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Welcome all who hate baby groot in GOTG vol 2 In a few months, he's gonna be on every fucking television screen, every mcdonalds happy meal box and there will be so many porn parodies. God help us all when Baby Groot infects your brain. Grooty little michael jackson loving fucker.

2013.01.08 15:42 RicoVig Rico "Mah Vigga" liotti

le Rico sub 4 Rico

2023.04.01 21:19 MegaMikeX143 (Offer) April Universal Rewards, Sony Buff Pass, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Flatliners, Green Knight 4K, Jungle Book 2, Lady and the Tramp, Lone Ranger, Spider-Man No Way Home, The Menu (Request) List and Offers

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Big Hero 6 4K iTunes
Black Panther 4K iTunes
Cars 3 4K iTunes
Christopher Robin 4K iTunes
Fifty Shades Darker 4K iTunes
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Green Knight 4K Vudu (doesn’t port)
Star Wars The Last Jedi 4K iTunes
Straight Outta Compton 4K iTunes
Toy Story 4 4K MA
Despicable Me 2 HD MA
Dr Seuss The Lorax HD MA
Flatliners HD MA
Paranormal Activity 3 HD iTunes (doesn’t port)
Rock Dog HD iTunes (doesn’t port)
Shang Chi HD MA
Sleeping Beauty HD MA
Spider-Man No Way Home HD MA
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The Menu HD MA
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Season 3 Silicon Valley iTunes
Sony Buff Pass
Choose one title from the below, redeems on MA:
April Universal Rewards
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2023.04.01 21:18 Emergency_Sky551 Sadistic Beauty REWRITE/REVENGE PT 17

Haesol: Now can we watch the video already.
Minho: Alright let's play it.
Minho plays the sparring video
Manuel: Alright only 4 rounds let's do this.
Minho: You're on and I'm not putting on headgear
Manuel: You sure you don't want head gear man?
Minho: I'll be fine.
Minho: Just don't go easy on me.
Manuel:Alright here we go.
The bell rings and Minho and Manuel take there fighting stance
Minho: Maybe I should've put on the headgear
Manuel: C'mon let's fight
Minho: Alright here I go..
Minho throws a few jabs to Manuel but he parries them
Minho: I'm not finished yet!
Minho throws a few haymakers but Manuel dodges
Minho: WHAT
Manuel: Guess it's time
Manuel throws a few jabs and a straight but Minho dodges
Minho: This guy might hit hard!
Minho moves around Manuel and finds an opening
Minho:GOT IT!
Minho throws a perfect straight to Manuel's face causing his nose to bleed
Manuel: Urgh
Round 1 ends and Minho and Manuel go to their neutral corners
Manuel: Towel please.
Alexis: Here you go.
Alexis gives the towel to Manuel and he blows his nose on it
Minho: Is this guy the Latin Assassin for real?
Round 2 starts and Minho and Manuel leave their corners
Minho: HERE I GO!
Minho throws a few haymakers but Manuel dodges and throws a counter heavy jab
Minho: OOF this guy is strong
Manuel: Guess it's time to give him the real challenge
Manuel throws a 1-2 combo and a body blow to Minho
Minho: Ack!!!
Minho throws a few body blows to Manuel
Manuel: Guess I'll have to give it to him
Manuel throws. 1-2 hook and uppercut combo on Minho giving him a cut near his eye
Minho: URGH!
Minho throws a few haymakers to Manuel and it hits
Manuel: Huh this kid is pretty good!
Minho throws a straight but gets countered with a right cross from Manuel knocking him down
Minho: UGH!
Alexis comes to the ring and counts Minho but he gets up in 7
Minho: Ack...
Minho: RAHHH!
Manuel dodges Minho's hooks and hits him with a 1-2 combo along with a few jabs
Minho: Ack!!
Manuel throws a few uppercuts but Minho dodges and hits him with a body blow
Manuel: Urgh!!
Minho: This is it!! HAA!!!!
The round and ends and Minho fails to throw a straight to Manuel
Minho: panting
Manuel: You're pretty good kid!
Round 3 starts and Minho throws a 1 2 combo to Manuel hitting him
Manuel: Guess I'll gotta give it my all now
Manuel throws looping punches to Minho and throws a hard body blow to Minho's stomach
Minho: Gasps
Minho: GRRR!!
Minho returns with another body blow to Manuel
Manuel: Heh..
Manuel throws a jab,hook and uppercut to Minho but he blocks the uppercut
Minho: Grr!!
Minho throws two hooks and and a few body blows to Manuel
Manuel: Give it your all kid!!
Minho throws a barrage of jabs and straights to Manuel's face
But Manuel counters with hooks and uppercuts to Minho's face worsening his cut
Manuel and Minho go back and forth for a while till round 3 ends
Manuel:spits blood
Minho: Gosh he really is the Latin Assassin!
Round 4 starts and Minho throws hooks at Manuel but they miss
Manuel: Cmon!!
Minho throws a body blow combination to Manuel stunning him
Manuel: OOF!
Minho: HAAA!!!
Minho throws a right straight to Manuel hitting and pushing him to the ring corner
*Minho keeps on throwing combos till Manuel blocks them and moves out of the way.
Manuel: That's enough for today!
Manuel grabs Minho and throws a few body shots and the final round ends
Minho: Panting
Manuel: Sorry man you're one tough kid.. let's just go to the lockeroom and I'll give you something to patch up.
Minho: Thanks..
Manuel: You won your gym membership congrats!
Minho: Thank you sir..
The video ends and Minho closes the video
Minho: Shit this cut hurts!!!
Haesol: Atleast you weren't knocked Mr Minho..
Minho: Yeah... Thank you for that.
Haesol: You wanna train with me sir?
Minho: No I'm sorry but I don't think the coach would let me train with this cut.
Haesol: It's ok I'm gonna go after I'm finished my training visit here.
Minho: Alright see you later Haesol..
Haesol: Good bye Mr Minho see you when you're better!
Haesol leaves and goes back to his friend and gym partners
Darren: You done bro?
Haesol: Yeah Minho had a bad cut so I don't think I can train with him.
Conrad: Darn it but I'm happy you got a new gymmate Manuel.
Manuel: That's okay but for now let's train for today.
Haesol: Ok let's do this!
Darren: RIGHT!
Alexis: Alright let's do this!
Haesol and Darren train at the new gym till night comes
Haesol: Whew! That was tiring.
Darren: Yeah coughing
Conrad: Alright you guys did good but for now it's time to go back home.
Darren: Yeah see you guys later.
Haesol's phone rings and he picks it up
Haesol: Hello who is it?
Elizabeth: My Good Boy.. Haesol... are you there??
Haesol: Miss Elizabeth!!! Yeah I'm in the Rome gym around the city!!
Elizabeth: I'm gonna go there see you soon Haesol...
Haesol: Bye!!
Haesol hangs up his phone
Darren: Who's that bro?
Haesol: Someone that I love...
Darren: Ohh... Someone's got game..
Haesol: No I don't Blushes and pouts
Darren: Anyway see you around bro!
Haesol: You too Darren thank you and bye bye!
Haesol and his friends leave the gym until someone menacing arrives
Doona: Giggles That good boy is around that gym..
Wookyung: So this is the guy you've been eyeing... He's gotta be cute..
Doona and Wookyung saw Haesol in gym attire after they became stalkers to find him
Doona: Let's sneak up on him.
Wookyung: Right... He's kinda hot tho.
Doona and Wookyung sneak up to the gym and go near Haesol
Doona: Hey there pretty boy...
Haesol: Huh??
Doona: Do you remember me??
Haesol: You're.... You're that woman who interrupted Miss Elizabeth's call.
Doona: You and Elizabeth you both look like an adorable couple.
Haesol: Scared
Wookyung: Aww is the boy scared?? Well Cmon let the boy speak..
Haesol: Who are you sir??
Wookyung: Just a colleague of Byun Minho..
Haesol: Is this Minho's friend.... no it can't be!
Haesol: He feels evil..
Doona: I'm surprised to say... You and Elizabeth are getting close to each other.
Haesol: Um yes miss..
Doona: I must say... Want me to take something from you?
Haesol: No miss I have to go.. Miss Elizabeth is waiting for me..
Haesol tries to run away but Doona grabs him and seductively holds him close to herself
Doona: Why don't we talk about what I'm taking somewhere else dear..
Haesol: Wait Miss Doona I have to go to Miss Elizabeth she's waiting for me..
Wookyung: Don't be afraid she will treat you nicely..
A few meters away
Elizabeth: Now where can that angel be?
Elizabeth finds the gym and sees Haesol getting harassed by Doona and Wookyung
Elizabeth: My adorable boy!
Elizabeth: I wont let that Jezebel bitch take him away from me!!
Elizabeth jogs to Haesol and grabs him along with shoving Doona out of the way
Doona: Oh did the Queen return in order to save his Prince Charming?
Elizabeth: Of course I'm saving him from a wretched Jezebel like you.
Elizabeth: It's pointless to fight Doona but for now I'll let you live for another day.
Haesol: Miss Eliza..
Elizabeth: Quiet dear and come with me.
Elizabeth: I've got my eye on both of you.
Elizabeth turns around and shows small red pupil lasers coming out of her eyes while walking away with her
Doona: Well that was over..
Wookyung: Hey I have a better idea how about I hire some goons to beat up Minho and kidnap the guy as revenge to the teacher.
Doona: Huh that's a great idea I'm in..
Meanwhile Haesol and Elizabeth are riding in a Nissan R32 with Black Rims
Haesol: Who was that Miss Elizabeth?
Elizabeth: Just an annoying friend of mine don't worry I won't let her hurt you.
Haesol: Really? Thank you for saving me from her I appreciate it.
Elizabeth: No Problem.. Say wanna come to my place tonight?
Haesol: Sure! let's go I'm excited to see what's inside!
Elizabeth: Heh you're gonna love it!
Too be continued
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2023.04.01 21:09 maddawgg Would anyone know if I could use this as a reference photo or be able to design a cool black and white tat off this minature? It’s a gift from my grandpa, he collects a lot of war miniatures and he gave me his favorite. Happy to tip if I like the design or a lot of work put into it. Thanks!

