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2023.06.02 00:09 infrared-fish Kershaw leek for sale - £50

- Not used much
- Free postage to mainland UK
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2023.06.02 00:09 bubbshalub Macbook pro with iPad Pro sidecar?

I’ve been using my macbook/ipad/art tablet setup as my peak blender setup for a few months now, it’s always bothered me that my ipad pro is capped at 60hz instead of full 120hz while connected with usb c.
I’ve just ignored it and figured that Apple would push an update with time, but my research has left me with support forums from 2 years ago suggesting that there will be a fix for this with time.
So, is it possible to have an iPad Pro in sidecar with full res? Everything else about the ipad works so well with sidecar, so it seems rather confusing to me why the frame rate would be an issue.
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2023.06.02 00:09 srirachaontherocks Kona Process 153 27 vs Specialized Status 160

I'm into building bikes, so will be starting with a frameset in either case (I'm aware that this isn't the most economical way, but it's part of the hobby for me, and I have the most of the parts in my parts bin anyway). Previously I was set on the Status because the Kona was over twice the price, but recently the 153 came down in price making it a tougher call. I also like that the Kona has external routing (as someone who likes to move parts around from bike to bike, this is incredibly nice).
Use case will be predominantly for riding bike parks as well as downhill trails that require pedaling up a fire road first. I'm 6'1" but I prefer the playfulness of 27.5 wheels. I'm just looking for more travel than the bikes I currently own to help with fatigue and not dying if I case a jump really hard. Anyone have time on both of these bikes and have a comparison?
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2023.06.02 00:08 PrusRuslan [ For Sale ] My oil painting in hardboard. Many clouds. Available On Etsy

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2023.06.02 00:08 akira448 [CA-BC] [H] New TGR 910 v2 ME Green with Silver Backplate, Keycult No. 2/65 Powdered Black/Blue [W] Paypal

Hello MM,
I have following for sale, both only opened for photos/inspection.

Item Details Price
New/Unbuilt TGR 910 v2 ME Green with Silver Backplate Solder PCB & Hotswap PCB
Polycarbonate (frosted) full plate Aluminium Silver anodised backplate 1 x stainless steel toblerone bar 1 x aluminium silver blocker 1 x O ring (50A) 1 x prying stick 1 set of rubber feet 1 authentication card Torx screws Suave Blue Kaban Classic (S)950 USD Shipped OBO New/Unbuilt Keycult No. 2/65 Powdered Black/Blue B-STOCKSolder PCB Black-anodized, universal plate.1100 USD Shipped OBO
Would prefer local deal in Vancouver BC.
Please comment before PM.
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2023.06.02 00:08 NBAjjchamberlain NBA Finals 2023 - Five Strategies to Watch

