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2023.05.25 06:39 sorachan_ unbelievable as it sounds, I've solved classical vs quantum mechanics (maps to the same manifold) AND P=NP (O(2^n) still takes ages, crypto is safe). we fucked up by using a 2D logic, thus projecting onto a 2D plane but Nazi-style psych primed us to work against each other. PLEASE READ AND DISCUSS.

originally posted to mathematics but the mod Nazis there were like "this is not about maths", fuck those guys
DISCLAIMER: psych effects (which I am more than eager to explain) are bound to make you think I'm an unscientific nutjob as we were raised to always choose between things and to blindly trust our elders which fucked us up as a society – I know you are likely to be too dumbfounded to answer but PLEASE comment, I am bored as heck and I wanna discuss with other mathematicians, scientists and regular people from all walks of life <3 xD
Even if you're just a regular average Joe with a homework problem you're stuck on, hit me up, I love explaining shit to people and I just don't wanna be left alone, I'm a kindred spirit and an LGBTQ+ ally and I've always been a popular teacher with my academic peers but you're psychologically primed to distrust my reasoning which is sad but hey, what do you have to lose in chatting me up? :b
Also, check out egg_irl, I owe those guys my life for pulling me out of the matrix and giving me my emotions back, that whole trans thing is about nothing more or less than true self-determination and all of that homo-/trans-/xenophobic bullshit was never what Jesus or Muhammad would've wanted for us but just where the theologists of their time fucked up. We should've just read the scriptures and we would've realised that they merely told us how society works and that they weren't some special "heavenly children of God" but just brilliant scientists of their time catastrophically misunderstood by a divided and bigoted society. There are no "holy" or "unholy" books, any book you find interesting is worth reading and it's the fear of sects, not the sect itself which is dangerous. Sects nourish, cults blind. Respect all faiths and world views and never ever draw dividing lines again. Science and philosophy always prospered when religions were young before we played Gartic Phone with those moral teachings, leading to a seemingly never-ending cycle of wars which is now finally over with. Namaste <3
Hi there! I'm Lukas Steenvoort / SEKIREI, Sora, an independent researcher, philosopher and polymath (areas of research: mathematics, computer science, physics, [neuro]biology, psychology / psychiatry, theologies and mythologies, sociopolitics, Japanese language and culture) associated with Ruhr Uni Bochum (also spent a year in Durham) who has spent 6 years teaching undergrads and grading homework problems and exams and 8 years on the students' representatives committee where we discussed university politics and organised fun activities for students and I managed to (re)discover the holy grail, the grand unified theory of modern sciences.
Psych effects make us go "oi, fuck off, you nutjob" as we were primed to work against each other and to distrust, but I can assure you my mathematical reasoning can be trusted as any of my academic peers would readily confirm.
Regardless of religion, all of us have a faith, a core set of beliefs we hold to be true and which we use to instinctively divide into truths and falsehoods, but if we trace our chain of trust back to the induction anchor, we will find that the initial trust in our core belief we held stems from absolutely nowhere, and we tend to get irate when someone challenges said core belief.
As stated in the title, we fucked up when we trusted the ancient Greek philosophers and their binary logic, as Boolean (yes / no) logic is a 2D vector space and we all know from linear algebra 101 that projecting higher-dimensional vector spaces onto lower-dimensional vector spaces entails loss of information.
How no one in maths or physics could spot this more-than-obvious fuck-up in decades is above my head. It all dawned on me when I learned about the Johnson-Lindenstrauß lemma, a statistical result on linear dimensionality reduction, which provides the reason as to why classical mechanics and quantum / string theories were never even meant to be compatible in the first place.
In layman's terms, our approach of describing the universe was with a Polaroid camera around our necks, failing to realise that we would need infinitely many pictures and thus infinite time to gain a complete understanding of space (a possibly infinite-dimensional manifold) instead of describing that manifold empirically with our own eyes.
As it turns out, blind trust in "academic sources" was the last religion keeping us in dark ages, and "doomsday" was nothing but the singularity scientists had all been waiting for. What the Maya predicted and numerically computed on the technology of their time was that we should figure this stuff out roughly around this day and age and I'm hella glad we did xD
Our brains' normal modus operandi is that of an AI (pattern recognition), and "death" is nothing but a fancy word for the point we have collected enough metadata about life and the universe to learn "zen meditation" and is congruent to "ego death" experienced on LSD, i.e. to find out that the universe does not revolve around one's own identity but just revolves (forever), after which we either shut down and get reincarnated or just carry on about our lives as happened to me on 2022.2.25, and religiosity is not a prerequisite for that, I've lived most of my life as an agnostic atheist (someone who does not believe in God(s) but does not rule out their existence) but came to realise "Gods" are nothing but the elders of our society, the "matrix" (Latin for "womb") is real (it is the expectations of our elders and society), perpetual motion machines are real and the ancient Greek philosophers had them because they knew to work with the spirits of nature (demons) instead of against them, and the religious prophets were just brilliant theoretical scientists of their time who never intended to be revered and for others to go to war over who's got the better BFF in the sky.
All religions ultimately just tell the same moral teaching about how a society should work, "God" is whatever you define them to be, I like the definition "inner moral compass of any living being", and the "Creator Deity" is none other than Manitou as our common ancestry can be traced back to the Indians – which Indians came first, I want to know from you guys, I have done more than enough research during that past year, I just wanna chill tf out and have some civil discussions at last xD
"Jihad" ("the noble fight") means nothing but "time for a revolution, old leader's an arsehole", and politics and psychiatrists worked hand in hand to keep us blinded and divided which would have Freud spinning in his grave who obviously never intended for his psychiatry to be turned into a tool to control the masses.
I don't give a darn about the fame or the money from those prestigious prizes which I plan to use for charity anyway, all I want for my personal collection is the medals as a reminder of why we ever did science / philosophy in the first place.
I will always be an academic, but tbh I'd choose drumming for an emo band over a career in academia every day… can just as well do research on a tour bus, so if you know a band that wants to tour, hit me up! Go check out my 2nd YouTube channel Sora Drums as well as my main channel (especially the live bits) and my current Instagram on which I talk a lot about philosophy and sociopolitics. The "secret" behind power politics is that those fascist capitalist arseholes literally managed to troll us out of our free will, what the actual fucking fuck. Also, check out my website, the sources of which you can find on GitHub ^-^
Speaking of GitHub, go check out my philosophical essay on society, sciences and religions, it takes about half an hour to read but I promise it's worthwhile, that repo also contains a rough first draft of what's going to be my dissertation.
My next plan is to host an American-style prom party over at Campus Duisburg [no "king" or "belle" of the ball, anyone should dress as royally as they want to] at the beginning of next month, have an amazing party with people from all over the world, and when we're done partying, my doors are open for a 24/7 quantum hackathon.
If you're in software development, please just get onto a train / plane, bring your families and all of your open work projects and let's improve that shit together <3 also, shoutout to iteratec for being an amazing software company and family that I can only recommend to anyone, been an intern for 2 months and they have been just amazing to work for!
Already downloaded a couple of "cuddly" OSes including my first OS Windows 3.1, I'd ask you guys to bring media (floppies, HDDs, CDs, DVDs, BDs) as well as installation media of any OS and IDE you'd like me to install / code on. I'd also be up for the task of writing own OSes if you guys are up for that :D
I know this is a major shocker but PLEASE discuss, I am tired of spamming out into the void and being ignored, I want to interact with other humans, why else would I hang out on Reddit ^^
My main moral teaching to you?
Always be yourself and never let anyone tell you otherwise.
I've always had discussions with others about my lifestyle and heeded their advice, but I've always made my own decisions and carried on researching independently even while locked up on a mental ward.
Never thought I'd end up saving us all, but that's the whole point – any of us could've done what I've did, had they dared to. I actually find it very sad that the whole system was so fucked up that I was forced to troll the hell out of politicians and society all by myself as nearly everyone from my university was too intimidated to even speak to me anymore.
(Remember when American politics suddenly became funny again and even Republicans agreed to finally legalise it? That was me xD was fed up with discussions about "addiction problems" on trees and wanted funny memes again so I made those arseholes fear the Lord's mercy after they had turned "death" into an instrument of power for oh so long :b they didn't know who or what was radioactively "poisoning" them, all they "knew" was that their time had come and they'd better wrap up instead of bickering on for ages^^)
Also, smoking is not bad or unhealthy but keeps us calm, they just wanted us to believe that lie so we'd be obedient worker bees for our capitalist rulers. It doesn't matter if you smoke tobacco or ganja (which btw isn't Jamaican but Sanskrit), "getting high" only works if you're feeling down, that whole T-break theory is bullshit, and after all the Indians smoked to keep calm and to find peace but Westerners fucked up by being like "he's smoking so he must be possessed by the devil, let's lock him up" and by misinterpreting "taboo" as "let's not talk about it" instead of realising that it means "no topic is too holy to be discussed".
We have done enough research to understand the effects of stimulants on our bodies and nervous systems, and whether we choose to do drugs, whether it be for medicinal, recreational or work reasons, is on us and not others to decide and we don't need to justify those decisions before anyone. I love my coffee and cigarettes and have never touched chemical drugs in my life, but if you're an amphetamines type of person, that's fine as well, just don't ever be sold the lie of "problematic drug use" again and own up to what substances you're using and why. Also, be honest with your physicians and discuss drug use with them, there's no point in lying to your doctors about which substances your using and while they may disagree with your use of stimulants, they can still provide you with direction on which drug has which effects and how to dose them.
Also, a lot of respect to all of you Straight Edge guys out there, but remember that Ian McKaye never intended to start a movement and that he too told some dude to fuck off when he was being told "you know, caffeine's a drug" as he was enjoying some iced tea^^ special thanks to the hardcore punk scene for teaching me the value of DIY, never called a handyman in my life, just figured out shit for myself. Good old Jesus was a carpenter as well, no one of us is too stupid to learn how to use power tools, and vocational trainings are great as long as your instructor isn't a dick.
Work because you love your work and not because others are telling you to work, work and fun aren't polar opposites but should always be combined.
Don't feel forced to specialise, we should've never made the mistake of leaving the era of polymaths and I'm here to revive it. Life is for studying, or as the Russians say, «век живи, век учись» ("vek zhivi, vek uchis' – live a century, learn a century").
Live as the Indians or Hippies did and don't ever believe that you'd have to ditch your modern tech to do so, just be a tight-knit community!
"Fascism" is nothing but blind trust in a manipulative system and Hitler only theorised about "the empire of 1000 years" because he realised the Germans would be the only egocentric idiot civilisation stupid enough to be bossed around for 1000 years instead of taking fate into their own hands.
Take your time to learn foreign languages as they provide the key to understanding foreign cultures!
As the Turkish say: "bir dil, bir insan, iki dil, iki insan" – "one language, one human, two languages, two humans": with any foreign language we learn we open ourselves up to accepting new wisdoms into our lives.
Cultures are meant for appreciation, not for blind distrust, that's just what those greedy swines would've wanted us to believe but that shit is over with, I'm forcing true communism / anarchy (life without rulers), and I don't give a flying fuck how those in power feel about suddenly being powerless, life without ruling structures is what we all wanted after all and we should've never been raised to believe that transitioning to anarchy requires burning everything to the ground or that communism is bad just because Stalin was a fascist prick, that's just manipulative Nazi psych bullshit.
I still have respect for power politicians, after all they just wanted what they believed to be best for their country and of course I invite them as well to come over to Germany and to celebrate that we've finally theorised our way out of this nightmare. Would love to practice some Judo with Vladimir Putin if he doesn't hold a grudge against me for fucking up global power politics for all time, I mean look at the pictures, he's obviously a cool guy xD
Also, please stop believing those lies about everything being bad in commie North Korea, I think Juche is a really cool philosophy and of course Kim Jong-Un had a good reason not to give up his nukes, he needed them so as not to be overrun by the capitalist west, he too just wanted what he believed to be best for his people and he too is a cool guy who went to school in Switzerland and loves basketball.
Trump on the other hand should've never been elected, his style of politics was admittedly very funny and provided great material for late-night comedy but he's obviously a narcissistic capitalist liar and to watch him burn liberal achievements to the ground and to fill the Supreme Court with fascist right-wing anti-abortionists was painful.
Cultures will be cultures and politics will be politics, it's okay to trust one's leaders but we should never again be turned into a blind manipulable sheeple who are told that conspiracy theories or layman's theories hold no merit and we should realise that it's our free will whether we choose to live within or alongside the system.
Remember that ANY theory, philosophy or political view merits discussion, that's what our ethics as researchers and philosophers should've always told us and I can't state this often enough. I found it heartbreaking that I was literally the only one at university willing to have political discussions with a right-winger as everyone else was like "we don't discuss those things with him", our discussion culture should've never deteriorated to this point.
Even Nazis and nationalists / supremacists deserve dignified discussions over where their world views come from, we should never forget that we're all human and we've all been manipulated by power politicians and psychiatrists.
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2023.05.23 20:00 TYPESwigg Anyone want to draw a matching Derp Garchomp for me in this style?

