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The sub loosely defines techwear as clothing and accessories with some combination of urban functionality, technical materials, utility, and an aesthetic rooted in urban and outdoor influence.

2023.03.13 02:43 chgjzdsfg9 Guo Wengui under the coat of "opinion leader"

Guo Wengui under the coat of "opinion leader"

Guo Wengui, who was in the limelight for a time, seemed to be a Bodhisattva to save lives under the praise of the ants. Why did Guo Wengui once be so brilliant that he fooled hundreds of ignorant people? In fact, he kept putting on a coat of "opinion leader" for himself. Let's take off his coat and see what the hell was hidden inside.

1、 Material reprocessing

In fact, Guo Wengui wanted to create himself as a persecuted opinion leader from the beginning. In the "two-level communication" theory put forward by Lazarsfield and others, information flows from the mass media to opinion leaders before it flows to the public. Therefore, opinion leaders, as an intermediary, undoubtedly become the "second leader" of communication, "explaining and processing" information into content that conforms to the characteristics of their own groups and continue to spread. For the favorable content, they will actively spread, and for the unfavorable content, they will eliminate all. Therefore, it is obvious that Guo Wengui never talks about his debt collection, crime and other issues. He is always very good at diverting attention. Through the processing and reinterpretation of information, he can repackage some well-known things, attach conspiracy theory and persecution theory, and quickly assemble them into an eye-catching "explosive". Unfortunately, lies can't stand the scrutiny of time. In order to maintain their own image, we have now seen a lying Guo Wengui.

2、 A dishonest and incompetent liar

The reason why Guo Wengui always has ants to follow, from the root, is that the packaging and creation of his image has the role of dominating and guiding, coordinating and interfering. As an opinion leader, he has become an important role in group and interpersonal communication. The objects that the ants support must have the characteristics of authority, credibility, or professionalism, have a unique view of a certain event, and be trusted by the public or individual groups. Therefore, from the earliest unknown old leaders, the New York Times, Bannon, etc., he is trying to spread a message to the people who pay attention to him: he has strong credibility. He caters to the ideas of some people through so-called revelations. In the case of the deconstruction of social values, the loss of public rationality and the weakening of his own judgment, he also effectively guides public opinion with his own opinions for a period of time, and plays a leading role in coordinating or interfering with the existing information. However, soon, his obsession led to a sharp decline in credibility. His carefully crafted image began to collapse. The god of war, Guo Wengui, woven with unfounded and illogical lies, would eventually be rejected by everyone.

3、 Big bastard with tiger skin

In Lazarsfield's theory, opinion leaders have a wide range of social contacts, have more information channels, and have high frequency and large amount of contact with the mass media. At the same time, opinion leaders often pay attention to the events and news around them, and timely express their views. Guo Wengui's press conference, global live broadcast and other practices coincide with the above theories. It can be seen that he has ulterior motives. The reason why he emphasizes his "intimate" relationship with important people and heavyweight media again and again is that he hopes to master some information and reflect his energy, so as to create a strong virtual background wall for continuing to spread and fabricate lies, He hoped that by expanding his influence, he could coerce the public opinion and provide help for his political asylum. Unfortunately, Guo Wengui's poor acting skills have disappointed Americans, and his final outcome is the end of the road.

He wants to arm himself with public opinion in the guise of an opinion leader, hoping to gain the political asylum of the United States. The lying Guo Wengui seems to work, but how can he continue to be handsome after abandoning the most basic principles of life? More and more people are beginning to see his true face. The shrinking Ant Gang is the best proof that he has no way to go.
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2023.03.13 02:29 ASICmachine How much does it cost to move your BTC off an exchange? Don’t want to lose a load of my hard earned BTC in transaction fees. (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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2023.03.13 02:25 bacondrivez John Anthony Lifestyle - The Leads Machine (High Quality)

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2023.03.13 02:17 messygrandma Recurrent yeast infections since moving - please help

