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The Painful Experience of Moths

2023.03.24 08:07 Naive-Dentist-1841 The Painful Experience of Moths

Biologists say that when a moth changes from a chrysalis to a cocoon, its wings shrink and become very soft; when it breaks out of the cocoon, it must go through a painful struggle so that the body fluids in the body can flow to the wings, and the wings can be full and powerful. , to support it to fly in the air. One day, a man happened to see a cocoon on a tree start to move, as if a moth was about to emerge from the cocoon, so he was very interested in preparing to witness the process of changing from a chrysalis to a moth. But as time passed, he became impatient. He saw the moth struggling hard in the cocoon, twisting and twisting the cocoon, but it still couldn't break free from the cocoon's shackles. And out. Finally, his patience was exhausted, so he used a pair of small scissors to cut a small hole in the silk of the cocoon, so that it would be easier for the moth to come out. Sure enough, after a while, the moth crawled out of the cocoon easily, but the body was very bloated, and the wings were extremely shrunken, drooping on both sides and unable to stretch. He waited for the moth to fly, but the moth just staggered and crawled, unable to fly, and after a while, it died. It turns out that the "ghost gate"-like narrow cocoon hole is the key to the growth of the wings of moth larvae. When passing through, the blood can be smoothly sent to the tissues of moth wings only by squeezing hard. Only then can you flap your wings and fly. If the cocoon hole is artificially cut too large, the moth's wings will lose the opportunity to be congested, and the moths born will be permanently insulated from flying.
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2023.03.24 07:43 Backoverf Fucking among the Christmas trees

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2023.03.24 06:31 europeincoming Visit the 3 most Famous Christmas markets

The traditional Christmas markets that are kept in cities as well as towns throughout Bavaria, a region in southern Germany, during the holiday season are popular. Live music, festive stalls, and mulled white wine make these markets a popular location for vacationers from throughout the globe. Among Bavaria's most widely known Christmas markets, the Munich Christkindlmarkt draws countless site visitors annually. Handcrafted presents, typical foods, and congratulatory drinks are all on sale at this market, which is kept in Marienplatz, Munich's main square. If you're trying to find a joyful and captivating vacation experience, the Bavarian Christmas markets are a must-see. These markets, with their traditional stalls, live songs, as well as mulled a glass of wine, will obtain you in the vacation spirit and aid you make memories that will last a life time. We are a professional at producing customized events as well as travel plans for agents and also event coordinators that offer a vast array of visitors as a top European destination monitoring business. We go above and also past to eliminate all administration so that vacationers can value their getaway. We sustain your customers at every step of the way and also meet every one of their requirements for ground services, travel arrangements, accommodations, locations, directed trips, and wedding events. One of the highlights of the holiday season in Austria is the country's captivating Christmas markets. From the middle of November until Christmas Eve, cities throughout the country revived with the audios of vacation songs, the fragrance of mulled wine, and also the views of glimmering lights and also handmade presents. The Vienna Christmas Market includes over 140 stalls selling festive treats and standard Austrian goods in the heart of Vienna's city centre. While enjoying the massive Christmas tree in front of City Hall and also paying attention to carollers, visitors can drink a mug of warm mulled red wine. Visiting the Austrian Christmas markets during the holiday is a must, whether you're a regional or a visitor. Having a dependable and also educated tour guide can make all the difference in making a trip to Europe remarkable as well as satisfying. We enter the picture right here. We are a location monitoring company that concentrates on producing personalized European traveling experiences. We are devoted to developing holiday packages that permit a vast array of long-distance tourists to see legendary landmarks, find out about Europe's remarkable history as well as society, and also take in breath-taking landscapes. Christmas is commemorated in Europe in a genuinely fantastic fashion. From the spirituous fragrance of mulled red wine in the Christmas markets to the local seasonal sweets, there is a lot to value about the holiday season. In such a little country, where else can you find dozens of terrific Christmas customs? Normally, Switzerland. Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne, Lugano, Montreux, as well as Basel are just a few of the significant cities where you can find a variety of Swiss Christmas markets. They usually persist throughout the whole month of December. We are a specialist at developing personalized occasions and plans for representatives and also occasion coordinators that serve a wide variety of tourists as a leading European location management firm. We are passionate about creating plans that allow a variety of tourists experience Europe's amazing events, spectacular views, and also iconic sites, as well as find out about Europe's rich society and heritage. This includes leisure groups, business MICE, pupil groups, and Destination Occasions. Our European specialists specialize in extensive local as well as multi-destination itineraries that include accommodations, escorted and also assisted excursions, a range of ground services, and transport.
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2023.03.24 05:51 esqqerv Fake Hostel - two horny babes get stuck under a Christmas tree and saved by a big hard cock

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2023.03.24 04:10 00sub000 My stepmom fuck her pussy hard for the entire Christmas tree

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2023.03.24 03:21 Fearmyblacktaco Walmart tank question

Hello all,
My son got the Walmart 24v ride on tank for Christmas and is finally brave enough to ride around in it!
I was wondering if it would be possible to convert it to run on m18 batteries. The 14 hour charge time is a bit much to explain to a toddler and I have a surplus of m18s.
Would it be bad for the motors? Will it make it noticably slower?
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2023.03.24 02:45 Backoverf Riding Stepbrothers Christmas Tree - Lucy Doll

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2023.03.24 02:42 sulalaila Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time - Plant Ideas

