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“I’m confident that Reddit could sway elections. We wouldn’t do it, of course. And I don’t know how many times we could get away with it. But, if we really wanted to, I’m sure Reddit could have swayed at least this election, this once.” - Reddit CEO

2023.03.24 08:07 Pristine-PinkPP Still get a divorce?

He and I were not in a good place since a long time. In my previous post I have described how he is not working and how I am paying for everything.
Now that we moved countries and we are here, he struggled to get a job. He doesn’t know what he wants to do, he is looking but still nothing. I got mine and already working. However, him not knowing what to do with his life caused a lot of tension between us and it seemed like we were two strangers. He didn’t talk to me, look at me, give me attention or affection. I tried everything and it just didn’t work and kept blaming myself for being in this situation. Mind you, he knew for more than a year that he can try to learn something for whatever career he would pursue but he was comfortable in the motherland and didn’t even thought about it for a day.
Right now we are discussing the possibility of staying together or not. The other day his first instinct was to leave because he doesn’t love me how I deserve to be loved. (Later he said this was just something he said in that moment). But he still wants to stay to try and make it work.
I am confused because there are so many that had happened up until this moment: - he has a drinking problem and in the past he was violent/rapey towards me — it took him time to control this and earlier this week he was drunk drunk for the first time since November - he couldn’t think about us having a bit of intimacy and his mother always knew where we were and what we spoke just etc. I tried telling him this, but he said it was always going to be like that - he didn’t get me a bday present but he thought about all his friends’ events like baby christening or weddings - he would always make plans after work with his friends but never with me unless I would suggest it
The list could go on, but it feels like I tried to put effort. Told him his drinking problem is serious and he needs to take it seriously, that we cannot do everything in our free time with his parents. Talked about his career, the need of boundaries because we need to do this relationship alone. And yet, he said I should have said something. But a day before the wedding he and his mum were speaking with a bad tone about something I said and interrupted them and asked him to please go on with what he started. He never apologized but said I should have said something although I was visibly upset.
He said yesterday we can forget about this whole drama, take it from 0 but if we are in this moment again, we can’t discuss a split. To me, this sounds like being trapped even if I become unhappy. Even if he will change and do better, what if we are in this moment in 1 year from now or in 6months? Idk, do people really change?
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2023.03.24 08:06 Mady134 Going Through It (total ramble and complete venting; may not make total sense)

My (24F) parents (would be 47F and 48M) both died recently within a year and a half of each other. Mom died in June 2021 and dad died literally on New Year’s Day this year. They left me with my 22 year old younger brother, our dog, our house (which isn’t paid off yet), and a lot of trauma, lol. I live with my brother in the house, and my fiancé (30M) has also moved in.
It’s difficult to describe all of the bullshit I’ve been through in the past two years but along with dealing with the loss of both parents, my mom’s cancer, my dad being in a coma, and all of the funeral and estate management stuff, I also almost died twice, lost a baby (honestly my pregnancy loss trauma could be an entire series of Reddit posts alone), lost my job, lost my apartment, fucked up my college GPA really bad, and I’ve spent almost all the money my family has given to us trying to just barely keep me and my brother afloat right now.
On top of everything, I can’t find a job after looking for months, every cent I make on my side hustle goes to maintaining what I can and occasionally buying things I personally need (like underwear or sheets), and now my brother’s girlfriend is pregnant and she’s moving in with us (her pregnancy is unlocking even more trauma for me, but I’m trying to be as supportive as possible).
I know I’ll live, I know my brother and his gf will help, and I know it’s better than it could be. But I feel so in over my head right now. I feel like I can’t breathe. Like I’m drowning and no one even knows I’m in the water, no do they care.
I’ve been going to bed at 5 or 6am every day because I get nightmares so bad that I can’t sleep until I’m so exhausted that I can’t help it anymore. The PTSD is causing paranoia that makes me feel like every single time I leave the house that either I will die in a horrible accident or someone else I love will. I know I need to get EMDR therapy and a ton of other medical and psychological help but I have no insurance and no money.
I feel so pathetic and so alone. I’ve gone out of my way to find someone who has experienced similar trauma but it seems like it’s just me. I feel really scared and overwhelmed. I’m trying my best to be positive and smile and be the sister my brother needs and be the new head on the household until we figure things out but I can’t even get a job. I try to reach out to my family but I feel like they always nag me about tasks I need to complete and never truly see me and what I’m going through.
I knew exactly what I had wanted in life. I was working so hard, and had a plan. But now I’ve fucked up my GPA beyond repair and can’t go to grad school like I wanted and nobody wants to hire me and I gained a ton of weight and have so much to do and can’t sleep and no amount of self care helps and it just sucks so, so much. I don’t even know what I want anymore.
The only dream I had that I was still holding out for was getting married in a moderately sized ceremony to my fiancé and then going on a nice honeymoon. I had been waiting so long to get engaged. We finally did in December only for my dad to die two weeks later.
So many people have told me to just elope and that a wedding isn’t important or special. Maybe that’s true and maybe I’m being stupid. But it just feels like my entire life has been consumed by tragedy and I just wanted one day to feel special and beautiful and like what I wanted as a little girl. Now I’m probably gonna have to give up on that dream and it just feels like yet another thing I have to lose and another part of myself that I will miss out on.
It’s really hard right now not to feel like my life is really empty and that I haven’t accomplished anything. It’s really hard to keep telling myself that things will work out and that I need to stay positive.
I’m sorry if I’m being a little dramatic or if I sound like a little kid. I generally keep these feelings to myself except when I occasionally talk to my fiancé or when I used to be able to see a therapist. I’m just feeling really down and I have so much on my shoulders and I really miss my Mom right now, but I know I will never see her again.
Thanks for listening, if anyone made it this far.
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2023.03.24 08:05 Aware-Towel-9746 There should be a new looking at of the second sentence of Stylish Executioner. This it it.

