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2023.03.21 00:22 _Revelator_ Clarkson's Columns: The Toyota GR86 Review & A Tory BBC?

The Clarkson Review: the Toyota GR86, sporty but nice
It won’t tear your hair off but it’s surprisingly zippy — and reassuringly cheap
By Jeremy Clarkson (Sunday Times, March 19)
I haven’t even started yet, and already I’m going to digress. On a cold, grey Sunday afternoon recently I lit a fire and decided to watch Battle of Britain again. A man can never have too much of Olivier’s miserableness or Robert Shaw’s jumper.
Of course I didn’t need subtitles, partly because actors didn’t mumble in those days and partly because I know the entire film off by heart, but they were on anyway and I couldn’t be bothered to work out how to turn them off.
And boy oh boy was I glad, because they were obviously written by someone for whom English was a second language, or whose hearing was every bit as terrible as mine. Either way they turned this magnificent film into a comedy. You wait for the next howler and when it comes you can’t help roaring with laughter. “God strewth” becomes “God’s truth”, the Cockney kid’s “Heinkels” becomes “iron korps” twice and there are so many more. Try it this afternoon if you’ve a couple of hours free. It’s hilarious.
You can also try to work out how many of the main cast are still alive. Only two I reckon. Ian McShane and Michael Caine. And then you can have a bit of a ponder as you try to think of a better man-car pairing than Christopher Plummer as the dashing Spitfire pilot and his little MG PA sports car. (Most people think it was a TA. It wasn’t.)
And it wasn’t just him. Kenneth More used an MG too in Reach for the Sky, as did the man about whom the film was made, Douglas Bader. It was what young men did back then before the invention of quiche lorraine and weird pronouns. Drove sports cars.
Because these little cars with their rorty engines and their chromed wheels sent out a clear message. I have no need for practicality in my life. I am single and I’m carefree and I like the wind in my hair, and after I’ve pointed my Browning at a Hun, I shall come home and point my pinkning at you, my dear.
I’m not sure when the allure of the sports car began to wane. Probably when someone decided that the composition of gases in the upper atmosphere was more important than getting Susannah York into bed.
But recent figures don’t bear this eco-theory out. I know the stats get skewed in January and February by all sorts of demand and supply issues, but in a shrinking overall market, electric car sales are absolutely tanking as people realise they aren’t as green as they’re made out to be, that they are phenomenally expensive to buy and increasingly expensive to reinvigorate, assuming of course you can find a charging location. Which, as there’s only one for every 30 electric vehicles on the road, is unlikely. And even if you do the chargers will all be broken.
So no, it’s not a drive to be green that’s killing the sports car. And nor is it increasingly draconian rules about the height a bonnet should be. No. It’s a general malaise. A sense that driving can’t be fun because there are too many cameras and too many rules and too many cycle lanes. And that if it can’t be fun, you may as well drive around in what’s nothing more than a household appliance. Something with a small, economical engine and good internet connectivity for when you’re stuck in traffic.
Lisa is still going on about that Vauxhall Astra we had on test recently. In her mind it’s the best car ever made. My son, meanwhile, wants to swap his Fiat Spider for a Volvo because what other choice does he have? When it comes to affordable sports cars, there’s the Mazda MX-5. And that’s it. The Fiat’s gone. Renault doesn’t do one any more. No one does. Not even MG, which now makes … God knows what? Nothing I’d want to buy.
All of which brings me to the Toyota GR86. It’s not a sports car as such because it has a roof. But it is small, it does have a rorty engine and rear-wheel drive, and it is cheap. Amazingly cheap. You can have this car for just under £30,000.
I doubt you’ll remember its predecessor, the GT86. Launched as a sister car to the Subaru BRZ, which you also won’t remember, the idea, on paper, was quite good. Fit a little car with rear-wheel drive, equip it with not very grippy tyres from a Prius and, wahey, all over the world young men would be introduced for the very first time to their inner Plummer.
Road testers such as myself loved it but we didn’t buy one. No one did. Toyota, however, weren’t to be deterred and decided the problem was the engine. They reckoned it wasn’t torquey enough. So now they’ve addressed that and the little sports coupé is back. As the GR86.
The engine is still a flat four — which gives the car a low centre of gravity — but it now displaces 2.4 litres. Which means 34 more horsepowers and, more important, 33 more torques, which come at you from the ground up, not from the stratospheric red zone. This means you no longer have to stir the gearlever like you’re beating eggs as you desperately search for a bit of grunt. The engine is now tremendous. Even in top gear at 40mph you can feel the low-down surge as if you’re caught in a riptide.
Don’t get me wrong. This is a sub-£30,000 car. It’s not a Porsche or a Ferrari. It won’t tear your hair off but it will do 0 to 60mph in about six seconds, and that’s fine. So is the handling. Toyota has realised that most people don’t actually want to slide their car round roundabouts. It frightens them and they end up in court. So now the car has tyres that are designed to grip the road rather than slither about on it as though they’re made from Fairy Liquid.
I truly loved driving this car, and I loved the noise it made too, until I discovered it was an artificial sound coming at me through the speakers. Then I hated it.
This is a trivial thing, though. The GR86 is extremely pretty, effortless to get in and out of, like a Shackletons easy chair, and the interior comes with just enough stuff to make you think nothing is missing at all. It’s an extremely complete little car, and if you hanker after the olden days you should definitely buy one. Toyota says the few hundred that came to the UK in the first allocation are already sold but they’re hoping for another. After that there may not be any more.
I was going to end up by saying it’s not the end of the world because Toyota also makes the Yaris GR, which is even more fun, and you could have one of those instead. But I’ve just made a couple of calls and it seems they’ve sold out of those.
Prius, anyone?

