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2023.03.20 21:04 AlainS46 Video blacked out after multiplexing

I have multiple DVD's (same series) which I've created an MKV for using MakeMKV. The MKV that comes out of this is fine, but when I multiplex it using mkvtoolnix, the video ends up all blacked out like this.
Even when I change nothing at all in mkvtoolnix, so just open the file, and multiplex it, this happens. And this is happening for all DVD's from this series so there has to be something particular to it.
I've compared the original and multiplexed using MediaInfo. Apart from the overall bit rate, which is 3 kbps lower in the multiplexed file, they're identical. I've included the output of MediaInfo for the multiplexed file below. Does anyone have an idea of what's going on here?
General Unique ID : 180943602342362747569001689143321178031 (0x8820785F0103121C6F54E94817C62FAF) Format : Matroska Format version : Version 4 File size : 5.03 GiB Duration : 1 h 14 min Overall bit rate mode : Constant Overall bit rate : 9 699 kb/s Encoded date : UTC 2023-03-20 19:49:13 Writing application : mkvmerge v73.0.0 ('25 or 6 to 4') 64-bit Writing library : libebml v1.4.4 + libmatroska v1.7.1 Video ID : 1 ID in the original source medium : 224 (0xE0) Format : MPEG Video Format version : Version 2 Format profile : [email protected] Format settings : BVOP Format settings, BVOP : Yes Format settings, Matrix : Default Format settings, GOP : M=3, N=10 Format settings, picture structure : Field Codec ID : V_MPEG2 Codec ID/Info : MPEG 1 or 2 Video Duration : 1 h 14 min Bit rate mode : Constant Bit rate : 8 300 kb/s Width : 720 pixels Height : 480 pixels Display aspect ratio : 16:9 Original display aspect ratio : 2.40:1 Frame rate mode : Constant Frame rate : 29.970 (30000/1001) FPS Standard : NTSC Color space : YUV Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0 Bit depth : 8 bits Scan type : Interlaced Scan order : Top Field First Compression mode : Lossy Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.801 Time code of first frame : 09:59:58:00 Time code source : Group of pictures header GOP, Open/Closed : Open Stream size : 4.31 GiB (86%) Language : English Default : No Forced : No Color primaries : BT.601 NTSC Transfer characteristics : BT.601 Matrix coefficients : BT.601 Original source medium : DVD-Video Audio #1 ID : 2 ID in the original source medium : 189 (0xBD)128 (0x80) Format : AC-3 Format/Info : Audio Coding 3 Commercial name : Dolby Digital Codec ID : A_AC3 Duration : 1 h 14 min Bit rate mode : Constant Bit rate : 192 kb/s Channel(s) : 2 channels Channel layout : L R Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz Frame rate : 31.250 FPS (1536 SPF) Compression mode : Lossy Stream size : 102 MiB (2%) Title : Stereo Language : English Service kind : Complete Main Default : Yes Forced : No Original source medium : DVD-Video Audio #2 ID : 3 ID in the original source medium : 189 (0xBD)129 (0x81) Format : AC-3 Format/Info : Audio Coding 3 Commercial name : Dolby Digital Codec ID : A_AC3 Duration : 1 h 14 min Bit rate mode : Constant Bit rate : 448 kb/s Channel(s) : 6 channels Channel layout : L R C LFE Ls Rs Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz Frame rate : 31.250 FPS (1536 SPF) Compression mode : Lossy Stream size : 238 MiB (5%) Title : Surround 5.1 Language : English Service kind : Complete Main Default : No Forced : No Original source medium : DVD-Video Audio #3 ID : 4 ID in the original source medium : 189 (0xBD)138 (0x8A) Format : DTS Format/Info : Digital Theater Systems Codec ID : A_DTS Duration : 1 h 14 min Bit rate mode : Constant Bit rate : 754 kb/s Channel(s) : 6 channels Channel layout : C L R Ls Rs LFE Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz Frame rate : 93.750 FPS (512 SPF) Bit depth : 16 bits Compression mode : Lossy Stream size : 401 MiB (8%) Title : Surround 5.1 Language : English Default : No Forced : No Original source medium : DVD-Video Menu 00:00:00.000 : en:Chapter 01 00:02:53.173 : en:Chapter 02 00:07:30.116 : en:Chapter 03 00:12:22.074 : en:Chapter 04 00:17:25.044 : en:Chapter 05 00:18:58.137 : en:Chapter 06 00:23:06.718 : en:Chapter 07 00:24:13.118 : en:Chapter 08 00:25:05.170 : en:Chapter 09 00:26:00.559 : en:Chapter 10 00:29:16.755 : en:Chapter 11 00:34:54.759 : en:Chapter 12 00:42:25.876 : en:Chapter 13 00:44:47.685 : en:Chapter 14 00:45:49.413 : en:Chapter 15 00:49:34.638 : en:Chapter 16 00:52:45.162 : en:Chapter 17 00:55:39.002 : en:Chapter 18 00:56:26.383 : en:Chapter 19 00:58:37.847 : en:Chapter 20 01:05:57.954 : en:Chapter 21 01:07:43.392 : en:Chapter 22 01:11:06.929 : en:Chapter 23 01:11:33.956 : en:Chapter 24 01:14:17.453 : en:Chapter 25 
submitted by AlainS46 to mkvtoolnix [link] [comments]

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Pronounced ‘soul’ games. First-person, creepy, non-chronological, episodic stories inspired by the anime "Euphoria", the book "Battle Royal", the show "Squid Games", etc. In this one, I choose my childhood friend, a thin blonde 18yo senior.
Always Start with the Prologue!
Then other chapters can be read in any order!
Link to all my stories and more chapters to this story are in my profile or the comments.
I'm just trying to help with these disclaimers! I don’t want to spring things on anyone. Back out now if any of this doesn't sound like your kind of thing!
The POINT of my writing is to combine VIOLENCE, HORROR, and EXTREME TABOO themes, trying to creep myself out as I write. This whole story is told through the eyes of a VILLAIN. If you do not enjoy very dark themes, this is not for you!
This is a work of fiction. I do not condone any of the things I write about. All characters are 18+. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.
-Creepy/gross Sniffing/tasting (feet, sweat, bodily fluids, everything)
-Anal abuse
It was a normal day. I was sitting at the back of my Biology class. The teacher had a boring video playing on the TV at the front. Something about sea turtles crawling their way onto the beach. I was ignoring it, playing a little arcade-style game on my phone under my desk, daydreaming about the girl sitting in front of me. Anything to get me through this dumb class.
I remember suddenly hearing a hissing noise coming from the AC vents. The last thing I remember was some of my classmates starting to panic, screams, a few people passing out from the gas. Then nothing. Black...
I wake up in a comfy bed. A beautiful bedroom. A bathroom off to the side. Maybe a hotel room? Luxurious, but simple. I try the main door, try to leave the room. It’s locked. I can't escape! I look out the window. Beach. Ocean. And a building next to this one. A school? I have no idea where I am. The window won’t open either. I rub my eyes, still trying to wake up. The fuck is happening?
I notice something around my neck. A metal collar of some sort, tight but not uncomfortable. I tug at it, but it doesn’t budge.
I look at the TV. It's on. It takes a minute for me to realize what I'm looking at. It's live footage. A gymnasium. In a school. No… in MY school. St. Isidore of Seville, a private Catholic school outside Chicago. Students and teachers huddle around the gym. People I know! Some sitting on the floor, some pacing back and forth, all looking terrified. All of them female, no males. Actually, it's only teachers and senior girls, and only certain ones. I look closely. Only the attractive ones? A chill runs through me.
I notice a remote by the TV. Basic controls like volume. I try changing the channel. It switches to another camera in the gym! Switch again, another. Then several others. I can view the girls from virtually any angle. I keep switching and it goes to the locker rooms connected to the gym. More angles in there too. Then the cafeteria, then a classroom, then a hallway. Every angle imaginable, every room, even outside.
But the school looks different. Everything's newer, cleaner. Some doors missing, some walls changed. Everything is barred and secured. Bunk beds and some TV monitors fill the edges of the gym. I glance at the school building out the window again. It's a replica. The whole building. A complete copy of my entire school! What the fuck?
A little 8-bit jingle suddenly comes over the PA system throughout the school for a few seconds, like an arcade game. I hear it easily through my TV. Then a pleasant female voice starts speaking, maybe automated. It gives the girls instructions in a sweet, innocent tone.
"Welcome to the School of Lust. Please stay calm. You have been chosen for a series of sex games. If you obey and follow all instructions, you will finish the game and be released.” Whispers of confusion and cries of panic from the girls throughout the gym.
"Disobedience will result in immediate action. Pain or death, depending on the severity. Please note the collar you wear around your necks." I notice each girl has the same thing I have, metal chokers tight around their throats.
"These devices can emit powerful shocks, tranquilizers, and even lethal explosions. Tampering with a device will result in death."
The Announcer continues for several minutes. The teachers and students are given a routine, when to eat, sleep, and bathe. And reminded again to always follow instructions and never disobey or attempt escape.
"Everything you need is supplied to you in these three connected rooms: the gymnasium, the cafeteria, and the locker rooms. You must maintain your hygiene and typical appearances at all times. We’ve even supplied you each with clothing and products that will help replicate your exact home environments and belongings."
"To ensure your cooperation, ten of each of your loved ones have been abducted." The TV screens start displaying grids of faces, images of each girls’ friends and family, cycling through them like a slide show.
"If you are disobedient, one of your loved ones at random will be tortured and killed. Continued disobedience will result in your own death." Screams from girls around the gymnasium force the voice to wait. It's not automated. The voice is actually waiting. As the noise dies down, she continues.
"However, each game you complete will release one of your loved ones. After all ten are released, you yourself may go home. At this point, you will also receive $5,000,000 for your troubles.
"When a game announcement begins, you must all line up in the gymnasium. Failure to do so will result in punishment. One or more females will then be chosen for the game. One male from your school will be chosen as well, coming to join you from a separate location. If you are chosen, you must go to the specified classroom, where you will be given specific game instructions. Chosen females must be blindfolded before entering the room. The chosen male will be gagged, unable to speak. Removing your blindfold at any point while inside the room will result in forfeiting the entire game for your loved ones and yourself. During the game, you and the chosen male must work together to complete all tasks announced, or risk forfeit.
"These general instructions will be repeated every morning. Please relax and await further instructions."
A few minutes later, the same little 8-bit intro jingle followed by the pleasant female voice is projected through the speaker of my TV. Talking to me directly now!
"Welcome. You are the male participant chosen for our series of sex games. If you obey and follow all instructions, you will finish the game and be released." The Announcer gives similar instructions to me as she did the girls, although my situation sounds much more pleasant than theirs. If I disobey, my collar triggers. Everything I need is supplied in this building, my own little luxury hotel. I can roam around it freely.
"You may leave the game whenever you want. Simply press the power button to turn off your TV. You will be returned home safely.
"If you'd like to start a game, simply choose 'Begin Game' from the menu on your TV. We will immediately make an announcement for all females to line up in the gymnasium. You may then choose a female participant of your choice."
I hit menu to follow along, and suddenly I see a full list of every teacher and student abducted for the games. Each of their faces, with info and bios. A 'Begin Game' button at the top of the menu. I stare at the faces. My teachers, girls in my class. Girls I've always thought about, had crushes on, could never have. I feel myself stir beneath my pants. Is this really happening? No, this is sick! I should leave.
"Once a female is chosen, you will proceed to a designated room in the school. The female will be blindfolded and will not know your identity. A set of instructions will be given, and any relevant materials will be supplied in the room. It is entirely up to you how you complete the tasks.
“You must also bring the remote you currently hold. Females are under the impression that you are being forced in these tasks, just as they are. But unbeknownst to them, the games are interactive, allowing you to secretly make choices from the remote. Females are also unaware that you are the only chosen male. Your identity will be kept completely secret, even after leaving the island. Females are under the impression that you are gagged during games, as they are blindfolded. This is merely an excuse for you to remain silent and obscure your identity if you wish.
“If a game is completed successfully, you will earn $10,000 and will return to this bedroom. You can see your current winnings in the menu on your TV. You may leave at any time, taking your earnings with you."
Paid to play sexual games with girls I've always dreamed about? I feel myself stiffen a bit more. No, stop, this is wrong.
"Please take as long as you'd like, relax, and enjoy your stay."
I get up and explore. The front door is unlocked now. I walk out and find myself in a sort of hotel hallway. A small eating room is at the end of the hall with glass cases filled with a huge assortment of fresh food. The other end of the hall has a small private pool and some gym equipment. No one else is here. But I notice cameras everywhere. I’m being watched.
I return to the bedroom and sit in silence for a few full hours, just watching the girls in the gym on the screen. Deciding what to do.
A few girls eventually attempt escape, resulting in them getting tranquilized by their collars. I watch unable to look away as a girl pisses herself in pain. Big red "X" marks are later displayed on the faces of a few of their loved ones on the TVs.
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2023.03.20 18:29 flyinghorseduck 120 Types of Arrows

