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2023.03.24 08:00 wrappedinplastic79 Hot Topic Round 2

Someone just asked for suggestions of the hardest bands so they can patch up their battlevest. In these days of internet convenience the posers will be nearly indistinguishable from the real ones.
I remember when you had to find bands for yourself and actually listen to them and figure out if they were good or not. I fucking hate it here and also GTF off my lawn. Thanks
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2023.03.24 08:00 jobautomator Discussion Thread

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2023.03.24 07:57 ivy-LPI Global GPhototransistor Optocouplers Market Analysis (2023-2029)

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2023.03.24 07:50 AutoModerator [Get] Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 – Download Instant Delivery

[Get] Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 – Download Instant Delivery
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Please don’t skip the housekeeping! It includes important information about the Mastermind community as well as the weekly Q&A calls.
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This week will focus on three major topics:

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Week three also delves into copywriting. As previously stated, this includes writing hooks and longer-form content such as advertorials. Here’s a complete list of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Lead gen versus 1-2-1 selling
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2023.03.24 07:50 zarnies recently bought this, is it authentic??

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2023.03.24 07:50 ruKawin Friday, 24th March 2023

Friday, 24th March 2023
This edition of The Daily Spin was published On-Chain via and can be collected at:

The Daily Spin. Fractal Friday Edition. Arbitrum airdrops 1.2B ARB tokens into the crypto markets. Coinbase stands their ground against the SEC, moves select staking products on-chain. Uphold folds like Kraken did and shuts down staking products. Justin Sun gets hit with a subpoena. Do Kwon was arrested in Montenegro, and is being charged with 11 counts by the NY Attorney General’s office. It is unclear whether the US had a hand in making the apprehension, but the extradition seems to be swiftly underway.
Litecoin surges 9% to near pre-Terra level prices. Solana TVL shoots past BNB and Avalanche. Magic Eden launches gaming platform. Yesports launches a bigger web3 gaming platform along with 40 partners. StormGain DEX launches user-friendly DeFi platform. Bitkeep raises $30M from BitGet to develop their multi-chain wallet solution; Celer Network announces expanded support for OmniSwap, a cross-chain DeFi platform; Sovryn introduces a “Bitcoin Dollar” to combat centralized stablecoins. UAE releases the Digital Dirham CBDC, Centi launches a CHF Stablecoin backed by the Swiss Central Bank – here is a real-time map of what’s going on in the world’s CBDC arena:
Bitcoin liquidity is drying up, the mempool is uncharacteristically large, and USDT dominance grows to over 60%; fundamentals are shifting. A lot of controversy in the US, and the new section covering corporate socialist agenda holds its own and continues to be a new category, even though I only meant for it to be temporary… here is our round-up of curated news and opinions (surely biased) from the world of Blockchain, keeping you informed into the market news with the most trending, in-the-know, and controversial topics. In the name of transparent, dissemination of information to keep you curious, inspired, and clinically sane…
Ongoings at Coinweb
Coinweb’s Layer 2 marks 4 million transactions milestone
Coinweb Partners With Ceffu for Institutional Crypto Custody
Coinweb’s Fireside Chat Series, digitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality
“A Thread on Refereed Delegation of Computation” by Kawin on Twitter
Coinweb to bring cross-chain tokenisation to Layer 2
“A Thread on L2 Scalability, Network Efficiency and Throughput/TPS” by Anton on Twitter
The Coinweb Monthly Spin - Coinweb Project's Monthly Round-Up and Curated News & Events From The Bleeding Edge of All Things Web3
A Leading Layer 2 Platform Looking To Tackle Crypto's Interoperability Issue
“The Reality of Large-scale Enterprises Adopting Blockchain Technology” an article by Toby Gilbert for CityAM Magazine
Coinweb Labs is proud to unveil LinkMint ⛓️🍃, our groundbreaking Cross-Chain Tokenisation Platform and DeconX, our integrated native DEX! Live Walkthrough Demonstration for the Community by Toby, Knut, and Alexander.
“A Thread on Guaranteed Liveness and the Coinweb Routing System” by Anton on Twitter
“A Thread on Rollups, Monolithic, and Modular Blockchains” by Kawin on Twitter
Coinweb to Deliver Cross-Chain Smart Contract Architecture and Blockchain Loyalty Programme to BMW
KuCoin Labs launches incubation program to accelerate builders (Coinweb, DoraHacks, Ava Labs)
Toby’s full presentation at Token2049-London