Land Rover Defender 130 X-Dynamic HSE D300 AWD MHEV
Engine: 2387cc, 4 cylinders, petrol
Power: 231bhp @ 7000rpm
Torque: 184 lb ft @ 3700rpm
Acceleration: 0-62mph: 6.3sec
Top speed: 140mph
Fuel / CO2: 32.1mpg / 200g/km
Weight: 1,275kg
Price: £29,995
Release date: Register at
Jeremy’s rating: ★★★★☆

Head to head:
Toyota GR86 6-speed manual versus Mazda MX-5 2.0 Skyactiv-G Exclusive-Line
£29,995 Price £30,350
231bhp Power 181bhp
6.3sec 0-62mph 6.5sec
140mph Top speed 136mph
A Tory BBC? Everyone I met there in 25 years was flaming red
By Jeremy Clarkson (Sunday Times, March 19)
It’s often said that when someone emerges into the world from university and likes what they see, they will go into the City or into business and they will devote their lives to making money and going to parties and having fun. However, if they leave university and think the world is all broken and full of injustice, they will try to change the system. Which means they will add a rainbow emoji to their Twitter bio and join the BBC.
Of course, in recent weeks we have been told over and over again that this is emphatically not the case. Many angry, red-faced people have pointed out that the present chairman of the BBC is a Tory party donor and that Tim Davie, the director-general, once stood as a Conservative candidate in the local council elections in Hammersmith & Fulham. The message, then, is clear. At the very top, the Beeb is a festering maggot pit run by the bastard love children of Margaret Thatcher and Gordon Gekko.
That’s why Gary Lineker was temporarily stood down — not because he’d broken some weird impartiality clause in his contract but because he’d dared to challenge this government’s tireless resolve to treat immigration as if it’s basically a big game of snakes and ladders, and bounce everyone who lands on a beach in Kent straight off to Rwanda. “You can’t work for the BBC with views like that, Big Ears, so bugger off.”
Then there was Fiona Bruce. When someone on Question Time suggested that Stanley Johnson was a wife-beater, she interrupted to say that his friends had said he’d only done it once. Now, we all know she did this because she was legally required to do so. But, according to the mob, the ghost of Keith Joseph was transmitting his thoughts into her earpiece from the BBC’s throne room.
The mob, however, is wrong. Yes, at this precise moment of history it’s possible that the two people at the top of the BBC might at some point in their past have voted Conservative, but what about everyone else? All the other 22,000 people involved in running this broadcasting giant? The army that creates and writes and presents all the shows it produces? Well, I worked at the BBC for more than 25 years, and I can tell you that almost everyone I met was redder than the end of a dog’s lipstick.
I was once told when visiting the Simon Mayo show that I would have to leave my copy of The Spectator outside as “extremist material” was not allowed in the Radio 5 Live offices. And then, while I was waiting to go on The One Show, a producer said that I had to agree with the public sector strikes that were happening that day or it would be “awkward”.
I know someone who was told to take down his Union Jack because it was “offensive”, and I was asked to remove my poster of Mrs Thatcher because it was upsetting people who walked past. I did, and replaced it with a picture of Kate and Wills, which somehow made them even angrier.
Have things changed since then? Well, if you are a Conservative voter and you are employed by the BBC, write to me and let me know. I’m not expecting a sudden surge in demand for stamps.
You may argue that this right-on, left-leaning wokery is hidden from viewers — but if you know what to look for, it really isn’t. Yes, in an item on Countryfile last weekend airtime was indeed given to a landowner who has to put up with the wild camping enthusiasts who turn up on his farm with their stupid tents and their sense of entitlement. But he was grilled so fiercely that at the end, the word “Breville” was clearly visible on his forehead. Whereas the beardies who think property is theft were treated like bereaved parents after a car crash.
The news? Sure, each item, taken on its own merit, is balanced, but the choice of those items is usually straight from the Guardian playbook: climate change, cost of living crisis, Tory sleaze. And now the weather, followed by our exciting new series, Saving Lives in Leeds.
Comedy? Sorry, comedy’s too risky for the BBC these days. Someone might be the butt of a joke, and that could cause all sorts of upset and mental health issues.
Remember, what everyone on every BBC platform fears more than anything is a Twitter backlash, so to try to keep that festival of left-wing madness happy, they have to be even more left wing and even more right-on. And they have to make sure that every show is pitch-perfect to the BLT+ community and the ethnic minority communities and the community communities, and when you’re thinking defensively like that, the concept of informing and educating and entertaining pretty much goes out of the window. Could I do Top Gear there now? Not a chance.
They’ve even got problems this month with Sir Attenborough. The Beeb has had to fight off claims that the final programme of his new Wild Isles series was written by some sixth-formers who got so carried away with their woke agenda, it will only be shown on iPlayer.
Naturally, all of this makes the vast majority of the BBC’s increasingly aged viewers jolly cross. They are forced to pay £53.50 a year — and a lot more if they want to watch in colour — and they get absolutely nothing that even remotely interests them in return.
I feel your pain, but as I’m the sort of person who emerged into the world as a young man and decided to grab all that it had to offer with both hands and milk the bastard dry, I’ve come up with a way to make the BBC fun. Start at six in the evening, and every time someone with an earnest face says something earnest to an earnest person in the community, take a drink. I guarantee by 7.30 you’ll be in hysterics, and by eight you’ll be fast asleep.
And here's the Sun column: We need a leader to stand up & say ‘this is what’s wrong with Britain and here’s how I’ll fix it’
Clarkson's columns are regularly collected as books. You can buy them online or at your local bookshop.
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2023.03.20 23:55 Mizzno [H] Games [W] Visage, A Hat in Time, Tower Unite, Mega Man 11, CODE VEIN, Offers

