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11 years after TBI, mini deaths

2023.05.30 17:59 butunderwhelmed 11 years after TBI, mini deaths

Hit by an SUV 11 years ago. Damage is on right side of my brain. Took 3 years to get enough communication back to my left side to be confident enough to walk in public. I have never regained my sense of smell or taste. I have many set routines so that I can function properly in a day. Always put things in the same location, set out vitamins & supplements before bed, don't close my bag until everything has been returned to it such as phone or wallet. I don't like any change in routine and I put everything on my calendar including plant water schedule and pet med schedule. But I still avoid public events where I may be forced to visit with people I don't know as it is a struggle to have a conversation. If asked a question, I may answer with something nonsensical. But the mini deaths are the worst. They start out with a "fuzzy feeling" and then everything goes blank. I have so far, regained consciousness in 5 minutes or so. I have been told by the people who witnessed it, that a pulse or breathing is not detected during this time. I have been tested for seizures and strokes, both were negative. Does anyone else experience this?
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2023.05.30 16:25 johnny9k Summer 2023 Festivals

I had posted this as a comment awhile back and thought it would be useful to repost and hopefully get more additions for things I missed.
Mods - is there a way I can add this to the community calendar in the side nav?
Upcoming Events
Trucks on the Tracks: Binghamton, June 1 and 1st Thurs of month all summer
Greek Festival: Vestal, June 1-4
Strawberry Festival: Owego, June 15-17
Country Music Wine and Beer Festival: Chenango Forks, July 8
Colesville Super Celebration: Colesville, July 8.
Harper M Stantz Rec Park Music Fest: Rec Park, July 9
Broome County Fair: Whitney Point, July 25-30
Blueberry Festival: Greene, July 29
Spiedie Fest: Ostsingingo Park, August 4-6
Garlic Festival: Binghamton, August ???
LUMA Projection Arts Festival - Binghamton, September 8-9
Endicott Apple Festival: Endicott, Sept 16
Past Event
Culinary Arts Festival: SUNY Broome Culinary Center, April 16
Wine and Food Festival: Roberson, April 20
Earth Fest: Ross Park Zoo, April 22
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2023.05.30 16:08 WolfLeviathan9000 Why am I so insecure about my tastes / what I enjoy? (20M)

(Firstly, I just want to apologize for this post being a bit long, I'm just trying to express each and every one of my thoughts on this issue of mine in as thorough of a manner as possible. Also, I should state that although this is an issue that really does deeply impact my mental health, the primary reason I feel like this sub is the best place to post this is due to the fact that every other place I thought of to post it (advice, vent, etc.) seem to have either clear rules that my post breaks, or rules that are worded just vaguely enough for me to not be sure.)
When I hear even the smallest, slightest criticism towards something I enjoy, I immediately feel like it’s the absolute worst thing ever and that I’m an idiot and there’s something wrong with me for enjoying it. For instance, one of my favorite games of all time is Half-Life 2. That game got AMAZING critical reception and countless awards. Some people, however, claim that it doesn’t hold up today and is overrated. When I say some people, I mean what is probably about 1 in every 50 people who have played it. But to ME, it feels like 49,999 in every 50,000.
Seriously, even the smallest criticisms towards the things I enjoy are enough to make me feel so bad about my enjoyment of them that I suddenly don’t want to play/watch/listen to/whatever that particular thing for like 2 weeks straight. Even if it’s a poor criticism that doesn’t make sense, it STILL makes me feel insecure. Hell, a couple years ago, I was in a discord call, playing a game with a friend of mine, and a few of his discord friends who I didn’t even know the NAMES of, and have never even heard of since. They were basically complete strangers to me. Yet, one of them stated that an ITEM from a game I like had a stupid name, and that TINY LITTLE COMMENT was enough to make me feel slightly upset. Let me restate that for you: Someone who was basically a complete stranger to me said that an ITEM from a game that I like had a stupid name, and that was enough to make me feel upset. I’m dead serious, my problem is that bad.
Sometimes it doesn't even have to be an actual criticism to get under my skin. Someone could just say something as simple as "I dislike [insert thing I like here]" And it's enough to make me think "Oh god, do they dislike it because they're smarter than me and are able to analyze it better than me, and realize why that particular thing is actually garbage???"
It also really doesn’t help that it feels as though a very large majority of the time, when I was growing up, whenever I developed an interest in a new “thing”, it was always through experiencing whatever is usually almost universally agreed upon by the fanbase to be the worst entry or version of whatever that thing is. For example, growing up, I got into the Transformers franchise through the live action Michael Bay movies, which seem to be constantly trashed by movie critics and fans alike, and I also got into Indiana Jones through Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which the entire fanbase seems to agree is the absolute worst movie in the series. I’m a big fan of horror, because when I was very young, I used to watch lots of let’s plays of shitty early 2010s indie horror games and listen to tons of creepypasta narrations on YouTube. To this day, I still go back and watch Markiplier’s old horror game let’s plays from time to time, and unironically enjoy creepypastas and other internet horror stories. However, as I previously stated, a lot of those games were really terrible looking back, and creepypastas and other internet urban legends are so heavily criticized and trashed that even the very word “creepypasta” seems to have negative connotations tied to it. And that makes me feel bad for enjoying them.
I really haven’t seen that many movies in my life, but I find that I end up enjoying probably about 9 out of every 10 movies I see. In fact, one of my favorite “once in a while” special activities that I enjoy doing with friends and/or family is going to the movie theater. I like the atmosphere of the lobby, the food, the smells, the lights, the overall “aesthetic”, and even things as simple as getting real comfortable in my seat and watching the previews. But despite all this, I really can’t say I like movies as a whole that much, and I rarely find myself interested in watching new movies, at the theater (Hell, I’d even argue that I’m more excited for the theater itself than the actual movie) OR at home. Why? Like I’ve said before, I find myself coming out of almost every single movie, out of the few that I have seen in my life, thinking “That was pretty good! I enjoyed that a lot!” But then when I get home, I scroll the internet and start seeing reviews for the very same movie I watched, and it feels like 99.999% of the time, EVERYONE is shitting on it. It makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me for enjoying it, and it makes me feel bad. It makes me want to just stop watching movies altogether. So this whole problem is actually causing me to deprive myself of new, fun experiences and discovering new areas of my own happiness. Not just in movies,They just work best for an example in this context, but in everything. This problem also partially makes me want to actually avoid thinking critically about why I enjoy certain things, because I’m afraid of slowly realizing that the things I enjoy, upon closer inspection, are terrible and I’m a moron for enjoying them.
Sometimes I try to think to myself “Okay, maybe the things I enjoy really are “objectively bad”. But even if they are, so what? Is there really a problem with having “bad taste?” And that’s when I start coming across these internet armchair psychologists who try to tell me that the things you enjoy somehow tie into and reflect on things like your inner psychology, your values, your background and upbringing, etc. and therefore if you have bad taste, there’s something wrong with you, you’re a bad person, and you’re everything that’s wrong with society. (I’m paraphrasing, but you get my point) There was a franchise of games I used to love, and my favorite game in that franchise happened to be the one that half of the fanbase seemed to absolutely hate. I read a comment on that particular game’s subreddit, explaining why they enjoyed the “worst” game in that franchise. Some guy replied to him, basically telling him that the original commenter was satisfied with less, and therefore he was the reason that these big game companies are able to keep getting away producing terrible low-quality broken games (or something like that. Again, paraphrasing.) And I fear that he’s right. Our enjoyment of that game is inherently a bad thing and we should feel bad about it.
I know trolling assholes on the internet are the last people you want to listen to when it comes to these sorts of things, but for some reason, I still can’t help but worry that deep down they’re actually right, and everything I enjoy really is terrible, I have terrible taste, there’s something wrong with me, I’m a bad person, and I should feel bad about it. I’ve had these insecurities all my life, but it wasn’t until the last few years that I’ve actually realized it due to the fact that it was worsening, and it wasn’t until the last few months that I got the idea to attempt to reach out to anyone in order to figure out why I have this problem and how I can stop it.
Sometimes, I read and hear criticisms towards things I like that are worded in a very harsh, hostile, angry manner, and THOSE ones instead make me react with irrational anger. Sometimes those types of criticisms make me feel so upset that I start imagining myself lashing out in anger towards those critics by taking a blunt object and hitting them with it. I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out why that’s a problem. Although I think this particular aspect of my problem ties into another separate issue I have, which I might talk about another time.
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2023.05.30 10:25 Visual_Weird_5174 I am straight and I sucked a stranger's dick

Don't really know how to start. It's late at night where I live and I decided to write about my first gay experience.

I am male in his early 20s, always was into girls, still am into girls. But there was this fantasy in the back of my head, it turned me on so much. It goes as far as into my early teen years. So before I get to my first gay experience, I should probably tell you about that fantasy.

It started in my early teens, don't really know at what age exactly. As many other boys in that time of life, I started to experiment with my body - masturbation. Usually I would watch some straight porn. But later I kinda started to watch gay porn and to be honest I liked it. Also I would masturbate on nude male pics. But everytime there came post-nut clarity lol. So I just thought that I only like gay porn when I am turned on.

Time moved on, I found me a girlfriend. Sex and everything was great. But from time to time, I've had these little periods of time when I started to fantasize about gay sex. More specifically, about sucking a dick. So when my GF wasn't around, I would watch gay porn where the men sucks a dick. I found out that I really liked everything about penises, you know, how it looks when it's hard. Just looking at it, I would get so horny by the idea of having it in my mouth. Even now as I am writing this, I am getting hard lol

These periods would come and go, sometimes I thought that it was just some curiosity and it's gone, but then it would come again. And then I would again start to fantasize about sucking a dick. But one time my fantasies would go further - anal sex. Yeah, I started to think about how it would feel to have a dick inside of my ass. I started to finger my ass while masturbating. I even bought a dildo. And honestly, I really liked it (yeah I also tried to suck the dildo). It gave me a pretty good idea about how it feels and that I would like it. But a dildo can't replace real dick.

But I did not try a real dick. Yet. I did not want to cheat on my GF and I did not feel like telling her about this fantasy of mine. So again, the fantasizing about taking a dick would go away and back and so on.

Time moved on we broke up. After some time, I again started to feel obsessed about the idea of sucking a dick. But this time I was single and I downloaded Grindr. And I decided to finally try a real dick and find out if I really like it or not.

