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2023.06.03 22:16 PM_YOUR_MENTAL_ISSUE Will need to be absent for one week. Baby will be already, which week (1-6) or (1-8) I'll do less harm being absent?

So I will need to travel to a mentorship that lasts 5 days in a city 2 hours from here (3 hours by bus), I don't have a car, so I can't drive and come back. This trip needs to be schedule minimum 30 days from today, baby is due 21-25 jun.
Is there any difference between this first weeks? We don't have a c-section scheduled so she can be born anywhere from next week to the end of the month.
I do get 5 days parental leave, and if she births while I'm tripping I'm allowed to come back.
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2023.06.03 21:55 v1klund2 Do the buses stop running after midnight?

Hello, I will be visiting Split soon and I looked up the schedule for bus 18 and I saw that it stops running after midnight. Is that how it is? If so, are taxis an alternative after a night out or am I better off walking home (~6 km)? Thank you, and I look forward to visiting your beautiful city soon!
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2023.06.03 21:40 CallRoll AITA for leaving my coworker to deal with a troublesome guest by himself?

Okay, so I work at a hotel, and recently we've had a change in our work schedule (we work the reception by the way).
So basically, the way it works now is that one person works from 7am to 7pm, and the next day that person goes on break and enters the same schedule the day after. So, in short, yesterday I worked from 7am to 7pm and today I'm on break and I'm gonna have to work tomorrow in the same shift.
That's not really a problem to me, cause I don't usually go out or have things planned, so I just kinda "whatever" with this new schedule. But here's the kicker.
Yesterday, after I was done with my work shift, I went to wait for the bus, and the bus just WOULD NOT COME BY. I waited like, 2 hours, and no sign of the bus. I rely on public transport as I sold my motorcycle last year, so that's just insane.
So after two hours of waiting, I decided I'd just go back to the hotel and call for a Uber there, since I was VERY tired from the new schedule. And obviously, my coworker who works from 7pm to 7am was there, taking over my last shift. He was dealing with some troublesome guests who were complaining about some things, like the showers in the rooms not heating up fast enough or other small critiques. You know, usual hotel stuff.
When he noticed I had come back cause my bus just refused to come by, he asked me if he could help me with some of those guests cause he was a little overwhelmed. They were just kinda ganging up on him, and if you work at a hotel, you know that's just an unpleasant experience all around.
But at the moment, I was just pissed that my bus was taking so f*cking long to come by to the point where I had to call an Uber to go home 2 HOURS after finishing my shift. So I was like "Sorry dude, you're on your own."
I waited for my Uber and didn't help him at all, and I could tell he was struggling. But, it's not like he was a newbie or anything, and that's just how the job works. So I didn't think much of it and went home to finally get some rest after my shift. But I'll be honest, I feel kinda bad that I left him there, even if he hasn't complained about it.
So, AITA for leaving him to deal with that stressfull situation even though it wasn't my shift anymore?
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2023.06.03 20:21 DeniedbyAvvo Probation misconstruing e-bike as a motor vehicle.

So some weeks ago, I blew a 0.1 after a really late night karaoke place (northern California), and fast forwards past a quick detainment and bond, ended up on probation for DUI.
Normally I take the bus to work, but lately my work schedule changes combined with my older sister moving in with me and my parents means I have to run more errands and have a more flexible schedule overall; my solution is to ride a class 3 ebike that I purchased second hand.
Probation is now being unreasonable, and saying because of the clause that prohibits me from operating a motor vehicle, I cannot ride the ebike without being in violation. I asked him why he considers it a motor vehicle, and even told him about how legally it constitutes a bicycle (e.g. its less than 750W, doesnt actually have a throttle, and is pedal assist up to 28 mph within the class 3 limit).
The bad arguments from him start, and are relentless, he first states "its a bicycle and a vehicle, and it has an electric motor propelling it, so its a motor vehicle". Later I state that I regularly achieve 28mph bursts on my analog bicycle, and that riding the ebike is no different than simply non electric riding sustained 28mph down hill (even going so far as to draw him a force body diagram in the college physics format), and he counters 1.) "if you can ride that fast on a regular bicycle, you don't need an ebike" and 2.) "then why not just ride downhill?"
Even after explaining that I ride my bicycle for utility / commute, NOT recreational purpose, how riding 28 mph on an analog bicycle renders me sweaty for work while an ebike saves me some energy to actually be productive there, and how I can't just change the earth to make all my routes downhill, he responds by stating he will be checking the odometer built into the ebike computer to ensure its not being ridden "excessively" and that I would have to sit on the back of the rear rack while someone else operates the pedals.
Am I just SOL on this one? Avvo keeps giving me anti bicycle NIMBY comments that are completely irrelevant to the discussion.
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2023.06.03 20:00 2ndgenerationcatlady VIP Bus and Metro Mass Transit Schedules? Accra->Cape Coast

I'm currently trying to find the schedules for VIP and MMT - I can find lists of their routes, but not a schedule with times.
Specifically, I want to leave from Accra on Sunday June 11 to go to Cape Coast. The first STC bus is 12pm, and I was hoping to leave in the morning.
If I had to take a tro-tro, which station would be best for this in terms of leaving early in the morning do you think? Thanks!
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2023.06.03 17:18 CivilStrawberry Grandparents Constantly Complaining About Custody Schedule

