Sunny designs sedona furniture

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2023.03.28 23:51 Broad-Morning966 📷📷Launch your own ads in 45 seconds without logging into the Facebook ads manager. 📷📷

📷📷Launch your own ads in 45 seconds without logging into the Facebook ads manager. 📷📷
I won't be providing a course on how to launch your own Facebook & Instagram ads anymore. It's way too much work for people and I don't think it'll help provide immediate value and results.
Life Insurance agents will now be able to launch Facebook ads and Instagram ads right from inside of our CRM.
Select one of 10 (and growing) templates, set your daily budget, and launch.
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2023.03.28 23:03 Youguess555 Mourning for the old world

I dont know if this has something to do with past life but I have a deep concern regarding the aesthetic choices we as modern people have made when crafting the new world. We have oversimplified structures, made cities less walkable and forgotten about the art and importance of architectural beauty. Mimimalism and the use of creativity in size instead of details has made this a norm.
I have a very deep connection to traditional architecture. Especially early aristocratic Edwardian furnitures, ornamentations and classical architecture in generel think the Ritz hotel, The plaza Hotel any luxurious places that are associated with opulence I feel incredibly drawn towards. I dont know if this is because of a past life thing I've always been drawn to prestigious, carefully though through detailed form of craft and handsmanship that went into the building. Even when buildings are build in historically inspired ways these days they still use steel or modern and minimized versions of architectural structures that it saddens me. Im sad to know what beauty of buildings and cities we've lost. When people could walk and even signs on the road looked oppulent something you'll only find in affluent districts of paris these days.
In the forms build from the past you can see it was not basic training that landed the workers these jobs but rather a skill of sorts art mixed with handmanship, to be able to carve such beauty into wood, craft marble, build with brick, glass and with ones own hands. There was a certain pride and care that went into these buildings even if they may have been elitist atleast they were passionate about their buildings which I cannot say for the simple boxed and cubicles we vuild these days, though refreshing at first, mostly ignorable after some time at best. Its as if these days not even the rich care to build beauty for the people, but instead use steel and "modern" interior design which lack carackter. We can see this in our street lamps, street signs, urban design, bridges, parks, chairs, benches and fences and pathetically even in the parlaments and most tragically in schools.
I dont know if I'm the only one missing something we have lost....
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2023.03.28 20:30 SerendipityLurking I'm in charge of new office space. What would you request if you were getting an "office makeover?"

My boss has given me the responsibility of getting myself and the other QEs into an office space down the hall by June (optimistic AF imo).
So far I have given 2 weeks for everyone to keep anything that was left in that office. This week, I will be submitting the request for maintenance to come in and clear the room so that I can get the furniture peeps in.
I'm actually really excited because I see this as like an "interior design" project lol and honestly, my boss said (and I agree) that he definitely relies on me for the minor details that anyone else would miss.
Ofc, I have an unknown-ish budget, but everything has to be "reasonable." I've got a couple of different layouts planned out as options.
I'm reaching out here for some Quality of Life ideas. Things that probably would have people thinking "Wow, that's actually really neat" and, over time, would make a difference in our day to day, but nothing that would break the budget.
If your office was getting a makeover and you could request 1 thing to be part of the makeover, what would it be?
This is a small space. It's going to be for 4 of us, including me. It's not a huge remodel or even a "true" interior design thing, it's just the way I am viewing it personally because I get control over the space I'll be working in, and that makes me excited. All the "you're doing unpaid labor" comments are really deflating. The "optimism" around the deadline isn't in regards to the amount of work it will be, it's in regards to the lead time on the furniture.
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2023.03.28 19:43 LadyLili13 [Thank You] Belated Thank You