This arrow is different to others you have used and seems special somehow. Roll a d120 to find out what it does!

Roll Result
1 Arrow of Healing - Deals 1d4 damage, heals 1d8 hp.
2 Arrow of Returning - After firing and striking something, the arrow will vanish in a puff of smoke and return to your quiver.
3 Choke Arrow - When the arrow makes contact with an object, it explodes into a cloud of noxious fumes in a sphere with a radius of 5 feet. Those inside choke as if you had casted the Stinking Cloud spell with DC 12.
4 Arrow of Missile Attraction - on a hit, the target becomes missile attractive. Any missile / projectile that passes within 20ft of the victim has a 2 in 6 chance of being redirected towards the victim.
5 Superior Smoke Arrow - Creates a Fog Cloud after 2 turns.
6 Moss Arrow - When this arrow is fired at a surface, creeping moss rapidly spreads to a circle with radius ten feet around the point of contact. Walking or climbing on the moss grants advantage on stealth checks to remain silent.
7 Sleep Arrow - using sleep powder, it bursts on impacts causing one creature hit to make a con save or fall asleep. No additional damage.
8 Spoil Arrow - on hit you have a horrible taste in your mouth that distracts you from whatever else you were doing to go seek water.
9 Rose Thorn Arrow - on hit extra 1d4 piercing from thorns and target must make a DC 15 STR or DEX save or be ensnared for 1d4 rounds (can attempt to Str / dex to get free each round), 1d4 piercing damage each round the ensnared creature moves.
10 Navigators Shot - upon firing upwards, the arrow travels 80ft upwards before going 50ft towards a goal (find a target or location) the archer is currently seeking. The magic loses effect if it impacts anything before the ascent.
11 Pointy Twig - sold by a goblin traveling merchant, he swears it's an arrow of never-missing. It's actually just a pointy twig.
12 Vampire Teeth Arrow - While not actual vampire teeth, they look pretty close. These arrows deal necrotic damage instead of piercing. The teeth may be recovered after battle to gain the damage dealt with them as healing or temporary HP.
13 Gossip Arrow - on a hit, the archer discovers one mundane secret about the target. (The bandit loves knitting kinda secret) this secret is broadcasted in a 30ft radius by an ethereal voice.
14 Flightstopper Arrow - A creature that is flying or attempting to fly must make a constitution save before using its movement. On failure, it cannot gain altitude and instead drops 60 feet. A flying creature does not take fall damage if it is forced from the sky by the flightstopper arrow. The throw is repeated every time the flying creature tries to use its movement. The effect lasts one minute or until the arrow is removed, whichever comes sooner.
15 Barbed Arrow - This cruelly barbed arrow does normal damage going in, and 1D6+2 damage coming out. If carefully removed (takes 1D6+1 rounds, DEX check at DC 15), no damage; half damage if you fail the roll. If left in, 1 damage per round spent doing anything but remaining carefully still.
16 Arrow of Teleportation - user is teleported to the impact site of the arrow.
17 Arrow of Delay - when fired the arrow freezes in place mid-air, thawing one round later and targeting the original targeted location. In addition to normal damage, on a hit the target is frozen in time for one round, unable to take any actions.
18 Curved Arrow - An arrow with a slight curve in it, used to hit targets behind cover.
19 Haunted Skull-Dread Arrow - Does regular damage. If arrow isn't pulled out by before 3 turns are over, the creature gains either a minor curse from a d100 table, or a disease from a d100 table. If it is a critical hit, then on the first turn the effect activates.
20 Shock Arrow - A thundergem is sharpened into a point as this arrow's head. Upon a hit the brittle gem shatters, releasing an additional 1d8 lightning damage in a 10' radius.
21 Grease Arrow - An alchemist's vial of grease replaces the arrowhead and spreads grease on whatever surface it strikes.
22 Babel Arrow - on hit, this arrow makes you forget the languages you speak and speak languages you didn't beforehand for 1d4 hours.
23 Odor-Seeking Arrow - will automatically hit the smelliest creature or object within 2d120 feet.
24 Flash Bang Arrow - this arrow is tipped with a small grey canister that explodes in a 10 foot radius on impact. Creatures in the blast must make a DC 14 constitution save or be blinded and deafened for 1d4 rounds. The creature may repeat the saving throw at the end of each of his turns.
25 Flare Arrow - creates a flare like projectile. If shot skyward can be seen up to one mile away. Only does 1d4 additional fire damage.
26 Arrow of Ricochet - Considers full cover to be half cover.
27 Light Arrow - These arrows deal radiant damage instead of piercing. They appear to be made out of pure light while emitting none at the same time. They leave a streak in the air, marking their path for up to an hour.
28 Short Jump Arrow - Arrow range is only 30 ft but allows you to teleport to anywhere within the range that it lands.
29 Arrow of Whooshing - makes a sound like someone making the sound of an arrow flying through the air as it flies through the air.
30 Foecrusher Arrow - An arrow with a very large head that is disproportionate to the rest of the arrow’s body, that somehow weighs the same as a normal arrowhead. Upon being fired, the arrow begins to rapidly grow in size over the course of its flight. For every 10 feet the arrow moves, the arrow’s damage increases by 1d6 piercing damage. If the arrow travels at least 100 feet, every creature within a 5 foot radius of the arrows point of impact must make a DC 18 Dexterity saving throw. A creature takes the arrows full damage as bludgeoning damage on a failed save, and half as much damage on a successful save. The damage is done instead of the arrows single target damage, not in addition to it. The radius of the arrows point of impact increases by 5 feet for every additional 100 feet the arrow travels after the initial 100 feet.
31 Whistling arrow - A non-magical arrow with a wiffle ball-like attachment affixed to the shaft behind the point. It makes a shill whistling sound as it travels through the air. Inexpensive.
32 Grappling Arrow - Arrow with a strong head that will hold up to 300 lbs of weight on an attached 100ft length of rope.
33 Drow Ascension Arrow - Touching these arrows bathes the shooter or anything it hits in shadow for 1 hour.
34 Zipper Arrow - Does regular damage, but the when the arrow is ripped out by a PC, it does 4d4 damage. To rip the Arrow out, a PC needs a prerequisite strength of 15. The actual arrow has many small spikes and sharp edges on it, and near the base of the arrow is a large pull handle.
35 Scrying Arrow - It takes a moment to prep the scrying arrow. You look into the foggy glass and your non dominant eye loses sight for a second before reforming inside the glassy bulb. This effect lasts for a minute. This arrow can then be shot.
36 Arrow of Anti-Magic - Arrow dispels all magic spells and effects within 10ft of it's impact.
37 Stalker Arrow - upon impact, this arrow lodges a small magical tracker in its target. The archer now knows the location of the target for 24 hours.
38 Evertrue Arrow - when this arrow is fired, a target will be hit. Maybe not the one you're aiming at, but the arrow will continue to travel across the surface of the plane it was shot on in a random direction that changes every minute until it hits a target.
39 Cannon Arrow - An arrow seemingly made entirely out of metal that is still light enough to be used, faintly glowing runic symbols cover every surface. Upon being fired, the arrow transforms into a cannonball that magically continues following the arrows flight path. A creature that is hit with the cannonball takes 8d10 bludgeoning damage and must succeed on a DC 22 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone.
40 Arrow of Illusion - arrow creates an illusion of the archer at the impact site.
41 Injection Arrow - An arrow with a needle on the tip used to inject enemies with poisons and other alchemical brews.
42 Suckerpunch Arrow - Arrows that have a light metal ball instead of a pointed head. Better for knocking out targets with a shot to the head or knocking the wind out of them with a shot to the gut. Incredibly nonlethal.
43 Whisper Arrow - if a message is whispered to the arrow before firing it, a target hit by the arrow will hear the whispered message.
44 Net Arrow - The head of this arrow is actually a small clay pot containing a spring-loaded silk net, on a hit, the target makes a DEX save (DC 13) against being restrained. on it's turn, the target can make a STR check to break free (DC 16).
45 Huntress Arrow - The Goddess of the Hunt blessed this arrow. Hits with the force of a falling Oak tree.
46 Arched Arrow - curved slightly, with air channels engraved onto the tip. When fired, flies in a circle of diameter 60ft in the direction the arrow is curved toward when aiming.
47 Buzzing Arrow - An arrow with a head coated in honey. When it hits a target, a swarm of bees is summoned, centered on the target. The bees are not friendly to the user, but likely won't attack unless provoked.
48 Edible Arrow - this can be shot and break like a normal arrow but is unrecoverable. Otherwise provides the effect of one goodberry with no time spoilage.
49 Skeletal Grasp Arrow - An arrow of bone with a grasping hand on the front. If target is struck, grasping skeletal hands raise up from the ground dealing bludgeoning damage and restraining the target and those caught in the AOE. 5 foot radius.
50 Long Range Arrow - a rare and beautifully crafted arrow, normal range increased by 1d120, maximum range increased by 2d120
51 Shadow Arrows - Arrows exposed to alchemy that allows it to go through an object or person and pierce something else.
52 Arrow of Desperation - Gains a +4 bonus when the archer or one of their companions has less than a quarter HP remaining.
53 Blessed Arrow - does extra 1d4 damage to undead.
54 Moist Arrow - upon impact, any surface in a 10ft cube will immediately be drenched in a thin layer of water.
55 Taser Bolt - upon impact, the target must make a DC 14 constitution saving throw. On a fail, the target is now paralyzed, as if affected by the hold person spell. The saving throw may be repeated at the end of each of the targets turns.
56 Beacon-Seeking Arrow - a person or creature can touch an object and designate it as the beacon. When fired by that person/creature, the arrow will automatically hit the beacon if the beacon is within 2d120 feet.
57 Immovable Arrow - When the arrow hits something it becomes magically fixed in place upon impact until a button near the tip of the arrow is pressed. While fixed the arrow can hold up to 4,000 pounds.
