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2023.06.07 14:33 _pinkruntz need help/advice for p0122 p0223

need help/advice for p0122 p0223
i had to fix the main hose that runs from the radiator cap to the radiator, so i had to move all the parts that was in the way so i could get it out & fix it it was 2 other little hoses but it was also a sensor & what im assuming is the fuel injector throttle body, idk if someone tried to turn it on while it was all still unconnected or something but i know something did happen cause after i put the hose back & everything else this is the result of it now. when i put my foot on the accelerator or break it doesn’t do anything i’ve watched videos on it & one of the first things they usually bring up is the throttle body or replacing the throttle body i just want some advice so i can buy the correct parts i need to replace, so im not spending 100s on the part that’s not the actual problem atm
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2023.06.07 14:32 najmiw Is it happening???

Is it happening???
AQ2D Mobile
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2023.06.07 14:32 MajorDifficulty Which IPS screen to go with

I just started my modding journey im trying to settle on which screen to go with, my choices are,
  1. FunnyPlaying Game Boy Advance SP 3.0" IPS Kit
  2. Game Boy Advance SP Drop In 720x480 IPS Backlight with OSD
I watched the the funnyplaying tutorial and was a bit concerned with the screen being pressed into the shell https://youtu.be/DnyfHkz_TNo?t=3305. Was wondering if other people had this problem.
Option #2 has extra fins to keep the screen in place, but im not sure what case this would be compatable with? Would this work with funnyplaying's clear shell
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2023.06.07 14:31 ronnihere SOLUTION for Koodo Data Problems on Pixel 6 Pro (Or Other Phones)

Just posting this here to help everyone since Koodo has a bunch of monkeys working there who don't have a clue about anything. I'll get straight to the point. I live in Toronto so cell towers are not an issue.
I've been with Koodo for over 5 years. 1 year ago I got a new plan and new phone (20gb monthly + google pixel 6 pro) and that's when hell started. On data I was hitting 1 (ONE) MBit/sec, apps constantly telling me I'm not connected to the internet (TD Easyweb App, Pizza Apps, Google Maps, everything, just terrible!) WiFi works perfectly.

I've read all over (hours and hours) that many many people have this problem.

After hours on the phone with reps I finally convinced (yes I had to CONVINCE because it's so hardddd for them to do this?!?!) that THEY RESET the network for me on THEIR end. This means on THEIR end, not my phone settings. So get the rep to call you, tell them you've tried all the stuff, everything failed blablabla - "forward me to the tech rep please".
  1. Once you get to them, again tell them everything failed blablabla, then tell them to reset the network tower connection to your phone from their end. Then you reset your phone (you will be disconnected, but tell them to call you back, doesn't really matter anymore because once they reset it, it will work).
  2. You will lose bluetooth memories and wifi passwords in this part - so if you want, try and skip this to avoid any of that and move on to Step 3, maybe it will work for you in the end. Go to your phone RESET settings, and reset your network. Again, restart the phone.
  3. After resetting your phone, go to network settings for your DATA settings (not wifi), and select preferred network: LTE, then reset phone again. (Phone is set to search for 5G which TELUS does not have - thanks to another thread here I had to dig for this 👍 🙏)
  4. Wait up to an hour, your data should be working smoothly and all apps working fine finally again with data.
I've noticed the ping is still crap (30ms) but it used to be 30-60. Now I'm getting 200MBit speeds at least.
Good luck everyone! May we all survive the phone network battles together in Canada.
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2023.06.07 14:31 Una_gatita03 Gallbladder removed two days ago!

