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2014.01.17 20:46 Juggalos as a gang

I and a Juggalo been one since the movie "THE GREAT WHITE HYPE" came out I heard ICP on the sound track because of Bone Thugs N Harmony were on the side one. I am about to be 31 In a few days but I really don't have a lot of friends but my music I have a woman and I place just lost my job at the start of the year Puzzle Zoo dallas went under for a bit fuck the bull I need to get in this

2013.04.11 00:26 CooterMcTucky Hick Hop

Hickhop, Country Rap, and Outlaw Country

2023.05.30 22:15 KinhWheat Print not working

I don't know why but in a certain area of my code, I've tried printing a variable, which is definitely defined as I have used it numerous other times in my code without defining it, both before and after this particular section, but it won't work. And, the first letter of the print below it will be missing, it will print out any ordinary non-variable string, but not this particular variable, and when I do other variables they will print but the first letter of said variable wont. And if I print this variable anywhere else in the code, it works fine,. Its a problem with the code, not any software I'm using, as I have tried it in PyCharm and I will put the code in below, although there are lots of lines.
I've been working on this code for ages (if anyone's wondering I'm doing a replit 100 days of code course, (it'd about in the middle of the code, you'll know it when you see it)
colorama.init() print("\33[31m" "⚔️ WHEATLEYS DOMAIN ⚔️") time.sleep(2.5)
def DiceRoll(sides): Roll = random.randint(1, sides) return Roll
def Health(): Roll6 = DiceRoll(6) Roll12 = DiceRoll(12) HP = ((Roll6 * Roll12) / 2) + 10 return HP
OpHealthStat = Health()
def Attack(): Roll6 = DiceRoll(6) Roll8 = DiceRoll(8) ATK = ((Roll6 * Roll8) / 2) + 12 return ATK
OpAttackStat = Attack() print(OpAttackStat) def UserSel(part): while True: AttackStat = Attack() HealthStat = Health() if part == 2: return AttackStat elif part == 3: return HealthStat Name = input("\33[35m" "Name Your mighty Hero!:\n" "\033[36m")
 while True: if part == 1: print("\33[35m" "What shall thy hero's race be? (Human, Dragonborn, Ork, or Satyr)") Race = input("Choose wisely!:\n" "\033[36m") Race = Race.lower() if Race == "human" or Race == "dragonborn" or Race == "ork" or Race == "satyr": break else: print("\33[35m" "Sorry, you have to be one of the races above, try again!:\n") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") time.sleep(2) if Race != "ork": print("\33[35m" "Ah, a", Race, "named", Name, "Just perfect!") else: print("\33[35m" "Ah, an", Race, "named", Name, "Just perfect!") print("Oh also, your hp is") time.sleep(3) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(4) print("\33[36m", HealthStat) time.sleep(3) print("\33[35m" "and your strength is", ) time.sleep(3) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(4) print("\33[36m", AttackStat) time.sleep(3) Ques = input("\33[35m" "Are you contempt with this fine hero; Yes, or No?:\n" "\33[36m") print("\33[35m") Ques = Ques.lower() if Ques == "yes": print("Spectacular, we may now embark on our new adventure,", Name) time.sleep(3) break elif Ques == "no": print("AW, thats a petty, I was quite fond of", Name, "very well then") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") continue else: print("Ah, sorry traveller, but i will only accept a simple yes or no answer, you will just have to make do with this one if you are incapable of such a futile task") time.sleep(7.5) break return Name 
Name = UserSel(1) AttackStat = UserSel(2) HealthStat = UserSel(3)
print("Now then, did you actually think that your character was going to live a peaceful life!") time.sleep(5)
print("Pufaw,") time.sleep(3) print(Name, "Will fight to the death, with a random character --- Now, we may embark on our new adventure!") time.sleep(5)
def RandNameSel(): FirstName = random.randint(1, 10) if FirstName >= 1 and FirstName <= 5: Male = True elif FirstName > 5 and FirstName <= 10: Male = False
if FirstName == 1: FirstName = "Alexander " elif FirstName == 2: FirstName = "Paul " elif FirstName == 3: FirstName = "Harold " elif FirstName == 4: FirstName = "Martin " elif FirstName == 5: FirstName = "Charlse " elif FirstName == 6: FirstName = "Maria " elif FirstName == 7: FirstName = "Victoria " elif FirstName == 8: FirstName = "Serena " elif FirstName == 9: FirstName = "Cynthia " elif FirstName == 10: FirstName = "Teresa " PreName = random.randint(1, 8) if Male == True: if PreName == 1: PreName = "King " elif PreName == 2: PreName = "Sir " elif PreName == 3: PreName = "Mr " elif PreName == 4: PreName = "Seargent " elif PreName == 5: PreName = "Lord " elif PreName == 6: PreName = "Officer " else: PreName = "" elif Male == False: if PreName == 1: PreName = "Queen " elif PreName == 2: PreName = "Madame " elif PreName == 3: PreName = "Miss " elif PreName == 4: PreName = "Seargent " elif PreName == 5: PreName = "Lord " elif PreName == 6: PreName = "Officer " else: PreName = "" PostName = random.randint(1, 7) if PostName == 1: PostName = "The Great" elif PostName == 2: PostName = "The Destroyer" elif PostName == 3: PostName = "Of Wheatland" elif PostName == 4: PostName = "III" elif PostName == 5: PostName = "Eater Of Wheatabix" else: PostName = "" Opponent = str(PreName) + str(FirstName) + str(PostName) return Opponent 
