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"Have a drink!"

2015.07.31 05:06 Gailyn "Have a drink!"

A subreddit for all Gragas mains from League of Legends. Feel free to discuss builds, plays, art, etc. anything related to Gragas.

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2023.04.01 21:47 Ambivertlurker Not sure where to go with this but this seems like a safe space.

Hey all,
Been lurking on here for a bit and feel finally ready to out this out there. Kind of in a weird space in my life currently. I’m in my 30s and married to a good guy. We have two young kids, but recently I have been feeling pulled in such a different direction. Our marriage has been rocky for awhile just due to life stresses and all that BS. We both come from abusive traumatic childhoods and have been working on those things separately and together. Both of us are making strides and doing better communicating.
However, I just don’t know if being in a hetero relationship is meant for me. I’ve always been attracted to the same sex in certain regards. More so people I get to know. I’ve only kissed a couple girls in my life when I was a teenager. One of which was my best friend at the time in high school and she freaked out after (even though she initiated it and I was shocked it was even happening). She stopped speaking to me entirely after it happened and it was one of the most heartbreaking feelings of my life. I also come from narrow minded people so I have pushed a lot of things down, I think.
At the beginning of this year I had this sort of awakening where I was immersed in this story about that had a bit two women who yearned for one another and eventually got together and it just stayed in my mind for days. When I would sleep I would even dream about it and wake up with a panic attack for some reason. This happened for weeks and I couldn’t figure out why the hell I couldn’t get it out of my head. Eventually I figured it had to do with the girl in high school who kissed me and, I can safely say, I was in love with without realizing it fully because I was a stupid teenager.
I’m just very confused and feel very lost right now and needed to put this out there. The weight of it all is just getting too much for me. I love my kids, I love my husband but idk if it’s enough given all we have been through. The pandemic and other personal factors have definitely weighed us down. We aren’t the same people we were when we go together over a decade ago.
thought I had my whole life planned out, but I feel like I’m lying to myself about who I should be with.
Anyway. Thanks for reading. Some of your stories have made me feel like I’m not alone in this and it’s truly been such a reprieve scrolling through this sub.
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2023.04.01 21:46 LiveCommentator [Pre-Match thread] Atletico Madrid vs Real Betis

[La Liga - 2022/2023]

Atletico Madrid - Real Betis

Match Info
Date: April 02, 2023
Time: 19:00 (UTC)
Venue: Estádio Cívitas Metropolitano
Bookmaker Home Draw Away
Head to Head
Date Result Competition
23.10.2022 14:15 Real Betis 1-2 Atletico Madrid La Liga
06.03.2022 20:00 Real Betis 1-3 Atletico Madrid La Liga
31.10.2021 15:15 Atletico Madrid 3-0 Real Betis La Liga
11.04.2021 19:00 Real Betis 1-1 Atletico Madrid La Liga
24.10.2020 19:00 Atletico Madrid 2-0 Real Betis La Liga
Team Statistics
Atletico Madrid
Games Played 13 13 26
Wins 7 8 15
Draws 3 3 6
Loss 3 2 5
Goals For 25 17 42
Goals Against 11 8 19
Goals For 1.9 1.3 1.6
Goals Against 0.8 0.6 0.7
Real Betis
Games Played 13 13 26
Wins 7 6 13
Draws 3 3 6
Loss 3 4 7
Goals For 19 15 34
Goals Against 12 14 26
Goals For 1.5 1.2 1.3
Goals Against 0.9 1.1 1.0
Recent form
Atletico Madrid: WWWDWW
Real Betis: WDDWWW
# Team GP W D L GF GA GD P
1 Barcelona 26 22 2 2 49 9 +40 68
2 Real Madrid 26 17 5 4 51 21 +30 56
3 Atletico Madrid 26 15 6 5 42 19 +23 51
4 Real Sociedad 26 14 6 6 35 24 +11 48
5 Real Betis 26 13 6 7 34 26 +8 45
6 Villarreal 26 12 5 9 32 24 +8 41
7 Athletic Club 27 10 7 10 36 28 +8 37
8 Rayo Vallecano 26 9 9 8 31 30 +1 36
9 Osasuna 27 9 8 10 22 27 -5 35
10 Girona 27 9 7 11 42 42 0 34
11 Celta Vigo 26 9 7 10 32 35 -3 34
12 Mallorca 27 9 6 12 22 27 -5 33
13 Getafe 27 7 9 11 27 34 -7 30
14 Sevilla 26 7 7 12 29 42 -13 28
15 Cadiz 26 6 10 10 21 38 -17 28
16 Valladolid 26 8 4 14 20 38 -18 28
17 Espanyol 27 6 9 12 33 44 -11 27
18 Valencia 26 7 5 14 28 31 -3 26
19 Almeria 26 7 5 14 30 45 -15 26
20 Elche 26 2 7 17 19 51 -32 13
All data provided by Matchcaster, a next level football threading bot - fully configurable and customized threads controlled by moderators of this subreddit.
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2023.04.01 21:44 infaredz (Satire) TSM LoL Summer Split Roster Announcement

