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A place for those who work in the pharmacy at Sam’s Club to ask questions or share ideas and experiences.

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Subreddit for news, music, updates, discussion, etc. about Maroon 5.

2023.06.06 03:39 rippcw1234 Where to meet up with our groop?

Our group is coming from separate states and our plan was to meet up at a gas station outside of the grounds or something before caravanning into the grounds. Any recommends for good spots to meet up?
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2023.06.06 03:37 Savings_Reserve_7403 My luck for today

My luck for today
Got him after about 15 Serie A premium upgrades
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2023.06.06 03:37 AutoModerator [Download Course] Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System (

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2023.06.06 03:36 MHA37 Check engine light came on then off (same day)

TLDR; check engine light came on after speed bump and turned off after 3 hours.
Today I went out at 12 AM to see a friend, in my 2016 Toyota Camry (2.5L I4) it had low fuel in it before yesterday (about 25 KM of range) and I parked the car and didn’t drive it until today.
As I turned on the car today nothing popped up on the dashboard, as usual, but on my way to the nearest gas station there was a speed bump. Which I went over normally, at an appropriate speed. However as soon as my rear tires went down the bump I rested my foot on the accelerator to slightly accelerate. Something strange happened, the acceleration was a little too delayed and it was a little jerky, as if I put my foot down a little to much and let off quickly.
Then I took a look at my dashboard and the check engine light was on (the eco light did not come on, it usually stays on as long as my acceleration is smooth).
I made it to the gas station and filled up the car halfway, the check engine light was still on. I drove to my friends house, picked him up and went to a restaurant, after we were done eating the check engine light was still on. We then went to get coffee and sat in the cafe for about an hour, when we were done the light was still on. When I went to drop my friend off I turned the car off for about 15 mins and the check engine light was gone when I turned the car back on.
It didn’t come up again the whole way home (15 min drive). Should I be concerned?
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2023.06.06 03:36 OregonSkier32 Polyrhythmics Live At Talent Club 6/13 - 6/15!

Come see one of the best funk/fusion/jam bands on the west coast return to the Talent Club! Back for three nights once again! Get ready to groove hard!
Doors at 8pm each night!
Tickets are available at the link below!
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2023.06.06 03:36 Stock-Succotash-2417 The Mexico Storyline in Season 5

So, it’s no question that, while the Mexico arc in Season 5 did have good and entertaining moments, it really felt like it was missing something to make it even better for all of the characters involved. So, with that in mind, I want to ask, what would you have included in the Mexico Arc for the characters of Johnny, Robby, Miguel, and even Miguel’s dad.
For me, I would’ve involved Johnny telling Robby about him going to Mexico to find Miguel before the actual trip, and then as Johnny is about to leave then Robby decides to go with Johnny. It was done kind of like this, but it really leaves a bad look for Johnny to trick Robby into going to Mexico when it could put him in danger.
I also think that Hector finding out from Miguel that he is his son could’ve been really interesting, and lead to an arc where Hector uses this and he gets Miguel to work for him for a bit, maybe even be a fighter at that fight club for him. Then, Miguel would start to see what Hector really does, and Hector shows his true colors like in the show.
And maybe, even a Hector and Johnny fight scene where Johnny protects Miguel from his dad, and the Mexico storyline ends off with Miguel pushing his dad off of Johnny, and his dad telling Miguel that he never wants to see him ever again, and Miguel says that he won’t.
In addition, I probably would’ve had the storyline been a part of maybe 1-2 more episodes.
So, what about you, what would you have added to the Mexico arc?
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2023.06.06 03:35 AutoModerator [Download Course] Sam Ovens – Consulting Accelerator (

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2023.06.06 03:34 Yoyokid844 [WTS] [US-CO] Airsoft Closet Cleanout, Guns and Gear: Will Ship! Umarex EliteForce ARX-160 Elite, Umarex IWI CO2 Uzi, Full Metal CO2 Desert Eagle, Marushin 2 Shot Green Gas Derringer, and gear.