You might have seen my Taco Cactus variant idea, though its unlikely(or likely). These are my plant ideas for PvZ 2: It's About Time.
1: Tsuthonia - Shoots watery pollen that explodes and kills Zombies. Can be planted both on water and underwater, and is one of the Plants obtained in ''Ancient Atlantiz''(Based on: Tithonia)
2: Apefruit - A massive ape made out of grapefruit that smashes and flattens Zombies. Obtained in Ancient Atlantiz(Based on: Grapefruit)
3: Flax Cannon - Returning from PvZ GW1(Driftwood Shores, final objective), Flax Cannon shoots fireballs at Zombies, dealing burn damage(Based on: Flax)
4: Drupe-nut - Hides inside of a Drupe and occasionally shoots Drupe seeds at Zombies. Basically the Wall-nut but can shoot and is better(Based on: Drupe)
5: Bamboo Shoot - Another plant returning from PvZ GW1/GW2/BFN, Bamboo Shoot fires bamboo shots in the air, raining down on Zombies(Based on: Bamboo)
6: Sugar Plum Tree - Produces plantable plums that you can use(Based on: Sugar Plum)
7: Malusaurus - Underwater Mosasaurus plant that bites and eats enemies, one of the underwater exclusive Plants in Ancient Atlantiz(Based on: Malus)
8: Goop-shroom - Returning from PvZ GW1/GW2/BFN, Goop-shroom shoots goop at Zombies, slowing them down(Based on: Green Skinhead)
9: Wildflower - Returning from PvZ Bfn, Wildflower shoots rapid-fire petals and gains armor from nearby Wildflowers and allies(Based on: Wildflower)
10: Carnatender - Attracts Zombies, then explodes in a boom of bloom(Based on: Carnation)
11: Calcutato Mine - When exploding, buffs your Plants' damage by 2x for some time(Based on: Potato)
12: Webstem - Shoots spider webs that immobilize Zombies(Based on: Paperplant)
13: Jackhammer Fruit - When planted, runs down the lane, killing every Zombie in its path of destruction(Based on: Jackfruit)
14: Killer Orchid - A pod of Orca-orchids that overwhelm Zombies, attacking them from all sides(Based on: Orchid)
15: Missiletoe - When planted, launches up and comes down, exploding groups of Zombies(Based on: Mistletoe)
16: Husk Hopper - Hops behind nearby Zombies and blasts them with corn(Based on: Corn)
17: Soil of Summoning - Spawns Weeds(with the health of regular browncoats, upgrade it to spawn better Weeds with more health) every 3 seconds to attack Zombies(Based on: Soil)
18: Toxberry Bush - When eaten, the Zombie that ate it explodes in poison. Maybe could be a Plant in Abominable Woods, a world that takes place in the 1500's when Christmas reached America(Based on: Winterberry)
19: Shiver-nut - Ice Variant of Wall-nut that freezes Zombies, is immune to freezing, takes double damage from fire and summons damaging mist when destroyed. One of the plants of Abominable Woods(Based on: Walnut)
20: Helichiller - Chills all Zombies down the lane with its chilling helicopter winds, and fires freezing missiles at Zombies. Another Abominable Woods plant(Based on: Samara, the maple tree fruit)
21: Chi-Attack - Launches exploding Chia seeds that stick to Zombies, the ''sticky seeds'' part might be too similar to Stickybomb Rice(Based on: Chia)
22: Hydro Sunflower - Ancient Atlantiz Sunflower that can be planted on water and underwater. In underwater levels in Ancient Atlantiz, Sun does not come down and both Sun-shrooms and Sunflowers cannot be planted underwater, making Hydro Sunflower a must-pick for every Underwater level(Based on: Lantana)
23: Artistery - Renaissance Age(after I found out the chinese version already had a Renaissance world, I scrapped this world. But I kept the artist plant ideas because yes) Plant that fires paint missiles at Zombies, which coat them in paint(Based on: Nothing, its name is Artillery + Artist)
24: Artillipeater - Shoots peas in four lanes(like Threepeater) with its four heads(Based on: Pea)
25: Chef Feastifool - Tricks Zombies into trying to eat its fake cooked chicken(which is actually just a disguise), and then shoves them into a cooking pot and turns them into Plant Food(Based on: Olive)
26: Avalabbage - One use Plant that creates an Avalanche of Cabbage, killing all Zombies on the lawn. Might be too OP(Based on: Cabbage)
27: Apple-pult - Launches apples at enemies, the remaining slices of those apples then go to the Upper and Lower lanes, and damages the Zombies there(Based on: Apple)
28: Seasoned Base-il - When an entire lane(top to bottom like Electric Currant) is filled with Seasoned Base-ils, a massive fortress made out of Fiery Basils is created, which burns enemies that touch it. Similar yet different to Electric Currant and Wall-nut(Based on: Basil)
29: Turkey Roller - A cooked piece of Turkey meat or Tofurkey that rolls across the lane, then explodes in a boom of burning spice(Based on: Tofurkey, or simply Turkey meat)
30: Hibermauve - Puts Zombies to a deep sleep when eaten(Based on: Lavender)
31: Thyme Freeze - Stops time for a limited amount of time, allowing your other Plants to get free shots in on the Enemy. Also brings back time that was destabilized by a Gnome Floatie in the Gnomiverse world(Based on: Thyme)
32: Pineclone - Returning from PvZ Heroes, Pineclone turns 2 other plants(that are weaker than a Pineclone) into a Pineclone(Based on: Pinecone)
33: Draftanilla - Charges up a windy tornado that sweeps away Zombies, and shoots Vanilla that immobilizes enemies while charging up. Maybe could be a plant in Ancient Atlantiz above-water levels(Based on: Vanilla)
34: Sea Dragon - Underwater Ancient Atlantiz Snapdragon that shoots bubbles at Zombies, doing splash damage(Based on: Snapdragon)
35: Squid-shroom - An aquatic Ancient Atlantiz plant that shoots stunning Ink-Spores at Zombies. Credit to that person on PvZ Character Creator for this idea(I feel like this is too similar to that PvZ CC idea, so might remove) (Based on: Aquatic Gilled Mushroom)
36: Mallowmortar - Fires three massive Marshmellows that immobilize Gargantuars and crush small enemies. With how giant and powerful Mallowmortar is, it takes up a 4x4 area[Design: Mallowmortar from PvZ BFN, but with more Plant-like features] (Based on: Marshmallow Plant)
37: Thornbush - Defensive Plant that shoots thorny vines at Zombies that come near it(Based on: Rose Bush)
38: Sea Peashooter - Underwater Ancient Atlantiz Peashooter that shoots bubbles at Zombies which gradually covers them in Bubbles, which pop and explode after a short delay(Based on: Pea)
39: Barmy Bubble Coral - Produces bubbles that float across the Lawn, trapping Zombies inside them and floating up to the Skies. Unlocked in Ancient Atlantiz(Based on: Bubble Coral)
40: Scaredy Shell - Hides inside of an Oyster, shooting pearls at Zombies from afar. When enemies are close, it hides inside of its sturdy Oyster Shell(Based on: Seashell)
41: Snareweed - Ancient Atlantiz Plant that illuminates dark water and traps Zombies inside of its kelp-like Jellyfish tentacles. Design: a plant-like jellyfish with Kelp tentacles(Based on: Giant Kelp)
That is all of my Plant ideas for PvZ 2: It's About Time. I hope you liked them, and you are free to both criticize and praise them.
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2023.03.24 02:22 Openly_Canadian_74 How are people affording to prep for the big spring snowfall?

Today I went shopping, just regular weekly shopping, and Walmart and Sobeys were absolutely crazy, as bad or even worse as it gets at Christmas, I knew it would be because of the weather forecast, but I still need to get out once in a while. Then I went to get my hair cut and the hair salon was totally empty, possibly because everyone else was at Sobeys and Walmart prepping for Snowmageddon. The question is, how can people even afford to prep for a major storm when everything is so overpriced? You're lucky you can afford to buy food and other basic needs weekly let alone stock up for a storm.
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2023.03.24 02:19 RoyalH0 NubileFilms - Fucking Around The Christmas Tree S30:E4

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2023.03.24 02:10 Imadeausernamewow [WTS/WTT] Primary Arms GLX 4-16 FFP Scope w Athena BPR Reticle $550
Hey guys- for sale tonight is a very clean 4-16 GLX scope from Primary Arms. Scope has the illuminated BPR Athena Christmas tree style reticle. Body of the scope and glass is in excellent condition. Also comes with folding adjustable throw lever. Box, scope caps, cleaning cloth are also included. Does not come with the hexes needed for zero stop. More information on the specs of the scope can be found here:
Asking $550 for the scope alone.
Optionally, I have the Larue LT111 mount that it currently sits on. Scope is also in great shape with only some witness marks on the screws. Can add the mount in for $175.
The scope is really impressive, I just don’t shoot long enough range to stretch it out and I also have a 2-12 which fits my needs a little better.
Thanks for looking, and if you have any questions or would like some additional pics let me know. Looking at Comp M4 or maybe a T2 so if you have one and would be interested in a trade I’d be interested. Can add cash if needed.
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2023.03.24 00:45 Learygal12613 EBT

I wish I could get some damn stamps I be in Walmart and you can tell when the stamps hit they have those baskets overflowing with food and the good stuff name brand food I can’t understand if this hoe got 10 kids she should get about 1,000 a month but she keep her ass at dollar store buying that cheap ass food and making them small ass plates for them kids bitch if it was me and mine we would be eating good everyday meat fresh veggies as sides because I know they tired of fucking chicken bum bitch would get her money worth if she went to sams club or Walmart instead of dollar tree
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2023.03.24 00:39 rzesgt XXXmas Greetings. Bad Santa Claus Alexandr Great Fuck me near the Christmas Tree

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2023.03.24 00:21 cwtheking The March of Industry (2/?)