Had a busy weekend. It was great, amazing, fabulous; but also rough emotionally. Bittersweet if you will.
u/OkayFlan - [x4] Thank you for the inspirational p/c, the St. Patrick's day p/c, the thank you p/c, and the "perfect" p/c! I always look forward to getting your cards!
u/melhen16 - Thank you for the St. Paddy's Day p/c. I love the cut on the card and frogs have a special place in my heart because of my grandmother. <3
u/littlemermaidxx - Thank you for the giraffe p/c. I hope you were able to defend your food from your hyper kitty!
u/caknuck - Thank you for the letter p/c. I'm sorry your daughter is under the weather. I'm sending positive energy her way and healing vibes.
u/MaeveTheBrave - Thank you for the Bewick's Wren p/c. That's a great way to get your practice in. I have been drawing a little bit lately, but not that much.
u/thunderlightboomzap - Thank you for the beautiful spacy card and stickers! Girls are hard to talk to. That's a fact! ^_^ Also you're wax seal is so amazing! I have a coffee cup that has bees on it and it says "Bee Positive" and it's kinda been a thing for me because I used to post edited pictures of it with positive things.
u/Jdoodle7 - Thank you for the Elephant Card. Be on the lookout for a return letter. ^_^
u/mypetitmal - Thank you for the Flo-Jo p/c. I'm glad your cats bring you joy. I Love both dogs and cats - really animals in general. :D
u/yetanotherblankface - Thank you for the "Adventures of Andre And Wally B" Post card. I love bees! <3 (Reason is above)
u/mcdeekey - Thank you for the "Melody Gardot" p/c. I'm doing okay - Weather is sunny for most of the week and warming up (yuck!). We have severe storms expected on Friday so that'll be fun. Apparently the storms this year are more likely to produce tornadoes according to some weather chasers I follow.
u/catnatomy - You Found the card! The Art is fantastic. I Love it so much! <3
u/queenofthescreen - Thank you for the congratulations p/c! I actually knew the fact about cat pee. I love all the stamps!
u/stephkempf - Thank you for the Congrats Card! I'm happy I've spread kindness around the world. ^_^
u/cloudycat4 - Thank you for the lovely bird p/c. I love the designing you did on it and the sticker!
u/libertyprogrammer - Thank you for the Congrats Card! I'm not sure if it's coincidence or if somehow you knew I loved sunflowers - But I do and this card and stationary is amazing. I need it so badly!!! (If you remember where you got it, I'd love to know.)
u/DianaPenPal - Thank you for the Congrats Card! I absolutely love the poem!! And your signature is so beautiful!
u/TinertZab - Thank you for the "Wiechmann - Bildkarten" p/c! It's beautiful. Yes, Spring is officially here >.< I totally get stressing out about getting gifts, but I love being able to cuddle without sweating to death. LOL
u/mumbagoespainting - Thank you so much for the thank you card, It's some of my favorite colors and definitely my aesthetic. <3 I'm glad to have made you smile!
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2023.03.28 19:17 dumbestdnd [OC] Encounter - The Lost Art of Feng Shui - What's a little B&E matter when you're achieving furniture harmony?

A sneaky, fun encounter to drop into the next town your party stumbles upon.
While your party walks through a specific neighborhood in a city, the townspeople seem very uneasy. When prompted, they will complain about various examples of (relatively minor) bad luck happening to them as of late. Some worry that the neighborhood has been cursed.
A guard is standing at a corner. When asked about the situation, he explains that, for months now, the neighborhood has been under some sort of curse; cleansing rituals haven’t worked, and many of the families can’t leave because property values are dropping. To make matters even worse (or maybe just stranger), over the past couple of days, people have complained about break-ins. However, nothing is ever really stolen; their furniture is just moved around some. Regardless, it has reaffirmed suspicions for many that something demonic is at work in this neighborhood.
Walking further, you will notice someone in a hooded cloak climbing out of a window. Pursuing this figure will lead you to a house that’s incredibly clean and very aesthetically appealing. Likewise, you can also confront the figure if you grapple them to the ground.

