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2010.01.06 23:03 awesomeideas What ever happened to...?

What ever happened to....? ...Did they just fall off the radar? This is a subreddit about change and progression. It's a place where you can show where publicly well known people/things are now.

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Ever wondered where adult actors have disappeared? did they retire? a break? or worse??? find out here

2013.03.23 10:25 MattC53 Interesting parts of different family's historys.

Family History

2023.03.20 22:26 Agreeable_Sunny How common is it to be misclassified as an IC, and should I report my company?

I get the feeling that this will make me seem naive, but it's taken a lot of time to put the pieces together.
I've been "freelancing" with an A/V company for a couple years. Technically, I started with them before the pandemic but didn't really work regularly with them until Fall 2021. Though it's technically a freelance job, I was on a consistent schedule with them until recently.
Every week, the manager at the location I primarily work at would send out a schedule via Whatsapp and asked me for confirmation. I could always say if I wouldn't be available on a certain day but was often pressured for refusing (at one point, I heard that one of the higher ups was mad that I refused to work on Saturdays for a period of time).
There were about 4 or 5 of us who were considered regulars who would be sent that weekly schedule. There were also others who occasionally worked, either one-offs or sporadically, but they weren't there weekly. However, all of us were considered independent contractors.
Sometime last year, I started to suspect that I was misclassified, but I wasn't that familiar with labor laws. However, as I've learned more over time, I think I've been taken advantage of. -I never actually signed a contract with them, and in the interview, there was no mention of being 1099. -I filled out an employment application. -I was given an invoice template that I've seen other "freelancers" use. It seems like it was created by the company.
And when it comes to day to day work:
-They provide all the equipment that I use. -I get brought in for a certain time period, but they tell me to do different things, ranging from set/strike or event operation to even things like building work cabinets. Other non-regulars only do what they are brought in to do. -I'm given a list of equipment to use for the events and am sometimes told specifically how to set up the event space.
All this being said, since the beginning of the new year, I've gone from getting 30+ hours of work a week to on average less than 20. And this has been the case for all of the other regulars. Though I have W2 income from last year from another job, I don't know if I can file for unemployment right now. And frankly, I think I should report them and get my tax money back. I think there's a good chance that it would destroy their business as they've recently lost their biggest property, and I worry that they will try to go after me in one way or another.
Just looking for opinions. Thanks.
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2023.03.20 22:26 rafletcher 🎉 Breaking the Bank - 2023 Trends You Can't Afford to Miss This Year 🎉

Hey Wedditors,
Curious what trends you're tired of seeing, and what you're really liking. From all of the IG posts and mood boards the ones we found are below.
🎓 The Big Idea - Layering in one or more of these trends can add one more tool to help plan your day.

🤌 Below are a few wedding trends you can't afford to miss this year!

  1. Trend #1: Microweddings 🎊 Gone are the days of inviting everyone and their grandma to your wedding. Couples are opting for smaller, more intimate affairs, with guest lists under 50 people. Microweddings can not only budget-friendly but also allow you to focus on what truly matters: celebrating your love with those who mean the most. Plus, with fewer guests, you can splurge on the details that make your day extra special. 📸 Check out this stunning microwedding setup on Instagram
  2. Trend #2: Sustainable Celebrations 🌿 Eco-conscious weddings are all the rage, with couples finding creative ways to minimize their carbon footprint. From digital invitations to locally-sourced food and flowers, sustainability is the new black. And the best part? Going green often means saving green! Many sustainable options are wallet-friendly and can help you cut costs without sacrificing style. Instead of going to a huge banquet hall, using local vendors can unlock pockets of your town for memorable days. 🌱 Get inspired by this beautiful eco-friendly wedding on Pinterest
  3. Trend #3: Mix-and-Match Bridesmaid Dresses 👗 Say goodbye to cookie-cutter bridal parties! More and more couples are embracing individuality by letting bridesmaids choose their own dresses within a specific color palette. This trend not only adds visual interest to your wedding photos but also allows your bridesmaids to choose something they feel comfortable in - and might even wear again. 👯 Feast your eyes on this gorgeous mix-and-match bridal party on Instagram
  4. Trend #4: DIY Décor 🎨 With the rise of Pinterest and Instagram, couples are getting crafty and creating their own wedding decorations. From table centerpieces to personalized signs, the possibilities are endless. Not only can DIY projects save you money, but they also add a unique and personal touch to your big day. Plus, they're a great way to bond with your wedding party during the planning process. ✨ Falling Snow could be a vibe Snow Daddy
  5. Trend #5: Weekday Weddings 📅 Why limit yourself to a Saturday wedding when you can save a bundle by opting for a weekday celebration? Venues and vendors often offer discounted rates for weekday events, making it a budget-friendly alternative. And don't worry about your guests - if you give them plenty of notice, they'll be more than happy to take a day off to celebrate your love. 💸 Here's a Twitter thread discussing weddings these days

tl;dr - Trends are cool and all as long as it fits with what you want. So use or ignore these as you see fit.

