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Themes and Theories

2023.05.28 15:58 umaximu Themes and Theories

Hi FromTVEpix folks,
I've been reading a bunch of the theories posted around the traps, and I wanted take a slightly different critical approach to them. A lot of theories tend to start from a precise set of features which support their hypothesis (think of the Tarot, Slaugh, Victor's Imagination, Viking, Colonial Curse, Eldritch Entity, or Simulation / Dream / Purgatory theories), and extrapolate from there. This is an understandable function of the general mystery the show engenders, but I think that limited approaches can conceal a lot of the features which run counter to their hypotheses. I'll give two examples.
The Slaugh theory, for instance, begins with the assertion that the creatures are identical to the Irish folk monsters, and then extrapolates on several bases (including a gesture towards the eerily similar book The Watchers by A.M. Shine) to ground the theory. However, how would a creature from the folklore of Ireland explain the cables without wires or the spiders in the forest at the end of season one? No satisfactory explanation is available.
The Simulation / Dream / Purgatory theories are sloppy, I'll agree, but not impossible. The Jungian symbolism (i.e. the monsters being the shadow self, Fromville being manifested from the collective unconscious of the participants) gives this theory its depth and credibility. But this, as many have acknowledged already, is lazy; it would be too easy for the writers to cash in their chips and throw up their hands, and I would certainly find it an incredibly disappointing denouement.
I would like to focus instead on the themes of FROM, as I think they can draw to the surface some of the substrate which these theories embroider upon, and provide anchoring points for some of the theories over others. These are just some preliminary thoughts, and I'm excited to see how these themes develop as the seasons roll on. If people find this kind of analysis interesting I'll continue to post in this style.
Spoilers ahead!
Liminal Spaces
The town the character's wander into along the circular road is a sun-bleached vision of American rural decay. I'm from Australia and we have many towns like this. Small towns, typically built for working communities, that are abandoned as soon as their economic purpose is served, sometimes even half-finished. Flight from rural to urban locations, particularly in pursuit of work in response to the economic crises of the last few decades, could also be an explanation of this general character. The ghost towns left behind, the ruins of things—these are liminal places.
This theme connects to the first and elaborates it. The buildings in Fromville are clearly not all from the same era. I think it might make for dull watching in the series itself, but I hope at some point we get some kind of architectural survey of the buildings and their styles. Colony house resembles a plantation style homestead; the town a 60s or 70s pitstop; the church building—while probably not a church to begin with—with its stone construction looks to be older still, perhaps even early colonial; the cave paintings in the caverns evoke the Lascaux galleries; and the odd shrine which Boyd finds the talismans in seems medieval in character. These are all forgotten and decaying places—places which you pass through, not linger in. Additionally there are decaying stone structures all around the place, including ritual structures like cairns and henges.
(I would love to hear from a heritage specialist on this, please comment below!)
You find similar scenery in novels by Steven King, or TV series like True Detective. There they appeal to a general sense of social decay. This leads into the second major theme:
Disintegration and Anomie
The people who are arriving in the town, like the architecture, are in some way cast adrift from the world. This can be caused by something as serious as drug addiction or the deaths of children, or something as facile as retirement or the sale of a company. The fallen tree literally cuts them off from these paths, causing them to deviate into Fromville. The world there is thinly held together and, much like twenty-first century life, a fine line separates its residents from extreme conditions of deprivation. Throughout the series this theme of anomie, the breakdown of social relations and moral values, and the attempt to maintain those relations and values is frequently returned to. In the most recent episode a food shortage kicked off a xenophobic response from at least one resident of Colony House.
Arguably this is a theme of much cultural fodder, as it is the stuff of everyday life, however here it has a more biting purpose. The creatures which stalk in the night are, for all intents and purposes, just as human as the Fromville residents, up until they get close. The distrust this creates, which clearly plays on the character's minds even during night-time encounters with other humans, reflects a general decay of human bonds. The "games" they play with people further cement this, reflecting an anarchic hunger and violence. Additionally, the existence of these creatures also creates rifts between the human characters, causing further disintegration, and sometimes, as in the case of Colony House, death. Isn't the reason that fool invites the creature inside his feeling of being misunderstood by the others?
The characters pursue their own disorganised agendas, held together (nominally) by Boyd and Donna. This precarious balance is easily upset, and when it does not only do the relations begin to disintegrate, the landscape and architecture do also. When they try to intervene into Fromville, the place responds violently, as if any attempt to rectify the state of affairs (i.e. by leaving) will simply displace their social disintegration into the environment, causing a new wave of social disintegrations. I couldn't help but think of the metabolic rift: how human disconnection from the environment, despite our reliance on it for subsistence, is caused by our mode of social organisation. This ecological aspect is particularly interesting to me, and I'd love to hear others' thoughts on this topic. There are some counter-indications, such as the forest's imputed ability to move, but this could also be connected.
The folkloric aspect of this show is just so fascinatingly conceived! I don't think that the creatures in Fromville are vampires, draugar, wendigos, na slaugh, etc., but they are surely drawn from some kind of prototypical creature which contains elements of each of them. We have seen, for instance, that they do not bleed when cut (despite being warm to the touch!), that they can shape-shift, that they knock on doors and call out resident's names. Most of these folkloric creatures, from a functional perspective, are explanations for some kind of fundamental social transgression, such as incest, murder, cannibalism, sacrilege, or infanticide. The inhumanity of the creatures is a reflection of the human capacity to defy social norms, and all are described in language usually reserved for the dead: desiccated, bloated, decaying. This relates, blatantly, back to the theme of disintegration and anomie—each of these folkloric creatures are the embodiment of the most vile aspects of human societies.
Arachnids and annelids have been significant symbolic presences in FROM. Spider-webs are obvious symbols of entanglement, and their method of paralysing victims and digesting them extra-orally seems to cohere with the theme of disintegration. This makes me lean towards the Pitcher Plant theory, that Fromville is some kind of digestive system for a larger, more horrifying eldritch entity. But this is not the only symbol. Worms, a symbol of the boundary of death and life, have become a major symbol in season two. While they have a contemporary gothic resonance, they have had more positive symbolism in different periods, particularly as the object of increase rituals designed to ensure a better harvest. I'm excited to see where this goes, but I wonder if these animals are only present as thematic pap to differentiate each season.
I don't know as much about talismans, but they are pretty ubiquitous, and are subsumed within the category of apotropaic magic. The protection of a home by some kind of magical object is as old as the hills. This protection of domestic space, in contrast to the violence of the outside world, foregrounds the theme of social disintegration. To say that the talismans clinch a particular theory on account of their etchings or designs seems a little premature to me, as most etchings on stone using simple tools are sharp-angled.
At the end of the day FROM is a melting pot of different cultural symbols, and so I think the assertion that they are all drawn from American history (or from the cultures of its emigrants) is a little ill-conceived. Despite having Chinese characters there is little to no reference to Chinese folklore or mythology—Tian-chen Liu notably wears a cross. With that said, it might be possible that her name represents I Ching hexagram 25 , which would be quite welcome. Maybe someone with more experience with the I Ching could contribute here.
Thanks everyone who got to the end!
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2023.05.28 15:46 MidnightVixen143 Random dating apps on my phone that I didn’t download — could my stbx husband be trying to sabotage me?

We filed for divorce on Friday, things so far have been pretty amicable. We even went out for pizza after submitting the papers to the clerk together. I filed as the petitioner as an uncontested divorce. The only reason we are divorcing is because he cheated last summer and lied about the reason he is leaving the military.
Anyway, yesterday afternoon I downloaded “Heads Up” on my phone to play during my daughters 11th birthday party. But then last night, I noticed Hinge and Tinder had been downloaded on my phone AFTER heads up. Idk at what point but as soon as I saw them I quickly deleted them. I just asked my daughter about it and she said neither or her friends downloaded anything on my phone.
My husband has my passcode. Could it be that he downloaded those apps to try and sabotage me during this process? I have pretty concrete evidence of his infidelity and I agreed to file uncontested and not on grounds of adultery so long as he agrees to a reasonable divorce agreement. We’re in Texas where everything gets split down the middle due to it being a community property state. My proposal was that we split what we have in our checking savings 50/50 and the sale of our house 50/50. I even told him that if we could split those assets equally I would not touch any of his other assets or retirement that I am also entitled to.
I guess I’m just worried that I’m trying to play nice and he’s playing some strategic game behind my back. I haven’t lawyered up but now I’m thinking I should? Just to be safe?
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2023.05.28 15:35 HEBAMOHAMED216 افضل صباغ بالجهراء

أصبح صباغ الجهراء هو حلك الأمثل للحصول على خدمة دهانات لا مثيل لها حيث أنه لا يقوم بدهان الجدران فحسب بل أن صباغ الجهراء يستطيع حل مشاكل الجدران وترميمها وإصلاح العيوب الموجودة بها، كما أن صباغ الجهراء يقدم الخدمة لجميع الأماكن من منازل وشركات وغيرها من الأماكن التي تحتاج الى ذلك، يقدم صباغ الجهراء الخدمة للواجهات الداخلية والخارجية ومداخل المباني يستخدم صباغ الجهراء أنواع الدهانات المناسبة لكل مكان وهذا يعني أنه لديه خبرة كبيرة بكافة أنواع الدهانات واستخدام المناسب لكل مكان، يقدم صباغ الجهراء خدمة الجرافيتي وهي خدمة باعثة للأمان والسعادة في الشوارع والمميزات وهي فكرة الرسم على جدران المباني لجذب الأفراد و إحداث البهجة لذلك عليك عزيزي العميل الحصول على رقم صباغ الجهراء لتسهيل عملية الحصول على الخدمة، جميع الاسعار مميز لذا يعتبر صباغ رخيص.
تكبير الصورة المعاينة بالمقاسات الاصلية
صباغ الجهراء رخيص
افضل صباغ بالجهراء
صباغ الجهراء شاطر
صباغ الجهراء ممتاز
دهان الجهراء
صباغ الجهراء شاطر
ارخص صباغ بالجهراء شاطر
صباغ الجهراء هندي
يستطيع صباغ الجهراء الرد على كافة الاستفسارات وتوضيح كافة الخدمات المقدمة واسعارها تتميز اسعار صباغ الجهراء بأنها رخيصة ومناسبة لجميع الأفراد، يقدم صباغ الجهراء أيضا خدمة صباغة الأخشاب وترميمها بكفاءة عالية، إذا كنت تعاني من مشاكل في الأثاث الخاصة بك وترغب في معالجته وإظهاره بشكل جميل فعليك طلب الخدمة سريعا من صباغ الجهراء في حالة عدم إمتلاك العمل التكاليف الكافية لتغير العفش الخاص بك يستطيع صباغ الجهراء تغير شكل الأثاث وجعل شكله جديد ومميز، لا تقلق من شأن التكاليف عند التعامل مع صباغ الجهراء، اتصل الان على صباغ الجهراء للحصول على أفضل خدمة صباغ بأقل التكاليف.
صباغ الكويت
صباغ شاطر ورخيص في الكويت
صباغ منازل بالكويت
كراتين فارغة للبيع بالكويت
اصباغ الكويت
لون جريش من صباغ الكويت
صباغ خشب الكويت
صباغ قرطبة بالكويت
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صباغ الدسمة الكويت
صباغ الاحمدي
ارقام صباغ الكويت
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صباغ غرناطة بالكويت
صباغ غرناطة بالكويت
صباغ الروضة الكويت
صباغ الدعية الكويت
صباغ الخالدية الكويت
صباغ ابواب الكويت
باغ المنصورية بالكويت
صباغ الصوابر بالكويت
صباغ مبارك الكبير
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معلم ديكور الكويت
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صباغ بيوت
احدث ديكورات اصباغ الكويت
صباغ عبد الله السالم الكويت
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2023.05.28 15:30 HadjiChippoSafri EVENTS: What's On in Coventry this week (Monday 29th May - Sunday 4th June)

