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2023.06.03 21:36 timeywimeytotoro Dress for Rehearsal Dinner or Wedding

Dress for Rehearsal Dinner or Wedding
Does this dress work for either a rehearsal dinner or a wedding? I’m not sure which to wear it for or if it works for either. Shoes are up in the air, just threw them on for the photo.
Late June Western PA Cocktail attire Barn/outdoor venue
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2023.06.03 18:51 Emotional-Banana-101 Day 32, a happy sober birthday to me!

I have had a lovely sober birthday today, my first in (if I had to guess) around 15 years. I am so proud of myself, it’s a huge milestone for me
It started last night, we went out for dinner with my parents and my in-laws where I would have ordinarily shared a bottle of wine or 2, plus maybe a prosecco to toast, however instead I had 2 mocktails and a diet coke
Then today, usually we’d have a mimosa breakfast, not loads but maybe one or two to celebrate. This morning we did exactly the same thing but with 0.5% prosecco
Next we went on a lunchtime river cruise, which would have been more wine and maybe another prosecco toast, I had 2 more mocktails and some water
Then onto the theatre where I had a diet coke and then a cbd drink, first time I’ve ever had one but didn’t really feel anything from it tbh. I don’t really use weed or cbd in general as don’t like the effect much so no real risk for me trying it out!
Overall I’ve had a fantastic birthday, the best part is waking up today and tomorrow with no regrets, no worrying about how I was, and no anxiety about oversharing or making inappropriate jokes, just happy memories made with my lovely family and husband
Hope you are all having a happy my birthday today too 😜 and as always IWNDWYT!
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2023.06.03 17:48 Katie_lego Update: My(27F-Bi) girlfriend(29F-L)of three years may have cheated on me.

Cheating story
So I finally agreed to talk with Lisa about what happened. She went back to the guy we had a threesome with and hooked up with him because she wanted to experience sex with a guy while sober. She confessed she was surprised at how different it felt and revealed she came both times, which shocked her. To top it all off, the second time was with no protection. She still claims she is not attracted to men at all and still wants to only be with me.
Yesterday I had some friends help me move most of my stuff to a storage unit and I moved in temporarily with a couple of friends until I can find a new place to live. I also went back to the dog park and ran into Mike, we had dinner and I ended up staying the night. It was an ONS but he asked to maybe be FWB and see if anything else developed. He's cute, sweet, and makes me laugh and after my hurt heals I may explore that more.
After thinking about it, I told Lisa I needed some time apart. The marriage is off the table, obviously, and we are going to NC for a week and then we can talk again to see where we are at. With our past feelings for each other, I doubt we can get back to a friendzone. Maybe FWB could be possible but I don't think I could ever give her full access to my heart like before. No matter how things work out between Lisa and me, going forward I will embrace both aspects of my sexuality.
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2023.06.03 17:31 castillar Ride The Cyclone at Carrboro ArtsCenter!

In honor of the impending Death Of Reddit As We Know It™, why not come see a show that's all about the things we celebrate on Reddit: life, death, sexy cat ladies, Ukrainian rap, and an ominous fortune-telling machine?

Stone Soup Theatre Co. Presents: RIDE THE CYCLONE

June 8/9/10/11 and 23/24/25 at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro, NC
If you're a fan of dark musical comedies, you'll love this weird, wonderful show that's like "Rocky Horror", "Our Town", "Beetlejuice", "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown", "A Chorus Line", and "Defending Your Life" got tossed in a blender1 and poured into a frothy smoothie of delicious PG-13 musical theater! It's ninety hilarious, moving, and (just a bit) raunchy minutes all about the insanity that makes up what matters in life, featuring an amazing local cast of performers.
Come take a ride with us! More info at or tickets at TicketLeap.
  1. Seriously, we put all of those shows in a blender.2
  2. OK, no we didn't, but it has actually been compared to a combination of all of those!
(Also posted to /chapelhill — trying not to spam it too much, but we'd love to see y'all there!)
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2023.06.03 17:16 castillar Ride The Cyclone at Carrboro ArtsCenter!

In honor of the impending Death Of Reddit As We Know It™, why not come see a show that's all about the things we celebrate on Reddit: life, death, sexy cat ladies, Ukrainian rap, and an ominous fortune-telling machine?

Stone Soup Theatre Co. Presents: RIDE THE CYCLONE

June 8/9/10/11 and 23/24/25 at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro, NC
If you're a fan of dark musical comedies, you'll love this weird, wonderful show that's like "Rocky Horror", "Our Town", "Beetlejuice", "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown", "A Chorus Line", and "Defending Your Life" got tossed in a blender1 and poured into a frothy smoothie of delicious PG-13 musical theater! It's ninety hilarious, moving, and (just a bit) raunchy minutes all about the insanity that makes up what matters in life, featuring an amazing local cast of performers.
Come take a ride with us! More info at or tickets at TicketLeap.
  1. Seriously, we put all of those shows in a blender.2
  2. OK, no we didn't, but it has actually been compared to a combination of all of those!
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2023.06.03 17:03 Proletlariet Craig Bond

After the absurd heights that Pierce Brosnan’s Bond climbed to, Eon Productions decided the best course for the Bond franchise was a full reboot. For the first time since the 60s, the British agent was a completely different individual separated from the rest of the timeline. This made for a sharper, more grounded action film with 2006’s Casino Royale.
Daniel Crag’s Bond feels more human, and despite his incredible athletic ability and great skill in fistfights or gunfights, he gets hurt. Like a lot. He definitely feels as if he takes more punishment than any Bond before him. He has a much smaller arsenal than previous incarnations, but his skill with a basic sidearm is usually all he needs to get the job done.
Feats come from Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Specter. Hover over a feat to see which film it’s from.


