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2023.03.20 21:06 rapidbluess For sale in Crooksville Ohio 🤣

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2023.03.20 21:03 ThrowRAMom2 I can't get my bread to rise?!

I can't get my bread to rise?!
I need help getting my homemade bread to rise more! I am at a loss of what to do.
The current recipe I'm using is supposed to make two loaves, but I can barely get two out of it - usually I just get one normal-sized loaf or two small loaves. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!
Recipe calls for: 5 C flour, 1 TBSP yeast, 1/4 C honey (to feed the yeast), 2 C water, 2 TSP salt, 2 TBSP melted butter.
I monitor my water temperature carefully (never higher than 110°F), give my dough plenty of time to rise in a warm area (oven with the light turned on) but my loaves are still pretty small (pics added for comparison - 1 loaf crwafed from the recipe above and two).
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2023.03.20 21:00 KeyReturn4397 gtx 960m on laptop

Hello, is the gtx 960m a durable video chip in long gaming sessions? Because I had another laptop with a 1060 3 GB (second hand) and GPU stopped working after 3 months.
In terms of strength this GPU is enough for me but I m concerned about the temperatures.
My first laptop had a gtx 920mx and it still working but the screen got broken.
Is this GPU durable?
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2023.03.20 21:00 Lumpy_Writing_5606 Video Loss on RTX 3080 Need Help

I have the following setup and I'm facing problems with video loss.
12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12600K 3.60 GHz RAM 32,0 GB DDR5 4800 ADATA VGA RTX 3080 ASUS TUF x16 gen4 Driver 531.29 SSD NVME m.2 4.0 gen3 1 TB NETAC MB z660-f RogStrix POWER 750 GOLD ( forgot the brand) WIN 11 22h2
The average temperature of the vga does not usually exceed 75 degrees, but in general it stays at 66 degrees. processor temperature does not exceed 65 degrees.
During some games the video shuts down, but the computer apparently continues to operate. I keep listening to the songs, keyboard caps turn on and off.
I first experienced the error in The Division on EPIC, resolved after reinstalling the drivers cleanly.
Then it started to occur in magic the gattering on steam (I believe it happened after updating the drivers).
Now it happened on Tiny Tinas also on Steam.

The division 165 FPS ULTRA
MAGIC 60 HIGH (occurs more frequently when I leave the fps unlimited, passing 600)
Unlimited Tiny Tina and at 120 FPS

I noticed a worsening when I installed Armory Create and also that when I lose the video my RGB lighting changes the pattern.
Rarely, when I restart the PC I hear 1 long beep and 3 short beeps (VGA) but they stop as soon as I restart again.
Any idea of solution?
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2023.03.20 20:59 KeyReturn4397 gtx 960m on laptop

Hello, is the gtx 960m a durable video chip in long gaming sessions? Because I had another laptop with a 1060 3 GB (second hand) and GPU stopped working after 3 months.
In terms of strength this GPU is enough for me but I m concerned about the temperatures.
My first laptop had a gtx 920mx and it still working but the screen got broken.
Also I want to buy this laptop and have it for more years.
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2023.03.20 20:59 Awkward_Comparison93 Development of Tales of Tra'Vol