Two in one day because why not, also PEPPER READ IT so that's my validation needed to keep going for the foreseeable future. Anyways enjoy and any advise is welcome. Edited some spelling mistakes.
The flight from Seattle to Alaska took far to long for Coulson's liking, at least the company gave him a ride on a private plane. It was snowing as the plan landed on a runway and Coulson exited. Outside was a white SUV that drove to the plan and opened its door as a man in a company uniform stepped out.“Mr. Coulson please step in we will head to the facility.”
The car ride was considerably shorter than the flight they probably picked this facility due to its location to the airport. Coulson looked out the window as they passed a checkpoint to the facility, it looked to be a repurposed old oil refinery, made sense, they definitely had the space inside if you gutted them. The SUV went down into a basement section as they stopped and disembarked.
A man approached them as they walked to the door wearing a lab coat and white fuzzy hair. “Mr. Coulson it’s a pleasure I’m Doctor Lamarr the head of the quantum tunneling project. Were you told about the procedure you will partake before entering?” Coulson shot up at that. “What procedure? You’re going to do surgery on me?”
The scientist seemed surprised he wasn’t told; in response he spoke to calm him down. “Don’t worry we are not going to replace your heart anything, we need to implant and run test with the suit to make sure it interfaces with your nervous system properly.”
Coulson shook his head putting a finger to the doctor. “Whoa whoa whoa hold on what suit? What do you mean interface with my nervous system?”
The doctor sighed leading him into the base into a workshop section, suspended in the air on chains and pipes an amalgamation of steel and cable sat. It appeared to be shaped for someone to sit ‘inside’ it with the suit wrapped around his back.
“This is the MHI-01 Industrial Augmentation Suit, since your going to a place with werewolves and dragons we thought it would be wise to give you your own edge, besides, since its just you going you will not have a team to help you assemble the equipment so this suit will allow you to use heavy specialized tools. It runs off of 2 hydrogen fuel cell arrays both of which can be refilled once you setup the equipment. The suit features a camera arm located on your left shoulder which will open the spectrum and range you can see while the right arm is equipped to hold and rapidly equip a wide array of industrial features.”
Coulson walked around inspecting it, the suit was larger then him in total, he was only 6ft but with the suit on he would probably stand at about 7ft tall, not to mention the size of the motors and hydraulics on the limbs. “So, how strong is it?”
“Well it’s hard to estimate but in testing we got its arms to pull apart a bar of structure steel so at least 400 megapascals on the arms. One of the terms for sending you through was that we were not allowed to bring handheld firearms. With that in mind we decided to give you the best chance by giving you some super strength.”
“Inside the neck just below your skull is the main processing components, its armored with titanium and is equipped with our latest in artificial intelligence.” Coulson jumped a bit at that looking to the doctor. “Wait AI? I don’t want to be stuck with a chatty voice stuck in my head!” The doctor giggled and responded waving his hands “Not to fear Mr. Coulson the AI is mute and not nearly that smart, its purpose is to run the suit and ensure the success of your mission that’s all.”
Coulson was amazed at this; he knew they were working on a suit program to expand there drilling and mining operations, but he had no clue it was this far ahead. Even if it was with an AI stuck watching everything. Just to crush his dreams however the doctor coughed and spoke up.
“Bad news, however. You see this suit is complicated and it works by tapping into the electrical signals your brain sends to your muscles and mimicking them. This has the side effect of needing multiple needles shoved into your body so the suit can interface probably. Also, to make sure they are positioned correctly we will need to test right which means your going to have to be awake. In short this is going to hurt, a lot, please with me.
The doctor lead him though the hallways down to a separate part of the facility where above him robotic arms mounted to the ceiling sat each equipped with various surgical tools and grips. The doctor patted on Coulson’s shoulder and lead him to a what looked like a chair with holes in the back of it and straps for his hands waste and legs.
After a bit of hesitation Coulson sat down as the doctor strapped him in. “Now I must be going, the machine will control the implantation try to think happy thoughts and here, you’re going to need this. "The doctor put a bite guard in his mouth as the chair extended and laid back as the lights changed a bit while the doctor left the door shutting and the arms whirring to live into position.

