Parking garage near gainbridge fieldhouse

Good Property Management Companies Near Loyola?

2023.03.29 03:18 Nice-Letter3163 Good Property Management Companies Near Loyola?

Hi all,
I recently got into Loyola and will be moving from Ohio. I wanted to find a 1 bed apartment that was 1400 or less and near Loyola or in Rogers Park. I was looking into BJB properties but the unit I was looking has already been rented.
Any other suggestions? I'm pretty stumped.
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2023.03.29 03:16 BluApex Park assist as it is now is awful.

How did this ship and how is no one else talking about this? Park assist without a doubt beyond garbage:
  1. It turns on while driving in the road, giving me a top down view and drawing lines around others cars... Just to later beep at you when you accelerate. Into the line of the car which has since accelerated when the light turns green.
2 it's flat wrong... I have a tight garage and I have to park beyond the arbitrary red outline to get my car to fit.
3 this is small but driving with it on is annoying, it's constantly outlining shit in the road.
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2023.03.29 03:14 Rye_Dimar_Dragon Hiking and drone shots.

Currently live in NJ and will be moving to PA at some point. Now as far as NJ goes, my understanding is drones are banned in state parks and most town parks do not allow it. The same seems to be for PA minus a few specific parks on their list with designated drone flying sites. I was curious as far as NJ goes; where ya can hike and still use your drone that is not a state or federal run park, where you can fly a drone?
Seems like it is getting harder and harder to find hiking spots to fly my drone when I reach a high point in NJ (currently live in central Jersey near Union, for a point of reference.) I been sending e-mails to parks in my area who did not have a drone policy and so far all of them said “no”.
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2023.03.29 03:10 BillyMac05 Watch this scene....

In 'WhiteCaps' they start a scene focused in on Adriana's legs in heels walking across a parking garage before arriving at the car belonging to the federal agent. In that brief scene intro, this will sound stupid, but I always thought that looked like an intro to an 80s hair metal video. Then she gets into Nicko McBrain's car....
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2023.03.29 03:01 robboelrobbo Any public showers near Olympic National Park?

Is there anywhere I can pay for a shower near Forks?
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2023.03.29 02:59 LazyChesh Neptune Theatre Parking

I was wondering if anyone knows a good parking garage or safe parking lot that's open 24 hours close to the Neptune Theatre. I'm going to be in town for a concert and will need to leave my car from around 6pm-1am.
I'm currently looking at one parking garage that would be 10-15 minute walk to the theatre named Portage Bay Garage. But I can't find much information on it. Has anyone parked here before? Is it 24hrs garage? What was your experience?
Thank you in advance for the recommendations.
(I know this has been asked before but the answers weren't the best.)
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2023.03.29 02:58 lupe_de_poop Reaching a breaking point with my dog post-baby

I love my dog but I'm at my wits end with her 10 months after having our first baby. My husband and I have 2 dogs we adopted before we got pregnant, a 5 year old male black lab mix and a 4 year old female husky/heeler mix. We've had them each since they were puppies, and before baby, we took them everywhere. They went camping, hiking, to dog parks, out to patio bars with us. They were both pretty well behaved. Then we got pregnant, and tbh we just don't go camping, hiking and to patios as much. Our baby is 10 months old, we both work full time. We're still trying to walk them every day, and we take them to the parks on weekends. But Luna is constantly getting into trouble. She's barking out the windows, she's stealing food off counters and the table, she's getting underwear out of the laundry and eating it... I'm going nuts. She doesn't do dog parks anymore because she is very defensive now and won't let strange dogs near any of her humans or our other dog... I know it's not her fault but I'm frustrated and I don't know how to fix it. What do we do?
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2023.03.29 02:56 Ok-Win-5358 mobile connector safety on the low amp

