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2023.06.07 11:29 WrongAlps9318 Prestige Jigani Hobli Rajapura : 3 BHK & 4 BHK Luxury Apartments

Prestige Jigani Hobli Rajapura : 3 BHK & 4 BHK Luxury Apartments
Prestige Jigani Hobli Rajapura offers 3 BHK and 4 BHK luxury apartments with modern amenities and advanced security, including a clubhouse, swimming pool, landscaped manicured gardens, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, a children's play area, power backup, ample parking space, and a lot of greenery. The apartment has a trained guard and a 24-hour CCTV security system.
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2023.06.07 11:26 Proastandtoast Van Life Chronicles: Exploring Iceland for Three Weeks

This sub has been an incredible source of information and inspiration, so I gave myself an hour to write down and share some insights from the recent three-week road trip I’ve had with my partner.
General remarks:
- Our main goal was to enjoy nature, so we were okay with spending absolutely no time on the golden circle or in Reykjavik. Due to the weather, we ended up doing both anyway; but these would be the parts of the trip I would skip first. Coming from continental Europe, we had almost no jetlag and could safely start directly with our journey. With more jet lag, some more time to adapt is definitely a good idea.
- We rented a 2WD campervan from Star Car Rental and spent all but the final night on campsites. Our experience with Star Car was very good. The price was competitive and included unlimited mileage, additional driver and all necessary utensils (chairs, table, cooking stuff). We got picked up from the airport and were ready to go within 15’. When giving back the car, we got driven to our hotel without any inspection (we did have zero excess insurance).
- Mid-May to beginning of June was a very nice time to travel. The days are long (I’ve seen no darkness), almost all camping places are open, but the crowds at the highlights are small – except for the big boys in the south.
- We started our days quite early and therefore typically arrived during the afternoon at the campsites. The kitchen area, showers and laundry spaces were often free to use. Be prepared to go to campsites that have only 2 stoves and 1 shower. During prime time, expect some waiting times.
- We picked up around 100 € worth of cash – two campsites were cash-only, everything else was absolutely card-first / cash-free.
Useful ressources:
- Vedur and Safetravel: This sub is absolutely right. Learn how to read and anticipate the weather before you get there. We were there during two yellow warnings and these things are really no joke. It helps to have plenty of time to spontaneously adapt the schedule. And we’ve seen it all: blizzard in the West, hail up North, storm in the East and sun in the South.
- Google reviews & park4night: These were pretty accurate for the campsites. 4+ stars are no-brainers, 3+ depend on your needs (kitchen, shower, electricity) and less than 3 should be avoided. Also, remember to rate them yourself during/after your trip to increase the statistical significance ;)
- Google Maps/MyMaps: MyMaps was useful during our planning to fill with random highlights (waterfalls, hotpots, hikes, campsites) and to set up a rough itinerary. Google Maps is accurate on paved roads. On gravel roads, expect some significant delays. Maps calculates with 80 km/h, while you will probably never exceed 50 km/h. In the Westfjords, we guess-timated our times with 2 minutes per kilometer on the gravel roads. The Happy Campers Campsite Map as well as the Hot Pot Iceland Map were nice to have in the back-pocket to check with some time to spare whether something is close by.
- Polarsteps: This was a cute little App, which we used to keep family and friends informed. You can add pictures and some text to your highlights. This way, you don’t send the same picture into various chats and there is a location- and time-dependent context.
Cost: This is the per-person cost breakdown for our 21-day trip (20-day camper rental, 1 hotel stay, total 3’500€).
- Rental (zero excess insurance, additional driver): 1’135 €
- Flight (from continental Europe): 700 €
- Activities (Pools, Spas, Horse-riding, Kayak): 300 €
- Camping (pretty consistent 2’000 +- 500 ISK p.P.): 275 €
- Groceries (Bonus, Kronan, Netto): 255 €
- Coffee, Beers, Food in Restaurants: 260 €
- Petrol (420 € in total for roughly 3’600 km): 210 €
- Souvenirs: 180 €
- Ferries (into Westfjords and to Westman Islands): 95 €
- Hotel: 75 €
- Sundlaug and Spas: When camping in small towns, very often there will be a swimming pool close by. They are not expensive (around 1000 ISK pP) and a great way to relax after a long day. Also, it feels nice to take longer, hot showers without knowing people are waiting in line. We decided to go for some smaller premium spas and were very happy with all of them: Krauma was one of our first stops, the Forest Lagoon was incredible during evening hours and GeoSea was also fantastic. Re: nudity. It takes a bit to get used to, but its very refreshing to see this very open approach to nudity in the pools. No one cares, no one watches – just do your thing. It’s cool to see groups of friends at all age groups be so open about it. Certainly very different compared to continental Europe.
- As we had to skip the Eastfjords a bit due to storm, we had some time left at the end. We spent the last 3 nights on the Westman Islands. It was great to leave the car for a longer while and do everything by foot. There are plenty of things to do and the swimming pool is fantastic.
- Mulagljufur: Use Google Maps to find the exact location, as of now, there is no sign along the road. The canyon is very beautiful and we ended up hiking for almost three hours. Couldn’t get enough of the views.
- Glymur: The infamous log wasn’t placed when we were there, but the short hike to the cave and towards the canyon was absolutely worth it.
- Camping highlights: Melanes campsite at Raudasandur beach (Westfjords): incredible scenery, wild drive to get there; Thingeyri campsite (Westfjords): directly at the fjord, fantastic infrastructure (probably the best kitchen we’ve had) and IMHO a great alternative to the Tungudalur campsite in Isafjordur; 66.12 N campsite (near Husavik): insane ocean view, good infrastructure, one of the best sites along the diamond circle; Glamping&Camping (Westmann Islands): beautiful setting, good infrastructure.
Itinerary (Highlights: *, ** or ***)
Day 1: Arrival at KEF during the afternoon in pouring rain, set up campervan, first grocery stops at Bonus and Kronan, Dinner at Issi’s Fish&Chips*, Camp at Hjalli Kjos
Day 2: Glymur hike** (up to river, no log), Krauma Spa**, scenic drive into Snaefellsnes, Camp at Freezer Hostel
Day 3: Check out Snaefellsnes highlights, get to Stykkisholmur in the afternoon, Ferry Baldur to Brjanslaekur, Hellulaug hotpot*, drive to Melanes campsite*** on Raudasandur beach
Day 4: full day at Raudasandur, great hikes, another night at Melanes campsite.
Day 5: Long drive through westfjords. Highlights included the self-service fish station in Talknafjordur (amazing fisk bollur**), Dynjandi waterfall and Sandfell hike. Camping at Thingeyri*, relax in local swimming pool
Day 6: drive to Isafjordur, check out city (kind of underwhelming, but it was a national holiday; the brewery is nice), do some small hikes in the area. Camp at Tungudalur.
Day 7: very long drive out of westfjords towards Varmahlid. Hot dog stop in Holmavik and arrive at Lambeyri campsite (cash only)
Day 8: woke up with dead battery, but got jump start by campsite owner. Horseriding tour at Lytingsstadir* was very nice, drive to Akureyri, visit Forest Lagoon**. It was Saturday night when we visited, upon leaving we had police checking every driver for alcohol – so better hold off the pool-side bar ;) wanted to camp at Vaglaskogur but campsite wasn’t open. Went up until the CJA campsite in Laugar with a late-night stop at Godafoss (around 10pm, were the only people there)
Day 9: check out Myvatn area: Dimmuborgir hike, Hverir, Leirhnjukur hike**. Then continue to Dettifoss and camp at Asbyrgi. Late night hike to Asbyrgi ‘island’*.
Day 10: Hike in Asbyrgi canyon, continue to Husavik, visit GeoSea**, camp at 66.12N***
Day 11: long drive with very strong winds. We had to go back to Akureyri (optician to fix broken glasses), so went through Myvatn again with a quick stop at Grjotagja. Beautiful drive, weather was too bad for Studlagil canyon, so we continued all the way to Borgarfjordur eystri. Crazy winds during the night and we were happy that our car didn’t get blown away.
Day 12: unfortunately, no hikes in this beautiful area. Waited for storm to pass until lunchtime, visited harbor with puffins**, drive to Egilsstadir (hot dog stop), continue to Seydisfjordur (kind of underwhelming town, the drive is gorgeous though) and, due to weather forecast, continue all the way to Djupivogur campsite.
Day 13: Incredible drive from Djupivogur to Höfn, stops at Hvalnes and Jökulsarlon. Hike at Mulagljufur***, camp at Svenifell.
Day 14: early-morning hike in Skaftafell**, continue to Kirjubaersklausur for campsite. Had to skip Fjardrargljufur due to weather, visited local swimming pool.
Day 15: yellow warning again. Continued to Vik for Skool Beans Coffee*, quick stop at Reynisfjara beach (red alert was on, so we didn’t go further than the sign), continue to Skogarfoss and hike part of Fimmvorduhals*, camp in Selfoss – swimming pool was closed unfortunately.
Day 16: Weather forecast was very bad, so we spent the day in Reykjavik. Walked around town, grabbed some coffees and visiting the local Sundhöll*. Camp at Mosskogar** (cash-only)
Day 17: Golden circle: hike at Thingvellir, look at Geysir, skipped Delfoss. Camp in Selfoss again.
Day 18: quick stop at Seljalandsfoss, ferry to Westman islands. Set up camp at Glamping&Camping** for the next 3 nights. Visited Brothers Brewery*.
Day 19: Kayak tour with Kayak-and-Puffins-company***. Visited local swimming pool* (trampoline slide was very nice) and watched a local handball game.
Day 20: Hike along volcanoes and coast**, visit brewery again, go to puffin bay**
Day 21: Ferry back to mainland. Drive back towards KEF. Drop-off campervan and spent night in Konvin Hotel. Early morning shuttle to airport (we arrived about 2h early for our 7 am flight and had plenty of time).
Of course, I’m very happy to answer any questions you might have!
Hope this is helpful to some of you :)
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2023.06.07 11:22 autotldr 'Virgin birth' recorded in crocodile for 1st time ever