Blunt Force


Mostly Unarmed
Mostly Armed




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2023.06.03 14:39 PleasantBath9153 Dinner spot near the vic theatre

Looking for a great dinner spot within ~15 minutes of the vic theatre! Bonus points if they also have great cocktails and pretty much open to anything
Edit: Looking for something more middle of the road to higher end - as opposed to pizza and beers!!
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2023.06.03 13:58 Ancient_Pepper9063 Post discard, I notice toxic behaviours / patterns in everybody I know (friends, family, strangers) and hyper-analyse / psychoanalyse them?

7 months broken up. 4 months full NC.
When my ex left I read now I feel like too much into personality disorders, trauma and how it manifests, the effects of parenting, just like lots psychological stuff. I think it kind of became a coping mechanism.
Now I’m having this, I don’t know if I would consider it a problem or a ‘super power’ but all I know is it’s making me a little uncomfortable.
When people including strangers are talking to me and interacting with me, I’m reading them so quickly. In my head my brain is constantly running 100 and trying to figure out what’s weird and not weird.
For example; At the dinner table my friend was telling me about her breakup and a new guy in her life etc. In my brain it was going on these tangents about how she’s now in her 3rd back to back relationship, afraid to be alone then thinking about all the ways that could have happened to her. It’s actually quite disturbing but most of the times I’m pretty correct about it because in this case it came around and she admitted herself that she feels XYZ, a conclusion I came to before she even said it. I don’t know how to explain it exactly. Then I started noticing very odd behaviours and kinda started hyper-fixating on figuring out the odd behaviours/ toxic patterns. But they were definitely odd behaviours, I tell my brother just to feel less crazy and he has agreed that they are odd behaviours.
It’s kind of disturbing because it’s throwing me off. It almost in a way feels like I’m invading their privacy. Sometimes it even goes to yuck places like ‘lack of father figure’ ‘lack of mother’ etc. I don’t know, it sounds bad.
btw I never say these things out loud because it’s so intense.
Is this normal at all? Has anybody else experienced this?
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2023.06.03 13:36 exwifedrama1234 AITAH For yelling at my boyfriends ex wife

English isn't my first language
For a bit of backstory
I (25F) met my now boyfriend (35M) 2 years ago, he got married to E (38F), after she got pregnant at 18, they were high school sweethearts
E cheated on my bf, but they decided to try and work it out and go to couples counseling, yet this didn't stop E from cheating again (with one of her daughters coworker non the less), and her reasoning for this was that she was dissatisfied with intercorse.
i met my bf through a mutual friend at the time he discovered the affair .
we decide to take things slow (understandably) but after 6 months he divorced E and we started to date officially.
my bf's daughter J(20f) and I became very close all things considered, yet she didn't have the best relationship with her mother even going NC after the divorce was finalized, yet a couple of months ago they rekindled their relationship.
a couple of days ago J threw a family dinner celebration at our place and she invited her mom which I never met properly. when she arrived I greeted her, she asked if I was one of J's friend and I told her I was her ex new gf, after which she became a little catatonic.
during dinner things were relatively ok, with some backhanded remarks from E, from what I was wearing, to my make up, and my profession (I'm a seamstress). they went from the usual "I love your confidence" to "I love what you're wearing I would have never guess you'd be that good at sawing" and so on, I decided to ignore her as I thought she wasn't worth the energy.
when the cake came out I decide to make a post to J (that I prepared before hand) where I basically said that she wasn't just my bf's daughter but a great friend and a great person, and she was a reason my last 2 years were amazing; when I said that E did some math and realized that I met my now bf when they were separating.
not even 2 seconds after I finished E stood up to make her own toast talking about how J decided to stop talking to her for in favor of a homewrecking men ( I am trans MtF) who needed married man to feel satisfied, that's when I lost, my bf grabbed my hand and was going to stand up and make her leave but before he could get up I started to laugh hysterically, and told E that she was nothing but a stupid whore who wrecked her own home, that sacrificed her husband and daughter for a bearly legal guy, that most likely gave her attention just because of a cougar kink, and that she's just jealous that the people she made miserable are finally happy.
needles to say the dinner ended soon after.
the next day I called J to apologize, after all it was her birthday, but she said she understood why I reacted that way, and that she will most likely cut contact with her again.
after she said that I felt super guilty, not only for J but also because I slut shamed her idk I just can't help but to feel a little guilty.
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2023.06.03 12:22 OkReflection55 Final update and goodbye to this wonderful support group (in the best way possible) x