For sale, for Steam gift cards (or gifted Steam Wallet balance):

For trade:
*tentatively up for trade, assuming I buy the bundle


IGS Rep Page:
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2023.03.20 23:52 Zealousideal_End_978 How to solve the Primaris/Firstborn "problem"

There's much discussion about the future of firstborn marines - heightened with the teasers of new Terminators - so I thought I'd give my two cents about what I think should happen
I'd be fascinated to hear what you think - do you have any better ideas, and/or what do you think GW will do?
Overall, my plan aims to do three things:
  • Minimise models becoming obsolete (keeping us oldies happy)
  • Maximise new sales for GW (keeping their accountants happy)
  • Simplify statlines & offer more flexibility (keeping everyone happy)
Step 1:
Remove "Primaris" keyword, just make everything Codex Astartes. Fluff-wise, perhaps they develop a "primaris-lite" upgrade which doesn't increase height...or perhaps all the remaining first orn at this point are veterans.
Bolters become bolt rifles, and everyone gets at least 2 attacks base...there's little difference between them already; easy enough to tidy up. Primaris can exist in lore, but there's increasingly little point of it making a difference on the tabletop
Step 2:
Give Primaris units a bit more "tactical" flexibility in terms of weapon options. The current lack thereof is a major bugbear, and I can't see the point. A basic squad of marines needs one chap with a proper heavy weapon to take on alcomers...not the pea-shooter grenade launcher they currently have. Over time weapons can be added to all boxes, but in the meantime an upgrade sprue or two should suffice
Step 3:
Using the above two steps, most units can now be trimmed down to a smaller number of statlines, each with a decent mix of options. Non-exhaustive list of rejigged units below
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Librarian
  • Chaplain (All with a basic statline, with standardised bonsues if biker, phobos, terminator or jump)
  • Tactical Intercessors (as tacticals but add the grenade launcher as another heavy weapon option)
  • Veteran intercessors merge with SiB sternguard vets
  • include the plastic dreadnoughts in the main codex
  • maybe combine all the boxnoughts into one statline, with venerable/ironclad being simple upgrades
  • Apothecaries/Ancients/Champions each combine to a single statline (obviously)
Fast Attack
  • Bikes & Outriders become one and the same (IMHO I'd allow a choice of either specisl weapons or chainsword & devastating charge. And max squad size of 6)
  • Attack Bikes & Land Speeders are a tricky one. I love them; they obviously can't sensibly be proxied/merged with ATVs and storm speeders. If they can find a place in HH then maybe there's an argument for keeping them as seperate units? If not, then alas Legends may be the place for them
Heavy Support
  • if a tank has a plastic kit in 30k or 40k, then include it in the 40k codex (as with the dreadnoughts - and please remove the 1CP cost). If the only LR & Predator kits become the 30k ones then so be it.
  • merge sniper scouts with eliminators, perhaps? (Basic scouts can stay as elites/troops)
  • IMHO they should redesign the silly desolation squad as gravis, and put them alongside eliminators
  • [potentially controversial]: hellblasters merge with plasma/melta sternguard vets - becoming more generic "all-special-weapon" marines as a counterpart to devastatodesolation heavy weapon squads
Step 4:
Future releases hereafter
Release Primaris-sized versions of remaining firstborn marines. There aren't many; just please keep to existing weapon loadouts, there's no need for a repeat of the silly desolator upgunning. There aren't many to do:
  • Jump Pack power armour marines (Vanguard Vets & assault marines. N.b. suppressors have never been released outside larger box sets)
  • Sternguard vets (keep the awesome togas)
  • Terminators (we know they're coming already)
  • heavy weapon intercessors (as both devastators and as part of tactical intercessor squads)
Step 5:
Enjoy! There's no need to put anything into "Legends". All new 40k releases can be Primaris sized, with the option for people to use 30k kits in 40k games if they wish. Oldies will still get to field their short-scale firstborns on the table, without removing the incentive for people to buy the new kits over time
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2023.03.20 22:20 jacksuncoy I think I found my passion, but it would require me restarting my degree

Context: I am halfway through my Junior year as an Online Business Administration major at ASU and will get my degree at the end of next Summer. I had always planned on going into corporate America, busting my butt in sales and trying to make as much money as possible. I started my first corporate sales internship about a month ago and i CANNOT imagine doing this for the rest of my life.
Additionally, I broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years about a month ago and realized that many of my college and career decisions revolves around providing for her and our future family. (i decided to go to college online so i could stay close to her).
On top of both of these factors, I think I found my purpose/passion. After realizing that I hate the feeling of corporate, I majorly pondered what I would do if money were no object/what work I would do for free because it sure as hell would not be sales.
That’s when i had a lightbulb moment about how passionate I am about protecting the planet and preserving nature.
After a hell of a lot of research, I landed on becoming a wildlife biologist/biologist in general.
I am fully aware as to the lack of job stability and pay, and would go into this field strictly because it is something i would literally do for free.
Unfortunately, I would be basically restarting college to get my BS in Conservation Biology and Ecology.
My main conflict is
  1. do I finish my business degree just to get it because I’m so close, then go back to school for the second major
  2. Double major (which i don’t think would work because i want to go to school in person for Conservation Biology)
  3. Drop the business degree altogether and go all in on conservation biology
The only way i can see the business degree helping me is if i work for a consulting firm. I never plan on returning to corporate america.
Money for the degrees does not matter.
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2023.03.20 22:19 rainierirainieri Voters Guide For Real People (Taken from Nextdoor)