The Request

The cloaked figure is an older women. She apologizes for the break-ins, but explains they’re absolutely necessary. According to her, the reason this neighborhood is cursed with negative energy at all is because people have tacky tastes in their homes and have forgotten the lost art of feng shui: arranging furniture in homes following specific guidelines to restore harmony.
Since no one believes her, she’s been having to do this rearrangement herself, and it’s proving to be difficult for her old bones.
She asks if you will help her by breaking in and rearranging just a couple more homes. If you agree, she will give you a neighborhood map; some houses are already crossed off, but three more are circled. She will also teach you the lost art and hand you a few small bamboo plants to leave behind in each house.
The circled houses on the map, she thinks, are the most poorly decorated of all and, if they can be “corrected” in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui, then enough balance would be restored to lift the supposed “curse” on the community.

The First Two Houses

The party can divide and conquer or tackle each house together. When approaching the house, a D8 is rolled to determine what the party encounters. If the same number is rolled twice, trigger a different event:
  1. As the party breaks in, they find another actual thief who has broken in. There’s an awkward stand-off or a battle depending on what your party says to the thief. If you explain your purpose, you could diplomatically convince the thief to only steal the tackiest items that are disrupting the flow of energy: hideous paintings, tacky figurines on tables, etc.
  2. As the party breaks in, they find a family sitting down for dinner in the dining room (which is the most cluttered and tackiest room of all). The party will need to distract the family and get them out of the room (or out of the house) without inciting them to find guards.
  3. As the party breaks in, they find a meeting in process for an organization called “The Blind Farmers Union.” Everyone in attendance is blind. Also, one of the farmers clearly lives here, as pictures are hanging upside down and much of the décor is hideous.
  4. As the party breaks in, they find that the house is lavishly decorated with taxidermy. Not only that, but the owner has clearly tinkered with the taxidermy so that, when the animals are touched in any way, they activate, moving wings, arms, etc. and singing little Bardic songs through arcane magic. If enough of them are activated, a guard will come in to investigate; your party can try hiding by posing as “animatronic-esque” taxidermy themselves, polymorphing, or other means.
  5. As the party breaks in, they find that the house is completely empty of all furniture (except for a little side table with a flier that says that the property’s “open house” for prospective buyers is in a week). Now, in order to restore order, the party will literally have to acquire some furniture and put it into the house.
  6. As the party breaks in, they find a bard, living in a messy home littered with crumpled up pages of old songs. The bard is drunk and thinks that the party is a band of muses come from some divine realm to inspire him on what his next song should be. The bard will not let the party leave until they have inspired him.
  7. As the party breaks in, they find a normal house (although poorly decorated), but also a small dog that barks loudly, alerting passersby outside. The dog must be distracted/played with/fed during the whole process in order to not raise alarm.
  8. As the party breaks in, they find a normal messy house and can tidy it up using magical or manual means.

The Third House

When the party breaks in, they actually find not furniture, or messes, or gaudy décor like the last two houses, but a singular shabby rug.
Moving or removing the rug reveals a trapdoor. In the basement, the party will find a cultish circle drawn on the floor in chalk and a book; the book clearly indicates that THIS is the source of the curse and, for the curse to be lifted, the chalk must be swept up and the candles put away.
During this cleaning process, the owner of the house is heard unlocking the door upstairs. If they find the party, they will engage in combat. The party can grapple the cultist and turn him in or defeat him.

The Resolution

Balance feels restored, and everyone in town appears happier. Returning to the old woman will reveal that she already knows you were successful because she too can feel it in the air. She will also acknowledge that you have all perfected the art of Feng Shui and will award you with a needlepoint that says “Home Sweet Home”, decorated with symmetrical floral designs, and nicely framed.
If you hang this item up before your party takes a long rest, everyone will wake up with a single Bardic Inspiration. The item is reusable but fragile and can be broken or destroyed by the elements/creatures while it’s hanging up on a wall, tree, etc.
For more adventures and encounters, head to and subscribe for free, we're posting daily D&D content that you can drop into your next session!
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2023.03.28 19:04 popsicle_pope Would you buy an IKEA catalog but instead of supertidy rooms there are crimescenes in that style?