Embark on an unforgettable odyssey through the breathtaking realms of Tra'Vol, where magic, danger, and adventure intertwine to create a symphony of exhilarating experiences. Presenting Tales of Tra'Vol: Requiem, a game that transcends the boundaries of traditional RPGs, immersing players in a meticulously crafted world teeming with secrets, challenges, and infinite possibilities.
Ascend the treacherous Frostspine Mountains, delve into the enigmatic ruins of the Gorgonian Empire, and forge alliances or rivalries with a diverse tapestry of characters, each bearing their own tales, ambitions, and intricate web of agendas. Every choice you make will reverberate across the landscape, shaping the destiny that unfolds before you.
Master the art of swordsmanship, archery, and magic in your quest for glory, honing your skills and attributes to create a character as unique as your own journey. Unravel the mysteries of ancient civilizations and traverse the expansive environments uncovering hidden treasures and long-forgotten lore. The heart of Tales of Tra'Vol lies in the boundless freedom of exploration, beckoning players to immerse themselves in a captivating world of beauty and peril. With its enthralling gameplay, exquisite world-building, and gripping narrative, Tales of Tra'Vol: Requiem promises a gaming experience that will enchant and entertain both RPG aficionados and newcomers alike.
Pledge your allegiance to the Tales of Tra'Vol Kickstarter campaign and secure access to exclusive in-game content, from rare artifacts to the opportunity to design a custom NPC, quest, or personal stronghold. Revel in the splendor of the realm with physical rewards like art prints, posters, and concept art books, or lose yourself in the rich lore of Tra'Vol with a special edition game package, complete with a detailed map and lore booklet.
By supporting The Tales of Tra'Vol, you play a vital role in weaving a mesmerizing tapestry of immersive storytelling, thrilling gameplay, and an extraordinary world brimming with ancient secrets and hidden treasures. Stand on the precipice of greatness, and let your journey begin!
With planned features you to,
1: Experience a seamless open world with minimal loading screens, ensuring an uninterrupted, immersive gaming experience.
2: Establish camps throughout the world for saving, storage, and respite. Experience a true survival challenge with no saving on the highest difficulty.
3: Command an array of rideable mounts that double as mobile bases. Choose from horses, the mystical Hallows, elephants, and even majestic dragons.
4: Engage in a thrilling lockpicking system that requires stealth and situational awareness to avoid detection.
5: Join numerous factions with branching storylines and profound endgame impacts.
6: Master diverse crafting systems to create armor, weapons, potions, and magical spells.
7: Discover a unique magic system reliant on collectible, consumable runes, with the rare exception of Perma-Runes.
8: Make choices that reverberate throughout the game world, influencing populations, economies, and social structures.
9: Benefit from a leveling system that values thoughtful choices over grinding, rewarding players for strategic thinking.
10: Exercise ultimate control over game events, shaping the world and its inhabitants based on your actions. Beware the consequences of your decisions.
11: Experience a living world teeming with diverse forms of life, all of which can be interacted with, hunted, or eliminated.
12: Encounter distinct game endings and beginnings determined by your chosen difficulty level.
13: Navigate varied regional economic systems, each with unique currencies, banks, and credit lines.
14: Face region-specific crime systems with diverse punishments, ranging from imprisonment to public humiliation and execution.
15: Engage in time-sensitive quests and events that unfold organically, rather than in response to prior achievements.
16: Embark on seafaring adventures with a comprehensive sailing system, including shipbuilding and ocean engagements.
17: Traverse every inch of the world, from ocean depths to towering peaks, provided you have the right tools and preparation.
18: Understand the weight of your actions, as slain NPCs remain dead, potentially impacting quests. No warnings provided, except on the easiest difficulty.
19: Customize your character's class with unique traits and abilities, but be mindful that changes cannot be reversed within a single playthrough.
20: Embrace the nostalgia of purchasing a complete game with all future downloadable content available for free.
21: Explore regions governed by various systems, but ultimately beholden to a central monarchy.
22: Conquer challenging dungeons and be rewarded with distinctive, visually unique items.
23: Experience a realistic damage system with potential diseases, infections, and even dismemberment.
24: Play as one of Twelve distinct races, each with unique lore and abilities. Unlock non-playable races under specific circumstances.
25: Enjoy a dynamic day-night cycle and seasonal changes that impact regions differently.
26: Discover numerous Easter eggs to keep you intrigued and engaged throughout your journey.
27: Marvel at a meticulously handcrafted world devoid of procedural generation in quests and dungeons.
28: Interact with region-specific architecture, clothing, and technology, as NPCs inquire about your origins and intentions based on your appearance and affiliations.
29: Use your charisma and skills to negotiate your way out of sticky situations.
30: Engage with a fully voice-acted cast of characters, while retaining a silent protagonist to maximize player choice.
31: Experience the game primarily in first-person with the option for third-person gameplay.
32: Face off against intelligent enemy AI that adapts its strategy to your playstyle.
33: Dynamic weather system that affects gameplay, altering terrain, visibility, and character movement in storms, fog, or extreme temperatures.
34: A detailed diplomacy system allowing players to engage in negotiations, forging alliances or inciting conflicts between factions.
35: Engage in a complex, evolving ecosystem where the actions of players and NPCs impact the abundance and behavior of flora and fauna.
36: Master a nuanced musical instrument system that enables players to compose original tunes and perform them in-game, influencing NPC reactions and unlocking unique quests.
37: Discover hidden professions and trades, such as blacksmithing, alchemy, or cartography, to craft unique items or reveal secrets of the world.
38: Unearth ancient relics with mysterious powers, which can be combined or altered to unlock new abilities and gameplay possibilities.
39: Experience a robust reputation system where your actions and affiliations affect how factions and individuals perceive you, opening or closing opportunities based on your choices.
40: Engage in thrilling aerial combat with customizable flying mounts, pitting your tactics and skill against formidable airborne adversaries.
41: Delve into a complex morality system that reflects the consequences of your choices, shaping the world and the story in profound ways.
42: Encounter a rich variety of cultures with their own customs, languages, and traditions, which players can learn and use to their advantage in social situations or negotiations.
43: Participate in dynamic, large-scale battles and sieges, where players can command troops, deploy siege weapons, or exploit tactical advantages to turn the tide of war.
44: Master the art of stealth and subterfuge, infiltrating enemy strongholds, gathering intelligence, or dispatching adversaries without raising alarm.
45: Unlock the potential of a living skill tree, where abilities evolve and adapt based on the player's choices and in-game experiences.
46: Establish a network of spies and informants to gather information, uncover hidden plots, and manipulate events to your advantage.
47: Employ a realistic, physics-based combat system that takes into account weapon weight, armor thickness, and environmental factors.
48: Overcome language barriers and decipher ancient scripts through a unique linguistic puzzle system, revealing secrets and unlocking new questlines.
49: Forge meaningful relationships with NPCs, shaping their lives and stories based on your interactions, forming lasting friendships or bitter rivalries.
50: Experience dynamic, procedurally generated events that react to your choices and actions, ensuring a fresh and unpredictable experience with each playthrough.
With many many more intriguing and new mechanics planed for the future, The Tales of Tra'Vol is a property I recommend everyone keep their eye on!
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2023.03.20 20:58 Peoplearesmart Overthinker