Surprisingly good content on Nextdoor. The post:
Let's laugh at local politics.
"Unpolitically Correct Voters Guide for Real People"

*Much like Tucker Carlson's TV show, this post is for entertainment purposes only. (Side note: my lawyer is also Tucker Carlson's lawyer and he told me to say that so I can't be held accountable for being legally braindead)*
Wayne Williams - Do you love water restrictions? Do you love traffic? Do you love the establishment? Do you love puppet politicians? Then you'll love Wayne Williams. Directly in the pockets of developers, Williams is the choice for anyone who wants unregulated growth that will force those in charge of our water infrastructure to make difficult decisions when our supply reaches a critical point. In his defense, he may actually be a good guy but a ventriloquist dummy is only as good as the person with their hand up his ass.

John "Tigger" Tiegen - You know that family member that ruins every thanksgiving dinner with endless schizophrenic rants about the deep state? This is who they would vote for if they weren't so woke to know that the voting machines are being controlled by the spectre of Mao Zedong. But they know a workaround to ensure their candidate gets into office: drive around with flags flying from their truck. And obviously if that doesn't work then the back up is just claiming election fraud.

Kallan Rodebaugh - The only good candidate. Not tainted by any Facebook narratives. Doesn't attack his opponents. All campaign donations go to Springs Mission. He has way better hair than any other choices. Can lift more than any other choices.

Daryll Glenn - This is the only candidate who will end the COVID lockdowns that Obama has inflicted on this country. Okay, sure, they have ended, but he'll travel back in time and end them. And sure, Obama isn't in office, but anyone who likes Glenn knows that Obama is teamed up with George Soros and Bill Gates to implant 5g chips in the populace and control them. Glenn will also fight back against the controllers of the Jewish space lasers that have been the cause of wildfires. Voting for him gets you a coupon code for MyPillow, so that's awesome.

Yemi - You know that warm fuzzy feeling you got when you voted for Obama because of all the hope and change and what not, then under Obama we drone struck a Yemeni wedding and it and we all were just like, "yeah, I definitely believe that I'm a leftist by voting for that" and then you were all like "orange man put kids in cage, I'm voting against him" and then the new guy just got nicer kids for the cage and you were all like "yeah, that's awesome I definitely think I'm a leftist for that"? Remember? Pepperidge farm remembers. Well, you can revive that feeling of neoliberal fetishistic disavowal by voting for a guy whose business was involved in wage theft and ignored sexual harassment allegations. Thank God (who he has personally spoken with, so there might be some collusion there) his supporters are telling people he wasn't to blame for those incidents because I haven't seen any evidence of him addressing the issue and clearing the air.

Christopher Mitchell - Finally, a candidate who has briefly skimmed the cliff's notes of the Constitution and is running a campaign based on a 4th graders understanding of said Constitution. He claims he'll handle things objectively, which, one can very well infer from reading about him that his version of objectivity will hew so close to subjective that you'll question the definition of either term. Also, wtf is the cowboy revolution? Does that mean this guy owns a Ford f-150 that's never left concrete?

Andrew Dalby - The dude took out a $400,000 loan for his campaign and his largest expenditure, the largest single expenditure among any of the candidates, is a $275,000 transaction to Dark Money Advertising LLC. The joke writes itself folks. A true caricature of politics. And listen, as a straight white male, I'm just as excited as the next straight white male for the possibility of the ideals in Handmaids Tale being the law of the land, but dude, chill. Side note: When Yemi claims he talked to God he was actually talking to Dalby.

Lawrence Martinez - I feel like if I try to add any coherent thoughts to this guy's platform, people will accuse me of being involved with his campaign. Considering that incoherence has been the preference for the executive branch of our federal government since 2016, he should be the frontrunner. But it's very likely that reading this is the first time you've heard of him.

Sallie Clark - The "i WoN't vOtE fOr cArEeR PoLiTiCiAnS" crowd aren't voting for her, so that is one out of two good things going for her. Of the viable candidates, she's probably the best choice when it comes to the real issues Colorado Springs faces (the ones Wayne Williams will make worse). But, as evidenced by her attack ad on Williams (which, by principle I don't vote for candidates who run attack ads) which juxtaposed Williams as someone who would dare reach across the aisle in bipartisan fashion, she is representative of the plague that is American entertainment politics. In a race that is supposed to be non-partisan, she has assured us that she is a conservative republican who is fine with alienating an entire voting demographic. I also heard a rumor that she talks to Margaret Thatcher with a Ouija board but I can't prove that.

