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2023.03.20 21:03 ThrowRAMom2 I can't get my bread to rise?!

I can't get my bread to rise?!
I need help getting my homemade bread to rise more! I am at a loss of what to do.
The current recipe I'm using is supposed to make two loaves, but I can barely get two out of it - usually I just get one normal-sized loaf or two small loaves. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!
Recipe calls for: 5 C flour, 1 TBSP yeast, 1/4 C honey (to feed the yeast), 2 C water, 2 TSP salt, 2 TBSP melted butter.
I monitor my water temperature carefully (never higher than 110°F), give my dough plenty of time to rise in a warm area (oven with the light turned on) but my loaves are still pretty small (pics added for comparison - 1 loaf crwafed from the recipe above and two).
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2023.03.20 21:03 MoTw18 2023 DAT Breakdown (22AA/22TS/17PAT)

2023 DAT Breakdown (22AA/22TS/17PAT)
Biology - 21
General Chemistry - 28
Organic Chemistry - 21
RC - 21
QR - 21
PAT - 17
Nontraditional student, graduated may 2022. Psychology major 3.85 GPA. Previously premed and scored 503 on MCAT (August 2021).
Materials Used:
  1. DATBooster! I truly think it has everything you need and they're always improving and adding new things. It was highly representative and prepares you very well. Biology is VERY representative with some questions similar or same as practice exam. Feralis notes and sheets are great. I personally followed the booster schedule and read feralis notes to get a good base, then focused on cheat sheets and booster quizlet. General chemistry was excellent on Booster. I HIGHLY recommend you read the study notes for each chapter. Orgo is great too, make sure to know reactions, acidity, stability, lab tests and techniques. Booster is ultimately the best resource due to its low price and EXCELLENT study material.
  2. Quizlet - I personally don't like Anki so i used quizlet from booster to memorize information. I think it's important to go be comfortable with your study techniques, so if you don’t like anki don’t be afraid to do something else. I did not rely heavily on quizlet, I used it to initially memorize the information then did practice questions and revisited the topics four to five times. I only used quizlet for biology, everything else I relied on booster practice and notes. If you’re using quizlet, make sure to constantly review material in phase 2 and 3.
  3. Bootcamp Bio Notes - I only used these for a quick refresher on certain topics such as developmental biology and ecology. I only used this in the final 2 weeks. Feralis is great but close to the exam I had to prioritize time so I used those bio notes. They are not too long and tell you what you need.
Study Timeline / How I Studied:
I followed the recommended booster 10 week schedule with minor tweaks of my own. I started light studying in December, then studied 10 weeks. I made my own personal adjustments especially at the end. I targeted my personal weaknesses and drilled information in the last 2 weeks. Do not be afraid to make your own schedule, I just personally like structure and the Booster schedule is easy to follow. During phase 1 of Booster, I began studying at around 10 AM and took breaks and finally stopped studying at around 8 PM. During phase 2, I stopped usually at 5 PM and I never reviewed practice exams the same day I took them. I really recommend doing this as you can take a break, clear your head, and be focused for review and further studying the following day. I made my own quizlet from going over exams, where I’d go over every single question and add terms / concepts I don’t know. I’d make a personal note of topics I need to work on. I printed the organic chemistry reaction packet from Booster and drilled the reactions. Luckily I took organic chemistry II in Fall 2022 so I already knew most reactions. I did the question and reaction banks on orgo and watched videos on reactions I don’t remember like EAS and Radicals. For general chemistry, I relied on the study notes on Booster. I attribute my 28 to the practice exams and notes. I transferred the notes to notability and highlighted and thoroughly went over each topic. For RC, I didn’t study but the method that worked best for me was reading 5-6 paragraphs and answering questions. For QR the practice / formula sheet was enough for me, it’s harder than the real exam but you’ll be prepared.
Day of Exam:
Bio (21): Booster was really representative here with 4-5 questions I’ve seen before. There were a couple questions that threw me off guard and only 1 taxonomy question. I felt the exam mainly focused on genetics, systems, and developmental biology, but every unit was covered. Some questions stumped me but I made an educated guess. The questions are SURFACE LEVEL. There were a few in depth but that’s all. I recommend Feralis, Bootcamp bio notes, and quizlet/anki. I’d make sure to know how to work with dihybrid crosses!
GC (28): I loved this section, it was straightforward with a few harder questions. No math was necessary as it was already set up for me. This question heavily tested concepts such as ideal gas / kinetic molecular theory, the idea that group elements share characteristics, what oxidizing agent really means, etc. They’re testing your knowledge of gen chem with a little math sprinkled in. I did see a question that wanted a classification of a certain element. Tricky because actinides and lanthanides are joined with the rest and my element was in the d block transition metal but also appeared like it was a lanthanide. Be careful! Also, with stoichiometry, if you’re confused you can check with the units cross out / match up.
OC (21): Not a ton of reactions and I can remember them (carboxylic acid + SOCl2, hydroboration of alkene, aldol, what reagent for this reaction). 1 H NMR was tested (1 question), 1 question on IUPAC, 1 question on lab test, specifically bromine test (booster has a sheet, MEMORIZE IT!) Rest were about acidity, stability, hybridization, aromaticity, etc. Booster really helps here pay attention to all hybridization and aromaticity questions on booster. NOTE: my exam had all structures in the format like CH3CH2… make sure you’re comfortable with those.
PAT (17): Don’t ask me anything here I despised PAT. Make sure you’re good on hole punch and cube counting at least. 1 floating cube showed up so know how to do those.
RC (21): I skipped my break after PAT and did this section. I had the adrenaline and mind focus to keep going. Most don’t do this, but I did this for most of my practice.I was really disappointed in this section. I had one really dense passage that was really hard to understand. Recall questions were harder and more critical thinking was needed. I guessed on 10 questions so I’m glad it worked out. All passages were 12-13 paragraphs. My method was reading 5-6 paragraphs and then answering questions. The questions were not chronological for me.
QR (21): Super easy, all questions were straightforward. I was shocked at how simple it was. No geometry, lots of algebra and applied math. Couple really easy probability questions, with 1 coin question really similar to a question I remember on booster. Booster prepares you very well here. I wasn’t sure on 2-3 questions max. Know statistics well and know how to calculate standard deviation / tell set has a greater SD.
Looking at my booster exams, I scored around the same as my highest score. For nearly all sections, I scored about my average. I did not have an increase in every section like many others. I’m extremely happy with my score and I’m glad Booster prepped me very well.
Ending Advice:
I despite standarized testing, feels like torture. Take your time here, have rest days and don’t push too hard. Your hard work will pay off here. You made it this far so you’re extremely capable in acing the DAT. Also if you’re aren't ready, don’t be afraid to push the exam. Better to waste a fee than paying for a retake. You’ll all do great!
DATBooster Exams