So there I was on Grindr, chatting with a men. This guy, in his 30's felt like the guy. I explained to him that I am straight and curious. Since we have been chatting only for a few dozens of minutes, and he was a complete stranger, I told him that I will only suck his dick with a condom on.

He didn't really like the idea of doing it in a car, we also could not find suitable private place in our city where we could do it, so car was a no. My home was no go, since i lived with my parents. And I wouldn't go to a strangers home. So we agreed to do it on a public toilettes in a shopping mall.

We met about a hour later. I was supposed to come to a specific toilette cabin (the middle one) and he would came. My heart was beating hard, I was excited and nervous at the same time. I came to the cabin, the toilettes were really nice and clean. And there was literally no one. i wrote him a message that I am there.

Few minutes later, I heard someone coming to the toilettes and footsteps coming closer to my cabin. He knocked, I opened. And there he was. We locked the doors and he asked me how I was feeling. I said that I am little nervous. He took my hand and put it on his crotch (still dressed). And I felt his dick, and that turned me on. He started to touch my body, pushed me closer to him and we started to kiss, even tho I did not plan that.

We were making out really hard, I started to touch various parts of his body. The kissed were kinda weird for me, mainly because until then, I was the one more dominant and with male role. We were both moaning a little, which turned me even more. And I was finally so horny, that I knew I was ready. So he had put his pants and underwear down. And DAMN! I did not expect to his dick to be that big. Like it was not big in the terms of lenght, but he had really thick dick. First I touched it with my hands, while still kissing with him.

The first touch was when I realized that this is really, fucking real. I started to jerk him off, the feeling of holding real hard and warm penis was so amazing. I've put a condom on his dick, and honestly his dick was so thick, that I had problems with putting it on. How was I supposed to put THAT into my mouth?!

I got on my knees and put it into my mouth. Finally, after all these years. I started slow, kinda sucking his dick while also jerking him with my hand, you know what I mean. I could not put it really deep into my mouth, my gag reflex is shitty. But slowly and slowly, I would suck him more fast and more passionately. His moans encouraged me even more. From time to time he even moaned words like "Wow" and "damn" et cetera.

I got soooo horny, that I decided to do something a little stupid. Here I was sucking a dick, but I would not get the full experience with the rubber on. I wanted to taste that dick. So, I removed it. And I was sucking that dick like a cherry popsicle. It was like finally doing something I always wanted, something that was meant to be. It felt so right and so wrong at the same time. This maybe went for around 20 or 30 minutes, and he leaned towards me and asked "Do you want me to cum?". I responded with his dick in my mouth with "mhmmm"

I kept sucking and sucking I knew he was about to unload his cum into my mouth, that made me really excited, i felt butterflies in my stomach. He started to moan more and louder. And I kept sucking more and more. And finally! He unloaded his warm cum into my mouth. It was REALLY LOT OF CUM, more then i expected, kinda caught me off guard. For a first second or two, I though I would vomit. But then it went away and I actually liked it. I swallowed everything.

I went up and he asked me if i really haven't done this before, because it was really great. Hehe felt appreciated. He dressed himself, but i asked him to suck my dick too. So he did, but i lasted only a few second - yes seconds. I was so horny from my first experience that I came so fast. As we said goodbyes to each other, he told me if I ever wanted to do it again, or maybe even more, that I can write him.
I will be honest here - as I was going home, the horny-ness went away and I started to have mixed feeling about it. Sucking a stranger? Really? And maybe I didn't even liked it so much, maybe I was just really horny. So for a few months, I thought that yeah, I've tried it, and found out that I am not really into it, maybe just a curiosity.

And here I am now, again obsessing about sucking a dick. I want to try it again, with someone in my age. This time maybe go on a date first. I want to go on a cute tinder date. Then I am going to suck his dick. This time I want to do it better, I want him to hold my head while doing it. I wanna look into his eyes with his dick in my mouth.

And also... I want to take a dick and have a sex ;) So what do you think? Am I becoming gay?
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2023.05.30 09:02 MickIsShort4Michael Discovering the Charms of County Aberdeen

Welcome to Aberdeen, a city nestled on the northeastern coast of Scotland, renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. Join us on an exploration of this captivating Scottish county, where a unique blend of heritage, natural beauty, and warm hospitality awaits.
1. Historic Castles and Stately Homes
Aberdeen is a treasure trove of historic castles and stately homes that bear witness to its storied past. Begin your journey by visiting the iconic Dunnottar Castle, perched atop dramatic cliffs overlooking the North Sea. Explore its ancient ruins and let your imagination wander through centuries of history. Venture further to the majestic Crathes Castle with its fairytale turrets and picturesque gardens. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Fyvie Castle, with its magnificent interiors and fascinating legends. These enchanting landmarks offer a glimpse into Aberdeen's rich heritage.
2. Granite City: Architectural Splendor
Known as the Granite City, Aberdeen's architecture is a testament to the region's industrial and architectural heritage. Stroll through the city center and marvel at the impressive granite buildings that line the streets. The stunning Marischal College, one of the largest granite structures in the world, stands as a shining example of Victorian Gothic architecture. Don't miss the grandeur of St. Machar's Cathedral, adorned with intricate carvings and stained glass windows. Aberdeen's architecture is a visual feast, blending the old and the new in a harmonious tapestry.
3. Sparkling Coastal Beauty
Aberdeen's coastal setting is nothing short of breathtaking. Explore the golden sandy beaches that stretch along the coast, such as Balmedie Beach or the picturesque Cove Bay. Take in the fresh sea air as you walk along the promenade, enjoying panoramic views of the North Sea. Don't miss the charming fishing village of Footdee, with its quaint cottages and bustling harbor. For a touch of wildlife, venture to the rugged cliffs of the Bullers of Buchan, home to a thriving seabird colony. Aberdeen's coastline is a haven for nature lovers and a source of inspiration for all who visit.
4. Vibrant Culture and Festivals
Aberdeen boasts a vibrant cultural scene, with a rich tapestry of art, music, and theater. Explore the city's galleries and museums, such as the Aberdeen Art Gallery, displaying an impressive collection of Scottish and international art. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the Aberdeen International Youth Festival, a celebration of performing arts from around the world. Experience the infectious spirit of the Highland Games, where athletes compete in traditional Scottish sports amidst a backdrop of music and dance. Aberdeen's cultural calendar is filled with events that showcase its diverse heritage and creative flair.
5. Culinary Delights and Whisky Trails
Indulge in Aberdeen's culinary offerings and savor the flavors of Scotland. Sample locally caught seafood, including fresh salmon, haddock, and mussels, or treat yourself to a traditional Aberdeen Angus steak. Explore the surrounding countryside and embark on a whisky trail, where you can visit renowned distilleries and savor the renowned flavors of Scottish whisky. Aberdeen's gastronomic delights are sure to tantalize your taste buds and provide a true taste of Scotland.

Aberdeen beckons with its rich history, stunning architecture, natural beauty, and vibrant culture. Whether you're exploring its historic castles, admiring its granite buildings, basking in the coastal beauty, immersing yourself in its cultural scene, or indulging in its culinary delights, Aberdeen promises a memorable experience. Share your own adventures and recommendations in the comments below, and let others be inspired to discover the charms of this remarkable Scottish gem.
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2023.05.30 03:17 ScorpioTix Hollywood Bowl 2023-05-24 review and more comments on ticketing

