'd jab myself 10 times a days if I had to, to feel better. I'd be able to get off these shitty medications too. Going to a hospital is off the cards. I've just got a new job over the weekends and I'm studying every other hour of the day.
If anyone has any advice, I'd really appreciate it.
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2023.03.24 05:18 cherryrosecobra712 Wrong end of the statistics

This happened almost an hour ago and I just got home. I wanted to share my experience and give a heads up to everyone about walking at night.
To give a little of a background, I was in the process of leaving a restaurant in the downtown portion of a neighboring community after meeting a close friend there. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been to this area let alone at night. The parking lot was right behind the restaurant in a public space to me that was well lit and not full of alot of cars or objects that would obscure my view. Near where I parked about 75 yards was an extremely well lit parking deck.
All this detail to the side fast forward to leaving the restaurant. My buddy and I had a very long and deep conversation tonight in which lead him to leave the place shortly before me. I’ve had my CWP and train regularly and I always carry anywhere I go because I’ve learned living in Atlanta you need to have something with you and be alert of potential problems, especially late at night. I decided to go to the bathroom and leave to go to my car which meant I was walking alone (THIS, is where I made the mental error and my warning to everyone). I pulled out my cell phone to shoot a quick text to another friend of our to let him know that we had talked at the restaurant ( long story short, it was stuff that I had concerns about). So as I’m walking trying to shoot this quick text I notice two individuals near the parking deck. The one thats 75ish yards from my car.
This is where it gets dicey. As soon as it clicks in my mind where I’m at I quickly look at them while still walking and put my phone in my pocket. That’s when I noticed that they were quickly speed walking and slowed down when they realized I made eye contact with them. I knew in that moment the quickest thing to do was to get in my car immediately and lock the doors. Keep in mind both are wearing face coverings and dark clothes, to me seem to be homeless. So while they’re approaching me I got into my car immediately and hit the lock button. Not even as soon as I did both were on my car. On immediate at my driver side door and the other at the passenger side door near the front fender. The one at my door was wanting money which I told them no and to go away. Thats when both got up on my car and it clicked what they’re trying to do. Making eye contact with both masked individuals I told them to back away twice. I have a final few more orders to back the fuck away. They didn’t so I immediately drew from appendix my FN 509 that I carry in a side car holster. I pulled and kept it up near my chest at a low ready still ordering them to back away. That’s when the one on my side noticed what I did, stepped back, pulled the mask down saying they want money. (I guess not really realizing what was going on) But the other individual at my passenger side did and shouted to the other “Forget it! It ain’t worth it” and they quickly took off.
Once they moved I was quickly able to start my car and reverse out of the spot and quickly leave, placing my pistol in the cup holster of the center console.
I wanted to share this as a warning that not paying attention for a quick second almost cost me to become a victim of a mugging. I want to say that quick thinking on my part allowed me to quickly get into my car and immediately lock the doors. I did everything I could do with commands and trying to leave but that would have caused me to hit them with my car. I needed them to back up for a second and feeling threatened with no one around, late at night and with masked individuals at my car, I made the decision to take the final steps. Quickly subconscious drawing, finger off the trigger and keeping the gun at the low ready possibility saved my skin.
I want to point out that I never pointed the gun at them, or claimed I would shoot them. I have my CWP and my state permits open carry with one, especially in my car. Thinking over everything I definitely feel I got lucky and did everything correctly before resorting to my last option.
Summary: Not paying attention while going to my car late at night in a parking lot almost made me a statistic and my CWP possibly saved me.
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2023.03.24 05:01 feraljellybean Tonight I think was the final straw

