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2023.04.01 23:13 zcomputerwiz RTX 3090 3 Slot Cooling

RTX 3090 3 Slot Cooling
I have a machine with 2x RTX 3090, using NVLink. I have installed high flow fans with the front and top as intake, one fan on the back as exhaust, and two fans over the GPUs to pull air between them.
Temps are manageable. My theory was that using all fans as intake with positive pressure should force all air out between the gpus.
Can I do anything better?
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2023.04.01 23:13 ForeverDMUntilProven Guy plays TTRPGs to impress his wife rather than to have fun. Part 1

I've frequented these stories and more commonly listened to them being told by the great crab of crits and the red drake of dens and figured I might as well throw this one in.
This is an ongoing story that is still active to this day and if things drastically change I may do an update one day. It's about one of my players who was one of the main driving forces for me to DM again but for them it was for a different reason than what I expected.
Little bit of backstory, I got into D&D a long while ago, first trying it out for a friend who wanted to do a one off for their birthday. I ended up enjoying it and wanted to play more, I played in a few small short 1-3 session games but nobody in my social group wanted to run a big adventure. So, I stepped in, I ran a campaign that didn't go too far after all first time DMing and it crashed and burned but you know learning pains. The next campaign I ran is when I got introduced to, lets call him "Meece" who at the time was a pretty alright player and we got on pretty well. Weaved some stories here and there although the campaign eventually ended when a few players told me they didn't care for my world and this was just their screw off game where they got drunk and rolled to see numbers, not for a story. This killed my confidence for the game and I didn't DM for years.
Roughly 2 years ago in mid pandemic times I was reached out to by Meece he asked me when the next time I would run a campaign. At the time I had actually started binging the mentioned Den of Drake and Crit Crab videos and it got me in the mood to actually play D&D again, plus with a side order of Dimension 20 content I was starting it got the creative juices flowing. So I started drafting it all up, got a world set in my mind, setup a discord, got things ironed out to the point where I felt I could comfortably get a good campaign start. A process that took 2 months and during that I would get to talk and get to know the rest of my players and what they wanted to do.
The cast at this stage was: Rat - Someone who I grew up with and though they aren't the most expressive when it comes to characters they damn well know the shenanigans a player can do to keep a DM on their toes.
Winter - Someone who had played in my last campaign and I was even a player of theirs for a short time.
Meece - The one who really was asking me to run D&D again, side note a massive Critical Role fan (it alludes to stuff later)
Lion - Meece's Wife who wanted to try it out having also looked into Critical Role but had yet to try it out themselves.
Bird - Someone who I had played an MMO with who was also looking into trying it out and a big out of the box thinker.
Everyone was well sorted and we started off, right away there was a small snag as Meece and Lion were concerned about Bird as when they first met, Bird had said they wanted to play a racist character and that set off red flags in their mind but not so much for mine. In the world they were playing in it was essentially a council of races that intermingled so occasional racism was a thing, I did clarify with Meece and Lion that if they felt it was pushing boundaries that they could let me know and I would tell Bird to slim it down so everyone could have fun. Not much else came of it after that as they got to meet Bird's character and got less of a "this is going to be a problem" racist and more of an old man who says things to say things.
At this stage everything was actually fine and we went through the first part of my campaign (I tend to have a massive overarching multi part campaign broken up into sections to let people get different characters in and just get a break up in theme and locale). The first part was done and concluded with little to no issue, or so I had thought. Towards the end of the first part one of my players Winter was actually getting sick of Meece side lining people which I didn't notice until the case was brought up, where when a fork in the road came for decisions Meece would hold up people for an hour of discussions just to ignore everything the discussion covered and just do whatever felt right. Seeing that I could have blundered here, I told Winter that I would keep an eye out for this. And behold on the final battle where it came for them to make a critical decision Meece tried to hold up everyone on a decision, at the 30 minute mark I laid it out for them as far as to make a decision and then let it go through from there. All and all only some minor stumbles, the big hurdles came though at the end of the first part.
As the first of my campaign ended I had everyone do a decision to keep playing their current character or sideline and let their character be an NPC for a bit while they did the next part. The next part was designed to be a much shorter adventure in comparison to the several month long first part. This time though Winter was actually not going to be part of a majority of it as they needed personal time away (later I found out it was only partially correct as it was that and also because of Meece's antics, they didn't want to waste time being forced into decision process.)