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2023.03.20 21:03 swagNextTuber The Hoosiers’ Secret Weapon? He’s an 88-Year-Old They Call Pops.

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2023.03.20 21:03 sunshineylt Been told it’s a 56 week wait to see a gynaecologist today

Hello everyone I wanted to start this off saying I’m not bashing NHS Scotland. I am an NHS staff nurse and have worked in my speciality for 10 years so well aware of all the pressures on the system etc. I’m 32 (F) and since I was about 18/19 suffered really bad period pains, heavy bleeding, painful sex and it took me a good few years to get pregnant! I was always fobbed off by GPs with strong painkillers and tbf probably never pushed as hard as I should’ve to be seen by a gynae specialist. I had my wee boy 18 months ago and was hoping the old wife’s tale I was always told (it’ll get better when you have babies) would be true. Well it’s actually been the complete opposite. Every month (although my periods are never regular) the pain and symptoms have gotten worse than the previous month. I start getting horrendous pains in my abdomen and now also my back and down my legs about 2 weeks before I bleed (Think this is when I start to ovulate) and the pain does not subside until about 3 days after I bleed. Also very bloated and can’t wear any nice clothes. Sex is agony deep inside, I feel faint I am low in mood and I feel like the worst mum and partner. I just want to lie on the floor or my bed but you can’t do that with a toddler. I also hate taking any strong painkillers when I’m alone with my wee boy. So for about half of the month I’m in agony. I finally went to my GP (a new one) and had a ultrasound which came back as normal so she referred me to gynae as she suspects it is endo. That was about 8 weeks ago. Over this weekend the pains/cramps have been unbearable I’ve had to get my mum to take my wee boy for me (more guilt) as my partner was away. I nearly passed out in the bus when some really bad cramps came on and I actually look grey. Went back to GP today and she said they’ll take some bloods off me on Thursday, offered me stronger analgesia and said the current waiting list to see the specialist was 56 weeks cause of Covid backlog!! I cannot go on like this for another year. It’s making me such a miserable impatient shattered mum and partner I feel they’d both be better off without me :(
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2023.03.20 21:03 shainajasmin Advice - Fishing Bowen QLD

