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Looking for advice!

2023.06.01 22:38 mmg769 Looking for advice!

It this isn’t allowed, please delete! I’m a bride and trying to figure out the most simple way to phrase the dress code at my wedding. I don’t need anything extremely fancy, but I would like people to be somewhat dressy. And absolutely no jeans. I feel like putting no jeans kinda targets specific people, which is not what I want to do. So would there be an easy and simple way to say I want people to dress nicely but no need for over the top fancy? Edit: the wedding is in December if that’s helpful
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2023.06.01 20:40 Alternative-Eye1946 “Casual Dressy” wedding in June. Dress is longer on me than the picture show about 2 inches above the knees.

“Casual Dressy” wedding in June. Dress is longer on me than the picture show about 2 inches above the knees.
Did not get any more information other than casual dressy. My boyfriend is part of the wedding party. The wedding is in June. Will pair with gold jewelry and nude heels, and a light blue purse
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2023.06.01 20:15 Strawberry_Curious Is this okay for a dressy casual dress welcome reception? I'm worried about the underlay being too close to white

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2023.06.01 08:12 Catlover5566 How do you wear heels when you only go to casual places?

So like the title says, I would love to wear heels more often, and dress up, but I work from home, so the only place I really go is grocery shopping and anytime I've worn heels grocery shopping I've gotten weird looks. Occasionally I go out to dinner, but people where I live dress so casually that heels always end up looking out of place at dinner as well. Should I just wear them and let people stare weird? The heels I have are all closed toe if that helps any, so they do look dressy.
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2023.05.31 20:29 tatersocks Dress Code Feedback

EDIT: Thanks all for feedback! Seems like “outshine the bride” is too vague and confusing. I’m leaning towards just garden cocktail now!
For reference, what I wanted to go for was something kind of like prom, where there are varying levels of formality in how people dress, but everyone is trying to look their best! I feel like in weddings lately there’s been a growing fear of overshadowing the bride so people tend to dress more conservatively than they would for a different event. I don’t plan on asking for formal/black tie attire for an outdoor summer wedding!
I will likely just use word of mouth with my guests to encourage them to not hold back their style!
Hi all! I wanted to get some feedback on my dress code thoughts.
I really like the idea of having an “outshine the bride” dress code, I love dressing up and I’d love my guests to be dressed up without worrying about being too dressy, but I’m worried our wedding isn’t formal enough to justify it.
Important Factors: 1. It will be outside in Socal in July. The dance floor will be shaded and we may get a tent if needed, but everything will be outdoors. 2. The venue is a historical home in a residential area, so it’s essentially a backyard wedding, if a bit elevated. 3. We will have an open bar, but it’s limited to beer and wine, and on signature cocktail. 4. We have not decided on catering yet, but will most likely be cultural food served either buffet style or plated.
Would it be alright to ask for an outshine the bride dress code? If not would garden cocktail make sense?
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2023.05.31 08:30 bea-sprog Buy Baby Clothes Online - Sprog

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2023.05.30 20:36 galth88 Nordstrom Rack Dressy Dresses Coupon Code

Check this out for Nordstrom Rack Dressy Dresses Coupon Code. Find the best deals for you by looking at the current promo codes and coupons on that page. You'll always find the newest coupons, promo codes, and deals on that page. Choose one to apply to your order and save money.
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2023.05.30 19:51 Cinder-Mercury Starting French Con Ed B.Ed Portion (Ontario) - Questions

Hello! I'm starting the B.Ed portion of my French Concurrent Teachers Education Program, having just completed my BA Honours in Canadian Studies, minoring in French Studies.
I'm in the Primary-Junior division. I'm in school in Toronto.
I have a few questions:
1) I was wondering if there's anything that you recommend doing to be more prepared during your B.Ed for Teaching. I know a lot of the course content is considered filler by the Teachers I spoke with. Are there any skills you recommend learning outside of classes to help in the field?
2) I'm curious, has a lot changed about what's taught in a classroom since like 2017/2018 (when I had a co-op placement working in a school during my lap year of highschool)?
3) Any advice for making community placement and practicum the most helpful?
4) For Elementary teachers, what does your school asks for Dress code wise (I'm female), or what you recommend considering when it comes to clothing? I'm planning to pick up some stuff over the next while because my University appropriate clothing might be a bit short if I'm placed with 5 year olds. Are long skirts and pants the way to go? Do you need to be dressy or is casual fine? etc.
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2023.05.30 19:47 Spicy2ShotChai How did your fashion sense/style change when you realized you’re WLW?