This year’s NBA Finals is already historic. The Heat are the first play-in team to claw their way out of a 44-38 record and 8th seed to land themselves in the NBA Finals. The Nuggets have never made a Finals, had the best record in the battle hardened West and the city is absolutely stoked. What are NBA heads saying about the series? What are fans around the world hoping to see? How are coaches going to keep these ballers away from Denver’s number one trending story of the year: Shotgun Willie’s Gentleman’s Club, which infamously siren songed the Grizzlies’ Ja Morant into stacking cash on every inch of the private dance room? Slap a booty and get ready for the last NBA basketball of the year.
Thanks for reading JJ’s Substack! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work.
1 - How to stop Nikola Jokic?
The two time MVP is having yet another killer season. He’s been, arguably, the best player in the playoffs of all time. He’s averging a triple double on 29.9 points, 13.3 assists, 10.3 rebounds and around 1 block and 1 steal per game. This guy can do it all and has undoubtedly contributed to the Heat coaching staff’s lack of sleep. Luckily the state just decrminalized a fanny pack of plant based drugs that may help.
Everyone knows how much the Heat love running zone defense. Can the zone even stop Jokic? Doubt it but the Heat are going to try. They run a fluid 2-3 zone which can flow directly into a 1-3-1 formation. The Heat need to pack the middle of the floor and push Jokic to the sidelines on the pick and roll using their 1-3-1. If the Heat can keep Jokic out of the middle of the floor that limits his options on the center-point guard pick and roll that he runs to perfection with Jamal Murray. Look for easy rebounds and putbacks on the weak side from Aaron Gordon and Michael Porter Jr.
Can the Nuggets outshoot the zone? Damn right they can. Will they? We’ll see. The Heat run out and defend every single three point attempt. They held the sharp shooting Boston Celtics to 30% from 3, down from 37% during the regular season. However, this series may be won from the three point line if the Nuggets can run and the Heat can get Butler into the lane for kickouts.
2 - Who can guard Jimmy Butler?
Aaron Gordon most likely. We will see if he’s too slow to stay in front of Jimmy. If Butler still has that nagging injury he’s been battling the past two series that will help out AG. There are a couple bodies that the Nuggets can throw at James Effin Buckets. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is an underrated defender with sneaky strength. Reggie Jackson is rusty but used to be able to defend at a high level. Bruce Brown has the heart of fiesty chihuahua but he’s too small. Jamal is too small too. We’ve all seen what Jimmy’s done to smaller guards, he’ll bully his way to the lane and make defenders look stupid with his pump fakes, footwork, interior passing and little chip shots. If Jimmy gets stuffed this series, who will show up for the Heat?
3 - Malone vs Spo
Erik Spoelstra has solidified his standing as one of the greatest coaches of the era, possibly all time. This will be his 6th NBA Finals since taking over the reigns from Pat Riley in 2009. I have no doubt that Spo has some tricks in the bag and having the Godfather on speed dial doesn’t hurt either.
But Malone is no stranger to NBA legacies. His father Brendan was an assistant for the champion Pistons in the late 80’s and then again with the Knicks Finals run in 1999 and the Reggie Miller Pacers in 2000. Michael himself was an assistant during LeBron’s first Finals in 2007. So he does have some experience here in the promised land.
This coaching matchup will come down to, you guessed it, in-game adjustments. Each coach’s ability to change on the fly will be crucial to finding the weak points in each other’s schemes. Every possession will matter in these games. Look for Malone to push the pace with his crew and try to get some quick transition buckets before the Heat can set up their defense. Jokic excels in the rebound-and-go game. In the half court, Malone will try to move Jokic around to different points on the floor and it will be especially interesting when he puts Joker back to the basket in the post. He has the passing, vision, strength, length and creativity to be dangerous that close to the basket.
Spoelstra on the other hand will walk the ball up, play through Butler and try to swing the Nuggets defense from side to side. Expect him to set up Duncan Robinson and Max Strus on the wings where they can be dangerous driving or shooting the three off the Butler-Bam Adebayo pick and roll. Kevin Love can still knock down an open jumper and may have some post move tricks up his sleeve. But he’s so old he can’t even drive a golf cart anymore. Love can be another big body that Spo can put on Jokic to give him different defenders.
4 - Bench Scoring - Who will shine?
The bright lights may burn the bench guys but some will bask in the glory. Kyle Lowry is due for a big game after struggling against the Celtics top tier wing defenders. The Nuggets don’t have the bench defense to hold down all the Heat shooters so we will see a game won by a Heat backup, like we’ve seen in plenty of games so far this playoffs.
The Nuggets bench has issues. Jeff Green is too old. Christian Braun is too young. Reggie Jackson and Thomas Bryant have yet to work their way into the rotation. DeAndre Jordan is a mascot. However, expect some decent minutes from…Vlatko Cancar if the Heat bench is outperforming Green, Brown and Braun. Cancar can guard Love and Robinson. Really this Nuggets bench goes how Bruce Brown goes. If he has a hot game on both ends, the bench looks unstoppable. If he withers like a winter flower then the Heat bench will dominate like they’ve done all year.
5 - The crowd, the altitude, the experience, the refs
Intangibles. The stuff numbers can’t measure. The Nuggets crowd will be loud, fired up and intense. The Heat crowd, not so much. They’ve been spoiled over the years, show up late and leave early. They do wear the white shirts though which looks nice but makes the empty seats even more noticeable.
Do players play worse at altitude? Short answer, yes. Long answer, it depends. The altitude will effect the Heat at the beginning and end of games. The biggest concern is dehydration which means keeping the Heat out of the club and focused on basketball. Heat culture will play a big role here with everyone, top to bottom, 100% ready for each game.
The Heat have much more experience in the Finals than the Nuggets. They have two NBA champions in the rotation in KLove and KLow, three if you count the corpse of Udonis Haslem. They also have a few returning from their 2020 bubble Finals against the Lakers where they lost a heartbreaker to an Anthony Davis fall away three. This grizzled Heat team will be angry and hungry but what else is new? Their Finals experience may end up being the overriding factor in this series, especially among the coaching staffs. The Heat will stay calm and collected even with the intensity through the roof.
Finally, the NBA’s middle management, the refs. Who does the NBA want to win? What will revenue more? This is a coin flip. With the Lakers, Knicks, Celtics and Warriors all on the couch, gone fishin’ or 1-2-3 Cancunin’, the refs will likely call this series as even as they can. A Jokic ring would be the icing on the cake for Eastern European basketball which hasn’t ever had an MVP champion.
So who ya got? The Nuggets in 5 seems like a solid bet at +225 against a hobbled Heat team. But if the Heat push it to six and get back home expect them to finish hard and force a game 7. Heat in 7 is +1000 and it’s tough to bet against them the way they’ve defied all odds.
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2023.06.02 00:08 NewmanHiding I have a question about shear stress equilibrium