I know some other people have discussed this but that was the past. I don’t know everything about the aspect (I think), sue me. I've tried to figure it out myself just now. I think I got everything correct but who knows. Apparently there's a damage buff that just isn't mentioned anywhere. The community is aware of it, I know. I would like it if Bungie would put it in the description but that’s beside the point. I have no issue with the first sentence of Stylish, don't worry. That part is the part everyone uses it for, so most of you won't care if the second sentence changes unless it gets a big buff. This is about “After performing a Stylish Execution, your next melee attack while invisible weakens targets.” This'll be long, so bear with me. Also I apologize if I've misused/overused the bold and italics in some way, I haven't really done this before. If I get anything wrong in here feel free to put it in a comment.

What the second sentence of Stylish even does.

Stylish Executioner's second sentence, as written above, gives a weaken debuff to the next "melee attack" while invisible after an "Execution" as is worded in the first sentence of the aspect description. This is very vaguely worded, bravo Bungie. There is also a large damage buff that is not mentioned anywhere in-game or in commonly seen API stuff, like DIM, the official companion app, or Light.gg. This effect is complicated in a simple way. I will explain it further in depth later. For now I'll speak generally. In order to use the damage buff of 2.5x and weaken, the melee attack (what qualifies will be shown later) must be initiated while in invisibility during which Stylish Execution triggered invisibility. This can include the initial invis from an Execution. This melee buff can be maintained by staying invisible entirely (sorta). You can reproc the second sentence while already invis, though you do leave invis to get the kill most of the time. However, there is a cooldown for this. Too Stylish is a 3 second cooldown preventing the first sentence of Stylish from working.

The methods of possibly maintaining invis, and how/if they work:

How the different melees interact with Stylish Executioner's second sentence.

I am 100% certain that there aren't any bad variables (like a mod being removed between tests) at play here, and the numbers back that up. These numbers should all be good.

Uncharged melee.
The Stylish buffed uncharged melee does apply the weaken (15%) on hit. It also can get the 2.5x damage buff.

Charged melee smoke bomb.
Note: As this already applies weaken inherently we are only checking for the damage buff.
The damage buff clearly does not apply to the only charged melee available on Void Hunter. Also I would like to point out that our uncharged melee does (rounding up to) exactly 20% more damage than our charged melee (on a direct hit). Do with that what you will. Kinda silly.

From what I’ve seen online, glaives don’t consistently count as melee attacks for abilities and exotics. They do not work for this.
For the record: I used Vexcalibur. None of the damage tests included any overshields. Glaive melees don't benefit from Void Weapon Channeling, so that isn't an issue either.
This does not get either the melee damage buff nor the weaken on hit.

