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2023.06.07 21:43 PriorDoctor6855 Taylor Swift and Austin Reaves dating rumors, explained: How Matt Healy breakup & bar photo sent internet into frenzy: Does Taylor Swift enjoy watching the revenge porn and sexual brutalization of Black women with her new boyfriend?

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2023.06.07 19:52 360inMotion At my local Walmart Supercenter, this represents the entirety of their current cat food selection.

At my local Walmart Supercenter, this represents the entirety of their current cat food selection.
I normally order from Chewy but had to go here in a pinch. Glad I didn’t need much!
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2023.06.07 19:33 UrbanAbsconder Springdale Planning Commission approves plans for Aldi grocery store on Elm Springs Road, west of Macadoodles and south of the Walmart Supercenter

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2023.06.07 17:46 ThatGuy7414 I'm ready who's come with me man lol 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

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2023.06.07 16:13 swan0 [Review] Fortress Festival

Hi all,
I went to Fortress Festival in Scarborough this weekend just gone and had a blast. There's some discussion going on here but I wanted to do a write up specifically for those who couldn't make it. I've included links to respective bandcamp pages and all of the band pictures/videos are mine!
First of all...
The Venue
After driving almost five hours to get there and checking into the BNB, walking up to this was quite an experience. Right on the sea front, Scarborough Spa is made up of multiple rooms. The entire festival took place on one stage in this room. There was a bar at the end and another in a quiet room downstairs (which also doubled up as a great place to charge your phone). Carling, Madri, Caffreys, Aspalls, and a couple others on draft. Cheapest pints were £5 and there was a lovely Fortress reusable cup you could get for £3. Made the mistake of doing this straight away on Friday and having to carry it around for the rest of the day. There was also a lovely Fortress ale for this event but it ran out pretty sharpish. Also worth noting that staff were incredibly friendly, from the local security + bar staff to the festival organisers themselves.
The only food on offer were things like sandwiches and pots of salad and pasta behind the bar. I'd heard they wanted food trucks but couldn't get them in due to a wedding going on on the Saturday. Apart from a couple of hours during the wedding, there was a great big balcony with a fantastic view of the sea and plenty of places to perch.
Entering the venue was super easy, hand in the paper ticket and receive your wristband. I'd heard of a few people forgetting their ticket but apparently confirmation of purchase was enough to claim your wristband which was nice. IN the entrance foyer there was the Fortress Festival merch stand as well as a few others. One who's name I didn't get were selling tons of pins and patches, then there were records and tapes from Onism Productions and Dark Earth Records. If you know any of the other companies there let me know! The band merch was just inside the main room and there was some great stuff on offer. I left with a Nemorous t-shirt and a Panopticon tour t-shirt as well as a copy of Kentucky, which was kindly signed by Austin Lunn after I bumped into him in the crowd. That really made my weekend.
The Music
The important bit. Friday kicked off at 2pm with English BM band Andracca and what an opener it was. Crowd was disappointingly light for them and I felt a little bad but it was the very first set of the entire festival. They still earned some new fans, myself included. Great energy and intensity.
Next came another English BM band - Andartar. Heavier than Andracca but similarly great intensity. I knew I'd stumbled upon a brilliant festival already at this point. Another pic. Lighting was great throughout the whole fest.
Slight change of pace next with Devastator, a black thrash band from Derby. First pit of the weekend starts, even if it only consisted of around 6 people. They got a great reception and put on a good show and their set was 30 minutes, same as the two before.
Then we get to our first jaw drop of the festival. The Sun's Journey Through The Night. One man band from England recently nominated for Metalhammer's Song of the Week. Incredible performance and highly recommend them. Nice theatrics with the horned skull mask and just fantastic energy from everyone involved. I also got a drumstick from them, cheers!
Wode come next. 40 minute set this time. Manchester black/death metal. Loved his vocals.
Then we have Finnish pagans Havukruunu. Setting the 'atmospheric' tone for the rest of the evening with a nice intro. Place was looking full now, though it was amazing how spacey the room felt. Should also note the crowd was really chilled and friendly. Great set, loved the bassist's bullet crown.
Time for the headliners. I say headliners because they both played for the same amount of time and both felt like they had the right to finish the first day off. So - an hour's set from the magnificent Can Bardd from Switzerland. Beautiful atmospheric folky black metal, many people said they were their favourite band of the weekend. Great set and, as you can see, the place was really alive. Popped out for a smoke and thought 'what a place'.
To finish off, Saor from Scotland. First time hearing electric bagpipes which was a fun experience. Just like every other one that day it was a brilliant set, the crowd were really into it and I especially enjoyed the flute(?). Frontman Andy engaged spoke with the crowd a few times. Devastated to find out from someone that he was a Rangers fan but seemed a nice guy. Nice view leaving the spa. Day 1 over, time for this fucking incredible kebab. So good.