~(WARNING: Next section will be a bit graphic so if you are not okay with that skip to the next section)~
The arms moved back grabbing a few plates as he felt his neck get grabbed in locked in place. Two moved in front of him placing plates on his shoulders as he felt a prick then screamed as two nails were pushed in to secure them to bone. Meanwhile 6 more pushed and nailed into his back securing to rib as various smaller quarter sized slots where cut into his arms and legs.
He felt water running down his feet and was worried he wet himself only to realize it was blood. For a few seconds the machine stopped as he was able to catch his breath only to hear something spinning up like a drill. It was only a few seconds later that he tried to scream and nearly bite the mouth guard in two as he felt the drill push into the back of his skull and implant something before sliding out as he drifted into black.
~~~~(Graphic bits over continue here)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Coulson, Mr. Coulson wake up its time ”Coulson opened his eyes to see the face of the doctor coming into view as he was being tapped on his chin, he tried to get up but heard the sound of whirring as he was jutted forward his arms feeling heavier than usual.
Looking around he inspected his body and saw the suit was attached and secured to his body large needles going into the metal plates that were fixed on his body, on his left shoulder a large disc like ring of cameras sat on a gimbaled arm that seemed to be fixed in place as he moved around tracking his head. His right forearm was covered in plates and attachment points.
“Good morning sleepy head, you were out for a while from the pain so we went ahead and put you in the suit, The neural interface in the back of your head should give you visual and interface data in a minute once our brain figures out how it works.”
The doctor was writing on a clipboard as a few employed helped you up and started attaching tools and equipment to the suit all the while pushing him forward as they moved though a heavy door into a large emptied room. There was a glass control room on the left and in front of them a ring like object with various cables and devices hooked up and whirring around the place.
“Welcome to the quantum tunneling chamber now due to your little nap we are behind schedule, your equipment has already been sent though and your go to be sent in…minute thirty so we got to be in the control room, just stay here and listen to orders.”
This was happening fast, time is money he guessed but he just woke up. Suddenly the rooms lights darkened several going out as the ring lit up and sparked as various devices started up the room shaking a bit while on his left the doctor entered the control room and spoke on an intercom.
“Enforcer unit ready for travel started tunneling checklist.”
“Power? Go”
“Tear stability? Go”
“Data call and response? Clear”
“Opening tear to 7 ft.”
The room shook heavily as a circle formed in the middle of the ring spinning rapidly like it was cutting though the wall but in middle of the air, suddenly like a tear in paper a window opened growing larger till it reached the size of the ring sparks flying though the room as the intercom opened up.
“Tunnel open, Enforcer one you are clear for transfer immediately. ”The doctor nodded towards Coulson, no time to explain apparently as Coulson ran ahead leaping though the portal. Lights flashed as he was transported though time and space and suddenly as quickly as it started.
Green. Green of the trees and blue of the sky as he looked up and heard birds chirping the portal closing behind him. Before doing anything, he decided to sit there, just sit and look up enjoying the air and sounds of nature before he was surprised.
“OY get to work your not being paid to laid down.”
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2023.03.23 23:57 jazi_stew using chatgpt to generate diary enties from your dr

I just started this about 20 minutes ago and it's motivated me so much. I'm learning to shift to hogwarts and (I'm sorry) I haven't read all the books yet so I'm not well edcuated on the intracies of being a student at Hogwarts. I've watched the films and I play Hogwarts legacy and I'm shifting for the school experience and not the plot of the dark stuff. Just there to have fun.
But basically the title is self explainitory but I'm going to paste an example down below. This really helps with visualising especially if your mind tends to wonder like mine (I have ADHD) and it's not helpful, so reading these makes me feel like I've been there before if that makes sense. (more at the bottom to skip past the long examples)
For example I typed into ChatGPT (First day at hogwarts as a diary entry)
"Dear Diary,
Today was an extraordinary day - one that I never could have imagined before. I am writing to you from the dormitory of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where I will be spending the next seven years of my life.
My journey to Hogwarts was incredible. I remember feeling anxious as I approached the mystical platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station. But as soon as I saw the scarlet steam engine and the platform filled with witches and wizards, my excitement overtook my nerves. I will never forget the feeling of running through the solid barrier between platforms 9 and 10 and emerging on the other side to find myself in a magical world.
Once I boarded the Hogwarts Express, I quickly found myself in a compartment with three other first-year students. We chatted and shared stories about our excitement for our new school, and I felt like I had found a group of friends already.
When we arrived at Hogsmeade Station, we were greeted by Professor McGonagall, who led us across the Black Lake to the castle. As we walked through the magnificent halls of Hogwarts, I was in awe of the sheer size and beauty of the castle.
Our first stop was the Great Hall, where we were sorted into our respective houses. My heart raced as I walked up to the Sorting Hat, but I was thrilled when it announced that I would be joining Gryffindor House. I was clapped on the back by fellow Gryffindors as I took my place at the table, feeling an overwhelming sense of belonging.
As the Sorting Ceremony ended, we were served a lavish feast of roast beef, chicken, potatoes, and all sorts of other delicacies. I looked around at the other students, all dressed in their colorful robes, and realized that I was now a part of this magical community.
After the feast, we were led to our common room by a prefect. I felt like I was walking through a dream as we made our way through secret passageways and winding staircases. Finally, we arrived at the Gryffindor common room, where we were greeted by the warm fire and comfortable furniture.
As I sit here, writing to you in the flickering firelight, I can hardly believe that this day has actually happened. I am overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation for what the next seven years at Hogwarts will bring. I know that this school will challenge me, teach me, and change me in ways that I cannot yet imagine. But for now, I am just grateful to be here, surrounded by magic and wonder.
Until tomorrow, dear diary.
Yours truly,
[Your Name]"

another regular day in lessons example
Dear Diary,
Today was quite a busy day at Hogwarts, with a Charms lesson in the morning and a Potion lesson in the afternoon. It was a bit overwhelming, but also incredibly rewarding to learn and practice so much magic in one day.
In the Charms lesson, we learned about nonverbal spells and how to cast them effectively. It was a challenging but exciting experience, as we had to learn how to convey the intent of the spell without speaking out loud. We practiced levitation and other charms, and by the end of the lesson, I could feel the power and control of my magic growing stronger.
In the afternoon, we had a Potion lesson, which was a completely different experience from the morning. We had to follow very specific instructions, measuring out ingredients with precision and making sure we followed the directions to the letter. It was a tedious but satisfying process, and I felt a sense of accomplishment when I finally managed to create a potion that worked correctly.
What struck me the most today was the importance of discipline and focus when practicing magic. In Charms, we had to concentrate deeply to cast the nonverbal spells correctly. In Potions, we had to follow the instructions carefully, paying attention to every detail. Both lessons required patience, attention to detail, and a willingness to learn and improve.
As I sit here reflecting on the day, I feel a sense of pride and excitement for what I've accomplished. I am grateful for the teachers at Hogwarts who guide us through these magical lessons, and for the friends and classmates who support each other in our learning journeys.
Tomorrow is another day of classes, and I am eager to continue my magical education. I can't wait to see what new challenges and discoveries await me.
Until then, dear diary.
Yours truly,
[Your Name]"

christmas at hogwarts

Dear Diary,
It's Christmas time at Hogwarts and the castle is filled with the most magical decorations. Every corridor is adorned with mistletoe and holly, and the Great Hall is transformed into a winter wonderland. The Christmas trees are tall and sparkly with gold and silver ornaments, and the flickering candlelight creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.
The students are in high spirits, with the holidays bringing a sense of joy and cheer to the school. We are all looking forward to the feast tonight in the Great Hall, where we will indulge in a delicious spread of holiday food and drink.
As I sit here writing to you, snow is falling gently outside my window. The quiet stillness of the snowfall is a stark contrast to the lively festivities happening all around me. I can hear carolers singing in the distance, and the laughter of students enjoying the snowball fights and other outdoor activities.
But there is more to Christmas at Hogwarts than just the decorations and festivities. It is a time for reflection and gratitude, for spending time with loved ones and reflecting on the past year. It is a reminder that even in the darkest times, there is always a glimmer of hope and light.
I am grateful for this time at Hogwarts, for the friends I have made, and for the magic that surrounds us all. As I look forward to the coming year, I know that whatever challenges may come my way, I will face them with the courage and resilience that Hogwarts has taught me.
Merry Christmas, dear diary.
Yours truly,
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you can obviously tailor these after they've been genorated or even just make the prompt as specific as you want. As someone who enjoys reading and getting lost in the words, this is amazing because I can imagine they're from me in my DR but I haven't had to write them. They just appear. (like magic haha) But yeah feel free to copy and paste these examples if it helps with your Hogwarts visualisations. I know this is very specific to Hogwarts but chatGPT is very vast and you can type in any prompts incase you're not familar with AI chat.