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 66%. (I'm a bot)
Scientists have announced the first ever recorded case of a crocodile "Virgin birth" after a female that had been isolated for 16 years was discovered with a clutch of eggs.
The American crocodile was taken into captivity in 2002 when she was 2 years old and placed in an enclosure at Parque Reptilandia in Costa Rica.
In January 2018, a clutch of 14 eggs was found in the enclosure.
In a study published on Wednesday in the journal Biology Letters, researchers said seven of the 14 eggs produced by the crocodile in Costa Rica were viable.
Zoo caretakers incubated these eggs, but they didn't hatch, so after three months, they opened the eggs.
They also said the discovery of a virgin birth in a crocodile means FP has now been found in both birds, which descended from dinosaurs, and a crocodilian, suggesting a common evolutionary origin.
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2023.06.07 10:44 ThrowRA1106994 My (36f) family, mom (59f), dad (62m), sister (28f) and BIL (29m) make me feel miserable

We are all really close, if we don’t see each other we call multiple times a day. My parents are middle class, so am I and my sister and her husband are well off. I have my own business and it’s going really well, but 7 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant, just when my husband was about to go abroad for 6 months to work. He was a huge help, almost as we were working together, and now I’m on my own and somehow managing, only asking for support when I’m completely unable to do something physically (I am in a baking business and can’t lift a 30kg cake on my own, nor should I in this condition). I built my business from nothing and all alone. My sister, on the other hand, was given everything. I am not envious, just want to put things in perspective. Her husband made her a business and she just makes appointments on her phone, while all the actual work is done by someone else. She had a baby 10 months ago, whom I adore, and they made our mother quit her job so she can stay with them 9-9 every day while paying her to do so. My parents live with my grandmother, mother’s mother, who can’t support herself. I’m helping as much as I can, so did when my father was ill, even moved back for a while so I can be there for them. What triggered this post is my parents announcement from this morning “we’re going on vacation at the end of the month with sister, BIL and the baby”. This happened once already, but I wasn’t pregnant and my husband was here with me, so we somehow managed it. And all that while making me feel like I’m not enough and always comparing my sister and me. “How do you work so much and don’t have the money to travel every two months?” (See how your sister can?!) “How much did you pay for that bag(60eur)? Sister just got new Louis Vuitton!” Until my sister had her baby, my parents had no idea what Louis Vuitton is, or traveled abroad. I’m really happy that they are able to do that now, but I don’t think they are enjoying it the way they’re supposed to. It’s like they’re traveling just because my mother could nanny, and my father could brag because they go to the most expensive hotels and restaurants. Before the baby my sister and I always travelled together and had the best of times. Now I’m not even taken into consideration. It just hurts and all I want to is to make sense of it. I’m happy with my life and my choices, but it’s hard not to feel incompetent. I have no idea how to handle all that and hope I was not too confusing.
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2023.06.07 10:35 MisterSpicy Recommendations on meeting people when traveling for work

Hi everyone,
Just wanting some examples if you were in my position and wanting to socialize. Im 35, dude, I work for a hotel company. I travel across the country to assist different properties and usually at a particular place at least 2-4 weeks or more. And I will go awhile before going back home. Last time I was home was the first week of April. Since then I have been in St. Louis, Atlanta, Montreal, now I am going to Scranton, PA tomorrow for a few weeks.
Anywho, it would be nice to meet some new people or something casual. But for whatever reason, my self confidence is in the gutter when it comes to this stuff and I am unable to go out and meet people comfortably. Which is a contrast from my work - I manage hotels, talk to staff, executives, give meetings, meet tons of guests without much issue I think.
But I don't know how to loosen up and be myself and comfortable to reach out to people outside of work. At least if I was at home I might have a few friends to hang out with or they can do all the talking lol. But on my own it is much more intimidating.
Any suggestions to loosen up and break out of my shell a bit?
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2023.06.07 09:21 Crafty_Secret_5839 A Review of Trivik Hotels and Resorts in Chikmagalur

Trivik Hotels and Resorts in Chikmagalur is renowned for its picturesque location amidst the stunning Western Ghats and its luxurious amenities. With a reputation for providing a serene and rejuvenating experience, Trivik attracts travellers seeking a tranquil escape. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the resort’s pool area, evaluating its cleanliness, maintenance, and ambience. Additionally, Trivik Hotels and Resorts in Chikmagalur is renowned as the best stay in Chikmagalur.
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2023.06.07 08:57 influxinfotechagra Explore the Best of India’s Culture and Heritage with a Golden Triangle Tour With Udaipur

Explore the Best of India’s Culture and Heritage with a Golden Triangle Tour With Udaipur
India is a land of diversity, where you can find different cultures, traditions and landscapes. If you want to experience the essence of India in a short time, you should opt for a Golden Triangle tour with Udaipur. This tour will take you to four amazing cities of India: Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur, where you can witness the splendid monuments, forts, palaces and other architectural wonders of India.
Delhi: The Historical and Modern City
Delhi is the capital city of India and the first destination on the Golden Triangle tour with Udaipur. It is a city that has a rich history and a vibrant present, with its ancient monuments, modern buildings, lively markets and delicious cuisine.
Some of the places that you can visit in Delhi are:
· Red Fort: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a majestic fort that was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century. It was the seat of the Mughal Empire for almost 200 years and has several palaces, mosques, museums and gardens within its walls.
· Jama Masjid: One of the largest and most beautiful mosques in India, built by Shah Jahan in 1656. It can accommodate up to 25,000 worshippers and has three domes, four minarets and a courtyard with a pool.
· Humayun’s Tomb: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a magnificent tomb that was built by the wife of Emperor Humayun in 1570. It is considered to be the precursor of the Taj Mahal and has a symmetrical design, a double dome and a charbagh (four-part) garden.
· Qutub Minar: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the tallest brick minaret in the world, built in 1193 by Qutub-ud-din Aibak. It is a symbol of the Islamic conquest of India and has five storeys, each with balconies and inscriptions.
· India Gate: A 42-meter high archway that commemorates the Indian soldiers who died in World War I and other wars. It is surrounded by lawns, fountains and a flame of eternal honor.
Agra: The City of Taj Mahal
Agra is the second destination on the Golden Triangle tour with Udaipur. It is home to one of the most famous monuments in the world: the Taj Mahal. This white marble mausoleum was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal and is a symbol of eternal love.
The Taj Mahal is not the only attraction in Agra. You can also visit:
· Agra Fort: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a massive red sandstone fort that was once the residence of the Mughal emperors. It has several palaces, mosques, gardens and halls that showcase the Mughal architecture and art.
· Itmad-ud-Daulah: A beautiful tomb that is also known as the Baby Taj because of its resemblance to the Taj Mahal. It was built by Nur Jahan, the wife of Emperor Jahangir, for her father Mirza Ghiyas Beg. It is one of the first examples of using pietra dura (inlay work) on white marble.
· Fatehpur Sikri: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a deserted city that was once the capital of Emperor Akbar. It is a masterpiece of Indo-Islamic architecture and has several monuments such as Buland Darwaza (the highest gateway in India), Jama Masjid (one of the largest mosques in India) and Panch Mahal (a five-storey palace).
Jaipur: The Pink City
Jaipur is the third destination on the Golden Triangle tour with Udaipur. It is the capital of Rajasthan, a state known for its royal history, colorful culture and desert landscape. Jaipur is called the Pink City because of its pink-colored buildings that were painted to welcome Prince Albert in 1876.
Some of the highlights of Jaipur are:
· Amber Fort: A magnificent hilltop fort that overlooks the Maota Lake. It was built by Raja Man Singh I in 1592 and has several courtyards, palaces, temples and gardens that reflect the Rajput and Mughal styles.
· Hawa Mahal: A stunning palace that is also known as the Palace of Winds because of its 953 windows that allow air circulation. It was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799 for his royal ladies to watch the street activities without being seen.
· City Palace: A sprawling complex that was the seat of the Maharaja of Jaipur. It has several buildings, courtyards, museums and gardens that display the royal artifacts, costumes, weapons and paintings.
· Jantar Mantar: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and an astronomical observatory that was built by Maharaja Jai Singh II in 1734. It has 19 instruments that measure time, sun, moon and planets with remarkable accuracy.
Udaipur: The City of Lakes
Udaipur is the final destination on the Golden Triangle tour with Udaipur. It is one of the most beautiful cities in India, also known as the City of Lakes and the Venice of the East. It was founded by Maharana Udai Singh II in 1559 and was the capital of the Mewar Kingdom.
Some of the attractions that you can visit in Udaipur are:
· City Palace: A majestic palace that overlooks the Lake Pichola. It was built by several rulers over 400 years and has a fusion of Rajasthani, Mughal, European and Chinese styles. It has several palaces, temples, museums and gardens within its complex.
· Lake Pichola: A picturesque lake that is surrounded by hills, palaces, temples and ghats. It was created by a banjara (tribal) in 1362 and was later enlarged by Maharana Udai Singh II. You can enjoy a boat ride on the lake and see the Jag Mandir (an island palace) and the Taj Lake Palace (a luxury hotel).
· Jagdish Temple: A magnificent temple that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It was built by Maharana Jagat Singh I in 1651 and is one of the largest and finest temples in Udaipur. It has a three-storey structure with a pyramidal spire, carved pillars and sculptures.
· Saheliyon Ki Bari: A beautiful garden that was built by Maharana Sangram Singh II for his queen and her maids. It has fountains, pools, pavilions, lotus ponds and marble elephants.
How to Book a Golden Triangle Tour With Udaipur
A Golden Triangle tour with Udaipur is a great way to enjoy a memorable vacation in India. You can book a tour package online or through a travel agent. You can choose from different options such as:
· The duration of the tour (usually 7 to 8 days)
· The type of accommodation (from budget to luxury)
· The mode of transport (from car to train to flight)
· The inclusion of meals and guides
· The addition of other destinations (such as Varanasi, Ranthambore, Khajuraho, etc.)
A Golden Triangle tour with Udaipur is a wonderful opportunity to see the best of India’s culture, heritage and beauty. Don’t miss it!
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2023.06.07 07:52 scarymarythefairy Activities for toddlers when it’s chilly and rainy?