Yesterday i did the spore to LC process, I did everything sanitized extremely clean and sterilized the jars with water inside and corn syrup, we drilled two holes and put microspore tape over it, and when they were in room temperature we then injected the spores through the tape and re taped it, yes I sprayed the lid with alcohol before injecting it, I also sprayed the needles themselves and made sure the alcohol went inside,
but I am scared if I put too much corn syrup, I didn’t measure but I basically just put like what I’d say 10 grams of corn syrup on each jar, Is that too much, will the spores die or not grow?
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2023.03.20 20:58 KeyReturn4397 is gtx 960m a durable GPU?

Hello, is the gtx 960m a durable video chip in long gaming sessions? Because I had another laptop with a 1060 3 GB (second hand) and GPU stopped working after 3 months.
In terms of strength this GPU is enough for me but I m concerned about the temperatures.
My first laptop had a gtx 920mx and it still working but the screen got broken.
Is this GPU durable?
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2023.03.20 20:57 warnelldawg Canton teen falls four floors from parking deck in downtown Athens; remains in ICU

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2023.03.20 20:57 KeyReturn4397 gtx 960m on laptop.

Hello, is the gtx 960m a durable video chip in long gaming sessions? Because I had another laptop with a 1060 3 GB (second hand) and GPU stopped working after 3 months.
In terms of strength this GPU is enough for me but I m concerned about the temperatures.
My first laptop had a gtx 920mx and it still working but the screen got broken.
Is this GPU durable?
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2023.03.20 20:56 Lumpy_Writing_5606 Video Loss in RTX 3080

I have the following setup and I'm facing problems with video loss.
12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12600K 3.60 GHz RAM 32,0 GB DDR5 4800 ADATA VGA RTX 3080 ASUS TUF x16 gen4 Driver 531.29 SSD NVME m.2 4.0 gen3 1 TB NETAC MB z660-f RogStrix POWER 750 GOLD ( forgot the brand) WIN 11 22h2
The average temperature of the vga does not usually exceed 75 degrees, but in general it stays at 66 degrees. processor temperature does not exceed 65 degrees.
During some games the video shuts down, but the computer apparently continues to operate. I keep listening to the songs, keyboard caps turn on and off.
I first experienced the error in The Division on EPIC, resolved after reinstalling the drivers cleanly.
Then it started to occur in magic the gattering on steam (I believe it happened after updating the drivers).
Now it happened on Tiny Tinas also on Steam.

The division 165 FPS ULTRA
MAGIC 60 HIGH (occurs more frequently when I leave the fps unlimited, passing 600)
Unlimited Tiny Tina and at 120 FPS

I noticed a worsening when I installed Armory Create and also that when I lose the video my RGB lighting changes the pattern.
Rarely, when I restart the PC I hear 1 long beep and 3 short beeps (VGA) but they stop as soon as I restart again.
Any idea of solution?
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2023.03.20 20:55 Anxious-Direction591 48% Off Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine (9 in x 9 in), Ideal for T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Pillows, Aprons & More, Precise Temperature Control, Features Insulated Safety Base & Auto-Off, Raspberry tp