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2023.03.23 23:55 VICXIII I've done and fuck up! Chapter 43 part 2

The Recon Team had traveled 2.2 Mi. So far, they hadn’t encountered a scouting unit from the advancing force. Not even the reading Bla`ol was getting from the satellites showed any movement on their part. Valè had even Comm’d Command Center to see if the satellites were in working order, and what she got was the same info Bla`ol gave her. The advancing force hadn’t moved from its location. Valè didn’t like that at all. Her gut was telling her something was off. The corner of her HUD began to blinker, notifying her that someone was trying to reach her via Comms. Answering her Comms, the tiny image of the Champion appears in the corner of her HUD.
“Did you find something, Champion?”
Valè asked as she signaled to the rest of the Recon Team to stop.
“Junior team leader Valè, I have found a hollowed-out cave-like pathway inside the tree. My…Gift scanned ahead and showed me it would place us about 3/5 a mile above the advancing force. This location would make a perfect sniper nest. I mean, look out to recon from.”
As the Champion gave his report, next to his image appeared several images and 3D images showing Valè the hollowed-out cave. As the images and 3D images changed, something caught Valè’s eyes. Her gaze focused on the image. The image stopped and expanded, showing scrapping marks on the tree bark. The scrapping didn’t look natural. It looked almost as if something had drilled its way into the tree.
“Have you found any signs of tracks or recent movement near the cave?”
Valè voiced her concern. The cave looked too artificial, and she feared an advancing scouting unit had created it.
“No, there are no signs of movement of any kind. What are your orders, Junior team leader Valè?”
The Champion's reply was simple and straight to the point. Still, Valè was concerned about this cave. Something about it seems off.
“Have you found another path that will take us closer to the advancing force?”
Valè asked, hoping there were other pathways. The Champion shook his head and spoke.
“Not unless you want to jump off the edge of this branch and land in the middle of the advancing force or take a thirty-minute detour.”
Valè clicked her tongue. They were pressed for time. Deciding on the fastest route, she went for the cave.
“Wait for us to arrive at your location, Champion. ETA to your location is five minutes.”
The Champion nodded in acknowledgment and cut the Comms. Valè turned to the Recon Team and spoke.
“The Champion has found a path for us. Move it on the double!”
The Recon Team moved with swift grace and stealth, their movement going unnoticed by the creature that grazed on the massive tree. The only animal that noticed their actions was a mid-sized slimy predator who, thanks to the Recon Team, had failed to catch its prey.
The Recon Team reached the massive cave. Their faces behind their helmet were painted with awe and surprise. All of them were thinking, “what or who made it?” Standing above the cave-like entrance, Gabriel turned off his “cloak” and called to the Recon Team.
“It's a clear path, Junior team leader Valè. Just watch your step. It has quite the slope.”
Everyone's gaze turns to the Champion and then back to the cave. Something just didn’t sit right about it. One of the Recon Team, Vijatà, spoke.
“Are you sure it’s safe to go in?”
Vijatà said what everyone was thinking. Gabriel jumped off from the top of the cave and slowly descended in front of the Recon Team. While doing so, he spoke.
“Yes, you just have to watch your step.”
Everyone turns to Valè, waiting for their orders. Valè took in the information she was given and weighed her options. With the bit of time they had left and the need for information, Valè decided to enter the cave.
“I know everyone is not liking the feeling this cave is giving off, but we are pressed for time. We march forward. Champion, please take the lead. Vijatà and V`yx, with me in the middle, be ready with your Gifts. Bla`ol, I want you behind me, ready to deploy a construct and have your sensor watching our backs. Yoremedia and Ùzonal, both of you on our 6. Anything that pins the wrong way on Bla`ol sensors, I want you to delete it from existence.”
Everyone nodded and got into position. While everyone was getting into position, Valè gave Command Center an update on their current path and the massive cave. Like her, those in the Command Center found the cave odd and warned them to proceed with caution. With her update to the Command Center done, Valè joined the formation and glanced at the massive cave entrance before diving in.
Everyone marches towards the Creepy cave. The group walked silently, their steps being the only sound inside the cave and, occasionally, the sound of them stepping in a puddle of a very sticky liquid. As they walked, they scanned for any threat and took in the strange yet eerie world surrounding them. The cave walls were covered by a glowing sticky goo :maxbytes(150000):strip_icc()/optaboutcomcoeusresourcescontent_migrationtreehuggerimages201508_joseph-michael-glowworm-cave-photos-5-ea27eebbaab54a2e8be6e822bbf5fd4d.jpg)that dripped from every corner. At first, they had not encountered the glowing goo. It was only recently that they began to see it. Walking behind everyone, Yoremedia kept her eyes on Gab`riel on and off. On their way here, she had a small glimpse of what was bothering Gab`riel. His rotations inside the Transport that had brought him here had left him with symptoms of claustrophobia. The symptoms were now mild, thanks to the cycle he had spent with Healer of the mind Zè. Still traveling in something the size of a Transport still left Gab`riel irritated and annoyed, making him use a meditation technique that Healer of the mind Zè had taught him.
Yoremedia sighed. The meditation worked, as Gab`riel said, but his body still responded to being confined. She wished she could do more for him, but her paws were tied behind her back alongside her tail. Something moving caught Yoremedia’s eyes. Something she found odd as her HUD or Bla`ol’s hadn’t warned them. Turning her head and rifle, she looked at whatever caught her gaze. Slightly above the group were large pockets of whatever the sticky goo was. Her scanners show that the pockets of goo were made out of sucrose, water, and small amounts of Glucose and fructose. Whatever this goo thing was where sure to be sweet, very sweet. Suddenly, the cave’s floor moved, making everyone jump into a battle formation. The walls of the massive cave began to constrict, bringing the glowing world around them to life. Everyone was on edge except for the Champion and Bla`ol. The Champion’s eyes scanned the walls, ceiling, and floor while Bla`ol’s Mecha’s onboard sensors and scanners did the same.
“Clear! The tree is just breathing!”
Both the Champion and Bla`ol screamed, cutting the tension that filled every one of the Recon Team. Slowly lowering their rifles, everyone let go of the breath they were holding.
“Recon team, we detected elevated heart rates and spikes in your adrenaline levels. What’s going on?”
Comms Officer Unjerstrinia's voice and image came through a level 5 Comms. Her concern was evident on her young Litrigon face.
“The tree gave us a bit of a fright. It turns out trees can breathe.”
Valè said while trying to get her heart rate down. This place just rubs her the wrong way.
Comms Officer Unjerstrinia’s ears twitch for a bit, confused by what she heard, and her bioluminescence also shows a bit of confusion. Still, she places that confusion in the back of her mind. She needed to know if the mission was still viable.
“Acknowledge Recon Team. Is the mission a no-go?”
Valè turns to the people still looking at the tree, scanning it, and asks.
“Champion. Bla`ol. Is it safe to move on?”
Bla`ol looks at his sensor readings and scanners. Everything shown to him was green. The only life signs inside the massive cave were the seven of them. Turning the Mecha’s outer speaker, the male Tiverno spoke.
“Everything looks green. Nothing out of place.”
Valè nodded her head at the reply. Turning her attention back to Comms Officer Unjerstrinia, she spoke.
“We all green here, Command Center. The mission is still a go.”
Comms Officer Unjerstrinia nodded and spoke.
“Understood, Recon Team. We will continue to monitor your progress. Goddesses speed and good luck.”
The Comms ended, and Valè turned to the rest of the Recon Team. She was about to give the order to continue but noticed the Champion still looking at the cave. She was about to say something when the Champion spoke.
“Vijatà move three steps to the right.”
Gabriel spoke. His deep voice echoed in the massive cave, stunning those behind him for a second. It took Vijatà another second to process what she heard. But by the time she did, it was too late.
“What do yo...Ahhhh!” What in the Eight Agony Plains is this icky goo thing!?”
One of the large pockets of goo had burst open, dropping all its content on top of the Tubinestian female. The image of Vijatà covered in glowing sticky goo was too much for the group of mixed children of the Empire. Every single one burst out laughing.
“Hahaha! Look, Sis, your dream became true!”
V`yx screamed, which only made her other litter sisters laugh louder.
“Demon fucker! When I said, I wanted to be bathed by something sticky! I didn’t mean this shit!”
Vijatà said with apparent rage while trying to get the goo of herself. This, in turn, only made the rest of the group laugh even louder. The only one that wasn’t partaking in Vijatà misery was Gabriel. He had just finished scanning the pocket of goo that exploded because of the tree breathing, and he could not believe what he saw. Being disconnected from the net, he had not been given a clear sign of what he had been walking through, even with his passive scans scanning ahead. All he got was what he believed to be natural tree juices. He finally understood what he was seeing when the pocket of goo or blue glowing alien maple syrup completely covered Vijatà. No, he first needs to check his theory out. Countless imitations had fooled many Humans and even his father, but if this turned out to be maple syrup, then one of Humanity's many Edicts would be complete.
“Could this mission get any worse?” Vijatà thought. Not only was she scolded by her older litter sister, but her attempts to get the Champion's attention had also failed. She knew before the crash the Champion would always find it amusing when Team members gave him compliments or straight-up flirted with him. But now, anything she tried or said would only get her a slight smile or complete indifference. Beeping from her HUD added more salt to her already bruised ego. It warned her of the goo going into her rifle and gunking some of the components. She was about to swing her rifle around and see if that got the goo out of it when the Champion grabbed her by the wrist.