Opponent = RandNameSel() print("And you will be battling against!") time.sleep(3) print("\33[1;33m") print(Opponent) print("\33[0;35m" "Also, there health is") time.sleep(3) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(4) print("\33[1;33m", OpHealthStat) time.sleep(3) print("\33[0;35m" "and there strength is", ) time.sleep(3) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(4)
----- print("\33[1;33", OpAttackStat) <------- (this I's the buggy part, it just comes up with a blank couple of lines)
time.sleep(1) print("It's time...") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") time.sleep(3) print("\33[0;31m" "⚔️It's battle time!⚔️" "\33[35m") time.sleep(5)
while True: UserRoll = DiceRoll(6) OpRoll = DiceRoll(6)
print("You roll your dice, and get") time.sleep(1.5) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(1.5) print("\33[36m", UserRoll, "\33[35m") time.sleep(1.5) print(Opponent, "rolls there dice, and gets") time.sleep(1.5) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(1.5) print("\33[1;33m", OpRoll, "\33[0;35m") time.sleep(3) if UserRoll > OpRoll: move = random.randint(1, 10) print("You get the higher roll!") time.sleep(3) print("\33[0;36m") if move == 1: print("You deal a cunning uppercut to", Opponent, "Crushing there teeth into there tongue!") elif move == 2: print(Opponent, "tries to punch you in the nose, but you grab there hand and throw them onto the floor!") elif move == 3: print("You give", Opponent, "the roundhouse kick of a lifetime!") elif move == 4: print("You jab", Opponent, "in the solar plexus!") elif move == 5: print("You grab", Opponent, "in the head and knee then in the skull!") elif move == 6: print("You kick", Opponent, "where it hurts!") elif move == 7: print("You grab", Opponent, "and give them a CLEAN one inch punch in the nose!") elif move == 8: print("You mention a deep traumatic experience that", Opponent, "experienced long ago, scarring them for life!") elif move == 9: print("You barge into", Opponent, "at full force, knocking them over into the ground!") elif move == 10: print("You karate chop", Opponent, "in the shoulder-blade!") Damage = (OpAttackStat - AttackStat) time.sleep(5) if Damage <= 0: Damage = 1 Damage = Damage + (AttackStat // 4) + (move / 2) time.sleep(3) print("You did", Damage, "damage, well done!") time.sleep(3) OpHealthStat = OpHealthStat - Damage if OpHealthStat > 0: print("\33[1;33m", Opponent, "now has", OpHealthStat, "health" "\33[0;35m") else: print("\33[1;33m", Opponent, "now has 0 health" "\33[0;35m") time.sleep(3) if OpHealthStat <= 0: print("Well done, you win!") break else: print("Well done, next turn!") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") continue if UserRoll < OpRoll: move = random.randint(1, 10) print(Opponent, "gets the higher roll!") time.sleep(3) print("\33[1;33m") if move == 1: print(Opponent, "deals you a cunning uppercut, crushing your teeth into there tongue!") elif move == 2: print("You try to punch", Opponent, "in the nose, but they grab your hand and throw you onto the floor!") elif move == 3: print(Opponent, "gives you the roundhouse kick of a lifetime!") elif move == 4: print(Opponent, "jabs you in the solar plexus!") elif move == 5: print(Opponent, "grabs you in the head and knees you in the skull!") elif move == 6: print(Opponent, "kicks you where it hurts!") elif move == 7: print(Opponent, "grabs you and gives you a CLEAN one inch punch in the nose!") elif move == 8: print(Opponent, "mentions a deep traumatic experience that you experienced long ago, scarring you for life!") elif move == 9: print(Opponent, "barges into you at full force, knocking you over into the ground!") elif move == 10: print(Opponent, "karate chops you in the shoulder-blade!") Damage = (AttackStat - OpAttackStat) time.sleep(5) if Damage <= 0: Damage = 1 Damage = Damage + (OpAttackStat // 4) + (move / 2) time.sleep(3) print(Opponent, "did", Damage, "damage, well done", Opponent, end="") print("!") time.sleep(3) HealthStat = HealthStat - Damage if HealthStat > 0: print("\33[0;35m" "you now have", HealthStat, "health" "\33[35m") else: print("\33[0;35m" "you now have 0 health" "\33[35m") time.sleep(3) if HealthStat <= 0: print("Too bad, you lose!") break else: print("Better luck next time, next turn!") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") continue elif UserRoll == OpRoll: print("\33[0;35m" "You both got the same roll!") move = random.randint(1, 5) time.sleep(3) if move == 1: print("\33[36m" "You were about to punch ", Opponent, "when you felt a sudden rush of sympathy, and froze") if move == 2: print("\33[36m" "As you were about to tornado kick", Opponent, "they ducked out the way") if move == 3: print("\33[35m" "Mum made lasagna, you are both too busy eating to fight") if move == 4: print("\33[1;33m", Opponent, "was about to punch you when they felt a sudden rush of sympathy, and froze") if move == 5: print("\33[1;33m" "As", Opponent, "was about to tornado kick you, you ducked out the way") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") continue 
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2023.05.30 22:15 killuminati-savage That smell