48% Off Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine (9 in x 9 in), Ideal for T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Pillows, Aprons & More, Precise Temperature Control, Features Insulated Safety Base & Auto-Off, Raspberry tp submitted by Anxious-Direction591 to AmazonPromoCodesAZ [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:54 Met_BenFrechette Getting closer... here's another weather forecast from your certified Ultra meteorologist. Should be dry and sunny through the weekend, plan for temperatures in the mid 80s (28-30°C) with humid conditions 🎶

Getting closer... here's another weather forecast from your certified Ultra meteorologist. Should be dry and sunny through the weekend, plan for temperatures in the mid 80s (28-30°C) with humid conditions 🎶 submitted by Met_BenFrechette to UMF [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:53 Lumpy_Writing_5606 RTX 3080 with video loss

I have the following setup and I'm facing problems with video loss. Nome do dispositivo GALACTICA
12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12600K 3.60 GHz RAM 32,0 GB DDR5 4800 ADATA VGA RTX 3080 ASUS TUF x16 gen4 Driver 531.29 SSD NVME m.2 4.0 gen3 1 TB NETAC MB z660-f RogStrix POWER 750 GOLD ( forgot the brand) WIN 11 22h2
The average temperature of the vga does not usually exceed 75 degrees, but in general it stays at 66 degrees. processor temperature does not exceed 65 degrees.
During some games the video shuts down, but the computer apparently continues to operate. I keep listening to the songs, keyboard caps turn on and off.
I first experienced the error in The Division on EPIC, resolved after reinstalling the drivers cleanly.
Then it started to occur in magic the gattering on steam (I believe it happened after updating the drivers).
Now it happened on Tiny Tinas also on Steam.

The division 165 FPS ULTRA
MAGIC 60 HIGH (occurs more frequently when I leave the fps unlimited, passing 600)
Unlimited Tiny Tina and at 120 FPS

I noticed a worsening when I installed Armory Create and also that when I lose the video my RGB lighting changes the pattern.
Rarely, when I restart the PC I hear 1 long beep and 3 short beeps (VGA) but they stop as soon as I restart again.
Any idea of solution?
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2023.03.20 20:53 1995patagoniacatelog COLUMBUS OHIO!! Evah Destruction is here tomorrow and you don’t wanna miss this show! (Tix in comments)

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2023.03.20 20:41 CaptainScuttlebottom [OC] Which Round of 32 game thread had the most complaining about the refs? And other analysis of all 54,886 comments from the second round

What is this?

Like I did for the first round, I scraped all the comments from every Round of 32 game thread using the PRAW Python wrapper for Reddit's API, and then analyzed them with R. This time, I ended up with a total of 54,886 comments from 16 threads. I came up with a few interesting ways to look at the data, but let me know if you have any other ideas!
Here's the results from the Round of 64: https://old.reddit.com/CollegeBasketball/comments/11utq8b/oc_which_round_of_64_game_thread_had_the_most/

1. Which game thread had the most ref complaints?

I searched each comment for flags like "refs", "rigged", "bullshit call", "refball", etc. that usually indicate a ref complaint. This isn't perfect, because it will include false positives like the rare "the refs are doing a great job!" and exclude contextual / non-flagged things like "that's bullshit", but it gets pretty close. If you have ideas for flags I should search for, please let me know!

CHART: Ref complaint leaderboard

This time the KU vs. Arkansas thread topped the list; I can completely understand why, since that was a classic "ten seconds of actual basketball punctuated by two minutes of free throws and ads" game. It was also a very physical, defense-oriented game, so there was a lot of potential calls / noncalls to complain about for both teams' fans.

2. Game thread timelines

I split each game thread up into ten minute chunks, and counted the number of comments made during each interval from each faction. This results in fun little timeline graphs that show you where the action / excitement spiked, what % of each thread was made up of neutrals, etc. I think they're neat, so I included the top ten most commented-on threads here. Let me know if you want to see any others!

CHART: Game thread timelines

I really enjoy the graphs for the upsets here; it's pretty funny how you can see the KU / Bama / Houston flairs entering and exiting the thread as the games' outcomes became clear (for example, us KU flairs clearly all left to go re-watch 2022 highlights toward the end). And props to Kentucky fans for seemingly sticking it out until the bitter end!

3. Word clouds

I can also generate word clouds from the data! Here are some fun ones:

WORD CLOUD: Full dataset, most used words

WORD CLOUD: Ref complaints only

WORD CLOUD: Arkansas vs. Kansas: KU flairs only and Arkansas flairs only


I can take requests on these as well if anyone has any!

4. Leaderboards

And finally, it's time to see who is winning the real March Madness -- posting on reddit.