[WTS] [US-CO] Airsoft Closet Cleanout, Guns and Gear: Will Ship! Umarex EliteForce ARX-160 Elite, Umarex IWI CO2 Uzi, Full Metal CO2 Desert Eagle, Marushin 2 Shot Green Gas Derringer, and gear. Getting out of Airsoft and I am selling everything I own. Everything goes to a pawn shop next week. Make me an offer! You can get everything pictured and listed here for $500 (obo). $1200+ retail, $800+ individually. I am definitely undervaluing everything because I just need it gone. It’s been sitting collecting dust for 5+ years and I no longer have any interest in airsoft. I’m moving out of my parent’s house because of college and they want it gone too. Pic w/ Date Verification: Note: No notes in paypal transaction Note: Have video of all guns shooting on request $500 for Everything, open to offers
– All prices are negotiable. Bundles are preferred and will be given discounts Umarex/Elite Force ARX-160 Elite: $180 Good condition, scuffing on barrel and flash hider. Missing rear iron sight, will update if I find it. Has a tight bore barrel, I believe 6.03mm. Great gun, electric blowback, locking bolt. Chrono’d at 380fps w/ .20g. Single and Full auto. Folding stock w/ quick swap spring system and quick release barrel. Comes with Bravo 1x30 RDS. Retailed $293. Will come with 2 high cap mags unless purchased as a bundle with M4. Mini Tamiya connector. Marushin 2 Shot Green Gas Derringer: $40 Like new condition, used in one game Fun little gun for messing around with. Never was chrono’d, but the manufacturer lists 200fps w/ .20g. Great for game modes where hiding weapons is advantageous, such as hostage. KWC Full Metal CO2 Desert Eagle: $120 Very Good condition, minor scuffing on fire select switch and edges Kicks hard. Has full auto and single fire mode. Comes with 1 mag. Evike lists FPS around 370-420 w/ .20g. WE G17 Green Gas: $80 Good cosmetic condition, iffy mechanical. Comes with 1 regular mag and 1 Timberwolf extended mag. Currently having an issue where the mag dumps all the gas after 3-4 shots. I’m guessing it’s a lubrication issue but I don’t have the time to diagnose it. Umarex IWI Uzi CO2 Blowback: $120 Good condition. Cosmetic scratches around mag release, palm safety, and charging handle. Mags have scratches on them. Does not have orange tip Licensed IWI Uzi. Strong kick. Full auto and single fire. One mag leaks very very mildly. One mag occasionally won’t catch the bolt when empty. No chrono but Evike listed around 380-400fps w/ .20g 2 mags have trouble releasing the CO2 cartridge from the bottom with an allen wrench. Unsure of cause, believed the plastic holding the metal cracked. See pictures Tokyo Marui P90TR: $75 Poor cosmetic condition, decent mechanical condition. Been spray painted jungle camo. Charging handle spring is missing and the charging handle slides freely. Great CQB hybrid bullpup design. Comes with 1 low/mid cap imitation bullet mag (hold 50-75rds), and 1 high cap mag (300 rds). Also comes with metal amplifier tip and plastic spray painted flash hider tip. Includes Strike 1x20x30 RDS. Chrono’d at 315 w/ .20g Unknown Brand M4: $50 Decent cosmetic condition, unknown mechanical. Don’t know much about this one. Traded for it in a losing trade. Has an elite force lower, but unknown internals. One of the screws holding the motor in is missing. Comes with 2 high cap mags Chrono’d at 335 w/ .20g. UK Arms Spring Sniper: $25 Good mechanical condition, acceptable cosmetic condition. Never got this one chrono’d and I can't find any info on it. Realistically it probably shoots around 350fps, but I’ve honestly got no clue. Comes with a Frontier 2.5x32 scope that I think might actually be a pistol scope. All guns work to the best of my knowledge, unless otherwise stated but have been sitting for 5+ years. The gas/CO2 guns may have minor issues due to dried seals. No original boxes for any guns. Buyer pays shipping unless negotiated, if you buy a gun or bundle I’ll pay for shipping insurance. First person to buy an AEG gets a free mini deans/T Plug to mini Tamiya adaptor if they want it. AEGs will not come with batteries because of the hassle/risk of shipping LiPO Tape on M4 mags is because I wanted to make a double stack/flip mag. It worked pretty well for a few months before it fell apart. Will remove and clean at buyer’s request
Mens Small-Long Desert Camo Surplus Pants: $15 Will sell as bundle with shirt for $25 Military surplus desert camo BDU. 32.5-35.5” inseam, 27 to 31” waist Marks on knees, May just need a stain treatment and deep wash Mens Medium-Long Desert Camo Surplus Shirt: $15 Will sell as bundle with pants for $25 71 to 75” height, 37 to 41 chest Tag Airsoft Tac Vest, Brown: $20 Will bundle with helmet for $30 Has attached belt, zip up front. 2 pistol mag pouches on belt. 1 large pouch on right chest. 1 pistol mag pouch on left chest. 3 shotgun shell pouches on left chest. Velcro spot where pistol holster normally goes. 4 magazine pouches, 3 on right, 1 on left. Comes with patches seen, matching pistol holster, matching dump pouch. Tan Military style helmet: $15 Has some damage. One strap is held on with a zip tie because the screw is missing (previous owner did this). Adjustable size Will bundle with tac vest for $30 Comes with gopro mount and battery pouch, as well as the 4 patches pictured. Voodoo Airsoft Brown hard knuckle gloves, XL: $10 Padded. Scuffing on knuckles, minor tear on left hand Facemask and Goggles, unknown brand: $10 Impact rated, just don’t remember what brand. I took shots to them fine. Tan goggles, green mask. Goggles have replaceable/interchangeable lenses. Comes with smoke and yellow. Also will include PZ87+ rated glasses too. Valken tac. Not worth selling on their own Tan Bandana/shemagh: $5 Green Cyber camo pistol holster: $5 Has mag pouch on top Highland Tactical brown backpack: $15 6 pouches. Molle webbing all over. Amazing bag and I might even keep it if it doesn’t sell Will sell all clothes/accessories bundled together for $70 – Airsoft Revolver Shells Dan Wesson (12x) + Speedloader: $10 Had the revolver (Dan Wesson) stolen after like 3 days at the field. Only used these a handful of times. Valken 1s-4s LiPo/LiFe Balance Charger: $5 Tenergy NiMH/NiCD Charger Large Tamiya and Mini Tamiya plug: $5 Buyer pays shipping unless negotiated.
Please reach out with any questions!
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2023.06.06 03:34 puppyandcats Anyone else? Obv going to the doctor, but my exhaustion is scaring me.

