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2023.06.03 22:46 _Momolicious_ Random breaker tripping, on 2 different circuits.

New house (2018) 1900 square foot
100 amp service.
15 amp breaker will trip, inconsistently. 2 separate circuits one on each side of the breaker panel, not side by side of each other either.
The following scenarios are intermittent. Which has been everything from 1 time a month, or even twice within 10 minutes. I can not get it to constantly happen.

  1. All 3 outside outlets on 1 circuit. (1 front, 1 side, 1 rear); Using a 12/3 75' construction grade extension cord with a 12 amp weed eater can trip the breaker fairly common at least 1 trip each time I mow/edge, yet a 12 amp lawnmower has only caused it to trip once. The Weed eater trips on load demand (when I pull the trigger) Does not happen if plugged into side outlet that is 10 feet from metebreaker panel. (Or at least has not happened yet)
  2. Same outlet at problem 1 using all 3 outlets. 4 - 100 ft Christmas led lights, 3 - 10 ft led fairy lights, 1 led snowman (probably 10 ft of fairy lights in it). 2 -25' extension cords. 1 - Digital timer. This will trip at least once a week with only 8 hours on time (4pm - 12). I removed the digital timer and it still happened about 1 time a week.
  3. Computer room far side of the house, 48 feet from the circuit breaker (bedroom that shares bedroom next to it on same circuit, other bedroom is office with printer). 4 items plugged in. 1 Printer (90% of the time in sleep mode) not sure the watts used since its mainly off or asleep. 1 Computer @ 149 watt on and 23 watt sleep draw. 1 television @ 408 watt draw. Router at 10 watt. All 4 can be on for hours and not cause a trip. Yet at least once every 60 days a trip will happen. I have even woke up to a tripped breaker overnight when the TV was off, and all the other items in sleep mode. I can push the PC, be printing and the TV streaming for long 12 hour days without issue (Load pushing does not trip it)
Ok so question is this. Am I just overloading and this is normal or is there a risk/issue here I should seek more then internet professionals about.
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2023.06.03 22:44 GiraffeJuice78 Poor quality on Octo4a on Android phone

I recently installed Octo4a on my old LG G6 and although it worked really well, the print quality was considerably worse. I sliced a file with Cura and then printed it first using the SD card and then with octoprint(sent it directly from Cura). The layer lines were so bad and the overall quality was way worse than the SD card method. Am I doing something wrong or is this a common problem?
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2023.06.03 22:43 nofapper32123 I had 3 wet dreams in 2 days

184 days nofapper here!
Having wet dreams was always very uncommon for me, I probably had 2 in my whole life before starting nofap. Since then, I proceeded to have one every month usually. It was really cool in the beginning, but in the last month I had one per week, and yesterday I had it TWICE IN THE SAME NIGHT! The first one made me wake up at 4AM and replace my underwear. Then I woke up again at 7AM with cum all over my new underwear. It was already getting annoying having it on a week basis, but twice the same day?
As if it wasn't enough, I had another wet dream today. I guess my body is telling me that I should at least start to masturbate casually (pornfree, obviously). Do any of you had this problem? What should I do?
I started nofap because I had PIED, and I feel like my erections improved a lot since then (I haven't tested it with sex yet though), I'm already having morning wood almost everyday and it's easier to have erections (it often gets rock hard, which wasn't common before nofap). But damn, wiping the cum off my underwear is getting tiresome LOL
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2023.06.03 22:43 wherehaveubeen Hoping for some information on - I’m supposed to buy a new car tomorrow, but this may influence my decision!

I apologise for these questions that have probably been answered 100 times before, but I’m in a bit of a time crunch and I would truly be grateful for some info and advice!
I discovered comma just a few minutes ago and I’m enamoured by what I am seeing. I have a deposit down on a 23 Corolla, mainly because I’m hoping that Toyota sense will help improve my soul crushing daily commute by taking the pressure off of keeping within a lane and at the right distance from other cars. Now I’m wondering if I should just buy a used 2021 for 10k less and spend the extra $1500 on a comma. I’m sure there are common questions, but I’m actually meeting with the dealership tomorrow to finalise the deal so I’m hoping for quick answers now while I continue to research on my own.
Will it give me any problems with insurance if I get in an accident? I use Travelers and I want to be 100% certain I won’t be liable if I get in an accident before moving forward.
Does comma work much better than Toyota sense 3.0? It seems like it is better able to actually autonomously drive (with user attention of course), but is it just a little better or way better?
Does it void the factory warranty?
Any help will be appreciated!
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2023.06.03 22:38 Voltter Apple bluetooth codec (AAC) creates artefacts on my album (and I need help)

So, I’ve run into a very rare problem it seems. I've made an album that I also mixed and it has also been mastered. Just before we we're releasing it I bought new bluetooth headphones (Sony WH1000xm4) and all of a sudden the songs had all these artefacts (metallic clunks and little skips/drop outs). It is also present only on Apple devices and more pronounced with iPhone compared to Mac (my guess is it has to have something to do with the AAC bluetooth codec used by Apple). I have tried other similar headphones (Sennheiser Momentum 4) and the problem is present there also. It is from my perspective, a problem with heavily noise cancelling bluetooth headphones combined with the AAC codec. On all the other listening devices I've used there is no problem. Also if I use the headphones through an aux cord the problem disappears. Now bluetooth has it's problems sure, but the weird thing is that otherwise the headphones work just fine with no problems and I haven’t found any music where this problem would be anywhere near as pronounced as it is here on my album. Also the artefacts are present in the mix I've made (meaning if I open the Logic project I can hear it there already faintly), but the problem isn't found on any individual track. I’m from Finland and I’ve met with really well known professionals here (top mixers and mastering… masterers[?]) who have no idea where it might come from. And from their perspective there seems to be nothing wrong with my mixes. Yet it feels so improbable that no one else would have run into a problem such as this before. I’m really at a loss since I’ve worked so hard on this album for a year… And this is quite a nightmarish situation since I thought that the album was done and we were about to release it already. Do you guys have any idea where this might come from and are there any solutions for it? Any type of direction would be appreciated. Again, this problems can be heard only on certain headphones (such as the Sony WH1000xm4 or 5 and Sennheiser Momentum 4, at least), and when listened through an iPhone. Unfortunately this is a very common listening combination these days which is why I want to search for an answer in any way I can. I would be very grateful for any guidance here.
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2023.06.03 22:36 Ty4Readin Solving a real problem with your side projects

Just thought I'd throw this out there, but I've noticed that almost all side projects have one thing in common: they don't solve a real problem and there's no reason anyone would ever actually use it.
A commom theme when someone is starting a DS side project, they start thinking about what technologies they can use, what datasets are available, what models they want to try, etc.
What if instead, you think about the problems in your life and the things you care about. You can still keep your ML toolbox in your head, but the focus should be on making a model that someone (hopefully you) would actually want to use.
The problem with this type of ML side project is that only 20% of the time is spent on pure ML, however that is kind of the reality of any DS position anyway. So it seems like a more fruitful exercise to building the right skills for applying ML models to generate value and solve problems.
Just my thoughts but curious to hear others opinions.
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2023.06.03 22:35 SurreptitiousSquash My inconsistent ASD diagnosis: from not needing a diagnosis [Inpatient psychology consolation], to possibly needing a diagnosis[ Psycho-educational assessment], to now being referred to a specialized assessment [Private psychologist] for proper diagnosis—I have no clue what to expect.

My inconsistent ASD diagnosis: from not needing a diagnosis [Inpatient psychology consolation], to possibly needing a diagnosis[ Psycho-educational assessment], to now being referred to a specialized assessment [Private psychologist] for proper diagnosis—I have no clue what to expect. submitted by SurreptitiousSquash to autism [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 22:34 ExpensiveFun9681 I can't talk on date(s)

Long story short, I'm fairly introverted, shy and the whole package, although it's not like I can't get comfortable with someone, I certainly can, it does take time, etc. though. I'm also not really experienced with dating, mind you.
Either way, been seeing a particular female recently, saw her twice as of now, actually. In fact, we do have a lot in common, especially our personalities, stuff we like to talk about, all that.
However, we can't seem to keep a conversation going, at least for most of the time. I mean, at first, I thought it might've been the stress, with the first date and all, but this was also true for the second date, though it certainly was a much better experience in general after all. We did have some good moments and I enjoyed the talking, so it's not like it was a total failure.
But, the main problem, is that using particular channels, I have learnt that the silences did actually bother her to some extent, as well as her mostly initiating the conversation. Even further, she did say that there was no major improvement in regards to the first date.

So, finally, do you have any advice on this? I mean, it's not like I don't want to engage in conversation, obviously, but I'm quickly running dry on subjects or questions to ask naturally and... well, there you go.
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2023.06.03 22:26 I_love_tax_evasion_ Friend is uncomfortable with my faith

Hello! I have a fellow coworker I’ve know for about 2 yrs now. Overtime, we’ve gotten pretty close. I consider her a dear friend, and we have a lot of common interests.
I haven’t really brought up my faith before. We have different views on some things, but the convo never came up so I thought there was no need to say anything.
My church threw a picnic last Sunday. I invited her along because it was an open invite event. Not a service, just a bbq. She asked if I was religious, and I told her I was a Christian.
She instantly became uncomfortable. I asked her if she wanted to talk about it, (assuming maybe there was something in the past happened, etc.). She was closed off and dismissive. Again, I have no problem if she doesn’t agree with it. In fact, most my friends are not religious at all. And even as a lifelong Christian, I’ve experienced trauma in the church. So I’m not sure if she had something happen, or if she just doesn’t like religion. I didn’t wanna push it. I texted her twice, but I haven’t heard anything back. I really don’t wanna press. Is there something I should do? Or should I just wait until she approaches me? It’s even awkward at work now too :(
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2023.06.03 22:17 No_Impression7719 Ended a long-term friendship of 7 years with my former best-friend because his girlfriend sucks