Top Commenting Teams

Rank Primary Flair Total Comments Unique Users Comments per User Avg. Score
#1 Michigan State Spartans 3,572 350 10.21 3.70
#2 Kentucky Wildcats 3,050 261 11.69 2.99
#3 Indiana Hoosiers 2,363 243 9.72 3.56
#4 Kansas Jayhawks 2,250 220 10.23 3.37
#5 Maryland Terrapins 2,094 160 13.09 3.84
#6 Tennessee Volunteers 1,555 162 9.60 3.00
#7 North Carolina Tar Heels 1,446 150 9.64 3.36
#8 Alabama Crimson Tide 1,384 154 8.99 2.47
#9 Duke Blue Devils 1,346 149 9.03 3.16
#10 Arkansas Razorbacks 1,319 136 9.70 3.23
Just like Indiana flairs had a field day with the Round of 64, it looks like MSU fans ran wild over /CollegeBasketball these past two days, taking the #1 spot by over 500 comments. The three blue blood losers make up 2nd through 4th place this round, and our friendly preseason #1 team, UNC, makes a surprise appearance at #7.

Top Ref Complainer Teams (min. 250 comments total in data)

Rank Primary Flair Total Comments N Ref Complaints % Ref Complaints
#1 Arkansas Razorbacks 1,319 118 8.95%
#2 Kansas Jayhawks 2,250 195 8.67%
#3 Michigan State Spartans 3,572 286 8.01%
#4 Marquette Golden Eagles 544 42 7.72%
#5 Virginia Cavaliers 289 22 7.61%
#6 Iowa State Cyclones 255 19 7.45%
#7 Duke Blue Devils 1,346 99 7.36%
#8 Houston Cougars 1,235 90 7.29%
#9 Baylor Bears 676 49 7.25%
#10 Michigan Wolverines 823 59 7.17%
The Jayhawks and the Razorbacks were in a virtual tie here, which, again, makes plenty of sense. I think this actually vindicates my view that the officiating was god-awful and annoying to watch for both teams. The fact that MSU and Marquette fans are on this list is also no surprise, given how that game went. I do wonder why UVA and Michigan are on here, but I guess that comes down to the 250 comment threshold more than anything else.

Top individual commenters

Rank Commentor Flair Total Comments Avg. Score Min. Score Max. Score Threads Visited
#1 Ghost-of-Moravia Maryland Terrapins 260 4.08 -7 19 12
#2 michaellomeli Ohio State Buckeyes 235 3.89 -2 20 9
#3 Sirrenderthe69th Tennessee Volunteers 198 2.82 -3 30 12
#4 That_One_Pancake Penn State Nittany Lions 191 4.51 -10 27 11
#5 Kodyaufan2 Auburn Tigers 179 3.01 1 26 9
#6 JayMoney2424 Michigan State Spartans 178 3.29 -3 25 10
#7 indreams159 Fairleigh Dickinson Knights 177 4.01 -3 26 14
#8 Kardinale Louisville Cardinals 165 3.49 0 19 13
#9 bcocfbhp Villanova Wildcats 159 2.36 0 10 13
#10 iDestr0ya Buffalo Bulls 152 2.70 -2 13 13
This is a completely different top 10 from the round of 64, which I wasn't expecting! None of the 10 people from last time made it, with fancycheesus, elgenie, and ddottay landing just outside at #11, #12, and #15 respectively. I was expecting to see the same group of "power users" throughout the tournament, so now I'm very curious to see who will end up on top once I combine all the rounds into one dataset.

Random fun facts:

  • Most toxic thread: This one is kind of tricky this time. The thread with the greatest number of downvoted comments was Duke vs. Tennessee (617 downvoted / 7,248 total = 8.51%), but the one with the greatest percentage was Maryland vs. Alabama (446 / 3,795 = 11.8%). Both were plenty toxic in their own way, so I'll let you decide which was worse.
  • Most 'fuck's per Comment: This time the Baylor Bears took first place, with 9.32% of all Baylor fans' comments containing some form of the word "fuck". Classic Baptists, am I right? Second place was Ohio State for some reason -- they took first place in the first round, so I guess OSU fans are just particularly potty-mouthed?
  • /CollegeBasketball's most used words: The #1 most common word in this round's dataset was "lol" -- here's the rest of the top 10:
Word Instances
lol 2,515
team 2,183
refs 2,132
foul 2,053
call 1,448
play 1,360
time 1,355
half 1,304
fucking 1,219
fuck 1,205
Thanks for reading! Please let me know if you have any other requests / suggestions!
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2023.03.20 20:36 MR_ChEEkClapper Newbie to building.