I recently realized I’m gay after thinking I’m bi or straight for years. I used to avoid clothes I was drawn to that I thought made me look too masc or simply “not straight,” like baggier jeans, plain tees, collared shirts etc. I didn’t dress overly femme but I did love a good dress or long skirt, especially in summer. Now I just don’t feel as good in those anymore and am more embracing my natural bent towards extreme casual and comfort. But I miss those dressy outfits because I did look good in them—they just don’t entirely feel like ME now. And none of this is entirely conscious, I’m just realizing as I look back!
Did anyone have a similar experience? How did you navigate hanging on to the outfits you loved even if they don’t make you feel the same anymore? How did you find a “new” style that wasn’t just copying others?
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2023.05.30 12:44 Mental_Candy_2785 Beach Wedding Attire: What to Wear to a Beach Wedding - Shoppersstop

Beach Wedding Attire: What to Wear to a Beach Wedding - Shoppersstop
Everyone wants to look distinctive, irrespective of the event and occasion. If you have an invitation to a beach wedding shortly, what to wear could be the question popping into your mind. With the market offering an endless range of dresses, suits, shirts, shoes, sandals, and wedding wear, deciding what to wear is even more confusing.
When shopping for such weddings, you may think about buying a little more comfy and casual attire. Your choice will depend on the venue and the look you want to achieve on the day you have been eagerly waiting for. Here is what you can and should wear to a beach wedding to rock the party hard.
Understand beach wedding attire
Your beach wedding attire may vary depending on the formality of the event. However, generally, it requires casual and comfortable fabrics and accessories instead of formal and traditional ones. Such events typically call for wearing bright colours. Dress pants and printed shirts are more common beach wedding attire for men. Women may prefer suits, dresses, and frocks. And for these dresses, look no further than Shoppers Stop wedding wear.
Consider the venue
  • The selection of your wedding attire depends a lot on the venue. If it is a typical outdoor wedding event at a sandy beach, casual attire will work best. And if the ceremony is being hosted on a rooftop or patio at a seaside location, you may look for semi-formal or formal wedding wear, such as a dress, dressy romper, or jumpsuit. Prints are fine, but not ones that are too obnoxious. Pair your outfit with wedge heels or chunky sandals for semi-formal attire.
Keep the attire casual
When dressing up for beach weddings, casual attire looks more tasteful and gets you more attention. Choosing casual attires over traditional ones will be more comfortable and stylish. And if the day is too hot, a printed shirt for men and a light-coloured suit for girls can set the tone for the event, making everyone notice them. Since it will keep you cool in the sun, you will enjoy every moment at the wedding.
Select fabrics and colours
Avoid wearing heavy knits and dull colours, as beach weddings require you to pick bright, vibrant colours. As for fabrics, look for lightweight, breathable ones that will blow in the breeze. Anything that makes you feel comfy is appropriate to perfect your beach wedding looks. Chiffon, organza, and natural fibres are a few options for women looking for beach wedding attire.
Match the accessories appropriately
Have more fun with accessories. If you wear muted colours for your dress, jewellery and accessories should be vibrant in colours. This combination can add a celebratory vibe to your looks, making you perfectly dressed up for the beach wedding. A belt and a watch are preferable for such events. On a sunny day, men can also wear sunglasses to add refinement to their styles and avoid looking too formal. Avoid them if it is a formal setting. Women should pick a statement piece of jewellery or a fun clutch to add a pop of colour to their looks. Jewellery and accessories should fall in line with the formality and the theme of the event.
Give your look the final touch with the right pair of footwear
You should pay equal attention to footwear when dressing for a beach wedding. A few options you may go for include sandals, wedges, flats, and heels. Choose a fabulous pair of footwear, depending on the wedding venue. For example, at an outdoor sandy beach, you had better wear flat sandals or have fun barefoot. On a platform or at an indoor wedding ceremony, you may wear strappy sandals in whatever heel height.
In conclusion
The key to dressing for a beach wedding is to look for something that feels more casual yet stylish than traditional. A few options include printed shirts, suits, dresses, and frocks. Since you want to feel comfy throughout the event, the fabric should be lightweight and breathable. While the colour should be bright instead of dull or dark, the selection of footwear depends on the venue. As for accessories, beach weddings are where you can pull out your sunglasses and watches. You may explore the Shoppers Stop wedding wear collection to perfect your beach wedding look.
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2023.05.30 07:38 bridalfactory Wholesale wedding dress Best 10