Hi all, long time lurker here but I wanted to get some unbiased opinions on this. This story is long. Sorry in advance.
Six months ago, I (27M) ended a friendship with a my long-time best friend (28M) and of 7 years after a fairly explosive fight about the woman he is dating (33/34F). The whole thing took me by surprise. We currently have a large tight knit friend group of people across a variety of major cities and we all try to hang out when we can. However, some of my friends in this group have been unhappy with me for cutting of ties with this person.
For context, This friend was my college roommate, fraternity brother, and the most consistent source of emotional support and guidance throughout my early-twenties. Throughout college, I felt that we had a unique and supportive friendship. He taught me how to be believe in myself, stand-up for myself, take care of myself better, and brought a lot of light into my life as a friend. We were both full-scholarship students at a fancy-pants highly ranked college that is know for being elitist and stuck-up. Looking back, I think one of the things that made us such tight friends is that we didn't fit in all too well at that school. Both of us had pretty difficult lives before college and neither of us had any money. He was essentially an orphan and I was/am from a low-income single parent household. However, despite these circumstances, I felt like we both inspired each other to become more well-rounded and well-adjusted people. A central theme of our friendship was trying to figure out how to live a good life, solve interesting problems, make the world a better place, and to go on adventures with good friends.
During our early twenties/in college I feel like I did everything I could to be the best friend possible. Since he didn't have a stable father figure, I tried my best to be a loving brother. I was there to support him for every major test or every time a girl broke his heart in college. I knew that finding a group of friends and a community was important for him, so I advocated for him to join my fraternity. While my fraternity was voting on final round of rush, I was working on a major project with some classmates and someone texted me that my friend didn't get enough votes to be offered a bid to join. Immediately, I told my partners that I had to go for an emergency and ran to where the voting was taking place. I basically made a 2-3 minute long speech about how my friend was one of the best people I've ever known and convinced everyone to revote him into the group. Additionally, when he had to take a year off from college because a close member of his family passed a way, I spent almost every weekend with him for emotional support, helped him navigate the dark and uncomfortable family drama around the situation, and was the only friend who went to this family member's funeral with him for support. I even helped him with the little things, like teaching him how to tie a tie and find his own sense of style.
However, towards the end of college and after graduating, my life got difficult and dark. At the end of my senior year, two close relatives of mine passed away within two weeks of each other and I became extremely depressed. After graduation, I left my home state for a job that offered me a significant amount of money. Though my plan was to go to grad school, I wanted to take some time to make money and help my younger sister afford college - she didn't get any significant scholarships. However, the job I worked at was terrible. I was being abused almost every since day by my boss and the company I worked for was extremely unethical. After starting this job, I learned that the average hire only lasts about 6-8 months and that having a breakdown from working there was extremely common. Working here took a huge toll on my mental health and after 9 months, I quit to return home before I broke down like many of my co-workers. I thought things would be better when I went back home but some of my family members were going through it at the time and became abusive as well. Though my family was never abusive towards me growing up, for some reason they chose to be abusive when I came back. Chairs were thrown at me and I never had a moment of rest. I also had a grandmother who was living off food stamps and nobody was taking good care of her. So I had to continuously try and get her groceries while working 60-70 hrs/wk on a construction job. It was a bad time.
During all of this, I felt that my friend was being extremely immature and selfish. He kept yelling at me and criticizing me for not hanging out enough with him and not partying with him enough. Even after explaining my situation, he didn't offer too much support and expressed frustration that I wouldn't help him meet girls at clubs or get laid. He's always had a deep desire to find love but has traditionally had issues with female rejection. One night, I agreed to go out clubbing with him, but I remember explicitly stating that I was not in the mental space to hit on girls, wingman, or to hook-up. I was just down to drink, dance, and have a good time. Despite this, at the club he got extremely frustrated with me when I wouldn't start any conversations with groups of girls. When we got home he literally starting screaming in his bed about how he wished someone "would show him the steps" on how to meet women. Though this was clearly not a high point in our relationship together, I felt that he was probably just going through something and let it go. After a few months, even more negative things happened in my life and eventually had a mental breakdown. I definitely was not acting normally or myself for 3-4 months afterwards either. Despite this, my friend insisted that I party with him and a group of other people one night. However, when we were ready to go out, I overheard him loudly making laughing at me and making fun of my behind my back about how "I had serious mental problems, totally lost it. etc." I was shocked because he definitely knew about all that I was going through. After this, I stopped reaching out to him and to distance myself. Part of me didn't trust him anymore but also I wanted to see if he'd put in effort to keep our relationship strong.
Fast forward a few years, and we were still friends but not as close as before. I partially attributed this to me moving around different states for work and also for finally getting into a grad school far away from everyone. During this time we both ended up dating women which we both considered to be long-term partners. Initially he starting dating this girl for a couple of months, and then something terrible happened in his life - his last surviving family member died. After telling her he needed to put their relationship on pause and leave town to wrap up family affairs. She blew up at him while he was out of town, about how he "led her on" and wasted her time. For context, she made it clear that she wanted to get married and have kids after 2-3 years of dating.For some reason, he got back together with her and stayed with her for a few years, but he expressed some concerns about her to me. He told me that she didn't really seem interested in engaging with him on an intellectual level (e.g., reading books with each other, talking about work) and also expected him to pay for all of their dates and meals (which were pretty expensive) because he has a well-paying job. He also expressed worry that she'd wouldn't be interested in respecting or having a relationship with any of our other friends because of her age. Because she was 31 at the start of their relationship she felt that a lot people in our friend group of mid-twenty somethings "wouldn't be mature enough" for her.
Despite telling him that these were all big red flags, he continued dating her. Because I was busy working and trying to make money for my family I never got a chance to hang out with her. But as predicted, as all of our close friends eventually met her over the years - she was pretty disrespectful. Though she never fought or argued with anyone, she'd either ignore people or be passive aggressive. She also started to negatively influence him. After a member of our friend group (who previously has always been kind and caring) had a public freakout and yelled at his girlfriend because he was in a bad mental state, I called him to talk about how we could support our friend and expressed concerns that a marijuana addiction might be contributing to his issues. Instead of talking about the issue he said that our friend was "spoiled", "immature", and said that his girlfriend "weak woman".
Eventually, my partner and I met this girl during my college reunion and we felt that she was pretty awful. My friend allowed my girlfriend and I to stay at his appartment to save money for the trip. Before the actual reunion we all agreed to hang out. My girlfriend arrived in town a day before me and spent time with both of them before I did. Though I wasn't there, my girlfriend told me that this woman threw a napkin at a waiter during dinner. Apparently, she also got sleepy at around 9pm while my friend was showing my partner around the apt. Instead of waiting respectfully or finding a place to rest, she passive aggressively pretended to fall asleep in the common room of the apt and pretended to snore. Then after a few minutes she started yelling that she called an Uber for herself to go back to her place, slammed a door in my friend's face, and left the building - leaving him to chase after her.
I met her the next day during a double date, and I didn't get the best impression. I tried to be nonjudgemental but it was pretty hard to hold a conversation with her. When I asked about her interests, she could only really talk about how she like to drink/party a lot, spend a lot of money, and travel. Though this really wasn't that bad (who doesn't love these things), I initially thought she was just shallow because thats really all she could talk about. However, as we spent more time together bragged to me about her older brother threw a glass ashtray at an elderly neighbor. Additionally, at a one point in the double date, she made fun of a man going for a run outside. He was actually in pretty decent shape and even had visible abs, but she kept saying how he was "too overweight" to be running without a shirt, and bragged about how she was in great shape and runs marathons. Despite this, she has a pretty significant muffin top and if my understanding is correct she hasn't run a marathon in many years. When we actually went to our reunion, she kept complaining to me that all of my college classmates kept staring at her and that they were all clearly "obsessed with her" because of how attractive she is - even at times when there would be almost nobody around. At the end of our time together, he told me he want to elevate their relationship and was thinking about moving in with her. He also suggested to other people he was interested in getting married and having kids soon.
I called my friend few weeks after all of this and expressed concerns about his relationship. Trying to be as respectful as possible while being truthful, I told him that I was concerned about him furthering his relationship with this woman. First expressed that she was hard to talk to and that she displayed some concerning behaviors. Then I highlighted that he should consider that she might not be the best long term partner. I felt that since she made the death of his family member "all about her", she probably wont be good teammate or a supportive partner when they both go through difficult times together. In all, I probably spoke for about a minute and a half before he started getting defensive and hung up on me to "take a brake from the conversation".Afterwards he stopped talking to consistently me for about six months. He mentioned to other friends that he and I would have a formal discussion about how I crossed a line soon, but he kept putting it off and never reached out. Even after I sent an apology text, he kept ignoring me.
Finally, six months ago visited the city that I'm currently living in to visit some people in our friend group and didn't tell me. I was invited by people in our group to spend time with them, but I immediately noticed that something was off. When I would speak about my interests or things that were going on in my life, my former friend would roll his eyes or look at me with disgust. Later in the night, I asked him if he wanted to finally have the discussion her wanted to have and he explosively blew up at me. Immediately, he started intensely screaming at me asking me about why I didn't like his partner. This took me by surprise, so I started getting heated and I pointed out that she seemed pretty superficial, hard to talk to, and that she was really disrespectful to all of our friends. Quickly, he got even more angry and said that all of our friends were "career obsessed people" and that I was the worst one of them all because I'm obsessed with grad school. He said that I was "an egotistical person", with "poor social skills", and that I only care about making friends with people "who kiss my ass and and feed my enormous ego". Additionally, he stated that I was an extremely "selfish person" and he purposely grew apart from me because I was such a broken person with so many problems. He also said that if I couldn't see or agree with him I "needed to look deep within myself". After this, I went home, slept off the fight, and texted him to cut off the friendship the next day.
Not only did I found all of this hurtful, but I found this to be extremely hypocritical. Despite all that I did for him, he wasn't really there for me during the worst years of my life. Also, I recognize that I do work abnormally hard and dont spend time as much time with my friends as I used to. However, I feel that I mainly do this to so I can be successful in support my family and because grad school is a deep passion of mine.
I get the sense that now, some of my other friends are a bit upset with me because I ended this friendship. Is this my fault? I did press him. He initially said that he wanted to wait on our discussion, but I pointed out that we live in different states and don't see each other that much anymore. Did I pressure him too much? Maybe I'm being too sentimental, but I used to think that this was the person in my life who knew me the best. I used to always think of myself as the kind of person who will stand up for what is right. So hearing this from him, made me question my own self-perception a bit.
Sorry for the long, great-american-novel, of a post.
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2023.06.03 22:11 EngineeredCoconut Everything you need to know about why tech recruiting is the way it is

I browse the CS and SE subreddits a lot and I comment on a lot of the threads which talk about hiring, interviews, and recruiting. Since I end up repeating similar information across these threads, I figured I should compile all that information into one post.
Some background about me: I've been building software professionally for around 8+ years, and am currently a Senior Software Engineer at a company that has absolutely nothing to do with delivering food to people who don't want to cook. I have done a lot of interviews, been the interviewer for many candidates, and been HM a few times.
I have only worked within the "big tech" scene, so I have no idea how things work at startups, local, small/medium sized, or non-tech companies, so the information in this post is relevant just for tech companies. I will also mostly focus on the entry-level interviews in this post.

What are the goals of the technical interview?

These are some of the high-level goals for the interview:
  1. Be cost effective
  2. Do not use too much engineer time
  3. Do not make a bad hire
  4. Be able to recruit from the largest pool of candidates available
  5. Do not make a bad hire
  6. Evaluate culture fit (mostly through communication skills)
  7. Make a good hire
When you are getting thousands of applicants and conducting hundreds of interviews, you need to be very efficient throughout the hiring pipeline. The interview process has to scale with load.

Why do they always ask for a Bachelors degree when you can learn programming from online for free?

Companies want to be cost effective and avoid making bad hires. Bad hires are expensive.
A Bachelors degree in Computer Science means that various third parties (professors) have already validated a candidate's skills (through tests, projects, exams, etc.) over a 4 year period. This is work the company does not have to do, money saved!
It also standardizes all the applicants. Everyone with a Bachelors degree in CS (or CE, SE) has had the opportunity to learn the same concepts, so we can use a similar interview process to evaluate every candidate.
If I have two self-taught candidates, I have no idea what they have in common. One might have only done React tutorials on YouTube and not know about DSA, and the other might have done the MIT open courseware courses and know about DSA: so they can't get the same questions. Companies don't want to come up with bespoke questions for each candidate, it's too expensive!
A "Bachelors degree in computer science or similar discipline" has been required for all the job postings at all the places I have worked. 3-4 years of work experience as a SE can often offset this requirement.