I'm going to the doctor. Not looking for a digital diagnosis, just reaching out online-socially to see if anyone else has experienced this.
So, recently I've been so exhausted I don't even realize I'm tired. Even as I'm typing this, I'm constantly backspacing deleting extra letters and typos. My sleep schedule varies from 2-6am, or a nap at 1-1:30pm without sleep. I can't sleep at night. I'm too busy, I have to clean and care for others, then I stress about work and class. Sounds simply but I catch up on the weekends, so I sleep in for about 10-12 hours or all day until Sunday evening.
My eyes hurt when exposed to natural sunlight or LED light bulbs. Like, I have to wear sunglasses inside and outdoors. No, I don't watch TV and play very little games. I work from home but hte screen is dimmed.
When I drive its like tunnel vision.
Just now, I was relaxing and playing a game and falling asleep as I was playing... but I was still playing? Does this make sense? I wasn't even aware I was falling asleep and this isn't the first time its happened. It happens when I'm working, sometimes if I'm driving, once while I was shopping for groceries. Its like I'm on drugs or continuaously weed high but I'm just so tired. LOL I literally feel dead.
My memory is lapsing as well. I forgot an entire month of a class I needed to attend and of course failed that class with a glaring F on my transcript. I didn't mean to, I forgot it existed. I'm forgetting many things even to put gas in my car which drove for a surprising distance on 8 miles left in the tank.
I'm very short on temper and rather overworked. My supervisor is stressing about some high profile cases, like very high profile, and my our names are on them. Everything is good but one mistake- even a small one- can blacklist my career , and I'm not being dramatic. So, when I work I'm so stressed but I keep falling asleep which stresses me out even more because I can't stop it but I'm not doing it on purpose at all.
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2023.06.06 03:34 EatMySoba Am I (m30) being used or played with by my friend (f27)? What should I do?