from the ijwthstd blog where you can also find download link

I was going to let this one go but the version up on Dime is missing a song.
It was another date night, and I also had edibles, homemade and much stronger than expected. The wind was bugging again and I could barely keep the mics mounted, more due to the substances coursing through my system than any technical problems. And you only have some other taper to blame for giving me infused treats to capture his avant garde favorites, where a heavy dose of THC is a must for endurance.
This tour was a little controversial in my digital neighborhood from all ends to the people who think just because they are fan they are entitled to be one of the 15,000 inside out of the 25,000 who wish they were at either the lowest price possible or the highest, outbidding everyone else in the process. And the brokers who think feel entitled to grab all the tickets and charge whatever they want for them to Michael Rapino who was a bit inconvenienced but would rather suck it up and play along and maybe give some money back than let AEG book the tour.
Reeves Gabrels might be my favorite guitar player ever, not just his work with David Bowie (and I still maintain "Outside" is my favorite album of his) but his solo album "Ulysses" is particularly spectacular. Though his work with The Cure is a bit more restrained to that particular style, I was very happy for him when he landed this gig. And I wish I had something resembling an adult income when he was doing his regular residency at the Baked Potato where I would see the show, eat a massive spinach potato topped with jalapenos smothered with Tabasco sauce and then walk the 5 miles home to get up in 4 hours and go to work. Was only able to manage that a few times but if it were ten years later I would go to every single one and Lyft it out of there.
Speaking of good gig eats, it wouldn't be a Hollywood Bowl show if it didn't have a fair amount of wrapper crinkling thanks to the Bowl's infamous BYO policy and my love of hot peanuts and addiction to infused edibles. I tried to secure to my mics to a mask under a hoodie because these mics don't like even the slightest breeze but didn't quite work the way it used to especially with me stuffing my fat face all night.
There were T shirt kiosks crammed into corners I had never seen them before and every line like Space Mountain 4th Of July. The price? $25! Only 3 or 4 with simple designs as not to overwhelm the senses, and credit card. I don't think they cost that much since the 1990's. I never buy arena shirts but I still had to get one for my dearly neglected. Already seeing these shirts everywhere now. I doubt KISS sells as many in November as The Cure did on a Wednesday night. Wouldn't be surprised if they can even best regular merch sales record holders Iron Maiden in equivalent venues. I bet The Cure would even be undercutting the bootleg guys outside selling for $20 if the Bowl and LiveNation's hefty fees allowed.
Being date night with a traditional buy your tickets a year in advance and pay for parking patron, and I did what I almost never do anymore and buy advance in the fan to fan exchange so she would have something to look forward to, and crossed my fingers they wouldn't be canceled. I paid $192.40 for the pair, beating my record high of $40 to get into Pasadena Daydream. I got the dreaded U31 error on the first try but switched to another browser and pulled them again, but unfortunately was logged into my (former) business buy account so I was a little nervous because for a while I was spending an amount that seems so unreal to me still, even now. All that was left active were stacks of Matchbox Twenty that were sold or refunded in early 2020 for a tour that just kicked off a few weeks ago.
If anyone knows Michael Rapino, tell him to get his IT guys on that error. Not everyone says fuck it and buys in the lot day of show like I do. He may be rich but it's Never Enough and he can always use more so there is no reason regular fans with money to spend should be denied tickets they took the time to try to purchase. People are missing shows and his $122 million payday could be a little higher if he can take these customer complaints seriously and fix this constant issue.
There is so much I can say about Robert Smith's ticketing policy, especially since I am of the opinion "my ticket, my money, my property" but that opinion has evolved a bit with this tour and I can't really say I am unsatisfied with how it worked out. On it's face it looked fair to everyone and those looking to profit were sufficiently warned. Now those regular fans who had their tickets canceled might think different. It's all algorithmic, it's not like they were using a secret list of known offenders. For example, if you go to a lot of shows and have eclectic tastes you are eventually going to get your tickets canceled for something in addition to never getting the verified fan codes.
Now Eddie Vedder did the same no transfer and fan to fan resale for his YouTube Theater show. When it half sold, he lowered the prices while previously purchased tickets listed for resale were locked into the price floor at the original price, twice what even closer seats were eventually listed for. Or Ed Sheeran, notorious for inconveniencing fans in addition to resellers with his spurious ticket verification checks for secondary purchased tickets outside venues where they would cancel the tickets on the spot and resell them. Now I am getting regular notifications of discount Ed Sheeran tickets from stadiums across the continent. In a kinder, gentler era where the free market reigned it would be the third parties assuming some of the promoter's risk and taking those losses. But this tour sold out 100% instantly and any unwanted tickets had the auto refund built in because tickets resell the second they are listed on the Fan To Fan exchange, unlike Eddie Vedder where that money spent was lit on fire.
I know I get always get a clueless knee-jerks from drooling mouthbreathers when admitting to the cardinal sin of selling a sacred ducat for more than face value, especially on The Cure Reddit where I got multiple accounts banned for harassment for merely explaining how the business works from my perspective. Maybe one of those folks can answer this simple question, if I don't even qualify for housing anymore, why should I care what someone spends on a concert ticket? Or better yet, will anyone in Glendale or Burbank, California who bought their house 2010 or earlier sell it to me for what they paid? The worst is thinking of life without teeth because after three decades of neglect, once I hit the tipping point I was able to go to the dentist I liked and say do what you gotta do then just paid the bill. Still my biggest splurge, spending more than my Ireland and Finland trips combined. So what if you spent $40 more than me for a pair to Dancing With The Stars.
Right now if it's not The Cure, Taylor Swift or K-Pop, pretty much everything is $10 or so day of show. Prices fall so hard, so fast I am legitimately worried brokers will start going bankrupt and stop bulk harvesting inventory leading to the collapse of the secondary market and Ticketmaster might actually become an almost monopoly.
For those of you still looking for tickets, keep in mind there is no guest list and Robert Smith is personally handling sales to friends and family but god forbid any of Bob's friends have to pay a very fair price to see this show, and anything still unsold goes back to Ticketmaster and even the box office day of show where my friends were getting Garden Boxes out the window for all three shows.
Enough about tickets, now that the cat is out of the bag how I funded my all concerts all the time lifestyle for so long, I hope to tell that story someday. The secondary market is not what you think it is. And with the exception of Ebaying my Inland Invasion 2003 ticket for rent money because I couldn't get a ride, I have never sold a single ticket for The Cure. For more on that subject I highly recommend the Bob Lefsetz podcast interviews with both Ticketmaster founder Fred Rosen and current LiveNation chairman, the aforementioned Michael Rapino who talks a bit about this tour.
Nice to see a few classic Reeves style solos on "A Night Like This" (replacing the sax solo on the original) and "From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea" especially with the absense of "Wrong Number" and "Yesterday's Gone" in the set. I know they are keeping a dividing wall between his projects but I sometimes wonder how David Bowie's "The Motel" would sound interpreted by this band.
The music itself was nothing short of divinely inspired and perfectly delivered but the backlighting and inefficient use of screens means you can pretty much get a seat anywhere in any building and it won't really matter. Sit in the back row, eat an infused chocolate and enjoy the sights and sounds even if you don't see much of the actual people onstage. I liked the 2016 visuals better with Reevesvision on the left jumbotron all night. Got to hear at least some of my favorites though I have soft spot for my first ever purchase "Wild Mood Swings" but they do play "Want" some nights, if not this one. Got "Disintegration," "A Night Like This," "From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea" as well as many yet to be released songs that are meant more than sending people to the loo or for more underpriced merchandise. Robert Smith believes in them enough to put them in the set every night and should be given the same attention as the classics you, if not me, grew up with. He still takes his craft seriously in addition to the business.
There are likely better recordings, even of the same night, and as is often the case this serves as more of a vehicle to tell my story than just kicking another show out there for the obsessive compulsives to put on a soon to crash hard drive without ever hearing.
I was planning on going the last night and splurge on a garden box if possible but I did have a free show by Kara Jackson on my calendar and though I had yet to hear a note, I sampled a song and decided to save myself the cash. It was worth it to spend, but the Bowl is just a bit too much to deal with three nights in one week. Foot, car, shuttle, there is just no easy way to get out of there.
And I will leave you with a link to my most played song by The Cure, which would likely blow at least a mind or two if it returns to the set.
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2023.05.29 21:13 Naked5k Naked 5K Races in June

For the complete calendar go to

Saturday, June 3rd, 2023, Dare To Be Bare Nude 5K, Glen Eden Sun Club, Temescal Valley, CA
Saturday, Jun 10, 2023, 9th Annual Buck Creek Streak 7.3K/5K Trail Race, Carolina Foothills Resort, Chesnee, SC
Saturday, Jun 10, 2023, Solair Annual Color Run, Solair Woodstock CT
Friday June 16, 2023 Nakukymppi 10K run, Vesijako, Suomi Finland
Saturday, Jun 17, 2023, Wiggle, Jiggle & Giggle “Clothing Optional” 5k Road Race & 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk , Sunny Rest Resort, Palmerton, PA
Saturday, Jun 17, 2023, White Tail Resort 5K, White Tail Resort, Ivor Virginia, USA
Saturday, Jun 24, 2023, Turtle Lake Resort Clothing Optional 5K, Turtle Lake Resort Union City, MI
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2023.05.29 10:02 parvezwen Unleash Your Style and Savings: Dress Sale - Up to 90% off! Spin to Win $100 Coupon Bundle

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2023.05.29 08:40 Dry_Economics_2796 🚀 Join the BillionAir Pre-Sale for a Chance at Mind-Blowing Prizes and Financial Prosperity! 🌟💼

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2023.05.29 08:33 Dry_Economics_2796 🚀 Join the BillionAir Pre-Sale for a Chance at Mind-Blowing Prizes and Financial Prosperity! 🌟💼

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2023.05.29 02:10 snipersgethead What's Happening in Vegas this Week/Weekend!

Hello friends!
Happy to have you here and back! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Anyone else's A/C bill hurting? I guess I'm going to have to rely on my Only Fan. It's got 3 wind speeds. Okay, I'll keep my day job.
As always, feel free to comment with anything I missed or with any suggestions!
Club Events
Sporting Events
Thursday – Saturday
Thursday – Sunday
Thursday – Monday
Sunday – Next Week
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2023.05.29 01:13 Copperjaw [Online][5E][EST][LGBTQ+][Sandbox][Weekly] Established Group Looking for 2 more Players to join an ongoing Theros (Greek) Campaign!

New Players Welcome!
Feel free to take your time applying and DM me if you have any questions! Applications are open through Friday!

What mysteries do the Gods Keep?

"When secrets reveal themselves, even the Gods hold their breath."
~ Keeper Theos, Ignis Familia

A little self introduction

Hi there! I'm a DM whose been running games for my friends for 4 years now. I love to world build, create engaging stories, and give my players epic moments! I aim to always make immersive experiences for my players, so they can explore all they can see.
Now a little about me. I'm a 27 year old guy from the U.S. who loves D&D. My friends call me an artist, resident nerd, and a guy who likes to cook too much. I love to DM and find new friends to share my world with and give fun challenges, great stories, and valuable rewards so every session feels like an epic adventure.

The Party

Our party of five adventurers are taking to the wilds and open seas to unearth ancient ruins, arcane secrets, and dangerous monsters beneath the depths! The party is made of friendly, warm, and excited players who love to build moments with each other.
Party Comp! A Wizard ( Bladesinger ), and 2 Clerics! ( Knowledge & Trickery )
Please enjoy checking out the campaigns setting introduction below!

Adventures in Anglorak : Campaign Intro

Anglorak is a Theros inspired setting, full of lost empires, ancient secrets, and awaiting new heroes to rise. You can journey into monster-infested wilds, voyage across treasure-laden seas, and traverse the worlds edge before the Gods. A land where city states and sovereign regions vie for power and opportunity. Players can join factions, uncover plots, and make their mark on the world. It is a world handcrafted to make your character's shine.
Many city states and regions can be found in Anglorak. You'll find below a taste of three more powerful city-states across the landscape.

Metio : The polis of travelers, discovery and learning. The ever winding Metian spires and waterways are home to thinkers, merchants, and scholars. It's a home for those seeking respite, refuge, and opportunity regardless of status.
Dodaca : The polis of warriors, conquest, and valor. Where politics gives sway to strength. A land of warriors, travelers, and seekers of power. It is the people of Dodaca whom drive back bestial hordes, and bring the badge of honor to every battle fought.
Tosia : The polis of passions, fury, and curiosity. The Tosian people are ever forging new ideas, trinkets, and all forms of creation. For any traveler venturing through it said you can always find an artisan for any desire one may hold.

Your Heroic Journey

For any adventure there must be a start. You'll find a campaign introduction below.
Welcome to Metio, The Polis of Fortune, the namesake capital of the Metian city state, where life is made through adventure or artistic expression shown through paintings, discoveries, or a finely crafted blade. The city's artistic expression has brought countless stories told in lands known and unknown claiming every street is lined in color, and every blade more beautiful then the last.
You find yourself searching for opportunity at the Brazen Hydra, a tavern full of bounties, ruckus, and adventurers spinning tails and plotting their next journey beyond the cities mighty walls. You had heard this is the place to find those looking for amazing talent to take on adventures.