Hi guys!
Newbie here. I just got my mobile connector for my 2023 M3 RWD. I am a renter and don't want to deal with my landlord now.
I have a plug just near where I park. It is connected to a 15AMP breaker on the circuit board... It is a multi-plug.
Mobile Connector owner's manual says don't plug anything to the pairing plug but there is a Fiber optic modem and a very small security cam connected there. So, when I plug my mobile connector it works and it shows 12A on the app. But because of what owner's manual warns, I am a little bit scared and lowered down the consumption to 8A on the app.
So, what do you think is this a safe practice? Any comment?
PS: I am ok with a slow charge as I don't drive her at night and my daily commute is 6 miles one-way. I have a supercharger in 1-mile circuit and a costly Level 2 charger at the office.
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2023.03.29 02:46 Motherleathercoat A Tourist lost their car 4 days ago in a Washington DC parking garage and is asking r/washingtondc to find it. They slept outside last night! Help track it down so they can go home.

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2023.03.29 02:44 Mysticism1 Hey guys, I am so embarrassed about this 🥺

I saw a dog licking itself alone in a lot, near a run down motel. It was all alone in the lot, with its mouth opening repeatedly, and kept biting his feet. My first thought was that it was abandoned! It had a very worn leash on it, and a collar, so I assumed it wad someone's pet, and must be nearby. Well, I kept saying to the dog, "you lost cutie?" and maybe for about 4 minutes, no one appeared. I decided to call a family member and ask what to do. I explained the dog looked possibly rabid, kept biting and looked lost. And someone closed the door at the dingy motel, clearly seeing me and the dog. I thought that was strange... so that led me to believe it was being abandoned. Well, out of nowhere, a guy with a leaf blower approaches the area. I decided to go into the motel to possibly ask if they knew someone who lost a dog there. Well, the front desk woman was very busy and so I decided to step out, and the dog was gone. I suppose the leag blower guy was his owner. I am still feeling the embarrassment, cause he must've heard me talking on the phone about his dog. I am so cringe!!! lol. Not cool from the owner, in my opinion, to leave a little dog unattended like that in a parking lot. Anyone could've swiped it, ot worse. I always want to get involved in things and help, but to a fault. Ughhhhh. Should I still be embarrassed? lmaooo
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2023.03.29 02:44 GonnaTri What might cause this hole in my garage concrete floor? Nothing dripped/parked on it. Appeared as a “dirt” spot at first but as I tried to sweep/clean it up, it was deep—it went as deep as I could push a screwdriver in. Could an insect have “chewed” this through?

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2023.03.29 02:43 blackkittymeowmeowww Looking for a safe parking garage, museum, and any type of vegan food in all one area

My boyfriend and I are going to come into the city on Thursday from Allentown, PA. It’s been a rough couple weeks so we really want to have a fun day. The thing is, I don’t want to walk too much bc I had surgery a bit ago. I’m totally fine, I can still walk for a while and be fine. I’m just not looking to do an all day nyc adventure. Just a little quick trip. We want to drive into the city and park in a parking garage. We are willing to pay whatever. Then hopefully walk to a cool museum or something cool to do. And have yummy vegan food somewhere after. Everything within reasonable walking distance to eachother. If anything we will take an Uber. We want to be back in time to feed and walk my dog. My boyfriend is from Newark and spent a lot of time in NYC, he studied art at Fashion Institute of Technology. So he’s confident driving around in the city and navigating things. We are flexible on what we do but ideally would love an an art or history museum, and some of ethnic vegan food and a safe parking garage where my car won’t get broken into. All within decent walking distance of eachother or short Uber away. Is this possible ?
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2023.03.29 02:35 BuddhistX Karuna Buddhist Vihara (bhikkunis), California (PST Timezone)