Wholesale wedding dress Best 10

Wholesale wedding dress Best 10

The best article in the history of wedding dresses 1 History of Wedding Dresses It is not just the institution of marriage that has evolved throughout history.
Wedding dresses have really changed. For centuries, the bride never wore a special gown on her wedding or ceremony day, just the most beautiful gown she had, no matter the color.
In France, women often wear local dress. If that sounds intimate, the dress was the Sunday dress for Mass and was therefore used at her own wedding.
The white wedding dress is closely associated with Catholicism, and it was not until the Renaissance that it was established as a symbol of purity and chastity for wealthy classes and aristocratic families. Wholesale wedding dress
Despite the fact that the white princess dress continues to be popular, today women aren't mandated to follow the dress code in regards to their wedding attire.
Ensure you read our article on the princess' wedding dress. Antique and Middle Ages Wedding Dresses. We have examples of committed relationships through different written historical accounts.
However, in the most primitive cultures, if documented, the duration of marriage is very limited in written records.

Wholesale wedding dress manufacturers

As a result, it's not simple to acquire information about wedding dresses. The paintings and mosaics facilitate the assumption that the bride's dress is similar to the groom's.
We can identify instances of royal or farmers' marriages only in the Middle Ages.
ANCIENT GREECE'S Bridals Marriages in ancient Greece are likely to have been extremely aggressive near Sparta, and consent was not necessarily necessary.
Before the ceremony, the man traveled to the residence of his future spouse in order to take her away from her parents' home and bring her to him.
The second photograph showed him having his head shaved and necessitating the wearing of male's attire. Wholesale wedding dress
There was no party: after disguising herself, she was transported to the wedding chamber in complete darkness.
Other areas of the country had the bride and groom the opportunity to hold a ceremony that involved sacrifices and banquets.
This is accomplished by the bride taking on a long dress of white fabric, with a veil.
The dress can be either 2 or 3 ways: – a large rectangular piece of fabric that is held in place by a belt or a metal, plastic or other material needle.
Ionic dress, a flexible and malleable costume that came with the revelation of linen.
The bride is accompanied by a nympheutria, this individual is tasked with assisting her during the ceremony.

Wholesale wedding dress

The bride's dress in the Roman Empire In ancient Rome, marriage was considered a serious commitment that required spouses to share responsibilities.
The couple must have commemorated their commitment before the wedding.
The woman is given gifts and is unable to wear special clothing. Typically, the woman delegates the authority of the father to her husband, the latter having the power to appoint someone to take care of the household.
Benevolent to Juno, the goddess of love, the majority of ceremonies are scheduled for June. Wholesale wedding dress
The bride's attire is very specific. The previous day, the woman should wear a white tunic, with the Hercule'snodus as its belt (only the spouse can untie the knot on the wedding night).
On her wedding day, she employs a long coat, a palla, and yellowish-brown shoes over her shirt.
She employs 6 different braids on her head and a crown of orange flowers in her hair. Ensure that you read our article on Bridal Gowns and Wedding Dresses.
How did the dress for the wedding come about? Wedding clothes in the Old Egypt In the past, Egypt was the locale that afforded the most freedom to newlyweds.
Instead of being a formal and contractual agreement, marriage represented a couple's desire to live together.
The woman had the opportunity to choose the future husband of her choice without concern over the opinions of her family. Wholesale wedding dress

wedding dress manufacturers

The ceremony was dedicated to the family, and participants followed the bride, who then moved to her spouse.
The couple would describe the following statement: I made you my wife. You endowed me with your wife.
It is obvious from the engravings and drawings on the papyrus that the women possessed tight-fitting, heavy fabric dresses or haiki, which are very light and flapped fabric dresses.
To complete the costume, the woman employs accessories like wigs and heavy jewelry like aproned necklaces and broad bracelets.
The attire of the women in the wedding ceremony in Galicia. Similar to a ceremony, the Gallic wedding is participated in by an unknown number of individuals.
The Gallic woman aspires to equal the man. The couple's power is based on the significance of their dowry.
If she is more important than her husband, she is the one who leads the couple. Gaul women were armed and were not dissuaded from fighting.
The Gallic woman was required to wear a long robe made of linen or hemp. The bride's dress was required to be colorful because the participants had a lot of experience in the coloring process.
It can be combined with brass jewelry. Ensure that you read our article on the Jumpsuit Wedding dress models that are best.
The middleaged man, in his marriage, should wear what?
During the Middle Ages, marriage was a ceremonial procedure that intended to unite families or promote political alliances at the diplomático level. Wholesale wedding dress
The bride's family must pay a significant amount of money in order to celebrate the marriage, this amount cannot be considered legitimate without it.