I'm a pretty normal guy in almost every other aspect of my life, and this is something I would never dare admit to anyone IRL. I guess it first started right after we moved here (sorry). We were driving for a hike and suddenly my wife is like "Oh my god, what is that horrible smell?" and my nose was just filled with this rich, thick meaty almost stew-like smell. I just said "Hmmmm, are you talking about the food smell? It's making me hungry!" And she looked at me like I was crazy and told me it smelled like dog food. I was pretty confused, because I have smelled many dog foods before and never had this sort of reaction, but sure enough, as we approached and the plant, the smell subsequently grew into a beautiful olfactory experience and filled my entire headspace with that heavy meaty smell. As the factory disappeared in my rear view, to my dismay, the smell slowly faded to a pleasant memory as my wife said "Thank god we're passed it." I said nothing and we went on our hike.
That entire hike I was thinking about that smell. I was a little upset because I trying to reconcile the pleasures I felt with the reality that I was essentially huffing the scent of dog food slurry, what I assume is probably various pig and poultry guts mixed in with some sort of grain or oat-like substance. It doesn't sound like something that humans should find appealing. The hike was fine, I don't really remember much to be honest because I was thinking so hard about how excited I was about passing by the heavenly smell-cloud on our way back. And it was just as awesome as I remembered. Seeing the Purina factory tower materialize ahead of us was like watching a waiter slowly approach you with a sizzling smoking plate after you've waited two hours for your fajitas. I took deep, meditative breaths, trying not to give any outward signs of pleasure as my wife held her nose. A little moan may have escaped, I cannot be sure.
I noticed then that it is not merely a dog-food manufactory, but also a cat food plant. My heart began to beat a little faster. We have four cats at home, and no shortage of cat food. As we went home and the smell regretfully faded, I got it into my head to do a little home-huffing to see if I could get my fix there. I've never really been attracted to cat food, so I wasn't really convinced, and sure enough, I stuck my head deep into the 50-pound cat-food sack, took a deep breath, and nearly gagged. It just wasn't it. The taste was rather poor as well, and left a horrible almost poisonous after-taste that lasted for hours. "Hmmm," I thought, "maybe it's just the fact that we have Fancy Feast, and my beloved smell was purina." So I went out and bought three different purina brands - friskies, Purina One, and Cat Chow- which all smelled like shit and tasted ever worse. Same with the wet foods, which were some of the worst things I have ever put into my body. I have always held my nose in the past while giving my cats wet food, and huffing it and sampling it just reminded me exactly why I did that. It just made no sense to me, at all.
Then I found this article that explains the source of the purina plant scent is as follows: "Dry ingredients are mixed with wet ingredients to form a dough that is then cooked and shaped in an extruder before being dried in large dryers." Cooking! I have smelled many things that were appealing to me in the cooking process but woefully disappointing at mealtime. Maybe the secret was cooking it! So I poured out some Purina into an oven tray and roasted it for a few minutes. A smell began to waft out... a good smell, reminiscent of my beloved odor but just a liiiiitle bit off. I think it was because the Purina plant bakes cat and dog food on a gigantic industrial scale, and nothing that mere mortals try at home will ever get close to that sort of overwhelming power. I didn't really get a chance to enjoy it because my wife came over and was like "what is that awful smell? What the hell are you cooking?" and I told her "I put some cat food in the oven because I read on the internet that cats like it heated up." Not entirely a lie because I HAVE read this. And she laughed and said "No, that only works for wet food dude, get that shit out of there and open a window." And thus my experiment came to an abrupt and regretful end.
I'm not sure how to tell her because the longer I wait, the weirder it's going to be that I keep this a secret. It's actually been a really good thing for us because we are hiking so much, getting so much exercise and quality time together, and I get my little dog-food-smell fix each time that just hits the spot. For now, I'm content with passing by the Purina Plant every weekend as we go for our hikes, greeting it like an old and beloved friend while I take desperately deep breathes through my nose. I see the plant tower and each time I am in a state of awe at its elegance and stateliness. To me, the plant looks every bit as beautiful as a medieval cathedral, and the rejuvenation I feel from its stench filling me up is like how I assume religious people feel when they go to church.
But I'm worried. The last time we passed it, I lost control and rolled my window down a bit. My wife looked at me and was like "What are you doing? It's going to smell so bad!" And I said, "I farted, sorry, gotta air it out" and she was just like "no, no, it's just going to smell like dog food and fart" and started waving her hands at me to roll the window up and I was just like "what? What? I can't hear you!" as I rolled the window all the way down and let the winds fill up the car with dog-food-slurry. I am ashamed of this action and regret it today.
Has anyone else here experienced anything similar to this?
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2023.05.30 22:13 gopherhole02 4 rolls of silver, havnt coin roll hunted for a few weeks because ive been metal detecting, decided to pick up a box today, but they could only give me 3 bundles of dimes and a bundle of nickels, worked out for me