I've started hanging out with a friend more lately who happens to be a woman. We both recently just got out of relationships, mine was only 5 months, but hers was 5 years(our break ups were 2 weeks apart). She is pretty jaded about dating again and I'm also not really looking for another right now(I do miss having someone tho).
We were already friends before covid, but towards the end we started talking and hanging out more. After our break ups we would hang out like every other day and would go to bars to drink and talk about life and video games. Some how we got onto friends with benefits, which is something I very much stay away from. I knew she had 2 guy friends like that, and it never bothered me, cause we are just friends. She asked me how I felt about fwb, I told her I don't do that cause I ALWAYS catch feelings and don't want to be heart broken. So a week goes by and I ask her if she wants to hangout. We go to a bar, I guess one of her fwb bailed last minute, and I just felt like drinking and having fun(they had a game night). While we were drinking she brought up the friends with benefits again with me, and I reiterated how I will ALWAYS catch feeling and want to stay away from that(I catch them fast too 😮‍💨). We don't talk about it anymore, but then make plans to come back in 2 days for a dnd night they have.
We play video games online with each other like everyday, so we are always kinda hanging out everyday. So the dnd day comes up and we have fun at the bar, but then she starts to touch my leg a bit and I kinda just write it off as just being drunk and over thinking it. So I get way too drunk and have to crash at her place(I would uber, but my car is at her place and it cost way too much to get home). I start to sleep on the floor, but she tells me to sleep in the bed. I think about it for a bit and was gonna just tell her the floor is fine, but before I say anything she says it's fine and it doesn't mean anything. So being drunk and dumb I sleep in the bed without another thought about it. She tells me she want to cuddle and that it doesn't mean anything, so like an idiot I flop over into a cuddle position and we pass out(nothing else happens after that and I go home after giving her a hug good bye the next morning).
I go to her bday party and she comes over after she cancels going out to a club. We watch some shows in my room and then cuddle a bit. I send her off to the spare bedroom at my place after a few more hours of shows and cuddling. I sleep in my bed and she sleeps in the other room. She goes home the next morning after we get some breakfast and talk about life and dumb game shit(overwatch 2).
Let's skip to like 20 days later, when we are going to the ren faire together. It's me her and her best friend(my other friends bailed on me last minute). We all have fun and her friend says she has to go after a bit, so we see her off. We are pretty drunk at this point and we start taking pictures together. She catches me off guard and kisses me in one of the photos. We start taking couples photos after that and I'm picking her up and playing along now(im a dumbass). We stroll around the faire a bit longer and then decided to head home now that I'm sober enough to drive. We head back to my place and drink and play some video games. After a few hours we move onto Netflix and we cuddle again. She is too drunk to drive home now, so she sleeps over and invites me to sleep in the same bed as her(she says she is just like sleeping next to someone). I join her, but the she starts cuddling with me more and I get turned on(it's very noticeable I'm just in undies). I apologize to her and she shows me that she is also turned on, and being a bit high from weed and drunk I start playing with her(she seems to be enjoying it and I love that). She stops me from continuing with my hands and then I take as a sign to back off. The we wake up next day get breakfast and then she goes home.
Like a week and a half goes by and we go hiking by my place, it was a lot of fun, we decided to go back to my place and smoke and game. It gets late really fast and so I offer the spare bed. She tells me to come sleep with her and I join her. We cuddle more and I obviously get turned on again and she plays with it a bit. After a few minutes of that I work up the courage to ask her if she wanted to do more, because of last time(not sure if yall could tell, but I already caught feelings after the kiss). She makes fun of me for not doing more last time, and then we do it after a bit of laughing.
Next day the we hang out together the whole day and go drinking with my friends, but I hold off as I'm driving. We go back to my place and the same thing as the night before happens(smoke and sex). The next day we get lunch and she really opens up to me about her and her family and I listen and to my best to be there for her. She tells me she loves me as a friend and I also feel similar to that, but instead of saying anything I just give her a hug.
The next week I go over to her place to play games, smoke weed, and chat. I tell her that I want to date her and my feelings that have developed. She tells me that she doesn't want to jump back into a relationship so soon. I understand that and tell her that I would wait for her if she ever wants to be with me that way(I'm dumb). We cuddle and I pass out. I go home the next day not feeling so great, but happy I got my feelings out to her.
Let's say like 3 days go by and we don't really talk all that much other than sending memes back and forth. One night I ask her if she wants to hang out and grab some food. She agrees, but wants to be brought home cause she misses her place. So we go for a walk and then drive in my car. We stop to talk and cuddle for a bit in my car. We talk and she wants me to know that she wouldn't do things with me if she didn't have some feelings for me, but tells me that she doesn't want a relationship and doesn't want to lose the friendship. We cuddle and kiss a bit and then I drive her home.
For the past few times we have hung out we don't really do anything but kissing a bit. I went on what I thought was a very date like thing(we went on a picnic in a nice arboretum). We kissed a few times and then she said she doesn't want to kiss anymore, so we stopped and just talked and then walked around. I brought her home cause she works early in the morning and doesn't want to stay up all night with me(seems fair).
I'm sure there are things I forgot. I would like a woman's opinion on this and I don't know what to do. I know I'm willing to wait for her to like me back, but I also don't want to be heart broken. What do I do? I'm so hopelessly lost in all of this. She still does stuff with her fwb and I get left feeling stupid and used.
You can ask anything and be as harsh as you want. Also I apologize for my bad grammar and maybe missing words.
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2023.06.06 03:33 SpiritTechie HomeAI Build