⭐️ Featured image on this post is from: The Arctic Monkeys (Coventry Building Society Arena)

🎨 Art & Exhibitions

Event Date Venue
Environments In Arcadia: Student Exhibition Until 10th Jun City Arcade
The Reason For Painting Until 25th Jun Warwick Arts Centre
Divided Selves: Legacies, Memories, Belonging Until 24th Sep Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
Warwickshire's Jurassic Sea Until Feb 2024 Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
Dippy In Coventry: The Nation's Favourite Dinosaur Until Feb 2026 Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

🎤 Comedy

Event Date Venue
The Comedy Network: Huge Davies, Tessa Coates & Burt Williamson Wed 31st May 7:30pm Warwick Arts Centre
Live At The Belgrade: Esther Manito, Lee Ridley - Lost Voice Guy, Jeff Innocent, Freddy Quinne & Farhan Solo Sat 3rd Jun 7:30pm Belgrade Theatre

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Family

Event Date Venue
Mini Museum Engineers Play Wed 31st May Coventry Transport Museum
Sing-a-long-a: Encanto Wed 31st May 1pm Belgrade Theatre
Art Masterclass: Acrylic and Oil Paint-Making Thu 1st Jun 10:30am & 2pm Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
CycleFest @ MotoFest Sat 3rd Jun Coventry City Centre
Goldilocks and the Three Bears Sun 4th Jun 1pm & 4:30pm Albany Theatre
My Fairy Troublemaker Until 1st June Warwick Arts Centre
Spectacular Swords Until 1st June Lunt Roman Fort
May Half-Term Crafts: Scenic Seascapes Until 3rd June Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
Tinker-Make-Play: Playing with Gravity Until 3rd June Coventry Transport Museum
Around The World in 80 Days Until 3rd Jun Albany Theatre
Junk Modelling Maker Challenge Until 4th June Coventry Transport Museum
The Smeds and the Smoos Until 4th June Warwick Arts Centre
Mog: The Forgetful Cat Until 4th June Belgrade Theatre
It's Reigning Royals Until 4th June St Mary's Guildhall

🎥 Film

Event Date Venue
NT Live: Good Tue 30th May 7:30pm Warwick Arts Centre
Action Rayz: Dawson City Frozen Time Wed 31st May 7pm Coventry Cathedral
Met Opera: Die Zauberflote Sun 4th Jun 12:30pm Warwick Arts Centre
Top Hat Until 1st June Warwick Arts Centre
Full Time Until 1st June Warwick Arts Centre
The Big Lebowski Until 1st June Warwick Arts Centre
Nam June Paik: Moon Is The Oldest TV Until 1st June Warwick Arts Centre

🍔 Food, Markets & Socials

Event Date Venue
Coventry Dining Club Fri 2nd & Sat 3rd Jun Fargo Village
Vintage Vera Kilo Sale Sat 3rd & Sun 4th Jun Fargo Village
Coventry MotoFest Sat 3rd & Sun 4th Jun Coventry City Centre

🎵 Music

Event Date Venue
The Arctic Monkeys Wed 31st May 5pm Coventry Building Society Arena
Whitney: Queen of the Night Thu 1st Jun 7:30pm Belgrade Theatre
Sessions: Tattoo Molly Fri 2nd Jun 7pm HMV Empire
Fargo Live Latin Fri 2nd Jun 7pm Fargo Village
Lost In Music Fri 2nd Jun 7:30pm Belgrade Theatre
Deliaphonic presents: Fenella Fri 2nd Jun 7:30pm The Tin
Meet The Beatles Fri 2nd Jun 8pm Rialto Plaza
Concretism - JILK - Sulk Rooms Sat 3rd Jun 6:45pm Just Dropped In Records, Fargo Village
A Night At The Opera Sat 3rd Jun 7:30pm Coventry Cathedral
Rum & Reggae Sat 3rd Jun 8pm Rialto Plaza
Patchwerk presents: Midnight Garden Sat 3rd Jun 9pm Ivy House
Houssentials Sat 3rd Jun 10pm HMV Empire

🗣 Poetry, Writing & Talks

Event Date Venue

⚽️ Sport


🎭 Theatre & Performance

Event Date Venue
Old Time Sailors Thu 1st Jun 6pm Twisted Barrel Brewery

🛠 Workshops & Classes

Event Date Venue
Songwriting Thu 1st Jun Warwick Arts Centre
Abstract painting to de-stress and unlock your creativity Sat 3rd Jun 1pm The Tin

Any events that we've missed? Drop them in the comments below!
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2023.05.28 15:27 HEBAMOHAMED216 صباغ حولي شاطر اتصل الان

يعد طلاء الجزء الداخلي من المنزل مهمة كبيرة لذا نحتاج الى صباغ حولي للحصول على خدمة مميزة ، يوجد لدينا صباغ حولي لديه سنوات من الخبرة في التخلص من هذا العبء عن أصحاب المنازل. سواء كان مشروع الطلاء الخاص بك عبارة عن غرفة واحدة أو المنزل بأكمله ، يمكنك توقع صنعة صباغ عالية الجودة وأسعار معقولة وخدمة عملاء متميزة، يقدم معلم صباغ حولي جميع الخدمات الداخلية الشاملة خزائن المطبخ وإزالة ورق الحائط وسقف الفشار، كما ان صباغ حولي قادر على إصلاح الجص والحوائط الجافة. صباغ حولي لدينا قادر على الرسم على الجدران وتقديم منظر جمالي رائع، عندما تلجأ إلى صباغ حولي لتلبية احتياجات الطلاء الخاصة بك ، يمكنك أن تطمئن إلى أننا سننجز المهمة بشكل صحيح ، صباغ حولي هو الأفضل في هذا المجال لأنه يقدم خدمة الصباغة بشكل مميز ومختلف.
تكبير الصورة المعاينة بالمقاسات الاصلية
صباغ منازل في حولي
معلم صباغ ممتاز في حولي
صباغ هندي حولي
صباغ حولي شاطر
ارقام صباغ حولي
اسعار صباغ حولي
يستخدم صباغ حولي تقنيات حديثة في مجال الدهانات لتسهيل عملية الدهانات و لجعل النتيجة مرضية لجميع الأفراد، يقدم معلم صباغ حولي بفخر خدمات طلاء الخزائن الاحترافية التي يمكنها ترقية مطبخك بالكامل، صباغ حولي يساعد أصحاب المنازل على إنشاء مظهر جديد وأنيق - دون أي متاعب،كما أننا نوفر ورق جدران بحولي حيث أن صباغ حولي يرغب في توفير كافة احتياجات العميل من ديكورات الجدران، عليك الاتصال على ارقام صباغ حولي ولا تقلق من شأن أسعار صباغ حولي لأنه اسعاره مناسبة لجميع الميزانيات مع العلم ان صباغ حولي شاطر و مميز في عمله رغم أن أسعاره بسيطة ولكنه يرغب في تحقيق احتياجات العميل دون تحميله العديد من التكاليف، اتصل الان صباغ رخيص للحصول علي افضل خدمة من صباغ حولي.
صباغ الكويت
صباغ شاطر ورخيص في الكويت
صباغ منازل بالكويت
كراتين فارغة للبيع بالكويت
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لون جريش من صباغ الكويت
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صباغ الاحمدي
ارقام صباغ الكويت
صباغ دسمان بالكويت
صباغ غرناطة بالكويت
صباغ غرناطة بالكويت
صباغ الروضة الكويت
صباغ الدعية الكويت
صباغ الخالدية الكويت
صباغ ابواب الكويت
باغ المنصورية بالكويت
صباغ الصوابر بالكويت
صباغ مبارك الكبير
صباغ ديكورات الكويت
صباغ غرف نوم الكويت
معلم ديكور الكويت
صباغ رخيص بالكويت
صباغ بيوت
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2023.05.28 15:24 HEBAMOHAMED216 صباغ الكويت رخيص اتصل الان