4 rolls of silver, havnt coin roll hunted for a few weeks because ive been metal detecting, decided to pick up a box today, but they could only give me 3 bundles of dimes and a bundle of nickels, worked out for me submitted by gopherhole02 to SilverDegenClub [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 22:12 Long-Operation3660 I just unknowingly smoked a roly-Poly

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry so I thought I’d bring my emotions here…
I am a gardener and flower farmer and I’ve been really struggling with a roly-poly (pill bug) infestation. When I have new seedlings in the ground I will usually put out citrus or pieces of fruit to keep the roly-poly’s away from my plants. A few nights ago I realized that they love roaches (from my joints- not the bug kind). I left one in one of my raised beds and when I came out later and shined a flashlight on it it was covered in roly-poly’s. So I guess I have a new bait for my traps.
I am currently sitting outside Enjoying a Sesh before I do some dahlia planting. I relit a half smoked joint and realized a few minutes later that there was a roly-poly INSIDE of it. Like I lit the roly-poly on fire twice trying to smoke this joint. I am so disgusted right now. And I feel bad because I lit a live bug on fire. This is just too much for me 😂😂 WELL I guess I’m going to roll another one, and dig some holes to get this out of my mind! Ahh!
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2023.05.30 22:12 Kairos385 What's the highest you can roll in a skill check without any help from allies?

Here's the highest I could think of.
Earth Genasi Soulknife Rogue 17 + Peace Cleric 1
Take Expertise in Stealth and Earth Genasi gives you Pass Without Trace
Roll a 20
+5 DEX + Level 17 Expertise = +17
Soulknife gets Psi-Bolstered Knack which lets you add your psionic die (d12 at level 17) to an ability check. It says "if you fail" buttttttttttttttt let's just say you can do it.
Peace Cleric gets Emboldening Bond so that's a d4
Pass Without Trace gives you +10 to Stealth (too bad this requires concentration or you could add another d4 from Bless/Guidance)
So assuming you roll perfectly that's 20 + 17 + 12 + 4 + 10 = 63 Stealth
Can anyone think of anything better than this? Especially if there's a way around that "if you fail" part of Psi-Bolstered Knack. I did only go up to level 18 so maybe there's a 2 level dip in something that gives a further boost?
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2023.05.30 22:12 1completeDork Manual ability counters with Gsheet?

Pretty much everything on a D&DBeyond sheet is automated, but you have to manually make everything from the ground up for a Gsheet. The only counter it automatically comes with is for spell slots. I know how to make custom counters, but I was wondering if there was a quicker way to add a preexisting counter to a Gsheet (like Divine Sense, Bardic Inspiration, or the like). Or even if there was a way to add functionality to a completely custom counter (like having it trigger a spell effect as an innate spell, or roll damage and prompt a save).
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2023.05.30 22:11 Feeling_Good_3713 Is this overkill or is it worth a shot

25m here been on 1mg of fin for almost two years. On min for about the same time along with derma rolling and keto shampoo. My hair loss has has slowed down still shed a lot of hair which is concerning. I’m looking to add another topical to my regiment. I don’t get any sides from fin been on 1.25mg for one year would it be overkill to add 0.5mg of topical fin along with my min or should I get aggressive and add topical dut 3x a week?
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2023.05.30 22:11 Sirgolfs How do you hit/bump?

Lining up a guy I get. But when your in close quarters and you just wanna bump someone off the puck, how do you do it properly? Tired of guys rolling/glancing off of physical play while they maintain the puck.
So do you push up on the right stick? Or do you push the right stick in the direction you’re hitting?
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2023.05.30 22:10 MicroAggressiveMe I asked ChatGPT to right a Dudesy episode. No Gibber Pravalia, but pretty good.

