Romantic places to eat near me

It's not touring, it's bikepacking.

2011.05.09 06:26 nukularsuiciders It's not touring, it's bikepacking.

Bikepacking: Off-Pavement Bicycling and camping where you would if you were to go backpacking. Bikepacking is generally in the backcountry, but you can backpack on local trails.

2010.09.17 05:21 ptgx85 Pensacola Florida!


2015.12.05 23:45 teamcoltra Flying the Pacific Northwest

For Pilots (mainly) and aviation enthusiasts within the Pacific Northwest Region (Which liberally includes Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington).

2023.06.06 06:00 Substantial_Edge_960 Summer job

Been home for over a month now and still haven’t found a summer job. Applied to around 40 places and had two interviews. Not sure where I am going wrong. I don’t think it’s my resume because I took a co-op introduction class last semester and I went over my resume with multiple people. Would really like some advice because if I don’t get I job I won’t be able to live near campus next semester. Where are people working that only want someone for a few months?
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2023.06.06 06:00 Etreum Goonies inspired music?

I absolutely love the music so far in the game. There was a part in the non-combat music near the beginner's areas that sounded very familiar to me and I couldn't figure out how. It finally clicked! It sounds very similar to some of the music in The Goonies. Can you guys hear it? (35 Seconds) (05 seconds)
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2023.06.06 05:59 Liquidityy2 Advice for a college senior?

Hi, decided to come to here to see if anyone could offer advice on my situation. I'm a senior at a non target studying Finance and have been interning at an accounting firm as a auditor for a little over a year now. Ive been dealing with a lot of stress(also attributed to working full time and school full time) over the last year due to me not landing a finance oriented internship for this summer as I applied to probably over 100 places. My main goal is to get into anything banking (credit, commercial, boutique ib)or PE/Real estate related. Unfortunately I didn't land anything and I just can't stand to continue in auditing but I'm worried that if I leave I won't land anything come graduation time and will be jobless upon then. I recently had my resume edited from someone on fiverr and have a good gpa(3.79) but still the stress from not landing anything for the summer is worrying me about post grad. Any advice on when I should start applying for full time roles and how to navigate this situation?
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2023.06.06 05:59 Shuriken95 Some notes from the crowd in Dominion. (Spoilers)

