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JournalismJobs posted the week of 10 March, 2023

2023.03.17 03:28 tjk911 JournalismJobs posted the week of 10 March, 2023

title company url
Sports Editor West Hawaii Today
Membership Manager Voice Media Group
Tired of furloughs or being paid part-time for full-time work? Eclipse Media
Education Lab Editor The Post and Courier
Entry Level Community Reporter Port City Daily
Digital Content Producer Rapid Broadcasting
Editor in Chief 340B Report
Reporter—Prescription Drug Pricing Policy 340B Report
Reporter The Kerrville Daily Times
Social Media Strategist/Senior Social Media Strategist, Digital Advocacy Center for American Progress
Cyber Intelligence Researcher / Writer / Presenter Acreto
Staff Reporter, Media and Misinformation NewsGuard
Senior Reporter - Intellectual Property Courts Law360
Senior Reporter - Mergers & Acquisitions MLex
Pinellas Beaches News + Politics Reporter The Gabber Newspaper
Editorial Assistant National Defense Industrial Association
Editor and Reporter Hoosier Media Group, LLC
Fresno Bee Senior Editor Fresno Bee
Modesto Bee Senior Editor Modesto Bee
Equity Reporter Modesto Bee
WyoSports Assistant EditoWriter Adams Publishing Group
Digital Fellow Democracy Now! Productions
Managing Editor World Politics Review
Reporter Columbia-Greene Media Corp.
Copy Editor / Page Designer Grants Pass Daily Courier
Bangor Correspondent Maine Public Broadcasting
Digital Content Producer The Morning Call
Content Strategist The Messenger
Social Media Manager The Messenger
Reporter The Astorian
General Assignment ReporteContent Curator The Messenger
Platform Strategist The Messenger
Visual EditoLead Visual Curator The Messenger
Visual Journalist The Messenger
Seeking enterprising reporter Central Maine Newspapers
Contributing Writer, Part-time (Remote) Mondato LLC
NewswriteNewscast Producer, KABC-TV ABC7 LOS ANGELES
General Assignment Reporter The Journal Gazette
Reporter Ontario Argus Observer
General Assignment Reporter Messenger-Inquirer
Managing Editor T3 Sixty, LLC
Managing Editor The Aspen Times
Editor Ballantine Communications, Inc.
Managing Editor Nogales International
Reporter Ballantine Communications, Inc.
Reporter Ballantine Communications, Inc.
Wire/Copy Editor & Page Designer Ballantine Communications, Inc.
Senior Reporter State Affairs
Editorial intern The Victor S. Navasky Internship Program
Community Editor Morrison County Record
Reporter The Journal Times/Wisconn Valley Media Group
Managing Editor Monstro
Regional News Editor News of Orange County
Myrtle Beach/Georgetown SC Editor The Post and Courier
General Assignment Reporter Cherokee Tribune
Cantonese Service Director Radio Free Asia
TBH We’re kinda awesome! Buffalo Bulletin
Associate Editor Vietnam Veterans of America
Staff Writer New Times Media Group
Senior WriteEditor SSTI
Digital Enterprise Producer The New Mexican, Inc.
Audience Director Injustice Watch
Audience Engagement Editor, C&EN American Chemical Society
Sports Editor Daily American Republic
Newsletter WriteReporter Spotlight PA
Municipal Reporter TAPinto Newark
Newsroom Summer Intern Ottumwa Courier
News Director KROX Radio
Showrunner & Executive Producer America Uncovered LLC
Covering business in one of nation's fastest-growing cities Jacksonville Business Journal
Health Care Reporter For Gulf States Newsroom and WWNO University of New Orleans
Senior Editor Sactown Magazine
Reporter Sentinel-Tribune
General assignment reporter Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post
Opinion Editor Kansas City Star
Growth & Development Reporter The Idaho Statesman
Michigan State Policy Reporter Chalkbeat
Digital News Editor The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Digital producer and journalist Chattanooga Times Free Press
City Editor Rapid City Journal/Lee Enterprises
WUNC Embodied Intern – Part Time Temporary WUNC
Director of Social Media Office of Communications and Public Affairs at Columbia University
Digital Editor, Federal News Network WTOP Federal News Network
Local News Reporter McCook Gazette
Digital Engagement Editor The Park Record
Associate Editor Vietnam Veterans of America
Statehouse Reporter LNP News/Lancasteronline
REPORTER, General Assignment with Health Focus
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2023.01.12 14:36 tw_bot Column: : Cybersecurity in our future (1/12/23) - McCook Daily Gazette