Part two of the campaign started up with them going to a different country with a much more desert kind of vibe with various barons of the land who horde power and resources. All the while a war of dragons was happening in the mountains that encompassed a good chunk of the region.
Things hit tumbling blocks right out the gate as Meece had a character that was a Satyr that could be categorized as Chaotic Stupid, think an attempt at Grog from Critical Role but without that build up period for people to see them as a helpful chaotic stupid. In fact it was trying to be so much like Grog that when I gave them bonus items for their new characters (since they started at a higher level) they took Grogs blood axe. I smelled this character would be a problem out the gate as Meece had their character constantly have one breast exposed, and whenever it was called out in character by NPCs. Meece's character would lash out into a tirade and grand stand about their rights and how they should be addressed. I'm all for one taking up a cause but the problem is that either Meece or their character couldn't get it through their head that these are civilized people and they shouldn't have to just see a satyr's tit hanging out if they are trying to go about their every day life. Usually during those moments we would push it aside and just push forward.
Fast forward to the desert region and they got to their first small town, pretty down on their luck but not in any terrible shape. There they meet a priest where Meece's character tried to seduce and tempt them into spending a night with them up in their room at the inn. It really threw up some red flags for some of the other players as it was just a priest who was minding their own business and then had this satyr verbally and nearly physically throw themselves at them to tempt him. Pushing past the awkward sexual harassment, the party hit the plot rope as they found the town actually had a False Hydra living under the town that was causing gaps in the townsfolk memories. This is where we got to see the other side of Meece as once combat and battlemaps got around they would be all about the numbers and aren't afraid to rules lawyer against me as well as for me. The problem is that this party is a rag tag bunch of people doing an assignment together who have no deeper connection than that. So when they see the satyr who makes a big huff about gender and sex appeal, go off into a blood frenzy once a big monster comes into play. You can kinda see why some peoples characters had written off this satyr as...expendable at best.
False Hydra dies to Winter's clever thinking of shape shifting to a fly, getting into the False Hydra's body and then shapeshifting to a dinosaur. I let it happen cause honestly it sounded cool af and most of everyone else would agree except Meece, who was a little disappointed that their meat toy couldn't be cut into more. Either way Hydra's dead and the party go off to find out if other towns have similar situations and take the priest along who also had interest in these things once the party revealed it to them. During the travel is where we saw more awkwardness from Meece, as they tried to get closer to Lion's character who was at this point acting more of as a guide for them as they were from this area. It went about as well as oil and water mixing as Lion's character does not want attention drawn to them due to backstory reasons and Meece's character is by every definition of the word attention in satyr form. The thing is Meece only tried to get closer to Lion's character, all of the others could be talked to to learn more but Meece only wanted to have their character get closer to Lions.
Less and less of the parties characters had really any kind of connection with Meece's character at this point and with how they acted it was clear nobody really wanted to get closer. I decided to give Meece a big bone in the form of some lore drop where they got to see some relatives of theirs who in character had not seen them for years and were worried about their little satyr sibling. What I expected was that Meece may have some questions and learn a bit more about the area from just some small conversation with their relatives. Instead I get a soon to be classic reaction from Meece of "oh...interesting.." with no further follow up or even an attempt to find out why they have siblings out here considering they SHOULD be living in a different part of the continent as a whole. Even one of the other party members, I believe it was Rat, who questioned what they were doing there when Meece didn't show any interest.
At this point Meece had effectively annoyed everyone in and out of game with their grand standing and attempts to sleaze up a priest, shown they are chaotic stupid with how they handled various situations in combat and in rp, and just had no interest in getting closer to anyone's character. Or, even NPCs in their own backstory, all because the only one they wanted their character to get closer to was his wife's character.
I don't want to make this post too too long so I'm gonna cut it here and get another part going soon so you can learn more about what happens to Meece's Satyr as well as their next two characters, one whose in a cyberpunk setting entirely.
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2023.04.01 23:13 bbkareem Can see scalp Semi-Freeform

Can see scalp Semi-Freeform
Hey Reddit, making this poet because I’ve been trying to get semi-freeforms. I’m currently on the first week and I’ve noticed my scalp is highly visible. What do I do? Will this go away in time or am I doing something wrong? I currently use a soft bristle brush in circles. I also have noticed some breakage, don’t know if it’s a lot or not.
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2023.04.01 23:12 drumrocker365 Blood sugar monitoring with insulin resistance