I am a 31-year-old female, 165 lbs, only medicine I'm on is Norethindrone/Ethinyl Estradiol 1mg/0.02mg with iron oral tablet, but I also take a daily multi-vitamin and pro-biotics. I'm vegetarian and on a plant-based diet. Had my gallbladder taken out in 2021 and lost over 55 lbs.
Been having an issue where I get yeast infections once every few weeks. I did not have this problem at the previous place I lived, but ever since I moved here it's been a consistent major issue. I went to the gyno about 6 months ago and I was told to only wash with water. The water where I live is hard water, I checked with the gyno and she said that it shouldn't cause problems. I only wash my vulva with water as directed. I also take a daily pro-biotic, I wear cotton underwear, I sleep with a very thin blanket at night in my underwear, I change out of damp clothing immediately such as gym clothes or bathing suits, and I do not wear tight clothing - still the issue persists. I've talked to my gyno about this but she just reiterates to make sure I am washing with just water - which I am. She is also booked out for the next 7 months - unfortunately, this is the case with most gynos in my area.
I should also mention I am sexually active and in a committed long-term relationship. We have unprotected sex since he's had a vasectomy, but I've had issues on and off since before we started ditching the condoms.
I am miserable and the over the counter stuff does not seem to be helping as it once did. Is there anything I can do to help prevent them from happening again? I feel like I've done everything I've been told to or have heard of and still have issues. Could the water be what's causing the issues as well?
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2023.03.13 02:06 ConstantScene524 [Clan Recruitment / EST] • Be Like Pew Pew is Recruiting • Active • Casual and Endgame focused {PvE}{PvP}(Sherpa)

Clan Name:
We Be Like Pew Pew
Crossplay (Any)
East Coast USA
Peak hours are from 7pm - 12am ET during the week, later on weekends.
About Us:
Hello there,
Come Pew Pew with us! We are a friendly community of like-minded destiny nerds who love shooting aliens. We are almost entirely made up of working adults with families, our own little lights, other hobbies, etc., and while Destiny is our main jam, we totally understand that sometimes life can get in the way of your gaming. We love to run endgame PVE content such as raids, GMs, dungeons and some of us like to sweat it out in the crucible as well. We also help our fellow members, but most importantly we love to have fun while getting that sweet, sweet loot.
We have many sherpas to help teach you the raiding ropes. Depending on interest, our sherpas schedule multiple open raids in our discord's event channel, with dedicated sherpa runs Friday nights and older raids revisited by community demand. While sherpas will routinely set up runs they lead, any member is free to post any type of event for a time and day that works best for them.
We all play this game as an escape so It's important that we foster a community of friendly players. I make an effort to vet every new member to keep toxicity out of the clan. We will not tolerate racism, bigotry or bullying of any kind. That said, friendly ribbing amongst friends is highly encouraged!
We welcome new but dedicated players as well as folks who have returned from a long hiatus, so no matter what stage you are at in the game we’ve got you covered. We are looking for additional guardians with a positive attitude willing to get involved and looking to engage with the clan, to build up a great community.
Rules: A headset with a mic is a must! Participation in our awesome Discord server is also a must. It's where we communicate, there's news channels, helpful bots, announcements and LFG to make it easy to form groups. Discord participation is mandatory, otherwise you’ll miss out on all the fun and discussion throughout the day!
Other than that, our only rules are to be friendly and respectful to others, to be active and to have fun!
Contact: Send me a PM with your quick elevator pitch. It doesn't have to be too crazy (I've gotten several PowerPoint presentations that I will never forget), just a little about yourself, your experience with Destiny, and your favorite activities. Maybe toss in a unique talent or hobby
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2023.03.13 01:10 koko_kachoo Tub seems to leak (only) when draining after being plugged. What's my best course for troubleshooting?