I’m from the cape originally but haven’t lived there in awhile. I’ll be in Dennis with my husband and 3 year old in about a week and a half and I don’t know if going to the beach or swimming in the blow up pool in the backyard will be in the cards yet weather-wise.
In case the temp really drops or it’s rainy, I’d love some ideas for indoor activities around the cape good for a 3 year old besides libraries and the mall.
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2023.06.07 07:49 DueBarracuda Glacier Accomodations Question

I'm in the process of searching for accomodations for our 4 day Glacier trip in early September. I'm aware that most park campgrounds and lodges are completely sold out at this point so will be working with what's available. The challenge as a first time visitor seems to be coordinating which areas of the park we stay in with what we want to do.
We were thinking of following a loose itinerary of exploring GTTS road and the west side of the park the first day, then stay in West Glacier area the first night,, before heading to the east side of the park and spending our remaining time in Many Glacier and Two Medicine for the days that we have vehicle passes (2 days for Many Glacier and one for Two Medicine). Does this seem like a good strategy?
The issue is that accomodations on the east side of the park seem to be very limited, and we'd be spending 3 of the 4 nights on that side of the park. Would staying in West Glacier be too far if spending our time near Logan Pass and Many Glacier? My group is also not super fond of tent camping, so we are looking for hotels or cabins but haven't been able to find many. Any other accomodations recommendations near St Mary?
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2023.06.07 07:43 nsideus Trip Report - 19 days in Japan with an infant and a toddler