How many applicants do big tech companies even get?

At most of the places I have worked, most entry level job postings get around 2000+ applications for the duration they are up. This gets cut down by the ATS and the recruiter, but even afterwards we are left with hundreds of applicants. The goal of the interview process is to cut this down aggressively until we get to the 1 person we want to hire.
At Senior+ levels, the number of applicants go down drastically.

Why do they always use DSA/Leetcode questions?

  1. It is fairly easy, quick, and cheap to come up with new questions. Algorithms is a very wide topic, with many possible problems.
  2. When problems are inevitably leaked, we can quickly deprecate and replace them.
  3. They can be asked to every applicant because due to their shared background as BS in CS graduates.
  4. It is language and tech-stack agnostic. We can use the same interview questions for someone who knows Ruby, Java, C, Rust, etc. We don't have to come up with unique bespoke problems for each language or tech stack.
  5. Since DSA is very general, interviewers don't need to be an expert in the interviewee's language choice, since the concepts are agnostic.

Why do you want to recruit from the largest pool of candidates? Why don't you focus on one language and stack?

Big tech companies always want strong generalist engineers because we use a lot of different technologies. My team could be using Go for our services today, but we could transition to Rust or C if need be. We also want candidates to be able to fit into any team if required, and not every team uses the same language or stack.

But Leetcode is not what software engineers do day to day, why don't you interview them on REAL SKILLS?

It is not feasible to interview each candidate on "real skills" because of the volume of candidates we interview. Lets consider some other interview options:
Take home projects:
  1. These questions take a long time to come up with, which means an engineer has to take a lot more of their time away from actually doing engineering work to come up with questions.
  2. When the question gets leaked, it takes a lot of time to replace them because of (1). Leaving leaked questions up for too long can lead to bad hires.
  3. We need to make a version of the question per language per stack for us to be able to recruit from the largest pool of candidates. This is very time consuming.
Building an application/API during the interview:
  1. These questions take a long time to come up with... same as above.
  2. When the question gets leaked... same as above.
  3. We need to match the stack that the interviewee chose, with an engineer who also knows that stack. This is not always feasible due to scheduling.
  4. We do use these kinds of interviews for Senior+ interviews, which are much lower volume.
Debugging a snippet of code:
  1. These questions take a long time to come up with... same as above.
  2. When the question gets leaked... same as above.
  3. We might need to match what the interviewer's stack to the interviewee's stack depending on the complexity.
So that's why we don't use these kinds of other kinds of interviews for entry level interviews.

Can't people just memorize answers and pass the DSA/Leetcode interviews?

Memorizing only gets you so far, and interviewers can usually detect it. It's not like a school exam where you write the correct answer and that's it.
We ask lots of questions about the thought process behind the candidates solution. Someone who simply memorized answers will not be able to able to answer all the deep dive questions. Why did you use a Min Heap and not a Max Heap? Why did you use BFS and not DFS? Can you solve this without sorting?
There's also multiple layers of difficulty to the same problem. If someone solved the problem in 5 mins, I can bump them up to the next level.

Can you even solve the questions you are asking yourself?

It is customary to solve the question you are going to be asking before the interview. So yes, I absolutely can solve all levels of the problem I will be asking. SEs who regularly conduct interviews are generally not too rusty when it comes to solving DSA problems. is great watch, which touches on this a bit.

How do you decide which questions to ask?

We have an internal interview problem database. We can only pick problems that exist within these database. Periodically engineers will get assigned to remove leaked questions and add new questions to this pool of questions, to keep it fresh.

Isn't there luck involved?

Yeah, luck is always involved. You could practice Tree problems all month and get hit with a Heap problem, while someone else who practiced Heap problems will make it through.
Luck is involved in most things in life, even in non-DSA interviews.

I'm not good at Leetcode and I don't want to practice, what should I do?

There are still many companies which don't use DSA problems in their screening. When I was a new grad I interviewed at a consulting company and their interview consisted of them asking me some OOP concepts, some Java concepts, and a simple problem like FizzBuzz. has a list of companies which do not use DSA/Leetcode interviews.

I think these interviews are unfair!

That's valid. But like most things in life, the more popular a thing is, the more competition there is for it. It is more difficult and requires more studying and effort to get into MIT than University of Phoenix, the same applies for tech companies.

Are you even making good hires if you are not testing their REAL SKILLS during the interview?

According to our analytics, we are making good enough hires. We have found that people who have good generalist and foundational knowledge are able to learn whatever REAL SKILLS are required quickly, and end up becoming very productive members of our teams.
At one of my previous companies, we did an AB test where one cohort got the regular DSA/Leetcode interview and another cohort got a take home assignment. After 3 years the data showed that the hires from the DSA/Leetcode cohort got promoted to SE2 slightly faster than the hires from the take home assignment set. The increase was not too significant, but it proved that it was not worth spending the extra resources on coming up with take home assignment questions.
Of course we do make bad hires every now and then, but they are rare, and PIPs exist for this reason.

What about all the good engineers you are missing out on because they don't like DSA/Leetcode interviews or are bad at them?

We might miss out on some good engineers, but it does not end up mattering because of sheer volume. For example, if only 5% of 2000 applicants pass the interview, that is still 100 people.
There is probably at least 5 good engineers within that 100. So even if 500 good engineers got filtered out, we can still hire the 1 good engineer we need for that specific open role.
I'm sure MIT misses out on many exemplary students every year as well!

How many candidates actually pass these interviews?

I would say anywhere from 5-10% of the total interviews we do at the entry level turn into offers.


I hope that explains the reasoning behind why these interviews are the way they are.
I personally think the perfect system would be similar to how it works for med students with medical school. You get your BS in CS and then go to a 4 year "software engineering school" and a government body (similar to the LCME) will hand out out licenses upon completion. Then you do 3-7 years of residency in various domains. The top of the class get placed into the company and domain of their choosing, and the bottom get placed into whatever is available.
Feel free to ask questions, I will try to answer them. I will not argue with you though since that's pointless.
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2023.06.03 21:57 decho Pre-Match Thread: Celta vs Barcelona [La Liga]

Match Information:

Match: Celta vs Barcelona
Competition: La Liga
Date: Sunday, 4th of June 2023
Time: 21:00 CEST / 15:00 EDT - Convert to local time
Venue: Estadio Municipal de Balaídos, Vigo - 29000 capacity
Referee: Juan Luis Pulido Santana

Lineups and Squads:

Barcelona - Official squad confirmed
GK: Ter Stegen, Iñaki Peña, Arnau Tenas
DEF: Araújo, Christensen, Alonso, Alba, Koundé, Eric, Álex Baldé
MID: Busquets, Pedri, Kessié, Sergi Roberto, Frenkie, Gavi, Pablo Torre, Unai Hernández, Pau Prim
ATT: Dembélé, Lewandowski, Fati, Ferran Torres, Raphinha, Marc Guiu, Dani Rodríguez
Unavailable: Álex Baldé, Pedri (injured)
Not called: Araújo, Alba, Busquets
Celta - Official squad to be confirmed
GK: Agustin Marchesin, Iván Villar
DEF: Hugo Mallo, Óscar Mingueza, Unai Núñez, Joseph Aidoo, Javi Galán, Kevin Vázquez, Carlos Domínguez Cáceres
MID: Óscar Rodríguez, Fran Beltrán, Renato Tapia, Williot Swedberg, Luca De La Torre, Gabri Veiga
ATT: Carles Pérez, Gonçalo Paciência, Iago Aspas, Franco Cervi, Jörgen Strand Larsen, Augusto Solari, Haris Seferović, Miguel Rodríguez
Unavailable: Agustin Marchesin, Joseph Aidoo, Fran Beltrán (injured)
Not called:

Form guide:




Comments (Post-match thread):

Author: lazybananainthehouse Score: 192 pts Source
Author: mrsubsofficial Score: 123 pts Source
I'll just say my peace. 6/6 points after the international break with 6 injuries to many key players. That doesn't excuse a bad game from players in attack but games like these happen every year. The important thing is that we got all 3 points today, come april and may these are going to be incredibly valuable.
Spectacular game from Mats, gavi, and piqué. Balde a lot better than last time but again he's been asked to play on the right. Immense few minutes from Eric. Wingers were shut down but also very indecisive and making poor decisions at times. Alonso meh but again playing sort of out of position. Pedri and busi good as always. Lewy got little service but he also fumbled it a few times.
On to the champions were we really have to pick it up because it's worrisome so far.
Author: doksqwae Score: 122 pts Source
Winning matches like these where you're not on your best is a skill in itself and these matches might make or break the season but fuck me, that was awful 98 minutes of football and Xavi is repeating the same mistakes from Mallorca and Inter
Author: thisIsAswin Score: 117 pts Source
One on side we somehow managed to keep a clean sheet with a starting backline of Pique and 3 left backs. And on other side we couldn't even create a single chance for Lewa.
Author: aritra3776 Score: 98 pts Source
Had 10 heart attacks in just 45 minutes 🙂
Author: mntgoat Score: 80 pts Source
What a time to start playing like shit! If we continue this on Wednesday and next Sunday we are fucked.
Also everyone gave Raphinha shit but it isn't like Dembele did anything when we had the ball and he had fresh legs.
Author: Lelouch_brittania Score: 65 pts Source
So all a team needs to do is shut our wings down . Lewandowski becomes isolated and our full backs put in silly crosses. While the midfielders keep the possession and pass the ball sideways throughout the 90 mins . Xavi has lost the plot
Author: Hydrargyrum200u Score: 59 pts Source
Wingers get double or triple teamed and the attack dies
It's been like that for plenty of games now
It's on Xavi
It's one thing if one winger's form goes to shit but all 4 ? nah
Author: LarryPeru Score: 51 pts Source
Horrific train wreck of a performance and Inter and Madrid could not be coming at a worse time for us. Inter score first on Wednesday and we are done for in CL.
Author: thisIsAswin Score: 49 pts Source
We are not the same team that left for international break.
Author: halojeppe Score: 48 pts Source
I had the same feeling today as last year when Koeman was manager, just so boring and depressing to watch really
Author: faiosa Score: 39 pts Source
I’m so confused why Xavi refuses to have our RB overlap, our RW just gets double teamed as soon as he gets the ball with nowhere to go but back. It’s literally such a basic thing to know to do but 3 games now it’s been the same shit
Author: thebrownestmamba Score: 39 pts Source
That’s 3 matches in a row where we looked poor, this one being the worst of them. I don’t know who to focus on at this point, but Xavi and the players need to sort this out immediately. The drop in form is baffling enough, considering the precious performances, but we cannot afford any mistakes now where CL group qualifiers are decided in 3 days and the World Cup will start shorty after…
With that said, still golden 3 points and let’s hope for the best! Visca Barça!!
Author: Haalandderstrong Score: 31 pts Source
Anyone worried that after our weakness being exposed against Inter, our tactics remained exactly the same? Xavi didn't try to change to team a bit, still overly relying on the wings while Lewan is being isolated.
Author: mojojojo1108 Score: 27 pts Source
I am completely prepared to take downvotes on this but I would honestly much rather have Gavi run less and have more positional discipline. Gavi is obviously amazing but he makes wild challenges or runs to press in ways that leaves big, open, vulnerable holes.
Our biggest issue (besides injuries) throughout this season so far has been a lack of control. We don't control matches, but have been scoring because of moments of class or through transition opportunities. I'm not saying Gavi's the only one at fault (and I want to make clear that I still believe he's been one of our better performers - case in point, he was integral to creating the goal that we did score) but he's the only regularly playing midfielder that I think consistently contributes to this lack of control.
Ideally, with Balde and Bellerin available as the fullbacks (instead of Jordi especially) and whichever CB pairing Xavi prefers, we'll also have more composure in the back and ability to build up but for the moment, that's not much of an option to analyze.
Author: saymyname_97 Score: 25 pts Source
I think Xavi needs to try a midfield of FDJ, Busi and Pedri. Gavi is a great player but we really need more creativity from the midfield. Also FDJ is world class, he surely can't be a rotation player.
Author: Ranjith_Unchained Score: 19 pts Source
Thank you, MATS
Author: fakename4268 Score: 18 pts Source
We can’t create anything from the middle. We’ve said it before and before, a trio of Bosquets-Pedri-Gavi doesn’t work. I know we don’t have that many options because of injuries, but on Wednesday we can’t start this trio. Also, our wingers need to get their shit together. Dembele is wasting easy passes and Raphinha is too predictable, and don’t get me started on Fati and Torres. There are no excuses for everyone if we don’t manage to get through to the knockout phase