Sorry I’m advance, on mobile. I just need to vent for a minute. I’ve been separated for a little over a year and divorced for about six months. For the first year of my separation, my ex lived in another city and only saw our son 3 times that year due to distance and other circumstances (we met in the middle once for a week long trip so they could see each other, and twice he visited our city for holidays). It’s not perfect, but I can at least say that we do our best to coparent well and be respectful of each others’ needs and desire to be around our kid.
Technically, I have 100% physical custody, but as long as my ex is doing well (he has a serious mental health condition that requires inpatient care at times) he sees our son most weekends for a bit and has him 2 days a week in the summer, and during the school year he’s just responsible for getting him on and off the bus on those days.
Early in the separation I lived with my mother for about 6 months, and she also has my grandmother living with her. I bought my own house at the end of last year and live 30 minutes from them now. I’ll be the first to admit it was a lot on everyone, and that it couldn’t have been easy having us show up on their doorstep, and I’m grateful, but they act like THEY are my son’s parents now, instead of my ex and I, and it’s starting to create serious problems.
Essentially, they seem to think they should also be factored into our custody schedule. They still see my son at least 1-2 times a week for family events or to meet for dinner. Yesterday, my mom called me and said “Well, I wish you’d at least let me have him one day a week, we used to see him every day, and now we don’t see him at all. Grandma (her mother, kids great grandmother) hasn’t seen him in forever!”
Guys, they saw him Monday for a Memorial Day picnic and Tuesday we met for dinner. This conversation happened on Friday and they live a half an hour away. They hadn’t seen him in two and a half days. That’s it.
My mother also got upset because my five year old “didn’t pay attention” to my grandmother.my mother and grandmother have a very problematic relationship and it’s a whole thing, but this is a constant theme. My grandmother has NO boundaries. She has tried to commission work on MY house without my consent to more suit her desires for how it should look. She bought me a bunch of clothes that she thinks will “look better on me” (she and my mother recently told me some short shorts I was wearing would make me a “laughingstock” because they didn’t like how I looked in them. They are of the opinion women who are mothers should only wear big sweatpant style shorts and sweatsuits for “modesty”). Did I mention, half of the clothes she bought me came from the men’s section at Walmart? I’m grateful for any gift, but this gift was specifically given with the intent to control me at best and insult/ hurt me at worst. She has done the clothes thing to me every year since I hit puberty. It’s a whole other thing, probably more suited to another sub than here, but just to paint a picture of who she is I thought I’d include that story here.
All this to say, this behavior bleeds over into her relationship with my child. She frequently will grab him as soon as he enters the home (like literally waiting at the front door and blocking off entry into the house, grabs his wrists and tries to kiss him and hug him even when he is screaming and literally sobbing and saying please stop). She also tries to pay him to kiss her. She will give him five dollars and then say “I gave you five dollars, now you have to kiss me.”
I find this behavior VERY PROBLEMATIC and have explained to them the lessons it could teach that would be negative. I put a stop to it each and every time but after six years, I still have not gotten any relief from their constant boundary breaking. They seem to think they have some kind of ownership of my son m, especially since the divorce, and a right to him. They don’t understand that my ex and I have a custody arrangement and that my ex will always come first. Not to mention of course that he could absolutely take me back to court to reassess a more formal arrangement if he felt I were abusing what we have now, which he would be well within his rights to do (and I would never abuse it).
On top of this, holidays are a nightmare for us now. Every time I don’t have my son for one or split it with my ex it’s a constant barrage of “how sad, WE never see him.” Or “next holiday Ex Husband doesn’t get him, we do!” Other extended family “Aunts, family friends, etc) have echoed this sentiment. Divorce is pretty rare in my family, so I guess it hasn’t been encountered much? Idk. I’m not the only one though.
Because I technically have full physical custody, I think they think that I can just fuck around and not include my ex in things as desired. First and foremost, my ex will always be my sons father. he is not perfect, and you can see evidences by previous posts that we have things that we don’t agree on.But he does have rights, my son loves him, and he is a good parent. Our custody agreement is written the way it is to protect our son in the event that my ex’s mental health does not allow him to make sound decisions as a parent for a period of time. I do not believe it’s right to take advantage of this to suit mine and my family’s will for holidays and other dates that he would be able to watch our son. It’s not fair to my ex, and it’s not fair to my son.
I explain to my mom that she’s always first on the list if my ex cannot take our son one day. She has retired so her schedule is pretty open, so typically she is able to take him even on short notice. I appreciate her immensely and I know he loves my mom very much as she is a wonderful grandmother, but his great grandmother also living there makes it difficult as she is unpleasant be around and has no respect for his wishes or mine as his parent. There’s also a whole other argument to be made about whether or not they’re physically capable of watching him due to their physical limitations, but that’s a whole other thing.
I’m exhausted to the point of tears. I hate it. I have no boundaries, no life of my own. Even my divorce has somehow become about them, and this is reflective of how my entire life has gone.
Anyone else have extended family who is just so disrespectful if custody arrangements? I feel like most peoples problem is with their ex not respecting it, but here I am having to fight my own family.
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2023.06.03 17:11 _peakvalley Looking for opinions, further testing to ask for, and help deciphering test results

31F, 150lbs, white (non-hispanic), social drinker, occasional marijuana use, otherwise non-smoker.
I've been having a strange pattern of symptoms intermittently over the last 3-4 years.
It usually starts with 2-3 weeks of hives - the hives come and go, they seem to migrate (arms, flank, back, chest), but they're present almost every day. When they start to clear up, the joint pain comes. I have pain in both knees (though not always with the same severity and not always at the same time), in my MCP and PIP joints on both hands, both elbows, and in both feet. My hands are stiff in the mornings for an hour or so, but often painful in the evenings. X-Rays last year showed no significant arthritic changes to any joints, though an MRI showed mild bilateral facet arthropathy at L5-S1, determined as normal.
I was also diagnosed with Celiac Disease 2 years ago, though it was undiagnosed for ~15 years (iron deficiency began presenting around age 13). Unsure if it's helpful to add, but I have Raynaud's as well - this is triggered by cold.
I was hoping for some help in interpreting my test results. I recently had 3 tests: C-Reactive Protein, Lyme, and Rheumatoid Factor:
- The CRP result appears negative, < 0.3 mg/dL with a reference of <0.5 mg/dL.
- The Lyme result appears negative, <0.90 index.
- The RF result I'm unsure about. <14 IU/mL with a reference of <14 IU/mL. Some sources on Dr. Google point to 14 IU/mL and above as positive, while others point to 15 IU/mL and above as positive. I think it's negative either way, right?
Last year I also had an Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) test performed. I'm not able to access my results anymore, but this test was negative. I've gotten a referral to a Rheumatologist, but I don't think they will be able to schedule me for several months so I was just hoping to know what I may (or may not) be looking at here.
[edit] forgot to mention that no matter how well I sleep at night, around 6pm every evening during one of these episodes of more severe symptoms, it feels like I've been hit by a bus. I can barely keep my head up, I'm so exhausted. Even with little or no physical activity.
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2023.06.03 17:00 No_Consideration6928 LHR->SEA 5/31 how’d they do?

Did they do a terrible job, or am I just being picky?
Our original flight, DL21 on May 31st at 3:25 PM, was delayed and rescheduled to 4:50 PM, which we were notified about a day in advance. However, when we arrived at the airport, there was no assigned boarding gate until around 4 PM. At that point, they abruptly canceled the flight for the day and directed everyone to the Renaissance Hotel located at the airport. Unfortunately, there was a lot of confusion with the buses, as the Delta agents at baggage claim provided incorrect information about the bus terminal stops. They told us to wait at stops 17/18, but it turned out to be stop number 12. It took two-hours to get all 120 passengers to the hotel.
Once at the hotel, there was a scramble to prepare rooms for everyone and get dinner ready. Thankfully, the dinner buffet turned out to be decent. The plan for the next day was an early start, with passengers being taken out of the hotel at 5:30 AM and the new takeoff time set for 8:00 AM. However, the hotel staff woke us up at 10:00 PM to deliver a letter from Delta and a bottle of red wine, which, although a nice gesture, was ill-timed considering we had a toddler trying to sleep. Furthermore, it wasn't clear when they expected us to drink the wine, so we ended up packing the $10 Merlot from Chile in our checked bag.
By 4:30 AM, we discovered that the flight had been pushed back to 10:00 AM. The schedule for the bus to the airport remained the same.. This meant there was no time for breakfast since it wasn't available until after the buses had left. We had to make do with bag breakfasts, which was less than ideal.
The flight continued to be delayed, first until noon and then until 2 PM. Throughout the delays, there were no food vouchers or any other forms of compensation provided. Luckily, we had Priority Pass, so we took care of ourselves. By the time of the noon delay, we started hearing that the issue was maintenance-related due to a cracked window.
Given the continual delays, we decided to switch over to the Virgin Atlantic flight at noon. Those who made the switch were fortunate, as we later saw that the 2 PM Delta flight was canceled. Around this time, Delta began sending $200 travel vouchers to passengers. However, as a family of three, we only received $200 in total, the same amount as individual passengers. This felt unfair since we expected to receive $600. Additionally, I received 20,000 points, which I didn't hear other passengers receiving. It's unclear if this was due to our larger family size or Platinum status.
When we finally arrived in Seattle, our two checked-in bags were missing. Delta claims to have one bag in Seattle, but the other is either still in London or lost altogether. It's a frustrating situation considering the lack of communication throughout the delays, the coordination of vouchers, and the lost baggage issues.
Overall, I can't help but feel that they did a poor job in handling the situation.
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2023.06.03 16:25 borkmaster0 Track Work - Buses Detoured

The Jamaica-bound J shuttle bus stop at Crescent St has been relocated until approximately 7:00 PM due to track work.
The stop has been relocated to the B13 bus stop at Crescent St/Fulton St instead.
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2023.06.03 16:14 ThrowAway7s2 "Girls sports putting crimp on gym facilities" from the January 20, 1976 Door County Advocate