- The Bent Knee

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2023.03.20 22:26 sonotahipster89 34 [F4M] USA-MST looking for a man who is really, really ready to settle down and be a partner.

No point in wasting time, I'm a blunt person. I want to be absolutely transparent and clear about who I am and what I'm looking for, because I have nothing to lose.
To start off with I have children. If thats not for you, I get it, but I have them so yes. Second, I want to find my forever person. I am not interested in casual dating, hookups, sexting buddies, friends, people who live outside the US. I am 34. I am 5'11" curvy but not fat. Pretty face, brown hair, blue eyes. I'm white. As far as you, I'm fine with all races, I don't mind if you're shorter than me, age I'm not picky but 28+ would be my preference. I care far more about connection and ability to communicate than looks. Chemistry is important but I don't have a type. I'm not as fit as I want to be, if you are and want to be my cheerleader great, if you have a few extra pounds cool, but I can fit in 1 airplane seat and would prefer if you can too.
I'm a single mom, I work full time and go to school. I do ok for myself. What I'm really looking for is someone to share life with. I think life is hard and having good people surrounding you makes all the difference. I have good friends and family I'm just missing that special someone.
I met someone amazing on here a few months ago and I thought they were going to be the one, but my best friend accuses me of putting more effort into relationships than I expect in return and she was right. I need someone who is grown and is ready for a relationship. Not someone who is separated or currently getting divorced or someone who feels like they might be ready to meet the one but is not sure if you are on the fence that's fine and I respect that but as I said my end goal is marriage (or a long term relationship). Not looking to chat for 4 months and then nothing. I feel like this is coming across a little hostile and I apologize for that but I just want to be clear with my intentions and desires.
I live in the MST time zone and if you do too that is amazing but I'm open to long distance within the US granted you are open for either me or you relocating and you think you can handle the communication and keep it going from a long distance. I am pretty independent I don't need to talk to you every second of the day, I don't believe in Sharing location, I don't have social media other than reddit. So if you're interested we can chat there and if we click I'll give you my number.
I'm going to put a bunch of random things that I love or don't love down here and if anything resonates with you send me a message if not I wish you the best of luck everyone deserves to find their person. Never settle.
I love true crime, people watching, YouTube shorts. Trying new restaurants. I love museums and it's my goal to go on a tour of creepy places in the United States or even the world. The Lizzie Borden house, Alcatraz.
Shows that I think are funny are Brooklyn nine-nine, the office, parks and rec, what we do in the shadows, animal control.
Politically I'm very moderate and if you are very passionate on either side I don't think that's going to work. I think everyone is entitled to live how they want and all politicians suck.
Religiously I'm agnostic and I'm open to the possibility that there is a God but I don't no for sure but I enjoy learning about other religions and beliefs.
I think I'm pretty good at holding a conversation I think I'm funny and sarcastic, I think I really understand what it means to be a partner for another person. I want 50/50 both of us all in both of us working for the same goals.
If you read this and are still somehow interested please send me a message. If you send a picture with your response that is always great because it saves us from the awkward I'm not into you you're not into me later on. If you send a picture and I like what I see and you say I will respond with a face picture and we can go from there.
I never like how my posts turn out but I'm just going to post this because it's real and honest and if you are serious about finding your person and you're not going to lose interest after 3 months, then send me a message. Worst thing that could happen is we don't click and we go back to where we started best case we both find someone.
I don't care if you're a blue collar worker or if you have an advanced degree, but be self-sufficient, please don't live with your parents or not have a car or have a significant amount of debt or no job. I know what I bring to the table and I expect someone to match what I bring.
Sexual I consider myself very open (in a committed monogamous relationship that is) but we'll go more into that later. If you're a little kinky even better. I'm a switch.
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2023.03.20 22:25 stillaflower am i being selfish or is it a reasonable request?

my sister wanted my approval to buy my baby $150 worth of Shein clothes (like 25 different joke onesies) and i very nicely told her no (no hate to anyone that does like Shein, we’re just trying to avoid fast fashion where we can).
later i mentioned to her how we were looking to get my baby a pair of shoes similar to ones featured in a popular movie. we found a cute crochet replica of the shoe on etsy and my sister suggested buying them for us since she wasn’t buying the onesies anymore. she really liked the idea of the crochet shoes/booties so my boyfriend and i picked out 3 pair total that she paid for (a little less than what she was going to spend on shein clothes).
a few weeks later the first pair arrives and she thinks they’re so cute and she tells me when my baby grows out of them that she wants a pair to keep. for some reason this kinda bothered me. this is my first baby and something like these booties are keepsakes i’d want for myself. i know she paid for them and there’s 3 pair but i feel she only made the request because she paid for them which i wouldn’t have allowed her to do if she was going to ask for them back. she also never mentioned she’d want a pair when we were initially ordering them. is this a reasonable request or am i being selfish? would you buy something for your niece or nephew and ask for it back later?
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2023.03.20 22:24 Editring We've actually gone full no-contact and I have no way of contacting him