My partner and I are taking a trip to Bowen over the Easter holidays and would like to do some land fishing; any advice would be appreciated. We are pretty new to fishing. (Bait, places to fish, luring)
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.20 21:03 anddna42 Is this design possible? The colors? The shading? The details? What's the style called to seek similar done? Covering most of the biceps. Any feedback is welcome!

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2023.03.20 21:03 Professional-Pen4836 Have you ever helped someone in a big way and what was the outcome?

What's the most strange and unexpected phone call you've ever received?
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2023.03.20 21:03 TheRusPPV FN damage equipment dispute resolution

What to do steps?
Had an issue on friday with one of the companies on FN. I was hired as a helper.
While in parking lot, PM calls me and tells me that lead tech is going to be late, and that another tech ( the one they worked with before) will be there to direct the job.
PM informs that lead tech will be late more. That we should start work prior to that, under directive of the other tech ( the more senior one)
So we set up ladders, remove the old digital signage (80" LCD form 10' height above the cabinet), reinstall the brackets onto new one and waiting for lead tech. Get instructed to start installing the new 85", due to the lead will arrive at almost the end of the job
We got it to the top the cabinet, stood it up there while other tech was readjusting himself. > Slides the tv towards me 4", the darn thing hits the ladder, gets cracked and it is a gonner.
So the question is:
I have my COI on file with FN. The company is asking me to directly send them my COI. I asked them to communicate through FN, and open the dispute for someone else to do the judgement.
If anyone recently went through something like this, what is you experience?
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2023.03.20 21:03 ukrspirt A Soviet book "The Tito's gang — the weapon of American-English warmongers"

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2023.03.20 21:03 Right-Garden466 exposed my sisters relationship to my parents

Two nights ago, my sister told me that her boyfriend will hang out with us and she will let me know the time. I put my alarm at 5pm just in case because that's usually when we meet.
Yesterday morning, still no reply from my sister so I just go on with my day and continue with my classes. After class, I unintentionally fell asleep (around 1pm) and woke up to my alarm at 5pm. I wake up to angry texts from my sister (who still didn't give me a time) yelling at me for not being active on my phone. I told her I slept accidentally and she didn't give me a time so I couldn't put an earlier alarm. She said I should've reminded her but I asked her why would she expect that from me. Then she just keeps repeating herself in a very demeaning way. I really felt like she was attacking me with how much she blamed me. She brings up how she doesn't want to see me anymore like how my dad doesn't want to see me. my dad recently had a leg surgery and i facetimed him and always ask if he's doing better but i didn't visit because that house literally haunts me (im in a foster home bc of that environment + family issues). i had a huge meltdown. i told her that i couldn't believe she would use that against me after all that i confided in her about my trauma. then she disregards that completely, continues to blame me for a "lack of communication" so I block her.
Today morning, my mom asked me about what happened and why my sister didn't come to see me. i told her everything. she basically said its both our faults. later she said shes glad my sister finally has a bf
Today night, i messaged her boyfriend a short message about how yesterday, my sister and i got into a fight and i apologize that i exposed their relationship. he later tells me that i shouldve just said sorry to her and been empathetic to her. that she mustve felt like she was the only one communicating because she was organizing it. and that i took it too far by exposing them because it feels like i just did that to prove a point. then i tell him the following:
  1. I did my best based on the lack of info i had and put an alarm at 5pm
  2. i can't be sorry for something i'm not aware of; i can't be sorry for an expectation i didn't know was put on me (expectation to remind her)
  3. why should i care about not exposing my sister when she was explosively attacking me (not first time either) and emotionally manipulated me (with the dad comment) just to make me feel bad? i don't need to respect her wishes if she doesn't respect my humanity. respect is a two way street.
  4. how am i suppose to be empathetic when she is being so explosive and attacking me with blames? fight is a trauma response and the only thing i did in that moment was defend myself. i could've been empathetic if she communicated better, but she didn't so i communicated accordingly
  5. she took the responsibility of letting me know when he will be available. I did not FORCE her to do that. that does NOT require my input, she did NOT ask for my input, and i am not a mind reader to tell if she WANTS a reminder.
My dad doesn't really have a stance, but he is hoping we forgive each other and make up. my friend validated me and said that its unreasonable for me to always be on my phone and shift my schedule according to her last minute texts. my children's aid worker said how its really toxic of how explosive and verbally aggressive she becomes over smaller issues that can be communicated better. my counsellor is not free to talk yet
i'm just really tired over this situation. but i also feel a lot of hurt and shame. it hurts my sister would bring up my dad's comment for no other reason than to actually hurt me (because the convo had nothing to do with him). and she has been explosive and verbally aggressive in the past fights i had with her and i told her that i'm not ok with her doing that to me, especially when i didn't do anything wrong. i hate how when she acts like this, i feel so small and voiceless like i did when i was a kid. i hate how i feel like im screaming for someone to understand me but no one is hearing me. and i do feel bad that i exposed her relationship but also i don't owe it to myself to cover what happened to my mom when i've been so belittled and disrespected. it's always "well she wouldn't have done that to" but never considering everything else she did to me that lead me to "snitch" on her. yes it is her boyfriend calling me a snitch
im unable to see my mom or receive groceries atm because my sister is the one with a car to help me with all those things. im always grateful for those things she does to me. but i really hate how it feels like shes just flexing her power because whenever we're in a fight, she won't come for a week or two until i apologize, and i wouldn't be able to see my mom or have food. thankfully my cas worker is helping me with getting to a food bank so i dont have to rely on my sister anymore. i will just be very active on facetime for the time being to stay connected with my parents
if it is fine, i am also wondering if this situation makes me the ass-hole because i'm getting very mixed messages
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2023.03.20 21:03 CardiologistOk1171 Should I start the c25k program?