كل المنازل والفلل والشركات والأماكن التي ترغب في الظهور بشكل مميز يمكنها الاستعانة بخبرة صباغ الكويت، حيث أن صباغ الكويت يقدم خدمة صباغة احترافية، حيث أنه يستطيع صباغ تقديم جميع خدمات الصباغة سواء كانت صباغة جدران أو أخشاب أو غيرهما، يوفر صباغ الكويت أيضا خدمة تركيب ورق جدران احترافية كما أنه يوفر جميع أشكال ورق الجدران بخامات عالية الجودة لا تؤثر على الجدران في حالة إزالتها، يقدم صباغ الكويت خدمة تركيب جبس بورد احترافية نظرا لتعدد أهمية الجبس بورد في المنازل سواء لحمايتها من الرطوبة والحرائق أو إعطاء المنزل منظر مميز وجذاب، لذا إذا كنت ترغب في الحصول على خدمة ديكورية احترافية للجدران عليك اختيار صباغ الكويت للحصول على خدمة احترافية سريعة بأقل التكاليف.
تكبير الصورة المعاينة بالمقاسات الاصلية
صباغ شاطر
صباغ بالكويت
صباغ في الكويت
صباغ الكويت رخيص
افضل صباغ بالكويت
صباغ شاطر بالكويت
رقم صباغ بالكويت
صباغ الكويت انستقرام
هناك العديد من المميزات التي تجعل صباغ الكويت هو الأفضل على الإطلاق في هذا المجال حيث انه يروفر للعميل جميع أنواع الأصباغ بمختلف الألوان بسعر مميز، يوفر صباغ الكويت أشكال فريدة من الجبس بورد يقدم خدمة تركيب جبس بورد احترافية، يوفر صباغ الكويت جميع الخامات والمعدات اللازمة لعملية تركيب الجبس بورد وورق الجدران، يوفر صباغ الكويت جميع انواع الدهانات الخاصة بدهان الأخشاب حيث يوجد أنواع أصباغ تعمل على معالجة الخدوش البسيطة الموجودة في الأخشاب، لذا لابد من اختيار صباغ رخيص ذات خبرة كبيرة في هذا المجال، اتصل الان على رقم صباغ الكويت للحصول على أفضل خدمة.
صباغ الكويت
صباغ منازل بالكويت
كراتين فارغة للبيع بالكويت
اصباغ الكويت
لون جريش من صباغ الكويت
صباغ خشب الكويت
صباغ قرطبة بالكويت
صباغ بيبان خشب بالكويت
صباغ الدسمة الكويت
صباغ الاحمدي
ارقام صباغ الكويت
صباغ دسمان بالكويت
صباغ غرناطة بالكويت
صباغ الروضة الكويت
صباغ الدعية الكويت
صباغ الخالدية الكويت
صباغ ابواب الكويت
باغ المنصورية بالكويت
صباغ الصوابر بالكويت
صباغ مبارك الكبير
صباغ ديكورات الكويت
صباغ خشب غرف نوم الكويت
معلم ديكور هندي الكويت
صباغ رخيص بالكويت
صباغ بيوت
احدث ديكورات اصباغ الكويت
صباغ عبد الله السالم الكويت
تركيب باركيه الكويت
صباغ مشرف
عامل بناء الكويت
صباغ ورق جدران
صباغ باكستاني في الكويت
صباغ كبتات
صباغ منازل في حولي
صباغ صباح الاحمد
خدمات الصباغ الهندي في الكويت
صباغ مصري بالعاصمة
صباغ الفروانية
صباغ كويتي
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2023.05.28 15:16 1LR_GUE Was visiting a house for sale and came across this inside.

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2023.05.28 15:05 HEBAMOHAMED216 مظلات وسواتر الرياض بسعر مميز سواتر دوت كوم

تعتبر شركة مظلات وسواتر الرياض هي الأفضل على الإطلاق في جميع أنحاء السعودية، نتكلم في البداية عن خامة مظلات وسواتر الرياض جميع القطع المكونة مظلات وسواتر الرياض بخامات عالية الجودة ومميزة، جميع تصميمات مظلات وسواتر الرياض فريدة ومختلفة لذا إذا كنت ترغب في الحصول على أشكال مظلات وسواتر الرياض التي ليس لها مثيل عليك اختيار شركتنا و ترك الباقي علينا شركة مظلات وسواتر الرياض تقدم جميع الخدمات المتعلقة مظلات وسواتر الرياض من تصميم وتنفيذ وتركيب وصيانة فيما بعد جميع الخدمات بأسعار مميزة، كما أن شركة مظلات وسواتر الرياض تقدم عروض مميزة على الخدمات، جميع المواد والقطع المستخدمة في عملية تركيب مظلات وسواتر الرياض بخامات متينة تتحمل الضغط الكبير، لذا عليك الاتصال السريع على رقم مظلات وسواتر الرياض للتعرف على الخدمات والأسعار وتكنيك العمل، نقدم أفضل خدمة في أسرع وقت وبأفضل سعر.
مظلات وسواتر في الرياض
اسعار مظلات وسواتر الرياض
محلات مظلات وسواتر الرياض
مظلات وسواتر
مظلات وسواتر الرياض حراج
ارقام مظلات وسواتر بالرياض
اسعار مظلات وسواتر بالرياض
تتعدد مميزات وخدمات شركة مظلات وسواتر الرياض تعتبر شركتنا الأكثر خبرة ومعرفة في هذا المجال، جميع المواد المستخدمة من قبل شركة مظلات وسواتر الرياض مستوردة من الخارج أو من مناطق داخلية موثوق بها، تستطيع شركة مظلات وسواتر الرياض تقديم الخدمة في أسرع وقت ممكن وتسليم مظلات وسواتر الرياض في الميعاد المحدد، تتعدد أهمية مظلات وسواتر الرياض لذا على كل فرد الحصول عليها حيث أن مظلات وسواتر الرياض تعمل على الحماية من العوامل الخارجية من امطار وحرارة ورياح، تعطي للمكان منظر جميل ومميز، توفر شركة مظلات وسواتر الرياض مظلات ثابتة ومظلات متحركة، المتحركة سهلة الأستخدام والفك والتركيب ويسهل التعامل معها والتحرك بها، للاستفسار على انواع مظلات وسواتر الرياض يرجى الاتصال على شركة مظلات وسواتر الرياض سريعا.
مظلات سيارات الرياض
مظلات الرياض
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بيت شعر للبيع
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حداد ابواب شرق الرياض
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مظلات وسواتر الرياض من حداد يمني
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مظلات وسواتر الدلم بالرياض
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2023.05.28 14:59 HEBAMOHAMED216 حداد الرياض ممتاز سواتر دوت كوم

يعتبر حداد الرياض هو رائد مجال الحداد والأفضل على الإطلاق في هذا المجال حيث انه حداد الرياض في جميع أعماله لا يهدف إلى تحقيق أرباح ولكنه يهدف الى كسب ثقه العميل من خلال تقديم خدم مميزة ومثالية، يقدم حداد الرياض جميع خدمات الحدادة من تصميم وتنفيذ وتركيب وصيانة، حيث ان حداد الرياض يستطيع التشكيل المعادن بالعديد من الطرق الاحترافية، يستطيع حداد الرياض تصميم وتنفيذ أشكال مميزة ومختلفة من مظلات وسواتر باحترافية، يقدم حداد الرياض خدمة تصميم وتنفيذ وتركيب احترافية يوفر جميع المواد اللازمة للتثبيت والتركيب جميع القطع المقدمة من قبل حداد الرياض بسعر مميز، جميع الخامات التي تدخل في التصنيع عالية الجودة مستوردة من الخارج نوفر العديد من الأشكال للمظلات، حداد الرياض يوفر مفاول حداد الرياض جميع أنواع المظلات سواء مظلات السيارات مظلات للحدائق وغيرها.
تكبير الصورة المعاينة بالمقاسات الاصلية
حداد في الرياض
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يستطيع حداد الرياض تصنيع الأبواب الحديدية الكبيرة اللازمة للشركات والفلل والأبواب الخاصة بالمنازل أيضا، يستطيع حداد الرياض تصميم أشكال فريدة للأبواب بمختلف الأحجام يستخدم حداد الرياض حديد عالي الجودة ، يوفر أيضا حداد الرياض أكسسوارات الأبواب والشبابيك بخامات وأشكال ممتازة، يقدم حداد الرياض أيضا العديد من تصاميم الشبابيك، يستطيع حداد الرياض تقديم خدمة صيانة لكل القطع التي يقوم بتصميمها من أبواب وشبابيك ومظلات وسواتر، ينصح حداد الرياض عند اختيارك مهنة الحدادة البحث عن حداد متخصص ذات خبرة لتكون النتيجة مرضية لك، حداد الرياض ماهر في عمله يستطيع العمل لفترات طويلة يتميز بالالتزام بالمواعيد وجودة وكفاءة العمل اتصل الان على حداد الرياض للحصول على أفضل خدمة.
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مظلات قماش للحدائق
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2023.05.28 14:51 tokenclass Meaford long term care home

It's great to see the new long term care home complete and operating on the former Meaford community school site. I recently noticed the former long term care facility come up for sale. The facility is currently housing a abundant number of temporary foreign workers that work at the new long term care home, because they have had a hard time filling positions from the surrounding community. My question to the community is. When the facility sells where are the workers going to go, will they be displaced/evicted to find over priced rental accommodations or forced to return to their country of origin? If so who will fill the positions at the new facility?
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2023.05.28 14:04 mikey8675 Albany Roosevelt -- sport classic

Albany Roosevelt -- sport classic
I bought the about 3 weeks ago to play while recovering from major surgery, and never seen this car any where in the game. I'm playing story mode (offline without any mods or cheat codes) and can't find this car for sale anywhere in the game,at least not that I've found.
I've made it through 91% of the game so far, and have built up pretty large bank accounts for each of the characters... Franklin -- 2,147,478,647 Michael -- 798,719,621 Trevor -- 1,468,679,739
I found this car not far from Franklin's house, and would like to know a little more about it if possible. Is it a special/rare vehicle that only appears at a specific point in the game, and are there any other ways to get it? Can anyone also tell me what other secret vehicles/items are hidden in story mode and where/how to find them. Thanks for any help anyone is able to give... (pictures of the car and the cash amounts I mentioned following this post)
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2023.05.28 14:04 mduda59625 What You Need to Know Before You Go

Are you thinking about moving to California? It’s a beautiful state with a lot to offer, but it can also be overwhelming if you’re not prepared. In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know before making the move, including practical tips for finding housing, dealing with logistics, and connecting with a reputable realtor in the area.

Why Move to California?

California is a highly desirable state for many reasons. For starters, it boasts a warm and sunny climate that’s perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. With hundreds of miles of coastline, California also offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, which attract millions of visitors each year.
Aside from its natural beauty, California is also a hub for innovation and creativity. With Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and other major industries, the state is a hotbed for job opportunities in various fields. Whether you’re an engineer, a filmmaker, or a writer, California offers a wide range of career options.
In addition to its booming job market, California is home to some of the best colleges and universities in the world, such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UCLA. The state’s higher education system provides residents with access to top-notch education and research facilities.
But that’s not all. California is also known for its diverse population and vibrant culture. From the food to the arts, the state’s rich mix of cultures and traditions make it a fascinating place to live and explore. Whether you’re interested in Mexican cuisine, Asian art, or African music, you’re sure to find it all in California.
Finally, California is a state of opportunity. From the gold rush of the 1800s to the tech boom of the 2000s, the state has a long history of attracting people who are willing to take risks and chase their dreams. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an artist, or just someone looking for a fresh start, California offers endless possibilities.
All in all, California’s natural beauty, job opportunities, educational resources, cultural diversity, and spirit of opportunity make it a compelling destination for anyone looking to make a fresh start.

The Benefits of Using a Moving Service

Moving to a new home can be an exciting but stressful time. One way to alleviate some of the stress is by using a moving service. Here are some benefits of using a moving service:
  1. Convenience: A moving service can handle all aspects of your move, from packing and loading your belongings to transporting them to your new home. This saves you time and energy that you can use to focus on other aspects of your move, such as finding a new school or job.
  2. Expertise: Professional movers are experienced in handling delicate and valuable items, such as antiques, artwork, and electronics. They have the right equipment and techniques to ensure that your belongings are packed and transported safely.
  3. Insurance: Reputable moving services offer insurance for your belongings during the move. This provides added protection and peace of mind in case anything is damaged or lost during the move.
  4. Cost-effective: Although hiring a moving service may seem expensive at first glance, it can actually be cost-effective in the long run. A moving service can help you avoid the costs of renting a truck, buying packing materials, and hiring labor to help you move.
  5. Safety: Moving heavy and bulky items can be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment and training. Professional movers know how to safely lift and move heavy items, reducing the risk of injury.
  6. Flexibility: Moving services offer a range of services, from full-service packing and moving to labor-only services. This allows you to choose the level of assistance that best fits your needs and budget.
Moving Truck Driver is a great option for those who need to transport their belongings in a U-Haul or Penske truck. They specialize in driving these trucks and can make the moving process smoother and less stressful.