So much has happened. Feel free to look through my posts.
But we no longer work together, and being in person was the only way to have contact. Knowing our work relationship was ending, we got him a secret phone that he was going to keep hidden in his truck. And he was going to call me with it when he was driving alone
2 days after his last day at work, she woke up early, grabbed his truck keys, thoroughly searched his truck, and found it. She had been fine-tooth-comb searching every part of their house for the last several weeks and she finally found something
He called to say goodbye for now. His voice was cracking during the call and it sounded like he was crying during several parts. This man is stoic af. I was floored to hear this much emotion. He said that they are going to set a time, like 3 months, and that at the end of the three months of counseling and no contact with me, see if they want to stay together
He said he doesn't think they will work. That this is the closest we have been to being together. Not that I should have to wait. He understands if I've had enough.
Because our old boss wants to start something new and hire oth of us, before all this happened we had planned to tell him about us, so that is not a surprise if we end up together. He said he's still going to tell our old boss. I asked if I could tell our old coworker and my closest friend. And he said sweetly that I could tell whoever I want.
Before we said our goodbye, he told me that he loved me. For the first time. So sad and so lovely at the same time
So. This is it for now. I have no way of knowing how he is doing except through others. This is why I need to talk to my friend. Everyone will assume we are in contact because we were so close. But I need her to tell him if anything happens to me, and vice versa. And I would like to know if he's doing ok. If he got an offer for a new job. Little things.
In the meantime I got promoted into an impossible role at work with little support. So i will bury myself in my job and raising my son for the time being. In some ways the timing is perfect because I really don't have free time right now
I just hope that's not the last time I hear his voice
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2023.03.20 22:24 Androgy-Jess Doomsday scenarios...with the internet.

I don't know if I actually need to poke any more holes in crypto rationale or lack thereof. But one thing I notice is that crypto people tend to fantasize about some doomsday scenario where the global financial system melts down completely and leaves the crypto economy as king by default (and leaving early adopters high and dry, obviously). But also, this global crisis would ostensibly have to leave the internet intact in order for crypto to continue functioning, right?
Don't get me wrong. Here I am on Reddit. Obviously I love the internet. And I'm no survivalist; I kind of go through life assuming that I will leave the world essentially the same as I came into it. But I am kind of skeptical of putting literally everything, including things required to live a functional daily life, on the internet. There have been times in my life, even my recent life, where I have not had internet access. I've been in remote areas where there's no signal, I've experienced natural disasters where the electricity or telecom lines are down, for days. And my first thought about the whole El Salvador thing was "really? Does every farmer in El Salvador who wants to sell their crops or whatever actually have the internet?" I know there have been times in my life where I've been stuck somewhere and I would have been shit out of luck if I hadn't had a $20 bill in my wallet.
It just seems really foolish to me to want a world in which you must have internet access in order to do any sort of monetary transaction. Also, it seems highly likely to me that any sort of event that actually threatens the traditional global financial system would probably take the internet down with it, and then all of the precious funny money would be gone (or at least temporarily inaccessible). Are these people so attached to the internet that they can't even imagine a world without it? Because you would think that people who are obsessed with this concept of the whole world going to hell, might think about where the chinks in their armor are.
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2023.03.20 22:24 Previous_Metal_7943 Stove top coils

Ok so I wanted to clean the old stove top coils in my apartment because they were black with grime and starting to smoke anytime I used the stove. I read online that you can clean them by rubbing balled up aluminum on them, so I did. They are now grey and clean.
I'm now reading online saying that this is dangerous because it removes the ceramic coating and can cause a fire. Does anyone know if this is true?
Please tell me it isn't, I don't want to have to buy new ones...
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2023.03.20 22:23 Imact- Threatened by job the legality of keeping recorded phone conversations on my cell phone in a single consent state.

Hello reddit. I need help, tomorrow I will be in a meeting where they are going to ask me the legality of the conversations I have recorded on my phone of the conversations I had between my tech recruitment manager and I.
- They are in Virginia.
- I am in New York City.
- I am employed remotely.
- I did not say on the calls that I was recording, nor did I say something along the lines of I give consent, even though I am the one recording, I was on the call, and consent fully.
- It was a app on my phone that records conversations I get on my PERSONAL phone.
- They did not say on the call that I was not allowed to record. or that the conversation is confidential.
I believe NYC and Virginia are single party consent states when it comes to this stuff but I am still a little worried.
Am I in trouble here?
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2023.03.20 22:23 wctcc im able to vote as of later this year and I know nothing about politics

i just want to know where to start? what do I have to know? my parents are hardcore conservative and all i know is that, as a lgbt kid who so far, supports human rights, abortions, and other liberal(?) leaning things, I don't agree with a single thing they say.
sorry, my parents raised me very sheltered and I don't have any clue where to get my news and stuff.
edit: I'm a 17 year old trans male if that's important
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2023.03.20 22:20 Carcharodon-123 Breaking an employment contract because I desperately need a better paying job - USA Wisconsin