58 Silence Arrow - An arrow with a fog-filled glass pearl instead of an arrowhead. It casts the silence spell in a 20 ft spherical radius lasting for 5 minutes where it strikes.
59 Bluff Arrow - A regular arrow with an extremely persausive letter tied to it.
60 Dryad's Kiss Arrow - Upon a successful hit by this legendary arrow the target is wrapped in vines and dragged into the earth. On a miss the arrow sprouts vines and roots that creates an oasis of permanent plant life and sprouts another arrow every century.
61 Anti-Ballistic Arrow - A thick arrow that has a rounded tip, with fletching that constantly adjusts and readjusts itself. Upon being fired, the arrow seeks out the closest moving projectile that is within 30 feet of any point of the arrow’s flight path. The arrow changes its direction to intercept the moving projectile, and a successful attack roll against an AC of 15 results in the intercepted projectile being knocked out of the air and/or destroyed.
62 Glass-Break Arrow - The arrowhead is high quality ceramic and very lightly touched with enchantment so that it thoroughly shatters glass. Despite being enchanted, detect magic will overlook it most of the time. Inexpensive, but only shops catering to thieves and mischief sell them. Possession may be a crime in some areas.
63 Armor Piercing Arrows - Tipped with special metals that ignore AC, +2 to hit.
64 Glass Tipped Arrow - Either solid or hollow to fill with alchemy items.
65 Mind Spike Arrow - Deals only psychic damage. Target has disadvantage on wisdom saves until next turn. It is pink in colour.
66 Rope Arrow - When fired, this arrow releases 25 feet of hempen rope behind it.
67 Pulling Arrow - can pull 300lbs of weight that is tied to the arrow for 1d100 feet.
68 Heat-Seeking Arrow - will automatically hit the hottest temperature creature or object within 2d120 feet.
69 Acid Arrow - The glass head of this arrow shatters upon impact spraying the target in corrosive acid. On a hit the target takes an additional 1d4 acid damage.
70 Motion-Seeking Arrow - will automatically hit the fastest moving creature or object within 2d120 feet.
71 Noise-Seeking Arrow - will automatically hit the loudest creature or object within 2d120 feet.
72 Thundersteel Arrow - made from meteoric iron which has been imbued with the essence of the sky domain, deals 1d4 lightning damage in addition.
73 Wyrmslayer Arrow - Deals double damage to dragons and like kin.
74 Crescent Moon Arrow - causes slashing damage with it's broad cutting head. Once hit the target it hooks itself in the flesh as the wound closes behind it. Causes bleeding. Not effective against armor. Not effective at long range. Can be used to cut objects further away, like ropes for traps and such.
75 Small Game Broadhead - Broadhead with extending fins that will decapitate small game (CR 1/8 or lower), due to the precision needed, the target gets +5 to AC.
76 Hollow Tipped Arrows - It breaks off inside the victim causing more damage, but are harder to penetrate armor with. -1 to hit, +1d4 damage.
77 Ethereal Arrow - Upon using a command word, this arrow shifts between the material and ethereal plane. Can be used to shoot through allies without harming them or to shoot through covers.
78 Tracer Arrow - Glows when fired so you can see the arc of the arrow and where it lands. Inexpensive.
79 Screamer Arrow - A transparent, fragile arrowhead filled with volatile sonic energy causes this arrow to mildly vibrate at all times. On a hit, the arrowhead shatters and releases a ear shattering scream. Instead of dealing traditional damage, all creatures within a 30 foot radius of the arrows point of impact must make a Constitution saving throw. A creature takes take 2d8 thunder damage on a failed save, and half as much damage on a successful one. A creature made of inorganic material such as stone or metal has disadvantage on this saving throw. Any nonmagical objects that aren’t being worn or carried also take the damage if they are in the radius.
80 Arrow of the Feywar - Upon a successful hit transports the victim to another point nearby or another point on the nearest continent (flip a coin to decide).
81 Cold-Seeking Arrow - will automatically hit the coldest temperature creature or object within 2d120 feet.
82 Tipsy Arrow - on successful hit target is impaired as if drunk for 1d4 minutes. (disadvantage on attacks)
83 Arrow of Blinding - as it impacts the target, it explodes in a flash of light rendering everyone who was not averting their eyes blinded for 1d4 rounds.
84 Water Arrow - When this arrow makes contact, it releases a burst of water that extinguishes any source of fire no greater than a five foot cube. Elementals attuned to fire are weak against it's damage.
85 Non-lethal Arrow (blunt head) - does blunt instead of piercing damage.
86 Arrow of Spiders - When the arrow impacts it releases hundreds of spiders. The spiders are harmless but a creature they are crawling on must succeed a DC 20 constitution check or use their next action to brush off the spiders.
87 Boxing Glove Arrow - Stuns an enemy or knocks them prone on hit.
88 Invisibility Arrow - on hit, target vanishes for a whole 1d12 minutes.
89 Ice Arrow - A shard of razor sharp ever-frozen ice is fastened to the end of an arrow. A hit from an Ice Arrow causes the area surrounding the wound to freeze for 1d4 hours.
90 Arrow of Monster Attraction - Any target hit by this arrow will attract any monster within 200ft. Monsters (with below human int) will treat the person or creature hit by this arrow as hostile. If arrow hits an inanimate object or the ground, any monster (with below human int) drawn to it will treat everyone in the area as hostile.
91 Blight Arrow - A sinister looking arrow made from a dark wood that seems to pulse with life. On a hit, the wooden shaft of the arrow wiggles and writhes its way into the body of the target dealing an additional 1d4 damage on the hit and at the start of each of the target’s turns thereafter until the wood is removed with magical restoration or a successful DC 16 Medicine check. If the shaft still remains inside the target’s body when the target dies, 1d3 twig blights burst forth from the target’s body 2d4 rounds after the creature’s death. The twig blights are hostile to all creatures other than each other, and attack nearby creatures until they die or there are no creatures left to attack, at which point they go off in search of more victims.
92 Black Arrow - Dwarven-made it is ancient and capable of piercing dragon hide.
93 Arrow of Agitation - on a successful hit, the target experiences varying nervous agitation, which affects to hit rolls and any bonuses to AC for Dex. Roll a d4, and subtract that number on to hit rolls and Dex-based AC. The effect lasts for 6-8 rounds.
94 Alchemists Fire Arrow - contains a small vial of alchemists fire, dealing an additional 1d4 fire damage.
95 Sentient Arrow - The arrow is actually a living organism shaped like an arrow. Its head is the arrow head. When drawing blood it sprouts its thin limbs and begins trying to inject itself inside its target host. The initial strike does damage and the target must succeed a constitution saving throw or else the creature will successfully dive into the host. While, it will deal 1d4 damage per turn and the host can feel the creature moving around inside.
96 Trickstrike Arrow - The arrow teleports midfiring so that it appears to have been fired from a direction of the attacker's choosing instead. The accuracy is the same as a normal arrow.
97 Cupid's Lust - these pair of arrows switch the minds of the targets for 24 hours when struck with the tip.
98 Arrows of the Wraith - Ethereal arrow tips don't hurt most creatures but is devastating to ghosts and other spirits.
99 Quiver Mother Arrow - As long as this arrow is in your quiver it makes 15 arrows per day.
100 Blurry Arrow - blurs vision for 1d20 minutes.
101 Vampire Arrow - An arrow made from bone that appears to be covered in dozens of tiny holes near its tip. On a hit, a vampire arrow begins rapidly draining blood from the target’s body, causing them to take 1d6 necrotic damage at the start of the target’s turn until the head of arrow is removed from the body. These additional effects do not occur if the target has no blood or similar essential body fluid.
102 Binding Arrow - Designed to explode on contact with a sticky goo that hardens almost instantly, DC 15 strength check to break. Can be used to stop or hinder movement.
103 Grapple Hook Arrow - does not do standard damage. Can be used as a standard grapple hook as well as an attempt to attach it to a target.
104 Smokescreen Arrow - Tipped with a smokebomb. Causes a cloud of smoke that obstructs vision for 1d4-1 rounds, moves 10ft in the direction of the wind every turn.
105 Deadweight Arrow - Once its stabbed into a surface, the target's weight increases to 50 pounds.
106 Scorpion Arrow - Does an additional 1d4 poison damage.
107 Splitting Arrow - An arrow that splits into 3 separate arrows mid-flight. There are rarer versions that split into 5 and even 7.
108 Assassin's Arrow - immediately upon striking the target the arrow vanishes, leaving no trace of the arrow behind and making the source of the wound unclear.
109 Jagged Arrow - When it hit's a target, it does 1d4 piercing damage every 12 seconds (2 turns) until removed by a medicine check of 15+.
110 Compass Arrow - Ordinary when fired but swivels to point north when balanced on a finger.
111 Light-Seeking Arrow - will automatically hit the brightest creature or object within 2d120 feet.
112 Meteor Shower Arrow - A Pure black arrow that marks a target for a meteor shower. Meteors are summoned and take 1 turn to arrive. After 1 turn a shower of massive flaming meteors rain down on the target dealing LOTS of fire and bludgeoning damage. 15 foot radius.
113 Torch Arrow: After being shot and embedding itself in some surface this arrow burns for 1 hour lighting a 20-foot radius with bright light and providing dim light for another 20 feet.
Initial list built by d100. See it here.
List Contributors: u/dndspeak, u/Gentleman_Viking, u/Gnazax, u/hongan_os, u/Wartoaster, u/Cheibrodos, u/pjk922, u/baconexperience, u/PapaBear221b, u/sonofabutch, u/Helix1322, u/FatalBurnz, u/Trantorius, u/Hwga_lurker_tw, u/2604, u/kysnou_, u/themasonking, u/Jehovahs_attorney, u/DMerald, u/FTLOG_IAMDAVE, u/sacros003, u/no4u, u/World_of_Ideas, u/ThePragmaticPimp, u/CountofAccount, u/Silverdragon701, u/ed57ve, u/calrinet, u/Courtholomew, u/yiorgiom, u/ChristyPaladin, u/ALegitimateName, u/r3dj4ck0425, u/FlyingHorseduck
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2023.03.20 18:11 username-add Understanding minimum INDOOR temperatures for mini-split heating