Finding Housing in California

Finding a place to live in California can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not familiar with the area. Here are some tips for finding housing unique to the area:

Dealing with Logistics

Moving to California requires a bit of logistical planning. Here are some tips to help you prepare:

Connecting with a Reputable Realtor

Connecting with a reputable realtor when moving to California can have many benefits. A realtor can provide you with valuable information about the local housing market, help you find the right neighborhood, and negotiate the best deal on your behalf. Here are some reasons why you should consider connecting with a realtor:
  1. Knowledge of the local market: A realtor has access to information about the local housing market, such as property values, trends, and inventory. This information can be invaluable when making decisions about where to live and what to pay for your new home.
  2. Professional expertise: A realtor is a trained and licensed professional who knows how to navigate the complex process of buying or renting a home. They can guide you through the entire process, from searching for properties to closing the deal.
  3. Network of contacts: A realtor has a network of contacts in the real estate industry, including other realtors, lenders, and home inspectors. They can use their contacts to help you find the right property and ensure that your transaction goes smoothly.
  4. Negotiation skills: A realtor is trained in the art of negotiation and can help you get the best deal possible on your new home. They can work with the seller or landlord to negotiate a fair price, terms, and conditions.
  5. Legal protection: A realtor can help you navigate the legal aspects of buying or renting a home, including contracts, disclosures, and inspections. They can also help you understand your rights and obligations as a buyer or tenant.
A good realtor can help you find the right neighborhood, navigate the housing market, and negotiate a fair price. Moving Truck Driver has worked with amazing realtors all over the country and can connect you with a realtor in the area where you are looking, who can help you find your dream home.

Practical Checklist for Moving to California

If you’re planning on moving to California, here’s a practical checklist to help you get started:


Moving to California can be an exciting adventure, but it can also be a daunting task. With so much to consider, from finding the right housing to navigating the logistics of moving, it’s important to have a plan in place before you go. Utilizing a moving service that specializes in driving U-Haul and Penske trucks, such as Moving Truck Driver, can make the process of moving easier and less stressful. Additionally, connecting with a reputable realtor can provide you with valuable information and professional expertise to help you find the right home in the right neighborhood.
When moving to California, it’s important to do your research and plan ahead. Use the practical tips and advice in this article, as well as any additional resources you can find, to make the process of moving as smooth and stress-free as possible. Whether you’re moving for work, school, or just for a change of scenery, California has a lot to offer, from beautiful beaches to stunning mountains, and everything in between. So take the time to explore this amazing state and all it has to offer, and enjoy the journey along the way.
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2023.05.28 14:00 Joadzilla Texas House of Representatives votes to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton
The Texas House of Representatives has voted to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton, an unprecedented move following a legislative probe that faulted the third-term Republican for a years-long pattern of corruption, including abusing his office’s powers, retaliating against whistleblowers and obstructing justice.
Under state law, Paxton is now temporarily suspended from his duties as attorney general and will await a Senate trial.
The vote was 121-23, with two members voting “present.”
“The evidence is substantial. It is alarming and unnerving,” said GOP Rep. Andrew Murr, chair of the General Investigating Committee, during his closing statement following hours of debate. The committee recommended 20 counts of impeachment against Paxton.
Democrat Rep. Harold Dutton was one of the members voting present. He said the impeachment vote had been rushed. “The process by which we’re getting this done seems to be abbreviated to the point that it just encroaches on due process,” said Dutton.
Paxton denied wrongdoing in a Friday news conference, but focused his statements against the impeachment this week on his record as a key opponent of President Joe Biden. Paxton’s office has filed dozens of lawsuits against the Biden administration.
The now-suspended attorney general called the impeachment a “politically motivated sham” in a statement just minutes after the vote.
“The ugly spectacle in the Texas House today confirmed the outrageous impeachment plot against me was never meant to be fair or just,” he said.
Paxton said he was never given a chance to present evidence refuting the findings of an investigation that he abused his office. He has cast House Speaker Dade Phelan, a Republican who presides over a chamber where his party currently holds 85 seats to Democrats’ 64, as a “liberal.” He continued his attack on Phelan saying, “Phelan’s coalition of Democrats and liberal Republicans is now in lockstep with the Biden Administration, the abortion industry, anti-gun zealots, and woke corporations.”
The Office of the Attorney General issued its own “comprehensive report” about the allegations following the impeachment vote, saying it “unequivocally refutes incorrect testimony” against Paxton. The office also released a report it commissioned from an outside law firm, although the report from Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard and Smith LLP notes it is based only on information and testimony provided by the attorney general’s office.
Republican Governor Greg Abbott can appoint a provisional replacement while Paxton is temporarily suspended. Paxton would be reinstated if he is acquitted at his Senate trial.
The impeachment vote had its origins in an investigation launched in March by the General Investigating Committee of the Texas House after Paxton had asked the legislature to approve $3.3 million in government funds to settle a lawsuit with four whistleblowers who were fired from his office.
That investigation led the committee – a five-member panel investigating corruption in state government – to approve 20 articles of impeachment Thursday, setting up the vote in the full House.
During the debate Saturday, Rep. Charlie Geren, who is a Republican, claimed Paxton had threatened fellow House members.
“I would like to point out that several members of this House, while on the floor of this House doing the state’s business, received telephone calls from General Paxton personally threatening them with political consequences in their next election,” Geren said.
Opponents of the impeachment largely declined to address the allegations against him, instead focusing on the investigation leading up to the proceedings. “I don’t think today is about whether there’s guilt or innocence. It’s about the process,” said Rep. Tony Tinderholt.
“I’m not here to defend Ken Paxton,” Rep. John T. Smithee stated on the floor. He went on to say, “What you’re being asked to do today is to impeach without evidence. It is all rumor. It is all innuendo. It is all speculation.”
Paxton’s impeachment is a stunning rebuke of a Republican official in a state where the GOP controls all levers of state government. Voters in Texas shrugged off the swirling scandals around Paxton last year, handing him a third term in November’s election. Paxton had earlier fought off multiple opponents for the GOP nomination, including Bush family scion George P. Bush, the state land commissioner, whom he easily bested in a runoff.
Paxton has long been a controversial figure who has clashed with Texas legislative leadership. A conservative who has aligned himself with former President Donald Trump, he led a lawsuit in 2020 seeking to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.
He retains support within the Texas GOP. In a statement Friday, state party chairman Matt Rinaldi blasted Phelan for what he called a “sham impeachment.”
“The voters have supported General Paxton through three elections – and his popularity has only grown despite millions of dollars spent to try to defeat him. Now the Texas House is trying to overturn the election results,” Rinaldi said, adding that he was looking to the “principled leadership” of the Senate to “restore sanity and reason for our state.”
In Texas, no attorney general has ever been impeached and removed from office. The only two elected officials to lose office as a result of impeachment were Gov. James Ferguson in 1917 and District Judge O.P. Carrillo in 1975.
For Paxton to be removed from office, two-thirds of the Texas Senate’s members who are present will have to vote to convict him. His wife, Angela Paxton, is a state senator representing a Dallas-area district.
It’s not yet clear when the Senate, where Republicans have a 19-12 majority over Democrats, will conduct its trial. The state’s legislative session is scheduled to end Monday.
While only the governor can call special sessions once the legislature is out of the biennial regular session, the Texas Constitution states that impeachment is the one issue for which the state House and Senate lawmakers can bring themselves into session without the governor, according to Mark Jones, a political science professor at Rice University.
Litany of legal trouble
The impeachment proceedings are the latest in a series of legal troubles for Paxton.
CNN has previously reported he was facing an FBI investigation for abuse of office and that Justice Department prosecutors in Washington, DC, took over a corruption investigation into Paxton. He is also under indictment for securities fraud in a separate, unrelated case. Paxton has denied all charges and allegations.
The state House probe came after Paxton had sought to settle a lawsuit with four former employees of the attorney general’s office. Whistleblowers had accused him of using his authority to benefit political friend Nate Paul, a real estate investor who had donated tens of thousands of dollars to Paxton’s campaign. In the settlement, Paxton apologized but did not admit fault or accept liability. He denied wrongdoing and said in a statement he had agreed to the settlement “to put this issue to rest.”
One of the impeachment articles accuses Paxton of using employees of the attorney general’s office to write a legal opinion intended to help Paul avoid the foreclosure sale of properties owned by Paul and his businesses.
It was among a series of articles focused on Paxton’s relationship with Paul, including accusations he hired an outside attorney who issued more than 30 grand jury subpoenas while investigating a “baseless complaint” made by Paul, benefited from Paul hiring a woman with whom Paxton “was having an extramarital affair,” and provided Paul with favorable legal help in exchange for renovations on Paxton’s home.
The articles of impeachment also detail what are described as Paxton’s efforts to cause “protracted” delays in the securities fraud investigation.
And the articles say voters in November did not have a full understanding of Paxton’s legal troubles because he had intentionally obscured the details of the charges he faces.
“Paxton then concealed the facts underlying his criminal charges from voters by causing protracted delay of the trial, which deprived the electorate of its opportunity to make an informed decision when voting for attorney general,” the impeachment articles state.
A wild week
The impeachment of Paxton follows a wild week in which the attorney general accused House Speaker Phelan of presiding over the House chamber while drunk and called for the speaker’s resignation.
On Tuesday, Paxton posted on Twitter a letter to the state House ethics panel, asking for an investigation into Phelan for performing his duties in what Paxton described as “an obviously intoxicated state.”
Paxton’s call for Phelan’s resignation came after video circulated on social media last weekend of Phelan appearing to slur his words as he presided over the House chamber at the end of a late-night session. Paxton did not present any evidence beyond the video clips to support his claim Phelan was drunk.
“It is with profound disappointment that I call on Speaker Dade Phelan to resign at the end of this legislative session,” Paxton said in a statement he posted on Twitter. “Texans were dismayed to witness his performance presiding over the Texas House in a state of apparent debilitating intoxication.”
Less than an hour later, the state House General Investigating Committee revealed it had subpoenaed records from Paxton’s office as part of an investigation Phelan’s office said had started in March. The committee, whose members are appointed by Phelan, voted unanimously Thursday to recommend Paxton’s impeachment.
Phelan’s office said Paxton’s allegation was merely retaliation for the House ethics panel’s probe.
“Mr. Paxton’s statement today amounts to little more than a last-ditch effort to save face,” Phelan communications director Cait Wittman said in a statement Tuesday.
Democratic Rep. Terry Canales said the broader context of last week’s all-day session made clear Phelan “was not under the influence.”
“At that point in the night the House had been in session over 13 hours and we had been doing so for multiple days in a row. We were all exhausted,” Canales said in a statement. “Nevertheless, I had multiple interactions with the speaker throughout the day and that night and I can say unequivocally he was not under the influence.”
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2023.05.28 14:00 AutoModerator What's going on this week? What's for sale? Jobs, Housing, Personals, and more! May 28, 2023 - June 03, 2023