If you are as morbid as me then here are some good news: I made a Special Edition brochure with crimescenes. This private project is in no way related to the famous swedish furniture brand. The pictures were created in collaboration with the Artficial Intelligence Midjourney.
Thanks for your contribution to support a graphic designer with his crazy ideas. ツ
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2023.03.28 19:00 __Smiler__ Billith's Proposal

loading [email protected] diarc/mainlist/SCP-001.rtf…Item #: SCP-001 Object Class: Netzach Special Containment Procedures: N/A7 Description: SCP-001 is the designation for the planetary body known as Earth. Given that SCP-001 has existed for the entirety of human memory and written history, the anomalous improbability of Earth's nature as compared to all other planets in the observable universe investigated by the Foundation's TELLUS8 Program is widely regarded as "normal" within public perception. Personnel are to remind themselves daily of the anomalous nature of the planet, especially during times of perceived ennui in regards to their participation within the Foundation or when engaging in dissenting thought patterns. Personnel are to encourage one another to persevere through difficult workplace situations with the knowledge that the planet we inhabit is anomalous in its entirety, and actively resists the order of civilization with chaos and aberration. Doing so has increased both productivity and containment success rates, the latter of which by over 12% in the last five years. SCP-001-E1 is the designation for the remains of a spacecraft recovered during an archeological expedition in the Atacama Desert of Chile in 1946, led by American Paleontologist Dr. Hubert ███████. ███████ immediately reported his findings to the Society for American Archaeology, piquing the interest of a number of different parties.9 The remaining components of the ship's outer hull were excavated and found to be comprised of highly durable exotic polymers that appeared unaffected by time or exposure to the elements. Various dating methods have analyzed the material and yielded inconsistent results. Despite this, recovered information suggests the vessel was several billion years old. Large areas of SCP-001-E1 appeared to have been converted into makeshift livingspace, implying the vehicle was intact when it landed and did not crash upon its arrival. Additionally, remnants of effects such as clothing, electronics and furniture were recovered as well, all possessing anomalous materials and abilities that resisted normal wear to varying degrees. The full size of the vessel is unknown but considered to be large enough to contain a moderate population of humans, the remains of which presumably decomposed naturally, aside from POI-001, who was recovered from within SCP-001-E2. SCP-001-E2 is a set of 32 36 highly advanced cryogenic stasis pods that were discovered among the wreckage in a partially powered 'hibernation' mode when SCP-001-E2 was excavated. Of all the pods discovered, only one was still functional and contained [DATA PURGED PER O5 REQUEST], whose core tenets and general distrust of anomalous artifacts10 would establish the Foundation's presence on Earth as a force to contain aberrant objects, locations, and phenomena- beginning with those found inside SCP-001-E1. Also found among the rubble were several anomalous data storage devices that appeared effectively destroyed, despite being comprised of similarly resistant exotic materials as other items found inside SCP-001-E1, implying they may have been damaged intentionally. Analysis revealed the only salvageable information, recovered from a 2 cm2 fragment composed of an extremely compressed form of multilayered information medium, presented as a set of thin layers of vertically stacked sets of data. The documents recovered from the interpreted data were then translated from their original language, which was comprised entirely of Class I cognito hazardous glyphs that appear similar to the engravings found on SCP-093.11 These glyphs seem to cause a subjective "Rosetta Stone" effect in readers, allowing for full comprehension of the material regardless of previously known languages and/or reading level. Analysis of the language is ongoing. Recovered excerpts can be found in the attached file SCP-001 Recovered Materials Log.
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2023.03.28 18:42 GameSpection I miss Streetpass most of all