Hey folks.
It's been some time since I last built a PC, and I could use some friendly advice on creating an AI unit for my home. I hope others think having a home-based AI is just as cool as building for games.
As good fashion ChatGPT just unless at times. This is what it came up with.
and for my thoughts.
  1. CPU: Which CPU range specs? Should I be looking at the class below Threadripper?
  2. GPU: I am sure there are better ones that I need clarification on.
  3. Motherboard: a crap shoot.
  4. Storge: Hybrid both SSD & HDD
  5. PSU: what the hell? maybe 1100 -1300 watt
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2023.06.06 03:33 donzercash Querying utilities for my new home

Hi Redditors, I have been renting a house for the past 3 years and recently purchased a house. My rental agreement is up at the end of July. I intend to move into my house in July as i am currently doing some renovations on the house. I intend to use my current electricity/gas supplier at the new house. Since I am still in the rented accommodation, I am not sure how best to approach this with my supplier. I wanted to use the "move home" option, but I don't want the electricity cut from the rental before I leave, but at the same time, I don't want the power cut before I move into the new house. Or do I pay the electricity/gas at both properties and then cancel the account when I move out. Any guidance on this would be appreciated.
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2023.06.06 03:33 Tatersalad9151 [REQ] ($40) - (#temecula, CA, USA) (repay $45 on June 12), (CashApp, Venmo)

Hello all I am in a pickle at the moment due to work cutting hours I am in need of 40 to make it until payday mainly for gas.
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2023.06.06 03:32 thestonkinator Great deal on some silver coins, and one of them completes a 50c piece collection goal of mine!