Haven’t posted here before but this page and everyone’s advice and stories was a huge support and helping force for me to get my gallbalder removed and I got a lot of positive tips from reading everyone’s posts so I wanted to say a collective thank you to the community :)!
I’m 22 female, curious to see if there are other people on the younger side who have had to get their gallbladder removed! I’ve had lots of general remarks from people that they’re not used to someone in the you get side having to go through a removal. I had two pretty back good back attacks end of February that landed me in the ER and I was highly recommended getting it removed, ended up waiting until after grad to get the deed done (exactly a week after I graduated such a lucky duck).
Anywho! I woke up from the surgery in a lot more pain than I anticipated, particularly a very persistent shooting pain on my right side that took a good amount of fentanyl and something else to ease down. I was in recovery for about four hours before I was able to sit up and change, the car ride back home was a pretty big haze and spend most of the day in bed. The hospital gave me a waist compressor that’s helped a lot when I’m walking around to keel everything feeling tight and my back straight, it definitely helped with reducing inflammation.
Yesterday was better, had a big energy bursts in the am and walked around, sat in the living room to watch tv, but lost steam by the afternoon and wasn’t able to last being out of bed much. My incisions were definitely more bothersome yesterday. I’ve been icing my stomach a lot with lots of cold gel pads my family got me. Very minimal eating since I haven’t been too hungry. Sitting up from bed has felt quite difficult but I’ve finally found an awkward roll over process that’s less painful.
I’m definitely going to try to get up more and wobble around extra today. Anyone have any tips for first week/ second week? I’m feeling a lot better, still some discomfort in the incisions but not super bad, haven’t been able to achieve any bowel movements (mostly because I’m scared it’ll hurt a lot, making any pushing pressure hurts my cuts and old gallbladder spot).
Sorry this is all just mainly unorganized ramble, I appreciate anyone who reads it and goodluck to all in whatever step of your gallbladder journey you’re in!
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2023.06.07 14:30 Ok_Sun1728 I'm ill