So about a year and half ago I purchased an omen 30.l. reason I bought it is because the gpu prices atm were threw the roof. The pre-built I got for about $2100 usd. Came with a 3080 nvidia gpu and a amd 7 5800x which is what I wanted. the pre-built is a beast but the temperatures were horrible if I didn't up the rpm on the fans. Well now I purchased a 4090 asus tuf gpu, h7 flow nzxt case, thor 2 1000w psu, asus x570 plus mobo, 3 140mm be quiet pwm high-speed fan, 2 tb 980 pro nvme, 1 tb 980 pro nvme, asus ryujin 2 360mm aio, and 12vhpwr from cable mod. The cpu I'm going to use is in the pre-built. Is there anything else I would need to complete this build or would I have to make adjustments. Another thing is would I have to buy another windows 11 or can I transfer the license key over?
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2023.03.20 20:35 Literal_Sperg 48/M Just helping the day pass by a bit easier

Autistic, married with a couple step kids and the best dog. To the surprise of no one I work in IT. Work is generally boring so I have time to chat. I'm in Oregon, but from Ohio & born in FL. Hobbies: PC building, college football, photography. Just looking for casual chat to pass the time.
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2023.03.20 20:34 feetfirstclinic The Importance of Foot Care for People with Rheumatoid Arthritis

The Importance of Foot Care for People with Rheumatoid Arthritis
If you suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis, chances are you’re already scheduling regular appointments with a chiropodist. And if you aren’t, you may be overdue. This serious condition requires assistance and guidance from a healthcare professional.
That said, it’s truly amazing what practicing foot care on your own time can help you achieve. The two main goes of foot care for people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are pain management and avoiding complications.
Today we will discuss how lifestyle factors such as shoe choices and exercises can help you structure your life around RA with less discomfort. But first, let’s break down everything we’ll discuss today:
  • What is Rheumatoid arthritis?
  • Best shoes for Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and exercises
  • Additional foot care practices for RA

What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune and inflammatory disease that wreaks havoc on your joints by mistakenly targeting the body’s healthy cells, leading to inflammation. It most commonly affects the feet, hands, wrists and knees.
It’s critical to take Rheumatoid arthritis seriously. If you don’t pay attention to foot care and neglect regular check-ups, you may be putting yourself at risk of developing complications. These include osteoporosis, an increased body mass index (BMI), heart and lung problems, and a compromised immune system that leaves you more vulnerable to infections.
Click here to read more on RA, including symptoms, treatments from a chiropodist, and helpful medications.

Best Shoes for Rheumatoid Arthritis

One way to practice foot care and pain management with RA is to be extremely vigilant about your shoes.
Medical News Today notes that people with RA should look for shoes with a wide-toe box, rocker bottoms and cushioning with arch support. Adjustable straps and breathable materials can also be beneficial to maximize comfort levels.
  • Rocker bottoms: Also called rocker soles, this shoe feature can reduce pain and help with mobility and activity limitation in RA patients. They are designed to reduce pressure under the ball of the foot and excessive toe motion.
  • Wide toe box: Rheumatoid arthritis can lead to foot deformities in the form of severe bunions, claw toes and hammertoes. It can also cause severely flat feet, and a widened forefoot, sometimes called splay foot. Rheumatoid nodules (firm bumps of tissue) can also pop up anywhere along the affected area. Wearing shoes with a wide toe box is imperative for maintaining a certain comfort level and accommodating these deformities.
  • Adjustable straps: When you have Rheumatoid arthritis, having more room in the entire shoe to accommodate stiff joints and deformities can be a major plus.
  • Breathable materials: A 2019 study highlighting important features of retail shoes for women with RA found that breathable materials (such as soft mesh uppers) were crucial for most patients.
Cushioning and arch support: The same study reported that most women found shoes with adequate rearfoot and forefoot cushioning most comfortable. Women said the same about longitudinal arch support.
The Clarks Wave 2.0 has a rocker sole

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Exercise

An exercise routine can help most people with arthritis in the lower extremities. We’re not talking about exerting energy levels you aren’t comfortable with or practicing difficult workouts and training. We know that mobility constraints will always be an issue.
Exercises should simply work the muscles in your feet and lower half to prevent atrophy from a lack of use and help with pain management and mobility.

Here are some multi-purposeful exercises that can also help with RA:

Toe Flex and Raise
Ankle Circles / Alphabet
Calf Stretch on a Stair

Be sure to also check out our two-part series on the best exercises for arthritis!