Jim Miller - Jim Miller will increase the distance that sex offenders can live from schools. Jim Miller will increase the distance that sex offenders can live from playgrounds. Jim Miller will increase the distance that sex offenders can live from Chuck E Cheese. That's pretty much the platform. Oh, he doesn't like potholes either. We can all get on board with that, right? Just deport the pedos to Teller county and fix the potholes? We should probably just vote for this guy.

Longinos - You know that joke, "How do you know if someone's vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you." Well, that's how Longinos is with his military career. And just like any panhandler that makes a dubious claim about being a veteran on their cardboard sign, he knows it's a strategy that works in this setting. He also makes the noble claim that he is the candidate for "the people" while being adamantly against everything half of "the people" want. He'll get up to 3% of the vote, which will at least beat Tiegen so that's fun.

Strand - Again, this is probably the first time you've heard of him. I think at this point it's probably a waste of time to waste my breath on someone all of us just heard of today because of this post. (The joke is that you all should have heard of him but he's been pushed far aside in this election)
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2023.03.20 22:16 Gardiste_ Declaring Personal Property Online

This is for St. Louis County, I’m sure City is just as bad. It’s that time of year when we have to tell the great Department of Revenue what we own or no longer own, because they can’t track it in any modern way. Doing this on a mobile device is nearly impossible, but doable if you can find the right combination of links to click through. This year’s combo is: 1. Log in to the revenue website 2. Ignore the text on the page - it is not helpful 3. Click on „My Account“ 4. Click on „Features“ 5. Scroll to bottom of page for the correct link to either declare your personal property or file a dispute 6. Ask yourself why this is a Feature and not just a direct link from the landing page, since that is why we are all here to begin with.
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2023.03.20 22:05 JadeWebb43 selling everything

Middletown Connecticut, On the border of Portland Connecticut. Right at the Connecticut River,. There's a huge bridge. My land is just south west of the bridge.
Selling plain land for 150, cheapest u can, And specials for 200.
41°33''55'N. / 72°39'06'W
To all you Juggernaughts, and anyone who wants to be Governor of CT. I'll be placing my 270 something lands for sale
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2023.03.20 21:51 Major_Contribution_5 undeserved world record

I randomly had the thought about who held the world record(WR) for the longest motorcycle jump.
My research came up with Alex Harvill at 425 feet in August 2021
My understanding was that on June 17, 2021 there was an event at Grand County International Airport in Grant County, Washington. I understand that during a practice jump he missed landing spot on the ramp and hit the lip of the ramp and ended up dying on the way to hospital due to blunt force trauma. It seems kind of weird to me to give a WR to somebody who tried to do something and failed.
maybe these are false equivalents but wouldn't this be the same as:
-tallest dive into water even though they died because they had a bad entry
It's too bad this guy died, that really sucks for him and his friends & family but I don't think he deserves a world record but maybe surviving the jump is not a requirement for that specific WR.
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2023.03.20 21:12 salelouisllc 2/6/2023 youtube video 2 6 23

This is rough video but it is sale louis louis llc talking about what was going on at the time for stuff ... Please watch and learn what was going on .... it is problems on what society was doing in bay city michigan and bay county ...
2/6/2023 youtube video 2 6 23
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2023.03.20 21:08 Schoonsy From zero to decent sales in six months: a reflection (and could use some advice for moving forward)

Hi all. I launched my niche YA fantasy series last year, and have made some good progress. I thought it would be useful for me to reflect on the process and also get some feedback about where I might go from here.
Sep 2022 - March 2023 Overview: Three YA fantasy novels in a series + a prequel published on KDP Units Ordered: 760 (ebook, paperback, and hardcover - mostly ebooks) KDP Royalties: Approx. $1400 Direct Ad Spend: Approx $1100
I spent the ~$1100 on advertising between Facebook and Amazon ads. I was losing money at first but I think I'm finally getting close to a profit zone this year. There are other expenses I've racked up like MailChimp and Squarespace and ISBNs.
The ROI is really difficult for me to calculate. For example Amazon ads says I spent $600+ lifetime on ads, but only made $80 of sales. But I know many people seem to have went on to buy book two and three or the prequel in the series. It makes it nearly impossible for me to figure out if those sales are coming from Amazon or Facebook ads, so I'm left wondering how to prioritize my ad spend.
Basically what I did was set up a series website (not much more than a landing page, used Squarespace and it was very simple) with a pop-up that says you can sign up with your e-mail address to get the first book for free. Then I used Facebook ads to direct people to the website, which was driving 100-200 e-mail signups per week when I was at peak spending. I figured it was a cost of about $.40-.50 per e-mail signup, which I think is pretty decent. Then I use a MailChimp automation to walk readers through the series.
I'm using really specific targeting to try to market to folks who have read similar authors/series that the books are inspired by. I also tried some e-mail blasts like Fussy Librarian which seemed to urge a spike in sales.
I guess I'm just not sure where to go from here. The margins seem razor thin, and I sort of feel like a crazy gambler sometimes, like "Oh, I'll just throw a little more money at advertising and maybe I'll make some more sales and see the results I want!"
Any advice for moving past this area of treading water, making decent sales but not really making a profit, to push things in the right direction?
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2023.03.20 21:04 WestTualityHabitat Volunteers help clear a future home site in rural Washington County to help West Tuality Habitat for Humanity