Notice! The video contains [eye-catching] content, You can watch at your own discretion.
I made a 4K AI converted video, And try to use my self-made lora, The face is that of a Japanese woman in her 40s. This test and the new attempt took about 30 hours of use, If tests and new attempts are not considered, It's just a simple video production time, Should be able to finish in about 15 hours, Yes, The new step reduces a lot of conversion time.
How is it different from deepfakes? AI conversion video is still slightly different from Deepfake, Deepfake simply transforms the face, AI converting video is more like a rendering function, Since I'm using a 3D model converted to a more realistic live-action style type, In addition to face replacement, It gives clothing a more realistic texture.
How is it different from using a filter effect? If you're converting from a live action video to a 2D style type, Maybe a filter can achieve 60% effect, But there doesn't seem to be a filter to convert the 2D style to a real person? Since I'm using a 3D model converted to a more realistic live-action style type, In addition to face replacement, It gives the clothes a more realistic texture, It's more of a performance boost feeling, For example, after upgrading from UE3 to UE4, It is a rendering function.
Feel the movement is not smooth? That's because I'm using a motion file (MMD) made by another author, It is done using dynamic simulation and modified frame by frame, Can't dance videos with real people, Or compared to real-time motion capture.
This time the steps are different from the previous ones, While other steps take more time, But the overall conversion time is reduced by 30 to 50%, And the overall work time is fragmented, Reduce the risk of failure that consumes a lot of time for one-time conversion, and add more stability, reduce flicker, relatively, The steps are more complicated, Many details in the steps and the plugins installed, I can't say it very clearly, So the whole process can only be used as a reference.
If you just want simple conversion, You should use the mov2mov plugin, But the effect is not satisfactory.
my steps
  1. Make a dance video, Can be made using MikuMikuDance.VAM.HS2, Some game mods also have similar functions. For example Skyrim, Of course using these software or games, means you need to spend more time studying, So many people find videos from websites like TikTok or Youtube, But I haven't done that. The video style should be as simple as possible. The more complex the movie, Subsequent conversions are more cumbersome, The recommended video is 1080P, And it's better to be a vertical screen, Because the proportion of the face is too small, will increase video conversion time, The risk of collapse of the face, You can also use common video editing software (Ex: Pr or CapCut), to increase the sharpness and brightness of the video, The purpose is to make the subsequent key frame pictures and mask pictures better identifiable. Excessively high resolution will cause the ebsynth plugin to be unrecognizable, Too low resolution will lead to distortion when converting images, This step is usually completed within a few hours, It depends on how you make it.
  2. Use the ebsynth plug-in to convert the movie into a frame number picture and a mask picture, ebsynth can effectively extract the keyframes of the movie, Since only keyframes are taken out for conversion, This drastically reduces conversion time, Fluency is also guaranteed to a certain extent. The relative ebsynth plug-in is very cumbersome and difficult to install and use. But I can't help you with that, (You should find an installation and use instruction that suits you, For example: you may need to install FFmpeg with transparent-background..., These installations require a little skill, You may not be able to install successfully, but sorry, I can't help you with this part, 100 people may have 101 computer software installation problems,) Masking images can effectively increase stability, This step takes about 1 hour to complete, Depending on the length of the video.
  3. Use the wd14-tagger plug-in to analyze the prompt of each key frame picture, Afterwards, the things you want to appear or delete in the screen will be deleted or added according to the prompt, This step can increase the stability of the picture. Since wd14-tagger may judge prompt error, Instead, items that should not appear in the prompt are added, Example: pistol? straw? ...things that shouldn't be in the picture at all, Use the dataset-tag-editor plug-in to delete prompts that should not appear in the picture in batches, And add these words in Negative prompt, It can avoid the chance of error when converting pictures.
  4. Use SD's picture generation function, The SIZE of the converted picture should be as large as possible. Depending on your graphics card specifications, Thanks to the use of ControlNet, Denoising strength can be used to 0.5 to 0.7, Yes, ControlNet is very powerful, It can increase the weight of Denoising strength a lot, Make the picture more stylized, and does not lock the seed, Choose the corresponding ControlNet Model according to your video, For example, the original video I'm using is a 3D type dance video, I use Lineart and Tile to stabilize the image and increase details, Notice! It's not the only option, You should decide the Model based on your original video and the style you want to convert it to, You can try it yourself and choose what Model to use. And use the IS-NET-pro plug-in to read the prompt of each key frame and use the mask image generated before, I also use multiple SD plugins at the same time, These plugins do not necessarily need to be used, They are also suitable for the usual text conversion pictures, cutoff plugin - can increase the color stability in the picture, lora-block-weight plugin - increase the stability of lora, adetailer plug-in - repair the collapse of the face when it is too small
  5. Try to convert the picture to see if it meets your expectations, If not, Go back to step 3.4 to modify, until you are satisfied. 3.4.5 These steps may take minutes to hours, Depends on what you want, Modify these steps back and forth to determine the length of time.
  6. After the conversion is complete, Check the images for images that vary too much, This will cause the screen to flicker and become unstable. Modify the prompt, to retransform the problematic image, (This step depends on how perfect you want your work to be, If you only want 60 to 80 points, I guess this step can be eliminated ;) This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, Depending on the number of modifications that need to be made.
  7. Use the upscale function in SD, Or image restoration software (EX: Topaz), Convert the picture back to 1080P SIZE.
  8. Continue to use the [ebsynth plugin] function, Generate the ebs file required by [ebsynth software], (Note the difference between the two! One is a plugin, The other is software, Note the difference between the two ;) ebsynth software can open multiple programs, Execute multiple ebs files at the same time, It depends on how many ebsynth software can be run simultaneously by your computer specifications.
  9. Using the ebsynth plugin again, Merge the files generated by ebsynth software, The preliminary video is done.
  10. If the background changes too much, causing excessive flickering, You can use common video editing software (Ex: Pr or CapCut), Using the cutout function, merged with the original video, alternate background, Reduce flicker. Finally, use editing software (Ex: Pr or Topaz) to supplement frames and improve image quality. (This step also depends on how perfect you want your work to be, If you only want 60 to 80 points, I guess this step can be eliminated ;) Decide according to the rendering effect you want, This could be several hours or more.
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2023.06.07 14:30 AlexanderTheIII UK service? I’m looking for a sub to be serviced, event an ETA installed, alongside a new AR sapphire crystal on my rep. Obviously, I cannot find a watch repair that will do it. Anyone know any places that will?