Would anyone know if I could use this as a reference photo or be able to design a cool black and white tat off this minature? It’s a gift from my grandpa, he collects a lot of war miniatures and he gave me his favorite. Happy to tip if I like the design or a lot of work put into it. Thanks! submitted by maddawgg to TattooDesigns [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:04 User_0215 Personal favorite hm toy, what’s yours?

Personal favorite hm toy, what’s yours? submitted by User_0215 to McLounge [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:04 WorkTraditional Made an update to my AT-AT today!

Made an update to my AT-AT today!
I know this isn’t technically Black Series, but very happy with how it turned out and wanted to share!
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2023.04.01 21:02 juansolo298 (selling): Shrek, Kung Fu Panda trilogy, Apes 4K, Mamma Mia 4K, Antlers, Wakanda Forever, Ron's Gone Wrong, The Menu, Solo 4K, Captain America 4K, Doom 4K, Love & Mercy, RIPD, Lady and the Tramp

Payment method - PayPal
1.- 3 From Hell 4K (iTunes only): $4
2.- Antlers HD (Google Play split - will port): $4
3.- A Quiet Place Part I 4K + Part II 4K (iTunes only): $10
4.- Arrival from 2016 HD (Vudu only - split): $3
5.- Baywatch from 2017 HD (Vudu only - split): $3
6.- Black Panther Wakanda Forever HD (Google Play split - will port): $3
7.- Boyhood HD (Vudu only - split): $3
8.- Captain America trilogy 4K First AvengeWinter SoldieCivil War (iTunes splits - will port in 4K): $18
9.- Carol ‘15 HD (Vudu only): $4
10.- Crawl HD (Vudu only - split): $3
11.- Deepwater Horizon 4K (iTunes only): $3
12.- Doctor Strange from 2016 + Multiverse of Madness HD (Google Play splits - will port): $6
13.- Doom Unrated 4K (MA): $6
14.- Frozen HD (Google Play split - will port): $3
15.- Ghost in the Shell live action 4K (iTunes only): $4
16.- Hellboy reboot ‘19 4K (iTunes only): $4
17.- Hot Fuzz 4K (MA): $5
18.- I, Frankenstein HD (Vudu or iTunes only - split): $3
19.- Kung Fu Panda 1/2/3 HD (MA): $10
20.- Lady and the Tramp HD (Google Play split - will port): $5
21.- Lilo & Stitch 1 + 2 HD (Google Play splits - will port): $10
22.- Love & Mercy HD (Vudu only): $4
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24.- Maleficent 1 + 2 HD (Google Play splits - will port): $6
25.- Mamma Mia! ‘08 4K (MA): $5
26.- Minions ‘15 HD (MA): $3
27.- Pet Sematary remake HD (Vudu only - split): $3
28.- Planet of the Apes trilogy 4K Rise/Dawn/War (iTunes - will port in 4K): $12
29.- Power Rangers 2017 4K (iTunes only): $4
30.- R.I.P.D. ‘13 HD (MA): $3
31.- Ron's Gone Wrong HD (Google Play split - will port): $3
32.- Shaun of the Dead 4K (MA): $5
33.- Shrek 1-4 HD (MA): $12
34.- Silent Night, Deadly Night 3-Film Collection HD (Vudu only): $9
35.- Star Wars Force Awakens + Last Jedi + Rise Skywalker sequel trilogy HD (Google Play splits - will port): $6
36.- Star Wars Rogue One HD (Google Play split - will port): $3
37.- Star Wars Solo 4K (iTunes split - will port in 4K): $6
38.- The Dentist + The Dentist 2 HD (Vudu only): $6
39.- The Menu HD (MA - split): $5
40.- The Perks of Being a Wallflower HD (Vudu or iTunes only): $4
41.- Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets HD (Vudu only): $3
42.- West Side Story 2021 HD (Google Play split - will port): $3
43.- World War Z HD (iTunes only - split): $3
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2023.04.01 20:53 memmett17 Finally got my partner watching Survivor, and looking for more opinions on next seasons to watch.

So as per title, got my partner into Survivor too (it’s made me so happy!!)
We started on Cagayan - he enjoyed Tony’s dominant gameplay a lot, and his interest was peaked when Cagayan players compared him to Russell.
So then we watched Samoa. He enjoyed it (and I enjoyed it a lot more than I remembered too), and enjoyed again a pretty dominant player with a strong character.
Then was DvG, which we enjoyed a lot but nothing too standout from our watch together.
He then asked if any black people have ever won, and I said yes, and he said he’d like to watch hat, so I went with Marquesas. He kept asking where the HII’s were, and the pace was so different but still enjoyable. He liked Rob and Sean a lot.
Perhaps controversially, as he liked Rob so much I suggested All Stars, and I said that I don’t think him not seeing all the other players original seasons will matter too much. Again he enjoyed Rob’s gameplay, loved the Romber storyline, and enjoyed the season.
Now I’m stuck where to go. He likes characters, and I do want to show him HvV asap, so I am tempted by Tocantins, but I also feel he needs to see FvF1 asap too.
Totally open to suggestions as I am probably missing something and more opinions would help - which season(s) should we do next do you think?
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2023.04.01 20:52 MARTINELECA Hanwha K2 Black Panther and K9 Thunder officially begin training with the Polish Army

Hanwha K2 Black Panther and K9 Thunder officially begin training with the Polish Army submitted by MARTINELECA to korea [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 20:49 MARTINELECA K2 Black Panther and K9 Thunder officially begin training with the Polish Army

K2 Black Panther and K9 Thunder officially begin training with the Polish Army submitted by MARTINELECA to tanks [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 20:48 MARTINELECA K2 Black Panther and K9 Thunder officially begin training with the Polish Army

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2023.04.01 20:48 Lexusowner40 Is McDonald ripping people off?

There are items on the McDonald’s menu that just don’t justify their price and have me wondering how on earth does its business keep up with competitors.
McCrispy ( for example ) is served with a small piece of meat, two pickles ( no mayo nor bacon strip ) for $7+ just for a sandwich. At KFC you can get a classic chicken sandwich which serves with a large piece of chicken, pickles, mayo for $5.
The classic chicken at KFC tends to full me up for at least 3 hours, whereas the McCrispy at McDonald leaves me starving.
Everything else on the McDonald’s menu are super expensive and not full you up, unless you pay for the meal which comes at a crazy price.
As for taste and quality, kfc tastes premium compared to McDonald’s in every way possible.
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2023.04.01 20:47 MARTINELECA K2 Black Panther and K9 Thunder officially begin training with the Polish Army (1370x780)

K2 Black Panther and K9 Thunder officially begin training with the Polish Army (1370x780) submitted by MARTINELECA to MilitaryPorn [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 20:34 IndieRex Part XVI: Yon (Lockbury Henge and the Mines)

Part XVI: Yon (Lockbury Henge and the Mines)
Welcome to Part 16 of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: Reimagined, an expansion and alternative take on the The Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign. Previous entries:
If you'd prefer to read with the full formatting, or check out some of my older content, please head on over to my blog at
Foreword: This post contains spoilers for The Wild Beyond the Witchlight


Greetings travelers of the frigid expanse of Yon! When we last left off, the party had made their way up into the Shimmerstorm Mountains and taken a rest for the evening.
Today we will cover the party's continued journey through the mountains as they meet the korreds of Lockbury Henge, descend into a new location known as The Howling Mines, and finally encounter the small but industrious brigganocks. As a reminder from last time, we are skipping the Fey Beacons location as I am breaking up that content into parts elsewhere. Let's dive in!