After an up and down but overall entertaining Spring split, CEO Reginald decided to step in and make the changes fans desperately needed. To ensure we couldn't become CLG, and in fact that no other team in the scene could ever follow in footsteps so large. Fans had been deprived of baylife energy for at least 5 point 5 fking years, or so he thought. The announcement came early this morning, when the three members of staff remaining in the management team hatched a brilliant plan over a few bottles of Bud Light.
Top - "We've decided to promote Hauntzer to the first team. This decision was a no-brainer, fans loved him even when he was playing for other orgs academy rosters. He was also willing to play for our new salary plan of unlimited 24h gym access in a new room at the TSM facility, after scrubbing off the 'conference room' etching on the door and having Chawy manufacture the chairs and table into a full set of elliptical equipment. Needless to say, good shit Kevin."
Jungle - "Bugi will be returning for Summer split, his attitude fits the new dynamic we're after and trying to inspire in the team and fan culture. This split, for your entertainment, we're going to ask him to attempt to beat his LCS record from last split and try to have his flash up for the least amount of time possible in a match and the overall split."
Mid - "After trolling the fans with an April Fool's Day rumour of us parting ways, we're roleswapping fan favourite Solo to the mid lane. This is after years of criticism of the team having a lack of identity, now we can comfortably say we are embracing our name sake and identity as Team Solo Mid. We thought Maple's positive attitude and highly skillful play wasn't fitting in with the direction we want to go as an organisation. Winning too many matches may lead to the team needing plane tickets paid for to attend international events, an expense that simply isn't acceptable in the current eSports scene for anyone looking to turn a profit. Instead, he'll spend some time in academy smurfing on, I don't know, Pobelter? Does he still play there?"
ADC - "We decided to pay homage to the good times once more by replacing WildTurtle with Doublelift despite Turtle not really doing much wrong. Even after Peter's previous altercations with Regi and the org, when offered the opportunity to play for TSM once again he quickly went back on every accusation and was waving the black and white flag. 100T management filed multiple complaints about player poaching however were met with fierce evidence against their case, a hand-written note by Reginald to Doublelift that read 'Everyone else is trash. Another successful heist.'"
Support - "We're keeping Chime on the roster, however he was given two conditions in order to hold his place:
  1. He must change his IGN to 'Meep'. Chimes are obviously a reference to his previous OTP champion in Bard, and these chimes spawn across the map and often in places the enemy team may not expect. We aren't happy with this, as our new ADC Doublelift requires constant attention within the laning phase and throughout the game. This associates much better with the Meep aspect of Bard's kit, they are always with him and mainly serve the purpose of dealing extra damage to, slowing or debuffing champions he attacks.
  2. He will share time with Chawy, who will also be taking an even more hands-on role in the roster. We felt Chawy wasn't quite earning his keep at TSM, so he has agreed to take on another responsibility, allowing him to also communicate his game plans live to the players in-game.
We did not at any time try (and fail) to contact KiwiKid as a first choice, so that rumour can be quashed before it begins. Even if he would have been a much cheaper option."
Happy April Fool's everyone!
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2023.04.01 21:44 ChicagoClubScene Anything happening this week?

Anything happening in Chicago this week?
Yes...a lot!
Now there's one spot to find out about electronic dance music events in Chicago...
CHICAGO CLUB SCENE:::: is open to all starting Monday April 4th, and features the most comprehensive electronic event listings for the city you'll find anywhere. With nearly 200 events already posted for the year, finding out what's happening this weekday, this weekend, this month, and beyond has never been easier. Search by category to see what's up next, or search by date to see events upcoming.
Member registration is currently open, approvals start Monday,
CHICAGO CLUB SCENE is a homegrown resource made for the community. We hope you find it useful when planning your nights out!
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2023.04.01 21:43 Empyric_ What can I do to make the mod a little less performance intensive?