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2021.08.16 06:16 mycatisanorange Couple Wed on Highway, Nebraska City, The McCook Daily Gazette, 27 Jun 1929, Thu

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2021.08.16 00:11 mycatisanorange Curtis Youth Acquitted, Kenneth is Unshaken, The McCook Daily Gazette, 27 Jun 1929, Thu

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2021.08.15 23:50 mycatisanorange Curtis Youth Found Not Guilty, The McCook Daily Gazette, 27 Jun 1929, Thu

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2021.08.12 09:08 mycatisanorange Wreckers Halt When Old Ale Is Located, Tekamah, The McCook Daily Gazette, 07 Apr 1930, Mon

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2020.07.09 16:17 kyussdourden Two more arrested in alleged child sex trafficking ring - McCook Daily Gazette

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2020.05.04 15:18 kyussdourden Eighth man arrested in connection with underage sex ring - McCook Daily Gazette

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2020.02.28 14:26 kyussdourden Second Oxford man arrested on sex trafficking charges, records still sealed - McCook Daily Gazette

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2020.02.27 20:19 kyussdourden Second Oxford man arrested on sex trafficking charges, records still sealed - McCook Daily Gazette

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2019.07.23 21:36 nico116nico Former McCook Gazette publisher dies Sunday at age 80

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2018.03.20 00:39 piccolo3nj Help out with my Nebraska shirt project

Wanted to make some local designs and I made 10 cities so far:
Lincoln (Huskers) Omaha (Downtown) Grand Island (Sandhill Cranes) (my personal favorite) Kearney (Archway) Valentine (Niobrara River) Valentine (City Sign/motto 'City of Love') North Platte (Bailey Yard) North Platte (Fort Coady) Minden (City Buliding during Christmas 'City of Lights') McCook (Home of McCook Gazette - first newspaper to be delivered by airplane)
Questions: 1) Why isn't my city on here? Let me know your city and I'll put it on here!
2) Why didn't you include ** landmark? I can only use images that are open source or I have been authorized to use - if you have a great picture that you'd like to donate to the cause or get royalties on - send me a PM!
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2016.06.30 21:46 piccolo3nj 3-cent Hillcrest levy to be voted upon

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 Lorri Sughroue McCook Gazette
McCOOK, Neb. -- Ballot language is being drafted for a 3-cent levy that may be added onto the Red Willow County property tax levy.
Vesta Dack, Red Willow County Commissioner, told the Hillcrest Nursing Home Board of Trustees Tuesday morning at its regular meeting that Red Willow County Attorney Paul Wood is coming up with the ballot language for a 3-cent tax that would go to Hillcrest Nursing Home.
The 3-cent levy would be used only for maintenance and upkeep of Hillcrest Nursing Home, Dack said, and not for salaries. How much revenue would be collected for Hillcrest by the levy and how long the levy will last has not been discussed yet by the commissioners.
Red Willow County Commissioners have until Sept. 1 to approve the ballot language, for it to be on the November election.
If placed on the ballot and approved by voters, the levy would help ease financial burdens at Hillcrest. Administrator Colinda Nappa said Monday morning at the trustee meeting that the levy could be used for such things as roofing or the purchase of new equipment.
The current levy for the county is nearly 30 cents, at 0.294979. With the three cent tax, the levy would be 32 cents, or 0.324979.
The levy for the City of McCook is 0.319044. The levy for the McCook School District general fund is 0.951113, with the school bond at 0.82996, for a total of 1.781073.
Hillcrest is county-owned but operates on its own revenue. It takes about $70,000 to $90,000 a month to meet operational costs at Hillcrest, Nappa told Red Willow County Commissioners last year. The facility has been challenged with money woes in the past, when the county borrowed $1 million in 2012 to cover Hillcrest expenses because three months of Medicare and Medicaid claims were not filed after a billing clerk was terminated. The facility has been making payments on that, as well as payments on a 20-year, $2.3 million construction bond that was used for improvements at Hillcrest. The bond was recently re-structured in June by the commissioners, for lower interest payments.
Hillcrest officials have been doing what it can to remain self-sustaining, by raising room rates and being approved by the Veteran Administration for reimbursement for veteran care. In November of 2014, Hillcrest Board of Trustees reluctantly approved writing off nearly a quarter of a million dollars in outstanding debt the facility was unable to collect and in 2015, hired an attorney to collect about $500,000 of payments still due to the facility.
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2016.06.30 21:38 piccolo3nj Sports Editor at McCook Gazette dies, some say he might be missed