This is our weekly megathread for posts about:
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2023.05.28 13:49 Rea-wakey B1501.2 - Inefficient Light Bulb Ban Bill - 3rd Reading

Inefficient Light Bulb Ban Bill

Ban the sale and use of environmentally inefficient light bulbs.
BE IT ENACTED by the King’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—
Section 1: Definitions
(1) "Incandescent light bulb" means a general service lamp that produces light by heating a filament in a glass bulb filled with an inert gas or a vacuum.
(2) "Halogen light bulb" means a type of incandescent light bulb that uses a halogen gas to increase energy efficiency and lifespan.
(3) "Fluorescent light bulb" means a type of light bulb that uses an electric current to excite a gas, which then produces ultraviolet light that is converted to visible light by a phosphor coating on the inside of the bulb.
(4) "LED" refers to inorganic light-emitting diodes, and means a technology which -
(a) light is produced from a solid state device embodying a p-n junction of inorganic material, and
(b) the junction emits optical radiation when excited by an electrical current
Section 2: Ban on Incandescent, Halogen and Fluorescent Light Bulbs
(1) The import, manufacture, distribution, and sale of incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent light bulbs shall be prohibited.
(2) No later than three years after the date of assent, the use of incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent light bulbs in all public buildings shall be banned.
Section 3: Exemptions
(1) This Act does not apply to incandescent, halogen or fluorescent light bulbs specifically tested and approved to operate --
(a) in potentially explosive atmospheres,
(b) for emergency use,
(c) in radiological installations,
(d) in or on military or civil defence establishments, equipment, ground vehicles, marine equipment or aircraft,
(e) in or on motor vehicles, their trailers and systems, interchangeable towed equipment, components and separate technical units,
(f) in or on civil aviation aircraft,
(g) in railway vehicle lighting,
(h) in medical devices.
(2) For the purposes of this paragraph “specifically tested and approved” means that, in relation to an operating condition or application, the light source or separate control gear—
(a) has been specifically tested for that operating condition or application, in accordance with standards produced by an international standardising body;
(b) is accompanied by evidence in the form of a certificate, type approval mark or test report that the product has been specifically approved for that operating condition or application; and
(c) is placed on the market specifically for that operating condition or application, as evidenced by
(i) the information in the technical documentation; and
(ii) except in a case to which sub-paragraph (1)(d) applies, information on the packaging and any advertising or marketing materials.
(3) The government may grant exemptions to this Act for certain areas or industries where alternative options are not yet available or would impose undue financial burden.
(4) This act does not apply to sodium vapour lamps.
Section 4: LED procurement
(1) Subject to Section 3, replacement of light bulbs as required under section 2 shall be of LED-type.
Section 5: Penalties
(1) Any person found guilty of being concerned in the import, manufacture, distribution or sale of any goods prohibited in this Act, shall be liable—
(a) on summary conviction, to a penalty of £20,000 or of three times the value of the goods, whichever is the greater, or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months, or to both; or
(b) on conviction on indictment, to a penalty of any amount, or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years, or to both.
Section 6: Extent, commencement and short title
(1) This Act extends to England only.
(2) This bill shall come into force six months after receiving Royal Assent.
(3) This Act may be cited as the Inefficient Light Bulb Ban Act 2023.
This Bill was written by Ruijormar, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change on behalf of His Majesty’s 32nd Government and was inspired by the real life Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products and Energy Information (Lighting Products) Regulations 2021

Opening Speech:
My Lords,
As of today, close to two thirds of light bulbs sold in the UK are LED lights. These have, on average, a 5 times longer lifetime and 80% less power consumption than the alternatives. A complete shift to LED would reduce carbon emissions by 1.26 million tonnes per year, while also saving consumers an average of 75£ per year on energy bills. I urge the House to support this bill, so that we may turn off the power on inefficient lighting and shine a light on a more sustainable future.
This reading shall end on Wednesday 31st May at 10pm.
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2023.05.28 13:12 shojokat Thought my MIL was a sweet old lady based on previous interactions. Today, she finally blew up, and I've realized that she's the most delusional, irrational person I've ever met.

