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2023.06.06 06:00 code_hunter_cc spec.clusterIP: Invalid value: "": field is immutable

We have Helm 3.0.3 and 1.18 k8s and since one year we did not face any issue like as below before. We deploy several microservices via helm to k8s and all works fine so far. But even if we did not change anything for service field we are receiving error like as below.
Here is my command how I deploy to k8s. When I uninstall the service in k8s and start re-build it works ok but when I need to push new changes ı again face this error.
+ helm upgrade --install --debug --force xx-ui-dev --values --namespace dev --set image.tag=608 .
history.go:52: [debug] getting history for release xx-ui-devupgrade.go:120: [debug] preparing upgrade for xx-ui-devupgrade.go:128: [debug] performing update for xx-ui-devupgrade.go:292: [debug] creating upgraded release for xx-ui-devclient.go:173: [debug] checking 7 resources for changesclient.go:432: [debug] Replaced "xx-ui-dev" with kind NetworkPolicy for kind NetworkPolicyclient.go:432: [debug] Replaced "xx-ui-dev" with kind ServiceAccount for kind ServiceAccountclient.go:432: [debug] Replaced "xx-ui-dev-auth" with kind Secret for kind Secretclient.go:432: [debug] Replaced "xx-ui-dev-config" with kind ConfigMap for kind ConfigMapclient.go:205: [debug] error updating the resource "xx-ui-dev": failed to replace object: Service "xx-ui-dev" is invalid: spec.clusterIP: Invalid value: "": field is immutableclient.go:432: [debug] Replaced "xx-ui-dev" with kind Deployment for kind Deploymentclient.go:432: [debug] Replaced "xx-ui-dev" with kind HorizontalPodAutoscaler for kind HorizontalPodAutoscalerupgrade.go:351: [debug] warning: Upgrade "xx-ui-dev" failed: failed to replace object: Service "xx-ui-dev" is invalid: spec.clusterIP: Invalid value: "": field is immutableError: UPGRADE FAILED: failed to replace object: Service "xx-ui-dev" is invalid: spec.clusterIP: Invalid value: "": field is immutablehelm.go:84: [debug] failed to replace object: Service "xx-ui-dev" is invalid: spec.clusterIP: Invalid value: "": field is immutable
spec: type: {{ .Values.service.type }} ports: - port: {{ .Values.service.port }} targetPort: 50003 protocol: TCP name: http selector: {{ include "" . }} {{ .Release.Name }} tier: backend service: type: ClusterIP port: 80
Answer link :
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2023.06.06 05:59 Shinemurphy Foreign currency monthly maximum amounts

Does anyone know how much NZD I can transfer into my NZ bank account monthly before the banks ping me to IRD?
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2023.06.06 05:59 Manthedann26 Follow @manthedann and I will follow you with 6 account

Hello Group ! Trying to reach the 2k followers, please follow my instagram @manthedann and i will FOLLOW YOU back with 6 account. if you unfollow, i will unfollow back ! Have a good
DM ME "Reddit"
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2023.06.06 05:59 Manthedann26 Follow @manthedann and I will follow you with 6 account

Hello Group ! Trying to reach the 2k followers, please follow my instagram @manthedann and i will FOLLOW YOU back with 6 account. if you unfollow, i will unfollow back ! Have a good
DM ME "Reddit"
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2023.06.06 05:59 spacezoro [LA] Landlord mistakenly evicted us from unit

We are in the middle of moving out of our apartment to a houde, with our lease ending later this month. We've been making weekly trips to gather and move items. This week, we went to the apartment and noticed the locks changed and items missing from storage and the patio.
We contacted the apartment complex to find out what was going on, emailing a copy of our lease and move out agreement. They stated over phone and email that they saw items on the patio and wanted them to be cleaned.
An agent checked the wrong unit number, saw it had no resident attached, and ordered maintainence to clear out the unit and change locks as a move out procedure. The emails and calls have them admitting fault for this issue.
Our items are now missing, we still have not recieved keys. The apartment complex asked for a list and estimate of items costs. After replying, they are requesting reciepts for items and asking if it was covered under our renters insurance. I've also requested a prorated rent refund from the time the locks were changed, as well as cleaning/move out fees waived since we cannot access the unit to prepare for final inspection.
Would my renters insurance even apply in this situation? Alot of the items that were lost were gifts or things we don't have a reciept for, totaling at an estimated $4000.
How would you reccomend I proceed? I'm attempting to resolve this before pursuing legal action but get the feeling they won't be cooperative.
TL;DR: Landlord threw items away, changed locks without any notice due due to their accounting errors. Still don't have access.
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2023.06.06 05:58 Possible-Eggplant-26 EXAMPLIFY hack EXAMSOFT Bypass ATI Test Bank ATI Test Questions HESI test bank ATI comprehensive ATI proctored exam Med Math questions Hire an Exam Taker Take my Exam Take my Proctored Exam Nursing Tutor Nurse Tutor Exemplify Bypass Exam Help Homework Help Reddit Nurse