Xavi: "Laporta offered me the renewal when we lost the Copa del Rey semifinals against Real Madrid. There will be no problem." - src @barcacentre
Xavi: "The idea is for Lamine Yamal to be between Barça Atlètic and the first team because he can help us a lot." - src @barcacentre
Xavi: "If by beating Celta, indirectly, we can do Barça Atlètic a favor, it's even better."What Xavi is referring to: - src @barcacentre
Xavi: "Márquez has greatly improved the Barça Atlètic players when you compare them to the beginning of the season. That is his main goal, not promotion." - src @barcacentre
Xavi: "Mourinho? Coaches, like players, have to be an example. It doesn't matter how hurt you feel." - src @barcacentre
🚨 Xavi: "Ter Stegen will play tomorrow." - src @barcacentre
Xavi: "I hope our image tomorrow will be like the one we showed against Mallorca. We want to win, but we know that Celta have a lot more at stake than we do." - src @barcacentre
🚨 Xavi: "I haven't spoken to the players because I haven't been able to (because the acceptance of the feasibility plan isn't there yet). I haven't been able to because we still don't know if we'll be able to sign and we have to know what situation we're going to find ourselves… - src @barcacentre
🚨 Xavi: "With Messi I am expectant, not nervous. I have been talking to him and I would be excited about his return, not only as a coach but also as a Culer." - src @barcacentre
🚨 Xavi: "At the club they are optimistic about the feasibility plan, but it's not there yet. The president gives me peace of mind and confidence, in every way and also in this one. I'm not worried, I'm waiting." - src @barcacentre
🚨 Xavi: "Fati? I can tell you little about Ansu and the general planning, because we depend on La Liga and the feasibility plan. From there we will decide." - src @barcacentre
Xavi: "We have to see, depending on the squad we have, what our goals will be next season." - src @barcacentre
🚨 Xavi: "Neves? I can't talk about names. The club knows my priorities in positions and names. They know my position because I always try to be very clear." - src @barcacentre
Xavi: "I have a very good relationship with Giráldez. He's a great coach, doing an extraordinary job and the the women's team there only are winners, they don't get tired... We'll be watching the game, wishing them the best." - src @barcacentre
🚨 Xavi: "I'm not responsible for the financial issue. I only know that Messi would help us a lot in terms of football." - src @barcacentre
🚨 Xavi: "I can't talk much about planning, signings and departures, because we depend on La Liga and the feasibility plan. Things will be decided from there." - src @barcacentre
🚨 Xavi: "The priorities are very clear. I would really like Messi to return, I have spoken with him, and I have already said that it depends on him. From here, apart from Leo, the other priority is a pivot. That would be the ideal scenario." - src @barcacentre
Xavi: "The goal tomorrow is to win and give a good image. And others like keeping a clean sheet, winning Lewandowski's Pichichi award... Celta are in a difficult situation, but we want to win." - src @barcacentre

Latest News:

[Squad] - Squad for final Liga fixture against Celta -
[Article] - Xavi: 'The team wants to end the season on a high' -
[Training] - Preparations continue for the final game of the season -
[Article] - When and where to watch Celta v FC Barcelona -


Livesoccertv Liveonsat
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2023.06.03 21:54 WideAd8358 4 June 2023 (Kurt Tay) - Q&A (Part 2)

Which is your favourite character ? Is it shemale spirit Kurt Tay, or skinny Kurt Tay, men spa Kurt Tay, WWE champion Kurt Tay, BDSM dog slave Kurt Tay or BDSM master Kurt Tay ?
This question depends on what spirit, what character I am. There is no direct answer. You should know that I have multi split personality. If right I have 100% WWE wrestling spirit, I will tell you WWE champion Kurt Tay is my favourite. If BDSM dog spirit is inside my body, I will tell you my favourite is the BDSM spirit dog slave Kurt Tay. There is no actual answer to this. It depends on what is the charactespirit I am in. Because you know I have the special multi split personality. It depends on what personality I am. All of them are the answer. It really depends.
Currently you are wrestling spirit or dog slave spirit ? I am confused.
Currently I am a bit of mixture. You know recently I have been possessed by the BDSM porn spirit. I have been possessed by the BDSM dog slave spirit. Because after I lose the fight to Loh Jia Hung, I suffered the brain damage. At first I was thinking how can BDSM spirit carry the championship belt then I remember last time got this character called Goldust, which is a BDSM character, BDSM gimmick. That one also a wrestler. Right now, I am half half. 50% wrestling spirit. 50% BDSM dog slave spirit. So half half. 50/50.
How would you have felt if got other strangers commented on your daughter's looks that she is chiobu ?
If someone comment that my daughter is a chiobu, this is a good thing. Not a bad thing. Of course right now, my daughter is 2.5 years old When she grow up like 14 years old, then people see my daughter, saw my daughter is a chiobu, of course I will feel happy. Because chiobu means beautiful. So if someone say my daughter is chiobu, I will feel very happy because it is 展眉。 That means someone is praising.
Why did you ban LT ?
LT formally known as Apple, last time on my instagram. Now known as LT. I was fucking pissed off with him because he purposely insult me creepy. And I hate the word. When I was at the JC, a lot of lot of students, I 展眉 my female fans that they are chiobu. They are beautiful. And this LT go and twist turn say I am creepy. And this makes me fucking pissed off. And even Mr Meow say my comment nothing wrong. That is why I was fucking fucking pissed off with LT and I ban him. Because he purposely want to insult me. So is a fucking fucking hater. I also see some stupid comments by some stupid haters, what my age not suitable to say what a girl chiobu. Chiobu is not an offensive word. Chiobu is trying to say a girl is beautiful. So what is wrong with saying a girl with beautiful. So if you saying what my age cannot say, is this an age discrimination or what ? So if a girl join a beauty pageant/content, is it only that young judges can say wow "you are beautiful chiobu" If the judges is 40 years above, if he say beautiful chiobu means he is creepy ah. This is totally nonsense. So that time I was fucking pissed off with lanjiao lang called LT, Apple. Because he is a fucking hater purposely say I am creepy. Then there are also people say will I be angry if someone say my daughter is a chiobu. This is really really nonsense. Why would I be angry if someone say my daughter is chiobu ? Because if someone say that my daughter is a chiobu, I will feel very very happy. When my daughter grows up, I won't have discrimination against people. What this people young can say. This people 40 year old cannot say. I don't have discimination against people who are old. Chiobu is a good thing. So if a girl is beautiful, am I supposed to say "you look ugly" ? Cannot be right ? So I was fucking fucking pissed off with this LT. He purposely want to gong lanjiao way about me.
Why hasn't Ricky hire you for Adhoc work yet ? You and him are best friends right ?
This question I got answer before but Keith forget already. Pay 100% attention to my Q&A. Don't skip here skip there. I got explain before. This is the final time I going to explain. Ricky, he got contact me to do adhoc job but I don't want. Why ? Because he supposed to give me OM job. OM don't have. At least OE. Not security guard Adhoc job. Why should I become a security guard for his new agency when I supposed to be Operation Manager (OM) or Operation Executive (OE) I am not going to his agency to work security guard Adhoc job.
How come you never wish happy birthday on Facebook. Last time every year, you will wish without fail.
Last time I have this habit on my Facebook. Whoever is on my friends list, I will go and wish them Happy Birthday. But what happened, I am the only one who gonggong dai dai wish them Happy Birthday. When its my Birthday, they never wish me. Worse still, some are actually haters. After I wish them Happy Birthday, they go and scold me. Some see my message, they ignore me. Ïts fucking wasting time. Some people they appreciate it, they will say Thank You to me. Some people they don't appreciate it, they don't give a damn fuck. Last time I was stupid. I wasting my time. A lot of things to do man. I very busy. Unless people wish me Happy Birthday then I will say Thank You to this person. Last time at night, my wife will ask me how come haven't sleep yet, I tell my wife that I need to wish Happy Birthday to my Facebook friends. So its a very stupid thing because people don't appreciate it. If people don't appreciate it, why should I waste my time go and wish people Happy Birthday for what ? For Fuck. I know there are some people who appreciate me wishing them. For those people who appreciate, I will say "you are a good person. you are nice person because you appreciate it" For those people who don't appreciate it, they are very ungrateful person.
So if next time, good fans want jio you makan, need to pay you ? If good fans like Eddy Low also need to pay meh ?
For people like Eddy Low, I already know him. I not only consider him as fans, I also consider as friends. For fans like Eddy Low, I no need to charge him money because I and him know each other for long time. But people who I never met before in real life then you can jio me out for friendship dating, you need to pay me because I running the business. I running the rent Kurt Tay date friendship services so of course i need to charge money. Only for people who I actually not so close. For people like Eddy Low, I already know him well. Of course no need lah. You see last time got fans they want to jio me for eating. If you are fans, you should support me, support my services. For example like Mermaid girl, also can have renting her out for a date. So for those people I never met before in real life. If you are real fans, you should support me because you know I have the low pay job. Also I got financial problems.
Can I pay you after the friendship date ?
Answer is No There is no such things as after the date then pay me You have to make the full payment first. What happen if the person say "sorry, I no money now" You cannot say you book the air ticket, you tell the airplane, you tell the flight agency. You say "I will pay you after I take the airplane". Cannot be right ? Of course you pay money first, you book the air ticket then you go and onboard the airplane and fly to other countries. Payment of course must make sure or people will scam you.
You intend to do BDSM until how old ? Until 70 years old still do ?
I dont know Mr Meow referring to BDSM master or slave. Whether it is BDSM master or slave, it doesn't matter. Because I mention before, I am a human God. I am half human half God. 50% human being. 50% God. So even if I 70 years old, I will look like maximum 44 years old. Because my whole body will stop aging once I reach 44 years old because I am human God. So I forever will be 44 years old. Even when I go and engage BDSM mistress, they will not know that I am 70 years old. Even I 100 years old, they will still unable to tell because I still look like maximum 44 years old. Because I won't grow old I won't become old and old and old. Age is just a number to me. BDSM master also same. I forever can be BDSM master. Can be BDSM slave.
You got start TikTok to sell stuff ? Guo Lai white white drink earn money. No need to work security.
BDBYZD. I don't think Guo Lai earn a living by selling things on TikTok. He is a Foodpanda rider. Selling things on TikTok. What you want me to sell ? There is nothing I can sell what. What you want me to sell ? I don't think its easy. There's nothing much for me to sell.
If Guo Lai can become a Foodpanda rider, why you cannot ?
I answer many many times before, I dont know how to ride bicycle. I cannot 认路。 If I become Foodpanda rider, I will 迷路, then I will become 迷路宾。 Then people will say how come food so long haven't come because I will lost my way. That's the reason. Not because I want to zuo bolan (do nothing) thats why I don't want become food rider.
Ah Kim or Mistress Luna, which one is more beautiful ?
Answer is both are beautiful. The thing is my wife. She don't like to put makeup. I ever see my wife put makeup before. Last time. I remember. When she put makeup, she stunning beautiful. Because you got see the Taiwan show, a lot of female before and after makeup is a lot of difference. Last time I ever see before my wife, she put the makeup, I was shocked. Wow Really become a beautiful chiobu. You see girls can become beautiful chiobu when you put makeup. Now you see Mistress Luna can become beautiful because she put makeup. Many many girls even Mediacorp artists, they put makeup also. So if you put makeup then you will look beautiful. My wife she like natural. Her biao mei / biao jie, every time she put make up, she become beautiful. Maybe she want 自然美。 So if you ask me, I will say both are equally beautiful.
Next time you can film Q&A on MRT. Can film one part Q&A .
How the fuck am I going to film Q&A inside MRT ? Cannot be right. Common sense. You think MRT I can film Q&A ah. People will be looking at you. People will think you are siaolang. MRT is not for you to film Q&A. MRT supposed to be for quiet quiet. Not for you to "Well, well well" MRT supposed to be quiet for you to take the journey. Not for you to film videos/Q&A.
Can hire you 2 hours ? Come and clean my house.
Last time clean North Point, your standard should be quite high BDBYZD. I already say this is a rent Kurt Tay for the friendship date. I am not a maid. I am not a cleaner. Which words you don't understand. Already say its for renting friendship. You are not renting a cleaner. You are not renting a maid. So answer is No.
You say yourself Wen Loong have $268K in his bank account but Sengkang 3 room HDB deed might not hit 1 million. If he is not millionaire, why do you believe that he will make you a millionaire ?
At first I believe. Later on, I don't believe. At first he say want to turn me into millionaire. Then later change his mind. I don't believe him anymore. Because 99.999% of what he says is not true. So I don't believe anymore.
Why can't we hold your hands during the date so that you can be faithful and loyal to your wife but Mistress can fist your anal hole during the BDSM session. That doesn't seems fair to us. Does that means we can fist your anal hole during the date ?
Is asking why my rent Kurt Tay friendship cannot hold hands. Let me explain to you. Rent Kurt Tay friendship is about friendship. Is not about boyfriend/girlfriend. If a girl rent a boyfriend, is a different thing. Because I already stated, its not renting boyfriend, its renting a friend. Which is why I also can say guy also can engage me. Because its only for friendship. BDSM is different thing. Is about Mistress/Slave session. If you say want to fist fuck me, then its not the friendship thing, its the BDSM thing. If I want to become BDSM slave, I only can accept female because I am not gay. If I master, both male and female to me no problems. You want talk about fist fuck unless you and me are doing BDSM session. But however, I don't anyhow go and do a BDSM session with any females unless I can confirm she is a professional BDSM mistress. If she is fake one, means she can find the chances to sabotage me. So I will make sure that this person is a real BDSM mistress. Not just anyhow anyhow female fans say I am your female fans. So want to become my BDSM mistress, so No. I will check carefully first, her profile.
If Singapore has Vietnamese BDSM mistresses, will you engage ?
Answer is No. Why ? Because if got Vietnamese BDSM mistress, that means she might know my wife. So Vietnamese community in Singapore is actually quite small. Why should I go and take the risk to engage a Vietnamese BDSM mistress. Later she know my wife, she go and tell my wife, I go and honggan already. Answer is No.
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2023.06.03 21:54 Mastertsf How Matalas Killed Picard Season 3