I won these coins on auction and got what I think is a great deal. Taxes and shipping included, I paid $34.97 for these four. The silver content alone is worth $26.25 at spot and the 50c piece is in great condition and is the exact last coin I need to finish this year range of 50c pieces.
I've been starting on my 25c piece set as I get close to finishing my 50c goals and although the quality isn't great on these quarters, they were well priced and 1908 is the first year of quarters minted in Canada!
Probably one of my best deals so far on some really cool coins with very little premium above assorted "junk" silver cost.
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2023.06.06 03:32 SpliT2ideZ PSA: If you're planning to renew or upgrade your PS Plus subscription, gift cards are a life saver

With the current sale of 25% off PlayStation Plus subscriptions, I know plenty of people are considering renewing or even going up a tier to try it out. Before you do, find the best deals to get discounted gift cards to reduce the total price of your purchase. The best method so far would be going to Raise. To explain:
  1. There are offering discounted PlayStation Store gift cards at 9% off (ex 100 dollar gift card for 91)
  2. If you are a new member, you can use a code to receive an extra 15% off your total purchase
By doing this, you can knock up to 15 dollars off your PS Plus subscription, basically getting PS Extra for the price of a regular PS Essential, or getting PS Premium for the same price as a discounted Extra subscription. It is also a good idea to check out your local Best Buy or Walmart, and see if they are currently are selling PlayStation store gift cards at a discounted price or given as an offer.
Hope this helps with saving extra money and picking a subscription much easier.
Edit: If it is allowed, I can post a non-ref link to Raise if any has trouble finding it.
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2023.06.06 03:32 One-Shift-1048 Lone Star State RP v3

Lone Star State RP v3 is Looking to receive new Citizens As well we are looking for people to join our Law enforcement and EMS (Police, Sheriff, And we need Fire-EMS!) at our Discord: ⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻ Why LSSRP v3, you ask? ⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻ Just like the state; We don't mess around! - Great RP! Bigger is better! - Cars, Jobs, Drugs and more! Great government - Honest, Friendly Staff! Texas size pride - A Unique Them Map runs smoothly! Player run BUSNINESS. Yes you can run your own Weapon store, Your own corner store, Soon Gas Stations will be able to become purchasable as well to be run by Our citizense. Everyone starts of with $60k in cash and in bank - so $120K Total! ⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻ Here at LSSRP, we offer: Gabz MLOs & more! London Studio Scripts Boii Drugs jimathy666 Scripts RainMad Heists Tgiann Scripts Fishing Hunting Mining Big truck hauler Custom Vending Trash Can Can be searched Custom Clothes EUP Custom Hair Styles Car radios 1 of 1's personal vehicles ⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻⎻ The best part is we listen to our community, If something is broken/missing report it or tell us or dm us and we will get working on it right away. We have WEEKLY AND MONTHLY EVENTS. Rewards rang from in game currency or Donation Currency or free vehicle/house. So why not Come join us at Lone Star State RP today!!!
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2023.06.06 03:32 Extreme-Drive5193 Having massive difference in FPS between shots

Hey guys, so I'm having massive difference in FPS between shots with my VFC HK416A5 gen 2 gbbr The gun is new and totally stock, i have the original mag and also bought 4 vfc BCM mags and i have this problem with all of them So what happens is that when i chrono the gun i get 1.5j, next shot 0.95j, next shot 1.6j etc etc. It has no consistency whatsoever and i need to know if this is normal? It makes it hard to have a consistent shot at the targets ihave no gas leaks, the mags work properly and with a very good gas efficiency I also tried duster gas, propane and green gas, the problem happens with all of those Talking about bb's i tried from 0.25 to 0.36 and the problem still persists Thanks in advance for your insight!
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2023.06.06 03:31 Mangolicious786 $150 Bill on Labs