Well, I guess this is my final update before I delete my throwaway and go back to my normal shitposting. Before I give the final update I just want to express how invaluable this community has been. We are a diverse set of people who are caught in a very unique situation. It’s been some time since “D-day” and since I questioned every moral and ethical value I have. I am pleased to say that I now have a boyfriend out of this situation. A boyfriend that I can talk to and see whenever I want. A boyfriend that has acknowledged his faults in his previous marriage and is dealing with the consequences of the divorce proceedings. He has been wonderful and respected my decision to remain distanced from his marriage/financial/custody battle. I’ve made him “date me from scratch” and we are getting to know each other on an entirely new level. We even had a fight! I know that might sound like a strange thing to be excited about but it’s really not. He is starting to experience me 24/7 and get the “real me”. Not the beautiful, curated mistress that greets him at the door. I’m not saying this will work, it may very well not, but I’m excited at the prospect of giving this an authentic crack. I’m so reassured to know that my feelings were in fact mutual, and not a fantasy. Thank you again to this community. You’ve given me so much strength xxx
Interim update: Well, after some NC and wonderful advice from my reddit family - we have gone legit! They have both engaged lawyers to start the divorce proceedings and divide the assets etc. They have done an intake for family mediation for custody arrangements. We have a wonderful dinner date booked for Friday and he is coming to spend the weekend (without secrecy!). Turns out all of my “very real” feelings were in fact real. He even told his family and they have cut him off and he is accepting of the consequences of his decisions. I’m still making him work for it. He needs to “date me” as a single man. I will update you all in a month or so. I’m very aware of what I am taking on and so is he. We are ready to give it a go. Thank you for the support x
Original post: It’s happened! DDay has arrived. Advice greatly appreciated.
He (34M) and I (30F) originally met at work approximately four years ago. I was attracted to him instantly and the feeling was certainly mutual. However I quickly found out he had a wife and three kids. Due to this, I wrote him off as a dating prospect. The thought of being the OW went against every moral fibre in my body. I have worked tirelessly to establish a successful career so I was also very conscious of the risk of workplace relationships in general. We slowly got to know each other over a year as just friends. We worked within different teams so whole-of-office work events was when we really got to know each other. One day we had work drinks and we shared a secret kiss. Oh. My. God. The sparks! Everything was so intense.
I have never been the OW before and the intensity of our connection terrified me so I ghosted him after that, unless it was work related, for around two years. Early this year, at another work event, we finally admitted our feelings. He was in the process of changing jobs so the workplace concerns were somewhat eased for me. He ended up lying to his wife about work meetings to come see me at my home 1-2 days a week. We went to concerts and bars together and we even had managed to go away for weekends. I had the most phenomenal, sensual and beautiful 5-6 months of my life. We would both frequently comment about how intense our connection was sexually and emotionally. We would have incredibly deep, raw conversations and absolutely incredible sex. We both became each others “go-to” for everything. He was extremely open about his family life and deteriorating marriage. I also respected that he never spoke poorly about his wife despite the relationship issues.
A few weeks ago he told me that his wife had discovered some messages between us when using his laptop. We decided to limit contact for a bit but she continued to deep dive (which I totally understand - I would as well). Well, she found all of our photos, videos, bank statements and emails about week ago. The fallout from this has been horrendous. She has attempted to contact me on social media (now deactivated) and told colleagues in my workplace of the affair. She has also told his entire family. On the day it happened he called me to tell me and said that we would have to end things so he could work on the marriage. I was very understanding and thanked him for our wonderful memories. He then reached out again shortly after saying that he couldn’t stand not having me in his life and retracted his wishes to end us. I didn’t agree or disagree. I just said that he needs to go sort his life out at home and we can discuss it later.
As of last night he has returned to their home after staying with his brother to discuss everything. While he is there he is basically on lockdown. We can’t communicate at all. He has acknowledged that he has an incredibly difficult decision to make and I have reassured him that if he needs to completely end our relationship I won’t be angry or upset but I will not continue to have him in my life as a friend. I wouldn’t be able to handle that. He was sad but understanding. I asked that he advise me as soon as possible of the decision so I am not just waiting around. Should I proactively set a timeframe within myself? How long is a fair time to wait? I’m so lost and need to prioritise myself and my happiness as well.
I’ve really tried to be as calm and as reassuring as possible for him as I want his decision to be carefully considered with minimal pressure or influence from me. What he doesn’t see is the devastated mess I am right now. The thought of not having him in my life makes me feel physically sick. I’m scared that if he chooses his wife I will be alone trying to recreate that connection with other people. Not being able to call or text him before bed is destroying me. I slept on the couch last night because the thought of going to bed without a call from him was heartbreaking. I even cried before because I saw his toothbrush when I got out of the shower (lame). I’ve opened up to a few trusting friends about the situation and they have been amazing but I don’t think they truly understand the confusion, pain and frustration.
This is such a unique situation and I am so glad I have found this group ❤️
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2023.06.03 01:19 localfyi Local Events in The Triangle this Weekend!