I've recently been under a lot of stress in my life, and it's caused this issue where I get shaky, sweaty, and irritable when I am hungry. Logically, this says blood sugar crash. But, I do have generalized anxiety disorder and have especially bad health anxiety.
I got some blood work done, and my fasting blood sugar was 98. My A1C was spot on at 5.3. My fasting insulin was high at 9.6, and because of this, my doctor says I do have some form of insulin resistance, and she thinks that is causing blood sugar crashes (thus the shaky episodes).
But I challenged her on the blood sugar crash side of it, because when they drew the blood, after fasting all night and not eating breakfast before the blood work, I was STARVING. Shaky, sweaty, it was a prime example of an incident as they drew the blood work. But it came back at 98! You would think it would be below 70 for me to feel that way.
My doctor agreed that it was odd, so she told me to get a blood sugar checker and check every morning and 30 minutes after meals. So far, EVERY reading I've gotten is between 85-96. 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes after a meal, I have not gotten a reading higher than 96.
Is this humanly possible? I imagined my blood sugar would be at least 120 after eating, and the fact that it was surging would cause a blood sugar crash, but this seems to not be the case?
I am very puzzled and just not sure what normal behavior is for blood sugar levels. Any insight is appreciated.
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2023.04.01 23:12 uncleseano If I got too high and instead of finishing my ranch I...

Filled a gas reservoir with CO2 and then wanted to remove it, can I?
And if ya can dismantle it, will all gas piss out all over the base?
No biggie, just curious
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2023.04.01 23:12 SweetStrawberry4U I ( 40 M ) visiting from the US, and my mum ( 66 F ) visiting from India, seeking Euro travel advice

I reside in the US, mum is traveling from India.
Apr 30 to May 02, and again on May 06, we'll be in-and-around Lyon, France, due to a family gathering.
We have time between Apr 22 until Apr 29, May 03 to May 05, and May 07 until May 17, more or less likely, the itinerary is open to modifications as yet.
I personally would love to visit CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.
Both my mum and I are not into beaches, wineries, high-end restaurants etc. She's a pretty conservative, orthodox, vegetarian Indian lady, and I'd not want to waste her time indulging in my experiences. I am equally concerned and would like to be considerate about her health with adequate rest through our entire travel.
The cities I'd like us to visit for certain - Pisa ( The leaning tower of course ), Rome ( Colosseum and the Vatican ), Paris ( Eiffel Tower and The Louvre ).
Given the above travel dates, I am unclear how to plan an itinerary even. Such as how many days / nights or hours in Pisa, Rome and Paris ? What other cities like Milan, Venice, Florence in Italy, or Bern and Zurich in Switzerland, and significant tourist attractions in those cities could we rope-in ?
I am also thinking renting a car would be more advisable so my mum can rest while I drive, because let's say flying from Venice to Rome is about an hour, but pre-boarding is at least an hour-and-half so my mum would not have to rush, and time lost post-landing while picking up luggage-bags and stuff would all anyways amount to about 3 hours give-or-take, meanwhile driving is a little over 5 hours, and we could stop where-ever we would like to, and plenty more resting / relaxing for my mum ? How's the parking situation nearby any and all tourist attractions ?

  1. So, here's the list of cities we may want to include in our travel itinerary. I seek advice regarding the list of all tourist attractions, and how many days / nights or hours we should be spending in the place. Please be considerate that I will be traveling alongside an old fragile lady, my mum.
  1. Is there a hotel pass we could use at a chain-of-hotels, since our Schengen Visa has clearly stated that we'd need to display proof of stay for all the days and nights from the day of arrival in the Schengen Area, until the day of departure ?
  2. Any recommendations for a reliable store or restaurant, or even a home-cook chef that prepare and sell any Indian sweets and savories, near Lyon, France ?
  3. What is public laundry / laundromat situation ? Do hotels have washers / dryers, dry-clean facilities and such ? I plan to be prepared for a on-the-go washing-clothes situation, just in case.
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2023.04.01 23:12 Embarrassed_Badger30 I'm going to castrate myself tonight - does anyone know other less painful ways to kill lust?