There are many people reading this who are not connected to a Buddhist community because there are "no Buddhist centers in my area". The good news is that in the post-pandemic world, this is no longer an issue. The goal of this series of posts (Online Temple w/ Livestream) is to showcase Buddhist centers that have an online virtual presence. These are not online-only temples. These are actual Buddhist temples with a local presence that just happened to have an online/livestream service via Zoom software or Youtube. Anyone anywhere in the world can 'attend'. You can now be a part of a Buddhist community.
Karuna Buddhist Vihara
Chanting, Meditation, and Sutta Study Wednesdays at 10pm (Eastern) and Saturdays at 1pm (Eastern) via Zoom with American Buddhist bhikkuni (nuns) in the Theravada Buddhist (Pali-based) tradition from Karuna Buddhist Vihara
Karuna Buddhist Vihara (KBV) was founded in 2012 as a neighborhood monastery where Theravada bhikkhunis live, where women train to become bhikkhunis, where meditation and Dhamma teachings based on the Pali Canon are offered to the public, and where traditional chanting and ceremonies are conducted. KBV is incorporated as a non-profit, tax-exempt Buddhist church in the state of California. Currently, KBV has two residents: Santussikā Bhikkhuni and Cittānandā Bhikkhuni. They currently live at the new hermitage property in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California.
The intention at KBV is to strive as diligently and energetically as possible for the realization of Nibbāna and to help as many people as possible to improve their lives and do the same. As the citta (heart/mind) develops in sīla (moral virtue), samādhi (meditation) and paññā (wisdom), mettā (loving kindness for all beings) and karuṇā (compassion) blossom as well. At KBV, the intention is to share these qualities and this experience along with the example of living a simple life. The inspiration for this way of living has been the many good monks and nuns that the residents of KBV have lived with and learned from over the years, as well as the Buddha himself.
To that end, the nuns at KBV study the suttas, the Vinaya and the Pali language and practice the Noble Eightfold Path with diligence. In the past, at its Mountain View location, KBV held public weekly chanting, meditation and sutta study sessions, daylong meditation retreats and other Dhamma programs, as well as traditional Buddhist observances, such as Vesākha Pūjā and Kathina. Although we have now moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains, the bhikkhunis, still offer these same programs online and meet with people for spiritual counseling on request. They also offer meditation instruction, Dhamma talks and retreats for a wide variety of groups outside of KBV.
Since KBV began, the community of participants has steadily grown and is uniquely diverse with people representing a very wide range of ethnicities, ages and backgrounds. The common theme is interest in traditional Theravada teachings from the Pali Canon as practiced and presented by ordained monastics in English as they relate to modern Western culture.
With more bhikkhunis, the range of offerings and services for the public will expand according to their strengths and interests. This might include such things as a youth program, Pali classes, Qigong classes, or regular tea and Dhamma discussion meetings, and would include regular morning and evening meditation sessions open to the public.
After the big, unexpected change of acquiring the hermitage property in 2019, the vision for KBV has shifted slightly. The hope is to develop the hermitage to accommodate 5 monastics and up to 5 lay people staying at the property at any given time. With the peace and energy of an old redwood forest to reside and deepen their practice in, the bhikkhunis will have the opportunity that the Buddha instructed monastics to seek in order to make progress on the path, and consequently provide improved teachings to the public. The hermitage property will also serve as a peaceful haven for lay guests to practice and participate in the activities and daily schedule of living at a monastery.
​In the spirit of continuing to be accessible to those who are interested in what KBV has to offer, the intention is to open a meditation center in town somewhere in the South Bay once it is safe to have meetings in person again. We are hoping for office or retail/commercial space that will provide enough parking and amenities for everyone who would like to come for any of the programs. However, with the cases of COVID-19 still on the rise and no foreseeable end in sight, the focus for now will be developing the hermitage's facilities. The search for a suitable location for the meditation center in the South Bay will continue as the pandemic allows.
Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 887 Boulder Creek, CA 95006
Hermitage: (408) 354-3305 Cell: (650) 556-6427 [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
To find more Buddhist communities with online/virtual services, go to Vihara
If you want a local Buddhist community and believe there are some near you, use this guide to help you find & select a good one.
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2023.03.29 02:34 BuddhistX Birken Forest Buddhist Monastery (Sītavana) Ajahn Sona's home