So I was at Dominion the other day. Just got back from Osaka yesterday, so I thought I'd write up about stuff from the crowd perspective, stuff that might not have gotten across to the broadcast etc.
  • The young lion dark match was great. Oskar Leube put up a hell of an effort, and nearly submitted both Oiwa and Boltin with a boston crab but the 5 minute time limit ran out on both before they would give up. In the end, Nakashima managed to submit a very tired Leube in the final round.
  • The crowd was particularly enjoying the dynamic between the giant (tall) Leube and the giant (big) Boltin.
  • Ospreay vs Archer got over very well. The crowd clearly likes Archer a lot, and Ospreay is always a crowd-pleaser.
  • The LIJ vs J5G match was actually a bit rough. I might just be reading too much into it but Shingo had to continuously get the crowd to make noise, and seemed annoyed by the end. For some reason the crowd just didn't feel all that into the match.
  • Jr. tag match was solid, though it did still feel like the crowd was only starting to get into the energy of it. A good amount of spots were popped for though, and both teams got over well.
  • The Moloney betrayal genuinely swerved everyone. Most of us looking at Connors and the entrance ramp so none of us even noticed Moloney until it was too late.
  • ZSJ is remarkably over. Like it felt like 99% of the hall was rooting for him over Cobb. (Probably not the case but just how it felt.) Crowd exploded for his Tour of the Island counter. Folks next to me were laughing out of amazement.
  • Tag bout was really good but a bit hard to follow at points. Bishamon winning definitely went over really well though. They're clearly favourites at this point.
  • War Dogs reveal was definitely a surprise, and a good amount of people didn't recognise Kidd and Coughlin. One guy from our stand shouted (basically) "Who the fuck are you guys!?" in Japanese, which got a laugh from a chunk of the crowd.
  • Something I'm not sure got across in the broadcast, because I haven't seen many people talk about it, is that people popped hard for Tanga Loa in the G1. It was genuinely sweet hearing people cheer that he was going to be back.
  • Kaito Kiyomiya's announcement was electric. Crowd absolutely erupted.
  • Finlay vs ELP went over really well with the crowd. ELP was probably the single most over face of the night. Crowd was calling his name at every fitting moment, and booing Finlay for everything he did.
  • It took a little bit for the crowd to get into (I think Finlay vs ELP drained the crowd's energy a bit because folks were non-stop cheering/booing) but eventually folks got fully behind Wato. It was great watching every Hiromu chant eventually get drowned out by Wato chants.
  • In what seems to be becoming a Wato staple at this point, an eh starting reaction from the crowd turned white hot as the end of the match came around. He's ridiculously hard not to root for in the closing stretches.
  • Folks in the crowd were genuinely excited for Moxley and Claudio.
  • Throughout the match there were a lot of things that got fun reactions. Moxley and Ishii not backing down from each other got a lot of excitement. Every time Okada and Shota were in the ring together it felt like everyone's eyes glued to the ring. And of coruse, the giant swing had folks roaring by the end. Unfortunately no count though.
  • The starting LIJ fistbump fiasco with Tsuji had the folks behind me literally in tears laughing.
  • Yota Tsuji.
  • Yota Tsuji.
  • Yota Tsuji.
  • I cannot emphasise this enough. Yota Tsuji.
  • SANADA has some excellent comedic chops, be they intentional or just a side-effect of his somewhat awkward personality. Crowd couldn't stop laughing at his post-match trying to think of something to say to Osaka.
  • Apparently this didn't get across on the broadcast, but LIJ didn't just leave Tsuji to walk to the back on his own. They waited for him at the end of the exit walk, where they did the LIJ fistbump. This is why at one point early on in SANADA's post-match speech you can hear the crowd start randomly cheering, and SANADA looks behind him just goes like "...OK."
  • It almost felt like LIJ were trolling both Tsuji and SANADA. Tsuji by making him walk to the back for his fistbump, and SANADA by making the crowd cheer once more for Tsuji while he's in the middle of his closing victory speech.
  • I left the arena as soon as it was clear to me that nothing else was going to happen, because I knew I had to get the Yota Tsuji moon shirt after that match. However, by the time I got outside and to the merch stand, they had already sold out of them entirely. The man is fucking over.
  • Yota Tsuji.
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2023.06.06 05:59 ThebetterEthicalNerd Big crush on a friend

We first met at school a few years back, but that is a detail. We went to the same local LARP, and there, she struck me. I didn't know it yet, but she struck we with something I still haven't managed to get rid of. She injured herself by falling straight on her coccyx, I walked beside her at her side, at her speed, back to camp.
Then a good and 3 year old friendship was born. We were on the same team ever since, at that LARP. I started going out with her a bit more outside of school, to public places she went, in which I made friendly acquaintances. I also started touching her a bit too much to her taste, but quickly stopped when she asked me too. I now only ask for her permission for this kind of stuff and it is never sexual in nature, for I learned one thing last weekend.
Her, another friend and myself went to said LARP, where I... Learned that my suspicions about these were true... They were, in fact, a couple. For the life of me, why ? Why does this keep happening to me ? Why do I always have to fall for already-in-a-relationship friends ? First it was a girl with another one, then a boy with another one and then her with a guy, who is also an acquaintance and someone I played DnD and had friendly talks with !
I'm not saying it's unjust that she isn't with me, it's fully her right to be with him and I intellectually and logically support her decision to be with the boy she loves, and not my non-binary ass. But I can't help but feel jealousy in my heart. I wanted to be the one going with her at her prom. I wanted to be a bigger part of her life and me a bigger part of hers. But this wasn't to be.
She has no romantic or sexual feelings towards me and I respect that, but I am also torn apart between telling her and freeing me from this pain right now or just... letting things go a little. Wait for a bit, finding other friends beside her... It would be hard, however.
I mean, she still listened to me when I talked about feelings of nostalgia and self-doubt and was a really great, supportive and funny friend to have banter and emotional conversations with. But I can't do this to her, can I ? It would be so selfish of me to continue talking to her until I figure things out with my therapist. I have no right to come and ruin our friendship, potentially making her very upset just because I want to see her more. Why am I so childish ? I fucking hate this asshole that I am. Can I just not fall in love if this is all it brings to me ?
I mean, can my brain just give up on love ? I just can't have without causing pain and trauma. It already did 4 years ago, I don't want it happening again.
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2023.06.06 05:58 Snooper16 Please Save Me... [TW: Domestic Violence]