So I 22M, have wanted to start running after a 3-4 year break (I used to play football(soccer) when I was a teen).
I go to the gym kind of regularly and have started on doing longer walks amongst my strength training to build up my legs ability to just move (I’m a student so most of my time is spent on computer studying).
However I just went for a run with the intention of going on for as long as possible without stopping or walking. Just to see how far I can run without/ before properly training.
I managed to hit 7K in 47min (6’43/km) which surprised myself.
Should I still start from the c25k program if I am, apparently, already able to go for over 5k run?
I do think that my body needs to get accustomed to running by doing shorter runs as I am quite big guy +100kg/225lbs
Any thoughts or advice are welcomed, thanks!
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2023.03.20 21:02 This_Value_5243 Time Travel Novel

I read a book maybe five to ten years ago that I’d like to read again and I can’t remember what it was called. Hopefully I’m not mixing up several books (because I’ve done this before), but this is what I remember (which is not much):
Pretty sure it was set in Los Angeles. It had to do with either time travel or multiverse travel. Went between current time and 1920’s or 30’s. A family lived in a large, kind of falling down house. The time travel was explained like spider webs or threads that they travelled on. Could be achieved by reading from a piece of paper.
That’s it. Sorry there’s not more. If someone knows what this is, I’d be really grateful.
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2023.03.20 21:02 NeedABreakFromThem After 5 weeks of NC, I didn't wish her a happy birthday. Now she wants to see me.

I am 28F and I have a strained relationship with my mother and, to an extend, with my father.
My parents are a disfunctional couple and they can hate and ignore each other for months.
My main issue with my mother is that she treats me like her personal therapist and an extension of herself.
If I am not available for her when she is upset or if I don't agree with what she wants for me, she guilt trips me, cries, becomes angry or gives me the silent treatment.
The other issue is that she wants me to call her, text her and go to their home more often. Which could be a normal behavior for a parent if she would not try to punish me if I don't do it enough. It has been like that for years.
Because of her behavior, I have started to keep my distance with them. My father won't call if I don't but he agrees with her that I should be there for them more often.
Recently she reminded me that she bought me a gift card for my birthday and I still hadn't bought anything with it. It was the third reminder in 2 weeks and I couldn't go to the store because my car was malfunctioning.
I had enough, told her via texts and calmly that I was done with this, that I had my own life and that she had to accept it. She took it badly, accused me of being angry and irrational and stopped replying to my messages. It was 5 weeks ago.
These 5 weeks of NC were such a relief. I hadn't felt that good for a long time. So I didn't wish her a happy birthday because I didn't want to be the bigger person once again.
So she contacted her sister, my godmother, to tell her that I was rejecting my own mother. I explained the situation to my godmother who "understood the situation". But a few hours after my mother sent me a message "Good morning [my name]. Can we see each other?". I didn't want to answer too quickly so I waited but she tried to call me twice in the afternoon.
I don't know if I should try to see her to talk about it or if I should maintain the NC, at least for now. I feel better without her but I still manage to feel guilty. Plus, I would love to see her cats and dog (that I also consider as my cats and dog) once again. I miss them badly. But she damaged my mental health too many times and I have to see a therapist because of her behaviour.
I really don't know how to take the best decision about this.
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2023.03.20 21:02 OfPythagorus There is nothing wrong with me. I am worthy of love.