Girls sports putting crimp on gym facilities

Girls sports putting crimp on gym facilities

"I kind of liken it to having a 10-person family and trying to fit them. into a two-bedroom house; you have to do things in shifts," said Sevastopol Athletic Director Eugene Waterstreet, referring to the problem of inadequate gym facilities for the growing number of sports in high school athletic programs.
It wasn't too many years ago that the problem was non-existent, but today, with the advent. of Title IX legislation, girls' programs are flourishing and because of this the number of teams in many high schools around the country have doubled. What has this meant to athletic programs?
The result is crowded gyms and shortened practices.
Possibly for the exception of Gibraltar, Door county high schools have felt the crunch to some degree and with girls' sports still not developed to their maximum, the situation could be worsening.
Probably the worst hit of the four schools is Southern Door. Athletic Director John Bowers said the school has had to do some juggling in order to accommodate the schools interscholastic sports program.
The Southern Door boys' and girls' varsity and junior varsity basketball teams get the use of the gym after school. One day the boys will practice from 3-4:30 p.m. while the girls go from 4:30 to 6 p.m. and the next day they will flip-flop. This takes up a pretty good chunk of the gym's free time considering the gym is used for numerous school and rec activities at night. So what about all the other interscholastic sports?
This is where Bowers turns into somewhat of a magician. The freshman basketball team practices the first three hours of the school day. According to Bowers, because the freshmen boys are too young to drive and must rely on parents for their transportation, it is not rational to have them practice at night or before school.
We still haven't covered wrestling or girls' gymnastics.
After all the meals are prepared and the mess cleaned up, the wrestlers roll out their mats in the cafeteria for their afternoon workouts. And. the girl gymnasts, contrary to popular opinion, don't get the library, they get the hallways.
That's right, they set up their equipment in the hallways in the afternoons.
An added problem for Bowers is the fact that there is no transportation for the group of basketball players practicing from 4:30-6 because the last bus leaves the school at 5:15.
"I think we have a little more of a problem out here," said Bowers, "because we are out in the country we have that problem with transportation."
Two things have helped ease the problem at Sturgeon Bay. First, the junior and senior high schools are separate, thereby relieving the problem caused by freshman sports. The second advantage that the Clippers own is in the layout of the high school. Sturgeon Bay has a balcony adjacent to the gym that allows for an area where wrestling practice can be conducted. It also has the added advantage of not having a girls' gymnastics program and in these times of added stress on facilities one less sport can make a lot of difference.
"So far we've been able to work things out," said Athletic Director Ron Casadont. "It's not the best system in the world, but at least everyone has time to work out."
As far as use of the gym is concerned, basketball uses up most of that time as it does at most schools; like at Southern Door, the Clippers boys and girls must share their time. One group goes from 2:30-5 while the other must come from 5-6:30.
"As more teams come in we'll have more problems," said Casadont. "But most of the coaches realize that we had better go on cooperating."
At Sevastopol, the Pioneers are engaged in the two-gym suffle. Wrestling, boys' basketball and girls' basketball are cooperating in sharing the elementary and high school gyms.
At present, Athletic Director Eugene Waterstreet is trying to keep things organized with a monthly schedule that directs each sport, when and where it is to practice.
"We haven't had any great problems," said Waterstreet. He has the junior high practicing from 2:15 to 3:05 each day with the high school teams taking over after school and at night. Because then are three teams for two gyms, one team often has to come back at night to practice. But as at the other schools, variables are involved, like interscholastic games at night or Rec League or a grade school game, all adding up to one big headache for Waterstreet.
One added problem that Waterstreet has is a Wednesday night ordinance that states that there will be no school activities after supper. This means one team is without practice time, but Waterstreet said that he has gotten around this with the cooperation of the girls' basketball team which has agreed not to practice on Wednesday nights.
The crowded conditions have forced many of the teams to move their practices to Saturday and there have been some on Sunday also.
A good example of a team feeling the crunch is the Sevastopol freshman team. The squad is scheduled with the varsity and junior varsity teams. But the priority that is given to the varsity and junior varsity often leaves the freshmen out in the cold, forcing them to search for spots of time when the gym is available. This means an inconvenience for parents who
must cart their boys to school at night or on a Saturday so the team can get in a decent practice.
Due to a decision by the Gibraltar school board, dropping athletics in the junior high, the Vikings. enjoy an escape from the "crowd." Add to this the fact that Gibraltar has no wrestling team and you have virtually no problem. The school has no problem in getting in both the boys' and girls' practices after school and still has plenty of time left over for intramurals.
"Our dropping the junior high program helped spacewise," said Principal Larry Lundell. "I don't know how it will eventually effect the team, though."
How does all this affect the performance of the athlete?
"I don't think it has that much effect on the athletes," said Bowers. "The kids go out because they enjoy the sport." As girls' sports grow so will the problems, "but, as Casadont said, the coaches will have to realize that for the sake of the survival of their own sport they will have to compromise on time. But, he said, as far as Sturgeon Bay is
concerned, the winter sports may not be the problem area. He feels that when the spring sports roll around the situation nay worsen for awhile as boys' track, girls' track, baseball and eventually girls' softball all must share the gym for a month or so while waiting for the thaw to arrive.
The more you think about it, 10 people in a two-bedroom house sounds kind of roomy.

Courtesy of the Door County Library Newspaper Archive

Previously posted:
Two articles by Jim Robertson, discussing girls' baseball
"Quotes his peers on Little League" from the April 9, 1974 Door County Advocate

"Problems start with tryouts" from the April 11, 1974 Door County Advocate

A series on girls' sports by Linda Adams
Part I of the series by Linda Adams was previously posted as
"Girls sports have come a long way, not far enough" from the December 27, 1973 Door County Advocate

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"Inequities still show in girls sports programs" from the January 3, 1974 Door County Advocate

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"Community acceptance still not part of girls' sports" from the January 10, 1974 Door County Advocate

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"Athletic directors take wide look at girls sports" from the January 17, 1974 Door County Advocate

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"If past growth continues, girls sports will flourish" from the January 24, 1974 Door County Advocate

(a response to the five-part series) "Girls sports pose problem" from the February 12, 1974 Door County Advocate

Other articles and posts
"Washington Island's Kay Curtis becoming a legend in her time" on June 14, 1977 in the Door County Advocate

A grandmotherly perspective on eugenics from the June 2, 1915 Door County News

"Comments from council" editorial, a rebuke from alleged woman's sports militant Rev. Gary Straughan, and a conciliatory response from Chan Harris from the Door County Advocate on May 9th & 14th, 1974

"Provide equal programs" editorial from the April 30, 1974 Door County Advocate

Gibraltar's intended restroom design reduces students' safety

Gibraltar Area School District's proposed gender identity guidelines include a derogatory slur which disrespects most students.
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2023.06.03 15:20 Jakimcikas First time japan travel report 04.25-05.17

Alrighty, I'll describe my first time travel in japan, what went well, what didn't go well, my overall impression of Japan. We travelled trough quite a few cities, but I'll try to keep it as short as possible as I'm not much of writer. And we've visited quite a few places, so if you'd like more details, comment and I'll go more in-depth :).
A bit about the travelling party. Me(25M) and a work colleague(26M), Lithuanians(Europe) software engineers, reasonably fit and somewhat fluent in english, Omnivores(my colleague is allergic to cheese), our height is around ±185cm.