For the record: I used a Half-Truths with relentless strikes and eager edge. No damage perks. This test used only light attacks.
This does not apply either the weaken or get the damage bonus.

Basically, only uncharged melees get any benefit from the second half of Stylish Executioner.

What are its uses?

With how strong Gyrfalcon is there isn’t much reason to use Stylish without also using Gyrfalcon, which almost entirely removes any reason to use this part of the aspect.
And with the only Hunter void melee already applying weaken at base there isn’t really any reason to use this part. Even if there is a 2.5x damage multiplier why would I want to use uncharged melees? Maybe if you want to use a different exotic and have a (not really) similar effect at the same time you would use it for this. I for one have never seen someone use it for that purpose. I’ve only ever seen volatile rounds stuff with void weapons, mostly with Gyrfalcon or volatile flow (and maybe collective). Sure, volatile flow is going away at some point but this version of Gyrfalcon isn’t. Even if Gyrfalcon is for some reason nerfed I doubt Bungie would change how it works. They’d probably just lower some numbers or something.
As for non-Gyrfalcon exotics someone would maybe (realistically not) use I can’t think of many. Most of the Hunter melee exotics aren’t super spectacular. The ones that are mostly wouldn’t work with this. A melee kill to make you invisible? Assassin’s Cowl already does that, so why use both? Liar’s handshake? Only on arc melees. Khepri’s Sting? You already get truesight from Stylish, and why use something that gives melee weaken if you already have that. Sealed Ahamkara? Who even uses that? Why would you in this situation? Other Hunter exotics don’t really pair great with it either. Omnioculus? Just use the other two aspects. You already need trappers. Graviton? Maybe. Still no.
Basically, what is the point of that part of it? Why not give us something we’d use? The first half of the aspect, “Defeating a weakened, suppressed, or volatile target grants Invisibility and Truesight” is 100% of what people use the aspect for. I’ve never heard someone say they use Stylish because of the invis weakened uncharged melee, even in addition to the first part of the aspect. Most people probably forget it exists.
I’d appreciate a change of some kind ONLY to the second sentence of Stylish. Pretty much every other aspect in the game gets fully used (people use every effect, cause they can all be good in one situation or another, or they just don't have nearly useless effects) when people use them, whether they’re used often or not. Please just give us something useful in any way, preferably that synergize with the rest of the aspect well. Maybe something that has some general use without needing Executions but that benefits from it. I don't really have many ideas for a change, or any solid plans at all but still. Please look at all of the aspects. None of them should have 1 fragment slot. But that's beside the point. Please Bungie, look at this aspect a little closer and reconsider if it needs that second sentence the way it is. Don't just remove it. Change it.
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2023.03.24 08:04 wuddee30 Daughter of a victim of toxic parent

My mum has a toxic mother. I see her suffering everyday constantly. Every day something happens that saddens her and makes her suffer because of my grandmother. My grandmother is narcisistic, toxic, a manipulator. I've developed hatred towards my grandmother to the point that I wish she would just die. I strongly believe that my mother, my sister and I would be happier if she died (my mum lives with her mum).
My mother has siblings who are treated EXTREMELY differently from her. She is the "black sheep". Every "wrong" thing that happens in the family - the fault is hers. From the silliest thing to the biggest. I would need hours to write down every event: there are just too many. It's been years and years of abuse and psychological violence - almost thirty. One time she even told my mum that she was not wanted and if she knew my mum would be this way she'd abort her. That was very sad.
Every day my mum wishes to just go away and go live somewhere else but we can't afford this. Sorry I just need to rant. It's 8 am and there has already been abuse. My mum sends me and my sister messages to help her cope with these events. We try to help her but unfortunately we are not physically with her for work. I hope in the next few years to change jobs to be closer to her and help her feel better. She feels better when we are with her.
I want to help her. I'm sick and tired of seeing her this way. I cry every day. Sorry for my English.
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2023.03.24 08:04 IanBrandonAnderson0 I’m confused by 20fs actions, I’m 18m.