A year ago I looked in the mirror and told myself "You are good enough. You are worthy of being loved." and then went on a sobbing ramble I couldn't stop, while struggling with loneliness. It helped. I'm still alone now though, and it still aches and pangs, and so I'm doing it here again so maybe a few strangers can see it.
I am not imagining this. This is real. I am not deluding myself. This is truth.
There is nothing "wrong" with me. I am good enough. I am lucky to live an active life and I am a healthy person. I am clean and hygienic. I am financially solvent and responsible with money. I don't break the law and I give back to my community by volunteering. I have a plan for my future and big goals to reach for.
I have hobbies I love, and it doesn't matter if others like them too. These things are fun and make me feel fulfilled. I'm lucky to be able to enjoy them.
I have served my country with honor and helped people the world over, be they refugees escaping to a new life or freedom fighters defending their homes.
I have seen the world and I WILL see more of it! The adventures I have taken alone I will cherish forever, and those few I've had with rare friends all the more.
I have lost almost everything I own, stolen from me, and the dream I'd worked so hard towards lost too - only to build it all back again and then some coming back stronger.
A decade of adulthood has been long. I'm not getting any younger, and it isn't getting any easier, but that is ok - I hope to have a lot more decades! I am getting wiser and better. I need no group's acceptance or a woman's praise to know that my life is a good one. The rejections and ghostings, are as ephemeral as the numbers I've forgotten. My admiration and interest in others does not reflect on me if they do not have the same sentiment towards me. Social media likes and dating app failure means nothing. I am not someone else's clown or comedian, I don't need to put on an act to make others happy and content with me or to gain their fleeting respect, interest, or affection.
Maybe someday I'll find a close group of friends that I click with again, or someone will hold my hand and look at the sky with me - but I do not need those things. I have it better than a lot of people, and I'm going to keep making "it" better. Besides, I'm ok with being on my own most of the time anyway, so I will be alright now and in the future too.
I have lived a life worth living and continuing, tomorrow, and the next day, and the next after that - till it ends as it happens to end, whether anyone remembers it or loves me in it.
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2023.03.20 21:02 The_Local_Vagabond M4F Tales From the Gas Station: The New Hire