No joke, the first thing I did when the eShop went down was listen to Taps. Both in a goofy and melancholy way.
I haven't bought a new 3DS title in a long time. I still didn't when there was just a week left. Is it weird that I didn't want to buy anything? There's loads of things that I didn't buy and would now never be able to play, but for some reason I don't have any regrets. I'm content with my collection of badges, my themes, and the games I played years ago. I still have a ton of game cartridges too, so not everything was digital.
As long as I still have my 3DS and I take care of it, I can cherish it just as much as I always have.
But I'm still really sad anyway. Like, all of the games I loved playing, like Nintendogs or Animal Crossing, aren't as interesting or easy because I already know them well and I have too many things to do to have time to play these games now that I've matured. I wish I could go back to when bite-sized game playing was as fun.
And the one thing I'll miss most of all out of everything is Streetpass. I bought every Streetpass game, I played through them and restarted save data countless times, and after two years of not touching my 3DS, I'm playing them again and having just as much fun. But I'll never be able to relive collecting Streetpass tags from my friends or meeting new people through these little $5 games. Nobody uses their 3DS anymore.
Streetpass was the most unique experience I've ever had or ever will have with gaming. It got me to go outside as a kid more than Pokémon go could ever persuade people. I would walk up to random kids my age playing their 3DS and become friends knowing we'll never remember each other's names or see each other. I could collect records of people's houses and order their furniture in Animal Crossing, or interact with other people's Nintendogs while out on an in-game walk. My brother deleted his save data a long time ago, but his Nintendog still lives on in my game when I occasionally cross paths with his Mii.
And the Streetpass Mii Plaza games were wonderful in their own right. They were beautifully designed to be played in short bursts, and actually made it feel like meeting other people with a 3DS was meaningful. They used other Mii's in such unique ways, like their favorite color or hobby impacting how you play, or their own Streetpass data affecting their Mii's presence in your game.
Streetpass Mii Plaza was its own separate genre of multiplayer and it will never exist again. It isn't possible for any game to recreate what made it special.
Next time you go somewhere, bring your 3DS. If that little green light turns on, it will be a pleasant surprize. Streetpass might encourage more people to take their 3DS out more. It sounds impossible, and while that magic can never be recaptured, it would be wonderful to feel that same sense of community that still lingers in my memories.
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2023.03.28 18:39 IamNotPersephone We put in an offer for a +100 y/o Craftsman built by an architect for himself and his family. It’s *gorgeous* and hasn’t been updated in decades. It got me wondering: how do people who live in historical homes keep their houses aligned with the period while balancing modern necessities?

I mean, does the homeowner become an expert on the architecture of the time period? Do they hire an expert? I suppose it could be both, depending on the owner’s interest, finances and the overarching legal requirements (if the home is on a historical registry). What is that expert called? Is it an architect? Is it an interior designer? How do you know that expert is an expert? Is there a credential people get if they work with historical homes? Is it based on trust and/or portfolios?
If our offer is accepted (and I’d post pics if it is!), how would I balance the very necessary updates with maintaining the historical look and feel of the house?
And I know I may be putting the cart before the horse since we won’t know for… at least two hours whether our offer was accepted (I am very excited), but we are looking specifically for Craftsman or Prairie School houses, so even if our offer is rejected for this house, this question will remain relevant for the next house (unless the previous owner had impeccable taste and I don’t want to change a thing). And I feel learning the language and developing the eye for the design elements will only help me be more discerning when looking at more homes.
Edit: ah!!! We got the house! We’re very happy and soooooo excited to start this journey. I really hope we can do this home justice and turn it into a beautiful showpiece. I mean the bones are there (stained glass?, ornate wood trim??, built-in furniture??? pocket doors?!?!?!), but we’re hoping to give it a polish.
So, anything you got for us that will help, I want it!
Also, any specific requests? Do architects want to see rafters and foundations? Is it like a cool charge to see hundred year old construction still hold? Or should I hit the decorative highlights that I know everyone loves?
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2023.03.28 18:17 metalandplush Revamp Your Home Decor with Designer Furniture Online - Explore Now!