Hey y'all! I've been posting here quite often since my MIL moved in and I'm grateful for this sub to let me blow off some steam. Here comes a wall of text because this is my one way of venting!
For a recap, my MIL is 78. She's always been the selfless angel type every time I've seen her prior to moving in. She was always hyper polite, always cooked drawn out amazing meals just for us, and got to spoil my son for our visits. Sure, she's old fashioned and a little batty in her own quirky way, but was always incredibly courteous and doting.
So, long story short, MIL was kicked out of her home where she paid next to no rent her entire life. Her sister (92 and still kicking) owned it until it recently went up for sale due to having multiple strokes and no longer being capable of managing it. MIL is broke. She only gets minimal social security every month. She's relied on her son, my husband, our entire marriage to solve her problems, financial or otherwise. He has taken care of her siblings as well out of love and not because he's obligated. It's been a rollercoaster of dementia homes, stories funeral costs, and nursing homes for as long as we've been married. We didn't want her to go searching for section 8 housing on such short notice, nor could we afford to get her her own place. She also lived about a 2 hour drive from hell away.
Our solution seemed simple. We went out of our way to rent a new home with an extra bedroom for her and one for her sister for when we may be able to employ a part time home nurse. She swore she would help out with her meals in between and I would take care of diapers when the nurse was off the clock. We thought, hey, it'll be a bit of a learning curve, but she's so sweet, there's no way we won't find a groove and get a little extra help with the kids. I was 32 weeks pregnant when she moved in. It seemed like a no brainer to get grandma to enjoy the birth of her second grandson and save us a fortune on elder care at the same time. We thought she would be happy to be with her son and his kids in a nice neighborhood.
I detailed it in my first post here, but long story short, MIL shocked me with her inability to adapt. Fist thing I noticed was that she had debilitating cataracts to the point where she's basically blind. She holds up a magnifying glass inches away from literally everything to see. On top of that, she's also basically deaf. We are taking care of these things but it's taking time.
But it went beyond that. She has no hobbies. I caught her staring at the TV on the "are you still watching" page as if there was a show on. She must feel like she's staring at a wall all the time every day. She has no interest in doing anything else except for chores.
BUT. She will only do these chores HER way and becomes extremely offended if I try to show her how we like to do things/ask her nicely to let me, say, let me put my own laundry away. I showed her how I like to fold my clothes and she smiled and pretended to listen, then literally IMMEDIATELY continued folding them the way I asked her not to. Multiple times to the point where telling her again would be too awkward. I literally picked then up and refolded everything she did one after another right in front of her and she just continued. She's also so blind that she was putting my bras in the pile with my son's shirts... and when I asked her to let me sort, since she mixed everything up so badly, she ignored me again.
Lastly, she undermines our parenting a lot. I've always been a believer that grandma gets to spoil the kids a bit more than parents, but my son (8) is on the spectrum and he is the type who has only made many of the strides he has due to our strictness in making him care for himself when capable. He's smart but can be lazy when things are done for him. He can't be babied or he regresses. Everything he knows how to do he had to be pushed into doing for himself, but he always learns to love the independence once he masters these life skills. I caught MIL literally spoon-feeding him within the first week. She was wiping his butt and now he leaves streaks in his underwear, waiting for somebody to wipe him. She dresses him. She brushes his teeth. These are all things we have worked tirelessly in getting him to do for himself. And when I politely remind her that this is not good for him and to let him be independent, I can tell that she gets mad.
All this time, MIL has proven herself to be the type to smile to my face and then slowly boil over her grievances. She will smile at me and then blow up on SO like he's her scapegoat. Lately, that simmering resentment has finally boiled over, and that's kind of the point if this post.
Here are some things, not limited to, that have slowly accumulated and eventually set my MIL off:
  1. The other day, she cooked sausage links. She forgot to put them away in a ziploc bag so, overnight, they went bad exposed to the open air. I saw them in the fridge and said "oh, please remember to put them in a bag! It's okay though, it's just a couple pieces of sausage!" It was a non-thing. Within moments, she teared up and ran to her room to cry. I followed her to reassure her that mistakes happen, that she can't beat herself up over nothing. Nobody doesn't make mistakes. She insisted that no, this was a huge deal.
  2. She was sucking her teeth excessively a week ago. So loud that it sounded like she was eating a bag of chips with her mouth open. SO said "hey ma, don't forget your tick!". She ran to her room to cry and said that she felt like she lived in a big dark hole. It was very sad to hear her say that. I felt bad, but this was something we talked to her about before with no issue. Suddenly it's a HUGE problem. I personally have a thing where certain excessive mouth noises just obliterate my mood. I can't help it, it's genetic as far as I can tell, but I still do my best to tolerate the occasional teeth sucking. But this? It's nonstop and LOUD. Unlike anything I've heard before. Louder then smacking gum by a LOT.
  3. The day we got home from the hospital after a traumatic preterm birth, the first thing she did was complain that it had been a week since she wanted to get her eyebrows waxed. We had to stay in the hospital that entire week and I guess she took that personally. Never mind the excessive pain I was in coming home for due to complications.
  4. I asked her nicely multiple times to try and limit the amount of candies and cookies she put in the pantry while I acclimated to my PP diet. She can still have them, but I asked her to store them in her room for now, because my success in dieting is directly correlated to how many temptations I have at home and she will usually only eat a single cookie out of a box a day (so they last forever). She has instead taken it upon herself to build a small stash of candy bars and cakes in the pantry, of which she has eaten NONE. She then offers me foods she knows I can't have and then gets upset with me for denying them, as that's "impolite".
  5. She would douse herself in perfume multiple times a day. Perfume makes me physically ill to the point where I had to go lay down with nausea and headaches whenever she did. Some helpful redditors pointed out that it would be toxic for my baby, so we asked her nicely to tone it down for the sake of the newborn's health. She freaked out and said that she had no control over her life. I felt bad about this one, as I know she enjoys her perfume a lot, but it was just too much. Her room still smells like a thick musk and I just don't go in there.
Now, this is the big blowup...
Today, a repairman came to fix a piece of furniture. MIL asked me if she should take the dog outside so he didn't bother him and I told her no, the dog will calm down after a moment of excitement, but she was free to go outside anyway if she wanted to. I thought she went out to enjoy herself- she does it often and says she likes the sun. Well, the repairman left while I was pumping breast milk and hubs was feeding our new 2 week old. She eventually came in about 5 minutes after he left and BLEW UP. She was crying, yelling us that it was SO RUDE to not come and get her immediately. We told her that we thought she was out there in her own accord but she didn't listen. SO kept saying "it was only five minutes, we have had our hands full and we didn't know", and she stormed out of the house for two hours. I was supposed to go to sleep (newborn schedule) but stayed up because DH went out to chase her and talk.
During this talk, since I was not around, she let it all out. Said she lives in hell. She's mad at ME for pointing out how the sausage went bad. Says I should've never mentioned it, let her leave it out as much as she wanted, and that it was rude of me to correct her. She used the phrase "I know you have kids with her so she's not going anywhere" and my husband defended me, asking her wtf I had done that was so wrong and if I should've eaten bad meat just to please her. He told her that, if she couldn't live with us, she wouldn't make it with anyone else who didn't bend over backwards, which she denied. Apparently she expected us to let her do literally anything she wanted and says that she "walks on eggshells" around me because I ask her not to baby my son (I'm watching all of my hard work crumble before my eyes with how she treats him and I will NOT stand by and watch my son wither away into a helpless blob). She said that it wasn't fair that the dog had rules and the cats don't, going so far as to pantomime a hunched over servant, to which SO had to explain that cats are incapable of learning manners the way dogs are and the dogisn't allowed to just jump on people and beg for food. She thinks him having a crate is cruel and unusual. She even said that it makes her upset when I don't jump out of my seat and shout an enthusiastic "Good morning!!" when she wakes up.
Forget that I've been up since the wee hours taking care of a newborn. Forget all of my pains and aches, my disfigured and bloody nipples from trying to find the right pump, and my also being on a strict diet. Oh, and forget that I'm in MY OWN HOME where I shouldn't feel like I have to feign enthusiasm every time I see a family member. It's not like I'm rude! I always smile and put on a chipper tone no matter HOW I feel. But, on the days where my pains are just too much, when I'm dizzy or dealing with a migraine, she takes personal offense to my smile not sparkling in the sun. How dare I be somewhat stoic but still polite!
I went to sleep after she got back (we talked about it at length until then) and, when I woke up to pump, she was gone. Apparently she went to bed early in a huff. On Saturdays, my son looks forward to a "sleepover" in her room. He looks forward to it all week. He was just getting ready for bed and my husband was explaining to him that it probably wasn't happening tonight. He ended up opening her door loudly and we had to pull him away and reprimand him for opening her door without knocking, knowing that she was asleep.
Well, after he did that twice, I went over to him to console him and tell him that we would make up for it. She BURST out of her room and started yelling at us: why won't you let him have his sleepover?!
We told her that we thought she was sleeping, as per what she said (she apparently even said goodnight to my son when she went to bed), and that regardless, he shouldn't be bursting into her room without knowing that she was awake and willing to have this sleepover. She just kept yelling, not listening: WHY are you not letting him stay with me?! It's Saturday! He ALWAYS sleeps in here!
And ultimately, he got to go have his sleepover after we were completely undermined for trying to teach him manners. I'm glad that he got to, he didn't deserve to be shafted, but how dare she make US the bad guys for not letting him force his way inside when we thought she had specifically wanted to be alone?? I was already annoyed with HER for going to bed without him on his special day, but instead she made a whole show about how we were keeping him from her and how she was the big savior in the end!
After all this, DH is fuming. I've never seen him this mad at his mother. He loves her tremendously. He's bent under backwards for her multiple times over the course of our marriage. He's taken care of EVERYTHING in her life. But now that she's pointing fingers at him and treating him like he's the bad guy, he is OVER it. He said to me that, if she has anther unfair outburst like that, he's gonna tell her to call around and find somebody willing to house her, because she's out of here. She's destroying our newborn period. We won't get these days back.
But what gets me is that... I think that's what she expects from him. She expects him to just dish out 2k per month of his own money, of his children's money, to get her her own apartment where she can wander around like Mr. Magoo and eat rancid sausages to her heart's content. It's almost a powerplay. The initial plan was to move her sister in, save a fortune on elder care, and she would help keep her sister company since I'm not bilingual and they were spending every day together before she moved in with us. But she just... stopped talking to her sister altogether? It's so bizarre. It's like she randomly decided to drop her from her life when she moved in with us and it's clear that her sister is hurt by this. When we ask her, she just goes "oh, I don't know :)" or just makes a dismissive "mmm".
But she won't talk about anything. She won't listen to our side of anything. She just wants to explode, bitch, and then pretend it never happened in a cycle. She expects us to just grit our teeth and live in hell with her when our lives are supposed to be happy right now with the new baby. She thinks that burying problems and periodically freaking out is the right way to live and everything else is rude. I can't even enjoy my newborn. I have angry MIL sitting beside me, staring depressedly at the wall for hours on end every day. I can't so much as be a parent to my oldest anymore without incurring her silent ire, which she unloads on DH when they're alone. If I try to talk about it with her, it's all "don't worry about it, everything's fine :)".
What gets me, what I take personally (since I'm thinking that the rest may be dementia or something), is how she treats our family finances like a bottomless bank. She thinks that DH is Scrooge McDuck with a pool of gold despite me telling her about our struggles and how DH has literally been crying over the whole situation with her sister. She KNOWS that our financial plan was to save money on her living costs and on her sister's elder care because we can't afford to take care of everybody, but DH loves her too much to just stick her into section 8 (which takes time, too). BUT, she wants us to buy her her own apartment ANYWAY as well as forgo the plan on saving five figures a month on her sister, all while treating us like trash for not allowing her to bulldoze the household. Who is this woman and what has she done with the MIL I knew?! If we don't get to live out our plan as intended, I will hold this against her forever, and there will be no reconciliation. DH understands. He thinks I've been more than understanding and that it's MIL who is acting like a dictator while claiming to be the victim.
TLDR: MIL thinks that the normal course of life is to endure misery and never talk openly and honestly, so she expects us to wallow in her own personal Hell beside her for a long as she will live. Does not believe in reconciliation, seems to have zero consideration for others in any capacity (except our dog?), and makes unreasonable seen like the understatement of the century.
Oh, and I've gotten a lot of advice on my aunt in law's elder care in the last couple of threads, so not a lot is needed! DH has been on top of it and all suggestions were things he already considered and knew about. It's rather complicated and i can't get into it here, as this is just meant to be a rant. We have an elder care lawyer who is helping out.
As for assisted living for MIL, that's apparently not going to happen without significant costs until she meets certain cognitive thresholds, which she has not yet. So, it's either section 8 (and I'm petrified of letting her live alone, tbh) or another small fortune to get her out of the house... I think we need to find a relative willing to take her, because with my kids, she's turning my once bright and sunny household into a goddamn war zone.
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2023.05.28 13:06 JustBoatTrash Few Homebuyers Looking To Move Out Of Town, Even Fewer Interested in Local Moves
The great pandemic reshuffle, which sent work-at-home buyers searching for their ideal towns, is settling down, as high mortgage rates and home prices persuade more potential homebuyers to stay put for now.
The number of Americans looking to move to a different part of the country is down 6% from a year earlier. In 2022, the number of Americans looking to relocate increased to 23%. The decrease over the last year is a symbol of just how much the housing market has cooled.
The number is even lower for those who are looking to move within the town they already live in, a 17% drop from the year before. As fewer Americans look to sell and purchase homes are faced with higher mortgage rates and home prices, the overall homebuying pie is smaller than it was this time last year, according to a Redfin report.
Both figures have fallen over the last year as the number of homebuyers in the U.S. declines, with sales dropping 22% from a year earlier in April. Still, a record 25.2% of Redfin users nationwide are looking to relocate, up from 22.8% last year. Many buyers are looking to leave their hometown or move to more affordable areas, such as migration from Los Angeles to Los Vegas or New York to Tampa.
High mortgage rates are less of a deterrent for those moving from more expensive areas to those with lower costs of living, the Redfin analysis found. For first-time buyers, lower costs of living in certain areas may even encourage moving to a different part of the country.
Sun Belt Cities Attracting Out-of-State Buyers
Phoenix and Miami are the most popular destinations for homebuyers looking to relocate, followed by Las Vegas, Tampa and Orlando. Five of the top 10 destinations are in Florida, and nearly all of them are in the Sun Belt. Florida was the fastest growing state in 2022, with warm weather, affordable areas of the state and low taxes enticing those from out-of-state.
With remote work and continued rising costs in coastal cities like San Francisco, Seattle or New York, Sun Belt destinations have grown more popular since the pandemic. New York is the most common origin for homebuyers moving to top destinations in Florida.
But with fewer homebuyers in the market generally and lowered inventory, the net inflow of homebuyers into Miami, for instance, is about 7,500 today, down from nearly 13,000 a year ago. The net inflow into Tampa is about 6,000 now, compared with about 9,000 a year ago, according to the report.
“About half of the people buying homes here are from out of town, and some are able to pay cash,” said Orlando Redfin Premier agent Nicole Dege. “That’s making it difficult for some locals to get their offers accepted, especially because many people have limited budgets due to high mortgage rates and there are so few homes coming on the market. Even though fewer people are coming in from out of town, there are also fewer homes for sale.”
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2023.05.28 13:03 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - May 28th