Lockbury Henge
Lockbury Henge is a great time to level up your players to Level 7, though I leave it to you whether this is when they first arrive at the megaliths or once they say their goodbyes to the korreds.
We'll be running this area a bit differently as we can make this area more of a hub for select events:
  • The initial mystery of the campfire and standing stones will remain the same. Instead of an Insight check to solve the gameboard though, I flashed up a game of chess where there was only one move left to win (these are common puzzles you can find online known as "checkmates in one"). That part is entirely optional though.
    • I also felt it was a bit too easy to get into combat with the korreds, which I wanted to avoid, so consider making their threshold for attacking the party higher than the book describes
  • Once Queen Argantle emerges and befriends the party, instead of having everything take place at the standing stones, I had her invite and lead the group back a short distance to the nearby korred settlement to talk (see below), as well as serve as the location where the Distant Racket and Korred Dance events play out

The Korred Village

Read the following as Argantle and the group arrive:
As you follow Queen Argantle, you soon find yourself standing in front of a small village of sorts nestled into the side of a mountain. The homes here are made of stone, each with a beautifully decorated roof made of intricately designed tiles. It's clear that a lot of care and attention has gone into their creation. There are dozens of Korreds, each with their signature wild black hair, milling about and glancing in your direction.
Queen Argantle will leads the party into one of the dwellings, the interior of which is simple, with the furniture all crafted from stone. She will invite the party to sit and shares the information from the book that she would typically give at Lockbury Henge itself.
As the discussion continues, at this point the "Distant Racket" event should play out as Argantle heads outside to investigate and subsequently also shares the info listed there as well as the additional pieces below:
  • Given the feud with the brigganocks, Argantle would be very grateful if the party could drive off the creatures. They live deep in The Howling Mines, which is where the party would need to go next anyway if they are seeking to head towards the Winter Palace.
    • She notes that the while the mines hold very valuable gems, the korreds steer clear due to the creatures that call it home (as well as the brigganocks of course)
  • Past The Howling Mines is Motherhorn, the home of Bitter End, and also on the way to the palace. If they are indeed heading in that direction then she encourages them to speak with Gleam who is also staying here in the village. She will point to a slender figure wearing a crescent moon mask standing on an outcrop of rock
    • Note: As a reminder we purposefully removed Gleam from the intro to Yon and moved her here!
  • She offers the hospitality of the village to the group, noting they are free to stay the night as well as explore if they desire.
Queen Argantle is happy to host the party in her home
If the players seek out the high elf acrobat, she will beseech them for help. They may notice though that she's missing her shadow...
Gleam will share the following:
  • Endelyn Moongrave, who the korreds call Bitter End, snipped off Gleam’s shadow using a pair of magic scissors and has imprisoned her twin sister, Glister, at Motherhorn.
  • The twins worked as an acrobatic duo, and they used to be star performers in the Witchlight Carnival. Gleam wants to free her sister and find a way back to the carnival, but has been waiting here struggling to come up with a plan to do so
  • If the players offer to help she can share some helpful information
    • Endelyn looks into the future. She believes from her visions that her own demise will occur during an eclipse.
      • Since the Selenelion twins are the living embodiment of the moon and the sun, the hag decided to separate the elf sisters, releasing one while keeping the other as her “guest.” By keeping the twins apart, the hag hopes to forestall her doom.
    • Hurly, a bugbear, made a bargain with Endelyn and is quite unhappy with how things played out. Now he is forced to perform in her morbid theater. Like Gleam, Hurly used to work for Mister Witch and Mister Light, though Gleam and her sibling had already left the carnival by the time Hurly and his brother Burly arrived.
    • At your discretion you may have Gleam offer to join them as a guide to Motherhorn. She will explain that if the party is intending to get to the palace, the only way is through Motherhorn
Things To Do
While in the village, the party should find that while they're not merchants per say, the korreds do have some of their craftwork available for sale (1 of each):
  • Sending Stones (Dungeon Master's Guide): 100 gp
  • Stone of Good Luck (Basic Rules): 500 gp
  • Potion of Stone Giant Strength (Basic Rules): 500 gp
Additionally, I placed the "Goblin Procession" random event here as well when the group was walking through the town. You'll notice the goblins raise a korred spirit, so it seemed like a good fit and I simply changed the Dead Ringers from being goblins to korreds.
While I chose not to use it at all, this could also be a good place for the Evil Kite event (but again swapping out the goblins for korreds).
Staying the Night
If the characters take a long rest in town I recommend having this event play out. It's an alternative take on an idea from Korred Clans by Dan Kahn. On that note, if you're looking to expand this area even further, Dan's supplement dives into all of the different clans.
During the evening the players should hear the shuffling of multiple pairs of hooves outside. This is a group of young korreds, one of a which with a shaved head, trying poorly to sneak outside. If the party confronts them they will explain that:
  • The korred with shaved head is Yaja, and the unofficial leader of the group. Yaja's head was shaved as a punishment by Bitter End for the korreds non-compliance in collecting hair for the hag
  • They unsurprisingly are very angry with Endelyn and want to erect a giant stone statue in the village square mocking the hag, while also reminding the clans about their honor and passion
  • If the party agrees to help then it's a three step process. As long as two or more of the steps are a success then the group creates an inspiring piece of art. For each step either call for a check (DC of 15) to determine if they are successful or just let the players get creative and award a success that way
    • 1) Design it!: A player can help or take the lead on designing the statue. This could be a Charisma check
    • 2) Build it!: A player can help or take the lead on the actual carving of the statue. This could be a Dexterity check using a relevant tool proficiency
    • 3) With pizazz!: A player can put those important finishing touches on the statue to truly strike deep into the hearts of those who look upon it. This could be the use of an item or spell or even a Performance check
  • In the morning when the village wakes and sees the statue, if the build was a success, they will be taken with it and inspired. At this point I would recommend playing out the "Korred Dance" event from the book, and perhaps awarding inspiration to the party!