I’m looking for a sub to be serviced, event an ETA installed, alongside a new AR sapphire crystal on my rep. Obviously, I cannot find a watch repair that will do it. Anyone know any places that will?
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2023.06.07 14:30 StaticNocturne Where do I begin with composing dark ambient?

I essentially created a dark ambient piece a few years back unintentionally (serendipitously) by trying to record some acoustic guitar melodies with a mic that ended up giving me extreme reverb that sounded really atmospheric, after which I decided to run with it and made the whole thing a droning nightmarescape adding whispered vocals metallic clanging and wind sounds and so on via audacity.
Now I'd like to try my hand at making a proper ambient piece something akin to this Council of nine - January 3rd
It just occurred to me that I don't really know where to begin.
I've written some folk and metal but never really used a DAW and the learning curve looks so steep that I'm not sure I can be bothered.
I don't have a synth or keys either - I assume I'll need one?
Any advice would be cool

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2023.06.07 14:30 ParapsychologicalLan Possible bait and switch on iPhone 11

Location: Perth, WA I just sold my Iphone 11 on fb marketplace, after activating, the new buyer has informed me its not 128gb as per the box but a 64gb with a completely different serial no and wants a refund.
I deleted the iphone from my apple account minutes before this so I can’t double check the serial no and I have had the phone since new sitting in a box so there is no chance it was switched while in my possession.
Im worried they are trying to do a bait and switch i.e accidentally bought a 64gb from someone else and trying to return that to me as mine.
It was bought through my ex’s Telco account so I cant check the serial no on my account.
I have the serial number and IMEI number from the box. Is there anyway I can check the phone was registered to me using these details?
If the Telco shop put the wrong phone in the box, then this is my fault and Im happy to accept it back for a refund but I want to make sure its not a scam.
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2023.06.07 14:30 1xpx1 Fitness Trackers

Hello all,
I am at a place where I would like to start using a fitness tracker again.
In the past, I had a Fitbit Alta HR, which in my opinion is the superior Fitbit. It was simple, had a great battery life, and not too bulky. It was THICK compared to newer trackers.
I had upgraded to a Charge 3 when it came out, but it sucked in the fact you couldn’t customize the order of the display. I returned it after a few days.
I also tried a Garmin, but I’m wasn’t able to record multiple instances of sleep which annoyed the shot out of me. It was also the largest of the three listed.
I would really like something small and low profile. I am someone who would wear it 100% of the time, so I don’t want anything too bulky or thick. I’ve looked at Apple Watches (as an iPhone user), but they’re quite large. I don’t necessarily need a display on my wrist if it would make the device less big.
Does this even exist?
What fitness tracker are you currently using? What would you recommend?
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2023.06.07 14:29 airttq Adapted from a school newspaper