I learned in Mechanics of Materials that the xy component of shear stress is equal to the yx component of shear stress due to moment balance in an element in static equilibrium. (τxy = τyx) But is this necessarily true for an element that isn’t in static equilibrium? Or in other words, is this equation only true for in element or body in static equilibrium?
(Also, I marked this as rant/vent because I didn’t know what other flair to use. This isn’t tied to a homework assignment either. This is just a question for my own knowledge.)
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2023.06.02 00:08 PurpleSolitudes Cheap Flight Ticket

Travelstart is a leading online travel agency that offers a wide range of flights, hotels, and car rentals at competitive prices. They have a team of experts who are always on hand to help you find the best deals on flights, and they offer a variety of features to make booking your travel as easy as possible.

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2023.06.02 00:08 DifficultTomatillo29 PyTorch on the mac

I have an M1 Max - I am doing a lot with transformers libraries and there's a lot I'm confused about.
I want to use the models purely with inference - as yet I have no need and no interest in going near training - I'm only using pre-trained models for inference purposes.
It all works fine if I confine myself to the cpu - gpt4all I can run models fairly quickly, but quantised to 4bit - and transformers can run the full models but it's slow as. When I read about metal support etc, it says to use device "mps"... and that works... almost never - 95% of the time it comes up with some error about something not supported, turn on ENABLE_MPS_FALLBACK or something.
That sets the stage: HOWEVER my really question:
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2023.06.02 00:08 deesarts Fake skin practice, question about stencils

Fake skin practice, question about stencils
Used a dragonhawk pen with millennium moms black ink, needle size 1203RL. I used a stencil for the sigils (top), everything else I drew on with the blue art pen and tattooed over.
I want to find a way to transfer digital art to stencils--is there such a thing as a digital or bluetooth thermal printer?
Critiques welcome ❤️
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2023.06.02 00:08 Lonely_Tomato2016 Water/ sewer at street questions

Has anyone that build that had the wate sewer at the street but a distance away. The city is saying water is close, sewer is going to be challenging. When they build the road they laid pipe, but was never tested, to tie in these are the options. Run a new main down the street ( about 800ft) Use the existing line as conduit for a new line (not sure how that works?) Test the existing line but no guarantee city will accept it. They said this option is the hardest and suggest against it
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2023.06.02 00:08 Snowman107 DR920 Upgrades

Started doing some research into triggeslide lock/mag release upgrades for my DR920.
What’re people using? Looking for clean speed.
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2023.06.02 00:08 throwawaywhocares96 Job interview

So I’m pretty unremarkable. I’m 27F, definitely introverted and all I do is go to work, eat, sleep and repeat. I’ve been pretty lucky in that any time I’ve interviewed for a job, I always get a call back to be hired. But those jobs are usually easy to get hired to like fast food or I’ve had a little connection to put in a recommendation for me like my job as a warehouse worker. The other day I got a call back to start the process of working as an Amazon delivery driver.
But another ad I answered previously and just got a notification from was for an animal control position in my city and I would definitely choose that over Amazon if they decide to hire me. The problem I have is that this would be the most “serious/adult like” job I’ve ever had and I don’t want to screw up the interview. Luckily the first is a one way recording I do that gets sent to them, so I get a few tries to redo my answer if I don’t like it. But the question I don’t want to mess up is the classic “tell me about yourself”.
I never know how to answer it since my life is pretty bland. I know people suggest listing schooling but all I have is a basic Associates degree that is not truly useful for anything other than saying I have been to college. I’ve worked fast food, warehouse, and the last thing I did was Rover pet sitting for about 2 years which is what I’ll be using to lean on in the interview.
Telling them about strengths, weaknesses, times I’ve resolved conflict, stress, etc are easy for me. It’s just that first question that I always struggle with. So how should someone like me respond?
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2023.06.02 00:07 Due-Presence479 Found 1.0!