Durham Craft Market - Saturday 08:00 AM @ Durham Central Park - Durham
The Raleigh Market - For the thrill of the hunt! - Saturday 09:00 AM @ N. C. State Fairgrounds - Raleigh
Shop & Play Saturday at Phillips Farms of Cary: Kids' Summer Kick-Off with NC Eat & Play - Saturday 09:00 AM @ Phillips Farms of Cary - Cary
FREE HIIT class @ Crabtree Valley Mall w/ Princess from Fit Factory! - Saturday 09:00 AM @ Fabletics Crabtree Valley Mall - Raleigh
West Point Park Tours (4 start times) - Saturday 10:00 AM @ West Point on the Eno - Durham
Spring Kiln Opening at Mark Hewitt Pottery - Saturday 10:00 AM @ Hewitt Pottery - Pittsboro
Saturday Slowdown at RambleRill Farm in Hillsborough: shop at farmers' market, meet goats, have a picnic - Saturday 10:00 AM @ RambleRill Farm - Hillsborough
Summer Sol - Vinyasa Flow w/ Live Sound Journey & Zero Proof Cocktails - Saturday 10:00 AM @ Raleigh Rose Garden - Raleigh
1st Annual International Children's Day at the City of Raleigh Museum - Saturday 10:00 AM @ City of Raleigh Museum - Raleigh
Ever After: Fairytales, Food & Flowers - Saturday 10:00 AM @ Fred Fletcher Park - Raleigh
"Cultural Infusions": An Art Collective Art Exhibition - Saturday 10:00 AM @ Triangle Cultural Art Gallery - Raleigh
Open Farm Visit to Sunrise Community Farm - Saturday 10:00 AM @ Sunrise Community Farm Center - Chapel Hill
The Original Downtown Raleigh Murals and Public Art Tour - Saturday 10:30 AM @ 300 S Salisbury St - Raleigh
Yoga at Hi-Wire Brewing - Saturday 11:00 AM @ Hi-Wire Brewing at Golden Belt - Durham
Historic Raleigh Trolley Tours (1-hour long; 4 start times) - Saturday 11:00 AM @ Mordecai Historic Park - Raleigh
Wilson Pride Market - Saturday 11:00 AM @ Fayetteville Street - Raleigh
Flight Day at Dix Park - Saturday 11:00 AM @ Dorothea Dix Park, Big Field - Raleigh
The Market at NCMA - Saturday 11:00 AM @ North Carolina Museum of Art - Raleigh
Flight Day at Dorothea Dix Park - Saturday 11:00 AM@ Dorothea Dix Park — Big Field - Raleigh
FlushFest -- West Hillsborough's Homemade Music and Film Festival (admission by donation) - Saturday 12:00 PM @ 711 Eno Street, West Hillsborough - Hillsborough
flART Market - Saturday 12:00 PM @ ArtPost - Durham
Record Show - Saturday 12:00 PM @ Durty Bull Brewing Company - Durham
Art-n-Soul Market - Saturday 12:00 PM@ Waverly Place - Cary
Art-n-Soul Market @ Mystic Farm & Distillery - Saturday 12:00 PM @ Mystic Farm & Distillery - Durham
Rescheduled: Bond Brothers' Mid-Town Square Spring Festival - Saturday 12:00 PM @ Bond Brothers Beer Company - Cary
Raleigh's International Food Festival - Saturday 12:00 PM @ City Plaza - Raleigh
53rd Annual Bimbé Cultural Arts Festival - Saturday 1:00 PM @ Rock Quarry Park - Durham
Doughnuts with Dads at Book Harvest - Saturday 1:00 PM @ Durham Bulls Athletic Park - Durham
Live music - Saturday 2:00 PM @ Gizmo Brew Works - Raleigh
Away Home - Workshop Offering (part of NC State's TheatreFEST) - Saturday 2:00 PM @ Thompson Hall (NC State) - Raleigh
The Carrboro Really Really Free Market - Saturday 2:00 PM @ Carrboro Town Commons - Carrboro
Live music: The Stagger Brothers - Saturday 2:00 PM@ Carolina Brewery - Pittsboro
The ComedyWorx Show Matinee - Saturday 3:00 PM @ ComedyWorx - Raleigh
19th Annual Beaver Queen Pageant - Saturday 3:00 PM @ Duke Park - Durham
Saturdays in Saxapahaw Outdoor Concert Series - Saturday 3:00 PM @ Saxapahaw Post Office - Saxapahaw
Jazz + Art Market - Saturday 3:00 PM@ Artmosphere Community Arts Center - Clayton
Summertime Beer Fest - Saturday 3:00 PM @ Clouds Brewing Tap Room - Raleigh
Live music - Saturday 6:00 PM @ Gizmo Brew Works - Raleigh
The ComedyWorx Show - Saturday 6:00 PM@ ComedyWorx - Raleigh
Music at Mill Bridge - Saturday 6:00 PM @ Mill Bridge Nature Park Amphitheatre - Wake Forest
Music on Main - Saturday 6:00 PM @ The Streets at Southpoint - Durham
Live music: Maverick Rose - Saturday 6:30 PM @ Southern Peak Brewery - Apex
1st Annual Bad Prom For A Good Cause - Saturday 7:00 PM @ Tobacco Road Sports Cafe & Brewery - Raleigh
Metropolitan Community Church - Saturday 7:00 PM @ St. John’s Metropolitan Community Church -
Live music: LowderStill - Saturday 7:00 PM @ Nickelpoint Brewing Co. - Raleigh
Pride Dance Party at Gizmo Brew Works - Saturday 7:00 PM @ Gizmo Brew Works - Chapel Hill
Live Music - Saturday 7:00 @ 20 West Franklin Street Plaza - Chapel Hill
Live music: Thomas Hinds - Saturday 7:30 PM @ Oaklyn Springs Brewery - Fuquay-Varina
Glitter Hour: Amateur Drag and Queer Stage Show - Saturday 8:00 PM @ Ruby Deluxe - Raleigh
Summer F.L.I.N.G. Game Night - Saturday 8:00 PM @ 93 Rock Quarry Rd - Raleigh
Afrobeats, HipHop, Dancehall - Saturday Nights (1st Saturday of Each Month) - Saturday 10:00 PM @ Nafkot Lounge - Raleigh
Social Club: Saturday Night Social - Saturday 10:00 PM @ Social Club - Raleigh