We are a family of 4 with two young kids, a toddler who’s nearing 3 years old and an infant who is 9 months old. We visited Japan in May of 2023 for 18 nights. We stayed in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, and took day trips to Nara and Kobe.
Some people might call us crazy for taking an international trip with two small children. But my wife and I, who were avid travelers before we had kids, hadn’t been out of the country since 2019 due to 1) having kids and 2) Covid. We were itching for a trip, so we took the chance. Were there some crazy times? Of course. Was it worth it? Definitely.
I did a lot of research and prep before the trip, but there are always surprises that come up when you have kids. I’ll try to share some of the lessons I learned on the trip.
This was our first time on an airplane with the kids. I was a bit worried beforehand and in retrospect the flights were the worst parts of the trip. The main advice I’d give is do as much as you can to make your flight more tolerable, which no doubt means spending more money on tickets and gear. But it’s worth it.
I considered a few different airlines for this trip: ZipAir, Singapore, ANA, and Japan Airlines. JAL was too expensive. ZipAir was interesting because they provide car seats, you don’t have to take your own. We didn’t rent a car in Japan so we didn’t need our own car seats. I was just worried about racking up extra fees on ZipAir. Singapore and ANA were similar, they both provide bassinets and the price was similar. I ended up going with ANA for two reasons: 1) I had flown ANA on a previous trip and been happy with them and 2) they fly to Haneda instead of Narita, which saves you time getting from the airport to your hotel.
We opted for 3 seats and a bassinet. My infant is big for her age so she barely fit in the bassinet (she’s 21 pounds). But we were glad to have it. I had to call in to ANA customer service which had an hour+ wait time to get the bassinet, but other than that it was no trouble.
Which leads me into probably the most important part of flying with kids on a lengthy flight: get your kids to sleep on the plane. The more they sleep the less likely you are to run into a tantrum or meltdown.
To encourage sleeping we did a few things: 1) Take an overnight flight 2) Get a bassinet for our infant 3) Get a JetKids bed box for our toddler. Our ANA flight from LAX left at 5pm, which allowed time for the dinner service to show up before we put our kids to bed. They set the bassinet up right after you get to cruising altitude, so it’s there the majority of the flight. Our infant rejected it at first but eventually fell asleep.
As far as our toddler sleeping, the JetKids worked well. There was a bit of trouble with it staying in place since we had bulkhead seats, but overall I was happy with it as a bed. I absolutely hate the JetKids a piece of luggage though, it’s not easy to lug around and holds nearly nothing. But it helped our toddler stay asleep most of the flight. You don’t necessarily need a JetKids though, other airline seat bed solutions may work just as well. Just bring something that will help your toddler sleep. If we had to do it again, I think I’d prefer having car seats over both the bassinet and JetKids. That’s probably what we’ll do on the next trip.
There were a few unexpected problems we ran into on the flights. On the first flight, our infant got motion sickness and spit up multiple times. She ruined one of my shirts and my wife’s pants. Not to mention my wife got motion sickness as well so I had to do most of the heavy lifting with the kids alone. It was a sleepless and messy flight.
On our flight home, there was a mechanical issue with the plane. They said we were losing oil. So on a Tokyo to Los Angeles flight we somehow ended up landing In Anchorage, Alaska. It goes without saying this was horrible and the flight home from Anchorage on Alaska Airlines was horrible too. But that’s not really relevant to flying to/from Japan so I’ll leave the details out. We won’t be flying with ANA ever again.
To reiterate, do what you can to make your flight easier. Get the non-stop flight. Get the extra seat. This isn’t the area to be frugal.
So you survived the flight. How do you get your kids around once you’ve landed? We have two kids so we need a twin stroller right? Wrong. Taking a twin stroller to Japan is a huge mistake, don’t do it.
Most guides will tell you to use a carrier, and if you only have one small infant then that’s likely the way to go. But with two kids we used a travel stroller and carrier combo. At first I expected to only use the carrier and carry the stroller around until we needed it, but I quickly realized that carrying the stroller around all day is a huge pain. We have the Cybex Libelle which is small at 13lbs, but 13lbs is still heavy enough that you don’t want to carry it all day.
So our stroller remained deployed basically all the time. My infant sat in the stroller most of the day, until it was my toddler’s nap time. Then the infant went in the carrier and toddler in the stroller to sleep. It worked well for us.
How did we keep the stroller deployed the whole time? Elevators. Lots of elevators. And occasionally carrying it up and down stairs. The availability of elevators depends on where you are. Of the cities we visited, I’d say Tokyo is the best and Kyoto is the worst for elevator availability.
The wide majority of metro and train stations are going to have elevators. It can be hard to find the right entrance to use to find an elevator, but there is always signage and almost always a map. You may need to walk an extra 5 minutes, or wait in line, or get lost, so always give yourself extra time when catching a train if you are using your stroller. We spent a LOT of time looking for elevators on this trip.
We only found two stations our whole trip that had no elevator at all, one was the JR Kobe station and the other was a JR station in Tokyo (I forget which one). When this happened, I picked up the stroller and carried it with our infant in it on the stairs. If our toddler was in it I made her get up and walk, then carried the stroller.
The other problem at metro / train stations with a stroller is the gap between the train and the platform. There’s always either a gap or the train and platform are at different elevations. You don’t have a lot of time to get on / off the train so this was a constant source of anxiety. Once our stroller wheel got stuck in between the train and the platform. It took some effort to pop it out. Another time my toddler stepped in the gap, but luckily I was holding her hand and stopped her from falling in. Always be mindful of the gap when you have kids. It’s probably one of the least safe situations you’ll constantly run into in Japan.
Malls and shopping centers almost always have elevators. You may need to wait a while to get one though. In the malls with 10+ floors, you might need to wait 5 minutes for an elevator. Sometimes they have “priority” elevators for the handicapped and strollers but often times perfectly abled people rudely take up all the space in those elevators.
We thought we would have trouble taking our stroller into restaurants but it was actually much less trouble than expected. There was only one restaurant that flat out turned us away, Sushi Tokyo Ten in Roppongi. Other establishments will usually move a chair so you can put your stroller at the table or counter where the chair was.
So overall the stroller was annoying to use but I don’t think we could have done the trip without it. It was a necessary evil with two young kids.
We used the Shinkansen to get between cities. We had two trips, Tokyo to Kyoto and Osaka to Tokyo. We did not bother with the JR Pass, it wasn’t worth it. Mostly because our trips were 8 days apart so we would’ve needed the 14 days pass which wasn’t worth it for two Shinkansen trips.
One thing that caught us off-guard about the Shinkansen is how quickly it leaves a station when it makes a stop. We were expecting to have some time to get on when the train arrived, but it’s basically the same as a Metro stop. You have to get on right away. We made the mistake of buying a reserved seat for a train leaving in less than 15 minutes, without knowing where the elevator was. So we scrambled to get to where we needed to go on the platform and were the last ones on the train. We jumped on the train at the last second, we wanted to get to our specific car from the platform but we weren’t going to make it. It’s a miracle we didn’t lose a piece of luggage or a kid on the way. On the second trip I reserved a seat on a train that was 40 minutes out.
As far as seating we only needed to buy two seats. We would have put our toddler on our lap if needed, but we didn’t need to. Basically, one side of the train has 2 seats and the other 3. If you find a row that has the window seat open on the 3 seat side, then it is very unlikely anyone will sit in the aisle seat if you reserve the window and middle seat. We basically got a free seat for our toddler this way on both trips.
—Baby supplies—
We had more trouble than expected finding baby supplies. A lot of guides online tell you to go to drugstores, and maybe we were going to the wrong drugstores but that wasn’t working out for us. We were distraught until we by chance came across Babies R Us. Yes, the Babies R Us that went out of business in the USA. We happened to be browsing the malls in Odaiba when we came across this gem. It’s a treasure trove of western style baby food and supplies.
Our infant is in the “purée” food stage and we didn’t find any in drugstores. Most of the baby food is juice or rice porridge. Babies R Us has aisles worth of puréed food. It has diapers, wet wipes, formula, nose cleaners, and basically anything else you’d ever want for your baby. We stocked up on everything when we found this place. There are several locations but we went to the Odaiba location in Tokyo and the Harborland location in Kobe.
Another smaller store we found in the mall below Tokyo Skytree is Dadway. They don’t have as much as Babies R Us but we did pick up some purée here.
The other place we picked up diapers and a few others things is Don Quijote, which has locations all over the place. Their baby food collection is basically as limited as drugstores, but it’s fine in a pinch.
I’ve spoken a lot about logistics, but I had one primary reason for going to Japan: to eat tasty food. I had been to Japan once before I had kids and fell in love with the food.
Most guides will tell you families should go to family restaurants. Nope. Not happening. We did not go to a single Saizeriya or Bikkuri Donkey. And I definitely did not go through all of this trouble to eat at Denny’s. We went to a total of ZERO family restaurants.
I’m here to tell you there are plenty of good restaurants you can go to with kids. Even with a baby. Even with a baby and a toddler.
I’ll tell you my main approach to finding restaurants that will allow kids to dine with you. Your main tools are: Tablelog, Google Maps, and the individual restaurant websites. Tablelog is a great tool and their “with children” section on the restaurant info page is very accurate. If a restaurant is listed as “Babies are welcome” or “Baby Strollers accepted”, then you can very likely eat there with a baby. If a place does not have such a listing, it isn’t necessarily a no, it’s a maybe. That’s when you need to search Google Maps reviews for “kids”, “children”, “family” to see if anyone mentions the restaurant’s stance on such things. If you can’t find anything on Google Maps, go to the restaurant’s website. If they have an online reservation system, it is likely to list their stance on kids on the reservation page.
I did a lot of research beforehand and pinned all the relevant restaurants on Google Maps. That way, no matter where I was, I could find some good kid tolerant restaurants. I say “kid-tolerant” instead of “kid friendly” because I consider “kid-tolerant” to mean that they let kids in the restaurant, while “kid-friendly” means they have a kid’s menu, high chairs, etc.
We were able to eat at a wide variety of restaurants, from overpriced Michelin starred places to budget Omakase places. There are a lot of restaurants in Japan. If a restaurant doesn’t let you in because you have kids, it’s fine because there’s another similar one that will.
This is a list of good restaurants we ate at with our infant and toddler. These are just the places we made it to, there were plenty more I had on my list we didn’t make it to:
Gion Maruyama, Gion, Kyoto
Sushi Wakon, Four Seasons, Kyoto
The Oak Door, Grand Hyatt, Tokyo
Kobe Plaisir, Kobe
Roku Roku, Grand Hyatt, Tokyo
Daiwa Sushi, Toyosu Market, Tokyo
Inshotei, Ueno Park, Tokyo
Sushidan, Eat Play Works, Tokyo
Nishiya, Shinsaibashi, Osaka
Tonkatsu Wako, JR Isetan, Kyoto
Soju Dining, Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo
Imakatsu, Roppongi, Tokyo
Mizuno, Dotonbori, Osaka
Rokurinsha, Tokyo Station, Tokyo
Tsumigi, Tsukiji, Tokyo
Lots of different food stalls in Tsukiji Market, Tokyo
Other times we ate at conveyor belt sushi places, department store basements, or ramen places. The basements are a good place to get something for everyone. My toddler ate a lot of gyoza and noodles on this trip, she didn’t take a liking to much else. But Ichiran and Ippudo were right down her alley.
Tsukiji market was our go to breakfast place when we stayed in Tokyo. There’s plenty of different choices there and it opens early enough for jet-lagged families.
Overall I had a great time eating. If my toddler is eating she’s usually not having a tantrum, and we tried as best as possible to put our infant to sleep before we went to any higher end restaurants. There were some awkward tantrum moments but for the most part it was fine.
—City by City Report—
We had two different stays in Tokyo, the first after landing in Japan and the second right before departing Japan. We stayed a total of 10 nights in Tokyo, but we wish we had even more.
We could have come to Tokyo alone the whole trip and been perfectly content. It has the best food, the most kid friendly facilities, and there’s plenty to see and do.
Here’s a few choice things we did with the kids:
DisneySea: My toddler loved this one. We’ve been to Disneyland in SoCal but this is completely different. Even I was excited since it’s been a long while since I’ve been to an unexplored Disney park. A lot of people will say DisneySea is for older kids but there were plenty of rides my toddler could get on. It’s a great place for toddlers. A must visit with kids.
Ueno park: We spent a whole day in Ueno Park. There’s a great zoo, a fun Natural History Museum, and good restaurants. We picked up bento boxes from Inshotei and ate them at a picnic table in the zoo. I think this park is also a must do with kids.
One of the city views: you have a few choices here but we went to Tokyo Skytree and Shibuya Sky. Shibuya sky is a little less kid friendly, because they don’t allow strollers on the roof and they have some weird rules about holding your baby on the roof. I think they’re scared of a wind gust pulling your baby off the roof? I like the mall at Tokyo Skytree, and there’s a Rokurinsha there too (very good dipping ramen).
Small Worlds: This is a miniature museum on one of the man-made islands in the bay. It’s a little out of the way, but we made a day out of Toyosu Market, Small Worlds, and Odaiba. My toddler liked this one, the exhibits are interactive and fun to look at. It was better than expected.
Other than that we did a lot of eating and shopping in Tokyo for us adults.
Kyoto was probably our least favorite city to do with kids. In general it’s just hard to get around. There’s a lot of stroller unfriendly places. Streets without sidewalks. Rough cobblestone-like roads. Temples are not stroller friendly. Hills everywhere. Good luck getting to the top of the monkey park with a stroller. It’s definitely a trend in this city.
Maybe if you have older kids it’s fine. But if you have younger than elementary school kids it’s probably skippable. There’s not that many kid friendly activities here either. Temples aren’t interesting for kids. The best kid activity here is probably the Arashiyama Monkey Park. My toddler got a real kick out of feeding the monkeys. Just be aware there is a significant hike to get to the top of the hill where the monkeys are. My toddler is a pretty good walker, she made it all the way without crying or complaining. But I saw some other kids that didn’t fare as well.
The other thing you might try near the monkey park is the Arashiyama bamboo forest. I think it’s one of the most overrated sights in Japan though. It’s just mobbed with tourists all day. It’s not enjoyable with the crowds. I’ve been here twice and I’ve been disappointed both times.
I doubt we will be back to Kyoto any time soon.
Osaka was nice. It was a bit refreshing to have many of the Tokyo conveniences again. Elevators everywhere, well paved and flat roads, and plenty of baby rooms.
Osaka is a good base for taking nearby day trips as well. We went to both Kobe and Nara without needing to take the Shinkansen.
The best kid experience in Osaka is the Kaiyukan aquarium. It’s big. The central tank with the whale sharks is impressive. They have lots of different animals from all over the world. It’s bigger and better than any aquarium we have in California.
The one thing I wasn’t prepared for was the lines. You need to pre-book your timed entry tickets online. We didn’t, and ended up getting tickets that were for entry two hours later. And we were there right when they opened. If I go to the aquarium at opening time on a weekday where we are from we can walk right in. Lesson learned.
We stayed in Shinsaibashi and it’s a very walkable area. There’s a covered shopping street that goes all the way down to Dotonbori. Namba is walkable from there. And America-mura is between Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori.
The Daimaru mall in Shinsaibashi is good for kids. There’s a Bornelund in there with a small indoor playground, a Pokémon Center, and good food.
I liked Osaka overall. The only thing I thought was a let down was okonomiyaki.
Nara was worth the trip. It’s about 45 minutes from Namba on the train, so not too out of the way.
There’s deer all over. Deer that bow to you. In the park, on the sidewalk, in the street. It’s a unique experience you should see at least once.
The deer are rather aggressive when you have food for them. It’s not a place where you want your kids feeding the deer. As soon as you buy the food from the street vendor, they mob you. They try to snatch the food out of your hand. Make sure you watch someone else do it first before deciding to do it yourself. If I let my toddler do it she probably would have been terrified.
The other must see in Nara is Todai-ji. It’s impressive. The giant Buddha is something. This was probably the best temple we saw on this trip, it’s visually stunning. More than anything we saw in Kyoto. I did have to carry the stroller up and down some steps, but there’s not too many.
Kobe was great. It exceeded my expectations. The trip from Osaka is easy. We spent a full day there.
We started our one day in Kobe at the Nunobiki Herb Gardens. I wasn’t expecting too much but this place is really nice. It’s big, with lots of different gardens and exhibits to see. There’s great views as well. We took lots of pictures.
There’s a few different places to eat and drink in the gardens as well. We had some sparkling rose at “The Veranda” which had a great view of Kobe. We didn’t eat because we had a lunch reservation down the hill.
There’s a few things to watch out for. This place gets busy, so get there early. There’s no reservations, you just go early and wait in line. When we left at midday the line was massive, so get there when they open.
The herb garden only takes up the top half the hill. At first I thought it extended to the bottom of the hill, but the bottom half of the hill is actually a hiking trail without gardens. So I bought a one way gondola ticket to the top expecting to walk down all the way, but after I realized the garden ended at the middle I bought another ticket to go down (instead of getting the round trip ticket like I should have).
After the gardens we went to eat Kobe beef. Kobe Plaisir was the restaurant I chose, which was both high end and had a kids menu. The beef was great and everyone had a good time.
Afterwards we went to Harborland. It’s a nice area on the harbor that has a big boat you can go out on, and a couple of shopping malls. The Anpanman museum is here too but by the time we got there tickets were sold out for the day. This is also where you can find a Babies R Us.
Our Kobe day was one of the best days of our trip. I’d suggest a day trip here for anyone.
It’s hard to travel with kids this age. No doubt. Everything will take more time and be more expensive than when you used to travel alone. But I do not regret taking this trip at all. As a matter of fact I want to go back right now. My wife loved the trip, and my toddler might even remember it when she grows up. She still talks about feeding the monkeys and how dad ate a “real fish” (A Japanese sweetfish they grilled in front of us at Gion Maruyama). Japan is a great place for a first family trip.
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2023.06.07 07:27 prestige_park_grove1 Prestige Park Grove – Flats for Sale in Bangalore