The Howling Mines

Once the party is ready to depart, Queen Argantle and/or Gleam and guide the group to the nearby entrance down into the interior of the mountains to The Howling Mines and the next step on their journey.
When the group enters read the following:
As you step into The Howling Mines, the first thing you notice is a low, mournful wail that seems to echo from everywhere and nowhere at once. The rocky walls are lined with massive, shimmering stones that glow with an inner light that fills the cavern with a soft, otherworldly radiance of blues and purples.
The path ahead is wide and well-defined, presumably the handiwork of the miners that once worked here. It winds through the caverns and tunnels in a series of switchbacks and gradual inclines with sturdy wooden beams acting as supports for the earth overhead.
The walls inside the mines are made of solid rock and are on average 30 feet tall. An examination of the walls reveals a cluster of 1d3 leaves of moonwort, a silver-leaved herb that when consumed makes the user become partially incorporeal for 1 hour. While partially incorporeal, the creature has resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.
Once inside there is a single winding path for the players to follow deeper into the mines.
A Treacherous Path
After a short while of the party walking deeper inside and marveling at the interior read the following:
The path ahead of you narrows, the walls now tightly closed in from both sides while icicles hang down from the ceiling to almost the floor like a maze of sharp teeth. The icicles glisten in the light of the mines, and look brittle enough to shatter at the slightest touch.
Whereas the mines have been spacious so far, there is only this narrow 10 ft high corridor ahead. With a successful DC 14 Perception check a player can discern this narrowing is temporary, and the passage opens back up soon after. With a 20 or higher, they will hear what sounds like movement beyond the passage as well.
While the icicles hanging down the path ahead are a barrier of sorts, they can potentially be avoided. Any character who makes a successful DC 15 Acrobatics or Stealth check can weave through icicles or duck down and make it out to the other side without breaking any. On a failure, a character knocks into a set of icicles causing them to break off and crash to the ground. This will alert crystalline sentinels and lookouts ahead in the next room to the party's presence, causing them to immediately attack once the players come out the other side.
Once through the obstacle, the players will be be brought into a path continuing deeper into the mines. I used this map by FairyTale Maps to represent it. There are 3 crystalline sentinels and 5 crystalline lookouts (see below) that will attack any intruders, but if the players successfully did not break any of the icicles, the party will be not be spotted by the creatures when they first arrive. These golems once were tasked with overseeing work done here in the mines, but this area has long been stripped and abandoned for greener pastures.
You might allow your players to bypass fighting the crystalline sentinels and lookouts altogether if they have a way to sneak by. If they are defeated though, an examination of the bodies of the crystalline creatures will provide chunks of ore worth 50 gp for each sentinel and 20 gp for each lookout.
A search of the area should also uncover the following:
  • A set of crates filled with supplies including a set of climbing gear, a hooded lantern, 5 flasks of oil, and a miscellaneous assortment of picks, shovels, and hammers
  • A single healer's kit with 1d10 charges remaining
  • [If did you not sell one in Vale Crossing] Lightning-Catching Bottle (from The Griffon’s Saddlebag)
  • A faded note written in Sylvan. It appears to be a note to remember a six digit combination of sorts, but due to the fading only the middle numbers are visible which are 5 - 6.
Gorgenal, the Mummer
Soon after making their way past the golems, the party will come across a chamber with a locked thick iron door that blocks their progress further into the mine.
On the walls of the room, there is a panel with six levers (that can only be moved in the up or down position; they start up by default) labeled with numbers from 1 to 6 and a single button. The players must figure out the correct sequence of levers to pull in order to unlock the door (which is 4-2-5-6-1-3). The button resets all of the levers back to the up position.
As they search the room, there are three main clues to solve the puzzle but you can feel free to add more as needed:
  • A DC 12 Investigation check shows a heavy traffic of footprints leading from other areas of the chamber to level #4 and then fading from there, suggesting 4 is the first number. There is a similar pattern from lever 3 to the iron door, demonstrating that it’s the last one.
  • The note from the crate in the prior room. If they missed it you can have it be here.
  • A strange clicking sound comes from behind the levers when a lever is pulled in the correct order. By trial and error, they should be able to determine the order of levers 2 and 1.
Once past the door, read the following:
The faint sound of a lively tune in the distance echoes through the chamber. The music leads you to a hooded figure, their fingers expertly dancing over the holes of a flute. The man is slender with a sharp nose and dressed in a patchwork of mismatched furs and hides.
As you approach, the figure stops playing and turns to face you all, a mischievous grin on his face. "Well, well, well," he says, rubbing his hands together. "It seems I have stumbled upon quite a find. And what brings you to these dark, dreary mines, hmm? Treasure? Glory?"
A player with a passive perception of 16 or higher will notice Gorgenal does not cast a shadow. This is because it was severed by Endelyn's Scissors of Shadow Snipping, though he will not share as much. If the players introduce themselves, the man will do so in kind:
"I am Gorgenal of the Greyhawk Mummers," he says in a sly voice and with a slight bow. "Perhaps you've heard of me?"
As mentioned earlier, as we are not using the Fey Beacons section I am breaking that content into other sections, starting with one of the mummers, Gorgenal, who - unlike the book, is not a peryton.
Gorgenal will share the following information:
  • He is a member of the Greyhawk Mummers, a group of actors and pantomimists from the Free City of Greyhawk on the world of Oerth. He serves as the group's jester, but admits the role has lost its luster
    • As per the book, the other members of the troupe are Archillus and Mortia - the leading male and leading female of the group, Verna (Mortia’s bitter understudy), Mauldower (an old-timer who believes his cohorts are amateurs), Angara (the troupe’s matriarchal dame), Carthasar (a method actor), and Thornelia (a minstrel)
    • Their group was heading to a show when they lost their way in the woods. When they emerged they found themselves in the Feywild. It wasn't soon after that they learned of a powerful woman seeking actors - what could be a better opportunity?
    • Unfortunately their performance for Endelyn did not go well, and whereas the rest of his troupe were turned into perytons - birds with antlers, Evelyn found Gorgenal amusing and brought him into her service
    • Endelyn is obsessed with the theatre and can see visions of the future
  • A fierce dragon is said to dwell deeper in the mines - something he'll make light of despite the danger
    • "Just a friendly warning - there's a dragon in these mines, and I doubt it'll be thrilled to have visitors. So unless you want to be toasted like a marshmallow, I suggest you be careful!"
Gorgenal will also mix in the following lies. Uncovering his falsehoods requires a successful DC 18 Insight check, and if a character fails a check it will put Gorgenal on guard, causing any future Insight checks to have disadvantage
  • Endelyn has tasked him with collecting cold iron from the Brigganocks and he was on his way to their mine when he came across the party. He would be happy to guide them there
    • Truth: Evelyn has sent him to the mines to watch over the dragon Zephyrum that nests in the mines. Gorgenal uses the dragon to keep the brigganocks in line as they collect cold iron on her behalf. He has also been ordered to dispose of any outsiders and plans to lead the party into a trap
  • He does not know any details about the dragon in the mine - it is just a rumor he heard and he's given it a wide berth
    • Truth: See above
  • He will offer to sell potions of Winter's Ward for 25 gp each or an equivalent trade that he claims provide resistance to cold damage for 1 hour. He describes them as a mixture of snowdrop petals and crushed ore.
    • Truth: The potions will instead make the drinker vulnerable to cold damage for 1 hour which could be discerned with the identify spell
Gorgenal is not to be trusted
If the party accepts his help as a guide, he leads them down a series of twists and turns, dodging and weaving through the mines until they reach:
A narrow stream of water winds through the ground here, shimmering in a spectrum of colors from vibrant teal to deep purple. A statue of carved of ice sits at the end of the stream. The statue depicts a humanoid creature with thick fur covering its body and its hands are elongated into long claws through which the water releases down into the stream like a miniature waterfall.
  • The statue depicts a brigganock and you can have a character make a DC 16 Nature or History check to determine if they recognize it. The stream was put here to act as a place of refreshment for brigganock miners when they worked in this area in the past.
  • Anyone that drinks directly from the stream must succeed on a DC 12 Constitution saving throw. On a success they gain 10 temporary hit points that last until the character takes a long rest. Otherwise they are poisoned for 1 hour and do not gain the temporary hit points.
As the group follows Gorgenal deeper into the mines, they start to hear the faint, haunting sound that seems to be coming from all around them become louder. He tells them not to worry, saying that it's just the wind howling through the tunnels and the reason for its namesake. In fact though he is leading them to a trap as per his orders to kill outsiders that might interfere with Endelyn's efforts in the mines.
The potential exception here is if the party showed any interest in stagecraft and taking part in Endelyn's plays. In that case he may be inclined to safety lead them out to Brigganock Mine and give directions to Motherhorn.
The Ambush
Soon after the path leads into a small chamber of the mines filled with a light fog. The trap consists of a ghost of the mines (see below) and three shadow (variants) that are shadows snipped by Endelyn. While the howling noises of the mines are indeed a natural phenomenon - the increase in volume here is from the ghost. At your discretion one of the shadows could be Gleam's, which means it's destruction would lead to the restoration of the imprisoned Gleam's actual shadow.
As soon as the fighting begins Gorgenal will drink a potion of invisibility.
You can use this map for the ambush encounter
The Mineshaft
Once out of the ambush on their own, it will take the party a few more hours of travel through the mines until they reach the final chamber.
Light spills through an opening in the rock wall in this large chamber clearly marking the path forward. While a clear exit lays ahead of you, there is also a large, vertical platform that sits in the back of the room with an intricate control panel set into it.
The platform is a steam powered elevator that leads down to a lower level of the mines where the dragon Zephyrum nests.
  • The panel has a key slot, a dial, and two buttons (arrow up, arrow down)
  • The dial controls the speed, while the arrows send the platform lift up and down
  • The panel is inactive without the key
When the key is entered (which can be found in Brigganock Mine later) the panel will shudder, releasing a puff of steam as it activates. You may also allow a successful DC 22 Dexterity check using thieves’ tools to activate it, but if your party is injured you may want to disallow it as the dragon lurking in the depths may mean death.
The exit meanwhile leads directly to Brigganock Mine, which is most likely course of the action here.
Zephyrum's Lair
If the party takes the elevator from the mine shaft down, they are brought into a lower level of the mines.
As you make your way in, you come across a small alcove that has been converted into a living area of sorts. A bedroll has been laid out on the ground next to a small fire pit and an assortment of basic supplies.
This is Gorgenal's home for the nights where he is keeping watch over the mine and Zephyrum. As the party examines the area, eight winged beasts with antlers will circle and wheel around them, before landing and watching them quizzically. If the players learned of the perytons from Gorgenal and aren't putting two and two together that these are his old troupe, allow a DC 12 History check to connect the dots on their behalf.
If the party has a spell such as speak with animals they can learn of the peryton's plight, and that they have stayed near their old partner Gorgenal out of boredom. If not, consider placing a scroll of the spell among Gorgenal's belongings - he may need to speak with them on occasion after all. The perytons will also share that:
  • The perytons were once a troupe of actors called the Greyhawk Mummers. Endelyn invited them to Motherhorn, where they performed pantomimes. When their popularity made them haughty and difficult to control, Endelyn locked them up. When they begged to be set free, the hag honored their request by releasing them into the wild—but only after she turned them into perytons. The transformation deprived them of speech, yet they retain their theatrical behavior and long for a performance or the opportunity to perform
  • Endelyn has enrolled a quite promising actress who goes by Charmay who has seemingly replaced them in Endelyn's affections
  • If the party shares any of the lies from Gorgenal, they will provide the truth of those answers
As in the book, the characters can ask the perytons to perform one of their favorite pantomimes. The perytons are taken aback, in a good way, by the request and appreciate the opportunity to entertain a crowd. They perform a pantomime show, then take their bows silently. If everyone in the party claps or cheers, the perytons are thrilled. If one or more party members fail to clap or cheer after the perytons perform, the perytons become furious and may warn Zephyrum and Gorgenal of the party's arrival.
Similarly, the characters can also impress the perytons by putting on a performance of their own. Impressing the perytons requires the performing characters to succeed on a DC 15 Charisma (Performance) group check. Any character who received an acting lesson from Candlefoot in the Witchlight Carnival has advantage on this check. If the group check succeeds, the perytons regard the characters as kindred spirits.
In the case of a good show (by the mummers or the party), the perytons will warn them of the dragon and Gorgenal being further ahead. As a part of this they will share the dragon's resistances and immunities and its main abilities (tunneler, spider climb, debilitating breath, hold person).
After a short trek past the camp site read the following (though if the group was warned by the mummers and is being sneaky, you may choose to exclude the last sentence):
As you venture deeper, you are suddenly confronted by a massive, fearsome creature that bursts out from the rock wall with a fierce roar. Its scales are a deep, iridescent blue that shimmer and sparkle in the dim light of the mines, creating an almost mesmerizing display of color. Despite its beauty, there is no mistaking the raw, primal energy of a deadly predator that radiates from the creature's piercing gaze. Its muscles are coiled, and you can feel the cool wind of its breath on your skin as it snarls and prepares to strike.
If Gorgenal is alive, he will also be here watching over the dragon. They will both attack the party on sight. Gorgenal uses the bard (MotM) stat block (but with a Charisma of 18, spell save DC of 16, and double the hit points), while Zephyrum is a young sapphire dragon (Fizban's Treasury of Dragons), though a young blue dragon (Basic Rules; but substitute it's lightning breath for the cold breath from a young white dragon) can work as a substitute.
If they are defeated, the players can loot Zephyrum's hoard which contains:
  • 4,200 (12d6 × 100) cp
  • 2,100 (6d6 × 100) sp
  • 280 (8d6 × 10) gp
  • An enhanced Wand of Magic Missiles where each magic missile dart deals 2d4+2 damage instead
  • 2d4 Feywild trinkets
  • 4 Ingots of Cold Iron
You can use this map for Zephyrum’s lair
Cold Iron
Cold iron ingots can be used to craft a cold iron weapon. Recommended locations include the Woodcutter's Axe in Vale Crossing, Arctis Tor, and once the party travels back to their home city after Yon (Waterdeep for my campaign). You may choose to allow it to happen by other means - especially if you have a character well versed in smithing. It takes two ingots to enhance an existing weapon (similar to silvering a weapon), or you may choose to allow a new weapon to be made with other ingredients mixed in.
Cold iron weapons have the following properties:
  • You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon
  • When hitting a creature of the Fey creature type with a cold iron weapon:
    • The weapon's damage bypasses any resistance or immunities to Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing damage
    • The attack deals an extra 1d10 damage of the weapon’s type