Check out our latest collection of designer furniture online! From sleek and modern to timeless and classic, we have something for every taste and style. Browse our website now to elevate your home decor game.
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2023.03.28 17:55 AleksaaXO Pino Art is a modern bathroom furniture company that combines the finest materials with sleek design to create unique, contemporary spaces. Hope you guys like it ! :)

Pino Art is a modern bathroom furniture company that combines the finest materials with sleek design to create unique, contemporary spaces. Hope you guys like it ! :) submitted by AleksaaXO to WillPatersonDesign [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 17:52 hifriend011 EDEN HORSE Website launched!

EDEN HORSE Website launched!
EDEN HORSE Website launched!
Are you ready to start your journey along with 1st Generation Dam NFT public sale coming soon?

★EDEN HORSE Website->
★EDEN HORSE Discord:

EDEN HORSE is an NFT crypto horse racing project that based on real racehorse.

Starting with VIP Pre-sale of 300 1st Generation Dam NFTs (3 families) for Eden Loop Holders,
the total distribution volume in year 2023 will be 1200 1st Generation Dam NFTs (12 families) around end of March.

1200 2nd Generation Racehorse NFT, derived from the 1st Generation Dam NFT and breedin determined by 1st Generation Dam NFT family's DAO system will be on sale from mid-April.
Pony can be acquired via in-game payments and events. Pony is a game asset, not an NFT.
GOG NFT, acquired via Discord event, will be minted along with the 1st Generation Dam NFT.

Our Discord Server has been launched on February 6, and our fam (ELT holders, players, families) will decide which sire and which racehorse to race, League upgrade tournament etc.

The tournament settings of EDEN HORSE can be modified in real time depending on the player's choice.

There are 3 types of surface and weather, 4 types of stadiums to be selected.
✅ Surface: dirt, digital, and grass
✅ Weather: rainy, fog, and sunny.
✅ Distance: 1200m, 1400m, 1600m, and 1800m (according to each tendency of racehorse)

The combination of surface, weather and distance will create a variety of tournament settings,
bringing players unpredictable experience and fun.
Pre-league, off, G3, G2, and G1 will be upgraded and demoted through each league.

Through this level system, each racehorse can participate in the leagues,
and prize money will also be determined depending on the player's betting.

Players may participate in each league.
A total of 16 racehorses (16 players) will race in EDEN HORSE.

Racing will be conducted in real time and by reservation matching,
and the stadium will be determined through the DAO system.

The player will earn reward for predicting and betting on the result of the race,
and the racehorse owners will receive prize money for the race.

1st Generation Dam receives the prize money of the racehorse through NFT license.
Racehorse owners can receive reward based on the in-game tier system through various characters (jockeys).

④User Flowchart
Based on the virtuous cycle structure of ELT Utility Token, each user involved in the ecosystem will receive fair payout according to the level of involvement. Regular players bet on horse racing tournaments by purchasing tickets with ELT and earn dividends. NFT racehorse owners or horse owners can participate in the race, as well as engage in various economic activities in their families. In other words, the player and the horse owners coexist.

The stallion owners may breed with other dams and new generation foal will be born, and will be rewarded with license fee (in ELT) for breeding. Mare NFT owners will be rewarded payout based on racehorse production sales and racing.

EDEN HORSE is different from the other horse racing projects as we DAO based, tournament settings (weather, track surface etc) will be decided by our fam
Pre-tournament using Pony racehorse will be held in the PRE-OFF season, and not usual racehorse, is designed specifically for horse racing beginners or Crypto Newbies.

Users may purchase pari-mutuel tickets using ETH or ELT, and for other assets using EELT (Eden Loop Utility Token) or pari-mutuel tickets. EELT is a utility token used on the Eden Loop platform, and EDEN HORSE tournaments will be displayed exactly like the actual ones, hence anyone can easily enjoy and watch actual horse racing tournaments and stand a chance to be level-up to race in OFF season depending on their efforts.
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