About me:
My name is Edwin, over the last 10 years; I have been able to hone my skills as an online tutor and researcher. I am good at technical writing i.e. reports, essays, research papers. I can also take exams and complete homework assignments. I work with a team of experts and we all take a variety of online classes for students.
Text/Call: (310)990-6314
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2023.06.06 05:57 Blackbreach [H] $3200USD+ Crypto: (BTC/ETH/LTC/USDT and more) Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, etc. Over 29,000+ TF2 keys in Cashrep (TF2 trader), equal to $51,000USD Cashrep [W] Looking to buy: CSGO Skins / Knives / Gloves / inventories - TF2 Keys for $1.69 / TF2 Inventories / TF2 Australiums / TF2 Unusuals

Looking for a bit lower than prices on Buff and other marketplaces
My Cashrep is equal to over $51,000USD in TF2 trades, some CSGO trades are listed there as well
I just started a CSGO rep thread, for the most part I have previous CSGO trades listed on my TF2 rep page, I didn't know there was an entire thread for CSGO trading rep too.
B/O: TF2 Keys at 1.69$
If there are no fees (US sellers) I'll do $1.71 for each TF2 Key. updated 6/5/23
$51,000 - $52,000 (USD) Cashrep. Over 28,500 TF2 keys. Primarily via PayPal and Zelle. The main TF2 website is not whitelisted, but that's where my cash reputation is able to be found. I have TF2 trading posts on my reddit account as well on tf2trade, so you can pretty easily check there.
CSGO rep thread:
Payment Methods:
US Residents - Crypto, Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, Wise, etc.
Non-US Residents - Crypto, PayPal, Wise, etc.
No SteamRep marked Scammers or Scammer alts.
I can usually cover fees. For US residents there will probably be no fees.
Steam profile:
Trade link:
Buff store:
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2023.06.06 05:57 Bankini Have a few questions about investing

Hi all, I’ll start with a few details: am 21m • 12k in savings account • earn about 25k per year
  1. If I want to invest in a broad market mutual fund (like VTI), would it be worth it if I can only contribute $500 every month to it? And would it be safer to pair it with another index fund (like vtsax) instead of solely VTI?
  2. Is there a chance of the broad market completely failing? Like say if a depression happens, is it possible to lose all my money, or will it grow again eventually?
Sorry if these are not good questions, and thanks in advance!
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2023.06.06 05:56 WillingnessQuiet5890 what cards should i plan on getting?

I'm 21 and I'm going to have a big purchase coming up soon ~5-6k (tuition), i don't want to get card with an AF, and im open to getting business cards. i think i know what i want, and know what im doing, but i just want some confirmation. thanks .
FICO Score: ~730, will probably jump to 760+ after I pay off my CFF
I pay off all of my cards in full every month, except for the CFF which has 0% APR for 12 months, I will be paying it off in July.

Income: ~50k last year, currently unemployed
Expenses: only food/gas, my parents help me with everything else and I am very grateful.

I got denied for the CIU back in January-February, since I believe I reported a monthly spend of 2.5k with only 50k income. I have then opened up a business checking account (i hate the 2k minimum to waive 15$ fee) with them to build my relationship.
My plan is to apply for the CIU once again in August and finish getting the 75k SUB by using it on my tuition, and I'll probably keep a balance on it until January? To raise back my business credit? (it has a 12 month 0% APR, so I will be paying 0 in interest regardless). Then I want to open up another business card, the CIC and then repeat the process for my tuition in the Spring.
On another note, I have 140k MR points and 70k UR points and I'm not sure what to do with them. I don't plan on traveling in the near future and I don't want them to sit around losing value due to inflation. I do want to open up a Charles Schwab AMEX Platinum in maybe 3-5 years? and convert the points for 1.1CPP. I currently have a Roth IRA with fidelity and I want to transfer over there before I get the CS Plat.
rant: chase automatically upgraded my freedom student card to freedom unlimited, the freedom student gives a $20 good standing reward annually. 2000 points is $4000 that i have to spend annually on the CFU to BREAKEVEN. 2000/(1.5 - 1.0)...

pay off current cff balance, open up ciu and pay my tuition to get the sub, repeat process with cic for the spring semester
have a lot of points and no idea what to do with them, open cs plat to get 1.1cpp? shrug
open up csp in summer 2024? hopefully they have an upgraded offer like they did last month
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2023.06.06 05:55 ranback3 Best way to hide work.