At the edge of our town, there’s a shitty gas station that’s open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you were to go inside, you’d see row after row of off-brand chips, cookies, potted meats, and pickled curiosities. Expiration dates suspiciously missing from the canned goods like they were filed off years ago in some misguided attempt to control inventory turnover. A faded “wet floor” sign from way back covers a large crack in the foundation by the cooler where layers of sticky spill-off have formed a miniature tar pit, preserving countless insect corpses and the occasional small rodent.
Nobody ever complains about the aesthetic. By some providence bordering on the supernatural, the health inspector has repeatedly signed off on the business, always kindly ignoring the faint smell of some kind of mysterious chemical cocktail that is the defining characteristic of the establishment. More noticeable than the steady mechanical hum of the frozen drink machine that was installed in the seventies and never once serviced. More distracting than the random pockets of cold and warm air that seem to follow you around. And more annoying than the family of mutated raccoons that lives in the crawlspace behind the grease trap.
We think they’re mutated anyway. At the very least, they must be inbred to the point of genetic deformity and mental retardation. The alpha, a muscular three-foot-tall son of a bitch named Rocco, has been spotted multiple times chewing on people’s tires and has been run over at least twice, but keeps coming back.
That lingering smell, a sweet combination of honeysuckle, ammonia, and vomit, has never been positively identified, but the prevalent theory is that it’s coming from underground, wafting up through the thin fissures in the concrete that grow and spread with each year of architectural settling. It’s strongest right after a rain, and pungent to the point of tear-inducing if you get too close to the storm drains where even Rocco and his clan refuse to tread.
If you were to go inside, you might also see the bathroom cowboy. He's sort of an urban legend around here, only ever appearing when you’re alone and unsuspecting. What makes him truly legendary are the stories people tell after an alleged encounter. The accounts run the gamut from “pretty weird” to “impossibly bizarre.” Like the guy last month who went for a pee but changed his mind when he saw him standing there next to the urinal, wearing a duster, bandanna, boots, and chaps, handing out balloon animals.
Or a couple weeks later when another customer stepped into the same bathroom to see a man wearing nothing but a cowboy hat, boxers, and boots with spurs, literally grinding an ax on an old-fashioned stone sharpening wheel. When he entered, the cowboy stopped what he was doing, looked up with a smile and a tip of the hat and said, “Come on, Man... Come onnn with it.”
If you should be lucky enough to see the cowboy that may or may not haunt the bathroom, don't worry. He's harmless, and in fact usually quite polite. Honestly, he doesn’t seem so bad. Especially compared to some of the other things going on in that place.
When you go inside, you might instantly get a toothache. That’s a strangely common phenomenon that nobody really understands. It should go away on its own after a couple hours.
If you do go inside, you will almost definitely see me sitting behind the counter, because I am the only full-time employee, and I’m almost always here. You may catch me reading a book because, for some reason, the internet doesn’t work way out here, and cell phone service is dicey on good days and nonexistent on most. If you need to make a call, you can leave and go up the hill a ways, preferably back towards town because the other way will take you into the woods and you don’t even want me to go into all the reasons that’s not a good idea. Or you can pay me twenty-five cents a minute and use the store’s land line. (That arrangement was cooked up by the owners and I have to actually enforce it because they do check the phone records. I’m sorry.)
While you’re here, don’t be offended if I don’t strike up a conversation because, if I’m being completely honest, I don’t always know for sure if everyone who comes through those doors is real or not and if I had to acknowledge everyone in that place that could be an actual person, I might lose my mind. And we don’t need any more of that going on around here.
I guess that the point I’m trying to make is this: weird things happen to me working at the shitty gas station at the edge of town.
Howdy! Im looking to do an RP set in the world of TFTGS by Jack Townsend. For those who haven’t read the books/listened to the creepy pasta, go do that cause it’s amazing. No? Still here? Cool! Cause honestly you not really knowing much about it would play really well into the RP. If you HAVE read it, that’s cool too. If you wanted to play as O’Brien (preferred), Rosa or an OC of some kind just let me know. I look forward to speaking/RPing with you.
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2023.03.20 21:02 namastay919 Guanfacine for Blood Pressure?

Anyone take this with adderall for blood pressure help? My husband has struggled with elevated BP for the past decade (he is only 31) and for the past two years it’s been 130/80 sometimes over 90 on bottom but now it’s over 90 most of the time and anywhere between 135-140 on top. They are recommending blood pressure medication but he’s terrified of the side effects. Anyone take anything that works well for you with little side effects or that doesn’t inhibit your stimulant medication?
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2023.03.20 21:02 ivappa I've been eyeing The Mane Choice The Alpha aka Crystal Orchid GEL and I need a review!

I wouldn't have made this post if a simple google search was enough! The only people I've found who reviewed this product are women with beautiful type 4 hair and I have 3A/B curls. I'm looking for volume and I hate overly hydrating gels. I don't trust sites with reviews because they can be made up by sellers, on top of that most them seem to be conflicting too? I've never seen people say stuff so radical about a hair product: one comment was fawning over it and the next one accused it of having burned down their house.
I tried searching this sub too. Please let me know if you've tried or know someone who did. I live somewhere where the only affordable brands are stuff like Cantu and Aunt Jackie's (which I love) but I need a change. Thank you and happy curling.
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2023.03.20 21:02 nismoEnthusiast Would it be possible to get my account back?