Character Systems We Use

Milestone Leveling : The campaign is about the parties story. Achievements, story progression, and major events reward the party with levels, and even feats. I want you to be rewarded for playing your character.
Multi-Classing : Multi-Classing is allowed within what makes sense for the character. A choice should be story driven and thematic.
Level 8 Start & Magic Items : Start at the same level as the entire party, and dive right into adventure with a magical boost.
Level 1 Origin & Background Feats : Every character gets 2 bonus feats at level 1 from a set of selected story driven feats & between Tough, Magic Initiate, or Skilled.
Bonus Feats : Every time you gain an ASI you always gain a +1 to a stat and either a half or full feat.
Piety Paths : Follow your characters virtues and beliefs and earn powerful boons for following your character's goals.
Supernatural Gifts : Earn supernatural gifts to further your character's heroic journey, or even start as an oracle or iconoclast character.
Spell & Martial Mastery : Master weapons and signature spells to make them more powerful with unique versions and skills for your character.
Expanded Weapons : Get access to advanced weapon options to further develop your character.
Crafting : You can find and acquire materials to craft your own items from elemental gems to infernal weapons.
Homebrew : We use well tested homebrew to make characters feel unique and special to help flavor characters to what you want them to be. You can find this in home brew feats, spells, subclasses, and magic items.
Rule of Cool : I always support players being creative and curious. Should an action allow for something truly heroic I always give my players a shot!

World Tools

Live Calendar : A calendar of holidays and events to track your parties journey through Anglorak.
Interactive World Map : A world map full of details of landmarks, cities, and regions to help you learn and plot your path across Anglorak and beyond.
Foundry / Discord / D&D Beyond : We play our games in Foundry, and players get access to nearly all the books on D&D Beyond to develop your character, and a personal discord for the campaign.


Sessions are on Saturday nights starting at 8:00 PM EST.
We play 3-4 Hours weekly, going longer if time allows.


Application Format :

If this kind of game sounds like a good fit for you please send me a DM following this format. We will read through every application through next week so feel free to take your time.
Name / Pronouns :
Age :
Timezone :
Tell me about you :
Your favorite part of D&D :
D&D Experience ( Any memorable moments? ) :
Campaign Expectations :
What kind of characters do you like to play?
Character Concept(s) :
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2023.05.28 23:25 billowwark Exploring Favorite Strains in the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program

We are excited to kick off a new initiative where we encourage everyone to share their favorite strains in the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program. This is a great opportunity to not only discuss your go-to strains but also to showcase your reviewing skills!

This Week Only: Starting on Sunday

To get things rolling, we are dedicating this week to sharing our favorite strains and writing reviews. Whether you are a seasoned reviewer or new to the art, we invite you to join in and contribute your thoughts and experiences.

Question of the Day:

What is your absolute favorite strain from the program, and why does it hold a special place in your heart? We would love to hear your detailed reviews and insights!

Feel free to mention the strain name, its effects, aroma, taste, and any notable experiences you have had with it. Let's help each other discover the nuances of different strains and their unique qualities.

Mark your calendar!

Every Friday, we will have a recurring post dedicated to Favorite Strain Friday. This week's event will start on Sunday and continue throughout the week to give everyone ample time to contribute their reviews.

So, without further ado, let's get the conversation rolling! Share your favorite strain, write a review, and help others in our community discover new strains to explore.

Your participation is what makes our community thrive, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts, stories, and recommendations. Let's learn from one another and make MSmedicalcannabis an even better place for everyone.

Happy sharing, and enjoy the discussion!

Keep blazing,
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2023.05.28 06:04 InfernoAA God Made the World in Six Days, I’ll Perfect New Japan's on the Seventh Part Five: Destined

In Part Four, the comeback tour of rockstar Hiroshi Tanahashi was cut brutally short at the hands of the Leader of the New School, Zack Sabre Jr., who embarked on a quest to prove himself New Japan's most valuable gaijin. After beating back Will Ospreay for Royal Quest, he ran into another familiar face in Minoru Suzuki, almost clobbering him into retirement until Naomichi Marufuji made the save. Ending his saga with Just6Guys with a win over Maru, he placed a bow on the long-standing Blackpool Combat Club rivalry by besting Jon Moxley, cementing Sabre-Gun as New Japan's undisputed leaders... That is, without taking Los Ingobernables de Japon into account.

Since becoming one again, LIJ’s been on a tear through NJPW’s ranks this year in spite of Shingo Takagi dropping the belt and PAC losing the New Japan Cup Finals to the current World Champion. IWGP United States, IWGP Tag Team (Death Triangle have become LIJ affiliates through PAC), and NJPW World Television Championships in their grasps, they seek to round out the group by all holding titles simultaneously. But that begs the question – who’ll be going after the World Title? Though Shingo’s battle ready, he insists Tetsuya Naito take it this time, the Stardust Genius having worked his back off to rebound from Wrestle Kingdom. Failing every attempt in the past 3 years though, the question remains whether he can truly pull it off this time, or if it’s just not meant to be.

Kizuna Road - Night Four (July 1, 2024)

Sabre-Gun (Zack Sabre Jr. & El Phantasmo) vs Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito & PAC)

With Naito confirmed as Sabre’s #1 Contender for Wrestle Dynasty, SG and LIJ have themselves a scaled-down rematch from New Year’s Dash, Zack picking his trusty right-hand man ELP, and Tetsuya bringing the US Champion, knowing PAC has unresolved issues with ZSJ from the NJC. Though it drives the Bastard to work doubly-hard, especially considering how it’ll look if he pins the World Champion, it also makes their teamwork suffer, PAC becoming self-absorbed in getting the pin. Backfiring, a Sudden Death from Phantasmo knocks his lights out, SG getting their win back from NYD and putting the challenger on the backfoot heading into Madison Square Garden!

Sabre-Gun def. Los Ingobernables de Japon (16:12)

PAC appears distraught after the match, but Naito simply tells him ‘tranquilo’, not taking it personally. Though he’d hoped to use this match to get into ZSJ’s head, it appears he’ll just have to do that himself, like he’s always done.

Wrestle Dynasty (July 14, 2024)

Also on the show:
Shota Umino (c) vs El Desperado - NEVER Openweight Championship
Just6Guys (SANADA, Taichi, Ryohei Oiwa) (c) vs Los Ingobernables de Japon (Shingo Takagi, Yota Tsuji, Titan) - NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship
Hiromu Takahashi (c) vs Kyle Fletcher - NJPW World Television Championship
PAC (c) vs El Phantasmo - IWGP United States Championship
The Lucha Brothers (c) vs Meiyu Tag - IWGP Tag Team Championship

Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs Tetsuya Naito XI - IWGP World Heavyweight Championship

In what’s been a very successful night for LIJ thus far, clean-sweeping their way through the competition, it all rests on Naito’s shoulders now to bring it home. Perhaps the most unreliable man to slot in this spot, and yet, the most beloved, MSG fully invested in Tetsuya’s chase, either the grandest of celebrations or coldest of heartbreaks will end the night! Naito keeps his cool, emanating his usual larger-than-life aura as he walks out in a pristine crimson suit, paying homage to Shingo, whilst Sabre’s cockier than ever with his recent streak of huge wins, knowing he has Tetsuya doubting himself after their tag. As he hands his title over, the two come face-to-face, SABRE SPITTING GUM INTO NAITO’S FACE, but Tetsuya doesn’t let ZSJ’s tactics faze him, having come too far for too long to let mind games be his downfall.

Circling each other, Zack lunges for a lock-up but Naito walks past, smirking and stretching in the opposite corner. Sabre rolls his eyes as Tetsuya turns around and tells him ‘tranquilo’, before going for it again… Zack snatching the headlock this time as Naito tries to repeat, but Tetsuya instantly whips him to the corner, teasing the COMBINACION CABRON as ZSJ braces himself… Naito stops in front of him and does the ‘Abre los Ojos’ taunt!

Furious, Sabre piefaces him, NAITO RETURNING A FOREARM, AND WE’RE OFF! Trading strikes, Zack rocks Tetsuya with European Uppercuts, Naito returning forearms, before a Japanese Arm Drag stops Zack in his tracks! Naito goes for another, but Zack hooks onto Tetsuya’s legs, tripping him up and contorting the foot! Tetsuya boots him off with the other, a Neckbreaker and a Somersault Senton connecting, though Sabre absorbs the latter, trapping Naito’s arm onto the mat to STOMP THE HAND!

Picking him back up, he cracks Naito with chops, before whipping him at the ropes, Naito hitting off them one after the other to build momentum, teasing the Flying Forearm Zack’s expecting… only to roll into the Tranquilo pose! ZACK MEETS HIM WITH A NECK TWIST!!! Tetsuya scrambling to the corner, Sabre steps on his throat against the ropes, BEFORE SLAPPING HIM! NAITO SPITS IN ZACK’S FACE!!! A harsh uppercut knocks Tetsuya back, a Running European following and a PENALTY KICK! Naito dodges and nails the FLYING FOREARM SMASH!

Teasing the Tornado DDT, it’s cancelled by an Enzuigiri, Zack leaping for the KIMURA- NAITO COUNTERS INTO VALENTIA!!! ONE! TWO! THR-KICK OUT!!! Sending Sabre into the corner, the COMBINACION CABRON CONNECTS! AND A MISSILE DROPKICK! Naito teases the DRAGON SUPLEX, but Sabre flips through and STOMPS HIS ELBOW! SNAP GERMAN ON THE NECK FROM SABRE!!! ONE! TWO! THR-NO DICE! Naito woozy, his head’s only further knocked around by a ROLLING ELBOW! A CORNER HIGH KNEE connects, before a Hammerlock Suplex floats into a TESCO MEAL DEAL!!!

Naito’s hand flails about the mat as Sabre keeps him grounded, no Valentia escape this time, forcing Tetsuya to work the old-fashioned way to the ropes! MSG backing the Stardust Genius, after much deliberation he gets a foot on the ropes! But Zack’s right back on him, going for a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX- NAITO STANDS HIM UP WITH A SNAP DDT! An EVOLUCION’S shut down though, Sabre hitting the brakes to nail the ARM PELE! Fishing the arm, Zack tries to float into a FLYING ARTICLE 50- NAITO STUFFS HIM WITH A GLORIA!!! ONE! TWO! THR-SABRE SURVIVES!!!

