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2022.07.11 22:31 whatsayyuuuu We are not the same

Monday July 11,2022
So here I am writing after a while. I have lot say but not sure how I say it, I have been forced to look into illuminati'secretive business and their occultis and their lack of understanding of their position due to one kurdi baker trash and cowardly henchmen who don't realize who is who or what is what along with a pesky Hawaiian hood rat.
The system, I think most people know, one thing they don't seem to pay heed to is their placement within it . I had no idea such a thing existed. Ignorant mohammedans exposed me to their version and I had to rectify their thinking. Their position was that their was no God and that the system made them one and still they try for it. And here I am caught up in the middle of it
Let me clarify it properly with no sentiment or regard to any one's feelings.
Here's a historical analysis as an extension to what I wrote in 2018 I'm abyssinian aka ethiopian, we're said to come from the line of queen of Sheba aka queen of Azeb aka queen of the South ,queen by her own right, at different points in time we have ruled over the middle east and crowned our own. Before her we seem to have come from the fabled great Ethiopia proper and ancient Egypt's favorite punt both known for the love bestowed on to them by their God ,which the Jewish God , the only God himself confirms it as the site of his most beloved sacrifice (this is as explained by historians who hint mentions of Habersha and our incense and some animal data as well as other things, I have mentioned correlations between Greek myths and our own and at the core of this is north Shewa, Amara originally heading the country and the rest of shewa extending far beyond the capita in to the southern regions and is the direct decensant and main heir of ancient aksumite kingdom.
Now here I was living my life when 2 sides collided right at me and some family members and we had no idea why to this say we don't talk about this thing because I'm the one who mentioned. One was the main stream system and the other a reverse , then I happened to beat the at their game , one that would confirm my leadership abilities, then all I see is their weirdo trying to break rules by creating fallacies. You have the whites trying to escape eternal work and attain true rulership , you have the Asians also seeking both and their escape of both eternal reincarnation and nirvana and you have other Africans hoping to get in to what they never really had but clap for and seem admire. And here I am sitting in my trashy mud spot careless as ever and some what confident. And here goes middle east ,with its frustration, continuing two insults , one to queen of Sheba and the other to the pure Virgin Saint Mary and lastly the combination of the team of these monkeys and the 3 sixs and the denial of the holy spirit.
Their attempt to use a mistake to their advantage. Through this time is my relief that i never denied or purposely damaged the holy spirit so that candles out one of my confessions.
The 3 sixs don't used the same wisdom as the wisdom of God ,of course every wisdom comes from God, but when you look at the original wisdom , you find that it's different from the one trained by the snake that led to inntial curse. So you don't Join the 3 sixs , but what happened in 2019 was trick by a middle Eastern idiots and the collective consciousness that went around at that time and how it hit me along with the active use of binaural beats , waves and other active propaganda tactics but how is it that it didn't even take me a day to rectify my views and stick to God without preaching any of it aside from exposing their tricks and warning people about and sticking to my belief which they almost succeeded in tarnishing by exposing corruption but it wasn't beliefs they tarnished but rather how the priests ran things that I hated, because I still retain the 2000 year old religion.
They harvested occultic and psychic skills and tried to mixit with technology and even tried Mk Ultra thing pretending it's a new project to stream Shows, rather than as a psychic control program. Abiy's government allowed this.
Positions and logic doesn't collaborate your fables of white privileges nor does it back the afro centric views of the bantu strands. We are not the same, as the title says. Hunter gatherer type of societies from present day Ethiopia moved to upper Egypt and Nuria to establish it, they imported slaves from the north and fed starving turks mixed the first a bit to form lower Egypt, they then occasionally returned to abyssinia to bring slaves that worked on the mines until 640 ad. Mind you they didn't take slaves from abyssinia , they brought slaves to abussinia and the abyssinian kings list showed many Egyptian and Nuria names.
Migration patterns and where you fit in within the Bible. Japhet mixed with babilons extensions or Turkish exports doesn't take you far.
God's promise to the Jewish and their loss, the promise being power, his dismissal of Solomon and destruction of his side while God's words dictates queen of Sheba actions and the inheritance of her decendants with and through Solomon.