Prestige Park Grove Apartments is a luxurious residential project located in the heart of Bangalore. The project is developed by Prestige Group and offers a range of 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments. The project is spread over an area of 8.5 acres and offers a total of 576 units. The project is equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, clubhouse, children's play area, landscaped gardens, and jogging track.
Prestige Park Grove Apartments is an exquisite residential complex located in Bangalore, India. Designed by Prestige Group, one of the greatest real estate developers, Prestige Park Grove Apartments presents a lavish and comfy residence experience quiet and green environment. With its impeccable design, world-class amenities, and prime location, this residential project has become a sought-after choice for individuals and families seeking an elevated lifestyle.
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The amenities at Prestige Park Grove Apartments are second to none. Residents have access to a wide range of facilities that cater to their recreational, fitness, and social needs. The project offers a fully equipped clubhouse with a gymnasium, swimming pool, spa, and indoor games facilities. There are also well-maintained gardens, jogging tracks, and play areas for children, providing ample space for outdoor activities and relaxation. Further, the project has 24/7 security, power backup, and dedicated parking spaces.
The location of Prestige Park Grove Apartments further adds to its appeal. Situated in the prime neighborhood of Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, the project enjoys excellent connectivity to major business hubs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment zones. It is close to IT parks, such as Electronic City and JP Nagar, which makes it an ideal choice for professionals working in the tech industry. The place also presents an oversupply of shopping malls, and recreational bases, ensuring a deep and fulfilling lifestyle for the residents.
Another highlight of Prestige Park Grove Apartments is its commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. The project incorporates eco-friendly features such as rainwater harvesting, solar panels for common areas, and energy-efficient fixtures, reducing the carbon footprint and promoting a greener way of living. The lush landscaped gardens and well-maintained parks provide a serene environment, promoting a sense of tranquility and well-being.
In conclusion, Prestige Park Grove Apartments in Bangalore is a luxurious residential project that combines elegance, comfort, and convenience. With its modern design, top-notch amenities, and prime location, it offers an elevated lifestyle for individuals and families. Whether it's the meticulously crafted apartments, the plethora of recreational facilities, or the sustainable features, Prestige Park Grove Apartments provides a perfect haven for those seeking a harmonious and fulfilling living experience in the vibrant city of Bangalore.
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2023.06.07 07:08 Left_Time_234 Chance Me: Theater & Education Major :)

Demographic: non-binary (AFAB), white (polish dad), hispanic (cuban mom)
First generation immigrant, have an older sister going to GW
Intended Major(s): English Language Arts Education, Dance & Drama Education, Technical Theatre.
SAT: 1180, planning on retaking in August and/or October, would rather just not submit scores
GPA: school doesn’t release GPA but i primarily average in the A- range
APs: AP World, and Production Workshop (school’s version of a Theater AP, basically an independent study? choreographed, designed props and assistant stage managed for school’s spring play with minimal guidance)
taking AP Lit, AP French and Senior Socratic Seminar (hardest history class my school offers) next year
Awards: 27/28 NYSSMA level 4, Language and Literature Academic Achievement award, nomination for national musical theatre award, won a Creative Writing competition at school last year, nominated for one this year
Extracurriculars: Leader of Dance Club next year (senior only position), play piano for about 14 years, volunteer at food pantry and immigration law office, organize files and schedule appointments at my dad’s private clinic (he’s a respiratory system specialist), interned under a stage manager at Yara Arts Group, do musical theater camps every year, participate in every show at school (cast for musicals, crew for plays (2 every year)), sing in audition only choir, babysit
LORs: Head of French Department, Director of Yara Arts Group, AP World teacher (have had for 3 years)
Essay: my most prized possession is a Dunkin’ donuts coffee cup, because it is a physical manifestation for the welcoming community of theater at my school. whenever I have a last period free I’d go to Dunkin and get coffee for myself, for some crew members and for some cast members as a pick me up and wouldn’t allow them to pay me back. so instead of giving me money they’d return the favor of caffeine and donuts and other Dunkin beverages by giving me some whenever they had the time or means to. i’m sure i’ve gotten some people more coffees than they’ve gotten me and vice versa but that doesn’t matter, it’s the idea of looking out for eachother and knowing you as a part of this wonderful community have a duty to take care of it while also being taken care of.
Colleges (would appreciate some recommendations of where else to apply/visit! must be more on the east coast, no further south than georgia, not super small or super big, preferably liberal arts and focused on/giving priority to theater)
ED/Hardest Faves: Was U (St Louis), Boston University, NYU, Kenyon, Vassar
EA/Faves but not hard (idk which are safety): Fordham, Adelphi, Sarah Lawrence, Skidmore, Purdue, University of Vermont, Bard, Fairfield
Safety for sure: Hofstra, Le Moyne, Moravian, West Virgina University
Extra Info: speak Spanish fluently at home, same with Polish and English, proficient in French, learning Italian German and Russian Live in NYC used to play cello lmao, not anymore stronger in Humanities than Science and Math
thank you so much <3
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2023.06.07 06:41 BelaVistaResort Plan a Dreamy and Luxurious Tropical Vacation at the Bella Vista Suites