On this past Saturday, volunteers for West Tuality Habitat for Humanity spent the beautiful day - the first one we've had in many weeks - cleaning up a lot in rural Washington County, clearing a great deal of brush and vines, putting in fence posts, building fence panels and otherwise prepping the site for eventual building. Thank you to these volunteers from Pacific University (in environmental studies) and from the St. Francis Catholic Church in Roy and Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church in Verboort, as well as our core group of Habitat house-building volunteers who joined them. Here's more info on how to volunteer (not all volunteer with West Tuality Habitat takes place outdoors and construction experience is NOT required).
Volunteers from Pacific University after a day of helping West Tuality Habitat for Humanity.
Volunteers from two area of Catholic Churches and core volunteers after a day of helping West Tuality Habitat for Humanity.
West Tuality Habitat for Humanity is a local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International and was formed in 1991. It is a 501-c-3 charitable organization which develops and builds homes with local community members in Western Washington County who are considered low-income.
Habitat houses are built primarily by volunteers. For West Tuality Habitat, there is a core group of volunteers with advanced construction skills who work at least three days a week on Habitat projects in Western Washington County. These core volunteers are regularly joined in the work by families that have qualified for home ownership through Habitat, as well as volunteers from the community.
In addition to the affordable housing program, West Tuality Habitat also has a critical home repair program for low-income seniors, military veterans, and people with disabilities, allowing them to remain in their homes and age in place. West Tuality Habitat also operates a ReStore in Forest Grove, selling gently-used, donated furniture, appliances, home furnishings and leftover building supplies. These sales help fund its Habitat activities in the area.
For more information about donating financially, volunteering or applying to be a program participant, visit the West Tuality Habitat for Humanity web site at or call (503) 359-8459. There is also information available at the Forest Grove ReStore at 3731 Pacific Avenue.
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2023.03.20 20:58 WestTualityHabitat West Tuality Habitat for Humanity Presents Lifetime Achievement Award to Architect

West Tuality Habitat for Humanity Presents Lifetime Achievement Award to Architect Kerry VanderZanden in appreciation of 30 years’ service with the Forest Grove-based nonprofit.
Representatives from West Tuality Habitat for Humanity presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to architect Kerry VanderZanden in appreciation of 30 years’ service with the Forest Grove-based nonprofit. VanderZanden has designed every development project and home built by West Tuality in the last 30 years – 27 homes in total.
West Tuality Habitat for Humanity is a local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International and was formed in 1991. It is a 501-c-3 charitable organization which develops and builds homes with local community members in Western Washington County who are considered low-income.
Habitat houses are built primarily by volunteers. For West Tuality Habitat, there is a core group of volunteers with advanced construction skills who work at least three days a week on Habitat projects in Western Washington County. These core volunteers are regularly joined in the work by families that have qualified for home ownership through Habitat, as well as volunteers from the community.
In addition to the affordable housing program, West Tuality Habitat also has a critical home repair program for low-income seniors, military veterans, and people with disabilities, allowing them to remain in their homes and age in place. West Tuality Habitat also operates a ReStore in Forest Grove, selling gently-used, donated furniture, appliances, home furnishings and leftover building supplies. These sales help fund its Habitat activities in the area.
For more information about donating financially, volunteering or applying to be a program participant, visit the West Tuality Habitat for Humanity web site at or call (503) 359-8459. There is also information available at the Forest Grove ReStore at 3731 Pacific Avenue.
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2023.03.20 20:40 Budget-Song2618 How accurate is this sentiment? Is it time DM said as much?

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2023.03.20 20:32 bwoksa Lost in transition , a parallel universe !

The year is 2040, when the world was completely transformed as cryptocurrency had taken over, and the banks were a thing of past just like the barter system they replaced. The only way to pay for groceries and essentials were with crypto, be it shit coins ,tit coins , balls or false coins ; digital coins were all you need.
Everyone had a digital wallet, and even fruit sellers on the street, mom shops and pops garage had a big sign saying Bitcoin accepted here. Just like a coin flip , guy named Nayib Bukele had become the most powerful person on earth, and El Salvador had become the richest country in history , selling their oils with crypto and using blockchain to track every transaction.
Meanwhile in the richest country on earth ,USA, things are not going as well as planned .The once dominating banks had changed their names and business models as fiat was less valuable than a toilet paper .The reputed bank of America had changed its name to American digital innovative corporation , while chase had named itself chasing the crypto dream Corp. And their CEOs now run shark tank to loan crypto for innovative discoveries. Due to the fall of banking sectors, USA has fallen out of top 50 richest counties and had become a punchline of jokes around the countries.
One day, a group of American tourists landed in El Salvador, eager to see what all the fuss was about. As they walked through the bustling streets, they couldn't help but notice the gleaming skyscrapers and expensive cars. One of the tourists, Joe, couldn't believe his eyes and asked the guide what and how this had happened.
"Well, it's simple," the guide replied. "We embraced crypto, and it made us rich."
Joe scoffed. "Crypto? That's just a fad. We don't need it in America. Our banks are strong." The guide shook his head. "You Americans are so behind the times. You should have listened to us when we told you to invest in Bitcoin."
Joe laughed. "Invest in Bitcoin? That's ridiculous. I'll stick with my trusty dollars, and walked ahead , just to realize that each and every shop only accepted crypto. Panicked, joe, asked the guide what do I do , I don’t have any crypto and the guide replied ** Looks like you'll have to go back to the States and use your dollars. **Good luck with that!!
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2023.03.20 20:32 TheWonderfulLife Talk me out of giving up: CCW Renewal LA County

It’s time for my renewal and honestly with SB2 coming down the pipe I’m not interested in renewing.
In 9 months a CA CCW in any territory (but in particular LA County) will be absolutely useless.
1-I’ll have to carry insurance.
2-File a report and duty to inform all LEOs of my CCW during any interaction (even when not carrying)
3-incur a cost for renewal of said license, that isn’t even useful.
For those unaware the new version of SB918 (SB2) is going to pass. And for where I live it means I literally cannot carry anywhere I go. Anywhere at all that I go. All places outside of my home are within range of, or are considered themselves a “sensitive” place. I carry while off roading/camping but only go on BLM land where I am allowed to carry anyway.
So…. Why should I bother renewing?
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2023.03.20 20:31 CringySnowflake484 New DLC is coming, so when holy orders are going to get fixed? And other minor problems as well?