The Raleigh Market - Sunday 09:00 AM @ Raleigh Market (at N.C. State Fairgrounds) - Raleigh
Free Pop-Up Yoga in Wake Forest with SoulFULLY YOURS - Sunday 09:30 AM @ Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve - Wake Forest
A Place at the Table's "pay what you can" food truck rodeo - Sunday 11:00 AM @ A Place at the Table - Raleigh
Board Game Sundays - Sunday 12:00 PM @ Gizmo Brew Works - Durham
Spring Kiln Opening at Mark Hewitt Pottery - Sunday 12:00 PM @ Hewitt Pottery - Pittsboro
Black Farmers' Market - Sunday 1:00 PM @ Southeast Raleigh YMCA - Raleigh
Community Build Day for Durham Art Parade: Art on a Stick - Sunday 1:00 PM @ The Scrap Exchange - Durham
Youth Aviation Academy Program at John Chavis Memorial Park - Sunday 1:00 PM @ John Chavis Memorial Park - Raleigh
Historic Raleigh Trolley Pride Ride (3 start times) - Sunday 1:00 PM @ Mordecai Historic Park - Raleigh
Durham Really Really Free Market - Sunday 2:00 PM @ Lyon Park - Durham
Open Mic Hosted by Michael Brennan - Sunday 2:00 PM @ BMC Brewing - Pittsboro
Durham City of Medicine Walking Tour (pay what you want) - Sunday 2:00 PM @ Raleigh Convention Center - Raleigh
Live music: Gypsy Railroad Band - Sunday 2:00 @ Nickelpoint Brewing Co. - Raleigh
Historic Houses on the Move - Sunday 2:00 @ Bombshell Beer Company - Holly Springs
Beer, Bacon, and Bluegrass - Sunday 3:00 PM @ Oaklyn Springs Brewery - Fuquay-Varina
Open-Mic Night - Sunday 3:00 PM @ Gizmo Brew Works - Raleigh
"Pay What You Can" for tickets to Corpus Christi by Terrence McNally, presented by St. John's Six Sundays in Spring concert: Sensory Expressions - Sunday 3:30 @ E. Carroll Joyner Park - Wake Forest
Indoor Yoga at the Chapel at Dix Park - Sunday 3:30 @ Dorothea Dix Park - Raleigh
Freeman Round House Summer Event Series: Karaoke with Mia Harris - Sunday 6:00 PM @ Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park - Wilson
Sunday Salsa Social -- lesson and dance - Sunday 6:30 PM @ Triangle Dance Studios - Durham
Sunday Night Live Music - Sunday 7:00 PM @ Southern Village - Chapel Hill

Want us to send you all the fun happenings in the Triangle directly to you? Join the LocalFYI newsletter (by clicking here) to get the inside scoop sent to your inbox every Monday. Although it says just Raleigh, we send events that cover the whole Triangle there :)
Any other cool events that we missed? Comment below so we can add them to our list!
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2023.06.03 00:52 Cheetah-kins Going to see a show at Rockefeller Plaza. Where to stay and other logistics info needed.

Hey everyone, my wife and I are going to see a band (Ed Sheeran) at Rockefeller Plaze on the Today Show this coming Tuesday (6-6-23). We're driving up from Greensboro, NC the night before and plan on staying in a hotel nearby, walking to the show, then making the 11hr drive home immediately after.
We've travelled to many cities in the US before, and lived in a bunch too, but have never been to NYC. I know, right? Anyway if anyone has any advice they care to share that would be fanatstic. I've noticed all hotels are charging $40-75 a night for parking which I can live with, it's NYC afterall. I guess my biggest concern is since we have to be at the venue by 5:15am, I don't want any unforseen disasters happening along the way. We plan on walking to Rockefeller Plaza directly from the hotel we stay in, which we haven't reserved yet. Oh and should we just drive up to whatever way our GPS suggests? I was hoping to avoid the whole Wash DC area, which I have driven in extensively before.
So yeah, thanks for any advice. Hope I posted this in the correct subreddit, haha.
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2023.06.03 00:41 sneakishmonk How much to charge for a folk festival?

A folk festival that is popular in my city (Greensboro, NC) is asking for my rates to video document the 3 day festival. Ballpark how much should I look at charging for just video? How about for video and editing?
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2023.06.02 23:50 Bright-Ad-857 Masters list