PREFACE: If stuff like this isn't allowed here, please notify me and I will take it down, thanks.
tl;dr version for anyone who needs to know what went down today: >Dude wouldn't stop giving me a headache while I'm trying to rest.
>I try to close his door.
>He INSISTS it to be open, but that would continue bothering me.
>Get into an argument.
>He throws a FUCKING TRASH CAN AT ME. >Continues to blow up at me.
Full Version Story begins here:
This isn't the first time he's done it either. For context, I am in group housing (we're all disabled here to some degree, I myself being autistic), and this particular housemate's (I'll call him A) room is near mine. I was napping earlier, but I could hear A speaking way to loudly on his phone with his door wide open. Mine was closed AND I had headphones on, but could still hear A, so there's nothing I can do to block out his noisiness except close both doors. But A insists it to be open. Also worth noting is that A is a safety threat to the rest of us, he reaches anger VERY quickly over literally anything (he did so this morning, which I also heard). His own roommate (who I'll call B) had a seizure (which is unrelated to this), but while B was at the hospital being treated for the seizure, they found he also had a broken shoulder, which I suspect is because of how often A yanks him around.
I don't know what to do anymore, and I'm at the end of my mental rope. I tried to be civil, but A always blows up at any attempt "against" what he wants. And not just at me, but even with the caregivers, or basically ANYONE who opposes what he wants. I realize at this point we cannot co-exist together peacefully, so I'll have to start looking elsewhere to live. The problem is I don't have anywhere I can go, due to my lack of connections locally. So this is where my request comes in:
I'm hoping to find a kind soul who may be able to liberate me from this drain of a house. I'd prefer if you're patient, civil, and mind your own business (mostly) when in the home. I don't wish to travel far due to all my doctors and specialists being in the area though, so I'd prefer if you're still in the East Bay or Bay Area. I know I can't really be picky with this though, I'm just giving my "ideal" situation. At this point though, I don't care how far I have to go to be saved, as long as I can live peacefully. I can't live where I am anymore, and my mom won't take me back either, so if no one helps me I'll probably be roaming the streets until someone saves me...
If any kind soul is willing to help a stressed-out stranger in need, I'm 27M with diagnosed autism (high-functioning) if that is important to you. If you can't help, then advice is welcome too to safe places I can potentially find in the area and stay at long-term until I get life sorted out.
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2023.06.06 05:58 rjbelz Not that I could afford it, but is $1000 on FB marketplace a fair ask for this?

Not that I could afford it, but is $1000 on FB marketplace a fair ask for this?
Exactly as the title asks, someone on FB marketplace near me is selling a Gretzky rookie card and asking $1000. I’m only just getting back into collecting, and I know it can be worth a lot of money in mint condition. So curious to know if she is out of her mind, or asking for a fair price?
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2023.06.06 05:58 JUSTSAYNO12 Do I have to go to a church near me to begin baptism process?

There is Serbian Orthodox Church in my city but I would prefer the one in the city next to me. The reason is because the one in my city is full of people who I know will gossip about me if I start attending the church :( I won’t feel comfortable. I’m worried when I call to start the process of baptism they’re going to say to go to the one in my city. Or they’ll ask why.
The other one is only a 30 min drive.
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2023.06.06 05:58 nicolewhaat Tonight's only FY'24 public budget hearing - thank you

Thank you to the nearly 400 Somerville residents and workers who attended the only currently scheduled public hearing for the FY 2024 budget tonight! The hearing was fully virtual and lasted 4 hours. Due to several technology issues, it started 25 minutes late, there were constant issues with the Spanish and Portuguese language channels, and interpretation also ended after hour 2 because the services weren't booked for long enough, which was extremely frustrating and disappointing.
In spite of all of this, an estimated 90 people testified verbally (including me). The 3 funding demands echoed by essentially all the residents:
1) Demolishing and rebuilding the Winter Hill Community School 2) A non-police alternative emergency response program, and 3) Affordable housing initiatives to stop the displacement crisis
-- All of which seem to be missing from the current proposed budget. Many residents, especially WHS parents and teachers, are calling on the Council to fully reject the budget and vote no until the Mayor amends the city's capital improvement plan to authorize bonds to rebuild the school. It was a powerful and inspiring night, and I appreciate ALL our neighbors who dedicated time to make your voice heard during one of our city's most important public processes!
I believe a recording of the hearing should by released by the City in a few days. If you couldn't make the hearing and want to get your advocacy on record, you can submit testimony writing by June 21, 2023 to: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) (I recommend including [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) just for good measure)
Who else was at the hearing to listen or testify? What did you think, and what more do you think our community needs from this year's budget?
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2023.06.06 05:58 abrockstar25 Probably gonna have to drop out again either way but what do I do?