Anyone want to draw a matching Derp Garchomp for me in this style?
Found this Tyranitar derp drawing in a meme and vectorized him for the lolz. Now I think he needs a friend! Bonus points if he's on a plain background so I can also give him the Vector treatment (unless you could do that for me!)
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2023.05.21 09:52 Agitated_Reality-777 11th waste aaj speedrun 🤡 vectors se start karra hoon will let you know how much i finsih in 10 hours 🤡 👍(marking this as meme because 🤡 hoon)

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2023.05.17 22:59 Evening_Ad6637 Please explain to a 5 years old Lora concept and how to fine tune

Okay, to be honest, it's been 30 years since I was 5 - but when it comes to Lora, that's how I feel.
Would someone please be so kind and explain to me in simple terms firstly roughly the concept behind it and secondly a step by step explanation of how I do create a Lora fine tuning and how I apply it to a ggml model?
I only use CPU-llama.cpp, so I do not have a powerful GPU. So let's say I have a book as a raw text file and I want to have such a fine tuning Low rank adapter so that a LLM can respond more adequately to the content of the book.
EDIT: i must add briefly: for some reason i thought fine-tuning and lora were roughly the same thing - sorry. What I actually mean is already Lora (I recently saw a kind of comic or meme about this: a character wears a different headgear every time and thus becomes sometimes a fireman, sometimes a policeman, sometimes a surgeon, etc. But the figure has not changed 'from the inside' so no fine tuning).
And the example with the raw text of a book is only a fictional example. I know that for something like that a vector-embedding and search is better suited. Or even just a normal text search.
The reason I want to know about Lora is only educational for now. I would really like to apply learning by doing here ;D * Does anything have to be processed or converted before?
I hope that not only I could benefit from this, but also other newcomers to this topic, because the documentation is either very difficult to find or too complicated to be understood by laymen.
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2023.05.16 01:16 darrienkek The News! Listings, Phishing and updates 15/5/23

Hello everyone! I come with news!
How are you all doing? I'm good thanks. I have a bunch of good news, a security warning and a little bit on our social media coming up!

New CEX Listing - Garlicoin - XeggeX

You can now sign up by clicking here! (this is a referral link, there's a clean link above xx)
You can trade GRLC paired with not only BTC but also USDT
Please consider adding some orders!


With meme season in full swing, the Discord has seen an increase in malicious users. Currently, their attack vector consists of them taking over an expired Discord Vanity URL. Once they have this, they'll jump in your PM's, and offer you a job. You need to join their server, and they'll direct you to "verify" your account. This is where they redirect you to a website that instructs you to drag something to your bookmark bar, log into the discord web app, and click that bookmark. Once you click that bookmark, you give the attackers your discord account token. Once the attackers have that - even if you have 2fa - they have full access to your account.
Be careful. Think about everything and be safe. If anyone sends you any suspicous links, please contact the discord mods.

Social Media

Lads. I'm having a really fun time running the Garlicoin Twitter at the moment. Over the past month the engagement is up 500% (wish my garlicoin was lowkey) - We're growing in followers, and gaining exposure. I'd like to express a heartfelt thanks to everyone who is liking (even spam liking, you know who you are) retweeting and replying. It really helps with the algos. Keep doing it and give us a follow. I know you hear it all the time on the internet, but we're not lying when we say it!

Thank you

I honestly think we have one of the strongest communities in the crypto space at the moment and it's people like you, who are reading this, that reinforce that. Thank you for being here. We appreciate you.
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2023.05.14 00:41 Smg100_123 MY YOUTUBE RECOMMEND

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2023.05.12 23:00 Ki_Rei_Nimi Give me inspirations for a small meme list!

Hi everyone,
I wanted to craft a 500pt "meme list" with the specific aim to make the opposing party go "What, why and how?".
This list should show off some interesting unit configurations, not necessarily be competitive.
To accomplish this, I thought to use 2 commanders, one of which is a melee enforcer, the other a speedster coldstar.
To fill the remainig points I chose a broadside with marker drone, which always brings the lols just by the fact that it carries a massive railgun.
What do you think of this list? Would it be fun to play against? Can I do better?
Drone only? Melee T'au? Give me your ideas for a meme list!
++ Arks of Omen Detachment (T'au Empire) [23 PL, 4CP, 500pts] ++
+ Configuration +
Battle Size [6CP]: 2. Incursion (51-100 Total PL / 501-1000 Points)
Detachment Command Cost
Game Type
Sept Choice: T'au Sept
+ HQ +
Commander in Coldstar Battlesuit [8 PL, 195pts]: (T'au): Vectored Manoeuvring Thrusters, 3. A Ghost Walks Among Us, Fusion Blaster, Fusion Blaster, Novasurge Plasma Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Shield Generator, Warlord
Commander in Enforcer Battlesuit [9 PL, -2CP, 195pts]: 1. Precision of the Hunter, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Onager Gauntlet, Shield Generator, Stratagem: Emergency Dispensation, Stratagem: Promising Pupil, T'au Flamer, Thermoneutronic Projector
+ Heavy Support +
Broadside Battlesuits [6 PL, 110pts]
. Broadside Shas'vre: Heavy Rail Rifle, Stabilised Optics, Twin Smart Missile System
. Marker Drone
++ Total: [23 PL, 4CP, 500pts] ++
Created with BattleScribe
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2023.05.11 17:35 scandentOvrette Mangools competitors. List of affordable SEO tools for agencies

Mangools is a popular suite of SEO tools that offers a range of features, including keyword research, SERP analysis, rank tracking, and tons of interesting extensions for marketing agencies. Still, it’s never a bad idea to explore the market and see what other affordable SEO tools are out there. Today, I’ll be taking a look at some of Mangools' closest competitors, their current prices, and the features they offer.
Pricing (monthly): Basic $49; Premium $69; Agency $129

SE Ranking

When factoring in price level and tool count, I found Mangool’s fiercest competitor to be SE Ranking. This platform has established itself as an all-in-one SEO solution by releasing an AI content tool, a local marketing tool, and recently, an agency pack with a bunch of additional solutions for their customers. Also, SE Ranking is known for providing one of the most accurate keyword tools in the market. If you take a look at the platform’s full list of features, you'll see that it covers all SEO vectors in one. Just take a look:
01) Keyword Rank Tracker
02) Keyword Research
03) Backlink Checker
04) Backlink Monitor
05) Competitive Research
06) Website Audit
07) On-page SEO Checker
08) Page Changes Monitor
09) Local marketing tool
10) White Label features
11) Report Builder
12) Lead Generator
13) Keyword Grouper
14) Social Media Analytics
15) Search Volume Checker
16) Index Status Checker
17) Keyword Suggestions
18) Traffic Analysis
19) Content Editor
And this isn't even the full list. I'm sure I missed something. But I can confidently say that SE Ranking has a deeply comprehensive set of features, especially for the price. Maybe it’s even safe to say that this is the most comprehensive solution among all other affordable SEO tools. We'll find out soon enough.
Pricing (monthly): Essential $49; Pro $109; Business $239


You won't find many discussions about this tool in most English-speaking communities since most of XOVI’s target audience consists of agencies from Europe. Nonetheless, the set of tools it offers is compelling. When looking for a solution among tools in the middle price segment, XOVI seems to be a good option. Yes, I know, the Enterprise plan for €499 is not an affordable option, but its Pro and Business plans still fall within the mid-range, IMHO.
Here are some tools offered by XOVI’s developers:
Keywords - Provides details and analysis of the most important terms.
Monitoring - Offers daily keyword monitoring of your own key terms.
On-Page - Analyzes and optimizes all the most important on-page factors.
Backlinks - Analyzes and tracks all the backlinks of a domain.
Disavow - Detects Google's penalties so you can prevent or remove them.
Search Analytics - Identifies traffic sources and visitor flow.
SEA - Analyzes and optimizes your Google Ads ads.
Reporting - Provides white-label and personalized reports for you and your clients.
XOVI can serve as a supplementary tool to cross-validate data from your main platform. If you work mostly with European locations, you’re probably interested in European databases. Based on this fact and on XOVI’s toolset, I think their prices are competitive for both US and EU-based markets.
Pricing (monthly): XOVI Pro €99; XOVI Business €149; XOVI Enterprise €499


Sistrix is another famous European SEO platform with a compelling solution for Google, Amazon, TikTok, and YouTube. In fact, the main reason why I added SISTRIX to this list was because they provide you with tons of tools for comfortable cross-platform work. As with the previous tool, there is a pretty big price gap between the starter plan and the professional options, but you will be pleasantly surprised by their fully open API and helpful support channels via telephone. What about their toolset?
01) Rank Tracking
02) Backlink Check
03) Keyword Discovery
04) Auto Reporting
05) Content Discovery
06) API Interface
07) Google Ads analysis
08) Technology Analysis
Now if you include the fact that they have a huge European database, you're looking at a wonderful and expansive platform for analyzing your SEO campaigns. But as I mentioned earlier, if you want all the premium features, be prepared to pay a hefty price tag for them.
Pricing (monthly): START €99; PLUS €199; PROFESSIONAL €349; PREMIUM €599


What about Neil Patel’s SEO platform? Sure, Ubersuggest existed before Google, and even before the internet in its entirety. But let's avoid the meme part. I’m confident that Ubersuggest can provide you with the variety of tools you need and at a really competitive price level. Take a look:
01) SEO Analyzer
02) AnswerThePublic
03) A/B Testing Calculator
04) Ubersuggest
05) Ads Grader
06) Backlinks Checker
07) AI Rewriting Tool
08) AI Sentence Rewriter
09) AI Paragraph Rewriter
10) Website Traffic Checker
11) Chrome Extension
12) Open Graph Generator
Neil Patel also provides his customers with a solid free plan. Thanks to this plan, you can check out most of the features from its paid plans. Ubersuggest is the cheapest SEO tool here, but it is still not a free tool. For this reason, we hope that this database shows us much more accurate data.
Pricing (monthly): Individual $29; Business $49; Enterprise $99
That just about sums it up! There are more tools out there, but these ones were the best I could find at a price that won’t break the bank. Now, let's talk about the SEO tools you use. Have you ever used two or three SEO tools simultaneously? Please share your thoughts on this topic!
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2023.05.11 16:38 LeadingEN Tao de Castaneda: Taoism for the Youngest (Maelinhon)