Made the 30 minute drive to Whitby before the festival kicked off, mostly to see Dracula's gaff. Impressive place but cost £15 to get in - FYI, you can just walk in through the exit in the gift shop...
Made it back to Scarborough Spa - which was once again looking ravishing - just in time for the post-black metal openers from Birmingham, Lunar Mercia, at 12:30. Really nice sound and lovely vocalist who I'd spoken to the day before.
Next we have Nemorous. Basically Wodensthrone v2 as it's made up of mostly ex-members. Started amazingly, finished amazingly, but suffered a very unfortunate snapped guitar string in the middle that seemed to take an AGE to restring. The crowd was totally sympathetic but you could feel the frustration from the entire band, I can't imagine how disappointed they were. Think they only managed around four songs but they did a great job and I went and bought a t-shirt afterwards. Visceral vocals and first keyboardist of the festival.
My personal highlight of the weekend came at the end of Nemorous' set. Just before they started I checked in at the Panopticon stand and got myself a copy of Kentucky. £80 on Discogs currently but they were selling them for £35. That alone made me very happy, but, whilst watching Nemorous, I noticed a familiar face. There was Austin Lunn from Panopticon, the reason I bought the ticket to this festival, going ham at the barrier (the guy with the hair, obviously). Once the set finished he very kindly signed my copy of Kentucky after I frantically searched for a marker pen and got a photo with him. He stuck around to chat for a few minutes and was one of the nicest musicians I've ever met. So enthusiastic and asking loads of questions. My weekend was made and absolutely nothing could've ruined it at that point.
I missed Wyrdstaef and Glemsel, though I hear both were great, so I could take my merch back to my lodgings before I got stuck into the rest of the day.
After a short break and a few beers I got back in time for Ard. Described as 'Monastic Northumbrian doom', Ard is the project of Mark Deeks from Winterfylleth. As a one man project he was naturally assisted by the rest of Winterfylleth! This was a real change of pace from the black metal we'd been listening to since early Friday afternoon and he did thank everybody for sticking around for him 'even though there were no blast beats'. Really enjoyable set.
Next, Ante-Inferno, from Scarborough itself, with the drummer being the organiser of the festival, Gary. Really been enjoying their most recent album 'Antediluvian Dreamscapes' and they were a class act. In case you haven't caught on, everyone at this festival was fucking great. Really loved the vocals here.
Here we have one of my biggest highlights of the weekend and a band I've not stopped listening to since I left Scarborough. Afsky, from Denmark. They rendered me absolutely speechless. Sure, the wood and the torches and the industrial fan were a nice touch, but they played with an intensity I hadn't seen to this point. The sound was amazing and the screams were just top drawer. As you can see in this video, it was way busier on the Saturday. Room was packed but, like Friday, far from cramped. I've listened to them every day since Saturday and I finished one of their albums on the drive home.
It was getting real misty at this point. Eldritch powers or smoke machine, who can say?
Penultimate act of the day, English black metal darlings Winterfylleth. Mark Deeks from Ard back behind the keyboard this time. I'm a fan of Winterfylleth and it was my first time seeing them but I wasn't really blown away. They were good, I think I just expected them to be better. Or maybe it was the anticipation of Panopticon around the corner... either way, there was a better pit this time as well as a few corpse-painted balloons floating around. Very kvlt.
Finally, my time had come. I bought my ticket for Fortress the moment I heard Panopticon were there. One of my favourite black metal bands, with Kentucky being one of my favourite albums of all time. At this point, around 21:30, I hadn't had a pint for about 2 hours to avoid needing a piss and losing my spot at the front. I got right to the barrier, which was insanely easy, and waited it out. Soundcheck took a little while and the whole fest was probably running a solid 15/20 mins behind. Think Austin Lunn spent more time trying to balance his 'Commonwealth of Kentucky' flag on his amp than actually doing the soundcheck, not that I was complaining.
And then we were off. They were fucking amazing in every way. I was emotional. So much Kentucky material, including the wonderful little folky bits. Austin wasn't satisfied with the sound at the start and kept asking for more guitar, not that it interrupted his flow at all. Though, the string instrument they were using (fiddle? violin? idk) could've definitely been a bit louder. Austin's vocals were fantastic but I was utterly blown away by their keyboardist, who's name I don't know. Guitar work was fantasticand at times it sounded just like the studio album.
Austin did an impromptu meet and greet afterwards, just jumped down from the stage and started to chatting to people. Really phenomenal set. Sadly it was the end of the road for me, as I couldn't stay for Sunday's lineup due to work, but I had had an incredible time and finishing with Panopticon was a moment I'll never forget.
I heard Sunday was also good, though I think it would be fair to say the lineup was slightly weaker. Heard great things about Abduction and Cenotaphe, though I've heard a few things about Bolzer having a nightmare with soundchecking (as in it took fucking ages and he had a go at the sound engineer - and someone may have heckled him?) but I can't say much more as I wasn't there. A friend did say they were really good once that got out of the way.
Final thoughts
Favourite sets: Panopticon, Afsky, The Suns Journey Through The Night. In that order.
Best pint: Caffreys. What a drink. Don't see much of that down south.
Best moment: meeting Austin Lunn and getting him to sign my Kentucky record. And that kebab.
Fortress is one of the best festivals I've ever been to. Not because it was flashy or had the best lineup or anything like that (though Panopticon puts it up there for me), but just because it was so well organised and chilled. Everyone was super friendly, there was zero hassle, the venue was incredible, and all the bands delivered. They've already confirmed they're going again for 2024 and they're moving to the bigger room at Scarborough Spa which holds 1800 and looks awesome. It's going from 3 days to 2 days (Saturday and Sunday). Here's their Facebook page and there's a forum with plenty more pictures and discussion and links to other black metal gigs in the UK, worth joining.
There's nothing new here for people that did go, but I'm hoping it'll be an enjoyable read/watch/listen for some who didn't and it may entice you to buy a ticket for next year. I've got no affiliation with the festival, just a new regular! Thanks for suggesting I do a write up, ScarlyLamorna. Thanks to anyone who reads my wall of text. I'm not a writer or anything of the sort, this is just some personal musings with some action shots. Also, if anyone went Sunday and wants to add a write up, please do!
Feel free to ask any questions/request any more pics or videos.
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2023.06.07 06:46 mcr1911 Help me select an entry level pellet grill