Rallying momentum, Tetsuya nails the TORNADO DDT! Sabre nursing the head, a DRAGON SUPLEX FOLLOWS!!! In the drop zone, Naito tests the waters for a RUNNING DESTINO- SABRE SHUTS IT DOWN WITH A EUROPEAN CLUTCH!!! ONE! TWO! THR-NAITO’S DREAMS STAY ALIVE!!! Getting dangerously close with the flash pin, Tetsuya throws defiant forearms, Zack catching and contorting one, but a ROLLING WHEEL KICK knocks him off! ESPERANZA!!! ONE! TWO! THR-SABRE KICKS OUT!!!

Hooking the head, Naito hoists Sabre up… ZACK WITH A GUILLOTINE CHOKE MID-AIR!!! Tetsuya’s eyes bulge out his skull, looking for the nearest turnbuckle to ram Sabre into it, but ZSJ’s quicker, yanking him to the mat and transitioning into a JIM BREAKS ARMBAR!!! Brutally bending the arm at an awkward angle, there’s a manic look in Zack’s eyes as NYC desperately cheers on Naito, who does his best to hang on! Sabre keeps tugging further and further, eager to ruin Tetsuya, but it backfires, helping him stretch his leg to the ropes!

The crowd erupts as the referee forces Sabre off, though Naito’s clearly hurting all the same, a European helping no less! Zack rallies with further Uppercuts, one knocking Tetsuya down, before firing a PENALTY KICK!!! NAITO ABSORBS IT AND ROLLS THROUGH, SABRE GOING FOR SECONDS BUT HE EATS A RUNNING DESTINOOOOOOOOO!!! ONE! TWO! THR-NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Shaking himself off, Naito attempts another, though Sabre stops it with elbows, before hopping into a REAR NAKED CHOKE!


Slapping up Naito’s neck, Sabre dumps him on it with a TIGER SUPLEX!!! Naito woozy, Zack nails the PENALTY KICK!!! NAITO’S REFUSING TO STAY DOWN! Hearing MSG’s cries, he wills himself back up as Sabre watches in fascination… ONLY FOR ANOTHER PK TO CUT HIM OFF!!! And just like the 2022 NJC Finals, he’s going to end it here with a SECOND ZACK DRIVER- NAITO NAILS A DESTINO MID-AIR!!! HE’S STILL MOVING SOMEHOW!!! Stumbling to his feet, Tetsuya measures his man… DESTINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ONE! TWO! THR-SABRE’S FOOT’S ON THE ROPE!!!

Saving Naito more than once, it’s come to Zack’s aid now too! Hammering Sabre with forearms, Naito tees up another DESTINO- PELE KICK!!! Tetsuya falls forward, Zack catching him in a STRETCH MUFFLER!!! IF HE CAN JUST GRAB THE OTHER LEG, IT’S ALL OVER, COMPLETING THE ORIENTEERING WITH NAPALM DEATH!!! Zack bends Naito further and further as he tries to grab hold… TETSUYA SWINGS BACK! AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! SABRE LETS GO!!! AND A ZACK DRIVER FROM NAITO!!!

Sabre on his back, Naito thinks about waiting for the Destino… but then he sees the top rope. The crowd cry at him not to, screwing him over time and time again, but Tetsuya can’t help it! Heading up top, the world holds their breath, NAITO SOARING THROUGH THE AIR… STARDUST PRESS CONNECTS!!! ONE! TWO! THREE!!! IT’S A MIRACLE IN MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!!! NAITO’S WORLD CHAMPION AGAIN!!!

Tetsuya Naito def. Zack Sabre Jr. (c) to win the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship (31:18)

New York LOSES their minds as Naito’s handed the title, Tetsuya himself struggling to process what just happened! But then LIJ rush out – PAC with the US Title, Hiromu with the TV Title, Shingo, Yota, and Titan with the NEVER 6-Man Titles, and even the Lucha Brothers with the Tag Titles! THEY’RE DRAPED IN GOLD, BABY! Sharing embraces all around as a dismal Sabre trudges to the back, there’s not a single dry eye in the arena as the outcasts raise their fists to the sky with one hand and their titles with the other, golden tickertape hailing down! Naito’s on top of the world after 3 long years, and it feels damn good! Doing the customary championship edition roll-call, the show fades on LIJ holding all their gold… and PAC looking over at Naito’s.

G1 Climax 34

Entering his second of fifteen G1s as the reigning champion, Naito heads B Block opposite stiff competition. Though dispatching of Hiromu in friendly competition on Night One, the two are subsequently assaulted by KONGOH post-match, allowing NOAH’s KENOH to upset him the following night! Behind the 8-ball already, Tetsuya’s motivated to make a comeback, mowing through Narita, Tanahashi, Yota, Sabre, and KENTA to take back the lead! Suffering another surprise defeat at Jeff Cobb’s hands after multiple failed attempts from the Hawaiian Hulk to best him, it opens the door for a returning JAY WHITE to spoil his final night, wrecking Naito’s legs with a ladder, allowing Zack to advance on 14 points! As for B Block, a draw between Will Ospreay and Kazuchika Okada on the final night puts the Commonwealth Kingpin through, the rivals meeting one more time! Other key underlying stories see Shibata finally beating Okada, Ospreay avenging his Takagi loss, PAC beating his fellow LIJ members but losing to SANADA, and KONGOH causing ruckus throughout the competition.

G1 Climax 34 Finals (August 19, 2024)

Also on the show:
Jay White vs BUSHI
Will Ospreay vs Zack Sabre Jr. - G1 Climax Briefcase

Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi, PAC, Hiromu Takahashi, Titan) vs KONGOH (KENOH, Manabu Soya, Masakatsu Funaki, Hi69, Shuji Kondo)

Perhaps the focal reason for Naito not making the Finals, KONGOH’s tournament chicanery, as led by KENOH, was a masterfully crafted plan. After losing to Tetsuya in last year’s LIJ vs KONGOH series at Wrestle Kingdom 17, the thought of ruining the Stardust Genius for vengeance never left the Rogue Fist’s mind, and with his win over Tetsuya in the G1, their score is now 1-1. Reigniting the intense rivalry between the two stables, they have an upgraded rematch to their Wrestle Kingdom 16 5-on-5, both sides having greatly changed since then.

Once again, PAC’s especially adamant to claim the spotlight, the loss to SANADA making him temperamental despite having the 2nd best LIJ record in this year’s tournament. An argument breaking out between PAC and Shingo as to who should get the pin is put on ice by Naito, though it doesn’t keep Titan from eating a nasty PFS from KENOH, handing the invaders the win!

KONGOH def. Los Ingobernables de Japon (19:57)

Redeeming WK16, KENOH offers the angriest of satisfied smiles, the group cackling as they gesture belts around their waists, warning that their business isn’t yet over. LIJ left behind, there’s a sour mood in the air from the loss, though when Shingo offers a fist in apology, PAC, taking a look at a nodding Naito, ultimately returns one, showing that despite popular belief, LIJ’s still fine.

Splitting off for Shingo and co. to gear up for KONGOH’s second wave whilst Naito and PAC are scheduled for AEW’s ALL IN supershow, this time taking place in Tetsuya’s home of the Tokyo Dome, both men are set for defences on the show. In PAC’s case, it’s a rematch against J6G’s SANADA, the Bastard adamant to gain Naito’s favour by beating the traitor. As for Naito, he has Jay on his tail!

Until the recent G1, White refused to show his face on any sort of NJPW programming (including Forbidden Door) since being embarrassed at Okada’s hands and having his faction torn to shreds. Leaving Japan to join AEW, no longer having connections to hide behind nor help him, he was forced to be the lone wolf for once, becoming even more merciless, knowing he’s all he has. After spreading chaos abroad, most recently coming up short in the AEW World Championship picture, trauma from his Okada loss clinging onto him anytime the stakes are raised too high again, he decided it was time to return to his roots to clear his head and eliminate any shred of weakness left in his body so that he can claim the top prize again, and there’s no better place to do so than the building his title was taken from him – the Tokyo Dome.

The last time he faced Naito in the Tokyo Dome, he had Gedo by his side, yet still lost. Now though, he declares if he’s to have this match, he wants a compensatory factor. A means of looking out for himself, like Naito has LIJ. He’s already beaten Tetsuya thrice in singles competition, knowing he’s the better wrestler, so this time… HE WANTS A LADDER MATCH!!! Japan’s become more and more geared to the Western market, the culture shifting from traditions, so unless he’s a snob like Okada, he'll embrace the new vision and accept the challenge. Jay using the perfect words to get under Tetsuya’s skin, he accepts, looking to tear down the foundations of the Rainmaker’s regime with his reign, starting with this!

RevProxNJPW 12th Anniversary Show (August 24, 2024)

Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito & PAC) vs The Knight Dynasty (Ricky Knight Jr. & Zak Knight)

The night before ALL IN features a special RevPro crossover event with their partners, NJPW, the 12th Anniversary being celebrated in Japan. Naturally, Naito tags with the most RevPro familiar member of LIJ, PAC, the two champions battling the celebrated Knight Dynasty, who are considered the present and future of the promotion! What begins as a fun exhibition sees more of the differences between PAC and Naito come to light, the hot-headedness of the Bastard and the collectedness of El Ingobernable wanting different things out of the match, yet still managing to remain reasonably on the same page. A close call on a 619 from Ricky sees Naito shove PAC out the way in the nick of time, absorbing the blow himself, though without acknowledging it, PAC springs to action, a Black Arrow on Zak scoring the victory!

Los Ingobernables de Japon def. The Knight Dynasty (13:10)

As the referee approaches LIJ with their titles, PAC’s quick to receive both, Naito only recovering just in time to find the Bastard lingering for a moment as he looks between the pieces of gold, before finally handing Tetsuya’s over him and walking off, leaving the leader confused yet unconcerned.

ALL IN Tokyo (August 25, 2024)

Also on the show:
PAC (c) vs SANADA - IWGP United States Championship
The Lucha Brothers (c) vs Golden Lovers - IWGP Tag Team Championship

Tetsuya Naito (c) vs Jay White V - IWGP World Heavyweight Championship - Ladder

Stepping into the mastermind of the Switchblade, White baits Naito to play his game, the long-time rivals settling their score over a belt they both have history with. With no Gedo around, Jay’s focus is to demolish Naito’s already tattered knees with the ladder like he did to cost Tetsuya the G1, slowing down each climbing attempt bit by bit. Given the two’s creativity, it’s a sick warfare of increasingly dangerous spots, Naito taking Jay with him to neck bump city, White cruelly massacring Tetsuya’s body with reckless abandon.