On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - May 28th
1971 - The Jackson 5 play at the Spectrum (now closed - 2009) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
1988 - Michael's duet with Stevie Wonder , "Get It", from Stevie's album Characters peaks at #80 on the Hot 100 Chart while it was at #6 on the R&B chart
1989 - Michael was one of the few winners present at the Black Radio Exclusive awards show at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. He was honored as the "Triple Crown Winner for Outstanding Achievement in Pop, Rock and Soul."
The elegantly laminated plaque has a black and gold edging, with purple printing on a faux-marble background, with a stylized photo image of Michael in his trademark black fedora.
1997 - His 2nd day in Poland starts with a stop at the presidential palace where Michael is received by the first lady. In his quest for a residence in Poland, he then visits the luxury Hotel Bristol. Price for the hotel ended up being too high. He then went to the Warsaw City Hall where he signed a “preliminary letter of intent” to develop a 'Michael Jackson’s Family Entertainment Park', in the Polish capital.
“My dream is to appeal to the child that lives in the heart of every man and woman on this planet and to create something in Poland that is so unique and so unusual that it cannot be experienced in any other place", he said
The letter mentioned no price, but Jackson’s business manager, Tarak Ben Ammar, said in an interview that estimates of Jackson’s contribution range between $100 million and $300 million--modest sums by Western theme park standards. Poland would add an unknown amount.
" I would also like to tell a great truth, I have traveled all over the world six times and have been everywhere, but nowhere I liked it more than in Poland. A visit to Poland is the fulfillment of my childhood dreams...."
He shops at the Kidiland toy store, reportedly in the amount of $670,000. He then goes to the children's hospital, with his arms loaded with gifts.
Next he takes a helicopter to Lubiaz, in order to see Cistercian Abbey of Lubiaz, wich he also planned to purchase. Accompanied by Professor Marek Kwiatkowski, who guided him during his visit, Michael spends 45 minutes marveling at the Baroque architecture and the relics. He'll even try a little "heehee" in the middle of the Hall des Princes to test the acoustics! Michael, who wanted to settle in Poland, already saw himself owning this old building, despite the millions of dollars in restoration to be expected.
In the evening, he flies to Bremen, Germany where in three days he will begin the 2nd leg of his HIStory Tour.
The plans to build the amusement park at a nearby military airport won approval from state officials in February 1998. Michael asks for sketches to be drawn up for the proposed theme parks, however, following the project’s approval and a huge hiatus, the army owning the airport does not agree to make it available for the park. Two grounds pointed out by the government will also be denied due to local protests. The Polish government abandons this project altogether and nothing will come out of it
2004 - Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville has ordered a trial-setting conference hearing today. Thomas Mesereau, Brian Oxman & Joe Jackson go to the courthouse; Michael's appearance isn't required. They argue for a reduction in his $3-million bail and seek an order to force prosecutors to move faster in sharing evidence.
In accusing the prosecution of moving too slowly in giving the defense access to the evidence, as required by law, Mesereau said Michael's right to a fair trial was “jeopardized by the undue delay of discovery.”
“The investigation of this case involves dozens of, if not over 100 witnesses, voluminous documents and expert examination on a variety of topics,” Jackson’s lawyers wrote. “The defense needs ample time to conduct follow-up witness interviews, locate and interview rebuttal witnesses and conduct its own forensic examinations, among other things.”
Prosecutors have responded that they have turned over vast amounts of evidence already and are processing the information they have as quickly as possible. They also are strongly resisting an attempt by Mesereau to substantially reduce Jackson’s bail on grounds that it is much higher than the bail for other defendants facing similar charges.
The bail-reduction request notes that Jackson has no prior record, arrests or convictions & that he has fully complied with all conditions of his release on bail, including attending court when ordered.
“Mr. Jackson’s ties to this community are substantial,” the defense motion states. “The record reveals that Mr. Jackson is not a flight risk or a danger to the community. It is also apparent that Mr. Jackson intends to confront and vigorously defend rather than evade the allegations in this case.”
Though Mesereau noted that Santa Barbara County’s bail schedule calls for bail of about $135,000 for the conspiracy and molestation charges in the grand jury complaint, prosecutors oppose the request on grounds that Jackson is a flight risk and that his wealth should be a factor in retaining high bail.
Melville said early in the proceedings that he hoped a trial could begin before the end of this year, but legal experts and many criminal lawyers predicted that would be impossible.
September 13 is set as the date for the trial to begin
On another legal front, Janet Arvizo filed a claim against county child protection officials accusing them of moving too slowly in investigating leaks to the media that were helpful to Jackson’s defense.
Before a psychiatrist who had examined Gavin told Santa Barbara County officials that the child had been molested, Welfare officials had interviewed the family after Living With Michael Jackson aired in early 2003
A memo written by authorities after Jackson’s arrest said the family had denied any sexual abuse. The memo was subsequently released on a website.
Attorney Larry R. Feldman, representing the Arvizos, said he filed the claim, a necessary step before a lawsuit, to force county officials to speedily conclude their investigation to ensure that such a breach of confidentiality “will never occur again to another innocent child.”
2006 - Michael visited a Tokyo orphanage and told a group of 140 excited children "I love you" in Japanese. Michael's van was swarmed by 100+ fans as he arrived. Inside the Seibi Gakuen children's home, he watched a performance of traditional music and dance by the children before speaking briefly on stage. He later shook hands and signed autographs for the children.
Michael's children and Grace visited with the children on this tour of the Japanese orphanage.
"I look forward to seeing old friends and saying hello to my huge fan base in Japan who, like my other fans around the world, have for so many years consistently shown their love and support to me and my family."- MJ
"Everyone couldn't believe such a big international star was visiting us," said Kiyoko Mito, headmistress of the Christian-run school. "The children only believed me after seeing the news yesterday that Michael Jackson was actually in Japan," she said
2009 - Having not heard from AEG regarding his salary, Conrad Murray sent another email to AEG & receives a response from Tim Wooley
2013 - Jackson v AEG Trial Day 18
Katherine, Janet, Rebbie and Randy Jackson are in court. Only one of the siblings was allowed in the courtroom as they are potential witnesses. Janet accompanied Katherine during morning session while Rebbie was with her during the afternoon session.
Paul Gongaware Testimony
Jackson direct
Paul Gongaware is one of the defendants in the case. He's an adverse witness called by the plaintiffs. Gongaware is Co-CEO of Concerts West, part of AEG Live. Gongaware has toured with Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin and is currently on tour with The Rolling Stones. He worked for Jerry Weintraub in the 80s
He produced Prince's tour in 2004. He has not promoted/produced tours since. Gongaware has not talked to Prince after the tour
Gongaware was a CPA licensed in NY and Washington. He said he believes he's still licensed but hasn't checked status since there's no need
Gongaware testified that landing Jackson, whom he felt was the biggest artist of his era, was huge for AEG. In a 2008 email to AEG Live President and Chief Executive Randy Phillips, Gongaware described how the company should approach Jackson and his manager about a possible comeback tour:
We need to start at the fundamentals. How we do it. The difference between [Live Nation] and us is huge. We are artist-based, they are Wall Street-driven. We are smart people. We are completely honest and transparent with everything we do. That's how [founder] Phil [Anschutz] wants it
Gongaware said he worked on an Elvis Presley tour. Panish asked if Elvis died of drug overdose, and Gongaware said "Yes". Gongaware replied to a condolences' email on July 5, 2009:
I was working on the Elvis tour when he died, so I kind of knew what to expect. Still quite a shock

"So you knew what to expect when Michael Jackson passed away, is that right, sir?", Brian Panish asked.
"I kind of knew what was going to happen, yes",Gongaware answered.
Despite working as a tour promoter for 37 years -- including for Led Zeppelin, the Grateful Dead and many others -- Gongaware testified that the only artist he ever knew that was using drugs on tour was Rick James
Panish asked about working for Jackson 5, Gongaware said had no interaction with Michael. Gongaware was a logistics manager on the Dangerous tour in 92-93. Panish said Michael made $100 million and donated it to charity. Gongaware said he didn't know
When Gongaware met Jackson was with Colonel Parker (Elvis' manager) in Las Vegas. Michael had wanted to meet the Colonel
Gongaware explained the difference between being tour manager and managing the tour. He talked about Michael's History tour

Panish: "You knew that Michael had been to rehab during the dangerous tour?"
Gongaware: "Yes, based on the statement he made after the tour"
Gongaware said he never knew MJ was involved with drugs until after the end of the Dangerous tour. Gongaware told LAPD he was aware of Jackson's previous use of pills/painkillers but did not want to get involved. Gongaware had known for years that Michael Jackson was taking painkillers but wasn't aware he was abusing them until MJ abruptly canceled his Dangerous world tour in the early 1990s to enter rehab. Gongaware said he knew of "two occasions" when Michael used painkillers between shows, but he claimed he didn't grasp the scope of the Michael's sickness until the taped 1993 announcement. "I would dispute knowing that he had a problem. I wasn't aware that there were problems", Gongaware said
Gongaware said he knew a doctor was medicating Jackson during the Dangerous tour but did not find out why the tour was eventually cut short. "Didn't have time,I was just dealing with what was in front of me", he said
Panish said Dr. Finkelstein testified under oath that Gongaware knew Michael had problems with painkillers before the Dangerous tour ended.
Panish: "Do you dispute that?" (Finkelstein testimony)
Gongaware: "I knew that he had pain"
Gongaware said Dr. Finkelstein is his doctor and friend and that they talk off and on, but he doesn't know specifics of the doctor's deposition. Dr. Finkelstein said he gave MJ painkillers after the concert in Bangkok following Michael's scalp surgery. In Gongaware's video deposition:
"Did you ever ask Dr. Finkelstein if he treated Michael during the Dangerous tour?"
"He wouldn't take about that stuff"
Another part of Gongaware's video depo: He said yes, he "occasionally treated Michael Jackson on the Dangerous tour"

Panish: "Were you always honest with Michael?"
Gongaware: "I believe I was"
Panish: "Did you throw around numbers to trick Michael Jackson?"
Gongaware: "I didn't try to trick Michael"
Panish elicited contradictory testimony asking over and over about Gongaware's memory, how long he spent with lawyers to discuss testimony.
On the Bad Tour MJ sold out 10 stadiums at 75,000 tickets per night.
Panish: "That's a pretty big number?"
Gongaware: "Huge"
Panish: "In 2 hours, how many tickets sold?"
Gongaware: "In initial presale we sold 31 shows"
Panish: "The fastest you had ever seen?"
Gongaware: "Yes"
"No one knows how many shows we can get with Mikey," said Gongaware. Panish asked about name "Mikey" - he said he used it occasionally
Email on 2/27/09 from Gongaware to Phillips:
We are holding all of the risk, if Michael won't approve it we go without his approval.We let Mikey know just what it will cost him in terms of him making money, and then we go with or without him in London. We cannot be forced into stopping this, which Michael will try to do because he is lazy and constantly changes his mind to fit his immediate wants.
Gongaware said his use "Mikey" was affectionate, not disparaging, and that the 'lazy' crack amounted to "poor choice of words" but one that accurately reflected how Michael "really didn't like to rehearse. He didn't like to do these kinds of things."
"People were aware at this point there would be a press conference. Michael wouldn't show up at the conference, it'd cost money," Gongaware said. "It wasn't much risk at all, we hadn't spent money," Gongaware said about that point of the tour. This was prior to news conference.
Gongaware said the situation in London, where they constantly referred to Michael as "Wacko Jacko" would impact marketability to sell tickets
"He doesn't want to do this kind of things, but it was important to show Michael to the world if he wanted to do a show," Gongaware explained
Jurors were shown several e-mails from Gongaware that Jackson lawyers suggested were evidence that AEG Live deliberately misled Jackson about how much money he would make from his comeback concerts and how many days he would have to rest between shows. Gongaware wrote to his boss, AEG Live President Randy Phillips, that they should present gross ticket sales numbers to Jackson, not the percentage of the net profits, during contract talks.
"Maybe gross is a better number to throw around if we use numbers with Mikey listening"
Panish talked about an email Gongaware sent to his secretary suggesting that she design a concert calendar for Jackson using light tan colors for show dates, while drawing attention to his rest days
Don't want the shows to stand out too much when Michael looks at it.Less contrast between work and off. Maybe off days in a contrasting soft color. Put 'OFF' in each off day after July 8, as well. Figure it out so it looks like he's not working so much.