Brigganock Mine

Once out of The Howling Mines (see the mineshaft section above), the party will soon find the entrance to the Brigganock Mine (the two are connected), and should hear the tapping, etc. from the book. Things should play out as written until the confrontation with Molliver and the brigganocks where we will need to change what is told to the party.
When speaking with Molliver he will instead share the following information and will similarly order the release of any captured characters if convinced appropriately. If the party helped Elkhorn and Strongheart earlier in The Fields of Spring, they can use that to their advantage to win over Molliver.
  • He is a member of Valor's Call who was separated from his party after a confrontation with the League of Malevolence. The brigganocks found him and nursed him back to health.
    • Unlike Strongheart and Elkhorn, his memory is slightly less damaged than his two partners. He can remember the appearances and names of each of the members of the League of Malevolence and is happy to share them.
    • He will also mention a powerful sorceress who appeared in the middle of the battle and turned the tide against them. This was Tasha disguised as Zybilna but he doesn't know her name and can only provide her description (you can use the handout of Zybilna from Part XV when describing her)
    • He won't be willing to leave the brigganocks to meet up with Strongheart and Elkhorn though unless he knows the brigganocks are safe from either the korreds or the dragon Zephyrum
  • The brigganock's home is called Wish-Come-True, which is hidden here deep beneath the mountains. Its buildings are adorned with glittering gems made from cut the mines. Hidden behind thick rock walls and powerful illusions, it can never be found by outsiders, nor can it be scried upon using divination magic.
    • The brigganocks are happy to have Molliver as their spokesperson and chief advisor when it comes to dealing with outsiders.
    • Note: I just replaced the brigganock home/grotto with Wish-Come-True. It didn't really make sense to have a separate city that doesn't show at all in the campaign
  • If the party is looking to get to the palace they should meet with Obud in the Mining Lodge (Obud's Grotto) on the outskirts of Wish-Come-True. Obud is the keeper of the secret path to Motherhorn, which is on the way to Arctis Tor. Obud is the oldest brigganock here and thus in charge - he handles the appraising and inspection of gemstones
Heading to Obud's Grotto
Once pleasantries are done, Molliver and the brigganocks will lead the group back towards Wish-Come-True to meet with Obud. During the trek, Molliver will share the additional tidbits:
  • He introduces the brigganocks near him as Trig, Zarli, Oyla, and Ajak. The mines are their livelihood. It would be a violation of the rules of ownership to take gems from the mine walls
    • The brigganocks work their mine at all hours because they know the noise aggravates the korreds and also because Lyn forces them to provide her with a cut of their mining yield. A man named Gorgenal comes regularly to collect
  • Creeping Lyn kidnapped the brigganocks’ best architect, Golmo, who now toils in Arctis Tor, the Winter Palace, designing new contraptions for her (note: not Motherhorn!)
  • The korreds provide Creeping Lyn with locks of their magic hair, which she uses to build her contraptions (this of course is partially false. She cuts the korreds’ hair without their consent; they are not her allies, but he doesn't know this)
During this trip, I recommend having the Pageant Wagon random event take place, traveling in the opposite direction. The brigganocks ignore the wagon who comes by often and apparently travels all across Yon - also none of them are interested in acting. For the scene I might recommend the fight with the yeti as a good option. Instead of a ticket though, I would have the figure hand out leaflets similar to the ones found in Vale Crossing:
  • Casting Call
    • Seeking actors and actresses of all races and ages. Come audition at Motherhorn, the grand amphitheater of Yon and make a name for yourself across the Feywild
    • This is an unpaid opportunity
In the book the party needs to traverse Rivenwish Chasm to reach the grotto. I would instead just have the party be led directly there. Instead you can have the chasm be an obstacle on the player's path out of the mines and back out to the other side of the Shimmerstorm Mountains. If you do choose to use it I recommend this edit by u/lebiro.
Once at the grotto things will play out mostly the same except:
  • In addition to the gems laid out in front of him, there should also be one cold iron ingot there as well (worth 200 gp)
  • Rather than sweets and the like I had Obud ask the party to defeat the dragon Zephyrum in mines in exchange for the secret tunnel. The dragon is used by Gorgenal to force them to work for Creeping Lyn. He can provide the key to the mineshaft elevator
  • He should also explain the concept of wish stones and perhaps even show one as an example. One thing I changed is that if you touch a wish stone for the first time you can visualize the wish. For the example I used a tidbit from this supplement:
    • "You see huge stage with an enormous crowd watching eagerly. On the stage is a lone bugbear (Hurly), who is expected to deliver a pleasing performance to the packed crowd, who seem impossible to please. Hurly is visibly struggling with his lines and wishes to be free."
Tunnel to Motherhorn
Once the party has defeated Zephyrum (or otherwise convinced Obud), he will lead the party to a permanent illusion in the basement wall of the lodge. This secret tunnel leads out of the mines and back out to the Shimmerstorm Mountains near Motherhorn. As an additional reward I had Obud allow each party member to take a stab at mining. Each player should roll a D12 and receive the reward below (based on tool proficiencies you may allow a +1 or +2 to the roll):
  • 1 - 3: Obsidian (opaque black) stone worth 10 gp
  • 4 - 5: Onyx (opaque bands of black and white) worth 25 gp
  • 6 - 7: Jasper (opaque blue) worth 50 gp
  • 8 - 9: Garnet (transparent brown-green) stone worth 100 gp
  • 10 - 11: Cold Iron equal to one ingot
  • 12+: Cold Iron equal to two ingots
In the book this tunnel leads to M12 in Motherhorn. This is obviously no longer the case. I feel like it's fine to have the party always enter Motherhorn through the main entrance, but if you'd like to give the party the option then you can have Obud give them directions about a secret entrance outside of Motherhorn that they can use to get to M12.
A final note. The book suggests that if the korreds and brigganocks are allied an assault could be made on Motherhorn. This is less in line with the concepts we're going for (plus the play is a ton of fun) so I might avoid this altogether. An alternative for team up action could be them all helping the party to defeat Zephyrum and Gorgenal and thus free the mountains of the hag's influence.


I have highlighted some of the resources I used for this portion of the campaign below.
  • Location Handouts Painting Yon series by tzlynart
  • Others all included in the article itself!

What’s Next?
After coming out of the mines to the other side of the Shimmerstorm Mountains, our party will find themselves at the doorstep of Motherhorn, the amphitheater of horrors. As alway
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Whoa, I just got obliterated by a 136 power Black Panther!
That is all 😂
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Happy April fools!
All jokes aside I'm seriously selling the following for paypal or local cash OBO. Upgraded recently to a DX3 Pro + for the space and neat clicky wheel, so I'm selling my old setup. Headphones are still brand new since I picked up a set of Blessing 2s, and those might come up later if I can get myself to do it.
Item Asking Price Description Status
ER4XR $120 + Shipping I bought this pair mid 2022 to replace an older set I had, and then used it a handful of times before upgrading to the Blessing 2. Box is included with all accessories and case. Included eartips have not been used and it comes with 4 new filters and filter remover tool. No new box smell, unfortunately.
JDS Labs O2 Amp $50 + Shipping Picked this one up years ago, and it shows some signs of wear and tear, selling it since I upgraded to a Topping DX3 Pro. There are scratches on the front plate and the bottom feet are looking aged, but it's mostly sat on my desk for the entirety of it's life plugged into an outlet. Charger included but the box is missing.
Topping E30 DAC $80 + Shipping Also sat on my desk for a few years, but not as long - the front plastic has never been peeled off, if that's your thing. Some light scratches on the side from it rubbing against the O2 but otherwise perfect condition. Comes with the box and all accessories with an extra RCA to 3.5mm cable (I'm honestly not sure if this came with the box). No clicky wheel included. Also the remote has no batteries (2x AAA).
Western Digital WD Black 250GB SSD $40 + Shipping This was sitting next to the boxes so it's for sale now. Brand new and unused, but also only 250GB.
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2023.04.01 20:31 SavingsSyllabub7788 [LF Friends, Will Travel] Collateral damage - FINAL