White’s notably more in his element here, letting the Tokyo Dome atmosphere heal him whilst hurting Naito. A HANGING BLADE RUNNER cuts a Stardust Press attempt short, the magic only lasting once, but a ladder bridge CANADIAN DESTROYER buys Naito some momentum back! Ultimately, a war atop the ladder sees Naito boot Jay off, allowing him to unhook the gold to retain!

Tetsuya Naito (c) def. Jay White V to retain the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship (25:30)

Though Naito walks out with his belt, PAC doesn’t, making the Bastard’s issues all the more prominent, taking more frequent looks over at Tetsuya’s gold, which begs the question – was there more to PAC joining LIJ than originally thought? Still, he wishes Naito good luck for Wrestle Grand Slam, telling him he wants to see the belt on him when they go England. But for now, the end of his trilogy against KENOH awaits!

Wrestle Grand Slam (September 8, 2024)

Also on the show:
Hiromu Takahashi (c) vs KUSHIDA - NJPW World Television Championship
El Desperado (c) vs Katsuyori Shibata - NEVER Openweight Championship
Los Ingobernables de Japon (Shingo Takagi, Yota Tsuji, Titan) (c) vs KONGOH (Manabu Soya, Masakatsu Funaki, Shuji Kondo) - NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship

Tetsuya Naito (c) vs KENOH III - IWGP World Heavyweight Championship

For over two years, the rivalry between LIJ and KONGOH has slowly simmered to this boiling point, coming down to the leaders now to settle their 1-1 score over NJPW’s top title! With the 6-Man Titles changing hands earlier in the night, Naito must put his 200% into assuring the same doesn’t occur here, or it’ll be disaster on New Japan’s waterfront.

As two men that could not be more opposite collide, it’s an intense war over the company’s possession, everyone from fans to wrestlers on the edge of their seats as the last of the NOAH invaders try to leave their mark. KENOH shows nothing but hatred towards Naito for ruining his past chances, whilst Tetsuya savours his every moment in the Sun, having slaved away to hold this belt. A PFS almost does Naito in, whilst the DESTINO does the same for KENOH! Ragdolling the older star with Dragon Suplexes, KENOH sets up for the ENRIN… BUT IN HIS STARDUST PRESS MOMENT, HE MISSES!!! DESTINOOOOOOOOOO!!! ONE! TWO! THREE!!! New Japan remains safe in the hands of Naito!

Tetsuya Naito (c) def. KENOH to retain the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship (28:33)

Offering a handshake to KENOH out of respect for their series… the Rogue Fist declines it, though from the look in his fiery eyes, an inkling of acknowledgement is there for Tetsuya. Telling Naito to keep the belt warm for him, he declares he’ll be back sometime again, and when that happens, he’s going to usurp Naito once and for all!

And as they leave with their 50/50 successes, it’s back to LIJ to end the show on their usual note… except, PAC interrupts the tradition. He’s confused, no, he’s incredulous. What are they celebrating here? Failure? Or are they calling it ‘survival’? Is no one going to point out the elephant in the room? Just two months ago they were on top of the world, all draped in gold, but now they’re left with just Naito and the Lucha Bros’s gold. And yet, they’re celebrating? He’s been out here losing sleep over his missing US Title!

If they wish to continue to be taken seriously, they need to act the part. Luckily… he has a solution. They say iron sharpens iron, so rather than fighting these large-scale wars outside their stable… why not have a ‘friendly’ within? Naito has the title and an incredible row of suitors before him, so he should pick one to defend against! Tetsuya seems perturbed by the idea knowing what almost happened the last time LIJ fought within, but as PAC insists, even pointing out how he’s the only one with a clean record over Naito… Tetsuya turns to him and raises the title! If such claims are going to be made, they need to be backed up too! Challenging PAC with his title on the line, a grinning Bastard accepts, bumping his fist!

Burning Spirit - Night Seven (September 25, 2024)

Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi, Hiromu Takahashi) vs Death Triangle (PAC & The Lucha Brothers)

Slyly manoeuvring his way into the title rematch he’s desired ever since getting a taste of the gold against Shingo last year, this is more so PAC’s chance to prove himself over the statement he’s seeming to be making. Nonetheless, with various combinations of LIJ facing Death Triangle over the Burning Spirit tour, they supposedly rely on each other to improve their own skill, these 6 especially drawing the very best out of each other. Working more seamlessly with DT than he had LIJ as of late, the freakish chemistry between the AEW lads has a Fear FactoDouble Stomp/Black Arrow combo end Hiromu, PAC grinning as he stares down Naito, the challenge growing closer by day…

Death Triangle def. Los Ingobernables de Japon (18:24)

Giving a brief interview heading into the match at Royal Quest, Naito states that he can’t be certain on what PAC’s intentions are, but all he knows is that no matter what, LIJ sticks together. If this match is what PAC needs for his peace of mind, then it’s all his. All he can hope is the Bastard has the same idea of family in mind.

Royal Quest IV - Night Two (October 6, 2024)

Also on the show:
The Lucha Brothers (c) vs United Empire (Jeff Cobb & Great-O-Khan) - IWGP Tag Team Championship
Will Ospreay (c) vs Kazuchika Okada - G1 Climax Briefcase

Tetsuya Naito (c) vs PAC II - IWGP World Heavyweight Championship

The relationship between LIJ and PAC has developed into one of the more intriguing dynamics this year, raising a multitude of questions, but now, the true light of it all will be revealed. Whether it’s friendly fire or another coup, Naito’s ready for whatever PAC may happen to have up his sleeve, whilst the Bastard lets his actions do the talking. For once, it’s an utterly no-nonsense showdown between Los members, Tetsuya taking the threat of PAC very seriously, the Jordie clearly driven to make the grand prize his. And as the match rolls on, Naito starts to see parts of himself in PAC with each cheer or cry from his home crowd.

Just like Naito, he’s the incredibly-talented misfit who was overlooked, but unlike a young Naito, PAC doesn’t realise he has the world on his side already despite his quirks. Whilst Naito had to suffer through his changes, PAC’s a made man, and with each near-fall, the crowd see it too, becoming more and more invested in him! On the cusp of his crowning moment, PAC shows no hesitation unlike the Stardust Press, NAILING THE BLACK ARROW!!! ONE! TWO! THR-BUT NAITO KICKS OUT!!! PAC may have ‘it’, but Naito’s operating on an entirely different level as World Champion, and no matter what PAC may have thrown at him, it’s not his moment just yet. DESTINOOOOOOOO!!! ONE! TWO! THREE!!!

Tetsuya Naito (c) def. PAC to retain the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship (30:11)

Maybe a different day. Both men propped in opposite corners of the ring, they suck deep for breaths, PAC only taking his eyes off Naito when he spots the title bring brought over to him. That should’ve been his. He should’ve been champion right now, but… he starts tuning in the crowd again. A standing ovation for the hometown boy. Though he may not hold the title right now, he’s still a champion in their eyes… Solace. Always overlooked, all he needed was approval. And now more than ever, he feels he has it. Noticing PAC’s realisation, Naito grins and nods to him, the two bumping fists together, no sour ending on this one.

At least, not between LIJ… OKADA’S HERE!!! After shockingly beating Ospreay for his G1 briefcase earlier in the night, the Rainmaker has his sights on the Tokyo Dome main event, and if things are to be believed, it may be Naito defending against Kazuchika on the grand stage! The long-time WK rivals locking eyes, there’s a different atmosphere between the Ace and the Dark Ace now. No longer does Okada look upon Naito condescendingly, but with disgust. Though he failed to beat Shingo earlier in the night, Kazuchika’s been vocal all year about the damage he feels LIJ have caused the company.

Where he did everything to purify the promotion with his reign, beating away outsiders, Naito did the exact opposite, bringing them further into their ranks and breaking tradition with a ladder match. With this briefcase in his hand though, he has the power to change that… but so does he. OSPREAY JOINS IN!!! The man who lost his case earlier in front of his own family, he can’t even look the smug Okada in the eyes. Rather, turning to Naito, he declares his desire to return to WK’s main event to not be over just yet! Against better judgement, he gave Shingo a shot at this title last year and it cost him everything. All he asks is Naito returns the favour! Smirking, Tetsuya tells him ‘earn it’, WK’s main event scene growing all the more interesting!

Battle Autumn - Night Five (October 15, 2024)

Elimination: Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi, Death Triangle) vs United Empire (Will Ospreay, Jeff Cobb, Great-O-Khan, Aussie Open)

Desperation drives a man to his darkest pits, and Ospreay is very much there. Banding his troops together one year on since the last LIJ/UE tag of this magnitude, the ante’s upped even higher now, needing to survive an elimination match to receive the match of his desires. Both stables going to war here, all their integrated rivalries of the past years come to a head, the one between Ospreay and Naito lying at the centre of it all. UE get a tough break to start with when Great-O-Khan hits the deck early, Mark Davis following, though a comeback removes the Lucha Bros from the equation!

Cobb goes next, before Ospreay takes out PAC, a double countout subsequently removing the leaders from the equation! Boiling down to Shingo and Kyle, the Aussie Arrow pulls out the underdog performance of his life, channelling all of Ospreay’s moves before a GRIMSTONE ELIMINATES SHINGO! OSPREAY’S HEADED TO KOPW!!! Raising Fletcher onto their shoulders, it’s a grand celebration from UE, Will receiving one last lease on life! As for Naito, he can only stand and wait, a final challenge paved in his path to the Dome.

United Empire def. Los Ingobernables de Japon (25:33)

King of Pro-Wrestling (October 27, 2024)

Also on the show:
KUSHIDA (c) vs Taiji Ishimori - NJPW World Television Championship
Sabre-Gun (Blake Christian & Clark Connors) (c) vs Catch 22 - IWGP Junior Tag Team Championship
Kazuchika Okada (c) vs Katsuyori Shibata - G1 Climax Briefcase

Tetsuya Naito (c) vs Will Ospreay IV - IWGP World Heavyweight Championship

One year ago, Ospreay’s overzealousness cost him the chance to main event Wrestle Kingdom with the World Title, but now, as it all comes full circle, it’s official, the winner of this match defending against Okada! With that in mind, both men are equally ravenous to make the grand opportunity theirs! Their fourth match together, it’s rife with callbacks, Naito especially making sure to remind Will of the way he beat him in last year’s A Block Finals to get in his head.