On the Radar
Polygon zkEVM Launch, Mar 27 (On-chain) WOW Summit, Mar 29-30 (Hong Kong) ASEAN Web3 Summit, Mar 30-31 (Singapore)
Ethereum Shanghai-Capella Upgrade, Apr 12 (On-chain) Hong Kong Web3 Festival, Apr 12-15 (Wan Chai, Hong Kong) Consensus 2023, Apr 26-28 (Austin, Texas)
Web3 Weekend, May 8-13 (Jakarta)
AIBC Asia, Jul 19-22 (Manila)
TOKEN2049, Sep 13-14 (Singapore)
Blockchain Events curated by CryptoNomad

On the Block(chain)
Bitcoin liquidity situation worsening; volatility expected to be enhanced
Bitcoin, mempool explodes; not Ordinals driven
Coinbase moves to on-chain staking for Tezos, Cosmos, Solana, and Cardano
FTX plans to sell stake in Mysten Labs for $96M
Do Kwon Charged With Fraud by US Prosecutors in New York
Sovryn Introduces Decentralized Bitcoin-Backed Sovryn Dollar To Combat Centralized Stablecoins
Litecoin (LTC) price surges over 9%, pre-terra highs in sight

Competitive Landscape
Arbitrum network activity booms ahead of airdrop
Over 300M Arbitrum ARB tokens claimed; price plunges 90%
Magic Eden eyes growth in web3 gaming following launch of Magic Eden Games
USDT dominance exceeds 60% – fundamentals for stablecoins declining at rapid rates
StormGain Launches StormGain DEX for User-Friendly Decentralized Crypto Trading
Yesports Launches the Largest Esports Marketplace for Gaming Expansion Into Web3 Alongside 40+ Partners
Multichain Wallet Bitkeep Raises $30 Million From Bitget to Strengthen Links Between Defi and Cefi
Celer announces expanded support for OmniBTC's OmniSwap, a cross-chain DeFi platform
Solana’s TVL growth shoots past Avalanche and BNB

US. Coordinated Regulation Failures
SEC issues investor alert over crypto investments
Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong criticizes US crypto regulation, SEC behavior in Twitter Space
Polygon, ex-Meta executives defend Coinbase following SEC Wells notice
Uphold ends staking for US customers following SEC guidance
Congressman Emmer introduces bill providing ‘safe harbor’ to miners, developers and wallets
Circle CEO says ‘aggressive regulatory actions’ on crypto caused ‘deep market anxiety’
White House Says ‘Bitcoin Has Not Announced Plans to Adopt Proof-of-Stake’ in Wild Economic Report
Credit Suisse, UBS Among Banks Facing DOJ Russia-Sanctions Probe
Five Key Moments From TikTok CEO’s Combative Hearing in Congress
SEC vs. Justin Sun

Centi launches CHF stablecoin backed 1:1 by a Swiss bank
Toshiba Accepts $15 Billion Buyout Offer from JIP, Nikkei Says
New Feature Enables Nigerian Metamask Wallet Users to Buy Crypto Assets Within the App
German Government Invests $1.2 Million in Metaverse Startup Flying Sheep Studios
UAE Central Bank launches its 'Digital Dirham' CBDC strategy

Thought Leadership
Op-ed: The unspoken Ethereum revolution: Are EOAs becoming obsolete?
How “Payment Banks” Could Prevent the Next Bank Collapse
Attacks on CBDCs highlight crypto’s new battleground
A Mega Deep Dive into Stablecoins and LiquityProtocol's $LUSD
Volcker Slayed Inflation. Bernanke Saved the Banks. Can Powell Do Both?
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2023.03.24 07:49 ravespiderman Need help figuring someone out (M20) (F20)