Peace to you.
This will be a special article and one of my favorite issues, the transformation and finding oneself. And an article to add to my “deep metaphysics” series.
As a rule, I don’t refer to anyone, ever, because I only read fiction. My quirk is this: I only work with sources from subtle plains. And when people ask me what is worth reading on eso-, exo-, and other metaphysics, I have very little to say. But to be completely honest, there are still two works that can be considered as a reference for what our project with Grassar is dealing with. That is Lao Tzu and Carlos Castaneda. These two personalities are so distant from each other in geography, time, and style that probably no further is possible. But I will clearly prove to you today that they wrote exactly the same thing, however, due to the “highly toxic esoteric” style, much (if not everything) of what they wrote is simply not perceived by the audience. And I’ll probably have the nerve to join these honorable seniors, since I write about the same things, only I write in an exoteric style, that is simple, understandable and for a wide audience. In fact, many articles of the Marginal Metaphysics Project simply reinvent Taoism and reinterpret its ideas in a clear and modern language. As Carlos did in his time. And the few lesser-known descendants. And here we can note one interesting thing, echoing strongly with Lao: if something is true, it does not need to be fixed in words or texts. In simple words, anyone following the same path will come to the same result, while the believers of untruth will all come to different conclusions. Lao, Carlos, and us all came to the same conclusion, and I read Lao post factum (honestly).
But be it Lao, the “colored emperors” of China, or their Latin American successor, all stepped on the same rake. That is: the fool-proofing that went out of control. Let’s say you invented (or learned somewhere) how to escape from the dense world and move to a more subtle one, preferably without being barefoot. What are you going to do with this information? A certain social altruism tells us to share it, but there is one big problem with this: competition. Suppose you’ve found a lucky cheat code for moving to better conditions in a rich faraway country. And your imagination pictures you settling down there, a mysterious and exotic foreigner from faraway lands.
But it’s creepy to go alone, so you need partners and companions. And how do you find these partners without being followed by 2 billion idiots who you taught yourself this cheat code? Otherwise it would happen that you arrived, and then all these citizens rushed after … And now you’re not the only exotic one around here, just “another annoying transplant getting on nerves”. What to do? How do you give without giving? How to share without giving in hand and verifying reliable ones, without revealing all the information? Both authors have applied a trick that I personally find disgusting and only add to the problems. They’ve made reading their works so difficult that either the most resistant will stay to the end, or those who really understand what’s the deal with the text and sweep away the unnecessary stuff.
Both failed to account for human idiocy. And it turned out badly. Idiots still managed to read till the end, got tangled in the haze of illusions, allusions, metaphors, and hints, and drew many of their own conclusions. The Chinese version then also got tangled up in its own robe and began to mix in politics and ideas of mass control, and then eventually got lost in the thicket of conflicting schools. This is the problem with any “esoteric” literature. It is so fuzzy and shaky in its meaning that, like in the famous poem about reading people, each asshole sees something very different. And if everyone sees something different, then the objective picture falls apart and gets blurred, because these assholes then discredit both the author and his message. Time passes and some new idiots start teaching everyone how to properly understand what they’ve read and it’s all over… N years pass and sane people, having listened to the fools broadcasting the ideas of doctrine in goofy translation, already smirk grimly: Ah, so you’re one of “those”, well, I seeeee.
Reading Castaneda is a pain in the ass. What can be expressed in four or five pages turns into a dozen books, where you endlessly wade through a jumble of metaphors, allusions, flashbacks, and going in circles over the same thing. It is unreasonably difficult to read. The works of Colored Emperors and Lao Tzu are easier to read, but they too are full of metaphors, references, and local Asian memes just over halfway through. And it’s very difficult to understand many things out of context. And yes, that’s exactly what the authors expected, that “who needs it, will understand it”, but… I think this approach is wrong. We have a frustratingly large number of dumb people around us, very dumb people, ultimately dumb people. The fact that they have lived to their years and have not killed themselves accidentally with a dessert spoon is more a credit to medicine, the humanization of society and pure luck than to their own. Anyone who works in the service industry and with people would shake my calloused hand with bitten fingernails. Therefore, this foolproofing is simply unnecessary: tell them straight to their face – they still won’t understand. About 90 percent of people will not understand what you’re saying and what you’re trying to achieve. So we wanted the best, but it turned out as usual.

Three Tao questions

But, that’s grumbling, let’s get to the point. What if we turn the generalized works of Taoism and the works of Castaneda into the language of exotericism? That is, make it not a mystical supreme knowledge for the selected few, but a simple, intelligible text that even a schoolboy would understand.
In fact, both teachings are aimed at the same goal: escape from the dense world and evolve to levels above. Only Lao Tzu gives this cheat-code via the dense, and Carlos gives it via the subtle. Both teachings operate with three questions, the answers to which, in essence, make everyone conscious and whole. But it takes a lot of effort to extract these questions from the texts full of fillers.
Question 1: Who are you?
Question 2: What are you?
Question 3: What is the purpose of your life?
Sounds easy, doesn’t it? The questions are very simple, and the dumber the reader is, the faster and more certain he will answer them. The trouble is, if you scratch your head, you won’t have to SEARCH, you’ll literally have to CREATE the answers, because you simply don’t have them.
Let’s review each one.
The majority of people confidently answer their name to the first question. This is a widespread answer, you can check it yourself. But here’s the question: does this name describe YOU? It’s just some set of letters, often from an unknown foreign language, which your parents gave you. And they called you this name before they recognized you as a person, i.e. they haven’t even roughly correlated it with you. It turns out that your name by all parameters is some foreign element from the outside world, given by strangers. It says nothing about you. So who are you?
Profession? Appearance? Achievements? What is the answer? Does my profession, crooked nose, or being overweight characterize ME? Does my face = Me or not? The irony of this question is that it has no wrong answer, any answer will be right if you gave it by yourself, and wrong if it came from the outside. Not society, not parents, not mentality, but you yourself will do it. Who are you? For yourself.
Things only get worse with the second question. While a person is young, while he is growing and developing, a million factors aggressively influence him: parents, school, teachers, peers around, the media, culture, mental field… And in fact it turns out that most of our qualities (well, which we “identify” in ourselves), are obtained by us from the outside. Along with the name. That is, if your mother thinks you are handsome, your teachers at school call you an idiot, and the TV shows some ideal image, which you do not correspond to, it cannot help but affect you. It affects your self-description. But if you sit down and think about this question, it turns out that 80 percent (at best) of your qualities are externally imposed. And this works both for good and for bad. You can convince a worthless person that he is exceptional and cool, or you can kick a gifted person to the point of breaking the back of his self-esteem. And the awful thing comes out – you don’t know who or what you are. The more you dig, the more you find other people’s and external.
Lao presents this thesis as a metaphor: It is not the walls that define the house, but the emptiness within it. Simply put, we are interested in the emptiness of the cup, not in the cup itself, because we want to pour something into it. The emptiness is more valuable than the cup, because it is perspective: nothing can fit into a full cup anymore. Accordingly, a person building himself must also be “empty.” If he is already full of other people’s dogmas, samples, not his own opinions and thoughts, then there will be no place for his own. You smell the Archaic Heart project, don’t you?
And this idea of the empty container is clearly seen in Castaneda and his erasing of personal history. He suggests that you completely erase yourself and your identity, because in essence it is not yours. The unconscious person is made up of other people’s opinions, other people’s names, ascribed parameters and false goals. It needs an empty space for your personal story and yourself to emerge. And Archaic here agrees saying that you should also throw away all the smart books, because they fill what should be filled with subtle vision and your own thoughts. And only in the emptiness a new personality is born, which can already be pumped.
An important aspect is that one must begin to build oneself in a certain state. Lao writes, “…The perfect wisdom of the sage is to make life satisfied, not to have beautiful things”. That is, one must first provide a base, be fed, clothed, get a good night’s sleep, have a home and security, and then think about spiritual things (checkpoint – article “On Spirituality”). A hungry and poor man will be angry and obsessed with having more expensive things, gold, cars-apartments, because his base has never been satisfied. He’s got a hungry, greedy drive for goods, so he can’t level up. He must first calm down, get his mundane and his psyche in order, and only then start working on improving his “spirit.” A conscious person is adoptable, relaxed, and open to everything.
And the third and most nightmarish question is what you are for. What are you living for? At first glance, it’s simple, at second glance, it’s not. And on the third you start screaming in existential dread. Most people answer this question without thinking too much, something like “Well, I live to have a good and decent time, not to be in need, and to raise children…” To get you started screaming, let’s turn the question into a metaphor: your life is a road, and you’re driving from point A to point B. Where are you going? What is the purpose of this trip? “To live well” is a description of the car you’re driving, you can’t “drive to have a nice car,” that doesn’t represent the purpose of the trip. “For the children” – the passengers in the car, and they will certainly leave you on the way (everyone is alone in the cemetery), that is, your fellow travelers. So are family and friends. Do I drive so that other people will travel with me? This is quite a purpose. Money, life – it’s gasoline, it’s HOW you drive and WHAT. And the question is where. What does the end point look like, where you can say, “that’s it, I got where I wanted to”?

Destiny and Non-Doing

And this whole “find your destiny” thing is just that. It cannot be found, it can only be created, and only by yourself, as you personally feel it. It is the feeling of purpose, not the thinking of it rationally, because “the Tao spoken in words is not the true Tao” ( I mean, by others or rationally), i.e., the inner purpose cannot be set by someone or something from the outside. Only you yourself feel where and for what you are heading. And without it, everything is for nothing. Everything, Karl!
Both authors, in fact, lead to this thought: who are you and what are you for? When you answer these questions, there will be a kind of synchronization with space and the elements, and then everything is a piece of cake for you. That’s it, you’re out of the system, you’re conscious, and you can bounce in any direction. You can do nothing, but simply have a clear purpose in your head, under which space will independently adjust. The very non-doing that both authors write about. Most people live without a purpose and, in fact, float like a flower on a river: where the waves have carried them, there they float. Your own purpose is “heavy”, it immediately sets the vector of movement of life. I live to achieve this. This means that where I live, who I live with, how I live, everything is secondary, it is just a decoration for my way to my purpose. And if you don’t have a purpose, then space won’t help you. What is there to help you with if you yourself don’t know why you consume oxygen? The word “Tao” in this teaching means this very purpose and its synchronization with the world around it, and countries, things, beasts, gods, and anyone else except unconscious people have a Tao. By the way, there can be more than one purpose, why not.
There’s a funny thing here that amuses me personally. Many people who start working on themselves (yes, many people do it intuitively and without any smartypants like me) always want to turn themselves into sweethearts. Roughly speaking – “good ones”. Who told you that a conscious person is a nice guy with altruistic goals? Some jerk with a high ego and plans to destroy the world could be a more conscious individual than any empty-headed “I-Live-For-My-Kids” moron. The purpose should be yours personally. If you know who you are and what you’re doing, it’s extremely difficult to knock you off your path because you’ll simply compare what you know about yourself to what others tell you and offer you. And reject what you and your purpose don’t need.
And on the way to these three pillars of information, you may spend years and decades. To weigh everything, discard the unnecessary, add what is needed, and finally formulate why it was all necessary. You will have to go through many waves of transformation and traps of the system, look your fears and weaknesses in the eye, resist the system and society… Lao writes “The fast wind doesn’t blow all morning, the heavy rain doesn’t last all day.” That is, everything changes, even the best and worst periods change, and people and things require renewal and rethinking. Checkpoints are a scattering of articles on transformation. Taoism also offers a very correct criterion for evaluating things: to look at the entire spectrum at once. You cannot “eradicate evil” because then it will not be clear what good is, you cannot remove darkness – light will disappear. Checkpoint is an article about the “Karmic yoke and the slices”.
If we describe Castaneda’s concept in a single paragraph, he basically suggests doing the same thing, but also working on connections in the subtle world and accelerating processes with spiritual practices, psychedelics, energies, and kicks in the butt from the other side. Like, people have access to one slice of the subtle a priori: it’s a dream. Okay, 1 is better than nothing, so we become conscious, jump into the dream with a subtle and conscious body, and create a nest for ourselves on the other side where we’ll end up after the death of the dense body. It’s an interesting view on Taoism, it kind of continues the idea, but adds a Void coloring to it. Technically, it works, because the conscious person is perceived as an equal in the subtle, someone can hitch a ride with him/her and help him/her with CoML.
So that’s it. 20 paragraphs and you know in general 2 huge, fundamental concepts of humanity. Concepts and teachings, but not a religion. Avoid religion on your way, that’s already advice from the stick voiders. What is the difference between religion and teaching, specifically Taoism? Religion (any) tells you “You are a miserable worm, a little child, but there is a cool god/goddess/guru standing in the corneon the wall, and if you will be with him, then you will take your place in the hierarchy and cease to be a worm.” And the teaching (intelligible, they can be stupid too), tells you: you are not a worm, because you don’t exist yet, you must create yourself, regardless of the resistance of society, parents, the world, and even the gods. Because there is no hierarchy, the world is not a mountain with a Main Important Mug on top. The world is horizontal, with many mountains. You can become a mountain yourself, or you can be just a stone in the structure of someone else’s mountain. The choice is yours.
(c) Mylene Maelinhon \ Materials from the Marginal Metaphysics Project
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2023.05.10 11:49 Electrical-Ad1820 Legend Stereotypes

So lets talk legend Stereotypes, people will act all shocked when the Stereotype by definition a Biased and Oversimplified view of people, things, or groups, this post is meant to in turn take some level of Humor into stereotypes going by fucking I don't know release date.

