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Ikon Pass App Question

2023.03.21 00:33 olindos Ikon Pass App Question

I bought the 23/24 season Ikon pass on Friday since I was heading up to the mountain over the weekend for some spring snowboarding. When I got to the mountain, I was going to check in and track my day but the app did not have any of the functions available. Is the tracking not available during the spring season? The app still only tells me pass pricing even after logging out and logging back in (photo in comments).
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2023.03.21 00:32 shoomaimbusy Good book for starting an ecommerce business

Hi, I want to start an ecommerce business. I'm looking for a reliable source on how to do this. Every guru sells super expensive programs that have decent ideas, but not worth the price. Just looking for a good holistic book for breaking into this industry. Any suggestions?
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2023.03.21 00:31 KingInTheNorth035 [CA-AB] [H] GMK 80082 Base Kit, Deskmats [W] Paypal

Prices are CAD and include Paypal Fees but not shipping.Timestamp
Item Description Price (CAD)
Seriyu Deskmat Opened (never used) $50 $25
Wanderer Deskmat Opened (never used) $50 $25
Redux Deskmat (Dark) Opened (Used) $35 $25
GMK 80082 Bl00 Base Kit Used in rotation with my main work board since October $185
Prices have been reduced on the deskmats as I would like these gone.
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2023.03.21 00:31 jhnbsomerscz4gm Barcelo Hotels Promo Code Reddit

Here is the Barcelo Hotels Promo Code Reddit
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So what are you waiting for? Visit this page today and start saving on your next Barcelo Hotels stay. With the right promo codes, you can get the best discounts and enjoy a luxurious stay without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out – start planning your next vacation today!
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2023.03.21 00:30 GWSecureParking Do you struggle every year with overnight parking near The Gorge Amphitheatre? Our new secure park-and-ride is coming May 2023!

We are GW Secure Parking and we're so excited to announce that our brand new park-and-ride lot will be opening in May of this year, and we couldn't be more thrilled to offer secure parking near The Gorge Amphitheatre!
We are PERFECT for large groups who want to save money and leave their car in a secure lot. We know that everyone can’t meet at the same time. For those meeting at different times, we are only a walk away from restaurants, bars, cannabis, and even lodging! You are welcome to use our free wi-fi as well.
Quick info:
We are 8.6 miles from The Gorge - we currently do not offer any shuttle service. Our lot is a park-and-ride only
Event parking is calculated at $25/per night unless the festival goes on for longer. we WILL NOT charge any more than $100 per event weekend, no matter the duration.
If you reserve, Event parking is a package deal. If you plan on leaving early for the festival and do not want to pay for the parking package, you can still check out lot to see if there are there are any spaces available for that day, we will provide those spaces to people on a first come first serve basis.
Still have questions or need to shop around? Join the GW Group! to access our FREE Map of the Gorge Amphitheatre, Parking guide and a ton of free concert planning resources.
We also give away tons of free concert planning resources! Free concert tickets, parking passes, official band merch, local gift cards & more! We are actually about ready to announce we are giving away 2 Illenium tickets for Memorial Day weekend! Join our list to get entered in :D
of course feel free to ask any and all questions here on this post. I help anyone with any general parking questions since I live out in George and know this place like the back of my hand.
Check us out:
Reserve parking today before everyone else does!
Visit our home page
Join the GW Group!- Tons of free concert planning resources! Free concert tickets, parking passes, official band merch, local gift cards & more!
u/thegorgeamphitheatre - u/beyond_wonderland - u/basscanyon - u/watershedfestival - u/brandicarlile - u/davematthewsband - u/illenium - u/thehighwomen - u/aboveandbeyondu/deadandcompany - u/ericchurchmusic DMB BeyondWonderlandPNW
Don't miss out on our exciting news and be sure to follow us for updates on our grand opening!
Located: 206 E Van Ave George WA 98824
Reserve Parking Today

Construction is underway :D and happening fast! Coming May 2023
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2023.03.21 00:29 Mysterious_Corner455 Daughter’s hospital stay for asthma attack charged me every time nurse administered the same inhaler. Anyone with experience on this?