So I'm looking to install a 9k BTU mini-split system and I'm curious what the minimum interior temperature needs to be for the mini-split to heat (models below).

I noticed with the portable AC, since it brought in air from outside, when the air was like 45-50 degrees, the AC could not heat anymore. I'm also noticing minimum indoor operating temperatures in the mini-split's I'm interested in:

Mitsubishi MZ-JP09WA - "GUARANTEED OPERATION" 68 farenheit
Fujitsu 9RL2 - 60 farenheit

I want the Mitsubishi, but does this mean I can't use the Mitsubishi to heat the place unless I have my furnace supporting it? Any real world comparison between these two units? Additionally, is there no capacity to heat the place with just the mini-split when I'm away for several weeks?
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2023.03.20 17:22 MudGroundbreaking $NTB Awaiting Short Signal based off 14 trades on the 15-min chart. #stocks #trading #money #algo 🚀 Free trial at UltraAlgo.com

$NTB Awaiting Short Signal based off 14 trades on the 15-min chart. #stocks #trading #money #algo 🚀 Free trial at UltraAlgo.com submitted by MudGroundbreaking to StockTradingIdeas [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 15:23 firenewsfeed HP Dragonfly Pro review: You better watch your back, Apple

Best Prices Today: HP Dragonfly Pro
View Deal
Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide
We’ve all been there—chilling at the local café, minding our own business, when some hip remote worker comes in with a MacBook Pro and starts working away. No judgement from me—I use Macs, Windows PCs, and Linux devices on the regular. But since Apple went with its own custom processors, those machines have proven hard for the PC industry to match. Not only are the latest MacBooks attractive, they boast surprising power and incredible efficiency, too.
That’s why HP partnered with AMD to create the new HP Dragonfly Pro. This slim laptop packs the latest Ryzen processor, with 8 high-performance cores and powerful graphics, to take on the Mac. While you’ll need to decide for yourself if you’d rather have this over a MacBook, we found that this is a computer worth considering.
HP Dragonfly Pro: Specs and features
Our review unit came with the following specifications and features:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7736U (8 core, 16 threads)
Memory: 16 GB LPDDR5 6400 MHz RAM soldered (up to 32 GB available at purchase)
Graphics/GPU: AMD Radeon 680M (12 graphics cores)
Display: 14-inch 1920×1200 16:10 IPS touchscreen, 400 nits
Storage: 512 GB PCIe NVMe solid state drive (soldered)
Webcam: 5MP IR camera
Connectivity: 2x USB 4 Type-C (40 Gbps, Thunderbolt 3 compatible), 1x USB-C 3.2 10 Gbps
Networking: Qualcomm WCN685x with Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2
Biometrics: Windows Hello facial recognition and fingerprint reader
Battery capacity: 86Wh
Dimensions: 12.4 W x 8.7 L x 0.7 H inches
Weight: 3.33 pounds, 3.95 pounds with AC adapter
Price as Reviewed: $1,399
HP Dragonfly Pro:: Design and build quality
HP Dragonfly Pro design
IDG / Brendan Nystedt
If HP was targeting Apple’s quality, I’ve got to hand it to them—the Dragonfly Pro gets close by most measures. This thin laptop feels high quality from the moment you tear off its recycled paper covering. Although you don’t get a lot in the box, you get a high-powered 96 watt power brick and a braided USB-C charging cable. The power brick and laptop both sport the sleek, angular HP logo, which sets them apart from lower-end laptops offered by the company.
The laptop on its own has a nice shape, with high-quality materials like polycarbonate and aluminum used in its construction, some of which are post-consumer recycled. The black color I sampled has a slight fleck to its color, lending it a spacy sheen in the right light. That said, it’s not glossy and the only portions that picked up any fingerprints were on the keycaps and the glass touchpad surface. Underneath, you’ll find a pair of raised rubber strips that slightly raises the angle of the keyboard while giving the cooling vent ample access to air. And, when under load, it’ll need all the air it can get, as the fans spin up and can be easily heard, albeit with a consistent whoosh and not an annoying whine.
For more technology news visit us
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2023.03.20 14:15 promovatv Meilleurs fournisseurs de services IPTV en 2023