Was forced to make this on a new account because talking about this supposedly breaks the terms of the agreement.
I am 12.5 months into a 27 month employment contract working as a contractor doing software development. A summary of the agreement is that you are trained as a developer and expected to work for the business for 2 years in order to pay back your education/training. If you break the contract you are expected to pay $20,000 for the training. However I have heard from other employees that the price may be based on time left in your contract so my guess is I would owe around $10,000. Here is a copy of that section from the contract. I removed the details/identifying info.
" If Person converts to a full-time employee at a client of *** during the 27month period and voluntarily terminates employment with the client or is released due to cause, performance reasons, or professional misconduct prior to completion of 27 months from start date of the Training Program, Person agrees to reimburse **** the full cost of training ($20,000.00.) Person grants *** the right to deduct the training cost from any monies due upon release from the Training Program or placement Person agrees to pay **** the fullbalance of what remains owing within 15 days of separation from the Training Program or placement. Person agrees to be responsible for all legal costs incurred by ***to recover the amount owed by Person. "
Right now I only make $50,000 max but is sometimes less because it is based on hourly work..and with no real benefits. I ran into some long term health problems.. and with the cost of living was looking to leave earlier If I could make more money. Good news is I am expecting a job offer this week for a full time position that has real benefits and a retirement..not to mention is almost double my current salary. Not really something I want to pass up especially based on my circumstances. Also my current client/placement is on a 1 year contract and is up for review in June. They used to hire people full time and buyout your contract, however due to budget costs the last two people they were supposed to hire did NOT have their contract renewed and were also let go from their employment contract because they had too many contractors looking for jobs and did not want to worry about finding them new placement...so one of my plans was to wait it out and hope they just let me go as well. I've heard stories of people in the past that have been able to break their contracts in the past and seem to get out without paying fees...but I don't know how they did it and I don't want this to come back to haunt me later with a ton of legal fees I can't afford. What would be the best way to handle this situation?
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2023.03.20 22:20 Icy-Giraffe-8530 The Primarch of the Blood Ravens is one of the Censured Primarchs, not Magnus.

For those who don't know the lore of Warhammer 40,000, I'll give you a brief intro:
The Emperor: ruler of mankind and kind of a jerk (you'll see why).
Space Marines: 8 foot tall posthumans, devoted to The Emperor (mostly).
Primarchs: Super-duper Space Marines used as the template for their Legions DNA and style of warfare.
So, the reason I came to this conclusion is something that I discovered while reading the novels: 2 of the 20 Primarchs and their legions of Space Marines were censured and destroyed for reasons nobody knows, and all memory of them is wiped from everyone in The Imperium, except for The Emperor and maybe 2 other people. After that and a few other reasons later on, half the remaining Space Marine Legions rebel against The Emperor, The Emperor ends up in a sort of coma but not before killing the leader of the rebels. After this, the Legions are broken down into Chapters of 1000 marines each as to limit their power and ability to diddle the galaxy, one of these Chapters is The Blood Ravens. One of the Primarchs gets mortally wounded and put in stasis, only to be revived 10,000 later for reasons that are not important to this theory.
The revived Primarch, Robute Guiliman starts reshaping and rebuilding The Imperium, which has become a bunch of religious, Xenophobic, technophobic jerks, and unleashes a new, shiny version of Space Marines, with the help of a techno-wizard called Belisarius Cawl. Now we get to where my theory comes from!
During the events of the novel "Dark Imperium" Belisarius Cawl mentions he has access to the genetic material of all the Primarchs, and makes it clear he means all of them. The Primarch of the Blood Ravens isn't recorded in Imperial Records but many theorise it to be one of the traitor Primarchs, Magnus The Red. I submit to you, however, that being as nobody in the Imperium had any memory of The Censured Primarchs, there is a good chance some poor well-meaning Imperial scientist came across the genetic material of The Censured and used it to create the Blood Ravens chapter.
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2023.03.20 22:19 CyanVI Home Server Setup Help (Windows Server and Docker?)