I’m M20 she’s F20 , Okay so this isn’t a relationship but it’s talking stage and I can’t figure her out (I know it’s relationship advice but I needed someone to ask and have no one to turn to for this)
We have had great deep convos and we’re gonna meet up after two days of talking, I expressed I wanted to and she was completely on bord with us figuring out a plan, what to do, when etc. The night before she had to go to another city about 40min drive away to help a friends store and let me know that it might not work and she would let me know in the morning , (side note in our first deep convo which was many topics and like 2 hours constant she states she would never just randomly ghost when I said something about thinking she wasn’t going to reply)
she never did lmk in the morning but I texted early just saying no worries all good , focus on what you have to do. That didn’t phase me to much because no text let me know. From there I wait the whole day with no texts so I send a text asking about shows to watch and we have another great talk , lots of fun and at the end before we say Goodnight she apologized for the “late reply” which was meant about the text in the morning but it was me who texted first lol. Anyways she says we should plan something for when we are both free and she still wants to do what we originally planned.
So once again I tell her I understand she’s very busy and of course we will do something.
Next day we have one short chat I initiated and the last text was not responded to so the next day I ask about the days she’s free and back in the city (note she lives in the other city about 40min away and has a job and school) but she says yeah she will let me know at least a day before and also sounds excited to figure out a new plan
Come today I send one thing just about something in my life about mid day and get a response, I send another text and just nothing
I’m kinda just lost because on one hand I’m seeing good but on the other I’m not sure. I’ve been in a situation like this earlier this year and it sucks when you think it’s going great and it really is but then it just goes away.
I want to send a text tomorrow night just asking like where do we stand while also saying I understand she’s busy with life a lot and know everyone is different when it comes to texting but would rather figure out straight up rather then have it just slowly become nothing
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2023.03.24 07:49 Fictionarious No, honestly considering (and/or advocating for) filicide/infanticide is not "off-topic" to the Abortion Debate:

I'm going to just make this a post, so that I may reference/link it in the future as needed (and so that it may draw the attention, now, of whatever moderators this discussion may or may not interest).
I've been participating in this sub for awhile. I offer some opinions that rub people's amygdala the right way, some that rub it the wrong way, and it's usually pretty easy for me to predict on that basis which will result in a return of upvotes or downvotes (getting the ol' frontal cortex to intervene beforehand is another story, of course). I don't really care about my internet points, so I'm fine in either case. Go ahead, hit that downvote button - I don't care!
What I'm beginning to care a bit more about is: overtly ad baculum arguments put forth with the intent (or simply, the probable effect) of limiting the necessary scope of this discussion. Now, I do know better than to accuse anyone of having nefarious intent, with 100% confidence. Regardless of whether that intent is ultimately present, however, putting forth this kind of fallacy (and having it be popularly accepted) will have a chilling/censorious effect, and it is consequently highly problematic.
Yes, my contention is that being allowed to consider the morality/legality of filicide/infanticide is within the necessary scope of any good-faith discussion about abortion. Why?
To convincingly answer this question, let's answer another:

Why is abortion being debated in the first place?