As it says, we had a one night stay after my daughter had a relentless asthma attack. Initially they gave her the nebulizer with some special type of meds to open her airways, but after that they literally only gave her the same inhaler for that night and onto the next day, so about every 3 hours or so. I’m self pay, no insurance btw. But on the bill it charges me 8 times for the same code which is administering the inhaler. Each charge is a different price, between $350- $400. Im reading about this specific code, and for outpatient care this specific code should not be charged more than once. But I’m wondering if it’s the same rule for hospital patients in care. Anyone have experience with this? It’s ridiculous that they would even consider this a charge at all!
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2023.03.21 00:29 Impossible-Tart-7632 Best IPTV service works on all countries without freezing with cheap prices with support for 24/7 . if you're interesting visit store or send message ( link in the comments )

Best IPTV service works on all countries without freezing with cheap prices with support for 24/7 . if you're interesting visit store or send message ( link in the comments ) submitted by Impossible-Tart-7632 to TUGA_IPTV [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 00:28 Cook9000 [WTS] PDM - Layton, Herod 10ml decants (Decant)

Hi I have 10ml glass decants of PDM Layton and Herod for $23 each
Shipping is included in the price below and the shipping will be handled by USPS First Class Package. USA ONLY. I process the package the same day or the following day after payment. Shipping is 1-3 business days
The glass decants are measured and transferred directly from the Authentic bottle with a brand new syringe for each fragrance. Each decant is sealed tightly with teflon tape and generously wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure your product arrives to you in pristine condition.
I am a new seller so I'm grateful to sell on a platform like this. Please PM me to place a order or if you have any doubts.
Parfums De Marly Layton: $23 USD, Shipping included. PayPal perferd
Parfums De Marly Herod: $23 USD, Shipping included. PayPal Perferd
Authentic bottles:
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2023.03.21 00:28 surfaholic15 Monday at the LCS and Random Shit

Helena Montana on a lightly snowy day, and my silver!
Welp, today was nutty. There were several people shopping and the display cases had been rearranged entirely with the exception of the case with the 1000 ounce COMEX bar. And a LOT of stuff was not there...
There were a few kilos with the COMEX bar, including the beasts of England completer. Almost nothing under five ounces in terms of rounds and bars. Not much in ten ounces either. A dude and his wife bought all the cull Morgans and Peace dollars, didn't even look through them. So 600 in fiat there.
Last week they had 3000 rounds come in. On Thursday. Today they had less than fifty left. On Friday they sold over a hundred grand in one day, in large part due to a rancher coming in to buy an entire tube of one ounce gold Krugs plus other gold and silver...
While we were there they sold about 3000.00 worth not including us. The guy said they are now back to getting their premiums raised and all the orders they placed last week and week before are now delayed again. Their list of things they are looking for specifically for people including us has more than tripled in the last two weeks.
In other random news, regular gas at 3.14, diesel at 4.08. the pawn shop is stuffed to the gills with stuff. Hubby got a great deal on a circular saw.
The pawn shop guy has quite a lot of sterling at about 5.00 over spot for the fancy stuff, 3 over for basic. He is getting overloaded, and if his prices hold I may grab a few sterling wedding bands to add to my stack lol. While we were shopping the line to sell and pawn stuff was far longer than the buying line. And the gun counter was busy. Several women buying personal defence weapons, a few guys buying hunting weapons.
For some reason both Petco and PetSmart had next to no animals. Parakeets, one tortoise, one lizard, two snakes between both stores plus a few hamsters and mice. Tons of sale signs, lots of empty spaces in terms of pet essentials. Not many fish in the tanks either....Strange. WinCo had all kinds of stuff on sale, at sale prices fifteen to twenty percent higher than this time last year.
And after over a year of looking, we finally found a rebuilt steering box for the truck! Good thing since new ones now run 800.00 or so! For a 1976 Chevy K20. Got it for 208. Yay! The new engine arrives late next month last I checked.
And it is really insane when GOODWILL is charging more for some used closet than ye olde Walmart charges on clearance for new lol. The clearance racks are expanding, and I got a couple of useful things for 5.00 each. Funny how the food clearance section is empty but the clothing, tech, toys and other non essential clearance are growing by the week.
And speaking of thrift shops, all of ours are really sad lately. The quality of stuff they do get is really marginal, and goodwill was overloaded with new stuff donated by businesses that was NOT discounted and in a few cases was MARKED UP over the Ross clearance price. Good grief. No silver, no good jewelry in any of the ones that used to have it either. Higher end donations are a thing of the past.
The non local banks are looking very busy lately, the local banks are normal traffic, other than the folks waiting to open accounts. Our teller said the accounts folks are quite busy. Gee, wonder why?
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2023.03.21 00:28 don51181 Can you get the basic network shows free?