Where we met Jan Egeland last.
Where we met Tchizak last
Where we met Johnathan last
[Wiki] - [Chapter Start] [First] - [Prev] - [Next]
Jan Egeland stared down at the document in front of him. This was bad, this was terrible, this was… It was like a bout of exceptionally bad food poisoning, the more he read it the worse it got and just didn’t stop. As you went through the events, every time you thought the Raha had hit rock bottom, they’d once again find another level of depravity.
The buzzer sounded once again, the signal that someone was at the door to his office. A buzzer that had been going on for the last twenty minutes. He knew exactly who was on the other side of that door: Unk’gar, the Estorian diplomat. No more fancy velvet letters and snide comments: the Raha he had met before had been desperately trying to talk with Jan.
The Terran however had been spending the last twenty minutes trying to calm down, trying to bring the anger to a manageable simmer. The diplomat was a master at never snapping, never letting even the worst of the worst get to him. But these actions… If anything as time went on he got more and more angry.
Jan pressed a button to unlock the door, seeing the entrance slide open and revealing a very nervous looking Raha on the other side, antenna twitching and wringing its little talon like hands. The Terran made a motion towards the chair opposite his desk which the insect quickly took.
“Greetings bright one, I am so glad we could talk before this gets out of hand, we need to-”
“Shut the fuck up, you don’t get to talk, I talk.”
The Raha was silenced by the pure furry emanating from Jan as Unk’gar just sat there across from the Terran, squirming in his seat. Somehow those words coming from the normally soft spoken Jan made them more terrifying. Honestly even the Terran was slightly concerned with how he felt: the anger was like a burning in his chest, he hadn’t felt this way since… well since before going into stasis.
“Let's go over what happened shall we. First a member of your royal family attacks a Terran vessel, injuring one and enslaving another, which breaks all of our previous agreements.”
“It is highly regrettable that prince Hakthas made the mistake of not verifying such an action, we didn’t know about-”
“Don’t. Bullshit. Me.” The Terran interrupted the snivelling excuses of the insect in front of him, a tone that stated there was no way to attempt to argue this. “We’re not really annoyed with that part, because your arsehole prince got himself killed doing that. Good riddance frankly.”
Jan took a moment to glance back down at the document in his hands, as if the events that had happened over the past week hadn’t been burned into his brain at this point.
“Your reaction to this was to board a Ritlian research vessel, killing everyone. You did this might I add, by breaking the safe harbour law, the only treaty the both of us have agreed to. We’ve informed the rest of the Federation species about this so I’m sure every Estorian space captain is going to be thrilled to realise that nobody is going to save their ass anymore.”
Unk’gar looked as if he was going to interject, which the Terran immediately held a finger out to cut them off so they could continue.
“You used this ship to attack a research station, killing all three scientists inside. Research that was going to revolutionise medical technology in the galaxy, research that has been set back by at least ten years. You do all this, while also failing to accomplish any of your actual goals!”
“The Raha royal house regrets that Lut’har chose such unsanctioned actions against the Terran Alliance, we-”
Jan slammed his fist onto the table, causing the opposing diplomat to jump in his chair.
“An AI captured his ship! We have all your communications, we know you gave express permission and had knowledge of his actions before he took them. Your lies are insulting.”
The Terran was practically baring his teeth at this point, the ever calm and ever friendly Jan Eagland was losing his temper.
“Maybe if it was just that we could work something out. But in those three scientists, you killed an uplift, a dog. No I’m incorrect, you tortured a dog to death. We, the Terran alliance, are done with you.”
Jan reached into his desk, pulling out a document he had already prepared, and handed it over to Unk’gar.
“You have three hours to decide whether to accept these terms. We expect the Raha Royal house to leave the Estorian Empire and submit to vassalization by the Terran conclave.”
Unk’gar’s antenna twitched wildly as he read the proposal, worry and shock emanating from his entire body.
“They won’t accept this, we can look at reparations but-”
“Accept it, or we know where this is heading.”
“So the package provides standard maintenance, teardown and rebuild. We’ll have your friend running like new”
Tchizak couldn’t really smile, the brown exoskeleton plates that made up the Kirken face didn’t allow for such a movement, but the 3ft tall insect had long ago worked out that tilting your head slightly to the side gave off the same impression to Terrans. Yes, Tchizak had become very very adept at conversing with the deathworlder apes who called themselves Terrans.
It had all started seven years ago, when a chance meeting with a Terran looking to get their cleaning droid fixed had spiralled into a business opportunity that had made him and his boss very rich. That original store still existed, “Ptatch’s tower of repair”, still a messy amalgamation of oil, scrap parts and pure ingenuity that promised to fix anything anywhere. This was a far cry from the expensive modernised saleroom Tchizak was currently stood in, decor of white and silver showing off the various services and accessories that “Ptatch’s Droid Hospital” provided.
It had started slowly. He’d done the crazy thing the original Terran had asked of him: Fixed up a now obsolete cleaning droid that the deathworlder had pack bonded with and called “Cleany McCleanface”. Then that Terran had told others. Slowly but surely more had come, hundred of them, each clutching broken down machines that nobody sane wanted to fix.
After that they had started going into accessories. New startup tunes, CPU upgrades, case upgrades, accessories of the mundane and dangerous. Tchizak had soon learned that if you stated you could “heal” a Terran’s mechanical friend, as well as give them fun new accessories, then they practically fell over themselves to throw credits at you.
Their biggest store was the one he was working at now on the Kirken colony named “Diamond’s Eye”, but “Ptatch’s Droid Hospital” had locations on over five planets, each one a major Terran destination. Because where Terrans went, they brought their friends with them.
“Also this comes with free installation of any additional accessories. Case replacements, addons, the works.”
This was all how Tchizak now found himself beating his small wings furiously to keep at the same eye level as the Terran opposite him, using a hand to control the soft light projector displaying the various accessories they sold. Gone were the days of dingy dangerous looking stores. Screens showing products to be purchased lined the walls, with one playing a music video from some hip new Kirken band. Everything was polished and provided a level of professional service.
For a fee of course.
“This won’t change Buddy’s internals, right? You’re not going to just try and replace him like all the other places?”
Tchizak gave another friendly head tilt. Terrans were on average 6ft of angry muscle bound ape, able to thrive on planets that would kill most Kirken. However he’d started to find them adorable. It was the same question every time, that same illogical idea that you can’t replace the machine friend they had bonded with.
What exactly defined the machine’s “life” differed between each person: some refused to replace any non critical part, preferring to keep even the most brittle and faded plastic casings. Others seemed fine as long as the motherboard or CPU wasn’t replaced. As if there was a special part of each droid that hosted the “soul”, but nobody could agree exactly what that was.
“Of course not! Mr “Buddy” will be the exact same machine. If you’re uncomfortable removing or replacing parts we can stick with external accessories.”
The Terran seemed happy with that reply, before responding, almost embarrassed.
“What about weapons…”
Of course he wanted weapons. Terrans loved taking harmless machines and making them dangerous for no apparent reason. He couldn’t tell why, but weapon attachments were their most popular selling item.
“Of course, we’ve got knife holsters in up to 6 blade configurations, chainsaw holsters and gun holders for most small arms weapon brands. All of which come with additional control modules for either autonomous or manual firing.”
“What about something… bigger.”
Tchizak took a moment to change the soft light display to show his most dangerous item.
“Claymore roomba is what you’re looking for. This attachment comes with one ornamental completely accurate Claymore.”
“Ornamental? Can I re-”
A single insectoid finger was shoved into the mouth of the Terran, shushing him instantly. While the deathworlder could have tore Tchizak limb from limb, the potential customer just looked confused.
“If you finish that sentence, I can no longer legally sell you this item.”
The Kirken took a moment to rummage around the brown satchel he was wearing, before fishing out a prewritten message from some very intelligent lawyers.
“Ptatch’s Droid Hospital would like to remind all customers that the Claymore roomba attachment is for ornamental use only, and the completely accurate and realistic design is only for Terran cultural reasons. The ornamental claymore can only be removed for cleaning purposes, and should not be replaced with a real item, as this breaks weapon trafficking laws. Ptatch’s Droid Hospital does not support the customer buying their own claymore and replacing it.”
Tchizak finished his legal spiel, the Terran seemingly understanding what he was getting at and giving a nod.
“Ok, I’ll take it!”
“Fantastic, just let me get the bill and we can start the work-”
The various screens in the sales office gave a loud high pitched tone as they all turned to a red colour, each screen showing the two words: “Emergency Broadcast”.
“Confused statement: But this is impossible!”
The room was a stereotypical lab. If you asked someone to picture in their mind a generic science lab, they would describe the room they were in: With test tubes, blinking machines, hazard signs and various pieces of equipment bubbling away with unknown liquids.
Inside stood four figures, all Scythens, three of the bioluminescent bundle of tentacles were sat on their hovering disks, two of the machines denoted with the standard scientist colours, one denoting the form of a police officer. All of them were hovering around a fourth Scythen, who was most definitely not hovering: Because they were dead, splattered along the floor as if torn in two.
“Explaining statement: This can’t happen. The room was locked from the inside, and to cause this damage…” The first scientist spoke in the mechanical voice that all Scythen’s did.
“Continuing statement: Would require an object to have negative mass, but be travelling faster than light!” The second scientist responded.
The police officer floated around, occasionally prodding something as they investigated the death, leaving the two scientists to talk amongst themselves.
“Concerned statement: We’re all alone out here on the ship. What could have killed them?”
“Scared statement: I don’t know, are we going to be fine?”
“Sexual tension: Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you.”
During this time the police officer had finished looking around, instead deciding to focus on a random cleaning droid making its way through the room.
“Revealing statement: Who drew the smiley face on this droid? I need to see the video feed for the ship.”
In an instant the feed was brought up on one of the various screens, showing the corridors of the ship over the last few hours, fast forwarded through in a few moments.
“Exclamation: Stop! Right there! Enhance!”
The video footage was paused and the single frame enlarged. It showed a 6ft tall bipedal figure, two forward facing eyes, like some form of ape. The figure was running along the floor on all fours, only wearing a basic nondescript uniform of some kind
“Shocking statement: You have a Terran on the ship!”
Dr Johnathan Fletcher had jumped off the seat, the Terran making an angry gesture with his hand as he shouted at the TV screen. The room was small, standard crew quarters: a bed, a basic couch and some other creature comforts such as the TV attached to the wall. A TV that had been paused by the other figure in the room after the Terran’s outburst: the Sythen calling themselves Lena who was currently flashing the colours for confusion.
“Concerned question: What is wrong friend Johnathan?”
Johnathan shook his head, annoyed. It was supposed to be a fun movie night in the darkened room, to go watch some Scythen media. Lana had told him of a fun Scythen made horror movie. What he didn’t expect was to be insulted this deeply.
“Is this really how the Scythen see us… as some kind of… of… feral science goblin!”
“Clarifying statement: I don’t think anyone said ‘feral’. If it makes you feel better, it’s never the Terran’s fault”
Johnathan glared at Lana for a moment.
“Reminding statement: May I remind you that you created an unstable antimatter bomb on the ship?”
“That ended up leading to a breakthrough in energy generation!”
“Continuing point: You submerged sector A3 in dangerous acid.”
“That ended up creating a lubricant 17% more efficient than the current accepted formula!”
“Final point: You set fire to the kitchen.”
“Grilled cheese toasties don’t taste right when made using the synthesiser!”
Lana turned the colour of annoyance, deeply wishing they had a face so they could indulge in the Terran movement of ‘facepalming’
“Explaining statement: Friend Johnathan, I enjoy your company and your personality, but Terrans have a reputation they have earned. I have worked on this vessel for 49 years, during which before your employment there had been a total of 19 emergencies. Do you know how many there have been during your two years on this ship?”
Johnathan slowly began to rub the back of his neck as he realised where this was going.
“A few...”
“Answering statement: 471. I like you friend Johnathan, just sit down and enjoy the movie you feral science goblin.”
The movie had continued predictably. Other impossible murders took place, until the Scythen crew were able to capture the Terran using a pile of candy and a rock with eyes painted on it as bait. Just as Lana had said, in the end it turned out the captain of the ship had been the one to bring the Terran on board, due to some disagreement with a reduction in grant funding.
The end climax had involved the Terran creating a miniature blackhole to destroy the captain with: Created using nothing but a piece of string and a toaster. In the end the two main characters had started a relationship together, and the Terran had been humanely released onto a local farm which had plenty of room to run around in and lots of rocks to pack bond with.
Johnathan had to admit, Terran slander aside it had been an enjoyable B-movie horror flick. He stepped off the seat once more, giving a stretch as he stood up.
“Well this ‘feral science goblin’ is going to head off for the night. Thanks for inviting me over Lana, it was a lot of fun to-”
The TV gave a loud high pitched tone as the screen turned to a red colour, showing the two words: “Emergency Broadcast”.
Dr K Xavius sat at her desk, typing away on her Galnet connector late into the night. The room was unassuming: Digital whiteboards filled every wall, equations and design schematics filling each one. Tools neatly lay in their respective docking areas, hand written notes were delicately placed into orderly piles, overall the room looked like most others at the research facility.
The fact that a Hagorthian was the one sitting at the desk was an oddity and caused most new employees of the top secret Terran research facility a bit of whiplash. The Hagorthian’s were a vicious race, apex predators with a culture of warfare and combat. Reptilian, heavily armoured, deep black scales. Each three fingered hand and foot ended in vicious razor sharp claws. Four pitch black eyes lay above a large face-spanning jaw of giant needle like teeth.
In addition to this, the Hagorthian’s were one of the five main races of the Estorian empire, so seeing one here was a huge oddity. At a glance there was nothing special about Dr Xavius, apart from her rather short stature at only 7ft tall. However just mentioning her name was enough to make most people understand why she was here.
Her name was Dr Kov Xavius, and she had cured the god plague.
By Hagorthian standards she was a failure. Her species have an interesting quirk: They never stop growing. An infinite continued growth and regeneration lead into a culture of nearly infinite desire to feed and fight. It wasn’t uncommon for mature Hagorthian’s to reach the height of 10-15 ft of pure muscle, and the recorded height of the Emperor Uzb - the current ruler of the species - was over 30. While Dr Xavius when compared with most people would be considered a dangerous accumulation of claw and strength, compared with her species she was a runt. She had hit 7ft tall at a young age, then… just stopped.
Long ago she could have fixed this genetic defect, but to do so would have removed the second side effect, one she considered far more important than just being physically strong and vicious: her mind. Nothing was out of her understanding, her memory impeccable, complex ideas and concepts were child’s play.
She had left her homeplanet long ago in search of anything interesting to solve, leaving behind an almost guaranteed death as a runt. It was during this search that she had found out about the Terrans. A small article written in a science journal nobody read. ”The Exception”. It talked about the strange race of AI’s that broke Zarith’s law, and about a plague that ravaged their creators, a plague they had long been trying to fix.
Dr Xavius had assumed the entire thing would take a year to complete at most, like everything else she had put her mind to. It had taken 31 years. 31 years of study, of experimentation. It had been the best 31 years of her life. During this time Xavius had grown to love the Terrans. Not for any of the sentimental reasons anyone else did, but for the simple fact that in their insanity and chaos they had provided her with the greatest puzzle.
Then, it was over. Sure others would have been teary eyed over seeing reunions between human and Uplift, human and AI. For Dr Xavius it had been a disappointment. For those thirty years she had the greatest puzzle in her claws, and now it was gone. Sure the monetary compensation had been huge, not that she needed money in Terran conclave territory: her name alone was enough to get anything she required. Xavius secretly guessed that she could probably steal a military ship and drop an antimatter bomb on the most populated city on Earth, and get nothing more than a slap on the wrist for it.
No, what she wanted, what she needed was more puzzles. More impossible theories to be made possible. The Terrans were not the smartest species in the galaxy. But one thing that Terrans did have, was an almost psychotic aversion to the word “no”. Most species took the laws of the universe as fact and worked around them, while Terrans seemingly were offended by them.
This meant that this location was one of the few in the galaxy where exceptional amounts of money and resources were spent trying to break laws and ideals that everyone else had long ago determined to be immutable facts. Impossible challenges, impossible puzzles, with the resources to truly try and solve them.
It was everything that Dr K Xavius wanted and loved. Sure the Terrans were way too chatty and social for her tastes, but that was a small price to pay for the gift they gave her: something, anything able to challenge her mind.
Which is what she was doing in her office, late at night furiously typing away as the Galnet Viewer gave a loud high pitched tone, the screen turning a bright red and showing the two words: “Emergency Broadcast”.
Emergency Broadcast: Due to unforgivable actions taken by the Raha royal house, and the Estorian Empire’s unwillingness to bring those responsible for their crimes to justice, as of 71 NST, 6th of June at 17:00 the Terran Conclave is enacting section three of the Terran Alliance Agreement, the mutual defence declaration.
The Terran Alliance is now at war with the Estorian Empire.
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2023.04.01 20:29 ThrowRA46284738387 Should I give this guy (25M) an ultimatum or not? (24F)