Meilleurs fournisseurs de services IPTV en 2023

4 Meilleurs fournisseurs de services IPTV en 2023 [Fournisseurs les mieux notés]

Choisissez le meilleur service IPTV en comparant les caractéristiques et les prix des principaux fournisseurs de services IPTV répertoriés dans ce tutoriel.
La télévision sur protocole Internet (IPTV) fait référence à la diffusion en continu de programmes de télévision sur Internet à large bande plutôt que sur le câble ou le satellite traditionnel. Ce contenu TV sera diffusé sur le décodeur.
Le choix d'un fournisseur de services IPTV peut être difficile en raison d'informations limitées sur la qualité du service. Notre mission est de trouver les fournisseurs de services IPTV les mieux notés qui répondent à leurs revendications.
Vérification des faits : la IPTV market était évalué à 72,24 milliards de dollars américains en 2020. Le marché devrait atteindre 194,21 milliards de dollars d'ici 2030 et croître à un TCAC de 17,89%.
Liste des meilleurs fournisseurs IPTV 2023
Voici une liste des services IPTV les plus populaires et les mieux notés :
1- Promovatv
=>Iptv Promova – Idéal pour regarder des chaînes de télévision locales et internationales en direct, PPV, des événements sportifs à la carte et VOD sur plusieurs écrans.

L'un des fournisseurs IPTV les plus recommandés et les meilleurs est IPTV Promova. En effet, il propose plus de 20 000 chaînes de télévision en direct et plus de 60 000 contenus VOD. Ils fournissent un contenu de résolution 4K pour HD, HQ, chaînes et VOD. Largement compatible avec les appareils qui fonctionnent avec les Firesticks, les ordinateurs/portables, les appareils mobiles, les boîtiers Mag/Enigma, les téléviseurs intelligents, etc. Ce service fonctionne avec diverses applications telles que IPTV PromovaTv Pro, TiviMate, GSE IPTV, Lazy IPTV et Kodi.and More
Caractéristiques : plus de 20 000 chaînes et plus de 60 000 VODP fournissent plusieurs connexions. Le blocage IP ne fonctionne pas avec les VPN. Fournit un panneau revendeur.
Tarification :

Conclusion : Les services IPTV les plus populaires permettent de profiter d'émissions de télévision en direct, de films, de séries Web, etc. Il est compatible avec presque tous les appareils et fonctionne avec toutes les applications, vous serez donc très impressionné par leurs services.
Ce fournisseur IPTV est équipé d'un serveur antigel pour offrir une expérience sans tampon.
- Compatible avec tous les appareils
- Aucun verrouillage IP ne fonctionne avec VPN
- Essai : NON
- Paiement : carte de crédit/débit, crypto-monnaie
=> Visit IPTV PromovaTv Website
2- TobigoTv
Idéal pour regarder la télévision en direct sur plusieurs écrans, des films et des émissions sur des appareils Android et IPTV.

IPTV TobigoTv propose la télévision en direct, des films et des programmes populaires. Vous pouvez choisir parmi une vaste sélection de chaînes en anglais et dans d'autres langues. Le rattrapage est une fonctionnalité unique qui vous permet de regarder les derniers films et émissions de télévision. Il dispose également d'une fonction multi-écran qui vous permet de regarder plusieurs programmes en même temps.
Fonction : plus de 20 000 chaînes. Chaîne internationale. Compatible avec Amazon Firestick / Fire TV et d'autres appareils Android. Prend en charge les lecteurs IPTV....
**Conclusion :**IPTV TobigoTv est un excellent fournisseur de services IPTV, y compris des émissions de télévision et des films populaires. Il possède une interface conviviale qui facilite la recherche du contenu dont vous avez besoin. Prix : Mensuel 14,99 $
=> Visit TobigoTv Website
3- Tvsubscription
Idéal pour la télévision en direct, les sports, les films à la demande et les émissions de télévision.
Tvsubscription est un fournisseur de services IPTV / OTT dédié aux États-Unis et au Canada, qui propose plus de 1500 flux de télévision en direct FHD et HD triés sur le volet. C'est le meilleur choix pour tout regarder, des actualités aux sports et aux enfants.
Toutes les passes de jeu sont disponibles avec des services comme la NFL, la NBA, etc. Vous pouvez également profiter de films et d'émissions de télévision à la demande avec l'immense bibliothèque VOD de Typhoon.
- Plus de 1500 chaînes de télévision en direct et plus de 300 chaînes de jeux.
- Image cristalline FHD & HD & 4k avec EPG.
- Réseau puissant avec une technologie haut de gamme.
- Assistance client 24h/24 et 7j/7
Verdict : Tvsubscription Labs TV est un service basé sur Android qui fait ressortir le meilleur de votre clé FireTV ou de vos appareils Android avec une application de streaming et un EPG incroyables et conviviaux. Livré avec un support client 24h/24 et 7j/7 et AUCUN essai gratuit de 48 heures.
Prix : Tv Subscription propose des plans tarifaires flexibles.
  • 1 month: €13.99
  • 3 month: €29.99
  • 6 month: €49.99
  • 12 months: €69
=> Visit Tvsubscription Website
4- Iptv Subscription
Idéal pour - Fournisseur de services d'abonnement IPTV comparant le prix, la qualité du service et le support client.

IptvSubscription L'un des plus grands avantages est la possibilité pour le téléspectateur de regarder les programmes qu'il aime de n'importe où et à tout moment, cela est généralement à un prix moins cher par rapport aux forfaits de câble que vous connaissez peut-être.
Premièrement, le prix est généralement meilleur et il y a tellement de titres parmi lesquels un abonné peut choisir. Dans le passé, les consommateurs devaient acheter des forfaits câblés qui contenaient peut-être des programmes qui ne les intéressaient pas. Deuxièmement, l'autre avantage est que vous pouvez accéder à de nombreuses chaînes sans aucun problème. Troisièmement, vous pouvez créer une liste personnalisée de chaînes et ne payer que le prix de ces chaînes.
Vous pouvez également profiter de services vidéo de qualité, FHD, HD et SD, y compris plus de 16 000 chaînes IPTV. Cette collection comprend les réseaux de télévision les plus connus et les plus populaires du monde entier couvrant tous les goûts.
- + 16000 Canaux
- Chaînes FHD et SD
- Compatible avec tous les appareils
- Disponible dans le monde entier
- Serveurs à 99,99 % de disponibilité
- VPN autorisé
- Assistance Premium 24h/24 et 7j/7
Verdict : ABONNEMENT IPTV, plus de 16 000 chaînes en direct pour 13 €/mois est le meilleur fournisseur de services d'abonnement IPTV comparant le prix, la qualité du service et le support client. Nous avons plus de 16 000 chaînes de télévision, y compris des chaînes de sports et de films, de séries et de documentaires premium. Rien ne peut battre la qualité de diffusion de nos chaînes de télévision.
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2023.03.20 12:35 BobDaisuki This is how I S-ranked Rina's new solo song/Guide on beating Expert Dokipipo Emotion