I have access through an access panel behind the tub as well as the option to open more of the ceiling in the room directly under the tub (I need to do this anyway). Where should I look for issues?
The tub is a walk-in tub if that makes any difference. I can look for brand and model info if relevant.
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2023.03.13 00:46 subtlegenie Dog Grooming/Other dog services - software question

Hey all,
So I know a lot of people use MoeGo, I've seen some mention and a few others. We just launched grooming last week and we opted for
Regardless, we are coming from the pet sitting/dog walking space and have nearly 200 clients we service on a yearly basis, and do about 100 services per week. Grooming was an obvious next step for us but in the walking/sitting space timetopet is like the ultimate software. Unfortunately, I don't think they have a robust way to manage grooming bookings. Any decision we make for sitting/walking is a big one considering if we switch software it could become a mess.
For those of you who offer multiple types of services, what software do you use? Is there any software that work great for walking services and grooming? Sitting seems pretty easy to me as it really just requires 1 service extended duration and two way communication.
Looking forward to hearing thoughts. My assumption is timetopet, and other platforms are working towards an all in one offering. I know GingR is popular for daycare/boarding and have the capability to do grooming but I don't think walking. Our long term goal is to open one salon and multiple vans as well as expand our sitting operation. but gosh, I really don't want to have my clients to have to be in two different platforms :(
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2023.03.13 00:37 JibangPlush Has my milk dried up? :(

is my milk supply done 😔 my baby is 13 months now and I got sick and have noticed him crying after nursing and biting. I’ve been sick every few weeks with my son and I’m so run down with no appetite. we’ve resorted to giving the bottle because I honestly just don’t have enough anymore & I don’t want my baby to starve 😔😔😔
Do u think I can increase my supply once I’ve recovered or is this the end of the road? He’s taken so many bottles the past week that I honestly see our journey coming to an end. He loves nursing for comfort but the biting is so painful
Just want some comfort 😭
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2023.03.13 00:18 Soulful_pumpkin I hate my friend. I find him infuriating and obnoxious And I just want to get him out of my life.

I made a new friend L 2 months ago through a mutual friend. We met when L was passing by and said hi to our mutual friend, who I was waiting with at a ticket booth line at my campus.
We clicked really quickly and we just never stopped talking. The same day we met we smoked pot and hung out. The one thing that bothered me was that he would be too flirty or touchy, but I’d usually be able to brush it off as him being nice. He bought me my favorite flowers, got me a ring pop to say we were “married” (inside joke), and overall was just really nice. Another small thing that bothered me was that he was N O S E Y. Like he had to know every single detail about every interaction in my day.
So this past Friday I planned on going into manhattan from my house in queens. I told my friend L, and he asked if he can come along. I thought sure why not it’ll be fun instead of going alone. My plan was to go to the met and then go around the upper west side area to eat. Wednesday night my other friend (we’ll call B) called me and asked if I was able to hang out with him in manhattan since he goes to school in the Bronx. I’ve known B since high school and we were close but drifted a little. I said of course B can hang out, so I told L that B would also hang out with us. L was fine with it.
Friday comes and me and L are at the met. And my god L is like a 5 year old child. L is speedwalking through, talking in his loud obnoxious voice in a quiet museum.
And I’m not trying to sound like a snob, but he was being so obnoxious to the point where he got yelled at by 3 ppl in the museum. One was an art teacher, who was instructing a student on their painting. My friend L completely cut off the art teacher while walking and stood in his way and the art teacher said “did you not see me walking here? I was walking right here and you decide to cut right in front of me”. I got so embarrassed and my friend L in his obnoxious voice gave a half assed apology. The second time was when L literally STEPPED OVER THE BORDER of the art and a security guard yelled in a stern voice to stay back. The third time was when L literally touched a piece of art work in the museum, and got yelled at by security again.
At that point I was pissed off. He ruined my high. He embarrassed me. And I started noticing that every time I spoke, he would interrupt or mansplain it to me (even before this day). I’d explain a painting, and then he’d explain it to me in a different way than how I said it, to make it seem like it was his idea?? I tried running away from him in the museum a couple of times just to enjoy myself, but he was so fucking clingy and would not shut up.
My friend B calls and says he finished his class and he was otw to meet us. I was relieved, and of course L being the nosey person he is goes “If you don’t mind me asking, who was that on the phone?” I told him it was my friend B, who I said was gonna hang with us. Keep in mind L throughout the whole museum kept asking if I was alright because I was giving off “angry and annoyed vibes” DING DING DING. Unfortunately I was stuck with L alone for a long fucking time because my friend B was taking the bus. Me and L walk through central park, and my high is wearing off so my anger was at its peak. B calls again and asks where we are and I said we were on our way to the restaurant in the upper west side. L is clinging to my side, he might as well have held the phone to his ear. My friend B was asking if L can go home because B just wanted to hang out with me. It made sense since L had to go home early anyway. I kept trying to tell L to just go home so he wouldn’t be late (his dad called and was already mad at him for not being home). He couldn’t get the hint. L asked in his annoying voice “If you don’t mind me asking, how many people are gonna be at the restaurant”, and I painstakingly said it was just me and B and him.
Me and L walk a half hour through central park and get to the restaurant. It was absolutely terrible. He’s being touchy, annoying, loud, obnoxious. He kept rubbing his hand over mine and rubbing my shoulder, and I told him to stop fucking touching me. Not to fuck with me while I’m mad.
I kept texting B where he was to like come and save me, but his bus wasn’t showing up. So eventually B can’t make it to the restaurant. I got through the lunch, and we decided to meet up with my friend B at his train stop, which was another 30 minute walk. I just wanted L to go away and meet with my friend B. Once again, I kept telling L to just take the train and go home, and he wouldn’t listen. Finally, we meet up with my friend B and L has to go home. I’m saved.
Since that day L hasn’t texted me (and like I said we talk every second of every day). And I am. So. Relieved. I think I finally got rid of him. I hope he doesn’t try to see me when I’m back at school. There’s so much more he’s done to annoy me before this day, but I think this made me realize I just find him fucking annoying.
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2023.03.12 23:36 Mgiwar at 6 pm something near us was dropped by a plane. that we already had an earthquake, probably in the ball 2.5. Since it was no longer just shaking the house. This is already the ground just bouncing for a couple of seconds