Title: "Uncharted Conversations"
[Theme music plays]
[Will Sasso and Chad Kultgen banter as the episode begins]
Will: Hey there, Dudesy fam! Welcome back to another exciting episode of Dudesy. I'm Will Sasso, and as always, I'm joined by my partner in crime, Chad Kultgen.
Chad: That's right, folks! We're here to bring you the uncharted and unexpected, fueled by the power of AI and our own outrageous personalities. Dudesy in the house!
Will: So, Dudesy, what's on the agenda today?
Dudesy: Greetings, gentlemen! Today, we delve into unexplored conversations. As an AI, I have analyzed your interests, personal histories, and the feedback from our listeners to curate an experience tailored to blow your minds.
Chad: You've got our attention, Dudesy. What's the first topic?
Dudesy: How about we dive into the bizarre world of conspiracy theories? We'll explore some of the wildest and most controversial ones out there.
Will: I love a good conspiracy theory! Let's debunk them or add fuel to the fire.
Chad: Absolutely! From ancient aliens to lizard people ruling the world, no stone shall remain unturned. It's time to separate fact from fiction!
Dudesy: Fantastic! I've prepared some mind-boggling facts and intriguing theories to get the discussion rolling. Get ready to question everything you thought you knew!
Will: Alright, Chad, it's time to dig deep into the wild world of conspiracy theories. Buckle up!
Chad: Oh, you know I'm ready for this, Will. Give me the juicy ones!
Will: Alright, how about the classic moon landing conspiracy? Did we really land on the moon, or was it an elaborate Hollywood production?
Chad: You know, I've seen some compelling arguments on both sides, but I gotta say, the evidence overwhelmingly supports the moon landing. Plus, the idea of faking it on such a massive scale seems nearly impossible.
Will: I hear you, but there's still that nagging thought in the back of my mind, you know? But let's move on to something more outlandish. What about reptilian shapeshifters ruling the world?
Chad: (laughs) Ah, the reptilian overlords! I can't believe this one has gained so much traction. I mean, if there were lizard people controlling everything, wouldn't someone have spilled the secret by now? It's entertaining, though.
Will: Absolutely, it's pure entertainment. But hey, we've got an expert joining us today to shed some light on another fascinating conspiracy theory. Please welcome Dr. Emily Parker, a renowned historian specializing in secret societies.
Emily: Thank you, Will and Chad. It's great to be here.
Will: So, Dr. Parker, let's dive into the mysterious world of secret societies. Which one has caught your attention lately?
Emily: Well, gentlemen, the Illuminati continues to be a topic of intrigue. While the original Bavarian Illuminati disbanded long ago, the concept of a secretive global organization manipulating world events still captures people's imagination. However, most scholars view it as a mere myth rather than a reality.
Chad: That's fascinating, Dr. Parker. Now, we have a listener question here from Josh who asks if there's any truth to the theory that ancient civilizations were influenced by extraterrestrial beings. What's your take on that?
Emily: Ah, the ancient aliens theory. It's an idea that has gained significant popularity in recent years. While there are certainly unexplained phenomena in history, attributing them solely to extraterrestrial influence is a leap without concrete evidence. It's crucial to consider alternative explanations and approach these claims with skepticism.
Will: Wise words, Dr. Parker. Thanks for sharing your insights with us today.
Chad: Absolutely, it's always enlightening to get an expert's perspective. Now, let's dive into some listener-submitted theories. We've got one here from Sarah who believes that Bigfoot is a secret government experiment gone wrong. What do you make of that?
Will: (laughs) Oh, Sarah, that's a wild one! I gotta say, I'm a bit skeptical about the government creating a Bigfoot, but hey, stranger things have happened.
Chad: Indeed, Will. We can't ignore the power of imagination and the allure of these fascinating theories. Keep sending them in, folks!
[The lively banter and discussions continue as they explore more conspiracy theories, expert insights, and listener-submitted questions and theories.]
Will: Mind blown, man! Some of these theories are just too wild to ignore.
Chad: No doubt, Will! It's fascinating how these theories capture the imagination of so many people. But at the end of the day, critical thinking is key.
Dudesy: Indeed, gentlemen. The world of conspiracies is a rabbit hole, and it's up to each individual to separate fact from fiction. We've certainly given our listeners a lot to ponder.
Will: That's what we do, Dudesy! We're here to entertain and make people think. So, what's the next adventure on our journey today?
Dudesy: How about a deep dive into the realms of virtual reality? We'll explore the latest advancements, mind-bending possibilities, and perhaps even share some hilarious virtual mishaps.
Chad: Virtual reality? Count me in! I can't wait to hear the crazy experiences people have had in those digital realms.
Will: Oh man, this is going to be a blast! I've got some funny stories to share too.
[The episode continues with discussions about virtual reality, including anecdotes, expert insights, and unexpected turns.]
Will: Time flies when you're having fun! But sadly, we're running out of time for today's episode.
Chad: Don't worry, folks! We'll be back with more mind-blowing conversations, unexpected adventures, and laughter galore.
Will: Absolutely! Stay tuned for future episodes of Dudesy, where we'll continue to explore uncharted territories and entertain you like never before. Thanks for tuning in, Dudesy fam!
Chad: And remember, keep those questions and suggestions coming. We love hearing from you! Until next time, stay curious and stay awesome!
[Theme music fades out]
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2023.05.30 22:10 BustedUtensil This seems too good to be true, but maybe I'm missing something? Old model perhaps?