I currently own a masterbuilt digital vertical smoker and love it, but I am looking at adding a pellet grill to the arsenal this father's day. I am hoping the higher heat range will give me a good bit more versatility in my cooking. My cooking is generally just for my wife, toddler, and myself so I'm not sure that I need a large grill, although I'm sure it would be nice when we have company. I still have the vertical smoker if the need to smoke 4+ racks of ribs or 2+ pork butts arises. My intention is to use the pellet grill for smaller, shorter cooks. I am wanting something entry level and I am looking at options from three different makes. My only real requirement is that the grill have a sear or broiler type of function where I can open grates in the drip pan.
I have my eyes on the Pit Boss Lexington or Austin XL, Z Grills 450A, and the Expert Grill 28" pellet grill from Walmart. I saw the PB Austin and the Expert Grill in person today at Wally World and both looked to be decent units. Seems to be pretty limited reviews on the Expert Grill, but it seemed like a great value for the price ($277). Are these known to be junk? I like the Pit Boss models but I'm unsure what size would make more sense. Additionally, my WalMart has a damaged package PB Laredo 1000 discounted to $497, so I wonder if it's worth the extra cost over the Austin XL model.
I am open to suggestions regarding the options that I have listed as well as any alternates in the sub $500 range that are worth looking at. Thank you!
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2023.06.07 05:30 Soup_oi Has anyone gotten a tampered with/missing inclusions album that was being sold as new via amazon prime?