I have become very discouraged doing my writing and I just added another chapter yesterday and it’s just sitting there. So I want to remove the fiction from the front page. How can I do that? I want pull my story without losing everything until I decide what to do with it.
I’m thinking of moving this story to my second account taking myself off as a co-creator and making the other account the creator and then hide it in the unrevealed collection. What happens with the people who have subscribed or bookmarked the fiction if I do that? If they check their bookmarks what does it show them?
Any suggestions what to do?
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2023.06.06 05:55 DramaticAirplane I created a fake account using a friend's photo and she found out

I created a fake instagram account to stalk my ex. I used a photo I clicked of a friend I met once through mutual friends. I really liked her and was trying to build a stronger friendship with her. She is 35 years old and I am in my 20s. She found out about the account because I suppose instagram recommended it to her and she sent it a follow request. She must know I made the account because I clicked that picture and no one else must have it. I deleted her friend request and account but what do I do now?
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2023.06.06 05:55 itwasallablur Can't download anything from Ninjacentral

I tried to download from Ninjacentral today but it said my limit was reached and to wait or risk being banned. I hadn't downloaded anything in days and it shows I haven't done any grabs in my profile within the past 24 hours. Is it a problem with Ninjacentral or my account? How do I contact admin?
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2023.06.06 05:55 drigo97 Does anyone else have this happening every weekend ?

Every weekend my Robinhood account drops to 0$, on Monday it goes back to the normal status. Had a heart attack the first day, but this is getting ridiculous
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2023.06.06 05:54 Appropriate-Trade492 How exactly do I teach myself the material?

A lot of people have been telling me that I have to teach myself pretty much everything if I want to have the best chance of passing all of my classes and graduating which I want because I want to graduate on time or early.
This might be especially true when I will have to take Macroeconomics and Microeconomics where the class has so much material to cover in less time and there is not enough time in class to cover it all and plus Macroeconomics and Microeconomics are known for being just as hard as Chemistry I/II, Physics I/II, Calculus I/II, even Organic Chemistry and Intermediate Accounting.
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2023.06.06 05:53 crookedlies memory loss from lamictal causing annoyance from people

i’ve been on lamictal for a month now or so. and, i call the bank to transfer US funds to Canadian funds. i had to switch from the US app & CANADIAN app to figure out the account number & transit because i’m not really in control of the US acc nor can i memorize all that & the operator had a big big problem, each time he repeated the numbers to me i’d forget what he just said & i asked nicely if he can repeat it & he’d be silent for a few 10-15 secs & then sigh angrily. i ignored it for the few times he did this but i couldn’t ignore it once he got upset with me because i gave him the wrong account number because i misunderstood & my brain literally malfunctioned & i corrected my mistake & he was silent again for a few seconds & he said “so i have to do all of this again?” then he sighs again & was like “that’s okay.. that’s fine, that’s completely fine” & that’s when i asked if he was okay & he said he was okay & i was like are you sure because you’ve been sighing & getting an attitude with me for entire time we’ve been talking & it’s pissing me off so, if you can please talk to me correctly i’d appreciate it. he was silent again, he was taken aback from what i said & he was nice again until he started sighing & being annoyed with me again because i kept forgetting stuff & i had to laugh in his face because wow. maybe he was having a bad day & just couldn’t handle someone who was so distracted and couldn’t remember things. oh well, not my problem. nor do i care about the memory loss thing. it was just funny to me & thought i’d share. has anyone deal with this though?
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2023.06.06 05:53 crustycredentials Question

What is the best running shoe? There are so many options...
I don't have a budget and willing to spend any amount. I like to do daily training, 6 times a week via HIIT through sprinting everyday and along with that I usually get around 7km's every day in running. My main focus is comfortability and functionality if that helps.
Just looking for a shoe to do it all. Doesn't have to be some super new release of 2023, just a really solid shoe all around.
There are honestly so many options I don't know anymore. I have been eyeing the nova blast 3 though. I don't know anything about running shoes so surprise me!
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2023.06.06 05:53 Chaotic_Good5450 How common is just pure hatred? (RANT, LONG)