Hey y'all I got bored and decided to make an updated masters list of all the predators caught in Washington DC. I wasn't able to find all of them but most and was hoping if anyone knew the rest that would be great.
Full segment- I am not going to give a description because Im assuming every tcap fan knows them 1. Alladin Shamoun username- the_sphinx59 2. Rabbi David Kaye- REDBD 2. Dr. Jeffrey Beck username- Gbabbnsp 4. John Kennelley- specialguy29 5. Sargent Joseph Wunderler- vamale_692005 6. Steven Bennof- Crazy4theNATS
non full segment 7.AMIR FARAHANI- zoso23117 can be seen throughout the episode although he's never seen actually talking to Chris. According to perverted justice website he had a pretty lengthy interview with Chris Hansen. Seemed really concerned about his future since he was from a different country and came to America to work hard and go to medical school. He hit the lotto because he literally lived in Fairfax County and was never prosecuted despite being in the right jurisdiction possibly because he was getting help with a doctor and also medical school is stressful.
  1. Arpit "Umbrella guy" Mashewari- imagine_me7 As the nickname states he's the guy who ran as fast as he could midway through the interview. down the highway with the umbrella covering his face since he didn't come in a car midway through the interview with Hansen.
  2. Artie Makepeace- VAMILLIONAIRE the guy with the hat who plays the good Samaritan excuse to Chris during his interview. I managed to find his last name through a white page search and I know its him because the age matches and according to where he used its the same area as well he however moved to a different state NC. couldn't find much other info about him
  3. Dennis Thomas- photofrog1962 He was the guy seen in the military uniform throughout the episode who was an engineer for the Navy. Although its unknown if he had an interview with Hansen its very likely because in one shot its shows him walking toward the chair. Due to the fact he was in the military he was one of the cases that was unaired to be prosecuted which was through military court. He moved to Illonis according to the sex offender registry
  4. Evan ?- evinem78 I can't find any information on him. The only reason why we know he was part of the bust because he was put on a busted list on perverted justice website before any of the convictions took place and when I try to click it its says you must be an administrator of perverted justice or law enforcement
  5. HAROLD HIGLEY- I can't find his username anywhere. Through a YouTube video doing a background search about him recently it is known that he used to be an engineer for the military right only a year before the Fairfax Sting. He got lucky for a little because the military did not have the right to arrest him for the sting. However later on he would be busted in another sting and got placed on the sex offender list for life. Apparently his family is still really supportive of him
  6. JOHN PHILLIP JARRELL- Sweet_Richmond_Guy Not much to say about him other than that he's the guy who just ran out the house when he saw Hansen with his arms flapping. According to white pages still lives in the same area
  7. MARK BAGGETTE- va_breitling The male stripper who came to the house not once but twice according to perverted justice website. He came at two in the morning long after nbc stoped filming drunk and knocked on the door when Hansen's friend the retired FBI agent who owned the house and the agent gave some bs excuse and he believed it. Came the next day and said "Knock Knock" and bolted when he saw Chris. He ended up being another unaired predator to be prosecuted probably because he came twice. Why the first time he came was unmentioned on the episode is beyond me. Later was charged and convicted locally by Fairfax County.
  8. Sean Akkrwong- kc4545_2000 He is the Asian guy who can be seen walking in one shot. He's also the one who brought the decoy dinner and shoes in the episode according to perverted justice website. Like Artie found his last name through white pages and know its 100 precent him because no one else who live/d in the area with the name Sean and has an asian last name and did a google search and yeah its him. Funny thing is he's actually from the same town as Rabbi David Kaye. Since the shoes and dinner were left at the house we can assume he probably had a Hansen interview otherwise he probably would have just taken the food with him unless he just dropped it like Mark but it doesn't seem to be the case since the food shown in the show doesn't seem to be a mess in the bag and same with the shoes unless dateline fixed it for the air but I doubt they would.
  9. Timothy Kane- nofreeknclue He is the one who brought the pornographic tape to the bust house it is known he had an interview but how long the interview was is unknown.
  10. Yonas Getachew- danikulu He is the guy who denied being involved with the internet chat when Chris roosted him saying "so there's just another guy name Yonas". I did a background check on him and turns out he's in the film industry and an immigrant from Ethiopia. I then found his IMD page and get this he's credited as himself as a predator lol. I will provide the link below.
I can't find anymore information on the other 2 however one of the men (possibly) is Nathan Proctor- "texassailor04" I am not sure if he counts because he never showed up to the sting house. But according to perverted justice he did surface at the time when they were filming dateline two. He actually got convicted since he was in the Navy and was about to go to overseas however when the military found out they arrested him.
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2023.06.02 22:50 Ohblondie Calling all new homeschool parents..

I’ll start with the back story…
I am a mom of 3. I have a rising 5th,3rd, and 1st grader.
I have recently decided to homeschool all 3 of my children for the next school year and the years to follow.
We are in NC and from my experience, there is so much emphasis on the EOY testing and not much on preparation.. & I’m sure it has a lot to do with the fact that most of the teachers aren’t fully certified.
I am a stay at home mom and I’ve done my best to supplement their learning as best as I can but there just isn’t time once you have to carve out dinner , regular homework, bathing, family time etc.
I had always planned on homeschooling after elementary because I wanted my kids to get the basics but I knew I didn’t want them being influenced by children who don’t share our values. I thought I had time.. I thought middle school is when things would shift but that’s not the case. Even my son who was in kindergarten last year now knows all the “curse words”, the middle finger etc.. this is 5-6 year olds! It’s appalling!
The things these kids say to each other is quite disturbing for such a young age
Not trying to knock anyone’s parenting style but I want my children to be influenced by people that are admirable & that will have a positive influence on them not a negative one.
These teachers are tired, under paid, over worked, and desensitized. Our public school system is broken and I refuse to let my children fall along with it.
This will be my first year homeschooling & I I have recently began my research, and for now I am torn between using IXL & time4learning along with printable worksheets/ manipulatives etc to use as curriculum.
If anyone has any tips and suggestions please let me know !
We are excited about this journey but I don’t want to ruin my kid’s education 😂 so feel free to reach out and give any tips or insight.
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2023.06.02 18:02 WorldlyAd637 Is life at DU really hectic?

