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2023.06.03 14:20 DontHateTheChops Late to the hype but thankfully not tooo late

Above & Beyond.... wow! I've never been huge into trance, I like it but it's definitely not my favorite out there (big dnb girly)!! I do absolutely love Tinlicker and am super excited for Phantoms!! Lane 8 I'm iffy about, love some of their songs but the last time I saw them I didn't really enjoy it but tbf I was having a horrible night. The set before was my first time seeing my all time fave producer (gspace) and some guy had his friends pretend to push him into me so he could grope me... ya know sexual assault kind of ruins your vibes. But anyways, back to the topic!!! ABOVE & BEYOND!!!!! I've been sleeping on them for soooo long. I've never given them a listen and have been missing them at festivals for years. Earlier this week I heard the song "spin off" off their new ep and instantly fell in love. The entire "Tranquility Bass Vol.1" Ep is next level Glob tier! I haven't been so instantly obsessed with an artists in years! I've been listening to the EP all week. Anyways wondering what are yalls favorite EPs, albums, or songs from Above and Beyond for someone just getting into them??? So excited I got into them before Forest. Way to many examples of discovering artists after festivals and realizing I missed them 😮‍💨
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2023.06.03 14:20 SlappingSalmon Thoughts of porn

So I’ve been porn free for 44 days and this is by far more longest streak and first time getting this far. I had been trying to stop for probably a year and a bit and took many attempts and many relapses all within 10 days. I’ve gotten to the point now where tbh I’m not too worried about relapsing and I trust myself enough. I just have a question which is, every now and again I’ll get thoughts of porn, things the at I’ve watched and so on, for a day or hour or few days, it varies. I was just wondering does this stop? I feel like all that’s improved is my willpower to not act on it which is great, but I’d prefer to not have these thoughts eventually anyway. They don’t disgust me like they should, I know I’d still enjoy watching it, but I want to get to the point where I wouldn’t and I have no idea what else I can do. Coincidentally round the same time I started to get more successful with cutting off porn I got into a relationship and I love being intimate with my girl but sometimes, to my dopamine hungry brain, the porn seems more arousing. I want to get rid of that completely and was wondering if anyone’s gone through this kinda thing and what they did or what happened. Thanks
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2023.06.03 14:20 Letic02 I ruined my life

I just can’t. I ruin everything. I’ve always struggled with romantic relationships and when I finally found a woman that loves me for who I am, I ruined it. At the start I wasn’t sure if i want to be with her or not, had second thoughts and kind of took her for granted. My feelings started to grow slowly, but it was too little too late… she is gone. I fcking hate myself. Probably ruined the only chance to have a good life, to love someone who loves me for who I am. Maybe I deserve to suffer and die alone, maybe I really am a shit person. I ruined my life…
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2023.06.03 14:20 BackSpinHipHop Backspin: 2Pac - Me Against The World (1995)

Making a martyr. (92/100)
Imagine you’re 23 years old. You’re on top of the world, and you’re under the gun. You’ve achieved your dream, only to watch it spiral into a nightmare. The art form that once represented your escape is now your albatross. The world you set out to save appears hellbent upon destroying you. The culture you love greets your hard earned success with hostility. You’re all alone in a fight, and you don’t even fully understand what you’re fighting for. That’s the existential vice in which Tupac Shakur found himself in 1995. The raging struggle gives his third album, Me Against the World, its searing poignancy and, in light of Pac’s untimely 1996 death, its eerie sense of inevitability. MORE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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2023.06.03 14:19 Throwawaydilemma0199 I am in a secret FWB entanglement