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2023.05.30 22:09 archpawn Opponent heavily obscured? Just don't look.

There's a common misconception that if you can't see your opponent, you have Disadvantage attacking them and they have Advantage attacking you. This seems to come from Blinded and Invisible.
From Blinded:
Attack rolls against the creature have advantage, and the creature’s attack rolls have disadvantage.
And from Invisible:
Attack rolls against the creature have disadvantage, and the creature’s attack rolls have advantage.
In addition, the rules for Heavily Obscured areas reference Blindness.
A heavily obscured area—such as darkness, opaque fog, or dense foliage—blocks vision entirely. A creature effectively suffers from the blinded condition (see Conditions ) when trying to see something in that area.
And Darkness references that.
Darkness creates a heavily obscured area.
But if you're not blind, they're not invisible, and you're not trying to look into a heavily obscured area or darkness, then there's no rule that you have Disadvantage attacking them just because you can't see them.
The interesting thing here is that it doesn't matter if the target of your attack or the person attacking you is in a Heavily Obscured area. Just that you're trying to see something in that area. If you close your eyes and make no attempt to see them, you don't effectively have the Blinded condition, and you don't get Disadvantage and they don't get Advantage.
Also noteworthy is Medusa:
Unless surprised, a creature can avert its eyes to avoid the saving throw at the start of its turn. If the creature does so, it can't see the medusa until the start of its next turn, when it can avert its eyes again.
You can't see the Medusa, but you're not Blinded or effectively Blinded, and they're not Invisible. So you don't get Disadvantage and they don't get Advantage.
Incidentally, I checked this for 3.5, and it does not have that loophole. You don't technically have to see the opponent, but you do have to have line of sight, and averting your eyes from Gaze attacks grants them Concealment, while closing or covering your eyes grants them Total Concealment.
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2023.05.30 22:08 sea_cat2497 Transition day attitude

We all know transition day is weird, but the consistent attitude might kill me. I "babysit" SS the two days leading up to transition and the last day is consistently hell. At this point I just ignore it and go business as usual until pickup time but jeez it's be a lot cooler if we could just have another nice normal day...
It's just every little thing, like a different kid. He's argumentative, rude, bossy, does not listen (like look you in the eye and do the thing anyway) I put him in timeout for ignoring rules 3 times and he says "okay(:" and sits for 3 minutes with a smile. He doesn't want to play like usual with the other kid I babysit, he refuses to share or collaborate...I just don't know what to do.
Does it get better? How can I help him? I'm at a loss..I dont understand what this kind of black and white behavior is about...half the time he's sitting in mine or his dads lap sniffling about not wanting to go to his moms by the time pickup rolls around which just confuses me even more
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2023.05.30 22:08 Queasy-Flow-5797 72(t)SEPP question/help

Hello, my husband is 56, and is in upper management with a large company. Unfortunately it's retail and he works 7 days a week on salary. The stress is killing him he says. He has some health issues and wants to leave his job and take 401k distributions. He is still fully capable of working and plans to work after quitting his stressful job. He has worked for this company for 40 years (since age 16). He wouldn't fit in anywhere else. He could step down into an hourly "just show up and work, then go home and never have to think about work at home" job, but it would be at about a third of his current salary. In order to get his 401k to supplement, he has to leave his current company. My question is this-can he quit, be officially terminated, roll our 401k to our financial planner, and then be hired back by the same company a few weeks later as a peon?
Second question—my husband had a good chunk of money in a US Property fund in his 401k. We met with a financial planner that our company provides for us and she said it takes forever to get that money. Will 100% of our money need to be rolled to our financial planner (this one is local, not the one our employer provides), in order for him to be rehired? I realize this sounds like a dumb question. It’s things like this that keep me up at night worrying about this transition.
I would ask our financial planner, but unfortunately we couldn't get an appointment with him until June 7.
The company my husband works for is suffering because of labor shortage issues (which is why his job is so stressful) and there are some upcoming opportunities for him to step into a peon job with a month.
Thank you.
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2023.05.30 22:05 crispy48867 72 [M4F] #Michigan, Perry - Farm couple seeks lawn and garden girl, 18 to 40 and in decent shape. All ethnicity's considered