Hello all,
I have some questions and need some guidance in setting up a home server for my family. At work I help manage a Windows 2016 server running Hyper-V Server on the machine, and then we have three Windows Server VM's running for the domain controller, software, and Skype for Business server.
I know many people here are not fans of Windows server, but unfortunately that's where my experience lies. I have been working with Windows server for about 10 years, so I'm very familiar with it and comfortable in doing most things in that environment.
Currently about a year or two ago, I setup a Windows "server" (actually just Windows 10) on an old i3 machine at my house for running Jellyfin. That expanded to also running Sonarr, Bazarr, Prowlarr, and ErsatzTV. It actually runs really great from this old i3, but I am looking to start doing more things on it and future proofing for the next decade.
I basically have a plan to build a real server for my home and use it for everything. I want to continue running Jellyfin and all the *arr software, but also expand to a file server for my family, as well as a NVR for home security cameras. Right now those are the big 3 things I can think of running from it (media server, file server, and camera server), but I'm sure I'll think of more as time goes by.
As I've been lurking on this sub for a while, I keep reading about Docker. Docker, Docker, Docker!! It's everywhere!! And it seems amazing! It looks so easy to use, and seems great for doing upgrades and not breaking everything. I really would like to start using Docker to manage things like Jellyfin, and add a home dashboard like Heimdall or Homer, etc. I don't fully understand Docker or how it works, but I just see so much praise for it around here. I think it would be amazing if I could use it. I hate when for example I want to upgrade my Windows Server edition, or transfer to a new machine, I have to reinstall everything in cases like that. I guess I could just backup the VM, but even then, it just doesn't seem to have the flexibility of Docker.
The problem is, I really don't want to learn Linux right now. I just don't have the time. We just had our first baby join our family too. She's 7 weeks old. I barely have any free time as it is. I really just want to go with what know right now and set this all on Windows Server.
So, finally, to my main question: Do I have any hope of setting Docker up on a Windows Server? Or should I just forget about Docker for now and do it the old fashioned way like I'm used to?
I did read that you can run Docker on Windows, but I also read a lot about it not really working well, and you should really only use it on Linux. Is this still true? Has then changed in recent months? Could I try Docker on Windows now and run Jellyfin? Could I do some combination of the two? Is there hope in the future that Docker will be more fully supported on Windows? Maybe I could run some sort of Linux VM support on my Windows Server?
What would be the best way to do this if I want to stay with Windows Server and VM's for the main OS?
Thank you for any help you guys can provide. As I said before, I'm pretty experienced with Windows Server, but really a newb with Docker and Linux. So I'm sorry if I'm misunderstanding something about it.
TLDR: I need to setup a new home server for my family to run Jellyfin and *arr software, file server, and surveillance cameras NVR. I'm very experienced with Windows Server but have no experience with Linux and have no time to learn it right now. However, I would like to use Docker because I keep reading how amazing it is. Is there any hope for me to use Docker with Windows Server, or should I forget about it for now?
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2023.03.20 22:17 spitoon-lagoon CPRed 3/25 Session Notes

If the team burns Nicky Twitch as their Fixer I need to come up with other jobs they can stumble across if they look for it, as well as a future job from Nicky Twitch if they don't burn him.
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2023.03.20 22:16 Maleficent-Peak4561 Is this normal for dating with adhd? If so how can I change this lmao

28F. I either lose interest/can’t maintain in who I’m talking to or the ones I end up actually liking — I do more for them than they do for me or it’s situations where I just can’t have a relationship with them for other reasons (distance, financial status, their kids, they have commitment issues, etc).
When I do have interest I feel like I need to be distracted to not crave so much attention/time from that person alll the time.
Is this just me or does adhd play a role somewhere? 😂
ALSO are you different in dating on days your on medication versus off medication? For example on meds - nicer, sweeter, content Off meds- wanting more affection, more annoyed and frustrated with person, not content
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2023.03.20 22:16 Mysterious_Feed_7428 Players not wanting to make their characters

Our group has decided to play every week and we’ve been switching between tomb of annihilation and witchlight, me and my girlfriend DM our own games and I just started witchlight, It’s my first time DMing and I was so excited to be able to do this, I love the story and I’ve put so much prep time, I really thought our players were excited but they keep bailing on making their characters and are being dodgy… we planned for session zero this week but they haven’t even made their character… I’m a little hurt that they keep ignoring me asking, I even said I will walk them through their sheets and help them with everything :( I thought they were excited because I did a session 0 one shot for them where they play as kids loosing their lost thing, they had so much fun and I was really hopeful, but now I don’t think they even want to play and it’s crushing me, I even got tickets and wanted posters and missing posters printed out :( and carnival themed snacks :(( what do you guys suggest I do? I’m stumped TLDR: how do I get the players engaged? Should I even bother?
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2023.03.20 22:15 UncleGurm Test drove a Sebo today...