I knew something was up. I had a horrible gut feeling but after being lied to and gaslit so many times, I kept trying to push my gut feeling down and label it as me “just being paranoid”. Nope. I was right. She was looking at her ex’s (AP’s) social media AGAIN. Despite telling me she hadn’t in months.
The worst too is she tried to defend herself by saying “well the social media page was on private mode so I actually couldn’t even see AP’s page, so technically I didn’t lie because I didn’t see anything”. I’m sick of the loopholes. How ridiculous is it for a 30 year old woman to behave this way?
She also decided to drop the bomb on me that there are “more things she’s done recently too that if I knew about I would not be happy, but since we’re not together anymore now she doesn’t owe me an explanation”. How insensitive can she be? Now I’m sitting here all night miserable and anxious because I have no clue what happened behind my back (could’ve been another affair, who knows) and I most likely won’t get answers.
One thing that has me extremely anxious is when she had one of her affairs, she slept with someone else and then came home and kissed me and slept with me and didn’t clean herself at all in between. I could have caught something but that wasn’t of concern to her apparently, so now I’m terrified that she had another affair and there’s a possibility something has been passed to me because since I was unaware, I didn’t think to go get tested.
She is an insanely good liar and manipulator, which makes it all worse because I quite literally cannot tell what’s true and what’s false with her. I now am going to have to figure out how to get tested but I literally can’t go until Tuesday because I can’t get a ride anywhere until then. I just want to cry and scream. How is any of this fair?
I don’t understand how a 30 year old woman thinks it’s mature and okay to treat people this way. Her reaction is just so nonchalant. She doesn’t care. I wasted officially a year now on R, hoping she would take it seriously like she begged and promised she would, but it was all just another lie. My very irrational mind almost wants to lie and tell her that I slept with someone else if she confesses to another affair, just to make her feel the way she’s made me feel, but I know that’s irrational and won’t matter, I’d also like to walk away with my dignity.
I’m honestly feeling really alone, hurt and confused and could use some words of advice or support if anyone has any. I don’t even know who to talk to about this in my life.
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2023.03.24 04:49 caution_turbulence Late Night Fun Stuff

What’s up swappers. A few thangs up for grabs tonight! Will ship first thing in the morning, and discounts can be had should you feel the urge to purchase more than one! Timestamp:
SOLD SOLD First up, Spyderco Wharncliffe Endura with some K390. BNIB. That’s about it really. I bought it. Opened it up, decided it wasn’t for me and now here we are again. Hasn’t cut anything, and has seen about 20 minutes outside the box. SV: $120, TV: $130 SOLD SOLD
Second, Vero Axon M390 Blackwash. Comes with card, pouch, cloth. Literally just got it in today from swap. Previous owner described it as BNIB and I would agree. Great action, no flaws, solid lockup and centering. I like the knife but again it’s just not what I’m looking for. Purchased on a whim. Also I need to recoup some funds after finally scoring a shaman I was looking for. Looking for what I got it for, SV: $230, TV: $240 * side note I didn’t make a video for this one— if I wanna get roasted on Reddit I’ll goto that page lol. If you’re interested I can make it happen just let me know.
Third, Tops MSF 4.0 N690 Great little folder. Kind of a classic look but a unique grind, in my opinion at least. Perfect action, ridiculously sharp, perfect centering. First owner, never carried, but probably opened the next box that came in. I don’t have a box for it, so it’ll come wrapped in a Kirkland’s finest microfiber towel. ($1 value, yours free with purchase!) Solid knife that can definitely do some work. SV:$90 TV: $100
And finally, a Leatherman Wingman. Barely carried, barely used, still has factory grease. I don’t have a sheath on it but if you pitch a fit I’ll grab one off another. First owner, it’s been in a drawer and I’m tired of looking at it once in a while. SV: $50 TV:$60
Shoot your shots if you’re interested, negotiations are fun. Trades— look I’m obsessed with the rec exclusive manix and shaman. Unreasonably obsessed. So if you have those, let’s chat.
PPGS per rules, comment then chat, yolo is king unless I’m working a trade for one of the aforementioned obsessions 😂
Thanks for looking!
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2023.03.24 04:48 Sufficiently-Trash Darkness will end tonight

My entire life I’ve felt like I wasn’t real. I’ve felt like a pawn in the life of everyone around me. I’ve felt like my life isn’t mine, but something being written by someone else.
I’ve spent 16 years feeling like I’m on borrowed time, 11 years feeling like I should follow in my dads footsteps, 10 years like I’ve had to prove myself to those around me, 5 years like I’ve had to fit into a societal mold, 3 years like I’ve had to hide my feelings to help others, and 2 years like I’ve burned everything to the ground around me.
I can’t make friends, I’m ruining my boyfriends life, I’m ruining friendships and burning bridges with ease. I lay awake at night feeling like I’m stuck at the bottom of the ocean, unable to breath, everyone’s faces glancing in asking why I can’t just swim to the top. But my limbs don’t work. My veins feel empty of blood and filled with lead. Like I grasp at the current while my brain tells me to sink further into the sand. Like the intensity of their words engulf the warmth around me and make the water so cold.
I woke up Sunday, my eyes heavy and my heart empty. I wondered why I had to wake up. I woke up Monday wondering how breathing could be so easy when oxygen felt like something unattainable. Tuesday my body felt sore and begged to lay to rest. Wednesday had me grasping at the end of the day like an impossible marathon. Today I woke up, completely exhausted, but not a single emotion in the cells of my body. Like I’ve spent my entire life digging myself out of a hole full of quicksand. Like every shovel of soil lands on my head and steals my next breath.
I’m tired, I’m weak, and I’m ready to rest. I’ve run from the darkness for 16 years with no finish in site. I’ve begged for help, for someone to hear my screams at every corner and crack in the side walk. But everyone around me can’t hear me through the water that fills my mouth and throat and lungs. I’m tired of running. My legs are anchored to the ground. The darkness comes tonight and I’m not scared anymore. I’m just ready to rest, finally. It ends tonight.
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2023.03.24 04:39 DE4N0123 Kia Rio CarPlay screen turning blank when headlights turned on…?