Located on Ambergris Caye, the largest island in Belize, San Pedro offers a perfect blend of tropical paradise and modern comfort. With its white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life, this part of Belize is a mecca for diving, snorkeling, and water sports enthusiasts. And when it comes to luxury accommodations, Bella Vista Suites stands out as a top choice.
From the moment you step into the hotel's elegant lobby, you'll be swept away by the sense of opulence and indulgence. The suites are spacious and beautifully appointed, with modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi, and private balconies overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The infinity pool and outdoor lounge areas are perfect for relaxing and soaking up the sun, while the on-site restaurant offers a delectable selection of gourmet cuisine.
So if you're planning for belize vacation packages and looking for the best place to stay, look no further than Bela vista suites. With its luxurious accommodations, breathtaking views, and top-notch service, it's the ultimate destination for discerning travelers.
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2023.06.07 06:35 Electric_Alienation Denied raise after over a year of working above and beyond nearly every other employee in the company

This is mostly just a rant/ vent, but feel free to discuss and give advice. Capitalism needs to end.
About a year ago i moved to my parents place at the coast where they are retired. There was a load of family drama and tragedy going on and they needed me to come, and i am now paying the mortgage on their house. I needed a job, and wanted something relatively low stress that i could just go, do my work, then go home and not worry about it with everything else going on, so i applied to a few of the many hotels in this tourist town, and got a job as a housekeeper.
Even though work sucks, i know i have to do it to live, so i try to keep a positive attitude as best i can.
It really wasnt bad to start out. It turns out i am very good at housekeeping, and after a month or two i could keep up with or surpass all the other housekeepers. Not only that, but our manager would desperately try to get people to clean up the property after the rooms were clean (vacuuming the halls, picking up the parking lot, clearing cobwebs etc.) Nobody seemed to want to do it, and just left as soon as their rooms were clean. I was the only one who always volunteered to do the extra work, and was willing to do basically whatever they needed. (Edit; im not dissing anyone that want to put in minimum effort) .After a couple months my manager offered to have me learn from the maintenance guy, and do building maintenance a couple days a week on his days off, allowing me to get 40 hours a week no matter how few rooms there were to clean. I accepted, and started learning to fix things, and maintain the pool and spa. Over time i ended up filling in for multiple other jobs, like houseman, and laundry. And about 4 months ago, i was also offered the head house/supervisor position on the days the other head house was off. I accepted. At this point i do about 5 different jobs at this hotel, sometimes multiple duties in the same day. I can clean a room better than anyone here. I inspect rooms more thoroughly than anyone here. I have never been late, and never called out aside from a single day when i was literally unable to get out of my driveway due to a freak ice storm.
Ive known for a good while that a couple housekeepers are making about 4 dollars an hour more than me. They were worked here a year before me, and due to some bad management from the previous GM (general manager), they were having a hard time keeping employees, and they were the most reliable housekeepers there. (SIDE TANGENT) --One of them now has a grudge against the current GM because he was caught smoking weed while the GM was giving a new employee a tour of the property, and got written up for it. This GM is one of the only managers ive met who genuinely cares about his employees and wants to have a relaxed and fair work environment. Hes a genuinely nice guy, but he had to do a write up to cover his own ass from the regional manager. This housekeeper now puts in little to no effort, and will tell everyone he meets that our GM is a horrible monster. Honestly, he didnt even put that much effort into anything aside from cleaning rooms before this happened. This guy is making 4 dollars more than me an hour. Again, not dissing minimal effort, just frustrated at my lack of pay.
I didnt worry about it too much at the time, but at this point i have thoroughly demonstrated that i go above and beyond, am reliable, and am committed to doing an outstanding job. Not to mention the fact that i do FIVE DIFFERENT JOBS HERE. They recently hired a NEW housekeeper that i found out makes more than me.
The GM regularly tells me how great i am, and will tell other people how hard i work and how much i do. I eventually asked when i was going to be seeing a significant raise. He agreed that i had earned it, and would consult the regional manager. The regional manager denied my raise.
I asked again when i will be seeing a raise. The regional manager denied my raise.
Im not making as much as new housekeepers. Im not making as much as the laundry guy. Im not making as much as the other head house, who works really hard, but certainly doesnt inspect rooms as thoroughly as i do (ive gone into rooms after her and found egregiously dirty things)
I dont mind that they make as much as they do. But im starting to realize that im being F$%#K#D around here. Im under WAY more stress now than i was when i started, and i have nothing to show for it. I would rather stay here than find another job because i like the GM, and am friends with some of the other staff.
Im starting to loose motivation. Im browsing other jobs, and am thinking about applying till i get an offer, then threatening to quit if i dont get at least a 4 dollar raise. Though the best worker at the front desk was also denied a well deserved raise, and put in her two weeks notice. The regional manager responded with "sorry to hear that".
I know im a vital member of this company, and my leaving would put a massive and sudden workload on the GM, but i dont know if telling them i want to leave will get me what i want. Ive been getting depressed over the last couple months. The stress of being head house, trying to get the housekeepers to put out perfect rooms in too small a timeframe when we are selling rooms for OUTRAGEOUS prices (500-700 dollars a night on super busy weekends) is getting to me, and im realizing its not worth the amount im getting paid, especially when other people who put in no effort make way more. I need them to give me a god damn raise. A GOOD ONE. But the regional manager is a massive C$NT. Im being exploited. I knew this is how it works under capitalism, and ive experienced it before, but this is just next level fuckery.
It sucks, and i just need to vent.

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2023.06.07 06:33 Ok_Nectarine66241 I'm considering being an SD, but...

I honestly don't know where to begin, or even if this post is appropriate for this forum. I'm (43M) single, and about 7 months ago I think I began having some kind of midlife crisis, reflecting on my life, acting out of character, I've had to deal with a lot over the last few years not least both my parents almost passing shortly after my previous relationship ended, the only thing that helps is working out at the gym and the challenge of learning a new language again, but my mind races when I'm alone at night.
I feel there's a real lack of intimacy and companionship in my life, most of my friends have settled down, I currently reside in London, but frequently have to travel to New York and California, so forming a relationship is difficult. At my age the dating pool is also a puddle, I also don't know if I'm in the right state to date vanilla; I don't want to lead someone on or have them deal with whatever I'm going through. The closest I have come to a relationship recently, oddly, was a non-sugar relationship with a younger Brazilian woman who works as an escort, who told me she liked my company, but that I'm away often, that she wouldn't be here long, and still hoped to reconnect with her ex whom she still loves, they share a young, beautiful, daughter. She's strong, kind, honest, so open, and honestly one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, but I was becoming emotionally attached.
I am considering looking at a sugar relationship as a stop gap, long term I want something vanilla, So I don't know if this is right for me to dip into fill some of the void and tick off some of the adventures i have on my bucket list, or to what extent what i'm looking for even exists. I am by no means uber wealthy, but I am relatively well off, I was considering having an SB to accompany me to the theatre, concerts, galleries, dinners, and also occasionally travel with to see the world, SBs generally appear to be more into the luxury side of things, and that's not really my jam, I want to explore tribal Mongolia, rustic Tuscany, or dive off the waters of Palau, but only with the occasional luxury hotel. How rare is this in the Sugarlife?
While I recognise the transactional nature of these kinds of relationships, I also desire some degree of human connection, I just don't know if these wants are at all realistic. I'm attracted by the honesty of this kind of relationship, which I assume avoids the messiness of vanilla, but I can also see potential pitfalls too. I'm also unsure about the sexual aspect of things, I wouldn't want to have sex with the thought that the person finds me icky, and prefer to have something sexual evolve organically. So I thought it perhaps prudent limiting my options to someone around my age?
I've been occasionally reading posts here and on a Sugarbabe only forum. There's still so much I don't know about the norms and etiquette. I am interested in any insights people may have from both sides, and how they negotiate this world, what the reality is like, or how they entered into it. I've spoken to 4 close friends about this, 2 female, 2 male, and 3 advised against it, but I'm trying to keep an open mind., but I feel I need to know a lot more before committing to this lifestyle. Many thanks.
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2023.06.07 06:29 _miss_marie_ St Louis show!