Cities/islands visited

Tokyo(Shinjuku) -> Osaka -> Nara -> Kyoto -> Onomichi Islands -> Matsuyama -> Hiroshima -> Miyajima -> Kumamoto -> Aso(region) -> Fukuoka -> Nagasaki -> Nagoya -> Takayama -> Magome -> Matsumoto - > Tokyo(Chuo) -> Tokyo(Shibuya) -> Tokyo(Teito) -> Hakone.


I was slightly more conservative with my spending so my expenses are on the cheaper side, my colleague spent quite a bit more, especially on food and booze.
Total amount spent: slightly more than 3k euros in japan + 1.1k euros flights back and forth.
EDIT: Daily food expenses: 30-40 eur or 5k-7k yen.
Daily food expenses: 3k-4k Daily travel fares(bus, metro), museums and other activities: 1k-3k
Average hotel stay: ~60euro
Food: - Breakfast - usually something from a convenience store. Chicken, power gels, chocolate, melon bread(my favourite), - Lunch - something from a convenience store or a restaurant - Dinner - restaurant usually a ramen place


Museums, castles, shrines, forests, mountains, walks around the city. We did a lot of walking, total around 400km of walking(at leasts that's what google fit shows)
Alright that's a brief summary, now for the more in-depth write up.

My key takeaways

This is it for the TL;DR part. I'll go more in-depth for the rest of the post.

Planning for the trip

We started planning the trip, where we'll go, where we'll stay, what we'll do, expenses, trains, all that you can plan was started to be planned around a month prior to the trip. We created a word doc as our itinerary, that was around 60 pages long. From what I've read on this page about you can't plan everything. Well I believe we did, we might've even over planned :D.
So we booked the following hotels: - Tokyo - Apa Hotel Higashi Shinjuku Kabukicho Tower(04.25-04.26) - Osaka - APA Hotel Namba Kita Shinsaibashi Ekimae(04.26-04.30) - Onomichi island - TOMARIGI Hostel(04.30-05.01) - Matsuyama - Hotel Patio Dogo(05.01-05.02) - Hiroshima - Wholeearth Ryokan Hiroshima(05.02-05.04) - Kumamoto - Hotel Wing International Select Kumamoto(05.04-05.08) - Nagoya - Sotetsu Fresa Inn Nagoya Shinkansenguchi(05.08-05.10) - Magoame - Magomechaya(05.10-05.11) - Matsumoto - Hotel M Matsumoto(05.11-05.12) - Tokyo - APA Hotel Ginza Kyobashi Tokyo Station Yaesu South Gate(05.14-05.17)
Extra things we bought in advance: - Water proof bags - Hiking boots and socks - Bigger backpacks - JP Rail pass, we booked the trains in advance, but honestly that wasn't necessary even during golden week - Bandages for foot blisters, medicine(for headaches, motion sickness, diarrhoea). - Ubigi eSim internet(10GB was plenty for me throughout the trip) - Sun screen(did not use and got sunburned to a point where I was shinning red) - Portable battery

The trip

Day 1(04.25)

We arrived at the Haneda aiport, exchanged some cash to yen(was at a better course than locally), printed out our JR passes(IMPORTANT TO DO SO HERE, only major stations let you print it out) and went to the metro. We took the train to Shinjuku, and walked to our hotel to check-in. We were quite tired, bought some chicken from lawson and went to explore a few places, a few drinks in golden gai district and ramen in a nearby place. Eventually we ended up at rock bar mother. Really cool place, for each drink you can request 2 songs to be played. After that back to hotel, visit the top floor onsen and sleep

Day 2(04.26)

Got up early, travelled to osaka. Left our luggage in the hotel, we were too early for a check in. We went to see Osaka castle(quite beautiful), tried takoyaki there. More city exploring, then we went check-in. After that we went to see the Umeda Sky Building in the evening(we bought the ticket in advance) very beautiful, it was very clear and beautiful. Got back to the city, got some ramen, went to the hotel and sleep.

Day 3(04.27)

Went to USJ, bought tickets(basic, no express stuff) in advance. We went there 30minutes before opening, and there was already a huge line. We went to Nintendo first, the zone looked very nice, but ride it'd say was okay'ish for me. After that the dinosaur rides, minion land, grabbed chinese food for lunch, went to the harry potter zone, at this point the lines got quite long around 1h to 1h 30min of wait time. After that we went to see Water world where they were doing a play, was really awesome, I'd say a must see even if you don't understand Japanese, the acting is very good. After that we went to Osaka aquarium(no lines, thank god), it was beautiful, cute chonks and other sea creatures.

Day 4(04.28)

Trip to Kyoto from Osaka. We went early by metro, to see the bamboo forest(7:40'ish), beautiful, few people. Walked around the park then climbed the mount a fed the monkeys(50 yen for a bag of fruits or nuts), very cute, tried petting the hand of one, didn't go well got an aggressive show of teeth. After that we visited Ryoanji temple, went to nishi market, we we're running a bit late so we took a taxi to Kiyomizudera, we saw the geish district on our way to there, looked interesting. After the temple we went to a bar and got back to Osaka and then after a bowl of ramen to our hotel.

Day 5(04.29)

We went to Nara, took this hiking track saw the deer, bought some food, did the whole bow thing then fed them. One thing to keep in mind is to crumble the cookie and give it in small pieces, otherwise you'll run out of food to give quickly. They might be very "assertive" and try to take it from you, don't be afraid, just stick your empty arm out to get some distance and that's it . They're not gonna bite you. After that we went to see the Todaiji temple, it was beautiful, the buddha statue was huge. Got back to Osaka, got some ramen, went to the hotel, scheduled to send our luggage to our next hotel and went to sleep.

Day 6(04.30)

Got up early, went to Onomichi, rented some bikes and began our cycling journey through the islands. A lot of cool bridges, very beautiful nature. We cycled to north Omishima port, where we transfered to rabbit island pet and fed the rabbits, got back and cycled to our ryokan and straight to sleeping.

Day 7(05.01)

More cycling, more cool bridges, more beautiful nature. We arrived at Imabari, returned our bikes and took the train to Matsuyama. We ate some stree food, relaxed in the open hot springs for feet. Walked around and went to sleep. To be honest I'd say this was the favorite city of the whole trip for me. I liked the vibe, the people, the food, the nature, the onsen, the layout, the architecture. In general, beautiful city.

Day 8(05.02)

Early in the morning visited a public onsen nearby, then went to see the Matsuyama castle, it was beautiful, tried the orange juice there, it was really good, got back to our hotels, got some dango. Packed our stuff, got a taxi and went to the port and took the ferry to Hiroshima. Checked in the ryokan. Took a train to Hiroshima city center, visited the castle and then the nuclear museum. Get the english audio for best experience. It took me around 2hours to walk through everything, read it and take it in. It was very nerve racking, but I'd say a must see. After that we went out to eat some Okonomiyaki, it was delicious, then back to the ryokan and sleep.

Day 9(05.03)

Went to Miyajima island first by train then transfer by ferry. It was very beautiful, the mountain hike was also fun, the view on top was amazing. When we came down from the mountain there was a low tide, so we could go near the Itsukushima shrine. Got back to Hiroshima, went to the city center for a couple of beers, got back to Ryokan and went to sleep.

Day 10(05.04)

First day of the Golden week, wouldn't say that I've noticed anything different, maybe because we were travelling to the far south of Japan - Kumamoto. This is one of those cities that I also enjoyed more than the big common ones, it looked very nice, had a beautiful castle, was not crowded as Hiroshima, Osaka or Tokyo. We rented out bikes, cycled to Honmoji park(the place near Honmoji park is god damn maze, keep you google maps always open or you will get lost) found a place to eat, visited Lafcadio Hearn House and went to our hotel and then to sleep.