My friend, Steve Kodad
Thursday, June 30, 2016 Gene O. Morris Life ain't fair.
As I sit here this morning ... staring at my computer screen ... my heart is aching because I have lost another friend.
I didn't know Steve Kodad very long -- in fact, I really didn't get to know him well until the past few months. Steve and my friendship started on Saturdays and Sundays when I stopped by the newspaper office to check for new voice mail and e-mail messages.
Steve was always there, sitting alone in his cluttered office, typing furiously on his big screen Apple computer. His office was only five steps from the Gazette's back door -- which is the place we enter on weekends -- so I got in the habit of sticking my head in and asking Steve what in the world he was doing working so many hours. "Got to," he said. "I've got four game stories to write up and there's been another coaching change at the college."
Doing stories about kids and coaches was Steve's passion. He relished it and started every one of our conversations by telling me about a player or a coach -- on the grade school, junior high, high school or college level -- who had excelled.
Steve was a sports nut. So am I. Steve was strongly opinionated. So am I. And, so, invariably, it wasn't long after we started talking that the conversation would turn into a heated debate. As you other fanatical sports fans know, that's a sure-fire formula for argumentative fun.
Because, when you really get down to the truth of the matter, it doesn't make a nickel's worth of difference which team wins or which team loses. What does matter is the exciting escape that sports provides from the angst and agony of daily life.
Deep down, Steve and I both knew that, but it didn't stop us from screaming and hollering, with a twinkle in our eyes, about such things as who the Huskers' quarterback should be and whether my team, the Kansas City Royals, or Steve's team, the St. Louis Cardinals, were the better team.
Damn it anyway. I'll miss those arguments.
Steve, in my opinion, was one of the best sports editors the Gazette has ever had. He died way too young.
I'm glad, though, that he spent his last few years with us in McCook.
The genuine love Steve had for athletes and their coaches will live on, hopefully inspiring us all to be as passionate as he was about doing your best ... no matter what your lot in life may be.
Rest in peace, my friend. You enriched my life and that of hundreds of athletes, coaches and readers in the Golden Plains region.
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2016.06.23 07:39 piccolo3nj McCook Gazette Editorial: Political capital, not gun violence, main Senate target

One measure would ban gun sales to suspected terrorists. Another would deny gun sales to known or suspected terrorists as long as a judge agrees within three days. A third would expand background checks to private gun sales and a fourth would encourage states to share more information on suspected terrorists with the FBI.
What do all the gun control measures have in common?
They all failed in the Senate, largely along party lines.
Two were sponsored and supported mostly by Democrats, two others by Republicans.
What does it prove?
Senators are more interested in making political points this election year than actually doing something that would require any sort of compromise.
Despite what you see on television, it's not that easy to trace a gun to its purchaser or current owner.
The Firearm Owners' Protection Act of 1986 prohibits the national government or any state from keeping any sort of database or registry that ties firearms directly to their owners, except in the course of a criminal investigation.
Many local governments flout the law, however, such as New York City, which requires by law that any citizen registers each and every firearm with the NYPD.
Nebraska has few restrictions on long guns, but you must have a handgun certificate or concealed carry permit, which require background checks, to buy a handgun. Omaha requires registration of all handguns and Lincoln requires reporting of firearm sales other than long guns commonly used for sporting purposes.
And, despite the wording of the 1986 FOPA, the feds keep millions of records, with specific firearms, owners and addresses, for multiple sales, of guns suspected of being used in crime, traced guns, businesses that have gone out of business, guns that are stolen and certain guns such as fully automatic firearms, short-barrel rifles and shotguns.
Guns with high-capacity magazines are attractive to those who are intent on killing a large number of people in a short time, and we wouldn't be surprised to see Congress return to restrictions on that type of equipment, misguided as that effort might be.
That's just what it is, however, equipment incapable of causing any harm without the direction of a human bent on destruction.
Without attention to the underlying causes, and making sure potential targets are adequately protected, by firearms if necessary, any new gun laws will be for naught.
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2015.07.08 06:09 conantheking McCook Gazette: Editorial: Will marijuana follow in the footsteps of same-sex marriage?

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2014.06.14 15:46 fpopper McCook Daily Gazette: Local News: Ready to go (06/13/14)

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2014.03.19 14:20 fpopper McCook Daily Gazette: Local News: Beth Horner, The Steel Wheels headline Buffalo Commons (03/18/14)

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