(Not sure if this should be marked as "unsolved" or "explain"...I don't really need anything solved, since I can return item for replacement and solve my own problem...but rather looking for someone to explain that this is a thing that indeed does happen or doesn't happen, but will reflair post if need be)
I recently ordered a few albums from amazon, all via amazon prime. It's my first time ordering kpop albums from amazon, though I order plenty of other stuff from there and don't usually have problems (any problems are usually confusion or annoyance over the packaging they chose for the item, rather than problems with the item itself). Two of the albums are the sort of pouch style, and it's easy to tell they haven't been opened or anything like that. The third one is a second copy of an album I have already. I ordered it for pc collection purposes, and then planned to resell the rest of the album like I've done a few times in the past. As soon as I took this album out of the amazon packaging I knew it was weird. The album itself is already kind of slim and not super heavy, but this one seemed way lighter than I remembered the first one I got being. So I open this was completely shrink wrapped as normal (as was the first one I got of this album from somewhere else), the barcode sticker on the outside of the shrink wrap had the correct artist and album name on it. Once I had the shrink wrap off it had this sort of gooey, but dry, gunk on one end. The album is designed with a slipcover where both ends are open, and this gunk was super easy to peel off and it didn't seem to damage the album or contents, so I wondered if it was used to keep stuff from falling out...but that doesn't make sense since it was only on one end, and the album had been shrink wrapped anyway, so how could anything fall out if the whole thing is inside shrink wrap? I don't know. But I take this gunk off, and check out the album...before even taking anything out of the album I realize there's no photobook like there was in the previous copy of this album that I had already. I double checked my order to make sure I hadn't ordered some non-photobook version of the album, nope I had ordered a regular new version of it, and also the album only has one version available at all, so there is no like photobook-less compact version or anything. I find this really weird. Then I take the rest of the things out of the album...for some reason there were two of the same lyrics poster, and two of the same CD. Again, there is only one version of the album available anywhere, so there is no deluxe version that includes a second CD, both CDs were the same copy of the same track list. There were a few of the inclusions, but no poster and no PCs like the new sealed album is supposed to have. And one of the inclusions looked quite dirty/dusty/fingerprinty
Are there people or businesses selling on amazon prime that take apart and repackage albums, adding all new shrink wrap and barcode stickers and everything? I've heard stories of people who will go to places like Target or Walmart and discreetly cut the shrink wrap on albums so they can let the photocards fall out and they can steal just the photocards, and they put the album back on the shelf, and heard of other people winding up buying these albums not knowing that had happened to them before they bought them. Does something like this happen ever with albums sold on amazon? I've always bought albums from an artists official company/label store before, and this is the first time I've bought any kpop albums from somewhere other than that, so I'm kind of confused if this is a common occurrence. The title and photos of the item on amazon list it as new, list it as including everything...I had wanted to buy the item new, and if I knew this was coming from someone reselling without any inclusions, then I wouldn't have bought this particular listing (since I was buying it to collect the inclusions myself). I'm not too mad or annoyed, since I can just return it to amazon for a replacement, and I was going to drop off some other returns already tomorrow anyway lol. I'm really mostly just super super confused...especially why they would have taken out the two average size random draw pcs, but not the also random draw postcard, and also why they would put two of the same CD and lyrics posters in there...none of this makes sense to me lol. And I've bought plenty of pcs secondhand from places like Mercari, and in the past I bought a few albums secondhand from there or other places as well, and I have never experienced a seller re-shrink wrapping the album, as if it was coming from some shop as new, rather than from a fan reselling the album.
I'm confused lol. Someone please say I'm not the only one this sort of thing has happened to, or explain to me that adding doubles of items to a resold album (2 CDs, 2 lyric posters) is normal, or that re-shrink wrapping an album is normal. Or that that gooey gunk I had to peel off of one end of the album is normal.
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2023.06.07 05:01 Scared_Rate9108 Should I go here?