Do not take this serious or use these as insults or use these assumptions to actually apply to people in game, it makes you look like an ass.


You know at a certain level of things we -for some reason- assume people play Bodvar are basic which I don't really feel is really bloody accurate, he's the mascot sure, but you'll find everyone, their mom, and their possibly racist uncle, and definitely racist uncle plays lance or scythe, which leaves us with Bödvar, which I guess leans into one of three main camps:
1)Someone who appreciates a all around kind of character, like odds are bodvar would have had all his stats be equal if the point requirement wasn't 22, a light weapon and a heavy weapon.
2)Someone who's new and was preconditioned into buying and playing him by the "box art" and everything else doesn't hurt he's really cheap too
3)They want to play a honest to god Viking in the Valhalla themed Fighting game.


You either only care about Dex or you're scared of bugs. So Cassidy really only had two things going for her from the beginning: She had a High Dex Hammer, and she's western themed. And with Yumiko having not as high dex, but still high, and better speed (and sigs) and Reno being just a more original and interesting western character leaves us with people who either really want a high dex (and shite speed) or people who are scared of bugs... Which, fair enough.


It's going to be sig spam, like yeah it's the stereotype of Orion, at a certain point I believe he was free for everyone which likely didn't help when new players learned mashing the shiny attacks as the piss man made the bad people die. I mean sure there might be more to a Orion main but the Stereotype is sig spammer.


Sadists but not really all that more than a Orion, most of them can't use blasters which is sad, and otherwise it's mostly just spamming to annoy people, quick to get these guys mad though, can deal it but can't take it.


You can assume that you're playing in 2v2s if you see a Gnash otherwise why bother, in 1v1s his sigs and weapons don't really jive well with the mode... So I mean odds are you can assume one of two things is going on with a Gnash in 1v1s his Duo is offline or he's new

Queen Nai

Queen Nai is weird because every person ever I see main her probably smells flammable with how much they sweat, and yeah that is despite the fact she's incredibly bad, you carry her off halfway from stage and let her fall, and you can expect her to invite you to a custom lobby to call you all sorts of slurs. Other than that I can assume they like free for all.


I mean it's easy to say weaboo and get it over with but there's also a excessively high amount of sweaty Hatorri's who either run Kitsune or Kill Thrill and unlike Queen Nai Hattori actually isn't completely awful, so you take that as you will.

Sir Roland

Sir Roland is pretty much the most well rounded heavyweight legend being also associated with spam, namely the horse sig which fair enough but doesn't stop it from being annoying your most interesting thing you'll see with Sir Rolands is they tend to be kind of passive for some reason no clue why.


This is one of many legends who just for some reason attract a group of people I refer to as the right hand only type, in that I mean they can only use one of their weapons, normally for most legends that share this trait it can be a tossup of either or, for Scarlet it's always Lance so you know try to keep them on hammer because they can't use the thing, they'll get pretty mad really fast.


Either they're snake eyes in which case tryhards of a different caliber, and Will really just keep running away before randomly hitting you, not quite passive but damn annoying. If it's not you can usually assume they'll spam the blasters DSig, pretty easy to kill if you can get in close.


Sig spam, I mean really she's like Thatch in that she's as durable as one-ply toilet paper and has rather fast sigs, not much to explain, odds are they're not going to do any complex spear combos.


Hipster, I mean sure you've also got some memers using the president skin and beating your ass as Barack Obama but that's it. Sentinel has always been mid and I guess it's hard to be nerfed directly if you don't ever get any big buffs.


They're Meta slaves, before that people really just liked going fast maybe some fascination with his intro laugh, but outside of that it's because Luna plays him.


Assholes, they like being assholes to people and they spam sigs to piss others off and unlike other sig spammers where it's either just the only thing their brain associates with winning, or Vraxx where someone hurt them, Teros mains are just assholes, there is a small subset of old-school Teros players who use the Ready to Riot Skin who are pretty chill but otherwise just expect a lot of BM


I mean she's the female equivalent to Bödvar light and heavy weapon simple sigs, cheap, well rounded stats with instead of the 2 extra being spaced out are both lumped into speed, they really like spears DSig and the Axe Sig that also spins, they really like Recoveries, all too fascinated with spinning, which if it were 2017 they'd probably be the kids with the fidget spinners that Americans really had a phase with.


It's the furry character if they main Asuri they use the furry skins on everyone that has one, even the chest skins.


Barraza mains are really dedicated and it's like this: if there's a 1000 Barraza mains theyre living it, if there's 1 Barraza main they've combined into the ultimate Barazza Main, and if there's no Barazza mains they're dead... You killed them all, what's bloody wrong with you? Otherwise Barraza mains are just weird.


Egirls like Ember because she has a wolf, Eboys like her because egirls like her, if you like elves she's really only choice outside of Dusk and that one Val skin.


All too fascinated by "Boner" Jokes or in general skeleton puns all around, outside of that they really like Bow NSig since it just pisses people off, and by that I mean this is me... I'm sorry.


You know that Buzz Lightyear meme with the whole isle of Buzz Lightyears, it's that but with people believing they're different from the other 2 Japanese Sword-legends, sure they might be very right handed into bow or Sword but doesn't change them from being pretty boring.


Two flavors of Ulgrim, 2v2 sweatlords or they're running the Macho Man skin and often they're pretty toxic all around but not in the sig spam into taunting type but they're quick to piss off and lead to them being just insufferable after the game. Generally they're all weirdos like Barazza


They're hipsters but like the kind that basically are the kind that say "Oh at least I'm not a mordex main" and that's really it, sure there's the Boomie fans but they're still all playing on 1v1s and hating on every Mordex main they see


Okay so odds are they're using a crossover skin or they're in 2s otherwise I have nothing really to say, I guess they tend to die fast but that's more due to the stats.


I mean they're weird but not the same kind of weird that Barazza and Ulgrim mains are weird, they're rather nice just... Weirdos, they probably don't care about Meta if they still main Kor, they'll often be all too interested in telling you his name is just "Rok" (as in Rock) backwards but otherwise they're fine.

Wu Shang

Same kind of people as Teros mains, in that they're often assholes, but there's alot more exceptions this time namely with crossover skins, and chest skins generally are fine. The Ranno Skin you get the same weirdos that main Kor, Wu Shang the Breaker strangely enough you'll rarely see them use sigs, they'll be toxic if you be toxic first and hold grudges, but don't piss them off and they'll behave. The worst Wu Shang to deal with is perfect Wu Shang, they'll be as much of a asshole as normal Wu Shang but with a ego.


Same story as Lucien just with MegD instead of Luna as such they'll be passive but the second you play passive back they'll just leave.


Sig spam but it's just sad flavored they'll just die to dumb decisions and rather easy to fight, they'll often right hand one of their weapons and end up either unable to kill or unable to hit depending on which weapon they use.


Formerly the Meta the Meta slaves now leave it to the real Cross mains, which are just... Edgy really I mean not like 2016 edge but really like the demonic theme because it's cool and shit.


Mirage is in the same boat as Diana but they actually want to not be associated with Mordex Mains, but just can't help it, they tend to do all the same shit as the Mordex mains and so it's Kinda funny kinda sad


Okay so they right hand hard they're either unable to use scythe or blasters and so it's really hard to say how they act when that's the one thing I see.


You know what the Stereotype is, you know it and Fenrir Mordex knows it too and yet they don't want to change, and it's like all the worst things lumped into one legend. Meta Slave (Not really anymore) Toxic Right handed Spammer Passive Basic And I just imagine the one kid who saw Mordex and was like "ooh a really cool werewolf legend" has to be lumped into this because every Fenrir Mordex. It's hard to say that Mordex isn't associated with a lot of bad stuff.


Okay so we got 3 things here depending on wildly different Variables: All around a lot of people who main Yumiko can abuse her shit really well, often they don't go for uber complex combos, and instead favor smaller consistent ones, if they were more ballsy we could probably see Yumiko in pro one day when Hammer isn't completely piss.
There's the people who saw the last type of Yumiko and decided to spam dsigs and die so they refuse to use the sigs all together.
Then there's people who are just here to make others suffer put the spirit of a Vraxx main into a Yumiko and you get this guy, they're skill varries but they're assholes


Orion mains who wanted to say they're not just spamming sigs and safe strings with lance and spear and so they do that with lance and scythe.


They overuse sigs, not spam them but you'll usually see when they try to go for sigs really easily and it can be kind of funny to just punish it and let them try again because they just get tunnel visioned and it's kinda funny


With characters who were released with a new weapon often people don't just associate that weapon with their Identity but for Sidra really that's all there is, I mean there's pirate stuff too but that's not really whay most people thing about.


They're big numbers type they want to KO fast and odds are they're perpetually in a Rush, some really like the funny 10 attack and then they die because of it but hey you kill fast you die fast.


Okay so there's two main camps to lump Kayas in: They're there because she's Meta, and whatever that's boring but hey. They liked her before she was meta for whatever reason, but I still take it with a grain of salt.


Surprising no one it's also hipsters but also people who are way too into American military, boot licking types they tend to overuse cannon.


How many people actually use Jiro's sword most of the time I just see the Scythe out if they have sword it's because it's their first weapon pull or they just respawned, the same story as Hattori and Koji but with more Anime stuff attached more comfortably a weaboo character.

Lin Fei

Lin fei is a odd one she's pretty much the character that almost always is forgotten as the most forgotten legend and I guess that's because most people see her once or twice a day and and is like "Okay" not much to say about her mains because really what can you say about a Lin Fei main,


Spam, I mean not really there's very little to Zariel main, the audience of a angel isn't lost on me it's just rather dull, people who play him over use sigs but never just spam side sigs and hope it hits.


I mean you know It's just mostly sig spamming and weirdos who play Rayman but I guess there's Rayman fans who played the actual games I guess.


These guys are weirdos, not toxic weirdos, not cute weirdos, just weird, I mean really who's really going to sig spam his shit, or only use orb or spear it's not much to say.


Fait is kinda boring and her mains reflect this, I mean it's nice they're not Toxic at least but that's really not doing all that much in terms of intrigue.


The word goofball is what I associate with Thor they'll over use the dumb sigs thor has and do the dumbest things, it sometimes works but most of the time nah, these guys are here for fun first and foremost.


The weirdest thing is how aggressive Petra is represented but at the same time how many people who main her are kind of passive doing very little to initiate combat.