As a user of Twitter. After two years of pandemic tweeting, we’ve finally returned to the events that have defined Twitter since it first opened its doors. But there exists a sharp delineation between the pre- and post-COVID eras of Twitter’s history.—a shift within Twitter’s culture. I can sense this change in myriad ways: in our academic culture, in the language I hear in the halls, in the way we interact with one another across grade levels and cliques and even between students and faculty. For the most part, I sadly can say that I have watched Twitter’s student culture degrade over the course of my four years within these walls. Whether due to COVID or shifting teenage culture at large, the sense of community at Twitter has diminished, and this disruption manifests in different ways. An uptick in students cutting Regents, Honors, and AP classes alike, belittling and bigoted language shouted carelessly in the halls, and a lack of concern for our fellow students have all damaged the community I once saw at Twitter. But I know that this shift does not define our school, and that we can recalibrate our culture, moving away from this nastiness and towards a cohesive community. Given our school’s standing as one of the best high schools in New York state, and our fealty to “the grind,” the prevalence of cutting seems like a paradox. While cutting has never been a non-issue—and our school has never been perfect—the level of cutting we’ve reached as a student body this year has surpassed that of past years, a dubious distinction to be sure. This year, however, classes that students would never cut in the past, like AP English Language, found themselves missing students. In my own science class, one desk remained conspicuously empty each week, and a rotation of seniors and juniors routinely disappeared. In my freshman year, I had hardly ever heard of my peers skipping class; now, even freshmen cut. This issue has moved beyond simple high school mischief; it’s grown to seriously disrupt classes, harming the education of the class as a whole. While some teachers, like my science teacher, have taken steps to reduce cutting—including harsher punishments for frequent cutters—teachers can only do so much to assuage this problem on their own. Real change comes from within the student body. We must realize the way our actions, however fun and good-natured they may seem in the short-term, are harming our education and our peers. Outside of the classroom exists another, more insidious way in which we hurt each other, something less outwardly outrageous than cutting class but even more ubiquitous: an increase in harmful, hateful language exchanged between students. This year, I personally faced some of the worst misogyny of my life within the walls of Twitter; unfortunately, even that experience pales in comparison to what I hear students say when they think no one else is listening. Almost every day I hear a remark shouted carelessly in the halls that makes the back of my neck prick. My stomach churns at the casual homophobia, sexism, and racism I observe. Students calling each other “gay” as an insult, students speaking disparagingly of the girls in their class, students using racial slurs to mock their “friends.” Even when in faculty-supervised spaces, nonblack students use the N-slur casually, as if it were just another “bad word” and not a relic of a deeply racist past. Even more prevalent is the almost-constant appropriation of AAVE (African American Vernacular English) by nonblack students in our school. AAVE is its own language with different grammatical structures and rules, not “Internet slang” to be parroted mindlessly. This behavior is inexcusable everywhere—especially so in a purportedly “No Place For Hate” school—and its prevalence within Twitter troubles me deeply. This is not to say that our school has ever been perfect in the past; I’m not claiming that language in poor taste and issues with homophobia, sexism, and racism did not occur pre-COVID. But on a personal level, I cannot imagine the deluge of belittling remarks I hear today happening only four years ago. The sheer saturation of this type of language shocks me. This is not the Twitter High I grew to love. That version of Twitter died in the pandemic, halfway through lockdown. Something changed in the year-and-a-half we spent away from our school and from each other. And whatever broke did not fix itself last year, either, despite our best efforts to “return to normal.” More than anything, COVID isolated us from our peers and our teachers; we seemingly all grew meaner in that absence. The echoes of involuntary isolation and a lack of human connection and the leniency of our remote year still inform the ways in which we interact with one another. Isolation and an increased reliance on social media during that time have made us forget the value of human interaction. We’ve become blind to the personhood of those around us, and so we treat each other cavalierly without ever pondering the impacts of our actions. And that lack of mutual recognition, more than anything else, has bred the culture of toxicity that has come to define my final year at Twitter. Beyond COVID, the reasons for this general nastiness are as layered as they are varied; too many exist for me to name within this piece. But, ultimately, these causes matter less than the situation they’ve created. We should focus less on what led us to this point and more on what will lead us out.I can see this glimmer of mutual recognition reemerging at Twitter. It is up to us to reach it; we all have a part to play in this. Teachers, especially, act as stewards of the student body and can guide us towards the feeling of compassion and understanding that we have lost, But it is up to us, the student body, to fully change for the bettter. It is our behavior that defines our culture, our behavior on which we live or die. As cliched as it is, we can create a paradigm shift; we can value our academic and personal lives equally, and we can have fun while doing so. A helpful and healthy school culture is built on mutual appreciation. So realize and respect the effort your teachers put into teaching. Look at your friends and treat them with kindness. Move away from the hurtful and towards the beautiful. I am leaving in a month; I will not be here long enough to benefit from an improved student culture. But I believe it is worth continually reaching for. So reach for it.
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2023.06.07 14:29 Dense_Material5556 22 [F4M/A] Fried?