I have almost 600 hours in the game and I feel like the experience is just so much more unnecessarily painful because of small quality-of-life things that devs just dont adress from patch to patch, like flooding player with meaningless events which give you +10/-10 opinion with random courtier or royal court adding tons of micromanagement with hundreds of useless common artifacts to your name and need to replace courtiers every 3 years because they die or run away.
And, IMO, worst of them all - holy orders, hostile holy orders in particular, which don't make sense aesthetically or mechnicaly. Its been around from the start, players write about it on forums and steam threads, still doesnt get adressed.
Why city in my borders is level one without any building in year 1250? Who thought that leasing city to holy order should completely hinder its evelopment is a good idea, mechanically? Why hostile holy orders do not get expelled automatically in a holy war? Yeah, sure, we consider them the empodiment of evil but of course they can continue drawing taxes and levies from our cities, makes sense.
Why "Revoke holy order lease" button is useless and we still need to use this weird shenanigan with granting county to a baron? The game explicitly says that player character is not supposed to hold baronies.
It honestly seems like someone who designed the expel mechanic made it so bad on purpose.
Why do I lose piety when revoking land from infidels? I thought I took land from enemies of the faith, shoudn't it be, like, a good, pious thing to do?
PRDX fix please, I think that the game has ton of potential to explore, like the Iberian Struggle was definitely a step in a right direction, but the experince could be better by an order of magnitude if not for small qol issues which are long overdue.
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Retrospect 1
It’s been a long day at school for Daniel. The girl he likes did her best to avoid him at every turn. In the group projects, she was eager to get together with her friends, or anyone else besides Daniel. He couldn't find her in the breaks and at lunchtime, she almost sprinted out of the schoolhouse to get some food in the city nearby.
It was frustrating. Daniel wanted to give her space but there is a conversation she is avoiding and it's time for them to have it. After class, he decided to talk to her. He waited for her in front of the exit, hoping she wouldn't just turn around when she sees him.
She stopped in her motion as she spotted him guarding the entrance but she also knew that she couldn’t avoid him forever so she kept on walking, doing her best to fake a smile.
“Daniel,” she says, “I’m in a hurry, were you waiting for me?” She is nervous. It‘s obvious. He didn’t even have to read her mind to know that.
“Please, can we talk for a minute?”
She looked around. The fact that there are only a few students left didn’t give her much confidence. She didn’t respond but she also didn’t run away again.
"You're scared," Daniel said, stating the obvious.
“You’ve read my mind again?”
“No. I mean Yeah but I didn’t have to, to know this. You've been avoiding me at school, you don't respond to my texts, ever since I told you … eh," He stumbled as he realized that they were still standing in the middle of the school and it's probably a bad idea to mention his abilities here.
Luckily his girlfriend didn’t share these concerns, “You mean when you told me you can read my mind! Ever since then I’ve been avoiding you?”
Daniel tried to signal her to keep it down. Sooner or later people would have noticed them fighting and started to ears drop.
“Don’t shush me! And of course, I’m scared. You’re a freak. It’s not normal!”
Daniel failed to keep her quiet but that’s not what concerned him at the moment, “You’re angry with me?”
"You did it again! Get out of my head. And why would I be angry? Maybe because in every conversation we had you knew exactly what I thought and knew exactly what to say so I'd fall for you? Or maybe because after I told you to stop you still keep doing it? Just stop!"
Daniel was taken aback, “It’s not that simple. You think I can just switch it off? I didn’t choose this. It doesn’t change who I am. I’m still the same guy you went on dates on.”
“You’re wrong, it changes everything.” The girl looked around again. People were starting to watch the two of them. “I can’t do that, leave me alone,” she said and ran away.
Scene 1
Chloe just woke up. For some reason, she can't stop thinking about her dream. Normally, she would have forgotten all about it by now but this time she remembers the whole thing pretty clearly. She still has a bit of a tingling sensation down there.
With her mind running only on half its capacity she finds herself in a room that she’s never seen before. Shit. She is not at home. Of course. They went to Daniel after the party. For a moment Chloe doesn’t know what to do. The room looks pretty neat. It’s a girly bedroom.
The sound of three soft knocks on the doorframe makes her jump a little. Pete is watching her with amusement. "Do you sleepwalk or are you awake?"
Chloe looks like a dear in the headlights. "Eh, good morning Peter," she says.
Chloe quickly realizes that she is only wearing her panties and one of Daniel’s shirts that works more like a dress on her. Still, what she would give to wear pants right now. It makes her pretty self-conscious. The situation has definitely the potential to get awkward real fast.
“Here drink this, it’s good for you.” Peter hands her the glass he is carrying.
Chloe takes it and asks, “What is it?”
Peter grins, “Water, it will help against the hangover.”
“Thanks, but I didn’t drink that much yesterday.”