Hi, I am looking to cut YouTubeTV but wonder how to get the basic network shows free. We are to far for an antenna. Can you get CBS, NBC, ABC & Fox shows just through their app on Roku?
We have a Roku player and Hulu with no Ads (not live). Hulu seems to have most shows the next day. CBS seems like one of the most confusing because some shows are not on Hulu.
I might not mind paying for a cheaper service but YouTubeTV's new price is not worth it for us. We only watch those four channels listed. Thanks for the advice.
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2023.03.21 00:28 tickeron_community $DIA in downward trend: price dove below 50-day moving average on February 21, 2023.
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2023.03.21 00:28 ButWhichPandaAreYou Things I'd love to see

So I've been playing the game a few days now and...I'm absolutely loving it. It's tremendous fun and I've pretty much abandoned the other mobile games I usually play in pursuit of a unified champion. Thanks dev, you've done a fantastic job with it.
Since I'm here, I thought I'd throw down some thoughts and comments about general game matters and things I'd like to see. I realise some of these may be impractical for various reasons, but there's no harm in dreaming.
1) Pricing. Dev, I saw a historical thread where you say that you feel Leather is very fairly priced - I wholeheartedly agree. You could charge £10 or more for this game and I'd feel I'd gotten great value. Obviously you have your reasons for pricing at the level you do, but I just thought I'd say that off the bat.
2) Harder Money mode. Currently you can start with $50,000, which I'm finding challenging enough, but it would be good if you could start with $0 and have to borrow the money (with interest?) to start your gym from scratch. Do you have the time to build your potential superstar's perfect record slowly with cushy easy wins if you know the next interest payment could bankrupt you? Better take that risky title shot while you can...
3) More venues, ideally with the ability to add my own from scratch (rather than just editing the ones that are there). I guess there are probably processing reasons for having the numbers that we do, but it would just be nice to have room for a few more stadia.
4) Amateur intakes. It would be great to have a mode where amateurs were really hard to find, perhaps impossible without the talent scouts, which are of course a massive luxury for a starting gym with no money. To balance that off, a gym could periodically get the chance to sign that amateur who's been training in the background in your gym for a few months - kind of like the annual youth prospects that you get in Football Manager, albeit on a much smaller scale. At the start, these would be cheap, mediocre, and exclusively local to your country (and probably your street). As your reputation increased, though, you'd get more regional boxers appearing and gradually the odd potential superstar from a forgotten corner of a distant continent, wanting someone to take them on and give them a chance to become a world champion...
5) Hometowns/birthdays. It would be great to get a hometown and a birthday (could be just the week from 1 - 52) generated for each of my boxers. I really do love anything that creates, and contributes to, the stories that the game generates. I realise this would be a lot of faff for very little reward, though.
That's everything that comes to mind for now - keen to see what others think and what ideas they have that aren't already covered in the FAQ!
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2023.03.21 00:28 ThommyBT Weird situation with medication