I don’t understand this girls actions.
There is one person in my university course. She is nice and clever.
Issue is, I just don’t understand her actions. I just want to be her friend but I would be lying if I said I had no interest in her.
On one hand she acts really distant and dismissive to me while in a group. She is also very busy, which is true she has 40 hour weeks with her job and uni. But I feel like it’s a excuse sometimes. But she does make time for me so I’m unsure.
On the other hand, I think she does enjoy talking with me. She does try to be social with me, and when we walk together she always goes the long way around. We have been one on one, twice, once in the library and once when I went shopping with her. She did have a I think a genuinely happy reaction to me asking.
Idk if my I guess insecurities are making me feel like she is disinterested. I do have a body image problem I guess.
I know she has told her friends about the two times we were alone. So that might be a good sign.
Yesterday I asked if she had time on the weekend, and she said she had to do some coursework. Honestly I think she would have made the time if she was interested. But at the same time she did make time for me before. So idk.
She has never had a bf before, so it’s possible she just doesn’t know how to act. Or something. I think she knows I’m interested in her.
What do I do from this point?
I feel like I should just ask, “hey I’m a little confused, what do you want from this?” Say something like that.
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2023.03.24 08:04 yellowpencil84 I need encouragment to be the woman I want

Tw. I have multiple sexual traumas from my life. Overcame.bulimia selfharm (on my own) vaginismus depression. My sister almost did from anorexia. I have been dealing with fainting and vasovagal responses since September and I couldn t handle It anymore. I feel like fainting every second in front of every human being, closed people too. I am a calm woman, good looking, educated and usually people appreciate me. Lost my job. Changed psychiatrist because meds weren t working at all and 3 new psyc told me the same. My long term therapist and psychiatrist made more harm than good with their treatment and meds (they treated me for psycosys with unuseful methods, while It was ptsd and changed meds that are t still really working). I am kind, touchy, funny, ironic and loving. My relationship with men have been so bad. My bf Always raises his voice with me, never a kind Word and this morning I have been working up with him screaming: my back hurt because you re in my half-bed zone. I am so tired and this Is I feel the ending point. He has Always got mad at my triggers. I wanna heal SO BAD. Just a vent
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2023.03.24 08:03 Old_Neighborhood_383 Need assistance identifying wood

Need assistance identifying wood
Hello once more. This is a somewhat different post but I think it s a question that might either be on the mind of other amateur starting wandmakers or just people with no access to order materials that resort to foraging them.
I have a park relatively near my house and when in need for wood I visit and make use of fallen branches (either due to wind or due to storm or due to the city s employees pruning them).
I have been fortunate to usually find my branches near their respective trees (although that s not necessarily very helpful if one is not at all knowledgeable regarding flora).
I will post a picture with my recent forages, I am fairly certain the first branch is from an olive (due to the foliage it had and the location, found it on the ground near an olive tree and i think it has the same bark). The second i think is cypress (i researched it based on the fact that the branch i found had a sort of spherical (open) pinecone). That being said i d love it if someone was able to verify that and also assist me in identifying the third wood (the four wood pieces on the right are frome the same branch, it was very long and thus it was discarded further away from the park so I have no clue what it might be). If it helps, the wood itself is a rather saturated yellow and cutting it shorter with the saw it was very fragrant (granted i think it s the least dried from the lot, but it still was very noticeable).
If there s a medium for identifying woods that people utilize, that d also be an amazing resource to have!
In any case, thank you for your time everybody, sorry for the huge wall of text!
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2023.03.24 08:03 Educational-Hippo907 SCU A

accepted into SCU! I sent an email regarding whether I got any financial aid or anything so will update this again when I get a response. But I am just really unsure if I should take it if it's anything less than 25% or 50%? I interned at my county's PDO and every attorney I talked to there told me I should just go wherever I am offered the most money or R&R if not offered anything substantial.
problems are: I'm not too sure what I want type of law I want to do. I definitely want to explore other areas, specifically entertainment law and I know SCU might not be a good option for that. However it is a good school if I want to stay in the bay area to become a PD. I just don't know if the debt is going to be worth it if I don't have a solid idea of what I plan on doing with my degree?
secondly, I just feel so mentally drained and exhausted from this process i don't know if I have the mental fortitude to r&r LOL. my environmental factors (family, living conditions, work, etc) has exacerbated the way I've been feeling so maybe if that improves ill feel differently?
and third, having taken a gap year already, i found it extremely difficult to find things to do related to law? i worked 2 part time jobs and scored the PD internship (unpaid) through a friend. but it seems like for other internships they want you to be in school pursuing an undergrad degree or a jd//or you just have to have the network/connections to land you internships which was difficult seeing as i completed my undergrad completely online due to covid and couldnt really form meaningful relationships with professors/other students. So if I take another gap year I might be in the same boat of struggling to bolster my resume.
I also got WL at uc hastings/uc law sf and if i get admitted from the wl then thats also another discussion xd
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2023.03.24 08:03 delphiccarrot Does NAC mess with Cb1 and cb2 receptors??