There are many people reading this who are not connected to a Buddhist community because there are "no Buddhist centers in my area". The good news is that in the post-pandemic world, this is no longer an issue. The goal of this series of posts (Featured Online Temple) is to showcase Buddhist centers that have an online virtual presence. These are not online-only temples. These are actual Buddhist temples with a local presence that just happened to have an online/virtual service via Zoom software. Anyone anywhere in the world can 'attend'. You can now be a part of a Buddhist community.
Birken Forest Buddhist Monastery (Sītavana)
Birken Forest Buddhist Monastery 7000 Smith Lake Forest Srv Rd. Knutsford, BC V0E 2A0 CANADA
About the Monastery
Birken Forest Buddhist Monastery (‘Birken’) is a Canadian Theravada Buddhist monastery following the Thai forest tradition of Ajahn Chah. In 1994, Canadian-born Abbot Ajahn Sona returned from monastic training in Thailand and established a primitive shack monastery in the coast mountains of British Columbia, naming it “Birken” due to its proximity to the Birkenhead Lake Provincial Park. As the community of monastics and lay supporters grew, Birken was reborn in its second, larger location near Princeton, B.C. In 2001, Birken relocated to its current and final resting place in a secluded forest location just south of Kamloops, B.C. The monastery is also known by its Pali name ‘Sītavana’, translated as ‘cool forest grove’.
The Birken residence (vihara) provides nearly 10,000 sq.ft. of comfortable, green living space, including a spectacular meditation hall overlooking the surrounding forest, marsh and bird sanctuary. Due to its remote location, Birken operates entirely off-grid, with solar panels supplying power for most of the year. Over the years, many improvements have been made to bring the monastery to a very high level of energy efficiency and a model of simple, green monasticism. The basement of the main building contains a walking meditation hall, library and dining area. The main building also contains a large kitchen, several guest rooms, and four shared bathrooms. The monastics and many of the resident lay stewards live in small cabins (called ‘kutis’) a short walk away from the main building.
For over 2,500 years, the monastic tradition has survived solely through the generous support of the lay community. Theravada monks and nuns must refrain from growing, cooking or storing their own food, and are prohibited from handling money. To this day, lay communities in countries around the world generously provide monastics with their basic requisites of food, clothing, lodging and medicine. In return, monastics offer laypeople the highest gifts of Dhamma teachings and spiritual mentorship. Birken is supported entirely by donations and the voluntary labour of resident lay stewards. Guests from all walks of life are welcome to visit the monastery and experience the liberating teachings of the Buddha for themselves.
If you sense a connection with this community, sign up for their newsletter to get updates, contact them by email and ask about becoming a regular attendee or a member. Consider supporting the group or monk with voluntary donations.
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2023.03.29 02:34 randomperson795 Weekday parking in downtown portland

Hello! New driver, wondering about recommended parking spots in downtown portland within a 5-minute walk to city hall. I would rather not park at the top of the old port parking lot or the unified parking partners lot because it is crazy expensive. Just looking for other lot recommendations near there, or streets that people can normally find parking on. Thanks!!
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2023.03.29 02:33 hulkthrow Viofo Duo A129 failed to record crash footage for the third time

I should state that the prior two fails were near misses which resulted in hard braking but I managed to finally involve myself in a collision earlier today after a truck driver sped up to deny me from a merge despite me having right of way in a non marked merging lane, he was behind me and had been driving aggressively tail gating me and decided to speed up and cut me off and we side swiped each other before I could react and swerve out of the way, he proceeded to try and flee the scene and I pursued him and got the license plate then broke off the chase after the 911 operator confirmed the make/model of the truck and told me to not pursue.
Amazingly after trying to view the collision on the Viofo app the file was not readily visible, it had the prior days files but only had the files of when I had pulled over into a parking lot to wait for an officer to meet up with me. No idea what the issue is, I checked the locked files and see nothing for todays date, thinking it potentially could be the cigarette port charger coming loose but the fact it was recording just yesterday makes me doubt that. Searching for a micro sd reader to try and look for the file on my computer as the app is super slow with mobile data but feel like I'm just shit out of luck and will be left empty once again.
Is this camera prone to this issue or am I missing something?
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2023.03.29 02:27 junk-drawer-magic Alexa : "There is someone at your garage door." I nearly had a heart attack at first glance.