My desire for love, intimacy, sex and relationships has ruined my life. For context, I am a 20-year old 5'3" male virgin. Well, I guess you could call me an incel since I can't get laid for shit - I always hated that label but I've come to realise that is what I am so I might as well be honest. After putting in so much effort for the past 1.5 years into trying to lose my virginity and get a gf via self improvement I've realised that it's basically hopeless for me. I'm going to die alone. No matter how much muscle I put on, or how much more money I earn, or how much I try to put myself out there by being sociable and working on my personality, or how much therapy I do, it's always going to be overshadowed by the fact that I am short and ugly and no amount of bullshit compensating with self-improvement is going to make a woman overlook my unattractiveness which I cannot change. I wanted to believe in the hope the redpill sold me more than anything, but my experiences of countless rejections for literally just being short has convinced me it's over. It's destroyed any semblance of self-esteem I had and every time I look in the mirror, I am repulsed and ashamed of the creature looking back at me, even though this is technically the best and well-groomed I've ever looked in my life. My desire for love, intimacy, sex and relationships is causing me to feel this soul-crushing loneliness that makes me just wanna kms, because I know no matter how hard I try, nothing's ever gonna change.
It's gotten to the point that just seeing couples out in public or seeing ppl online mention they have a partner makes me want to slit my throat. It's like looking at a forbidden fruit I will never get to taste. Knowing that i'm never gonna experience this due to my genetics has made me hate myself, but now it's gotten so overwhelming to the point that I just feel a genocidal level of hatred to everything and everyone around me, which is very much exacerbated by (and probably due to) the fact that I've been ruthlessly bullied both verbally and physically for being short and a virgin, by both men and women. As a result, I don't trust anyone anymore. I'm convinced everyone is out to hurt me. My thoughts have become so dark and evil that it's honestly scaring me. Self improvement is meant to make you a better person, but all it's done is turned me into a bitter, sadistic, callous piece of shit that's angry at the world because of my shitty situation. I can't even believe the person I've devolved into. I used to be a happy go-lucky kid that loved to help others. My dream was to open a homeless shelter that homeless people could go to and be reminded that no matter how many people walked past them on the street, ignoring them pretending they were invisible, there are still people out there looking out for you. When I was young I wanted to help others, now all I want to do is hurt others.
This hatred inside me is like a poison, slowly killing me and my soul on the inside. And it's this realisation that I'm turning into a horrible person, the type of "incel" that everyone hates which has brought me to this point. I understand that I will never know what it's like to feel the embrace of a woman. I understand that I will die alone. At first I figured I would just kill myself, but I don't want to put my parents through the burden of having to cremate their son, so I figured I would just endure this hell until they die, then I'll self-delete too. The problem is living until that point. The pain has become so unbearable to the point that I simply cannot live like this anymore. But that's when it's struck me - it's my desire for love, intimacy, sex and relationships that has made me so miserable because I can never attain it, so how about I kill that desire? How can I destroy that part of myself that wants companionship and intimacy? Whenever people have dating problems, the instant answer people give is self improvement - "oh just work on yourself blah blah blah" but for people like me who have no hope, that advice is useless. Other short, ugly people I know are in a similar predicament of dying alone despite their best efforts, so maybe it's not self-improvement that I need, but self-destruction.
That's why I have decided to castrate myself. Because it's the only way I can think of to kill my lust. My lust for love and sex has done nothing good for my life. All it's done is made me depressed and suicidal. Even after doing self-improvement, working out and trying to earn more money hasn't done anything for my dating life, nor has it made me happier. The fact that it led to so little benefit has in fact made me even more miserable than I was before I started because it highlights that even after all of this work, I'm still hopeless. My lust has made me hopeless, depressed and suicidal. So I'm going to kill it. I just want to get to a point that I feel no jealousy or sadness when looking at a happy couple, simply because I don't care. I want to get to a point that I feel no semblance of desire when I see an attractive woman - I would not feel anything, the same way I am when I see a man. I want to get to a point where I feel no sadness about my fate of being forever alone, because I simply don't desire companionship anymore. I want to get to a point where if someone bullies me again for being a kissless virgin, it wouldn't phase me, because I simply don't care about that stuff anymore. It would be the same as the way I view drugs - I have zero desire for drugs. I've never tried them, and have no desire for them. If someone told me I had to live the rest of my life without drugs, I could very easily do that, because I have never taken them and have no desire for them. That's how I want to feel about love and sex - I do not want to desire them anymore. I want to shed this part of my humanity. I am posting this here because I wanted to ask if any of you in this community knew of any less painful, safer ways to completely eliminate one's desire for love and sex besides castration, whether it be yoga poses or specific meditation practices...anything. I'm all ears and willing to try it. If you don't so be it. I'll just suck it up and do the deed. It beats a lifetime of pain and suffering wistfully wishing for something I can never have.
(P.S. before any dipshit tries to recommend therapy because it's easy advice, save your breath. I've been in therapy for the past 6 years, and it hasn't done jackshit for me. In fact my most recent therapist literally ghosted me a week ago out of nowhere, probably because she thought I was beyond saving or was afraid of the person I am turning into. That's when I realised therapy is useless for me, because all it is is just talking. Talking isn't going to make me taller. Talking isn't going to make me lose my virginity and become normal like everyone else. Extreme problems require extreme solutions. If you want to laugh at me and mock me for being a virgin, or call me an incel go for it. I'm used to being treated that way by everyone anyway, and it only gives me all the more reason to castrate myself so I won't even care for your insults anymore)
TLDR: My desire for love and sex has made me miserable because I will never experience it, so I want to kill my lust by castrating myself. I'm posting here if you guys know any safer, less painful ways to completely eliminate your lust.
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2023.04.01 23:12 MadScientist31415926 File size on OneDrive won't go down