Some of you may know I've been doing a ton of research on vacuums to combat my allergies (DUST, OMG) and deal with the cat hair (2 full grown ragdolls with undercoats) on 90% hardwood (one room of carpet, two area rugs) and it's really come down to this:
- One decent stick vac per floor for daily pickups (currently have a Dyson v8, shopping for a second stick)
- One Sebo K3/E3 or Miele C3 for the weekly clean.
There are two vacuum stores within 20 minutes of here. Both carry Sebo and Miele, but one of them is the local "Miele Showroom" and the other is an old guy who LOVES SEBO. So I figured I'd hit both and get both sides of the story.
So I dropped into the Sebo showroom. First thing to note is the prices - $1100 for the E3, no exceptions no discounts. $900 for a K3. Ok, fair enough. First up was the E3.
Immediate impression - build. It's pretty light. Very maneuverable. The airbelt really sticks out. The tools are good, but not ultra premium.
Second impression - it's QUIET. Like, SO quiet. With the ET-1 turned off it's quieter than most air purifiers or dishwashers. The ET-1 of course is loud, but not glaringly so. It's about as loud as your average power head.
Third impression - the suction on the lowest setting exceeds that of a Dyson on high. I mean, duh. But it's one thing to know that intellectually and another to see it actually happen. On high it's... hard to quantify with just my hand as a measuring device, but didn't impress me overly. Like the differential between low and high was not amazing.
Fourth impression - attachments. The included parquet head is pretty lackluster - I'm sure it does the job but my cats' hair will just build up and turn into a white snowplow. So right away we'd need the premium parquet tool ($55 extra). Also would want the handheld pet tool, which is $65 plus a $15 adapter thing (or get the "pet kit" with some extra stuff for $115). And the flat upholstery tool for vacuuming mattresses. And the upgraded dusting brush. And a couple other things (reaching up high for dusting, etc.) So I'd be into this for a couple hundred bucks in accessories, maybe closer to $300. HOWEVER, the ET-1 is the standout here. It's just insanely good, hands down the best I've seen.
Fifth impression - service and warranty. The unit comes - from this dealer - with a 5 year service plan, and of course the 7/10 year warranty. Honestly that's pretty good - a free tune-up every year for 5 years and an in-home warranty? That's nice. Don't know if every dealer does that but it's super good.
Sixth impression - filtration. The salesman didn't seem to know the difference between HEPA and "Hospital Grade", but I'm an allergy nerd so I'm not surprised. That said, the filter bag is IMPRESSIVE and probably comes close to meeting HEPA standards. The small particle count on the PerformanceReviews video was concerning, but was 95+% lower than the surrounding air so it's not a big complaint.
Seventh impression - fit and finish. I wasn't prepared for how WELL BUILT these are. And how SMOOTH they are.
Then I test-drove a K3. Most of the impressions are the same. The hose has been updated - although it still doesn't taper, it does have the same controls as the E3 now. The cord rewind is still pull-to-retract, and the attachments are still weird. That said, it's nice. The onboard filter wasn't HEPA but they had the HEPA service kit there. I'd love to see particle counts for this unit. It's actually about the same weight, in spite of being smaller. The offset hose is a little weird. All in all not a bad unit. The airbelt cover is ... odd. Looks and feels like foam but is fabric.
Verdict: I want to test-drive a Miele. I did NOT walk out with either Sebo, although I did walk out insanely impressed with the ET-1. I'll be posting my Miele impressions tomorrow. But the total-cost-to-purchase on an E3 with the attachments I need would be like $1350-$1400 plus tax. Stay tuned.
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2023.03.20 22:15 extraOrdinaryly Intimacy Struggles

I'm not sure if this is where I need to be, and if anyone has a suggestion for a different sub reddit please let me know!
My husband and I struggle in the bedroom. I feel like we've talked it to death and I was at my wits end until we put it together there he is on the spectrum. A lot of the issues we were having suddenly made sense to me and I backed waaaaaay tf off. Slowly, things have improved a bit. What I'm still trying to navigate is that he is seldom interested at a time when being intimate would be possible. His interest is impulsive and if its at a time that we can't be intimate, he isn't interested later on and simply tells me that he wishes he could just "turn on" but he can't.
This is so frustrating. I know that I turn him on, but I never know what it is that I do that peaks his interest. If I try at all that's a nope. I don't know what the magic combination of events need to happen to help him be in the mood, or help him shift into the "intimacy box" as I call it, I've always said his mind was different boxes lol.
I don't know the "ons" but I can tell you pretty much every "off" he has. There are a lot of offs 🤦🏼‍♀️
He is frustrated with himself, I feel helpless. I just can't fathom not just...getting into the mood. I know there are sensory things going on, and that it's likely we won't have the physical relationship that I truly want but I love my husband and I want to be helpful. I know everyone is different and likes different things but is there something I can do to help him shift gears? Or does anyone know of a good relationship book for a ND/NT marriage? Most of the books I've read don't really "fit" us. Or if anyone has any advice they would give him, i'm all ears!
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2023.03.20 22:15 No_Ad1762 Me [35 M] with ex flirt [29 F]: she became employee of an office that is a branch of another office that I rule --- **tl;dr**: A girl treated me bad and lied to me; what I have to do now?!