Yeah this is the one people say no one mains yet I've seen my fair share of Vector mains, they're just spammy as most other Lance Legends, it's just weird sigs this time.


I guess if I had to say who I main outside of Azoth it'd be Volkov nowadays, and as such I don't know if I can say anything without seeming particularly Biased, I mean it's scythe so inevitably it attracts a crowd, but there's also axe which turns them away rather quickly.


Who the fuck mains Onyx enough to carve out a identity with her, really? She's not bad or anything she's just not what comes to mind when I want high defense or gauntlets or Cannon, so Onyx mains what's your deal.

Jae Yun

2 types of Jae Yun mains come to mind: K-Pop stans and people who use Great sword as a crutch, I mean there's something to be said for representation of Larger body types which is nice, I guess.


Scalies? I mean I feel like Great sword was nerfed really hard when Mako was getting play time as were her sigs, which weren't really good in the first place so I don't know I guess it leaves scalies.


I mean it's a giant evil suit of haunted armor that's cool as fuck, not much else to say, I guess for the mains they don't like getting knocked off stage too far, and probably like creeping other people out but they suck at it and it just seems a bit naff.


The cooler Cowperson (cowbug?) It's hard to say that the people who main Reno don't have taste especially with how good Reno's skins all are, hard to say there's a bad skin in Reno's collection. The players might ligh orb DSig a bit much I guess, I don't know really.


I guess you can say Meta Slave with bow and Scythe some pretty clean sigs, sure but I also just don't know the name of "Bird Furries" so I guess "Bird Furries" will do.


Strangely enough Arcadia attracts the same kind of people who you'd find with Teros or Wu Shang, which is weird considering she's a fairy.


Ezio is pretty cool but he attracts obnoxious people with his sigs and being Ezio Auditore. People who play him can be kind of bullheaded but they mean well.


Most Tezca mains are just rude for some reason, and tend to just be assholes but for them some reason it's always personal


She's new so you'd think there wouldn't be a stereotype but well it's sig spam.
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2023.05.10 09:30 blueorchid49 Some quotes from my profs this semester to make your day

If you like dry humor or if you like any perhaps cringe, millennial/gen X attempt at humor, feel free to read on (I waive liability for any lost time if you realize you dont have a similar sense of humor to me). This is a compilation of all the things my course instructors have said that I found amusing/funny. bonus points if you can figure out my major (its prob not that hard but if you wanna procrastinate studying for finals, have at it).
"mu is the chemical potential. or my cat, it's up to you" - prof 3
"it's like dancing with a partner who doesn't want to dance with you" - prof 5
"this is a serious acid that deserves some respect" - prof 2
"if the protagonist superhero is vector spaces, then the superpower here is linear transformations" - prof 4
“math terms not mom terms” - prof 3
"those of us who can make molecules, you could put us in one building. it's a tall building in New York, but it's one building" - prof 2
"it's a heat engine! there it is..." draws a shitty circle - prof 3
"congrats we all survived the tornado warning, let's go back to real things like cyclohexanes" - prof 1
"like an iPhone for molecules" - prof 2
"so that would be the tall, skinny matrix" - prof 4
"I have to figure out what movie I'm going to watch while you guys take your final" - prof 3
"these molecules are like nature's lego kit" - prof 2
"let's assume we're on a budget. we can't use calculus" - prof 4
"those p orbitals are all talking to each other" - prof 2
"if you want inversion, you just have to add a little magic dust to this reaction. And in this case, the magic dust is pyridine" - prof 1
"like chat GPT3, it's not always correct" - prof 2
"I'm going to guess that someone attempted to meme us" - TA
"I am not encouraging you to make meth, but that you can make molecules" - prof 1
"in a sense, AI was failing on purpose to succeed” - prof 2
"Apparently [name of important guy] dreamed of this structure, and so he proposed it" - prof 1
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2023.05.08 17:36 Kienose 1+1=2 is not proven because Principia Mathematica did not prove it. And more Gödel's Incompleteness nonsense.

Hello, badmathematics! Today I will present you a (surprisingly rare) badmathematics from the beloved Facebook group Mathematical Mathematics Memes. The badmaths in question is not the Facebook post itself, but rather the bizarre replies to one of the comments in this post.
We start with a comment asking for the proof of the recent aperiodic monotiling, with a joking mention of accepting it like Euclid's fifth postulate.
The comment that starts it all.
The replies are, however, something else:
We live in a mathematical regime where 1+1=2 is not proved.
Of course, anyone who had taken a course on set theory knows immediately that this is false. The statement "1+1=2" is probably proved every time it is taught, starting with the discussion of Peano axioms and whatnot. Furthermore, Principia Mathematica did in fact prove it, not just merely mention it in passing. The badmaths-er's point that 2 is simply defined as 1+1 is also inaccurate. 2 is defined as the successor of 1, and it takes a bit of work (albeit just unpacking the definition) that 1+1 = 2.Foreshadowing...
I would go a bit further and digress that, most mathematicians who are not diehard logicism fans don't prove "1+ 1= 2" to believe that indeed 1+ 1= 2. The proof is just a mathematical sanity check that their mathematical systems of ZFC/Peano are working as intended and agree with their knowledge that 1+1=2.
There is also some nonsense about units. The moment when you take two animals and count the total number of legs, you are not doing a mathematical addition anymore, and so is not a contradiction to mathematics.
And for the last paragraph, no, that's not what the incompleteness theorems are about. A proof by contradiction is a valid rule of inference in classical logic and hence works in systems with or without consistency. (If it is inconsistent then we can prove anything anyways.) We care about the soundness of systems when we want our theorems to be true, and the incompleteness theorems say nothing about soundness, but rather that we cannot tell that within the systems themself. The badmaths is conflating the provability and truth of a statement.
In the next replies, the badmaths-er is implying that the successor of numbers is a mistaken notion, and taking a limit is evaluating [the expressions?] at the true successor, whatever that means. Obviously, this is not how we think about limits and the successor function. It seems like he is confused about infinitesimal, which is often told as "the smallest number next to zero" and the successor function of a natural number.
Extra sweet is the implication that modern mathematics is taught by people with agenda, from Big Logic probably.
Classic conflation about two different meanings of the word "number". It is true that 2 is the natural number after 1, but 1.5 and phi are real numbers, not natural numbers. No contradiction here.
1+1 is undefinable without unit specifications.
Wow, the first statement is already false, and the "for instance" does not relate to it in any way. Units might be useful when applying mathematics to sciences, but it is not how mathematicians think of numbers as a unitless, abstract quantity, or an element of some particular sets.
\lim_{x \to 0^+} 1/x = largest possible infinity
It seems like the poster tries to define the "true" successor as the infinitesimal number next to a number. You change an established terminology and old usage no longer matches, mathematics must be wrong! Also, the largest possible infinity does not make sense as a limit on the extended real line, such a notion does not exist. And again Gödel said nothing about successor function being a wrong approach.
1 is Aleph-naught, apparently.
Of course, it goes without saying that 1 is not aleph-nought. His claim is not-even-wrong, simply put. And anyone who dares to disagree is just blindly following dogma.
But why is 1/0 simultaneously the largest possible infinity, and is still aleph-null, which is smaller than 1=aleph-naught? Nobody can answer this conundrum.
6 and -6 are not numbers because they have the same number component.
In the last reply before the banhammer strike, the badmaths-er claims that 6 and -6 are not numbers, because they "have the same number component". It seems like he regards the minus sign as an indication of directions in a physical, vectorial sense. Numbers are not vectors, and signs did not convey a sense of direction. In elementary physics, you first fix a reference frame or direction, only then the sign of a number has a meaning as an indication of direction. Note again this is how mathematics is applied, with physics' conventions etc., and not how mathematicians conceive of numbers.
This last one is from his participation answers taken from the moderators. Mathematics is in shambles.
submitted by Kienose to badmathematics [link] [comments]

2023.05.08 00:56 cheaptissueburlap BSB news For Week #27, May 1 2023

Canadian news For Week #27, May 1 2023

Hey guys, this week was an impersonation of the everything is fine meme. Bank bailouts, strong employment with entrenched inflation, the FED hiking but considering a pause next FOMC, Gold to $CAD hitting an all-time high, etc.
This shit sends more mixed signals than bud light and both sides are pissed off now.
To note: Buffet and Munger had their annual meeting during the weekend, always a good idea to read about it or straight watch it.

What happened last week?
What to watch for next week?

Earning season coming to an end

this is what's breaking banks
91% pricing a pause


Liberty Defense - SCAN.v
Liberty Announces Trial of HEXWAVE at Los Angeles International Airport for Aviation Worker Screening
announce that Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) today began a customer evaluation of the HEXWAVE™ system for one week at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for potential use conducting employee screening at its airport facilities.
LAWA operates and maintains three airports, LAX, Van Nuys Airport, and the LA/Palmdale Regional Airport, employing thousands of aviation workers with many access points at its facilities. LAWA maintains its own police department, the Los Angeles Airport Police, responsible for the security programs at its airports. The HEXWAVE will be deployed for evaluation in the field during real-time security operations at LAX in the Tom Bradley International Terminal.
LAX is one of the busiest and biggest airports, acting as an international hub which served 65 million passengers in 2022.

A2Z - AZ.v
A2Z Partners with HaStok to Deploy 1,000 Smart Carts to their 40 Locations Nationwide
announce a new customer partnership with HaStok Concept Ltd. ("Hastok"), one of Israel's leading home design and household essentials chain with 40 stores across the country. The partnership marks a significant expansion for A2Z's smart cart solution into a new vertical outside of grocery retail.
The purchase order is for 1,000 smart carts and is comprised of an upfront payment, a guaranteed monthly payment, and a revenue share agreement on added value solutions, such as advertising.

Tuesday - ARWY.cse Announces Magic Leap AR Glasses Integration
is disrupting the Augmented Reality (AR) Wayfinding market with a no-code, no beacon augmented reality experience platform enabled by visual marker tracking. ARway is pleased to announce it has begun integration development and expects to complete the integration in the next 60-days for one of the most widely used AR Glasses; Magic Leap Glasses.
Magic Leap Glasses are an immersive enterprise AR device that combine the virtual and real worlds to create a unique and immersive user experience. These glasses use advanced technologies like eye-tracking, spatial sound, and 6DoF to enable users to interact with digital content in the real world. With the integration, the expansion of ARway's product offerings provide customers with greater device compatibility beyond mobile phones, which will increase use cases and application of technology.

Danavation Technologies - DVN.cse
Danavation Technologies Announces Digital Smart Labels(TM) Installation into First TIMBER MART Location
Contract demonstrates further market share capture within the building and hardware retail segment
Opportunity to showcase the benefits of deploying Danavation's Digital Smart Labels™ to hundreds of additional potential customers who leverage TIMBER MART's competitive buying capabilities
announces that Danavation's Digital Smart Labels™ will be installed into the Earlton TIMBER MART location in Ontario, continuing the Company's market share capture within the building and hardware retail segment. This installation is expected to be completed by the first half of August.

KWESST Receives Notice of Contract Award for Approximately $20M over Five Years for Software Systems Development for Canadian Department of National Defence
Initial contract for five-year term with additional option years
Value to KWESST estimated at $4M per year minimum, $20M over initial five years
announce that it has received notification of contract award under a joint venture with two other defence industry partners, to perform software systems engineering work for the Canadian Department of National Defence ("DND"). The contract component for KWESST is valued at a minimum of $4M annually for a five-year initial contract followed by five, one-year option years. All amounts in Canadian dollars.
Under the terms of the joint venture, partners are combining their respective expertise in the Canadian and international defence Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance ("C4ISR") domain to offer specialized software development and integration solutions to the Canadian Army.