Absolved sin happens through sacrifices and confessions so done
Now what claims do you have in my country? You gave money? What kind of money? To the government? For what ? For projects ? Why is that any of my business because the government had to pay hid to both local and international laws. Other wise if you game money on a spiritual side , your place is to leave the money aside and go for spirituality by main stream spiritualists. I use my own money (alimony and inheritance , where I find my myself arguing). You keep trying to buy out my father or pressure or beg him but he can't sell what belongs to me nor does he wish to be bought out.
Quantum knots and "monads" taken illegally through Astral proectors and use of other occultic and psychic tricks.
Old white perverts and dreams and what is that to me? I don't give a shot because you have no ancestral investment here. You can't buy me out because I'm not selling and it's not something to sell.
Asian stupidity (especially China, Japan and India). Take no for answer or get in line and maintain hierarchy.
Whether Jacob lived in a dirty hut or whether he lived an Mansion doesn't change his status this is relevant to me , either accept it of swallow your bs and get the duck out. Thailand, I'm nor interested, I find you to be the land of the weird and prostitutes.
The position of the Arabs, logic , hagar wad Sara's slave , Gabriel told hagar she with form great people , her decendants are Arabs. On the contrary, God told jews they with rule. Conclusion Arabs can form huge race of people while Jewish rule. Ethiopian case is different, it's a land where Sheba's, Solomons and Christ's order are all saved. Arabs or white or Asians can not inherit this as themselves but they can only take part and hierarchy is dictated by ancestral investment to wards the relevant direction.
Priests are agelgai or servants of God and the spiritual realm as they guide the leader and the people in spiritual matters.
There is no choosing.
What's emmuye aka Liya 's system ? It's the eco systemic rectification where I mix my ideas with that of others , the economy is based socio capitalism, politics is democracy that strictly adheres to the law which is founded both of biblical rites and fundamental rights. Using ideas of self control and regulation backed by formal law enforcements. And is about rectifying human eco systems in urie's sense. Psychological, physiological and Etc...
Charity valley ballers money grabbing and laundering should leave them the burden of paying back.
I'm not interested in marrying you. It lowers my position and is a burden
Illuminati is formed by the proported line of sheba's servant and Sara's slave, along with Templar. Who are the whites, biblically speaking originally they are japhets line , possible migration patters begins through turkey , babilon and may be north Africa none of these give you much position. Occultics seems as one of the 5 dogs within the Bible and explicit statements of them as not acceptable.
Calichas and Somalian and ethiopians Muslims are decendents of Syrians, Turks and Egyptians mostly. They live with an agreement not to touch or preach to Christians from the minute they begged our kings to stay here. The agew resigned their position peacefully accepting ancient aksumite decendants in North shewa as their overloards , this is seen in their treaty between nakti laab and the north shewan Yekuno Amlak.
I'm abyssinian I see myself as completely different from other blacks, and even Ethiopian Muslims I have already written about it.
I find zero interest in Italy, recently there is a pavement by one annoying thriving deceptive wench in that direction. This brainless fraudster seems to pretend that she represents me or others , the very thing King minilik fought against which is impossible atleast in my case cause I'm a huge fan of his and we share the same sentiments along with lines.
I don't care about the 3 sixs , you follow rules , I see you or demonsof they exist as servants. This has been my original position.
The frequency blabbering creatures , consciousness spill blabbering fools or the mouth pieces
1) mostly Muslim
2) have active agency
3) Astral project
4) psychic attack
5) intentionally distort information
There seems to be a ring of secret pedos and mgto pervs to start up or wallow in Islamic debauchery.
I have no desire to start a new religion I'm quite content to stick to the 2000 year old Christianity which was erected with Christ's own blood as he says.
I'm not attracted to older white men or any other older men romantically or even much younger ones so back off
I look good , and I'm confident about it that's why I keep saying even when I'm careless as crap I look good, I don't Your monads I want to explore the limits of my own looks without their part interference and confounding variable and the Astral projecting monkeys are in my way. I don't want to date your demons. I don't even date so fuck off.
I think Arabs are the most intellectually deformed creatures in the world where their reasoning if used is used for harm and deceptions.
Ben Affleck seems to be involved in some psychic perversion cult or perhaps they twisted the project to MI psychology and psychics and prove some exotic systems. Which initially started. Take them out they are useless. Useless because even if their tricks have some significant they are a major damage to science and it's verification systems whole some of their tactics are useful.