When I was 29 years old, 6 years ago, in August I started dating a girl of 21 who at first seemed to be the right one: funny, smart, so much chemistry between. The First 3 months were super beautiful.
in November she started to be less in touch, citing as reasons the fact of studying and exams and also the environmental context (she was in a university environment very strict under the aspect of rules), telling me also that she had an elderly relative with health problems, etc…. Basically, passing motivations anyway, and she reassured me by telling me that if we messaged less than before was exclusively due to those reasons. Distance was a factor, but apparently not insurmountable.
The fact of the matter is that since November we chatted lesser and lesser, less, but she always saying that there was nothing but too many commitments. that staff progressively escalates though, as she texts me back a day and then disappears directly for 10 days.
In december, after 10 days of ghosting I texted her telling her that she could have told me that she wasn't interested anymore. And she defended herself by always saying again it was just the period etc. and used the phrase "right now I feel like I don't have the head for a relationship."
It didn't make sense: she had told me that the causes of the fact that we were chatting less were all related to temporary factors, but they would be over soon (exams would be over soon, her academic year was ending in December, and from December 20 to Epiphany she would have 3 weeks of vacation).
The fact is that throughout the Christmas vacations she disappears. On January 11 I seek her out and have a contentious discussion: I tell her that she had been telling me liars me for a month and a half and that everything she had told me was bullshit, that in fact her motives were not that, since she had had 3 weeks of complete freedom at Christmas and she had given a damn anyway.
I shove it in her face that I had realized her plan: that she had done everything in such a way that she would push me to me to get fed up and been done eith her. So that she could get away with a "clean face". Instead I waited for her at that time, only at Christmas the "bubble burst" and she didn't know what to do anymore. January 11, 2018 was the last time we spoke.
The following April, on day 23th she published a story in which she said "+ 3”. So she had been engaged for 3 months to a fellow collegue of hers (she gave preference to the need to have sex at hand) that is January 24, two weeks after she dismissed me. From there I realize that she lied to me, that she had cleverly set the stage to take me out so that it would lead to me getting fed up and break with her.
5 years have passed and in the work environment by a twist of fate I have been transferred to manage an office that has under control another office where now she works as employee. In this new position I will stay for 3 years and a part of me would really like to return all the harm she has done to me giving instructions to her boss about making her spend 3 years in the worst possible way. Do you think it would be fair or i should be more mature?
TL;DR: i could have the chance to make a person to make amends after she made fun of my loyalty an thought I deserved lies
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2023.03.20 22:15 No-Attention-1697 I cheat on my husband with my boss

This is clearly a throwaway account but I need to dump this information out without admitting it to my husband.
My husband and I have been together since 2013. And married since 2017. We have a son 3 M, that we are both crazy about. We have a house and 2 dogs. Life should be good? Right?
Back story: About 6 months my husband and I went with my family on vaca. It was like the second night in and I heard his phone ding in the middle of the night. Now I don't remember if it was a midnight pee break or the ding that woke me. But I found that he was messaging on a texting site. The messages and pictures to all these randos were extremely inappropriate and sexual. That's when it started. Now this was just the first time but not the last time he something of that nature. Its probably been at more than 5 times less than a dozen in our decade long relationship. I really don't remember. And I hated keeping track. I just know it hurt like hell each time.
Now here is where I am a shit person.... I did it back every time he did it to me. But he never found out. Why did I do that? As revenge? Keeping score to feel better without him knowing? I would flirt and sext for a small period of time then move on. It made me feel a little better.
As of a couple years ago I started struggling hard with depression and suicidal idealations. So I'm definitely going through some shit. (Not ever an excuse. I know. I know.) Just start therapy and still trying to find meds that help me. But I feel like I need to leave my husband to make me feel right again. The last time he he did anything hurtful was about 2 years ago. He begged and pleaded. And after 2 weeks I took him back. He treated amazingly for a couple months then we kinda slid back into the norm.
The norm being as a full grown man with stunted emotions, ADHD, and "the baby" of the family, he was very much in need of guidance. We have fight often about slitting chores and how he still has to maintain our vehicles (Which I am thank for). But he always makes it out that this is a daily thing to work on the cars or fix something broken in the house to get out of scrubbing the floor every week or so. So he would fly off the handle and we would get into it. As of lately we have been better at communicating but it's still hard to get over years of that.
My biggest mistakes... I went on a trip for work and ended up sleeping with my boss; Suave, witty, with a cheeky mischievous smile. I dont know a whole lot about him but from what i do know he is clearly going through some shit right now. I went to help out with work where he is helping twice. The second day I was there my boss made a joke about getting me a beer. (Which isn't the first time he has said this to me and others) so at the end of the day he told me he was locking up and I said "oh are you kicking me out?" And he thought... well you know. So he did. We drove to his hotel and I left my car there. And he took me to the bar he frequents. We are talking and laughing. I made a joke how I shouldn't have anymore because "three [beers] under the host" and he started laughing and said about shots. And Im thinking well shit. I've always thought he was cute. But I know I'm gonna chicken out and it won't happen. Well tipsy me climbed into his bed and took off my pants under the blanket and asked for sweats. He "bent down" to get the sweats out of his suit case and look at me. Aaaand I kissed him. And went, as he called it, "ham" when I started undressing him.
The sex. THE SEX. He is definitely into some kinky rough sex kinda shit. At times he kinda scared me a little. He was into handcuffs, choking, choke holds, making me choke on his dick, shoving his fingers down my throat until I vomited damn near fisting (at least that's how it felt 💁‍♀️) and slapping. It was intense. He left bruise all over me that I had for a week. And bruises on my neck from when he choked me until I blacked out. I would be a MESS eveytime after. That I would get dressed and leave while he was in the bathroom.
Over the 2 weeks I went there, we had slept together 4 times. I knew it was wrong. The last time we did.... it. The deed. He stayed with me at my hotel. We slept together. Him in nothing. And me in his shirt. He seemed mad every time I left him like he wanted to stay together. But I told him "it was bad enough I was having an affair" But that was the wrong word.. I dont have feelings for him. I would never want to be with him or leave my husband for him. But he was totally into the fact that I am married and his "little slut"
It ended when he said the assignment "couldn't be justified". And it been a month since that day. We haven't seen each other. Spoke a little about me going out there again. But thats it.
So now the cheating had stopped. I can't stop thinking about want to sleep with him again. Even though it was a mildly traumatic experience. I also feel extremely guilty about it. And a little confused because he was so aggressive but I kept going back to it. Like I kinda liked it.
I've been fickle about my relationship since he last had his moments of infidelity. But I'm not much better. And now I'm.... well much worse. And for that I kind of want to leave him. Partly because of guilt and that he deserves better but also I can't tell him why. I don't want to loose my job or have him deck my boss.
So this is my story. Answer any the questions. Am I the ASS-tronaut for this? How fucked up am I? How do I tell him without telling him who? Did I just break my best friends' heart and wreck my child's life?
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2023.03.20 22:14 Jolly_Reality5074 Anxiety when I’m not with him. How do I stop? It’s exhausting.