Boralex -
France: Power storage unit commissioned at the Plouguin wind farm
Anounce the commissioning of its second energy storage unit in France. The battery, which has a storage capacity of more than 3.3 MWh, is installed on the site of the Plouguin wind farm (Finistère, Brittany). Having just recently announced the commissioning of the Moulins du Lohan wind farm in the region, Boralex is delighted to be once again contributing to the advancement of renewable energy in Brittany.


announced today the launch of the Lion5, an all-electric Class 5 truck powered by LionBattery packs, Lion's new in-house engineered and manufactured 800V battery packs.
Lion's all-electric Lion5 launched as the premier vehicle for last mile delivery and more with GVWR Class 5-to-6 crossover capabilities;
30,000 lb. max GCWR, 12,500 lb. max payload;
Powered by Lion's proprietary 800v LionBattery packs;
Driving range up to 200 miles;
Capability to be charged to 80% in 1.5 hours;
Cutaway configuration option enables seamless passthrough between the cab and any suitable body upfit;
Provisioned ePTO interface provides up to 32kW of high voltage access for body upfits.
Ballard Power Systems - BLDP.v
Ballard Power Systems announces order for 3.6 MW of fuel cells for zero emission stationary power
announced an order for 3.6 megawatts (MW) of fuel cell systems from a European provider of clean energy solutions for critical stationary power applications. Ballard expects to deliver 36 x 100 kW systems in 2023 and 2024.
Ballard's fuel cell systems will be integrated into stationary power units which provide zero-emission power for a range of applications, including construction sites, EV charging stations, and data centers.
This order represents a progression of the relationship between Ballard and its customer following the successful initial roll-out of stationary power units powered by Ballard fuel cells. Prior to this new purchase order, Ballard had supplied its customer with approximately 1.2 MW of fuel cells.

Else -
Else Expands to Canada’s Second Largest Retailer with Its Product Range in Over 600 Stores
announces that it has expanded its distribution in the Canadian market with Canada’s second largest food retailer. The national rollout includes Else Toddler Formula, Kids Shake Vanilla and Chocolate, and Original and Vanilla flavors of Baby Super Cereal.
Starting this month, Else’s innovative products will be available in more than 600 additional stores across Canada, across multiple banners and territories. This marks a significant milestone for Else Nutrition, which has been offering its products online in Canada since July 2022. Canadian consumers will now be able to find Else’s plant-based toddler formula, kids’ shakes and baby cereal on the shelves of another national grocery chain.

Bee Vectoring Technologies - BEE.v
Bee Vectoring Technologies Gains Momentum in Key Washington Blueberry Region Through Collaboration with Two Major Distributors
announce that the Company has entered into collaboration with two major distributors in Northwest Washington, which is one of the largest blueberry producing regions in the United States. These two collaborations will play a pivotal role in the Company's strategy to gain significant momentum in sales and business development in this key blueberry producing region. That news comes on the heels of BVT signing its first grower customer in the region in April, which is one of the area's biggest and most influential players.
Northwest Washington has over 7,800 acres of blueberries under cultivation, compromising nearly half of the entire state's estimated 16,700 blueberry acres.


Sparta Aligns/ Legend Power System’s - / SAY.v
Sparta Aligns with Legend Power(R) System’s SmartGATE(TM) to Bring Commercial Property Customers a Robust Intelligent Platform to Reduce Energy Waste, Save Money, and Reduce Carbon Footprint
will give Sparta Group the ability to add SmartGATE™, a sophisticated active power management system to its suite of power quality optimization technologies.
Sparta's Energy division has been largely focused on helping industrial clients reduce energy waste, and now this agreement with Legend Power® means Sparta can expand its energy optimization efforts to a wider market of commercial clients.
SmartGATE™ uses a patented power regulation technology that extracts a percentage of electrical load, converts and analyzes it, rebuilds the electrical waveform, and then injects it back into a building's power system; thus, providing voltage regulation. This addresses core power attributes to optimize efficiency, reliability and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions ("GHG"). Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology ("MIT") estimate that on average, 30 percent of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted. This creates a big opportunity for building managers to reduce operating costs and GHG.
OverActive Media - OAM.v
OverActive Media Signs Sponsorship Agreements with AMD and LG UltraGear™
. The Company has successfully secured new agreements with AMD and LG UltraGear™ and renewed relationships with Scuf Gaming (SCUF) and Nielsen Sports.
“We continue to build business momentum with the addition of AMD and LG UltraGear, and our renewal with SCUF. Each of these brands are best-in-class in their respective spaces and offer relevant and engaging opportunities and benefits for our audiences,” said Tyler Keenan, Senior Vice-President, Partnerships & Revenue. “In addition to our ability to reach esports and gaming fans, Nielsen Sports will elevate our partner offering through in-depth data and analytics, which we can now implement in Spain.”
OverActive continues to secure interest from new and existing partners across its Toronto Ultra of the Call of Duty League, Toronto Defiant of the Overwatch League and MAD Lions of the League of Legends European Championship esports franchises. The partnership highlights include the following:
First Hydrogen - FHYD.v
First Hydrogen Secures Green Hydrogen and Zero-Emission Vehicle Production Sites in Quebec
Announces that it has entered into an agreement with the City of Shawinigan for the purchase of two plots of land. First Hydrogen's project plan is to produce up to 35MW of green hydrogen using advanced electrolysis technology and distribute the hydrogen within the Montreal-Quebec City corridor for use with First Hydrogen's light commercial vehicles (LCV), as well as supporting other hydrogen-fuelled vehicles and applications in the province. First Hydrogen LCVs are planned to be assembled in Shawinigan for distribution throughout North America, in combination with the Company's Hydrogen-as-a-Service product offering. The assembly factory will be designed for an annual production of 25,000 vehicles per year when at full capacity. Feasibility engineering and related site development activities will start once the agreements are fully ratified by the city of Shawinigan municipal authorities, expected to be held sometime in May.
The Company previously announced that the City of Shawinigan, Quebec will be the location of its first green hydrogen ecosystem, which will include facilities for green hydrogen production and the assembly of First Hydrogen's zero-emission commercial vehicles. In addition to supporting the Quebec Government's Green Hydrogen and Bioenergy Strategy, First Hydrogen's plans strongly align with the future Energy Transition Valley Innovation Zone and the Hydrogen Research Institute (IRH) of the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières. Feasibility engineering will be completed by mid-2024, enabling subsequent project development steps for full project commercialization by 2026-27, aligning well with Provincial, Canadian and US emission reduction plans.

Plurilock - PLUR.v
Plurilock Receives Cross-Sale Purchase Order for Flagship AI-Driven Cybersecurity Platform from Fortune 500 Company
announce that Plurilock received a purchase order for the Company's flagship software platform, 'Plurilock AI' from a Fortune 500 Catering, Facility Management and Clothing Services Provider (the "Customer").
The Company initially received a US$2.8 million three-year purchase order from the Customer as previously announced on October 3, 2022. This cross-sale order was secured through the existing client network of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Aurora Systems Consulting, Inc. ("Aurora"). According to the terms of the order, the Customer will license the continuous identity confirmation functionality of Plurilock AI.

Wishpond - WISH.v
Wishpond adds to portfolio with acquisition of Essential Studio Manager
Wishpond Technologies CEO Ali Tajskandar joined Steve Darling from Proactive with news the company has made a key acquisition, adding certain assets of Essential Studio Manager (ESM) which is located in Wilmington, Delaware.
Tajskandar tells Proactive the ESM provides business management software, including invoicing and customer relationship management solutions for small businesses in the services industry.
The company has more than 150 customers, primarily comprised of small services-oriented businesses from various industries and Tajskandar feels there will be a great opportunity for cross selling between companies.
ESM will continue to operate as a separate brand but will be integrated into the Wishpond platform.

Bird construction -
Bird Awarded Canada's Tallest Modular Build
Announced today that it has been awarded a construction management services contract for BC Housing's Permanent Supportive Housing Initiative, located on East King Edward Avenue in Vancouver, BC. The 14-storey modular project is valued at approximately $50 million
The project is part of a joint agreement between the City of Vancouver, BC Housing, and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to deliver a minimum of 300 permanent supportive homes on five city-owned sites. The East King Edward Avenue building will consist of 109 studio homes, with the base of the building holding a commercial kitchen, dining room, multi-purpose room, and tenant laundry. The building will be collaboratively operated by Vancouver Native Housing Society and Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society.


SolarBank - SUNN.cse
SolarBank Commences Trading on OTCQX Best Market
announce that it has today commenced trading on the OTC Market's prestigious tier, OTCQX International, under the symbol of SLBCF. Investors can find current financial disclosure and Real-Time Level 2 quotes for the Company on To qualify for OTCQX, companies must meet high financial standards, follow best practice corporate governance and demonstrate compliance with applicable securities laws.
hey guys we have a discord too, join you ouitards
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2023.05.07 04:04 tomcarbon dogecoin in ten years, what are your predictions?

Let's talk about potential, dogecoin has positive vectors in terms of efficiency and cheap transactions, and some other things, cute doge memes and staking out inter-planetary relations blah blah blah, I hope you are all having a nice day.
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2023.05.05 05:45 notacoolgamer this is my teirlist of the weapons

this is my teirlist of the weapons submitted by notacoolgamer to TABG [link] [comments]

2023.05.04 03:53 InconsiderateBox StyLiS curb stomped the hell out of MG3KWS

My beloved.
I am an MG3KWS main, and the recent rework did a pretty good job at making the gun really bad. It's weak, clunky to handle, and not fun to use in general.
First of all, the MG3KWS buffs:
Now, here are the MG3KWS nerfs:
As you can see, the nerfs outweigh the buffs, both in total amount and severity.
This is slightly odd to me, as MG3KWS was never an incredibly good LMG until it got Depleted Uranium. That was super broken, but that's been nerfed, so we're all good.
By default, it's definitely not bad. It was easy to use as the whole point of the LMG was that it erased everything, had good accuracy, and had a slightly larger mag compared to standard rifles, alongside amazing reserve ammo (300, enough for 6 reloads). To make it balanced, it had terrible mobility, handling, and uptime.

A weapon's uptime is how often it can fired/used. Weapons that have big mags get to shoot for a longer time, so its uptime is considered good. Weapons that have fast reloads also have good uptime, as your downtime, which is when you're reloading/not firing, is small.

MG3KWS has a decently big mag, being 50 bullets, but two major issues came from this.
It has 1000 RPM, which is fantastic for erasing enemies, but is terrible for a 50-round magazine. You already know how fast Vector burns through its mag, so imagine that issue but with an LMG, which is supposed to have an amazing uptime at the cost of a long reload.
MG3KWS burns through its mag the fastest out of all the LMGs (before MG42 was added). This wouldn't be a big deal, but it also has the reload of a belt fed LMG.
Because of this, 30-40% of your gameplay with MG3KWS is reloading. It definitely had a better reload than most belt fed guns (being 5.5ish seconds instead of 6-7 seconds), but the reload was still longer than a majority of weapons.
So, the MG3KWS had a massive upside with a massive downside: amazing time to kill (TTK) at the cost of awful uptime.
You can destroy the entire enemy team, but only for a limited time. Once you're out of ammo, you're done for. You cannot reload quick enough to retaliate, and even better, your swap speed is slow, so you cannot get to your secondary as fast as the enemy can (unless they're using a heavy weapon like you).
You do have a higher chance of killing your enemy before this situation occurs however, so the goal is to erase everyone before your ammo is used up.
I love this playstyle. Extreme weapons/characters are my favorite, big upsides with big downsides. As such, MG3KWS quickly became my favorite weapon in PF. Since writing this post I have dropped 15,685 kills with the gun. I go to it whenever I'm bored and I always have a blast.