I swear I don't get nearly as stoned if I take an NAC...just me? I don't find it curbs my cravings like it does for say morphine or cocaine (works amazing for stimulant come down and dulls next day use if you took NAC day before). I have the body feeling but my mind just doesn't feel like it should (especially high lol)
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2023.03.24 08:03 Primary-Share-569 I think I might have Personification Synesthesia

I’m in a theatre class and right now we are learning about diction. Today we spent a lot of time working on imagery. My professor instructed us to make certain consonants one at a time and see if any feelings or images or anything else came up. I found myself creating personalities for each of the sounds. For example, V was this kind of mean girl character who thinks she’s really cool but she’s actually just really mean, but she’s highly influential. And Z is really nice and fun to be around, but he’s highly influenced. When he’s near V, he becomes a worse person. But when he’s paired with certain vowel sounds like “eee” he has some character development and he can become a good person again.
After the exercise we all shared our experiences. I shared this with my class and no one else seemed to experience feelings or images quite as strong as I did. I also shared that when I was a kid learning how to play piano, I did the same thing and gave personalities to certain notes or different parts of the songs. I was really bad at reading notes so I had to memorize everything. The characters and stories came to me as I practiced, and I never had to try to come up with them. I also never had to really memorize the notes, I just remembered the characters and played their stories. After I shared all of this, a girl in my class said I might have synesthesia. I had heard of it before, but thought it only applied to colors and numbers and that sort of thing.
I did some Googling and it seems like I might have personification synesthesia. However, there are a few reasons why I feel a bit unsure still. 1. I play a few other instruments and I only experience this when I play piano. 2. I was only able to associate personalities with the consonants because I had been focusing on trying to find any images or feelings. 3. I only seem to experience this when I am the one producing the music or sound. If I listen to a song, I don’t associate any personalities with it, it’s only when I’m practicing a song that I’m playing on my own.
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2023.03.24 08:03 possiblethrowaegirly I hate being the only one who works.

I used to be in a friend group of like 12-ish people freshmen year of uni who hung out a lot. Exiting second quarter and I work 15 hours a week to help me and my parents pay for school and so I can have some cash to do fun shit with.
I haven't had time to hang out as much and everyone else just... sort of got closer without me and sometimes I do show up and its just "wow where have you been" I HAVE A JOB. i hate that i cant be as social because i have to do that plus study and like, only like two people still make an effort to include me and I'm so tired. I feel so unwanted all the time even though like I know they just think I'm busy but like. I'm the only one who has to deal with it and it SUCKS
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2023.03.24 08:03 cest_la_ray Job/Money/FMLA Advice

I'm so sorry if this is the wrong place for this. I am so lost, I want life/money/job advice for some kind of direction. I have been struggling for a few years now because of pain and fatigue. I want some stability. I worked at Amazon Jan 2021 to Feb 2022 in California. I was supposed to have 3 days off but had the month of June off for an FMLA because of issues with paperwork, it turned my whole life upside fighting to pay for rent bills and food, I went to the ER for burning back pain. Their HR said if I got denied payment by the state that Amazon would pay me. My primary doctor wouldn't give me a diagnosis (they said it was in my head because of my mental health) and said to talk to a QME (said they only do worker's comp) or Social Security (said they only do long term disability). Never got a diagnosis, never got paid. Moved to Washington Feb 2022. Job hopping and hunting because of more ER visits and medical issues, almost had my appendix rupture last month, during laparoscopic appendectomy they found signs of endometriosis (don't have a written diagnosis yet because they want me to follow up with OBGYN, still can't get an appointment) and that it was most likely causing the back pain and stomach pain. Can I reach out to Amazon or California for missed pay? Is there anyone I can call? Or what's the best course of action for finding a job with endometriosis? Or should I apply for disability? I'm 26, constant fatigue, debilitating periods where im out of commission at least 48 hours during that time, and my body hurts all of the time. I left one job because of knee pain and it turns out I also have bone loss in my left tibia (also no diagnosis because doctor is waiting until follow up to make referral for further imaging) which was also mentally stressing because doctors pushed worker's comp and employer pushed pre-existing injury and I didn't know what to do, one lady at the job said no way is it work related then started talking about her athritis being an occupational disease like wtf and now I have to hold onto a surface like a counter when I get up from a squat. I'm sorry for this being so much, I'm broke depressed scared confused, I have no idea what options or resources are there for me.
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2023.03.24 08:03 zedzol Classic customer service in Zambia. What are your experiences?