So I started college for the second time around in may, moved to another town, rented a place and everything. Its okay, a little lonely not gonna lie, but ive been having issues with my job where im not making enough hours to survive (this is after she guaranteed me 30 hours. Its the only reason I took the job, she just isnt scheduling me. Or schedules me days outside of my availability) and ive come to the conclusion that I have 2 choices, drop out find a full time job to try and survive out here. Or drop out and move back home, which I feel ashamed to even consider. The reason im considering this, is because I wont be able to pay my august rent. I can already fortell it happening, as ill be barely able to pay my july rent. So essentially im screwed either way. Im just curious what you recommend
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2023.06.06 05:58 hexenfern Am I being too hasty thinking about surrendering my GSD?

OVERVIEW: I have two dogs currently, one is a male coonhound I adopted February of 2022, who is a bastard sometimes but a great and sweet dog. I felt bad when I was single leaving him alone while I worked all day, he’s so energetic, so I got another dog from the same place in July of 22. We walked them together at the shelter and the worker was surprised how well they did, she (the GSD) didn’t do well with the others generally. Well other than growling at my hound for being near while she ate once (never happened again after I reprimanded her) when I got her home she wasn’t aggressive towards him at all. But there were issues. 1. She growls and lunges at other dogs on walks, which has made my other dog start doing it too. She has ran out when guests opened my door twice, and I had to chase her down, which scares me because what if she had ran into another dog? 2. She, within minutes attacked other dogs at the dog park, so we can’t go there with her at all. She is great at non crowded parks. 3. She can’t be crate trained right now. I’ve seen $1000 crates online that look like they would work, but can’t afford them. She ruined a standard crate and I had to sand the sharp edges and zip tie it together. Bough a $200 “ultra tough” crate, she chewed a hole and escaped, then chewed another hole and got her head stuck in it. Had to get her out and it felt dangerous to her neck. 5. Most concerning once my hound yelped and I went out to see a hole in his snout the size of her tooth, around his whiskers down to the flesh. They do play pretty rough and it was months ago. 6. She bit my budgies cage when she slipped past my partner into the bedroom. Twice. 7. My partner has two cats who have been staying with a friend for almost a year because of the household, but she’s moving and we need to take them back. She has gone after a cat before and I know for a fact she will want to attack. We’re going to keep them separated at first and try anxiety meds (she has sever separation anxiety and whinges loudly when crated.) and introduce them slowly through bars while she’s medicated, but I’m worried. 8. She has broken into the kitchen and turned the stove on while I was gone for hours, twice. Almost started a fire.
I’m not sure I can even afford her right now, the constant equipment replacement, anxiety medication and vet bills and everything else. Even with how pretty of a dog she is and her breed and how sweet with people she is, I’m worried because of her temperament to dogs and cats, her separation anxiety and incredibly destructive behavior, she wouldn’t get adopted, at least for a long time. I feel like I need to see if I can correct her overtime, because she wouldn’t do well in most homes, but I’m not giving her as happy of a life as most people could, either. I’m broke and don’t have enough time for her. Had dogs my whole life but never this rough. I’m just so stressed.
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2023.06.06 05:57 SentientRockPeople Accidentally friendzoned a girl while drunk, apologized, she felt better but, later called her and failed to make it clear I actually like her. Too late?