“So, you’re just not a morning person then?” He asks. Chloe lifts her shoulders. Yeah, probably. She looks around, still trying to figure out what room she is in. There’s an awful lot of pink and a big closet. Only one bed, maybe a guest room?
“It’s my wife’s bedroom if that's what you’re wondering." Chloe seems confused so Pete adds, "We don't sleep in the same room. From experience, I can tell you that it's not that bad of an idea. I often have to work late and she has to rise early.”
“What time is it?” Chloe asks. It feels like it’s still pretty early.
"Eight-thirty. I had a meeting earlier so I had to be awake sooner than normal," he says, "I just wanted to eat breakfast, you wanna join me?"
Chloe drinks up her glass of water and nods. Peter laughs, she’s quite adorable in the morning. The way she is still so sleepy. On their way downstairs he asks, “Daniel is still sleeping?”
Chloe nods again. She is a bit slow but still notices that there is something up with this question. “Is that unusual?” she asks.
“Sharp as a knife even in the early morning hours,” Peter says jokingly, “well, it’s not every day that I’m up before Daniel. He doesn’t sleep that much you know.”
“Yeah, yesterday he only got six hours or so, I heard him leave the room.” She says and looks to Peter. There’s still something, she thinks.
“That’s better than usual. He told me that five is the norm but I guess it could be even less on some days. Never saw him get more, though. I guess you’re good for him.”
How can someone only sleep so little? That’s definitely not healthy, Chloe thinks. And does he really sleep better when she is around? She’d love to think that but the reality is that his body probably just takes back what he needs and it’s just a coincidence that it’s the nights she was sleeping next to him.
Scene 2
“You really wanna go shopping?” Daniel asks. They just entered a pretty big mall and it's even more impressive inside. It has four floors. Going through every shop could take a lifetime or two.
“Why?” Chloe asks a bit disappointed, “You wouldn’t like me trying on some new clothes, maybe to pose a bit for you?”
“I didn’t say that …”
“Too bad, I think we’ll have to settle for the best ice cream in town then.” She smiles. Daniel just walked right into her trap and there is no real way to recover. That mouth of hers, he loves it.
Daniel stops in front of an info-map. The stores are listed and the numbers go up to 150. Well, it won't be just clothing lines but you wanna go shopping here you should bring some time. Better stick to Chloe, if he'd lose her there's a good chance, he won't find her again.
As he thinks that, Chloe tucks at his shirt. “Come on,” she says and pulls him onto the escalator, “the ice cream store is on the third floor.”
There is so much food. The entire floor is filled with restaurants. Daniel sees that there’s a pretty long queue in front of the ice cream store that Chloe is walking to. That’s when he feels something.
“Why don’t you get us some ice and I find a place to sit,” he says.
That came sudden and a bit unnatural, so Chloe asks, “You don’t enjoy my company?”
"Let's just say, you should have taken that shower I offered you earlier."
“Hey! … That’s just mean,” she says but eventually has to laugh about his bluntness. “What do you want?”
"Surprise me", he says, smiles again, and walks away. After a few steps, he looks back to check on something. Chloe quickly sniffs one of her armpits. As she looks around to check if someone saw what she just did she finds Daniels laughing eyes that tell her it’s been his plan all along. Got you, he thinks.
Scene 3
As Chloe comes back with the two ice-creams, she finds Daniel sitting on a bench with a samll girl. Chloe raises an eyebrow.
“She is looking for her mom. Let’s help her real quick,” Daniel says.
“You’ve seen how big this mall is?” Chloe asks a bit sarcastically. There is no way they’ll find her mom ‘real quick’ as Daniel put it.
Daniel gives her a comforting smile, "Just humor me for a minute." He stands up and takes the hand of the girl.
“Are you his girlfriend?” she asks Chloe.
Amused about the question Chloe looks at Daniel, “I don’t know, am I?”
She’s really pulling that on him after only three days? If it’s a test there is only one safe answer. “Of course, you are,” he says. In case he is overstepping there, he could pretend he only wanted to tease her a little bit.
Daniel is leading the way straight to the next escalator, takes it, and from there he tries to find a way through the crowd. He wants to get somewhere specific. Chloe has no idea where he wants to go but stays silent.
At one point the kid rushes forward straight to a woman that’s looking pretty distressed. “Mommy!” The woman turns around and sees her kid running towards her. She goes to her knees and welcomes her with open arms. As she looks up her gaze meets Daniel's eyes.
“Let’s get out of here, I really don’t want to answer too many questions,” Daniel says, “What did you get me anyway?”
“Coconut.” Chloe hands it to him. A drop is running down the waffle right onto her fingers. Daniel takes the ice cream from her, grabs her hand, and licks it clean.
“How does it taste?” she asks with a smile.
“At least top ten material.”
They walk out of the mall, both enjoying their ice creams in silence. As they finished up Daniel says, "I got to go then. Don't wanna be late for my lunch with Dr. Carter."
"Yeah, I know."
A thought hits Chloe. Yesterday after her talk he said something about Dr. Carter helping him with something. She's a scientist that specialized in mind reading. Or the next best thing, traces of thoughts. If for some reason it's true that Daniel can read people’s minds then Karren would be the person she’d go to for answers. It’s plausible but, to say the least, it’s very unlikely.
Scene 4
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