Looking for the easternmost San Diego State fan in the country

2023.03.29 01:34 Jmolmud Looking for the easternmost San Diego State fan in the country

Hello! My name is Jack Molmud and I am a reporter for NEWS CENTER Maine. I am also a graduate of San Diego State University and am cheering my team on to the Final Four from the easternmost state in the United States.
I posted to Facebook for my friends back home that I may be the easternmost fan in the states... but I don't believe that.
Now... here I am doing a story to try and track down the easternmost SDSU fan in the country. Did you go to SDSU? Are you an SDSU Fan? I'd LOVE to find out more about you and talk about how you came from SDSU to Maine. I'd also like to find out how you're watching the game this Saturday. Let me know. Let's chat. 207-800-5353. Or you can email me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
Here is my most recent story for proof I work here:
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2023.03.22 05:43 InterstellarDeathPur Columbia Falls votes to pause Flagpole of Freedom project

The town voted 63-17 to establish a moratorium ordinance that puts a 180-day delay on all large-scale developments, effective immediately.
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2023.02.20 16:58 ButIDigress79 New tourist trap

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2023.01.30 17:20 InterstellarDeathPur Body found in Massachusetts identified as missing Maine man

Body found in Massachusetts identified as missing Maine man
PEABODY, Massachusetts — A 31-year-old man from Maine, who was reported missing in Massachusetts by family back in December 2022, was found dead Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023.
Michael Gray's body was found on the shore near Edgemere Road in Marblehead, Massachusetts, by a woman walking her dog in the area, according to a press release issued Saturday by the Essex District Attorney’s Office.
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2023.01.29 05:29 shallah UMaine tick lab awarded $6.2 million in federal funding

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2023.01.27 03:30 throwmeaway33221144 string of deaths in the homeless community?
This is the most recent of multiple deaths involving unhoused folks in the past couple months. ( this article says there have been 10 deaths since Bethany's which was also ruled a homicide)
It's so deeply upsetting and unsettling. I truly hope each is getting the proper investigations it deserves, and that police are not just shrugging it off. I know there are no easy answers but it feels like there has to be more that could be done to help keep these folks safe.
EDIT: this article just came out today (sorry for the paywall! ). I'm glad to see it getting more attention but it sounds like the community is still left without any meaningful answers.
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2023.01.25 17:57 InterstellarDeathPur MaineHousing releases 2023 housing outlook report

MaineHousing releases 2023 housing outlook report
MaineHousing released a new report Tuesday to serve as a tool for policymakers and Mainers to better learn the status of affordable housing development in the state as the new year kicks off.

Named the MaineHousing Outlook Report 2023, it includes "several key metrics and analysis from 2022 in an attempt to forecast which factors will help and or hurt affordable housing development in 2023," a news release from MaineHousing said Tuesday.
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2023.01.20 21:50 DetroitBrat Just saw this, for "HOLLY"
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2023.01.19 16:50 TitleExciting5397 Big PD Updates in Maine

Not sure if you guys are following what's been happening up North here in Maine but some interesting PD developments I figured I would share. It's been a really interesting time being a new lawyer in Maine watching this unfold.
Until November 2021, Maine was the only state in the US with no public defender program, but we hired our first 5 in November and more to hire with the 2023 state budget in June/July. This a HUGE deal up here, criminal defense lawyers in the state have been fighting for this for over 25 years.
Also we have a very interesting 6th Amendment violation class action suit spearheaded by ACLU Maine against the state. The system Maine used/is still using is absolutely crap and led to so many 6th A violations. This case is ongoing and is a really interesting case because the State is denying wrongdoing (obviously) but simultaneously is trying to put together a PD office. If you're interested here's some info about the case and an article that links to a report by the 6th Amendment Center on the failings of Maine's system:
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2022.12.31 02:59 Patsaholic [request] Happy Birthday! [scarborough, me, USA]

Birthday cards wanted as WWII Code Girl turns 99 The cards can be addressed to Leona Chasse and sent to the Maine Veterans Home in Scarborough.
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2022.12.29 06:04 TheReal_Jack_Cheese Next week's Side Stories??

Ritual Killings
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2022.12.27 10:23 shallah Lyme vaccine trial still looking for volunteers

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2022.12.19 18:10 Free-Carpet3248 Postal Workers in Maine rally against against working conditions, mail delays, and more 'We need somebody to help us': Portland postal workers rally for safer working conditions
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2022.12.08 02:00 robert_cortese Balwani gets nearly 13 years in prison for Theranos crimes

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2022.11.29 02:41 VietMassiveWeeb On fans cleaning up stadium after the march

The japanese have managed to start a trend.
Last time it was chinese fans and arab fans who also pick up trash, now it's:
Senegal (though they did this in 2018 too):
Meanwhile, some trolls reverse video to make it looks like japanese fans putting back trash:
Hmm, I wonder why.
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2022.11.26 02:17 Odd_Ad_2863 Turns out the taxpayers were right about the parking garage

This is infuriating. Our city leaders were warned multiple times by dozens of citizens that this would happen. This should serve as a teachable moment to every one of them, especially our Mayor who used to be a teacher so should appreciate the lesson here. Please attend meetings about this to hold them all accountable.
link to WCSH 6 story
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2022.11.09 09:45 shallah Study: One in five men have been involved in an abortion in Maine

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2022.11.07 15:59 Shake-Spear4666 Lots of work to be done but here are some of the positive changes that Governor Mills helped accomplish that I appreciate

-she has led Maine through a global pandemic with nation-leading results, including one of the highest vaccination rates and one of the lowest death rates in the country
-Under her leadership, Maine’s unemployment rate has dropped below three percent, Maine has recovered all the jobs lost during the pandemic, and the state’s economic growth has been 11th best in the nation during her time in office
-delivered one of the strongest inflation relief measures in the nation – sending $850 to most Maine taxpayers
-expanded health care to more than 90,000 Maine people
-raised the minimum teacher salary
-delivered free community college
-signed into Maine law that all students in Maine public schools receive free meals
-cut taxes for Maine retirees , and provided significant property tax relief for Maine people
Please vote.
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2022.11.07 12:45 shallah Maine places new limits on medical cannabis providers

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2022.10.27 02:09 Scallywag328 This article shows how the Long Creek Youth Development Center in Maine were using a halfway home meant for girls to house employees so that said employees could have a quick place to sleep after working a 16 hour shift

Long Creek Youth Development Center said it doesn't "currently" house employees at the STEPS House, designed for use of girls.
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2022.10.19 14:55 UnitedLab6476 250th starbucks unionized, keep going

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2022.10.18 19:45 sillychillly Stop The Corruption

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