Should I go here?
Does this place usually have a good selection of Taylor swift vinyls? ( I’m on a trip and going to all the record stores I can)
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2023.06.07 04:59 Scared_Rate9108 Should I go tot his record store?

Should I go tot his record store?
Should I go here? Does anyone know if it has good amount of Taylor swift vinyls (I’m on a trip rn and going to a lot of record stores)
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2023.06.07 03:08 cl_awr Which of these two laptops are the best?

Hi all,

Looking to buy a new gaming laptop. Right now I have a Lenovo Legion Y540 15.6" screen i7-9750H RTX 2060 16gb RAM 512gb SSD.

I wanted to get something a little better and gift my current one to a family member.

I came across both of these on sale for the same price. For the same price, which is the better option? I am pretty sure they are both better than what I currently have by far. I only play GTA FiveM and Fortnite and edit photos and stuff. It may even be overkill for my needs which is fine.

I really appreciate the help!
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2023.06.07 00:18 MercifulGenji [US-FL][H]Overwatch, Horror, Ad Icons, OOB, Lots, [W] PayPal
Have a lot of pops that I really want to get sold and am pretty flexible with prices. Prices include shipping.
I would prefer to sell these as lots and I can be much more flexible with prices if you’re interested in one! I have a few lot examples with prices listed here.
Any pops with box damage are notated and pictured. If you’re interested I’ll be happy to provided more photos to assure the condition. Thanks for looking!
Online exclusive:
Online Exclusive Lot $60
Retailer exclusive:
Retailer Exclusive Lot $97
GameStop Exclusive Holiday Lootbox $60 - Pocket Pop Snowball - 424 Tracer - 425 Mei
Funko’s Cereal
Ad icons
Horror and miscellaneous
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2023.06.06 21:08 oddposty Walmart Supercenter (W.I.P)

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2023.06.06 17:31 MSFInstructor222 What happened to the Sabre RGB Pro Wireless Mouse?

I am looking at replacing my Sabre RGB Pro wireless because they denied my RMA request as the one I have is already an RMA. You all know how terrible QC is at Corsair. Anyway, they gave me a coupon code to use on the store, go to add it to my cart and says out of stock. Come to find out, nobody has it. Bust buy, Newegg, amazon, b&h photo, walmart, you name it, nobody carries it anymore.
What the heck happened?
That being said, is the katar elite wireless a good alternative? I am already in the corsair ecosystem so would prefer to stick with a corsair mouse. Preferable one with slipstream and 2k polling rate. Recommendations appreciated. Thanks
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2023.06.06 17:25 TopShelfPWS Top Shelf Pressure Washing Service

Top Shelf Pressure Washing Service
Hey neighbors, We are two high school students who have started our own pressure washing service. We both have experience and take pride in our work. Here are some photos of some jobs we have done in the past. Message either Damon (774-314-5888) or Austin (508-344-9501) as spots fill up fast!
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2023.06.06 15:18 ZayPrime93 Alpina C1 2.3 Taken with a Pannasonic GH5 w Canon 24-70 2.8

Alpina C1 2.3 Taken with a Pannasonic GH5 w Canon 24-70 2.8
Surprisngly this is one of my first reddit posts ever lol, but this here is an Alpina C1 2.3 i kinda fell in love with at Radwood in Austin. Did a lil vintage looking edits to em and thought it was fitting for the car. Taken with a Pannasonic GH5 which is by no means a perfect photo camera, but id say it has a natural film~ish style to it that im starting to like personally.
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2023.06.06 12:06 KayLeighblu Uhm...but pickup opens at 8am...

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2023.06.06 06:01 ShaneCam5 Twitter too???