I acted very stupid. So I did 2 dates really confidently and the first half of a 3rd date really confidently. She brought up super-long-term relationship stuff. She was very touchy feely, scratching up and down my thigh, etc. We kissed multiple times on every date.
Waiting for the restaurant on our third date (about 40 minutes before I friendzoned her), she put her head on my shoulder, I kissed her on the forehead and called her a cutie, she held my hand. This wasn't anything new but it just made me friendzoning her worse.
So I got drunk and really passive while being in a weird sleep deprived mood. So I friendzoned her accidentally by having no filter. I was talking about embarrassing stuff expanding out from dealbreakers and also about dating other girls, then she said "So you're friendzoning me, right? That's what's happening?" Then I ended up saying yes to that, and then she expanded some other questions and I was just overly rude in how directly I answered them, while being agreeable at the same time so I didn't divert any questions. For example I gave crappy advice on how to meet other guys that wasn't asked for (suggested a specific group activity).
I apologized multiple times in person and drove her home.
So over text I apologized in detail, we were writing walls of text to each other.
3 days later, I said I'd call her and clarify something and just re-apologized again. She said she appreciated it, but she just needs a few days to be pissed off and then go back to being friends again.
So she thinks I friendzoned her, but I also friendzoned myself.
So... the idea of "confess that you like someone" barely works, but what if I was the one who friendzoned that person? How should I go about it? Or should I wait a few weeks and suggest a coffee date and flirt in person?
Thing that sucks is. It turns out she viewed me super romantically. When she didn't have to impress me and thought she was friendzoned, she said she wasn't pursuing anyone else and hadn't dated in a year. She said I was extremely cute. She said she was nervous because I seemed so perfect and never felt she had to impress a guy more than with me. I was so stupid, man.
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2023.06.06 05:57 IINT8396 Are you helping outfit your friends?

I’m not asking if you’re buying friends a place carrier; I’m far too poor for that. BUT my friends with rifles are slowly becoming more interested in the hobby with me blabbing, as well as our current political climate. Friend1 has expressed how he’d like to switch up the hand guard, trigger, and possibly a foregrip. I’ve done my diligence of suggesting parts/ always send him deals when I’m out shopping. I see a LOT of pretty decent deals on things locally, so I ask. You buying your homies parts that are a steal? Would showing up with a furniture set be too much? I just want my friends to come late with me😵‍💫
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2023.06.06 05:57 TheImmortalArmy I think I'm wasting my life

I'm only 18 and think I'm wasting my life. I wrote a shorter version for the basics, and a long version if you want more detail. Thank you for your time.
SHORTER VERSION: I was the "perfect child" and everyone knew I would be successfully. I worked hard and long to save money and teach myself new things, while many other kids got incredible help from their parents, like entire new cars for birthdays/graduation, while I was lucky (and appreciative) if I got any acknowledgement at all. I already started to feel that my future was dim due to financial differences. Fast forward to today: I'm 18, great grades, graduated early, and the best job I could get is at a warehouse making $17/hr, and even with $8k in savings I still don't have any hope for advancement, or for living the life that I want. I feel empty and lonely. I spent all these years working and focused on progress. I never had any relationships or friends because I was too busy. Now, I just work 9-10 hours daily, obsessively lift weights for 2 hours, eat a lot to "bulk up", and sleep or watch mindless videos. I have nothing else in life and it feels like multiple pieces of me are missing.
LONGER VERSION: Currently I'm an 18yo male and feel like I'm wasting my life. As a kid, I was always considered to be the strong, smart, determined kid who was gonna make it big no matter what. I taught myself countless subjects on my own time, and worked my way into the gifted classes, and eventually AP once I hit highschool. My grades were great and I never had any problems in school. In school, I wasn't a social person at all. Not because I was shy but because I was a very busy kid, always focusing on myself because I knew that I had fewer opportunities than most other kids did. Point is, I was the "perfect" kid who always kept to themselves and worked hard to move forwards, hoping to start a business or to secure a highly technical and rewarding job. However, I began to question it all when I got a job at 17 (11th grade). I got the job to save up for a vehicle, so I would have more opportunities when I graduate. But it was a crappy fast-paced fastfood job. I would commonly work several weeks without a break, 40 hours each week, all while attending school. That's easily an 80 hour week not including commute. But I kept pushing through, becoming known as the guy who's always at work and always sleeps in class. Often, my classmates would say things like "oh, I was gonna get a job, but my parents offered to buy me a cheap car for $7k" while I struggled endlessly just to get $2.5k. Eventually I got the money I needed, and decided to buy a small motorcycle to teach myself on, then sold it after getting my license and used the money to buy a much better bike with some talking-down (2008 Versys 650, only 8,000 miles, for $3k). With transportation secured, I decided to graduate half a year early to start saving money. Tried finding a good job for a month, countless interviews/applications, and finally settled on a warehouse job paying $17/hr, typically working 50-70 hours per week. Fast forward 5ish months to today, and I have about $8k saved. I planned to go to school with the money to become an aircraft maintenance technician (AMT), and I've already been accepted and can go for free with scholarships/grants. But I would need a place to rent (I currently live with me parents, 120 miles from the closest AMT school). And rent today is absurd. I would never be able to afford it. So rn I'm just coasting. Saving money for no reason, since I can't afford to live the life I want, and I can't afford the steps to get any closer to my goals. All I do is go to work for 9-10 hours, come home and obsessively lift weights for 2 hours, eat a lot to "bulk up", then sleep or watch mindless meme videos. I feel empty and lonely. My day-to-day activities feel pointless and mundane. I never had any relationships. Really never had any friends either. I don't even know if I want a relationship at all. I'm just completely lost and don't know what to do because all my plans, time after time, always fall apart due to financial or logistical shortcomings, and I've never had enough time to actually "get a life" so I have few hobbies/interests and absolutely no friends or relationships. I just work and lift weights, trying to get big on the outside because I feel small on the inside.
What should I do to ensure I don't waste my life and end up regretting it? Thanks for any replies or help.
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2023.06.06 05:57 SpiritualPickle8320 Unknown leftover brackets