To Tetsuya’s surprise though, this matured Ospreay is impervious to his strategies! No matter what the champion throws, the challenger always has an answer, their see-saw saga featuring plenty of nail-biting near-falls that could send either man through, but it’s a TRIAD OF HIDDEN BLADES that ultimately calls it, Ospreay finally reclaiming his throne, a date with destiny set in stone!

Will Ospreay def. Tetsuya Naito (c) to win the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship (35:38)

Before WK though, Power Struggle is on the calendar! Featuring the likes of Death Triangle dethroning KONGOH for the NEVER belts for PAC to fully find his place in LIJ, Ren Narita dethroning Katsuyori Shibata for the NEVER Openweight Title, and Shingo Takagi taking the US Title from SANADA, it also sees Ospreay team with Catch 22 against Okada and the two men who ended Francesco Akira and TJP’s legendary reign, SHO & Taiji Ishimori, with UE scoring the vengeful win! And on the final Road To Tokyo Dome special, Ospreay finds a surprising ally in Shibata against Okada and Tanahashi in a HUGE blockbuster tag, CHAOS getting their win back here as Shibata keeps chasing down a rematch with Tana!

Wrestle Kingdom 19 (January 4, 2025)

Also on the show:
Sabre-Gun (Blake Christian & Clark Connors) (c) vs Li-YOH - IWGP Junior Tag Team Championship
United Empire (Jeff Cobb & Great-O-Khan) (c) vs CHAOS (Shota Umino & Yuya Uemura) - IWGP Tag Team Championship
SHO (c) vs Francesco Akira - IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship
Ren Narita (c) vs Tomohiro Ishii - NEVER Openweight Championship
Shingo Takagi (c) vs Katsuhiko Nakajima - IWGP United States Championship
Minoru Suzuki vs Taichi - Retirement
Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Katsuyori Shibata

Will Ospreay (c) vs Kazuchika Okada XII - IWGP World Heavyweight Championship

Finally, this is what it’s all led to. A story set in motion from the very first moment Ospreay set foot in NJPW under Okada’s guidance in CHAOS 9 years ago. Fighting through loss after loss after loss, he finally achieved his clean win over Okada last year to reclaim his World Championship, but now, he must accomplish an even greater task – beat the Final Boss in the Tokyo Dome itself! Failing on both occasions against Okada on NJPW’s biggest stage akin to Okada’s own chase of Tanahashi, it’s his Wrestle Kingdom 10 moment now as he walks into the Dome as the reigning champion, with the Ace as the challenger! Win and he’s immortalised in history. Lose and Okada resets the company’s entire trajectory. High stakes weighing on Will’s shoulders, it’s time to elevate under pressure!

Entering with WK level entrances to boot, Okada dripping sheer gold, and Ospreay with an entire kingdom of suited individuals accompanying him, they get underway as the bell sounds! And for the first time, it’s Ospreay controlling the opening sequence with the Tanahashi-style headlock! Big brothering Okada, he doesn’t let the Rainmaker out the gates in his own ballpark for a few minutes straight… BEFORE WILL EXPLODES FOR A HANDSPRING ENZUIGIRI!

Okada dodges, going for a GERMAN, but Will flips through, nailing the HOOK KICK, an OSCUTTER coming up empty, Kazu swinging for a ducked RAINMAKER, and it’s a stalemate! Trading forearms, a Lariat dumps Okada out, Ospreay running Kazu’s routine of the guardrail whip and Big Boot, a RUNNING CROSSBODY EATING A DROPKICK! Nailing a TOMBSTONE on the floor, Okada sets up a table at ringside before rolling Ospreay in, the MISSILE DROPKICK and AIR-RAID CRASH NECKBREAKER harping on the neck! ONE! TWO! THR-KICK OUT!

Wrenching the MONEY CLIP, it doesn’t get him far, a BRAINBUSTER catching Okada by surprise! SHOOTING STAR PRESS! ONE! TWO! THR-NO DICE! A PIP PIP CHEERIO eats a BEAUTIFUL DROPKICK, before Okada whips Ospreay at the corner, only for Will to pop him up onto the turnbuckles, slamming Kawada Kicks into his face! CHEEKY NANDOS! Ospreay tries for a LIGER BOMB through the outside table, but Okada drops to the apron! Will charges for a Yakuza Kick, but a LANDSLIDE BLOCKS!!! ONE! TWO! THR-OSPREAY STAYS IN!!!

Hammering the neck, Okada lunges for a RAINMAKER, though a SNAP CUTTER blocks! ROBINSON SPECIAL! Will winds up the CHELSEA GRIN, but it receives a slap and a JOHN WOO DROPKICK! A pair of Short-Arm Rainmakers ricochet off Ospreay, but a Rainmaker is feigned for a DDT! DIVING ELBOW DROP!!! ONE! TWO! THR-WILL KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! A TOMBSTONE is countered by knees, Ospreay whipping Okada at the ropes, Kazu countering a BACK BODY DROP OVER THE ROPES!!!

Will narrowly missing the table, Okada follows with a TOPE CON HILO… BUT OSPREAY MOVES OUT THE WAY, THE RAINMAKER EXPLODING THROUGH THE WOOD!!! Shoving Okada’s lifeless body inside, Ospreay sets up a HIDDEN BLADE!!! ONE! TWO! THR-NOOOOOOOOO!!! A STORM BREAKER is blocked, Okada nailing a sick CORNER GERMAN! Dropkick rocks Will, before the TOMBSTONE connects! RAINMAKER’s dodged, Ospreay rebounding into an OSCUTTER- DROPKICK!!! AND A RAINMAKERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! ONE! TWO! THR-NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Okada keeps the wrist, going for seconds… OSPREAY NAILS A RAINMAKER OF HIS OWN!!! Wrist still held, Will nails close-range elbows to the neck, before winding up another HIDDEN BLADE- HEAVY RAIN!!! OKADA NAILS HIS OWN HIDDEN BLADE!!! Teasing the STORM BREAKER, Ospreay spins out, dumping Kazu with a LANDSLIDE!!! AND A HIDDEN BLADE… Okada collapses! As Will tries picking him up, a DROPKICK awaits! ANOTHER DROPKICK! AZTEC SUPLEX – A LA ULTIMO DRAGON!!! ONE! TWO! THR-KICK OUT!!!

Okada decks Ospreay with a RAINMAKER, but Will doesn’t go down fully, Kazu nailing a SECOND! Going for the Ripcord this time… RAINHAM MAKER!!! ONE! TWO! THR-OKADA KICKS OUT!!! ESSEX DESTROYER!!! ONE! TWO! THR-ANOTHER KICK OUT!!! Cracking a HIDDEN BLADE off Okada’s nose, an OSCUTTER follows, before he floats into a STORM BREAKER- FALLING RAINMAKERRRRRRR!!! ONE! TWO! THR-NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Okada smelling blood, he tries for another, AND A HIDDEN BLADE CONNECTS AT THE SAME TIME!!! Keeping hold, the two knock each other loopy with one free arm… OSCUTTER’S CAUGHT WITH A TOMBSTONE!!! Okada picks him back up, going for a SPINNING TOMBSTONE- OSPREAY REVERSES INTO A SPIKE PILEDRIVER!!! Ripcord… HIDDEN BLADE!!! AND A STORM BREAKER!!! Hoisting him up for one more… A SECOND STORM BREAKERRRRRRRRRRR!!! ONE! TWO! THREE!!!

Will Ospreay (c) def. Kazuchika Okada to retain the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship (40:51)

HE’S DONE IT! OSPREAY’S FINALLY SURPASSED THE ACE ON HIS OWN STAGE! No longer is Okada himself anymore, but rather the Tanahashi to Ospreay’s Okada, the cycle continuing. And like his counterpart 9 years ago, Kazu leaves as empty-handed as he walked in for the first time in a decade, the times officially changing! And as sunlight washes over the Land of the Rising Sun, a new dawn is revealed. The dawn of the Ospreay Era.


Heading into 2025, NJPW is rife with changes, seeing more of the once Young Lion names step up as the likes of Tanahashi and Naito begin to slow down. CHAOS features a massive shakeup the following night as Shinsuke Nakamura returns, kickstarting his road to retirement, having been vocal in his interest of facing Tanahashi, proceeding to feud with Okada over his failures. As for Ospreay, his reign runs until Sakura Genesis, where one NJC Winner Katsuyori Shibata finally dethrones him 8 years on from his loss to Okada, though Will’s time with the title is far from over yet, remaining an integral part of the picture alongside ZSJ, Shingo, and more.
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2023.05.27 18:52 Eric_in_America I just made a cat food tier list for myself and I thought I'd share it.

S TIER KITTY FOOD BRANDS * Against the Grain (some products) * Dr. Elsey's * Essence * Farmina * Feline Natural * Fromm (wet > dry) * Hound and Gatos (wet) * Instinct * Life's Abundance (wet > dry) * Nulo (dry > wet) * Orijen * Primal * Stella & Chewys * The Honest Kitchen * Tiki Cat * Vintage * Ziwi Peak
Single top tier products within a non S tier brand
Dry: * Catit Gold Fern Air Dried Chicken * Go! Solutions Carnivore Chk Trk Dck * I and Love and You Nude Superfood * Only Natural Pet Powerfusion * Wysong Epigen Chicken and Turkey
Wet: * Nutro Pate Chk Liver Shrimp * Almo Nature HQS Chk Apple * American Journey Landmark Chk * Bff Tuna and Chk * Cats in the Kitchen Karate Kitty
A TIER KITTY FOOD BRANDS * Addiction (some products) * Against the Grain (some products) * Almo Nature (some products) * American Journey * Catit (dry) * Fussie Cat (some wet products) * Merrick (dry) * Wellness Core * Wysong (dry)
AVG/MID TIER BRANDS - IF ABOVE AREN'T AVAILABLE/TOO EXPENSIVE * Addiction (some products) * Almo Nature (some products) * Catit (wet) * Cats in the Kitchen (Weruva) * Chicken Soup for the Soul * Blue Buffalo * Fussie Cat * Go! Solutions * I and Love and You * Merrick (wet) * Nutro (wet) * Purina Beyond (wet) * Taste of the Wild (dry) * Weruva
AVOID * Fancy Feast * Friskies * Hill's Science * Kirkland * Meow Mix * Petcurean * Purina One / Pro / Cat Chow / Beyond (dry) * Regal * Royal Canin * Sheba * Taste of the Wild (wet) * Whiskas
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2023.05.26 22:00 snivelersx1 REUPLOAD: Markiplier Nude Photos Leaked

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2023.05.26 18:33 NicePotatoAnalyst February 2nd in Austria vs May 26th not in Austria. Friends are great.