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2023.03.29 02:22 -Advencha What is this part??

What is this part??
Does anyone know what this part is?? It’s electrical I think. I’ve got a coolant leak. It’s coming from above this part, not from this actual part. But can’t figure out what this electric is. The part is just to the right (towards the driver door) of the driver side motor mount.
Also any one else have a slow coolant leak on the JL 2.0 turbo engine?
The leak is real slow. I only ever have a drop on the garage floor but it’s certainly leaking onto other parts below it and I need to find the leak and fix it (hopefully without paying the dealership to do it for me) any ideas helpful but if you could identify the electrical but that’s being dripped on, that would be a start.
Also don’t worry about everything looking pink in the picture. It’s not all coolant. I was parked up on a red curb which is reflecting pink light on everything. But some of it is coolant..hence the problem
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2023.03.29 02:20 iwantalychee Honeymoon Later This Year - is it worth chasing Explorist status with the current Bilt promotion?

What is the likelihood of getting upgrades/perks at these properties as Explorist? I know it won't be upgrades to a suite, but bigger rooms would be great as well since we'll have a lot of luggage.
I'm currently Discoverist but will reach Explorist by the end of the year AFTER all these stays. With the current Bilt promo, we could potentially reach Explorist BEFORE our honeymoon trip. We already have 5 nights booked during the Bilt Explorist trial period, so we'd need another 5 nights to keep Explorist. The closest Cat 1 near me is 1.5 hrs away, so it would take some planning ahead and commitment to do a mattress run (also not off-peak).
What would you do?
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2023.03.29 02:19 Lordof-theToads Bryant Creek Trailhead Questions

Is there anyway to get the Bryant Creek/Mount Shark trailhead without a car? If not, is there anywhere to park overnight near there?
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2023.03.29 02:18 somewherein72 Lore Week: The Collected Adventures of Fergis Failout