You can't sell what you don't own. So fuck off. I think it's white and other frustrations. I tell you how it is and you dohf like it , I can't help you. Just fuck of
Italians get rid of your Italian old perverts away from me or don't mind their harm. I don't like older white men. Your skin becomes pasty and almost cancerous.
Some one fix the Thanos actor in Thor. Same with malon and Ben Affleck and the annoying Tom welling and the Indian Sharukan.
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2022.02.25 16:06 whatsayyuuuu Scammers and victim playing

Liya Girma/ Emmuye
One of the open secret fads i've noticed lately or perhaps been dragged in to enough to notice is victim playing after scamming or seeking benefit through troubling others and not solving problems created by the very people who victim play while victimizing others.
The repulsive troublesome middle eastern stooge in collaboration with the Tplfites who invited them like Debre Tsion and Eprdf Abiy, i suppose keep creating problems , in addition to inviting Somalian refugees who bring with them a lot of dirty bagage that was historically kept aside or removed. I have never been more repulsed by Arabs or Muslims in my life , it's a fact that * did not like the former my entire life aside from detached civility. This minor insight has confirmed my sub conscious repulsion where it even goes back historically, where even in our history our ancestors avoided deeper personal interaction, so i can see some epi genetic thing going on. Then in comes moronic spiritualists who try to force a reverse card and play the integration where it's not supposed to happen. I think the bible makes it quite clear that those within the sheban line cannot be reversed until the coming of christ. and the judgement where it's arisen queen of sheba vs the people of niveah , and where it seems she wins because he tends to blame the male side.
Currnetly i have been exposed to the most repulsive cult sub culture (that i 'm not part of and that i'vbe reported, led by a repulsive disturbing criminal who is a servant at a bakery (it's not his), i say this because of catching him in the act making active subversive threats, plotting stuff and conspiring and distriobuting illicit materials and invadingf privacy.
The pesky Arab and this disgusting kurdi play the fear card against my self defense which was directed at them against their threats for self protection, where they play what they are not. Apparently the camel plays punisher but is the servant and claims he has been assigned by me who finds the creature to be the most ignorant repulsive monkey where i cant even keep up civility and all i have said from start to end is for him to never talk to me or refer to me or defame through his bs both directly confronting him while with family. The idiot was the same terrorist or stooge that hid in the bakery in 2019/20 and keeps running some under ground activities. I dont know any of this and i suppose through this consciousness spill stupidity he keeps distributing information by force and assume he can bundle people who are forced to listen along with the local foolish entertainment industry along plus fame and money seeker abroad who use this scam.The Arab monkeys are doing what they can as pay back and also to trap.
The societal trash who have networked themselves through theft and corruption in 2020 still keep their units and networks shifting and what they call jumping ships. I dont even want to know such bs. It's like an infestation of the lowest immoral trash from different societies like a starving yemeni trash who use their refugges to grab peenies in illegal ways, and somalian refugee who could barely find an associate and thrive through deception.
I have no idea why they are allowed entrance whmn they have nothing to offer, i would suggest their removal along with the somalians.
The Americans keep parading democracy while running psychological anarchy , there is no such thing and i have no issues playing the despot when its necessary since Abit seems like a foolish idiot who sit on tv blabs a few things and never resolves issues and is quite incompetent, while he keeps assigning oromos where they are not fit. To make matters worse is a creepy italian woman who has some hilarious ambition of a take over. and a rat (rahel) who mobilized society to do what ever. In all honesty, i dont even want to spend much time thinking about this if it wasn't for the beggars and the illegal fools who keep trying to attach themselves to us. It's like low lives hoping to drag others in to their stupidity both those with money , you know hustler monkeys who just made money or those old money who have shady connections like trump creating problems. The funniest among these is the low lives who assume just because they are a certain way that others have to also experience it. Like the racists who get envious at any one they have assumptions about eclipsing them and how they sabotage. I think we have seen that much of this time.