Additional Foot Care Practices for RA

  • The RICE Method: Sometimes, your pain may flare up to the point where all you can do is be patient and wait until it passes. Luckily the magical combination of rest, ice (or heat), compression, and elevation can help you accommodate severe pain and swelling.
  • Summer footwear: During the warm months, wear sandals with open toes.
  • Warmth: Keep your feet as warm as possible, as cold air can worsen joint pain. A heating pad can also be very helpful for loosening stiff muscles.
  • Foot baths: The warm water in foot baths can loosen up stiff joints. Try adding Gehwol foot bath products for added comfort!
  • Meditation: Stress can often trigger RA flare-ups, so reducing anxiety via healthy, quiet rumination can be a wonderful preventative measure. Other stress-reducing lifestyle habits include taking walks (when physically able) and listening to soothing music.

Don't Forget to Visit Feet First Clinic!

Foot care from home is valuable, but combining that with the insight and skills of a chiropodist guarantees that you are doing everything you can to manage your Rheumatoid arthritis!
Contact our office to book an appointment! Please fill out our online booking form, or call us at 416-769-3338!
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Another issue at hand appears to be related to my GPU. After a few hours of use, and so far it gets a little more frequent during the day, the GPU and Hot Spot get a bit toasty and the fans turn on for about a minute and half. This is non-gaming use, I've barely gamed in the week I've had this machine. I've tried to Run Total War Rome 2 (with the Divide Et Impera mod, which does add some additional pressure to systems than the base game) and from my most recent test today, I was seeing Hot Spot temps of 80C+ the GPU probably got as high as 60-70C+. In this instance I was barely playing the game when I got these temps and booted out of it immediately. Temps have since stabilised.
How concerned should I be? Is there anything I can do in relation to the temperature issue? I'm getting a little used to the noisiness of the fans when it crops up but am still somewhat concerned.
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Tyler closes the door softly now, he turns back to me and slowly lifts me up and takes me into the bathroom of his massive wing in the castle complete with lounge, dining and bedroom with a beautiful canopy bed.
Tyler sit's me down next to the sink he place's my hand in it carefully, runs some cold water over my now cut and bleeding finger's and walks towards his bedroom without saying a single word to me, tears roll down my cheeks as I realize what it goes to happen to me and that I am never going to get out of her, just as low sob escapes my mouth
Tyler walks back into the room, he sits down across from me and holds open a shirt big enough to be a dress on me, I look at him for a second and then allow him to help me into the shirt, my eyes drop to the floor he tries to look into my eyes for a second and gets up he gets some bandages from a cupboard above the sink sits back down
He turns the tap off and pulls my injured hand into his and starts to bandage it up, my eyes haven’t left the floor as I try to figure out what he is doing, and he interrupts my thoughts
"You’re the first one to do that you know"
He says to me a matter of a factually, with a hint of sarcasm in it, he looks up at me with wide eyes, waiting for an answer but I haven't looked at him since he helped me into his shirt, he finishes bandaging my fingers he puts my hand down I pull it back to my lap slowly and don’t lift my eyes
He looks at me and pulls his chair forward closer to me, with my closed legs between his, he leans forward and wipes the tears of my cheeks, and they haven’t stopped since he entered the room
"I'm not going to hurt you" he says softly
I look straight into his eyes and say as strongly as I can
"Then what you haven't got me here to play cards, what makes you so different to Justin"
I make it so the last part comes at scornfully, and the look on his face tells me I have achieved, Tyler looks me in the eyes to see if I actually just said that, he takes a breath and doesn't break eye contact, I think I’ve outsmarted him till
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Tyler’s chest is going up and down as he catches his breath his eyes didn't leave my face the whole time even though mine dropped to the floor at the start, without lifting my gaze from the floor I say to him
"So are you going to do all that for me or do you…” I can’t finish the sentence
I bring my eyes up to stare into his he tilt's his head as he stares into my eyes thinking about what I said, he stares for about a minute until he replies in a soft whispery voice that turns me on a little
"Yes but... There is something about you that makes me want to do more; maybe it's just your big beautiful brown eyes"
He smiles at me; I smile back for a second and drop my gaze back to the floor, he drops his smile at
My reaction and sighs
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Tyler gets up and walks out of the room I follow him slowly he gestures me in and watches for a second as I slowly walk over to the bed feeling every single little embodied stitch on my way the quilt was a beautiful navy contemporary pattern
Tyler smile’s and laughs a little, I turn around and I look at him, raising my eyebrows at him, he laughs a little more and walks over to stand in front of me
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He smiles and I laugh