Not sure if this is a common problem so thought I’d just ask.
Everything running smoothly with my Kia Rio 2022 until this happened earlier tonight. Finished work at 2am, had to drive a friend home as they couldn’t get a taxi. I put their address into my CarPlay map, then when I put my headlights on the screen went completely black. The radio was still playing and I could turn it on and off but I had to pull over, restart the car a couple times and fiddle around with the Bluetooth for ages until the screen finally decided to cooperate again.
I’m hoping this is an isolated incident but has anyone else had this problem with the Kia computer screen? If so is there a fix or do I just have to hope it doesn’t happen again? I’ve checked all the settings etc and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of power saving method other than the screen becoming dimmed in certain low light but never turning itself off. Bizarre.
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2023.03.24 04:36 Staibsm0516 Wrong medicine

So I shared in my first post here that my Dr put me on Latuda to help control my Bpd symptoms. I went 3 days with it, nothing major had the Hypersalivation that's listed and some good sleep (finally).
Then my body seemed to betray itself, violently getting sick to the point of dehydration and muscle cramps that took surgical grade narcotics to calm my body down from.
Turns out I am 1:150 that have a sensitivity to one of the ingredients in the medicine. I have now been switched to Vraylar, tonight is day 1. Hopefully it helps silence the million voices in my head and let's me sleep and keeps me from having any violent side effects.
Sorry if I'm just rambling on, Ive noticed this is one of the safer places to talk about these things without judgement or being approached by the "Internet Dr.s".
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2023.03.24 04:34 wackyhorrorwriter14 Evil Waze