Hi everyone, this is a throwaway for obvious reasons. Sorry for the grammatical errors in advance, this was typed on my phone.
I (22F) have made an agreement to be FWB with (24M) let’s call him “A”.
This past Saturday, “A” connected with me on social media and we started texting and getting along well. We discovered many shared interests and found out we live close to each other. He was hinting at signs of wanting to be fwb a few days ago and we have sexted and mutually masturbated together on FaceTime 2 times.
However, yesterday I pulled it out of him and found out that he is in a three-year relationship with his girlfriend, and I revealed that I'm also in a three-year relationship (that's currently going through a rough patch)
We both follow the Christian faith, and he has an extensive history of cheating on his girlfriend. He admitted to having online friends with benefits and a few casual encounters (no penetrative sex, just oral sex, as per his words) during the entirety of the relationship.
He explained that he struggles with lust and knows his girlfriend wouldn't engage in those activities with him, cause she’s also of the Christian faith. He also mentioned that they have a lot in common, which is why he hasn't ended the relationship despite his infidelity. I confronted him about his behavior, questioning his love for his girlfriend. I acknowledge my own hypocrisy in the situation, as I've never engaged in this kind of "entanglement" before. I encouraged him to make some serious reflections on why he's still with his girlfriend, considering their incompatible core values and his continuous cheating and having to continuously look elsewhere to get his needs met. During our conversation, we discussed our sexual preferences and fantasies. I asked him if he ever thinks of his girlfriend while watching prn and masturbating, to which he responded negatively. It amuses me how we both maintain a "good Christian" image in public while secretly indulging in and sharing our desires. I never *ever thought I’d find someone of the Christian faith with such a dirty, sinful mind, I have met my match (lol)
Despite knowing all this, I agreed to become friends with benefits with him. I’ll be doing many of his “firsts” soon. I think the allure of the “forbidden fruit” aspect, being of the same faith, and his sexual dissatisfaction in his current relationship attracted me. I might have a chance with him, but I am aware of the big red flags he has and the need to be cautious and consider to run for the hills and not get entangled any further. It’s like if my heart wants me to selfishly do it and have fun (yolo) meanwhile my mind is saying no to run away, wanting to protect my heart.
I admit I am naive and probably don’t know what I’m getting myself into.
I can’t tell anyone this situation (only my therapist) because I already know everyone I know will just be reiterating how seriously morally fucked up this is, which I am well aware of.
TL;DR: I (22F) connected on social media with “A” (24M). I am in a 3 year relationship that's going through a rough patch and I recently found out “A” is also in a 3 year relationship. We found common interests, and engaged in sexting and mutual masturbation on FaceTime. However, I just discovered that "A" has a history of cheating on his girlfriend, which he attributes to his struggles with lust and incompatible desires within our shared Christian faith. I confronted him about his actions and questioned his love for his girlfriend (hypocritical, I know) Despite knowing all this, I still agreed to the FWB arrangement because I'm attracted to the forbidden aspect, our shared background, and his sexual dissatisfaction. I'm aware of the red flags and the need to be cautious, but I feel torn between my desire for fun and my instinct to protect myself.
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2023.06.03 14:19 ccflier I'm emotional only around fiction

Probably brining this up in my next therapy session. Also curious if anyone else has felt similarly and would like to hear what y'all think.
I have been alexithymic most my life and only just started trying to identify how I feel. And for the past five or six years I have had to force myself to cry when I felt overly emotional whether sadness or anger or regret. When the feeling to cry comes.up it's instinctively suppressed. I always fantasized a lot. A lot of maladaptive day dreaming around anime where I would imagine being the main character and kind of rewrite the whole story to include my own OCs, all in my head, like a huge fanfiction collection for every anime I've ever seen. But despite living in an anime world.in my head anime hardly makes me emotional besides a select few like Clannad.
However, there are a few fiction pieces that get me to tear up every single time, even if I try to actively stop myself. And when I don't hold myself back tears are allowed to flow.
First, DND. Like watching critical role, a dungeons and dragons podcast. I saw a few episodes, didn't really keep up with it, but the highlights, the recent animated series based on it, and also any like reddit post where people talk about the big events in their games gives me goosebumps. I get excited but also tear up even when the stories aren't exactly sad.
Second, there's a loving reaper comic strip that I watch with voice overs for when I really want to cry. Is my go to now for when I want to cry but can't get myself to.
The loving reaper is kind of connected to DND, because when I first started playing, there was this reddit post I read that someone archived, about a necromancer that wasn't necessarily evil, but not completely good either, and I really wanted to try that out. I guess I really related to the idea of necromancers being this demonized group, but still having a few able to use their powers for good. It wasn't until recently, like 3 years ago, that I was able to play one. And I think it makes me so emotional because I'm so much more attached to my own character then I am to real life. I spent way more time thinking about him then I did my real life issues and relationships.
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2023.06.03 14:19 BetterBlizzard12 Hardcore vs Ascension WoW