Day 11(05.05)

We rentend a car and went to Aso, highly recommend renting a car here, since the public transport is not that good. The drive was very nice, we went to see active volcano crater, luckily it was not erupting, so we were allowed to get close. Then we went around and climbed the other inactive mountain caps. Climbing that was one of the most fun hikes I've had. It was very windy, you could barely see past 5 meters anywhere, because of the fog. There was no smell of sulfur, so it was safe. We visited Mt. Nakadake, Mt. Takadake, overall the place looked like Mordor, the vibes, the weather everything. After that we visited Ayugaeno Falls, the ravines and everything was just majectic. After that we got back to Kumamoto, gave back the car and went somewhere to eat. Car rental cost around ~7k yen in total. So I'd say a good price. After eating, we went to our hotel and then to sleep.

Day 12(05.06)

We went to Fukuoka, by train, walked around the city, visited Tochoji temple, Fukuoka castle ruins, Ohori park and explored the huge ravine type shopping mall. Went to the science museum(big mistake, it's for kids...). After that we tried Ichiran ramen(originated in Fukuoka so we thought it be better). Was the same as everywhere else. It was rainy so we got back pretty early to our hotel and went to sleep.

Day 13(05.07)

We went to Nagasaki, by train, visited the atomic bomb museum, it was very interesting, just as good as the one in Hiroshima. We took a boat ride to see Gunkanjima, though we couldn't get on the island, because of the weather, it was still very interesting to see and hear the history of the island. Explored the Dutch district, walked around the shops, tried some whale meat. It was raining the whole day, so we also got back quite early and went to sleep.

Day 14(05.08)

We got up early and went got straight to the train station, and caught the train to Nagoya. The longest train ride by far. We arrived at Nagoya, checked in our hotel, went to the city center, visited the castle, it was very beautiful, then we wanted to explore the abandoned tunnel near Aichi. Apparently it was closed, we decided we're going to enter through the exit, like rascals, but apparently after we circled around there was a police officer that was guarding traffic through the bridge and wouldn't let us through. So our trip ended there. After comming back to Nagoya we visited the sky scrapper, it had interesting installations on the windows. We had our stay got back to hotel and went to sleep.

Day 15(05.09)

We went to Takayama, by train, one of the most scenic train rides so far. We strolled around the city center, visited the early morning market, bought some souvenirs, tried some white strawberries, mushroom tee and other local cuisine. Visited Takayama Showa Museum, which was 10/10. You could touch almost everything, the museum gave a great vibe, it was like you were in a house of a family that lived there. There was also an old nintendo with mario kart that you could play, put on a old yukata and take photos. Play pachinko(no money needed), watch an old-school movie. We visited a few sake tasting places, I've found a few flavours that I liked. After that back to Nagoya, eat ramen and sleep.

Day 16(05.10)

We sent out our luggage to Matsumoto, caught a train to Nagiso and then hiked the Nakasendo trail to Tsumago and then Magome where we checked in and stayed at the local ryokan. The hike was very nice and relaxing one of the easier hikes I've had, the places we saw we're quite old and beautiful. At ryokan we met people one American and one from Germany, they had a guitar so we chatted a bit, played the guitar and had a few beers. The dinner at ryokan was amazing, looked very traditional Japanese dinner. Was also very tasty, would definitely recommend this place. After that we went to sleep.

Day 17-19(05.11)

Got up early and took a bus to Nakatsugawa Eki-mae station where we travelled to Matsumoto. We left our bags and went to the RubyKaigi conference. Overall good conference, I've learned somethings, but most importantly I've had bit of time to rest and catch up on some sleep, since we weren't exploring new cities. So overall the following 3 days were wake up -> breakfast -> conference -> lunch -> conference -> drinks -> dinner -> sleep.

Day 20(05.14)

Slept in, had breakfast and travelled to Tokyo by train. Left our luggage at the hotel and moved on to explore the Chou region. Walked around the Ginza, Imperial palace, Yasukuni shrine and went to check in. After that it was getting dark, so travelled to Akihabara to experience the anime night life, was quite bright and interesting. Though the amount of requests to visit a maid cafe was too damn high. If your planning to buy a PS5, a new GPU or Nintendo switch, this could be the place, I saw PS5 with two controllers for 60k yen, with a 10% tax refund that is around 370 euros. After some exploration, got back to our hotel and went to sleep.

Day 21(05.15)

This was our Hakone day trip, we bought the 3 day pass for it, so we could use the train, bus, ropeway and boat. Was worth it, even for one day. We climbed Mt. Kintoki, thankfully the weather was great and we could see Fuji. The climb was very nice, the view was amazing, the weather was great, no bears to be seen. After climbing down, we played some golf that was near there. Travelled back to the station were we used the rope-way to get around the mountains, the view was just majestic, we saw the sulfur pits, the stench was, well strong to say the least, but overall enjoyed the experience. We didn't make it time to the boat, so we had to travel back by bus, which wasn't so bad, since the scenery was amazing.

Day 22(05.16)

Explored more Tokyo, so we went to Teito district, went to the Ueno zoo, National science museum. After that we went to Kaminarimon gate, Asakusa shrine and moved to Shibuya next. There we went to the Yoyogi park, Meiji Jingu shrine, paid our respects to Hachiko statue. The last activity was to visit TeamLabs Planets, which were amazing, one most interesting experiences, not gonna spoil any details, overall great experience, would do it again. As it was getting late we got back to Shibuya, walked around more, had a drink and went back to our hotel.

Day 23(05.17)

Last day in Japan was spent buying souvenirs, snacks and other stuff to bring back home. Packing our luggage, to accommodate for the extras, getting to Haneda airport and back to Lithuania.
I'm very happy I had the opportunity to go on such a trip, I enjoyed it a lot even though, I'm quite the couch potato so 3 weeks is a bit much for me, but nonetheless, wouldn't change a thing.
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2023.06.03 15:08 Nachoeatergirl Is there anywhere to get real time & accurate light rail updates?

Is there anywhere to get real time & accurate light rail updates?
It seems like there's no way of knowing when the light rail is actually coming (not just when it's ~supposed~ to be coming) besides the signs outside of stations (which only work half the time anyway). So many times on the weekends with the 20-30 minute gap between trains, having real-time information is pretty critical to actually getting anywhere on time.
I thought that the my bus texting channel was meant to provide real-time updates, but was proven sorely wrong this morning (trains not even running to tonelle avenue seemingly and schedule completely inaccurate regardless as shown by screenshots of station sign vs. text time table)
Is there any way to get accurate real-time updates on the HBLR? Google Maps, NJ transit app, etc. all seem to just go off of the schedule which sadly seem to deviate quite a bit from reality
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2023.06.03 14:53 istanbul_tips Metrobus in Istanbul: Routes, Stops, Schedule and Fares (2023)

Welcome to Istanbul, the enchanting city where East meets West. As you traverse this bustling metropolis, you’ll encounter a diverse transportation network that eases the lives of millions of residents and visitors. One of the most efficient and widely used public transport options is the metrobus, a system designed to connect the farthest corners of the city seamlessly. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about the metrobus in Istanbul, from its history, lines, and stops to fares, transfers, and helpful tips for tourists.