I started taking meds about a year ago. I started with sertraline, an SSRI, and it worked very well for me. It really brought me back to a level where I could enjoy life. My main problem regarding OCD is the intrusive thoughts and the constant fear about acting them out. But after I started with sertraline I was able to live again, barely had any intrusive thoughts, maybe one every second day, it was very good. I felt healthy and completely forgot I had a problem.
However I noticed a side effect early on, but it was a thing you would not like to bring up. I had a little problem with masturbating, as the ejaculation was delayed. After months I brought it up to my doctor-of course I also mentioned that it's not that big of a deal, I can live with it easily, it's just a little frustrating, but if that's the price I have to pay, then I gladly accept it.
He prescribed me an SNRI, venlafaxine, and it worked for a few months, without any side effects, but I started having intrusive thoughts more regularly again by late Autumn. So we increased dosage, tried different meds(neither were SSRI's, I checked), they had horrible side effects, and even made my condition worse, as I've been experiencing anxiety I've never had before.
I recommended numerous times to go back to the initial med, but my doctor resisted, saying it had the side effect. But I stated many times that I do not care about it anyomore. My life was sooo good when I was taking them. And I want it back.
So what do you advise? What should I do? How do I convince him? I know he is the doctor, but for a fact I know that med got me out of such a big shit once, and I don't want to get sink under it again. I am fairly confident SSRI's would solve my problem, as it did once already.
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2023.03.21 00:28 BroMandi Wrangler Men's Iconic Denim Regular Fit Snap Shirt (Black Denim) $10 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal Price: $10.00]

Wrangler Men's Iconic Denim Regular Fit Snap Shirt (Black Denim) $10 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal Price: $10.00] submitted by BroMandi to Deals_Apparel [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 00:28 hellosold [US-CA] [H] IV Works Av4 Claymore w/ carrying sleeve, XD60 entry level built [W] Paypal

Hi mechmarket, I'm looking to sell some of my keyboards to make space. All prices are shipped.
IV Work Av4 Claymore w/ carrying sleeve $250 shipped
Come with all accessories and original package plus IV Work matching carrying sleeve. No switch or stabilizer is included. WKL isn't working for me, typed on it for about half an hour. RGB lighting is amazing tbh.
XD60 entry level built $80 shipped
My first built keyboard, XD60 v3 with Alu plate, built with Novelkeys Dry Yellow and Owlab V2 (I assume) in black Poseidon case. I made a silicon pad between the case and PCB but honestly I can't tell any difference in sound.
Thank you and have a great day, please comment before PM.
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2023.03.21 00:27 daaagnabit which store has cheapest organic produce? specifically, cabbage

I would like to grab some organic cabbage.I noticed Basics (on Farmington & Kinnaman) had a lot of organic selection, last time I was in - didnt check cabbage but I remember lettuce was like $5 a head - which seems high, even for organic.
Anyway, now I'm hoping to get some cabbage, also organic - figured I'd check here before I waste time driving around for a decent price.
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2023.03.21 00:27 19neo91 Nothing Matters Anymore