Wholesale wedding dresses

During the medieval period, the bride would not wear a dedicated wedding dress, this was often the woman's most beautiful costume on this day.
Color is essentially meaningless and primarily used for decoration. IV in 1322.
At weddings that were traditionally held in the Middle Ages, the woman donned a white dress that was trimmed with ermine, this was a pet in the Middle Ages as well.
We can observe in paintings and tapestries that women typically wear red outfits. The reason for this color?
This leadership is attributed to a technical cause: Root color is the most long-lasting red color.
In the lower class of the peasant, the woman's clothing comprised of multiple parts: a shirt with underwear, a dress and a top dress.
The woman, or young girl with limited wardrobe (some girls were married at the age of 12) possessed the dress that she would wear to attend church, rather than her daily wear.
As a supplement, the woman may have employed either a headdress with a light veil or a crown-like structure as her accessory.
Ensure that you read our article on Which Wedding Dresses Should You Prefer the Best. Wholesale wedding dress
Modern wedding dress in the empire from 1517 to 1789. Marriage is a formal association that must fulfill the requirements of several criteria: polygamy, lack of acceptance, and kinship.
However, the meeting of these 3 conditions is not easy for some monks or even bishops.
Marriage is a ceremonial procedure that necessitates the spouses' free agreement.
However, there is still a viable method of preventing bourgeois families from becoming isolated and resolving political issues.
Those under 25 and 30 had to have permission from their relatives.
During the first year of the dynasty of François 1st (1515-1547), women donned gold-adorned clothing, fur and buttons that were found in the wedding dress.

Bridal Gowns manufacturers

Under Henry II (1547-1559), dresses were designed by tailors using costly and heavy fabrics. During the Renaissance, the dress used for weddings became associated with the fashion of the period.
The train from the medieval era has disappeared. Dresses are made from heavy fabric, brocades, Velvets and are often decorated with gold and silver components.
Women wear the farthingale, a rough fabric skirt that elevates it. The name is dedicated to those who.
Elegant women (noble women) utilize pearl-based nets to maintain their hair. During the rule of Henry III (1574-1589), women donned very open dresses that were sleeved greatly and possessed a large collar. Wholesale wedding dress
We can observe Marguerite de Lorraine's wedding attire, which is a very long 1550s ruffled dress with a mix of ivory on September 24th, 1581.
The dress used at the wedding has not changed over the centuries. Only those with sufficient funds can wear wedding outfits.
It's not uncommon for people to marry in a dressy attire to commute to their jobs.
During the absolute monarchy, women in the Palace of Versailles had the opportunity to marry in beautiful outfits, following this trend.
Marriages are traditionally scheduled for the moment of admission to the royal residence.
Women wear dresses that are long and have a lot of fabric on them. During the royal wedding, the bride may wear a long coat that covers their shoulders, this is called the royal emblem.
We can observe her participation in the wedding ceremony of Louis de France, the Duke of Burgundy, and Marie-Adelaïde de Savoie on December 7th, 1697.
Ensure that you read our article on the Wedding Dresser's Manufacturer, the Best Model 1.

Bridal Factory Wholesale

EMPIRE BRIDAL DRS IN THE PRESIDENTial Era Empire is characterized by the typical duration of arranged marriages. Emperor Napoleon was a talented strategist who expanded his territory via calculated alliances. Wholesale wedding dress
The wedding dress's design once again became the focal point for the period's fashion.
For example, the empire dress. This style of dress, which is typically preferred by today's brides, is a flowing and constricted dress that falls below the bust, this style provides a feminine appearance.
The imperial style, which is typically white, was created during the Napoleonic era and is still popular today.
In 1806, the princess Amélie of Bavaria donned a formal gown with additions, including a fluffy sleeve and a crown for her marriage to the prince Eugène de Beauharnais. It resembles a dress designed by Joséphine de Beauharnais.
In 1810, during her marriage to Prince Jérôme Bonaparte, the princesses of Württemberg, Frédérique Catherine and Anne of Cleves, were all dressed in white with a crown and a long tail.
In 1810, Napoleon married the Austrian Marie-Louise, this alliance was sealed in order to maintain the association between France and Austria. The empire dress is characterized by rich gold patterns. Wholesale wedding dress
Accessorized with a necklace and a tiara. We can observe the consistent use of a crown to enhance the hairstyle.
When Charlotte-Augusta, the princess of Wales, married Leopold I of Saxe-Coburg in 1816, she donned a more traditional costume that had a veil, similar to today's princess outfits.
Women are replacing dresses with more slender styles and longer legs. During the restoration period, in the Louis Philippe style (1830年-1848), women donned loose clothing in bright colors that were decorated with flaps and frills.