These are some things I wrote about one of my characters a while back, before the bow was in the game. I should really update Fergis's adventures someday.
Fergis Failout's Lucky Day at Big Bend Tunnel
I began a new character, Fergis Failout and got him to lvl 8 and I took him through Big Bend Tunnel to look for Santa Scorched. Well, it's going pretty well for the first half of the tunnel, some lvl 6 and lvl 14 scorched, but suddenly the bells, bells, bells, bells start ringing and here come 2 lvl 68 Santas, a Legendary Non-Santa lvl 68, and a couple of their lvl 68 ugly best friends - Fergis put up a good fight, but not a match, and he lost all of his junk in the tunnel. Fergis is a loser, but not one to give up, so he trekked right back down the tunnel to retrieve his bag of steel, lead, and other assorted sundries to get out the other side of the tunnel into the Cranberry Bog and certain death, but the group of lvl 68 scorched aren't happy about him tresspassing in their tunnel, so murdered again and another trek back to retrieve his sack of goodies. Rinse and repeat, until Fergis lies in wait just long enough for the hero of the Wasteland to show up, none other than Grahm, lord of the grill, master of trades, and his war drum slay the sleigh bell dangling legendaries, and every other scorched in the tunnel. Fergis is saved and has tons of loot to trade with Grahm, enough to relieve the overencumbrance, and acquire the plan for the Meathook -plus, a sweet lvl 5 Quad-Explosive Pump Action Shotgun, a few blood-soaked Christmas goodies, and a new love for our lord and savior, Grahm with his trusty sidekick, Chally.
Who is Fergis Failout: An Origin
Fergis Failout found himself and his family at fourteen living in Flatwoods, attending the high school and helping at the family business. In the days before the bombs fell, Fergis's family moved into Vault76. Fergis's father had a thriving atomic repair business, that he inherited from his father who emigrated from Ireland to the hills of Appalachia to set up shop in Pre-War America. As Fergis grew up, he worked alongside his father and learned the family trade inside Vault76. He learned to repair vault equipment, small home appliances, weaponry and other items. The years passed, and sadly Fergis's father and mother passed away in the months before Reclamation Day. Since then, Fergis has had little time to mourn their passage, instead he has tried to survive in the Savage Divide and repair some of the equipment he has been able to find laying about using the skills that his father and grandfather taught him.
Fergis Failout: The Mothman Portent of Doom
In this episode, we join Fergis putting the finishing touches on his renovated camp teetering atop a unique rock formation in the Savage Divide. Hungry for adventure, and not content to reside under a bridge near Morgantown.
Fergis packed up his C.A.M.P unit and headed out into the Savage Divide, he heard from a friend about unique rock formation near Autumn Acre Cabin and had to see for himself.
Finally on the scene after an arduous journey, young Fergis, only lvl 25 perched his camp atop the rock formation and set about to unpack all of the mounted animal heads, crafting benches, stuffed animals, and decaying body parts in jars.
As he worked along, he noted how nice and quiet his new surroundings were, "Wow, not getting attacked here. This is swell," Fergis thought to himself. Just as Fergis sat down his prized Mr. Pebbles plushie, he heard his small turret begin whispering outside and wandered out to see what was the ruckus.
Following the hail of bullets into the forest, there in the distance, he could see two red eyes, peering at him from the brush. He snuck toward the creature, but in a whoosh of black smoke, the Mothman disappeared into the ether. Fergis prepared for the Mothman to attack, but he was gone. Not to return.
But, it was not to be a quiet night, for the public address announced a Nuclear Attack had been launched; and in the distance, a mushroom cloud blossomed.
Then, without warning, from the sky a screaming and the patter of many feet, two scorched winged beasts descended upon the teetering camp and a horde of scorched men and women rained hell down upon Fergis and his camp.
Sadly, Fergis died in the melee - only to return to find his camp was beset upon anew by a new threat lvl 62 charred ghouls! Fergis, no match for the ghouls met his end yet again, taking a final breath as the walls of his camp crumbled under the assault from the creatures.
Yes Friends, the Mothman, he came with a warning of terrors to come, presaging death, destruction, and a nuclear holocaust!
Beware, when the Mothman fails to attack - it could mean that dark days are ahead!
Fergis Failout's Weighty Welch Adventure
Fergis wandered down to Welch after spending the day at Camden Park eating expired hot dogs, tossing dross, and lucky muckin'. He recently turned 50 and found himself in possession of a fine shiny suit of armor suitable for mining and fightin'.