Classic customer service in Zambia. What are your experiences?
Also btw, your new logo is ugly. The old one was beautiful. Good job!
From Liquid ISP bouncing me between about 10 reps... and yet to provide any solution to our bad dedicated fiber connection, to FNB putting my fucking BUSINESS account on hold due to KYC (Know your customer) requirements which no one informed me, emailed me, texted me, InContaced me about it at all.
When queried they told me to send an email with failed transaction IDs and to contact my relationship manager. Yeah... no.... they should be contacting me. NOT the other way around. This is absolutely incompetent management of their customers accounts. If THEY have a requirement, THEY need to to the needful to request the information they need. Not put an active business account on hold. It doesn't matter how much money passed through my account. This is unacceptable treatment of their customers.
I needed ZMW last week for a project I just came back from in the middle of the bush. Do you think the transactions/conversions ever came through? Or that anyone even tried to contact me from FNB?
LOL nope....
Closing my accounts. Thank you very much for your brilliant services. The only thing that kept me with FNB was their mobile app. Thats literally it.
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2023.03.24 08:03 yr-mom-420 easy no cook/prep, low effort, easy to eat foods?

i hope this kind of post is okay. i just need help finding food that's easy to eat. i am nottttt looking for restriction foods. i kinda want the opposite of volume eating. condensed nutrition pls.
i struggle a lot with lack of appetite (i'm on an amphetamine and not willing to change meds) and i'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for INSANELY easy foods to help me eat enough and get enough nutrients.
i ABHOR labor of any kind, and i can't see food prep as anything other than labor. i get no joy from the process of making food and have no interest whatsoever. a lot of the time i just look at it as - "i'm hungry so what can i put in there to just make it stop?" my boyfriend loves the process and it's so weird to me. it's just a chore that requires constant maintenance to me 99% of the time. we joke that i have no respect for the ~art~ of food.
if only they made a pill or some shit that gave you everything you need. over ittttt. i have tried soylent, but i don't like the taste, and it's really only for people who need to drink 5 of them a day. i won't delve into the reason for that. their concept is a wet dream to me tho.
fairlife nutrition shakes, nuts, apples, & pb are my go tos. i used to do cheese and crackers and grapes but... labor. i struggle to even wash my fucking grapes or slice a block of cheese before they go bad. and i kinda got the ick from them after severallllll months of repetition. so i need a new hyperfixation before i inevitably get the ick again. rinse, repeat, eye roll..
i also have a trillion food aversions (i'm sure a lot of y'all can relate to that) so i'm sure i won't even eat most of the things recommended but i'm desperate for ideas and trying to have an open mind.
tldr - what are foods y'all eat that get all of your nutrients in an easy, low-to-noooo effort way? affordable would also be nice. thank you. :)
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2023.03.24 08:03 IanBrandonAnderson0 I don’t understand this girls actions.

There is one person in my university course. She is nice and clever.
Issue is, I just don’t understand her actions. I just want to be her friend but I would be lying if I said I had no interest in her.
On one hand she acts really distant and dismissive to me while in a group. She is also very busy, which is true she has 40 hour weeks with her job and uni. But I feel like it’s a excuse sometimes. But she does make time for me so I’m unsure.
On the other hand, I think she does enjoy talking with me. She does try to be social with me, and when we walk together she always goes the log way around. We have been one on one, twice, once in the library and once when I went shopping with her. She did have a I think a genuinely happy reaction to me asking.
Idk if my I guess insecurities are making me feel like she is disinterested. I do have a body image problem I guess.
I know she has told her friends about the two times we were alone. So that might be a good sign.
Yesterday I asked if she had time on the weekend, and she said she had to do some coursework. Honestly I think she would have made the time if she was interested. But at the same time she did make time for me before. So idk.
She has never had a bf before, so it’s possible she just doesn’t know how to act. Or something. I think she knows I’m interested in her.
What do I do from this point?
I feel like I should just ask, “hey I’m a little confused, what do you want from this?” Say something like that.
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2023.03.24 08:02 2222wwww1 Dick Flash! Cute Teen Gives Me Hand Job in Public Parking Lot after She Sees My Big Black Cock

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2023.03.24 08:01 ukinternational-4343 Beauty parlour course Beautician Course in Delhi Near me beauty parlour certificate

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2023.03.24 08:01 garysernstzen Renew your faith with Christian Events!