Wedding Dress Wholesale

The crinoline affects the appearance of the dress. The crinoline is a form of petticoat that consists of steel blades and struts that allow the clothing to expand.
The supports are connected with horsehair's threads, therefore, the name crinoline. Today, this principle is still occasionally employed to augment the volume of a dress. Wholesale wedding dress
The year 1840 is significant for the history of wedding dresses. The dress used during the wedding is an established tradition since then.
Today, the style of celebrity weddings is similar to the Victoria's, and the dress in question is considered the " Victoria-inspired dress".
Ensure that you read our article on Wholesale Bridal Gowns. Bridal gown suppliers and manufacturers are listed in the best 1.
With a extravagant wedding that was accompanied by a large crowd, Queen Victoria will have a significant impact on the future of primitive weddings.
Her long dress that is shaped like a princess has a tail and was assisted by several wedding attendants.
Her shoulders are exposed and she carries a crown of flowers in her head. The dress is decorated with gemstones, this results in a large number of accessories and a voluminous costume.
Queen Victoria will still wear dresses with a pattern that resembles her wedding attire on a daily basis. Wholesale wedding dress
Girls from middle- and upper-class families in Europe typically preferred outfits like the Russian princess Tatiana Alexandrovna Ioussoupova or the Queen and Empress Alexandra of Great Britain in 1863.
They observe the dresses that famous people wear, and they want to imitate these dresses themselves.
However, the stars derive their inspiration from the fashionistas' walkouts. Every dress in the wedding collection has a narrative and associated meaning that is connected to the rest of the collection, as demonstrated in the video from AFP Paris Mode that asks fashion designers about the size of their wedding dresses.

Bridal Gowns Wholesale

Toptan Gelinli Kayındalıdere Stadterne 1 Stadterne Kayındalıdere. The conclusion of the celebration was celebrated with the wedding attire.
While some dresses designed by famous designers may seem appropriate for a ceremony, others are the focal point of the presentation that remains almost a museum piece, such as the two-piece swimsuit-like dress that Laetitia Casta donned for Yves Saint Laurent in 1999.
Neo-romantic, this style of clothing inspires you to dream. That is why the muse of Yves Saint Laurent, Laetitia Casta, participated in the design of the wedding dress several times, especially in the white wedding dress that was enhanced with red makeup and additional items. Wholesale wedding dress
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2023.05.30 04:07 matissober Looking for advice/ suggestions for sensory issues and clothes

Hi! I am 26 and I have ASD and I have struggled with sensory issues for my entire life, especially when it comes to clothing and shoes. I want to get some new clothes, specifically dressy clothes that fit and feel good. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions!! If it matters I am 5’5 and would call myself curvy, I have wide hips, a bigger butt, and big boobs but a tiny waist, this sometimes annoys me bc of how differently my pants fit around hips vs waist, so that is also advice I’d love!
Historically I have just stuck with the clothes that don’t cause problems, for me that means leggings, yoga pants, joggers, and t-shirts. I find “pants” difficult as jeans, khaki, and corduroy fabrics irritate me. This is compounded if I have just showered, or if I am already in sensory overload. So any suggestions on fabrics, brands, or types of clothing that would be worth a shot would be much appreciated!!!
My partner is super supportive and wants to take me shopping but I wanted to do some research and ask for suggestions first. I want to feel sexy and dress well but not sacrifice my internal comfort and not be in sensory overload. So any and all advice and suggestions are welcome!!!
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2023.05.29 02:10 fadkar Help me pick my second watch