Vijatà asks, confused by the Champion’s action. The Champion said nothing. Only the slight glow of his helmet disappearing answered her. Vijatà looks down at the Champion and notices him scanning her paw with his deep, glowing eyes. The Champion's action made everyone stop laughing and pay close attention to what he was doing. This time it was Valè turns to ask.
“Champion, is that goo dangerous?”
The Champion did not answer as his tongue was busy licking Vijatà’s paw. Everyone's jaw would’ve hit the floor if it wasn’t for their helmet holding it in. Vijatà was over the moons. The Champion was licking her paw with feverous lust. Even through her armor, she could feel the Champion’s tongue gliding over her scales. Oh, how it felt. How she wishes she could rip her armor off and feel his tongue between the crevices of her scales. The Champion’s tongue moved away from her palm and began to lick her fingers. This made Vijatà’s legs tremble and sent a chill down her spine to the tip of her tail. It felt like hours. The Champion’s tongue over-stimulated her senses almost to the breaking point, but the Champion stopped before she could reach that oh-so-sweet climax.
“Oh, hell yeah! That is most definitely maple syrup!”
The Champion screamed in his cradle tongue. His voice radiated a joy that burrowed into everyone's core, pulling those stunned by his little act out of their daze.
“Recon Team, what in the name of our Divine Goddesses is going on over there!? And why in the damn Eight Agony Plains is team member Vijata’s vitals showing signs of extreme sexual arousal!?”
Once again, the voice and image of Comms officer Unjerstrinia rang and appeared inside every Recon Team member’s helmet. Still, in a bit of a daze, Valè shook her head, trying to get her bearings. But what she had witnessed had left her in a state of shock.
“Recon Team! Report!”
This time, the voice and image that came through weren’t Comms officer Unjerstrinia but Supreme Commander Yesleta. The authority and power behind Supreme Commander Yesleta’s voice was the sledgehammer that broke Valè out of her shocked state.
“I…well…the Champion…he licked? Something…from team member Vijatà’s paw?”
Valè words were full of confusion and shock. Even as she spoke, it sounded like she could not believe what she was saying. The image of Supreme Commander Yesleta shows her raising her eyebrow. Yesleta knew something was off when she felt Gabriel’s disbelieve, followed by his intense enjoyment. Just what in the damn Eight Agony Plains was he doing?
“Gab`riel, mind telling me what you are doing? We are all dying to know.”
The voice of Yesleta came through the outer speakers of the Recon Team helmets. Her voice echoed in the hollowed-out cave tree. Making the hairs on the back of Gabriel's neck stand on end. Gabriel cursed internally. His need to find out about the maple syrup had made him forget where and with whom he was. Taking a deep breath, he faced everyone and spoke.
“Ah, yes. What is currently covering Vijatà is a substance Humans call maple syrup. This substance was processed from trees called Sugar maples. Sadly many milleni….sorry I mean, thousands of rotations ago, the trees, alongside many flora and fauna from Humanity's cradle home, were…went extinct. Finding something similar to maple syrup has been placed in what my people call the Humans Edicts. These Edicts are very important, to the point that finding one would make all of Humanity move.”
Yesleta saw countless emotions running through Gab`riel’s face through the cameras on the Recon Team helmet. His expression was similar to when someone was rewarded by the Divine Goddesses when that person had achieved something remarkable. On any other occasion, she would be curious and willing to listen to Gabriel explaining these Edicts. Yet here, and now she could not let whatever these Edicts were, take precedence over the mission in paw.
“Champion Gab`riel, whatever these Èjïtcs are, do not outweigh the current mission. I hope I do not need to remind you of what is currently approaching our location.”
Yesleta's voice wasn’t low or harsh. Yet it carried an authority that made Gabriel slightly flinch. Feeling Yesleta’s disappointment through their link didn’t help Gabriel either, but he couldn’t control this. It was part of him; it was in his DNA. Still, Yesleta was right. They have more pressing matters to attempt too, plus he could always find more maple syrup now that he knew what he was looking for.
“No, Supreme Commander. There is no ne……What the fuck!? Everyone move!”
Gabriel screams at the top of his lungs while pulling Vijatà, who was standing next to him, into his arms and jumping into the air. The rest of the Recon Team, too, jump back just in time to see a set of very familiar tentacles. Gabriel flips in the air and lands on the cave ceiling. Cursing, he materialized his helmet and looked at the hideous creature before him. In his moment of lax judgment, Gabriel had not been paying attention to his passive scans, which were screaming at him about a massive worm measuring 70 meters long and 40 meters high approaching them. He only noticed the gigantic worm when his senses screamed at him of the danger below their feet. The worm rose from the massive hole it created. It opens its mouth, revealing countless razor-sharp fangs and tentacles.
“Is that a fucking Agony Demon! How the fuck did we miss that!?”
Vijatà screams while being carried bridal style by Gabriel. Seeing this creature, she, alongside the Recon Team, understood why they all felt odd inside the massive cave. They were walking through an Agony Demon’s nest!
“The tree! The Tree’s Essences was masking it from our HUD and scanners!”
Bla`ol screams, his voice amplified by Mecha’s outer speakers.
“We’ll deal with that later. Light the fucker up!
Valè screamed. Every member of the Recon Team heard her orders. The sounds of their regular rifles coming to life are heard, and what follows soon after are the sounds of rounds going at Mach 15 echoing inside the cave. The Recon Team had begun fighting the monstrous worm.
The rounds pierce the horrendous creature's flesh, making it scream in pain. The beast retaliated using its massive tentacles. The Recon Team members dodge the incoming attack with grace and great dexterity. Yesleta watched the battle that had just ensued and could not believe her eyes. An Agony Demon had escaped their detection and made it home inside the massive tree.
“That's not an Agony Demon! It's a native species of this planet!”
Gabriel's voice came through everyone's Comms. Hearing his outrageous outburst almost made those fighting the beast lose their footing.
“What do you mean it's not an Agony Demon!? Look at it! Sharp razor fangs! Countless tentacles and hideously ugly! That is most definitely An agony Demon!”
Vijatà, who Gabriel was carrying, screamed what everyone was thinking.
“Exactly that. I scanned it. Its genetic makeup matches the beings of this world.”
While Gabriel gave his explanation, he sent his findings to the Command Center. Those that read the information provided by him were surprised. The creature was indeed a native of this planet. Yesleta, with her ability to absorb more data, read the complete data package that Gabriel had sent. The creature was unique, to say the least, and it was a bizarre example of convergent evolution. She sighed. She knew later on that Momola`n would throw a fit over what she was about to order.
“Is it possible the cave is this creature's home, and when everyone entered, it felt threatened. But as it stands, we don’t have the luxury to make the creature flee. Recon Team, you have the green light. Eliminate the threat in front of you.”
Yesleta gave her order, making everyone move into action. Gabriel kicked off from the ceiling. Beams of superheated plasma shot out from his helmet—burning tentacles aimed at the Recon Team. The massive beast roared. It turned its attention to the one that attacked it and spat a foul-colored liquid. Gabriel easily dodged the foul liquid thrown in his direction. The simple-minded creature, annoyed at the tiny being flying around it, began to pay complete attention to it. Which, it turns out, signed its doom. Yoremedia and her team members Ùzonal and Bla'ol fired their rifles and mounted arm cannons. Their rounds rip large meaty chunks off the beast. The beast roared, enraged by the pain it felt losing its flesh, but in its simple-mindedness, it only saw the flying being about its head attacking it.
“Hot bone!”
Bla`ol screams through his Mecha helmet while throwing an aerodynamic cylinder he created with his Gift at Yoremedia. Catching the cylinder, Yoremedia began injecting her Gift into it. The power of Divine light fills the cylinder, and soon it begins to glow.
“Frag out!”
Yoremedia yells out, throwing the cylinder out at incredible speeds. The cylinder flew, cutting a path straight to the creature. The creature's tentacles began trashing around more violently due to Gabriel burning its mouth. A tentacle was about to smash the cylinder into pieces when countless shadows rose from the ground slicing the tentacle into ribbons.
“That was close!”
Ùzonal, the other male member of Yoremedia’s team, screams out with his paw stretched out. Moving his paws in a circular motion, the shadows match it creating a rotational dome around the cylinder. The now shadow missile cut its way deep into the creature, making it release a horrendous scream. Cracks began to form around the shadows covering the cylinder. Soon light began to radiate from it, and then a blinding explosion happened, releasing billions of nanites into the creature. The nanites flew everywhere, attaching themselves to whatever they came into contact with. Soon the power that Yoremedia injected into them reached a boiling point creating countless explosions. Where once used to be flesh was replaced by smoky white bones. A shriek of despair rang inside the cave, almost deafening the Recon Team. The hideous creature thrashed violently, aggravating its wounds and releasing a vile-colored liquid that began to eat away at the floor. Not knowing what the liquid would do, Yoremedia and her team jumped back and continued to fire their rifles and arm cannons.
Valè and her litter sister V`yx ran around firing their rifles while dodging the spit, tentacles, and falling debris the creature was throwing around. As she ran, a glowing light covered V`yx. Thanks to the covering fire her older litter sister Valè provided, V`yx gathered her Essence into her Gift. Extending her paw, she fired a glowing missile of light. The missile crashed into one of the many tentacles, spreading its light throughout the massive beast. The light ran like wildfire on the beast covering it completely, and soon, the gigantic worm began to lose strength. Its violent trashing slowly dies down. V`yx smiled. Her Gift had weakened the disgusting creature, but not completely. It still had some fight left. It smashed two of its tentacles into the ceiling sending large chunks of bark into the floor below. Both Valè and V`yx dodge the incoming debris. They weave with trained perfection, the tentacles, falling debris, and the odd-looking liquid; they dodge it all. But avoiding a chunk of bark the size of a Transport, Valè found herself alone with her back against the cave wall. Tentacles race toward her with the intent to end her. Power rose inside Valè. Her Essence reached its peak and was released with great force. The force tore the tentacles apart and any debris near her. Around her, a blue shield was created, blocking anything that wished to harm her.