I must say im not a Huge Fan for Hardcore all the Fun and Love that i had in Classic, was the caring about my Character. To delet him by 1 Mistake ore from a other Player is not my Thing.
But i have a good Solution why do we not make it like Ascension if you die, you loos 1 random part ore 2 from all your Gear. I didnt see 1 Guy that is not enraged when he died in HC Classic and lets be honest all the hype came from all the Streamers. Hardcore was launchd way back and there the Playerbase was not even 100 Players.
I mean of corse is fun is something knew but i would rather loos 1-2 Items from my Gear and laugh about it, have fun with Friends as loos my whole Character. I doubt that evry lvl 60 would lvl a fresh one when died:)
All of you a nice Day and hope of some replys:)
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2023.06.03 14:19 elegantfreak oh how i wish that first love, indeed, dies.

The thought of the phrase "first love never dies" is a scary one.
He was my first love— my first everything. He was the first one to let me feel that I am the most beautiful woman in the world and that I am the only woman he can ever see. It was a beautiful feeling, something new, something exciting. It was magical.
I offered myself to this "love," wholeheartedly. I gave it my all, gave everything for us. I thought that he was giving his all too. He called me his other half for such a long time. Everyone thought, me the most, that he is the one.
I was ready to give up everything for him.
He gave up on me.
He was the most beautiful, magical boy.
He still is, in my eyes.
And I am surely blind. He doesn't see me that way— the real him is the exact opposite of my love.
And he never, truly even loved me.
My handsome, caring, magical boy. When did you start calling me Bitch, stupid, pathetic, and other sorrowful names? Was it when you met her? Or the other girl?
My sweet, magical love, are you a hallucination of my mind that stabs me with every morning i breathe?
My beautiful, magical love. I was the one who let you go but I know, it was you who wanted me out.
You were so magical it turned you into a mere fantasy— the love was never a reality.
I am the one dying every waking minute.
Oh dear God, if you were ever real, if you were ever divine, may you forgive me for all my sins. And may you let this memory die.
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2023.06.03 14:19 middle_aged_dating Boom, just like that it’s over

Been slowly dating and getting to know my boyfriend over the last year. We’ve created some wonderful memories together. Over the last few months he’s communicated that he wants to be more serious. So I’ve put in effort to open up more and begin integrating him with other aspects of my life. Just when I do this….bam….everything implodes. He is upset with me about something and decides the best course of action is days long silent treatment. I was just beginning to feel love for him, and now I see this other side of him I know I can’t deal with. I really hope I stay strong and just move on from this relationship, but it will be hard because I was not expecting this curve ball, and I’ve truly enjoyed dating him and will miss him dearly. I wish this trait came out much sooner.
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2023.06.03 14:19 Aggressive_Web519 Do I really want our marriage to be over?

My wife and I have been together for 9.5 years, and married for almost 6. She is very kind, patient, loving, and a good person. Over the course of our relationship, she has forgiven me for so many transgressions and has stood by me as I’ve started to work through my childhood trauma.
In 2020, I had an emotional affair with my boss and that destroyed my wife. We stayed together, and eventually went to marriage counseling a year later. We did counseling together for a couple of months until it was apparent I needed my own counseling, so we stopped marriage counseling. Over the last 2 years, I’ve consistently gone to therapy and my wife has not. I have felt over the last 6 months that she still has her guard up with me and does not view me as a safe space. I have felt that I’m doing my best to be a better partner to her, and it goes unnoticed unless we’re in a disagreement and she says “I know you’ve been working on this in therapy but”. In general, we have been fine but we’ve felt more like best friends and not partners in a relationship. I found myself losing romantic interest. I have questioned our compatibility because our love languages are so different from each other, and I feel anxious in the relationship. Sometimes I feel like I can’t be myself around her because she thinks I’m weird (I have adhd so outbursts of energy are regular for me). I had asked her for months to look at a marriage therapist with me and she would never engage in helping pick, so I picked one on my own. I felt rejected by her physically as well.
A month ago, I ended up sleeping with one of my good friends. We said we would compartmentalize it because we just wanted to have sex, and I still wanted to work on my marriage. We ended up hooking up a few times, and continuing to be friends. I felt some guilt about it, but also felt more committed to working on things with my wife and finally got us a marriage therapist. My friend and I eventually agreed not to sleep together anymore and go back to being just friends.
My wife has found out about the affair and now wants a divorce. I knew this would be a consequence of me sleeping with someone else, and I did it anyway. I feel deeply sad that I’ve hurt her in this way. If our relationship was going to end, I didn’t want this to be the reason. Now, I’m wondering how much effort I even want to put into trying to work through this with her. I feel sad over losing my best friend, hurting her, and losing her amazing family. I also had doubts and questions about our relationship before all this happened.
How do you know when you no longer want to share your life with someone?
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2023.06.03 14:19 Lenore8264 Why do so many Malayalis have dogs chained up outside their homes these days? Is it a new trend?