A few friends of mine who study in DU nc colleges say that they are quite busy and don't get time for their personal lives. They even cancel plans sometimes and always reply late(2 3 days or something) unless its important. They are also a part of the theatre society. Late reply to shuru se dete the lekin college ke baad se aur zyada ho gya. Is it way too hectic?
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2023.06.02 17:05 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NC Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
United States Secret Service Criminal Investigator Greensboro
Mission WorkWell Registered Nurse - PRN Asheville
Vetco Clinics Vetco Relief Veterinarian Clinton
Geode Health Outpatient Psychiatrist - Durham Durham
Vetco Clinics Vetco Relief Veterinarian Forest City
Vetco Clinics Vetco Relief Veterinarian Franklin
Milan Laser Company Metro Travel Nurse Practitioner Greensboro
Nu-Tec Systems Customer Service Representative Mooresville
Milan Laser Company Metro Travel Nurse Practitioner Raleigh
Geode Health Psychiatrist Raleigh
Edward Jones Associate Financial Advisor - Wake Forest, NC Wake Forest
ISOFlex a Division of Sigma Plastics Extrusion Supervisor Aberdeen
ISOFlex a Division of Sigma Plastics Press Assistant Aberdeen
Best Buy Geek Squad Autotech Installer (Retail)-Starting Pay $16.00/hr. Asheville
Best Buy Retail Sales Associate- Starting Pay $16.00 /hr. Asheville
Georgia-Pacific Industrial Electrician Brogden
Georgia-Pacific Forklift Brogden
Discount Tire Tire Technician Cary
Beacon Hill Staffing Group, LLC Part Time Customer Support / Data Entry $18-20 Cary, NC Cary
Aic AV Tech - Any level - Raleigh/Durham Chapel Hill
Wellstar Health System, Inc. RN Support Team MedSurg III Chapel Hill
Duke Health Certified Medical Assistant - Duke Primary Care - Brier Creek Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Chapel Hill
Aic Lab Scientist 1 Chapel Hill
Wellstar Health System, Inc. Nurse Practitioner (NP) Chapel Hill
INSPYR Solutions FLM Technician Charleston
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nc. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 16:41 Thingstodo919 Things to do this weekend!




Join the Thingstodo919 email list here for a weekly events newsletter. Doing anything interesting this weekend? Let us know your plans in the comments!
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2023.06.02 16:02 Effective-Lab-5659 2d1n. Episode 93. September 26. The one where KSH did good hosting!

Wow KSH is on a roll. How is he so good at spinning plates. Did he learn it during theatre days? He can even stay completely still while it spins. And then do stunts! I like how he gives some good advice to YJH to spin it. Soon they all look so pro.
Erm until he doesn’t. It’s hilarious. He suddenly can’t do it! And it keeps happening. He is as stunned as them. I thought he was being comical at first. Then I realise it’s real! He lost his touch!! He does not give up. Gosh it fills me a little w sadness though. Is this the story of his life? Amazing success and then it gets snuffed out.
Ok back to the srrium and MsY gets thrown to the ground with the use of a hook. Wow. Poor dude.
pd then says they got to play against these guys and they are stunned. I like how DD volunteers to go first. Oh no, he gets folded in half and tossed quickly down. Ok next is KJM. He starts off promising but ends in less than 2 seconds. And his arm looks like it really hurt?!
Wow MSY goes in strongly and he looks like he may win! He tips the guy over and they both land! But gosh, MsY lands w both legs up the air. He looks dazed but DD and KJM just wants a re match! mSY keeps saying he lost cos he doesn’t want to go again. Haha Erm I dunno. Is he acting was the crash landing so painful. pD says go again. Ok re match and just when I thought MSY will win, he crashes to the ground again. W his feet in the air. I am wondering if it hurts the back of head. I know it’s sand but still.
They change the rule and it’s 2 v 1. The professional complains it’s too difficult and KJM and DD rudely says he is so annoying and they wanna flip him over. Haha. Ok KJM and DD go first and Erm DD gets flipped so easily! And I was a little worried. I mean his arm was kinda sticking out. And the. KJM gets hung upside down for a bit. He gently lets KJM head touch the ground for a bit. Gosh but it’s like playing w a bear. He could have given him a concussion
Ok it’s now MsY and KJM w lim tak hyuk the professional. I feel like LtK is more competitive? Or we’ll just worse at hiding it. It looks like a tight match at first then MsY loses his balance and falls over again. KJM runs away. Hilarious. But there is a re match. And just when I thought it’s a rematch for both.. it Is only for KJM. Who is flung down almost immediately.
Wow DD and MDY won! I dunno man. It looks dangerous. I am a little worried about LtK legs.
It’s super hilarious when the lower town guys meet the upper town guys. The lower guys talked about what they did… which is super super mild compared to what the upper town folks did. The upper town guys are in disbelief!!!
It’s a hilarious exchange between MSY and KSH. KSH asked why didn’t they wipe the sand off their knees and MSY face. He exclaims how tired they are that they can’t even go toilet. kSH gives him the trademark thumbs up sign he learned. mSY asks in mock anger if they had spend hours learning that. kSH then says that still he can’t give up on dinner cos mumbak gets digested so fast! Erm the other team looks really mad.
I wonder why KSH said that? It seems like he is trying his best to be funnier in the last few episodes. Since hmm I think July?
It’s tug of war! And they get to pick the crew. Erm the lower team has pretty bad picks! They lost instantly. I like how kSH encouraged the little girl to pull hard and immediately acknowledged the expert as the leader.
Ahh I like his cute face when pulling.
And the DD Seon Ho fake bickering is back as he shouts a ya at him. kSH does that quite a bit.
He immediately went to check on Ravi who was buried. KSH landed on R. He also gives cheers to his losing team that is nice.
But even worse I think YJH rolled over the little girl. Lucky she was on her back and not her front.
It’s meal time. kSH has changed so much since he first had to eat food off the floor. He scraped some clam meat off the shell shamelessly and loves it. Abaha.
He likes eels. He remembered he saying so. That it’s a good winter food. He wonders if the food is going to be delivered by helicopter. Heh there was a drone remember. And the roof opened. Aww they got a whiff of salted fish hanging from their top.
Msy suggest a pain test for R and KSH. They each pulled each other sideburns!! kSH won. Next is R and R won! But he lost hair!! yJH refuse to play. He hardly participates in pity food games.
Ahh I can’t believe lower town is going to work. It’s a rare sight. But the game is disadvantageous to the lower town
Wow - they show KSH ads once more.
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2023.06.02 16:01 OriginalPNWest PNWest's Rotten Restaurant Report (6/2)