Abortion is quite the hot-button issue, and some of us certainly don't see why it should be. Shouldn't it be self-evident that our own preexisting beliefs are all that should really matter? There shouldn't even need to be a debate!
Regardless, the debate persists. It persists because of all the differing presuppositions and motivations brought into it by those that stand to be affected by any given conclusion on the matter (which is, broadly speaking, all of society).
Some of us have the very reasonable motivation of not wanting to be forced, by law, into remaining pregnant for no good/sufficient reason, on the presupposition(s) that:
Others of us have the very reasonable motivation of not wanting it to be legal to kill certain classes/categories of people, on the presupposition that ZEFs do, in fact, exist in the same general moral category as newborn babies and/or young children, and shouldn't be killed for the same reasons (shared humanity, future like ours, etc).
Ok, those are understandable motivations. But notice that there were actually two entirely distinct presuppositions (or, justifications) that might be accounting for why someone might decide to label themselves "pro-choice", and sincerely support/defend the right to abort.
Clearly, it is unambiguously not outside of the scope of this topic to independently consider the qualia of the conceptus, and then appeal to some measurably absent characteristic that would, in one's opinion, be a strict prerequisite for the granting of the legal protection known as "right-to-life", as a valid method of argument for the resulting permissibility of abortion. That is to say, it is not impossible that someone's decision to support abortion's morality and/or its legality is ultimately derived (perhaps, exclusively derived) from this form of independent consideration.
Just as "viability" (theoretical ability of a conceptus to survive separated from its parent/host) and "sentience" (capacity to experience physical pain) are fetal capacities bound to be of some legitimate interest in the course of debating the morality of abortion, "self-awareness" is as well. When and to what extent do fetuses become self-aware?
Enter philosopher Peter Singer, who argues explicitly for the permissibility/legality of infanticide (up to 28 days after birth) on this very basis:
From "Practical Ethics": "Human babies are not born self-aware, or capable of grasping that they exist over time. They are not persons." But animals are self-aware, and therefore, "the life of a newborn is of less value than the life of a pig, a dog, or a chimpanzee."
He isn't alone in making this argument. Mary Anne Warren (late writer and philosophy professor) makes a similar argument in her paper 'On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion', and arrives at a similar conclusion: that the very same observations about the (entirely or partially absent) qualia of the conceptus in its state prior to birth would reasonably motivate us to acknowledge that being born, by itself, doesn't really change all that much. She writes:
One of the most troubling objections to the argument presented in this article is that it may appear to justify not only abortion but infanticide as well. A newborn infant is not a great deal more personlike than a ninemonth fetus, and thus it might seem that if late-term abortion is sometimes justified, then infanticide must also be sometimes justified. Yet most people consider that infanticide is a form of murder, and thus never justified.
While it is important to appreciate the emotional force of this objection, its logical force is far less than it may seem at first glance. There are many reasons why infanticide is much more difficult to justify than abortion, even though if my argument is correct neither constitutes the killing of a person.
Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva together make the case that "the newborn and the fetus are morally equivalent" in their article, After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?.
Inevitably, when I (or any of these other esteemed gentlemen-and-women) are asked to justify our support for abortion, our reasoning/argument will be general enough to be interpreted as support for filicide/infanticide, up to a certain point. This is unavoidable (and true!), given our sincerely-held beliefs on the subject.
This brings us to the crux of the issue:

What is being "aborted", exactly, when we're "debating abortion"?

Some of the participants on this forum (who I will not name) seem to be interested in policing the way this question can be justifiably answered. There are (grammatically speaking) two perfectly-valid grammatical objects one might have in mind, when one is trying to discuss what is, in one's view, the object of central importance to the abortion debate.
  1. The ongoing life of the conceptus/child
  2. The pregnancy that life directly inflicts
To "abort" is a verb, which simply means "to bring to a premature end".
For debate participants primarily motivated by not remaining pregnant against their will, it is very understandable that, from their point of view, abortion would naturally refer to aborting pregnancies.
For debate participants primarily motivated by protecting the right-to-life of unborn people, it is equally understandable that abortion would naturally refer to aborting the life of the unborn child.
In practical terms, there is no difference. A pregnancy ends prematurely when (and only when) the life of the conceptus does, and it is subsequently flushed/extracted from the body. But in philosophical terms, there is a world of difference.
From our analysis above, of what motivates this debate to occur in the first place, we can realize the following:
If it were hypothetically possible to abort the pregnancy prematurely, without ending the life of the child causing it, it's very likely that some respectable number of pregnant people would be doing just that. And to that extent, the impetus for having the debate would be lessened, directly. The pro-life side would be satisfied, to the extent unborn babies are no longer being killed, and the pro-choice side would be satisfied, to the extent that pregnancies are no longer being compelled by force of law.
Conversely, we may consider the possibility of ending the life of the child, but without necessarily ending pregnancy (leaving open the option of maintaining the pregnancy for the full nine months, as though the child were still alive). Obviously, this would be a much less chosen option. But the more important thing to realize is: here, the impetus for having the debate has not been lessened in the slightest. The pro-life side would still object to the killing of the entity with contested moral value, with or without the continuation of any associated pregnancy.
Therefore, object of central importance to the abortion debate - the thing that ultimately causes the debate - is not the subjective experience of pregnancy (as arduous as that experience may be). It is the contested personhood and right-to-life of the life of the child being aborted/killed, at varying points in time.
So, if we are going to be in the business of policing what can be "properly" or "rightly" considered as the "true" or "best" object of consideration here, that policing would logically run in one direction as opposed to the other. Fortunately, there is usually no pressing need to do any policing - only to make a good-faith effort to listen and respond to what is actually being said to you.