The biggest question for me is who they are and why are they allowed to send psychic streaming? And why would stupid celebrities like Ben Affleck participate in this aside from making the right decisions to support the legal order of things. Example if you have a deceptive society that creates problems as a mass, whether they are using children as a tool or discriminated mass of people (it doesnt matter, justice comes first), so then the mass have to be dealt with legally because their deception forces other to create problems. So when an ignorant mass try to take advantage of the law and mobilize a mass of rabbid idiots to create problems to an individual or another soiecety them not matter how many they are or if they occupy the entire world they have to be dealt with. We see this even with God where he abolishes the entire world while saving few. I' m not a fanatic who is screaming about the bible without reason, the cause for my reference happens to be annoying attachments who have made themselves relevant to me since 2020 when they never were. they talk about sin , but that is already dealt with the sacrifice and rthey go by arranging a clump and shifting people to create trouble one by one, i dont need to the forgiveness of a trashy low life priest the forgiveness is attained through the sacrifice of the animal itself but me loving animals finds it hard to do a lot so i wait long intervals and since i dont commit huge things frequently i'm ok.
Some moronic idiot on reddit and other places seems to have lied about incest while the most deceptive psychic streamers sent mental images in altered state that resembled a useless night mare, and other bs and the investigation has revealed that this is a complete deception that spiritually speaking even when they would attach their suspect to my ass they wouldn't touch me offensively. So it has been revealed that it was a political ploy like the binural beats and wave stuff used to attain votes byy team Abiy , i suppose and suppress opposition.
The most hilarious stuff goes on these days, where not only the Arab idiot was trying to force intimate association and unwanted children ( like why in the world would i want children from an unwanted obstacle servant). that i have never like my entire life. So these two days i'm getting psychic streaming of ugly arabs kissing me while i try to spit at them i suppose to suppress signs i give to those who need to see it of what i disaprove of and the deception they promot.
Why have i become so against these people lately is probably because of the discovery that they are the misleading, misguiding factor in every society, where people lose their trail both directly and subversively. Take for example a family where those i complained of have been trying to create financial issues subversively along with companions damaging eco systems by harming individuals separately or misleading them individually without anyone one knowing. The stupid turks seem to mislead society with disinformation along with the Russians , at least initially, and some itatlian idiots create weirdness. i do realize there are foreigners at the back of this who give some handouts to carry out this disruption probably pretending it has biblical affiliation claiming a clean up while they should be cleaned up along with local low lives.
I'm curious to discocer the participation of china and japan in this stupidity. If my father gets hurt your contry wount be very happy and i think you already know that i can make you very unhappy.
At the moment the most pesky country has to be russia along with iots fools who without much information like the hawaiin idiot who made a disastrous mistake playing the revolutionist , where he is not supposed to thrive. These monkeys have now moved on to spiritual realms to carry out their psychic wars of sorts with hopes of making physical p[eace while thay harm individuals as individuals. cooperating with local cursed trash like calichas. and hooligans set up by the likes of oligarchial hustler goonie dumps set up by russian charity trains and shady business associates.
Dear Russia and other foreigners,
Let me make something clear to you, Tplf is trash so is their political associates, this is why you see that they dont stand a chance when it comes to realms setup with spirituality rather than facades, their little power ring earned through starving their own and sacrificing the tigrays them selves, blame shifting towards Ahmaras and playing victim while they run a corruption ring that has spanned 30 years, while in the mean time and during the junta days was running a huge scale of brain washing that was directed at erasing the history of some ethnics like Amharas, like the moro i think Surukov was punished or perhaps kept behind the veil with some kind and naive help ofcourse (without any prostitution Natalia, that's beneath my standard), like the moronic and racist Americans who lose their wits about stuff like this with their " do you really like this girl" "it's for your protection liya" bla bla blah.... , not that it's any of their business. It i suppose this which triggered some of these people to figure out who was the hand behind my hand and when their relaized it being a supernatural being they turned against it with some prostitutes and arab servants who keep s gran life as a facade.
Nothing probably pisses me off more than the yemeni idots or turkish trash who play guardians when no one asked them to nor does any one want them aside from their own specific prostitutes who have formed some type of a networked association around some cult freak, either the kurdi dump or some one based in Dubai.
Later comes what confuses me, like the sound effect screamers, who literally blab 24 /7 none stop , targeting eco systems that people like Abiy find too threatening for their level of stolen and orchastrated democracy. Personally speaking, i think Abiy is incompetent, just like Debre tsion , the human scum who tried to play God using illuminati name bs and mk ultra stupidity, where these mad rabids hoped to destroy the society if they dont retain political supremacy in a voted system hoping to aim higher on to monarchical status.