Initiation. She asked for the divorce. I tried to talk her out of it for months. We reconciled briefly then she changed her mind. She was adamant.
Loss of communication. After reconciliation failed, any time I tried to communicate with her, she'd fly off the handle. She'd scream. And it usually came down to "Talk to my lawyer." I'd ask for help transferring some account registered to her and it'd be screaming. I tried this a couple of times. Her lawyer threatened a restraining order. So I stopped cold. No more communication at all. My lawyer said a restraining order would never stand up in court but he would charge me about $3000 to litigate it and get it dropped. Having my lawyer call her lawyer to help transfer accounts cost a bundle. So I just begged the car insurance company, AT&T, local utilities, etc to work with me. Some did. Others, I had to get creative.
The divorce. She had to be puppeteered all along the way. The courts had walk her inevitably towards completion. She kept changing counsel. I had to keep paying my lawyer to catch her new lawyer up. It was thousands of pages. $40,000. She refused to answer anything unless it was a court order. She was never ready. My lawyer and I got creative and allowed continuances if she promised she would approach the table. She never followed through on her promises even though they were approved by a judge. And she never paid court ordered costs. The judge ordered her to pay half of the house appraisal. She ignored the order. But it was just $250 so it would have cost more to litigate than it was worth. Her lawyer got really frustrated with her. I found this out when I was accidentally sent a chain of emails.
Aftermath. Her final lawyer dropped her as soon as the divorce was completed. I guess the lawyer got tired of her. I'm not sure. I started contacting her directly to finish up stuff like home sale and savings accounts. And she was somewhat cooperative. She had no choice. But she wanted the money from the home sale so she at least moved forward with that but ... yeah, pure hatred.
For the past week, I've gotten a few of her receipts. She bought a new iPhone 14 Pro phone from AT&T, the protection plan stuff, and now apparently an iPad. I asked her if she was using my credit and to please check. Because, I mean, how is this stuff in my name? The account is using both my name and email address. And oddly she accused me of trying to steal her account and all sorts of other nonsense. I've since locked my credit reports. I didn't tell her this. But it seemed like a smart thing to do. I couldn't find any activity that looks like a phone purchase. I think she simply has the wrong email on file. Not sure why this would show up only now. She must be getting bills in my name. I thought I was doing her a favor letting her know.
So. It's been years. It's three years after separation. And it's coming on a year after the divorce. What the hell? Is it going to be this way forever? We have to adult children together. God help us during college graduation and weddings.
This is mostly a rant. But just curious with a quick poll.
Am I alone with this bitter of a divorce? Have others gone through this? Does it ever let up?
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2023.06.06 05:53 Disastrous_Dot1626 Karma for karma- my account got hacked! Have to create new one.

Need your help. 😭
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2023.06.06 05:53 Gilbara Scam Email Going Around, Don't Click It!

Scam Email Going Around, Don't Click It!
I got this Email today. Almost clicked on it. Luckily I saw the Address was bogus.
Kind of concerns me that scammers somehow got my personal Email address and know I have an account at EA. Did EA have a security breach and lose customer info?
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2023.06.06 05:52 jek39 should RSUs/ESPP max affect my investment strategy?

I get restricted stock units as part of my compensation for my (tech) job. I plan to stay here a long time, and if I do, I should expect a steady stream of about 30% of my salary as RSUs every year, and I also max out my 15% of my income towards employee stock purchase plan. When investing (whether we are talking 401, IRA, or my taxable account), should I be thinking about avoiding investing in funds or stocks that are too simliar to the kind of place I work?

I feel like for RSUs, it really doesn't matter, since I'm likely to just sell them immediately as they vest for no tax implications. the ESPP is a little more vague to me though
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2023.06.06 05:52 c0le_w0rld Offering ACCCOB/ACYFAR Tutoring

Reviewing for the CPA boards right now and can offer tutoring during my down time.
Can be needs based! Have standard rates but we can nego depending on the set up. Ideally f2f around taft cause it's better to discuss in person :)
Message me!
Tags: tutor, accounting
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2023.06.06 05:52 Equivalent-Bid1259 Need help with PayPal exchange.

throwaway account.
Do any of you here engage in currency exchange, specifically trading USD for EUR?
I often have some $ on my PayPal, but in order to exchange USD -> EUR, I have to go through shitty PayPal exchange rates and fees. If you have an interest, please, PM me or if anyone here knows how to better withdraw money without losing them.
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