Hi, I am currently almost at the limit of my OneDrive storage (5 Go). Most of the space used is from OneNote for Windows 10 (I've been using it for school ever since the pandemic). I wanted to make some space so I deleted pages and sections, but the file size on OneDrive only kept increasing even after removing all of that. I've also emptied the recycle bin. So my question is how can I truly lower the file size of OneNote in OneDrive.
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2023.04.01 23:11 clovis103 Beating the Boys: My Journey as a Girl Wrestler

Beating the Boys: My Journey as a Girl Wrestler
As one of the wrestlers featured in Girls Pinning Boys: a History and Evolution of High School Wrestling, I am deeply humbled by the attention that the match has received and the impact that the lessons learned have had on other girl wrestlers. Even beyond wrestling, both boys and girls alike have found inspiration from it and told me their stories of triumph. For this, I’ll always remain inspired by them.
Although the video of the match has been viewed over 139,000 times by a worldwide audience and has been very well received, what it shows remains deeply personal to me. It represents the time and effort that I put into wrestling and the adversity that I overcame. It also clearly shows how others were not ready to overcome adversity themselves and instead chose to run away. I’ve used my perseverance as a foundation throughout high school and college, and now in my career.
My brother, Frank Hernandez, would always record my matches and post them on his YouTube channel. Back then, I actually thought it was more annoying than anything else! But now I am forever grateful that I can cherish those moments and humbled that it has made such an impact. Seeing that other wrestlers, regardless of gender, have been inspired by it and used it as a source of motivation for themselves is incredible.
This was an away match for my school, James Monroe High School, during my junior year. We were wrestling against the Belmont Sentinels in Los Angeles. I was only in my second season, so I was still relatively new to the whole sport. That day, I learned that I would be wrestling against a boy, which was normal for me because girls were not yet participating on wrestling teams anywhere near the levels that they are now. We were in my opponent’s home gym at Belmont where there were about 25 people in the stands. This match was closer to where I lived, so my family was able to be there.
GIRL PINS BOY: Rosey pins David Rientjes (Belmont Wrestling)
I’m very happy that my best friend, Madye Lopez, and my brother came to watch me wrestle on this day and recorded the match. Although Madye went to a different high school, she always made the time to support me. She was obviously very excited to see me win and, as she says at the end of the video, to post it on social media to share with all our family and friends.
The video eventually went viral and was seen by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, even my old wrestling teammates were sending it to me and congratulating me on it. I couldn’t anticipate the popularity that it would have over 10 years later! My whole family has congratulated me on the victory again and the friends I have made since high school have said they thought it was badass that I was able to do this. Almost everybody that I know has seen this match, it’s such a great memory. The fact that it will be on the Internet forever is hilarious and very exciting.
During the match, my opponent tried to push me in an attempt at scaring me. He had some strength in him, but I kept motivating myself to focus and persevere. Before my match started, one of my coaches said he knew that I could pin him, so I was using that for motivation. I didn’t think I was going to be able to pin him so fast, however, but once I got him down I was able to keep pushing. I was looking at my coaches and heard the crowd get louder as I was able to lay him out completely on the mat and eventually heard the whistle.
After pinning him so quickly, my coaches and teammates were all very happy for me. I hugged both of my coaches and heard all about how great of a win it was from my teammates. I was slightly in shock at how negatively my opponent reacted to it, but I quickly snapped out of it after the referee made him come back. My whole team had agreed that what my opponent did was very poor sportsmanship. While my team celebrated my win, it was actually my opponent’s own team and student section that shouted out “you got beat by a girl!”
GIRL PINS BOY: Rosey pins David Rientjes (Belmont Wrestling)
I, unfortunately, had encountered similar negative responses from my boy opponents in matches before and after this as well. My teammates and coaches were always very supportive of me and helped me to overcome these situations. In this case, they all encouraged me to not let his anger and frustration get to me, but rather to focus on my convincing victory over him instead.