I desperately want to try this mod, but my Steam Deck's internals are incapable of running this mod without crashing on 1/5 zoom changes. I've got the graphics turned down to the minimum but I'm still unable to play this mod. Is there any way to try to reduce this crashing, or should I just buy a PC lol
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2023.04.01 21:43 redtelletubie Transit from the airport

I’ll be flying into Louis Armstrong airport late on a Monday night in a few weeks (11:00pm-12:00). It looks like the public transport has stopped running by then so it’s likely our best option is UbeLyft to get into the city. Will there still be Uber drivers available out that way at that time or should we try and reserve a ride some how. Any suggestions with this or any other ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks
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2023.04.01 21:43 Mr-X11 Busted Competitive System

Hi my name is Mr. X or Xylo, look I know from the title that this is probably nothing new...
I finished a match and was thinking "oh that was easy", it turns out it's that my season high-rank Plat 5 (which I hit about a week ago) was shadow-dropped to Gold 5. When I finished the match the rank updated from gold 5 to gold 1 instead of plat 5 (to gold 1 ig). And I had no clue I was ever back in gold until the rank update. I just don't get why this was not made clear to me on my career profile or anywhere for that matter. I used to like the new system but this occurrence now just makes me wish my SR was made visible to me at all times that way I'll know exactly where I stand. And I also don't under why it decayed to begin with since it was only a week since I hadn't played the game. its not like I haven't played for the entire season, i just spent the week playing other roles.
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2023.04.01 21:43 pumpkinheadnow Goldie moving away:( lightly-heavily gifted. Let me know if interested

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2023.04.01 21:42 cuthman99 CHOO CHOO MFER'S, GET ON THIS HYPE TRAIN!!!!



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2023.04.01 21:42 Outside-Glass4927 Eating on shrooms

Yesterday I took 2.5 g of PE and had the best time! One thing I noticed tho is that when I was eating food, it felt like the food was tripping in my mouth? I could almost envision a wall closing my throat (it looked like a sea shell) or the food having weird attachments to one another and almost choked like three times! Does anyone else experience this? Could it be related to disordered eating? I’ve been recovered for a year, since my first trip actually it changed my life in the most beautiful way. But I wonder if this is common or if it’s due to psychological perception of food
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2023.04.01 21:42 iatlo7762 Swoop flights via Westjet vacations - seats

Hi! Heading to the Caribbean in a few weeks. We are flying Swoop via Westjet vacations out of Toronto. My question is about seats - looks like if I want to sit with my travel partner, I need to book it now (at about $100 round trip), or I can roll the dice and see what's available 24 hours in advance at check-in? Is it free at that point, or will I still have to pay?
Any information appreciated!
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2023.04.01 21:42 ENDER_a For once some FATAL random luck !!

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2023.04.01 21:42 Bougnagna string.erase() and RichTextLabel.text in Godot 4 ?

Hello everybody,
I searched the documentation several times but can't find anything...
Also in 3.5 in RichTextLabel you could get the text and bbcode_text.
(Workaround after an evening of search:

mrcdk commented on Aug 2, 2022

If the purpose is to strip all bbcode tags then this should do the trick:
func strip_bbcode(source:String) -> String:
var regex =
return regex.sub(source, "", true)

Any idea why it was removed ?
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2023.04.01 21:42 kearadaway Lounges need a cashless tipping option

I rarely carry cash, and going to an atm and then breaking into small bills is a hassle. In the age of QR codes being mainstream, why don’t we have an option to digitally tip in airport lounges? I don’t want to stiff the workers, but tracking down an atm, paying a $5 fee, and then having to break a $20 isn’t an elegant solution.
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2023.04.01 21:41 spjoe_aka_geek AR6 WGII reading circle meeting on 08.04.2022: Chapter 16 - Part 1/2

Next AR6 WGII reading circle meeting is on Saturday the 8th of April 2023 at 13:00 p.m. UTC.
The reading assignment is chapter 16 from page 2414 until page 2450 (Sections 16.1 - 16.4).
Consider to use the miro board so we can track our inputs and comments for the AR6 WGII.
Chapter 16 is available as pdf on It is also uploaded it to kami.
The meeting will happen on discord.
see ya all next week, spjoe
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2023.04.01 21:40 saintsinner40k [Campaign][Online][nWoD][$22][Vampire the Requiem] Empire of Blood - 1980s Gothic Horror in the Big Apple