Read more on the website: https://istanbul.tips/metrobus-in-istanbul-routes-stops-schedule-and-fares-2023/

Page Contents
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2023.06.03 06:03 borkmaster0 Signal Modernization on Queens Blvd Line - Express to Local (E, F)

In Queens, Jamaica Center-bound E runs local from Jackson Hts-Roosevelt Av to Forest Hills-71 Av from Jun 3 - 5, Sat to Mon, 10:00 PM to 12:15 AM
In Queens, Jamaica-bound F runs local from Jackson Hts-Roosevelt Av to Forest Hills-71 Av from Jun 3 - 5, Saturday, 12:15 AM to 7:30 AM, Sat 10:00 PM to Sun 8:30 AM and Sun 10:00 PM to Mon 6:15 AM
Reminder: Jamaica Center-bound late night local E service runs as scheduled at these stations.
What's happening?
We're modernizing signals on the Queens Blvd Line
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2023.06.03 05:30 borkmaster0 Track Maintenance - Trains Rerouted (D, F)

In Manhattan, no uptown D at 34 St-Herald Sq, 42 St-Bryant Pk, 47-50 Sts-Rockefeller Ctr and 7 Av from Jun 2 - 5, Fri 11:45 PM to Mon 5:00 AM
Uptown D trains run local via the C from W 4 St-Wash Sq to 145 St.
Travel Alternatives:
Jamaica-bound F runs via the E from W 4 St-Wash Sq, Manhattan to Jackson Hts-Roosevelt Av, Queens from Jun 2 - 5, Fri 11:45 PM to Mon 5:00 AM
No Jamaica-bound F at 14 St, 23 St, 34 St-Herald Sq, 42 St-Bryant Pk, 47-50 Sts-Rockefeller Ctr, 57 St, Lexington Av/63 St, Roosevelt Island and 21 St-Queensbridge.
Travel Alternatives:
  • For service to 14 St and 23 St, use nearby E stations.
  • For service from these stations, take the F or E making these stops to W 4 St-Wash Sq and transfer to a Jamaica-bound F.
  • For service to 34 St-Herald Sq, 42 St-Bryant Pk and 47-50 Sts-Rockefeller Ctr, take the F to 7 Av ED station and transfer to a downtown D.
  • For service from these stations, take the DF or E making these stops to W 4 St-Wash Sq and transfer to a Jamaica-bound F.
  • For 57 St, use nearby 5 Av/53 St E station.
  • For Lexington Av/63 St, take the Q via transfer at Times Sq-42 St/Port Authority.
  • For service from Roosevelt Island, take the Q102 bus (days/evenings) to Queens Plaza for the F, overnight take a Brooklyn-bound F to W 4 St-Wash Sq for Queens-bound F.
  • For service from 21 St-Queensbridge, take the Q66, Q69 (day/evenings) or Q100 bus to Queens Plaza or, take a Manhattan-bound F to W 4 St-Wash Sq, for Queens-bound F.
What's happening?
Track maintenance
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2023.06.03 05:14 Lord_Waldymort Trip Report: 2 Weeks in Spain

Just got back from my second international solo trip in Spain. I've been to Europe and Spain (Valencia) previously, although this was my first time in these particular parts of the country. My itinerary was as follows: Madrid 05/20-05/23, Granada 05/23-05/26, Seville 05/26-06/01.

Some background info about the trip:
- I am a mid 20s white male from the US
- I stayed in a mix of hotels, hostels, and airbnb, but mostly hostels.
- I flew Iberia economy overnight. The aisles were a bit narrow, but they provided decent meals and there were no delays or problems.
- While I obviously tried to save money where I could, I have a full time job and was lucky to be in a position where I could splurge on some things where I wanted and didn't have to worry too much about limiting certain activities or meals, which was very freeing.
- I know some people like to book their destinations and accommodations on the go, but I knew where I wanted to go and didn't want any unpleasant surprises so I booked all my transportation and accommodations ahead of time. The only attraction I booked in advance was the Alhambra and a tour of the Caminito Del Rey.
- I am somewhat conversational in Spanish so I can answer simple questions and order food, but I still struggled quite a bit more than I expected.

Day 1 Madrid: Arrived in the city, took a taxi to my hotel, and checked in. I then went to the Parque del Retiro and Prado Museum (booked ahead of time to avoid lines). I went for lunch after but struggled a bit due to not understanding the language or food culture. I eventually figured it out though, and spent the rest of the days taking a nap, getting some toiletries, hitting up a market with food stalls, and then trying to get to bed early to sleep off the jet lag (although I struggled to fall asleep due to the aforementioned nap).
Day 2 Madrid: Moved my stuff from the hotel to a hostel (wanted to meet people and not spend too much money). I grabbed some churros in Malasana (delicious) and went to the Templo de Debod (it was okay, not worth the wait IMO). The line was longer than expected, so I skipped the royal palace due to time and saw the cathedral. I then checked in to my hostel, got a fantastic lunch of morcilla in La Latina, spent some time on the hostel's rooftop terrace, which seemed a bit more local than hostel traveller oriented. The hostel had a sangria making workshop followed by a pub crawl, which was quite fun and well attended, so I got to hang out with some cool people.
Day 3 Madrid/Toledo: My third day I decided to do a day trip to Toledo. While I don't regret it, I definitely gave myself too much time there, my train left at 10am, so I had to leave the pub crawl earlier than I wanted and didn't sleep much. Despite that Toledo was very beautiful, the cathedral was stunning and there were many really scenic lookouts and winding streets to get lost in. Unfortunately, since it was Monday many places were closed and I ran out of steam by the end of the day so spent a few hours reading in a park before heading back around 7pm. When I got back to Madrid, I went out with some people at the hostel for dinner and some drinks, and went to bed.
Day 4 Madrid/Granada: My last day in Madrid I was still slightly sleep deprived/jet lagged. I took it easy in the morning and got some breakfast at my hostel before chillin on the balcony at the Corte Ingles down the street. I grabbed a burrito for lunch and one my hostelmates split an uber to the train station with me. I took the Ave train from Madrid to Granada, it was quiet and comfortable and quite fast. I enjoyed watching the desolate and empty Spanish countryside go by. I got to Granada and walked to my hostel, which was a little far up a hill in the Albaicin, but quite nice. Plus, I got a private room this time so I looked forward to catching up on some sleep. I walked around the Albaicin a bit, then got a shawarma and chatted with a nice couple on their honeymoon and the shop owner, hung out at the hostel a bit and chatted with some more people before heading to bed.
Day 5 Granada: I spent the day exploring the city, specifically the Sacromonte and Albaicin. I saw the Cuevas de Sacromonte Museum (really cool with a great view of the city and Alhambra), the Alcaiceria (interesting but not a must see) and the Mirador San Nicolas (another cool lookout, although the one in Sacromonte was better). That night I went out with some hostel folks and felt like I finally had my first Spanish tapas experience where we got cheap drinks and shared lots of free tasty tapas.
Day 6 Granada: I spent most of the day at the Alhambra, which was stunning, although I regret not getting an audioguide as there wasn't a lot of signage. I also wish I had gotten my nasrid palace pass a little earlier, since I was able to see everything else in the morning and had to return for the palaces (and I got rained on when I did). It did let me come back to town for a great lunch though. I then went out to dinner at a Lebanese(?) place where I got this lentil soup that might've been one of the best meals I've ever had. I then went to another tapas bar after (because I had to of course) and got some really cool tapas at Bar Poe.
Day 7 Granada/Seville: I had decided to take a bus to Seville since it was significantly cheaper than the train. Several of my hostelmates had the same idea, so we had a big caravan to the bus station. The bus ride to Seville was fine, if unremarkable. The wifi worked perfectly for 30 minutes and then just completely disappeared, which was weird. Upon arriving in Seville I checked into my hostel, stopped for a late lunch and then later met up with some people I met through the hostelworld app for paella and drinks, which was a great time and the people I met up with were wonderful.
Day 8 Seville/Cordoba: I had booked another day trip, this time later in the day thankfully, to Cordoba. Here I met with one of the people I had dinner with the night before. We got a fantastic lunch before parting ways so I could see the Mezquita, which was gorgeous. I didn't realize that the Feria de Cordoba was that day, but I decided to check it out and was impressed, it reminded me of an American State Fair but way cooler with lots of little houses with different kinds of music, dancing and drinks. It felt a little weird being there by myself, and I almost wish I had stayed a night so I could've spent more time there and enjoyed it more, but it was still a cool experience. Unfortunately, the fair messed with the bus schedule so I had to make a long walk back to the train station. By the time I got back to my hostel, I was exhausted, but not too exhausted to go out. One of my hostelmates took me and another girl on a last minute impromptu night-time tour of the city, seeing the Cathedral, and we then spent the rest of the night drinking (a little too much) and dancing in Las Setas.
Day 9 Seville: So I felt a little bad about getting as hungover as I did, since I had plans to meet up with an old friend I hadn't seen in 4 years who happened to be working in Spain. Luckily, after getting some lunch I felt much better, and got another little informal tour of the city, this time seeing the river, Jewish Quarter and Plaza de Espana(way exceeded my expectations!) After she left a bit before dinner time, I ran into some people at the hostel, one of whom just happened to have been a Michelin starred chef, and offered to cook us up some risotto in the hostel (10 out of 10 highly recommend) and I ended up drinking with them for the rest of the night.
Day 10 Seville: So by the this time I was starting to run out of steam a bit. I slept in a bit, got some lunch in town, and then hit up the Alcazar. It was quite beautiful, although I could feel the fatigue setting in, and went back to my hostel to just recharge for a few hours and pack up a bit. I went to La Carboneria for a quick and cheap Flamenco show, which was cool but not quite what I expected and the seating situation wasn't the best. I ended up spending the rest of the night hanging out the same people as the night before, although I could feel that my social batteries were quite drained and I didn't vibe as much with everyone as before. I went to bed early, since I had an early day the next day.
Day 11 Seville: So this day I had booked a tour for the Caminito Del Rey. Normally I try to avoid organized tours, but trying to figure out the trains to El Chorro from Seville was such a hassle I just forked over the money to save myself the headache, and honestly it was worth it. Having someone else take care of all the logistics at this point in the trip was so nice. The hike was fairly easy, but incredibly beautiful and rewarding, I highly recommend it. After getting back, I got some tapas at a low key bar by myself, then checked out of my hostel and into an airbnb that was in the Feria district, since it was a bit closer to the airport and I was burnt out of socializing. The airbnb ended up being incredible, the hosts were absolutely delightful and accommodating and the place had an amazing terrace with a great view. I ended up trying a few more tapas places before I headed to bed.
Day 12 Seville: This was my last full day in Spain, and I took full advantage of it. I felt a little sick in the morning from eating too much the night before, but I eventually felt better, and I was able to rent a bike down the street from my airbnb (Bici4City for those who want to know, really nice place, the rentals were convenient, affordable and the bikes were pretty decent). I rode out of town up to Italica, and toured the ruins, which were way bigger than I expected and rather impressive. I then headed back into town, got lunch in Triana, went back to the Plaza de Espana one more time before returning the bike and heading to the Museo del Baile Flamenco for another Flamenco show. This one was a bit pricier, but worth it, it felt much more professional and entrancing. I then headed back to my airbnb, got some food to go, spent a little time on the terrace before heading to bed early.
Day 13 Seville: My flight left from Seville at 9am, and my airbnb hosts were nice enough to get me a taxi at 6:30. I got a quick flight from Seville to Madrid, before flying back home.