Putting it all together

Now, we have established two facts:
  1. That the principal object of consideration (if there is to be one) in the context of the "abortion debate" is the ongoing life and disputed personhood/right-to-life of the conceptus/child at different points in time.
  2. A certain fraction of the people who sincerely consider the personhood/right-to-life of the conceptus come to the conclusion that concepti should not, in fact, be regarded as persons (or as possessing a right-to-life) until some point in time well after birth (ie, a certain point in time).
From these two facts we may directly infer the necessity and relevance of considering (proposing, debating, refuting, etc) the personhood/right-to-life of the object ultimately motivating the continued existence of this debate, before or after birth.

Final considerations

I have heard tell that there have been conversations among the mods here as to whether my progressive stance on this issue is perhaps too progressive. I have not been privy to these conversations, but I would like to offer this post as my general argument in favor of both being allowed to remain here, and being allowed to argue my point of view in good faith, without it being subject to removal by virtue of being "off-topic" to the debate.
I was once informed that my kind of pro-choice advocacy might "get us in trouble with the admins". Neither myself (nor any of the good company I'm in, by virtue of advocating for the legality of post-birth abortion) are promoting hate against any marginalized group, advocating illegal/extralegal activity, or any engaging in any other claimed violation of Reddit site-wide policies. Any claims to the contrary are a bad-faith attempt at silencing and dismissing the argument I am making, and should themselves be subject to removal under rule one.
Hopefully, this clarifies at least some of my position, as well as at least some of what it means to engage in good faith with opinions you do not presently hold. Thank you for reading.
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2023.03.24 07:42 rzesgt A Good Evening in Vietnam ! A HOT night with TIGHT VIETNAMESE model in HO CHI MIN CITY VIETNAM

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2023.03.24 07:31 piccioneselvatico Factions Quests

Hello there!
I have a very quick one: I've just read Alexandrian Remix and I totally agree on one point above all... factions quests are quite lame... do you have any idea to spice them up or is there some nice add on (DM guilds or similar) or maybe a previous post on this topic here on the subreddit?
On a separate note... I really would like to fill Ank'Harel with side quests or some kind of encounters (not just occasional fights) in order to make the city feel more alive... is there some kind of resource out there?
Furthermore... due to my players backgrounds I'm working on a way to involve other factions to the main plot such as Cerberus Assembly/Voelstrucker and the Myriad as well... do you have any cool ideas to do so?
Thank you all in advance!
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2023.03.24 07:31 rays44 Air cooler price in Pakistan

Rays Electronics is providing best and cheap appliances before buy it is necessary to know the prices ranges like when people ask like air cooler price in Pakistan then it becomes important to check about it. Personal air coolers are mainly meant to be employed for personal use in small areas like bedrooms, hostel rooms, or small offices. These appliances are energy-efficient and are quieter than desert air coolers. These machines are comparatively small, compact, and portable cooling units that you could place near your bed, couch, or dining area. Usually, you could find these air coolers in water storage capacities of up to 20 litres having castor wheels for trouble-free movability. In addition to portability, the best features of these coolers include less energy use and quiet operation.

Personal air coolers:

Personal air coolers are mainly meant to be employed for personal use in small areas like bedrooms, hostel rooms, or small offices. These appliances are energy-efficient and are quieter than desert air coolers. These machines are comparatively small, compact, and portable cooling units that you could place near your bed, couch, or dining area.
Usually, you could find these air coolers in water storage capacities of up to 20 litres having castor wheels for trouble-free movability. In addition to portability, the best features of these coolers include less energy use and quiet operation.

Desert coolers:

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Plus, the huge tank capacity, powerful pumps, and huge fans of these coolers make them suitable for long operational hours.

Tower coolers:

These coolers are slimmer versions of air coolers that are suitable for places having space shortage.

Window coolers:

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One thing which must be confirmed while placing an air cooler is the area at which the cooler is placed. This area must have good cross ventilation that would help decrease the humidity in the area. You might complete the kind of air cooler based on the region you’re living in, the available space, and the needed tank capacity. Other features like design, portability, alarm, and humidity controller could then help you find your perfect summer partner.