Hi, I’m new to this sub and I’m kind of nervous to post this. But here we go. I’m a 21-year-old female with a boyfriend, the same age as me. (1.5 years together) A little backstory, I have struggled with anxiety for years now. When I met my boyfriend, I was in a terrible place and he didn’t know that I was struggling because I kept masking it as best as I could. We talked and talked for weeks until we started dating. We got really close. My anxiety started getting a little better because of him. He has a lot of motivation for doing better in life and striving for the best always. I really admire him for that. I want to be like that too. He is slowly teaching me! And I love it. The only problem is, when we are not together that motivation is not there. The anxiety is present. My mood is low and I just get sad. When I am with him, I am excited for life and excited to do new things and go new places and meet his friends from other states, and so on so forth. That moment he drops me off at home, I get that pit in my chest like…I’m alone now. Then I start to have some anxiety. I have never told him this, and I don’t plan on it. We never get tired of being with each other but I just don’t want to be dependent on him for happiness even when he doesn’t know it. I even hate saying it like that. Now it’s not to the point where I can’t go to work or do my college classes. But it’s pretty bad. I just wake up everyday anxious and nervous and wonder when the next time we are going to be next to each other. We hang out a lot so I know it would be soon it’s just I can’t wait. Sometimes I can even stop looking at the clock. Anyways, I just need help to be a little more independent. I am tired of feeling this way. It’s not fair to me or to him. Even if he doesn’t know how I feel.
tl;dr: Anxiety when I’m not with him but it’s gone when he is with me.
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2023.03.20 22:14 Illustrious_Yoghurt3 Searchin' for Femboy friends :D

Yeah, that's it, i want a Femboy friend who wants to talk on telegram if possibile, i really want someone to share with some passions, it's not for "horny" i really want to talk with someone in a "genuine" way, around my Age (i am 19), ever dreamed a this, but where i live there are only old minded persons... That' s it, this is really what i want the most right now
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2023.03.20 22:13 Dragonfly238 Worshiping God in all situations

Hello friends,
I am here to make another post to help encourage everyone and hopefully teach someone a little something. I originally said I would be here Monday/Friday to make post. However, things got in the way and I will be here on that schedule again to attempt to disciple.
Today I wanted to speak on why you should worship God in good and bad times. I am inspired to talk about this because of a sermon I listened to from Long Hollow Church. By the way, if anyone needs something to listen to, Long Hollow Church and pastor Robby Gallaty are great. I have spoke to many on here that have been going through tough times and are having trouble having faith in God's timing. I have had my own struggles in life and felt like this off and on for years. I couldn't understand why I had to suffer.
From my observations, many in the church expect God to do something for them. Every prayer they're asking for something. Every time they choose to follow Christ and deny their flesh they expect to be rewarded. This is not how Christianity works and a mindset change is needed to be able to fully trust in the Lord and his plan. One must understand that they won't be immediately rewarded for following Christ. And I'll just say this now. You may be rewarded in the way you think in this life. But, having faith in Christ and being a disciple will ultimately lead you to the greatest reward of all.
There are many verses in the Bible to tell us to lean on God. Some of my favorites:
Jeremiah 29:11- “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Proverbs 3:5-6- Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.
Deuteronomy 31:8- It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.
You must understand that you will suffer in this lifetime. There will be hard times. But I hope that these verses above give you peace with the Lord. Don't just seek Christ when something is wrong and you need help. You also must not only seek Christ when things are going great. Learn to praise him in all situations and you will feel his presence. When something is going well, praise the Lord!. When something is going wrong, remember your blessing and praise the Lord! Just having the chance and knowledge of God at your fingertips is the greatest blessing you could ever receive.
I hope that this helps someone. I see a lot of posts all over the Christian subreddits about people wondering why they suffer and some believe God has left them. God will never leave you. If that's you struggling, reference the verses above! As always feel free to correct me or add onto what I said in the comments. I tried to keep this short as I could write pages and pages on this stuff. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Praise be to God!
There are two more that go over the book of Philippines. These two are the ones that relate to the message from the post. I enjoy listening to them.
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