After calling and stressing for the past 3 days, I finally found 1.0! If you're in the twin cities area, check Fairview pharmacies. They also had .5 at some locations. I had to drive 30 mins away, but it was worth it :)
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2023.06.02 00:07 tiger_triple_threat The Great Fairies

I only have access to one of them but should I wake up the others? I have an idea where they are but realizing I'll need a lot more rupees and would rather not sell more gems since I could just use them for armor upgrades. But I can farm raw meats and cook those for some real profit. But how many Great Fairies should I have available?
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2023.06.02 00:07 Extra_Park4063 How to use Gameboy Advance SDK

Hello, so I would like to make a Gameboy Advance software. I am saying software because it isn't really a game, right now I am just testing, but I want to make a message board for the Gameboy Advance using the Mobile Adapter GB. I have the Japanese Gameboy Advance SDK that supports the Mobile Adapter GB, but I don't know how to get it to work, and I don't know the programming language. For all I know, my idea may not work, but I would still like to try. Thank you!
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2023.06.02 00:07 North-Post-8636 Iberia Lost Luggage

Flew from Boston to Madrid 5 days ago (27th)and Iberia lost my luggage. According to the airline as of 3 days ago, they’ve found it and it’s in the hands of the courier. I’m in western spain and they’ve updated me that it’s in the Badajoz province for same day shipping (good news). The luggage was supposed to arrive 2 days ago according to iberia and the update I see on world tracker. Iberia keeps telling me it’s coming but I have no way to track the bag. The largest issue is that Iberia claims to have no way to contact the company they’re contracting to bring it. I have no idea if the company is trying to contact me but can’t, if the company just isn’t bringing it and I’ve been waiting up the past two days in order to be home and answer the door. Does anyone know which contractor iberia uses? Is it normal for the contractor to be late in delivering baggage.
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2023.06.02 00:07 kakesh Freeplay! Could use some suggestions to trim the fat

So the idea is to play permanents for free! One with the Multiverse, The World Spell, Invasion of Shandalar, and Portal to Phyrexian all help me meet that end. The rest is either ramp or just mean permanents to play for free. It's not performing as well as I'd like however. I could use some suggestions for trimming or altering. I have plenty of wildcards of all types, so I am not overly concerned about rarity or anything.
Deck 4 Render Inert (MOM) 123 1 Invasion of Zendikar (MOM) 194 4 Deathcap Glade (VOW) 261 4 Invasion of Shandalar (MOM) 193 4 Armored Scrapgorger (ONE) 158 4 Dig Up (VOW) 197 1 Wrenn and Realmbreaker (MOM) 217 1 Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant (NEO) 59 1 One with the Multiverse (BRO) 59 4 Phyrexian Obliterator (ONE) 105 8 Swamp (SIR) 285 1 Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines (ONE) 10 2 Weaver of Blossoms (VOW) 226 1 City on Fire (MOM) 135 8 Forest (SIR) 291 1 The World Spell (DMU) 189 1 Tyrranax Rex (ONE) 189 1 Rust Goliath (BRO) 204 1 Yargle and Multani (MOM) 256 2 Portal to Phyrexia (BRO) 240 1 Atraxa, Grand Unifier (ONE) 196 2 Blighted Burgeoning (MOM) 177 1 Ziatora, the Incinerator (SNC) 231 1 Invasion of Fiora (MOM) 114 1 Ghalta and Mavren (MOM) 225
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2023.06.02 00:07 im___a____vm Restoring vSAN after ESXi system restore

ESXI 7.02
Did a system restore on a 5 host vSAN cluster. vCenter was located on vSAN. Now that the hosts are restored I no longer have access to vSAN storage or any of the VMs that were on the vSAN.
On the storage devices tab on the ESXI hosts I can see the drives that were used for vSAN and that they are full with a vSAN partition and not available for use currently.
Is there anyway to ‘remount’ the vSAN storage for each host and get access back to the VMs that were located on the storage?
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2023.06.02 00:07 swedecore Inverter Installation in 90s Lance

I’ve got a 95 Lance truck camper with AC, microwave, and outlets along with a solar panel and I would like to install an inverter to run my AC appliances when off grid, mostly just my outlets. I bought an Ampeak 2 kW inverter which has three 120V plug outlets. I’ve got a few questions:
Also, I know AC and microwave draw a ton of power and I don’t intend on using them frequently or for long periods of time.
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2023.06.02 00:07 Aggressive-Major69 well i guess I'm fucked up:/

So so far i have destroyed 2 rear tires (both like 6-8 years old) and need driving for like a month (idk used like 15-20L of fuel) so if i would like to get new wheel it will be fucking 100usd and best part my sprocket mounting rubber will most likely destroy it:/
So there's the question what should I do? Because I don't have a lot of green and at same time had a lot of fun at my bike.
Btw don't tell me that i should buy motorcycle only cuz i spent like 500usd on bike already bcuz i fucking can't! (Well unless i will wait 2 years till im 16 then yeah but fuck no)
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2023.06.02 00:07 kjeffiE How to only grant set amount of item

I’m making a deathrun and at level 3 I only want the players to receive 4 impulses for that entire level (unless they die, then they get new ones of course)
How do I do that? I’ve used item spawner but if I set it to «never» but if theres more than one player in the game wont that make it so only the first player receive?
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