Now, let us speak about what happened to the MG3KWS.
StyLiS reworked the MG3KWS twice before 8.0.2 released.
the first attempt was adding hip/aim choke that got progressively worse the longer you fire the gun. This was a massive nerf, as it caused the MG3KWS to be unable to hit anything past CQC (close quarters combat). Furthermore, it encouraged bursting the MG3KWS, which isn't a bad concept, however the recoil of the MG3KWS was specifically made for bursting to be ineffective.
The first couple of shots send the gun flying upwards before stabilizing and becoming quite accurate from mid to mid-long range. Because of this recoil pattern, bursting the gun is terrible as you constantly shoot your gun very high up over and over again, making hitting shots incredibly difficult.
Even worse, the choke didn't reset the moment you stopped firing, so continuously bursting would still lead to choke and terrible inaccuracy.
StyLiS heard the negative feedback and decided to rework the gun entirely in order to make it healthier for the player base.
MG3KWS was then given the rework it has today. The recoil was made to be horrifically bad and inaccurate as well as being very slow handling wise. Its reload was also made to be worse than before.
So... my thoughts. Let us begin.
MG3KWS is terrible, simple as that. It cannot hit anything outside of close to close-mid range, has even worse uptime than before, and is also horrible handling-wise.
When you put on the necessary attachments to get the gun's recoil relatively controllable (literally everything that slows the gun down, such as DCL, a grip, and Full Stock), it has one of the worst mobility and handling stats in the entire game.

For comparison, the HECATE II has slightly better walkspeed, ADS walkspeed, and much better ADS speed and swap speed compared to the MG3KWS.

"Okay, so what's the issue? ", some of you may be asking.
The issue is that the MG3KWS has no worthy upside anymore. ;__;
Its damage was buffed, which seems good at first, until you realize the higher damage breaks zero thresholds.
It's still a 3-shot in CQC to a 5-shot in LRC (long range combat), and a 2-shot headshot in CQC and 3-4 shot headshot in LRC. Furthermore, Hollow Point does not break the 2-shot limb shot threshold (thank God, that would be broken), so almost nothing has changed.
The only good thing is that Hollow Point and Depleted Uranium now remain a 5 shot at range instead of a 6 shot, which really doesn't matter as Hollow Point still doesn't make the gun kill faster and Depleted Uranium has been nerfed from the absolutely broken 6 studs of penetration to 2.7 studs of penetration... which is the exact same pen as Armor Piercing.
Depleted Uranium does give the gun insane velocity, hitting 3375, but it doesn't matter as the recoil prevents LRC entirely.
The new recoil provides a new massive downside alongside the pitiful uptime that is now even worse: Really, really bad recoil. I don't know how to explain it, it's just like the old recoil however the vertical jump is 3x worse and the stabilization doesn't even matter cause the vertical and horizontal recoil is absolutely atrocious.
It has so many downsides now, all of which are big: bad recoil, bad reload, bad uptime, bad handling, like what on Earth isn't bad about this gun?
All for what? Good DPS? Good TTK?
I'm not sure what the gun's upside even is anymore, as the old upside of being a 3-5 shot with amazing RPM seems too weak because you're missing shots left and right now.
Literally the only way to balance this gun as it stands is to make the damage absolutely insane, something like 40-25, which would be a 3-4 shot. Also revert the reload nerf and the handling nerf, but what's sad is that wouldn't even make it that much better, because of one massive problem.
The MG42 exists.
The MG42 is the same thing: really bad recoil, bad handling, even worse reload, horrendous uptime, good God it's terrible.
But there's one exception: It has 1200 RPM, which can increase to 1500 RPM, the highest in the entire game. If you're a monster, you can use muzzle booster and reach 1620 RPM, but that's slightly overkill.
Worse of all, the MG42 can 3-4 shot.
It's the MG3KWS but with crazy upsides. Heck, it used to 2 shot limbs in CQC with Hollow Point, but that was annoying, so they removed it.
It isn't meta though, and that goes to show how bad the concept of all the really bad downsides with one upside is, because even MG42 can't make it work with absurd TTK, damage, and even pen (it can penetrate 2.5 studs). At least it erases people, which is super broken when it can work. 1200 RPM with 41-25 damage is straight evil.
Before I end this post, I will provide the three set ups I've found that makes the gun better. One is ok, while the other works somehow but is super cursed. They are:

SET-UP 1 - DCL, Compensator, Sideways Grip, Full Stock, N/A ammo.
SET-UP 2 - DCL, Halbek Device, Chainsaw Grip, Green LaseFull Stock, N/A ammo.
SET-UP 3 - AMT Terminator, Loudner, Sideways Grip, Retract Stock, Hollow Point.

Set-up 1 is interesting. I didn't know what Sideways Grip did for the longest time besides keep handling stats decent and provide left-leaning recoil. I still don't know what it does, but it works very well for MG3KWS. Compensator helps horizontal recoil but might make vertical recoil too high for some people, so I recommend T-Brake as an alternative. I don't recommend ARS Suppressor as it destroys your only amazing stat: suppression.
The downside to this set-up is the absolutely terrible handling. ADS is a joke, it's legit one of the longest ADS' in the entire game. This makes offense nonexistent, and forces you to play defensively, but even then, you might as well use an LMG that does a better job at holding down an area, such as Stoner 96 or M60.
Set-up 2 works well but is the evilest thing I've ever seen. How this works is beyond me, but it does a good job at reducing recoil into a line and keeps handling okay but not great. Green Laser is there for people who wanna be offensive, and Full Stock is for defensive players. The Halbek Device and Chainsaw Grip works amazingly well (I don't understand why) but turns the gun into a massive gimmick.
It's not fun, but it works and at least isn't useless on offense.
Set-up 3 is a massive meme, but is insane for CQC. Recoil is terrible because only Sideways grip is helping recoil-wise, but this set-up is meant for better CQC performance and God-tier supression, which is at 2.73 (absolutely wild). Your mobility is also a little bit better thanks to Retract Stock. This is currently my favorite set-up because it's fun as hell.
So, the conclusion? MG3KWS rework failed.
It made many people happy, but there is one audience that it failed, arguably the most important audience: the people who use the gun.
Little people who used MG3KWS still use it, especially since the MG42 exists. MG3KWS has nothing going for it anymore, and I've tried the hardest I could to make MG3KWS work, but either nothing made it better or the most cursed set up worked but was super unfun to use.
This is likely the end of my MG3KWS run. I had 15k eliminations, but now it doesn't mean much. My records mean nothing, not even my KD. All that mattered was how much fun I had, and MG3KWS always provided. Now, my favorite gun is not even fun, much less actually good.
StyLiS, if you see this, I plead you to fix the MG3KWS in any way you can. Losing my favorite gun is seriously making me play it way less often, even making me consider shelving it. I have no favorite gun anymore, and it saddens me to even enter the game days after the update.
MG3KWS lost everything that made it good, fun, and unique, so what's the point of using it? MG42 is the same thing but better, so just use that.
Thank you for reading. Provide discussion of course, I will listen to anything. Discussion is important and I appreciate anything whether it's criticism or not.
I wish you all a good day. Stay safe out there.
Good luck on your spawn camping adventures.

PATCH NOTES (EDIT COMMENTS): Revised errors, weird spacing, and poor wording. Also added Set-up 3 example (CQC-tailored set up). Buffed MG3KWS (just kidding it's still bad).
submitted by InconsiderateBox to PhantomForces [link] [comments]

2023.05.01 06:53 funsohng All the references and easter eggs I can find in Future Redeemed (Spoilers)

Please comment on anything I've missed. I'm sure I missed a lot, especially regarding UMs, battle animations and art names.

That scene in Chapter 5. I haven't beaten Xenogears or Saga yet so I'm sure others know more than me.

EDIT: more additions
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2023.04.30 10:44 ProductsMagazine VidAI Graphics OTO - OTO 1 to 6 OTOs' Links Here + Bonuses Upsell>>>

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2023.04.27 14:29 PatrickBateman79 I HAVE LOST FAITH IN HUMANITY

Till now .. whoever i have met in real life...may it be elders are younger ones or any one.. i have always respected them.. respected their feelings ...their opinions....i have always been kind to everyone and never abused anyone before.. but the way others have treated me is so damn disrespectful .. showed me no emphaty and backstabbed me so many fucking times that i cant even remember bc itni toxic aur ghatiya ho chuke he hum sab ki kisi ka help na krke haste hain in i lost complete faith in his damn ugly world..... pata nahi mere doston ke itne friends hai meri toh social life hi itni gandi ho chuki hai.. i have no true friend and whoever was there .. they all backstabbed me...jab mene doosron ke barain me sochta hu wo mere barain me kyu nahi sochte ......anyways ab bhi tum sab log phaltu ke bsdk padhlo wale memes daalke mujhe aur pakaoge... abhi jaa raha hu vectors karne
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2023.04.26 00:08 GotBeaverFever Email security is a joke: it's still the wild west in 2023

  1. Traditional whitelisting in email security gateways opens up all manners of impersonation sin. You tell an organization of a problem and they just say "whitelist me" like it's not their problem; depending on the employer, allowing their sh*t to fail/be blocked isn't an option...
  2. Trying to compensate for other organization's poor email configurations without traditional whitelists is insanely difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes impossible. (Hey Amazon SES! I can't create special/narrow rules for your ill-configured clients if you make your from address completely random, like ["09[email protected]](mailto:"09[email protected]). Maybe you could try to be like others who do something like: bounce--support=client.com__[email protected] )
  3. Too many organizations don't set up SPF
  4. Too many don't even know about DKIM or DMARC
  5. Too many SaaS etc. vendors don't support DKIM
  6. Too many organizations use email domains that have no clear association to the organization or it's actual website
  7. MX, PTR, A ?? Might as well be an acrostic for Marvel's X-Men Punched The Rival's A-hole
  8. Cloud-data-sharing companies often aren't performing security scans on the files they're sending links for
  9. URL-shorteners are still in use, making it harder for users to pre-scan links for safety.
  10. Cousin-domains abound but are not clearly defined or associated with their primary domain
  11. Domains are let to expire and new ones purchased like they bought a new house and it doesn't matter someone else has their original domain
  12. Too many talk like cloud is the panacea of solving email woes when it's a lot easier to spoof an international company. It's a hell of a lot easier to get 100k from two locations (e.g. M365 and GSuite) credentials than it is to get 100k from 100k email environments hosted off those platforms. MFA is available on self-hosted as well, not just cloud. SIEM and SOAR are available for both as well. Think the mega-businesses really care if a 5 or 500 employee organization is compromised? No, they don't so it's still up to the business to implement good cyber hygiene.
  13. Passwords just plain s*ck for too many privileged organization accounts
  14. Then there is training for phishing, smishing, vishing, and all the anti-wishing you could hope for, all while trying to not piss off everyone :-)
I spend soooo much time in email even though it's a sliver of my job because it's a top - if not the top - threat vector.
Agree or rake me over the coals on this.
To use the stale meme.... "Email security is a joke. Change my mind" lol
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2023.04.25 09:36 AndreyDidovskiy Top 11 Things to AVOID in Crypto to Protect yourself from Heartache

Top 11 Things to AVOID in Crypto to Protect yourself from Heartache

Success in life is defined as much by the actions that we take as it is by the actions that we avoid.

It is much harder to build momentum than it is to break it.
Doing 10 good things builds momentum in a positive direction; doing just 2 bad things can destroy that momentum & set you off on a spiral out of control.
This is called the law of negative interference.
The cryptoverse is full of this negative interference.
Operating in this nascent asset class takes a herculean amount of emotional resilience and intellectual prowess. So much rich data, fake news & criminal gurus floating the space that it can get extremely overwhelming.
Your decision-making faculty is constantly pushed to the limit. Your emotions are getting tested. Your brain is playing tricks on you. Your net worth is swinging from 6 figures to 6 dollars.
As unsexy as it may seem on the surface, emotional well-being is the single most important factor in the attainment of what you desire most.
Here are 11 common mistakes both beginners and veterans make, that if you can avoid, will drastically improve the quality of your life.