On the other hand is my own reservation that a society like what currently prevails should keep going where i want to pick up a tank and blow them away myself, because of their stupidity while some trashy foreign moron hops in playing the savior while they caused the issue without any understandimng and creating a problem with the servile arabs and half castes. This is where characters like Isbabelle and Rahel come in as data collectors or information siphoners who operate on a spiritual scale or economic scale and have played their own bad cards which they hope to keep a secret. The Rahel stooge on the other hand seems to be an arab or a western stooge and an identity thief who is set up to mobilse a society based on sexual propaganda along with the isabelle character and descriptions like "isbelle the most beautiful " etc... used to describe a 50 year old Italian is quite weird especially when this woman falsely claimed attacks with those she never met or those she openly cavorts with at least within the psychic streaming since up on seeing this i have little interest in knowing anything about this person unlike the obsessed rabid turkish dogs that Russia and Germany don't seem to get rid of. . I dont think any one can deny Mk ultra tactics exist along with subliminal signals and this is what i'm talking about. For me and my family, when i think about it, it seems almost like some servile little sneaky coward like the bakery trash or some Arab had been trying to secretly damage along with the politicians as part of their silent genocide and signed pact of the tplf manifesto.
It amazes me why the west tends to blame others for mistakes they made, one huge mistake tends to be that of inviting syrians in to Europe where i feel they play bad messengers and the idea of creating uninhibited nationalism which cannot exist while you run a globalized geo political society and seek you benefits.
What i'm now seeking is my middle eastern or western assasin who along with locals with siphoned knowledge loaded on to them keeps distorting stuff or trying to force connections that dont exist. Or perhaps it's locals giving misinformation and somalians and arabs trying to take advantage.
I think the preists in ethiopia ned to be reprimaned and reminded that within historty they helded the position of shrewd cunning vengeful servants (i've never liked preists) , because growing up the society that i rarely associated with explicitly expose their ill doings where they would use their esoteric ideas against people they target. This is also the case now along with occultist. Some people seem to assume that tools i used to attain confession at any given moment is something more than it is. .
There is also the exposure that using esoteric skills some spiritualist have committed some ill doings for which they sought to transfer blame ( how they do it is beyond me), because i only observe effects of their madness and tactics. But before exposure i guess they had engaged in this out of sight where now you see fringes teaching such tricks. Like me exposing and discussing the occultic issues that were occuring and where they were made to fix it while other idiots pop in to create more trouble or evade exposure while helping themselves.
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2021.10.16 20:22 TweetArchiveBot David Begnaud: @ShebaTurk And the outfit is a 12 out of 10. Do you, boo!

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2021.09.01 16:19 whatsayyuuuu Sound effect madness and psychopathic criminal defectors or agents who play holy

Liya / Emuye .G
So it has been a while since i posted,these days i've just been focusing on my self , still with the sound disruption, with the same idiots still creating problems. It's amazing to me how miserable and desperate these people are to create some bullshit, eg, trying to gaslight about the sound effect still hoping to implicate falsely about mental state situation for instance,when i reply to the sound effect (musical) , they pretend that i'm having an episode, and i'm left saying, "pick it up through the sound amplifier,".
I realized the debt situation with the muslims and the government created this issue, along with ID thieves and traffickers for whom a law was erected.
Just right now, I'm clarifying situation for those in the sound effect,who are extremely annoying. I left home with situations clarified then when i returned from another area then things were shifted back again.
So here's the thing, Frementus was a slave with a good position. So he was not an actual slave and was let go by the king's father,so its impossible for his line or people to claim certain situation,spiritually speaking.
I think my ancestors did well,in that regard , just like i have ,i also suggested , pay workers ( i dont support keeping slaves). If they are criminals, they should be dealt with through the law. Now we know why north Shewans were also not allowed to keep slaves. North shewans have financed the entire country since they coming south from their initial position up north.
What you don't know and preposition intentionally doesn't hurt you.
Those in queen of Shaba's line ( the females) can choose those they marry (people ).
And you started with the "if you make some one surrender, you will also surrender " ,This is my translation attempt
I'm not a spiritual queen, i'm simply a butterfly effect, i'm not for sell (you cant sell me), not exchangeable, if you replicate you only create another, and you cant touch me, If you do , i got to a good place.
I dont choose what you intentionally preposition. My life and dynamic is none of your business.