My trip was all around fantastic. All of the anxieties I had before hand were completely unfounded and dissipated after a day or two. I met a lot of really cool people (some annoying and boring people too, but mostly cool), and actually surprised myself how much I was able to interact with people since I'm usually pretty introverted. I did notice that I got a bit sick of constantly meeting new people by the end, but felt like I did a pretty good job overall. The amount of time felt right too, by the end I was getting fatigued and if I had to stay more than a day or two longer it would've been a bit too much. The food was with a few exceptions both fantastic and cheap, which was a winning combination. My accommodations were a mixed bag, but were generally positive, I particularly liked the Oripando in Granada. Overall, Spain was absolutely lovely, and unlike a lot of places I visit I honestly don't think I would mind coming back. Granada was by far my favorite due to the chill vibes, and cheap and tasty food. Seville was a close second, and Madrid was great, but definitely not my favorite.

Favorite Moments:
- Seeing the Caminito del Rey, absolutely stunning
- Going out to eat in Granada pretty much anywhere
- Renting that bike, I love cycling and Italica really exceeded my expectations
- Catching up with an old friend, I know it kind of defeats the point of solo travel, but it was really nice to reconnect with someone and have a familiar face after a week of constantly meeting people

Least Favorite Moments:
- My hostel bed in Madrid being right next to the bathroom
- Struggling with jet lag and culture shock the first few days
- Being told on my last day that I was ordering food in Spanish the wrong way the whole time
- Being deceived by the size of the line for the Templo de Debod

Flights - about $900, but I had a $400 flight credit so only paid $500
Accommodations: $230 for first night in hotel, $65 Madrid Hostel, $190 for private hostel room in Granada, $90 for Seville hostel, and $160 for airbnb. Total of $735.
Transportation: Between my trains to Granada, Toledo and Cordoba, and my bus to Seville I spent 144 on transportation. This doesn't count taxis or travel within cities.
I took out 400 euros in cash ($475 from my bank), which I ended up using all of. I spent an extra $350 on various meals, excursions, drinks, etc on my card.
Altogether this came out to about $2200 for the whole trip, which actually left me under budget.

I hope someone finds this useful or interesting, thanks for reading!
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2023.06.03 03:59 Unlucky-Ad-1945 AITA for pressuring my nearly 70year old mother to take the bus?

My [32f] mother [68f] and I share a two bedroom apartment. She used to have a much better job but due to age, limited English it has beendifficult to find consistent work. Even though she is healthy and good at what she does. She is likely healthier than I am.
She has now found work, but the issue is she doesn’t have a car. Whenever possible I have set my schedule so I can pick her up and drop her off. I often leave an hour earlier just to drop her off. Any shopping or errands she does with me. Whenever I can’t take her to work she’ll take Uber. Recently she started taking the bus back home. I have been dropping her off.
But now has found more work which is great but it’s further away. These days I have been dropping her off still but im about to start a new job and that won’t be possible. I feel bad that she would have to rely on public transportation, but taking Uber is too long expensive. It’s almost pointless for her to have extra hours if she’s just going to spend it on Uber.
She just hates the bus and she’s anti social which makes her hate it even more. I get it, which is why I help when I can.
She been making so little and so much of the weight has fallen on my shoulders these past few months. I lost a child I loved like my own last year and this money struggle hasn’t allowed me to grieve properly. Have so much debt. And just trying not to break down and get ready for my new job. I’m exhausted.
She gets defensive everytime I talk to her about the transportation situation.
I’m not expecting her to take the bus forever or work forever. I am hoping with my new job I’ll be able to help her, but I need her stop spending unnecessarily just for a couple of years. I need to focus on paying that debt and when that happens, she can work less or work the same hours and possible her herself a car.
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2023.06.03 02:15 borkmaster0 Van Wyck Expressway Widening - West Hempstead Branch

Westbound West Hempstead Branch trains will leave 2 minutes earlier than normal and bypass St. Albans from Jun 2 - 4, Jun 23 - 25, and Jul 7 - 9, Fri 8:45 PM to Sun 11:59 PM
Westbound service at St. Albans will be provided by Babylon Branch trains to Manhattan, 6 minutes later than normal.
Transfer at Jamaica for service to Brooklyn.
What's happening?
Van Wyck Expressway Widening
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2023.06.03 02:13 PowerfulAd8344 Looking for advice

So I'm not a school bus driver yet.But today I took my school bus CDL written test today and I passed my general and passenger but failed my school bus part. They said you can only need get 18/20 right and it looks like I am being scheduled for Wednesday to try again, any advice?
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2023.06.03 01:20 Artistic-Guitar-8837 Made a post about this before. But this couldn’t be any more blatant lol now Staten Island is literally THE ONLY area not busy at the moment in the tri-state area 🤣🤣 wtf doordash?