This is how I S-ranked Rina's new solo song/Guide on beating Expert Dokipipo Emotion
Oh my, they saw how easy Emma's Expert song was last month and decided to go all out on Rina's song this month by throwing in all the gimmicks. Let's go over the song first so we all know what we're actually dealing with here.
The main gimmick of the song is this:
Non-VO units lose 30% base appeal
Well this is certainly unique, glad to see they're experimenting with stuff besides -50% skill activation and/or your usual appeal debuff for off-attributes. This does mean in fact that you are free to bring non-Natural VOs in this song, just something to maybe keep in mind when building a team for it. But it's also not strong enough to punish your Natural URs too hard if they're already MLB but not a VO-type.
AC#1: Finish the AC with 100% of max stamina(At the end of the AC, block Healing for 80 notes)
Sounds dumb? That's because it is. If if you don't run any shielders passing the very first AC is essentially impossible unless you heal back to full on the literal last note. My recommendation: Two strong Niji shielders + strongest Niji healer side strategy to pass this thing. The heal block at the end of the AC is annoying but it's not that bad, your DRs should be blocking what's coming up ahead so you don't need that much healing if at all.
Speaking of, after passing AC#1 you are immediately followed up with NINE 10% MAXIMUM HEALTH SHIELD-PIERCING NOTES AND ONE 20% MAX HEALTH ONE ALL IN A ROW. If you didn't use a damage reduction GD side strategy chances are this either just instantly killed you or you're now red stamina. DR this so it barely scratches you, or just barely makes a dent that you can heal back with no issues later.
AC#2: Get 1 300 000 Voltage(During this AC, non-Vo or Gd units lose 100% Base Tap Voltage)
The 100% tap voltage nerf ACs are back once again, but this time you can ignore it your frontline consists of only VOs and/or GDs at least.
AC# 3: Get 531 000 Voltage from SP(During this AC, Nijigasaki units gain 100% Base SP Gauge Fill Rate)
Not much to say here, if your SP-skill hits hard enough you should be able to pass this fairly easily even if you run 3 VOs in the frontline. If your appeal boosting side strategy contains Niji and/or fillers in general tho, feel free to swap into it if you need it to pass the AC in time.
AC#4: Finish the AC with 50% of max Stamina or more(On AC Success, Nijigasaki units increase Base Voltage Gain by 30% until the song ends)
Unlike the 1st AC this one should be relatively easy to pass assuming all your DRs proc'd and you have a nice thick shield still from all those skill activation boosts. Passing it is also very good because of that permanent buff you gain until the end of the song. But feel free to swap back into your shielding side strategy if you feel like it might break soon just to be safe, the base dmg in this song is very high after all. But swap back to your scoring strategy soon so you can pass the upcoming AC.
AC#5: Get 2 550 000 Voltage(During this AC, non-Vo or Gd units lose 100% Base Tap Voltage)
Same deal as in AC#2. Only this time your appeal buffs should have kicked in by now if they haven't already so it shouldn't be too hard to pass, especially with that buff given from AC#4.
AC#6: Get 398 000 Voltage from SP(During this AC, Nijigasaki units gain 100% Base SP Gauge Fill Rate)
Same thing as AC#3 only it's shorter and your SP skills don't need to hit as hard.
AC#7: Get 2 150 000 Voltage(During this AC, non-Vo or Gd units lose 100% Base Tap Voltage)
If you can pass the first two ACs like this you can definitely pass this final one.
AC#8: Get 360 000 Voltage from SP(During this AC, Nijigasaki units gain 100% Base SP Gauge Fill Rate)
This AC only lasts 12 notes long, you either need to one-shot it or pray you fill enough with SP-fillers in time to two-shot it.
With that, this concludes my overview of the song. Now these were the teams I used to beat it. Team#1(AKA No backline):
Appeal-boosting MIA
belts/bracelets MIA
I thought this song was gonna be like Challenge Loveless World/Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai again so I ditched scoring in favor of survivability cranked to nearly the fullest. With this team I tanked 2 of the SP ACs because my SP skills weren't hitting hard enough but luckily still managed to get S-rank.
Team #2(Aka No more AC failures for me):
appeal stats are looking a lot better
Belts so I can pass the SP ACs
The base dmg in this song is a ludicrous 1,300 per note. Because the frontline is making me take 13.5% extra dmg still I'm able to proc Initial You's LSA even under 4 necklaces and allow her to heal from the backline. With this team I'm able to pass all of the ACs and score significantly better than my initial S-rank clear.
Video versions of both clears will be linked down below, I hope this guide helped you guys figure out how to tackle this beast. Good luck! o7
submitted by BobDaisuki to SIFallstars [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 09:10 kimlann Máy lạnh âm trần Dairry có phải là dòng máy chất lượng tốt đáng để mua?

Máy lạnh âm trần Dairry là thương hiệu điều hòa mới xuất hiện tại thị trường Việt Nam đang được khá nhiều người dùng quan tâm. Vậy điều hòa âm trần Dairry là thương hiệu của nước nào? Máy lạnh Dairy có tốt không? Nếu bạn đang thắc mắc những vấn đề này thì đừng bỏ qua bài viết sau đây nhé. Điện Lạnh Thanh Hải Châu sẽ giải đáp cho bạn.
1 - Dairry - Thương hiệu điều hòa Hàn Quốc Máy lạnh âm trần Dairry là thương hiệu đến từ Hàn Quốc thuộc Dairry Electronics Korea Joint Stock Company, Hàn Quốc là cái nôi sinh ra các thương hiệu điện tử điện lạnh hàng đầu như : LG, Samsung, …. được cả thế giới tin dùng và đánh giá chất lượng cao. Máy lạnh Dairry đã có mặt trên thị trường từ năm 2016 nhưng đến năm 2020 Dairry mới được phân phối tại thị trường Việt Nam, nhưng đã tạo ra được sức hút mạnh mẽ với người tiêu dùng sau 1 năm ra mắt.
Theo như hãng Dairry công bố, điều hòa Dairry mặc dù là thương hiệu nổi tiếng tại Hàn Quốc nhưng được sản xuất và lắp ráp tại Indonesia. Indonesia là một đất nước có nguồn tài nguyên khổng lồ, nhân công lao động giá rẻ. Chính vì thế Dairry đã đặt nhà máy sản xuất tại Indonesia để giảm giá thành sản xuất, mang đến cho người tiêu dùng một sản phẩm máy lạnh chất lượng cao mà giá thành hợp lý.
2 - Máy lạnh âm trần Dairry có tốt không?
- Thiết kế hiện đại, đẹp mắt Được sản xuất tại Indonesia trên dây chuyền hiện đại tiên tiến nhất được sản xuất từ những khâu chế tạo các chất liệu bền dẻo để sáng tạo ra những khung viền sắc nét gọn gàng , tinh tế nhìn rất bắt mắt sang trọng kiểu dáng rất ưa nhìn.
- Chế độ làm lạnh/ sưởi ấm nhanh, tối ưu Máy lạnh âm trần Dairry hoạt động luông không khí bên trong sẽ thổi qua 4 cửa thổi gió, với 4 hướng thổi đảo gió tự động giúp hơi mát phân bố đều nhanh chóng khắp phòng ở của bạn.
- Hoạt động trong thời tiết 60 độ Máy lạnh âm trần Dairry chịu được nhiệt độ ngoài trời lên đến 60 độ mà không bị dừng hoạt động, 1 cơ chế rất tốt bền bỉ kỷ lục hiện đại được ghi nhận tại điều hòa Dairry.
- Sử dụng Gas R410A Dùng gas R410 gas hiện đại nhất có độ lạnh sâu kết hợp môi chất hỗn hợp để đảm bảo giảm ô nhiễm môi trường hiện nay, khả năng làm lạnh cao gấp 3 lần giúp giảm tiền điện cho người sử dụng.
- Vận hành êm ái Điều hòa âm trần Dairry với thiết kế nhỏ gọn không khi mát thổi ra nhẹ nhàng, chạy êm, không gây tiếng ồn khó chịu khi sử dụng.
- Dễ dàng vệ sinh, bảo dưỡng Cánh đảo gió có thể tháo rời để bảo trì => Điều này có nghĩa là người dùng không cần phải tháo rời toàn bộ mặt nạ để vệ sinh cánh đảo gió. Từ đó giúp ngăn ngừa sinh sôi phát triển của virút vi khuẩn gây hại cho sức khỏe của bạn.
- Thời gian bảo hành Máy lạnh âm trần Dairry chính hãng được bảo hành 24 tháng, vì thế bạn hoàn toàn yên tâm và tin tưởng về chất lượng điều hòa Dairry.
- Đa dạng công suất Hiện Thanh Hải Châu đang cung cấp máy lạnh âm trần Dairry có các công suất từ 2hp - 6hp. Qúy khách có thể tham khảo các model sau :
C-DR18KH 2HP 18,300,000 ₫ C-DR28KH 3HP ⇒ 22,300,000 ₫ C-DR36KH 4HP 28,200,000 ₫ C-DR50KH 5.5HP ⇒ 33,900,000 ₫ C-DR60KH 6HP 36,400,000 ₫
» Click vào từng model máy để xem chi tiết sản phẩm hoặc xem tại : https://thanhhaichau.com/san-pham/may-lanh-am-tran?brand=60
3 - Tìm mua máy lạnh âm trần Dairry ở đâu chính hãng, giá rẻ? Điện Lạnh Thanh Hải Châu là đại lý chuyên cung cấp máy lạnh âm trầncác hãng nổi tiếng thế giới như : LG, Daikin, Panasonic, Dairry, Toshiba, Samsung, Nagakawa,..... cam kết hàng chính hãng 100%, phiếu bảo hành đầy đủ. Bên cạnh đó chúng tôi còn là nhà thầu chuyên thi công tất cả các dòng máy lạnh âm trần chuyên nghiệp, nhanh chóng, giá rẻ tại miền Nam, trải qua nhiều công trình lớn nhỏ chúng tôi đã được lòng những khách hàng của mình bằng sự chuyên nghiệp trong lĩnh vực điện lạnh. Chỉ với một cuộc gọi quý khách sẽ thấy được điều này.
» Tìm hiểu thêm về Thanh Hải Châu tại : ĐÂY
CÔNG TY TNHH ĐIỆN LẠNH THANH HẢI CHÂU • Địa chỉ : 109/13A Huỳnh Thị Hai, P. Tân Chánh Hiệp, Q.12, TP HCM • Email báo giá : [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) • Hotline kỹ thuật : 0911260247 Mr Luân • Phòng bán hàng : 02822120566 – 0901432183 • Website công ty : https://thanhhaichau.com/ • Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ctydienlanhthanhhaichau
Nguồn tin: https://thanhhaichau.com/thong-tin-...y-lanh-dieu-hoa-am-tran-dairry-model-moi-2021
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2023.03.20 08:33 CovertADV New Build Review

I am looking into getting a new in-ground Gunite pool built. I am interested in seeing feedback from the experts here on the specs and equipment selection. Anything not mentioned I should consider?
Here are some quick stats about the pool:
Size: 30’ x 15’ (rectangle)
Depth: 3’6” - 6’
Baja: 9’3” x 6’ / 12” deep
3 entry steps / 1 deep end bench / step
Spa: 6 jets / 3’6” deep
1 - Jandy Flopro variable speed (2.7 Hp) pump and motor
1 - Jandy 48 sqft DEV Diatomaceous Earth filter
1 - Jandy 400,000 BTU energy-efficient stack-less heater
3 - LED white lights for pool - 100’ cords
1 - LED white light for spa - 100’ cord
1 - Four Function Remote System
I plan on asking for color LEDs
Thanks in advance
submitted by CovertADV to pools [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 01:30 BroMandi [Home Depot] Pioneer 12,000 BTU 1-Ton 20 SEER Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump (plus 24K, 18K and 9K units also on sale) $749 [Deal: $749.00, Actual: $938.00]

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2023.03.19 23:37 WaddlesJr My H3 Lore Encyclopedia. 100+ Lore Topics. 400+ linked timestamps. 10,000+ words. FOURTEEN PAGES.