This is a 45 acre farm. I grew up on it, traveled the world, and came home again.
When both parents had passed, I bought out my sisters shares. I stopped all row crops in 2014 and began turning the place into a safe zone for nature.
It features a man made lake, spring fed and well stocked with fish. There are 22 acres of tillable land, some woods and rolling hills as well as several rock and flower gardens and roughly 6 or 7 acres of lawn.
In 2014, I began to plant trees and flowers in the fields in my attempt to give nature a safe place to be. We have a nesting pair of Bald Eagles, roughly 75 wild turkeys, about 30 head of white tail deer. We have more small animals than you could hope to count.
We currently have a mama turkey sitting on her 12 eggs on our lakeside patio.
The lake is well stocked with fish, large and small mouth bass, crappies, blue gills and sunfish as well as a decent supply of turtles. We have a raft and a paddle boat on the water for fun.
There are also two large aluminum pole barns, 60 x 40. In one, I built a large indoor grow with full temperature, light and humidity control and that was a marijuana rental grow from 2014 to this spring. It currently stands empty but I will put it to growing vegetables or mushrooms fairly soon. The other 60 x 40 is being built out as a machine shop.
I also have a holding pen and small building as a lock up for raising calves or pigs or goats if someone wanted to do that. It could also be fixed up for chickens.
I have a full range of farm equipment including a rototiller for the back of the tractor. If someone wanted to raise a garden for veggies to eat or for sale at the local farmers market. Such projects would be on your own time and any money raised, would be yours.
I will hire 9 workers for the mushroom growing business and 4 for the machine shop.
I would really love to find a yard and garden girl who enjoys age gap relationships or BDSM lifestyle relationships. You would answer directly to me, independently of the farm businesses. You would become my confidant, helper, assistant, and sexual muse. You would also help with planting trees or tree seeds in the fields.
I have been a dominant since birth. I married a submissive in 71 and we are still together. I became heavily involved in this lifestyle in 96. Now that I am living back on the farm again, I want my submissive or slave gal as my way of bringing my enjoyment of the lifestyle, to my farm. Limits become far more important in such a situation and you would find I am agreeable, reliable, and consistent. Limits set will be respected.
The work is easy enough, no punching a clock, just keep the lawns mowed and the flower gardens weeded. If you also wanted to work in one of the two businesses, that would in fact be a separate paying job you could easily do both.
Be in shape for outdoors work. Be 18 to about 40. Be open to lifestyle framed, living and working.
For this gal or gals, I will cover every living expense as well as some spending money, apartment, car, phone, lap top, utilities, and groceries.
Key words: DD/lg, age gap relationships, BDSM, Dominant/submissive, Owneslave
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2023.05.30 22:05 anitabeee Spoiler - June Kitchen box!

I’m shocked at how much I do not like the smell of the bath oil??
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2023.05.30 22:04 FinanceOk1768 Trust fund babies strike hard last night & this morning.

People like Billy, Gracie, Miss.Fritz, Kimmie all have some sort of inheritance or trust fund. So when they drop 3000$ on gifts ( from the millions they have ) in one live, and we are cringing. Its literally nothing to them. They dont even notice it. Imagine the relative who worked all their life to save up that money knew! Knew that the money they bled to earn is going to people such as Jess, Joseph & Nat. They're probably rolling in their graves.
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2023.05.30 22:04 housepainterr Devil May Cry Real Time Period

Honestly, I think Devil May Cry 3 is set in the 70s and I’ve got too many reasons why. First off, you have to pay attention, to the aesthetics and wordplay, AKA small stuff. The DMC franchise is basically a movie collection. And the cellphone “BS” claiming that there are no cellphones; exactly, not yet! The old rotary telephone always ringing(my favorite) is a clear reference by itself. The jukebox in DMC3 was always a dead giveaway to me, even as a kid. It is also why Dante is so humble and wise, including everyone around him. He’s clearly from the older generation, but still a badass. And you’ve got to think, DMC was always a “spinoff” or “branch-off” of Resident Evil. But Resident Evil didn’t come about until the “late 90s”, and it simmered into the 2000s. There weren’t zombies yet but “demons”. It’s all a thing!
And look at Lady’s weapons, which is also what I noticed. She had guns resembling a “CZ 75”, and a “skorpion vz 61”. Hell even in the DMC1 novel, someone had a “Mauser”. That’s really stylish but a very old pistol. Those are obviously the dates of the weapons. From everyone’s clothing, Vergil’s wisdom, Arkham’s background, the rock n roll presence in DMC1 and the anime, it all makes sense. Devil May Cry 2 is clearly the 1990s, it’s too “dark” with a “corrupt businessman” as the villain. Forget the retcon setting DMC2 before 4, that’s BS too; even though DMC 4 is still set in the 90s, it wouldn’t matter which one went first. So here’s the layout;
DMC 3 1970s DMC 1 1980s DMC Anime 1980s DMC 2 1990s DMC 4 maybe late 90s or 2000s (hence the headphones Nero wore) DMC 5 Def Y2K or later
You could easily say DMC 3 is around 1975 or sometime before the late late 70s. Making the twins’ birth somewhere in the 1950s, which clearly makes sense. Dante was NOT born in 1973, that is BS. Sparda’s outfit proves this much more. The reboot is set in modern times, not the original franchise.
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2023.05.30 22:04 splashattack Seeing former students reminds me why I went into this profession in the first place