I'm a Malayali (25f) but I live in Rajasthan with my family. I speak Malayalam well, but can only read a little and can't write at all. I was mostly raised outside Kerala so please forgive me if I say something offensive.
I visited Kerala a week ago for the first time in four years. The last time I visited was in 2019. Then the Covid pandemic happened, and I got busy.
During this time's visit, we visited a lot of old family friends. I'm from Kannur side, and we visited friends in Kasaragoad, Kozhikode, Thrissur etc . What I noticed was that a lot of people had dogs. In fact, EVERYONE we visited had a dog. Even my uncle and my aunt from my mother's side had a dog. It was bizarre. Everytime we visited a home, a dog was outside the house inside a tiny cage, with it's leg chained, just barking his head off.
And the thing is, all of these dogs were VICIOUS. They kept on barking and snarling at us, and at one home, I tried to pat the dog (It was an Indian Spitz, I think) the owner warned me that the dog bites and not to go near it. Huh??? Why keep it then?
I'm pretty sure no one had dogs the last time I visited. Don't get me wrong. I love dogs and want one myself, but what bothers me is that these dogs are kept chained inside cages. When I asked the owners whether they bring the dogs inside, most of them said that the dogs aren't allowed in because they dirty the house and that the hair gets everywhere. This made me really sad. Why get a dog to keep it inside a cage all day?
Most of the dogs were also so aggressive and untrained. I don't understand why this has suddenly become a trend. I just wanted to know if anyone else has noticed this? Oh, and catfishes and guppies are also in every home for some reason. How did this become a trend?
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2023.06.03 14:19 Intelligent_Party452 Movement 2385 vs 4401

Ive had several Rolex, Breitling and Tudor watches and now Im looking to take the next step in to the high horology. I think that the new royal oak chronograph is the most beautiful watch and I love it but the 41mm is way too big for my wrist. The only option for me is 38mm but Im not sure if I can justify the price of old 80s ebauche 2385 when 41mm has the new inhouse 4401. Is this a real problem or am I just making this up? How do you see this 2385 vs 4401 debate? Thanks!
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2023.06.03 14:19 Canevar Anything similar to Armies of Exigo?

Armies of Exigo is basically StarCraft in a fantasy setting.
In many respects it's very generic, but oh so polished in presentation.
That's what I want:
I miss standard, "boring" RTS games. Even though Armies of Exigo is considered generic and too much of a copy of the StarCraft/Age of Empires formula, I really love how complete a package it is.
Don't need innovation, just well presented unoriginal rip-offs please
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2023.06.03 14:19 Aye07Zee Wow I need this support

23 year smoker here. I'm 45 in a few weeks and started smoking in college while playing football. Ironically I would smoke during the season but not on the off season and that's followed me all the way up until now. I've been struggling, stopping, starting, etc, and just recently decided to cut my long term friends, two best friends, due to other reasons but they also smoke. As a single guy not taking life seriously I managed ok. Finally graduated college at 35 and always had a mid to lower tier career, made decent money, but I ALWAYS felt like weed as my cryptonite. I've had advancement opportunities but the shame in knowing I'm a loser to some degree, have loser friends mostly, really shot my confidence to move into management, especially when I had the opportunity in my 20s. In my 30s I did well again, but the fact that I still entertained weed made me feel somewhat like an imposter. I was married with no kids at that time. Now, I'm a new homeowner, had two kids (2 and 6 mos), and have been running my own business for about 9 months. The last two months I went down hard smoking everyday and generally being a loser. I stopped about a solid week ago, had a conversation with my wife last night (she has not been happy about all this since we moved in together 10 years ago) and she introduced me to this forum. We've been reading atomic habits and trying to find ways to curtail this behavior of mine. It's Saturday morning. I'm about to play basketball at 24 hour gym. This is Prime smoking time for me. I'll be fine today but I love smoking and balling. It increases lung capacity, slows the game down, helps you focus, and generally makes me feel like superman. Afterwards, of course, it knocks you out and helps you sleep, which for me, helps my recovery, especially as I'm aging. I'm trying to live in a world where coffee and weed are non existent so tell me how strong I am, and how much it's hindered my professional development, and how much it will impede my business. Give it to me raw like a coach on the field. Don't pull any punches. Go! I need this!
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2023.06.03 14:18 shhdaddyshere 46 [M4F] #Oklahoma - 🖤….MUST LOVE CUDDLES!! Dorky Daddy Dom seeks forever….🖤