There you have it folks: Welcome to the New Economy.
There's no going back now. The milestone here, besides the historic bank failures, is the (re-)creation of the Swap Line facility system through the US Fed that will allow other central banks to turn on the American money printers daily until the end of April, at least. This scheme has only ever been put online twice in history: for the 2008 crash and for COVID. The household investor must realize that the world is now in a 2008/COVID-like scenario even if the news and other media are trying to control the panic for now since it is in their best interest to prevent any further bank runs. But even this historic third turning-on of the worldwide counterfeiting mechanism doesn't hold a candle to the new paradigm shift that has occurred: which is the US Fed cavalierly, brazenly, and recklessly creating a banking ecosystem which now expects the FDIC insures virtually all customer deposits. And wait there's more: Simultaneous with this sweeping use of America's spending power to protect banking depositors comes an all-out crush on banking investors, everyone from retail to institutional holding things like $SBNY, $SVB, $CS---those who now find that their holdings are nothing; so too (for the first time ever) are bond-holders getting cleaned out, something which the governments and central banks recognize is illegal for everyone but them (as illegal as completing a bank sale without shareholder approval).
Here's what you can expect in this New Economy:
I expect to many readers that there is something in this post that bothers them. It's not about $CENN, is it? What's with all this Superstonky stuff? Swaps and what not, I've never heard of any of that here. Yes, all true. The fact is that this community has for over two years shied away from the $GME and $AMC core for whatever reason; the result is a feeling of disconnect from the canonized DD with respect to the current state of Cenntro. Perhaps many here don't know the vindication of your friends and relatives realizing that after your spouting what seemed like conspiracy theories for years about Archegos, Credit Suisse, Swaps, and bank collapses, that all those "stories" would come to fruition and that one of the oldest and strongest banks in the world would disappear overnight for $3.2B (around what I'd say is the fair value of Cenntro). It feels good to be right, but it can feel panicky to be on the sidelines and realize that the information was there all along about the truth of this cabal and that you didn't delve into it because it came from another stock community, because it included useful info about DRSing, or because it just seemed too complicated and far-off when your attention was on the daily drama of UP-OR-DOWN.
The truth is the stock market is rigged---rigged for retail investors.
If it is possible for the bag-holder to forget for a second about the unrealized losses and just look at the big picture: RETAIL PAYS NOTHING TO HODL. INSTITUTIONS ARE COLLAPSING BECAUSE OF THEIR OBLIGATIONS IN FEES AND SHORING-UP THEIR BALANCE SHEETS AGAINST NEGATIVE EQUITY AND LIQUIDITY HOLES. Just try to think from their perspective. It is you who are stealing. You get to hodl a position without paying fees as they do on FTDs and shorts, you don't have to pay commissions for using a darkpool or other professional trading mechanisms each of the millions of times daily they perform a large transaction you don't have to shell out for social media distortion campaigns and hit articles. From the perspective of the suits, from how they see it you have already bled them x amount by hodling and to them that ought to be counted against any potential tendies pile: to them, you've already robbed them and so they are given a carte blanche to rob retail investors, as has been seen now with the pilfering of anyone with banking stocks.
In this sort of environment, the numbers are all meaningless gaslighting and all that matters is time; if it took around 2.5 years since the frenzy of speculation begun in 2021 to come to a crisis of valuation and confidence, then how long will it take for the stock market to shake out the bad actors? 2.5 more? Less? Who knows: no one knew (though many tinfoilists foretold) that this financial mayhem would happen and now that it has everyone seems to have their own reason for the cause and their own narrative about what comes next.
Here's what I can tell you: $CENN and every single ticker on the market remain as risky an investment as can be in the terra incognita of the New Economy. When you see the bank moat fall as it has, it may be wise to wait on the sidelines. I'm not here to tell anyone to buy anything. Money (A) for me is one goal of my investment along with (B) fucking the suits and (C) seeing the company I like come to fruition. I've found that often when what I want triangulates in this way that if I push too hard on one side of the structure (i.e., A. money) then that force tends to be transferred and realized along the other two sides: (B) The Suits Are Fucked; and (C) Cenntro Is Now A Full-fledged EV Company.
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2023.03.21 00:27 vantasay [S][USA-NY] Hasselblad Acute Matte Focus Screen with Grid and Split Image for 500 systems.

Hi, there,
Up for sale is a Hasselblad Acute Matte Focus Screen with Grid and Split Image for 500 systems. It came when I bought my 503cx. But recently upgraded to the Acute Matte D screen... Although I can't really tell much difference between the D and non-D version, my purist personality told me to keep the D version. But yes, this non-D version is already really bright, yes, it's so bright that it's so enjoyable to look through it even during night time. But I don't need 2 screens really.
I'm asking for $250 OBO shipped...I never sold a screen before, but given the prices on ebay...I think this price is fine?
Timestamp and pictures (I tried get one picture during the day and dusk through the view finder without lights on) :
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2023.03.21 00:26 sage_mage2 Looking for art for upcoming Actual Play podcast.