For My Soul in Luton features various activities, including live music, inspiring speakers, prayer and meditation sessions, workshops, walks in nature, etc. Join us for truly unforgettable Christian events near me that will renew your faith and for personal growth.
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2023.03.24 08:01 IceFire125 [Discussion] For those that now realize Fuse's writing of TenSura's "High Fantasy and Low Risk" style (only if you saw Scarlet Bond movie)

Not that you should be reminded, but this is Fuse's high fantasy and low risk style of writing.
High fantasy - self explanatory, yielding from magic and resurrections.
Low risk - playing on emotion to evoke feelings of tragedy, but do not go through with it (characters staying dead, etc).
I don't wanna spoil, but if you've noticed since season 1, season 2, plus the recent movie, as a fan, you shouldn't expect anything different in terms of the two subject points above.
Fans will be fans and will continue to blame Fuse for this, and if that's your opinion, Fuse as an author of the story must welcome that, just as he was criticized by Japanese fans early on, until they eventually accepted the flaw and moved on.
My suggestions to long time fans of TenSura to just also accept new fans (who do not know Fuse's style) to allow them to feel as such and let them express it, as negative as they can be, if they choose because that's how they feel. Hopefully, there will be fans that will also, like me and many others, accept Fuse's flaws and enjoy the story for what they are (the overall story, world building, lore, power scaling, and others, etc).
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2023.03.24 08:00 Iamthemasterofpie Was it wrong to ghost?

So I have a manager who is almost twice my age, we used to work together. However, he did show interest in me at work, and he flirted with me and touched me, like give me hugs. When he left the job, we did go on one date. But, he told me he has a gf, so I ended things with him. He didn't take it too well, and he keeps pursuing me. I always told him, I can't date him, he has a gf. Now, he mentioned he needs to stop by our old job, so he can get supplies for his new store. If he comes by, I would be alone with him in the morning. He kept asking me to hang with him, so I told him, it's fine if we chill for a bit, if he stops by. I'm not sure why I agreed to chill with him, I felt pressure to hang out, which I don't feel comfortable since he has a gf. So I settled with him seeing me at the store for maybe a couple of minutes. I prefer I don't see him, because I want to respect his relationship. He mentioned what days I work, so he can come over. I did tell him, I have to check the schedule, to see what days, and I ghosted lol. I'm not sure what to say to him, was it wrong to ghost?
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2023.03.24 07:59 whorrors my life is a sitcom

everything just happens one after another but it doesnt even really have that much of an effect on me. i dont really feel sadness or fear or things like that, i can only feel anger and happiness or whatever. the way my life is set up feels like it should be a tv show. honestly it probably is. some weird egotistical guy jack of all trades wants to be rich and famous and will do whatever but is still lazy and has to live day to day life w other ppl. my tragedies are laughable no one has pitied me without a chuckle. one of my jobs is selling plasma another is a gig based party entertainer so i can buy another car since my last one broke down. my brother hasnt gone to school in three weeks and my dad is like me except he doesnt want to be famous and my mom has a stick up her ass. everyones always yelling about something and theres always a new plot point right now the arc is trying to get my life back on track i guess but it hasnt been working. my life doesnt even feel like mine it doesnt even feel like my decisions it feels like a script. ive always been the court jester and im not supposed to be anything other than entertainment but im not sure what to make of this. im busting my ass working 6-7 days a week only to be met with a coincidental inconvenience. just once i want to thrive and not just survive.
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2023.03.24 07:59 Friendly-Oven4230 Studying Part Time at SUSS

Anyone that studied or still studying at SUSS. Care to share what its like? Also got some questions 1. Is Part time degree cert the same as full time? Or is there a difference? 2. Are the classes mostly online or physical? 3. Is it okay for me to quit my job in the middle of the course if I cant cope? Thanks!
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