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2023.03.24 07:26 snicketfile I feel so guilty.

My partner(22m) and I(24f) planned on trying for a baby this year. A few days ago I found out I was pregnant. We've been wanting this for a long time. It's been a topic of discussion for over a year now. But I just feel so overwhelmed by it all for a myriad of reasons.
First of all, I wanted to control the timing. We had a big summer planned, and now I'll miss out on most of what I wanted to do. It's selfish, I know. But this trip was supposed to be my birthday and christmas present. We planned on going to fancy bars, and having fun- and me dressing up and being the "hot girl" for a night. Now, I'll be showing and bloated and nauseous.
We can't have the nursery of my dreams because we live in an apartment. We can't paint, we can't really commit to anything.
I already feel like I'm losing myself already. I'm so tired all the time I spend most of any quality time I could have with him napping. Or I'm grumpy. Or I'm emotional. This has me on edge and my partner just doesn't get anxiety.
Speaking of, I'm anxious. I'm too anxious and scared to be excited. Post birth seems horrific. Labor seems horrific. And voicing these concerns seems so dumb. I don't want to talk about anything like that with my partner, but I want his comfort so much. And if I told him I was anything less than excited it would crush him. The one time I voiced a bit of my fears he just "it's all going to be okay" but that's not what I need. Because he's nowhere close to a doctor. He has no way of knowing that!
And my job. I work night shift. Asking to move to day shift could get me moved to a 3-11 which would mean i would literally never see my partner (awake). I'm horrible at asking for things, and I feel like asking for a 7am-3pm accommodation is too much and that people would look down on me. Plus, I'm going to have to take time off and that's stressful. I expected to have this all planned out. But this was a shock. I didn't have any control.
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2023.03.24 07:23 superrenzo64 I browsed over 10000 shirts, now I'm going to shop around in person. Any recommendations?

Imgur (sorted in descending favorites): Although I included some designer ($$) items, I excluded a ton of others. Also, I'm going to look into tattoos as an aesthetic thing. So I'm welcoming any recommendations!

In-Person: I'm planning on shopping near me at a bunch of outlets, malls, thrift stores, and typical stores like Sak's, Nordstrom Rack, H&M, Zara, Hot Topic, etc. For my DMV people, I could go to Potomac Mills, Tyson's Corner, Westfield Montgomery(s), and all of Washington DC.

Online: I already checked out endclothing, double f, yoox, wolf & badger, the outnet, canoe club, and many more like welcome, primitive, lurking class.

Definitely enjoyed getting into the forum this week!
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2023.03.24 07:21 _BLACKHAWKS_88 ChatGBT just wrote me a funny Seinfeld finale.

The episode opens with Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer sitting in Monk's Cafe, discussing their plans for the future. Jerry mentions that he's been offered a job hosting a talk show in Los Angeles, but he's not sure if he wants to take it. George reveals that he's decided to pursue his dream of becoming a successful businessman and is starting his own company, while Elaine is thinking of going back to school to study psychology.
Kramer suddenly bursts in, out of breath and excitedly announces that he's just won the lottery. The gang is stunned, and Kramer can barely contain his excitement as he rants about all the things he's going to buy with his winnings.
As they are leaving the cafe, they run into Newman, who tells them that he's leaving New York and moving to a small town in Maine. He admits that he's always been jealous of their close friendship and that he's envious of the meaningful relationships they've built with each other.
Later, the gang decides to spend the day together, doing all their favorite New York activities. They visit the Empire State Building, eat hot dogs on the street, and take a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park.
As the day winds down, they end up at the coffee shop where they first met years ago. There, they reminisce about all the good times they've had together, and Jerry delivers a heartfelt monologue about the importance of friendship and the memories they've shared.
The episode ends with the gang standing outside the coffee shop, looking up at the New York City skyline. They all share a group hug, and the camera pans out to show the city lights twinkling in the background as the screen fades to black.
In this finale, the focus is on the power of friendship and the nostalgia of saying goodbye to a place that holds so many memories. It celebrates the bonds between the characters and their shared experiences, providing a satisfying conclusion to the beloved sitcom.
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2023.03.24 07:11 autotldr ‘City killer’ asteroid to pass harmlessly between Earth and moon