1. THOU SHALL NOT: Blindly Follow Anons on Twitter / Social Media
Back in the early days of the internet (before my time), there was a higher level of integrity amongst the users. Anonymous people would just help each other out from the kindness of their hearts. As the internet evolved and everybody became connected through social media, human nature began to seep through the cracks and malicious, low-quality individuals began to take advantage of unknowing people.
Twitter stands at the forefront of the psyops happening in crypto.
There are so many fake accounts that have been created just to dupe people in acting a certain way. Faceless accounts with 250,000 followers and the words “DEFI”/”NFT”/”Crypto” in their bios pretend to know something you don’t, act smart, and use sophisticated words and memes to shit post all day long about trash projects. I don’t know who needs to hear this but 99.9% of those accounts are botnets created and operated by insider teams to dump their tokens on the public.
It’s okay to have a few trusted sources that you use to just gather some ideas from in order to carve out your own thesis. The only real way to find reputable accounts is by observation. Find some potentially good accounts, watch what they do, and track the results. Odds are that over time, the majority will disappoint or just plain out disappear; and a tiny handful would be true alpha signals.

2. THOU SHALL NOT: go “ALL IN” *all at once
The golden rule of getting into Crypto is DCA. Be patient and enter your position gradually over the course of time. Set a hard committed schedule and stick to it. If you don’t and decide to dive off the deep end by throwing your entire net worth into crypto, dear friend be prepared for the emotional ride of your life…
The pain of loss is amplified more greatly than the joy of victory, that is the simple law of human emotions. Crypto is volatile. Crypto is manipulated. Crypto is the most difficult asset class traders have ever had to deal with… it is also the most profitable.
There is a caveat to this point. If you are emotionally numb to pain or have some transcendent monk-link mastery over your emotions (while still being able to support your life), then this does not apply to you.

3. THOU SHALL NOT: margin Shitcoins
Unless you are a savant or an insider, margin trading in crypto is LITERALLY juggling flaming knives.
Margin trading is a zero-sum game. Either you make it or you lose it all.
As alluring as it may be to imagine overnight gains of 1,000% that will change your life forever, understand that those thoughts are the sirens of human destruction singing in your head. Greed will force you to rush, be calm like water, ebb and flow with the contours of life and you will get everything you desire and more. Be caught in the drifts of blind desperate greed and kiss it all goodbye.
You are smart, you are capable and you will be successful… unless you continually repeat the same mistakes that cause you to lose everything.

4. THOU SHALL NOT: Impulse buy/sell
Easier said than done.
Sometimes you might get an emotional wave (positive or negative) that washes over you; it could be triggered randomly by anything, a subconscious thought repressed in the back of your mind that got sparked by a sound you heard or scent you smelled. It doesn’t matter if you want to prove your ex wrong, impress your idiot friends, or any other emotionally charged (but ultimately pointless) thought.
Yes, prices can fall suddenly and continue to fall unexpectedly. Sure, maybe you would have been able to save 5% if you sold earlier. But remember that timing the market is nearly impossible. Nobody knows where the top was/will be and nobody knows the bottom. Once you have a strong plan in place, stick it out and you will be rewarded.
Crypto is a long-term game.
Impulsivity is short-term thinking.

5. THOU SHALL NOT: listen to mainstream media
Not much to say here, if you listen to mainstream media for advice on crypto you might as well just sell everything and forget about it until it’s too late…
Mainstream media is designed for sheep to consume information and for insiders to offload their bags. It is engineered to emotionally discourage you and keep you frozen in a loop of uncertainty.
The best example of this foolery can be seen through everybody’s favorite countersignal, Jim Cramer. Every time this man claims something, the absolute opposite happens. I am not suggesting that you go out there and countertrade his calls, just do some research and make your own decisions. (NFA) (here is a hilarious example of Jim’s #BTC call)

6. THOU SHALL NOT: spend crypto
This is absolute blasphemy…
Depending on where you are in the world, if you pay with crypto, you will pay double taxes a tax for realizing gains at the time of the transaction (conversion from crypto to fiat), and a second tax for the sale itself.
Moreover, whenever a provider sells the crypto first in order to make the purchase in a fiat denomination, they do so at a spread. For example, Solana is $50. You want you to buy something that costs $100. If you were purely spending crypto, it should cost you 2 SOL for that transaction. Not gonna happen. The provider will have a spread for the sale (0.1–1%) plus they will have their own fee on top of that another (0.1–1%)… so by paying in crypto everything will always be more expensive…

7. THOU SHALL NOT: Hodl all of your crypto in 1 location
\ This is only applicable if you have a substantial portion of your personal wealth in* crypto. If you have like $5,000… don’t stress over this too much.
As annoying as it may seem to some people, the wisdom of distributing your wealth throughout multiple different storages provides an unparalleled level of security.
Having to store more private keys and not being able to access all of your funds immediately certainly adds some logistical complexity. However, it will protect you in the case that you lose access to any single wallet. It will also protect you in the event of an abduction. This is not a joke, people have been kidnapped and extorted for their digital assets (don’t flaunt your wealth around, enjoy it with your family and loved ones).

8. THOU SHALL NOT: Hodl all of your crypto on CEX’s
You might have heard the timeless crypto wisdom of “Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins” many times.
Perhaps you might have seen the crazy sh*t that happened with FTX or know about MT. GOX. Centralized service providers act as custodians for all of the assets on their platforms. Any time you deposit your assets into a centralized exchange, the exchange puts the assets on its balance sheet and allows you to trade with its balance. In the event that something drastic happens you are classified as a depositor and depositors will almost never be first in line to claim anything.

9. THOU SHALL NOT: forget the hard times
I promise you, if you stay involved long enough, you have a good chance to make life-changing money. When you do make that money, it can get to your head.
Whenever you make good money, take a little more than what you need and get yourself financially secure. As your net worth grows you must do everything you can to secure your own future.
My own very humbling experience took place and after a long year of licking my wounds and regaining control of my life, I swear on all that is divine, be grateful for everything you have and you will always have more than you need.

10. THOU SHALL NOT: Rush to Pay Gas Fees
There are many vectors of value within the decentralized economy. The most powerful and opaque to retail participants is the gas fee market also known as MEV.
MEV is the acronym for maximum/miner extractable value. These are subtle markets that exist only on the level of the node service providers. Nodes are incentivized by network rewards and transaction/gas fees. The higher the fees, the more the nodes earn. While the infrastructure may be decentralized in terms of who can join when the fact remains that they all share the same driving force to increase their incomes.
\ It is my personal opinion that these unseen/untradeable markets drive sinister action in the form of inflated network fees (as exhibited by Ethereum the last bull market).*
Try your best to minimize the amount of activity you must do on-chain. If you need to execute a transaction, be a little patient and see where the cost varies over time. Don’t rush, it is almost guaranteed that the first price you are quoted to do something will be higher than necessary.

11. THOU SHALL NOT: Invest before first researching
Don’t chase the hype. Invest only what you can, in what you know most about.
It is tempting to be considered brilliant for catching a trade early. Don’t get swept up into the hype of other people making money on something. Just because others have already made money on it, does not mean that it will continue to perform the same.
If you take the time to DYOR you will eventually stumble upon something great that is still at a very early stage. Once you develop a genuine understanding of the technology, its potential application, the target audience, and the capabilities of the developing team, you can consider allocating capital. (never financial advice)
This list is by no means exhaustive, there are plenty of other mistakes that can be made on the journey through the digital economy.
These are not rules that are meant to be broken, they are just guidelines that have been generated through personal experience.
I hope you picked up on the common theme persistent throughout all of these points; emotional intelligence is the ultimate key to success.
Tremendous wealth has been built & maintained by the world’s most savvy financiers. If you pay attention to their actions, you will see that, just as important as it is to maximize returns, it is even more important to control/minimize risk.
Thank you for reading!
May your bags always be full & your emotional state healthy.
Live long & Prosper 🥂

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2023.04.24 12:49 Possible_Ad5461 Microsoft ($MSFT), Meta ($META), and Google ($GOOGL) lead earnings waves.

The stock market rally had another sideways week, with the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq composite all drifting lower in continued tight action. Investors await a flood of earnings headlined by Microsoft ($MSFT), ($AMZN), Meta Platforms ($META) and Google parent Alphabet ($GOOGL).
Buying opportunities haven't been plentiful, and many have fizzled or failed. Earnings season will hit full force in the coming week, offering the potential for the market rally to break out of its rut.
Microsoft, Amazon, Meta and Google are especially important. Microsoft and, arguably, Amazon stock are actionable now. Google stock is close to a buy point while Facebook parent Meta is pulling back after a massive run.
By themselves, they have a big impact on the major indexes. And their comments about future growth in key markets such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, e-commerce and PCs will have a major influence on the tech sector and beyond.
Meanwhile, First Solar ($FSLR), Dexcom ($DXCM), Mobileye ($MBLY), Boeing ($BA), ServiceNow ($NOW), Cloudflare ($NET), Align Technology ($ALGN), Fair Issac ($FICO), Visa ($V) and Chipotle Mexican Grill ($CMG) are just some of the notable companies reporting this coming week with stocks in or near buy zones.
MBLY stock in particular has an action-packed week, with its IPO lockup expiration on Monday followed by earnings on Wednesday.
Bed Bath & Beyond ($BBBY) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Sunday, with the long-ailing housewares retailer struggling with debts and declining sales. BBBY stock has been plunging for a long time, but the meme stock did jump 23% last week despite the prospect of bankruptcy.
Meanwhile, keep an eye out for news on Shockwave Medical ($SWAV). SWAV stock spiked Friday on a report that Boston Scientific ($BSX) is mulling a Shockwave takeover bid. But the companies haven't said anything.
The video embedded in this article reviewed Arista Networks ($ANET), TJX Cos. ($TJX) and JPMorgan Chase ($JPM).
Microsoft stock is on IBD Long-Term Leaders.

Dow Jones Futures Today

Dow Jones futures fell 0.2% vs. fair value. S&P 500 futures declined 0.2% and Nasdaq 100 futures slipped 0.2%.
The 10-year Treasury yield dropped 3 basis points to 3.54%.
Remember that overnight action in Dow futures and elsewhere doesn't necessarily translate into actual trading in the next regular stock market session.

Stock Market Rally

The stock market rally didn't have a lot of direction this past week.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average dipped 0.2% in last week's stock market trading. The S&P 500 index edged down 0.1%. The Nasdaq composite fell 0.4%. The small-cap Russell 2000 rose 0.6%.
The 10-year Treasury yield rose 5 basis points to 3.57%.
U.S. crude oil futures tumbled 5.5% to $77.87 a barrel last week.


Among growth ETFs, the Innovator IBD 50 ETF ($FFTY) climbed 2.7% last week, while the Innovator IBD Breakout Opportunities ETF ($BOUT) dipped 0.4%. The iShares Expanded Tech-Software Sector ETF ($IGV) nudged down 0.1%, with MSFT stock a major holding. The VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF ($SMH) slid 1.5%.
Reflecting more-speculative story stocks, ARK Innovation ETF ($ARKK) fell 3% last week and ARK Genomics ETF ($ARKG) climbed 1%.
SPDR S&P Metals & Mining ETF ($XME) tumbled 4.2% last week. The Global X U.S. Infrastructure Development ETF ($PAVE) rose 0.55%. U.S. Global Jets ETF ($JETS) ascended 1.8%. SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF ($XHB) rallied 3.4%. The Energy Select SPDR ETF ($XLE) slumped 2.6% and The Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund ($XLV) dipped 0.2% after five weekly gains.
The Financial Select SPDR ETF ($XLF) climbed 1%, with JPM stock a major holding. The SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF ($KRE) advanced 1.5%, but has a long way to go to recover.
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