Help me pick my second watch
The Pelagos 39 is my daily and I love it. It's proportioned well, understated, light, and t-fit means that I always have the perfect fit.
I'd like to pair it with something a liittle dressier to round out my 2 watch collection. I'm never truly "dressed up" so I still want a sports watch but with more elegant undertones. For this reason, I'm ruling out the more popular DJ36 with fluted bezels. It's gorgeous but too dressy for my attire.
Option 1: BB36 Anthracite. T-fit clasp is a huge plus and I use it multiple times a day on my P39 because I like a perfectly snug fit with my watch sitting above my wrist bone. I'm just not sure if it's too similar to my P39 though?
Option 2: Rolex OP36 Silver. The baton hands look much more elegant than the snowflake hands. But it has easy link adjustment which is inferior to t-fit since you don't have the granular 2mm adjustment. It's just 5mm in or out.
If money / availability are not important factors, what would you get if your other watch was a P39?
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2023.05.29 00:44 Ok-Conversation6563 Quality differences between countries?

I am visiting Spain from the USA and checked out a store here! At first I was so excited because they had a lot of things that I've never seen sold in the USA in stores or online. There were lots of dresses, blouses, and skirts that were adorable on the rack and also slightly more dressy than most other Brandy items. I didn't get any sadly. :(
Please note that I only tried on these "unique" items and not the ones I've seen in the USA. Anyway I felt like the quality of these items was really lacking? I saw loose threads on almost everything and the fabrics were relatively thinner and scratchier than the other Brandy items I own. They were also more expensive than items I've seen, for instance a sundress I saw was ~$52 compared to most other dresses I've seen around $30.
I was especially excited about a long skirt that looked like the Izzy style, in forest green with a sort of lace trim between each tier. So cute but it was so thin and scratchy. I have 2 Izzy skirts, one with the inner lining skirt and one without, and both are much thicker and softer than the one I tried. I also saw one of those cowl neck "EU exclusive" dresses which I've seen in satin before but the only fabric they had it in was a thin chambray with a weird shine to it so I passed.
It wasn't an entirely bad experience at all though, the staff were very sweet and non judgemental of my horrible Spanish lol. Everything was very neat and organized, moreso than any location I've been to before. They had a good selection of basics, underwear, and accessories that were all perfectly fine quality. It was only the more uncommon/region specific dressy items that seemed a bit lower quality.
Anyway I hope this doesn't come off as whiny, I'm just weirdly into this clothing brand and I wanted to talk about this random experience with it lol. What was your experience with Brandy stores outside of your country if you've been? What do you think of the clothing quality in general?
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2023.05.27 11:41 prani2040 AITA for asking my girlfriend to dress better on a date night?

So we had decided to go out on the weekend and I suggest going somewhere fancy. She says okay and I find an upscale Chinese restaurant and show it to her, she says cool and we agree to spend the evening there.
Fast forward to the evening, I see her dressed in a t-shirt and worn down jeans. I ask her why she’s not wearing a dress and she just replies, she doesn’t feel like it. I’m like “uhh okay, but I told you it’s a fancy place” and she’s like “Ah it’s just a Chinese restaurant”
I pull up their Instagram and try to show her their feed to convince her that it’s upscale, but she doesn’t even want to look at it.
I ask her again to dress appropriately and this time she’s pissed and she says we’re not going anywhere tonight. We haven’t talked since then, it’s been a day now.
She usually likes to dress up even when we go to a normal bar. This is leaving me confused. AITA here?
Edit: just wanted to make a few things clear. The place had a dress code - Smart Elegant, so not really dressy and not too casual either.
I wasn’t asking her to specifically wear a dress, but just to dress a bit better. We live together and I know her wardrobe, and a dress is usually what she prefers to wear when she dresses up.
I looked at a few posts and stories on their page, and in most of them the women seemed to be dressed up a bit. I did not want her to feel uncomfortable when we got there, as she’s pretty self conscious.
Edit 2: People asking me what I wore: I wasn’t dressed yet, I usually wait until she’s done. But anyway, I was planning to wear a polo shirt and a pair of chinos.
Edit 3: she’s not xenophobic or racist, I can vouch for that. Ignorant, I don’t know.
To people saying chinos and a polo is not dressed up: This is in Dubai and the weather is insanely hot especially during the summer, wearing a suit is not an option and when you do, you look out of place.
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2023.05.27 11:17 Epigastrium [A Lange & Söhne Saxonia Thin] Dressed down with a Shell Cordovan Strap