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 42%. (I'm a bot)
An asteroid big enough to wipe out a city will pass harmlessly between Earth and the moon's orbit this weekend, missing both, while providing scientists a chance to study the object close up.
Asteroid flybys are common but Nasa said it was rare for one so big to come so close and that events like this occurred only about once a decade.
Discovered a month ago, the asteroid known as 2023 DZ2 will pass within 515,000km of the moon on Saturday US time and, several hours later, fly past the Earth at about 28,000km/h.
At less than half the distance from here to the moon, the asteroid will be visible through binoculars and small telescopes.
Astronomers with the International Asteroid Warning Network see it as good practice for planetary defence if and when a dangerous asteroid is discovered that could hit Earth, according to Nasa.
The asteroid won't be back our way again until 2026.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: asteroid#1 Earth#2 close#3 chance#4 moon#5
Post found in /worldnews, /space, /telescopefeed, /RedditSample and /viral.
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2023.03.24 07:02 abysmalrotoscoping How can I contribute more to my marriage?

I feel that my marriage is super imbalanced and I’d like to change that.
My husband is 20 years older than me and makes 10x as much money as I’ve ever made previously in my life. I have never contributed a dime financially to our marriage as I was recently unemployed due to Covid when we married. I’ve never worked since we’ve been together.
I also was not just poor but a poor single mom with a bunch of financial and legal issues. He covered everything without raising an eyebrow. My kids have opportunities I could never have dreamed of for them and my lifestyle went from destitute and miserably stressful to relaxing and luxurious. Like, taking the city bus to dumpy cockroach apartment, to traveling in first class to summer in Europe type of difference.
So on top of this massively imbalanced dynamic, here is what he contributes:
I contribute:
I already feel stretched thin but I am hyper aware of the imbalance every day. He wanted to hire a housekeeper and nanny but that would take away the few things I actually contribute so I’ve resisted even while overwhelmed. I tell myself I’ll be taking care of him when he’s old so I can finally like we’re more even, lol.
But in the meantime, what can I possibly do to be more of an equal partner?
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2023.03.24 07:00 SteamieBot The Steamie - Friday 24 March 2023

Weather (Powered by Dark Sky)
Light rain throughout the day.
Around 5 to 10 degrees.
No line problems reported.
Today in Scottish History
24 March 1908: The death of Sir James David Marwick, the man who as the Glasgow Town Clerk oversaw the development of the city through much of the second half of the 1800s.
/GlasgowMarket Digest
Selling 2x gallus tickets for the 31st, £30 for the two
1X Joesef ticket for tomorrow night (Friday 24th 7pm Barrowlands)
Looking for rainbow kitten surprise tickets
Selling my Apple Watch ULTRA, 49mm, Titanium case, Midnight Ocean Band. With 2 year extended Apple Care Warrenty worth £200
2 x Chris Shiflett tickets for St Luke’s tomorrow night
Anyone selling Paramore tickets?
Nick Mulvey tickets
Please oh please, Empire State Bastard, Cathouse
Looking for 2x Stuart Mitchell - Testing Testing on 26th
Selling 1 ticket to Fern Brady on the 23rd. Paid £21.30 but will take a tenner.
Anyone selling Hot Mulligan tickets?
Looking for 2x VIP (Meet & Greet) Dermot Kennedy Tickets
Death cab for cutie tickets
Tune of the day
Talk Talk - Living In Another World (Official Video) (suggested by Superbuddhapunk)
Only one eligible link submitted today. Suggest tomorrow's tune.
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2023.03.24 07:00 Upset-Ad7882 My Complete Collection as of now, let me know what you think? Been collecting for 1 year and 9 months long

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2023.03.24 06:52 wokenthehive My tier list for the prompts on Hinge

This is purely my opinion (as a man seeking woman) on how I rank the current prompts available on Hinge from best to worst.

S-tier prompts

Good prompts

The whatever prompts

Bad prompts

Trash tier prompts

No opinion

These prompts are in the LGBTQ category.
Voice first prompts - women in my experience rarely use voice prompts
Self-care prompts
So that's all the current prompts available for people on Hinge. What do you all think?
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2023.03.24 06:50 online_int1208 Bats live with dozens of nasty viruses — can studying them help stop pandemics?