I opted for the premium insurance with my employer deducting the highest amount from my paycheck in order to get Kaiser.
I've only had a check-up and the doctor ordered routine labs. During and afterward I was told it was a $0 copay.
Months later, I got a text saying I have an overdue bill. I log in and see that it was for those labs back in March. It makes no sense to me how they charge $150 for doing labs at a Kaiser facility. $150 is a lot for me. I feel blindsided and a bit betrayed by Kaiser.
Is there anything I can do?
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2023.06.06 03:30 ThrowRA_NopeNothanks I (F27) made out with my ex-girlfriend's (F27) boyfriend (M24) and want to fix things

This situation involves polyamory. All names are fake.

A couple nights ago, I went to a party with Sarah, an ex-gf of mine and two of her partners, Max and Sam. They have an open relationship and she's been on dates with multiple other people. Unfortunately, on this night she was feeling bad and headed home early with Sam. Max decided to stay, because he knew she was mad at him and he had a hard time seeing Sarah and Sam together, so the whole situation made him anxious. He was also feeling unappreciated in the relationship, something that I could relate to from when I dated Sarah. After a few minutes, we found some of Max's other friends there, and started chatting with them as a group, mostly about the party, music we liked, etc.

When I had been dating Sarah, and she first started dating Max she had talked about facilitating a date between Max and I to see if we liked each other romantically. However, we broke up (I believe it was mutual) not long after and I never really got to know Max.

Chatting at the party, however, I realized he was really sweet and that I did like him. Knowing they were all in an open poly relationship, I figured flirting with him would be harmless. He seemed to feel similarly, and after some dancing and drinking we made out. We chatted on our walks home but split ways when I reached my house.

The next morning, I didn't think much about the kiss other than that it was fun. I knocked out some chores, and then relaxed for a bit. While I was laying on my bed, Sarah walked into my room ( we live in the same house along with some mutual friends) without knocking and started questioning me in a very direct way. This was where I realized something felt off. I initially avoided the questioning, which I think was a mistake, but then admitted that I had kissed her boyfriend. A part of me expected a laugh cause she had talked about trying to get us together before. The part of me that had clued in to the intense questioning expected rage, and I got my answer when she stormed out of the room. Immediately, I was apologetic.

However, when we talked later, Sarah accused me of knowingly facilitating Max cheating on her. She said she thought Max was monogamous, since he hadn't currently been dating other people, but I got the sense this was never explicitly clarified. She added that Max was acting like he didn't care about her, and that I must have been acting out of resentment to kiss him. Unlike my earlier apologies, I got defensive. I said that I clearly didn't know this wouldn't be okay, that it doesn't seem fair to require monogamy of another while within polyamory, and that it didn't seem like Max realized he was supposed to be monogamous either.

Now, Max and Sarah both feel like shit. Max is beating himself up and Sarah feels betrayed. I’m not sure what to do. Maybe I need to drop the defensiveness and simply apologize. How can I begin to mend the wounds this has caused?

TLDR: I made out with my ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend, thinking it was okay due to polyamory. Apparently it wasn’t and now everyone feels like crap.
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2023.06.06 03:30 forkedfertilization Moment American Rapper, Travis Scott asks DJ to stop playing Asake’s song at club in US » GhBase•com™-Everything & News Now

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2023.06.06 03:30 GermanSniper213 Shaq gets pozzed (raider rash) to commemorate the tragedy

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2023.06.06 03:29 Usernamesaretaken111 4:3 panels with good colour?

Hello. I'm not sure if this is the right subreddit but: are there any modern 4:3 or other squarish aspect ratio monitors being produced? I legitimagely prefer the style and size of a 19" panel, but all the ones i have are older office ones with poor colour definition and inputs. can't find any modern square monitors at retailers like memory express or best buy. any ideas? tail-end premium on the secondhand market or could i find one new?
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