Wrestling, for me, was always a sport that presented new challenges both on and off the mat. Although I would win some matches and lose others, I had to constantly block out the negativity and noise from other people so that I could focus on making weight, improving, and trying to win. I didn’t have time to think about what other people were saying. Being able to avoid distraction while trying to pursue a goal is something that has benefited me greatly in the years since then. It wasn’t always pretty, but these experiences did a great job at mentally preparing me for how hard life can be at times.
I put in a lot of hard work to be able to wrestle for my school. I would constantly have to stay late for practice, including during winter and summer breaks, and have to take the after-school bus from Los Angeles to the Valley during the school year. I would come home very tired and still have homework and chores to do. After matches, the school bus wouldn’t be an option so I would need to take the Metro home or my brother would give me a ride when he was not working.
GIRL PINS BOY: Rosey pins David Rientjes (Belmont Wrestling)
When I wasn’t practicing or competing, I would need to hit the weight room, including during the off season. In addition to wrestling, I played softball, did the Students Run LA marathon, and some obstacle course challenges. My family and friends provided an amazing support system so this actually was able to work out very well. There is no way that I would have been able to wrestle without this set of people around me.
Growing up, some boys would make negative comments even outside of sports. They would say things about me being a tomboy or about being physically strong; I didn’t match the stereotype that they had for how a high school girl was built. I’ve always found strength in self motivation and finding what I wanted to accomplish without worrying about what other people’s perception of me is. This has served me very well.
Today, I am an Operations Manager in the security industry, which happens to be a male dominated career path. My wrestling experiences have helped immensely as my role and responsibilities have evolved over time, especially as I’ve become a manager. There have been times when this path was not always so pretty, but I’ve continued to persevere and make the most out of the opportunities that have come my way.
GIRL PINS BOY: Rosey pins David Rientjes (Belmont Wrestling)
In today’s society, there are often challenges for young Latina women when being put in a position of authority. It’s not always easy for some people to adjust to this, especially if you are close minded and not ready to accept people from different backgrounds or generations. I’ve looked back at what I learned in high school and continued to do my job without letting them get to me the way that they wanted to. I’ve found success in this and been promoted four times.
How you respond to situations like this will define the person that you are. Growing up as a wrestler, I developed a strong will, learned respect and discipline, and never quit in anything that I did. I used that experience throughout my Bachelors and Masters programs, both of which were physically and mentally demanding.
I think this is why the video of the match has been so impactful. It shows a contrast between someone who pushed forward and never quit against someone who was not ready to take the heat and quickly gave up when things got tough. The boy who walked away was not ready to accept his own shortcomings or acknowledge that I had beaten him.
GIRL PINS BOY: Rosey pins David Rientjes (Belmont Wrestling)
As a result, we’ve both taken very different paths since this match. I’ve used these experiences to build a foundation for myself that I’ve derived a lot of success from, both inside and outside of my career. Although my opponent in this match is now a software engineer, I can only hope that he can find his life as fulfilling as mine. I am very proud of this match and thrilled to see that it will be online forever to show the contrast between me and him for the entire world to see.
While you don’t need to be a wrestler to understand perseverance, dedication, and hard work, I certainly think that these lessons can inspire the next generation of girl athletes. You are only successful in things that you commit yourself to; the hard work will pay off and you will reach levels that you didn’t think were possible. My advice would be to do exactly what I did – block out the noise, avoid the distraction, and work hard to achieve the goals that you put in front of yourself.
It’s so refreshing to see that girls wrestling has substantially increased in popularity since this match over 10 years ago. I sincerely hope that one day we will all be considered equals when we step on the mat and seen not by gender, but as the wrestlers that we have become through our blood, sweat, and tears.
This article is in the public domain and may be reproduced without consent if credit is given to Sisterhood of Wrestlers.
GIRL PINS BOY: Rosey pins David Rientjes (Belmont Wrestling)
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2023.04.01 23:11 Square_Drummer_405 (Feedback wanted) Startup marketing pro looking for some stranger feedback on his first article!