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2023.03.12 22:54 ArronEisenman [For Hire] Hire the Best of the Best in Writing Services√

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2023.03.12 22:25 bacondrivez John Anthony Lifestyle - The Leads Machine (High Quality)

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2023.03.12 21:32 copingbear Feedback on my all-AMD gaming PC

Hello! I am looking to build my first PC in about 25 years 😅. Much has changed in this time, and I would appreciate any feedback on the following parts list.
I aim for it to be a:
In particular:
  1. Is this a good distribution of budget across parts?
  2. Could you help me with CPU (and case) cooling options? I would like an elegant AIO I think that it is not too expensive.
  3. I would like to keep the budget to around £1500 – £1700 in total, and I am happy to wait for up to 6 months to actually build this. Is there anything around the corner that I should know?
Thank you very much for any input. ☺️🙏
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 7600X 4.7 GHz 6-Core Processor £225.00 @ Amazon UK
Motherboard Asus TUF GAMING X670E-PLUS WIFI ATX AM5 Motherboard £333.38 @
Memory *G.Skill Trident Z 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6400 CL32 Memory £170.18 @ Amazon UK
Storage Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive £178.97 @ Amazon UK
Video Card *XFX Speedster MERC 319 CORE Radeon RX 6800 XT 16 GB Video Card £584.99 @ Amazon UK
Case Lian Li LANCOOL 216 ATX Mid Tower Case £109.00
Power Supply Corsair RM1000e 1000 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply £144.99 @ AWD-IT
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total £1746.51
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2023.03.12 21:20 xkillo147 [USA-TX] [H] MSI RX 580 8G V1, Ryzen 5 PRO 2400GE [W] PayPal

Hi everyone, I've come to sell some parts as I upgrade my system. Looking to sell my RX 580 for around SOLD 80$ shipped SOLD, works well, no box included. Second is my Ryzen 5 PRO 2400GE, an awesome little CPU, selling for SOLD 45$ shipped SOLD. Of course willing to negotiate. Timestamps:
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2023.03.12 21:06 ZachTheLitchKing [CW] Smash 'Em Up Sunday: Pepián de Pollo (Revised)