February 2nd in Austria vs May 26th not in Austria. Friends are great.
Found in pretty much the exact spot it fell out, however it must have plunged through the 3m of pow, some rust on the edges but that can be sorted I guess. So so so stoked
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2023.05.26 16:11 Thingstodo919 Things to do this weekend!


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2023.05.26 10:29 VTSupport Unveiling the Romantic Majesty of Kashmir: Your Perfect Pre-Wedding Getaway

Unveiling the Romantic Majesty of Kashmir: Your Perfect Pre-Wedding Getaway
Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Kashmir, often referred to as the "Paradise on Earth," beckons lovebirds to embark on an unforgettable pre-wedding journey. With its snow-capped peaks, tranquil lakes, lush gardens, and charming houseboats, this enchanting destination sets the stage for an idyllic romantic getaway. However, planning a trip to this heavenly region can seem overwhelming, particularly for first-time visitors. Fret not! This guide will unveil the essential tips and tricks to ensure a hassle-free and captivating pre-wedding experience in Kashmir.

Timing Your Visit: Peak Season and the Best Time to Delight in Kashmir's Beauty

Planning well in advance is crucial to make the most of your trip. Kashmir is a popular tourist destination, so booking at least six months ahead is recommended, especially if you intend to visit the peak season between April and September. However, if you desire to witness the ethereal snowfall, mark your calendar for December to February, when the landscape is transformed into a magical winter wonderland.

Exploring the Gems of Kashmir: Researching Popular Destinations

Kashmir offers a treasure trove of breathtaking locations to explore with your beloved. Start your journey in the captivating city of Srinagar, where you can stroll hand-in-hand through the charming gardens, including the world-renowned Mughal Gardens. Make your way to the picturesque Gulmarg, a haven for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. With its lush meadows and tranquil streams, Pahalgam is a perfect spot to unwind and soak in nature's beauty. Finally, venture to Sonmarg, the "Meadow of Gold," where the majestic mountains and glistening glaciers will awaken you. Research each destination and curate an itinerary that resonates with your desires and preferences.

Finding Sanctuary: Booking Accommodations in Advance

To ensure a seamless and stress-free experience, securing your accommodations ahead of time is crucial. Kashmir offers a diverse range of options to suit every budget and preference. Choose from luxurious hotels boasting panoramic views or a unique experience on a traditional houseboat, gently gliding on the serene Dal or Nigeen Lake. By booking in advance, you guarantee a comfortable haven to retreat to after a day of exploring the wonders of Kashmir.

Navigating Kashmir: The Significance of a Local Tour Operator

While Kashmir's beauty may captivate you, it is essential to recognize the region's sensitivity and the importance of local guidance. Engage in the services of a trusted local tour operator with intimate knowledge of the area. They will curate a personalized itinerary, taking you off the beaten path to hidden gems and ensuring your safety throughout your journey. Allow their expertise to unveil the true essence of Kashmir, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

Cultural Sensitivity and Attire: Respecting Kashmir's Heritage

As you immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Kashmir, it is imperative to embrace and respect local customs and traditions. Dress modestly, particularly when visiting religious sites, and be mindful of public displays of affection. Remove your shoes before entering places of worship, paying homage to the sacredness of the surroundings. By honoring Kashmir's heritage, you demonstrate reverence for the culture in this magnificent land.

Savoring Kashmiri Delights: A Gastronomic Journey

No visit to Kashmir is complete without indulging in its delectable cuisine. Immerse your taste buds in a symphony of flavors as you sample authentic Kashmiri dishes. From the succulent Rogan Josh (lamb curry) to the flavorful Gushtaba
(Kashmiri meatballs) Each bite and the fragrant Kashmiri Pulao unveil a new dimension of Kashmiri culinary artistry. Allow your palate to be enchanted by the richness and complexity of these regional delicacies.

Creating Timeless Memories: Incorporating Local Elements into Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Kashmir offers a canvas like no other for couples seeking a pre-wedding shoot with a touch of magic. Incorporate local elements such as traditional Kashmiri attire, mesmerizing music, graceful dance forms, and even the flavors of Kashmir into your shoot. Let the ethereal beauty of this paradise on earth serve as the backdrop while your love story unfolds amidst nature's grandeur.

Conclusion: Unveiling the Beauty and Tranquility of Kashmir

In conclusion, Kashmir stands as an unrivaled destination for your pre-wedding escapade. Following these essential tips and tricks ensures a memorable and enchanting journey in this captivating region. Embrace the breathtaking landscapes, immerse yourself in the local culture, and forge everlasting memories with your beloved. As you step into paradise on earth, let Kashmir weave its spell, leaving an indelible mark on your hearts. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure and savor the beauty that awaits you in the wondrous land of Kashmir.
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2023.05.26 01:51 0_----__----_0 Hi Denver, here is my big list of things to do this weekend! [May 25th - May 28th]

Looking to make plans for the rest of summer? Check out the Summer Events post here: Summer Events in the Denver Area : Denver (
I send this out as a newsletter which you can sign up for by clicking this link. There are no ads and it's free, so send it to your friends.
Enjoy your weekend and have a wonderful Memorial Day on Monday! Please add anything I missed down below.


Two Friends @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre @ 7PM *With Wuki, Justus Bennetts, Charlie Wonder
Nate Amor @ Meow Wolf @ 7:30PM
Donna the Buffalo @ Bluebird Theater @ 8PM


Chromeo & Hot Chip @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre @ 6PM *With CoCo & Breezy, Cimafunk
Flintwick @ Meow Wolf @ 8PM
Mareux @ Marquis Theater @ 7PM
Gasoline Lollipops @ Bluebird Theater @ 8PM
Gimme Gimme Disco @ Summit @ 8PM
CoCo & Breeze @ Larimer Lounge @ 9PM
Rockies vs NY Mets @ Coors Field @ 6:40PM


Rapids vs FC Cincinnati @ DICK's Sporting Goods Park @ 7:30PM
'Top Gun' Screening @ McGregor Square @ 1PM Movies at McGregor is the ultimate outdoor summer movie experience.
Upcycled Indigo Dyeing @ DAM @ 10AM You can transform your old garments with natural indigo dye at this workshop.
Art Crawl @ Clyfford Still Museum @ 10:30AM Experience art and find community with other families with infants.
Warbird Invasion Showcase @ Wings Museum @ 10AM Visit the museum to see various types of warbirds on static display at Wings Over the Rockies Exploration of Flight.
'Sleeping Beauty' Ballet @ Ellie Caulkins Opera House @ 1PM/ 6PM The Colorado Ballet Academy is thrilled to be able to share this full-length performance featuring its talented students.
Tommy James & the Shondells @ Paramount Theatre @ 8PM
Scary Kids Scaring Kids @ Marquis Theater @ 7PM
Whipped Cream @ Meow Wolf @ 9PM
VALLEY @ Summit @ 7PM
Taylor Fest @ Bluebird Theater @ 9PM
Son Rompe Pera @ Levitt Pavilion @ 6PM *With Brian Lopez
Top Flite Empire @ Gothic Theatre @ 8PM
Taste Around the World! Spring Wine Event @ Ironton Distillery @ 3-6PM
Rockies vs NY Mets @ Coors Field @ 7:10PM


Wild Workouts @ Denver Zoo @ 7:30AM The zoo's Wild Workouts include Barre, Zumba, Yoga with the Elephants, Senior Yoga and Senior Movement.
Thrift-Pop Market @ Denver Central Market Parking Lot @ 12PM Featuring 30 premier vintage clothing and collectible vendors, this thrift market is one of the city’s best!
Orkestra Mendoza @ Levitt Pavilion @ 4PM
YOB @ Gothic Theatre @ 7:45PM
Rockies vs NY Mets @ Coors Field @ 1:10PM


SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Old Dominion @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre @ 7:30PM *With Frank Ray, Greylan James, Kassi Ashton
SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Q BBQ Fest @ Empower Field The 5th annual festival features legendary pitmasters from the nation to serve award-winning BBQ, live music, cold beer and drinks, and BBQ tutorials/demonstrations.
SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Denver Arts Festival - @ Conservatory Green, Central Park
All weekend - Opey Olagbaju Stand Up @ Comedy Works South
All weekend - Jordan Jensen Stand Up @ Comedy Works Downtown
All weekend - Stravinsky's 'The Rite of Spring' @ Boettcher Concert Hall Enjoy an unforgettable sendoff of the Colorado Symphony concert season with an evening of triumph performances.
All weekend - 'Best Town' Play @ Buntport Theater A new play about stars, isolation, the magic of libraries, and Laura Ashley curtains.
All weekend - ‘The 39 Steps’ @ The Singleton Theatre The inventive and hilarious, this hit play combines a film masterpiece by Alfred Hitchcock with a juicy spy novel and a large splash of Monty Python humor.
All weekend - ‘Miss Rhythm: The Legend of Ruth Brown’ Cabaret Show @ Garner Galleria Theatre This intimate cabaret experience explores the life and times of R&B legend Ruth Brown through story and song, accompanied by a five-piece jazz band.
LAST CHANCE - 'Near East to Far West' Exhibition @ DAM
LAST CHANCE - 'Breakthroughs: A Celebration of RedLine 15' Exhibition @ MCA Denver This exhibition celebrates the Redline Contemporary Art Center and its 15-year long legacy of supporting local artists and creatives. The exhibition reflects the current creative practice of artists living in Colorado.
Ongoing through September 10th - ‘Awful Bigness’ Exhibition @ Clyfford Still Museum ‘Awful Bigness’ fills the Museum’s largest, skylit galleries and celebrates Clyfford Still’s biggest, most ambitious works.
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