Just an adorable Daddy Dom with a darker side 😈 seeking his forever…. And once were together, everything will feel right and we will build a life together…. I will literally make it my job to keep you safe and happy!!
I’m waiting for that instant connection🫶🏻, were our energies just flow… Someone who adores my ridiculous brand of weird and can’t see themselves with anyone else!!
I’m stubborn and at times brood,🤷🏼‍♂️ but I’m working it. Lol… Although I am known to be very charming and compassionate and when I love, I love hard. ❤️ I’m also overprotective, chivalrous and loyal af!!!
Absolute Gym rat 💪🏻 and homebody who enjoys cooking, grilling, the outdoors, anything involving water, road trips🚗, and random adventures… lover of all things Halloween, Star Wars, Marvel, Disney and zombies…🫣 ps Batman is the best super hero… change my mind!!🙃
My love language is touch.. and I tend to be a bit possessive, I will always have my hand on you in someway… your thigh, your hand, your butt, your shoulder ,your waist, your neck, your throat 🤤
Just hoping for a genuine connection… Dating apps are just awful, and unfortunately most humans in general kinda suck! 🤷🏼‍♂️ So here I am…
My fave quote: “Without music; life would be a mistake” ~FN
In fact, we both love music and love sharing it with others. You also enjoy random adventures and road trips, and agree, who you’re with is more important than where you go or what you’re doing!!!
If this seems relatable so far message me…
I hope to talk soon 👉🏻👈🏻
Ps 🚩🚩clingy girls….. girls with daddy issues…. girls who’ve been told you’re “a lot” or “too much/damaged” …. Front of the line 🙌🏻
Pss please be local or willing to relocate..
Pics of me
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2023.06.03 14:18 Revolushaunary 2024 Crosstrek touring?

I've always wanted a Crosstrek and it looks like I'm about to get one. My wife and I looked at the touring, but then I saw the Onyx. I was going for the bigger engine. However, my wife doesn't like sunroofs. As a counsellor, I'm trying to get her to change her mind but no luck. So we're looking at the touring or a base outback.
My question for this lovely community is:
How is the touring? Is it as underpowered as some say? I'll be doing a mix between highway and city driving.
Please help!
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2023.06.03 14:18 BackSpinHipHop Backspin: 2Pac - Me Against the World (1995)

Making a martyr. (92/100)
Imagine you’re 23 years old. You’re on top of the world, and you’re under the gun. You’ve achieved your dream, only to watch it spiral into a nightmare. The art form that once represented your escape is now your albatross. The world you set out to save appears hellbent upon destroying you. The culture you love greets your hard earned success with hostility. You’re all alone in a fight, and you don’t even fully understand what you’re fighting for. That’s the existential vice in which Tupac Shakur found himself in 1995. The raging struggle gives his third album, Me Against the World, its searing poignancy and, in light of Pac’s untimely 1996 death, its eerie sense of inevitability. MORE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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2023.06.03 14:18 sritanona Is there any way of ethically and systematically classifying pictures due to race/age/gender identity?