I think many have funded themselves through streaming bs and therefore i cant be in debt, even if you tried. I never participated in porn. Whats absolved is absolved. The weirdos keep creating the same problem , where the muslims or the arabs or those who engage in traficking fromelese where still create the same issues and behave in fixated manner.
IF i go shopping,it's no one's business. I use my alimony , I have applied for work but they sabotaged
As they predicted from the start, it is the case of corrupt spiritualists as well as the individuals who are pretended to be set up as a protector.
They talk about rape and etc... Today i proved to the how these people move air while i was in the taxi as they moved air pretending it was pee. So what exactly is the issue? The issue i'm not able to get on with my life. Where they even sabotage attempts make my living through deceptive reports. Example even when things are fixed they recreate problems as they created it claiming false health bs .My only issue was dealing with some occultism situation , aside from a sinus that appeared only twice in my life. They complain about a smell they brought themselves.
I'm not associated with the calicha ( the muslim occultics ) or the Duriye (hooligans)
They use foolish dynamics or they beg to create them, Eg last night there was one man begging "please help my daughter" through the sound effect to the direction of where my father and i live infact to specific areas. And such people create problems .then also create psychic attack.
Around the morning today i got a wind psychic pump thingy where they put with my tummy, this i suppose creates the gas.
They also make every issue about my family and try to connect it even when its not. I mean every issue but when its compensation they deflect to others. (this is especially true for the M.E agents)
The criminals or psychopaths, or those who behave so,have changed i suppose , which is one claim they hoped to make about their improvement , but rather it seems they have used their sociopathic charm and illegal money to buy out and mobilize some.
They keep threatening about my father still, and i'm left saying, he wont benefit you in any way because, it is me, not him, and he doesnt know much about spirituality either, nor does he know about shinto aside from the teaching situation, that went on when he was there.
There is also terms like"spiritual queen",what exactly is that?? It doesnt make sense, Sheba is the spiritual queen as well as pure virgin St Mary. My parents got together with a ring .which fullfills the whole sheba thing. The queen of Sheba is not a prostitute , as per the legends. I think Arabs have been defaming her long enough. They created further distortions recently as well. I dont know why my private life is used for such Bs.
I dont choose the Turk, I dont choose the Duriye/hooligan, I dont choose babies till marriage (it has nothing to do with money , it is my absolute legal and spiritual right), I dont choose any one at the moment or a lazy musician , if we're just friends with the later (thats just it). The criminals seem to use my regular statements about the past to create negative situations. Just right now i dealt with the internet cafe people who dont seem to want me to post, they have been trying to sabotage me from posting, through what ever excuses they could. The bakery people have been the most annoying and disruptive , Who ever arranged them, i'm not exactly sure. When situations started it was supposed to be about protection, where not i dont seem to need it as the pretend protectors are the actual attackers.
They code characters and seem to identify them with me for negative situations and with others for positive situations. It is not about marriage or associations, so it must be some other, illegal situations.
In the book it says "do you want to steal?"
So ladies and gentlemen , please dont create problems for me participating with people who paid out using illegal situation. The expats and defectors need to understand.As per the book, they should take their wives and leave.
And please stop worship situation, Mary doesn't need protection but i need protection. and you have been siphoning so much so the debt thing applies and you cant kill those you are indebted with. I'm 32 and i make my own consent,my family is just my family, they don't represent me. I only represent my father because this is a dangerous situation where obsessive people seemed fixated.
I'll write more,i gotta eat.
I dont think the state of my spiritual or lace of there of changes any thing. That is why i say,i'm the butterfly effect. These 2 days i quite angry i have been kicking people including leaders in my imagination.I have always said a decent emotional expression is healthy.Let's get things straight your children and others corrupt my mind ,we have proved that. It has been so since i was a kid. Even now, people much younger than me still currput my mind. This isnt a lie. What ever sin or crimes go around happens at your own stake. IF you set up and turn your eyes , the "don't know" situation doesn't apply.
Right now for instance they are pulling gas out of my tummy, but there is no smell.
I suggest you take care so that you dont get to dangerous territories.
Parents use authoritative parenting style and firmly dictate your kids not to create problems,and also tell yourself. I have no agreements to nani any children, orphans have good places like Don Bosco, the orthodox church can also follow suit and set up such so can the illuminaiti or who ever ,if i want compensation i will ask for it and get it legally.
Their logic just doesnt make sense,they keep telling me to go to the Turk. I dont understand why i have to go there.
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