I've been helping B2B SME owners scale their business for the past few years and starting to write down some of the value I bring so hoping to get some feedback!
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2023.04.01 23:11 tsvangison I, 37M betrayed the trust of a good friend, 44F of mine. How do I repair this?

My ex boss Kate is a friend of mine. We get along well. We talk about our families etc. I truely consider her a friend. She was hiring for a role under her and I referred another good friend of mine, Peter for the role. He got the role and there people in the organisation are very happy with him. After two months, sorter started complaining to me about Kates management style. I expected this because I know Kate has impostor syndrome and she unfortunately always has to hire folks that are way more technical than her. Peter narrated incident after incident where Kate has been a unreasonable. For example asking to review his emails before sending them out or telling not to schedule any meetings without her. While this may not be a big deal, Peter is by no means junior and sees these as micromanaging. He’s led teams bigger than Kate ever has and budgets 10 times bigger, so he doesn’t take well to this. Anyway, I had a catch-up call with Kates boss and I asked why Peters role doesn’t report directly into him given it’s very broad mandate. This got him thinking and I think he’s decided to get Peter to report into him. He also told Kate that I had asked the question. Kate is disappointed that I set this off and now this role is being taken from her. I somehow knew this would happen….but I thought it was a better outcome than Peter leaving the organisation. I also understand how Kate feels. I can’t disclose to her that Peter was complaining etc - I really don’t want to get into it more than I already have. I don’t even know what to say to Kate, but I really value my friendship with her and I don’t want to lose it over this, which I very well may. Advice?
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2023.04.01 23:10 throawaytherapist22 AITA for snapping at my parents ?

So an old friend (23F) of mine told me (23NB) that she was organizing her birthday on april 8th (next saturday). She told me that really long ago, telling me to not make plans that day. I obviously agreed. It's a big deal for me since I know her since high school and we don't get to see each other that often.
However, my parents told me tonight that they planned for the whole family, me included, to see my grandparents for easter. One day at my mum's parents home, another at my dad's parents home (they both live at the other end of the country). They didn't bring it to me beforehand (I checked on WhatsApp to make sure of it, we mainly communicate here for important plans since I don't live with them anymore). I told them that I already had plans and that it wasn't cool for them to not warn me, and the conversation got pretty heated. They told me that I didn't care about my grandparents, that I was ungrateful, that I should simply not go to my friend's birthday. I snapped and told them that they put me in that situation.
Now, don't get me wrong, I care about my Grandparents, a lot, and I feel so guilty for perhaps not making it for Easter. It's just that this weekend would be difficult for me. I give private lessons but I can postpone them. The big thing was the birthday really.
So I am really angry. I get back to my room and text my friend. She's obviously very disappointed, which made me feel even more guilty. I end up buying a train ticket to see my maternal grandparents from sunday to monday. I'll call my paternal grandparents tomorrow to check if I could go see them the week after Easter.
I go back to my parents and I tell them that I bought this ticket, and that I would need them to help me financially because I won't be able to afford all of them. And now I am scared to call my grandparents and for them to think that I don't care about them.
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2023.04.01 23:10 funhaus2000 Everything seems to be going…. Alright :)