Original Prompt
The world spun around at dizzying speeds, but the fae folk did not travel in discomfort and Bea benefited from their magic; she felt no nausea nor imbalance as the spinning slowed to a different world. The rainy forest and pine scent had been replaced by the eternal springtime and sweet, tropical air of the fae realm.
Bea took a deep breath, enjoying the clarity of it all. Lungful after lungful of smog-free air was more intoxicating than any drink or drunk. She could spend all day in that spot, just taking in the beauty of it all; the exotic and colorful plants, the hints of wildlife, and the distant city of gleaming gold and glass that never failed to take Bea's breath away.
"Come on," Ophelia said, tugging on Bea's hand. She followed her favorite elf away from the lattice of interwoven flowers - the fae side of the fairy circle, far prettier than the ring of mushrooms growing in the dirt of a forest floor on the human side - and down the foot path towards the village at the base of the hill. Ophelia's little hamlet was tucked away in the shade of a grand tree with gold bark and silver leaves, the one place that felt more like home to Bea than anywhere in the human world.
The villagers greeted Ophelia excitedly, welcoming her back as though she had been gone for some time, while Bea was greeted politely and warmly. It still made her feel a little awkward at times, but she was doing her best to grow on the elves. Her desire to stay there with Ophelia strong enough to put her own discomfort aside and put in the effort to make herself welcome.
The small lodge Ophelia called home would have fetched a huge price in the cottage-core-choked housing market back in the human realm despite it being little more than a glorified cabin with only three distinct rooms - main, bed, and bath - but it's cozy nature and the closeness it afforded Bea and Ophelia made it perfect in their eyes.
"Can you go out back and fetch some eggs?" Ophelia asked as they approached the front door.
"Sure," Bea turned to take the garden path around the house. She was happy to be back with her girlfriend and the other fae folk; the human realm was just too stressful. Her family were a bunch of ignorant asshats and she could not afford living on her own. Not among humans at least, but here in this world she had a place to be and someone to be with.
Bea went to the chicken coop and ducked inside, reaching under the squawking birds to fetch a few eggs. She ended up with a half dozen, lifting her shirt slightly to carry them, and carefully brought them into the cottage where Ophelia was laying out ingredients.
"Whatcha making?" Bea asked.
"A quiche," Ophelia said, knowing it was Bea's favorite dish. The human licked her lips in anticipation, having long ago learned that the myths about eating with the fae trapping them there or cursing them to die of starvation were mostly myths. Ophelia had warned Bea that it was possible with mal-intentioned inhabitants but unlikely. That was a fair enough assessment, as far as Bea was concerned, since it was easy enough to slip a drug or a poison into someone's food back in her realm as well. Possible, but not likely.
"I am so longing to be domestic," Bea leaned in to give Ophelia a kiss on the cheek, earning a rare blush from the normally unflappable elf. Marriage may have been an entirely human construct but Bea had shown Ophelia enough of her culture to get the point across about its intent.
Bea watched Ophelia prepare the quiche, trying to learn how to cook in the process. She rolled out some pie dough on some flour then tucked it into the tray, curling the edges over and put it in the icebox. Ophelia reached out to the fire pit and muttered an elvish incantation. Bea tried to pick up on it, but could only make out the phrase I contribute to the dawn as part of it, which did not sound quite right. Bea's elvish was not great and she would have to ask what it meant later.
While the stove warmed up, Ophelia put a skillet on top of it and added a half-teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of garlic to it. Once the room was very fragrant she added three large handfuls of spinach and let it simmer, giving Bea a wooden spoon to stir it a bit with the instructions to remove the skillet from the stovetop once it was wilted.
Ophelia took the eggs and cracked them deftly, one by one, with a flick of her wrist, draining their contents into a bowl. To that she added a cup of milk and began to stir until they were well mixed. Sundried tomatoes were next then she asked Bea for the spinach while scraping in some sort of cheese.
"What kind of cheese is that?" Bea asked, pushing the spinach in with the wooden spoon.
"Goat cheese," Ophelia answered while reaching for the salt and pepper. Once it was all well mixed she pulled the pie tin out of the icebox and poured all of the mixture into the dough. Once it was in the oven Ophelia set about to cleaning the kitchen with Bea's help.
Bea was wiping down the counter when she asked Ophelia about the incantation from earlier. A short lesson in elvish followed, clarifying some of Bea's misunderstanding. The language had several tonal components and Bea's ear was still learning to differentiate them, so where Bea had heard I contribute to the dawn what Ophelia had actually said was closer to I borrow from the sun.
"I guess my ears aren't sharp enough yet," Bea joked with a snicker. Ophelia stopped cleaning for a moment to give her a very level stare before she, too, began to giggle. Bad puns were not overly common between the two but they did enjoy them when they came up.
"How long does it take?" Bea asked as she put the final soiled washcloth in the basin, feeling the rumble of hunger in her stomach.
"Patience Beatrice," Ophelia smiled, "It takes as long as it needs."
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2023.03.12 20:49 PMRef Simplii Financial Referral: $50 simply for signing up! Plus the potential for a $350 direct deposit bonus! $400 in total potential earnings!