I was alone in my bedroom when I first started talking to Lili Hope. My parents were out of town and I was stuck at the house on a dark and stormy night. It was another lonely weekend for me considering I had no friends in college, let alone a girlfriend. I had long started regretting the decision to stay home in Americus and attend Georgia Southwestern but tonight really emphasized my alienation. Here I was in the middle of nowhere in a house surrounded by roaming woods and dirt roads. And to top all this misery off, I was only twenty so I couldn’t buy alcohol.
But still there was Lili. In my room, I ignored the steady rain overpowering my classic rock YouTube playlist. I could ignore the February cold and it was all because of her.
I’d met Lili on MeetMe, a really shitty free dating app. But she stood out. Not just because she wasn’t a spambot either. For one thing, she was close. Buena Vista (that's BEW-NUH VISS-TUH), Georgia was only thirty minutes away and it was a town I was familiar with given how much my parents and I enjoyed visiting Eddie Martin’s Pasaquan art exhibit.
I could tell Lili enjoyed talking to me for more than just compliments and sexting (though I certainly wasn’t complaining about that). We discussed horror movies, The Beatles, and how we were made for each other given we were both pale Hispanic emos. She was my age but had dropped out of Georgia Southwestern after her first semester because she had no money or support from her shithead father. Now Lili was working at a gas station in Buena Vista, but her dreams of being an actress or a model persisted. She certainly had the looks no matter what hair color she ran with. And unlike most of the girls I encountered on MeetMe, Lili never used make-up or excessive SnapChat filters to disguise her acne or slight belly. She stayed true to herself.
After that magical night, she and I talked more over the next few weeks. There were phone calls, Facebook chats, text messages. Even FaceTime calls in which Lili thrilled me when she said I was even cuter on video. I could’ve said the same about her. Call it an emo romance, but to me, what we had was true love.
Through our talks, I did find out more about Lili's family. Her mom had died when Lili was only eight so she became very close to her dad. She showed me many of her old family photos but I was a little confused when I never saw one of her mom. Lili’s dad on the other hand looked old even though he was only in his mid-forties. He was a shorter man with dark long hair and a dark long beard. About the only thing he and Lili seemed to have in common were their big brown eyes.
I felt like Lili had rescued me during all those lonely school days and even lonelier weekends. I liked to think I saved her from the customer service depression as well. And then finally, the dream happened: we made plans to meet in person.
Spring Break arrived, and per usual, I had no plans. Lili gave me her address and on a quiet Monday while my parents were out of town, I got ready to head over to Buena Vista. I threw on my coolest band tee (my Ramones shirt), my nicest pair of jeans, and even had my straight dark hair perfectly combed over to the side. I felt the adrenaline of a prom night I never got to experience.
In the kitchen, I stopped to see a violent storm outside the sliding glass doors. Cold air had already seeped into the house. I threw on a yellow windbreaker to both stay warm and to prepare for the barrage of rain that was about to hit me like bullets.
But before I left, I needed something to calm my nerves: I grabbed one of my dad’s Miller Lites. But I needed music too. I looked toward our Amazon Echo standing by the Keurig, trying to decide on the perfect theme song for Lili and I's first date.
"Alexa, play 'Born To Run'!" I finally said.
"Okay," Alexa's calm, robotic voice replied.
Springsteen's classic roared over the downpour. The beer also did the trick even though I cringed with every sip. I had enough of a buzz to calm the jitters but not enough to get me a DUI. "Thank you, Alexa!" I said to that sweet machine.
"No problem," she stated. "No problem at all, Demian.”
In the Corolla, I turned on the heat before accessing the Waze app on my phone. I plugged in Lili's address then pulled out of the driveway. The app started to talk to me off my phone… only this wasn't the bland monotone Waze usually greeted me with. This was my voice.
Thanks to the beer buzz, I just chuckled at first. Especially once I heard myself giving the directions, the fusion of my deep voice and Alexa's deliberate tone amusing me. I put on a Spotify classic rock station to further calm the nerves.
The decreasing mile marker signs leading to Buena Vista excited me like a New Year's countdown. And soon, the route got more and more secluded. The highway got bumpier, the houses less frequent. Darkness soon blanketed whatever daylight I had left… even though it wasn’t even five o’clock yet.
Unease crept inside me as the ferocious storm never went away. Even over the music and my own methodical Waze voice, I could hear and feel the thunder. My windshield wipers worked overtime. I felt my tires spray water everywhere on this ocean of rugged pavement. Rather than a fearsome sight, the lightning actually became a helpful co-pilot for my Corolla's weak headlights.
The spiraling drive took me past Buena Vista's downtown ‘square,’ a conglomeration of decrepit historical buildings, the rundown gas station I figured Lili had slaved away at, and a seedy Subway.
"Turn left on Tenney Road," Waze Demian stated in a voice smoother than I could ever conjure in the real world.
I followed orders and turned on to the dirt road. The fact my Corolla didn't get bogged down shocked me. Rather than water, my tires now kicked up slushy mud. Lili had said she lived in the country, but this was something else: this was a fucking forest.
Needless to say, the headlights didn't help much. Leaning forward, I strained to see through the darkness and buckets of rain. The raindrops now drowned out all other noise. Up ahead, all I could make out was the faint trace of a driveway and a metal mailbox painted in harsh shades of red.
"What the hell..." I muttered.
"Your destination is on the left," Waze Demian said, his monotone struggling to contain excitement.
My unease only grew but I had to see Lili. I'd already come this far.