i know may typo ung title and yes sinasadya ko siya cus it funny to me xd
I'm looking for a friend, someone i can bother when i'm bored and vice versa.
Intro abt me!
Abt you! * Somewhere around my age * Conversationalist * Not a creep
Willing to exchange IG para dun tayo magchat if we vibe!
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2023.06.07 14:29 chocchipwaffles- Lost a podcast…

Hi there, hoping someone here might be able to find a podcast that I’ve lost but would love to finish listening to…
I can’t remember the name but I listened to it a while back on Apple Podcasts. It was all about the modern Christian revival movement, and the host was a woman who had grown up within a revival church (but had since left).
It was looking into how the movement came about and investigating the credibility of certain aspects. Unfortunately my attempts to find it are being bogged down by revival movement podcasts - this was more investigative journalism style into the movement, it was not a religious podcast.
If anyone knows what the name of this podcast might be I would be so happy!
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2023.06.07 14:29 allicastery I didn't seriously believe in ghosts but I think that opinion has changed

Last night around 11pm-1am my fiance were settling down for bed when we started hearing tapping sounds, almost popcorn popping sounds right outside the window. This is when I started feeling uneasy but I brushed it off and just tried to settle down for bed. This uneasiness shifted towards feeling like something was in the house watching us. Eventually we fell asleep but neither of us slept well.
Last night we locked both locks on the door, one being a deadbolt lock with only one key that is inside the house. Its a terrible lock thats hard to even get the key in so I do not think someone picked the lock. This morning that door was open but both locks were still in place. Nothing is stolen or disturbed. We did not hear the extremely loud storm door open thats right next to our bedroom and in front of the affected door. Our pets also didn't seem to notice anyone in the house.
I have absolutely no idea what to make of this. If someone broke in, why would they re engage the deadbolt so that they could not close the door? I would also like to mention that I have seen things out of the corner of my eye and seen glowing figures for brief moments in this house. Our things go missing constantly and turn up across the house. Just a very strange and slightly unsettling experience after another.
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2023.06.07 14:29 illstealyourRNA my favorite anime meme , feel free to dismember me in the comments.

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2023.06.07 14:29 Beautiful_March_1321 Pursue UX Design or should I look for something else? 😓creative introvert

😩Hi everyone, I’m so sorry I’m going to vent/rant for a minute. I like UX Design(User Experience design) the creative aspect( I know its not all as creative as people make it out to be from other forums lol.) being able to help users find out what they need in an app, interviewing user and just listening to them. However, as an introvert constantly having to “sale” my designs to stakeholders, do “Presentations” and other aspects that make introverts cringe seem a little overwhelming to me. I’m on Course 5 of the Google Coursera . I want to take a Bootcamp so I could really learn more and have a mentors so that I could actually get feedback from someone in the field but I don't want to spend $7,000 or more on a boot camp if I'm still now sure. I like UX but to be honest I felt I had to really push myself to get through the course. Honestly I should have already finished it since I'm unemployed but I keep letting fear and doubt get in the way. I don't know if UX gives me the spark/ zest I would want and I really want to. I do like creating apps in Figma and receiving feedback from participants to better the app. Also I do feel like some of my doubts in myself come from just taking the course and not really doing the outside work like reading UX books watching YT Tutorials etc.
As a 30yr old I'm lost and won't find a career that I at least like/love. I don't want to dread doing my job I have always had that fear. I know the money is Good in UX at the least enough to live comfortably, but I don’t won’t to be in a certain field solely for the money . I want to be able to move out and be capable of taking care of myself. However, I’m not sure if I should push through my fears and insecurities to do UX and just find my passions/hobbies outside of work and just look at it as “just a means to pay bills” or find something else. Also UX’ers did you like/love it right away or did you grow to like / love it?
I was considering Web and Brand design (Freelance or start my own business) Digital Marketing or something else creative that offer “financial security”. Any help or. Advice from the UX Community or anyone who just wants to offer advice would be greatly appreciated. 😊 Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.07 14:28 Cat_bron