As soon as he walked into Welch, a whole swarm of men in cloaks started shooting at him, completely unprovoked! Not to be deterred, Fergis started in to defend himself but found he was overwhelmed by the host of garbled grunting Mole Miners. He had to run away from Welch and get bandaged up, when he got back there, he found all the things he dropped and started in to stealthily eliminate the rude bastards that live in Welch. Directly, Fergis had cleaned out that whole town, liberated it of the rude cloaked men and made his way up to the little shop only to find that the shop was closed due to lack of funds. Not a cap to be had here, the Protectron vendor squawked.
"Well", Fergis thought, "this is an awful lot of salvage to just turn into scrap, I think I'll head up the tracks and find my way toward Lewisburg." The Protectron, stared at him with it's one eye and said, "May I be of assistance?"
Fergis just turned and walked out.
So, he started out of town, only to find there was a terrible-looking beast fighting some ugly green-skinned giants, "Holy moses!" He said to himself, but he was too late to avoid being spotted. Fergis shuffled through all of his junk and managed to get a weapon out of the mess and returned fire on them mutants and that giant goat, the thing damn near put out his eye with a flurry of spikes off it's back. Lucky thing Fergis was wearing welding goggles, otherwise he would've needed an eyepatch.
Finally, the mutants killed that 'Squatch, and Fergis was able to put them down one by one. Some of them, up close and personal-like with a claw he made out of mole rat teeth!
After the smoke cleared, Fergis made his way over to the killing ground and found even more salvage on the bodies, that huge goat thing had a weird weapon on it, said 'Cryolator' on the side and it appeared that it holds four times the normal amount of ammuntion. "I bet this will at least freeze an arm or a leg off, too!"
Well, Fergis turned to look back at Welch dreading the road ahead, realizing they were broke and had no caps for all his salvage, he turned back toward Lewisburg and headed on down the tracks tugging a sack of guns, scrap parts, and missile launchers behind him.
Fergis Failout : The Ghoul Puncher
It was a dreary day in Appalachia, and Fergis was free of Welch and done with breathing the dust of the Ash Heap. He finally made it back to his home in the Savage Divide after weeks of hard-worn foot travel. He was ready for some good sleep under his Mothman blanket in his own bed for a change, sleeping under bridges and old tents was a hard life for a scavenger and he was dreaming of that bed for days on end and the fresh air of the Divide.
After he returned home and checked the messages on his terminal, he found a cryptic call for help, one of the new Responders found themselves in a mess with a ghoul infestation and they were calling for anyone to come and help out.
Now, Fergis had come up against ghouls before, nasty sort of creatures, and he weren't fond of them at all. But, it was a fella he knew from the Vault and he thought he ought to go help as he could. So, after a short rest, he found his way down to the station in Berkley to get outfitted to face some nasty ghouls. Most of his guns were broken, he was practically out of ammo, and all he had was an old Miner's gauntlet with one broken claw.
He had a handful of scrip left over from Lewisburg and after he talked to the shopkeeper there in Berkley, and said where he was goin', the shopkeeper, real unpleasant sort, shoved an odd-looking glove through the window to him. He wasn't sure, but to him, it sounded like she said this was what he needed, he looked down at it and read the label on the side, 'Ghoul Puncher'. It were some kind of powered glove. Now, Fergis was already none too happy about getting close to any ghouls, but he figured this would do as good as anything. He got the rest of his gear on for travellin' and headed down toward the deepest part of the Mire, some old Church where his friend was. Well, he put that glove on, and immediately he felt better about what he was about to face. That glove had a hell of a kick to it, and he could see that it would put a hurt on a ghoul and you wouldn't have to get too close to them after all.
After a few days of plodding through the muddy mire of the swamp, Fergis found the church and could hear his buddy shouting from the window, it wasn't long after that when he saw the ghouls milling around the yard of the church, and not long after that they caught the stink of Fergis. Them ghouls started toward Fergis, and he raised that glove at them, POW, caught the first one right in the face, plumb dented it's face to pulp and it went down, another right behind it, smacked down to the ground, and they kept coming at him. He kept on dropping them with that glove, one after another, there must have been about 20 of them fall under that glove.
After all them ghouls were down, Fergis looked down at that 'Ghoul Puncher' and wondered what else it could do. "Could it take down one of them big flyin' bats?" he thought to himself.
Directly, he heard his friend coming down from the steeple of the church, "So glad to see you, I thought I was done for. I've been up there for days, and I was starting to wonder if anyone was going to help me. What's that on your arm?"
"Well, it says it's a ghoul puncher, and I believe it is."
Fergis followed his friend home, punched a few more ghouls along the way, and felt good for lending a hand, and didn't mind the jingle of a few more caps in his pockets.