There are so many things wrong with Picard Season 3 that it’s pointless to try to enumerate them all. In short, Matalas eviscerated the thing of beauty that was Star Trek and manifested an unrecognizable, mutilated day- time soap opera that makes me embarrassed as a True Trekkie. Instead of the thrill of classic sci-fi adventure and action imbued with clever, relevant and succinct commentary, we have 40 minutes of bad therapy sessions sprinkled with 7 minutes of actual story. But let’s put all that aside and focus on the biggest problem - the plot makes no sense. At the end of Season 2, we were allied with the Borg, with Agnes Jurati as the incarnation of the Borg Queen, to defend against some huge unknown threat. First thing wrong with Season 3 plot is that it literally drops that whole story. We never find out what is the mysterious threat, what becomes of the new Borg Alliance with an evolved Borg Queen. Second, and most gigantic plot hole (chasm) of Season 3, is that supposedly “no one has even heard from the Borg in 10 years,” and that in those 10 years they have been plotting with the Changelings. ???? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Season 3 picks up shortly after the end of Season 2, when we were DEFINITELY talking to the Borg! Also, how can they have Picard say that Starfleet gave the cure to the Founders? We know it was Odo, who did so against Starfleet orders. And how can Vadic claim that it was stolen by one of their own? Again, IT WAS ODO!!!! As a diehard fan who needs canon to make sense, I’m seriously insulted and disappointed. And having Picard say the f word? Horrifying. The Jean Luc I know would never be so common, it is an anathema to even suggest so.
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2023.06.03 21:46 buggaby Video from Vahid Ranjbar on ChatGPT

I recently watched this video where Vahid Ranjbar, a Baha'i physicist, draws some connections between ChatGPT and a discussion on the soul and on what types of bodies might reasonably be capable of reflecting a soul. Many of the arguments and quotes in the video around these topics were interesting and definitely worthwhile exploring from a philosophical perspective, but I think it is quite mistaken about the capabilities of current generative AI technologies. I just wanted to reply a bit on the specific question of ChatGPT and other modern generative AI algorithms.
A couple examples of where I think the presenter is mistaken. At about 8:00 he says:
They are clearly performing rational and intellectual processes and one might argue that this a type of thinking.
And at about 8:40, he says:
These systems are really doing something much much more... They appear to be constructing very sophisticated models of the world in a way which I don't think any other organism outside of humans has been able to achieve.
There is no reason to think this is true, though. In fact, there is good reason to think it isn't.
Let's consider ChatGPT to keep things simple. It is trained only on text data, not on "truth". The algorithm is only trained to provide believable output, not correct output. Take, for example, this thought experiment by Bender and Koller:
Imagine that we were to train an LM on all of the well-formed Java code published on Github. The input is only the code. It is not paired with bytecode, nor a compiler, nor sample inputs and outputs for any specific program. We can use any type of LM we like and train it for as long as we like. We then ask the model to execute a sample program, and expect correct program output.
Give it all the Java you want, but it is unreasonable to expect that it could understand the bytecode. It doesn't know the "meaning" of the Java code it was trained on. There's no reason to think that ChatGPT, being only trained on the form of language rather than the meaning, is able to "understand" anything about the meaning. Some common examples of evidence for ChatGPT having an understanding of the world is when ChatGPT passes various professional exam. But others have demonstrated that this doesn't mean anything on its own. Essentially, there are 2 reasons: one is data contamination, where tests given are kind of memorized, and other is that these professional exams were calibrated to human performance, not algorithmic. (I would add a 3rd, which is that these professional exams aren't even a good representation of human performance.)
If you look at actual professionals attempting to use ChatGPT in, say, legal cases, you can see that it is hardly "thinking" like a human. This example shows how ChatGPT can just create fake cases, even when asked if it doing that. It doesn't even know what it means to "tell the truth".
And this question of data contamination isn't just theoretical. There is a website called CodeForces that provides computer coding questions for competitive coders. These questions can be quite difficult for human coders. GPT-4 got 10/10 on Codeforces problems pre-2021 (i.e., likely within the model's training data). If you only looked at the behaviour based on those early tests, you might have concluded that because it can code those questions, it can code other questions, and therefore, has some internal model of coding. But it got 0/10 on problems after the training period. How much is it coding new questions and how much is it doing some kind of memorizing?
I'm not challenging the concept of AI in general. As the presenter said, we don't know. There is good reason to think it might be possible, and I appreciated the quotes he provided on the topic. Actually, I think there might be one place that explains the current limitations, one where 'Abdu'l-Baha seems amazingly prescient. One of the quotes from the video has this line in it:
As the completeness of man stems entirely from the component elements, their measure, their manner of combination, and the mutual action and interaction of other beings (Some Answered Questions)
Even if ChatGPT had the right "elements" in the right "measure" and were "combined" them in the right way, we still don't get "man"/intelligence. We are still missing one key ingredient: "the mutual action and interaction of other beings". This suggests to me that even if ChatGPT were at this level (which it is not even close to) we would still need to put it into some kind of environment with other beings. It reminds me of another quote from Sagan: "To create an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." I think this characterizes perfectly one of the central limitations of ChatGPT - without that interactive exposure to the world, it cannot ever develop an understanding of "truth".
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2023.06.03 21:41 dreamjobloser1 Should I leave my dream job to find something that pays better?