“Vijatà, get down here now while I have my Gift up! We need to put this thing down now!”
Valè screamed into her Comms, carrying her voice to her other litter sister. Vijatà was having the time of her life. The Champion had licked her fingers and paw clean off, which almost made her come, and now she was being carried by him while flying around. It felt off being at the mercy of the Champion, but she wouldn’t lie. It was thrilling to no end. What's more, in the position she found herself in, her paws could grab onto the undersuit of the Champion. The suit had a similar texture to her armor, making it easy to feel what was underneath.
“Vijatà, get down here now while I have my Gift up! We need to put this thing down now!”
Valè annoyed, and pissed-off voice rang next to her ears, destroying Vijatà's joyful and wonderful moment. Vijatà sighed. It was time to get back at what she was good at, and that was killing ugly Demon fuckers. Hopefully, once she was done and the Devine Goddesses allowed it, the Champion would return to cleaning her again. With her goal in mind, Vijatà taps the Champion’s shoulder. The Champion stops firing plasma beams from his helmet and turns his attention to Vijatà.
“I got to go. Thanks for the cleaning, Champion! Once this is done, can we continue where we left off? I still hav….”
“Vijatà! Get your fucking tail down here, Now!”
Valè’s voice booms into Vijatà’s Comms, making the young Tubinestian woman jump. Annoyed, Vijatà looked over her shoulder and saw the battle below. Her litter sister V`yx had weakened the creature with her Gift, but it wasn’t enough to bring it down. Turning to the Champion, she winks, which the Champion could see as her helmet wasn’t tinted yet. Running her fingers down the Champion’s helmet, Vijatà spoke.
“See you later, Champion.”
Pushing herself off the Champion, Vijatà fell to the battle below. With unparallel skill, Vijatà twisted her body, dodging the creature’s tentacles. A tentacle was getting dangerously close to her. Extending her arms, Vijatà pushed herself away from the beast and flipped in the air, catapulting her high above the creature’s head. As she flew over the creature's head, Vijatà grabbed her rifle and began to rain supersonic rounds down onto the beast. The rounds pierce the creature’s skull, destroying a section of its skull. The beast started flailing its tentacles violently over its head, forcing Vijatà to change her landing trajectory. Landing on the creature’s back, Vijatà almost lost her footing as the back of the creature was covered by some type of slippery substance. Bearly maintaining her balance, Vijatà was able to slide down the creature’s back and land next to her older litter sister.
“You took your damn sweet time! Link up with V`yx so we can bring this thing down now!”
Valè said through gritted teeth, as keeping her Gift up against the constant onslaught of attack from the creature’s tentacles was draining her Essence rapidly. Not missing a beat, Vijatà looked at her HUD, searching for her litter sister V`yx IFF. The HUD painted her nearby, running toward her Vijatà scream.
“To the Goddess of War, we pray!”
“Mighty Catteyutiria, we call forth your wrath!”
In the distance, V`yx voice booms.
“Bring down those that stand in our way!”
Vijatà continued to scream as she got closer to her litter sister.
“Shatter their will to fight with your ever-growing might!”
V`yx voice sounded closer to Vijatà now. V`yx and Vijatà were only a few feet away from each other. Putting their rifles away, they ran toward each other with their fists held high.
“Let the sound of your War drums ring! Catteyutiria’s Smite!”
Both Tubinestian women scream while their fists collide. A large amount of Essences was released by each clash. The ringing of their fists echoed across the massive cave, and the large amount of Essences covered the gigantic worm. The worm began to lose strength. Its tentacles which it once used to rend the cave ceiling and floor apart, were now strewed on the cave’s floor motionless.
“Bring it down! Before the debuff runs out!”
Valè screams to every member of the Recon Team. V`yx and Vijatà grabbed their rifles and fired at the massive worm. Valè, now with some breathing room, joins her younger litter sisters leaving the cave’s wall behind. Yoremedia and her team focused fired onto the gaping hole they created, tearing every organ exposed.
Gabriel had stopped firing his plasma beams when Vijatà and V`yx had used their Gifts in a combo or k'i'ik'el kechmekatl. He had read about it while studying **“**MagIc~.” It was an ability of those from the same family, alongside similar Gifts, could perform. Giving a prayer to the Goddess they had an affinity to, just like Vijatà and V`yx had prayed to Catteyutiria, would amplify their Gifts, creating a more potent reaction and boosting their Gifts. Seeing the k'i'ik'el kechmekatl was interesting yet bizarre, like everything that dealt with “mAgIc~” still, seeing it in person and reading it about were two different things. The application and deployment of these unique abilities would change the playing field of any battle, just like what was happening in front of him.
Everyone was fighting the ugly as-sin worm…or, to be more precise. They were curb-stomping it to death. Dodging a round, Gabriel took notice of something. The Recon Team was fighting the creature in front of them as if it was an Agony Demon which was bad. At the beginning of the fight, he had been cautious in using his abilities. As throwing balls of plasma or using the Spear of Terra replica would’ve destroyed the cave…something the Recon Team was doing by themselves already. Sure, they were cautious with their shots, but this creature wasn’t built like an Agony Demon. Rounds flew through the beast, tearing flesh and destroying whatever was on the other side. He needed to finish this fight before they brought the cave down.
“Everyone pull back!”
He screamed. The voice of the Champion came through everyone’s Comms. No one bothered to second-guess what they heard. Every member of the Recon Team jumped back with amazing speed. Helmets began to tint as an extremely bright light engulfed the cave. A massive ball of plasma sat above the Champion. With one swift motion, he throws it at the beast below. The ball of plasma flew toward the creature, who was still under the effect of V`yx and Vijatà's strange ability. The eyeless monstrosity could not see what was approaching it. It could only feel the scorching heat for less than a second before turning into ash. The massive ball of plasma flew past the gigantic worm, leaving nothing behind, not even ash. Seeing the beast turn to nothing, the Recon Team began to relax but still maintain vigilance.
“Recon Team report.”
The voice and image of Supreme Commander Yesleta came through. Vale turned her gaze to the corner of her helmet. There she saw her Supreme Commander, as always displaying power and dignity worthy of her position. Raising her tail for a salute, Valè spoke.
“Supreme Commander, the immediate threat has been neutralized. Team members V`yx and Vijatà have used a significant portion of their Essence, but nothing an Erol fruit can’t fix.”
Yesleta nodded her head. She had seen the battle play out thanks to the cameras on the Recon Team helmets. In less than two minutes, the massive creature had been brought down, and no one had suffered any significant damage. Satisfied with the result of the battle, she spoke.
“Regroup and continue with your current heading. We will continue to monitor you. Lastly, Champion Gab`riel, I hope another “event” doesn’t occur. Supreme Commander Yesleta out.”
Gabriel flinched at Yesleta's last parting words. He had been listening to the conversation in case of any new orders, yet all he got was a chewing. A chewing that would continue once he got back if what he was getting through their link was true, which always was…maybe if he took some maple syrup to Yesleta, the chewing wouldn’t be as ba…
“Hey, where is all this coming from? Champion Gab`riel, what did you call this thing? Matlè cirit?”
The voice of Vijatà derailed Gabriel’s train of thought. Turning his attention toward the young woman, he saw her eating Erol fruit that replenishes their Essences and an ankle-deep stream of blue glowing maple syrup running down the cave’s floor.
“I think it's matle cirit, and can you just sit and eat your Erol? We need to get our Essence back, or did you forget we have a battalion of unknowns approaching us.”
Gabriel turned his gaze to the one that had spoken. Sitting around a boulder-sized bark was Yoremedia, her Team members Ùzonal and Bla`ol, Valè, and the one he was sure had spoken V`yx. Everyone had taken their helmets off and were waiting for V`yx and Vijatà to finish their fruit. Seeing everyone taking a breather, Gabriel decided to continue to “examine” the maple syrup. After all, he needed to be 100% certain it was maple syrup. Flying toward a wall, Gabriel scanned it for anything that would affect the flavor. Finding nothing, he began to sample the maple syrup. His tastebuds when into euphoria all the sweet things Gabriel had tasted up to this point could not compare to this type of sweetness. A ping from his passive scan notifies Gabriel something is happening to the hole the worm came out from. Flying to the massive hole, he began to scan the interior of it and noticed the odd-looking liquid the worm had used was rapidly deteriorating. Landing on the edge of the hole, Gabriel detected several fault areas. Something he didn’t like, as the smallest amount of force would shatter the bark and flood this cave with a sea of maple syrup. Opening the Recon Team’s Comms, he spoke.
“Junior team leader Valè, we should begin to depart. I have finished scanning the hole where the creature appeared, and it shows significant damage done to it. The possibility of breaking and flooding this cave with maple syrup is high.”
Information pops up from Valè’s forearms' 3D display. The leader of the Recon Team reads the data and wrinkles her brow; she doesn’t like what she is reading.
“Ya’ll heard the Champion. Let’s move.”
Everyone nodded, and their helmets began to close around their head. Gabriel began to walk toward the group to get into position when his passive scan showed a familiar scan. The scans were the same as the ones when the tree was about to breathe…
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2023.03.23 22:56 propheticperfumes 7 Extremely Belated Nui Cobalt Yule Reviews ⚗️💙🌲🕯️

Hello my budding snowdrops and crocuses! Yes, yes, I know, “K,” you sigh exasperatedly, “why are you posting a review on winter scents at the start of spring?” Well, I don’t know about you folks, but despite what my calendar says, the gray skies, rain/snow, and my purple feet are all telling me that it’s still winter, and I’m also still using my most heavy and warm cuddly scents, so yule scents it is!