Panish: "Did you want to change the color of the schedule to show Michael would not be working so hard?"
Gongaware: "Yes"
Panish: "Were you trying to fool him?"
Gongaware: "Nah, I wasn't trying to fool him, I wanted to present it in the best possible light"
Gongaware said it would be obvious when Michael would be working and not and he wasn't trying to trick him.
Email on 3/25/09 from Phillips to Gongaware:
"We need to pull the plug now. I will explain"

Panish: "Mr. Phillips wanted to pull the plug on the show, right sir?"
Gongaware: "I think he was referring to pull the plug on Karen Faye. We never talked about pulling the plug on the tour. Not that I recall"
"Kenny wanted the pull because the way she (Faye) handled situations," Gongaware explained. "She tried to control access to Michael and Kenny didn't like that"
Karen Faye expressed strong opinion that the tour as dangerous and impractical for MJ. Panish asked about a chain of emails where Gongaware said the pulling the plug refers to Ms. Faye. "I believe he was," Gongaware repeated.
In another March 25, 2009, email, Ortega wrote Gongaware that it was Faye's "strong opinion that this is dangerous and impractical with consideration to Michael's health and ability to perform.".
"I thought he was in good shape at the press conference, I was there," Gongaware said at the deposition. Gongaware was at O2 arena and Phillips was with Michael.
"Michael was late, Randy [Phillips] was saying I'm trying to get him going, I'm trying to get him going".
Panish: "Did Randy tell you MJ was drunk and despondent?"
Gongaware: "No, not drunk and despondent. Just said he was having hard time getting him going"
As to Dr. Conrad Murray, Gongaware said there was 1 rehearsal he said hello to him.
"It was basically a hello, on the floor at the Forum. Mikey asked me to retain him. I never hired him"
Panish played an interview of Phillips to SkyTV after Michael died:
"The guy is willing 2 leave his practice for large sum of money, so we hired him"
"I was told Michael wanted him as his doctor for the show," Gongaware said. Gongaware said Michael did not have any illness that he knew of.
Gongaware: "He had taken a physical, he passed the physical and from what I understand there was nothing wrong with him. Maybe some hay fever"
Panish: "Do you know what his blood test showed?"
Gongaware: "It showed it was good"
Gongaware said he received an email from Bob Taylor that everything was fine and that Michael had passed the physical. Gongaware said he never saw the results of the tests and doesn't know who saw them.
Panish showed video deposition of Gongaware and a declaration he signed about a month before giving the deposition. They contradict themselves.At first, Gongaware insisted he did no negotiating with Murray, but, confronted with emails and his previous testimony, he changed his position and said, "The only thing I did with Dr. Murray was negotiate a price." Gongaware said that neither he nor anyone at the AEG investigated Murray's background or credentials

Panish: "First you said how much did you want?"(to Dr. Murray)
Gongaware: "Yes"
Panish: "He said he wanted $5 million, right?"
Gongaware: "That's what he said. He said he had four clinics he would have to close, he would have to lay people off"
Gongaware said Dr. Murray had been Michael's personal doctor for the past 3 years. He said he did not know how many times MJ had seen the doctor. "Michael insisted on him, recommended him, and that was good enough for me, it was not for me to tell him who his doctor should be" Gongaware said
"The fact that he had been Michael Jackson's personal physician for three years was good enough for me," Gongaware said.
He said that Murray initially asked for $5 million to travel to London with Jackson and tend to him during the tour. "I just told him it wasn't going to happen," he said, recalling that Jackson then suggested offering him $150,000 a month. "Michael Jackson insisted on it and recommended him and it was not for me to tell him no," said Gongaware. "I wanted to provide what was necessary for him to do his job...He wanted a doctor and I wanted him to be healthy." Even after the offer of $150,000, Murray wasn't satisfied. "He started saying he wanted more and I said, 'The offer is coming directly from the artist," Gongaware said. Minutes later, he said Murray accepted.
"Did that seem desperate to you?" asked Panish.
"No," said Gongaware. "He just accepted Michael's offer."
"We agreed on what the compensation was going to be, but there were a lot of issues to be resolved," Gongaware said. Gongaware said he recalled meeting with Dr. Murray where he was told the doctor was going to take care of the medical licensing in London. Gongaware and Timm Wooley are longtime friends. They are currently working on The Rolling Stones tour. Gongaware said he negotiated the price for Dr. Murray, but didn't negotiate the contract. Gongaware explained that he didn't do the negotiation, he would normally refer that to Wooley.
Dr. Finkelstein and Gongaware have been friends for 35-plus years. Gongaware said he never offered Dr. Finkelstein the job of being MJ's doctor and said the doctor would be mistaken if he testified otherwise. Gongaware told the jury he called Dr. Finkelstein to ask what a fair price for a tour doctor would be. Doctor told him it was $10,000/week. As to Dr. Finkelstein wanting to be the tour doctor, Gongaware said he didn't recall specifically, but knew he wanted it."After his death we may have talked, but I don't recall specifics," Gongaware said. Gongaware said he sees Dr. Finkelstein a few times a year, but the subject of Michael never came up. Panish asked Gongaware if Dr. Finkelstein wanted to know if Michael was clean or using drugs. Gongaware said he didn't recall the conversation

Panish asked: "You could have told Dr. Murray at any time that his services were no longer needed, couldn't you?"
"No", Gongaware replied.
Panish: "You were involved in terminating one of the nannies who took care of Michael's kids?"
Gongaware: "Yes"
Gongaware told nanny, Grace Rwamba, that her services would not be needed anymore because AEG was cutting down on Michael's expenses
"I never read the contract, I was there when Michael signed it, but didn't see what was in it," Gongaware said, "Doctor Murray was 100% Michael's cost" Based on the contract, Gongaware said 95% of the production expenses were Michael's responsibility, 5% AEG.
Panish: "Who decided there was a need for a written contract with Dr. Murray?"
Gongaware: "I don't know"
Gongaware said that if the tour went forward, Dr. Murray would've made $1.5 million for 10 months. Ortega would've made almost that.
Gongaware said although AEG never did a background check on Murray, in his view they had "checked out" the doctor according to their standard practices. "When we check out someone, we either rely on if we know the person or if they're known in the industry or if they're recommended by the artist & in this case, Dr. Murray was recommended by the artist, in fact, the artist insisted"
Panish pressed Gongaware:
"You did nothing to verify anything about Dr. Murray, isn't that true, sir?"
Panish asked Gongaware if he approved budgets for April-July including Dr. Murray as production expense. He said he didn't know which budgets he approved. "It's my job to get that show on the road," Gongaware said.
Gongaware said he had to know how much the production had spent at any given time, but didn't have time to read the budget.
Panish: "Do you think you're good at your job, sir?"
Gongaware: "Yes"
Panish: "Very good?"
Gongaware: "I think so"
Gongaware testified that he didn't pay attention to the tour budgets that he approved, even though he was the tour manager.Paul Gongaware said he didn't read through the budgets, instead trusting that the tour accountant knew what he was talking about.
Gongaware testified that Dr. Murray's salary, although included in the company's budget for several months, wasn't something he saw as an actual payment that would be made. "If there's a potential for cost we put it in our budget so there are no surprises later", he said.
Gongaware often pleaded poor memory of events. He said he may have met with Jackson as many as 10 times, but could remember only two of the meetings and only one when Murray was present
Gongaware said he doesn't remember how many meetings he attended at Carolwood house. He didn't recall a meeting where a vase was broken. "There was a meeting where he signed the contract," Gongaware recalled, saying there were more but he doesn't remember specifics. At the meeting in early June, Gongaware said he was present along with Kenny, Randy, Frank DiLeo, Dr. Murray and Michael. "The meeting was about making sure Michael and Dr. Murray had everything they needed to care for Michael," Gongaware explained.
"Yes, we did talk about health-related issues. It was more a general meeting about what Dr. Murray would need", Gongaware said. He had told the police the topic of the meeting was Jackson's overall health ( i.e., diet, stamina and his weight)
He remembered that Jackson arrived late from a doctor's appointment and had slurred speech. Gongaware said Michael Jackson "was a bit off". "He was just coming back from visiting Dr. Klein. I believe he was under the influence of something. That was the only time I saw him like that", Gongaware said.
Jackson had missed a rehearsal and was thought to be dancing at home. However they discovered he was only watching video. Doctor Murray was receptive to their concerns and indicated he would take care of the situation
Court Transcript
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2023.05.28 12:24 SteSteB Coffee station essentials for a newbie.

My breville mini batista broke. It was easy and convenient to use. And I've putt no time and effort in to making coffee I got it on sale and I figured I'd spend a little more and get a bit more out of a new machine now it's broken.
I've taken the plunge and ordered a gaggia classic 2019 and md15 and some shims. The 3 year warranty and the fact gaggia uk is about 40 minute drive from my house is a bonus too.
What other accessories am I worth buying. I'm looking for a an entry level coffee station set up as I'm just starting out and looking to improve. My local coffee shop has some great beans and I usually had them espresso ground for my mini batista so looking forward to trying some grinding.
Tamper suggestions other essential accessories I should be looking at. I'm probably going to need to upgrade the spring at some point but like I say I'm just starting so not too fussed about just using the pressurised portafilter to start with.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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2023.05.28 12:22 SteSteB Excited

My breville mini batista broke. It was easy and convenient to use. And I've out no tim and effort in. I got it on sale and I figured I'd spend a little more and get a bit more out of a new machine
I've taken the plunge and ordered a classic 2019 and md15 and some shims. The 3 year warranty and the fact gaggia uk is about 40 minute drive from my house is a bonus too.
What other accessories am I worth buying. I'm looking for a an entry level coffee station set up as I'm just starting out and looking to improve. My local coffee shop has some great beans and I usually had them espresso ground for my mini batista so looking forward to trying some grinding.
Tamper suggestions other essential accessories I should be looking at. I'm probably going to need to upgrade the spring at some point but like I say I'm just starting so not too fussed about just using the pressurised portafilter to start with.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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I've never played much Doom but I want to get into it (after watching a lot of playthroughs of MyHouse.wad). Doom Eternal is on sale and I'm thinking of buying the franchise bundle on Steam which is some 33 euros for me (since I already own the 1993 and 2016 Dooms)
So my questions:
Thanks in advance for any answers!
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