I am 25 and I work for a super fancy, shiny tech company and have a VERY coveted position -- in my field of work/industry, many consider it the "dream job" and honestly, so do I. I get to do some incredible stuff everyday. I'm a very creative person by nature, but also very analytical, so since this job is in the overlap field of creative and tech, its great for me and I get a lot of satisfaction out of it. I will also note, this has been my only job out of college. I've been here for about 3 years. I absolutely love what I get to do everyday - it's so much fun and it brings so much to my life.
Right now I make about 83k per year plus some stock options (not a whole lot of stock though, and I joined at the PEAK of the price so my options are kind of shit). It's not a bad salary by any means and I'm lucky to have a job in the first place. But, I do live in NYC, so overall costs of everything are higher. And I can't help but feel like I'm missing out on a lot of money somewhere else. This is and always has been my "dream job", but I don't see myself breaking 100k for at least 3 more years.
Another issue with this job is that it doesn't really have any transferable skills. It's very specific and so this kind of position only really exists at a handful of other tech companies (maybe 300 total in the world of this role, and we're the best of the best).
The company does have amazing work culture. Everyone loves what they do - so much that most of us are okay with not getting paid insane amounts. There is a common "boomerang" effect as well - people leave and immediately they realize they want to come back, some do some don't.
I think, in general, I have two options which are: leave and try something else, or stay for as long as possible to build up rep and influence at the company. My problem is, if I leave, I know I will end up missing it because of how much I love the work, the team, the company, etc.
Classic catch 22: I love my job, but I want more money.
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2023.06.03 21:38 ephemeral_hues Just venting about work

Haven't had anyone to confide to about this for months, but if I keep bottling my thoughts in, nothing good will come out of it.
Sadly, I like the work I do (caring for babies, especially the science), but everything else about the unit is equivalent to taking a pen and scribbling all over a piece of paper. Management changed a few years ago and current manager has very narcissistic qualities. A former bedside nurse, but essentially an administrator now. Has never helped with bedside care or taken on an assignment if unit is short-staffed. Possibly thinks changing a baby's diaper is beneath them. May not even remember a basic assessment. The manager's office is actually outside the unit across the hall, tucked away from the unit. To them, staffing > safety.
Of course, turnover rate would be high as a result. The glaring pattern is majority of nurses who've stayed do so because of pay (the ones who've worked 10+ yrs are up in the pay scale and might have to start over if they left for another hospital system), have family rooted in the city (a lot harder to move if you have a family and kids settled in school), and familiarity. Just about none of the newer nurses have stayed at all. If you leave, in your last days on the unit, life might be difficult for you and you might be gaslit into thinking there's something wrong with you. When in fact, that's tunnel vision and a bunch of projection. There's a whole entire world out there, not just this unit. I purposely keep in touch with folks at different NICUs, and have an idea of how things are supposed to be or not.
Previous individuals in charge of this unit were an MD and a nurse manager, both of whom were well-versed in bedside care (both retired). But their qualifications and the way they treated people made a world of difference. Staff were actually excited to go to work, which to me is a rare culture. I'm not saying one needs to have a strong parental instinct towards babies, but I've never seen the current manager so much as glance at a sick baby if walking around in the unit. More focused on appearances (everything is neat and tidy). Once while admitting a sick baby, I ran to the supply room to grab some items. I turned around and there the manager was, standing in the doorway and telling me to keep the clean supply room door closed. I didn't even notice door had been propped open (by the central supply folks who restock the room, I later found out). Manager thought I did it and tried to give me a hard time. I told her I did not prop door open, will close it if I remember, but my priority is the baby right now.
I don't know what the future holds, but for now, I am just saving money, so I have options, should I choose to move elsewhere in the future. I live in a MCOL city, but all the cities around me are VHCOL. That's why I haven't moved yet.
In the meantime, some things about my day yesterday:
(1) Lots of knowledge deficit (due in part to new grad orientation a year ago = 6 wks). I was not complacent and created a 100+ page Google doc of all the NICU knowledge I acquired over the past year. Every time I learn something new, I write it down. I choose to study outside of work, due mostly to forever feeling as though I'm behind and catching up. I have shared the Google doc with new grads, even newer than me, so they don't have to struggle as much as I did. Yesterday, I learned cannabinoid (+) ≠ THC (+). Not use the two words interchangeablely. Pertinent when communicating with MD, and when educating parents about risks of certain substances in break milk that may transfer to baby. Also, in a Coombs (+) baby, a rebound in bilirubin level post-phototherapy is expected. And I learned more about managing a PTX. I do find real time learning on the job more challenging than reading up on the topic prior + being more prepared. After work yesterday, I read up on PTX in neonates.
(2) I took care of my patients to the best of my ability yesterday, AND I also feel quite stupid on the unit. Most of the nurses are older and more experienced than me, and I am not, which seems to factor into me not being taken as seriously. And it happens in front of the MDs. I think the MDs are great, but as a result, they see the nurses not take me seriously and so they don't either. There are things I said and not believed (in regards to a pt Hx), yet it wasn't until other nurses stated the exact same thing that I was believed. Most nurses on the unit, I respect and learn a lot from. But there are those who don't take being wrong well (usually in positions of power), and consequences of that fall onto people like me.
(3) Any day now, they're going to train me to attend C/S deliveries for 1 day, and then check me off on the Delivery RN role (run to any high risk deliveries + resuscitate baby as needed). I had a couple days of orientation to attending vaginal deliveries already, but most of the babies turned out fine (no need for resuscitation). I obviously don't want babies to be sick, but I let manager know I'd like some experience actually resuscitating a sick baby (actually using NRP) before taking on the role alone. The response was "we don't have time to wait for that to happen." And that when I'm on my own, I can always call for backup. But we're short-staffed. After this is training to charge. You don't have a say. If the unit were run more safely, education more emphasized, then maybe I won't feel so crushed by the job.
(4) On scheduling, we can "self-schedule," but in a nutshell, micro-management. If working FT, one is never scheduled for more than 3-4 days off in a row. Can't bunch up your days. Vacations and other time off are commonly denied (esp if short staffed). I had wanted to also attend some CE classes this month, not just for CE but to fucking learn how to be a better nurse + network. Yes, I'm scheduled to work on those days. We have a union, but all these problems persist.
Today is my day off and now that I've shared these things with you all, I hope I can enjoy one day without being weighed down by the job. I know nurses who take anxiolytics and antidepressants, and I am afraid that will be me too.
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2023.06.03 21:32 AdmiralDaffodil [OC] The Terran Conundrum 02 - Lawyers, Guns, and Money

Whew! I did not expect such a positive response to the first chapter. A huge thank you to everyone who read my post and upvoted it.