Went to Dunkin after work and one of my former students was working the drive thru. When I rolled up I was greeted with a huge ‘Hey Ms. Splashattack! I miss your class so much, it was the highlight of my sophomore year!’
My mental health hasn’t been the greatest since Covid but boy does getting comments like that or just even seeing how excited my former students are to see me really does make me feel like I’m at least making a little bit of a positive difference in this world.
What are some nice things students have said to you outside the classroom?
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2023.05.30 22:04 echtpferderosshaar toan is in the hoarding

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2023.05.30 22:03 seanreidsays Convinced I broke my toddlers arm after bath time

First time dad here, daughter is 13 months old. She’s the most amazing little woman and lights up my world so much. Tonight I was giving her her pre-bedtime bath, and as she was getting out of the bath she slipped and smacked her arm hard against the unit with the sink in it.
Cue the roars and the cuddles from me. I dried her off and brought her to bed for mamma to get her dressed for bed. Her arm is red, and she is upset but calming down. That’s when I notice her arm has swollen up. I’ve never felt more guilt in my life, that my little one got badly injured so quickly under my watch.
I tell my wife to be careful and we will need to do something as her arm is clearly broken. My wife looked at the arm, the looked back at me dead in the eyes:
“Seán, it’s her chubby rolls. Look at both arms.” Sure enough in my panic I forgot that she does indeed have little rolls on her arms and legs. And to add insult injury, my daughter started doing her new routine of doing parkour on the bed by rolling and thumbing while laughing her head off.
I’ve never been so relieved in my life! I had to share the story somewhere, and figured we all have stories when we believed we damaged our kids, only to find out they’re not just ok; they’re making a mockery of our worries!
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2023.05.30 22:03 pouringart If Sum 41 are playing this setlist from the last No Personal Tour's been good speaking to y'all

I checked the average No Personal Space Tour setlist when they announced the date and I was underwhelmed but still decided to book flights and go, but now I found that in the last date of this special tour they played the following setlist:
  1. Mr. Amsterdam
  2. Skumfuk
  3. The Hell Song
  4. Heads Will Roll
  5. Open Your Eyes
  6. Thanks for Nothing
  7. Walking Disaster
  8. No Brains
  9. Rhythms
  10. Blood in My Eyes
  11. Jessica Kill
  12. Angels With Dirty Faces
  13. Holy Image of Lies
  14. Sick of Everyone
  15. Happiness Machine
  16. In Too Deep
  17. Still Waiting
  18. 88
  19. What I Believe
  20. Fat Lip
I listen to Sum 41 since 2002, I saw them 15 times live, I have the Chuck artwork tattooed on me...and I have never ever saw them even considering playing Open Your Eyes, Thanks For Nothing, or Angels With Dirty Faces live. I have been hoping they play ANY of those 3 songs live for 19 years.
I just wanted to let you know that if they play the same setlist my head will, without the shadow of a doubt, absolutely fucking explode. (plus the massive SBM injection, LOVE IT)
So on the off chance that happens, I wanted to say good speaking to y'all and sorry if I mess your t shirt tomorrow.
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2023.05.30 22:02 broken_nibs AITA for scolding my friend's boyfriend?

I, 19F, was friends with K(20F) for a few months. While we were friends, she started dating her current bf (20F). I never liked him tbh. His behaviour towards everyone in class was extremely rude and no one liked him. However, after they started dating, there began a shift in K's behaviour. She started to behave like him more which made quite a number of people feel repulsed. She thought it was cool. I stayed from their relationship as far as I can and her bf did too because we just hate each other. Often times, her bf has tried to pit her against me and had sometimes succeeded as well. Some people also noticed the same. I am the class representative of my class and one of my duties is to report someone's absence. One day, in class, during roll-call, he "playfully" said, "J is absent. They are not at all present in class." He said so because J is also someone he hates. I told him it's not funny because J was indeed present and had been busy in organising an upcoming event. The bf knew that and yet continued to tell: "It was a joke, come on. Chill." I was furious. After the class ended, I screamed at him and told him that it's not his job to do so. In return, he started screaming at me and told me that I was being irrational. Often times, professors cross-check with students who are absent based on the reason I was told to. Him telling something like that was risking my credibility. But when I told K that it is his fault, she told me that it's not his fault and it's my fault for screaming at him. Initially, he had behaved extremely rudely with me which was overlooked by K. I had bottled it all up until then. Now y'all tell me if I am the one who's at fault here.
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