Jokes aside, I’ve had to deal with insane migraines, work stress, an injured knee (I’ve had an open wound and a limp for the past few weeks!), and a whole host of other issues, which is why I must apologize again to Forest and Josh of Nui Cobalt Designs for the long wait, and of course thank them for this opportunity of receiving samples in exchange for reviews. Thank you for always being so kind and gracious about my delays.
Just a quick note before I begin for anyone unfamiliar with this brand: NCD is one of my absolute favorite perfume house for a variety of reasons. Their site is easy to navigate, they offer samples, their TAT is lightning fast, their collections stay up for months and return yearly so there’s not really any real FOMO, their customer service is always polite and prompt, and quite honestly, their scents just really work for me and my tastes in general, as you will see down below.
And without further ado, let’s get into these reviews!
Emerald Velvet 🌲💚
Description: A regal perfume for your most special celebrations. Douglas fir, white sandalwood, heliotrope, pale amber, sweet oud, and a trace of brisk green cardamom. Wear to invoke the Divine Feminine in her most benevolent aspect. Anoint green candles to curry Her favor pay Her homage.
On skin: My family has bought some Douglas fir trees to use as our Christmas tree in the past, so I feel confident in reporting that this is a pretty realistic Douglas fir scent! I don’t really get too much of the other notes here, I think they all contribute to this scent, except perhaps the ‘brisk green cardamom’ note, because I am getting something a bit bracing from this. It stays the same throughout wear.
Overall thoughts: I was really curious to try this scent, as I adore Cloak of Evergreens, which is another NCD wintergreen tree scent. Unlike CoE, which I find to be a very jammy evergreen scent, and sweetened by a tea note, this is actually quite fresh and brisk. As someone who loves cozy incense and tea scents, CoE remains the NCD evergreen scent of my heart, but if you’re looking for a more straightforward fir scent, this is the one for you!
Icicle Tiara ❄️👑
Description: A diamond-bright blend to remind you that you are royalty. Nui's inscrutable Cold accord casts a glistening frost over delicate white tea, fine linen, budding blue lotus, pale amber resin, frozen forest musk and sparkling vanilla sugar.
On skin: I’m finding it hard to describe this scent as it’s conjuring more of a vibe in my brain than actual words (in a good way!, but I’ll try my best. The cold accord definitely gives off the sense of a winter atmosphere, minty or menthol-y. There’s the white tea, which is brisk and almost lemon-y to me, and yet the other notes like linen, lotus, and amber contrast this to somehow give a more cozy vibe. I don’t get any vanilla or sugar in particular but I think they’re sweetening the more bracing cold aspects of the scent.
Overall thoughts: I feel like this is one of those very NCD-esque scents; well-blended, delicate, and elegant. When I said this was giving me vibes earlier, I of course meant it’s serving Snow Queen vibes! I actually wore this out to watch Frozen on broadway and it matched my blue winter dress perfectly! While I tend to favor more heavy incense blends in winter, I can tell this one will be a favorite to wear on nights out in the cold, especially when I want to channel my inner Elsa!
Making Snow Angels ☃️🍪
Description: The scent of joyful anticipation. Homemade sugar cookies fresh from the oven. Wear this toasty vanilla scent to awaken the spirit of play and frivolity.
On skin: Unfortunately, I’m sad to report that my skin chem did not cooperate with this scent, and it appeared as plastic play dough to my nose, as some cookie scents tend to do. I tried it a second time a few days later just to be sure, but yup, the same plastic-y scent remains throughout wear time.
Overall thoughts: It’s unfortunate that this isn’t playing nice with my skin chem, but at the very least I can take solace in knowing that another of their cookie scents, Crone’s Cottage (a lovely honeyed oatmeal cookie and tea perfume), remains as one of my top favorites! For other gourmand scents, I’d recommend something from their April Fool’s gourmand line.
Twinkling Fairy Lights ✨🧚🏻
Description: A dynamic variation on our Winter favorite to invoke the spirit of the season. Golden copal and lemon sugar soften into classic cathedral incense and fluffy whipped honey, then nestle into dry vanilla bean and smooth white amber. Wear to turn heads and inspire admiration.
On skin: If, unlike me, you’re wary of incense, then don’t be! This scent is not at all heavy; on the contrary it’s a very airy and light scent. I’m getting mainly sweet sugary lemon, fluffy honey, and just a hint of cozy incense. It smells almost like one of those classic vintage sugar crusted candies that you can only get at old-fashioned sweet stores. If you’re also wary about the honey note and have not had the pleasure of trying NCD’s whipped honey note yet, it’s another of my many favorite notes from this house; so delicate and light and yet still adding an almost nectar-like sweetness. This dries down to a snuggly lemon cloud.
Overall thoughts: A very light-hearted and cute scent! As compared to the original, I think this is definitely sweeter and, of course, more lemon-y and I they are different enough that I don’t think having both in a collection would be duplicates at all. I don’t tend to wear citrus scents often, but I would definitely make an exception for this honeyed take. If you’re looking for a cozy lemon scent, do give this a try. I do wish the copal and cathedral incense were a lot stronger in this, as I’m a huge incense fiend; I hope those aspects will come out with age!
Ultraviolet Fairy Lights 🎆🧚🏻
Description: A sophisticated twist on our Winter favorite to invoke the season’s enchantment. Imperial iris and sugared violet soften into tonka butter, honey, and liatrix, then nestle into Dominican blue amber. Wear to escape the routine and gain a fresh perspective.
On skin: I’m going to say right off the bat that I loved this scent from first sniff so much that I’m having difficulty describing this other than a mental spam of pink heart emojis. It’s also, surprise-surprise, very well blended. If I’m not mistaken, Fairy Lights was not used as an actual base for this scent, meaning there isn’t any actual incense notes in here, and yet, what I believe to be the Dominican blue amber base is making this extremely cozy and warm all the same. The iris and violet notes add a very regal floral vibe without being too powdery or vintage for my tastes. The honey adds a beautiful sweetness but the scent never veers on cloying. I’m not very familiar with liatrix as a note, but apparently it is similar to coumarin, so it may be contributing an almost vanilla-like sweetness that I am detecting. And to top it all off, the tonic butter gives this a ‘my skin but better’ quality that comes out in the drydown.
Overall thoughts: Oh goodness, if I thought I liked Fairy Lights and Twinkling Fairy Lights, I absolutely adore Ultraviolet Fairy Lights! I’ve been slathering this on during the cold nights to give myself a boost of cuddly sweetness. Even though it’s very warm and cozy and sweet, though, I feel that this is actually a very regal scent due to the iris. An absolute smash hit for me, if that wasn’t already obvious. Do yourself a favor and try this one if you are at all interested!
Under the Mistletoe 🌿🕯️
Description: A romantic melange of white winter rose, frozen vanilla, a mahogany mantle decked with holly, golden spiced rum, gilded magnolia, and flickering candlelight. Wear this potion to attract love and encourage kisses.
On skin: There’s an unexpectedly extremely sweet bubble-gum like opening to this scent, almost like taffy, but I’m not sure where it’s coming from by looking at the description. There’s also definitely that candied rose note here that’s present in the famous NCD Love scent as well, but combined with that bubblegum candy cloud it’s actually getting too sweet on my skin. Over time the sugariness calms down some, but I still don’t really get any particular wood or floral notes just that taffy scent!
Overall thoughts: Y’all, I really can’t figure out where this bubblegum is coming from! It’s really unfortunate, too, as I don’t tend to like bubblegum bubblegum scents, and this is a bit too saccharine for my tastes. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a scrubber by any means, but it’s not for me personally, and I definitely prefer the simple elegance of Love over this.
Winter Warmth 🫖🔥
Description: A cozy potion for comfort and soothing. Earl Grey Tea with brown sugar and oat milk, sprinkles of nutmeg, ginger root, and allspice with the gentle smolder of cedarwood and mahogany. Wear when you need some extra grounding and stability.
On skin: This is another very well-blended scent, but I do think it delivers on what it says on the tin. It’s a tea scent full of spice and warmth. It’s not spicy, but I do definitely get the ginger and nutmeg. I also don’t really particularly get any brown sugar and oat milk, though they might be making the scent ’smoother.’ The cedar does impart a wood-fire aspect, but it’s not going all pencil shavings on me like cedar is wont to do sometimes, thankfully. Definitely a warm perfume!
Overall thoughts: As I said, it’s very much as described, so if the scent notes appeal to you, I would definitely give this a shot. I personally wish the tea aspect was stronger just because I love NCD’s tea notes, but otherwise, no complaints from me! This would be a great scent for someone looking to imitate all the coziness of a fireplace in perfume form.
Even though there were a few misses, which is to be expected with something as subjective as perfume, I can’t complain at all about this haul considering the likes and loves (I’m looking at you Ultraviolet Fairy Lights!) I’ve found. Considering NCD excels at snugly and comforting scents, their winter collection is always bound to impress; I also know that the Yule scents will be going down soon on April 12th, so now is a good time to try any scents that have caught your eye before they retire for a bit. That being said, I cannot wait to try their more recent spring scents, in anticipation of that season finally hitting the skies where I am as well. As always, please take care of yourselves.
~ Godbless and Godspeed, K 💖
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2023.03.23 22:49 akaruinoshi My collection so far excuse the the Christmas tree...being too lazy to put it up🤣😂🤣

My collection so far excuse the the Christmas tree...being too lazy to put it up🤣😂🤣
Just barely got into gunpla and now I'm addicted hahaha
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2023.03.23 22:03 6y5ty 379-christmas-tree-disaster-standard

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