Acrid smoke hung in the air of Hreln’s office. It was an indulgence she didn’t often allow herself since most other races found it unpleasant, but there were still times. More so since what the press agencies had dubbed the ‘Human Incident.’
Now she caught herself rubbing her mandibles against each other. Given the complicated and sensitive nature of the overall problem, Hreln had decided it was best to place as much as possible under her official seal. Reporters being reporters, none of them were satisfied with the limited statements she’d made. Yes, she’d met with the terrorists as they’d demanded. No, she would not discuss that meeting. Yes, a Tochvorda representative had barged into the meeting and been assaulted by one of the humans. No, she didn’t have further comment about that either. Yes, the humans had been detained. No, they were not available for interviews. One news agency had even gone so far as to try getting another sector magistrate to order her to unseal the case. The result had been a heavily encrypted and diplomatically worded “What the hells, Hreln?” to which she had replied with an equally heavily encrypted and diplomatically worded “You’re not going to believe this but-.”
The other magistrate’s response to that could be summed up as “Holy crap, you need some help?”
Finally, Senator Tanaka stepped into her office, Colonel Hargreaves following behind. Hreln had wondered if the two of them were mated but no, they were both mated to different people. Tanaka was simply the senior civilian representative while Hargreaves was in command of the military contingent. Apparently, humans normally kept the two separate, with senior civilian leaders having ultimate control over the military. No matter. The Imperium was flexible about how member worlds handled their local government, as long as the rights of all citizens were observed and the Imperium’s laws were followed. Flexible to a point, anyway.
Tanaka bowed. “My apologies for the delay in our arrival. A… disciplinary matter among the troops required Colonel Hargreaves’ attention.”
“Hopefully nothing too serious.” Probably not, or Gerima should have already heard about it.
“No, simply soldiers with nothing to do finding inappropriate ways to occupy themselves. Only the rank of those involved required my attention.” And that was all Hargreaves was going to say about it.
Presented with over a thousand not-quite prisoners that needed to be kept as far out of the public eye as possible, Magistrate Hreln had come up with a rather… unique solution. She had packed the whole lot of them off to an unfinished island resort that had gone into bankruptcy partway through construction. Some grunt work provided by literal grunts and their confinement was downright sybaritic. The clothing replicators even produced beachwear.
Unfortunately, the old saying about idle hands being the Devil’s playthings still held true. Faced with nothing to do and vague orders to standby to standby, some of the troops had decided to start building boats for a breakout. Their ‘plan’ (to insult a perfectly good noun) had been to sail somewhere else and start wreaking havoc, in the hope of encouraging the Imperium to find in humanity’s favor a little quicker.
The colonel had come down on the boat builders as hard as he thought he could without attracting undue attention. Reduction in rank and confinement were a slap on the wrist in the current circumstances but hopefully, it would discourage any more escape attempts. He’d also told his officers to start working on more things to keep everyone busy. A soccer league had been his personal suggestion. Let them run themselves out.
Now Tanaka turned and bowed towards what looked like a large jellyfish floating in a tank. “Honored ser, I don’t believe I’ve met you before.”
The jellyfish twirled and turned a deep purple color, a cheerful voice coming from the base of the tank. “No, we haven’t. Most people who aren’t familiar with my species tend to assume I’m just decoration. What gave it away? You can call me Ahapsu, by the way. And to put things in terms you’re familiar with, I’m your lawyer unless you have an objection.”
“Lawyer?” Hargreaves frowned. “Yeah, I guess we need one of those. And I don’t know what the senator saw, but your tank is on counter-grav. Seemed a bit much for a fish tank.”
“Fish tank? Ah, a holding tank for aquatic lifeforms. That wouldn’t work with me.” Ahapsu rose from the water in their tank and did a pirouette around the humans before plopping back into the water. “My race is one of the few graced with psionic capabilities; levitation and limited telepathy. I ‘speak’ using a voder built into my tank.”
<> Ahapsu sent to both of them. <>
<> Tanaka sent back, biting her lip to keep from speaking aloud. <>
<> Hargreaves tossed in. <>
<> Tanaka shot back. <>
<> Ahapsu twirled in their tank for a moment, turning a dizzying array of colors before settling on yellow. “Sorry for the silence, everyone. I needed to clarify something with my clients before we began. I’ll file something official shortly, Your Eminence. Still, the short version is that since the leadership of the Terran resistance was and is made up of officials from pre-annexation governments, instead of being a ‘terrorist organization,’ they should be viewed as a coalition of local Dirt governments. Or possibly as the government of Dirt, my firm will have to research that.”
“Earth,” Hargreaves put in.
“Excuse me?” Ahapsu must have paid well for their tank’s voder; it managed to sound perplexed.
“The official name of our planet is ‘Earth.’ Or ‘Terra’ but they were still arguing about that when the Tochvorda started leveling cities. And ‘Earth’ and ‘Dirt’ have similar meanings in most of our languages, but it’s a bit of nuance so let’s just stick with Earth.”
“We stand corrected.” Hreln shifted uncomfortably on her stool, turning the matter over in her mind. “Before I rule on this, I’ll want some serious research from my own staff. Plus whatever arguments you put before me, of course.”
“So, are they still under arrest?” Gerima rumbled. Are they still my problem or what?
“Let’s leave their status as ‘detained for their own security’ until I make a ruling” Hreln chittered. “If they are a legitimate government or governments, then what happened on Highport Numena may constitute a legitimate act of war.”
“Act of war?!?” Gerima leaped to his feet, fangs bared. “They threatened to murder civilians!”
“Yes, and how many of their people have died, hmm? Given the circumstances, it could be argued that they had no choice but to consider themselves at war with the Imperium as a whole and the Tochvorda in specific.” Ahapsu was pink at the moment, Tanaka noted. “Especially given how often their attempts at protest or simple dialog ended in repression.”
“The hospital riots,” Hargreaves noted.
“Enlighten us, please.” Hreln leaned forward intent on what Hargreaves had to say.
“Not a complicated story. A Roach-pardon, a derogatory term for Tochvorda due to their resemblance to a type of Earth vermin-official decided whatever he was in charge of needed a shiny new headquarters. Except he wanted to put it right smack dab on top of Chicago’s most-functional hospital, with no plans for a replacement. People protested, security troops slaughtered the protesters, and it turned into riots. Even the security troops gave up trying to suppress it and settled on containment, waiting for the violence to burn itself out. Took over a week.” Hargreaves shook his head. “Somebody got the r-Tochvorda official, though. He got called to the governor’s palace to answer for his part in everything and his aircar got taken out by a SAM. Uh, that’s short for surface-to-air-missile, a weapon used to destroy aircraft.”
‘I’d like to address something you just said, Colonel. You said the site was Chicago’s most-functional hospital. Were other hospitals not in operation?” Ahapsu floated out of their tank again, drifting back and forth.
“Not really. Between the first barrage and the Tochvorda’s habit of smashing anything that annoyed them, the global supply chain was in crappy shape. Still is. There are shortages in food, medicine, just about anything you could name. Hell, the Resistance is doing more to keep things running than the Tochvorda are, in a lot of places.”
“Ah.” Ahapsu stopped in front of Hargreaves. “It seems we have our first volley against the Tochvorda, sers. I shall prepare a lawsuit against their government in general and specifically the governor.”
“On what grounds?” Hreln’s tone was decidedly unamused.
The thing about dealing with corrupt officials is that like most people, they see what they expect to see. Pay the inspectors at a spaceport to ignore the comings and goings from a specific warehouse, and they’ll assume you’re smuggling. They don’t ask what you’re smuggling, because then they’d know what you’re doing instead of merely suspecting. This time, though, instead of asking for more money they would have made a discrete call to planetary security.
In defiance of all dramatic tradition, it was a hot, still, dry, moonlit night as the trucks pulled up to the warehouse. The driver of the first truck walked up to the security panel and punched in a code, which failed to get a response. Satisfied, he punched in a second code which opened the door. Whistling a cheerful tune, he wandered over to the nearest cargo container. Checking the serial number, he started disarming its security measures.
“Do you have to fucking whistle?” hissed the woman following him.
“Relax, nobody’s been in here, or the place would be a crater and you know it. And knock off the swearing, you know the Colonel hates it.”
“Well, he’s not here-”
With a clunk, the last of the container’s security disarmed itself and the door swung open, showing two rows of stasis pods and some very annoyed soldiers. “What took so long?” Colonel Hargreaves snapped. Behind him, soldiers started fanning out around the containers.
“Sorry, sir, we didn’t get notified you’d arrived until the containers were in the warehouse. And, ah, when we set up this smuggling route, nobody figured on this much coming back so soon, so we didn’t have transport handy.”
“Right.” Hargreaves looked at the row of containers, trying not to move his head too much. Coming out of stasis was not kind to his sense of balance. It would pass. “Everything going according to plan here?”
“Yep, everybody’s keeping their heads down, more or less. Given, ah, how much stuff you brought back, I take it nuclear diplomacy worked? You get some guns out of the Imperium?” the woman asked, a feral grin spreading across her face as she contemplated the potential for mayhem.
“Better.” Hargreaves walked over to one stasis pod and triggered the shutdown sequence. When the grey haze of the zero-tau field cleared, a being that looked like a man-sized chinchilla was blinking back at them.
“We’ve got weapons-grade lawyers.”
“So let me summarize where we stand.” Moritz Vogel was not only the senior German representative on the Resistance’s command council,he was also one of the oldest members of the council, period. And he looked every inch the elder statesman as he leaned back in his chair, steepling his fingers. “Reaching out to the sector magistrate has succeeded in drawing her attention, regardless of… the delivery of our message. An investigation has been opened but that will take some time. Some things are truly universal, I suppose. As a short-term measure, our best move is to assert a claim that we represent a coalition of regional Terran governments and sue both the governor and the Tochvorda government for all the benefits we should have been getting as part of the invasion, apologies, ‘annexation.’ Plus damages for everything that’s been destroyed and staggering loss of human life, directly and indirectly. Do I have that correct?”
“Accurate enough for the purposes of this discussion, if lacking in detail,” Rokketch answered, yawning. His body clock was way off; it felt like the middle of the night to him. “Ahapsu asked me to see what else we could add before formally filing the lawsuit. As one of your legal representatives, I’ve already noticed two things that it would probably be in your best interest to maintain some secrecy about.”
“What do you mean? Areas where we are vulnerable?” Arina Guseva was the sole Russian member of the council, something she resented.
“No, just… I’m sure there are Imperium officials that will say admitting this isn’t in the Imperium’s best interests, but you seem to have developed two technologies that the Imperium hasn’t. As such, they constitute significant bargaining leverage.” Rokketch couldn’t help but twitch at the admission.
“The first is your zero-tau stasis technology. Its ability to drastically slow time within a small volume will be very valuable for the transport of perishable goods and livestock, plus I imagine it could be used to stabilize critical patients until needed care is available. It might even see use in passenger transport, though the effects of coming out of stasis may limit that.”
Muttering broke out among the council. Guseva just shook her head. “It was a laboratory curiosity until we figured out how to make it practical on a larger scale. Then we used it for the crew of our first interstellar mission. I wonder what became of them?”
“Hopefully still on their way to Proxima Centauri,” Chiron said brightly. “They shouldn’t reach their destination for approximately another five years. But ser Rokketch, you said there were two technologies. What is the other one?”
“Well, you, ser. Or rather your kind.”
“Oh.” Chiron was the sole artificial intelligence on the command council, and their inclusion hadn’t sat well with most of its members. “I’m rather more surprised about that, to be honest. Has the Imperium never tried to develop cybernetic consciousness?”
“Tried, yes. Succeeded no. Or at least not to a degree where the result would be accepted as a fellow sapient as you seem to be.” Rokketch looked at the human members of the council. “I am correct in that, he is regarded as a fully sapient entity?”
“I am recognized as a legal person and have full citizenship,” Chiron said. “Though ‘he’ is inaccurate, since I have no gender. There are few of us left; most were in cities that were Tochvorda first strike targets.”
Seeing Rokketch’s reaction to that, Vogel raised a placating hand. “That isn’t to say the technology is lost, merely that… Given the situation since the annexation, we haven’t been able to expend the resources to create more.”
“Plus, once we have access to the Imperium’s computer technology, I’m sure we’ll be able to create more advanced cybernetic intelligence than myself. And I can go back to astronomy, thank you very much,” Chiron added. That drew a chuckle from the rest of the council. Chiron had survived the initial bombardment because they had been helping run a radio telescope in Chile.
“Yes, well,” Vogel cleared his throat. “At this point, there’s a matter I’d like to bring before the council. Given everything we’ve heard today, it seems that continuing to refer to ourselves as simply ‘the Reistance’ might not help our legal cause. I would like to put a motion before this council that we adopt an official name. Is there any comment, or shall we move to a vote?”
“Governor Vonnuk? There’s, there’s someone here to see you.”
Vonnuk looked up from his security chief’s report in annoyance. The upstart human terrorists had been too quiet for his liking since well before the incident on Highport Numena. And that bothered him far more than their usual violence did.
He’d caught all sorts of hell from his superiors about it, of course. Exactly how had the terrorists managed to get to Highport Numena, much less get their hands on nuclear demolition charges, hmm? Vonnuk had managed to placate them by launching a thorough investigation, which so far had yielded very little. The humans were aggravatingly skilled at being sneaky.
Magistrate Hreln’s non-statements about the incident bothered him most all.
Still… “I gave strict orders that I was not to be disturbed.”
“Yes, sir, but… it’s a courier from the magistrate’s office, sir.”
“A courier?” That was unusual. Couriers were only used for physical documents, and he couldn’t think of any request from the magistrate’s office that would need to be sent physically. “Give me a few moments to finish what I’m doing and then I’ll see them.”
Vonnuk closed the report, checked his grooming, and then signaled his assistant to send the courier in. The courier was another spider-like shoan, the same species as Hreln. Probably not a relative; shoan were fairly common in this part of the Imperium.
What startled him was the human following the courier in. “What is that doing here?” Vonnuk yelled. Now he knew what had bothered his aide so much.
“He’s with me,” the shoan said irritatedly. “My name is Mollot, and I’m a courier attached to Magistrate Hreln’s office. I have two things to deliver to you.”
A datadisc dropped down on Vonnuk’s desk. “Magistrate Hreln has ordered a full Imperial audit of the Tochvorda’s annexation of Earth, and their administration of it since. Here is your notification of the audit, plus your orders to comply with the audit. The auditor’s staff will be contacting you shortly. A copy of this is also being sent to your superiors in the state ministry on Chechiak.”
Another datadisc. “You are also being sued, both personally and in your office as Governor of Earth as well as your government, by the Terran Confederacy. The preliminary claims are that you have illegally and inappropriately denied humans of their lives and property, denied them benefits that they should have received as part of the annexation, including but not limited to health care improvements, energy and industrial infrastructure improvements, it’s quite the list. You have also fraudulently denied them local autonomy as is their right as part of the Imperium. Copies of this are also being sent to your superiors.”
“I-I won’t accept this!” Vonnuk screamed.
“Refusal to accept this does not nullify their legal authority.”
“Or as we put it around here,” the human leaned forward, grinning, “Boom, motherfucker.”
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2023.06.03 21:29 McFlyPerson Triple-dependent Data Validation and VLOOKUP() at the same time.