This post is based on the 12 layer MEGA ICEBERG. Shout out to H3H3_PLUS for putting that together!
This was too large to fit into a single reddit post so you can find Layers 1-7 in my other reddit posts:
Layers 1-4
Layers 5-7
If you find any corrections let me know - Enjoy!


Barefoot Brothers Drive

Have you ever wanted to take drive barefoot, video tape it, and make money doing so? Then C-Man, and his website, https://www.barefootbrothersdrive.com/, is your ticket! In October of 2021 a peculiar ad surfaced on YouTube with this exact business offer. A man named Liam would take up the offer, and call into the Podcast discussing the drama that happened because of it. Eventually C-Man and Liam would confront one another on the Podcast, and it would be revealed that Liam was trolling the entire time. As an act of good faith, Love would make a website called https://www.barefootbrothersdrivesmotorcycle.com/ that contained a single video of Love riding a motorcycle in his barefeet. The site is still active, but the video is no longer available.
Ads on YouTube Liams Side C-Mans Side Liam & C-Man Call Liam Was Trolling Loves Motorcycle

Ben Affleck's Back Tattoo

Back in 2019 Ethan showed Hila Ben Afflecks back tattoo, and she declared it to the the worst tattoo of all time. This became a re-occurring segment on the show where Ethan would show Hila bad tattoo's to see if they could find an even worse tattoo. For years Ben Afflecks tattoo would reign supreme as the worst tattoo, but eventually it would be de-throned by none other than Ed Sheeran.
OG Tattoo Moment Bad Tattoo's More Bad Tattoo's Beef n' Ched Now vs. Later Even More Bad Tattoo's MORE Bad Tattoo's Adam Levine Ed Sheerans Victory Elon Tattoo

"This Smells Like my Butthole" candle

In January of 2020 Gwenneth Paltrow began selling a 'Smells Like My Vagina Candle'. They bought one to smell on the show, and it just smelt like a nice candle. Ethan thought it would be funny to create a 'Smells Like My Butthole' candle, and soon after they began working with a company to make this come to life. In December of 2020 the candle would be sold, raising $8,000 for prostate cancer.
Vagina Candle Discussion The Candle Arrives Making it Selling the Candle The Candle Arrives MoistCritical Smells the Candle


Ethan has GERD, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, which causes stomach acid to repeatedly flow backwards into the tube connnecting your mouth to your stomach. This causes him to hack and cough fairly often on the show. But Ethan is not alone, and many in the comments shared the sentiment of having GERD. They were declared GERD Gang!
Ethan Coughing GERD Gang Unite!

DD Megadoodoo

This is referring to a viral moment from a news anchor who was caught stumbling to pronounce someone's name live on the air. For some reason all that she could muster was DD Megadoodoo. This became a popular soundbite that is often used when Ethan incorrectly names someone on the Podcast..
The Moment


A phone number that fans can use to call into the Podcast. It has come and gone multiple times over the years. The last time it was used was in 2022.
Previous Number 808-HOT-MEME Lines Re-Open Re-Open AGAIN Last Mention


A security guard at the studio who has made multiple appearances on the podcast. Swami's confusion when in on camera is always a beautiful sight to behold.
First Mention Food Competition Shoot to Kill (Members Only) Swami in BTS Last Mention of Swami

Vape God NFT

In March of 2021 Ethan and Crew got into the NFT game. Each member of the crew got their own custom NFT. The Vape God NFT is a one of a kind minted NFT that had an entire episode dedicated to it's sale. A bidding war broke out and in the end it sold for 33 ETH ($60,769.50 at the time).
First Mention Bidding War Episode Moment of Sale


An early gag that originated with Ethans obsession with watching video's of people doing crazy things in mobility scooters, which led to Ethan wanting to get a mobility scooter of his own. There would be a stream where chat got to choose what scooter Ethan should buy and The Gatsby would be the victor! For a brief period of time guests would ride the scooter onto the set at the start of the show, however this was short lived due to Bobby Lee being an absolute maniac. which would end up being The Gatsby. Many skits would include The Gatsby, but it has begun to appear less and less over the years.
First Scooter Videos First Mention of Buying Looking to Buy Office Debut Lovebot vs. Gatsby Ethan Entrance Hila Entrance Casey Neistat Bobby Lee Rage Room Destroy the Studio Bobby Lee Rewatch The Hogwarts Express

Wendy Williams Fartgate

Wendy Williams has been suspected of farting on her show more times than I can count. She denied ever farting, and this was dubbed Wendy Williams Fartgate
Wendy Williams Rips Ass Again... And Again And Again... And AGAIN


Dan had Hair

Yes, it may be hard to believe but Dan actually had hair for a very long time on the podcast. Although it was almost always hidden beneath a hat or beanie, you can see here in an early episode - Our boy's got the goods.
Dan's Hair

Mr. Beast cease and desist

When Mr. Beasts feastibles chocolate were first hitting the shelf they tried them on the Podcast. This led to a Zilly Zonka bit that required Love to make a fake website so that Ethan could get ZONK'D. At the time they joked about the website getting a C&D, but a few months later that's exactly what happened.
Zonk'd Joking About It It Happens

Mobility Mary

In the height of Ethan's love for mobility scooters he came across what is perhaps the most famous scooter vigilante - Mobility Mary! She had a YouTube channel where she would film herself cruising around in public on her scooter to record evidence of people mistreating her as a handicapped person. Unfortunately it would be revealed in recent years that Mobility Mary has passed. Ethan and crew attempted to get her scooter, but unfortunately missed the mark on that one.
Mobility Vigilante People HATE Mary Iconic Soundbites 2019 Back on the Radar She is Died Unable to Get Scooter Additional MM Scooter Lore


The stare of Braco is a magical thing. Look into his eyes, child. He is waiting for you.
Ethan and Hila Video 👀

Belle Delphine Spit Jar

In the summer of 2019 Belle Delphine was all the rage, and she sent the H3 Podcast a special surprise - A jar of spit. Throughout the years it would be smelt because they are disgusting, and when they moved to the new office a mystery revealed itself - The spit simply disappeared from its jar.
Box Arrives Her Video Opening the Jar Discussing the Spit Checking up The Spit is Gone?!

Ghost Stories

In the early days of the Podcast Ethan and Hila would always ask their guests if they had any paranormal experiences that they would like to share. Fans loved this segment but Ethan, being extremely skeptical, really didn't care and always found the stories bullshit. Ethan would eventually explain that this was the reason for them stopping.
Post Malone Markiplier and Ian Hecox Ethan's Mom Steve-O Internet Comment Etiquette Hugh Mungus Video Game Dunkey & Leah Dr. Disrepect Rhett & Link Shane Dawson VSauce3 Deadmau5 Bobby Lee Epic Meal Time Ninja Why They Stopped Asking

Zach's Lawn Shit

Zach once had to shit so bad he pulled his car over while driving and shit on some dude's lawn. He would later admit to taking a picture of said lawn shit.
The Shit An Alpha Move Brief Mention Zach Arrested
*The episode of Zach talking about taking a picture was on After Dark #46, which was famously removed from YouTube by Keemstar. Because of this I cannot provide a link. If anyone has a mirror I'd love to get it added!