Unknown leftover brackets
I know this is far fetched and I'm probably gonna get a lot of flack for not paying attention in the first place, and I'm sorry. I'm really young and still learning, so please forgive my idiocy!
I'm finishing up a front facia repair on my 2009 Silverado 1500 and I've ended up with 4 bolts, and these 2 brackets left over. I've spent a good bit of time looking for where they might go myself, and I'm absolutely clueless. I've also checked youtube videos where they doing similar jobs, tried looking for service manuals online, all to no avail. They have no markings/part numbers, and they don't seem to be available for purchase on part websites. Can someone please help me identify them and where they go?
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2023.06.06 05:57 Sensitive_human0973 Is this weird?

So I (13f) have divorced parents I go week to week from both houses but the problem lies with my dad. My dad (46M) is VERY religious (he’s LDS it’s small but if you live in the U.S. you probably know it) and he is very I guess touchy. He will touch my thigh when we’re in the car briefly and will randomly touch me in weird places (like thighs and ears and such) sometimes he comments on me clothes like that my bra doesn’t go well with the outfit or that my shorts show my butt to much (even if there just like tight not booty shorts). Is this weird? I feel really uncomfy when he does it. ( I haven’t told my mom about it or anything didn’t think it was not normal until my friend thought it was weird a while ago) ( I hope I’m posting to the right thing)
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2023.06.06 05:57 turtleturtle853 10,000 photos disappeared from my camera roll

Hi, I’ll start by following the mod rules. I have an iPhone 11, currently running IOS 16.3.1. Bought it in 2020 in Canada for personal use.
I recently noticed that a ton of photos have disappeared from my camera roll. I hadn’t changed anything with my iCloud and I didn’t delete them all by myself. But I definitely used to have 21,000 and now I have 11,000.
All the photos seems consistent for the last two years, but then further up I’m missing entire months and then entire years of photos. It’s very random ones that remain too.
So far, I upgraded my iCloud to the 200GB pack (because my iCloud was nearly full before), but nothing has changed.
I also checked my storage in settings tonight, and the bar was full, saying photos was taking a large amount (something like 70GB) then after a few seconds it switched down to only 8GB.
It’s like the photos are somewhere in my phone but I just can’t find them. If anyone has any ideas, please help me out! Thanks
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2023.06.06 05:56 mzmarigold Add from my local FB for sell or trade

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2023.06.06 05:56 WillingnessQuiet5890 what cards should i plan on getting?

I'm 21 and I'm going to have a big purchase coming up soon ~5-6k (tuition), i don't want to get card with an AF, and im open to getting business cards. i think i know what i want, and know what im doing, but i just want some confirmation. thanks .
FICO Score: ~730, will probably jump to 760+ after I pay off my CFF
I pay off all of my cards in full every month, except for the CFF which has 0% APR for 12 months, I will be paying it off in July.

Income: ~50k last year, currently unemployed
Expenses: only food/gas, my parents help me with everything else and I am very grateful.