Damn.... It's June already. Amazing how fast this year has been passing by. Not much new in PNWestland - all's good and no drama - just the way I like it. Might as well get on with the report - let's go....
The BEST - These are the places that scored perfect 100s. These places are really doing a good job at keeping their kitchens clean. The places that score a perfect 100 are really going all out to do things right and they deserve your support.
Badlands Bistro (f), La Pine (5/19)
Sweet Spot Ice Cream (mob), La Pine (5/19)
Gyro Power (mob), Bend (5/18)
Bluma's Chicken & Waffles trailer (mob), Bend (5/18)
Toasty (wh), Bend (5/18)
Thailandia Asian Food Cart (wh), Bend (5/18)
Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Store #2887, Bend (5/18)
Teriyaki Madness, Bend (5/18)
Toasty (mob), Bend (5/18)
Carmelita's (mob), Sisters (5/17)
Bend Pizza Kitchen, Bend (5/17)
Austin Mercantile (f), Bend (5/16)
The WORST SCORERS: Now comes everyone's favorite part of the report - the list of Rotten Restaurants who scored worse than 85. I don't post any place that scores 85 or above even if they were the worst inspections for a particular week. 85 is a solid B and I don't want to shame them.
None this week
I'm going to stick these identifiers here so that when you see stuff like (mob) and (wh) you'll have some idea of what they are talking about. I'm not positive about all of these but they're probably pretty close. If you see anything I've missed or I guessed wrong please let me know.
e - fee exempt
mob - mobile
wh - warehouse
rp - recreational park
f - fixed position?
com - commissary
tf - traveler's accommodation
L - Limited Service
If you have time on your hands and want to check out the county inspection site here's the link -
It's a very nice community resource. Kudos to the county for making it this easy to check up on things.
We come to an end to another report. Have fun and have a great week. I'll be back again next week with more of the down and dirty.
In the mean time - any of you guys remember the Original Iron Chef show from Japan? Greatest cooking show of all time. With the absolute top staff of people that dubbed the show in English. And I'm not talking about the the re-releases where they were too damn cheap to pay the royalties to use the original music. I mean the original! I just found out that my favorite Iron Chef Chen Kenichi passed away a little while back. Here's to you Chen san. You gave MrsPNWest & I a lot of pleasure watching you cook! In honor of Chen Kenichi we will be having Garlic Chili Prawns for dinner tonight and I'm going to use Ketchup just like Chen did.
Till next time....
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2023.06.02 13:59 ReadytoExploretheWor So my birthday is coming up...

I just recently passed three years NC with my nparents. It's been a long road to get to where I am mentally and it'll probably never be completely normal but I'm doing the best I can to redeem what was taken from me for 38 years before my autism diagnosis.
One thing that has been a sticking point for me though has been my birthday. This year I will turn 41 years old and for the longest time, even into my childhood, my birthday wasn't much acknowledged. Some years they'd take us to a restaurant I chose,but many years it went by without much notice, like it was just another day. I didn't bring it up usually because I was afraid that my nparents would shout at me for being ungrateful that a roof over my head, clothes to wear, food to eat wasn't somehow enough. I would try to plan parties or birthday dinners as I got older and many of them would fall flat...even had a couple years where no one showed at all.
I don't make appeals like this often, especially in a forum like this, but one of my wishes this year is that this post doesn't end up like many of my posts on this sub, forgotten...shuffled to the dark corners where you only find them if you search for my exact username. I'd like to open my email and see lots and LOTS of birthday wishes from this community I've called family for the last few years as I have learned more about the people in my life.
I won't share personal information here for privacy reasons and sub rules, but if you'd like to send an e-card you can drop me a DM and I'll give that information there.
I just want to know that I matter and my birthday matters (and I know my birthday is in July, it's just something I had on my mind this morning)
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2023.06.02 07:43 cognitivephotoshop Restraint

My messed up brain remembers his username.
I have done 5 bloody months of NC. I can do it forever!
One day he will change his number or username so I will forever not be able to find him. Or even better when I stop stalking him before that.
Why do you want to reach out again? Evidently he has no time to even be friends. It’s just gonna be the same shit or worse this time. Your last words, if he wanted to wouldn’t he reach out already?
You are weak if you reach out again. And frankly, he’s not worth it. Just get over it sick brain.
My part time help has taken care of laundry for me for this week. Wardrobe tidied up too.
Next up I would need to clean up my oil painting brushes etc. De-clutter those things in the living room. But I wanna workout first. Need to buy ciggs too, maybe grab dinner. Feeling tired and gross wanna shower too…
  1. 30 mins break
  2. Quick shower
  3. Buy ciggs and dinner
  4. De-clutter craft table, clean up / discard oil painting brushes etc
  5. De-clutter kitchen & pouches
  6. Workout
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