I was platonic friends with this guy for 7months though it was an online friendship. He asked me out on month 8 and we went on a date but decided to remain as friends afterward. As we kept hanging out more, feelings developed (from my side atleast), and there was strong indication from him as well such as being more touchy with me, paying for all my meals, carrying my bag, asking if I was friendzoning him when I gave him a best friend's bracelet as a which i said no. And eventually we kissed.
Now, here's the confusion. He said he doesn't want to go out with me as he's scared that if we date and it doesn't work out, he'll lose me as a friend. The thing is, he was moving to another country for 5 months, so I told him, either ask me out when you come back, or I'm moving on and you can remain a friend. To which he said, okay, I'll ask you on a date when I get back.
But then I thought over it and and realised I was pressuring him into going out with me as I told him either remain my friend but I'll have to cut him off when I meet a potential, or take the risk and ask me out. And he's already expressed many times how he's afraid of losing me. So I scrapped that 5 month deadline and told him to ask me out whenever but im not going to wait around for him. So now we've remained as friends.
He's coming back next week and honestly... the last few months I've been an emotional wreck due to his indecisiveness. Should I just ask him to give me a final answer as to whether he wants to go out or remain friends? But I also know he's going to say yes to going out, just cos he doesn't want to lose me as a friend and I don't want that to be the sole reason he's asking me out.
I'm so lost, could anyone provide some outside perspective please? Happy to provide more context if needed
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2023.04.01 20:29 Genghis_Kong Just finished* my first ever Warmaster unit