"Your destination is on the left," Waze Demian repeated for emphasis.
The closer I got to the mailbox, the more my fear intensified. I actually started to sweat on this dark, cold night.
"Your destination is on the left," my Waze voice continued to chant.
As I pulled into the driveway, the radio and headlights all cut out in a flash. My car came to a sudden stop. Darkness dominated the scene as I saw nothing and heard nothing except the merciless app.
"Your destination is on the left," Waze Demian repeated.
Panicking, I flicked on the headlights but nothing worked. I was trapped. "Fuck!"
Lightning flashed to give me a terrifying sneak peek of Lili's ‘home’:
Less than fifteen feet away from me stood three people dressed in red robes. Their hoods were pulled up and behind them lurked an isolated tree.
"Your destination is on the left," Waze Demian said.
Without warning, my headlights and radio roared to life. Only instead of classic rock, I got greeted by loud, distorted audio resembling the sound of a looped tape being grated by a machine.
"Your destination is on the left," I could hear Waze Demian say over such a horrifying sound.
I screamed when I saw through headlights that were way brighter, the chilling scene before me. I recognized Lili standing in the red cloak and her father right next to her. Both of them displayed painted smiles on those pale faces.
Ropes and chains were wrapped around the old tree. The tree tilted to the side, its long branches without leaves extending out like restless hands clamoring for me. I could even make out weird symbols carved into the tree's flesh, the engravings so deep they practically made the bark bleed.
I never got a good glimpse of the third person. They kept their cloak hood pulled over their face, every inch of their body disguised in red.
"Fuck this..." my quivering voice said in an antithesis to the calm cadence of Waze Demian.
Beneath the hard rain, Lili marched straight toward me to the tune of the unsettling noise from the radio, her steps slow and steady. Her confident eyes glued to me. I saw where Lili's smile was sharper than the long curved knife she held.
"Your destination is on the left," my Waze voice stated.
Lightning flashed as Lili raised the blade. Her red hair oozed out beneath the hood to blend into the cloak. Raindrops slid down her face. She was now less than ten feet away and only getting closer.
"Shit!" I cried. With a trembling hand, I put the car in reverse. The tires scrunched up dirt as I backed out on to Tenney Road in a reckless flourish.
Turning, I saw Lili reach for the passenger side's door handle. Goddamn, she was fast! And even through the darkness, I could see her gaze and feel it pierce straight into my soul.
"Your destination is on the left," my own voice seemed to taunt me.
Right when Lili grabbed the handle, I mashed the gas pedal and sped off into the night. Far from whatever Lili and her dad had in store for me.
I stole one glance at the rearview mirror to see Lili standing there in the middle of the road. The knife was now dangled by her side, her eyes still stuck on me.
"Your destination is on the-," Waze Demian started before I turned off the fucking app. I killed the radio to quash that fucking static. Now all I heard was soothing silence save for the steady raindrops.
Despite the lingering fear, I guided my Corolla all the way back to Americus. I called 911 and told the police everything and they said they'd send a car out to the address, but according to them, no one had lived on Tenney Road for years.
Back home, I staggered back into the kitchen. I was beyond sober and still scared. I grabbed another beer. Maybe getting a buzz would help me overcome the fear.
Thunder erupted outside. Startled, I looked toward the sliding glass doors but saw nothing but the black night. I let out an exasperated breath and took another swig before shifting my gaze to the Echo.
"Alexa, play 'Ninety-Six Tears'," I said.
The Echo light cut on. But instead of ? And The Mysterians's keyboards, I got my own chilling, calm voice:
"Your destination is on the right," Waze Demian stated.
I stumbled back against a wall. I was too frightened to scream.
"Your destination is on the right," Waze Demian repeated, louder this time so that my robotic voice echoed through the house.
I looked at the glass doors just as lightning flashed to form a perfect spotlight for the terrifying sight on our back porch.
Lurking behind the doors were the three robed figures: Lili, her dad, and the third person who I now saw was a middle-aged woman. Thanks to a beam emanating from a cell phone she held with the Waze app on, I could see the woman's entrancing eyes, flowing long hair, and wicked smile. I knew she had to be Lili's mom… Lili certainly took after her.
An agonizing screech sent chills down my spine.
Lili was sliding the curved blade all down the door for a long tease. One she carried out with a beaming grin on her face.
"Your destination is inside," Waze Demian stated.
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2023.03.24 04:33 Its_Padparadscha Apply it to us space orcs instead

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2023.03.24 04:32 ArianeEmory What are you all watching/ doing while you wait?

Watching the s1 finale? Watching a different show (and if so, let us know if it's good lol)? Reading a book? Scrolling reddit?
Did you do anything fun to prepare for tonight (themed snacks, costumes, etc.)?
I just turned on the new season of the Bravo Ultimate Girl's Trip (I love Bravo reality shows, judge away, they're great, and I won't apologize for loving them, lol. Though the fandom can be a little more intense than YJ just from what I've seen in my brief time in this subreddit) and I made some snacks to watch during the show, am just chilling in my room with the TV on after getting my kids to sleep and hanging around reddit killing time for now.
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2023.03.24 04:29 zaratekarate My Starkid Tracks tierlist!

My Starkid Tracks tierlist!
Thank you to u/kyler133 for making this! I changed around some of the names for the categories, and added one for songs I could not remember whether I liked or disliked! (I've only seen MAMD and NPMD one time a piece, so a majority of tracks from those are in that category, lmao.)
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