New York is the beating heart of blood & greed for the kindred of the 1980s. Ruled by a Prince known as The Duke of New York, the five boroughs have firmly remained in the hands of the Invictus for over a century. The various clans & covenants machinate in the darkness of alleyways, night clubs, & the seedy underbelly of the Big Apple.
This is the decade of greed, & with that comes unprecedented changes for kindred society. The rise of new technologies, forensic techniques amongst police, & the HIV epidemic have thrown the All Night Society into a tail spin. Elders & established kindred are uncertain as to how to handle these shifts in modern times, some overreacting to the sudden surge of vampires in pop culture. Others are embracing these changes, & in the midst of all this chaos is you.
You are a neonate, a newly embraced vampire of the "me" generation. Born in a world on the brink of nuclear war, but now with a ravening beast in your heart & a thirst for blood. Your up against countless threats on all sides. Elders trigger happy to declare blood hunts, domain rulers who hold onto their little kingdoms with an iron fist, & even darker monsters then vampires that lurk in the shadows of this sprawling city.
The few allies you have are all that is keeping your requiem secure. But if your coterie doesnt start carving out your own piece of the Empire of Blood, your going to end up on the chopping block for the bigger badder predators in town.
Slots Available: Thursday - 2 of 6
System Used: Vampire the Requiem 2nd Edition
Style: Foundry VTT for graphics/dice/sheets & Discord Voice/Channels for communication
Session Duration: 3-4 hours
Schedule: Weekly Thursdays 1-5pm MST
Sign Up Link
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2023.04.01 21:40 PartyPaul-100 Okay MJ fam I’m finally making a comeback with the r/MichaelJackson Worst Setlist. Let’s begin shall we

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2023.04.01 21:40 Oliverwendelljones Ideas on Ian and Jen's Bet?

Before Addison leaves the cockpit, Ian tells to tell Jen that she owes him $5. What do you think the bet was? a.) Ben will remember Ian b.) He'll remember their Karoke song? c.) SOMEONE will say the name of the song? d.) Something else? The interplay between those two is becoming a nice touch.
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2023.04.01 21:40 AutoModerator [Get] Build Assets Online – Elite Fleet Plus

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2023.04.01 21:39 bbyfog [2017 Montalban et al, NEJM] ORATORIO Trial, ocrelizumab (Ocrevus) vs placebo in PPMS

[2017 Montalban et al, NEJM] ORATORIO Trial, ocrelizumab (Ocrevus) vs placebo in PPMS
ORATORIO trial ( number: NCT01194570
Citation: Montalban X, et al. Ocrelizumab versus Placebo in Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. N Engl J Med. 2017 Jan 19;376(3):209-220. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1606468. PMID: 28002688.