Just got to st louis for the show with my partner!if anyone is staying in the lodge hotel be safe yall got baddd vibes from there 😭 thankfully just staying one night.
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2023.06.07 06:27 cinderelladoll62 Activity Booking Engine

Activity Booking Engine

The Activity Booking Engine is simple to use and assists in the distribution of activity tickets through multiple booking channels, allowing your activities to be discovered by global travelers. It also allows customers to check your real-time inventory and generates active reservations for your business. It helps customers to check ticket availability and book and pay securely online.
Using the activity booking engine, users can easily order tickets. It also offers booking flexibility, allowing clients to make multi-person reservations and alter ticket selections as required. These websites let travelers discover local activities and attractions and book them ahead of time to guarantee a comfortable, hassle-free, and memorable vacation.
It is an innovative travel management software that assists tour operators in managing their inventory and groups travel, creating a package, improving your service ordering, managing accounts, and gaining a complete understanding of your business. Through tour operator software, travel service providers may quickly reach out to worldwide clients and make thousands of products available at the most competitive prices.
The all-in-one booking software for tour & activity operators.
FlightsLogic provides best-in-class tour operator software solutions to meet your travel demands. Our tour software helps you to expand your consumer base, ROI, and system infrastructure. If you're looking for tour booking software, check out this robust software solution for travel agencies and tour operators. We are a leading provider of tour and travel booking systems such as flight booking systems and hotel booking systems.
We provide the best activity booking software and a complete activity quotation booking system for activity suppliers to help them with quick reservations of their activities. It also facilitates consumers' booking experiences by providing a one-stop solution for hassle-free activity ticket booking.
Using an activity quote booking system, providers may attract more international tourists who have a rich experience interacting with suppliers and providing the best assets. Visitors can book their tickets for activities immediately using the activity booking program.
It also has the best activity management system, which employs an activity quotation booking system to choose visiting days, time intervals, and the number of activity reservations.
Our online booking platform for tour operators generates accurate sales figures, allowing you to collect real-time data and develop customized business plans.
Our travel activity website runs seamlessly on mobile and desktop platforms, giving a consistent user experience. We offer best-in-class tour operator and travel booking software solutions to global travel agencies, DMCs, OTA portals, IATA agents, and tour operators.
These activities booking module is versatile, adaptable, and easy to use, allowing users to organize activities from a single module. It also enables providers to book more activities and has effective interaction rather than the uncertainty of activity booking planning.
FlightsLogic provides you with more alternatives when it comes to packaging activities, providing bespoke tours, and providing more personalized experiences. We automate your business and assist you in increasing direct bookings on your website.
Why is Activity Booking Engine beneficial for your business?
Online booking is vital to any business's entire sales strategy in the travel and leisure sector. If you want to enhance client bookings, employ online travel ticket booking software, which is an excellent revenue-generating tool. Clients can make reservations at any time. It will save time. Customers may also check ticket availability and order tickets online from any location at any time.
A diverse choice of sightseeing activities and experiences, combined with a hotel booking engine and a flight reservation system, creates an excellent cross-sell potential. Because the Activity Booking Module employs the best payment methods, suppliers receive faster payments and can provide the best pricing to visitors. The Activity Booking Software with activity quotation booking system is designed specifically for activities booking suppliers - travel agencies.
FlightsLogic is a leading B2B/B2C Travel Portal Development Company that creates the best Activity Booking Engine for tour operators and activity providers to manage reservations, automate business processes, sell travel tickets across multiple channels, and increase booking potential. Our activity booking system includes all you need to accept reservations on your website, manage your resources, and expand your activity business.
We enable DMCs/Tour Operators to easily connect to diverse suppliers and sell from a global pool of the third-party hotel, activity, and vehicle inventory in addition to direct connections.
This module offers a variety of booking options, such as Visit Date, Ticket Options, Ticket Quantity, Best Ticket Price, and Time Slots. Using the activity booking module, travel agencies may quickly book your tickets. Increase your reach and revenue by integrating distribution channels and OTAs that allow your customers to view your live tour availability, book, and pay for their preferred activity using FlightsLogic.
Features of Activity Booking Engine

  • Real-Time Inventory
  • Improve clients’ travel processes.
  • Safe and Secure Online Booking
  • Instant Confirmation
  • Easily Check Ticket Availability
  • Group Travel Booking
  • Support a diverse range of travel services
  • Easy Ticket Booking and Cancellation
  • Increase Booking Online
  • Easy Payment Gateway
  • Multi-currency and Multilanguage
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Increase Revenue.
  • Tour reservation management
  • B2B travel portal for sub-agents
  • Email notification alerts
  • Back-office system
  • Account & discounts management
  • Multi-package booking
Get Your Own Activities Booking Software Solution From FlightsLogic.
With our activity/sightseeing contract management system, you may give a travel portal designed by a team of highly dedicated and driven experts with relevant experience in Travel and Hospitality. When it comes to building and sustaining online booking businesses, FlightsLogic is the best solution provider.
Our Activities booking software is completely customizable to meet the needs of travel booking agents and tour operators. We provide the most popular features that complete customer-friendly booking software to help businesses flourish globally. It helps Tour Operators organize tours by handling customer information, back-office activities, tour information, accounting, and reporting.
Whether you package activities with accommodations or offer room and activity bookings separately, the FlightsLogic Activity Booking Engine Module simplifies the management of both room and activity reservations. We have covered booking to invoicing. Sell and package activities provided by the local travel companies with whom you have a connection.
FlightsLogic provides a complete Holidays & Activities Booking Engine Software that allows you to manage an activity repository, activity content, holiday packages, activity inventory, and many other features. It simplifies travel and activity planning by allowing you to select your preferred sightseeing packages. Our software creates customized tailor-made vacations and activities packages for our end clients.
· Itinerary creation
· Accepting online bookings
· Streamlining client and vendor communication
· Getting a better business financial overview
· Supporting booking management
· Handling back-office tasks
· Automating time-consuming processes
· Making data-based management decisions
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· Reducing the chance of errors occurring
· Instant Invoicing & Vouchering
· B2B & B2C Booking Engine
· On Request Booking Possibility
For more details, please visit our website:
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2023.06.07 06:14 Nervous_Lifeguard558 Dasher app down

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2023.06.07 05:48 PrueGretel RHONJ S13 E18