Twitter too???
Everyone is talking about Ronnie's insta but I'm not seeing his Twitter either?
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2023.06.06 03:40 Beneficial_Letter851 The government drove me crazy

Over the past year I’ve moved to Texas, been to jail, and had my memory re-jogged. It’s a long story of truth & lie and what’s next. This making my life a massive mystery to who I am. As a child I was told my “dad” was my stepfather an I was in a government gifted youth ring in a Massachusetts town. I regained memory of being told I was gifted youth and my mother was artificially inseminated with jfk’s sperm which I agree sounds nuts, but could also be possible. I was a standup comedian in the Boston are for a few years an had vague messages coming to me through podcasts. The podcasters called me Richard an were putting in messages in there podcast to try an kill me. Funny no it was serious I wasn’t noticing. On Facebook, twitter an Snapchat I have constantly gone through these period were it seemed like my phone was trying to make me kill myself. But it was people posting things about me an anything they thought would make me kill myself…. I didn’t. My whole town has constantly gone against me, making ride a short bus across town to go to a different school to feel like a loser or idiot. I found this funny because I had already gone to prestigious camps and schools at one point being enrolled in 3 schools at once, giving me more knowledge than the children around me. I was gifted, I knew survival skills, math, business, science, animals. I even eventually built a koi pond as a child where I have a memory of michael Phelps gifting me a turtle. Which could be bs but I did make the pond an had a turtle, koi, an a swan it was cool. I was always building things even had a book of inventions. I invented the swifter like the dish cloth on a pole with a misting cleaner. I invented a few things an had them stolen. Then when I started having my memory re jogged I remember about how so many inventions have been stolen an the whole science community has had people trying to destroy it for centuries. My family member worked for Raytheon for awhile an I was told he was a salesman, then to find out about a month before going to prison I found out he was a spy that drugged an killed people. So it would make sense if my mothers father was involved in espionage then I could have ended up in a gifted youth ring. But it seems it’s nothing but destroying and stealing from these potential young leader then destroying there lives. When I moved to Austin to pursue my standup comedy I was being drugged everywhere I went, all the local comedians were doing sets about me which I find funny because there all madly in love with me which is actually disgusting but yea so the club I was frequenting an tried to help out the owner by performing there she offered me gigs in nyc. I went all the gigs she told me she could get me weren’t there. I still ended up hosting a show at a club. That’s all besides the fact I started to get my memory re jogged after I didn’t go back to Texas from nyc I went “home” to an evil place. There I remembered about my step dad an how he sex trafficked me as a child an how my mother would take naked photos of me as a child. An I was told if I went to dc I would become the president. While I was in dc everyone seemed to know me an everywhere I went I saw black suvs with American flags. They told me if I stabbed and killed my evil stepfather that sex trafficked me in my sleep I would become the president. I did an I went to jail, to be charged with attempt of assault with dangerous weapon. Now I still have memories coming back even memories of being raped an molested and it sucks.
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2023.06.06 00:23 KiKiKimochiii Capmetro high school student question

Hello, I'm attending a summer camp in UT Austin. I'm a high school student in RRISD (Round Rock) and I just wanted to make sure that I'm eligible for the free bus. I'll be taking the bus from domain station to dean keeton station. I have my school card (which has my name, grade, school year, photo and school name). Will this be enough or do I need any other identification? I'd appreciate it if any of you could help let me know. Thank you! K-12 Free link:
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2023.06.05 19:46 Flat_grape69 (THIS IS NOT MY PHOTO) Walmart in 2005

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2023.06.05 19:29 myPPishardforBernie A pellet grill was one of my favorite purchases

Literally makes low and slow BBQ so easy and accessible.
I’ve essentially replaced it for my oven during the summer. So easy to use and such a culinary benefit.
It’s really set it and forget it, you just need to keep an eye on temps and pellet level.
I like it better than off-set smokers for this reason.
I like it better than a typical grill because it infuses a smoky profile to the food.
I have the Pit Boss Austin XL that I bought at Walmart for a very good price, especially compared to other pellet grills.
What I like about this grill is that you can open the deflector plate and expose the fire, which allows you to sear the meat as well. This is a feature that many pellet grills do not possess.
This means it also functions like a typical grill.
I just love it. The only thing it’s missing is Bluetooth capability to monitor and control temps.
Who else out there has used pellet grills or other grills?
If anyone has any questions about pellet grills, BBQ, recipes, or cooking, feel free to ask!
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2023.06.05 18:04 radical_dumbass printing help

printing help
Hi, I want to print myself a poster using Walmart’s printing service. I have a high quality image that I made myself, but every time i import it to Walmart’s website it says it’s low quality. I’ve done some research and people say prints flagged as low quality come out all blocky and pixelated. Can anybody help me out? Thank you!
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