[A Lange & Söhne Saxonia Thin] Dressed down with a Shell Cordovan Strap
This is an A Lange & Söhne Saxonia Thin 37mm paired with an unlined shell cordovan strap from the House of Straps.
I have always found the OEM alligator straps to be too formal for everyday wear especially on the white gold model.
Tho one might expect the Saxonia Thin to be a strap monster due to its simple dial design, I have found it not to be the case. The 5.9mm thickness limits the strap options to only the thinnest unpadded straps (1.5-2mm), which are not always easy to find. The “off white” tone of the silver dial also clashes somewhat with straps with strong yellow tone such as certain shades of light brown.
My previous straps included those from Delugs eg Epsom, Chevre
So far I am enjoying this strap for its thinness and excellent quality. Tho sometimes I think the watch is too dressy for a strap of this style. What do you think?
Any suggestions on how to dress down the watch? (To go with a smart casual look) Thanks a lot!
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2023.05.27 02:51 No-Cantaloupe-4391 I need a watch and sport coat-please advise

I bought a bunch of clothes that mostly consist of light grays, whites, dark gray, dark blues and black. So far all my shoes/pants/shirts match.
I now need a sport coat to dress up an outfit like jeans with brown leather sneakers and a light blue button up shirt, but a coat that also works with all black (dressy shoes, pants) and dark or light blue. First question is, what color coat will go with everything? I like light gray (I feel white is "too much") and where could I buy online? I'm looking for a lightweight sporty coat not a dressy coat that's part of a two piece suite. This is for summer time.
For a watch I don't like leather and wondering if a regular metal strap will work, or will it be too dressy of a watch with let's say white sneakers, shorts and a polo shirt? Preferably I'd like to buy a watch with straps I can change so I have metal and maybe a brown leather one. When it comes to watches I prefer a simple look (not too many dials, I don't care for fancy watches either) I just want a minimalist look, lightweight and slim profile that's comfortable to wear. What brands would you recommend? Is Skagen good? Budget is less the better but $200 tops.
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2023.05.27 00:39 ccsunflowr This dress for Sept semi-formal wedding in Seattle?

This dress for Sept semi-formal wedding in Seattle?
Hi y'all, I'm torn. I absolutely love it (Free People). The wedding is early September, in a a museum (national Nordic museum). I don't know if a sleeveless/strappy dress is appropriate for weather there, will I be freezing? Maybe could get a fancy sparkly brown shawl? And the material is obviously not super dressy, but the wedding site list:
"Something nice. Better than your best Super Bowl jacket but you also don't need a cumberbund. Suits and gowns/cocktail dresses"
I think with earrings like this:
And possibly something with these kinda shoes- it could work, what are your thoughts?
Or any other general suggestions of what to wear would be great :) Btw I'm a 28 yr old female, 5'6", blonde hair, mostly straight frame with a little hourglass figure.
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2023.05.26 18:51 mlu87 Girl with extra wide feet! Any recommendations?

So my daughter 11yr, has extra wide feet. She is currently a size 6 in women size, but nothing fits her!! It’s impossible to find cute sandals or nice dressy shoes for her. Nothing fits her other then wide sneakers or crocs! We have a wedding coming up and I’m stressing because I can’t find nice dress shoes that fit her. Is there an actual place where they make shoes specifically for extra wide feet??
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2023.05.26 18:21 katereneeATX Confusing dress code, love this dress but need a reality check

Confusing dress code, love this dress but need a reality check
Dress code is “cocktail attire: cocktail dresses, LBDs, dressy jumpsuits, and gowns. Wear whatever makes you feel like a million bucks!”
Wedding TODAY. Second guessing my choice. Probably will go with it no matter what but I’m wanting to learn for next time.
Venue is in central Texas, clean lines and farmhouse modern. The ceremony may be outdoors but I’m not sure.
Bride/groom are amazing people who really probably don’t care much what others are wearing, which is why I think the dress code is so accommodating (which is what makes it confusing…..!!!)
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2023.05.26 13:04 Individual-Angle-327 Is it fine if I wear my Rick Owen docs to graduation?

Graduation is a couple of weeks out. I wanna wear my Rick Owen docs but I'm not sure if it's dressy enough. Im going to wear them with black dress pants and a white dress shirt. what do yall think?
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2023.05.26 12:16 Kisswingshoes1 wcs shoes

wcs shoes
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#wcsshoes #custommadeshoes #shoesaresuitableforswingdance #westcoastswingdance
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