Reunion Part 2
The reunion continues with Teresa blaming Melissa and Joe for she and Juicy getting caught with their crimes. Teresa said that they were hanging out with people who were responsible for putting her in jail. Melissa says that she has no idea what Teresa is talking about.
Jacqueline Laurita comes up, Teresa said she is the one who told her so much. Melissa then takes out her phone and reads a text that Jacqueline sent to Jackie a year ago, (before her and Teresa made up) saying how she can't stand Teresa and that she's an idiot and arrogant. Dolores chimes in saying "Oh no this is bad for you Melissa. Sleep with one eye open. You're going down." I don't get it. Is she getting whacked?
Andy asks Rachel how it is raising 2 little babies. She says it's hard. Join the club. Andy asks why she doesn't have a nanny. Like what? Millions of parents have been raising babies without nannies. This is ridiculous. She says she wants to raise them herself. Jaiden's adoption is finalized. Andy asks her about an article that the birth mom did about all of this. The birth mom is in jail. In the articles, she said John will not let her see him and they only adopted him for the show. Andy asks what is this all this about. Rachel tells him that Louie had someone track her down. Teresa says she knows nothing about this.
Now, Jennifer Fessler and Jackie join the reunion. Adult Jennnifer said she got a lot of bad feedback online when she said she slept with James Gandolfini. She doesn't understand why. It's b/c he's not here and you don't say this! He has family! It's called respect. Anyway, she loved being on the show and would love to come back. Next Jackie speaks. she said it was a little hard being demoted to friend of the show. She was in recovery, and she wasn't feeling her best, so it was healthy for her. Andy asks her about Dolores admitting to being on Ozempic and what does she think about it. She says it's nice to lose weight, but once you stop, the weight comes right back. She thinks sudden weight gain causes problems such as eating disorders.
The Ireland trip comes up. Melissa was drunk and said she wanted to drunk dial her ex. Teresa says that was strange and if she wasn't getting married, she would have said something. Teresa said it is not normal to say and she's sure Joe is mad about it. Melissa said it was a joke. Andy asks about male strippers. Teresa says that she likes Channing Tatum. Melissa sarcastically says how can she say this while married. Teresa says it's different.
Backstage. We see the men in their dressing room. Joe said 13 years in, and it's never been like this. Frank said they were never these angry arguments at a reunion and the only difference is Louie.
Andy asks The Marge about her relationship with Jan's kids. She says her ex-husband Jan died, and it was very hard on her and her son. She was good friends with him and talked to him every day. Her son called and said dad is in the hospital and to go there and that was it. Her stepdaughter is the only one she is estranged with. She said watching Rachel with Jaiden brought back memories and she thinks it's special.
The arsenal comes up. The Marge said Jennifer and Teresa were forewarning the new girls that made her seem like a bad person. She said she doesn't have dirt on anyone. Laura comes up. Andy asks what she did to piss her off. The Marge said she felt used by her and Laura tried to cause drama to get on the show. That is why Laura contacted Teresa and Jennifer. Jennifer admits she already told Melissa about the rumor at her 45th birthday party. Andy says this looks like a set up because on the show, Jennifer and Teresa made it seem like Laura called them about the cheating rumor. They also talked about it on camera to Danielle, but they both already knew way back from Jennifer's party. Andy asks Jennifer when Danielle said she was going to tell her on the show about the rumor, why didn't Jennifer tell her that she already told Melissa a while back. Jennfer says because that was the narrative at the time. Danielle asks Teresa and Jennifer if she was setup. Jennifer apologized, so she doesn't feel setup. The Marge tells her she was.
Teresa and Melissa are bickering. Andy can't take it. He tells them to hold on and to stop! He tells them they both need to grow, and they act like they are in kindergarten. They continue, Andy is over it. Teresa says she can't wait till this is over, so she never has to look at Melissa's face again. Andy says, "okay let me know how that goes." Andy seems more annoyed than usual.
Backstage, it's nice and calm, but it won't stay that way. Frank says normally he doesn't chime in but this year he is. Louie fucked him over for no reason while he did nothing but try to help him. We see unseen footage: Frank's telling Joey that his son doesn't work for Louie anymore. The company closed and didn't tell him. Frankie Jr. kept calling and calling Then he finally called his dad to find out what is going on. Joe said why didn't Louie tell him the company closed. Frank said he has no idea and that's why he has a problem with him.
Back to the ladies. The coffee reading comes up. We know Jennifer told the psychic everything. Now their marriage comes up. Jennifer said she is so happy in her marriage, and she doesn't mind him unwinding in the pool house. The Marge doesn't think their marriage is good. What does she know? Andy asks The Marge if she takes any responsibility for bringing up the affair and hurting the children. She says no. Andy asks her why she called Jennifer a drug addict. She said her lifestyle. Jennifer said The Marge has old lady energy. Now Andy asks Jennifer if she was hurt over Bill's affair, why did involve herself with Melissa's kissing rumor. She ended up saying she is sorry to Melissa. Andy said to The Marge why she keeps blaming Jennifer when Teresa was also involved. She said she asked Teresa, but she didn't do anything with the information.
Finally, what we have all been waiting for ... The Marge is asked why she has been taking jabs at Teresa when they seemed to be getting along this season. She says because she saw that things came out that Bo Dietl was screamed in her face by Louie and other things came out and that he has information on the cast. Then backstage we see Frank talking about finale when watching Louie say he has a file on everyone in the room. Frank says who does that. He is mad. Joey says it is sick. Fuda says he didn't know who he was, he had to look him up. The guys all wonder why he would have a file on everyone is the room. This is not a good look for Teresa. Just saying. She has no shame. Playing dumb once again. Standing by her man who is acting like a creep and a fool. Next, The Marge tells the cast that her child who was called by name was called at work and threatened by Louie. It's a high-level office and hard to get the number. What is wrong with this guy? The Marge has records which is proof of the call coming from Louie's phone. He told her child and say I am the guy you have to worry about. Teresa is playing dumb saying she doesn't know anything. The Marge said she knows! Andy said there is a hack going with Bravo, but this is different. No one says anything, it's just crank calls and no one talks they just hang up. Andy asks why Louie would call her child and say this. The Marge says it is true and the police know it is true. The Marge called Dolores devastated, when she found out. She said because Teresa knew. Dolores doesn't want it to be true because she doesn't want to be involved in it. Teresa says she just got two missed phone calls from Marge in the back. The Marge said Louie is behind it. They talk landlines and cell calls and who did what to who. Safe to say Louie is the one doing a lot to the cast! The Marge says she never wants to see Louie's face again. Andy tells her you are about to.
The Marge and Teresa bicker. Andy says "Stop! You're both acting like assholes."
Andy says goodbye to Adult Jennifer and Jacke, then says let's bring out the men.
During the break, they're all talking about Louie. Danielle says they set me up. Really? That's her take on all of this. Who cares at this point. Frank says Teresa is trying to be all Zen. Andy tells Louie he is worried that it can get emotional. Louie says no and thanks for caring. Andy asks Joe to not get out of his chair. The men come out and Louie's lies will come out.
To Be Continued...
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2023.06.07 05:41 ALEXAlPHAGO FC Dallas VS St. Louis City Prediction USA Major League Soccer

FC Dallas will rely on their attack to lead them to victory. The team has a wealth of attacking talent, featuring players such as Jesus Ferreira, who has been in good form this season and scored 9 goals. However, their defense has been their weak point, conceding 18 goals in 16 games. St. Louis City will look to exploit this weak spot and come into the game with confidence following their impressive 3-0 victory over Houston Dynamo. St. Louis City's key player, Eduard Lowen is on a hot streak with five goals in his last five games.
free betting tips & livestream
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2023.06.07 05:30 ImmaBestBoy Duckling here, what's with you guys never using any of the 1st-round picks (both as pick and as draftee picked) you guys got in any capacity other than for trading?

2017 1st-round: Glass, Suzuki, Brannstrom all got moved to Nashville, Montreal, and Ottawa respectively for Patrick, Pacioretty, and Stone respectively.
2018 1st-round: 30th-overall pick handed to Detroit for Tomas Tatar
2019 1st-round: Peyton Krebs got moved to Buffalo for Eichel
2020 1st-round: Brendan Brisson, the sole exception at this point; he's with the Knights rn (in some capacity)
2021 1st-round: Zach Dean got moved to St. Louis for Ivan Barbashev
2022 1st-round: 16th-overall pick got moved to Buffalo (along with Krebs above) for Eichel.
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2023.06.07 05:30 JoseeofAvalon Moving forward a year later

Hi all,
I’m new to the sub. I (32F) an really struggling with moving forward. My husband (33M) and I have been married for four years. While we were dating, he told me about his porn use. Honestly, I was shocked. I’d known him since we were teenagers and he definitely wasn’t someone I suspected would use porn. He didn’t feel like it was unethical because it was mostly women self-pleasuring and posting themselves- not “traditional” studio porn. I was married before to a PA/SA who ended up meeting folks on Craigslist for annoymous sex, so I was very clear that this was a boundary for me. He was super understanding and said that he had used it infrequently and would stop. We ended up getting engaged and married.
During the first year or so, I didn’t have any suspicion that he was still using porn. One day, I found it on his phone. I was so upset and confronted him- again, he swore he’d stop. He claimed that he had been stressed and wasn’t sure why he’d done it. He did share that it had happened several times. I forgave him and thought we moved forward. I ended up getting pregnant with twins.
Last year (when the twins were around 6months old ), I found porn on an old phone. I lost it- I was completely shattered that this continued to be a problem. When I confronted him, he came clean about it. Said he’d used quite a bit while I was pregnant and post partum. I’d been super sick and on bed rest, and honestly- was so “out of it” that I didn’t notice.
I ended up taking my older kids and going to a hotel for a few days. I seriously considered leaving permanently. He took me more seriously (I think?) than he had in the past.
We haven’t had a Dday since then. I have open access to his devices (and do check). We have accountability software installed. He thinks social media is ridiculous, so doesn’t use that. Like I said- he has always been honest when I’ve confronted him about it, and he says he hasn’t relapsed. He’s an amazing father and a good husband otherwise.
My question is- how do I move on from this? My self esteem is the lowest it’s ever been. I don’t think I’m ugly, although I’m a little overweight after the birth of my twins- it’s been much harder to get back to “normal” than it was with my older girls. I know his type was blonde, small/athletic women with smaller breasts, etc. The opposite of me. Everytime I see myself in the mirror, I want to cry. I avoid looking at my body when it’s undressed because I just compare myself to these women. Sex feels disconnected- I’m constantly wondering if he’s thinking about other women or imagining them. He tries to be attentive and make sure that I’m enjoying it, but it’s been so hard. I have nightmares constantly of him leaving, cheating, looking at porn, etc. I can’t get the images of these women out of my head and it just hurts.
The other day we were in Costco when a beautiful woman walked by… who was just his type. To his defense, he didn’t bat an eye. But I had a super weird panic attack and had to walk away. Since then, I’ve spent all week upset and triggered. This seems like it happens pretty frequently. I can’t imagine going to places like the pool with him because of it. I haven’t talked to him about it because he hasn’t really done anything wrong lately- it’s all just lingering frustration and pain. I’m trying not to take it out on him, but I can’t seem to help it. He’s also not the time to give words of affirmation, and I feel like it just makes it even harder because I need that reassurance.
Has anyone been through this? How do you heal? How do you get past the pain and insecurity? I can’t seem to get into a therapist in network and I’m not sure what else to do. I’m sure that betrayal trauma in my previous marriage is part of why I can’t move forward. I want to believe he’s trying and to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I’m not sure that I’ll ever trust him or feel confident in myself again.
Thanks to anyone who read all of this. Needed to get it off my chest-there isn’t anyone in my life that I feel like I can talk to this about. I feel like I’m going insane and I’m worried I’m never going to feel like “me” again.
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