Decided to stop smoking everyday last month and aside from smoking only two days in a row during it everything seems to be going alright!
Since 3/16/23 I have stopped trying to smoke everyday and I went three days without it two times now I’m at every other day at the moment. If I smoke the day after the day I smoked I don’t take it as a defeat and I just don’t smoke the next day like I always do.
Still got some things to work on but I’m enjoying and proud of the progress so far. Here are the days I smoked last month ever since I started this:
To anyone struggling take it one day at a time if you mess up get right back up and try again hope you guys are having a good weekend so far.
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2023.04.01 23:10 Aromaticd358 Sexy O2 1060 (04) - White Amateur Milf Fucking in satin lingerie-set (Rose Panties Green Satin Nightie White Bra) High-Heels Dogging pussy licked asshole fingered and licked POV

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2023.04.01 23:09 PriorRemove8500 How is Stanford's Culture?

High school senior here! Was accepted into Stanford yesterday, and am so grateful and excited!!! But before I make a decision, I wanted to learn a bit more about Stanford's culture.

I specifically wanted to know how high pressure it is, and whether or not there is a sense of mistrust/competition/snaking among students. I understand this is present on every college campus to some degree, but I want to know if Stanford has it worse than average. Also, do Stanford students stress out a ton? And is that stress usually self-induced or due to excessive coursework/expectations?

Sorry for the long list of questions, and thanks so much in advance!!!
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2023.04.01 23:09 ElevatedBrownie37 Majorly depressed before period.

Shark week starts in 3 days if I'm lucky. My body is just now starting to regulate as it's been a full year off of birth control, and with that regulation comes PMS depression. These past few days I've felt beyond depressed and out of it. Not to mention, I've been extremely snappy and angry. With all this comes overthinking as well which has been seriously screwing with me. I can't say I've been depressed to the point of feeling suicidal, but sometimes I do wonder if it'll come down to that soon given how much worse I'm becoming these past few days. Is this a sign of PMDD? Should I be looking more into it? Discussing it with my doctor? Please help, I'm honestly highly worried about my mental health. If this is important to add, these feelings usually go away a few days after my period begins.
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2023.04.01 23:09 Exiledrose6084 Reinstalled the game today to check out the final update & wanted to say this.

The last time I actually played the game was when the Wakanda story/campaign came out.
Now that the game is finished/completed. I want to say this if you ask me the issue with the game is that it's highly repetitive & needed things to break it up.
I mean truthfully I highly wanted free roaming. The missions where you're able to just roam around & are able to complete random side missions, look for chests, & etc. Are my favorites because you get to explore & run around until you decide to complete the main objective.
I mean truthfully all they had to do was take the existing places that you can roam around in before going off to the main objective & just make events & enemies respawn. I mean we didn't need massive free roaming areas like in destiny. I mean making areas bigger probably would a plus but would of been fine with just the existing areas.
Then to make the grind easier I always thought it would of been cool if you got gear dropped for your AI team members as well especially with this new system where you can't play as a character in higher level areas unless you gear them up yourself.
After playing around I will say bucky is a good addition to the game in my opinion. Mighty thor is pretty much the same as thor & highly baffled on why she is even in the game. They should have taken the time it took to make mighty thor to finish captain marvel as like one last update.
Though I will say I love that exp was increased feels exactly like it used to be before all the pay for exp boosters & can level up characters fast again.
Also love the fact they where highly generous & made cosmetics free though not trying to be mean when I say this & hopefully it doesn't come off as rude but I feel bad for everyone that paid money for skins. since they had to shell out money while everyone who waited until the very end got them for free. If you ask me they should have done full refunds for everyone who bought skins.
One last thing I am highly baffled on why the game is being delisted from everything in September I mean the game is going to be lost to time unless you own the game physically or previously bought it digitally. If you ask me there's no reason to delist the game from digital storefronts.
But anyway I will say I am kind of glad the game is finally finished. Just sucks because it could have been better.
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2023.04.01 23:09 Loajsjk89 Looking for 2 Sun gifts/busco 2 regalos de Sun! 9307 9240 0381

Would really appreciate it! I’m high Plains but you can unfriend after the gifts! I will also send back!
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2023.04.01 23:09 DudeThatsErin [FO4] Husband is trying to fix the black face glitch in his game. He has tried all the mods and read all the instructions and researched as much as possible. He cannot seem to fix it.

He has tried the High Res DLC Mod Fix and other mods. He has researched this for days and he cannot fix it.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Nothing he is doing is fixing it.
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