Bats live with dozens of nasty viruses — can studying them help stop pandemics?

Randy Foo fills a pipette with orange juice from a bottle clearly labelled ‘For Bats ONLY’. He and his colleague Rommel Yroy are seated at a biological safety cabinet, wrapped in blue gowns and wearing face shields, gloves, scrub pants and shoe covers. Peeping out of Yroy’s clasped hands are two round, glossy black eyes, two slight, pointy ears and the furry snout of a young, male cave nectar bat (Eonycteris spelaea). It is wriggling and squealing, occasionally protruding its long, pink tongue to lick driblets of the sweet drink. This is a little treat for enduring a transfer in a blue cotton bag from its cage to the laboratory, followed by a quick weigh-in and inspection for injuries along its stretched-out wings and dense, fur coat. “The younger guys are generally a little bit more feisty,” says Foo.
The bat in Yroy’s hand is one of some 140 cave nectar bats housed in a research breeding colony in Singapore — the first in Asia. Foo, who manages the colony and is affiliated with Duke–National University of Singapore (Duke–NUS) Medical School, and Yroy, a veterinary technician at Sing Health Experimental Medicine Centre, have nurtured the bats for years. The original 19 members of the colony were caught using butterfly nets under highways around Singapore in 2015 and 2016; the first pups arrived a couple of years later.
The colony was set up by Lin-fa Wang, a virologist at Duke–NUS Medical School to create a controlled setting for studying bat biology, including the inner workings of their immune system.
For Wang, who has spent decades studying bats and infectious diseases, the colony has been a research boon, allowing him to ask questions about, for example, the cells that make up bat immune systems and how they respond to an infection. Now that the bats are breeding productively, the team’s research can be replicated more easily. They have shared bat tissue with about a dozen teams around the world. “Bats have become a hot topic,” says Wang.
Close-up of a researcher holding a cave nectar bat pup with gloved hands
Researchers at a bat colony in Singapore perform a health check on a young cave nectar Randy Foo, Duke-NUS Medical School
Wang’s research niche has become more crowded since the emergence of SARS-CoV-2. Attendance at talks and conferences about bats is rising — at one symposium hosted last year in the United States, there were 30% more participants compared with the same event organized before the pandemic — and funders are ploughing money into studies of bats and infectious diseases: in 2021, for instance, both China and the United States announced specific funding pots for research into bats and viruses.
Of particular interest is the bat immune system, especially its ability to tolerate viruses that are deadly to people and other mammals — from Ebola to Nipah and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Although bat immunity is poorly understood, its consequences are clear: bats are thought to be the source of various catastrophic viral outbreaks in humans.
The field is now at an inflection point, fuelled partly by the pandemic. Researchers who have spent decades studying infections in bats, together with enthusiastic newcomers, are developing and applying new tools to the question of how bats can live with such dangerous pathogens. Some hope that those insights could one day lead to treatments for tackling infections in people and ways to prevent viruses spilling over from bats.
“There are going to be some huge steps forward in the next two or three years in terms of bat virology and bat immunology,” says Tony Schountz, an immunologist at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.
Mangoes and melons
The bats in Wang’s colony are a precious resource, and the researchers treat them accordingly. Over the years, they have tweaked the bats’ diet and environment to keep the animals healthy. The bats enjoy fresh chopped melon, papaya and mango, powdered milk and a sweet-smelling, nectar-like liquid. A burlap sack hangs from the top of each cage to give the bats — who live in groups of about 25 — some privacy and darkness. Foo plans to introduce further enrichments when the colony moves to a facility with larger cages later this year.
“The colony has given us everything we wanted,” says Wang. His office is adorned with souvenirs collected over the years — a ‘batman’ keychain, a bat-printed mug, resin-encased bat specimens, framed drawings of bats.
The researchers have studied the bats’ genomes and the diversity of viruses the animals host. They have also used bats’ cells to develop airway organoids — mini organs grown from stem cells. Their current experiments are focused on the bats’ response to infection, their ageing process and their very active metabolism during flight. The colony is a valuable research resource.
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