I Gotta Pee So Bad

On episode #106 of the Podcast Ian declared to the world I Gotta Pee So Bad. It was the start of the Ian soundbites and has become one of the most famous soundbites on the Podcast.
The Moment Ethan Said it Too

Inspired by the Howard Stern Show

It has been mentioned multiple times that Ethan has taken a lot of inspiration from the Howard Stern Show, and many of the members of the crew love the show as well.
Earliest Moment Zach

Dr. Faddel Deleted Segment

It was long suspected that Jimmie Lee has Hysterionic Personality Disorder, and so they decided to have a doctor call into the Podcast to diagnose him LIVE ON AIR! This would prove to be a bad call on the doctors part, and he has since gotten in huge trouble for doing this. It is presumed that the segment was deleted for this reason.
Edited Episode

Ian the Intern Powerpoints

In the earlier days of the Podcast Ian was known for creating detailed PowerPoints about various topics. While this segment didn't last too long, they are hilarious, and hold a special place in many long-time fans' hearts.
Adidon Aliens, Cults, Hip Hop Kanye West Lil Nas X Jay-I and the March of the Musical Machines


Patrice Wilson Countdown Stream

Patrice Wilson is a music producer who wrote Rebecca Black's song Friday (along with many others). In the early days of the Podcast Ethan would often rag on him for being a creep. In November of 2017 Patrice would post a livestream with a countdown to December 1st with h3h3 in the title. Ethan would show this to Post Malone on Podcast #39, and afterwards fans would point out that the live stream has began to change. This led to a whole series of creepy events that would genuinely freak Ethan out.
Showing Post Malone Scene Changes to Curtain In a Cemetary Ethan Calls the Police Ethans Debrief

The BacH3lor

Ethan and Hila are long time fans of the Bachelor series, which led them to create a series of segments called the BacH3lor. Ian would be the bachelor looking for love, and he would immediately break the rules and drama would unfold between Ethan and him. There were only 2 segments before the show was cancelled. They tried again later with Trish as the BacH3lorette. It once again failed, and was dubbed a cursed segment. Ironically, both Trisha and Ian found their current SO's through these segments, but not at all in the way they were suppose to.
Ian Round 1 Ian Round 2 The Wildcard Ian's Ultimatum Trisha Round 1 Season 2 Cancelled


Shoenice is a YouTuber best known for eating really weird thinks (ie: Stick of deodorant, raw bacon, etc.). The relationship between Shoe and the Podcast has been a rollercoaster and whether Shoenice likes or hates Ethan and the Crew truly seems to depend on the day. He's been brought onto the pod multiple times in the past, but lately has not been mentioned much.
Shoenice Hates Us He's a Lunatic Caller Met Him Calling out Ethan and Hila Eating Raw Bacon Video About H3 First Call-In The Aftermath of the Call In Speculating on the Aftermath Defending Ethan Call In #2 Timed Out Eating the Fika Fish

Anal Fissures

In a time long before anal prolapses were even mentioned, a conversation around anal fissures would begin to unfold. Zach would pipe in and discuss the surgical process of fixing anal fissures. This would turn out to be entirely incorrect, and Zach would apologize for the misinformation.
Medical Information Zachs Apology

Leonard Katzman

Ethan's grandpa. He left Ethan's grandma when Ethans dad was very young, and went off to become a pretty famous film producer. He never re-connected with Ethan's father.
Ethan's Dad Talking About It Discussing with Theo Von Ethan See's Him For the First Time

Creedance Clearwater Curse

Zach has a phobia against the band Clarence Clearwater Revival. He believes that hearing their song or mentioning their name gives everyone bad luck. He is completely serious, and the crew often makes gags out of it.
First Mention Crew Discussing the Curse Halloween Special On Leftovers

Lil Tracy Beef

Back when the song Old Town Road was the most popular song on the planet a discussion arose around whether it was stolen from Lil Tracy. Ethan said no, and that Lil Tracy needs to stfu and deal with it. Lil Tracy then wrote a series of negative tweets at Ethan. It's all made even funnier that every time he is brought up Ethan never remembers who he is.
Did Lil Nas X Steal It? Lil Tracy Tweets Ethan Forgets Lil Uzi Vert Confusion Lil Tracy Strikes Again The Guy I Have Beef With? What Was Our Beef?


Before Ethan got a bidet, he used to swear by flushable baby wipes at the end of his poops. But one day he learned about fatburgs - A buildup of sewage that happens all over the country. A large contributing factor to this is flushable baby wipes. It turns out flushable does not mean decomposable, and they build up into these horrific creatures. He has since sworn off baby wipes and spreads the good word to anyone still using them.
Baby Wipes Eric Andre

The Regula Shmegula

After Ethan Bradberry fell off he began making videos about... Coffee? Honestly just watch the first video, this one cannot be explained with words. Ethan and Hila later go down th Bradberry hole to discuss further what the hell is happening.
The Rawest of the Raw Down the Bradberry Hole Looking at Views

Goof Gang

As mentioned earlier, the Podcast takes a lot of inspiration from The Howard Stern show. Good Gang is a play on words for Howard Sterns Wack Pack - A group of interesting personalities that often appear on the show. It was something they mentioned in the earlier years of the pod, such as with Shoenice, but the term itself never really stuck.
In Reference to Stern Discussing names Shoenice Zach Says it About Jimmie Lee

Sharky's Giftcard

In the early days of the podcast Ethan let Ian use his car for a day. In response, Ian got Ethan a $40 gift card to Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill. This gesture of good faith spiraled into an absolute fiasco, and as a running gag the crew often gives Sharky's giftcards as gifts to each other.
The Fiasco Explained The Giftcard Incident Ian's Giftcard Ian's Birthday


The Drunk Stream

On Podcast #29 Ethan, Jacksfilms, and Erik all got quite drunk, and Ethan mentioned his Podcast with iDubbbz where he said some derogatory terms. He not ony mentioned these terms, but did not censor himself when saying them. The episode has since been edited for obvious reasons, and Ethan has apologized many times for his remarks. This is best showcased on the Gokanaru episode.
The Edited Episode Ethan Apologizes

Bert Kriescher Lost Episode

A very early episode of the Podcast was actually with Bert Kriescher, but the footage got mysteriously corrupted and it was never aired.
Mentioning Him Discussing with Bert

Blocked on Twitter by OJ Simpson

In June of 2019 Ethan couldn't stop watching OJ Simpson on Twitter. He relentelessly dug into OJ for being, you know, a murderer, and eventually got blocked by him. The popular soundbite Hey Twitter World, this is Yours Truly came from these videos.
Watching OJ Please Stop Watching OJ Ethan gets blocked

n****** f******

Ethan has had a storied past with some dark moments. In an early episode with iDubbbz they had a discussion about how a racial slur is just a word and they should be able to use it... And so they did use it. And they used a gay slur afterwards. Not a good moment. The episode has since been edited for obvious reasons, and Ethan has apologized many times for his remarks. This is best showcased on the Gokanaru episode.
The Edited Episode Ethan Apologizes

Chet Hanks Threats

Chet Hanks has been an often talked about and criticized on the podcast, and eventually Chet had enough and started sending threatening DM's to Ethan.
Andrew Santino White Boy Summer Joker Impression Chet Hanks Threats Highlight
The clip itself was on H3TV #1, which has since been removed. I have linked to a clip of the moment instead

Bill Burr Episode 1

Notoriously considered one of the worst episodes of the Podcast. This was still pretty early on in Ethans career as a Podcast host and he was still getting his footing. Bill Burr is known be a tough interviewer, and Ethan could not hold up. This led to a lot of awkward moments between the two, and Ethan discusses the effect that it had on him later. Bill Burr has since come back on with much better reception.
Bill Burr Episode 1 Bill Burr Returns Ethan's Thoughts

Triller Lawsuit Lost Episode

Early on in the Triller Lawsuits and episode was made that was nixxed by Ethan's lawyers. It has never been released.
First Mention

The Wildcard's Identity

Back during Ian's time on the BacH3lor he famously began talking to a girl who was not on the show. She was dubbed The Wildcard and would inevitably be the reason Ian pushed to get the segment cancelled. It has since been revealed that Sam is the wildcard, and they have been dating happily since.
Ethan Outs Sam


John William Kirby Kelley

Back in 2019 Ethan and Hila got swatted multiple times. It would later come to light that the man behind this was some dude named John William Kirby Kelley. He would be sentenced to 33 months in prison.
Talking About Getting Swatted Reading the Article About Him

Cody Padrino

A co-host on Jeff Wittiks Podcast JEFF FM. Ethan made some jokes about him that he took very personally, and would make a video of him driving by Ethan's House and threatening Ethan. Jeff would later apoologize for his behavior.
Jokes About Cody He Comes to Ethan's House Jeff Apologizes Jeff as a Guest


A user that posted about Ethan on /conspiracy stating that he thinks Ethan is using an FBI confirmed pedophile symbol on social media.
Reacting to the Post
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2023.03.19 23:34 Abject-Cartoonist784 44% Off Outland Living Portable Propane Fire Pit, 19-inch, 58,000 BTU Smokeless Gas Firebowl Perfect for Camping, Patio, Backyard, Tailgating, Deck, RV Black 823 Standard Db

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2023.03.19 23:31 Hopeful-Net-604 44% Off Outland Living Portable Propane Fire Pit, 19-inch, 58,000 BTU Smokeless Gas Firebowl Perfect for Camping, Patio, Backyard, Tailgating, Deck, RV Black 823 Standard 1V

44% Off Outland Living Portable Propane Fire Pit, 19-inch, 58,000 BTU Smokeless Gas Firebowl Perfect for Camping, Patio, Backyard, Tailgating, Deck, RV Black 823 Standard 1V submitted by Hopeful-Net-604 to AmazonPromoCodesFL [link] [comments]