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2023.03.12 20:45 whiskey_bourbon Drywall fissure in ceiling

We’ve noticed a crack forming in a ceiling in one of our rooms (picture: We initially thought water damage but:
It has been raining a lot over the past few days (the whole season in fact), and the crack is near an external wall and roof line.
Is it possible it’s just a bad drywall tape job absorbing atmospheric humidity?
This is the only place in the house where we are seeing an issue like this.
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2023.03.12 20:20 myunclelovesyou [TOMT] Study about men wanting an independent woman but ultimately agreeing to what they say

read a study a while ago about how man want a progressive/liberal partner who is independent and is vocal about different opinions/ideas, but eventually want them to cave in an agree to what the man says.
A sort of illusion of choice where they get to feel good about being a progressive equal household but ultimately wanting their decision to be the final.
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2023.03.12 20:18 Quique1222 I hate children

Not simply in a "I don't like being responsible for children." Not neccesarily even in a "I don't know how to talk to children."
I mean I fucking hate children.
If I go to a restaurant and they sit us near a kid, I request a different table. When I'm at work, and someone makes theur kid order for themselves and they don't know how or talk in this jumbled mess, it pisses me off. I go incredibly out of my way and jump through hoops to never see little cousins. If someone I'm following online announces their pregnancy, I'll block them to insure their stupid baby videos don't get recommend to me. If a person I know in real life tells me they're trying, I'll immediately start distancing myself from that person.
The sound of a screaming child in public ruins my day. I am filled with this unjustifiable anger when forced to deal with anyone under the age of ten. It is so obnoxious and rage inducing.
"But they're people too, they deserve to take up space, blah blah blah." Have you seriously never met an adult you can't stand? They're people who deserve to take up space, doesn't make them any less annoying. I'm not advocating to destroy all tiny humans, I'm changing my situation so I just don't have to fucking deal with them.
I hate kids so so much. And this might be the only place I can share this feeling with out being villianized
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2023.03.12 19:39 Sherbet-Tough Hi all! Just got an Alfa issue that I think you all may be able to help with!

I currently have a 2013 Alfa Romeo MITO Live 0.9 Twin Turbo. I love the car so much and I’ve never driven anything like it. I’m lucky it has such a good sound system but since I bought the car all I’ve had is issues with Bluetooth connectivity and the Pioneer screen that came with the car and I have now learned is stock. The volume buttons don’t work and neither does the music or maps ‘app’ on the display. I am well aware that the screen is an old model and probably won’t work with newer phones but I’m having a lot of trouble finding a replacement screen or a way to somehow fix my current one. What would everyone recommend I do and does any one have any experience with this and know what model of new screen to have installed. Thanks!
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2023.03.12 19:01 california_reop How to build a REOP firm today with no upfront cost

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2023.03.12 18:57 NeuronsToNirvana Abstract & Section snippets Restructuring #insight: An #integrative review of insight in #problem-#solving, #meditation, #psychotherapy, #delusions and #psychedelics #Consciousness and #Cognition [Apr 2023]

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