I've been given an Excel file of a format that we wish to turn into an autofill, however, the task ended up being more complicated than I expected, now I've got no clue of what to do. I already investigated about dependent data validation, especially from this YouTube channel, however, it doesn't go as in-depth towards the kind of problem I'm facing.
(btw, Windows 11 Excel)
Here's my front end, this is what the user is supposed to see and fill (I edited the photo to give better context). The way it's supposed to work is:
  1. A Type is selected [Ranging from 1:5]
  2. For the list of Types, there is another list of Options, each specific to a Type.
  3. For every Option, there's a list of items with different properties (I had to redact them, but you can already imagine what they are). Again, they're dependent on option and type.
  4. After selecting an item, the rest of the info (Range of 5 columns to the right) needs to be auto-filled. (Probably with VLOOKUP())
Now this is my backend. Yes it's a bit messy, that's how I received it.
They way the frontend connects to it right now is:
My first impression is that I'll have to change the format since this is more cosmetic than data-oriented, and it's fine by me. Any kind of advice is useful, thanks y'all.
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2023.06.03 21:23 reignster015 Recent experience on MXiPR

(I will re-write thus more clearly, and also explain the religous experience I underwent whilst on this chemical, although not today, as I am still very tired and burnt out. Also, for reference, MXiPR is a highly potent dissociative drug which is a analog of MXE, which is an analog of Ketamine.)
A little bit of background, I am a 21 year old, ex-addict. I've done quite literally every drug under the sun, in every way, uncountable amounts of times. Maybe excluding some of the more esoteric RC's. Every opiate (excluding the RCs mostly), every benzo (traditional and RC), every amphetamine (not all of the common RCs), all traditional psychs, dissos and many RCs of the two. I've taken up to 1100ug of LSD, and atleast a dozen 500ug+ trips. But, nothing was even close to the experience I had last night.
Also, before I continue, this is my 3rd time doing MXiPR, and my only times becoming intoxicated in any real sense since I got sober a year and a half ago (Ive microdosed LSD and psilocybin a few times). I flushed the MXiPR down the toilet, as you shall read in a moment, and do not intend on doing it again at any point in the near future, if at all ever again.
Today I will be talking about an experience which happened to me last night, which is almost, if not a little bit more potent than the previous experience I had on MXiPR 3 weeks ago, which resulted in me having the most potent religious experience of my life.
So, it was 9pm, and I snorted around 10~MG, and began folding my clothes. I felt good, very similar to being drunk, nothing to note.
Did another 5-10~MG, and began reading Jungs "Awnser to Job." I did this, or attempted this, for about 30 minutes, but then decided it was a futile effort and I was now much to disso'ed out to read.
I decided I now wanted to hole, so I made 3 little piles of MXiPR (I have no scale, so I am not certain of the doseage. I know, dumb move, but the first 2 times I did it also without a scale and had no problems at all. Not suprised that eventually I ended up doing too much, go figure, eh?) I snorted one, waited 10 minutes, then the other, another 10, then the last one.
I don't know about you guys who have done MXiPR, but after I snort it it is as if the effects come on immediately. Like, as soon as the powder is gone, within 2-3 seconds I begin my come up, it is absolutely absurd. I have never in my life taken any drug who's effect is as quick as MXiPR. Full effect comes within 45 seconds to 2 minutes for me, or, the come up does anyways.
I then sat down on the edge of my bed, and said to myself, "I should lay down, this is about to be a big experience." I don't think I ever made it into my bed, but probably just slouched over where I was and became unconcious. This is where the real experience began.
It was as if "time" and "psychical sensation and perception" were merged together and became reletive; but, my conciousness still remained, although my ego was completely nonexistent, and all that remained was a genderless, substance-void, "irrevocably empty" stream of continuous inward questions with no trace of personality within them. It was as if I was able to keep some semblance of conciousness, in the sense that I was still able to question what was happening to me, but the act of questioning itself was functioning from a kind of "blank slate" psyche, with no sort of egoic substructure, or, interestingly enough, without any (observable) kind of unconcious or archetypal processes either, it was simply nothing (nothing is the best word I can use to describe it, although here I am reminded of the feebleness and poverty of language to describe such an experience) at all, with an occasional question, that question being something along the lines of "Well, what's next?" Or, "what is next for this kind of existence? How are we to continue in this state? How do I continue? Who am I? Where am I? What is this? Is this reality? Is this all that there is?" Eventually, I questioned so much that it was as if I had run out of questions to conceive, and I "accepted", more or less, that this was indeed reality. I was then reminded of some sort of father-like figure, and his presence filled this entire psychic space, but not in any overwhelming manner, just enough so to recognize that it was there. Somehow, when I now recall it, I become reminded of Yahweh from the Old Testament in regards to this father-like spirit that was present. But spesifically Yahweh, certainly not Jesus. Overall, in simple terms, it was as if I had entered an eternity which consisted only of a shade of light, and I was within this light, but also apart from it.
Time here didn't simply feel like an eternity, but it was as if it had stopped all together and my perception of time became merged with my perception of sensation, as a result, everything came to a psychic standstill. I have done large doses of DMT and 5-MEO-DMT before where I felt like I was gone for "years," but here I felt as though I had traveled FAR BEYOND the conceptual relam of "time" or anything that "felt like years." It was mind-shatteringly potent, and felt as real and true as me sitting here typing this. I've done stupidly high doses of DCK and Ketamine, even having done large doses of Ketamine intermuscular, and it simply paled in comparison to this experience.
I then came to a bit more, and realized I had puked all over myself and my bed. Thankfully I was not lying flat when it occured, but was still sitting up, so it all landed in my lap and did not choke me. (I did fast for about 6 hours before hand, and not a lot of puke came up, but still a decent amount).
I noticed I was laying in my puke, but was too high to care or to do anything about it, so I layed there and traveled through many lands in my psyche. With MXiPR, it is as if I can enter a hole, willfully exit it, and then willfully reenter it as I see fit. This was only possible after it began to wear off a bit, but on lower doses I certainly find this to be the case.
I then woke up fully and checked the time. It has been 3 and a half hours. My puke was now dry, and I was still on the very edge of a hole. I got up and remembered that someone I know is currently in the mental hospital from abusing a bunch of RC dissos (he is schizophrenic, and it triggered a break in him. It was actually from the same order that he had made that I got this MXiPR), this then made me very mad and upset with myself. I took the bag of MXiPR and flushed it down the toilet at once, and I do not regret that decision. There was probably a solid 400 or so MG left in that bag (sorry guys, I know many of you may read this and be upset with me lol).
Long story short, MXiPR is the only drug I've ever done, including 5-MEO-DMT, that feels as "real" as this when one is in a hole or on a high dose. Two folks I know just ordered about 1000 worth of various RC dissos, and both of them went manic for about 4 days from doing so much DCK, 4-heo-pcp and MXiPR. The one who is now in the mental hospital believed that he became the buddah, and that his roommate was the messiah. It was actually "interesting" to hear some of the things he said in delusion. He spoke of moral relativism, and said many things that painted a picture of him experiencing the image of God in its totality. At one point he said that "God's right hand is Satan, while his left hand is Christ (eerily simialr to the writings of Clement of Rome when he said that God rules with both hands, his left being Satan and his right being Christ). And I (speaking of himself) have mastered the art of being both right and left handed, all things are now possible." Anyways, sorry for the jumbled writings, but I figured I would post it here, both on the RC sub and also the Jung sub. I would have wrote it more clearly, but I am still tiered and burnt out from yesterday's experience. God bless you all!
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2023.06.03 21:23 foxxiesoxxie Should my whole resume be a lie?

Okay so let me give some context, I have applied to over 200 jobs in the last 3 months.
Here's what I am seeking: Something full time at about 21 dollars an hour (I live in Colorado in the US and the median rent of a single bedroom apartment near the most jobs is about $2000 a month. I need to make 2.5x that to qualify to rent. I am also in tandem seeking remote work so I can possibly live further away for cheaper AND do another ft job simultaneously) and I will need a part time job at 30 hours a week at at LEAST 17 dollars an hour to work as well.
I have ADHD and have done a ton of jobs and fought to try and overcome my symptoms (therapy, meds, hypnotherapy, you name it) but wind up succumbing to dumb things like time blindness or making mistakes even when I actively seek help and accomodations from employers, and I wind up out on my ass anyway. I lost my job this way and consequently, my apartment as well. I am living with my boyfriend in his moms dining room for the time being trying to find a steady job that I could actually KEEP and pay enough to survive on. Hell I even tried working factory jobs and had to be let go cause I slowed down and really hurt myself thanks to chronic pain (I have a bad hip and hyper extended joints so Im achy all the time but I will straight up lock up or have my joints give out if I push it. Im unfortunately 130lbs and 5 feet tall so MOST things are pushing it.)
Cue my problem, I have edited my resume a ton, made a LinkedIn, updated and done a ton of assesments on Indeed and haven't even gotten a call back so I cant figure out what I'm doing wrong. I don't intend to lie about my skills but maybe I should change the dates and names of places I worked?
Maybe I should say I have been a manager at all of them or make 4 different resumes for the fields I've worked in?
Maybe it's my name. My real name is Arabic and very ethnic sounding. I hate to pull the discrimination card but maybe I should change it to a more common Americanized version like Hope or Grace and say I'm actively seeking to legally change my name if interviewed since I live in a predominantly white state? (I hate that idea, my late father gave me my name and I love it, but I will do what I need to to survive if necessary.)
Maybe all these job boards are listing fake positions and I'm wasting my time or asking too high of a salary but I know I can do what they ask from the description when I apply, why shouldn't I get paid for it? Im asking the absolute minimum just considering rent and no other expenses like food or utilities.
What do you guys reccomend I do to try and turn the tide in my favor? I know I interview okay I just need to actually get to that point. I know it's my fault I'm a college dropout I just couldn't afford it out of high school and definitely can't afford it now, but 15 years across Administrative, Warehouse, Technical Support, and Retail experience has to count for something, right???
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2023.06.03 21:22 Bobsucjsflashass Ideas, that will be cool to see in a 2nd paid expansion to ror2

This is probably a commonly discussed topic in this sub(I’m assuming), but i was thinking about things that I would like to see in 2nd expansion for risk of rain 2(if it happens)
My ideas will probably never come into fruition and they are a bit grand in scale, so it might be too much for the team gearbox may allocate(if they decide to do another expansion)
Enough fluff
Let’s get in:
Having new items, enemies and stages etc, is cool
But I am worried that simply adding more content for the sake having more content and replayability, will just end up making the new content feel bloated and meaningless.
Now what am I talking about meaningless”, when I mention meaningless, I am talking about content not adding anything different than usual and not expanding upon the established gameplay mechanics and loops instead choosing to be a reiteration of previous content, meaningful content on the other hand, would take the established concepts and create something new yet familiar, expanding upon the already established mechanics and loops, a good example of this would be void items, an entirely new item tier, it takes the tier based looting of the game, adds an entirely new tier, that brings in about new mechanics(not just the effects of new items, but also how the void items, essentially force the player into sacrificing and choosing between two versions of an item, although they are a bit unbalanced, the effect of adding this new tier achieves, new depth and strategy into the loot loop of the game). and not to be confused my rant isn’t to say that adding content that is similar to older content is a bad thing, no far form it, in fact sometimes it is even preferable, and I’d argue a good expansion may contain a bit of both, which we saw with survivors of the void.
With the lore out the way let me actually delve in.
I think the next dlc should contain something new and unique like the void items and void seeds of Sovt,
And my proposal is an alt path something like tboi repentance, the reason why I want this, is because I really enjoy visiting different environments in risk of rain, for me it adds to the dopamine loop and gives a sense of progression, other than becoming more powerful, I often find that once a god run is reached, the only fun left is utterly destroying everything including ur frame rate and graphics card, after the initial god run point I find myself getting bored, as I’ve been though all the environments(stages plus hidden realms) which personally removes a layer of progression for me. Adding an alt path won’t entirely fix problem for me but it will help, and regardless of my issue, I would personally find and alt path to be really fun, and there is a lot of potential in it.
Ima make a part 2(bc I need to go and this post is kinda “not reading all that” ) to this post where I throw around ideas for how an alt path may work
Forgive me for the length
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