I'm working on my dissertation and I will need to categorise some avatars (not all actual human pictures possibly, because it's for some products, so there may be cartoons or 3d renders). I don't want to get into all of the details here to preserve anonymity but I'm doing this because I want to study how different users feel when using different tools, and there have been a few studies showing very marked gender bias in the design of these products. I just want to expand on this and see if it's just about gender or other parts of human identity and how users with different characteristics feel about this, to improve their experience. I'm thinking I'll probably find lots of biases due to the way tech is usually created.
I'm confident this will help make the web a better space for everyone, specially people that don't fit into the "default" a lot of studies research (white men basically because I'm in tech in the UK, and for example I'm an immigrant and my ethnicity is not even considered to be a minority big enough to be in any government surveys).
The thing is that as part of this I have to analyse hundreds of thousands of images and bits of text and I'm doing this on my own, part time while I work. I decided to use technology to help me through this, as this has been done in other similar studies, but I'm worried about the ethical consequences of this, mainly because this might be perpetuating the same biases I'm trying to uncover.
I will QA a percentage of results, but at the very least I'm looking to analyse images for gender, age, and race. There's no information at all within this area for race and age.
In terms of gender, I think there are libraries that check for male/female/neutral gender expression (whatever that is for this libraries I'll need to check).
In terms of age, I'm thinking probably between childhood, young adult/adult, and elderly people, but again this is early stages.
And in terms of race is where I'm most on the fence. I'm worried about the ethical implications of using AI or machine learning to analyse a picture to find out its ethnicity. But I'm also worried about other ways that may seem more "objective" (like checking for eye colour and skin tone instead of race) because they seem completely blind to race identity and might not be useful at all.
One of the things I thought about was following the uk government guidelines for asking for ethnicity information. But I'd love to hear people's thoughts about this? I want to do this in the right way and help a bit from my place as a female engineer.
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2023.06.03 14:18 Tbeeb Ohto rollerball refill in my Montblanc

Ohto rollerball refill in my Montblanc
So 5 days ago I made this post https://www.reddit.com/pens/comments/13ut0cy/montblanc_and_otto_hutt_rollerball_one_has_left/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1
I stated I was let down by the feel of the MB and the MB refill.
Well, today I forced an Ohto Ceramic rollerball refill through and it worked perfectly! As you can see from my second image the Ohto refill now has a thread which screws nicely into the MB, mimicking a proprietary MB refill. The pen is now a pleasure to use as I love this refill.
Thought I’d share for anyone who has ever wondered if this would work for euro refills.
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2023.06.03 14:18 ostrowele Looking for a specialized and experienced pet sitter in Rotterdam

Looking for a specialized and experienced pet sitter in Rotterdam
I'm looking for a pet sitter for my dog, Gigi.
She is small and peaceful, but unfortunately before I got her she was abused and is VERY scared and wary of strangers (takes some time to get used to them and like them), loud noises, even other dogs. She is also very attached to my wife, which can manifest in some panic and sadness after she leaves. Generally she is a sweet dog when she is only with me or my wife, but has some issues and past traumas.
We learned how to manage her issues and make her life comfortable, by consulting with specialists and dog trainers and sticking to some rules, e.g. making sure that the dog knows we are in charge and that she doesn't have to stress and worry about our and hers safety, and so on. The problem is that many pet sitters have little knowledge on how to interact and take care of dogs with some special needs (although I'm not saying that they don't take care of the dogs with love and passion!), and while it might be enough for "normal" dogs, I'm not sure it will be enough both for Gigi and the sanity of the pet sitter :)
So, my question is - can anyone here recommend a more specialized and educated pet sitter that might take care of a small, loving but traumatized dog for a few nights every now and then? Do you know someone like this, or know where to look? I tried most of the major pet sitting platforms, but so far I didn't find anyone qualified (again - both for the comfort of Gigi, but also for the comfort of the pet sitter).
TL;DR: I'm looking for a professional pet sitter in Rotterdam area, with deep dog psychology knowledge for my traumatized and abused dog, that needs some extra love, understanding and some rules that need to be followed.
Thank you for any help. Here is a picture of Gigi for attention 😄
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2023.06.03 14:18 StripedCatLady Green Card

It was the pure motive for marriage, now that I look back I clearly see it. Two decades and two kids later, still together. Love was a word often used, but not often shown. Instead, there was lots of ego centered activity. I was a commodity he grew accustomed to. In time, as kids became more independent, I could focus on me again. What do I want? Why are we still together? Is it trauma bonding? I wish I knew the answers. My heart cries out for Being chronically neglected. For Being loved. I need to be unshackled…and I have… So many questions.
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2023.06.03 14:18 BeatMarket_NotWife In what game does the AI get better? (f1 2020)

I love the handling of the game, but the AI is a bit too passive sometimes. Basically if I don't want them to pass me, they can't, even if they are catching up 2s a lap faster, with good straight line speed, driving defensively they can't ever get through me, which is not really realistic. Does this get better in 2021, or only 22 fixed this? How is it looking for 23 so far?
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