To assess the efficacy of ocrelizumab versus placebo in adult people with primary progressive multiple sclerosis (pwPPMS) and evaluate safety and tolerability of ocrelizumab in PPMS.
Prior to ORATORIO trial, three multiple sclerosis disease modifying agents (DMTs) had failed to modify the PPMS disease course in phase 3 studies: glatiramer acetate (PROMiSe trial), rituximab (OLYMPUS trial), and fingolimod. However, in the OLYMPUS trial, rituximab (a mouse/human chimeric anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody) significantly delayed PPMS in a subgroup of patients that were young (<51 years) and had at least one T1 lesion (ie, gadolinium enhancing lesion that is an evidence of inflammatory activity) at baseline (read here). Rituximab is a mouse/human chimeric anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody.
Ocrelizumab is a humanized monoclonal antibody that selectively depletes circulating CD20-expressing B cells. The ORATORIO trial was a phase 3 randomized, parallel-group, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to investigate efficacy and safety of ocrelizumab in pwPPMS.
  • The study enrolled 732 pwPPMS at sites across the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, EU countries, Russia, Israel, Mexico, Brazil, and Paraguay. The subjects were randomized 2:1 (ocrelizumab, N=488; placebo, N=244). The subjects received ocrelizumab (dosing regimen of 2 infusions 2-weeks apart) every 24 weeks (ie, every ~6 months).
  • Total length of the trial: The trial was event-driven, such that double-blind treatment was administered for a minimum of five doses (120 weeks) until the occurrence in the trial cohort of approximately 253 events of disability progression that was confirmed for at least 12 weeks.
  • The primary efficacy outcome measure was percentage of patients with disability progression confirmed at 12 weeks in a time-to-event analysis, in which disability progression was defined as an increase in the EDSS of at least 1.0 point from baseline that was sustained on subsequent visits for at least 12 weeks if the baseline score was 5.5 or less or an increase of at least 0.5 points that was sustained for at least 12 weeks if the baseline score was more than 5.5.
  • The secondary outcome measures were percentage of patients with disability progression confirmed at 24 weeks, and other measures such as changes from baseline in T25FW, total volume of brain lesions on T2-weighted MRI, brain volume, and Physical Component Summary score of the Medical Outcomes Study 36-Item Short-Form Health Survey (SF-36).
  • Baseline characteristics: The study population was relatively young, with median age of 46 years for both ocrelizumab (range, 20-56) and placebo (range, 18-56) groups. Approximately 50% were females (ocrelizumab, 48.6%; placebo, 50.8%) and had a wide range of EDSS scores (2.5 to 7.0) with median score of 4.5 in both groups – Note: very similar makeup as in rituximab ORATORIO trial.
  • Since the trial was event-driven, the median trial duration was approximately 3 years (ocrelizumab, 2.9 years; placebo, 2.8 years).
  • Primary endpoint: The percentage of patients with 12-week CDP were 32.9% with ocrelizumab and 39.3% with placebo (hazard ratio [HR], 0.76; 95% confidence interval [95% CI], 0.59 to 0.98; P=0.03).
  • The secondary MRI endpoint, mean change in total volume of T2-weighted lesions from baseline to week 120, was significant in favor of ocrelizumab (p <0.001).
  • The changes in all other secondary endpoints were also not significant between the two groups, including 24-week CDP, T25FW, and SF-36 Physical Component Score.
  • Safety and tolerability: infusion-related reactions, upper respiratory tract infections, and oral herpes infections were the more frequent adverse events with ocrelizumab than with placebo.
  • The primary endpoint was not met (P=0.03).
  • However, the authors concluded “In this trial, the results favored ocrelizumab over placebo with respect to the risk of confirmed disability progression at 12 weeks”.
This conclusion is consistent with the observed hazard ratio of 0.76, ie 24% reduction in the risk of disability progression in ocrelizumab group. Note: HR <1 means favors treatment. Furthermore, the reported 95% CI, 0.59 to 0.98, suggests that the best expected response is 41% reduction in disability and the least expected response is 2%. Thus, ocrelizumab may provide clinical benefit in most people with PPMS by slowing the disability progression.
  • For context, in the rituximab OLYMPUS trial (different primary endpoint, time to CDP), the HR was 0.77, ie favored rituximab. However, the 95% CI was 0.55 to 1.09, ie in approximately 9% of the pwPPMS, no benefit is expected and rituximab may even harm. (here)
  • Reviewing the key Figure from ORATORIO paper (Figure 1, 12-week CDP), it is apparent that the best separation between the curves occur around 3 years. Thus, at least 2-3 years of treatment may be required to see a benefit of ocrelizumab on halting disability progression in PPMS.

Figure 1, 12-week CDP
Related post: OLYMPUS trial
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2023.04.01 21:39 KitsuneGrimm313 [M4F] - 28 - UK - Looking for long term partner

I'm from Staffordshire, 5'10 with few piercings and lots of tattoos. I live alone and work from home. I am a programmer who is a week away from finishing my degree and then I will do my Masters in May.
I'm into gaming, anime, reading, music, art and tech stuff. I also want to travel a lot. I have every modern console so if you play too we can coop
Drop me a message if you want to get to know me and see if we click.
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2023.04.01 21:38 anthelli What pieces of advice would you give to someone who want to be more reliable ?

To start, let me say I have been developing a bad habit of being unreliable/flimsy for the past four years. I was always told I wasn't reliable in childhood, but I think it escalated a lot from an average level of sometimes being unable to attend events.
I believe I know where it comes from (a traumatic event four years ago, which I'm addressing in therapy). I understand what exactly I do (I shut down the outside world because it seems too scary and -ironically- unreliable. I develop a considerable mistrust toward what I can't control).
I am perfectly aware of how disrespectful of the time and energy of others it is to be flimsy; I don't want to be that way. But I still don't answer texts (sometimes even work-related) / phone calls because it feels terrifying and daunting when shutting down.
My question here is, for people who traveled my path and people who understand it, how did you address the concerns raised by this issue? Some pre-made "I'm shutting down, so I'm very sorry, but I won't be reachable next week. Please cancel any plan we made together" saved text? More communication about this risk? Going into every interaction with the world with an already saved text in case I am shutting down?
I'm looking for a - or multiple- ways to diminish the toll I'm putting on my friends, family, and coworkers. Please, do you have any ideas? I feel terrible for putting them through that while I wait for the work in therapy to reach more normal concerns instead of the tough ones at the moment. I used to take pride in being there for my friends and coworkers and being the empathic one they could talk to.
Thanks in advance for your answers.
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