Hello there! I am looking for someone who is able to do grungy black and white or muted colored art for an upcoming actual play podcast for a Werewolf the Apocalypse game. We will need 4-5 3/4 body images with .png and transparent background and is willing to work with what the cast and storyteller are looking for. I am willing to negotiate prices, and the artist will be given full credit on both the podcast and on all of our social media, as well as opportunities to gain more work should we vibe with the artist. If anyone is interested. Please reach out to me on here for further discussion!
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2023.03.21 00:26 prototypefish72 I feel like not intervening with my roommates is coming to bite me in the ass

Hey yall, as the title says, I think I messed up by not being more social with my roommates?
I think?
So, to begin, When I first moved into my current place, I was very social with my roommates. I was in a super depressive state so having people around helped a lot. However, I quickly began to realize that they slept with each other, no big deal, thats their privacy n'all, up until I learned that they've been exes for around 3 months... THATS when I distanced myself because I recognized that there'd be an inevitable shit show and they'd likely get me stuck in between, some way, somehow, So, I kept my distance. I also have my own mental health issues and I've been working on myself since then. I'm actually in a pretty good place, I went from losing everything to being able to stand up, dust myself off and make new plans moving forward.
However, in the meantime, while i've been trying to get better, be less depressed and get myself motivated, my roommates had a "schisim". One roommate vented/ basically dump vented (if that makes sense)on me, telling me about how bad the other was and how they wanted to kick out this one roommate. At that point, I offered support where I could, talking them down and easing their anxiety, telling them to just take things slow. Then I went back to doing my own thing. However, while talking to this one roommate, they told me about how roommate #2 would be verbally abusive over the simplest of things and when they would finally stand up for themselves, edging on kicking this other roommate out, #2 would act very kind and basically kiss everyone's ass.
So, Now I find myself in a situation where i'm pretty sure roommate #1 has been emotionally manipulated by #2. I say this because there is literally no communication now. Usually when there are bills due, it'd be said in the groupchat, now, nothing. There's only one of four bills posted on the fridge. The two of them came together and decided it was in their right to assign chores, which generally isn't a problem as I like cleaning and its my job, but they never made it a house discussion to talk about things. I admittedly got frustrated and asked why there wasn't a meeting. I was promptly told that there's nothing to talk about and gave me the ultimatum to do it or leave. It's like they're trying to force me to talk to associate with them more and I REALLY don't want that. It now makes sense why all their previous roommates either left quickly or avoided them as much as possible.
I mean, I'm in a pretty crappy situation and i'm not sure what to do. I rent a room for a cheap price because i'm working on paying off debts. I just picked up a second full time job so if I wanted to find my own place, its possible, but the opportunity cost being that difference from my current rent to the potentially new place that could've been applied to my debts.
TL;DR: I moved in with two roommates. At first I was social with them until I realized their 'complex' relationship. Now one roommate is likely emotionally manipulating the other and i'm now the villain in their eyes for not associating with them
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2023.03.21 00:26 gorillasarehairyppl ADVICE NEEDED - Selling non roadworthy car

Hi all, sorry if this isn't the right place (mods delete etc etc) but just after some advice of what to do with my old car.
It works fine so I don't want to sell to the wreckers however there is quite a lot of works required to get it to the point where I could sell it to a person. I took it in to get a roadworthy assessment and my mechanic's bill would be more than I would think I could get for the car (can't remember exact price but think he said over 6k on the phone).
Does anyone have any advice of where to find someone interested in buying such a car? It just feels weird sending it to the tip, but I'd feel horrible selling it to someone for it to break down in under a year etc.
Thanks for any help!
Car details:
Items from roadworthy assessment:
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2023.03.21 00:26 GreenNapster Wrangler Men's Iconic Denim Regular Fit Snap Shirt (Black Denim) $10 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal Price: $10.00]

Wrangler Men's Iconic Denim Regular Fit Snap Shirt (Black Denim) $10 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal Price: $10.00] submitted by GreenNapster to RedditShoppingDeals [link] [comments]