Very pleased with the overall effect but think I may have gone a difficult way about it... Next time I might want to prime dark and just pick our details, rather than prime light and use contrasts. Real hard work getting into all the books and crannies.
Now how do y'all go about basing these tiny fellas... Not really happy with what I've got but there isn't exactly a lot of room for flocking etc.
And this big tall base rim... Paint it black or paint or keep it green?
First time working at this scale so I'm a bit lost!
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2023.04.01 20:27 WavesofOntario Since some of you like the photos, here's some music I made inspired by my trip (Electronica/Ambient/House stuff)

"In a strange land"
Iceland is a strange yet beautiful location with unique landscapes. Exploring the country is exciting in some cases with its black sand beaches and volcanic landscapes, it makes you feel like you're on an alien planet at times.
"Drone Down"
While exploring, photographing, and doing videos in Iceland, my drone suddenly started to land out in the wilderness. I had to recover it. Not just because of losing the drone but also due to footage. I crossed a cold Icelandic river, waist-high five times searching for the drone. After about an hour, down and feeling defeated, on my way back I spotted the gray drone, hiding amongst the many gray rocks and stones. I was certain I had lost it. But so happy and excited to have recovered it. Truly a test and lesson of patience and perseverance.
"Experiencing the Aurora"
Experiencing the Aurora Borealis aka Nothern Lights is something you do not forget. At times it left me speechless just how majestic and beautiful it truly is. I've seen many pictures of it, but nothing compares to standing underneath the green and sometimes purple lights dancing above you.
"Sunrise at Snaefellsnes Peninsula"
Snaefellsnes Peninsula in Iceland is where a very popular mountain, Kirkjufell, is located. A late-night drive to this area, arriving before sunrise was a unique experience. The wide-open terrain and natural beauty are indescribable.
Reynisdrangar is a sea stack located at Reynifjara beach, aka Black Sand beach in Iceland. The waves and winds there can be very dangerous, almost unbearable to walk at times. There was a photo from a certain angle I wanted, it took four visits to get the shot. In the end, I ended up with a decent photo I felt happy with. But, also realizing the effort and determination it required made the result much sweeter.
Inspired while out and about in the city of Reykjavik, Iceland.
"The lights bear witness"
Another track made inspired by my experience with the Northern Lights. If I told you the rest, you most likely wouldn't believe it anyway.
"Lonely Glacier"
Inspired by an early morning photography trip to the Jokusarlon Ice Lagoon in Iceland. While most photographers lined up for the large, interesting glaciers in front of them, this one small glacier at a distance was slowly drifting away. I had to photograph it and also inspired some chill vibes to make an Ambient music track.
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2023.04.01 20:26 WonderfulElection131 NIKA!! CHILD SUPPORT

NIKA just talking bullshit, she want HEYWARD more than she want them CHILDREN, and that’s facts.. If the NIGG## couldn’t give me but 10.00 a month for each child I want 80.00, but she not applying because 1 she still want HEYWARD 2 she😱afraid 😱 of that DNA 🧬 and HEYWARD knows that, but his low life ass SCARED 😱 😱 as well. This stupid HO said THE WAY HE ABOUT HIS CHILDREN!! SIS HE SHOW YOU DAILY, HE DON’T GIVE 2 FUCS ABOUT THEM AT ALL SO GO AHEAD AND GET YOU SOMEBODY! Word on the street he applied for a DIVORCE MAY 27,2023 and ask JESSICA to MARRY him 👰‍♂️ the black girl that held the door 🚪 for you, was the COURT CLERK!! Then you want to pop that cheap ass dress 👗 tag, and say your children don’t have a week worth off clothes that is REALLY SAD 😢 And that little FAT girl popa with, you and NYAH think she BEAUTIFUL HUH? I know y’all was talking about her EDGES and HAIR!! ENCOURAGE! Your son to go to some type of TRAINING PROGRAM or the MILITARY or POPEYES in the morning and MCDONALD in the evening. TALKING ABOUT YALL DO RIGHT, LIL GIRL RUN FROM THE WHOLE TRAILER PARK FAMILY!
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2023.04.01 20:25 PoeticPilfer I picked my case.

Wed April 22, '23 4 TAVRs I get in just at 7; I'm scrubbing my hands, and KD, a PA, walks by and chats. We talked about her last day coming up next week, and she asked what are some options for a fun place for a happy hour. I hash out a few options before realizing I don't have any good ones to give, they didn't really fit what she wanted. I'm usually good at picking something out, heck it's why she came and asked me, she knows me to prowl around for a good food spot. But it's because I've just caught a glimpse of Her and got distracted. She's coming into the hallway, clearly having just finished breakfast with our coworke colleague /friend in common, KC. I think to myself, "Thank God KD is here so that it really looks like I'm busy in conversation and not actively avoiding her." I start to reach for the towels, which happen to be on the side that would force me to look at her, so I'm trying to find a way to avoid this. Thankfully, I hear a question, "So, what do you think?" I'm saved I lock eyes with KD and stammer. "Oh what, sorry, can you repeat that?" I'm using this forced eye contact as a reason to now only glance rapidly at the towels, as not to miss them, and rapidly re-engage with KD before I've even finish tearing the paper from the dispenser. I hear the door to OR 3 open and catch a quick glimpse through the window of Her strolling through, phew. KC overhears us talking about happy hour and eagerly joins in. A few more loose options get tossed around, followed up with a "I'll look into it" on my part. It's time to get to work. The first two tavrs go well, and after each one, I swing by KC's room to check in, and then I walk by Her room. I stand at the doorway, peering in the glass on the door, waiting for Her to recognize me. Both times, She was fairly quick to spot me; both times, I flash a thumbs up, and both times, She returns one in kind. I walk away and work on my paperwork. My team has agreed to push through and do the third case before taking a lunch break. My pump is all set up, and the only thing I need to do requires the room to be clean and a patient to be present. I plop myself on one of the metal rolling tables, dangle my feet freely off the edge, and fully lean back into the wall. I close my eyes. "HEY you," I wake up from my dozed off state and turn towards the exclamation. It's Her. She's just finished her paperwork and is walking down the hallway. "Who, me?" I meekly say while pointing to myself, as one does in disbelief, before seeing MM, a nurse, approach her. Ok, cool, not me. Good. I'll be fine. She sits next to me "yeah you" Oh no, why. Why must I be tortured like this. I can't bear talking to Her anymore. Ever since my outburst, I feel like a failure. On the one hand, I really didn't mean for any of it to be directed towards Her, but on the other: regardless of whom I was I was upset with, it was still unprofessional and unreasonable. I'm not paying attention to Her. I can't focus on Her. I remember KC mentioning to me about a misunderstanding that She had with the surgeon that morning. So I asked her about it, but quickly pulled out my phone and looked through my email. Perfect, there's an unopened one about new listing, this will distract me. "Yeah, it's definitely weird how he worded that," I chime, a fake attempt to show interest. Why can't I just be normal around Her. I'm an idiot. KC pops out her room and goes, "Woo hoo, we're all done." "Oh, we're moving along with our third, I won't be able to grab lunch unless you stick around for like two hours, haha." "And unless you can go right now, I'm not waiting." She continues right after me. The look on KC's face was sad, and I get it, it's always nice to eat in company and false hopes about your lunch friends being free, suck. I quickly try to change the subject, I look towards Her and go, "Do you remember clinger girl? There's more to that story now, " She "oh yes, I wanna know!" KC "Wait, I don't know." She chirps up, "I gotta check on my room, catch her up to speed, and then wait for me on the new stuff." She double pats my leg. "Sure," I reply, I start to talk about how I met this girl who ..."Wow, this is the slowest recap ever." She interjects "Well, I'm giving her the full story, anyway, so then we post up.... .... and now she's blocked. " "Crazzyyy, yeah, I would have blocked her immediately. You're too nice. I'm gonna go tear down my pump, " KC states and leaves.
"So that's my dating life right now, how's yours"... wait, wtf do I care? Why did I even ask that? Stupid, stupid, stupid.
"OH, I'm not dating, just focusing on me. I'm trying to realize how I even had time for another person..." we chat about this dilemma of how our job takes a lot out of us. And it's weird how, at one point, we were also juggling a dating life. "I was talking to one guy for a few months right after. But he made it clear it wasn't gonna work out. "..."If you catch my drift,"
Wait, what? Was I the guy, were we talking like that? Fuck, pls don't tell me I ruined it. Why why why. This always happens. "Looks like my patient is here, I'm gonna go" I joyfully clamber. I need to leave, I feel like shit.
All cases done text sent to group. I go home and take my dog for a walk. During which there's this super dark cloud that it's hovering over downtown in the distance. I snag a picture, send it her and caption black cloud marks the spot, are you downtown by chance? 😅" ... why am I like this. She doesn't want to hear from me. What kind of stupid person am I? She replies *literally just leaving downtown, lol. Just finished workout. Well, pull it with you, please. We would like to enjoy our wine, dry. * *Don't worry. I think it's moving towards the burbs with me * *solid See perfect
I get home and hop online and play league with some friends. Ding** work schedule is posted. I'm a 2 the next day, so I don't really get an option. But nonetheless, I claim the surgeon to work with.
I picked my case
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