“That’s not pink with rainbows and unicorns on it, I wouldn’t think that you would even notice me” I say shyly
“Your kind of hard to miss, I let you get some sleep now I’ll be out on the lounge if you need me and if I’m not there, there’s always two guards outside the door even if I’m not I here, night”
I watch him as he turns and walks out of the room towards the lounge, I turn myself and get into the bed and drift slowly into sleep
A hand grabs my arm and drags me into a dark room. He press’s me against the door as he shut’s it. He says nothing. He Just press’s himself against me and I know its Justin.
I struggle against him. I push him and twist against him. “Get off of me" I scream at him, his hand claps over my mouth. I reach up to remove it but he is too strong. I brought my other hand up to, which had been trying to push him away. This is what he wanted. He grabs them both, spins me around, and quickly ties them together with some type of rope.
I begin to scream again. A piece of fabric is cinched around my head and placed in my mouth. My cries are muffled. I can barely hear myself as the blood rushes to my ears. He spins me back around and latches onto my breasts. He bit’s and gropes at my bare chest. His hands slid down my naked body.
His hand reaches my dripping pussy. I’m still contorting myself, trying desperately to buck him off me. It’s too late. His hand rest’s against my soaking cleft and the bucking start’s stimulating my bud. He strokes his hand against my movements and I became aroused and attempt to tell him to get off me, he just laughs at the sound that comes through the fabric cinched into my mouth. This could not be happening I tell myself, not again, not by him.
I look to the only window in the room. The light is more pronounced now. Just a little longer and I would know my attacker’s identity for sure. His skilled fingers move away from my small, virgin hole and he begins to pinch my nub. He rolls my button between his fingers. I try to jerk away from him but only succeeded in hurting myself. His grip is too tight!
I stop moving, he took this as his chance he grabs my ass, and wraps my legs around his waist, he rolls as along the wall into the light and I see Justin’s face staring into my eyes once again
He grabs his cock and guides it into my pussy. With no hesitation, he thrust’s hard into me. I wasn’t expecting it at all. He hit’s my g-spot with the first thrust, causing me to arch my back, and let out a loud
I attempt to grab something to keep me to reality, He thrust hard again, and the same exact thing happens again, I scream out in pain wanting him stop
I sit bolt right up on the bed panting and sweating, Tyler stands across the room staring at me even though it is dark I can sense that it's with fear, he quietly says as if not to frighten me anymore
"Are you alright"
He starts to slowly walk over I shake my head and he quickens his pace in the same second he sits down next to me tears roll down my face once again
“will you stay here tonight as in, in the bed with me"
He looks at me and doesn't say anything he just lies down slowly and onto his back I follow placing my head on his chest and my arm around his waist, he's reluctant at first but soon wraps his own arm around my waist, it's like this that a fall back into sleep with no more interference from Justin.
I wake from sleep wrapped in warm navy coloured sheets; I get up to find a folded towel sitting on the end of the bed, I pick it up and walk into the bathroom of his room, it’s a massive room with a huge shower and spa bath all in marble
I walk over to the shower and get in; being naked again brings back bad memories, I scrub and scrub away at the memories, after about twenty minutes I get out and go to put Tyler’s shirt back on, then I see it, it’s a beautiful dress the same navy colour as the bed with silver embroidery, I take it of the hanger and out it on and walk out to look in the full length mirror
The dress fits perfectly, it’s fitted around the bust and with a silver sash around the waist and below that the skirt flares out slightly and has a small train on it
I go to walk out the now closed bedroom door, as I put my hand on the handle to open it, I hear a door open on the other side and someone walk in, I hear Justin’s voice and fall to the ground leaning against the door
“Hey bro, how did you go last night, oh and buy the way she being a virgin is my birthday present to you”
I let out I slight whimper as I know he’s talking about me, I put my hand over my mouth to silence it, I continue to listen to their conversation
“Yeah it went great, thanks, perfect gift. I enjoyed ripping her apart”
Tyler said it like he meant it and couldn’t tell if he actually wanted it or not
“Well you’ve got another whole month with her then it’s my turn and then we sell her sexy little ass off”
My eyes start to water at the possibility
“Ok thanks, Justin”
“Come on dude can’t I have a little go since I’m here”
The tears roll down my face, I clamp eyes shut wishing for Tyler to say no
“Fine but you owe me”
“My birthday present, I control the usage”
I hear the door slam shut, I slowly get up and open the door, and I walk over to the table and stand next to it, not sitting down
“I won’t do that to you, I had to say it, if I didn’t he would have sat and watched and made me do it, and still if It didn’t happen he would take you back and do it twice as bad then what he is doing now, your perfectly fine you can sit down”
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