Made a post about this before. But this couldn’t be any more blatant lol now Staten Island is literally THE ONLY area not busy at the moment in the tri-state area 🤣🤣 wtf doordash?
And before the idiots come, it doesn’t let you schedule a dash. At any time. Even if it’s midnight. For the whole week. Let me save you the time and tell you to shut up now
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2023.06.03 01:15 idkaboutlifeandstuff Getting stood up and I don't know how to cope with the pain of this one.

Hello, throwaway here, on to the story: Over the last few weeks, I've gotten to know a girl I really like via Bumble. We live in different cities 3-4 hours away from each other, but she was in mine 2 weeks ago to make a first visit as she considers moving here for studying in a year. That was coincidentally the day I saw her, and complimented her on Bumble that I like her and that I'd like to take her out on a coffee date in either of our cities, as where she lives is my old hometown and I could just pay my parents a visit.
We matched and began talking, shortly after began facetime calls, and have been calling each other everyday for the past one and a half weeks, excluding last weekend when she was on a trip and had no connection. The calls were initiated by her every single time as she phoned me after her shift ended, we talked on the phone until she got home, and then switched to facetime video until we went to bed each day. That means, we were already talking for roughly 30 hours by now, and had a great time together. I really felt comfortable with her and felt like she did too, for example when she fell asleep to my singing this tuesday and the next day apologizing for it, stating that she just felt so calm and relaxed that moment that she just couldn't stay awake (to be fair it was really late, she already wanted to go to sleep earlier). I didn't mind at all as I thought it to be really cute and felt that this was an intimate moment shared for us.
Without going into more detail, I hope that gives you the gist of the picture. I feel like we really bonded, grew close, and got to know each other.
Then, thursday evening happens: She calls me per usual at around 9 pm as her shift ended, and we began talking on the phone. The beginning was great, she told me about her day, that she felt really happy, that an issue at work resolved itself regarding a coworker dispute she got, and up until then I felt that everything was going fine. But then, she started talking about one negative incident she had with a customer that day, that the customer complained about an item not being available in her size and that there were too many overweight people in our country and that all manufacturing just considers overweight people yadayadayada. The customer sounds horrible IMO and I tell her that, straight up. She at that point is pretty much rage-ranting, as her mother seems to have an illness or condition that makes her overweight, so the customer's comments made it personal for her. I just wanted to calm her down, so I told her that I think "those people just externalize and project their own problems, and focus on other people's issues to never handle their own issues. They won't change, and you can't change them, so it's futile to let it get to you. She was just mean." to which she replied "You know what? I won't tell you anything anymore. My bus is here, so I will hang up now. Bye." In one swoop she dropped this bombshell of a situation on me.
The only thing wrong I can see in this situation is that I attempted to rationalize things, and I just shouldve said something to the likes of "sounds like you had a bad day, and Im sorry for that (as I care about you, at this point, even though I don't consciously want it, I really care deeply about you)".
She never mentioned anything she was unsatisfied with me about or the likes before, so this came out of the blue for me. It seems that she feels I'm a bad listener, which I really don't get where she's coming from, as I've started taking notes on her stuff because it's just so much input over the last two weeks that I couldn't keep up otherwise and I don't want her to feel as if what she's saying didn't matter to me.
After I immediately reached out that I'd like to sort this out, that I'm sorry, that I didn't want to hurt her feelings in any way, all I've got back was a "Leave me alone!" from her. I still don't know for sure, what she took issue with.
After our second facetime call at the beginning of us getting to know each other, we scheduled a date for this weekend, June 3rd. I would visit my parents, and go on a date with her. We already made plans on what we wanted to see and to do in the city, and I felt that we were both pretty excited for the date. On thursday, before the chaos call, I went shopping for some new sneakers in my city, and remembered that there was a hobby shop with crochet utensils that she liked and ordered all her stuff from, which she wanted to visit the next time she was in my city. So I went there and bought her some yarns of wool in colours I like as a little gift, that's the level of excitement and (admittedly over-)investment for the date I had. I wanted to tell her about that, but never got the chance. Now, it's the night before our supposed date, I left her alone after she told me, I'm sitting here at my parents' in my old room and she messaged me "I'm cancelling the date, I won't show tomorrow." which leaves me devastated. She also deleted her bumble account as a side note, which didnt really matter for us as we've took everything off Bumble pretty early on, but it's something I've noted and feel is important to mention, too
I've already talked to friends and family, and all tell me that "yeah, its understandable this hurts" but "you mustn't overinvest this much in a person. You wanted too much too fast. You gotta listen and don't try to explain everything, thats probably what scared her away" and the ol "theres plenty of fish in the sea". Yeah, I get all that, and I know that I've got to move on, I can't force her to go on a date with me, and that probably any hope for us two is now gone. I know this all, but it still hurts. I know that it's okay to hurt, and that I can still do stuff with other people, and that this behavior shows me that it wasn't meant to be anyways. But it just still hurts. I really grew to like her, and I wanted this to work out. This was the first girl in a long time I was comfortable with and whom I felt I could trust. And now all I feel is disappointment in myself for being in a situation that hurts so much, that I feel like I did it all wrong, that I can't understand what's going on and am just left in chaos, that I was so deceived to whom that person actually is and how she treats me now, it really feels like a microcosm of chaos, like sitting in a hurricane of shit and it's all just flying around you and smashing into you and every hit is a gut punch.
I don't get it. And I feel devastated, and just hoped that this weekend might hold something good for us. Dear reddit community, I admit that I am shit at emotions, and how to properly handle them, so please teach me: How do I make it not hurt anymore?
I'm going to bed now, so please don't be mad that my responses won't be immediate. Im sorry, and all responses are greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.03 01:02 Suitable_Yesterday_9 I'm not sure how I feel about this one. Please let me know your opinion on this.

So everyone has heard of the fear of change, thet a person feels comfort in repetition and patterns and feel anxiety when they have to take a different route on the way home because of construction or when work schedule is changed. I don't know what it is called but I have the opposite.
I am 21 years old now and the thought of one day live in a house/apartment and every day wake up to get ready and go to the same workplace every day, do the same chores every week, only have 5-6 different stores to go do my weekly grocery shopping at, it terrifies me.
I have dreams and goals in life, I just don't know how I'm supposed to feel joy when today felt the exact same way yesterday felt, tomorrow is gonna feel the exact same way today felt and next week is gonna feel the exact same way last month felt.
Taking the same bus every morning to get to school (there was only one option) was so dreading, it felt like the bus and train was driving at 5 km/h. I don't understand how people cam see it as "a chance so slow down" while on the train. I can not feel the difference between going the same route every. single. day. and literally watching paint dry every single day.
I've never heard of anyone who has expressed these type of emotions, does it have a name? Should I see a therapist about this?
Thank you for reading!
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