Im wondering if it is possible to get my account back after I was suddenly logged out of all my devices with two-factor authentication is on. I thought I had saved my codes but it must’ve been lost or been cleared (on my part). I’ve thought that the only way to keep my account is to brute force the recovery codes, but I don’t know if it would work or even if it would be possible. Any help would be appreciated, or any guidance to help find a program that can run right character passwords with a-z and 0-9 characters over and over until maybe I got lucky and one of them worked. I really wished I had written them down but I didn’t think I’d lose the text file I had saved originally.
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2023.03.20 21:02 the_neighborhood_npc the greeks explained in a dick joke ... (sigh)

- Alpha (α): Alpha is like your dick size compared to everyone else's in the market. If you got a positive alpha, your dick is bigger and you made more money than the average Joe. If you got a negative alpha, your dick is smaller and you lost money. Sucks to be you.
- Beta (β): Beta is like how kinky you are compared to the rest of the market. A beta of 1 means you're vanilla like everyone else, but a beta greater than 1 means you're into some freaky shit and you're willing to take more risks for potential big rewards. A beta less than 1 means you're a prude and scared to try new things.
- Delta (Δ): Delta is like the size of your boner when the market moves. If you got a call option with a delta of 0.5 and the underlying asset goes up $1, your boner grows $0.50. If you got a put option with a delta of -0.5 and the underlying asset goes down $1, your boner also grows $0.50. It's a win-win situation.
- Gamma (Γ): Gamma is like how sensitive your boner is to changes in the market. A higher gamma means your boner gets harder or softer faster, depending on how the market moves. You could potentially make or lose a shit ton of money real quick.
- Rho (ρ): Rho is like how much of a gold digger you are. A positive rho means you're a greedy mofo and your options will make more money when interest rates go up. A negative rho means you're a broke-ass bitch and your options will lose value when interest rates go up.
- Theta (θ): Theta is like how quickly your boner loses its hardness over time. A higher theta means your boner will deflate faster, so you gotta use it or lose it. It's important to buy options with high theta when you expect a big move soon, otherwise your boner will be useless.
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2023.03.20 21:02 1111Rudy1111 Old Montana’s Building

Anyone know why another restaurant/pub never took over the old Montana’s Building? Seems like it’s been vacant a long time and has a good location on Mayor Magrath (close to College) with well developed businesses in the surrounding area.
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2023.03.20 21:02 kumquatkirbs My [24F] love for my boyfriend [26M] has changed. I feel awful

My boyfriend and I have had a rocky relationship since we got together a year ago. The funny thing is a problem that showed up at the beginning of our relationship has never really been resolved. It surrounded me being uncomfortable with his female best friend, we both talked about it and I decided I would let it go. But up until recently a similar, maybe even worse thing happened with another close female friend that he got closer to while I was unaware. Basically, my trust has been shattered and I truthfully think I fell out of love somewhat. I'm not sure why but this has been absolutely tugging at my heart. I wish I still loved and trusted him the same and l've tried seeing it through but I'm so depressed. We're not even official, he broke up with me 4 months ago over my trust issues but he's been wanting to take it to the next step and he "swears" he will never cross my boundaries again. I'm so sad because I don't believe him yet I don't want to let him go. How do I approach him about this confusion I'm feeling? I feel terrible that my feelings even changed.
TLDR: Partner broke my trust and I’m scared to let him go
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2023.03.20 21:02 PM_ME_UR_VetRECEIPTS I'm new. I don't believe much of anything without seeing receipts.

Where can I get verified information without watching hours of Instagram videos? It's hard to know what's going on, because receipts seem so hard to come by from all sides.
The receipts Brianna shows are usually embedded far into long videos where she talks way too long and conveys very little actual information. Her recollections are riddled with small pieces of conflicting information. They're small inconsistencies, but it begets doubt.
The receipts from the old sub, if there were any, are long gone.
I saw Brianna's long video and the receipts there.
I also saw the letter from ex-husband Keith posted to this sub.
In that letter, he said she cheated on him. Where are the receipts for that?
How much did the vet services for the dog actually cost? In the video, there were receipts for $15,000 USD in vet care. That can't be all. Where are the rest?
Is there a reason she can't call the vet to get an itemized statement of what she paid? It seems if she did that, it could silence one entire category of the criticism that's so harmful to her.
Is there a reason she keeps coming back to Reddit to see what people are saying? Most people I know do not seek out criticism about themselves.
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