I got denied for the CIU back in January-February, since I believe I reported a monthly spend of 2.5k with only 50k income. I have then opened up a business checking account (i hate the 2k minimum to waive 15$ fee) with them to build my relationship.
My plan is to apply for the CIU once again in August and finish getting the 75k SUB by using it on my tuition, and I'll probably keep a balance on it until January? To raise back my business credit? (it has a 12 month 0% APR, so I will be paying 0 in interest regardless). Then I want to open up another business card, the CIC and then repeat the process for my tuition in the Spring.
On another note, I have 140k MR points and 70k UR points and I'm not sure what to do with them. I don't plan on traveling in the near future and I don't want them to sit around losing value due to inflation. I do want to open up a Charles Schwab AMEX Platinum in maybe 3-5 years? and convert the points for 1.1CPP. I currently have a Roth IRA with fidelity and I want to transfer over there before I get the CS Plat.
rant: chase automatically upgraded my freedom student card to freedom unlimited, the freedom student gives a $20 good standing reward annually. 2000 points is $4000 that i have to spend annually on the CFU to BREAKEVEN. 2000/(1.5 - 1.0)...

pay off current cff balance, open up ciu and pay my tuition to get the sub, repeat process with cic for the spring semester
have a lot of points and no idea what to do with them, open cs plat to get 1.1cpp? shrug
open up csp in summer 2024? hopefully they have an upgraded offer like they did last month
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2023.06.06 05:56 Dadhat56 I need social advice: a friend of mine told me she’s pregnant but it’s very early

Hello fellow crew, I need help.
One of my best friends has confided in me she is pregnant. She and her partner are excited (and financially and emotionally capable), but it’s a huge surprise.
I feel honored that she shared with me before the first trimester has ended, but I’ve been in this situation before and friends have been left been heartbroken when things happen, and I think distanced themselves from me because I came across so excited when I heard the news.
Basically, any tips for being supportive without going full, “omg you’re going to be a mom!” in a situation like this?
I’m currently hyperfixating on what she feels comfortable eating because she’s experiencing nausea, but even I can tell I’m being weird about it at this point.
To be clear, I am really excited for her and think she’ll be a great mom even though it’s a surprise. I just don’t want to put any pressure on the situation when I know it’s very common that problems arise early.
I love her and I want to do what’s best.
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2023.06.06 05:56 laotheowl Good Looks vs. Good Appetite

Hey fellow Redditors!
I recently had a hilarious and eye-opening experience at a restaurant that left me both bewildered and well-fed.
Picture this: I walk into the establishment, trying to be my charming self (emphasis on trying). Little did I know that my appearance was about to play a deliciously significant role in my dining adventure.
As I sat down at my table, I couldn't help but notice the waiter's unusually attentive behavior towards me. Initially, I attributed it to their stellar customer service, but boy, was I wrong!
As the orders started arriving, something peculiar unfolded before my very eyes. Plates piled up on my table like a food lover's dream come true. From succulent steaks to mountains of mashed potatoes and towers of desserts, it was like the culinary universe conspired to ensure I would never go hungry again. Each dish seemed to whisper, "We're here because of your undeniable charming looks."
Meanwhile, my less fortunate, but equally famished, friends looked on in disbelief. Their plates, sadly, seemed to receive the minimalist treatment. It was as if the kitchen had adopted a strict policy of "food discrimination" based on attractiveness. Trust me, there were no complaints about the taste; it was simply a matter of visual injustice!
If you ever find yourself craving an extra side of fries or an overflowing dessert tower, perhaps it's time to put your best face forward. Just remember, good looks might just be the secret ingredient to an all-you-can-eat extravaganza!
Share your own hilarious restaurant tales, and let's all feast on laughter together! Bon appétit!
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2023.06.06 05:55 Disastrous_Ad_8882 Property management requires 3x income for rent, how does this work with roommates?

I moved into my ICM apartment in 2020 and the initial application required I show proof of monthly income 3x the monthly rent. I've stayed in the same apartment through rent increases and they've never asked to see pay stubs or the like since. My partner plans to move in and they're having him fill out an application and required his two most recent pay stubs. He's a PhD student, so I'm taking the bulk of the rent costs.
Since I'm capable of paying the rent without him, will this be grounds for them to deny his application/prevent him from moving in? It seems absurd to me, and the ask may just be a formality, but I'm locked into this lease and he doesn't have a place to go should he get denied.
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