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2023.06.07 14:28 These-Canary-8015 [36/F] Looking for a good chat

I am an adult female living in the UK who is now looking for new friends.
I have long waist length hair and enjoy watching films, reading novels, and travelling. I love meeting new people and sharing experiences of each other's lives.
I work very hard at my job, but I also enjoy relaxing and having fun in life. I enjoy exploring the towns and markets of the UK, walking along beautiful country lanes and learning about the culture and history of the area.
I hope to find some like-minded people who I can meet to sample good food, explore new places or just chat together in the comfort of my home. If you share my interests, drop me a line and I look forward to getting to know you!
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2023.06.07 14:28 Passero82 Training regime for newbie/beginner

SF6 is the first fighting game I get into. I love the training you can do in SF6, but as a new player, it's overwhelming. I've been watching lots of YT videos that suppose to help beginners but I find a lot of it difficult and I don't understand half of it usually so I have to first get back to basics. There are a few videos that explain training programs but they are to advanced for me.
So, I was wondering what a good program would be for me. I'm first practising all the moves for my character and making sure I can hit them every time. That's the first step, especially when trying to play with the classic controls. I also need some basic understanding of blocks, parry, counter, and so on, but don't have a clue about how to practice those efficiently...
I'm, of course, having fun with ranked in which I manage to win games and slowly work my way out of a rookie.
Any tips would be appreciated!
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2023.06.07 14:28 cassette_sunday I regret getting an OLED. What Now?

I bought an OLED tv almost 2 weeks ago I got on a decent deal, which was a 55" LG C1 for around £800. My first OLED and I was really excited. But I realised it was probably the wrong tv type to get. I have my parents use the tv and they are getting used to it. But the issue is, they watch a shit ton of news all day, every day. I see a lot of people saying they have family members who watch news for a couple hours but no parents, especially my father, watches news on repeat like it's Netflix or something. That's literally all he watches. It's actually raised my anxiety as I'm really nervous for potential burn in and burn in at a much faster rate. I just don't understand why he only watches news and NOTHING else. It's actually frustrating and I regret getting it now. If had put that into consideration, I probably would have gone with a mini-LED or something. I did use logo luminance and set it to high but I doubt that would do anything. I did try to tell him to about it but he shut me down and was not having it. The older tv was packed up and moved so I really don't know what to do now. The tv itself is amazing but I stupidly didn't think of this when buying it. How soon will I expect burn in at this rate? I'm actually disappointed in myself. Parents aren't tech savvy and I don't want to come off disrespectful towards them over this.
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2023.06.07 14:27 Ecstasic_Blueberry49 Christopher is the most immature person

Christopher is the most immature person
When I first started watching Gilmore girls I did not hate him as much because I thought he was young and not being present as a teen dad is quite common but as time went on I really started disliking him because of his shitty behavior, but one moment really made me want to throw up and it’s when he goes “let’s make a baby” and starts kissing Lorelai. How immature can a man be to say that after like a month of marriage and start ranting about how he’s loaded, like you were absent for Rory’s whole life, u barely could take care of Gigi and she’s still a toddler and you want to make another baby. Than the day after he gets mad at Lorelai because she was thinking like a normal human being. I just had to get this out because every time I rewatch the series my blood boils during that scene, I would’ve slapped him so hard at that moment. He sucks from the beginning till the end.
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2023.06.07 14:27 Mwinter03 LIGHT PROBLEMS, NEED HELP PLEASE

So here's what is going on. My headlights and fog lights and brake lights work fine. The bulbs that are the turn signals for the front are also supposed to be always on, but flash when turning, they only work while used as turn signals, same with the tail lights in back. The tail light and turn signals use the same bulb, they only work when used as turn signals, also the side marker turn signal lights work. Reverse lights and daytime running lights don't work. I forgot to check the license plate bulbs, but I'm pretty sure those aren't working either.
Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
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