Fergis & The Stubborn Camper
After Fergis left his friend, no safe from ghouls in his little bungalow in the cranberry Bog, he thought he might take a look around the Bog and get an idea of what might be there.
"Awful nice place," he thought, "But seems awful dangerous."
While Fergis was roaming around the Bog he had a message on his Pip-Boy from a gal he knew from the Vault, Yasmeen McGillicuddy. "She was a sweetie, and awful pleasant to look at, too."
Turned out Yasmeen's camp had been facing constant attacks from them flyin' scorchbats and she needed to find a new place to set up shop. Fergis had roamed far and wide, and he had a few suggestions for good places. But he was a long way away from the Forest and all of the safe places he might suggest for her to take a look at, but Fergis replied to her call and directly she came to greet him near the old Appalachian Antique store.
"Well, Fergis! Look at you. You look rough and smell rougher - what in the world are you doing in the Cranberry Bog!?"
"You know, Yasmeen - just roaming around, doin' some scavengin' and trying to stay in one piece."
Fergis and Yasmeen took to the road and headed toward the mountains. There were some nice safe areas way up in the hills and Fergis thought he could help her set up a nice place there. Well, over the next few hours, morning wore into the afternoon and they ventured over toward Kerwin Mine and right there they found a place that Yasmeen was just wild over.
"This place looks a lot like where I'm stayin' near now, Yas."
"It's gorgeous! I love the archway, so unique! I've got to move here."
"Well, don't you want to stake it out, find out if it's safe or not? You're gettin' beat down with scorchbeast already. We'll just pitch a little camp here and stay the night."
It's a hard tale to tell when tough-headed people get it in mind to do somethin' stubborn, and Yasmeen was stubborn as they get. She wouldn't have reason or logic, and she just wanted to move there to that archway. She put a call in through her Pip-boy, and before you knew it there was the C.A.M.P unit flickering to life right there on the edge of a cliff under that archway.
"I sure hope this works out for you, Yasmeen. You call me if you get into some trouble. It sure was nice to see you again, been a while since the vault."
"You take care out there Fergis, if you want to stick around a bit, I'll get mutfruit juice and corn soup cooking up!"
Fergis would've stayed, but he felt like getting back toward his own place back in the Divide. There was plenty he needed to see to back at his own house and setting up the conduits on another house wasn't worth a bowl of corn soup.
"I'll keep an ear out for you, Yas...if you need me give me a shout girl."
Fergis looked back over toward the where the Monorail used to be, "sure would be nice to hop on the rail, this walking is for the birds" he thought to himself. Over the week through the Mire and the last few days in the Bog, he had quite a bit of salvage, too much for easy transfer; so dragging it back or abandonin' it was his only choice.
Fergis made it up to a decayed satellite dish, seemed deserted, aside from a few old robots that were easy to hide from, they were slow and had just one eye, so not a threat at all. He was just about to unpack his sleeping bag when his pip-boy started to chatter.
It was Yasmeen.
"Fergis! Help me, there's Super-Mutants, Robots, Ghouls and Scorched people all around this place! Come help get me out of here!"
Fergis rolled his napsack back up, not even getting a wink of rest, strapped it all together again, tugged his bag full of junk parts, and pulled out that ghoul puncher and an old black powder rifle he found in the Mire and started back toward Yasmeen's camp.
Not even a full day and her camp were already under attack from every manner of unnatural deviance Appalachia had spit up since the world ended.
"I just got my house set up, and these mutants showed up - they smashed my tatos! They ripped my corn right out of the ground!" her voice squawked over the tiny pip-boy speaker. "I had one turret set up and an old rifle, I got them chased away, but it wasn't 20 minutes later that the scorched people showed up and start shooting at me and throwing mutfruits at my house. I'd rather have the scorchbeasts!"
Fergis listened to the static-squawking of the speaker and his frantic friend, he pressed the talk button, "I'm 'bout 10-12 hours away, I'll be there as soon as I can."
Fergis grabbed his pack, tugged it over his shoulder and put and turned around, "You can't tell stubborn people anything," he grunted to himself as he headed back through the woods toward Kerwin Mine again.
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2023.03.29 02:15 Ingvarthebald I just got my catalytic converter stolen for the second time in six months.

Im so tired, guys. I drive a toyota prius and live in Chicago, I live in a pretty decent area and dont even park in isolated areas, but even so. My damn insurance rates are gonna skyrocket, if they dont cancel my service outright. Im gonna have to wait another month or so for the garage to get the parts in from the dealer. And all this right after I became unemployed from my store closing down. Its rough out there.
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